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February 2017


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YES 2017 - eDay

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Congratulaons Ruff Tucker

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BA5 at Douglas Outdoor Living Soluons

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PHOTOS: YES Naonal Awards

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PHOTOS: BA5 at Ormlie Lodge

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Welcome to 2017. I hope you and your teams have had a refreshing break to rejuvenate for the new year. With one 12th or 8.33 percent of the year already behind us, we all need to have plans that focus on capturing what January may not have quite achieved to ensure the annual budgets are met. This region is certainly thriving on the back of a very posive end to 2016, a housing crisis in Auckland, the maturity of HB Cycleways in the minds of Tourists, the development of superior retail and hospitality offerings plus posive events scheduled for February like Art Deco 2017 and Te Matani. Ovaon of the seas brought massive 4000+ tourists to the region in one day and apart from the wind, the weather has played ball for tourists in Hawkes Bay. Making sure your business is structured to maximise the ongoing inquiry from talented people wanng to come here to work or the growing interest in our primary produce the mainstay of the region, this region looks set to connue to thrive. As I have menoned in my e-newsleCers – water and the effecve management of rainwater connues to be our handbrake. With an appeal decision pending regarding the challenge for the swap of 22 hectares of tough, rugged DOC land to complete the Ruataniwha Water Storage (RWSS) process this region connues to be held back by zealots from minority groups. To put the appeal process in perspecve – the decision from the RWSS / Forest and Bird court case is holding up 30 other DOC land swap applicaons across the country.

Let’s make 2017, the year of the Rooster a year of balance and pragmasm. The balance between people, place and profit is essenal for this region connued growth. Some say, why do we need to grow or why do we have to be part of this digital and commercial growth? Well if we don’t we have all seen the predicon for age demographics in the near future. Without excing new and interesng employment or business environments we will not be an aCracve region for young singles and/or young families. The development of the tech hub in Ahuriri is a significant step in our connued development and in the percepon of those people looking for the balance of lifestyle and employment to have their cake and eat it too. All things possible in Hawkes Bay if we get the mix and the percepon right. It was great to see the first applicaon for the Velodrome approved last week. This sort of development with hopefully more conference opons will connue to support the growth of our regional corporate aCracon and income. Like the new 5-star Porters Bouque hotel in Havelock North, the jungle drums challenged the need for 5 stars and what is its existence showing? Near full patronage, something the nearby retails is revelling in. Congratulaons must go to the Mackersey’s and the Lowe’s for the insight to challenge the status quo. As the only independent business voice for Hawkes Bay the Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce is keen to know the challenges you have in your business. Whether it be skills development, a posive environment for doing business or just appreciaon of the skill

Wayne Walford—Hawke’s Bay Chamber CEO

shortages you face, please let us know. A bit like ‘Fair Go’ we are keen to see business in the region get a fair chance to survive, grow and prosper in a sustainable way. We look forward to seeing some of you at our first BA5 for 2017 where the 2016 Business Award winners will be there to answer your quesons about the value of business awards for their or maybe your business. The team are pulling together a diverse range of events and smulang speakers to connue to inspire you, the champions of commerce for Hawkes Bay. All the best for 2017.

Research has shown that non-innovave company owners have fewer skills in managing projects and managing people than innovave company owners. But how do you become more innovave without taking risks that could affect the success of your business? Innovaon is built on trust in your intuion and learning from the inevitable mistakes that are a part of succeeding in business.

ANtude to innovaon What is your aNtude to innovaon in your business? Could you briefly sum up the culture of your business and how it fosters innovaon? Taking this step further, if someone were to phone your business and ask one of your staff members or associates the same queson, would their answer be the same as yours? Does everyone in your business understand this? In innovave businesses, the lines of communicaon are truly open. Everyone is clear about the purpose and direcon of the business (the business culture) and the processes that foster innovaon and creavity.

Recepveness to new ideas How recepve are you to new ideas, especially those ideas that have the potenal to radically change the direcon of your company? Are you threatened by new ideas, or do you welcome them? Are you more open to new ideas when things are not going well? Do you dismiss new ideas when business is booming? Do you have a formal process for evaluang new ideas (such as regular team meengs with selected staff members) or do you accept or reject ideas on an ad hoc basis? It’s not enough to simply say, “That’s a great idea, we should try it!” Too many ideas simply disappear because good intenons are not a substute for acon. You need to appoint an idea champion and have a system in place for tracking good ideas through to compleon, along with acon deadlines. In addion, many ideas die because they are not properly resourced. A more formal idea evaluaon process will allow you to assess and allocate the resources needed to bring ideas to fruion.

Test out your idea with this template



Stand out and get noced as an acve member of your business community

Our networks get you connected to the people you need to know.



DISCOUNTS Exclusive member discounts and offers

We are the doorway to local business support, training and Government assistance.

VOICE We champion the business community and advocate on your behalf.

CREDIBILITY Be part of a respected internaonal organisaon

Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce

BUSINESS AFTER FIVE Establishing your business somemes requires geNng people to come to ‘your cave’ to learn more about your products and services. Hosng a ‘Business A)er Five’ event is a great way to do this. Not only do you get to talk to a capvated audience but you also get to circulate and talk one on one with them. By holding a business event this will assist in building your credibility and increase a viable way of geNng the exposure your business needs for only $250.00. When you sponsor a networking event, you’re suddenly transformed into a business leader in your community. You’re responsible for bringing entrepreneurs together to talk shop, and only leaders do this. With six weeks of intensive adversing to over 1,000 acve Hawkes Bay business professionals the adversing alone would be worth in excess of $1,000.00. In addion people talk about great events they’ve aCended, and that means the benefits extend well beyond the event itself.

Please contact Karla Lee for addional informaon

You just can’t beat the exposure.

YES 2017 - E-Day The Lion Founda%on Young Enterprise Scheme Friday, 3rd March 2017 The Lion Foundaon Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is a programme where students set up and run a real business. Each YES company creates their own product or service and brings this to market. Through The Lion Foundaon Young Enterprise Scheme, students will: • Learn about business planning and operaons • Develop a range of personal and business skills • Consult with and create networks in their community

Compe%%on There is a $25,000 naonal prize pool as well as regional awards and cash prizes and terary scholarships. YES students have opportunies to aCend naonal business compeons and events and maintain business networks through the YES alumni and business incubator programmes. All YES companies are eligible for compeons regardless of whether YES is being offered as a metabled or extracurricular opon.

Year 12—13

4 terms

Level 2 Business Studies Level 3 Business Studies YE Cerficate

SEVEN TIPS FOR NETWORKING Networking goes hand in hand with running a successful business. But many of us dread walking into a room and introducing ourselves to a bunch of strangers. Here are the most valuable ps I've come across – and put to work myself – over the years: 1. Resist the urge to arrive late. It's almost counter-intuive, but showing up early at a networking event is a much beCer strategy than geNng there on the later side. As a first aCendee, you'll noce that it's calmer and quieter – and people won't have seCled into groups yet. It's easier to find other people who don't have conversaon partners yet. 2. Ask easy ques%ons. Don't wait around the edges of the room, waing for someone to approach you. To get the conversaon started, simply walk up to a person or a group, and say, "May I join you" or "What brings you to this event?" Don't forget to listen intently to their replies. If you're not a natural extrovert, you're probably a very good listener – and listening can be an excellent way to get to know a person. 3. Ditch the sales pitch. Remember, networking is all about relaonship building. Keep your exchange fun, light and informal – you don't need to do the hard sell within minutes of meeng a person. The idea is to get the conversaon started. People are more apt to do business with – or partner with – people whose company they enjoy. If a potenal customer does ask you about your product or service, be ready with an easy descripon of your company. Before the event, create a mental list of recent accomplishments, such as a new client you've landed or project you've completed. That way, you can easily pull an item off that list and into the conversaon. 4. Share your passion. Win people over with your enthusiasm for your product or service. Leave a lasng impression by telling a story about why you were inspired to create your company. Talking about what you enjoy is o)en contagious, too. When you get other people to share their passion, it creates a memorable two-way conversaon. 5. Smile. It's a simple – but o)en overlooked – rule of engagement. By smiling, you'll put your nervous self at ease, and you'll also come across as warm and inving to others. Remember to smile before you enter the room, or before you start your next conversaon. And if you're really dreading the event? Check the negave aNtude at the door. 6. Don't hijack the conversa%on. Some people who dislike networking may overcompensate by commandeering the discussion. Don't forget: The most successful networkers (think of those you've met) are good at making other people feel special. Look people in the eye, repeat their name, listen to what they have to say, and suggest topics that are easy to discuss. Be a conversaonalist, not a talker. 7. Remember to follow up. It's o)en said that networking is where the conversaon begins, not ends. If you've had a great exchange, ask your conversaon partner the best way to stay in touch. Some people like email or phone; others prefer social networks like LinkedIn. Get in touch within 48 hours of the event to show you're interested and available, and reference something you discussed, so your contact remembers you. Colleen DeBaise


Wands Psychology Services


Land Development


Triko Security

NďŹ nite Fitness and Health

Professionals Napier

Bayleys Coast to Coast Ltd

Financial Fitness

Integrated Foods Markeng Ltd


Createus Group (2016) Ltd

Qlabs Ltd

CONTACT US The team at the Hawkes Bay Chamber would like to hear from Hawkes Bay business. Tell us about the posives & challenges of doing business in Hawkes Bay Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce c/- Hawkes Bay Business Hub 36 Bridge Street Ahuriri Napier 4110 06 876-5938


Financial Fitness Training Limited (www.financialfitness runs seminars for non-accountants where accounng and finance impacts on their core organisaonal acvies. The seminar content includes: terminology of accounng; how financial accounts are constructed; analysing and interpreng financial accounts; working capital; internal controls, introductory cosng and budget versus actual in presenng monthly accounts. During the seminar case studies, power points, quizzes and exercises are used in the learning process. Michael Fowler, who facilitates the courses is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) and holds a Masters Degree (MBS) in accounng from Massey University. He has over 20 years’ experience in adult educaon as a lecturer and industry shortcourse facilitator. The approach he brings to seminars is to present the informaon as simply as possible and to try and have fun while discussing accounng. Courses can be run in-house for a minimum of five staff, and total costs start at $1,200 + gst for 3.5 hour and $1,500 +gst for 5.5 hour seminars. Organisaonal-specific courses can be developed, but incur development costs. Financial Fitness Training has an on-line

Michael Fowler learning module, so courses can also be delivered online. Other courses for release in 2017 are nonprofit sector statement of service performance; product and service cosng; strategic planning for small business and accounts payable seminars. The next non-accountant courses are scheduled for March 2017 at $280 +GST per person (discounts apply for mulple organisaon aCendees). The 5.5 hour course includes morning tea, lunch and course material book. There is also a condensed course for 3.5 hours at $180 +gst. Please contact Michael for registraon details.

Contact Michael Fowler FCA, MBS, PGDIPACC, DIPBUSSTUDS, NCBS 027 4521 056

Fresh Meats NZ Ltd is a specialized lamb slaughter and boning plant located in Pandora Napier and is primarily focused on processing the highest quality value add Lamb products. We are a small, flexible and focused team, able to deliver personalised service to our customers domescally and globally. Fresh Meats NZ operates year round, and focuses on deriving greater control of the value chain steps whilst focusing on opportunies for value enhancement. Our Fresh Meats plant is an EU and USDA licensed lamb processing plant. The plant provides Hawkes Bay staff, an opportunity to be part of small and close knit team in what is normally a seasonal industry.

Fresh Meats NZ Ltd is part of the Integrated Foods Group, an innovave internaonal group of companies with extensive agribusiness capability in farming, processing, sales, retail and markeng. Fresh Meats is a key processing interface in the Group’s operaon and provides the link between on farm systems through to the finished food products year round.

Contact Sales and Markeng 06 835 9099 Free Phone 0800 90 90 99 Check out our blog for recipes


We want to say a huge congratulaon to our 2016 Young Enterprise Scheme group ‘Ruff Tucker’ who came 3rd overall at the Naonal Awards in Wellington in December. There were 3,414 students naonwide who went on the YES journey in 2016 and four of those students from Iona College scooped up 3rd prize. Well done Brennagh Mullins, Emma Wilson, Gemma Burnside and Lucy Treseder! The judges in Wellington were impressed with how well these students knew every aspect of their business and delivered a professional and innovave pet food product to market. There were also many comments and admiraon for the company name ‘Ruff Tucker’! Thanks to those of you who supported YES in 2016 and encouraged four Hawke’s Bay young entrepreneurs to succeed. While Ruff Tucker came out on top and were recognised on a Naonal level, there were many Hawke’s Bay YES teams in 2016 that did exceponally well and were only a step behind Ruff Tucker. Well done to all 50 Hawke’s Bay teams. The programme itself is designed to support youth set up and run a business and this is only possible with the parcipaon and support of so many; parcipang High Schools, teachers, mentors, local businesses, the HB Farmers Market, Chamber members who give a voluntary contribuon to YES and sponsors such as the Hasngs District Council and Napier City Council. Thank you, and we look forward to another excing YES journey this year!



Thursday, 16 February 2017 5.30pm - 7.00pm Hawke’s Bay Business Hub 36 Bridge Street Ahuriri, Napier Members - $15.00 +GST

Parcipants greet each other in a series of brief exchanges during a set period of me. During an interacon, aCendees share their professional backgrounds and business goals. Networkers are generally seeking exposure to new markets and/or to expand their pool of vendors. This is a members only event. We would love you to join us!



Wednesday, 8 March 2017 5.30pm - 7.00pm Douglas Outdoor Living Soluons 413 Queen Street West Hasngs (between Tomoana & Nelson) Members - Free Non-members - $15.00 +GST

Douglas Outdoor Living Soluons has been serving Hawke’s Bay with custom-designed & made canvas, auto/marine upholstery and outdoor protecon needs for over 20 years as Douglas Auto & Marine Upholstery. Over the past 3 years we have focussed more and more on outdoor living opportunies, creang stylish and high quality outdoor spaces sheltered from wind, sun and rain. Whether it is a stylish louvre roof, tensioned canopy, robust sun umbrella, bright retractable awnings or one of our ingenious Ziptrak® sun and wind screens that could transform your outdoor living, we can work

directly with you, your builder or your architect to create your amazing outdoor space. Come and join the BA5 group in our showroom to view the product range and enjoy a snack and a cold drop. Be in to win a $200 voucher towards your desired project – be it recovering your outdoor chair, creang a new boat cover or your dream outdoor living area. There will be two supplementary prizes of our handy & durable beach/shopping bags.



Wednesday, 22 February 2017 5.30pm - 7.00pm EIT Taradale - Lecture Theatre One 501 Gloucester Street Taradale, Napier Members - Free Non-members - $15.00 +GST

The Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to our first networking session of 2017 at EIT. Come and meet other business people in Hawke’s Bay and hear from the 2016 Business Award Winners. These category winners will make up a panel and discuss the ingredients to their success followed by any quesons you may want to ask them. EIT’s judging convenor Rebekah Dinwoodie will also share insights into the judging process. All these ps will give you guidelines and inspiraon on how to create a winning formula for your business to succeed. Following the Business Awards discussion will be an opportunity for guests to network with others while enjoying refreshments in an informal seNng in the Atrium at EIT. If you are curious about those businesses who came out on top in the 2016 Westpac Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and you would like to meet and network with like-minded business people in Hawke’s Bay – join us where we will kick off 2017 with enthusiasm for the coming year. Guest speakers include: Mogul, Eastern Truck and Marines, Viv Bull - Napier Port, Totara Health, Laser Plumbing and Electrical, Helloworld Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay Woolscourers


From LeĹŒ: Brennagh Mullins, Gemma Burnside, Lucy Treseder, Emma Wilson


CONTACT US Send feedback to

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE FOLLOWING ‘Regional Business Partner’ programme Holding a ‘Business aFer Five’ event Adver%sing with the Hawkes Bay Chamber The Lion Founda%on Young Enterprise Scheme Chamber Membership Expor%ng Cer%fica%on

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