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December 2016



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New Zealand Diversity Survey

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Workplace Diversity Emerges

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ANZ ODI Series

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NZ Chinese-language Media Workshop

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Christmas Special Gift Order - Linden Estate

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Award Winners - Judges Comments

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New Member Profile - Napier Professionals

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Te Mata Estate Export Breakfast

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BA5 at Ormlie Lodge

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PHOTOS: Lunch with Hon. Steven Joyce

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PHOTOS: BA5 at Linden Estate Winery

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PHOTOS: Business Awards 2016

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PHOTOS: Business Awards 2016

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HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Christmas Carols will be everywhere, decorations are appearing daily and your annual leave liability is likely to reduce over the next 6 weeks. One minute it is Labour Weekend, then the next thing we know we are looking down the barrel of Christmas. I hope you are organised if you are forcing a closure on your staff teams – 14 working days’ notice is required to enforce a closure with an expectation that staff take annual leave. No doubt your team will be looking forward to a Christmas function that acknowledges their efforts for the year and prepares them for the next year’s opportunities. Finding a suitable event for staff and partners can be a challenge, we did the Beat Girls concert at Linden Estate Winery. This was a great event staged by Vally D’Vine and Linden Estate winery. Well organised and well patronised. There are many other options, some I can think of that may fit the bill and diversity of interests you have in your team are below. Businesses like Takaro trails (Hawke’s Bay Tourism Supreme Winner 2016) offer winery excursions where you ride to the winery and they collect you and the bikes to make sure you return home safely. There are a range of events at the many wineries in Hawkes Bay, all offering something different to accommodate families (Te Awa, Church Road, Clearview, Moana Park, Del le Terre) to name a few plus options like the Puketapu Hotel and Black Barn depending on the type of event you want to enjoy. If finding your own private space to relax and unwind includes a book, then can I suggest you read the ‘Flat White Economy’ by Douglas McWilliams. This will give you an insight into the opportunities and challenges of the changes occurring around technology. Covering subjects like immigration, skill bottlenecks, politics and economics, an easy read that is what happened in England a couple of years ago and is possible – some say is already happening here.

KPMG have produced a report called ‘Magnet Cities’ outlining the drivers for successful cities that want to attract business and opportunities. Based on this report the seven drivers of magnet cities are; 1. ATTRACT YOUNG WEALTH CREATORS Identify and establish a unique relationship between the city itself and the particular group of young wealth creators you aim to attract. 2. PHYSICAL RENEWAL Ongoing physical renewal keeps cities interesting and new. A strong downtown area can strengthen the magnetic pull of the entire city 3. CITY IDENTITY Cities that attract young wealth creators have a strong and clear city identity that residents connect with. Without a clear city identity it is difficult for people to understand what a city stands for and its attraction. 4. CONNECTED Magnet cities are well connected to other cities – easy to get in to and out of. 5. NEW IDEAS Magnet cities nurture new ideas. Be specific about the industry clusters you want to support, then focus and support this development. 6. FUNDRAISERS Magnet City governments attract private investments, research grants and public funds for the city. Significant improvement of a city requires public and private money working together. 7. STRONG LEADERS Reinventing a city requires strong mayors and civic leaders. Magnet city leaders have to stay true to the vision in the face of public dissent.

Wayne Walford—Hawke’s Bay Chamber CEO

How are we doing? I am pleased to welcome comment in this edition from Young Professionals Chairman, Dan Browne. Dan has been a member of the Chamber Board and is active in the region creating opportunities for young professionals to feel welcome and connected. Dan talks about disruptive technologies – I tend to think of them as innovative futures. The tools and services we are going to rely on to enable our already busy lives. This region is on the verge of an innovation wave that will reverberate across the world and stimulate the migration home of some of our greatest young minds. Are we prepared for that? Do we have the infrastructure and attitude to cope? Concepts worth contemplating as we enjoy the festive season and lifestyle that only Hawke’s Bay offers. Merry Christmas.

WORKPLACE DIVERSITY EMERGES Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is becoming a bigger consideration for small businesses in New Zealand. The latest New Zealand Diversity Survey revealed an increase in the number of small organisations with policies or initiatives in place to address important diversity issues such as wellbeing, aging, disability in the workplace and bias. When asked to consider what diversity issues were most important for their organisations, wellbeing, flexibility and aging were still ranked as top priorities. But gender diversity is on the radar for more small businesses, now ranked as an important issue for 24 per cent of those surveyed, compared with 16 per cent in April 2016. Ethnicity has also increased in significance, with 24 per cent of small organisations ranking it as important in October, compared with 17 per cent six months’ earlier. Employment transition for younger staff is also becoming important for more small businesses, with a two per cent increase in the number of respondents signalling it’s a significant issue. Diversity Works NZ Chief Executive Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie says it’s rewarding to see a growing awareness of the economic benefits of workplace diversity among small businesses. One of the directors of the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Michael Barnett, says our increasingly diverse workforce creates both opportunities and challenges for organisations, particularly smaller companies, who typically have fewer resources to put in place policies and

But small businesses are often more agile and able to change their culture more easily than large organisations, thus harnessing the business benefits of diversity and inclusion faster, he says. The NZ Diversity Survey, which was initiated in 2013 to create a better understanding of the key diversity challenges facing New Zealand organisations, is carried out twice a year by Diversity Works New Zealand in partnership with the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce. Small organisations are considered to be those with fewer than 20 employees.

For more information, to arrange an interview or to request a hi-res image, please contact: Diversity Works New Zealand Chief Executive Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie + 64 274 397 458 Diversity Works New Zealand was formerly the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust The latest New Zealand Diversity Survey was carried out in October 2016 and 909 individual responses were received. These bi-annual surveys are delivered by Diversity Works New Zealand in partnership with the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce.

Please download the report from the Research Findings page on our website

HAWKE’S BAY: THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES AND FRESH THINKING Hawke’s Bay is a wonderful place. It’s small enough that it retains its beautiful lifestyle qualities and connected enough that it’s possible to succeed in international business. Personally, and as a young professional myself, I see a bounty of opportunities to thrive in the tech scene in Hawke’s Bay. All you really need is a decent internet connection, intelligence and drive and you can disrupt and innovate entire industries (think Uber, AirBnB and Purple Mattress). I believe Hawke’s Bay could be the start-up capital of New Zealand. There are many opportunities for new businesses to thrive here, from the lower costs and overheads compared with the larger cities to the technology to do business on an international scale. There are a lot of possibilities for new industry disrupters to come into the marketplace with the agility to move quickly in a world of large-scale, slower moving corporates. If it is not in the tech industry directly, then by using modern technology to update older, slower moving business models. However, the one thing I hear regularly from young urban professionals moving into the Bay is that it can be hard to find a social scene. In some companies, co-workers are 1020 years older than a young professional and that can be an isolating experience. The social scene for young professionals does exist but it is a struggle to locate, especially if you are not part of a profession that involves networking, and that can dissuade young people in the big cities from moving here. This is a gap that we try hard in the Hawke’s

Bay Young Professionals to close, but one that the rest of the business community should be aware of. Technology is changing and improving rapidly and the modern world demands that businesses embrace new ideas, think outside of the box, and develop a customer-first attitude. This is where the young professionals of Hawke’s Bay have a lot to contribute, with fresh creative minds not yet constrained by any box. There is currently a disconnect between the old and the new in Hawke’s Bay, with some mature business people feeling reluctant to try the fresh ideas that young professionals bring, and young entrepreneurs failing to value the experience that the established professionals can bring to the table. This gap needs to be tackled to ensure a bright and innovative future for Hawke’s Bay. There is also a gap between graduates’ knowledge and the entry level requirements of a business. This gap won’t be filled until the business community works closely with the education community (and vice versa). The blame for this lies not with any one party but rests on the shoulders of both. Internships and mentoring are a great way to bridge this gap, and there are several programmes already on their way to filling this void. Some of these include the YES scheme that the Chamber of Commerce provides, Youth Futures, and the internship opportunities that EIT are developing. These are a great start and we need to take the opportunity to build on them to ensure a thriving future for Hawke’s Bay.

NZ Chinese-language Media Workshop Join the GTGH China Connection Programme an Niche Media for an introductory workshop on NZ Chinese-language media, covering print, radio and digital media, including WeChat and Weibo. With over three quarters of Auckland’s ethnically Chinese population preferring to consume media and advertising in Chinese this is an essential workshop for those aiming to communicate with this key target audience: Brand owners | Exporters | Event managers | Tourism operators China Connection Programme members: free Non-members: $20 +GST Friday, December 9 | 9.30 - 12pm Hawke’s Bay Business Hub 36 Bridge Street, Ahuriri, Napier Registrations:


WINEMAKER SELECTION Please note this is an exclusive offer for Chamber Members valid until 16th December 2016

Linden Estate is an award winning premium producer of fine boutique wines, established in 1971. Our vineyard site enjoys a unique micro climate in the famous Esk Valley, highly regarded for complex fruit expression. With finger tip control from vine to bottle, our passionate winemaking team ensure that Linden Estate produces wines to be remembered, governed by quality over quantity. Winemaker and Viticulturist Trevor Shepherd has selected these wines for the Chamber members to offer as Christmas Gifts at an exclusive wholesale rate including gift packaging , 3 bottle and two bottle. SAUVIGNON BLANC 2016: This luscious well balanced wine had three months in barrel which resulted in producing tropical flavours of pineapple and citrus. Silver at the HB A&P show 2016 RIESLING 2014: An off dry style produced from Martinborough grown grapes. Crisp clean and mineral driven exhibiting notes of citrus and gooseberry with an underlying spring zest character. GEWÜRZTRAMINER : Low cropping Gewurztraminer intensifies flavours and this 2014 vintage has a wealth of aromatics led by lychee, rose and cinnamon. A rich dry wine. Always the partner to Asian Cuisine. PINOT GRIS: Aromas of ripe pears and pineapple. Abundant varietal character and a hint of sweetness with mouth filling flavour, length and depth. Perfect match with shellfish. CHARDONNAY 2013: Low cropping, hand harvested. French oak barrel fermented. A complex savoury palate, dominated by citrus, toast and mineral flavours with a long creamy finish. A Linden Estate Classic! RESERVE CHARDONNAY 2015: Hand harvested, only the best of fruit and French oak barrel selection went into developing this exceptional wine. A well balanced wine showing complexity in flavour, with a long lingering finish. It should have got Gold at the HB A&P show and not Silver. MERLOT 2013: Hand harvested from our Kanuka block. 18 months in French Oak. A complex and structured palate exhibiting dark plums and chocolate with soft velvet tannins. RESERVE SYRAH 2015: Hand harvested from our Syrah Terraces. 18 months in French Oak. Dark red and violet hues the nose exhibits cranberry, ripe red berries with a hint of white pepper. Gold Medal at HB A&P 2016. DAM BLOCK 2014: Our Flagship blend. Merlot 67% Cabernet Sauvignon 23% and Cabernet Franc 10% from our north facing terraces in the Esk Valley. Soft tannins displaying flavours of chocolate, cherry ripeness and raspberry. RESERVE MERLOT 2014: Hand harvested from our Kanuka Block. Managed for a low yield to ensure optimum varietal expression and quality. Full bodied displaying ripe dark fruit of boysenberry and plum with lingering fruit sweetness and `leather like’ tannin structure. RESERVE MERLOT 2015: As above for 2015 SYRAH 2014: Hand harvested and carefully from our Syrah Terraces produced optimum varietal expression. Fruit driven, medium to full bodied, well balanced with gentle richness.

‘A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine’ – Louis Pasteur Only persons aged 18 or over may buy wine or order on behalf of the buyer. All wines are subject to availability


Ship To:

Name Address City Phone No. Email




Your Price Quantity


Sauvignon Blanc—Silver Medal HB A & P 2016












Pinot Gris








Pinot Gris—SPECIAL




Viognier—5 Star Winestate




Reserve Chardonnay—Silver Medal HB A & P 2016








Reserve Syrah—Gold Medal HB A & P 2016 Merlot




Dam Block (Merlot, Cab Sauv, Cab Franc)




Reserve Merlot




Reserve Merlot












Total: $ Credit Card Name on card:




Special Instructions eg: Back Door


Linden Estate Winery, 347 State Highway 5, Eskdale, Napier Tel: 06 836 6806 Email:



Thank you to everyone who supported and attended the 2016 Westpac Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. We are delighted that the evening showcased so many successful businesses and people in Hawke’s Bay. Special thanks to our sponsors. Each aspect of the awards was possible due to your generosity and support.

Principle Sponsor: Westpac Category Sponsors: ACC, EIT, Chartered Accountants Au Zealand, NZME, Napier City Council, Pan Pac, Linden Estate Winery Award Supporters: Top Blocks, Etch-It, Zeelandt Breweries, Linden Estate Winery, Vodafone Judging Conve


ustralia New Coast and Co, enor: EIT


AWARD WINNERS - JUDGES COMMENTS EIT Small Business Award Finalists: Winner:

DataNow, Smilehaus, Helloworld Waipukurau Helloworld Waipukurau

Judges Comments: Helloworld is a wonderful example for all small regional businesses of what can be achieved with imagination, hard work, customer focus and excellent management. The travel industry has undergone massive change over the past 15 years. Gone are the days of making money by issuing tickets. A travel agent today, irrespective of whether they are based in Auckland or Waipukurau, needs to have ….. click here to read more

Chartered Accountants ANZ Small-Medium Business Award Finalists: Winner:

Ensor, Mogul, Jarks Cityside Restaurant and Bar Mogul

Judges Comments: The judges were extremely impressed by the growth that Mogul has seen in a relatively short period of time, along with the very clear and well defined business plan and vision for the coming 3-year period. The entity is well diversified across both product and services and have developed a well-balanced young team with specified skill sets that match their future growth plans. The entity is very well ….. click here to read more

NZME Medium Business Award Finalists: Winner:

AW Holder, Fourth Element, Laser Plumbing and Electrical Laser Plumbing and Electrical

Judges Comments: Laser Plumbing and Electrical have made impressive progress over the last three years. Faced with a challenging business environment they looked again at their business and found new markets. They did this by examining .….. click here to read more

Napier City Council Medium-Large Business Award Finalists: Winner:

Eastern Truck and Marine, Hereworth School Eastern Truck and Marine

Judges Comments: Both judges were impressed with the passion, energy and absolute pride that all the managers and staff at Eastern Truck and Marine, exhibited when we spoke with them. This business is well managed, has good structures and systems in place, they support their staff well and are absolutely 100% fully committed to providing the best possible service to their loyal customers. Their ability .….. click here to read more

Pan Pac Large Business Award Finalists: Winner:

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga, Totara Health Totara Health

Judges Comments: Totara Health is a customer-led organisation whose focus and approach is very much aligned with their strategic direction. The primary goal of the organization is improving community health, in particular, delivering health services to part of the community that has been traditionally overlooked. The organization makes a very impressive contribution to achieving this. ….. click here to read more

ACC Workplace Safety Award Finalists: Winner:

Hawke’s Bay Woolscourers, Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga, Tumu Timbers Hawke’s Bay Woolscourers

Judges Comments: Hawke's Bay Woolscourers have exemplified what the ACC Workplace Safety Award is all about. The plant and machinery in their operation are both complex and hazardous and this demands rigorous systems and attention to detail from their management, engineering and health and safety teams. Hawkes Bay Woolscourers have .….. click here to read more

Linden Estate Leader of the Year Award Finalists: Winner:

Hayley Anderson, Ian Emmerson, Viv Bull Viv Bull

Judges Comments: The person selected as Linden Estate Leader of the Year 2016 has led the transformation of a large organisation culture, from a highly-formalised labour structure and segregated workforce, to an open and totally engaged staff. The recipient of this award believes in the empowerment .….. click here to read more

Westpac Business of the Year Award - Supreme Winner Winner:

Eastern Truck and Marine

Judges Comments: Eastern Truck and Marine received the Supreme Westpac Business of the Year 2016 Award due to their systems, processes, culture and strategic thinking. The entire company shares the vision and values of the executive team. A very positive and proud team ethos exudes every department of the business. The culture also welcomes innovation and explores opportunities to give young people ....….. click here to read more

CHAMBER BOARD PROFILES Vaughan Walsh – Walsh & Associates Vaughan set up his accounting business in 2001, after previously being involved with both national and multinational corporate entities. One thing that Vaughan realised quickly, was that going into business on you own brings a whole set of challenges, that many small business owners don’t even think about. Who is going to look after sales, marketing, IT, human resources, administration, accounting, legal and finance work? Given my budget, what can I afford and what value will they contribute? Vaughan feels that having been through this experience himself, he can identify many issues that small to medium businesses face and through the Chamber can offer advice and assistance, that will save many businesses unnecessary costs and heartache.

Ian Hill A true blue born and bred Aucklander, Ian escaped the rat race in 2004 and came to live in the Bay. Ian has held various senior positions as International Sales Manager Griffins/Eta Foods (10 years), International Sales Manager for Montana Wines (14 years), Sales and Marketing Manager Te Kairanga Wines (2 years), Sales and Marketing Manager Enza Foods (3years) and CEO of Greystone Wines for 4 years. Taking part time retirement in 2014 Ian was consulting for various wine companies and was asked to run Linden Estate. He had had over 40 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing and Logistics and specifically 20 years working in the wine industry developing export markets in Asia, particularly China, Australia, Europe and the USA. He has travelled extensively through Asia with the wine industry and understands the market and the drive behind wine sales in that market. Ian is married to Kathy for 46 years and their daughter and son in law Richard have just returned with their two daughters to live in the Bay. Ian is a Life member of Muriwai Lifeguard Service and the Auckland Surf Lifesaving Association. Ian’s interests are skiing, biking, swimming, and watching any sport !!

NEW MEMBER PROFILES Napier Professionals Real Estate Agency is under new management, at a new location (Cnr Edwardes/ Hastings St, Napier) and sporting an updated look! They have been operating in Dickens St, Napier for the past 12 years under the direction of Ian & Jan Toynbee and Boyd Hawkins. With the retirement of Ian and Jan, Boyd has teamed up with Renae Pocklington, an experienced businesswoman originally from Auckland. Boyd says that ‘Renae brings a wealth of sales, marketing and management experience to the company, which will elevate our presence in the Napier real estate space. She is very energetic and passionate about everything she does which will inject a fantastic dynamic into our team and company. Our new look is our logo rebrand, which is more than a tweak, but less than a revolution, what you will see is an evolution of our brand and in particular a new star, without compromising 30 years experience in real estate. We have also introduced a new tagline ‘We Live it, We Love it, We’re Local’, which we believe represents who we are and what we are about in this new chapter of our business’. To celebrate their move and collaboration, for anyone listing a house exclusively with Napier Professionals between now and the 11th of December, gets a *Dinner for two at East Pier Hotel and the chance to *Win a Trip for Two to Tahiti.

Contact details: Boyd Hawkins Napier Professionals P: 06 835 3298 E: W:

*Terms and conditions apply, see



Thursday, 08 December 2016 No.5 Café and Larder 248 State Highway 2 Hastings Chamber and ExportNZ Members - $35.00 +GST Chamber and ExportNZ Non-members - $50.00 +GST

WESTPAC International Breakfast Series Te Mata Estate is New Zealand's oldest winery, with the oldest buildings and commercial vineyard sites in the country and over 120 years of wine production from the same site.Te Mata's flagship wine 'Coleraine' is regarded as New Zealand's finest red wine. Te Mata's winery and its vineyards are run by the Buck family - John Buck OBE, a former chairman of the Wine Institute of New Zealand and member of the NZ Wine Hall of Fame, and his son's; company directors Jonathan Buck, CEO Nick Buck and Tobias Buck. Te Mata Estate Winery Ltd relies on its long-term senior management staff, a permanent vineyard crew and a team of hand -pickers led by senior viticulturist Larry

Morgan. Te Mata's winemaking team has been led for over 30 years by Technical Director Peter Cowley. Since the 1980’s the Te Mata team have been exporting around the country and then moved away from common marketing trends and focused heavily on the United Kingdom. Creating a highly rated brand in the UK started a very successful export business for Te Mata Estate. To hear more about an Export story outside of the textbook both in the past and into the future – Join John Buck from Te Mata Estate Winery



Wednesday, 14 December 2016 Ormlie Lodge 17 Omarunui Road Taradale, Napier Members - Free Non-members - $15.00 +GST

Ormlie is a historic home that lends itself to the hospitality experience. Built in 1899 as a wedding gift, Ormlie is a venue with several different options for guests and members of the community, both public and corporate. We operate our restaurant 7 days a week for lunch and dinner as well as brunch on a Sunday. We also have a fully licenced bar that is open 7 days from 11am til late. Ormlie is only 10 minutes to Hastings and 15 minutes to Napier and Havelock North and yet once there you feel like you could be anywhere in the world. The location makes Ormlie perfect for weddings, corporate retreats, meetings, coffee breaks and any number of dining opportunities. Our Ballroom can seat up to 150 people and up to 200 people for a stand

up event. Our hotel has 6 luxury King Suites and four of these include balcony access. We would love to take you on a tour to show you how our modern facilities work in such a classic property. Nibbles from our fantastic kitchen team will be available as well as drinks from our local wine and beer list. Come and experience what Ormlie has to offer. Business card draw: Seeing as it is so close to Christmas we are offering two prizes. Two course meal for two at Ormlie x 2





Photo supplied by Tim Whittaker Photography


Photo supplied by Tim Whittaker Photography



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