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If you could go back in time and fix something, what would you change? Madison- “I would change being mean to my brother when I was little because now he is mean to me.” Mikayla- “I would change how mean I was to my brothers and how well I did my work.” Kasey- “I would not change a thing.”

What is your dream vacation? Madison- “I would like to swim with the dolphins and dance with the monkeys in Fiji.” Mikayla- “Paris” Kristin- “Cuba” Carreena- “Panama City” Terra- “To sleep in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disney land”

What was your most embarrassing crush? Madison- “My first crush was Will Smith and I remember that when I was little, my parents used to tease me about him.” Anonymous-“The guy was my best friend and I tried to tell him that I liked him, but I ended up doing some embarrassing things. He started to think that I was too weird.” Anonymous-“I liked a guy who was about twenty and I was only ten.”

What was your most embarrassing moment? Madison- “It was a rainy day; I got out of my mom’s car to go lean against a wall at school. I was waiting for school to start and my shoes were really slippery. I was testing my balance and I had my giant backpack on, then it happened… I slipped and fell on my butt, my head hit the wall, and my legs were in a pretzel. It all happened in front of my long time crush! Lauren- “I was at the mall eating ice cream while walking around steps at a fountain. I tripped over a step, my face fell into my ice cream, and my head hit the grass!” Anonymous- “My friends and I had a zipper band, at recess we would go to three raised spots on the grass and “perform” for nobody. One day I was really excited and I ran to my “platform,” but slipped and fell on my rear end.” Anonymous- “When I was a small child, my body had a weird reaction to chlorine in a pool. This happened many, many times. My bladder would erupt; I would have to go to the bathroom so bad! My parents didn’t have a swimming pool so I would swim in my friends’ pools. In every pool I swam in I would urinate at least seven times! Thankfully I have a saltwater pool now.”

Anonymous- “The holidays were really busy and I was running toward the door, but tripped, fell flat on my face, and skidded across the floor!” Anonymous- “When I was a little kid, I pretended that I was a cow and ate grass.”

Are you with team Jacob or Edward? Bailee- Jacob Lauren- Edward Madison- Totally team Jacob Emily- Jacob Kristin-Jacob Carreena- Edward

What do you do in your spare time? Anonymous- “stare at pictures of Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron” Anonymous- “read Twilight” Emily- “hang out with friends” Anonymous- “I do school work and read the Twilight series.”

What was your best school year? Carreena-“4th grade because at that time everyone knew me and I was the tallest girl at that school.” Madison- “Easy, 8th grade because I have good friends, good teachers, and it is my last year before high school.” Kristin- “Kindergarten, because I enjoyed the naps.” Mikayla- “3rd grade because I had a lot of nice friends in 3rd grade.” Mrs. Kelley- “7th grade because I enjoyed the activities and freedom that I had.”

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Questions and Answers