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This handbook aims to help visitors become familiar with their new surroundings at The Hawth Crawley.

Welcome to The Hawth Crawley.

Press the button to open the automatic doors

When you open the green doors, the Box Office is on the right. If you need your tickets, you can buy or collect them at the Box Office. This area may be crowded and noisy as lots of adults and children will be excited about seeing the show.

This is what a theatre ticket looks like

Name of show

Date & time of the show

Seating Area

Row & Seat Number

You will be now standing in the area called the Foyer. This area may be busy as people will be waiting to see the show. You will hear an announcement when the show is ready to begin.

From the Foyer, you will need to find your seat.

The front stalls can be accessed along short corridors.

Corridor to Front Stalls A - J 1 - 17 Lift Stairs to Stalls K - N 1 - 17 P - X 1 - 18

Corridor to Front Stalls A - J 18 - 35, Lift and Stairs to Stalls K - W 18 - 35 and P - X 19 - 36.

The rear stalls can be accessed via the stairs or the lift to the Upper Foyer.

The Upper Foyer may be busy with people waiting to be seated. This is where you can find the Quiet Area too. If you want to take some time out, you can relax here.

The Front of House team are dressed in black shirts with black waistcoats.

They work at The Hawth and will direct you to your seats.

They can help you with any questions.

If you need the toilet, you can find them via the Foyer or Upper Foyer. Toilets on the Ground Floor

Toilets on the Upper Floor

This is the main auditorium, where you can see all the seats. There will be lots of adults and children sitting down to watch the show. All the seats face the stage, where the actors and dancers will perform the show.

When the show is about to start, the lights become darker and the orchestra will start playing music. During a pantomime, the audience cheer and clap, making some noise. Feel free to move around or leave the auditorium to go to the Quiet Area. The actors will make some jokes, which will make the audience laugh. You can laugh too if you want.

At the end of the show, everyone will clap their hands and cheer to show the actors that they have enjoyed themselves. You can clap your hands if you want. If the clapping and cheering is too loud, you can cover your ears. When the show has finished, the lights will become brighter and you can leave the theatre. We hope you enjoy your visit to The Hawth Crawley.

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Relaxed Performance Handbook  

Relaxed Performance Handbook  

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