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1. b) How did you use, develop or challenge genre conventions in your music video?

Genre My chosen song, 'He never shows' by Pom Pom Squad is an indie-rock song, with a slight pop sound to it. The video I created for this song displays genre characteristics, which Goodwin said is a convention of music videos, it includes characteristics of the pop, rock and indie genres. It doesn't challenge many genre conventions or really develop them, but conforms to them.

Conventions Pale Honey's music video 'Youth' is a similar text which I used as inspiration for parts of the music video, as the song is rock. This band isn't massively successful, so had to work on a fairly low budget for their music video, and sticks to one location with mostly performance throughout the video. The video includes frequent close ups of the artist during the singer's lip sync, to create a sense of intimacy and connection with the audience, which seems to be a feature of this genre as other similar texts, such as Paramore and Cherry Glazerr, both rock bands, seem to seek connection with the audience during performance in their music videos. Singers do this by including close ups of the artist and having the artist look at the camera. This is also a prominent characteristic of pop songs, which seek to speak to the audience and connect with them, as it makes the viewer feel included in the music video if the singer looks at the camera, or if the perspective of the narrative follows the artist, or is integrated in any way into the camerawork and actions of the artist. This feature of rock and pop was used in my music video, as the singer in the video frequently looks at the camera and gives the illusion of looking at the viewer. There are also close ups of the singer and protagonist, to create intimacy and connection with the audience as well, for example, the shots of the lip sync and bass playing are close up shots.

This characteristic of the rock and pop genres links to another characteristic of these genres, which is performance and lip sync. The rock and indie rock genre uses a lot of performance in music videos to promote live performances, to show the excitement and energy of them, to appeal to fans of high energy rock concerts. Examples of this are Paramore's 'Pressure' and The Foo Fighters music video for 'The Pretender', which have shots of the band, close ups of their instruments and lip sync as well. Also, lip sync is a convention of the pop genre, as pop artists need to promote their live performances as well, which aren't usually the same as rock performances, focusing more on the singer, rather than the singer and the whole band. A mixture of lip sync and performance was used in my music video, with purple lighting used similar to lighting that might be used in a rock concert, and more lip sync than performance as a mixture of the pop and rock genre. Also, a characteristic of the indie rock genre is a mixture of band performance and narrative in music videos, which was used in my music video to add variety and increase viewer enjoyment. However, the song is more rock than any other genre and it might have been more effective to include a full band to convey the genre, or at least more shots of the instrument throughout the video.

Another convention of the indie genre used in my music video is the setting, especially in the shots of the narrative outside at the lake. Settings used in indie and indie rock music videos are often public spaces, due to the production of them being low budget, which means spaces like forests, parks or studios are used a lot in indie productions. An example of this is Mitski's 'Your Best American Girl', which is entirely set in a studio with a plain white background, possibly due to the budget, and also to keep the background simple to not take the focus away from the singer and narrative. This is a feature used throughout my music video, using a plain black background during the lip sync and performance to not take away the focus from the singer. But instead of using just one location and background for the entire video, shots of the inside of a house and shouts outside by a lake was used to progress the narrative and to add variety in the music video, as well as increase the viewer's enjoyment of the video. And the natural setting outdoors is also conventional of the indie and indie rock genre because they are low budget and easy to access.

It could be said that my video also uses a narrative structure that the pop genre uses a lot in music videos. Todorov's 3 act structure could be argued to be a convention of pop as it is frequently used in this genre. For example, Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' and Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' are both pop songs which have 3 acts characterised by an equilibrium, a disequilibrium and a new equilibrium. My music video includes this conventional structure to create a clear narrative which is easy for the audience to consume and feel enjoyment from. This could be a reason why people choose to watch pop music videos, because they usually include in the story, tension and resolve, creating a satisfying finish for the viewer. Also, the themes in my video, such as heartbreak and young love, are conventional of the pop genre in the songs and music videos. They are possibly generic themes because they are marketable to a young teenage audience, which this appeals to. The themes come from the story in my video and its links to the song, which is about a girl who gets stood up by her boyfriend, presenting the theme of disappointment in relationships. Themes of relationships can be seen in many other texts in the pop genre, such as the music videos mentioned above, 'Shape of You', which is just a love story, and 'Blank Space', which is about youthful romance and break ups.