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Top of The Times 2013 The Chase - Who Will Win?

Running Icon Connie Comiso Are you Ready For: The Great Aloha Run The Hapalua 1/2 Marathon The North Shore Marathon

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Welcome to Hawaii Sport Running! In this issue you will find information about three of the big Hawaii races: The Great Aloha Run, The Hapalua Half Marathon and The North Shore Marathon. We have also compiled a list of the top performers at the local road races. This “magazine” is meant for you to read online, on your iPad, your phone and where you now get your digital news. At Hawaii Sport we have plenty of new things that we are excited about. Team Hawaii Sport had its first showing at the New Year’s Resolution Ultra and Relay Race at Kualoa Ranch. We will soon announce some more new initiatives and look forward to share them with you. Running Season is here again. The Great Aloha Run is always a good indicator of that it is now time to get ready for the many road races we have here in Hawaii...and not to forget, off-road races. For more Hawaii Sport, check out our facebook page at and our website Hawaii Sport Photos: Cover Photo: Polina Babkina, 3rd. at XTERRA 2012, Best Resident at Honolulu Marathon 2012. Photo by Mike Adrian, courtesy of XTERRA. Other photos: Tin Lung Chao, Hapalua Halfmarathon and Linda Kawana. Email: Website: Facebook: Legal Information: Copyright 2013 by Hawaii Sport. All rights reserved. “Views expressed in articles herein aresolely those of the authors and are not intended to represent the views of the publisher. By submitting an article or photo to Hawaii Sport the contributor gives permission to the publisher to use such material in a manner it determines to be appropriate for the publication. Publisher is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from content of advertisements.” Notice to the reader...”The information in this magazine concercing upcoming events is provided by the event organizers and is presumed to be accurate. You may confirm the date, distance, starting time, and other event information by contacting the event organizer directly.” Health related articles are meant as guidelines - as withany physical related activity, contact your physician before you participate in any endurance sporting event or activity.

Gear Review Running Icon - Connie Comiso The Great Aloha Run 10 Things I Learned from GAR Past Winners of GAR Top 50 Times from GAR Top of The Times 2013 The Chase The Hapalua Half Marathon A Marathon With A View Looney Lagoon and Ka Iwi Coast

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Gear Review After 25 years of running, the last five with tired legs, then it is rare that I run into something that surprises me. Last night I tested out the Hoka One One shoes. I had of course seen other people run around in them, and thought they looked a little odd, so I went for a late night run. Immediately, I could feel these shoes were different, all of a sudden I felt like a runner again, the stride had returned, and a bounce in my step was all of a sudden there again. The Hoka One One is different in the way that the outersole looks bigger than what you normally see. You would also think that the shoes is really heavy, but it is actually lighter than most shoes. From looking at them you would also think they weren’t as flexible, but that is not true, the sole is slight curved and give you a good roll in your stride. Hoka One One is now starting to appear in several stores, and you can find them at The Great Aloha Run expo where you can take them for a test run. I am looking forward to my next run in the Hoka One One’s, something that I have not been able to say in a long time because of tired legs.

Connie Comiso - A Pioneer in Running


ith The Great Aloha Run on Monday, we looked back at the list of winners and wanted put the spotlight on Connie Comiso who won the inaugural Great Aloha Run. HS: When did you start running?

CC: I started running in 1978 and ran my first race 4 months later, the Hilo Marathon. I ran under 4 hours, so that was a good omen and the next year got onto the UH Cross Country team with Johnny Faerber as my coach. His inspiration and friendship led me to start the Faerber’s flyers after I graduated from Nursing School in 1980. One of my best memories was running with the UH team and competing on the Mainland. HS: What have been your best race?: CC: Probably one of my best race experiences would be winning the first GAR (Great Aloha Run), winning the Big Island Marathon in Hilo several times as well as the Run to the Sun.

Connie with son Gary Jr. at the Hawaii State Cross Country Championships. Photo by Linda Kawana.

HS:...and your worst race experience?: CC: Probably my worst race experience was not qualifying for the Olympic trials; I missed qualifying by 2 minutes. Since that opportunity only comes around once every 4 years, it was disappointing, and 4 years later I had different priorities. HS: Can you tell us a little bit about running back then?: CC: Back in 1978 and the 80’s, runner’s were more purists and not so much into the tri’s, so the effort and energy was put into training by running. The times were faster then and the competition stiffer. I was never the fastest, just the most consistent. Now, I’m glad I can continue to run and compete, thinking I can still run that 5 minute mile, feeling like I am, then I look at my watch and it says 8 minutes!

HS: How is your running today?: CC: I get frustrated racing these days because I still feel like I’m moving fast, until I look at my watch and reality sets in and reminds me I’m older and slower, but I love to run and the thrill of racing still lives strong in me. HS: What are some of your best memories from running?: CC: I have always enjoyed the friendships and opportunities to give back, so I started race directing back in 1980 with The All Men’s 10K which drew 900 male runners, the Hawaiian Style 8K for 10 years, then Race Against Violence, Mahalo 5K for Tesh (Tesh Teshima, who is known for his photography skills at the finish line at many races, red.), then the Kokua for Japan 5K after the tsunami. I feel grateful for having so many great races and opportunities, meeting so many inspirational runners; Bill Rogers when I ran Boston, Frank Shorter in NYC, Grete Waitz, Joan Benoit Samuelson, and all the winners of the Honolulu

Marathon as I had the opportunity to do the color commentary for KITV for five years and got to wine and dine and interview the top runners. The posters up on the wall in The Running Room with the winners of the marathon bring back great memories each time I see those pictures. I’ve been blessed to have been able to run, race, and meet some of the best! HS: Can you list some of the places you have been running and racing?: CC: I’ve run in Japan, the Phillippines, Jamaica, Alaska, OR, WA, CA, PA, NY, CN, VT, MD, FL and have many more countries and cities on my bucket list! HS: Your son Gary, is becoming a runner in his own right, can you tell us a little bit about how he started out?: CC: Gary Jr. got into running when he was about 2 years old and I’ve been chasing after him ever since! He’s gone to the State Cross Country and Track Championships every year in high school and this past cross country champs he was 9th overall. I’m so proud of him! I think it’s important to be a good role model and I’ve encouraged him to stay active. He also likes to play basketball, surf, swim, has played soccer, baseball and of course he hopes to run and compete in college.

Book Review 1,001 Pearls of Runner’s Wisdom, by Bill Katovsky Skyhorse Publishing, 388 pages We all need encouraging words, or inspiration once in a while. This could be both when the running is going well, but probably more so when the running is not going so well. It is reassuring to know, that other runners have been in the same situation when it comes to training, injuries, tough races, or just simply getting out of the door. The book 1,001 Pearls of Run-

A Life in Running Connie Comiso is truly one of Hawaii’s running pioneers with many more miles to run. She will be at the start line in The Great Aloha Run on Monday. Newspaper cuttings provided by Connie Comiso.

Connie Comiso’s Best Times Mile: 5:04 5K: 18:04 10K: 37:17 15K: 57:20 Half Marathon: 1:21 30K: 2:02 Marathon: 2:53 Run to the Sun: 6:10hrs. for 36 miles, sea level up to 10,000 feet

ner’s Wisdom is such a book, that will give you inspiration to run...or simply get out the door. The book, compiled by Bill Katovsky, does a wonderful job of getting around to different subjects, there are quotes regarding the usual: Why We Run, Training, Racing and so forth, this book though also includes “Going Barefoot” and “Why I don’t Run.” Local athlete Dave Low is quoted in this book on page 23. Sometimes it is not long articles about running that will help you...but a simple quote, Bill Rodgers is quoted “I believe in gradual experimentation with running shoes”. Look for it at your local bookstore.

Top Ten Lessons I have learned from the Great Aloha Run by Coach and runner Todd Iacovelli, 2008 Winner of the Great Aloha Run

1) Get to the race start early! 2) Start conservatively so you can run hard in the final miles 3) Plug your ears at the start because the cannon is loud!

Runners from Runners HI with a gigantic balloon dragon. Photo by Tin Lung Chao

The fine print... Date: Presidents Day...always Presidents Day, this year February 18, 2013. 29 years and running now. Website: Time: 7:00AM from Aloha Tower, downtown Honolulu. Distance: 8.15 miles, Aloha Tower to The Aloha Stadium makes up for The Great Aloha Run - It can simply not get more Aloha than that! Approximate number of participants: 20,000+ Expo: Yes...three days up to the race. February 15, 16, 17. Location: Blaisdell Exhibition Hall Friday: 4:00PM - 9:00PM Saturday: 9:00AM - 8:00PM Sunday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

4) Baby Joggers always have the right of way (don't mess with them) 5) Running along Nimitz under H1 makes for the greatest cheering experience you can find in a running race 6) Military runners marching in formation are surprisingly intimidating 7) Bring enough nutrition to ensure you don't bonk! 8) The perimeter of Aloha Stadium never seemed longer than when you are running around it at the end of the Great Aloha Run! 9) Your competitors next to you can be your biggest cheerleaders when you are struggling 10) Enjoy the downhill sprint in to the stadium


Start: It will be crowded, get there in time, the staging area is in fron of The Aloha Tower. Use the downtown streets (Hotel Street / Queen Street etc.) to get to the start. The Route: Flat, on asphalt, and lined with bands and spectators. Aid Stations: Aid Stations with water, sports drinks, sponges etc. is available along the way at Mile: 2, 3, 5.75 and 7 miles. Finish: Remember, just because you see the Aloha Stadium, it does not mean you are done, you still have to run almost halfway around the stadium before you run into the finish. Bus transportation to and from stadium to start is available. Portable Restrooms: Bishop St. in front of Bank of Hawaii and Alakea St., Diamond Head side of First Hawaiian Bank. And here: Punchbowl & Queen - (Sounds of Freedom), Nimitz Business Center, Aid Stations at Puuhale, #1, #2, #3, Aloha Stadium parking lot, Added porta-potties at 2100 Nimitz before Sand Island Access Road,

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Looney Lagoon 5 Mile Running is a mental sport, and we are all Looney!

Sunday, March 31 2013 7 A.M. Ke'ehi Lagoon Park • $25 cash/check signup at packet pickup or race morning without t-shirt or finishers prize guarantee

• $20 online signup until March 6, 2013

• Start line will be at the end of the Ke'ehi Lagoon Park road. We'll follow the access road behind the baseball diamond and turn left onto Lagoon Drive. Follow Lagoon Drive until the end, then turn around and head back to the finish. Run on sidewalks only, roads will not be closed. ° Aid stations planned at every mile along the course. Water and gatorade only along the course. Refreshments and a wonderful beach await you at the finish. ° This will be a very low-key event. Timing will be with old-fashioned pen and paper.

Visit us online at

ALL STAMINA RACES ARE CUPLESS. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER FOR WATER/GATORADE. go to to learn about the benefits of CupFree Racing, and get 10% off when you purchase a HydraPouch. First Name Gender

Last Name Birthdate


email: Address

T-shirts are available for $10. Would you like a T-shirt?



T-shirt Size:

In consideration for the acceptance of my registration as a participant in the above entitled event, and with the understanding that my participation in this event is only on condition that I enter into this agreement, for myself, my heirs and assignees, I hereby assume the inherent and extraordinary risks involved with this event and any risks inherent in any other activities connected with this event in which I may voluntarily participate. I expressly assume the risk of and accept full responsibility for any and all injuries, including death and accidents which may occur as a result of my participation in this event. I release from liability Stamina, LLC; Road Runners Club of America; the City and County of Honolulu; the State of Hawaii; all agencies whose property and/or personnel are used; other sponsoring or co-sponsoring companies, agencies, volunteers, or individuals as well as each of their officers, director and agents, representatives, employees and members. I hereby waive any claim I may have hereafter as a result of my participation in this event and in any other activities connected with this event in which I may voluntarily participate. I hereby agree to indemnify property damage which may occur as a result of my voluntary participation in the event. I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose. “I have read and understand the above statement.”

Signature/Signature of Parent or guardian if entrant is under 18


Sign and return to: Stamina Race Event Management, 1060 Kamehameha HWY, Suite 4002B, Pearl City, HI 96782

Past Winners of The Great Aloha Run Women’s Winners

Men’s Winners

1985 Connie Comiso 45:30 (7.5 miles) 1986 Rachel Portner 48:30 1987 Gail Kingma 45:22 * Course Record 1988 Kathy Champagne 46:38 1989 Gail Kingma 46:14 1990 Cheryl Brady 47:03 1991 Cheryl Brady 48:29 1992 Darlene Mota 47:12 1993 Darlene Mota 46:49 1994 Darlene Mota 48:19 1995 Darlene Mota 45:53 1996 Darlene Mota 49:00 1997 Sylvia Fisher 48:22 1998 Marty Shue 46:01 1999 Linda Somers-Smith 46:53 2000 Heather Jorris 48:41 2001 Sayuri Kusutani 49:01 2002 Nina Christensen 48:15 2003 Cori Mooney 45:53 2004 Chelsea Smith 47:49 2005 Sayuri Kusutani 48:38 2006 Marie-Louise Brasen 50:09 2007 Nicole Hunt 49:39 2008 Casey Owens 47:51 2009 Malindi Elmore 46:42 2010 Chantelle Wilder 47:55 2011 Lanni Marchant 47:40 2012 Erin Vergara 47:25 2013 ?

1985 Duncan Macdonald 38:11 (7.5 miles) 1986 Duncan Macdonald 40:12 1987 Rex Wilson 39:08 * Course Record 1988 Lars-Erik Nilsson 40:02 1989 Yoshiaki Iwasa 41:11 1990 Jody Lee 41:05 1991 Steve Littleton 41:53 1992 Peter Williams 40:52 1993 Yuan-Shun Kuan 41:56 1994 Jonathan Lyau 42:23 1995 Rachid Tbahi 41:05 1996 Rachid Tbahi 40:02 1997 Tesfaye Bekele 40:06 1998 Malcolm Campbell 42:38 1999 Malcolm Campbell 41:00 2000 Malcolm Campbell 41:41 2001 Malcolm Campbell 40:30 2002 Jonathan Lyau 42:42 2003 Abdallah Kalid 39:55 2004 Abdallah Kalid 40:54 2005 James Lander 40:47 2006 Ryan Padilla 43:17 2007 Christian Madsen 42:24 2008 Todd Iacovelli 41:38 2009 Brian Lindberg 42:18 2010 Sergio Reyes 41:12 2011 Brandon Laan 41:53 2012 Dany Malley 41:57 2013 ?

Local favorites on the women’s side:

Local favorites on the men’s side:

Polina Babkina: First local in Honolulu Marathon, 3rd. in XTERRA. Jill Thompson: Winner of Faerber’s 10K, Chapson Memorial, Homeward Bound 5K. Brigitte McNaughton-Egbert: First Hawaii born in Honolulu Marathon. Cindy Anderson: Former winner of XTERRA. Susie Stephen: Winner of Pearl Harbor 10K. Bree Wee: First female 2012 Hapalua 1/2 Marathon

Nate Carlson: Winner of Faerber’s 10K., Chapson Memorial, 3rd. in GAR 2012. Thomas Rivers Puzey: 2nd. in GAR 2012, 2 x Winner of the North Shore Marathon. Todd Iacovelli: 2008 Winner of GAR. Ben Williams: Second in Faerber’s 10K. and Chapson Memorial. Matt Holton: Winner of several races on Maui.

Top 50 Times at The Great Aloha Run Women’s Top Times

Men’s Top Times

1. Gail Kingma 45:22 1987 2. Darlene Mota 45:53 1995 3. Cori Mooney 45:53 2003 4. Marty Shue 46:01 1998 5. Sayuri Kusutani 46:01 2003 6. Kathy Champagne 46:38 1988 7. Linda Somers-Smith 46:53 1999 8. Cheryl Brady 47:03 1990 9. Mary Lammi 47:22 1988 10. Jeannie Wokasch 47:53 1995 11. Regina Joyce 47:56 1987 12. Leslie Lewis 48:10 1992 13. Jeanne Wokash 48:12 1990 14. Ruth O’Hara 48:12 1993 15. Patti Gray 48:15 1988 16. Nina Christensen 48:15 2002 17. Deborah Raunig 48:20 1987 18. Lisa Blomme 48:20 2002 19. Sylvia Fisher 48:22 1997 20. April Powers 48:24 1988 21. Rachel Portner 48:30 1986 22. Rachel Graybill 48:37 1991 23. Heather Jorris 48:41 2000 24. Cynthia Mauzerall 48:53 2003 25. Connie Comiso 48:54 1986 26. Mary Tracey 48:55 1988 27. Bverly Docherty 49:05 1988 28. Rita Denniston 49:13 1987 29. Mary Tracey 49:21 1990 30. Mareike Ressing 49:34 1998 31. Susan Gregg 49:38 1988 32. Bonnie Moore 49:48 1987 33. Chelsea Smith 49:48 2003 34. Mary Baumgarten 49:55 1989 35. Bev Marx 49:58 1991 36. Genevie Donnelly 50:06 1997 37. Mary Bauer 50:10 1986 38. Yang Sung Carpenter 50:11 2001 39. Dianna Peterson 50:21 1993 40. Carrie Wojcik 50:29 2003 41. Terri Butler 50:30 1991 42. Brooke Babbitt 50:32 2001 43. Autumn Johnson 50:33 1994 44. Debbie Hornsby 50:41 1994 45. Deirdre Tennant 50:41 2003 46. Dolly Kshamata 50:42 2003 47. Teresa Somers 50:46 1990 48. Yoshimi Okubo 50:50 1991 49. Carolyn Lowe-Thompson 50:51 1998 50. Mary Greineder 50:54 1988

1. Rex Wilson 39:08 1987 2. Abdallah Kalid 39:55 2003 3. Lars Erik-Nilsson 40:02 1988 4. Rachid Tbahi 40:02 1996 5. Tesfaye Bekele 40:06 1997 6. Duncan MacDonald 40:12 1986 7. John Wellerding 40:18 1988 8. Steve Littleton 40:22 1988 9. Malcolm Campbell 40:23 2003 10. Christian Madsen 40:25 2003 11. James Lander 40:47 2005 12. Chip Pierce 40:52 1986 13. Peter Williams 40:52 1992 14. William Ngetich 40:55 2005 15. Robert Anex 40:57 1988 16. Carl Rundell 41:04 2005 17. Jody Lee 41:05 1990 18. Gary Fanelli 41:06 1990 19. In-Kyo Chung 41:06 1995 20. Yoshiaki Iwasa 41:11 1989 21. Sergio Reyes 41:12 2010 22. Domingo Tibaduiza 41:23 1988 23. Gustavo Varela 41:25 1999 24. Sung-Woon Lee 41:26 2001 25. David McDonald 41:29 1986 26. Brandon Laan 41:34 2010 27. Bob Dickie 41:38 2003 28. Todd Iacovelli 41:38 2008 29. Matt Donelly 41:39 1987 30. In-Mo Je 41:42 1996 31. Christian Friis 41:45 2003 32. Bill McClement 41:50 1987 33. Mike Carney 41:54 1990 34. Yuan-Shun Kuan 41:56 1993 35. Dany Malley 41:57 2012 36. Nate Carlson 41:58 2012 37. Jonathan Lyau 42:00 1992 38. Brad Hawthorne 42:01 1991 39. Shim Yen Ho 42:01 1993 40. Michael Fitch 42:03 1993 41. Jim Tuson 42:04 1993 42. Robin Smit 42:05 1987 43. Joseph Nitti 42:06 2000 44. Abdeslam Naji 42:08 2003 45. Brian Salter 42:11 1996 46. Chris Cook 42:14 1999 47. Steve Locey 42:15 1986 48. Min-Young Eum 42:16 1995 49. Eric Stabb 42:19 1999 50. Brian Lindberg 42:21 2009

Tested in the Lab. Proven in the field.



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Windward Mall, Kaneohe, UPSTAIRS, Theater Wing, (808) 247-TREK

Top of The Times, February 2013

You might not want to admit it, but we probably all do times. Here, to save everybody some time, is the top of the times for Hawaii from January and early February. Johnny Faerber’s 10K. February 3 was a quick one, with Nate Carlson winning in 32:19 min. and 15 of the top 21 times on the list for the men. On the women’s side it was a mix of times from Bosetti and Faerber’s 10K. In the 5K Hyundai Hope on Wheels on Maui and Bob & Ron’s 5K. were the only two 5K.’s held in the period. The 5K. at Run for The Whales proved to be short, and will therefore not count. These lists will be continually updated every month, and based on times that will be available from the local races. If you have been racing on the mainland and your time qualify to be on this list, please email us at with a link to your result. 5K. Times Men, February, 2013

5K. Times Women, February, 2013

1. Ryan Woods 16:44 Hyundai Hope on Wheels, 1/5/13 2. Matt Holton 16:48 Hyundai Hope on Wheels, 1/5/13 3. Zach Ferguson 16:58 Hyundai Hope on Wheels, 1/5/13 4. Jon McGonagle 17:06 Hyundai Hope on Wheels, 1/5/13 5. Andrew Taylor 17:22 Bob & Ron’s 5K, 1/6/13 6. Connor Lehl 17:36 Bob & Ron’s 5K, 1/6/13 7. Jonathan Lyau 17:44 Bob & Ron’s 5K, 1/6/13 8. William Gardner 18:37 Bob & Ron’s 5K, 1/6/13 9. Gary Fanelli 18:42 Bob & Ron’s 5K, 1/6/13 10. Timothy Howell 18:57 Bob & Ron’s 5K, 1/6/13

1. Erica Munson 19:58 Hyundai Hope on Wheels, 1/5/13 2. Dakota Grossman 20:04 Hyundai Hope on Wheels, 1/5/13 3. Heather Suttie 20:35 Bob & Ron’s 5K 1/6/13 4. Shereen White 20:57 Bob & Ron’s 5K 1/6/13 5. Rena Ratcliff 21:18 Bob & Ron’s 5K 1/6/13 6. Yumiko Hansen 21:27 Bob & Ron’s 5K 1/6/13 7. Diana Jones 21:45 Bob & Ron’s 5K 1/6/13 8. Nicole Kanoho 21:46 Bob & Ron’s 5K 1/6/13 9. Emmie Saigusa 22:07 Bob & Ron’s 5K 1/6/13 10. Tracy Mitchell 22:29 Hyundai Hope on Wheels, 1/5/13

10K. Times Men, February, 2013

10K. Times Women, Febaruary, 2013

1. Nate Carlson 32:19 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 2. Ben Williams 33:20 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 3. Stephen Marty 35:07 Faeber’s 10K, 2/3/13 4. Andrew Taylor 35:42 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 5. Jon Lyau 36:25 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 6. Mark Inay 36:53 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 7. John DiGiovanni 37:02 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 8. Andrew Heck 37:12 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 9. William Gardner 37:31 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 10. Michael Chin 38:16 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 11. Hiro Toiya 38:42 Bosetti, 1/1/13 12. Rob Baybayan 38:50 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 13. Karl Honman 38:54 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 14. Timothy Howell 38:56 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 15. David Carlsson 39:16 Bosetti, Jan. 1, 2013 16. Matthew Libstorff 39:24 Harbor Hustle 2/2/13 17. Rob Lang 39:31 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 18. Odeelo Dayondon 39:43 Bosetti 1/1/13 19. Kevin Enriques 39:50 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 20. Thomas Sands 39:56 Bosetti 1/1/13 21. Kengo Yoshimoto 39:57 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13

1. Jill Thompson 38:20 Faerber’s 10K 2/3/13 2. Susie Stephen 39:15 Pearl Harbor 10K 2/2/13 3. Christina Wong 40:38 Faerber’s 10K 2/3/13 4. Jessica Douglas 41:55 Bosetti, 1/1/13 5. Farrah Madanay 41:57 Bosetti, 1/1/13 6. Manuela Kronenberg 42:00 Bosetti, 1/1/13 7. Kristi Laughlin-Hall 42:30 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 8. Chelsea Oda 42:33 Bosetti, 1/1/13 9. Stefy Matsumara 42:56 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 10. Christina Wong 43:35 Bosetti, 1/1/13 11. Emmie Saigusa 43:55 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 12. Jenny Partridge 43:58 Harbor Hustle, Feb. 2, 2013 13. Stefy Matsumura 44:53 Bosetti, 1/1/13 14. Diana Jones 45:03 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 15. Angela Kwong 46:24 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 16. Kelli Lyau 46:56 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 17. Grace Sousa 47:01 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 18. Nalani Kaun 47:36 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 19. Brandi Kam 47:40 Pearl Harbor 10K 2/2/13 20. Rosemarie DeLaCruz 47:48 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13 21. Angela Sy 48:24 Faerber’s 10K, 2/3/13

Hapalua Half Marathon - The Chase March 10 the world’s fastest marathoner will toe the line with only one purpose: to catch a group of local elite runners with a headstart only have one thing in mind... “not to be caught by the world’s fastest fastest marathoner.” The 2013 Hapalua Half Marathon will be the second annual running of the race. This years race will feature the worlds fastest marathoner Patrick Makau (2:03:38hrs), and Jimmy Muindi and Nicholas Manza. All from Kenya. What does Team Hawaii have to say about the Chase? Name: Cindy Anderson Age: 29 Your best race time: My best race time would have to be, 1:18:30 for the Monson Memorial Classic half marathon in Massachusetts in 2007. Current Race Shape: The last race I ran was in September 2012, the Windward Half Marathon, 1:24 (I have not competed in any races

since this one). What are your expectations of The Chase: The Chase was such an exciting and fun experience last year, I am really looking forward to the event. I think that there is a great field of really talented runners and that it will be a really exciting and close race for everyone! Who is your favorite: I think that it is awesome that the marathon world record holder (2:03!), Patrick Makau has agreed to participate in the Chase which will make the race even more exciting. As for the local HI runners, there was only a minute and a half difference between the top male and female (Thomas Puzey and Bree wee) finishers last year so it could be very close. I can’t single out any specific runners since the field is different this year and I believe even more competitive. There are a lot of local men and women running really well right now, it will be a great event! Name: Polina Babkina Age: 24 Best time: 17:59 for a 5k Recent race: Honolulu marathon 2012: 3:03. Predictions: Allen Wagner has a good shot of winning.

Name: Brigitte M. Egbert Age: 42 Your best race time: Honolulu Marathon: 3 hr 4 min / Half Marathon: 1 hour 25 min. Current Race Shape: Trying to get back into shape after a wonderful family holiday season. Working on the endurance engine now. What are your expectations of The Chase: To run my own race and enjoy the course and the unique “chase” experience. I love the Hapalua course – great hill placement! Who is your favorite: Tough question as I’d love to see everyone enjoy the experience and push themselves to the best of their ability.

Name: Nate Carlson Age: 32 Your best race time: 1500m = 3:50 Current Race Shape: plan to be in PR shape. Last week ran Harold Chapson 8k in 25:52. What are your expectations of The Chase: We have a solid team and I believe that at least 3 or more of us will make it to the line before the Kenyan’s. I expect to be up with the leaders having fun racing for the top spot. Who is your favorite: Gotta be Alan (Wagner). He has the most experience in big races at half and marathon. Name: Bree Wee Age: 32 Your best race time: Ironman Australia 9:24 Current Race Shape: Coming off a broken foot, I am up to 2 miles running :) What are your expectations of The Chase: Now that we have seen it in action (and some of us experienced it last year) I am sure the level of excitement and expectations is higher. Im pretty sure it will be another tight race, the stagger start really leaves the game wide open and pulls out surprises. Who is your favorite: Thomas Puzey (red.: Puzey won’t be participating this year).

Hapalua Half Marathon - The Chase

Name: Jonathan Lyau Age: 48 Your best race time: 1/2 marathon 1:09:06 Current Race Shape: Trying to get in better shape than last year, but age is limiting me. What are your expectations of The Chase: The Chase will be fun for spectators, especially down the finishing stretch. I look to have fun and get pushed by running scared. Who is your favorite: Anyone but me. I expect a bunch of Team Hawaii coming down the finishing stretch together with the Africans.

Name: Matt Holton Age: 34 Your best race time: Valley to the Sun Half Marathon 2004 1:06:38 Current Race Shape: 16:48 5K What are your expectations of The Chase: My training has been going well. I have been working on both speed and long fast runs. If all my stars line up, I think Running 1:10 - 1:12 is possible. It would be a 5 min improvement from last year and would put me in a much better position. A little less wind in 2013 would help. Who is your favorite: Have to go with Patrick Makau with a 58:52 Half Marathon personal record and the world record in the Marathon 2:03:38 he is the real deal. Plus he is training for London in April so 1:01 - 1:00 in decent weather seems logical. Name: Jill Thompson Age: 32 Your best race time: 6K XC: 21:02 800m: 2:06.00 Current Race Shape: 2013 Johnny Faerber 10k, 38:20 What are your expectations of The Chase: As a runner coming from a 800m/miler background I am just honored and excited to run with such accomplished endurance athletes from the island. Even though this will be my first half marathon, I am excited and confident to give this distance a good performance and hope to make Team Hawaii proud:) Who is your favorite: The world record holder in the marathon, Patrick Makau, should have a good stab at it but I will be rooting for any local man or woman ALL THE WAY!

Name: Tyler Hubbard Age: 33 Your best race time: 10km 32:14 Current Race Shape: Honolulu Marathon 2:52:07 What are your expectations of The Chase: I want to go out and have fun. Last year didn’t pan out very well so with some good winter training I should be in better shape for this spring half. Who is your favorite: I have to go with the world record holder, Patrick Makau, on this one. Unless someone destroys their PR. Name: Todd Iacovelli Age: 29 Your best race time: 1:10 for half marathon Current Race Shape: Fitter than last year but saving my best race for Hapalua! What are your expectations of The Chase: Experience: The race is going to be fun, special and absolutely memorable! There is truly no other race like this and I am so fortunate to get to be a part of it for the second year. This is, without question, the most exciting race in Hawaii. This format is so unique and enjoyable for competitors and spectators. I am excited to be out there and give my absolute best! I suspect among the men in Team Hawaii we will see a fast early pace in an effort to stay away from the Kenyans and catch up to those fast women! We have the advantage of having a carrot in front of us and a whip behind us! We have no choice but to run hard from the starting gun, as the world record holder in the marathon is chasing us! It makes for a unique race in terms of mental and physical toughness. Results: I think this year we will see a shorter starting gap between the local folks and the elites. As a result, the Kenyans will be closer to the front. I predict we will see Nate Carlson, Brigitte Egbert, Patrick Makau and Bree Wee and at least one or two other people entering Kapiolani Park within 30 seconds of the lead. I just hope I can be one of those stragglers! Who is your favorite: My favorite for the race and my favorite runner: Brigitte Egbert! You can find the rest of the chasers here:

Hapalua Half Marathon - The Fine Print

Date: March 10 Time: 6:00AM

Distance: 13.1 Miles / Half Marathon. Plus Relay. Special Feature: The Chase, Worlds fastest marathoner will chase down local elite runners. Start: The Duke Kahanamoku statue in Waikiki. Finish: Kapiolani Park. Course: Mostly flat, with hills around Diamond Head. Packet Pickup: Hawaii Convention Center, 1301 Kalakaua Avenue, Room 325AB Friday, March 8, 2013: 4pm-8pm Saturday, March 9, 2013: 9am-4pm Getting to the Start: Best option: A shuttle service will run from 3:30 AM to 5:15 AM from Parking Lot C (lot adjacent to the Chapel) at the Kapiolani Community College, 4303 Diamond Head Road, going to Kapiolani Park. Shuttles will run back to Kapiolani Community College after the race. Parking in Diamond Head Area is also an option. Arrive early, Chase starts first at 5:40AM. Mass start is 6:00AM.

Thomas Rivers Puzey, winner of the 2012 Hapalua has a brief chat with Bree Wee (third in 2012) about a mile before the finish. Photo Courtesy of The Hapalua Half Marathon.



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Join us for the 3rd annual North Shore Marathon.

Starting in historic Haleiwa town this scenic marathon winds through the back roads of Haleiwa before taking you out to Mokuleia where you’ll run by crashing waves and white sandy beaches. Well stocked aid stations, gentle ocean breezes and beautiful weather will keep your feet happy for all 26.2 miles and when you finish you’ll remember your amazing day with a commemorative finisher’s only tech shirt and medal.

Entry Fees $75 $90 $110 $130

until oct 10th 2012 until jan 10th 2013 until mar 10th 2013 until apr 13th 2013

register online at .com

or mail entries to:

808 Race 330 Cooke St. Honolulu, HI 96813

Last Name_____________________________ First Name_____________________________ Address_______________________________ City__________________, State___ Zip__________, Phone___________________ Email_________________________________ Gender(circle) M or F age on Race Day______ Shirt size (circle) S M L XL ______________________________ Signature

Event Waiver: By signing this form I release 808 Race LLC, staff and sponsors from claims or liabilities arising out of my participation in this event including pre- and post-race activities. I give permission for free use of my name voice, or photo in any broadcast, telecast advertisement or promotion of 808 Race LLC.

______________________________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian if under 18yrs of age


make checks payable to:

808 Race LLC. email:


an 808 Race Production

A Marathon With a View There are marathons, and then there are marathons with a great view. The North Shore Marathon on the island of Oahu, will provide you with a great scenic course in Paradise. Finally you can run on a course that reveals more nature than buildings, and with a great view of the ocean when the sun rises. With a start and finish in Haleiwa you cannot have a more scenic marathon than the North Shore Marathon of Oahu. This will be the third running of the North Shore Marathon. The race is organized by 808 Race, the same company that is organizing the Marathon Readiness Series in the fall. On the men’s side, Thomas Rivers Puzey has won two years in a row. On the women’s side Carien Visser won in 2012, while Jennifer Hall won in 2011. Over 400 runners participated in the 2012 event, so it is a race that is building over the years.

The Fine Print Race: The North Shore Marathon and Haleiwa 5K. Date: April 14, 2013 Time: 5:00AM Location: Haleiwa, Kaika Bay Beach Park. Course: Flat, with breathtaking views of the ocean, and the mountains. Expo: Packet pick-up will be on Friday 12 April from 12:00 – 6:00 P.M. and on Saturday 13 April from 12:00 -5:00P.M. at the Boca Hawaii Studio (330 Cooke Street). There will be a mini expo featuring local running shops offering great deal on nutrition, shoes and other great accessories. Getting there: There will be parking close to start and finish. SpoNavi is organizing shuttle services from Waikiki. Highlights from last years race can be seen in this video: Photos on loan from Tin Lung Chao and

All photos are by Tin Lung Chao courtesy of

2nd Annual • April 14th, 2013 • 6:30am

Come join us for the 2nd annual Haleiwa 5K, starting and finishing in historic Haleiwa town . Stick around and cheer on the North Shore Marathon finisher's and enjoy a plate lunch from Yama's Fish Market (for all participants) and tech shirts for all finishers.

A perfect distance for the whole family.

Kaiaka Beach Park Haleiwa

Entry Fees $35 $50

until Mar 10th, 2013 until Apr 13th, 2013

register online at .com

or mail entries to:

808 Race 330 Cooke St. Honolulu, HI 96813

Last Name_____________________________ First Name_____________________________ Address_______________________________ City__________________, State___ Zip__________, Phone___________________ Email_________________________________ Gender(circle) M or F age on Race Day______ Shirt size (circle) S M L XL ______________________________ Signature

Event Waiver: form I release 808 Race By signing this fo for LLC, staff and sponsors from claims or liabilities arising out of my participation in this event including pre- and post-race activities. I give permission for free use of my name voice, or photo in any broadcast, telecast advertisement or promotion of 808 Race LLC.

______________________________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian if under 18yrs of age


make checks payable to:

808 Race LLC. web:

n w I Ne



Looney Lagoon 5 Miler Cup-free racing has come to Hawaii. Stamina Race Event Management’s Looney Lagoon 5 Mile Fun Run on March 31st will be their first cup-free running event, an occasion that will promote greener racing in the local running community. The first race put on by Stamina, Looney Lagoon is meant to be an introduction to a new, greener way to manage racing events. Considering the number of cups needed at races (more than 2 million in various national marathons) these strides will preempt a negative impact on the environment.


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Ka Iwi Coast Run & Walk Sunday, October 6th, 2013, Race start 6:30am The First Annual Ka Iwi Coast Run & Walk is a community oriented 4.2 mile journey along the famous Ka Iwi coast scenic highway to be held on Sunday, Oct. 6th, 2013. The event will begin with the rise of the sun over the Ka Iwi Channel at 6:30am when a special Hawaiian ‘oli (chant) composed for the event is performed.

Traditional water stations allow runners to grab a cup, drink quickly and then drop it on the ground. Although volunteers do their best to clean it all—there is inevitably litter left in some places. The cups also create a cluttered course for the runners who might not be at the front of the pack. Going cup-free is more environmentally responsible and runner-friendly. “We have the responsibility to exercise and encourage alternative practices that minimize negative impact on the environment,” said Rob Lahoe, owner of Stamina. For more information about Stamina Race Event Management and cup-free racing, please visit www.StaminaRace. com. To learn more about cup-free racing, visit

Course: The run starts at Awawamalu (now known as Sandy Beach) and continues around the Ka Iwi coastline, passing Halona and onto Hanauma Bay and then finishing at the Hui Nalu Canoe Club halau on the shores of Maunalua Bay. Benefitting: Proceeds from this event will be utilized to strengthen the canoes and resources of the Hui Nalu Canoe Club, a 501(c)3 organization. Contact information: Email: Facebook: Twitter:

Upcoming Running Races: February: 18 - The Great Aloha Run, 8.15 miles from Aloha Tower to Aloha Stadium March: 3 - Women’s 10K., Kapiolani Park 3 - Ekiden Relay, Waikiki 10 - The Hapalua Half Marathon, Waikiki 31 - Looney Lagoon 5 Miler. Ke’ehi Lagoon Park April 7 - Kalaheo 5K. Spririt Run Walk. Kailua Beach Park 14 - North Shore Marathon and 5K. Haleiwa 28 - Honolulu 5K. for Kids, Downtown Honolulu May 4 - JAMBA Banana Man Chase 5K. Ala Moana Beach Park 18 - Pineapple Run 10K. Wahiawa 26 - Hibiscus 1/2 Marathon. Ala Moana Beach Park June 16 - Family 5K. by TryFitness 23 - Kona Marathon and Family Runs

Keep Running

Bondi B

when you’ve had one mile too many for the 27th mile...and beyond for life

all of the above

Learn more about oversize technology at Available at these and other running specialty stores BOCA, Runners HI, Uyeda Shoe Store The Tri Shop Luke’s Locker Salt Lake Running Company Soon available at: McCully Sporting Goods and The Running Room 855.874.7467 512.482.8676 801.484.9144

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