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October 2016



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Free Project Managers for Hire!

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AWF - Keep New Zealand Working

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Snapshot of Hawke’s Bay

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Easter Trading: New Rules for You and Staff

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Business Awards Expo

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Staples Rodway Challenge

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YES Regional Awards

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How Would a Board Benefit Your Business?

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Christmas at Art Deco Masonic

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New Member Profile - KGG Services

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New Member Profile - 543 Design

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BA5 with Noel Leeming

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Enhancing Emo>onal Intelligence

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Business Breakfast Series

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SIGNS OF COMMERCIAL PROGRESS At the recent Napier Port BA5, we were fortunate to receive a presenta>on from Commercial Manager Andrew Locke on the growth Napier Port is experiencing now and into the near future (2020). Growth on the container side of the business from 22,000 TEU (20-foot equivalent containers) to 35,000 in 2020 is significant without considering the growth in break cargo and >mber/ logs. It was interes>ng in the conversa>on when the ques>on about adding value to logs before they leave to maximise our export opportuni>es and value, was raised. The market overseas wants to buy logs. If the market wants another wood op>on, then if we can make it happen then we should but at present they want to buy logs. They have the plants and market for the produc>on and sale of par>cular goods. Playing to your strengths and working towards the market needs is always good for business. This growth naturally leads to the sugges>on and pending consent process for the 5th wharf at Napier Port. This will be massive for the Port – from idea to reality will take about 4 years should all the consents etc. progress as planned. Having to refuse ships wan>ng to come to and from Napier is a challenge. Based on the 4-year projec>ons, not having another berth will constrain produc>vity and therefore economic growth. WHY ANOTHER WHARF?

Cri>cal Skills for Effec>ve Communica>on

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Hawke’s Bay Chamber App

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PHOTOS: BA5 with Napier Port

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PHOTOS: BA5 with Napier Port - Bus Tour

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PHOTOS: Coming Through a Crisis ...

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Larger ships: Ships geIng larger, deeper and wider. Cruise ships coming in 5-10 years will be 360m long. Limited footprint: Napier Port can only take one large container ship at a >me and turning away six cruise ships a year. Increased demand: Last 10 years we’ve had 80% growth in containers and 111% growth in logs.

Forecast growth: Record-breaking apple export season & forecast to grow substan>ally over next 5 years. Logs set to soar. For more informa>on regarding the ports development; hNp:// Aligned to this growth is the ques>on about the skilled staff and immigra>on due to the specific nature of some of the roles and lack of locally training talent. EIT are working hard to develop connec>ons with business in Hawkes Bay through their internship programme. For some business, the concept of internships means addi>onal work and drain on resources. Some of the local businesses we have spoken to who have accessed and engaged interns have a contrary view. Just like a job interview, the match between the intern and the organisa>on is important. In a role that requires confidence in everyday working mee>ng people and sharing thoughts and ideas, then a shy bookworm is not the right match. It may seem like common sense but giving the organisa>on and the intern the best chance of success requires some alignment. When Pan Pac looked to take on an EIT Intern they interviewed three candidates. Looking for a posi>ve and confident personality and fit with the team was important for a win-win scenario. Through support and guidance mistakes have been made but the learnings very valuable. Trea>ng the intern like another member of the team, having them involved in team mee>ngs, being invited to par>cipate means they get to truly experience the placement as well as being another resource. When Experience and work readiness are the keys to employment it is our responsibility to ensure our youth are given every opportunity for meaningful employment. Research shows that the more young people get to c

Wayne Walford—Hawkes Bay Chamber CEO

experience career op>ons that they may be interested in before they leave the educa>on process the beNer their career prospects overall. With the future prospects of a large number of different career op>ons in a life>me, well rounded posi>ve people, confident and smart thinking are this region's greatest prospects. Knowing more about the businesses that are in Hawkes Bay also increase the opportunity for younger people to either want to stay or return aRer a s>nt overseas.

Free Project Managers for Hire!

AWF - KEEP NEW ZEALAND WORKING AWF is part of NZX listed company AWF Madison Group. We have been in the business of supplying skilled and semi-skilled staff to industry since 1988. Today, we are the largest staffing provider with a geographic spread almost double our nearest compe>tor. With over 30 branches from Kaitaia to Invercargill, there are up to 3,500 people working through AWF every day. AWF has a well-established na>onal network of specialist temporary staff to call on, together with the experience and know-how to search for your par>cular resource requirements. From providing chippies to the country's largest constructors, roller drivers to civil contractors; devanning services, picking and packing for many iconic brands; driving trucks in some of the largest fleets; to processing many of the food items we all eat every day, AWF supply them all.

We manage all the employment risk and statutory requirements such as PAYE, holiday pay and ACC, saving you (and the candidate) the >me and admin burden. Health and safety is our number one priority. We have a dedicated health and safety team, with trained worker representa>ves throughout the country. You can be assured that AWF are compliant with PCBU obliga>ons including risk management, training, competency and safe systems of work. Your local team are based on the Corner of Carnigie Road and Holden Street, Onekawa. We are pleased to be a member of the Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce and look forward to gaining a beNer understanding of local business needs. Get in touch with us on (06) 870 0310 or call in to our office.

EASTER TRADING: NEW RULES FOR YOU AND STAFF If you’re a shop owner, new rules mean your council may let you open on Easter Sunday. However, you can’t make your employees work that day.

When: From Easter 2017 depending on each individual council. When it gets close to Easter 2017, check with your local council.

Why: This law change addresses growing demand from the public and retailers to open for business on Easter Sunday. Currently, the law restricts most — but not all — businesses from opening on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and un>l 1pm on Christmas Day and Anzac Day.

What: Changes to the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 mean local authori>es can let shops in their districts open on Easter Sunday. For employers who plan to open on Easter Sunday, this means you must tell staff of their right to refuse to work, eg by group email. This must be done: >

between eight and four weeks before Easter Sunday, or


as soon as possible if new staff join your business less than four weeks before Easter Sunday.

For employees, the law change means they can: >

refuse to work on Easter Sunday without giving a reason and without repercussions — but they must tell you they’re not going to work


raise a personal grievance against you if they believe they’ve been: -

made to work Easter Sunday, or


treated badly for refusing to work Easter Sunday.

An employee who doesn’t intend to work Easter Sunday must tell you in wri>ng within 14 days of receiving the right to refuse. This can be by leNer or email.

More informa>on: 

Details of the law change — Ministry of Business, Innova>on and Employment

Find your local council — Local Government New Zealand

Restricted shop trading days — Employment New Zealand

Public holidays clause — Employment Agreement Builder





NOVEMBER 18, 2016 RODNEY GREEN CENTENNIAL EVENT CENTRE For more info please call 876 5938 or email

Be part of the 2016 Westpac Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Tables are limited so be in quick to secure a space within the EXPO area where Business Awards pre-dinner refreshments are served to guests while they peruse the exhibi>ons gathering business contacts, placing Christmas orders and celebra>ng the hard work of business people in the bay.





Join the EXPO and have the opportunity to: • Promote your business to approx. 200 mo>vated business people • Hold an intensive BA5 without the venue, catering or alcohol cost

Be proud of the work you do show others on this pres>gious plaVorm • Tell your story to the guests who are there specifically for business

YOUNG ENTERPRISE SCHEME YES Regional Awards It’s >me to celebrate the journey of our amazing YES (Young Enterprise Scheme) students in Hawke’s Bay. Almost 200 year 12 and 13 students started this journey in February and were keen to begin the process of becoming business owners. These young entrepreneurs created a business plan, completed market research, created a product or service and delivered it to market with individual school product launches and par>cipa>ng at the Hawke’s Bay Farmers Market. They are in the final stages of the YES programme and currently working on their Annual Reviews. If you would like to see how these young

millennials think and operate, please join us to celebrate the efforts and success of our Hawke’s Bay youth at EIT on Tuesday 18th October 2016. Drinks and nibbles followed by presenta>ons in Lecture Theatre One. When: Time: Venue:


Tuesday, 18 October 2016 5.30pm - 7.30pm EIT Taradale—Atrium 501 Gloucester Street Ahuriri, Napier Free

CHAMBER BOARD PROFILES David Trim has had a wide and varied commercial career. With a large component being spent in the Hor>culture industry. As an independent Business consultant and a cer>ďŹ ed business coach, over the last 14 years David has been the mentor, advisor and enabler for many successful businesses using the tools he learned as an Ac>on Coach. David is currently the President of the Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce. He enjoys working in both the commercial and social/ community worlds; as the event organiser for the Christmas at the Park annual event he is used to making strong plans, sharing them with his team and enrolling hundreds of volunteers to make an event that helps to grow the community. When not in the business world, David is a lifestyle farmer, where he grows bananas and dabbles in breeding avocado cul>vars. Passionate about the region David enjoys working with the Chamber Board and team to grow the economic value in Hawkes Bay.


KGG Service is a locally owned and operated business specialising in work placement, personal marke>ng, job seeker services and sustainable employment solu>ons. We work with: • Employers to find suitable candidates for employment • Businesses that want to provide bespoke training to their personnel in the main skills including Customer Service, Mo>va>on and Team Building • Organisa>ons that want to support their staff through redundancy • Individuals who wish to change career or transi>on to the next level • People looking to create an effec>ve online presence • People wan>ng a professional CV / Resume • Individuals that struggle with naviga>ng online technology to meet their job seeking needs It is important to us that the unemployment rate in the Hawkes Bay is reduced. We can iden>fy suitable candidates for your employment and training opportuni>es. Working closely with Work and Income NZ, we assist selected candidates to forge a successful future in employment. We supply one-on-one and group facilita>on in job seeking, interview skills and prepara>on, presenta>on and work e>queNe. We pride ourselves in understanding YOUR business culture and needs. As a Manager, Employer, and Business Owner, Kylee Gray comprehends the complexi>es and

KGG - Kylee Gray - Consultant importance of finding an Employee with the personality that supports your team dynamics. If you have a vacancy that needs filling or you would like to contribute to reducing unemployment in Hawkes Bay, contact Kylee on 06 211 3444 to talk in confidence.

Products • CV / Resume Wri>ng • Personal Branding • Professional Career Biography Wri>ng Individual Training • Goal SeIng & Mo>va>on • Employment Skills • Online Job Search Corporate Solu5ons • Ready for Work Training solu>ons • Team Building & Mo>va>on • Customer Service Excellence Program • Communica>on Skills • Redundancy Packages

Ac>ve Na>on is a brand new Napier-based home for the world’s favourite interna>onal health and fitness brands such as BLACKROLL, Bodyworx, Theraband, Victor Sports and 12 more world’s best brands that have been hand-selected for their prac>cality, affordability, scien>fic merit, research basis and performance. The end result is that no maNer what your sport we have an arsenal of products that will help you perform your best, guaranteed. At Ac>ve Na>on we’re tackling New Zealand’s health and fitness head on. Ever bought that exercise gear that a year later has turned into a glorified clothesline? Then read on. We’re addressing this problem. We’re revolu>onizing the ways Kiwi’s get fit, stay fit,

and get fiNer, the way they perform on the sports field, green or court, the way they’re running or riding. We’ve taken a fresh approach to New Zealand’s health and fitness needs, and looked at the problem, and scoured the world for products that offer a prac>cal, affordable, research-backed, scien>fic solu>on that’s portable (no glorified clotheslines here), and highly-engaging. A substan>al part of our business involves working with physiotherapists, health and fitness professionals, schools and a diverse range of specialty retailers at a wholesale level for both resale and use in clinic/facility/ store. We’re especially eager to help Bay businesses – so please get in touch ~ sam@ac>vena> Best of all, we’re delivering our products straight out of Napier to Hawkes Bay and na>onal businesses and consumers daily through our user-focused website,>vena> See you there!

543 Design was created specifically with small businesses in mind. We realised that there was a real need in Hawkes Bay (and the rest of New Zealand) for high quality websites, social media, online adver>sing and marke>ng that didn’t come with a huge price tag. We looked at what was available in the market and realised that by designing smart, keeping our overheads low and thinking of the client first and foremost we were able to provide a service half the price of the compe>>on with the same high quality. We have a policy of only charging for the work we actually do. Fairness comes first, so whether it be a realis>c search engine op>misa>on plan, or a user friendly website that our clients can edit easily, we want to empower our clients online. So if you are looking for any of the below, get in touch with Jamie Twigg ( and find out what we can do for you. •

Website design from $799 + GST

Social media management and online adver>sing from $150 + GST per month

Search Engine Op>misa>on from $150 + GST per month

Branding and design at equally fair prices

And if you’d just like a chat or a quick bit of free advice, we are always happy to help.

BA5 WITH NOEL LEEMING When: Time: Venue:


Tuesday, 11 October 2016 5.30pm - 7.00pm Noel Leeming Napier 305 Has>ngs Street Napier Members - Free Non-members - $15.00 +GST

Noel Leeming and the Hawke’s Bay Chamber would love for you to join us at out annual BA5 with Noel Leeming. With great networking opportuni>es, product demos, complementary refreshments and spot prizes to be won it will be a great event. In addi>on Noel Leeming are offering their guests a one night only special of COST +7.5% STOREWIDE (see details below).

Don’t miss out for this great event. We hope to see you there.

WORKSHOP: Enhancing Emo>onal Intelligence... When: Time: Venue:


Wednesday, 12 October 2016 9.30am - 11.30am Hawke’s Bay Business Hub 36 Bridge Street Ahuriri, Napier $30.00 +GST

Emo>onal Intelligence (EQ or EI) can be defined as the ability to understand, manage, and effec>vely express one's own feelings, as well as engage and navigate successfully with those of others. According to a large amount of research, up to 90% of high performers at the work place possess high EQ, while up to 80% of low performers have low EQ. EQ is absolutely essen>al in the forma>on, development, maintenance, & enhancement of close personal rela>onships. Unlike IQ, which does not change significantly over a life>me, our EQ can evolve and increase with our desire to learn and grow. This workshop aims to impart essen>al skills for you to enhance your EQ by: • Broadening your self awareness – what makes you, you, and what impact does your aItude have on behaviour and

performance (both personally and professionally?). • Improving your ability to regulate your emo>onal state by beNer managing your stress levels “in the moment”, a key factor in leadership effec>veness especially in pressure situa>ons • Apprecia>ng the importance of social awareness – making a conscious effort to “read” the work environment, in par>cular when it comes to fostering empathy with colleagues and clients • Maximising your interac>ons with others to improve your ability to influence and therefore create more win-win outcomes for all par>es

ABOUT THE PRESENTER Wanda started her career as a Psychologist with the Royal New Zealand Air Force (1995 -2002), and served as the Director of Psychology for four years; she is s>ll employed with the NZ Defence Force part>me as a Reservist Army Psychologist (rank of Major). She has prac>cal knowledge of change management, having been involved in the downsizing of the RNZAF, as well as being employed as an HR Manager with a corporate IT firm managing change during periods of cri>cal restructures. She also worked as an Execu>ve Coach consul>ng with large-medium organisa>ons in the Auckland region, where she concentrated on emo>onal intelligence and the maximisa>on of leadership effec>veness. Wanda returned to her hometown of Napier in 2007, seIng up her own business (Wands Psychology Services) in 2010. While con>nuing to work in the leadership/management space, a lot of Wanda's current focus centres around performance psychology - specifically mental skills within elite spor>ng environments (including the Hawke's Bay Rugby Football Union, the Hurricanes U17 and U18 agegroups, Sport Hawke's Bay and Sport Gisborne). Wanda Douglas MA (Hons) Industrial-Organisa>onal Psychologist NZ Registered

Emo>onal intelligence, more than any other factor, more than I.Q. or exper>se, accounts for 85% to 90% of success at work… I.Q. is a threshold competence. You need it, but it doesn’t make you a star. Emo>onal intelligence can. (Warren Bennis)

WORKSHOP: Cri>cal Skills for Effec>ve Communica>on When: Time: Venue:


Friday, 04 November 2016 9.30am - 11.30am Hawke’s Bay Business Hub 36 Bridge Street Ahuriri, Napier $30.00 +GST

Being able to communicate effec>vely is the most important of all life skills; indeed, developing your communica>on skills can help all aspects of your life, from your professional life to social gatherings and everything in between. It’s never too late to work on your communica>on skills and by doing so improve your quality of life, not to men>on the wellbeing and morale of your staff, the efficiency of your business, and the produc>vity of your organisa>on. This workshop will explore: • Why communica>on can be so difficult!

• How we build and then maintain posi>ve rela>onships with others using ac>ve listening skills. These include but are not limited to crea>ng a good impression through the use of rapport, verbal and non -verbal skills, ques>oning techniques, and the importance of feedback • Defusing emo>ons such as anger or anxiety while maintaining composure and respect • The fishhooks associated with wriNen communica>on - email and text

HAWKES BAY CHAMBER APP Why would we bother to enrol the team at snAPP to create an APP for the HB Chamber of Commerce? APPs are designed to work across any digital device and should, if designed with the customer in mind make it easy to answer any ques>ons and connect you with the right resource as quickly as possible. In our case, the Hawkes Bay Chamber APP resources page is an easy link to a range of business related resources, informa>on about Health and Safety, a link to the Business Support pages, Succession planning, applying for a business loan etc. Resources to enable business people to update and develop strong sustainable businesses which are constantly being added to – the type of businesses that we look forward to profiling at the Westpac HB Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. Members: please contact chris> for your APP password.




CONTACT US Send feedback to chris>

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE FOLLOWING ‘Regional Business Partner’ programme Holding a ‘Business aBer Five’ event Adver5sing with the Hawkes Bay Chamber chris> The Lion Founda5on Young Enterprise Scheme Chamber Membership chris> Expor5ng Cer5fica5on

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