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Web Design Dubai - Why You Should Move to Wordpress Wordpress is one of the mostly used CMS in web sphere these days. Wordpress was initially built as a blogging platform in competition with Blogger. Now, Wordpress is not merely a blogging engine, but rather a full fledge Content Management System that can do much more than the designers and developers can think of. The availability of thousands of customized plug-ins makes the life of web developers a lot easier, and cut the cost for business owners. You can create a highly customized website with unique design and extra-ordinary functionality with few clicks and your website can be a ready to go live within few hours. When we first used Wordpress for our clients, we were totally blown away with the functionality it provides and how feature rich and easy to use Wordpress was. Our total time and cost of website development were cut in half as soon as we started using it. No matter, if your website is a corporate website, informational website or an entertainment website. Wordpress provides enough functionality to fulfill all your requirements. Wordpress provides thousands of features, only few of them are listed below to make you understand just how powerful wordpress is. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Option to choose from thousands of Free and Paid themes. Ability to create dynamic headers and backgrounds. Complete branding options – including customized logo,etc. Dynamic footer for different pages. Nested Pages and categories. Schedule posts and pages. Tagging posts and pages to increase indexing and internal linking. Option to choose a Time zone for your website publishing. Different layout options – 1 Column, 2 Column, no Column, etc. Custom permalinks and Meta tags options. Option to add excerpt to each post. Easily incorporate images and videos into your post. Easily create photo galleries, portfolios, etc. Easy integration and sharing with Social Media Thousands of plug-ins available to fulfill all your needs.

Advantages of using Wordpress are endless and sometime overwhelming. However, what I think as the biggest advantage of Wordpress, is that there is tons of documentation, tips and tutorials available free on internet regarding basic and advanced usage of Wordpress. Even complete beginners in website development and designing can start using wordpress like a PRO with very little study and practice. Adding and editing posts in Wordpress is just like using a Word Processor program like MS Word. Choosing the right theme sometimes become a very tough task for most of the website owners, as there are literally millions of paid and free wordpress themes available over internet and each one look better than others. There are some stores available where you can view, preview and buy premium wordpress themes at a very low cost. However, if you are short in budget, you can easily find a free alternative; as there are tons of stunning themes available that are completely free to use. If you have not started using Wordpress for your clients or for your own websites, you have to act now – you will surely be amazed.

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Web Design Dubai - Why Use Wordpress? Wordpress is one of the mostly used CMS in web sphere these days. Wordpress was initially built as a b...

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