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Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique By Iva Keene ND


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) EFT can be learned in 5 minutes and can stay with you for life. You can use it on any issue, trauma, phobia, fear, and addiction. It also works on mild annoyances and minor issues. Don’t allow negative thinking, fears and phobias to control your life. Use EFT and watch your attitudes and feelings transform.

Emotional Detox EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique and TFT – Thought Field Therapy, are the buzz words these days. Even though they’ve been around since the 90’s it’s only as of recent that they’ve become so widely known. You may have heard about the methods but you may not know what exactly they are or do. Let’s start with a short introduction. TFT is a revolutionary technique developed over 25 years ago by Dr Roger Callahan PhD, a leading American clinical research Psychologist. He took the principle of ‘meridians’ or energy pathways, best known through Traditional Chinese Medicine’s use in Acupuncture and Acupressure and developed a systematic set of techniques for an effective treatment of emotional problems and addictions. Thought Field Therapy consists of tapping with the fingertips of your index and middle finger on the energy points located on the meridians. Dr. Callahan developed different tapping sequences for different emotions, making the technique rather complex for patients to remember, but nevertheless very effective. Dr. Callahan’s student Gary Craig, after many years of practice observed that TFT also works when the same tapping sequence is applied to all emotions and addictions, eliminating the need to memorize different tapping sequences also called algorithms. With this discovery EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique was born. EFT has been widely used and endorsed by many health practitioners including Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Eric Robins MD who said: "Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools .... as it is for me." - Eric Robins, MDi Both EFT and TFT are as effective in eliminating undesirable emotions and addictive urges, but EFT is simpler to learn, so that’s the method I’ll show you how to use.


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT and TFT systems eliminate anxiety, fears, phobias, stress, feelings of guilt, rage, anger, depression, trauma, grief, obsessions and help overcome physical addictions and withdrawal symptoms. By directly addressing the energy flows established by thoughts, you are quickly able to end long standing, overwhelming, negative effects in the mind and body. Inability to have a child is very distressing as it raises all sorts of thoughts including self doubt, worry, anger, depression, frustration and the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Not being able to get pregnant and have children is experienced as an extremely stressful and heart breaking situation by woman, men and couples all around the world. Societal stigma and personal suffering are just some of the many consequences of infertility. Some of the emotional responses which couples experience are distress, moderate to high levels of grief and depression, loss of control, stigmatization and disruption of the natural progress of life. Studies have shown that the medicalization of infertility has inadvertently led to disregard for the emotions experienced by couples.iiiii If you are feeling this way I will introduce you to a simple yet very powerful method to help you clear every single one of those emotions. Food for thought - Mind over Matter That mind has a big influence on the body has become more and more accepted in recent years. Mind – Body connection is real and has been greatly underestimated when it comes to health and fertility. Our values influence our beliefs and our beliefs influence our thoughts. Thoughts in turn influence our hormones which then influence the tissues and organs in their sphere of work Just recall the last time you got scared just by thinking about something, or the last time you got really angry. When you were afraid all the life got drained out of you and all you could hear was your heart beat. And when you were really angry, you probably got a surge of super energy ready to take on the world and most likely felt your head pulsating with blood. Amazing what power those seemingly harmless thoughts have. Worry is like a milder form of fear, so if you worry a lot, your energy reserves probably feel half drained. You feel threatened, you feel you should be doing something about it, but you don’t know what. This thinking pattern keeps you in the same state of mind - paralyzed. The feeling of life being drained comes from adrenaline. Your brain reacts to your thought of imminent danger; the thought evokes an emotion through the chemical reactions in the body. You body is preparing for a fight or flight, your heart rate and blood pressure go up, your blood vessels constrict (so that you do not loose too much blood if


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

you get attacked), your vision sharpens and your senses become acute. Experiencing this is good for you once in a while and when you can actually react to it, but when it happens all the time it’s problematic. If it is possible for our thoughts to influence the body chemistry and hormone levels at the speed of thought imagine what persistent fear or worry relating to having children can do to your body. If you harbor negative thoughts, fears or worries about becoming a father/ a mother /having children or have any unresolved concerns relating to your father/mother it would be advisable to address them now. They could be contributing to your fertility concerns. A whole section of this program is devoted to an effective method for releasing thoughts and feelings which bother you and as a result have a negative impact on your health. Cause and Effect If you allow one hormone to be out of line for too long all the other hormones will come out of line too. Why? Because everything in your body is interconnected, the same blood runs through every single vessel and nourishes every cell. You can not exclude one part of you and think that the problem in there will not be affecting the rest and vice versa. Our nervous system can be divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic mode. The sympathetic is the conscious up and go mode, fight or flight, the decisive one, if we look at the Chinese medicine principles, the yang – it’s male in nature. The parasympathetic one is subconscious, female or yin, it beats your heart, breathes your lungs, controls the digestion and pretty much does everything else in your body that you don’t have to think about. Pregnancy happens on a subconscious level. You don’t have to consciously think about your baby’s development. Each week and each day, your body will add a bit more to your baby and keep a watchful eye that all is going to plan. If the body recognizes that there is a damaged DNA code, or it could not create a part properly due to lack of building blocks (nutrients), it will in most cases abort, or miscarry. That is a normal reaction nature put into place to prevent malformations, and development of children who could not stay alive. Sometimes, due to a weakened immune system malformation may not be picked up upon and the baby will be born with congenital defects and malformations from which it may die shortly after birth. Whatever your particular barrier to conception or healthy pregnancy may be, try to look at all the angles, and not just one part of you. Fear of giving birth Your thoughts are crucial as you’ve seen, and your food, drinks and lifestyle can influence your thoughts and hormones. Some women carry a deep subconscious fear of giving birth. This fear is very normal and experienced by many women world wide. Whether it originates from own birth


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

or is ingrained in the subconscious universal female psyche, is not known. But what is known is that there are tools which you can use to rid yourself of that fear as described in this program.

How do thoughts do this? Thoughts create emotions. The feeling or emotion in turn blocks or enhances certain meridians corresponding to a part of the body. By tapping on the meridian points one can alleviate the emotion and release the block, allowing the energy to flow freely. This can be likened to a soothing letting go sensation when you get a shoulder massage, or that feeling of relief when you hear that something you’ve been very worried about has been completely resolved. EFT TAPPING STEPS You can use this “tapping recipe” on anything! It’s most effective when you use it while the emotion can be felt in the body. So for example if you have just given up coffee, because you found out that it’s not helping your fertility, then you will most certainly experience urges to have a cup of coffee many times during the day. To get rid of the suffering and the lingering thought just do the tapping sequence. The beauty of this method is that once you know it, you can use it everywhere on anything. STEPS 1. Tune into the feeling or emotion. You do this by focusing on the thought that’s created it. Always only work on one emotion at a time, don’t combine them together. Write them down, prioritize them (from most upsetting to least) and work on them one by one until you reach zero for each. 2. Rate the strength of the emotion or feeling on the scale from 0-10. 0 no strength at all (the emotion is gone) and 10, the emotion is very strong and distressing.


0 3. Once you have it use the following affirmation:


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

“Even though I have this ____________ I deeply and completely accept myself.” The blank space can be any fear, health condition, addiction, urge, worry or thought or feeling. 4. Repeat the affirmation 3 times while continuously rubbing the “Sore Spot” or tapping on “Karate Chop” point. THE EB SE




CB Sore spot BN UA





Gamut point




The “sore spots” are the larger dots in the picture. They are called sore because when you press on them they hurt a tiny bit. You only need to rub one spot. It is located 3 inches under the U shaped spot at the base of the neck, and then 3 inches to the left and right. Karate chop is located on the fleshy outside edge of your hand just under the little finger

Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

5. Start tapping 7 times on the spots marked in the drawing with the tips of your four fingers (not nails, but soft cushy tips). As you are tapping repeat only the part of the affirmation which relates to the problem. For example if you have a coffee craving your affirmation would be: “Even though I have this craving for coffee I deeply and completely accept myself.” When tapping on the points there is no need to say the whole affirmation, so in this instance you’d only repeat “Craving for Coffee”, this is called the reminder phrase. Tap from the top to bottom, with the tips of all four fingers of both hands, tap each spot 7 times.



Tap the spot on the top of the head. -THE Tap the spots on the inside of the eyebrows (left and right at the same time) - EB Tap the spots on the outside of the eyebrows (left and right at the same time) - SE Tap the spots under the eyes (left and right at the same time) - UE Tap the spot under the nose. - UN Tap the spot in the groove of the chin. - CH Tap the spots under the collarbone (left and right at the same time). - CB Tap the spots under the armpits (left and right at the same time). - UA Tap the spot right under the breast fold in the same line with the nipple with one hand (you can choose if you want to tap on the left or right side). - BN Tap the spot on the outside edge e of the thumb (level with the base of your fingernail) - TH Tap the spot on the index finger on the edge facing the thumb.- IF Tap the spot on the middle finger on the edge facing the index finger.- MF Tap the spot on the little or baby finger on the edge facing the middle finger. - BF Tap the spot on the fleshy outside edge of your hand just under the little finger, this spot is also called the “karate chop”. – KC

6. Now tap the spot on the top of your hand in the groove between the little and ring finger. This spot is called the “gamut point”. There is a 9 step sequence to be completed at this point which activates both left and right hemispheres of the brain. Here is the gamut sequence. Perform the following 9 different actions while tapping the gamut point continuously. 1. Eyes closed. 2. Eyes open. 3. Eyes hard down right while holding the head steady. 4. Eyes hard down left while holding the head steady. 5. Roll eyes in a circle. 6. Same as #5 only reverse the direction in which you roll your eyes.


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

7. Hum 2 seconds of a song (any song you like). 8. Count fast from 1 to 5. 9. Hum 2 seconds of a song again

7. Repeat the whole tapping sequence again without the 9 gamut sequence. 8. Tune into the emotion again by thinking about it. Rate the emotion again on the scale of 0-10. 9. If there is still some emotion left after the first round you’ll need to adjust it slightly like this; “Even though I still have some of this craving for coffee I deeply and completely accept myself.” Keep repeating the tapping sequence until the rating is 0. It’s important to adjust the affirmation as some of the emotion has been cleared but some is still there. 10. Now it’s time to replace the emotion with a new belief relating to the issue you just tapped on. 11. Use the following affirmations as a guide:          

I have faith in my ability to change I have faith in my ability to get pregnant I have a healthy pregnancy and carry to full term I am completely healthy All of my needs are being met I am happy and at peace I am joyful about these positive changes I enjoy the calm and peace that I have I love the person that I am I am becoming a more relaxed and joyful person I am loved, happy and at peace

12. Repeat the tapping sequence once while repeating the new affirmation. 13. Have a big glass of water to help clear old emotions. Here is a quick summary of the points THE = Top of the Head EB = Beginning of the Eye Brow SE = Side of the Eye UE = Under the Eye UN = Under the Nose Ch = Chin CB = Beginning of the Collar Bone


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

UA = Under the Arm BN = Below the Nipple TH = Thumb IF = Index Finger MF = Middle Finger BF = Baby Finger KC = Karate Chop

Once you learn the sequence it will stay with you. You can use this sequence and method for any emotion or belief that you have including pregnancy and fertility issues. Below are some examples of fears you may have and suggested affirmations.

“Even though I can’t get pregnant I deeply and completely accept myself and love myself”. “Even though I have endometriosis I deeply and completely accept myself and love myself.” “Even though I can’t father a child I deeply and completely accept myself and love myself.” “Even though I can’t carry a baby to full term I deeply and completely accept myself and love myself.” “Even though I am afraid of giving birth I deeply and completely accept myself and love myself.” And so on, you get the gist. When the emotion is down to zero use positive affirmations to “wire” the new thoughts into your energy system. This is the beauty of EFT, you are not just repeating positive affirmations you may not believe in, you are actually tuning your body to the new positive frequency which is allowing the law of attraction to bring into your life that which you desire; a healthy baby, healthy body, freedom from addictions etc. Positive affirmations: “I have complete faith in my ability to; • • • • •

Get pregnant Carry a healthy baby to full term Father a child Heal my body Have a positive birth experience

Have fun with EFT and teach it to your partner, so that you both can work on your obstacles to having a beautiful healthy baby.


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique


1. Repeat 3 times this affirmation: "Even though I have this ________, I deeply and completely accept myself." While continuously rubbing the Sore Spot or tapping the Karate Chop point. 2. The Sequence...Tap about 7 times on each of the following energy points while repeating the Reminder Phrase at each point. THE, EB, SE, UE, UN, Ch, CB, UA, BN, TH, IF, MF, BF, KC 3. The 9 Gamut Procedure...Continuously tap on the Gamut point while performing each of these 9 actions: (1)Eyes closed (2) Eyes open (3) Eyes hard down right (4) Eyes hard down left (5) Roll eyes in circle (6) Roll eyes in other direction (7) Hum 2 seconds of a song (8) Count to 5 (9) Hum 2 seconds of a song. 4. The Sequence (again)...Tap about 7 times on each of the following energy points while repeating the Reminder Phrase at each point. THE, EB, SE, UE, UN, Ch, CB, UA, BN, TH, IF, MF, BF, KC In subsequent rounds the affirmation and the reminder phrase should adjusted to reflect the fact that you are addressing the remaining emotions.


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

Extra Notes When you are working on more complex issues which go back a long time or are a combination of emotions and you are having difficulty clearing it all at once use the following approach:

When you won’t be disturbed sit down with a pen and a piece of paper.

Think of the issue; in this case let’s say inability to get pregnant so far.

Now write down all of the emotions you are experiencing while thinking about the issue at hand.

They may be for example: anger, disappointment, sadness, tears, fear, anxiety and so on, until you reach a blank state of mind.

Now rearrange them in order of intensity. The ones that are most intense should go to the top as they need to be cleared first.

After you’ve compiled your list start working on one emotion at the time and don’t combine them.

Work on each one for as long as it takes before you reach zero, remembering to adjust your affirmation and reminder phase if the emotion hasn’t cleared in the first round.

You may want to work on one emotion a day or if you have time you may do more or even all depending on how many there are.

You can use this for any issues, internal conflicts, traumas and addictions which are a combination of feeling and emotions interwoven into one problem.


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

A note on relationships The love you share with your partner is the reason you want to have a child together. Delayed conception can put a lot of strain on relationships. Oftentimes when the male partner experiences fertility problems, he may not be willing to discuss how he feels openly. Men have a tendency to withdraw into their “cave” and work out the problem in their mind by themselves before they emerge from the “cave” and take action. During this phase you may misinterpret his behavior as not caring or not doing anything about it. On the other hand if you are experiencing fertility problems, you may become very emotional and hurt each time the subject is brought up. Women are more likely to express their strong emotions then men are. And while this is good, as expressing emotions is better then bottling them up, your partner may misinterpret your reaction, as a warning sign to stop discussing the problem. Either way those misinterpretations of each other’s feelings and not discussing openly how each other feels can lead to feelings of drifting apart, feeling alone and misunderstood. This is exactly the opposite of what either of the partners want or need. Understanding how you feel and being able to express those emotions is a great first step. On a piece of paper write how you feel about the issue and about your partner during these testing times. Just as before repeat the EFT tapping sequence until you reach zero for each emotion. If both, you and your partner do EFT on the emotions you are experiencing at the moment you will find it easier to communicate and openly discuss your plans and ideas on to how to proceed with the situation. Hopefully you will both choose to apply as many strategies discussed in this program as you can, and work together. Offering each other support and encouragement during the times when one of you may feel down and lack motivation. You and your partner need each other now more than ever before. Your love for each other is crucial and will see you through this. Just remind yourself of the happy times together, the times when you knew that he or she is the one. And remind yourself or the reason why he or she is the one and why this relationship is worth all your love and attention now more than ever before.


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique This eBook is copyright Š Natural Fertility Prescription 2007-2010, all rights reserved. It is illegal to copy, distribute, or create derivative works from this book in part or in whole, or to contribute to the copying, distribution, or creating of derivative works without the prior permission of the publisher. No part of this publication may be reproduced; stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission or the copyright holders.


The EFT Manual, 6th Edition, Gary Craig, Cousineau TM, Domar AD. Psychological impact of infertility. Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol. 2007 Apr;21(2):293-308 iii Lukse MP, Vacc NA. Grief, depression, and coping in women undergoing infertility treatment. Obstet Gynecol. 1999 Feb;93(2):245-51. iv ii


Tap Into Your Fertility With Emotional Freedom Technique

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