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December 2013 - Digital Issue

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We are back with another digital issue, this one is full of races, and great stories from around the island, and from our fifth island in Nevada where Team Hawaii Sport went to run in The Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, we are also bringing some great photos by Rick Keene from IM Cozumel. Here a large group of Hawaii athletes participated. We wish everyone participating in the Honolulu Marathon good luck, and may you have a great race!

Things you will find in this issue: 5 24 Hours to Go...what to do before the marathon 6-7 Honolulu Marathon course map 9 Girls on the Run 11 Big Island Corner - Written by Crystal Banning 16-19 Running after Routledge 21 Catching Fire 22-23 NiteRun 24-26 Christmas Gift Guide 28-35 XTERRA World Championships 36-43 IRONMAN Cozumel, photos by Rick Keene 44-46 Las Vegas Rock’n’Roll Marathon, by Jenn Lieu and Zara Nguyen

ON THE COVER: Bree Wee of Kailua-Kona racing towards a fifth place at Ironman Cozumel. It was just a year ago that we featured Bree on the cover after she won Ironman Kentucky. Congratulation Bree! Photo by Rick Keene.

Running the Marathon? What to do the last 24 hours before the race? There are thousands of articles about how to train for the marathon, how to eat, what shoes to wear, how many gels to consume...but what do you do the last 24 hours before the race. With about 30.000 runners in this years Honolulu Marathon and about 12 hours of Saturday where you do not much else but think about the marathon, then that might be what you call “The big waste.” It’s 360000 hours, or 15000 days, or 41 years the runners of a big marathon will spend the day before doing almost nothing. Here are some of the things you can be doing, without wasting too much energy:

sportsnewspremium/20131207_Success_ has_provided_well_for_marathon_favorite_Lel.html?id=234867581

1. Check out the race course, and plan where you will drink water, see next page.

6. What to eat when you wake up - make it light, avoid dairy products.

2. Check out the elite field, the short version is that Martin Lel and Valentina Galimova are favorites. But do not count out one of the best Americans to enter the race: Abdi Abdirahman...we look forward to see him race. You can read more here (subscription required): the_world_what_it_missed.html sportsnewspremium/20131206__Proud_ to_be_an_American.html?id=234710161

7. Watch some motivational video. Here is our favorite:

3. Put out your clothes on the floor, to make sure you have it all ready: Shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, shade, sunscreen, gels and the list goes on. 4. Check up on how you get to the start, remember it is there in good time. 5. Check up on how you get home after the finish and where you meet the people who will pick you up.

8. Go for a short walk with the dog, or just a short walk if you do not have a dog, you should be on the couch the whole day. 9. Think of what to eat Sunday night, you can almost eat anything - you will by then have deserved it. 10. Pack your after the marathon bag, dry clothes, slippahs, and something to eat. 11. Read this digital issue of Hawaii Sport.





















Map key

1 10





Mile Markers


Kilometer Markers Water Aid Gatorade Medical Aid




Satohap Cheer Energy Gel SPONGE

Sponge Refreshments








Restrooms Entertainment







12 25M

13 8





40 SPONGE inbound only







24 11








12 20 M

34 21



13M 20M 32




31 19M

15M 18M 29










Courtesy of the Honolulu Marathon

Waikiki Swim Club presents: The 2013, 2014 Biathlon Series at Ala Moana Beach Park:

Christmas Biathlon, Nov. 30, 2013 Magic Island Biathlon, Jan. 12, 2014

Valentines Biathlon, Feb. 9, 2014 Valentine’s Biathlon | Sunday, February 9, 2014 | Race Start 7:30 am | Ala Moana Beach Park

COURSE: The run/swim course consists of a 5K run around Ala Moana Beach Park and a 1K swim fronting the park. The run is first, followed by the swim. The run starts at the Diamond Head Concession. Time limit: 1 hour 15 minutes. ENTRY FEE: $25 INDIVIDUAL OR $50/TEAM: A non-refundable fee must accompany each entry form. Entries must be postmarked by Jan.27, 2014. The entry fee includes one t-shirt for each participant. PAYMENT: Make check or money order payable to: Waikiki Swim Club. Mail completed entry to : Sui Lan Ellsworth, 3465 Paty Dr. Honolulu, HI 96822 LATE ENTRIES: $40 INDIVIDUAL OR $80/TEAM: Do NOT mail after Feb. 3, 2014. Bring application to Late Entries table on race day. Entries accepted on race day from 6:15 – 7:15 am. No shirt guarantees for late entries. RACE NUMBERS: There is no packet pickup. Check-in at 6:15 to 7:15 am on race day to receive race number & instructions. AGE GROUPS: INDIVIDUAL: 19 & under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+. TEAMS: DIVISIONS: Married, Just Friends, Sweetheart, Family BRIGHTLY COLORED CAPS (parent & child) & Open. TEAM Age Groups: 50 & under, 81-70, 71-90, 91-110, 110-130, 130+ [Determined by adding teammate ages] AWARDS: 1st – 3rd in each division. Awards ceremony follows race as soon as all results are available. REQUIRED FOR SWIMMERS Early Registration by 11/18/13, $60 Individual/$120 Teams for ALL 3 BIATHLONS Late Registration by 11/22/13, $90 Individual/$150 Teams for ALL 3 BIATHLONS Series applicants MUST turn in signed application waivers for each race at time of Initial Series application. Team members must be the same for ALL THREE races, or you will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for overall series award. SERIES INFORMATION & OTHER RACE APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE ON WEBSITE, INFO: email An Aqua Sphere cap provided to series entrant swimmers!


Enter online at:


(First Name)


Birth Date






Shirt Size

(First Name)


Valentine’s Biathlon, Feb. 9, 2014 Birth Date Mailing Address

Age City

51-70 71-90 91-110 111-130 130+






Shirt Size Zip Check here if you are a BIATHLON SERIES participant

Email Address TEAM DIVISION (check one only ) 0-50


Individual Team Biathlon Series Entry (Register by Nov. 18) $60 $120 Biathlon Series Late Entry (Do not mail after Nov. 22) $90 $150 Series applicants MUST turn in signed application wavers for each race at time of initial series application Valentines Biathlon Entry (Register by Jan.27, 2014) $25 $50 Valentines Biathlon Late Entry (Do not mail after Feb. 3, 2014) $40 $80

WAIVER & RELEASE: RELEASE: In consideration of this application being accepted, I, the undersigned, intending to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against race officials, volunteers, sponsors, the Waikiki Swim Club, the City & County of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii resulting from involvement with this event. I will additionally permit the free use of my name, photograph and interviews in association with this event in broadcast, telecast, advertisements, films, videotapes or any reproduction thereof. Waikiki Swim Club reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason.

I have read and understand the waver above. Signature(s) Parent’s signature if entrant under 18 years of age

Date Date

Girls on the Run of Hawaii

On Saturday, November 23rd, more than 100 girls, parents and community volunteers participated in Girls on the Run of Hawaii’s inaugural end-of-season 5K at The Punahou School. Among the participants were over 40 girls from Aikahi Elementary School, Boys & Girls Club Windward Clubhouse/ Kailua Intermediate School, and The Punahou School, who had been training for the event for 12 weeks as a part of Girls on the Run of Hawaii’s Fall 2013 season. For many of them, this was their first real 5K race and a major accomplishment! Girls on the Run of Hawaii is a non-profit organization that aims to educate and empower girls at an early age to give them the tools to make positive decisions and help prevent “at-risk” activities in the future. The program uses an interactive curriculum that combines running and active games with life lessons. The pre-teen girls build endurance to complete a 5K while simultaneously developing self-respect and healthy lifestyle ideals. The curriculum addresses many aspects of girls’ development - their physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. Practices are held twice weekly for 10-12 weeks, culminating in a 5K race. Currently, Girls on the Run of Hawaii offers spring and fall seasons. GET INVOLVED! Girls on the Run of Hawaii is looking for sites for the Spring season beginning February 3, 2014. Visit www.girlsontherunhawaii. org for more details. Registration for the spring

season will begin on January 20, 2014. Girls on the Run of Hawaii is also seeking coaches, assistant coaches, running buddies, volunteers, and site champions for future seasons. Future sites can include, but are not limited to, schools, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, PALS sites, and other partner organizations. Lastly, the organization is looking for individual and corporate sponsors or partners to facilitate program expansion across O’ahu. To get involved or learn more, visit our website above or find us on Facebook. Girls on the Run of Hawaii With over 100 runners, and many more volunteers and spectators, the first Girls on the Run of Hawaii 5K was a success! A special Mahalo to Punahou School for hosting, as well as our sponsors, including Walgreen’s, Whole Foods and Jamba Juice, for donating water, bananas, race bags and other goodies... Photo courtesy of Girls On The Run


Join Us and enjoy the Aloha of the Big Island of Hawaii.



half marathon 10k and 5K


h awa i i

Big Island Corner

by Crystal Banning, photo courtesy of Helgi Olafson

Hawaii Sport was lucky to sit down with Helgi Olafson, a Big Island athlete What is your training routine who has excelled in his first year of triathlon racing to spread awareness like? about a rare disease that has affected his life. My training routine varies depending on what race I am training for. I typically cycle Hawaii Sport Magazine: You are an athlete based on the Big Island between 200 and 300 miles, run but you race all over the world. What are some of your recent races? about 30 miles, and swim about Helgi Olafson: I recently finished Ironman Canada on August 25th. This 5 miles per week, with 2--4 race was the "A race" for my Canada tour, in which I also completed hours of resistance training in Ironman 70.3 Calgary, Morden Triathlon, a 70.3 in Morden, Manitoba and calisthenics. As an endurance athlete I train pretty much Apple Tri Olympic in Kelowna, British Columbia. You are racing to spread awareness about ankylosing spondylitis, a every day but because I have disease which many people are completely unaware of. Can you tell us AS, I need to focus on recovery and sometimes that means I a little about it? have to take a rest day. I use Ankylosing spondylitis, or AS, is an autoimmune arthritis that involves my rest days to catch up on the fusion of the joints usually associated with extreme pain and discomfort. many responsibilities of runIt can lead to complete immobility. Everything you do with your body ning my non-profit organizaaffects the outcome of this disease, and those who are diagnosed within tion, Helgi Olafson the first few years of progression (around 19 or 20 years of age) have a Foundation, which is commitbetter success rate. The most important factor is that AS patients under- ted to helping people with stand that they may need to change their life in order to live comfortably. arthritis by promoting exercise There is no magic pill, but it is proven that using exercise as medicine and as medicine. staying mobile leads to a better chance that the patient will experience less What has been your favorite race up to this point? pain and progression. Personally, I take a medication called Enbrel, which is an injectable, but there are many other methods of treatment. Though I love racing on my home turf in Hawaii I would have to say my With AS, you have to listen to your body and figure out what works best favorite race up until this point is Ironman Canada in Whistler. The for you. Taking a proactive approach and listening to your body is the course is absolutely breathtaking and the fans are wonderfully invigorating. I was able to finish in 11 hours and although I learned a lot during the only way one will be successful with this disease. race I still have a lot to learn. What were the first indications for you and that something was What are your future goals, both for races and for ankylosing wrong? spondylitis awareness? When I was 19, I remember trying to get out of bed and I couldn't. I couldn't roll over without having excruciating pain in my hips. It was so 2013 was all about doing the best that I could and creating a profile, webbad it made me cry. I knew there was something wrong. It was a site, and record of media outreach and community involvement to be able painstaking diagnosis process that took about 6 months (much shorter of to better raise awareness for ankylosing spondylitis and arthritis. I have a length of time than most people go through to get their diagnosis). After been a dedicated volunteer in the communities where I have raced and having a series of x-rays Dr. Steven Goodman of Arthritis Associates of hope to continue inspiring and helping people around the world, especialSouth Florida ran a series of tests on me and I tested positive for the HLA- ly the keiki and those with arthritis. B27 gene, which gave me a 90 percent chance of having AS. The next Despite having a debilitating autoimmune arthritis, I was able to rank 48th test was an MRI which confirmed the diagnosis because of the visible in the USA and 103rd in the world in age group 30 to 34 for 2013, accordfusion in my sacroiliac joints. From this point forward I knew my life ing to USAT, all in my rookie year of triathlon. I have also been able to would be different and that I would have to make changes in order to be get the attention of a lot of media to promote this cause which has given happy. me the opportunity to obtain the sponsorship and donations necessary for What gave you the idea to start doing triathlons? What did you hope this operation to succeed in helping people with arthritis. These things all prove that anything is possible. to get out of it? I started in a triathlon as a runner for relay team during Olympic distance race Lavaman Waikoloa. I did fairly well, so I decided that I would start training to do a full race on my own and I would do it for a cause. I would do it to show others with arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis that through exercise, they could lead healthier and happier lives.

Next year, I intend to continue making a difference in North America by furthering the outreach of our programs, including the creation of chapters for Helgi Olafson Foundation's recently created Racing for a Cure for Arthritis Training Team (RCATT), which will bring teammates to Hawaii to compete as individuals and relay teams for Lavaman triathlons, who we have partnered with.

Was it hard to get started? What challenges and triumphs did you My other goals are to qualify for Kona and achieve the race results necesexperience when you started training for and doing triathlons? sary to receive professional triathlete status for 2015. With the next Olympic distance triathlon about six months away, I decided to start training for a marathon. My training was tough but I was see- Is there anything else you would like readers to know about your ing results quickly and I was able to do very well in my first marathon experiences and your foundation? with the time of 3 hours and 54 minutes. It helps that my coach, Rick Please check out our website at Follow me on twitter Rubio, has osteoarthritis which gives him the experience necessary to be and instagram: @helgiolafson and request me as a friend on Facebook. able to give advice to athletes with arthritis, like myself. He has a high Networking is a huge key to our success. If you believe in what we are impact hip replacement and he recently competed in Ironman World doing at HOF, please donate to this cause. All donations are tax-exempt. Championships along with many other long distance triathlons, running Please feel free to ask me any questions by visiting swimming events. Together we strive to help people with arthritis tact. and we make a great team. Let us know if you are interested in joining our RCATT program to race Tell us a little about how the disease affects your life at this point in at Lavaman. This is a great step toward owning your health, and/or racing time. Is there any one of the triathlon disciplines that is affected more in support of arthritis, which affects over 40 % of Americans, and comes than the others? in over 200 types. Mahalo. Although I have some fusion in my sacroiliac joints, I have found that, through triathlon, I am able to keep my ankylosing spondylitis at bay. Running is the most strenuous because it creates a lot of impact, putting Helgi Olafson Foundation pressure on the joints. Being that my sacroiliac joints are where my #CureArthritis fusion has occurred, the nerve pathways sometimes get misaligned and "Do More Than Sport" cause issues in my legs.



REGISTER ONLINE AT ACTIVE.COM or mail in this entry form

Last Name

Address City



Email address Size (unisex tech):







$85 Individual Ultra Runner


$100 Individual Late Entry (after Dec. 1)


$300 Relay Team Entry


$350 Relay Team Late Entry (after Dec. 1)


Additional tax-deductible donation to LLS:



Shirts not guaranteed for entries received after 12/1!! ____Individual Ultra Division

____Male ____Female

____Relay Team Division

Make checks payable to: HIBISCUS HALF/MANGO DAYS Mail entries to: NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION RUN 739 Kahoa Drive Kailua, HI 96734

___Male ___Female ___Mixed ___Military


(All teams must have 4-6 members; Mixed require at least 2 females; Military must show active or reserve ID on race day) Team Name: ________________________________________ (creative team names are encouraged!) Team Member 2:____________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Gender:_____ Size: XS S M L XL 2X Team Member 3:____________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Gender:_____ Size: XS S M L XL 2X Team Member 4:____________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Gender:_____ Size: XS S M L XL 2X Team Member 5:____________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Gender:_____ Size: XS S M L XL 2X Team Member 6:____________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Gender:_____ Size: XS S M L XL 2X


Waiver and release of liability: In consideration of my acceptance of this entry, I acknowledge that participation in this event is a test of a person’s physical and mental limits, and carries with it certain inherent risks, including the potential for serious injury or death caused by terrain, facilities, weather, the condition of the athletes, vehicular traffic, actions of other people, including but not limited to participants, volunteers, spectators and coaches. I understand and agree that I am voluntarily participating in the New Year’s Resolution Ultra Run & Relay and agree to comply with the rules, regulations and event instructions. I certify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for participation in this event, and that my physical condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor. I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, next of kin, successors and assigns, insurers, and anyone able to claim through, by or under me hereby waive, release and discharge the Tropical Triple Crown, Kualoa Ranch, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, event sponsors, and volunteers, their agents, and other related persons or entities from any and all liability for my personal injury, disability, death, property damage, property theft or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me; I further waive, release and discharge the aforementioned entities from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the parties named in this waiver. I understand and agree to the use of my name, pictures and/or interviews in association with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for use in broadcast, telecast, advertisements, books, films, videotape or any other reproduction with no monetary or other consideration to me. IN ADDITION, I HEREBY AGREE NOT TO MOAN, GROAN, GRIPE OR COMPLAIN. I ALSO AGREE NOT TO BE MEAN TO VOLUNTEERS—- I UNDERSTAND THAT MY RACE ENTRY MAY BE REVOKED AT ANY TIME IF I AM MEAN TO ANYONE INVOLVED WITH THIS RACE!

____________________________________________________ Signature



January 26, 2014

Diamond Head 7:00 am Ride Run OahuWalk

Sunday January 26, 2014 ◌ Diamond Head ◌ Oahu ◌ 7:00 am


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit our website at Call us at (808) 528-3058 Email us at


35k 75k 100k


5k 10k

6:00 am

Onsite Registration Opens

7:00 am 7:30 am

Bike Rides begin (35K 75K 100K) Runs (races) begin (5K 10K)

1 Mile

8:30 am Walk begins (1 Mile) 10:30 am Keiki Bike Ride Time and Location of early packet pickup/registration to be announced on Facebook, Twittter, and Visit us online for details. All events and onsite registration at Kapiolani Community College Diamond Head Side (Parking lot C) Wheelchairs, strollers, and pets (on leash) welcome.

AWARDS: 5K/10K Run 1st Place male & female overall and top 3 age group finishers (see website for age group details) REGISTRATION: Mail in entries must be received by January 20, 2014. No guarantee of t-shirt for entries after January 20 CHECKS: PAYABLE TO: Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii MAIL TO: EFH - 1050 Ala Moana Blvd, Ste 2550, Hon, HI 96814

Mail in registration below (check or money order) or register online at *************************************************************************** ***







TEAM NAME (optional)






ADULT (men’s sizes)





$40 ($50 after Jan 15)




Walk:1 Mile

$25 ($30 after January 15, 2014)


DONATION (From $1 to $1,000,000)

Family Rate (Up to 5 Family members) $80 ($100 after Jan 15)

Helmets are required for riders. Entries from minors will only be accepted with a parent or guardian’s signature. I know that running and biking is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and participate unless I am medically able and properly trained. I know that there will be traffic on the course route. I assume the risk of riding in traffic. I assume any and all other risks associated with this event, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat and humidity, and the condition of the roads, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Knowing these facts and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release, and discharge the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii, this event’s officers, directors, members, volunteer-agents, successors, assigns or anyone acting on their behalf, from any and all claims of liability for death, personal injury, or property damage of any kind the nature whatsoever arising out of or in the course of my participation in this event. I grant permission for organizers to use photographs of me and quotations from me in legitimate accounts and promotions of this event Signature

Date I have read and understand the waiver above

Parent’s signature if entrant is under 18 years of age

* Family Rate – up to 5 family members

“Running after Routledge: Retracing an English Expedition” A Long Distance Run to Rapa Nui photos by Jesse Stephen

Spring 2014, Susie Stephen of Kailua plans to begin a journey of epic proportions, by travelling from her hometown of Darlington in the UK, all the way to Rapa Nui, Easter Island – on foot, by bike, and by boat. The trip is both a celebration of the 100th historic voyage, the 1914 Mana Expedition to Easter Island and an environmental awareness campaign. The environmental message is one of clean water. As Susie runs, bikes and ‘boats’ to Rapa Nui she will be fundraising towards the purchase of a special sewage-digesting unit for the island – a BioMax. The BioMax has been designed to process sewage and produce grey-water that can then be used in gardens and outdoors – lowering the demand on tapped water supplies. Rapa Nui has a burgeoning population and pressure on it’s freshwater aquifer is leading to renewed calls for waste management improvements. The BioMax unit will be an example of how small steps can be taken by households and businesses to lower their draw on the water supply. In 2005, as a volunteer with a youth outreach organisation on Rapa Nui (‘A Po), Susie discovered that she shared a birthplace (Darlington) with the only woman onboard the 1914 Mana Expedtion: Katherine Routledge. Since then Susie has planned to return to Rapa Nui and pay tribute to the work of the 1914 Mana Expedition and Katherine Routledge. Fast-forward to 2012 and Susie started planning an expedition to retrace the voyage of the Mana. But as an avid runner, it made most sense for Susie to attempt an overland expedition, on foot, and hence ‘Running after Routledge’ was born. Susie plans to leave her hometown of Darlington in February 2014, and run the 300+ miles

to Southampton over a period of three weeks. From there Susie will jump onboard a boat to South America and travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The planned route from Argentina will take Susie across the Pampas region, and then over the Andes to Santiago, Chile. From there, Susie will then sail from Valparaiso out to Rapa Nui. The 2014 expedition aims to not only inspire and promote environmentally sustainable practices, but will also create educational experiences for a wide range of people en route, and post-expedition. Susie will be traceable online as she travels, and will be logging ‘phoneins’ via iPadio where you can catch up on news from the road. Additionally Susie will be documenting the expedition in numerous formats: digitally via video & photography; and on

paper with pencil & ink. On return Susie will be publishing a full a post-expedition report in paper back format. Currently Susie has an active Indiegogo Campaign online that will help ‘Running after Routledge’ to set sail: see HERE: Susie is also looking for additional sponsors, so if you know a business who would appreciate a link with an international ‘runpedition’, this one’s for you! For extra information about the expedition, please direct all enquiries to: Photos: by Jesse Stephen, photo of Rutledge provided by Susie Stephen.

NITE RUN at Kualoa Ranch August 24, 2013 Overall Finishing Winners For Men 1st Place – Brandon Raven #3636 2nd Place – Randall Cayo #3035 3rd Place – Leif Kohler #3138 Overall Finishing Winners For Women 1st Place – Elizabe Domingo #3060 2nd Place – Maegan Wilbur #3642 3rd Place – Miccah Miller #3189 For Best “Zombie” Costume Leanne Kratze #3814 For Best “Clown” Costume Thomas Gouard #3089 For Best “Overall” Costume Shain Miller #3697 Best Finishing Dance Makani Christensen #3043 Check out for updates at photo provided by Niterun

Christmas Gift Guide There are those people that it is really tough to find presents for, because they have everything. But finding a present for the athlete in your life is only tough because there are so many options and items to pick from. We will try to make it a little easier with few items on the following pages. 1. Hydroflask - content stays cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours

2. Da Kine Pick-up pads to protext your truck and your bike.

3. Surface Sun Systems skincare for the athlete.

1-3 Available at: BIKEFACTORY: 740 Ala Moana Blvd.

4. For the hiker/camper - this pocket rocket is small and compact to carry around and makes it easier to cook while hiking or camping. Available at Soultrex: Windward Mall, second floor.

5. You cannot go wrong or get lost with a Garmin watch - well you can get lost, but it will be fun. Available at Runners HI Aiea, next to Dixie Grill, w. Go Bananas

Pivothead Glasses easier to mount than a typical action cam. This is not a small thing in a market where cyclists and triathletes often spend thousands of dollars on drag reduction, which adds up over the long run. Although there are a number of versatile mounting options for action cameras like the GoPro, regularly mounting or moving a camera can be a little tedious, and in my experience often leads to it being left at home. Putting on a pair of sunglasses is something almost everyone does without a second thought. Then there’s the aesthetic issue. Strapping a silver block on your head might be charming in a nerdy kind of way; perhaps it’s our current generation’s “propeller cap.” The Pivothead camera lens is barely visible in the bridge of their sunglasses, and there are four styles of sunglasses to choose from. In my experience as well, minimizing a subject’s awareness of a camera Into this market, Pivothead and lens usually leads to has made their recent more natural photos and entry with high-tech eyevideos as subjects are wear which incorporates a less self-conscious withcamera built right into the actual picture taken with pivothead glass out an obvious camera bridge of a pair of fashioncamera pointed at them. Photo able polarized sunglassand video quality is not as es. The camera shoots high as on a GoPro, but 8MP stills as well as up to 1080/30p or 720/60p HD video. An optional plug-in on-par with a modern smartphone camera with an Air Sync module allows the user to download pic- active-focusing lens. Low-light photos and videos tures and video, and relay them via wifi to a smart- can have significant motion-blur or noise, as is phone or laptop while out and away from a home true with all small-sensor cameras this side of an expensive DSLR, including the GoPro. The pivot computer. The glasses can be charged with any USB power source, and pictures and camera con- head is also not waterproof, but the manufacturer states that it is water resistant, and should be fine trols are both accessed via the same USB port. with sweat and rain. All photos shown here are Camera controls, when attached to a computer, allow the user to favor their situation and style of taken with a Pivothead production camera. It’s a great take-almost-anywhere action camera. Just shooting, with adjustments for exposure, focus, resolution and frame rate. The still-photo shooting don’t forget it in the bathroom, however, or you might get into options also allow for both time-lapse (at regular intervals) and burst-mode (rapid-fire) photography. some major trouble. Pivothead’s design has several compelling attrac- Available at: tions. For cycling, it is far more aerodynamic and BOCA, 330 Cooke Street There’s a common saying in the photography world that “your best camera is the one you have with you.” An expensive digital SLR camera with a high-quality lens is useless to capture unplanned moments if it is sitting at home. Likewise, carrying such a big rig while out on a run or bike ride is entirely inappropriate, unless an athlete has been doing some massive upper-body strength-training sessions. Smartphones are sometimes carried by people who are training, but are usually tucked away in a back pocket, and the use of one while riding a bike or even while running can be a serious safety distraction. GoPro has taken over the market of action cameras with a blocky waterproof go-anywhere camera, resembling a cute little pointn-shoot, which happens to take marvelous photos and videos when good lighting is available.

PRODUCT: Oakley Sunglasses - Flak Jacket and Flak Jacket (Asian Fit) BY: Zara Nguyen & Courtney Osaki COST: $150+ WHERE TO BUY LOCALLY: Oakley Store, Ala Moana Shopping Center.

took me longer to pick out which frames I wanted then it took for them to make them!

Zara - THE ASIAN FIT: “The Asian Nose” is known commonly by Asians as the way glasses sit on our cheekbones instead of on your nose’s ridge. Asians tend to have high RATING (0-5; 0 being terrible, 5 being as good as cheekbones and short nose ridges. This is a huge problem for many Asians as it is uncomfortable it gets): 5 - amazing! and it was not the way glasses were designed. I usually have to go from store to store and try Courtney - THE RUNNING TEST: Training for a half marathon is a lot of work. Throw on every pair of sunglasses, in hopes that one in being a working mom into the mix and things get every 100 will fit. pretty crazy. Setting a daily training schedule is almost impossible. I had to work out whenever I had Upon my visit to the Oakley store’s new sunglassfree time. This sometimes meant waking up extra es customization bar at Ala Moana Shopping early or jogging in the middle of the day. I always Center, I saw that Oakley had a nice range of wear sunscreen but I needed extra protection for Asian Fit pairs, including the Flak Jacket pair that I have chosen to test out. Of approximately 12 pairs my eyes. of different frame types for the “Asian Fit”, Oakley also has a customization option for these Asian Fit When I first found out that Oakley made sport frames (yes, not just for the regular frames) for all performance running sunglasses I was thrilled! I thought wearing sunglasses while running would of these frames. The customization allows you to take a lot of getting used to but the material Oak- choose your own lenses and colors to create your ley uses is so lightweight and comfortable, I quick- own personal style. I chose some black and red hints to match my bicycle. After spending an hour ly forgot that I had them on. The durable lenses trying to decide on what options to customize my offer UV protection and reduce glare while the sunglasses, I walked out happy as a kid with ice frame sits firmly on your face. A demonstration cream! I jumped on my bike and raced against the at the newly updated Oakley store in Ala Moana wind. also showed how my new sunglasses could be stomped on and popped back together in a matter of seconds with no scratches at all. Great to know Zara - THE CYCLING TEST: My testing of this product is primarily on the bike. since I have a 1 1/2 year old son at home! The Oakley Flak Jacket (Asian Fit) sunglasses are Being able to customize almost all of the aspects just so light that even after 4 hours of riding, I had forgotten I was wearing something on my face. of the sunglasses (lens color, shape, and polarThe design on this pair of sunglasses is incredible ization, signature Oakley "O" on the side of the glasses, frame color, and ear sock color) was just for the wind to easily escape through the sides of the lenses allowing for an incredible comfortable icing on the cake after I found out which glasses worked best for my sport. Protection is always the fit gliding through the wind. Overall, these glasses are worth the cost and investment to protect my number one priority but a girl likes to look good eyes from the debris of the road. Go and test it out too! The customization bar lets you pick your yourself at the new Oakley glasses customization choices on a touchscreen, print out the info, and bar at Ala Moana Shopping Center. have one of their helpful and friendly staff members assemble your glasses in mere minutes. It

Kapiolani Park ~ Waikiki Aquarium ~ Diamondhead Road (Turnpoint) ~ Kapiolani Park (FINISH) <1 Team/5 PAX 5km(3.1 miles)/Runner>

Teams (consists of 5 Runners, no limit to age or sex), Student Friendship Entry (Individual Entry): Joint Team of people from Japan, Hawaii, and other countries.

“The Rainbow of the Pacific, Joining with Aloha”

The top 3 teams will recieve special awards & There will also be various contests & prizes!

Select Entry Category:

9th Floor


XTERR photos courtes

Men 1. Kevin Enriques Hono 2. Uilasho Francisco H 3. Pierce Humble Kailu Women 1. Nancy Hobbs Colora 2. Rise Morisato Honol 3. Maia Watson Sidney,

Photos courtesy of XTE Left: Candes Gentry, Hawaii halfmarathon Right: Nozomi Wade, Georgia halfmarathon Full Results:

RA 5K. sy of XTERRA

olulu, HI 20:55 Honolulu, HI 21:46 ua, HI 21:51

ado Springs, CO 24:26 lulu, HI 26:07 y, Canada 26:11


i, 1:51:58 in the

a, 2:56:01 in the


XTERRA 2 photos courtes

Men 1. Jorge Mendez Honolulu 2. Richard Pender Honolu 3. Scott McCray Kailua, HI Women 1. Karen Miller Kailua, HI 4 2. Vanessa Schwabenland 3. Katie Lowney Kihei, HI Photos Courtesy of XTER (Right) Left: Cindi Toepel, Colora halfmarathon Right: Katelynn Magno #3 44:20 and Puuolena Sylva 44:25 Full Results:

2013 10K. sy of XTERRA

u, HI 38:37 ulu, HI 42:04 I 43:38

47:57 17 d Kihei, HI 49:15 49:30 RRA and Karen Finnerty

ado, 2:19:12 in the

3196 Waianae, HI a #3289, Waianae, HI


Nanaikapono at XTERRA

You might have read about this group in The Star Advertiser - here is how they did at the XTERRA - Congratulations Nanaikapono. Photos provided by Nanaikapono Calvin Aioso 55:10 Harley Au Hoon 51:58 Donnie Crespo 37:13 (1st place agegroup) Shyla Gilland-Ching-Lareau 38:55 Chaz Gouveia 51:56 Ranson Kahele 38:53 Adrian Kepoo 55:03 Andrew Koniske 41:56 Kanoe Leong 49:18 Katelynn Magno 44:20 Shirlina Roberts 44:30 Taylor Sale 49:19 Puâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;uolena Silva 44:25 Teachers: Karen Finnerty 2:16 (21K) Kevin Eiker 38:56 (5K)

XTERRA World Championships 2013 Halfmarathon. photos courtesy of XTERRA

Men 1. Patrick Smyth Salt Lake City, UT 1:16:38 2. Joseph Gray Lakewood, WA 1:17:26 3. Max King Bend, OR 1:20:53 Women 1. Polina Babkina Honolulu, HI 1:37:24 2. Lucy Smith Sidney, Canada 1:37:55 3. Meggan Franks Athabasca, Canada 1:40:24 Photos Courtesy of XTERRA Left: Patrick Smyth Right: Polina Babkina Full Results:

A Top 5 for Bree Wee from Hawaii at Ironman Cozumel 1. Rachel Joyce GBR 8:52:28 2. Jessie Donavan USA 9:01:12 3. Amanda Stevens USA 9:06:40 4. Celine Scharer SUI 9:12:40 5. Bree Wee USA 9:16:26 Photo: Rick Keene

Hawaii Athletes at IM Cozumel 2013 Michelle Aitro 12:55:12 Brian Bittner 11:37:41 KC Carlberg 14:33:43 Gwen Chung 13:36:00 Amy Conley 13:41:28 William Connolly 15:22:54 Steve Davidson 16:21:39 Ramona Deveney 15:51:38 Linda Wandle-Gibler 14:45:36 Wendy Miki Glaus 11:23:53 #3 AG Brian Goodyear 16:27:11 John Harris 13:27:48 Ed Harrison 11:48:28 Amy Hough 13:50:38 Allison Pieloch Jerome 15:13:38 Nalani Kaun 10:25:02 Angela Kwong 12:56:28 Wesley Lum 13:14:18 Stephanie Marshall 15:35:05 Lori McCarney 13:06:31 Cheryl Moromisato Nishita 13:23 Anthony Pace 14:59:54 Kelly Ryan 12:52:17 James Sakai 14:44:03 Eric Sanders 15:09:49 Karen Sanders 15:35:02 Mati Sapolu 12:48:26 Joy Secritario 13:19:52 Ryan Seto 11:30:39 Petula Shimabukuro 14:15:04 Michelle Simmons 10:45:57 Denise Van Ryzin 15:56:29 Bree Wee 9:16:26 Edna Wong 14:03:56 Brian Yamamoto 13:06:14 Brenda Wong Yim 12:16:04 #2 AG Mele Young 13:01:01 Hong Zeng 13:54:29 Photo by: Rick Keene

The Winning Smile KC Carlberg of Tryfitness, finishing her first Ironman at Cozumel. This must be the winning smile. Photo by Rick Keene.

Beginner Triathlete? It was only a little bit over a year ago that Angela Kwong started biking and got used to swimming in the ocean...and here she is in her first Ironman! Angela Kwong 12:56:28 Photo by Rick Keene.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas 2013 - Half Marathon Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas 2013 - Half Marathon DATE: November 17, 2013 LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV Photo and text by: Zara Nguyen

parking, shuttles, portal potties, maps of the race start and finish, discounts on hotels and attractions for participants.

Packet pick-up: The Rock 'n' Roll series is always a fun race for The packet pick up Expo flowed like salmons me. This was my second rock n roll race and it swimming downstream. was exactly what I had expected from the first Signs included: 1) bib pick up, according to your race in the series. number, 2) shirt and swag pick up, 3) official Rock n Roll souvenirs for purchase, 4) vendors. Organization: With over 30,000 participants combined for the As far as organization went, they have it down to half and the full marathon, things flowed by butter. the T. The series organizes more than 50 races In addition, on Saturday at the Expo, the team a year, both across the nation and including their and I had the chance to listen in on Allyson Felix, expansion internationally now. Tons of email reOlympic Gold Medalist - 200m, on stage interviewminders and information were sent to participants ing. on: what to bring to packet pick-up, information on Bag drop-off

The bag drop off was also incredibly well organized. About 10 or 15 UPS trucks lined up alphabetized by participant's last names and volunteers took in participant's bags. Later, the same UPS trucks lined up at the finish line for bag pick up. It was definitely a good idea for me to to check in a jacket to wear after the race. Coming from Hawaii, somehow 70 degrees Vegas weather felt like the Arctic, especially when my body had cooled down after the race. Pre-race concert Usually, the Rock 'n' Roll series throws an after race concert, but it seemed like due to the limitations of the race being put on at night, a pre-race concert was a better idea. Otherwise, the concert would not start until 9 or 10PM, which might cut into the night clubbing scene. And it worked. The All-American Rejects performed in a packed parking lot and they were fantastic. The walk to the race start was a bit dull and long. But their concert really got my blood flowing and excited to start the run. Run the strip Lights, camera, action! I felt like a movie star running down the Las Vegas Uptown strip -- met

with tons of photographers, a loud cheering crowd and live bands playing great rock music along the way. One of the bands was KISS! Next up on the half marathon course was Las Vegas Downtown. This was a darker part of the race and was not quite as loud and exciting as the Uptown portion. The good thing was that my adrenaline was already up and high. Some parts of Downtown was dark and not well lit. I think the organizers could have placed one or two more lights in these parts of the course. But overall, I do not think anyone got injured from the lack of lights. At mile 10, I saw the sign which forked the half marathon and the full marathon runners apart. Excited to know that I was almost done, I picked up the pace. Finish line The finish line tunnel was extremely long. What was probably only two blocks long felt like an entire mile. Medals, water, the usually items were handled out to us. In additional, black plastic bags with the Rock 'n' Roll log were also handled to us to keep warm as our body temperatures went back to normal. Bonus, at the end, we were treated to free beer by Ultra. Beer felt great after a nice and long run... Especially FREE beer.

Most memorable moment of the half marathon: to wear either a long sleeved shirt and shorts - or a tank with capris. For me, a must were: compresPhoto and text by: Jennifer Lieu sion socks. Your legs will thank you later! Packing hand warmers would also go a long way when JL: My favorite memory was crossing the finish running after 5PM in Las Vegas. Also, check in line and drinking cold chocolate milk. It never your jacket for the free bag drop-off for the end tasted so good! I would recommend this run to of the run. Your jacket will be a great life saver to anyone who loves to run and have fun. keep you warm. For us local Hawaiians, after the Top three tips for Hawaii locals planning to run the sun sets and the temperature dropped from 75 to 65 degrees F, Vegas felt like we were freezing by Rock â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Roll Half Marathon in Vegas: 8PM. Finally, have fun! Running in Vegas was a super JL: exciting experience for us. Watching so many Hydrate as you are running in a dessert. Compeople train for the same race but traveling from ing from Hawaii, the change in climate including all over the US and internationally was an amaza decrease of humidity in the air can affect your breathing and hydration. You will need to replenish ing sight. During the run, there were a lot of great people cheering with signs that would make you more water than you think! Dress for Success! We run in tank tops and shorts laugh, literally out loud. These are the little things for the half marathon. While we looked cute, per- that made this a race never to forget! sonally I was freezing. Next time, I would be sure

Hawaii Sport December 2013 - Digital  


Hawaii Sport December 2013 - Digital