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Interior Design Portfolio Haya Al-Salama

American University of Sharjah 2011 - 2014

Table of Contents 01. The Wall Project

Spring 2013

02. Bathing Space

Spring 2013

03. Courtyard House

Spring 2013

04. Airstream Design

Spring 2014

05. Pubic Bench

Fall 2013

06. Z Table

Fall 2013

07. Drawing/ sketching

Fall-Summer 2012

01. Brick Wall Project Year: Spring 2012 Course: Design Studio 2 Material: Roman Brick

The wall project was meant to experience the relation between design and materials. The design material that was used for this project was brick. The design of this wall was through changing the spacing between the bricks, and pushing or pulling the bricks. The concept behind the project was energy and movement. The voids created give you a sense of moving forward.

02. Bathing Space

Year: Spring 2012 Course: Design Studio 2 Material: Brick / Wood Client: A single user Location: Bastakiya, Dubai

The bathing space project was meant to give the individual a relaxing and calming experience. The design concept was enforced by the materials chosen, namely wood and brick. These materials were also reenforcing the context where the project was placed. The effects of natural lighting played a major role in the design as well.

03. The Courtyard House

Year: Spring 2012 Course: Design Studio 2 Client: Designer Location: Heritage area of Dubai

This is a live / work house for a designer was located in the heritage area of Dubai. With strong reference to its location, the design of the house accommodates these two funct and it follows the layout of the old Emirate house. The house uses natural materials suc stone and brick, which are also derived from the site.

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04. Airstream Design

Year: Spring 2014 Course: Design Studio 3 Material: Wood Client: Skateboarder - Film maker

06. Pubic Bench Year: Fall 2013 Course: Student Design Challenge 2013 - 2014 Objective: A futuristic piece of furniture to be used in 100 years. Material: Reflective metal

This is my design for a public bench to be used after 100 years. My approach to the design related to the idea of possessions, both public and private, losing their preciousness and their value because of the abandons and the constant change of technology. Therefore, I derived this piece of furniture from the form of a crumbled piece of paper, which also has very little value. The design mirrors and reflects my understanding of what people’s lifestyle will be like in a hundred years.

07. Z Table

Year: Fall 2013 Course: Material Fabrication Material: Wood The design of this furniture piece was only through using wood joints without any other type of attachment. The concept was to have a table that is light in form and also has visual lightness, even though it is made from a hard material like wood. This lightness was manifested in the connection between the tabletop and the bottom. The diagonal leg gives the tabletop lightness and gives the table itself a unique form.

08. Drawing/ sketching

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Haya Al-Salama Interior Design Portfolio  
Haya Al-Salama Interior Design Portfolio  

American University of Sharjah Interior Design Student 2011 - 2014