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Make Inspiring Spaces New ways of working motivate people to seek spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The contemporary furnishings of the Haworth Collection help you plan inviting, effective workspaces that keep people engaged. Get creative with ideas from six progressive space configurations to make inspiring spaces—at work, on the go, and at home.

Create an Impression Refresh and Connect Inspire Common Purpose Restore Balance Focus or Relax Retreat to Personal Comfort

Bring an Ordinary Workspace to Life Picture the coziest nook, your favorite place where you feel relaxed. A reading room. A window seat. The settee in your living room. Then transfer that experience to the workplace. From social and collaborative to personal spaces, the lifestyle designs of Haworth Collection enable mobile work and inspire new thinking. In the following pages, discover the types of spaces that designers believe are important for people and organizations to work better. Explore how Haworth Collection, through its brands—Haworth, Cappellini, Cassina, GAN, Pablo Designs, and Poltrona Frau—creates atmospheres in contemporary furnishings that bring an ordinary workspace to life.



Create an Impression A welcoming space that evokes the comforts of home is the perfect choice for first contacts, casual chats, and other informal gatherings. Put people at ease when they enter your building with cozy furnishings that create a place people are drawn to. Meet and greet new clients in a space that expresses your culture and brand—establishing that first impression, which is so important in business relationships. Comfortable lounge seating, complemented by accessories that add warmth, provide an inviting setting for receiving visitors.



GranTorino HB by Poltrona Frau Archibald by Poltrona Frau Geometrie by Poltrona Frau



Refresh and Connect A multipurpose space with adjacent kitchen provides a social hub for gatherings or a place to work alone. Meet up with colleagues, or host a weekly happy hour. Enjoy catching up with friends over a meal or snack. Take time to relax at the bar with an espresso. Or find a cozy corner to reflect on your day. Lounge furniture—just steps away from refreshments—creates a comfortable setting that supports well-being, a place where people can rejuvenate and interact.



Quadra by Poltrona Frau Kennedee by Poltrona Frau Bong by Cappellini Gong by Cappellini Alodia by Cappellini



Inspire Common Purpose Inviting lounge settings are versatile and warm, encouraging people to interact. Variety and choice in spaces support people’s needs—from brainstorming to conversations by phone. Collaborate with your team or find a private corner for one-on-one interaction. Feel and perform your best by finding the place that enables the work you do throughout the day. A comfortable, open space provides the variety teams require to enable collaboration at the beginning of a project—and celebration at the end.





Orla by Cappellini Orla by Cappellini Torei by Cassina LC5 by Cassina Collaborate by Haworth Ribbon by Cappellini Elan by Cappellini



Restore Balance Quiet havens that foster well-being offer people a chance to rejuvenate at work, helping them accomplish their goals for the day. Escape from the office conference room and draw inspiration from the outside world in a setting with plants and natural light. Interact with coworkers, or create a quiet place for solo work. Seek tranquility and balance to feel refreshed and focused. Spaces that incorporate nature and provide retreats offer individuals and groups a break from routine.





Bay by Haworth Collaborate by Haworth Garment by Cappellini Tate Color by Cappellini Adamick Screen by Haworth LTB by Haworth



Focus or Relax A paired meeting space split by structured, freestanding elements supports a range of activities—from collaboration to quiet time. Get creative, through team interaction or alone, in a space that draws you in with its warm, residential atmosphere. Lounge elements divide a space to create a casual setting for socializing and a work table for project collaboration.





Low Pad by Cappellini Collaborate by Haworth Bong by Cappellini Gong by Cappellini NC-B Resonate by Haworth Bay by Haworth Juli 09 by Cappellini



Retreat to Personal Comfort An adaptive work lounge with visual stimulation and nearby resource materials is the perfect venue for project inspiration and focused reading. Research or reflect. Open your senses. Get inspired. Interact privately with a friend or colleague. Intimate spaces with comfortable furnishings support solitude and inspiration or private conversations.





Luxor by Cappellini Auckland by Cassina Brazo by Pablo Designs John-John by Poltrona Frau Smoke by Cappellini Luxor by Cappellini Tate by Cappellini Brooklyn by Poltrona Frau Tate Color by Cappellini



Crafted by Artisans Haworth Collection employs artisans who use their hands to transfer their knowledge, creating extraordinary pieces from around the world. Influenced by global design sensibilities, they painstakingly merge modern techniques with centuries-old traditions, constructing products from wood, leather, wool, and other materials that connect life with craft. Warm fabrics and supple leather are soft to the touch. Precise stitching learned in studios steeped in rich tradition evoke the warm ambience of cozy spaces. The mix of materials, textures, and colors add warmth that draws people in, breathing life into spaces people use, helping them feel comfortable and grounded—no matter where they work.


Design for Today A world-class offering of lifestyle designs, Haworth Collection brings an ordinary workspace to life. It conveys the heart of design inspiration and craft in contemporary furnishings that express the soft side of work. Through its brands—Haworth, Cappellini, Cassina, GAN, Pablo Designs, and Poltrona Frau—the collection leverages the tradition and innovation of design around the world. With its classic pieces, Haworth Collection represents more than 100 years of design heritage but also showcases fresh designs from young visionaries and world renowned innovators.


Pierluigi Cerri

Markus Denstädt

Roberto Lazzeroni

Catherine Le Téo & Thierry Blet

Pablo Pardo

Lievore, Altherr, Molina

Benjamin Hubert

Chris Adamick

Jakob Wagner

Erwan Bouroullec

Lella and Massimo Vignelli

Giulio Cappellini

Patrick Norguet

Doshi Levien

Marcel Wanders

Jean-Marie Massaud

Lepper, Schmidt, Sommerlade

Todd Bracher

Werner Aisslinger

Le Corbusier, Jeanneret, Perriand

Michela Catalano and Ilaria Marelli

Mike and Maaike

Mario Bellini

Martin Ballendat

Wolfgang Mezger

Patricia Urquiola

AG Fronzoni

José Serrano

Stanley Felderman and Nancy Keatinge

Jasper Morrison

Ralph Reddig

Albert Holz

Nicolai Czumaj-Bront

“Haworth Collection encompasses many people, cultures, and partnerships, as well as an exciting vision for the future.” —Franco Bianchi, Haworth, President and CEO



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Haworth Collection  

The contemporary furnishings of the Haworth Collection help you plan inviting, effective workspaces that keep people engaged. Get creative w...

Haworth Collection  

The contemporary furnishings of the Haworth Collection help you plan inviting, effective workspaces that keep people engaged. Get creative w...