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Our Year-End Message to our Friends


was a year of significant milestones for our HYS family for which many, including our students, deserve rousing standing ovations. It was a double celebration for HYS as we marked our 45th anniversary and the 25th season of Maestro Henry Miyamura’s tenure as our beloved Music Director. While celebrating the diverse and dedicated talents within our ranks, we simultaneously had to bid farewell to the man who spent more than two decades shepherding and fostering the students in our Youth Symphony II orchestra. Conductor Michael Nakasone retired at the end of our 2010 season with several ovations and a lasting legacy to HYS. In contrast to the thundering applause heard in concert halls and auditoriums across the island, we quietly closed the books on our 45th season in June. Whether standing before your seats in appreciation of an exuberant, heart-felt concert by our young musicians or standing over and perusing our financial records, one sentiment binds the two experiences: HYS has much to be both thankful and proud.

Chris Yuen President

During this era of financial hardship, HYS supporters—like you—have proven yourselves committed to helping HYS advance and continue our work with our young people. We hope you consider our students’ progress and their performance results a good return on your investment. THANK YOU. More than 600 students enrolled With the help from community supporters, HYS was able to fill its rosters with 606 students, ages 7-18, from 119 schools on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. They registered for HYS’s 13 music programs catering to the absolute beginner looking for a fun exploration into music to the most accomplished young musician seeking to participate in the state’s finest youth orchestra.

Henry Miyamura Music Director

20 Concerts where Hawaii’s Youth Made Exceptional Music Together 2009-2010 was a year of modest celebration for us. Though we had to put the damper on a few of our celebratory plans, appropriate to our economic environment, we were by no means deprived of merriment and great, great music. The season opened with an encore reunion concert with Youth Symphony I and the amazingly versatile Wille K. Willie debuted his Italian arias with YSI the year before, and audiences couldn’t wait to come back for more. Willie even had a tuxedo tailored for the occasion. He invited Lehua Heine to join him for a haunting rendition of Andrea Bocelli’s Vivo Per Lei, and also teamed up with Willie K and Lehua Heine Pauline Wilson for a memorable version of Unforgettable. More than 800 people came out to see Willie and friends with YSI, raising $55,000 for HYS music programs.

Selena Ching Executive Director

We lost a musical giant in the fall of 2009 with the heartbreaking and irreplaceable loss of the legendary Ellen Masaki: outstanding teacher, pianist extraordinaire, philanthropist and tireless music enthusiast. HYS dedicated its Winter Concert on December 6, 2009 to Ms. Masaki’s memory. The performance marked the inauguration of a partnership between HYS and the Aloha International Piano Festival. (continued on page 4) Pianist Evan Lin, Aloha International Piano Festival winner, and Youth Symphony I at Symphony Program’s 2009 Winter Concert Ovation Page 3

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More than 1,600 music enthusiasts attended our celebration concert on April 11, 2010 at Blaisdell Concert Hall which our students dedicated to the Musicians of the Honolulu Symphony. The program included a stunning performance by pianist and winner of the Aloha International Piano Festival, Mari Abe, who performed Rachmaninoff ’s Piano Concerto No. 1. The Honolulu Symphony Chorus, under the direction of Esther Yoo, joined Youth Symphony I on stage with chanters from Halau Hula Ka No‘eau, kumu hula Michael Pili Pang. 220 performers filled the stage for the world premiere of HYS alumnus and world-renowned composer Jon Magnussen’s Ke Ao. Dr. Magnussen’s unique piece fully integrates Hawaiian chant and orchestral music with full SATB voice. It was absolutely spectacular. HYS also debuted a work by Dr. Neil McKay written for the unveiling of the refurbished Aquarius mosaic by Tadashi Sato which graces the rotunda of our State Capitol. Ode to Aquarius was introduced by a video produced by Stuart Yamane and PBS on the importance of Aquarius as, Letter from a Financial Aid Family arguably, the foremost work of art in Hawaii. Following this tremendous concert was HYS’s post-concert reception, attended by nearly 300 alumni (Names withheld due to the letter’s personal nature) and special guests. It was a heartwarming celebration and reason to pull March 12, 2010 our HYS family together while I want to thank you for the financial showing there is audience for aid you are giving this year to my son. My symphonic music in our town. position is only half time, and now there Our season closer, the Aloha Concert on May 16 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, was dedicated to retiring conductor Michael Nakasone, Youth Symphony II conductor for 21 years. YSII Concertmaster Justin Park presents Mr. Nakasone’s resume is filled with Conductor Nakasone with a portrait as a impressive musical feats and triumphs. retirement gift from the orchestra. However, the primary reason that numerous stars came out to share HYS’s concert stage was to honor a man whose talent and heart were completely immersed and dedicated to music in our communities. We thank Gabe Baltazar, Dean Taba, HYS81, Noel Okimoto, Dale Senaga, Ginai, Pierre Grill and dancers from Isla Tango for spending their afternoon making great music with the Hawaii Youth Symphony in honor of Mr. Nakasone. HYS students could be heard performing in 16 more concerts around Oahu during FY10 as they warmly shared their music for several standing ovations throughout the year. HYS strongly believes that performance is an essential component of our students’ education. We spend considerable resources on concert production, and continually invite guest artists, who serve as musical role models, to our stages. Providing the highest quality music education to our young people is a community effort, and we are thankful for the many musicians, performers and artists who openly give to our programs. More than $30,000 distributed in financial assistance HYS is committed to ensuring that our programs are accessible to any interested family. Last fiscal year, we distributed $31,622 (36% more than Ovation Page 4

are Furlough Fridays to further deplete my income. [My son] loves Hawaii Youth Symphony. This is very important to me because as an 8th grader, [his] grades are not his priority right now but, boy let me tell you, HYS is very much a priority for him. It continues to surprise me that he will choose rehearsal over school events. Outings with friends must be scheduled around rehearsals. Even when we had Japanese home stay students with us last weekend he would not miss Saturday’s rehearsal. [My son] really likes his conductor, Chad Uyehara. This is another area of importance for me. [My son’s] father died when he was three and I am always grateful to find a good male role model for him. I am convinced that [my son’s] participation in the Strings Program has encouraged him to explore other instruments. At school he is the percussionist for the band. He has started playing the guitar and piano on his own. [My son] has come to the point where life is not complete unless music is a part of it. This is a lifelong gift HYS has given to him.

previous year) in aid for registration fees, instrument rentals, private lessons and travel subsidies for neighbor island participants. HYS dispensed 125 awards to 81 students from 32 schools. Nearly 8,500 students attended free Listen & Learn Educational Concerts 8,492 students and teachers from 71 schools registered for HYS’s Listen & Learn concerts. Six concerts filled in less than 48 hours—record time! These free, 45-minute, educational concerts were held at the Blaisdell Concert Hall and Pearl City Cultural Center. HYS provided teachers with CDs, worksheets, guides and preparatory materials designed to help school children meet state arts standards and general learning outcomes. They currently are the state’s only educational concerts with live, concert hall music. Collaborations, Working Together, Community Building… Let’s PlayOut! HYS has changed the way we look at our business model and work in our communities. Our board and management team launched PlayOut, an initiative which inspires us to actively search for partnerships that will advance our work and produce cost-savings. The results, so far, have been very beneficial. This past season, we partnered with the Aloha International Piano Festival to bring five young, extraordinary pianists to perform with our orchestras. We also worked more closely with the City & County of Honolulu which helped us produce our free concert at Blaisdell on April 11. And we continue to strengthen our partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii which provides a home and a large welcome mat for our HYS Academy. The philosophy behind PlayOut is one of community-building and community- Kalihi Kai Elementary student’s response to Listen & Learn concerts contributing. HYS’s core programming provides the highest quality music education to each child who walks through our doors. But beyond that, we are part of a larger community and want to take what our students learn in their rehearsal halls and classrooms into our community to derive an even greater return. It’s part of our curriculum goals to show our students how their music can contribute to the world around them. Financial Strength While the year began with rather bleak projections for a budget deficit, the closing chapter reads much differently as we ended our year with a surplus and improved confidence. One of the most substantial financial events aptly took place during this milestone year when Ms. Olivia De Jane made the single greatest donation in HYS’s history. Recognizing Mr. Nakasone’s retirement, she established the Michael Nakasone Legacy Fund in Honor of Youth Symphony II, with an initial investment of $200,000. The funds have been endowed and the earnings will go towards funding HYS’s financial assistance program. Understanding the importance of quality music education, Ms. De Jane not only built a HYS legacy for Mr. Nakasone, but has also ensured that HYS will always have funds to help our young musicians pursue their musical aspirations regardless of their financial needs. HYS’s financial surplus was also due to the cancellation of its annual neighbor island tour. HYS expected a cut in state funding and decided to cancel the tour rather than risk a larger deficit. However, the Governor surprisingly released funds in the third quarter of the fiscal year. The funding advisory arrived too late to reinstate the tour but HYS was grateful to have the support for other program areas. This was the first tour cancellation in more than 6 years and HYS’s Board of Directors subsequently established a reserve fund to avoid future cancellations.

Music4Kids, HYS’s free general music class, at the Boys & Girls Club

As we look to our future, we will work towards expanding our HYS Academy for early learners; developing plans to secure space that will solidify HYS’s future and allow us to expand programming to meet (continued on page 6) Ovation Page 5

(continued from page 5)

growing demand; carrying through our commitment to music outreach as we restore our annual neighbor island tour; partnering with different organizations to strengthen our position and improve the value we can add to our community. Music is an indispensable part of our culture and quality of life, and our children deserve to have it integrated into a well-rounded education. HYS is committed to ensuring that any interested young person has the tools and resources to open their hearts and minds to music. Each week we open our rehearsal halls and classrooms to so many young people who want to make music together and be a part of a vibrant, exhilarating community. We hope you will continue to extend to them the ovations their talents and efforts have earned. And we, in turn, give to you a grateful and enthusiastic Woodwind quintet, one of six ensembles in HYS’s Chamber standing ovation for your support of our community. Music Program, performed for Art at the Capitol.

Mahalo nui loa,

Chris Yuen

Henry Miyamura

Selena Ching

HYS Essay Contest Excerpts from 3 winning entries More Than Words by Ming Tanigawa Lau, violin Punahou School 1st place winner, Div I, grades 10-12 [Music] is more than a beat and tune, because when you hear the rhythm of the drum set, you imagine yourself on the airplane to LA where you first heard the song. It is more than rhyming words, because after you break up with your boyfriend you lie in bed listening to the same familiar playlist over and over. It is more than a baton swishing, lips to a mouthpiece, bow on string, because when the old man hears a lost song from his childhood, tears trickle slowly down the edges of his nose. We know it is more than anything humanly describable, because even Mr. Miyamura, after 25 years of trying to find the right words, must instead paint the images in our minds for us to decipher ourselves. I believe that music brings people together.

I believe that music can change lives. For me, it has taught me perseverance, Ovation Page 6

diligence, discipline. It has taught me how to better see and share and love and care. It has brought me tears and laughter and a family. Ultimately, music is what

has made me into the person I am today. And because of this, I believe that music has the ability to make a positive change in our world.

learned that when it comes to music, everyone is important; not one musician is more important than the other. Even though the members of the Hawaii Youth Symphony have different tastes in music, we all come together to play and express ourselves through the music. When I play with the symphony, any worries that I might have just fade away and I can focus solely on the music.

The Language We Share by Mayumi Fernandez, violin Kaiser High School 1st place winner, Div II, grades 7-9

Sweet, Peaceful Music by Summer Corry, violin Myron B. Thompson Academy 1st place winner, Div III, grades 3-6

When I was younger, I used to have no way of expressing how I felt or who I was.

Playing music for my family and friends helps me share a talent or hobby that I find irresistible, I invite my family to my concerts, and they support me. My teacher emailed me about HYS, and I thought it would be perfect to join. Now I can share my love of music with others at performances. I adore being able to

When I started playing piano and violin, I felt like I could suddenly open up and show the whole world who I really was. Being a member of the Hawaii Youth Symphony has really helped me play my violin for my relatives. find who I am musically. It has also

helped me meet new people and explore a wide range of orchestral music. I have

Financial Snapshot for fiscal year ended June 30, 2010 Financial records are independently audited by Gerald Y. Ushijima, CPA. A copy of the auditor’s report is available at the Hawaii Youth Symphony office, 1110 University Avenue, #200, Honolulu, HI 96826.

REVENUES Contributions Registration Fees Contracts Box Office & Merchandise Special Event (net) Summer Programs Other Income TOTAL

$471,910 151,018 128,468 72,576 41,430 47,123 53,655 $966,180*

*Includes $201,525 in endowed funds

EXPENSES Education and Program Concert Production General Administration Fundraising Financial Aid Depreciation TOTAL

$333,276 130,702 77,903 34,948 31,622 12,372 $620,823

Student conductor at 2009 Listen & Learn educational concert at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.

Schools HYS students represented 119 schools on 3 islands and the mainland Aiea High School Aiea Middle School Aikahi Elementary Ala Wai Elementary Alvah Scott Elementary Assets School August Ahrens Elementary Baldwin High School Benjamin Parker Elementary Campbell High School Castle High School Cathedral School Dole Middle School Education Lab School Fern Elementary Ft. Shafter Elementary Hahaione Elementary Hanahauoli School Hanalani School Hawaii Baptist Academy Hilo High School Hokulani Elementary Holomua Elementary Holy Family Catholic Homeschools (22)

Hongwanji Mission School Iolani School Island Pacific Academy Jefferson Elementary Kaelepulu Elementary Kahuku High School Kailua High School Kaimuki High School Kaimuki Middle School Kaiser High School Kalaheo High School Kalani High School Kamehameha Schools Kapolei High School Kapolei Middle School Kawananakoa Middle School King Kekaulike High School Kuhio Elementary La Pietra Le Jardin Academy Liholiho Elementary Likelike Elementary Lunalilo Elementary Lutheran High School Maemae Elementary

Manoa Elementary Maryknoll School Maui High School McKinley High School Mid-Pacific Institute Mililani High School Mililani Ike Elementary Mililani Mauka Elementary Mililani Middle School Moanalua Elementary Moanalua High School Moanalua Middle School Myron B. Thompson Academy Niu Valley Middle School Noelani Elementary Our Redeemer Lutheran School Pauoa Elementary Pearl City High School Pearl City Highlands Pearl Ridge Elementary Punahou School Queen Kaahumanu Elementary Radford High School Roosevelt High School Sacred Hearts Academy

Salt Lake Elementary Seton Home Study Soto Academy St. Andrew’s Priory School St. Elizabeth School St. Francis School St. Louis School St. Theresa School Star of the Sea School Stevenson Middle School Trinity School University Lab School Voyager School Wahiawa Middle School Waiakea High School Waialae Elementary Waiau Elementary Waikiki Elementary Waipahu High School Webling Elementary West HI Explorations Wilson Elementary

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Donor List HYS is grateful for gifts that were made between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. Maestro’s Circle ($200,000 +) Ms. Olivia De Jane Director’s Circle ($50,000 - $199,999) National Endowment for the Arts State Foundation on Culture and the Arts Conductor’s Circle ($25,000 - $49,999) Cades Foundation Robert E. Black Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation President’s Circle ($10,000 - $24,999) ABC Stores Cooke Foundation, Limited George Mason Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts McInerny Foundation The Thomas J. Long Foundation Dr. Mark M. Yoshida Angel ($5,000 - $9,999) Aloha International Piano Festival Dr. and Mrs. Ian M. Cooke Ellen Masaki Music Inc. First Hawaiian Bank Foundation John R. Halligan Charitable Fund Macy’s Foundation Ritchie M. Gregory Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation Ms. Keiko Sato Dr. Arleene D. K. Skillman Mrs. Marjorie Tanoue Mr. & Mrs. Kent Tsukamoto Patron ($1,000 - $4,999) Anonymous ACMP Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Y. Akinaka Arthur Mori & Associates, Inc. Bank of Hawaii Carole Sheridan Memorial Fund at Hawai‘i Community Foundation Mr. John Y. C. Chang Mr. & Mrs. Derek Chinen City Mill Company, Ltd. / C. K. Ai Foundation Commercial Data Systems Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Doles Foodland Super Market, Ltd. Mr. & Mrs. Owen Fukumoto Hawaiian Host, Inc. Hazel H. Takumi Foundation Ms. Jill Shimokawa Higa Mrs. Helen Higa Mrs. Gladys Hirano Mr. Lorrin Hirano Ovation Page 8

Mr. & Mrs. Lance Hoopai Martin Hsia, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ing Island Insurance Companies Jonathan Y. C. Ching Revocable Trust Jose L. Romero Memorial Fund at Hawai‘i Community Foundation Julia Temple Davis Brown Foundation June Olson Fund at the Hawai‘i Community Foundation Chester & Jeanean Kaneshiro Mrs. Anne King Mr. & Mrs. Roy E. King, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Kinoshita KoAloha Ukulele Koga Engineering & Construction Tina & Dennis Lau Mrs. Edith Leong Mr. & Mrs. Carl Matsuura Mr. Henry Miyamura Dan & Linda Momohara James & Elaine Nakayama Ohata Chun Yuen LLP Mr. & Mrs. Michael Onofrietti Mrs. Ruth Oshiro Mr. & Mrs. Won Sik Park Rainbow Holidays Keith & Lisa Sakamoto Servco Foundation Territorial Savings Bank Dr. Lawrence Tseu Mrs. Mary Weyand Mr. Ka‘upena Wong Chris & Norine Yuen Benefactor ($750 - $999) Mr. & Mrs. Blaine Aoki Mrs. Colleen Berney Dr. Todd China Chris & Selena Ching Dr. & Mrs. Yi-Chuan Ching Mr. Kenneth Davidson Dr. & Mrs. A. J. Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Alan Doike Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Fisher Dr. & Mrs. Mark Grief Mr. Richard Lakes & Ms. Etsumi Hida Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Nakamaejo Mr. & Mrs. David Nako Mr. & Mrs. Bill J. Shaver Ms. Linda Staton Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Takemoto Mr. & Mrs. Lance Uchida Mr. & Mrs. Walter Loo Sponsor ($500 - $749) Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Bingham Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Dunkirk Mr. Allen I. Emura Ms. Gwenette Higa Dr. & Mrs. Dean Y. Horie

Ms. Julia Ing Ms. Yoko Inouye Mr. Se Hyun Kim & Ms. Mi Young Park Mr. & Mrs. Pete Madrigal Mr. Benjamin Marx & Dr. Kelley Woodruff Maui Tribe Productions LLC Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center Mrs. Edith M. Radcliffe Mr. & Mrs. Neil Sananikone Mr. & Mrs. Alan Tahata Mr. & Mrs. Barry Toshi Mr. & Mrs. Jon Uchiyama University of Notre Dame Hawaii Club Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wagner Mr. Dailin Wang & Ms. June Tang Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wo Partner ($250 - $499) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Amore Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Arakaki Ms. Kay Bauman Mr. & Mrs. Frank Castro Mr. & Mrs. David Cha Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Char Ms. Esther Chen Mr. & Mrs. Justin Chen Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Chinen Mr. Andrew Ching Ms. Frances Ching Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Chinn Mr. Geneson Coloma & Ms. Theresa Kiehm Dr. Carolina D. Davide Mr. & Mrs. Isami Enomoto Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey T. Fujimoto Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Gainsley Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gomes Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harada Mr. & Mrs. John Hayashi Mr. & Mrs. Randall Hee Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Higashino Mr. & Mrs. Albert Hu Mae & Wesley Iwamoto Mr. & Mrs. Edward Iwanaga Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Jones Pierson & Betsy Koike Mr. & Mrs. John Komeiji Mr. & Mrs. Norman Kunimura Mr. Hong-Ji Kuo & Ms. Yng Juang Lin Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Kwok Stephen & Rosemarie Love Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Lucas Ms. Nancy Masaki Hathaway Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Y. Murata Mr. & Mrs. William T. Oshima Ms. Kiyomi Oyama Pacific Cares Mr. Hyoung-June Park & Ms. Sang-Hee Lee Mr. Allan Parker Mr. Steven Premo

Randal S. Furomoto & Associates Mr. & Mrs. Henry Reano Sheridan C. F. Ing Fund at the Hawai‘i Community Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Dayne T. Shinbo Ms. Pearl A. Simonson Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sorensen Dr. Alex Suenaga & Ms. Kay Mattos Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Sung Ms. Ellen Takamoto Mr. & Mrs. Chad Takara Mr. & Mrs. Robert Teruya Col & Mrs. Rick G. Thomas Ms. Joyce M. Unoki Mr. Chad Uyehara Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wei Ms. Claudette J. Wheeler Windward Heart Center LLC Sonny & Jenny Wong Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Yanagihara Mr. & Mrs. Keith Yasui Mr. & Mrs. David Yee Ms. Valerie Yee Mr. & Mrs. James Yi Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Yick Contributor ($100 - $249) Anonymous Mr. Russell S. Akamine Ms. Arline Akina Mrs. Betsy Akinaka Ms. Stella Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Akinori Aoki Captain & Mrs. Stephen S. Bell Big Island Candies Mitch & Jill Blaisdell Dr. & Mrs. Vincent C. Brown Dr. William Brown, Jr. & Mr. Douglas Gibson Mr. Mark C. Butin Mr. & Mrs. Chelsea Chae Mrs. Denise Wong Chan Mr. John Stephen Chang Ms. Linda Mae Chang Mr. Lynn Chang & Dr. Lisa Wong Ms. Rachelle M. Chasnoff Dr. David Chen & Dr. Tzu-Lan Kuo Mr. Shuiming Chen & Ms. Xiaoyan Wang Mr. Darrick Ching Mr. Justin Gukhyun Cho Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Chocklett Ms. Merle K. H. Chong Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Chong, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Choy Ms. Myrna P. Chun-Hoon Col & Mrs. Kevin J. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Gary Dunn Yoshimi Endo Mr. & Mrs. Frank Erf Ms. Suzanne Foumai Mr. & Mrs. Tom Foye

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Freitas, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Fukuda Mrs. Charlotte Fukumoto Mr. & Mrs. Randal Furomoto Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Furuya Mr. & Mrs. Roman Gaoiran Mr. & Mrs. Van Goto Mr. & Mrs. Dickey K. Hamasaki Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Hanagami Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Harada Ms. Krislyn Hashimoto Mr. & Mrs. Lester Hashimoto Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Helmick Ms. Pauline Hidalgo Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Higuchi Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hirokane Mr. Shih-Chung Hsueh & Ms. Su-Chen Yeh Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Hu Mr. & Mrs. Andy Huang Mr. Seogcheon Hwang & Ms. Hwaseon Jeong Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Ibi Mr. & Mrs. David Y. Ige Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Ige Ms. Louise Ing & Mr. Michael Sitch Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Isara Ms. Sibyl Ishikawa Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ito JEL Enterprises Bob & Jan Kagihara Mr. & Mrs. Doo Sik Kang Sol & Margaret Kaulukukui Dr. & Mrs. Toshihiko Kawasugi Mr. & Mrs. Namhoon Kim Ms. Eleanor Ko Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kobayashi Mr. & Mrs. Tamateru Kodama Mr. Roy M. Kodani Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Kohara Mrs. Janet Kojima Ms. Ruth Komatsu Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Kosansky Ms. Rosalie Kryston Mr. & Mrs. Rick Kuroda Professor & Mrs. Daniel W. Y. Kwok Mr. & Mrs. W. Peter Kwong Col & Mrs. Daniel Lau Mr. Terry W. T. Lau & Ms. Noe Tanigawa Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lee Mr. David Leong Mr. John Lockwood M B Euromoters Mr. & Mrs. Dale R. Machado Mr. & Mrs. Chester Malins Mr. & Mrs. Meredith Maeda Dr. & Mrs. Jon Magnussen Lee & Chelsea Manfredi Mr. & Mrs. Richard Martin-Doike Mr. Edward Masunaga Mr. & Mrs. Kazuhiko Matsubara Mr. & Mrs. Dean T. Matsunaga Ms. Cari Matsuura Mr. & Mrs. Gary McFarlane Mr. & Mrs. James P. McGuire Mrs. Sharon McPhee

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mechling Ms. Sharon Miyagawa Mr. & Mrs. Roy Miyamoto Dr. & Mrs. Wilfred Miyasaki Mr. & Mrs. Wayne T. Miyashiro Ms. Iris C. Mizokami Mr. & Mrs. Craig Mizota Mr. Brian Morioka Keith & Sandy Muraoka Mr. & Mrs. Mark K. Nakagawa Mr. & Mrs. Alan Nakamoto Dr. and Mrs. Howard Neudorf Ms. Christal Nishikawa Mr. Dale Nishikawa Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Nishimura Melvin & Eva Nishina Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Noborikawa, Jr. Mr. Calvin Nomiyama Mr. & Mrs. Albert Ogawa Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Okami Mr. & Mrs. Yung Ho On Mr. & Mrs. Rusti Onishi Mr. Alfred Ono & Dr. Ruth Ono Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Ono Dr. & Mrs. Tilden Osako Ms. Lena Osterlund Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. K. Pang Ms. Clara K. Panui Mr. & Mrs. Neil H. Redona Mr. & Mrs. Bartolome Reyes, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rob Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Tom Roesser Ms. Yvette Rogers Rons Construction Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Sandla Ms. Pauline M. Sato Ms. Laurel Shim Ms. Junko Shimana Ben & Nancy Shimokawa Mr. & Mrs. Il Soo Shin Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Shinsato Mr. & Mrs. Goichi Shiotsu Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shiroma Ms. Joan Shishido Daniel & Raccine Singer Marcellus S. Snow & Edwina Jo Snow Mr. & Mrs. James Sonobe Mr. & Mrs. Toshiya Sugahara Mr. & Mrs. Jason S. Sunahara Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Taba Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Tagawa Mr. & Mrs. Alan Takasaki Ms. Fawn Takemoto Mr. & Mrs. George Takemoto Mr. & Mrs. Kiyoshi Takemoto Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Tam Mr. & Mrs. Terry Tamura Ms. Brenda Tang Andrew & Virginia Tanji Mr. Donald Tarleton & Ms. Robyn Chun Ms. Laura L. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Torrey Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Toyama Mrs. Janice Trubitt Glenn & Garleen Umetsu Mr. & Mrs. Ira Uradomo

Mr. Sherburne Valli Mr. Craig Wagnild & Dr. Debbie Wagnild-Nojima Mrs. Hannah Watanabe Robert & Linda Weiner Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wo Mr. & Mrs. James Yamamoto Ms. Elaine Yee Mr. & Mrs. Robin Yoshimura Mrs. Pamela Young Ms. Amy Zbylut Dr. & Mrs. Jack Zhou Friend (Up to $100) Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Marc M. Aoyama Ms. Claire Arakaki Ms. Carol S. Baptist Ms. Suellen Barton Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bienfang Mr. Jimmy Borges Mr. Joel Bradshaw & Ms. Jean Kirschenmann Mr. & Mrs. Clarke Bright Mr. & Mrs. Philip Brown Mr. Kenneth H. Burtness Mrs. Gabrielle Soloma de Cadavid Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Cathcart Mr. Henry Chang & Ms. Robyn Sweesy Mr. & Mrs. Taukai Chang Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Char Ms. Susan L. Ching Mr. & Mrs. Keo Chock Dr. George Chu & Ms. Diane Wong Mr. John Condrey, Jr. & Mr. Douglas Gould Ms. Julie Cone Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Crandall Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Dang Mr. & Mrs. Robert Deibler Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Devaney Ms. Kathleen June Doering Dr. & Mrs. John C. Donkervoet Tom & Sandy Duckworth Mr. & Mrs. William Dung Ms. Jennifer Du-Yung Environmental Planning Solutions Ms. Heather Florendo Mrs. Virginia Flores Ms. Mary Fong Mr. Michael-Thomas Foumai Mr. & Mrs. Joel Francisco Rev. and Mrs. Yoshitaka Fujinami Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fukumoto Mr. & Mrs. Robert Garner Mr. & Mrs. Rex A. Godinez Mr. & Mrs. Scott B. Gomes Ms. Shari Ann Griffith Mr. Aaron Hara Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hashi Mr. & Mrs. Norman Hashisaka Mr. Eric Hattemer & Ms. Linda Taba Mrs. Mildred Henning Mr. & Mrs. Tevita Hifo Mr. & Mrs. Kenn Higa Mr. & Mrs. Darryl S. Hiraki

Mr. & Mrs. Miles Hiruko Mrs. Alma Ho Mr. & Mrs. William Holowecki Dr. Diana Huang Dr. & Mrs. George Hui Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Igawa Mr. & Mrs. George S. Ige Mr. & Mrs. Eric Igeta Russell & Teri Imanaka Mrs. Laura Ing Baker Ms. Molly Inouye Ms. Lenore K. Ishimi Mr. & Mrs. Edwin T. Ito Mr. & Mrs. Tomohisa Ito Ms. Sara Iwai Mr. Warren Iwai Ms. Ethel Iwasaki James K. Michishima, CPA Ms. Ruth Joy Ms. Virginia Kam Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Kaneshiro Shaun Kaneshiro Kapolei Family Dental Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Richard Katsura Ms. Helen M. Kefford Mr. Daniel T. Kim & Ms. Lea M. Nakamura Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie T. H. Kim Ms. Sharon C. Kim Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Kishimoto Mr. & Mrs. John Kobayashi Mr. Richard L. Kurth Mr. & Mrs. Hajime Kuwada Mr. & Mrs. Bo Yuen Kwock Ms. Elena Lamburn Mr. Sean Lee Legends Fine Hawaiian Handcrafted Jewelry Dr. Tom Leland & Dr. Jean Adair-Leland Ms. Anna Lim Dr. Jeffrey Lim & Dr. Marcia Nagao Mr. & Mrs. Haosheng Lin Mr. Peter Lindhout Ms. Connie P. S. Liu Mr. & Mrs. Derek Loui Ms. Jane Lovell Ms. Marcia Lufkin Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lum Mr. & Mrs. Norman B. Y. Lum Mr. Seth Markow & Ms. Carolann Biederman Mr. & Mrs. George Masaki Mr. Jun Nian Mei & Ms. Jie Qing Chen Ms. Wendy Mima Mr. & Mrs. Dan T. Miyamoto Mrs. Georgianna Miyamura Mr. & Mrs. Keith Miyashiro Mr. & Mrs. Ron Miyashiro Mr. & Mrs. Kapunahele Montgomery Mr. Randolph Moore Ms. Diane Morimoto Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Murata Ms. Marla Momi Musick

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(continued from page 9) Dr. & Mrs. George I. Nagao Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Nakano Ms. Elizabeth Nakasone Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Nishijo Mr. & Mrs. Don Nishita Mr. & Mrs. Alan Okami Mr. & Mrs. Glen Okino Mr. & Mrs. George Okuhara Mr. Kaiwi Opulauoho Ms. Prudence Ota Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Pak Mr. & Mrs. Chan Kuk Pak Dr. & Mrs. Clifford Park Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Pascual Mr. & Mrs. Kamyar Pashneh-Tala Dr. Praphan Puapong & Dr. Ratana Puapong Mrs. Jureza Racasa Ms. Harriet Y. Roberts Mr. David N. Ross & Ms. Ann M. Castelfranco Ms. Faith H. Sabat Mr. & Mrs. John H. Sato Ms. Ruby Shimabukuro Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert F. Sofio Ms. Birgit Soma Ms. Karen Stockton Mr. Robert Su & Ms. Riki Hirayama Mr. & Mrs. Dixon Suzuki Dr. & Mrs. Danny M. Takanishi, Jr. Devon Takenaka Mr. Alan Tamai Ms. Beth Tamayose Ms. Kay K. Tanaka Mrs. Kimiye Tanaka Ms. Carole H. Toguchi Wendell & Jann Tsujimoto Mrs. Betty Uyeda Mr. Larry H. Uyeda Randy & Mariko Wakaki Rev. Msgr. Terrence Watanabe Ms. Fumiko Wellington Mrs. Muriel K. J. Wong Mr. & Mrs. Walter Wong Mr. Ronghui Xu & Ms. Dailin Ye Mrs. Kay Yamada Mr. & Mrs. Greg Yamamoto Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Yamamoto Mr. Richard Yanagi & Ms. Li-Ann Yamashiro Dr. Byron K. Yasui Mr. Carl Yee & Ms. Mary Wong Ms. Ipolani M. Yee-Kaneshiro Ms. Angelina Yick Mr. Yuan Yifeng & Ms. Li Fang Li Mr. Harvey Yoshioka Mr. & Mrs. Doane M. York Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Yoshimoto Mr. Gerald Young In Honor of… Thomas Bell by Capt. Stephen & Susan Bell Kimberly Bento by Mr. Aaron Hara Ovation Page 10

J. Christopher Fujiwara by Ms. Mary Fong

The Cheesecake Factory Dr. & Mrs. Yi-Chuan Ching Consolidated Theatres John & Marie Hara The Contemporary Museum by Mrs. Marjorie Tanoue Ms. Elizabeth Coraggio Jill Shimokawa Higa Creative Holidays by Ms. Brenda Tang Dave & Busters Diamond Head Theatre HYS’ 45th & Maestro Miyamura’s Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Doles 25th Anniversary Ms. Kara Doles by C. Ino Design Enterprise Rent A Car Mrs. Edith Leong FilmWorks Pacific by Ms. Linda Mae Chang Frosted LLC Genki Sushi Henry Miyamura Germaine’s Luau by Mrs. Betsy Akinaka Global Village by Ms. Carol S. Baptist Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa by Pierson & Betsy Koike Great Harvest Bread Co. by Mrs. Georgianna Miyamura Halekulani Hotel by Mrs. Edith Radcliffe Hawaii Opera Theatre by Andrew & Virginia Tanji by Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Yamamoto Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki Hawaiian Airlines Henry Miyamura & Hee Hing Restaurant Michael Nakasone Mrs. Helen Higa by Mr. & Mrs. Norman Kunimura Hilton Hawaiian Village Ashley Muraoka Mrs. Gladys Hirano by Keith & Sandy Muraoka Mr. Lorin Hirano Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas Michael Nakasone Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Hokama by Ms. Olivia De Jane Honolulu Theatre for Youth Leslie Lynn Opulauoho, Kelii HTH Corporation/ Opulauoho ‘92 & Kaiwi Opulauoho ‘93 Pacific Beach Hotel by Mr. Kaiwi Opulauoho Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa Hyatt Regency Waikiki Christian Takemoto Ice Palace by Ms. Junko Shimana John Dominis Restaurant In Memory of… Jungle River Mini Golf Peter Coraggio The Kahala Hotel & Resort UH Professor Emeritus Kapalama Pet Hospital by Mr. & Mrs. Barry Toshi Pauline Koreyasu, DVM Kapalua Land Company Clifton T. Miyamura KoAloha Ukulele by Anonymous Kokua Market Donald T. Miyamura Kona Brewing Company by Anonymous Koolau Golf Club Marianne Miyamura Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lewis by Pierson & Betsy Koike Dr. Jeffrey Lim & by Ms. Carole H. Toguchi Dr. Marcia Nagao by Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Toyama Lisa Rose Doll House & Tea Room Living Young! LLC Lorraine S. F. Tsark Okimoto Manoa Valley Theatre by Lee & Chelsea Manfredi Marians Catering Donald Shishido Market City Shopping Center by Rev. Msgr. Terrence Watanabe Maui Divers of Hawaii Maui Specialty Chocolates In-Kind Donations Dr. & Mrs. Neil McKay Cynthia Ai & Ronald L. Embry, MD McKinley Car Wash American Carpet One Mermaids Hawaii Atlantis Adventures Michel’s at the Colony Surf Aunty Lilikoi Ms. Sharon Miyagawa Bead It! Mr. David Miyasaki Ben Franklin Crafts Dan & Linda Momohara Big City Diner Mountain Apple Company Big Island Candies Mr. Les Murata Ms. Diane Bishop Mutual Publishing Bishop Museum Owen & Owen Photographers Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & The Pegge Hopper Gallery Desserts P. F. Chang’s China Bistro Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Chang RAG Surfboards

Robert’s Hawaii, Inc. Mrs. Helen Roesser The Royal Hawaiian Mr. & Mrs. Neil Sananikone Mrs. Shinogu Sato Sergio’s Sheraton Waikiki Shimokawa Farms Mrs. Rebecca Shin Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Shinsato Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shiroma Special Gifts by Clarice Star of Honolulu Starwood Hotels & Resorts Waikiki Mr. & Mrs. Alan Tahata Mrs. Kelli Takara TD Food Group, Inc. Tori Richard, Ltd. Kent & Jean Tsukamoto University of Hawaii Athletics Department Vintage Wine Cellar Volcano Winery Waikiki Lau Yee Chai Chinese Restaurant Watanabe Floral, Inc. The Willows Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wo Mr. & Mrs. Doane York Combined Federal Campaign Donors Mr. Matthew Brandt Mr. Mark Butin Ms. Diane Chong Mr. Gary Dunn Ms. Paula Fukuda Ms. Lorna Hu Ms. Sibyl Ishikawa Mr. James Kinoshita Ms. Karen Lee-Igeta Ms. Maydean Martin Ms. Iris Mizokami Ms. Diane Morimoto Mr. Leslie Murata Mr. Lloyd Nakamaejo Mr. Keane Nishimoto Mr. Curtis Noborikawa Mr. Jason Okumura Mr. Deron Omuro Mr. Lester Pang Ms. Katy Reano Ms. Kay Tanaka Ms. Maura Yee HYS thanks each donor and partner who has contributed to our programs. Every attempt has been made to publish a complete listing. We regret any omissions or errors that may have occurred, and would greatly appreciate if you would call HYS at 808-941-9706 to advise us of them. Thank you.

2009-2010 Board of Directors and Staff Board of Directors

Music Staff

Chris Yuen President

HYS Academy

Symphony Program

Chad Uyehara Conductor Concert String Orchestra & String Orchestra Ensemble

Henry Miyamura Music Director Conductor Youth Symphony I

Helen Nguyen Conductor Intermediate String Ensemble

Michael Nakasone Conductor Youth Symphony II

Roy E. King, Jr. Past President Jill Shimokawa Higa Tina Lau Leslie Murata Vice Presidents Richard Ing Secretary Jean Tsukamoto Treasurer Thomas Bingham Krislyn Hashimoto Gladys Hirano Martin Hsia Daniel Momohara Michael Onofrietti Alan Okami Keith Sakamoto Marjorie Tanoue

Charlotte Fukumoto Coordinator String Program Conductor Beginning String Ensemble

Administrative Staff

Susan Ochi-Onishi Conductor Hannah Watanabe Associate Conductor Concert Orchestra

Selena Ching Executive Director Meredith Prescott Administration and Finance Manager Ann Doike Programs Manager Janet Morita Programs Associate Kelly Shigeta Special Projects

Ruth Komatsu Instructor Music4Kids Wayne Fanning Conductor Boys & Girls Club Band

HYS collected nearly 800 pounds of food at its Spring Concerts for the Hawaii Foodbank .

Mission and Vision: Provide young people with quality music education, performance opportunities with high standards, and community service projects, advancing the critical links among music study, academic achievement and positive growth and development. HYS envisions a Hawaii where all young people benefit from music education and are able to develop their interests in instrumental music. HYS’s curriculum is set around four Core Values: Lifelong Learning • Musical Excellence • Community Service • Building a Future for Music


he Hawaii Youth Symphony makes excellent music education available to all Hawaii youth. As Hawaii’s only statewide music program, students learn, perform and grow as they play music together. HYS annually serves 600 students, ages 5-18, from more than 100 schools on nearly all islands. Curriculum, for the absolute beginner to the most advanced student musician, divides into two program lines: the HYS Academy, housed at the Boys & Girl Club, offers four string orchestras, a free band program, free general music classes and a Summer Strings course; and the Symphony Program presents three 90+-member symphony orchestras, a free chamber music program and the Pacific Music Institute (intensive summer camp for students throughout Hawaii, the mainland and Japan). HYS produces an average of 23 concerts per year, including eight free Listen & Learn educational concerts for nearly 10,000 school children. HYS manages a robust financial aid program to eliminate financial barriers to participation. In addition to aid for registration fees, instrument rentals and private lessons, neighbor island students receive travel subsidies. HYS instills in its students a drive to seek quality, a sense of achievement, substantial self-esteem, and an understanding that their music can strengthen our communities. HYS believes that music is fundamental to a complete education, and its students’ efforts should be showcased as a source of inspiration and quality music. For more information, visit Ovation Page 11

Hawaii Youth Symphony 1110 University Ave, #200 Honolulu, HI 96826-1508 (808)941-9706 www.H i Youth S ymphony. org facebook

Ovation - Hawaii Youth Symphony 2009-2010 Annual Report  

Hawaii Youth Symphony's report to our community regarding our performance and activities for fiscal year 2009-2010.

Ovation - Hawaii Youth Symphony 2009-2010 Annual Report  

Hawaii Youth Symphony's report to our community regarding our performance and activities for fiscal year 2009-2010.