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Hay Cat Rescue Caring for the needs of stray and feral cats in Hay and the surrounding area CHARITY REG. No. 1120233

Hay Cat Rescue Policy for Adoption. Hay Cat Rescue policy is to home a cat for its lifetime which could mean fifteen to twenty years. Hay Cat Rescue does not home cats beside busy/main roads. Hay Cat Rescue is reluctant to place a cat where it will spend its life indoors unless the cat/kitten in question has special needs. If you are looking to offer a cat or kitten a home please ring 01497 821401 to discuss suitability of cat and home and to make an appointment to visit. Hay Cat Rescue delivers the chosen cat to its new home by way of a 'home check'. If the home check is not satisfactory adoption will not take place. A vet check form will be provided to confirm what treatment including flea, worm, vaccinations and spay/neutering has been given whilst in our care. Hay Cat Rescue follow up homing with 'phone calls after a few days and again after two weeks. New owners must agree to provide the cat(s) with proper veterinary care and nutrition, to provide adequate attention, affection and environmental stimulation for its well being. New owners must agree to have a kitten(s) neutered /spayed at six months of age. A carrier must always be used when transporting a cat. If the homing is unsatisfactory to cat/kitten or new owner the cat/kitten(s) will be returned to Hay Cat Rescue. As a Charity we rely on Donations to cover our veterinary expenses, food and litter. As a guide - a donation of around ÂŁ50 for each cat/kitten would be appreciated. Reimbursement of vaccine costs would also be very welcome. Cats and kittens available for adoption come to us from a variety of sources. All cats have a veterinary health check, flea and worm as well as neuter/spay (if old enough). Their health is routinely monitored while in our care. There is a remote possibility that they may be incubating a disease without showing any clinical signs at the time of adoption. Hay Cat Rescue is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any injuries or medical needs required by the cat, its owners or any party coming in contact with the cat after it has been adopted.

No cat will be adopted to prospective owners who mislead or fail to provide accurate information. Hay Cat Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

Winter 2009  

HCR Newsletter Winter 2009