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Hi-Gain Dual Band Wireless-N The Benefits of Dual-Band

Dual-Band Technology provides maximum flexibility to connect to the popular 2.4GHz frequency and off-load traffic to a faster, less-crowded 5.0GHz frequency


Hawking Dual-Band Performance 5.0GHz

Fast Lane

2.4MHz 5.0MHz

2.4GHz Highway

300Mbps 450Mbps

While the average 5.0GHz frequency runs on a higher throughput rate, its signal will not travel as far as the 2.4GHz frequency. However, the Hawking Technology Dual-Band product line utilizes innovative range extending technology to optimize your network performance.

Hawking's Dual-Band Wireless Network

Hawking's Hi-Gain 2.4GHz Range Amplified

Typical Dual-Band wireless network

Ultimate Flexibility. Maximum Per formance ABOUT HAWKING TECHNOLOGY I Hawking Technology concentrates its core business model on a single premise: building quality products that effortlessly connect anyone, anywhere. This year, Hawking Technology is aking it a step further with the brand new Dual-Band Range Extending Product Line. Choose from our dual-band product line that includes indoor solutions for the home or office users and outdoor solutions for the long-range client or the customer on the go. You’ll not only experience the blazing fast speeds, but also the unmatched range and quality of all Hawking Technology products.Pick up any of our Hi-Gain Dual-Band WiFi solutions to create a superior network with Ultimate Flexibility and Maximum Performance for the High-Def Media Era. Copyright Š 2012 Hawking Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks herein are the proper of their respective owners.

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Hi-Gain™ Dual-Band Wireless Existing Network

2x Range

3x Range

Ultimate Flexibility. Maximum Performance.

4x Range

5x Range



HD45R (Router)

HD45B (Access Point)

HD45X (Extender)

HOD45B (Access Point)

HOD45S (Smart Repeater)

Hawking Technology provides a heavy duty dual-band router for the core your wireless network. This core then works seamlessly with the peripheral devices to maximize your Network potential.

Hardwire this Dual-Band Access Point to the core network and carry wireless signal into another area of your house

Add a range extender to supplement your core network by wirelessly expanding and enhancing the operating area of your WiFi

Bring your network outside with a hard wired outdoor Access Point. Powerful antennas guarantee extensive range and maximum power.

Set this Outdoor Smart Repeater up to maximize your range and performance for multiple users otherwise unable to reach signal from your core device



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