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26 BOX OFFICE: 01293 553636 Wed 29 November 7.30pm, Theatre

Tue 28 November 7.30pm, Theatre

The Blues Band Celebrating their 38th year together Paul Jones, Dave Kelly, Tom McGuinness, Rob Townsend and Gary Fletcher are still dazzling audiences with their showmanship and virtuosity. With 20 albums and thousands of gigs behind them they’ve earned a reputation around the world as one of the finest exponents of the blues tradition.

Tickets: £23.50

The Solid Gold Rock ’n’ Roll Show Marty Wilde, Eden Kane and Mike Berry Featuring very special guest Mark Wynter With The Wildcats Celebrating Marty Wilde’s 60th anniversary in the business as he, together with Eden Kane, Mike Berry, and The Wildcats, as well as very special guest Mark Wynter, join forces in The Solid Gold Rock n Roll Show. Teen idols of their day, Marty, Eden, Mike and Mark show us how rock n’ roll with its fusion of sound and rhythm shaped the style of music that we listened to and still do today.

Tickets: £30

Tue 28 November 7.45pm, Studio

Mitford Sisters The Mitford Sisters lived much of their lives in the centre of the events that defined the 20th century. Diana was married to Oswald Mosley and a lifelong fascist. Unity was a great close friend of Hitler’s. Jessica, was a dyed-in-the-wool communist. Deborah became Duchess of Devonshire. Nancy was a well-loved novelist. Gail Louw’s astonishing one woman tour de force follows four of the sisters through world-changing events of the 20th century. Multi-award-winning playwright Gail Louw has had her plays performed throughout the world, most recently in South Africa, San Francisco (winning Best of the Fest), Australia and New Zealand.

Tickets: £13.50

Hawth Autumn/Winter 2017  
Hawth Autumn/Winter 2017