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Friends ....

True Friends There are many people that we meet in our lives hut only a very few will make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. It is these people that we will think o f often and who will always remain important to us as true friends. - Susan Polis Schutz

Opposite T o p :" we’re singin' and dancin' in the rain... " Opposite Left: Laura, Shanel, and ChristineSmile for the camera! Opposite Right- Has anyone seen Ethan? Above left-Underclassmen with an attitude. Above right- Malika, Dana, Mike, Jim, and Leo: friends forever. Left and right- Have you hugged your friend today?

Above: Triplets? Below: Senior guys clowning around.

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Above: Freshman buds!

Above: Smile, Guys! Below: Friends on the court and off. Below: Posers, Ryan & Sean.

Lissa, Vanda, and Arati -boarder bums!

Above: Sophomore girls: Everlasting friends! Tori Spielman, Shea Dahlberg, and M arci Jardine. Below: P u a Mench and Johnny ju s t hanging around. Center: Freshman guys wrestling.

Year after year, we see ourselves change, fand the world changes around u We are never the same from day to day, and we experience life in so many ways. At times, it challenges us with unexpected difficulties, hut we become stronger and more self-sufficient; we learn how to depend on ourselves and rely on one another. As friends, we have come to understand that even if life is not always perfect, when we have each other to enjoy the better moments, it doesn't have to be perfect to be special. -Laura Medley

Above: Cross Couuntry friends, Jenny, Robbie, and Teri.

Below: Freshman girls having fun on the language lanai.

F i l l t.



Students at H PA strive for excellence in many varied activities that the school has to offer. Students compete in the challenges o f the Olympics, provide services to the community, to SADD and the American Heart Association, while also helping out the school in their work programs and the performing arts. These programs along with the feelings given off by our friends is what makes the HPA experience so wonderful. 81 _


Middle right: Joy thinks Arnold's bluffing.


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Top right: Watch out, Billy dances on the bed! Bottom right: Moto loves lunch time! Center: "Look guys I can fly!" screams Ryo.

Kulia I Ka Pono



Top left: Iwalani Wall flies to the finish Above: Sarah Clark reaches to slam it down Bottom left: Arjun motors around the track Bottom center: Rob Hannah extends to send it the distance Below: Arati shows Will who's boss




r Top Left: Whitney Hastings takes flight Top Right: Chris Simpson spikes it home Bottom Left: Girl'sX-Country builds up for another race Below: Heimata Hall sets his sights on the endzone




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Serena approaching Intro. Cal from a different angle.

Looking good Chris....

Studying hard Ju lie?

The potential, motivation, Wand diversity here at H P A spans all aspects of jlife. Each individual has something unique to offer. iWhen all these contributions are combined, the true spirit of HPA shines through. Students seek to achieve success i all their academic commitments. They devote free time -K. before classes, between classes, and after classes to their studies. Their efforts are rewarded when grades come out.

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Devon enjoys her foreign language class.

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Why is learning at H P A 1 so special ?


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Shanell: " I like the small class

1 S M B

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Alex: "What a is ju st too easy!

Lu: The teachers do their jo b they don't ju st say "Do this !"


Above: Leah makes good use o f her free period. Below: B rad are you paying attention? Upper right: So Mattie, what's the latest scoops? Right: Be careful Kristian

A la n a :"It has a good learning environments



Chris: 'the chicks!" Emily: 'The variety of classes available.'

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Even if you're milesaway Look up at the sky and find us together in your heart. Whenever you need a friend, reach into your soul and you'll feel me holding you. I f the journey seems like eternity, put your hands in mine and I â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll lead the way.

A Time to Remember

This Poem is dedicated to: H'sien Hayward. By Alana Cahatu

Middle right: Whitney & Tiffany... the "little friends" Bottom left: Smile Joe, graduation will come soon. Center: Robert, Peter, Hippy & Alex... 'The Gang." Top: Lasi & Laura, big smiles from big hearts. Bottom right: Irwin in his usual state. Top right: Jennifer and Megan Best of friends...

Striving for Excellence

Center, top: "The original "classof 1995- they have been friends forever. Top right: Leah and Jen, you finally made it. Middle: Rob and Kama, what manly pals. Bottom: Cindy and Devon, long time friends. Bottom center: Tomo, whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the problem?

Middle center: Robinson boys ready for the formal dining experience. Top right: Shannon "dreaming!" Middle right: It wasn't so long ago. Bottom right: Royce and Caitlin, dining out.

fennifer Mei-Gen Akama Honolulu, HI/HPA 3yrs./Volleyball/Basketball/SADD Mom & D ad: I may not be the kid you xpected to raise, but I ’m here and I won’t let ou down. Thank you for always pushing me to o better, and for making me believe in what I an do. I know you were nard on me because you ared, and I’ll always remember the lessons I earned. Thank you for raising me the best way ou knew how and for giving me all the pportunities you never had. Thank you for verything-I Love You both.Kris: M y biggest Dut shortest) sis! Thanks for being there for me nd for keeping me in line. Thanks for being my econd mom, and for trying to protect me from tie world. Sorry for making your life so tough! LYCharvis: Take care of her, I really feel sorry ir you! Thanks for always caring ana [nderstanding-you’re the best brother-in-law here is! ILYK arrie: Thanks for always istening to all of my problems, and for making le laugh! I’ll always remember the glue bottle, ur childhood pranks, and ‘you know who.’ But I lave to admit, you are crazier than me by far! ’ake care of Justin. ILYNicole: I ’m glad we ecame a lot closer. Thanks for all the laughs, ears, and stress. Remember, I ’m always here ir you no matter where I am or what I’m doing. ’.S.-1 still remember that time on the route nth Ed! Do you? ILY B re: H ev little miss, you etter slow down a little. You’re not a big person et you know. Thanks for bringing so much joy ato my life. “Remember, eat your begetables! uid no,”I ain’t going no where.” Take care of ourself and don’t be so sassy! Love ra.Justin: Haknna Matata! H ey my fat boy! I 3ve you tonsest!A u n tv Yochan. U ncle Lee. Luntv Hachan. Taka. & Mrs. White: Thank

ou so much for the love and support you all ave shown me. I will never be able to repay ou for everything you’ve done, but I hope you now how grateful I am and that I love you all very much [Alisa: Y ou have been my friend forever and stuck by me through so much! You always took the time to listen and try to understand me and all of my problems. You reached out to me when I was lost and it seemed like no one else cared. “I f I forget to say thanks or don’t tell you how much you mean to me, please know I couldn’t make it without you. And I wouldn’t want to try.” -Julia Baron Alvarez.L eah : Where do I start? We have been through so much together. Thank you for always being so caring and understanding and always w illing to listen to me ‘vent’. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. “I f I have to survive, so do you.” Words can’t express what your friendship means to me. Thanks for all the memories. “I got and idea...” (N ext time I won’t forget the key.) Take care! ILYLasi: You truly are a wonderful friend. You always know how to make me smile. Thanks for keeping me in line, for making me realize how important our friendship is, and for showing me what a true friend is. But most o f all, thanks for always listening and understanding. You made me keep believing in myself and everything I did. ILY. P.S.-Why’d you put up with me? And yes, I do like music with no sound!T hean a: Well, we’re finally graduating. Can you believe it? Thanks for being the one person to step out and befriend me. I ’ll always remember the ‘apples and oranges’, Hero, and your pond. You have been a great friend, thanks for ail the smiles and hugs

and for always trying to cheer me up. Take care. IL Y M iri: I have learned so much from our friendship, it’s incredible! Thanks for being there for me and for understanding. Your friendship is definitely something that I will always remember (especially asparagus!). Nah! Thanks for all the memories! IL Y Lau ra: Thanks for always caring and for going out of your way to make me smile! I ’ll always remember your jokes that I could never understand, but which made me laugh anyway. Thanks for being such a great friend! I’ll see you next year! IL Y C o ri: “Sometimes in life, you find a special friend; someone who changes your life just by being a part of it. Someone who makes you laugh till you can’t stop; someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship.”W illv & J oh n n v: Why are you two always picking on me? I never aid anything to you! Nah! Thanks for making me smile, no matter how grouchy I was. I ’ll miss you guys next year. Take care! IL Y R ob : Thanks for all the talks and for all the smiles. Someday I will find Mr. Right. Take care.D avid : You’re such a pain! But that’s O.K. I ’m used to it. Nah! Someday I will leave Hawaii, you’ll see. Take care.M r. Solmssen: Thank you for believing in me.G ood luck to; Summer, Jenny Lee, Irene, Alex H., Kainoa, Arjun, Robbie, Sarah, Chris, Rae, Lianne, Joy, Jen H., Helene, Mark H., Corey, Liana, and K e lly .

Mitsuhiro Anada Nara, Japan/ 4yearsHPA/3f years swimming A t first, I want to give special thanks to my wonderful parents. You gave me a great opportunity to come to HPA. I know that was a very difficult decision to make. You gave me a chance to explore a different environment. I ’m very glad that I was raised up by Mom and Dad, but I was to foolish to know how much you care about me. Please forgive this unfilial son. Sometimes I detested you, but it wasn’t my real intention. I ’m here, in my room, thinking about memories that you gave me. Oh god! I can’t believe I forgot those memories for long time. I didn’t even notice that you gave me such wonderful memories! Thank you for those wonderful remembrances. Thanks you for Mom for gave birth to me. Thank you for Dad for gave me a good education here in HPA. Yusuke: It has been four years since i met you for the first time. Tim e flies by really quickly doesn’t it Yusuke? I never said before, but I was really happy to have you as a good friend of mine. I was sometimes really unfair to you. I ’m sorry about that. Take care of yourself, and good luck. Atsuma: Oh, well. What can I said about you!! I have no idea how many good things that you did for me. I had many fun times talking with you. You made me laugh so Much!! Thank you for all of those fun time you gave me. Good luck

my friend. Take care. M otoharu: Moto, you funny guy. I will miss your funny talk! I wish that we have more time to talk and know more about you. You showed me a little part o f your talent. Your picture is great Moto. Good luck for your bright future! Take care. M ayum i and M iwa: Thank you for your help. I ’m very happy to have met you. Good luck and take care of yourself. Miwa, you have one more year to go, so take care and have a fun. Ryousuke, Takeshi an d Koichiro: You guys are so lucky, because you have two more years to go. I wish I could start over again. You will know how I feel someday. Good luck guys and have fun. I know you will. M ari, M ariko and Tomona: Thank you for all fun time you gave me. Good luck and take care. Moeko, R an a and Naho: Thank you for everthing. Have a nice life. M r. W ilder: Well, M r wilder, this is it. I have to leave the team. You know what? You made the best team in this island. You should be proud of yourself, because you made that team, and I am proud you and your team. Oh my god! It’s so hard to leave that team wilder. Thank you for the greatest memory in my H P A life. Coach M o and Coach Mark: Thank you for your great help. I became a much better swimmer because of your advices. You guys are

the best coaches in the whole world! Gabe: You are my best teammate, but don’t tell! me about ninja staff anymore. I hate it when 1 you start talking about that. Corey: You are such a hard worker. Think about when you just started and where you are j right now. You made huge improvement. I ’m 1 very proud of you. Good luck next year! Kanoe: Don’t push me into the water!! Joji and Chang: Thanks for all your help. Mr. Stewart: Thank you for your hard woke in the song contest and for your help in math. I want to say thanks to Mrs. Piltz, Ms Duncan, Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Provencial, Mrs. Link, Mrs. Yarawamai, Ms. 1 Donahue, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Yamashiro, Mr. Anderson and all teachers andl staffs in HPA. ■ I want to say thanks to Mrs and Ms. Saito who | gave me incredible advice and help, and all people who care and worry about me in Japan. 1 A t la s t, I want to say thanks for two! important people who taught me what is pleasure o f study. I want to thank Mr. Wakayama, ana Mr. Akai. I f I didn’t meet them, I could not be the way I am now. Jason Huang: Thanks for good food, Jason. You are the best cooker I ever met. Thank you.j Thanks to all my teammates, and good luck to 1 the H P A SW IM TEAM!!

jBrady James Bergin Kamuela Hi. / 13 yrs /4 yrs football / 3 years soccer / 2 yrs track /18yrs cowboy M om and Dad-Well the last is finally raduating(no crying Ma). Thanks for giving le so much of your love and support. I hope ou know how much I appreciate all that you oth have done for me. I could never ask for etter parents. I love you one hundred! G ranny-You’re the bestest granny in the rhole world. Thanks for taking care of us all tiese years. I love you very much. B ill,H oli & C h ris -1 couldn’t ask for better rothers to look up to. Thanks for all the love nd support. Stop picking on me! “some day” ....well I got better grades anyway. I love all.E rin & Boo-Just because were not close i age doesn’t mean were not close at heart, hanks for the love and care.Take care of john and W olf.I love y’all. Helene-Thanks for being patient and iving me a chance. Ever since then you’ve lways been there for me. I can always depend n jyou to listen— to----me-------whine----and — ------complain.And whenever I am depressed you are Jlways there to cheer me up.You mean so much to ie.1 will forever cherish the memories that we’ve

Richard-13 long years.Thanks for being a true friend. Thanks for the help and advice. “Oh is that your bad knee...oops” Eh don’t get your car stuck or break any more tables. Don’t burn your hair next tim e.Alex-YOU ARE LAM B! Nah Alex you know what?...SHUT-UP! Whether it’s been taking my cap or teasing me(how many cripples?) it’s been cnoke laughes. Thanks and good luck-your Bday parties rule. Lets all cruise the hot tub naked again. Kippy-These past few years have been killer. Camp stories are the best. So what we go old A ’s? You call that man to man? I call it toast. Sing us some more Garth. Take care and good luck- Three amigos forever. Sorry about skip. Kainoa-Freeeaday! You are a true paniolo. And no worry I promise to teach you how to rope. Beeper Boy. 43,43,69. Do me a favor ...stay away from my dogs.Mahalo and take care. AaronAirheaa Spielfart. You do your homework or what?I like see. Volleyball. What kind of sport is that?Nah stud. W illy -1 am Cornholio. I need T.P. for my bunghole! 4 yrs football camp...good times. line llic meeting. Don’tu niaive make m me give you vO 11UC e tlllg . l/un e fi n e ju u likings. Nah good luck in college Yosh- Takamura san Pjz1 uJ;i- The fastest man in Japan. Getting old eh. Holders deserve morecredit. Soccer-donx try it I

& f o n yThre?u°nVe^ ? d T u " h ^ ^ W e ° rio 1 U efi. nnd. I love you. P eteivW h at s up cuz. Eh Math class. Broncos will win a superbowl!T- 49ers orrow yo u r homework.Electromcs...Hughes *_______ —_______________ how cto c r>rnnpnc MiHHlp SrVmnl? Y pa K w p II t.hp "v.s. Broncos. Middle School? Yeah well the 49prs 49ers ou do this crap? BOO-YA. Jamoan lunch ypt lucky that day.We go states and lick those rew.Football was da best. You are the last o f my Jahu punks. chool bruddahs.Thanks for making it to and thru ur senior year.Thanks for always Being my ruddah.I got so many memories. It’s been choke iin.I wish you the best o f luck. Take care uz...Three amigos forever Heimata-I don’t know about you Tahitians. The badest running back in the league. Jared-Hamma man.So what ?

Tepa-Thanks for being my friend. It’s better than being enimies like in lower school. Rob. O.- Take care the knee married man. Jennifer & friends-So what party Jen’s house? Y a ll been fun tp hang out with. Prom? What? Who said anything about prom?Take careGood luck 95’M B,DC,RG,RHIJ,JR,RSKW & C Y Austin- Aussie your so sexy! Grant-Nice lowrider pocho. No stare at the fan.Tee Hee. What related to Chewv? Study your playbook now.What doing? Good Moning. We go drag Sagi again. Onipaa! Mons- Bruddah Chns. Kauai boys not bad but Big Island boyz rule.KashimaToss a couple TDs for me next year. Billy -Hows your dolo? Football - keep up the intensity. Do me a favor - kick everyones ass next year. Good luck! Shane boy- Stay eligible. Take care and good luck.Chris S.- Athlete of the Universe. Lu- Thanks for throwing it. Work out during the summer and you’ll be even better, good luck Giffterd-Put it in the net next time.No worries Joy- What like beef? Kanoe-Stay off the mental bus. Jenny L.- Funhouse maniac.Jared Maintenence? Poi Dog rules. Chad - You just a bull. Lianne and Diane- Thanks for being great managers. B rad & Cord- Don’t get to Big.And don t forget Erik and I worked you guys in backyard football. Everytime!Pobre-What are we eating? dogPGonna’screwErik,Sky,Scott,Nate,Platt,Eli, hasn’t been the same -To all my teachers - Thanks for teaching me whatever I learned. -To all my coaches - Thanks for giving me the opportunity to exceed. -To anyone I missed - Sorry but the yearbook is being pake

Robin-Thank you for the support and you have given me. I only hope I have been able to return some of it. ILY. One of my goals in life is to be as strong you, to challenge as much, and to do as well. ILY. Dad-I have so much fun when is just the two of us. Surfing, fishing, whatever. I have learned so much from you in lessons and values. Thanks and ILY. Dixie-The end of the summer last year was so fun! I miss you lots I hope to be near you in the future! ILY. SarahYou’re so sweet, and your warmth is so immense. Sitting around and laughing with you is the best! ILY. Laura-with sits all of my memmories. You have such a good friend for so long. Thanks letting me tag along Snowboarding. ILY Megan-AKA-Dead head. You love to fun and that is why I love spending so much time around you. I love the friendship that we have developed. ILY Caitlyn- Thanks for caring so much me. What qualities arn’t good about you? We’ll go back to Lake Placid when we are 21. ILY. Jennifer- One thing that I’ll miss the most when all is said and done is the beautiful smile that you give to me everyday. I have treasured the time we have shared. ILY. Bean taco-It is great when two minds and personalities click really well. You have that quality with a lot of people. Am I that funny on a trampoline? Laughing gas! “If you should die before me, ask if you could bring a friend; pick a flower, hold your breath and drift away”.(STP) ILYdeedee. Lidia/beef taco-we have to stop listening to sad songs. In ten years I am going to hear on A Current Affair that some crazy girl is doing back-hand-springs across the country in search of... ILY. Tiff- My bud. You are so much fun to be around no matter what. Guess what, I try to understand, and sometimes I do. I am here for you Tiffany. ILY. Royce-When we talk on the phone, boy we go off! It should’ve happened more this year. ILY and I wil miss u. Tepa-you are such a kick! I’m glad we’re getting closer this year.ILY. Ryan- You’re the greatest guy I know. Don’t forget to have fun. Oh waitthat is what you always tell me. Thanks. ILY. Alex- Let me cry on your shoulder. Thanks for covering for me in math. You deserve it all. ILY. Taylor- Where are you? I need a hug. I miss you and I will never forget you.ILY. T,GahJfidTaidISppyILiH'JiiadypTuhJchriAaKr^Yahi

and the rest of 95-Take care and have fun! “No rules involved, this is our game!” Summer-”Summer, you are so cool!” Good luck you skanking pickle! Pua- Kona tonight? It is always such a blast! Don’t worry it will only get worse after I leave. Na . Sean- Just laugh and you’ll do fine.

Cindy B em ing Kona, Hi/Soccer/Student Council/Playing!! Jason T.-1 missed you, really. Take care and keep in touch. ErinR,Elena,Alana,Helene, Yvonne,’’Mika”,Dustin W- Take care. Skyyou’re a cool guy. Tahoe? DEXTER-miss you! Ledi-Lets go dancing in bath tubs. I’m so glad that we met last year. Kainapau/ Kai/Steve/Hana/”Coolio”- you guys are so much fun. Don’t forget me-K. ILYG. KatieBrides-Maids/God-Mothers. “When will I see you again?” J.T- Are you my M.S.? Jason Fox- Thanks for the fun and

friendship. Stay in touch. ILY. Dierenfields- thanks for being my 2nd family. I have had so much fun with you. 1 ILY. Lanins/Fischers/Coopersons/Richard j Waller- Thank you so much for letting me j into your homes and your hospitality. ILYlj Miss Michel- You are a great teacher and aj great friend. Thank you. “The history of the world is all that we have to give.” (???)

M iri Madeline Breslow (PITA 1)4 years L.A./Speech&Debate Captain Horn & Had- You.hoth are truly m y ,, t,friends and without ypu, I would be „ vhere, I can only pray that the , iiamond s facets are polished. You have than any one. can ask for maike you proud. 1 love you - and the beans.... ore t ip p ie a aga Mggm cmildn t ask fer fetrer_granaparants. the pies, jokesY Ind advice have been irreplaceable. 1 K ari^ tiittle Brp, be a good boy for the text two years. I m here for you no hapter what. I lpve you.. ., _ Imie-You have become family to me. 1 etaught me snmuch and it lllh e M eiT&Moq forever. ILY. arah C.-Ypmwill forever be my sister. L aw ayff-C o lle g e will be miserable — t y0„ you ve put up with my ace freshman year and 1 dpnt low you, did it. 1here may be lots ds,out there, but none like you. ey, yo.u know what they say, tppcjsitftS, attract! ILY. . , n ,T7 re are we going next;; We nave Mr,,Jones and the I forever low true l. 111be there tpr you m ^ _ don t ever lose hope. ILY. ffl.aiika?I)ea,rest JJeqpest Meeks, Mqek^, you are my Dear Abby, Just think you taught lugfrt me m^ jee Perm Perm! low to speak Hawaiian. Ooh Lee m gqnna miss you.ILY. , T , , ^asl- Yongave pie hope when Lneeded 1.1 rnetilr looking,for that bird] ILY. ta-W hen you make if .big,don t forget ne. You are the definition of beauty.

S tean n a-I couldnt have made it without you. Broadway w ill be hanging down your door.ILY. H eather- Crossrcountry queem You are ayyesume. Where, m the world is Pepe?! ILY.ljrene-M y twin sister. You re definitely the best soprano. 1 mend. We,do Otter Pops .well Tovom i& M ^yup-- SUm IU hoith i make me laugh s omg to everything. Anna s. soon? Myown personar sex, " education class.lLY.Jen.A.-1naught

hi- No matter e opposite, d write you. You on t lose touch.. wher e" to P * t |St?£yI B my loss for. iqxee and. a oegin. It was v dship lit years and xJippe thi sts, a lifetime. JLuf fo the ju >don H ie in^S0 1 xi\^_yyulj uiivx j. vu. xj-i x .

ts r f f i o8 s , ien f i ! i a 8 “ s

enjoy it and .appreciate vour friends. Some won t be around forever. Thank you to: . M rs Jvam row -1 wish y ,u were going to .college with pie. Thar YOU fo.r 111 miss bi ----y home is ome is my. ourr lam^y fa is f Sm eday you iarry and,£>ob hi. Someda r everything. realise ah that, you do have „ _.. showecLrne the E |M ______ eci „ or a lexio -1 couldLnever ask 1< way into performing. When f pi setter companion. When is pur Oscar,, f fl thank y wedding date? You a r e ! * * m Rks,tQyou,tI adSicfed to, m m r. M0- Keep mtotouch. Who else ;r stop cracking lokqs, Yoi ou lon't ever jokes, rn xoe on toiiarth ave lave are one o: You M c l i U h OU h i y a W M heena good friend to me,Thank need to stop^Pxom.was,,the best c H e ILY.Mr. Huge- You made men of my hfe.ILY,Roaie- If you pulldown miracle. ILYTThe Emmons? You a usurne smile ana I will mjss you my pants again, I m going to really lave a Y T h e Colsons- Call me from harm .you. jLY.K eyint to M g gnywher^ and, 11J,,' ire there are_sk] B a h v r n f.'T h a it o V T o 0 ' mcredible voice. 1~ -.don * ., tknow ., .what1 will do i f f can t1 to 1 marlcs, on Mana Road now. 1 have rliefpn sure th^re are^^kid never been so clumsy around anyone you, every dayiYou are each specsial and 1 love you all.




M om & Dad: Thank You for letting me come to H.P.A, it was alot better than military school. I’m sorry I didn’t call you enough and tell how much I love you guys for supporting me all of my seventeen year's. L a s t Y e a r ’s S e n io r s : Noah: Where are your animals? Mahalos for educating me in the exquisite art o f the guitar. I promise to go to one of your concerts. Wire Monkey Rocked, laters! M organ: W hat can I say, you’re awesome. I really miss you and your voice in the band. I hope your college years are as fun as mine are going to be. love ya babe. Phil: You Nazi I’m going to kill you! Everyone, Everyone get out o f my room. Seriously though I ’m going to miss you big guy; I ’ll have no one to teach me German cuss words. I ’ll see you around but you must grow the hair. Jon: W e missed you at Hartwell’s this ear, we have more people for you to eat down. Class ‘o’ 95': Ivan: I really missed you this year man. I ’m so sorry you couldn’t come back. Remember surfing suicides and the first beach we went to with Otto. Thanks for decorating my bug and I hope I see you around buddy. Mahalos, Your cuz, Che Scott: I ’m glad I had a friend that was here before me. It was really cool diving and talking about our girlfriends. Remember to go to Florida Spring Break. E ric M: It was killer having you as a roomate this year. W ell I won’t have to tell you to have a good time in college because I know you’ll do more than that. See you later stud Kama: Brraahhn, it was cool cruising with you man. What ever you do try not to get caught. Serena: You’re too buff, but your sexy. I’ll miss your upbeat personality, see ya Rob: Orange toss, running through Mauna Kea, surfing those nuge two inch waves. Can’t say I enjoyed prefecting did you? I ’m going to miss you man. M alika: Your a really good positive person. I can’t say I know you that well, but what I do know is really cool. A aro n R: W hatever Snake boy! Ita: Your the sexiest and most cool Malaysian I have ever known. I ’ll miss you next year in college. Speilman: You’re really cool just don’t get arrested. Class o f 9fi' Jason W: I ’m glad you came man. It was fun doing S i that weird stuff with you. I’ll see you around Saudi

Che Bryan you very much when I leave. You made me laugh and I love you very much, bye.

M r. Kam row: Thanks for the help in math and for just bull@#%&* about Culver.

P eter D: Sorry buff man, you’re too huge Peter,but your a “cool gujr

M r. Bryson: Your class was tough, but enjoyable. I ’m glad I can write now.

E ric H: Keep practicing that guitar and you’ll be able to improvise. It should become you. Stop playing football you’ll Ziurt your hands.

People That I Forgot: I ’m sorry if I did foi^g^| you, it doesn’t make you any less loved. Anclif | you ask me I will sign your yearbook twice as 1 much as usual because I forgot you.

Class o f 97' Ethan: What’s that funky bass line! It was fun jamming with you, I ’m sorry our band didn’t fly as high as last year. Do me a favor and keep the music alive here when I’m gone. I ’ll seriously miss you and the music we made. Summer: Hmm, let me see, pen tatoos, music class, and h is t o r y . This is all a strange combination. I really enjoyed our friendship here. I ’m going to miss

Jeff: Remember wipe off your strings.. Thanks for letting me stay over wnen I came to Oahu.

H.P.A: I guess the only thing I really gave youd was a couple o f cool riffs. I wasn’t an honors | student or a star athlete, but I did exist. TH E END:

T ea ch ers M r. Stewart: Thank you for the help in music it was cool having a class where we discuss something meaningful, mahalo again.

Richard Slate Bryson [Kamuela, Hawaii/ As long As I can Remember/ Varsity 'ootball/Wrestling/School and State Choir/3PO/Student ody President/Senator/Drama/Ohana Council Mom-I w ill miss our trips to the beach, singing ■long to Judy Garland CDs, conversations till I [hree o’clock in the morning and most of all, our [ V shows. (48 hours, 60 minutes, 20/20, Prim etim e Live, etc.) Thank you for countless Itep aerobics classes and being so supportive in lyerythin g I ’ve done. bad-Five years of football together. W e’ve made |l good team. W e’ve lost a few, but we’ve won a lo t more. Punch Nathaniel in the shoulder Ivhile I’m away. Watch after Mother as her five I enses fade away. Thank you for giving me the I onfidence in times of doubt and teaching me I hat morality is paramount in all aspects of life. I \Bear-Thanks for coming to all of my events, fou’re the best brother a guy could have. I

Don’t grow too much while I ’m away. Carl-Tnanks for the interesting phone conversations. Thanks for the weekend on Oahu. That was cool! Someday I ’ll get a tattoo. I can’t wait to have an earring, too. Take care, bro! Tepa-”Your heart burns an eternal flame...” Here’s to the Tears, the Tackles, the Tables, the Employment, the Enamorados, the End zones, the Prom, the Paralysis, the Parents, the Allnighters, the Aggravation, the Accidents. “I want a party with music and laughter and tenthousand tons of ice cream!” “Ana that’s the truth!” I love you. Tepa! No matter which coast we end up on, we 11 keep in touch. I pinkie promise.

Malika-What, What, What? I ’m going to have ajiyper spell. “What’s that? It’s Pat?!@” Let’s tango. You’re my sister, and don’t ever forget it. No one can make me laugh like you can. En Vogue, “Ooh, Yesterday...”Robert-The English and the Irish have been fighting for about five centuries; yet, you and I still get along. I will miss you, my limping partner, in college. There will never be another Bubba like you. See ya’ in prison. Ita-I will always regret the four months we didn’t have together. Thanks for always putting my problems before yours. You’re a true listener, hence, a true a friend. Try to pursue a career that’s legal. Take care, sweety. Minda-Your talk at assembly was courageous, articulate, and unforgettable. Tell me when you go to TEXAS. I want to come, too. O f the Pmn., you give the best hugs. I’ll miss our luncn conversations/ arguments. Come to A P Illit. on time for a change. Kevin-I guess Rap is music. Though, I'm not sure. "Spread Love", "Dixit Maria", and "Abendlied", that's music. Remember the Ritz. Learn to take shorter showers. Use your gift, and by that I mean your voice. Thanks for keeping me on key in life and in choir. See ya' in the city. Sarah Coraeiro-Even though you won't graduate with me you're still a large part of my life. Thank you for a shoulder to cry on. There is no one known to me who is as kind as you. You were my friend in my least popular moments. Believe you can accomplish anything, because i f s true. Fritz-I nate short, dark-haired ALTOS! Thank you for teaching me everything I know aLout choral music. You're a tremendous teacher and an even better friend, despite my grade in Math. If you're gonna' do it, do it A Cappella. Mr. Anderson-From goalie in girls soccer to Student Body President you watched out for me. Thanks a lot. Jennifer Fischer-You were my first love, and I'll never forget you. You're the only "rose" to me. Remember: "Brandy!" Our deep conversations on Erik's lanai. Shannon-How many more math tests do we have left? It doesn't bother me that you come from a third world country. M. Nogues and I pick on you, because we love you. Thanks for the early morning study sessions. Willy-Four years of football and numerous debates. Boyscouts. Saturday Night Live! Zang! "I'm gonna' kill you when I grow up." "HEY!" "I love the volleyball uniforms." Witless- O Whitney Girl! You're sooo weidr. Don't forget about Jock's party. I nearly completed that back flip. Try having a boyfriend that's not pretend. I think you'll find him more interesting. "And palm to palm as holy palmers kiss." "Oh she doth teach the torches to burn bright." Sad! Third time's a charm! Peter-We go pile-ons! A jiggawhat? A Jigga boo! You were my favorite center. Don't get nervous in da' service! Brady-Thirteen years. You know I could run faster than you if I wanted to. Brady Boops and Butterfingers fresh guaranteed! Kippy-You still look like a monkey boy. Try not to fall asleep so early at parties. They may turn out more rewarding. Alexa time to have... Miri-The pool at night at the Ritz. Someday we'll see a Barbara Streisand concert. I promise. Billy-You're gonna' be a great captain. Vaya con Dios! Four years of football together. Thanks for keeping me straight. Keep the faith! Jeff Hughes-Stop calling me Victor! Hustle to the ball. When are we going to meet those girls from Honoka'a. Special Thanks to: M. Nogues, Ms. Michel, Mr. Provencal, Mr. Gallegos, Mr. Hughes, Ms. Moore, Cathy Carlisle, Frank Jacober, and Kenny Margerum.

Mom/ Chris: Thanks for all or support and help through out the years. I will always remember you guys for ever and remember all the sacrifies that you guys had done for me. Without all your support I wouldn't have been the person I am today. Thanks again, love you P.S. and Chris I can still beat you up so better watch out! Dad/ Anne: It's been 3 hard years to communicate with you, and now after all of that it wasn't worth it to argue with one another and fight all the time. W e lost so much fun and good time that we couldv'e spent with each other during those last 3 years. Now I thank you for cooling down a bit, but you still need more work on it cuz. Thanks for you and Anne's support through out the years, love you. Robyn/Baby Kaleo:Hey big sis, thanks for your support and love as a big sister.Without you kicking my butt all the time I wouldv'e been one messed up brother that you wouldv'e had. Baby Darwin thanks for all the trouble you gave Uncle. I am glad to have a nephew like you. Be good and Uncle loves you . Ma/Papa/Freddy Boy:Thanks for being great grandparents to me and Uncle Fred thanks for being a great pal. Thanks for all the support you guys gave me and helping me out through out the years. M a you're the greatest. Oh Uncle Fred let me have your truck when I come down. Love you all. The Cabanilla's, LaBoy's, and the Nakao Families :Thanks for all your support and being their for me.You guys are the greatest. Thanks for putting up with this bruddah. Sorry for all the humbug I gave you guys. Thanks, Love you all. Honeygirl: Well, we been together for a long time, through bad and good times and we always seem to work things out one way or the other. Thanks for all the support that you gave me, even though I never listen all the time. Love you always and forever. Quit pinching me all the time, sore you know. Love you. Da Kona/ Waimea/ Old Airport Crew: Kip you football stud. W hy do you get so many penalties? We been hrough a lot all these years and became great pals. You just like one older brother to me. Remember 3rd grade time, and now look at us. Can you belive this? Take it easy, and watch out for those road blocks. Chad: Another football stud with his broken hand all the time. What you going break next? You one thick bull, but I can still lick you and suck up Root B. more than you can. Take it easy. Peter: You one crazy Hapa guy I ever knew. The most cars that anyone could have through out his years in High school. No palu to much, and quit being a bullrugged. CowBoy: The greatest roper, widereceiver when he catches the ball, a stud, and a great pal. Mahalo/ Aloha, Give me your Truck and Silky. Kaaua: What a poch who drives a bookbook truck, nice singing voice, Palu B.#2, policeman with the R.D.B., and a great cuz, quit being a Jamien Wong Wantabee, Aloha Supe Suckemup. Peter Moon: Whas up! Puiside you dolo. Take it easy, and no fail your Englis next year. Billyboy: Freddie! Mahalo for everything, hope you do "good" in football, and keep drinking Pepsi, Aloha. Shaneboy: Whas-up, you Honeyboy, Palu B.#3 always making humbug to everyone and your parents. Study hard and be good no

R. Kainoa Cabanilla Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 2 years Varsity Volleyball 4 years Chicken Fighting/ 4 years at Old A's make trouble. Aloha Bro. Jared S.: You beefa, take it easy and stick some Waikea punks N.Y. Mons: Another crazy hapa, with the voice of Gary and the fingers o f Peter. Take it easy and keep H.H. in line. Yoshi T: The local Japanese. I knew you bullrugged. Got stuck by Kohala, flew 20ft. back. Love you all and take care. M y 3 Room­ mates: You guys were the greatest, messy-ist, the stinkist, and so quite compared to me, but I still loved you guys. Take it easy, and remem­ ber you will never have a roommate like me again! Never mind about me and my G.F.'sP.

The 4 Tahitians: Heimata, Heirama, Maui, Ethan, Thanks for everything. Heimata the Tahitian-bull, using the toilet with James Brown, in the shower telling jokes/singing, telling you all my problems. Heirama set me bedda, you mullet, teach me those bad sayings, sing better. Maui you bookbook stud, jump higher and stop farting. Ethan teach me how to play the guitar/bass, stop making those funny faces at me in Spanish class, throw more things in Rae's fro. Love you all/take care.


| Arjun Banerjee Clarry Cross Country/ Track/ Poi Dog ^Thanks to my parents need not be stated here. Arati- You have strange taste. Our common interests are interesting. Everything else are shades of grey. I still can't believe you gave up chocolate. Bankers have a purpose, or absolutely no purpose. I think the latter. Mrs Y.- Thank you for trying to keep me in line. I'm going to go on to pursuemy real interests, and stay off of [academics for a while. Thank you again and again for everything. Ms. Michel- Quelle fromage! jQue queso! Spench and Franish, what wonderful subjects! Puis j'alais al cuarto de baiio? iLook at the dog with one eye! The speedbump. Koopi is so civilized. Thank you for always smiling and your support. Mr. Honma- Thank you for coaching and teaching me many valuable lessons. Miyamoto Musashi was a wise man. Mr. Watson- Thanks for taking me to the greatest places. There are still places where we need to go. All the things I lhave learned from you will be put to use-they are things I wquld rather be doing all the time. All the insights from you lalso helped me broaden my ideas about many different of things. Erwin D. The common roommate. Rice, shredded pork, saimin, "I'm hungry" late at night. You talk in your sleep. The iPrefect Beater. Joy! I like it! Do you have sports today? I'll come visit you in Surabaya or wherever you are someday. ■Doorknob! . _ ... , T, Kristian S You're twisting my melon man! I like your music. Procrastinating won t be the same without you. 1m just I going to take a little nap... Let's go to breakfast tomorrow. Fun on the beach with Liz and Deanna. Neanderthal mating I call. I wonder where A.Hadviger is, maybe looking for something worth fifty cents? I f you're a prefect next year, be sure to I beat on the brats with the proper tool. Supercomputers and mean machines, I bet you 11 get to drive the Ferrari and the ■Range Rover. Your brother in-law is my kind of guy. . . , ,„ „ Kenny G. The solar car was never meant to be the same. Good times working on it, where s that wrench/ Organizing I the garage was just a dream. Don't do that with the ___ ! (specify tool of choice )Money, we need money. Going around I Mauna Kea was an adventure, a one point faceplant landing with 30 stitches for me and a backward slide and fractured I finger for you. Have to do it again. Fixing sounds for a Ghia cruisemobile-too bad I never got a ride. All the cool projects

Melissa M alia Cook Hilo, Hawaii?/ 4Yrs./Happily Married.... mommy-mom, you mean so much to me, I love you more than you can imagine! you aren’t just my “mom”, you re my best friend and my Godsister! Fm always here for you, thank you so much for everything you’ve ever done for me.... Paku-you’re irritating and stubborn and weird, but I love you. I ’ll remember the good times whatever happens! thanks for everything. Siblings-I love you- never forget, even though you don’t think I do, I do.goocfluck in everything you do-I’m always here for you. Tamara don’t worry-I think you’ll get in. Grammy-thank you for this opportunity. It means much to me. This gift is immortal. I love you. BJ & Joey-you are my two favorite guys in the whole wofld.I love you and know that things are gonna work out. daddy-even though you aren’t gonna be there on my big day, i know i f it was you’re choice, you w ould. I lo v e you. G ram p y- E v e n th ou gh you a re n ’t here, I k n o w you ’re w ith me. Thank you-I love you. Mr. Bryson-thanks for everythm g!I love vouyou’re my third dad. Thanks for that “F= , you taught me to accept failure, (is everything grammatically correct?) Thank you to:the Cordeiro’s, the Breslow’s , , the Bryson’s, Aunty Yasmin, Aunty Karen, & Mr. O’Donohue. Thank You to Aunty Joan for everything, I miss you. Minda-where do I start? Freshman, fights, mac & cheese,clothes,chili &shredded lettuce.the bells, roommates,Richard(PS, we made it up!), families...what haven’t we shared? I’d eat you but you’re bloated. I ’ll never forget that you don t need an “F ”ing psychiatrist!! love you-PS,

do you want gum? Ita-don’t you ever get kicked out again! !Don’t forget that we’re going to NYtJ together, but you’re gonna bring you’re own fooa!All I can say is that you are the sex goddess, what more could you want? Lasi-What to say to my first roommate? I love you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I ’ll come visit you in the land of the “Forbidden Chicken”. Miriss-I love you dahling!! Thank you so much for everything. No, I don t have “B period Haiawana... Remember-all your problems are relative. Laura-Large hole2, I ’m gonna miss you.Who else will be my gemini friend?you’re such a sweetie, I ’m glad that you don t hate me anymore! Rosie-I’m gonna miss your stink Guatamalan self so much. How come you never let me borrow your clothes, hmm... you used to. oh well, i still love you. PS I don’t have a gut!! Dicky-Hey baby!I don’t care what you say-I still think that you nave the nicest “beep” in the world. PS-'Tm confusing1' I love you. Thanks for always being there for me.PS-we’re all in the dark... Teppy-I love you-and what else can I say besides thank you?We had some times that I don’t think you’re allowed to print. Doritos and sour cream....etc. Screvin-listen you tall, white, nah, I won’t finish. “I ’m so scrappy, ‘what’s Indonesia?, your mama’s so fat... I love you. you’ve been there for me-and that counts more than you know! Chuckles-from kindergarten to 12th grade is a dam long time-what ? Thank you so much for

everything. SAD!! I love you. Hugs-Tt’s like chicken smell outside...’’Always 1 keep in mind that you had to practice to be sleazy... Cuz-what I going do without you to make me 1 laugh? Thank you so much for everything,for j being my friend. Sha-ne-ne-Hello dahlink!! I love you-.I’ll still j never understand why you’re so happy all the I time, but thanks for cheering me up. I ’m trying to do homework-it’s very important. Emileeee-you are the greatest person in the I whole wide world! I love you and we’re gonna be on Dance Party someday.Show me the Secret ] Remedy for zifs, and give me your number so | when i nave raw booty, I can call you. Kath-I love you. You re so funny and sw eet. Don’t worry, loy the time you read this, you’ll probably have a guy and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. j Sister-how can you say that I don’t love you?you better stay out of trouble when I’m gone-yeah j right! Please try!?!Remember, I ’ll always be j your real sister, and not your sister-in-law.PS are you comfortable? Williss-someday will you please cook for me? If you really want to, you should be a chef. Witness-Nihongo de?you are soooo beautiful and soooo funny!! Boner-who knows what’s gonna happen this year? A ll I know is that I love you right now at ' this very moment. No declarations of forever love-it’s not a perfect world.I love you, love you, love you.Always know that. Don’t be blazing trails with anyone else, okay, and just don’t get anybody pregnant!

Christine 'Tepa" Kehaulani Cordeiro Waimea-13 years- Football manager-yearbook editor-S.A.D.D presidentstudent council [mom& dad- A ll I feel can’t be put linto words. You’ve done so much for i me and you’ve made me the best erson I can he. Including a spoiled rat, which I love the most! While I’m I away always remember how much I I love you and that I ’ll always be your I one and only “ little girl.” I love you I guys. I aunties. Tepa, Queenie^ Debbie, I Alex, Tamara, Mona, Linda, Sally I & B em ie uncles. Bob, Les, Reg, I Norbert-Thanks for all the support I and always going out of your way for I me no matter wnat it took. I love you I Jennie- Take care of yourself. I M r. Bryson-I can’t thank you for all you’ve done. All I want to say is that I j love you dearly and you will always be I with me in my heart. Miss M ich el-Thanks for all the I favors, breaks and most of all, all the I smiles. You are a very special person I who always puts others first and that I is really hard to find. I ’ll miss you. I Doo-doo-girl-Yoong- A better sister I I could never have asked for. You I bring me up when I’m down. I’ll


Johny- Kevin’s a better footbal player always remember and cherish you and but IL Y anyway. Emminee- You you’ll always he my sister. I Love you. have big boobies! Meggy- Got a date Saralapua-Learn from your errorsfor prom or should we go to Don’t dwell in the past. "Never withdraw from a world that is vast. If lsd?Chrissypoo- Baby got ever there’s a moment when you need a back!Lianne- Why were you always a better manager? NAh IL Y Iw a -My A. friend to listen, if ever someone can P. Bio buddy I would not be reach out to dry the tears that glisten, I’ll be there.If you need encouragement graduating if it weren’t for you I love to help you on the way, if you just need You. Joy- Joy-1 love you Fu Fu!! ! a cheerfu Ivoice to pull youthrough the Kevinday, I’ll he there, flo v e you. H ’Sien- Some of the best times of my Love comforteth like sunshine life have been spent with you. And after the rain.-W. Shakespeare there are so many more yet to come. I love you. You've given me laughter, you've Malika- Potatoes, chacaroni & meese. given me friendship, we've shared Nihon go no kurasu. I love you. our dreams gave me Robbie- You’re so pretty! Be good to your heart... I will always love you Malika I love you, Tepi for it. I can’t remember what life Thanks for always being there. was everlike without you. Follow P. S. I hope so. your dreams and don t ever Ita JalaTalalalaluddin- Keep your panties on and don’t leave campus with change. I love you with all my heart and soul... Grow old along Shuler. J.K. with me, the best is yet to be.-Tepa Jen F.- Best Riends! Brady B.- 23 I wanna be like Brady B. 23! WillyAnd we lived Grunt! I'll see you in Seattle ILYH

Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything! You’ve been by mv side through good and bad times. I wouldn’t have made it tbis far without you! I know that I don’t always show how much I love and appreciate everything you’ve done for me but just remember I do! I love you guys so much, and as I leave to start lif e on my own, I ’ll always remember your love and generosity! You’ve done a great job! M arc: I ve missed you this past year! For your question that needs to be answered, yes, we are related no matter how badly you disagree!//, Y M andi: Stop growing up so fast! You're supposed to stay little forever! I hope that I am blazing a much easier path for you! Just don’t get too wild !//Y G randpa: I am so glad you ve come to watch us grow up! I ’m sorry I am not home as much as you’d like me to be, but hey, I need to party! Thanks for being my chauffeur!/LY Grandm a: Your love and support will never be forgotten \ILY Jenn: M y partner in crime and best friend! I don’t know how I would have made it through my high-school years without you! I am s o rry ! was not as sensitive as you would have liked, but I p ro m is e j TRIED! Hey, I made you laugh didn’t I! Don’t ever forget all the great times we’ve had together because I know I won’t!/LY my sweet pumpkin”! Don’t forget to pray for me! Sarah: Sunbathed on any great cars lately? “Beaches” ‘T a t girls wanna be touched too!” The memories and experiences that we’ve shared will never be forgotten! Thanks for watching out for me and for giving me your shoulder to cry on\ILY Caitlyn: M y twin! When’s your birthday? You are such a sweet heart! Your heart (and voice) brought a smile to my face!//,Y Devon: “Miss Originality” When you become a famous model or actress you better not forget about me! Zac and Mickey’s houses! When are you going to get your licence?/LY “W H A T !” Cindy: My driving: partner! Isn’t driving just an adrenaline rush? Your house 94 and my nose fixation! Lava Java! I think we're delirious \ILY Whitney: How much do we love this school? D ivers rule! Stop being so perfect! It makes the rest o f us look bad! I will never forget you and what a bad influence you ve been on me! Thanks!//,Y T: Thanks for being so patient and understanding! It seems like only yesterday we were in preschool togetherf/LY (P.S. Thanks for the eigthgrade dinner dance!) Kippy: M y little brother! Jack-In-The-BoxTreshman year! Old M ill Road! I promise my phone call was important!/LY Luukia: M y Grateful Dead buddy! Malibu Rules! East coast bound! What happened to our rampage this year?/LY Runt:T)on’t ever forget graa party ’93! Stop stealing everyone’s boyfriends! I ’m sorry for all the times I ’ve made you cry llL Y Alex: Thanks for all the long talks and for all your extra help 1 L Y (P.S. I don’t do those bad things anymore!) Peter: You are too cool for words!/LY B rady: Your truck has a sweet what 1IIY L aura: Kalopa ruled! Block Party ’94! Thanks for coming roller blading with me!/LYRoyce: W e v e had quite a few great adventures together! W e’ve made it, so we must not have messed up too badly! Thanks for sharing them with m e 'IL Y Kenny: A ll o f your extra time and help made it possible for me to pass junior year\ILY Ryan: The Kona scene has been fun! I L Y Erik: Hey shorty! Loose your short complex! I m still taller! JL Y Sky: Sneaking out Spring Break ’93! Your little party sophomore year\ILY Asa: You're welcome at my house any time, for french fries! California, States (2yrs!) Partying in Kona. Thanks for always making me smile! I ’ve missed partying with you this year \ILY Erica Z: I ’ve missed you these past three years! I ’ll never forget all the great memories we’ve shared!/Z/Y B ra t Pack: M y summer crew. Thank you for all my childhood swim club memories! They will never be forgotten\ILY guys! Lia: Sneezy, Thank you for always aaving an open ear! You are a beautiful . person, donT ever think other wise! I know m the beginning we hated each other, but through the end, that brought us closer! I could go on forever, just remember nothing beats a Blockbuster night!//,Y Bryan: Your friendship has meant so much to me! You have no idea what kind of impact you have on me! I will never forget you lIL Y Special Thanks to.. Mommy and Daddy

Megan Lei Cooperson Kona Hi/ HPA 7yrs/Diving/ X-Country/ Amnesty International Fischer: Thank you for always keeping your door open to me! I will never forget your kindness! Thanks for making me laugh and for all the special trips to town!/LY E rica F.'You were an awesome chaperone!/LY Jason F: Thanks for all the party’s! I L Y Aunt Karen: To my mainland mommy. Thanks for all the great advice on my boyfriends./LY Aunt Eileen andTJncle Bob: You guys are the true party animals, thanks for the tipsIZLY Teachers: Mr Dunlap, Mrs Tate, M r Perry, M r Conley, and M r and Mrs Rizzuto: Thank you for being my advisors and coaches. Your help and support has helped to make my high-school years a lot easier! Underclassm en: You are almost finished with the hardest years o f your life! It goes by so quickly! When you finally make it to the end you want to do it all over again. Slow down, you’ll never get a

second chance! Class o f 1995: To the few that made it! jH Congratulations! This has been an experience I w ill never forget! Thank you all for sharing it with me! I LOVE YO U GUYS! “N othin Left To D o B ut Smile, Smile, Smile” -Grateful Dead “W hen Y o u r D e e p e s t T h ou g h ts A r e Broken, Keep on Dreamin, Boy, Cause When You Stop Dream in it’s Time to D ie!” -Blind Melon 'L o ve is Real, N ot Fade A w ay!" -Grateful Dead

David Craig pears varsity football/2 years varsity track/1 year V. track/4 years of buildups )ad-Thank You for sacrificing so much in rder to give us what we needed and vanted. I know it might not seem like it, mt I really do appreciate everything you lid for me. Thank you. dom-It’s too bad I did not get to spend as nuch time as I wanted to spend with you piys, but I enjoyed every minute that I lid. Thank you for being there for me vhen I needed you. ieather-(sis) We fought a lot of the time,

but it wasn’t half as bad to have you around as I let on. Enjoy these next two years. Ginger+Jasmine-I’m so sad I won’t be around to see you two grow up. Lianne-What can I say. You have been one of the best friends I have ever had. You were always there for me with good advise and a putdown. As for my advise to you; you worry about things waaaaay too much. If you didn’t let things get to you so much you wouldnt get dehydrated. You could have filled a pool

already. Its been good times and bad times, but you were always there (except for a certain weeks time). I just hope you realize all I have done for you. Nah just joking. We have to make the best of the rest of this year and the summer. I’ll miss you a lot when I leave (if I graduate). Another thing.... I never diss. Rob H.-Its been fun. You’ve been a great friend since Waimea school days. We should have gone crazing way more than we did. Keep in touch. P.S. I never cheat. Charito D.-325 crazing, sounds pumping, good stuff! I’ll probably join you at UHH. Serena Dwver-Thanks to you I probably wont be able to have kids. Rovce G.-Yes. I’m in your math class this year. Rae E.- We tried to help the cause, I guess it didn’t work. Leah M.-No more barney song. I know I joke around choke, but you’re cool. You and your sidekick Jenn take care. Jenn A.-Whats up neighbor. I could say the same thing to you as I said to Leah, soAAAAA. Stay cool. Alex H.-Stop calling me names dork. You can be sooooo annoying. You’re lucky I didn’t go psycho and buss you up. Nah just joking, all of its been fun. Kennv G.-Stop busting the physics curve. Peter Dahlberg-You clown, stay in school and don’t get into too much trouble. How’s those two big things in psychology class? Bradv B.-Bradley Bergin, thanks for the rides home and stuff. Kippy-Don’t worry I didn’t do the English homework either. Robert Olson-You better go to a collage that servs pog. Lu A.-What, you think you are cool just because you are the quarterback? Just joking. Willv W.-”WalI of doom” good luck in other football programs. Kevin W.-I admire you a lot for trying so hard in football even though it was your first year. Kevin T.-”Greese Buddah” You are going to kick but next year. Grant K.-This ones for you Johnson. Blake M.-Even though you catch the ball now and then you are still sort of a lineman. Yes. cool. O. line-We have the most thankless position but we still gave 100%. Its been fun. I guess. Mr. Brvson-Thanks for all the slaps to the head and the yanking of my ears, I needed it. The football team-Camp wasn’t that bad was it? Yeah right. The SENIORS-Good luck to all of you. Class of 95 rulez! To everyone I forgot, and there is a lot of you, good luck in what you choose to do and I hope everything works out o.k.

Mom, Dad, Shea-Shea: No words and not nearly enough actions can ever make me feel comfortable in your presence. All of you have given me so much and stood by me through thick and thin-thank you for believing in me and caring for me. One of these days I’ll find the way, don’t worry-I love you all. Alex H.: What’s up Mama Bear? We’ve been together since 2nd grade and you’ve always been a little punk! Nah, you’ve been a great bud and your Birthday have always been “da bes”-keep killin it, and don’t take jokes so damn seriously. Brady B How come you always turn around when I say “FAG,” Let’s here some bass-Okav: Silver Truck? “Da Boys” Balls to the Walls, Three Amigos; we’ve had some good times and been best buds forever, Cowboy Country and remember #23 shreds. Kippy S.: So what boss, work pit. Loudest snorer in the world; Sohriakoff says “stay in school” “we go Old A’s, tonight” Dawn Patrol Crew- how big was that wave we paddled over-Huge! Ultimate Killah, Heartbreaker Sohriakoff Richard B.: So what Mr. President? Party your house-pumping dolls at the top of the stairs-We go Pylons! How was Jenny Raditchs house, got the munchies for cheese and salsa-you’ve been a great bud and tried to keep my butt out of trouble, much majalos! Yoshi T: Wot Doing? So what, Paizooti! Mean battle scars on your helmet, Banzai! Asahi pizza. Take me to Macierls! Willy W: What, Mama Jama! This ones for you Jensen. So what, football bus, break out the magazine and make some “man milk” Bring da wedge! Grant K: Ho Grant, you one big Portagee boy now! Party Jason Fox’s house, watch the fan and then we go play slip and slide;pass out! Nah Take it easy and keep up the clown punching. Aaron S.: Volleyball, the real man’s sport-can’t even yell at the game-keep pumping that iron, you’re huge! Yoshi K.: You got the magic hands Rob O.: Ho tough guy, you one huge bugga- Richard’s party, how’s the Orange Juice? Robert O: Malama Ana- we go rumble! Ultimate POG man! ROTC boys fo life, take it easy and “I’ll see you in the tube.” Sean G: Giffterd Rob H: What, box lunch? You gotta tell me how it tastes! Heimata H: Talofa Tenge-Take it easy and watch out for my late hits-oops! Austin E.: fisshher, rough guy O.P.P with the jungle bunnys Kainoa C.: Freddy Boy; Mauna Kea Sugar-So when we goin ride horse? Flyin’

Peter Dahlberg Fliperican; take it easy and keep in touch-no foget Oakleys is love-4343434343 69 Team Blovo: Jen-Jen, Coop, Devon, Caitlyn, Tiffany-Good luck and keep the hubcaps ofifNah, its been alot of fun and thanks for crusin Kona with us losers. Drive us to the Hyatt-just kickin it! Boones Crew for life(Hawaiin Sun) Shane K.: Shane Boy-jacked up Filipino truck? T.: What, lunch time tree line? Keep on it! Chad S.: So what Darth? Big rough and tough growler at the Kohala boys! Billy P.: Every three-U or me? Physics class, chokin fun eh? 2-ball collision- Take your

Mucho Mango already! Take it easy and play hard next year. Nainoa: Bust a move! Senior Girls and everyone I forgot: Its been alot of fun and plenty of good times j and I’m glad I got back to share them witl all of you-Take it easy and keep in touch, j Good Luck and take care: Jared S(Butt-Moose), Mike M., Takeshi(sup cuz), Lu A.(Lu Lu), Kevin T.(Grease Buddha), Marshall S., Anold A., Devin 1 M, Blake M., Chris M, Max S., Chris S., 1

Laura Dierenfield iom : Gently and quietly you have devoted your pie to us. Your heart will be forever giving, I ’m lorry I haven’t made it so easy. I love you lad: “I f there is magic in this world it lies in the l a ” You taught me this. Your strength and Ssion will lead me in directions I never thought lasted. Love you. Ireg: Your gift to create laughter will make you p e a t someday. Sorry for all the sisterly abuse, pave fun being the only child! I ’ll miss you. Hake new friends but keep the old, one is silver l i d the other gold. laitlyn : The diamond among the stones, shining jrightest. I f everyone had your heart the world jlould be a beautiful place. I love you. lindy: “Laughy-face!”, Kona runs, nowboarding! Friends since Kindergarten and mrever. I admire your originality, it will take |ou far. W e could take on Pipeline with a little lio re practice!


Tiffany: Senior boyfriends may come and go, but we will be friends always. You could destroy any guy with your smile or one swift karate move. Heather: Muddy Mana runs, crazy off-island trips and your random bursts of craziness. I admire your internal strength in everything you do. “Nope, guys in general have no butt” H ’sien: Your strength has already healed your mind and it will heal your body in time. I ’ve missed your laugh these past months but I know it still rings happily. Jenny: The bubbling stream of laughter within you will never dry up and your smile is the perfect remedy to a bad day. IL Y Devon: My twin in aerobics class. Will we ever forget BM years down the road? Oh well, we have college men to look forward to. W e’ll cruise in Santa Barbara- kay? Whitney: I ’ve never seen so much talent in such a little body! You will go far- singing all the way

Megan: You have a heart of gold. Thanks for letting us laugh at you-with you!! Jennifer: thanks for letting me squish in your car on Saturday nights and wanting to include everyone always. Scrooge, Chewy: I want a house just like yours when I grow up! Friends always, IL Y Shea: You are the master of random acts of kindness and senseless acts of joy. We should have a Simon and Garfunkel marathon one d Robbie: Beneath your sweet, kind, and gentle face lies a tough girl that can do anything. Believe in yourself! Tara: Horse lover you may be but you’re fast!! Your smile says sunshine every day, call me for a ride from Kona any time! Rana: Maybe we will see each other in a random place like Disneyland someday! In your quiet way you are a joy to know. Mike: Even though you are a carbon copy of my brother you are an individual too. Thanks for the friendly hello’s. Chad: I think you were the one who taught me that being shy gets you nowhere. Even i f you don’t ever read this, I’m still thinking of you. Kenny: Thanks for all the physics and math help. Have fun in St. Louis-Friends 4ever. Richard: So what will it be first, President, Broadway dancer or professional quarter­ back? You’re a great guy under all that male chauvinism. Joe: Your a nut!! I hope you’re just as crazy when your a mighty business man. Andy: Hurdle club, Tahoe, San Francisco, thanks for being so nice to me. I ’ve missed you this year. Oxy-Morons(S.B.,A.R.,C.R,C.D): Thanks for the best summer ever, Catalina, Studying ‘till 3, and exploring underground tunnels111 remember forever”Oh Yeah!” Mr. Shutes: My teacher and best friend. You have made such an impression on me. I’ll carry your kind words through out life. Mr. Conley: You really have made me stronger. Thanks for giving me something to be proud of. Good Luck next year. Judy: Thanks for making me so welcome in your home, it’s like my second home. I ’ll really miss trying to help you decide which shoes to wear in the morning. Mr. Honma: I don’t think I caught all the inside jokes in psych, class Mr. Gallegos: Thanks for teaching me another way to express myself. Girls Cross Country team: I can’t believe I ’m saying this but I’ll miss all our afternoon workouts and nerve-wracking meets. Keep Conley under control! I love you guys! Good Luck To: Alana C., Nani G., Tori S., Elena C., Helene H., Maui P.(even though you may not be aware of my existence) Sarah M., Elena C., Emily R., Dana C., Teri H., Meghan W.(kic kbut in soccer next year), T iff Q., Pua M.( have fun cruising Kona next year) For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Sandskrit Proverb To the class o f ’95- Contrary to popular belief, we turned out alright. Good luck in love and life. Always have something beautiful in sight, even if its just a daisy in a jelly glass.

Erwin Djaja Surabaya-Indonesia/ 3 years/ Judo/ Dormprefect M om and D ad : Hai !!! Mamie, papie, I made it through. Thanks for everything, for the opportunity that enabled me to attend and graduate from this school, for the moral support that you have given me throughout the year. I love you both ! Ma, Pa, kabeh anake wes lulus SM A lho !!! Wesgede-gede to ?! Jadi Erwin nek pulang malem ojok dienteni, O K ?!! LOVE Y A !!! Alex, Deasy: Lex, we both experience hard times in the similar way for the past three years. Trust me, I know what it is like, but HEI, I finally made it here, and soon I ’ll catch up with you, so you better work harder !! Thanks for everything. Des, ojok mokongmokong !! Ojok ngalem ae !!! Mikiro sekolah sana lho ketimbang mikirno kado ambek oleholeh tok !!! Grandm a: Mak, Erwin wes lulus SM A lho, masio gitu nek Erwin pas males makan dewek, dulangen ya ?!? I love you ! Take care !!! M r. Gallegos: Galegos, Googlios, Galapagos or whatever they call you with, thank you for everything! Thanks for all the helps and advises. You’re the best advisor I have ever had. I ’m gonna miss those advisor meetings, bowling time, and most of all the “snack” at the end of my h a ll! Once again, I love you, and I ’m gonna miss you. I have to go now, I have to empty my trash. Well, muchas gracias and adios amigo. A rjun: Lots of good things we’ve shared together. Remember the night shift at the beach ?Arjun, get your own “elephant” supply , don’t worry about me, ‘cause I ’m — > “Indonesian”. A iju n Why the hell am

I talking to you right now ?!? You’re probably still in the shower anyway. Sanchez: W e came at the same time. We lived in the same room. W e stayed up late together. W e had saimin together. W e washed our judo-gi together. We cooked rice together. W e had the same computer games. We procrastinated together. W e got scum-squad for messy room together. But, most of all — > H A H A HA, I am done with my high school, and you’re n o t !!! M a rk H: Stud braddah !! Question — >Why did God give Phillipinos noses ? — > So they’d have something to pick in the o ff season. (Just joking) I love ya ! Kaisit: Stay out o f trouble ! Find a new story­ teller for your “Oriental Heroes”. Kaisit, to tell you the truth — > You aren’t getting bigger at a l l !!! (muscle wise). Ray: Keep those pants on, or else I ’ll pass “the picture” around. Good luck in the future. M ike M: Whaz up “Big Red” ? A guy with a fro On his chin. Be nice to others, especially your roommate. Roy: Roy, where are you ?!? Oh never mind, you’re playing your civilization game again ! Joe K: OOONGGGGAAA !!!! Thanks for the math and physic homework !!! Take care and don’t ever change Sisca, Robert, Sonya, W illiam , Agus, dll: Anak -anak, Erwin sudah gede lho, sudah lulus SM A !!! Thanks for being there when I need you guys in Indonesia. You guys are the b e s t!!! Kenneth: Stop jamming that fender ! ‘cause you suck ! Naa, just kidding. Keep it up ! Rock n’ R o ll! G N R is gay ! K elli’i, Travis, Shalom, and gank: H ush ! Shut up ! I feel

sorry for the prefects next year. Grow up ! Lovel you guys ! Reggae rules ! Kevin W: H ei bro ! j Thanks for teaching me the “American” way of j taking shower. You’re a great guy. Don’t ever I change (I mean don’t be like the rest o f the population in SF) J eff Y: It’s SERIOUS K IN D ! Soccer for life !!!! It has been great prefecting j with you. Take care man, ‘cause no one will baby-sit you in the future. Good luck and by thfl way, NO SOCCER IN TH E H A L L W A Y !!! Joji; Tokita, let’s talk about your sex life !!! Naaa. • Stay out o f trouble and good luck in the future. M rs. Y: I feel sorry that I wasn’t in any of your; classes, but I ’m glad that we have you in the dorm. Thanks for everything, and take care. M r. Stewart: Thanks for everything, for being! great teacher (A P Computer, Geometry, Choir).] You’re such a great teacher that I could hardly ) stay awake in your class. Good Luck in the future. M iss Michel: Thank you for everythin! for being understanding and taking care of us j throughout the year. You’re the best dorm-hea< ever. Love ya !!! Thank you to: Mr. Watson, ] Mrs. Watson, Mr. Hall, Mr. Bryson, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Rizzuto, Miss. Donahue, Mr. Victorine, Mr. Hughes, Miss. Matsuda, Mr. Bleckel. Best o f luck to: Atsuma N, Chang, Scott L, Scott K, Bowm K, Takeshi M, Koichiro O, A rati C, Ryo. People in my hall: Thanks foj all the great memories. You guys are great. Don’t ever change, and keep in toucH. —CARPI DIEM —PE AC E — --PEACE--

perena Hokulani Dwyer(Conana) ohala /4 yrs / Swimming 13 yrs om and Dad: Thanks for believing in me & pporting me. You went out o f your way many mes & I appreciate it very much. Thanks for ur trust. I honestly do love you. Dee: Resist e temptation to buy a boat. Keep your watch 5 in. fast. N ever buy somthing you don’t need st ‘cause it’s on sale. Baba: Everything I’ve ver accomplished, you’ve made possible, hanks! I Love You. Verano: I still have that ruise on my left shoulder. Just smile and nod. /e gotta go to Maui together, minus the m ts.ILY Alme & Olani: You’ve shown me that 11things are possible. IL Y David & Jeremy: [hanks so much for all o f your talks, prayers, elp, and love! FLEE! IL Y M alia & Kehau: You ill always be my best friends. We gotta surf [apania & Lighthouse. IL Y Sara & SueGie:

“Release the W HAT?!” Good times coloring at Anna’s. Reds & greens are the best colors, wouldn’t you agree? Unga, no more yahas. “Don’t you wish your finger was in his mouth?” Study hall in the hall! “OH my God! you spelled my name right!” So what, you going home for the weekend? What’s a perfect fourth? Breakfast sucks! IL Y Suki: Oh my god! I actually live in the same room as her. AAH H H ! You’re the coolest person in the world. You want water? I ’m joining a nudest colony. IL Y Vanda: “Enjoy every year of your life cause someday you’ll be dead.” Thanks for the shoes. Kanis: Every day is an opportunity to improve, don’t waste it. Kick but! Billy Goats: “Figaro, figaro, figaro!” Don’t scare too many freshman girls with your naked bodies. How’s the speedo tan? Swim hard. Don’t let Waikea Beat us any more! E-Thug: “I’ve got Trakiaitis” States is gonna rule this year...just like ’92! J.K. Pipes. Keep

that stomach down this summer. Last Action Whore? Deep Throat Two? Don’t be to skanky with the swimmers next year. J.K. You’ve been a great friend. IL Y Jessica: Remember when it was just the two of us? Kanoi: “FIGARO” Don’t ya just love Costco? Tom: See ya at 2000! MinTin: Hey buff chick! It’s raining, no, it’s pouring. It’s a frickin’ hurricane. Damn, we had a lot o f fun. Miris: You made me fat with all those cookies! Good talks! Richi: Can I rape you? Kainoa: Hui manong! Maliks: I want that video tape! Tara: We had 2 much fun at 2 many parties. Rob & Dave: You don’t smell that bad.JK Lasi: Your laugh is catching! Tiff: We still gotta talk. Whit: Chicken burgers. Alex: Nice guys always win in the end. Thanks for a life o f memories. Fins & Fingers (Maui). IL Y Ita: You didn’t really stop did you? Shenaenae: You were always there for me. IL Y Joe: Learn to identify the music o f Chopin, Mozart, & Beethoven. Scott: Chupar, Soplar, Tener Sexo, Como me. You shoulda been there. Leah: Pines, Kua Bay, Waipio, Guys. Stick in there girlie. Robert: W ill you go to prom with me? Kippy: Video tape it all! Willy: You’re killin’ me. I can’t handle it! Sarah: Don’t do it man! I shoulda listened. Noah: You da bes. Peter Dods: Let’s ride to town. IL Y Heirama: Do you have a tail? IL Y Melinda: Hey wet face! Nick-You’re taking growing pills? How’s your endurance? Jason W.: Do that thing with your tongue. Duncan, Ta’i, Robi, Jenny Lee: GUYS SUCK! Tori: I feel sorry for you. Just hit him. Sean G.: Good talks at MKB. Can I try your br@ on? Tyler: You want to what? Street fighter, Real Sex 5, Speed Racer, which room? “Surf, golf, eat, sleep, crap! How’s that go?” IL Y Max: Can I pop your zits? Riley: You stud! I f in a fight, hit first & hit hard. A ll you: Forget the Jonses! Sean-You’re Creeeeeeep! Aaron: You are so irritating! Thanks for the memories. (I can’t forget!) Where’s Bo?Ryan-Party at Pines. Gabe: Good times Waipio, Hapuna, Pines, (Puking on you). Kama: What? Buy whatever kids are selling. Call 1-900-97-NORMAL Ray, Clay, Josh, Robert: Annas Pond is da best. Gallegos: Ay Ramon! No, no soy Jaime. Stewart: You haven’t had what in how long? Class o f ’95 rules! You’re brave! Michel: I wish I had listened to you & everyone else earlier. Hey Mo, you’re late. I hate them! Wilder: How’s the Deli? Mark: I hope my college coach can measure up to you. Mr.B: I’m gonna marry you son. Thanks to: The Bollingers, Phillips’, & Spielmans. Good luck to everyone. Class o f ’95: I f you’re going after Moby Dick, take along the tartar sauce. C-ya! Learn the rules. Then break some. Give People A Second Chance, But NeverA Third.

Mom and D ad- I could never begin to tell you how important you guys are to me or now much I love you! I would never have gotten this far without you. Thankyou just isn’t enough for all that you’ve done for me. I hope you guys know how much I love you both. You’re the two most wonderful people I know. I promise no matter what I’ll always be your little girl! I love you!!! E rica (Butthead)- You’re my favorite sister in the whole world! I can’t even begin to tell you how much you mean to me! “I ve always been so thankful for you, for the loyalty and the love and warmth you’ve shown me over the years. It’s so reassuring to have a sister like you, who cares enough to understand.” I love you more than anything!!! M egan, Devon, Caitlyn, Tiffany, Cindy, Sarah and Royce“There are many people that we meet in our lives but only a very few w ill make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. It is these people that we will think of often and who w ill always remain important to us as true friends.” M egan- M y best friend in the whole wide world! We ve been through so much together, I don’t know where I would be without you. W e’ve had so many good times. “Don’t worry he has a beeper!”, Puck doesn’t have a problem, “#34”, drivebys, learn to squat!. Jack in the Box, “righto”, “Go girl!”, Matsuyamas- “ what?, Wnat?”, squiggly rainbows, the volvo is so big! W e l l , we ve been through it all together-good and bad and we’re still best friends! Thankyou so much for everything, you’ve always been there for me. “Tried and true friendships are rare and not often found, and yours is one I want with all my heart to keep forever.” I ’ll miss you so much. You’re my best friend ana you’ll always be a part of my life. I love you so mucn! Devon- You are such a wonderful person! W e’ve had some unreal times together. Kona's lame, boys are dumb, “water!, water!”, miracle ear, I ’m a 7, no, we don t have a problem!, disco night at the bowling alley, when are you going to let me borrow your bell bottoms? A ll of our notes to eachother have meant so much to me and helped me more than you’ll ever know! “A true friend remains a friend now and for always!” IL Y!!! Caitlyn- M y twin, you’re such a sweet person! We’ve done so many things together that I’ll always remember! “W ant to go to Wapio at night?” Are you deaf? You need to work on that “problem” of yours, when are you going to quit? You’re so silly!!! When are we going to go camping? ____ voi., I think of a very “Whenever I think ofyou, special friend who makes my world a better place. And this seemed like the perfect time for saying thanks so much for sharing your friendship with me.” IL Y!!! T iffany You’ve been my friend for 13 years and have always been there when I needed you! I ’ll never forget all the wonderful memories we have. You’re such a caring person, you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know! “I could search the world over and never find a i yo Cindy- W e’ve had some unforgettable times together. I ’ll never forget our 4 years together in Spanish class, when are you moving to Chile? Eat any gardenias lately? I ’ll miss you so much, you could always make me smile! ILY!!! Sarah- You are such a special friend and I treasure the times we’ve shared. “Squiggly rainbows”, the volvo’s not that big, ‘Are you peeing? “I don’t know” “Fat people want to be touched, too!” You were there Tor me through so much and you stuck by me even through the bad, I can never thank you enough. “I wish you love, laughter, and all of" "life’s " i ’sm ost beautiful things.” IL Y !!! Royce- You are the sweetest person I know, don’t let anything ever change that! W e have so many memories that I’ll never forget Freshmenlv e i ' always be there for you i f you need me! IL Y!!! L uuk ia- I missed you so much this year it wasn’t the same without you! water, water”, I ’m a 7, disco night! ILY!!! B rady- When are you going to l e t me drive your truck with the sweet *? Don’t worry, I’m still your friend even though you never took me to the prom! IL Y ! Kippy- W e’ve had some unreal times together. I ’ll never forget that night at Jack in the Box with the “cops” or all the times we partied. ILY! Peter- I m still your friend even though you always tease me. A rt class would ve been boring without you and Austin and Heimata, Fm not a fish!! IL Y ! T . CharlieThanks for being such a wonderful friend.

J e n n ife r F isc h e r 13 Years Kamuela,Hi You’re the sweetest guy I know, don’t ever change! IL Y ! A aron - Thanks tor letting me be your arm rest! Sky- W e’ve been through a lot together, I m lad we’re still friends. I ’ll never forget you! ILY ! Hi- I missed you these past two years, school n’t the same without you! IL Y ! R ichard: I don’t even know where to begin. I hope you’ll never “ ithe forget all the good times we had itogether. Thankyou for everything „you’ve made such ie si__a difference ini my life. me. _xou You mean so much to me, m e ,,I hope you know that. I ’ll miss you. I hope you’ll always smile when you see a rose, I know I will. Maybe I ’ll give you back your shirt sometime! ILY!!! Jason F.- You re such a wonderful guy. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever knqw. Thankg for a.H th e ta lk s and e v e r y th in g y ou ve done tor mtie. e I lo v e you!!!


K ara- I ’ve missed you so much these past thr4 years. W e’ve known eachother forever and wei bestfriends from the start. I ’l l never forget yoj oes' narea together. T ik e a precious f or a we ve share memory, a friendship lik e ours is forever!’’ ILY!!! E rica Z. (B.F.O.M.),- W e ve shared sort very special moments together, and no matter ! where our paths may lead us, my heart and mind will always remember ana cherish each ent we’ve shared. I I --------will forever cherish moment i. _ ,______ ,------what I have learned from you. And one thm gj for certain-1"will never ever forget you as lone as I live!” I ’ve missed you so much"! Class oS 95- “wherever 9awnerever you are it is your friends who m ak e y o u r w o rld

Mayumi Futanami Japan/4 Years HPA/3 Years GVB/Dorm Prefect [om & D ad: The 19 years we spend together )ld so many cherished memories that f carry ith me everyday and will do so for the rest o f my fe. Your love and words of wisdom are still slping me grow and let through each passing ly. No words can express how much 1 miss you id how much I love you with all o f my heart. I ill always be your Tittle girl” . Thank you. oyomi:Your friendship means a lot to me. I ave enjoyed all the time we have spent together, ou can always make me laugh ana smile. I can’t lank you enough, and I’ll never forget how ou’ve always been there for me. You are my ist friend forever.... (Don’t forget to invite me to iur wedding !!!) omo: Don’t make me worry! I always nderstand how much you love her. Be nice and nytime I’ll help you! oshi: I’ll really miss the way you talk! You ways make me laugh too much. Be a great lorfs man forever. omona: Teach me your Japanese someday...ok!? iOOyen)!?!! omo Y: You know I think o f you as a little rother. I have been a lot of fun. Thanks for all le funny memories! L et’s play golf with me and aiin someday. pene: Hey my ex-roommate! You’ve been a great lend and I ’ll never forget our late night talk jssions! Take care o f yourself and ICY. (Don’t be ukebe!J) hih-Ling: I ’m your Japanese tutor, right!? I ’ll lissyour sweet smile! lari & Chang: The couple whose always leerful and happy! lariko & Naho: Thanks for all the fun talks. I ’ll liss ya! Well, you have a year to go. Good luck.

Keep in touch! Takeshi, Kou, Moto & R vo: You guys always make me crazy! Stay laughing and good luck!! R ana & Jenai: I admire Tor your English. I wish to speak English just like you guys. G loria & Jun: Thanks for all your smile. I l l visit you guys in Korea someday.... B own: Thanks for being an understanding friend. I l l never forget the talks, especially...!?!! Thanks again. C hris K: Hey-! You are still young!! So let me know before you do! Tina, M onica & Karesa: You guys kept me going through it all with your jokes and laughter. Miss you all. Elena & Alana: I ’m sure that you have all helped or supported me in volleyball or another and I just like to say thank you. I l l never forget a word “undefeated” !; Kenau & Moani: I feel so lucky to have met you guys. Stay cute. ILY. Coach Bell & Nolan: I thank you for bringing out the best in me and helping me to achieve my goals. You have inspired me to strive for the best in these short years. I ’ll never forget you! Thanks again. Mitsu: I ’m always impressed by your hard work! Good luck on your future! Ayumi: You better stop teasing me, Nah! Thanks for all your jokes. They really made me laugh. I ’ll miss the way you call me ‘Ton...” !?!! Yusuke: Thanks for the birthday presents every year! Jennifer & Suki: You’ve one o f kind, don’t ever change. Shiho, A sako & Yuka: I enjoyed getting to know you guys this year!

M iw a: What can I say. I know that we haven’t spent much time together for a while. But I could make sure that you and I share this bond that has created a friendship...I’ll never forget. Ms. Donahue: Ms. Donahue!! I finally maae it! Thank you for your support and advise. You have given me the chance to challenge myself. I ’ll never forget these great memories. I hope to see you someday and somewhere... . Mr. & Mrs. Watson & Grandma: For my IES year, my mind throbbed with anxiety. But to live with you guys, I realized for the first time how enjoyable to live with foreigners! Thank you for all the good memories. Mrs. & Mr. Tait: It’s been fun prefecting on your hall. When you showed me some pictures o f your wedding^, 1 dream of my dress ...! Congratulations on your marriage and be happy forever!! Good Luck To: Volleyball team, MB, LH. EO, MM, LH, HT, AC, AN, JH, TF, MJ, Sfc, KW, MW, SS, YK. Special G reat Thanks To: Mrs. Kamrow, Mrs. Pntz, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Dunlup, Mrs. Y, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Yamashiro, Ms. Duncan, Ms. Matsuda, Mr. Marciel...and all other teachers and staff members. I wouldn’t have made these great years without your support and advise. Thank you for all the good times. H ay a to: You know how I ’ve missed you so much? For the good times we’re shared and sad times we’ve over come will always be in my heart. I ’ve come to love the person inside of you. And 1 always ask myself...what would I do without you. I love you forever... .

“I f you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.”-Walt Whitman Dad-Thank you for everthing you have given me.We have gone through some pretty hard times together.I will always remember the little words o f wisdom you gave me.They have helped me through the past and they will help me through the fixture.You have been an incredible inspiration to me.Happiness is the key to life.And I will always believe in my self.I love U.Mom-You have been there for more times than there are numbers. You have given me more than enough love and support throughout my life. I have traveled a long road to get this far, and I still have a long way to go. You have been there traveling that road with me, but we have a long way to go still.It gives me courage to know you will be there with all your love and support. I love U.Tutu-You have given me the best gift anybody could give.I now have the knowledge and the skills to enter the real world.I have a strong foundation on which to build my life on.You made this all possible. I love you very much Tutu, I am truly grateful for everything you have given me.Nina-You are the most incredible woman I have ever met.Not many people would be able to accomplish what you have.You have been there for me through tough times.I love you very much.H’sien’’whoops grandma’s drunk”, Don’t ever say never my dear for I will always be there with you in your heart.You have an inner strength that I have never seen in a person before.I love you and remember”A ll is a procession,The universe is a procession with measured and perfect motion”.I love U.Sonrisa-You’re one of the best friends I will ever have.I am sorry we have grown apart.I hope that your life turns out to be the best it can be.I will never forget the times we had together.Ston’d 93 I love you.Heather-What would I do without you.I definately would have never started running.You have always been an inspiration to me.Whenever I have felt like giving up you were always there encouraging me on.You gave me confidence in myself.Thank you for everything.I will never forget you.Minda-Whatch out that bush is a wild one.Minda scuf like a wild boar ev-eryyy night.See you in California baby.Rosey-.You’re crazy, don’t beat me me up to bad rough guy.Malika-I have alot of respect for you.I hope everything goes the way it should.Have a great life.I love U.ItaYou have come a long way from freshman year .You are a totally awsome person and I hope you always stay that way. See yaSerena-You Bee-Bop girl, You may be loud but I love you any way.SaraV-how’s your laundry.Please don’t sic it on me I promise I ’ll be nice.Lassi-You are the purest person I know.Your kindness has rubbed off on me in the four years that I have known you.Thanks.I love U.Aaron KYou are a stud ILYBianca-I am glad I got to know you this year.I hope you have a green year.Eric-Cool guy, I hope you have a fun life.Heimata-Fricken Heimata you stupid or what?I am going to miss you MiriYou are a cool.Don’t ever changeLaura H-U are a sweet person don’t ever change.Alana-You tough girl.Your amazing don’t ever change.Sheana-You hip chic, don’t go to agro OK.Laura D-You are an awesome runner and a very beatiful person.Tiffany W-I am so glad to have gotten to know you better Have a good life.Whitney-Japanese classes were the best.You are the funnest girl I ever met don’t change.Caitlyn-My F period buddy. Royce-Track season baby .Alex HHave a good time kEmily-You’re hilarious.I love yaKippy-I am going to miss you.I won’t

Tara Gallison

18 years of riding\ 2 years track

have anybody to philosophize with.Peter-Don’t ever change.Helene-You get em crazy girl.Don’t run around the world without me.Alex W-Never! I don’t think so.I love you.Good luck.Scott-Good luck man.DevonL-You silly girl don’t ever change.Rob O-I’ll see you on your plantation.Robbie-You are a totally good runner.Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.DevonM-It was great being your roornattf even i f you were a freshmen.I’ll save something for you. “I feel so high I even touch the sky”-Bob Marley"

Whether the race gets hard to run it means you just can't take the pace. When it is time to have your j fun you find the tears run down your face then you stop and think a little are you a victim of the systenj any day now they gonna let you down Remember Natty Dread will be there to see you through.' -Bob 1 M arley

jKenneth Benjamin Grant Honolulu, HI/10 years!!!/solar car/X-C manager/A.V/newspaper layout/choke stuffs

'o everyone: Once again tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to say good-bye. I could write about beginnings and endings, about making new friends in new places, or about Iwhat a great a place this is, but that would be missing the mark by a long shot. The point is that no matter what you do in the future, no matter what happens to you between now and

then, you will never be able to feel what you feel now, you will never again have the same relationships with your friends, you will never again see everyone in the same way that you see them now, all together, all here. If you ever return to HPA and the islands, or see friends that you once knew, they will be different: No one will remember them like you, and they will

never again be like you remember them. There is no way to avoid this, no solution. All you can do is wake up every morning

Mom and Dad :Thank-you for everything that you guys have done for me, and all the support I love you both . Ellen : Thank-vou for listening and ■ helping me with my confusion . I Love You . K a le i: I know we both don’t see each other that much , but I really do love you . Your a very special person and try not to get into too much trouble . Luukia : We were so terrible when we were younger! I don’t know how we got anywhere since we're both so indecisive. I will always remember middle school breaks (North Shore),our pig outs, Keone, puff the magic dragon, and our long talks . I . wish you were here. ILY. Eli : You > have been my best friend for 2 years and i’ve had so much fun < being with you . I’ll always remember our waterfights, camping* trips, Kaloko, Brady’s party , and our many talks . You are so sweet and funny and I really appreciate all the times you listened and made me feel better when I wasn’t feeling w e ll. ILY. Jennifer : You are the most caring person I know . Thankyou for always listening and not letting me do anything stupid. I ’m glad we got to have our talk at Taco B e ll. Your party pinkey partner forever. ILY. Meg : You are a true dead fan! I will always remember the concert we went to, sitting in driveways, state soccer, and many other things . I’m going to miss hearing vour stories and your funny laughs. ILY. Tiffany : I will always remember our avacado hair mix, trips to Hilo, and you being my shrink. I’m sorry I messed up. ILY. Devon : (Tinkerbell) We still need to go dancing at some party! I will always remember laughing a t ’s pants and eating bean burritos at Taco B e ll. Disco is the best! ILY.Cindv : Kona Campus was so much fun! Its funny to think about who we were in love with then. Did we ever figure out what that gross intestine thing on the beach was?ILY.CaitIyn : You are always so happy ! I ’m going to miss you! Whitney :It's cute how you have so many sayings and voices. Good luck! Laura : You are such a determined person . Good luck . Robbie: You nave the most determination of any person I know ! Hopefully one day our wish will come true.. Jenny L. Y ou have the best laugh! I’m going to miss you. Helene :Y o u are the best person to run with! Just don’t let your mind win. IL Y .T e ri: Stay tbere for 10 more min. bee. it still smells. Nah! ILY. Kippy: Thank-you for all the talks. I will always remember the time at Jack in the Box and Old M ill Road. Richard : I know we drifted apart over these past couple of years , but I still consider you a close friend . I ’ll never forget our long talks and how much I hated the saying “Things happen for a reason.” W illy : Tt.A.B.S.” is o.k. , but you can’t call me the other name ! ( I’m still sorry about your sweatshirt) Alex : I ’ll always laugh about the time you teased me ana I

Royce Monique Gregory Kona , Hawaii / 10 years /X-Country /Track was in a emotional mood and I started crying and ran away ! You are one of the nicest guvs I know and thank-you for always helping me . Gabe : You amaze me on how much you know about cars and stereos ! Just warn me bee. I never want to be stuck with you and Eli for 5 hours again! Special Thanks to : The Gadd’s , Joy and Sunny , Mr. Conley: Thank-you for teaching me to bite the bullet and to never give up . I’ll never forget you.

, and Mr. Shuttes: Your the one person

that made me try as hard as I do in Track bee. I always wanted you to think I could do it. (Sprinters aren’t j lazy !).

Best Wishes To : Brady , Peter, Aaron (my former dinner dance date),Chey , Rvan S. , T. Quinn , Rob H. , David C. , Robert O. , John R., Ita , Tara , Heather , Malika , Rob, and M ir i. Summer, Sarah M.,Alex W., Shea, Lisa, Julie,Tori,Pua,Nani,Kailei,The Cross-Country Team,and the Track Team .

Lasiandra Tiresa Hall faitogi, Am. Samoa [PA 4yrs/Tennis/Volleyball/Community Service/S.A.D.D./Student Council >m an d D ad :W ell these past 4 yrs. have been a true Lrning experience for each o f us.We’ve had our “little” iagreements and our “minor” arguments and our ue” fam ily moments, where w e laughed, sang songs, id our bibles, and just had a good time together. Dad, i r success as a businessman Tights the fire behind my n motivation to succeed, and Mom, your strength as roman and sensitiveness as a mother inspires me to as perfect as I can be; but your unyielding love for d gives me strength and support when you are not re, because I know even though we are separated by les and miles o f ocean, we are connected in spirit by r common love for Goa.The two hardest things for me say to you two are “I ’m sorry,” [when I do something upset you (especially you. Mom) or when I disappoint u (Dad)], and “I love you, ju st because I do.You two ve always been there for me.Thank vou.J.D.iMany jhts before I go to sleep I wish I could just rewind my i back to your freshman year.There’s a lot o f things at I would change. I know that year was awful for you d I was not there to support you.I only made things • hurts for me to look back on it, out you know I 11never say all this to you (that’s why I am writing .’T m Sorry.”D illo n :I swear you are a little Casanova, member, at 13yrs., girls are not a priority. Aaron: u are my cooking, eating, and errand running buddy, e you fat?Nah! You’re ju st healthy.I love you even ough you yell at me, never do anything I tell you to, t my food, and spend all my money to feed your 24 hr. petite.Rima & A lic e :! love you two! Your friendships e 2 things that I really praise God for. I don’t know lat I ’d do without you two to entertain me. Thanks for the laughs and letters .Auntie Annie: I love you om !Auntie J e r r y Ann:Thanks for understanding [d seeing my side. H eather: 15sec ”N O !”Let’s play JMO.Wnat s yours is mine.We’re the same color-light own.Thanks for putting up with my weird moods, my >sed curtain fetish, ana my music...heelhee! Thanks

for all the late nite talks. Jen A :I know there were times that I let you down because I wasn’t there, I’m sorry.But what ever happens, stay close to the Lord, especially when you feel alone, because he’ll always be there..I prom ise.M iri:Look at the dead bird! M aliK a:I have always admired you, you know that?Rob: M alika s very lucky!Tepa & A u n ty Joey:S.A.D.D. was great this year! I love you botn for caring.Laura H:How short are you?Let’s go running. A re we UH bound?We keep Melrose Place on the air. Lara...I admire your sense of individuality, you have been an inspiration whether you know it or not. Ita : What? Who? Where? Stay the w ay you are...short, sweet,& beautiful. J o e K im :M e ana you have to be connected somehow...we are late for everything. P.S.-Are you going to church tomorow? L ea h : When are we gonna go to our Luau? Ir e n e , H a n ae, & J e n n y L e e : w hy are you guys so nice? Scott:Jess called you and she didn’t call me? I’m hurt! M inda:W hich one is Keone Au?You are a true free spirit. J oh n R:Bust me your math notebook.You amaze me sometimes, you know that, Rosey? Thanks for always making me laugh. Take care, stay the same and don’t forget me.T. C h a rlie :I haven’t talked to you much this year, how come? Good luck, buddy. K e v in :I love your voice. W illy:M mm m .... you smell good. Thanks for always saying “Hi.” Ajrati:Keep smiling! L issa & Iw a :What’s our Ecology homeworkrSuki:Is your cousin likings to me? Manaia lou uo.#31 Hilo.Do you have food?Can I borrow a CD?Do you think they’re Samoan?Go ask! T e r i: Where did you ever learn how to burp like that? Yvonne:W hat?You hit a dog on your way to school? The tree jumped out and hit the car?Where did you learn to arive? Sue G ie: Kimmie. You’re more sarcastic than me!What happens i f we come after curfew? V a n d a :I never knew that you were l/2 Italian & 1/2 Korean! M ark H,M ike, J oh a n n , K a isit,R a y : Thanks for taking care o f Roy.It means a lot to know

that he has such great friends.I learned to love each of you as a brother. S ara V :I think I do understand the size o f your're a whimp!Does that Cappio taste good?How do you relieve stress?You gotta take it one step at time.Don’t go swimming at nignt.Don’t go to Denny’s for breakfast. I think they just repainted their bathroom walls.I’m gonna pincn you i f you swear.Sorry I laughed when your dog died.Remember., life is like a master key, don’t give it to anybody...and bad girls do only what good girls dream of.Jessica S:You're so cute.Serena D: Okay Lambchops!” M eghan:W hen you’re a famous athlete I’m gonna tell everybody you're my friend.N icole A:Always remember what a beautiful girl you are inside and outLiana:You have a beautiful smile. J en n G :I love you for the compassionate & beautiful person you are.You always make time for others and snow you care.M ark B:Life only gets better...Ms. M ic h e l & M r. Honm a:You two are truely very special.I’m gonna miss you both dearly. M r. B ryson :I still love you, beside the bad grade you gave me in english...Mrs. K am row :Y ou were always tnere to comfort me when I was down. Thanks for caring so much.I hope you know how much it means. C oacn Eric:H ow s your attitude?I’ve seen snails move faster! R izzutos.D o you think when I get married, my marriage will be as good as yours?Emmons & A k a m as:Wherever I go and whatever I become, you w ill always be with me, because you’re in my heart. Fa’afetai lava mo tou alofa.To the rest o f you whom I didn’t have enough room to write to, good luck to you all & thanks for the memories.To the teachers: Thanks for always smiling and saying “Hi," it always made me feel good. “ L o ve you r enemies and pray fo r those w ho persecute you...” Matt. 5:44

T ofa Soifua...

Theana Hancock Waimea, Hawaii/13 years/Cross-Country Mom and Dad: Thanks for all the love and support. I couldn't have done it without you. Sorry I'm so grumpy. I'm going to miss you so much next year. I love you tons. Thane: You're the best brother I could've asked for. I've missed you alot these past two years. I love you tons. Max and Cindy: You are like my second family. Thanks for all the support. ILY. Ana and Mikela: 867-5309. I'll try to close the gas tank next time. Singing the songs to all the Disney movies. Watching Robin Hood. You two are the sweetest kids in the world. Don't change. You're like my sisters. I love you tons. Tm going to miss you so much next year, love, The Na Auntie, Malia, Lisa, John, Howard G., Brianna, and Gene: Thanks for all the support. I needed it all. I'll miss you next year. I love you. Love, My Mo. Uncle: Thankyou for all the help in math. I couldn't have done it without you. Grandma and Auntie Anna: Tnankyou for everything. I love you. Heather: Henrietta Onodi. Summer School SAT Reveiw. Mrs. Robinson/The graduate. How's the life guard at Mauna Kea? You're such a HO. Just kidding. Learning how to do headstands with Malia. I'm so glad you came here. Thanks for always pushing me. I'm going to miss you so much next year.

ILY. by the way, How are you? Laura ÂŁ>.: Studying for math tests, Hurdling w/Joy. You finally got 3 stepping. I'm happy that we're better friends. Good luck. ILY. Whitney ( Guito): Atsukute, Atsukute, Atsukute mo ii des. Arigato(nasal), COrrect. Morrelli's Hot turkey sandwiches rule. Do you want to borrow my eraser? I've missed you so much in Nihongo this year. Anata wa sugoi desyo. Watashitachi wa totemo atama ga ii desu. Japanese would've been so boring without you. ILY Jen: Tm really glad you came to HPA. You have changed my life. I couldn't have made it through 10th and 11th grade without you. It seems as if we've grown apart, but I know that I can always count on you, and that we'll always be friends. ILY Leah: My Co-prefect! I'm glad we got to be better friends. I know I can always count on you. Good luck. ILY T.Charlie, Joe, Scott, Kenny, Whitney, Caitlyn, and Laura: Thanks for helping me with homework and studying for tests. I never could've made it through my classes without you. " Ice can be freezing."-TCQ. ILY. Richard, Jennifer, Tiffany, Brady and Tepa: 13 years. We made it. It's been fun. Good Luck. ILY

Good Luck To: Seniors:Richard, Arjun, â&#x20AC;&#x17E; Malika, Serena, Tara, Kenny, Royce, Lasi I Andrahall-Nah, Lasi H., H'sien, Alex, Ita, j Sheanna, Bowm, Shannon, Robert, Joji, and! Willy. Juniors: Robbie, Arati, Serena D., Raj Kailei, Teri, Helene, Jenny, Vanda Lee Lucl Sarah M., Corey, Clay, and Hanae. Sophomores: Diana, Nicole, Shea, Liana, 1 Jenai, Lisa, Devon, Colleen, Tiffany, Julie, | Tori. Freshmen: Dana, Christine, Nani(Boogie-Boardl), Kachina, and Laura d Swear) Thankyou: Mrs. Y, Mr. Rizzuto, Mr. Bleckd Ms. Matsuda, Ms. Duncan, Mr. Shutes, Mr, Stewart, Mr. Solmssen, Mr. Hall, Mr. Hugh] Mr. Wilder, Mr. Bryson, Mr. Honma, ana j Mrs. Piltz. Conleyf No Cry Babies!), Shutes, and JoyfSunny Mae too!): You're the best coach] I could've asked for. You were always thea to push me, give me inspiration, and to chd me on. Thanks. ILY To the Girls X-Counrty Team: I never could've made it through X-Country witho you guys. Thanks for all the laughs. We'v had lots of good times. Don't forget them. Love you guys. Good Luck To Cym and Jaquetta To anyone I forgot: Opps!, I'm sorry.

Robert Hannah IKamuela HI. OM&DAD:Thanks, for all the love and pport you’ve given me over the years. You’ve ways been behind me in everything I’ve done id it has meant a lot to me. I love you both ry much. Hey, no worries! Dave H :Good luck th high school bud, I ’m finally done. Take it sy on mom and dad while I ’m gone, they love u a lot. Go easy on all the chicks, they’ll be min after you. Take care. Kathrl’m finally out iver thought it would happen but it did. lanks for all the help kind stuff la’dat. I guess [liege and real life is coming next so I think aybe I’ll see you around. Take care, love Kvays. Alex H:Sometimes you just got to say hat the — —! Hey dude, good friends. I’ll miss lu cuz. You helped me out a lot “tanks ah” You pt a chick you got a bull trip. Always!

Girls, girls girls! You know how we do it. Seeya. Dave C: You're so huge. Don’t make me flex cuz. You’ve been a good friend and we helped each other get through high school alive. Take care. Seeya! Kenny G:Yo G! Thanks for all the advise about (everything/one). You’re a cool guy and a good friend. I ’ll remember you’re words of wisdom forever. Thanks cuz! Seeya! Howard F:Bra! What’s up? Beach! W e’ve been together a long time dude. Waimea/GIJoe/river/girls/ Anna’s/beach/airport/sailing/girls. Good fun! I want you to take care of yourself buddy. Life’s comming down on us and you’re still the man, and i love u. Huuurt’an! W e’ll be together till the end! Aaaah, YeaaaH Seeya! Waikaloa Crew:Take care of yourselves! Jen, Nicole, Brittaney,Angela,Courtney,Billy, and everyone. You guys are awesome! Seeya! Serena D:We

had some good times and some bad ones but everything worked out well. You meant a lot to me these past years and I think you are a very special person don’t let anyone take you for granted. I’ll miss you, take care. Leah.MiGlad I could help you with all your guy problems, shall we make a list? Na! I’m glad I was on it though, we had some good times. I ’ll miss your squeeky voice on the phone. Take care of yourself Love always. M iriB :It was fun wasn’t it. We had some good times: candle light dinners, ice cream, dancing, green Koosh ball, english, prom, games. Your the only girl that I couldn’t understand, I guess thats why you mean so much to me. I hope we can keep in touch after this is all over because I ’m going to miss you. I want you to know I’ll always save you a dance in my heart. Love always. Mark BiBreslow! you’re alright dude! Thanks for all the advise over the years. Take care of your sister for me ok. I’ll catch you later. Seeya! Tepa C:You taught me a lot about life, and love for that I would like thank you. I will always remember the time we spent together. Seeya! Scott L:Whipped? Us? Hell no! We know how to play it. Meagan M:Meagan I ’m finally going to graduate and I don’t think I could have done it with out you. W e may not have always been the best o f friends but we’ve withstood the test of time. So take care, I ’ll always remember you. Ann K:You were here for one year and you will be remembered for the rest o f my life. You taught me that girls could make good friends, and you were one o f my best. Hope we can keep in touch. Brady.B:Hey toughy! Two freshmen make varsity soccer? No way! Thanks for being a friend that year cuz! You the man. Peter.D:What Tough! Y a thats right! Meatee Petee! Box lunch, you know it dude. What ugly! Take care, Seeya! Ryan.S:So what, Stoke! Party! Pines, big mokes, Goalie, Seeya! T.Q:Move your locker! Na! Seeya! Whitney.H:Sole survivors of Waimea School. You’re a good friend, take care. Seeya! Robert.O:Want some POG? Is that all you’re going to eat? Na! Seeya! TorirGo work pit. Na! Wanna dance? Take care Kailei:So what, Kaisit? Just kidding, take care of yourself. Seeya! Kaisit:So what, Kailei? You’re a cool guy don’t freak out over everythin". Thanks for all the help with my love life. Seeya! Gabe:You been a good roomate these past years. Keep in touch after high school. Take care.Jen.A: Take care. Leo. L:Yon da man. Good luck and take care. Summer.D:Hey gorgeous, I always wanted to get to know you better but never got the chance. I wish you lots of luck. Seeya! Mr.HalhThanks for all the advise. I will remember you every time I (do/don’t do) my math homework. Good Luck and Take Care to: Aaron.S, Caitlyn.W, Jeff.Y, Richard.B, Royce.G, Yoshi, Yusuke, Cathy.S, Melinda, Heather.C, Nicole.A, Takeshi, Sean.G, Sarah.T, Joji.T, Nicole.R, Megan.C, Jen.F, Willy.W, Theana.H, Robert O’D, Arjun.C, Kainoa, Kippy.S, Cindy.B, Aaron.R, and to everyone!

always been so thoughtful and concerned. I’m glad I can tell you everything and you’ll understand. You are a wonderful person. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you so much. (P. S. You’re weird at heart.) Dad: I ’m sorry for my impatience. “Are you serious?” “I ’m so irritated!” There were certain things you could understand like no one else. I still remember our long talks about gym right before I quit and that night you talked to me about college and BYU. I love you. Robbie: You are pretty cwokis. I miss you. You always understood everything and you never treated me like I was younger. I ’ll see you at college. K illing mosquitos: “Bummahs foyou.” Dee-Deatrix-Beatrice Potter: movies: Can’t Buy Me Love- “Yeah, you cried all the way,” “Back to nursery school.” Steel Magnolias- ‘‘Your brother’s warden is what you are.” Last of the- cwokis (Walks)!! Reality. How I Got Into College- “There you go. Looks great. Stomping and clapping: Hookena, veah, Deatrix. M y sister s name is Whits, sne can be a dits. W h at’s you’s talking stink about people for? Deatrix dai dee do do. Your eyes- a thousand sheep. Harmonizing (Samples). Zat was sah cwull. One of ja cwullest. Cwullio. Pulling Ikaiks. I’m so happY. Hawses, corpulent. “So, are you and getting back together again, even after all that heartbreak last spring?” I gwen kyou you today. “Ushless, irs ushless. . .” Barmy song: “T reat us with indignacio.” Jacos, jacuesee. I ’m outy five thousand. Beggar: You are beautiful. I ’m sorry that I ’m so mean to you. I do love you “more than words can say.” Every day should be sissy and sissy day. Remember our face secret? (SU G AR!) Stay sweet, and never get down on yourself. Even though you don’t have a family. Devon: Who’s dat? Dat ain’t Josh! It eez Josh! Jock’s sister that ain’t Jock’s sister. Tori Amos. I ’m glad I ’m a fetus. Whitsey, I ’m bored. Acting games (primal moans, “I ’m Superman!) Queen o f Promiscuity. Seizures. S(h)panish macaroni. “You’re limber. I ’m dancing.” TCBY, driving around late at night (barkin or making ourselves scared.) Janice (Santiago) Rodriguez/Rodricko, Pagan, Tracy. Roseanne, Stacey, Trina (every cabbage has its pimp) Andrea, Monica, Zelda (the white lady), fake Dennis, real Dennis, Roger. Rick forever. We are the original Tacos. Weiderd rules. Tiffahs-Mishtify; We are the little friends, Lavem e and Snirley. Playing tennis, feeling like outcasts. W e’re such dorky dancers. Thanks for understanding me: we’ve had a lot o f good talks. And thank you for all your support. Cindis-Gwendalyn-Gwendis: Chicken taco, you are so weird. POW- play on words. Life’s short, laugh hard. Megus: Diving- L et’s have a tea party, but watch out for the drain. Arabian. You are hilarious. Jen: You seriously have the best sense of humor I’ve ever seen. You’re a great erson and a great listener, aura: I promise that T and I don’t really care who wins (deep down I know I’m smarter.) I ’m really not that weird. Stay happy. Caitlyn: Thanks for always understanding. I love talking to you almost as much as I hate boys. Mrs. Curtis’ class was awesome. Sarah: Angel bust, Gabrielle. W einer schnitzels!!! W e’ve had so much fun. I miss you. Thank you for caring and for believing in me. Royce: Nihongo rocks. Thanks for being so bnght and happy. Thesis: M ay I borrow your eraser? Atsukutemoiidesu. Angato. M orelli’s hot turkey sandwiches. Richward: Bread Depot: ‘W h en mv mom had that heart attack. . .” Topless dancing at the prom. Love Potion #9. “Square yards of wallpaper.” Mormonism vs. Congregationalism. Billings. Montana. Boseman. Montana. The pause game. What? I don’t know. I ’ll see you at the altar. Alexa: Pickles, anyone? Too many plays, too many hard classes. You understand me somehow. You are one of the sweetest, most caring people I know. Good luck. Wilson: I am Niki-Cindy-Kate. Stop throwing me around, Euro stud, I have to study. Rosie: It all started with the Napoleon trial. . . I ’d be so bored B-period i f it weren’t for you and Wilson. Peter: You are so funny. I know you love me. Kippay: Japanese wouldn’t have been the same without you, Kona stud. You are hilarious. Aaron (Ron): Chicken burgers forever.


Whitney Brooke Hastings Kamuela, HI, HPA 4 Years,Drama, Diving T: Dumb-boy, psychophant, Mrs. Tate. Fall Ball sophomore year, Prom junior year. Gambling for sodas, long telephone conversations, movies, Anna’s Pond, hammocks. I ’ll never forget all you did for me. Thanks for everything. You are wonderful. Maleeks: I don’t know what I would’ve done wi thout you freshman year. Remember those spiral notebooks full o f notes we wrote? You are a wonderful advice giver. Hanashimasuyo! Mindis: Long talks in your room freshman year. You are so understanding. I admire you so much. (P. S. I think you shouldconvert to Mormonism.) Mirson: You great singer, you. So, how’s your love life? Rob O’ D: Teach me how to cruise. Mark: Thanks for listening to all my complaining.

“Three Penny” was great. When are we getting married? I Summer: You have too many boyfriends. How Sara Lee? Weights rules. Good luck. Robbie: W e’ve had so many self-esteem talks. ] You are so caring and thoughtful. Don’t work l too hard. Take care of yourself. Good Luck to: Leah, Dave C., Brady, Kenny I (ruler o f physics), Aaron R., Heather, Kevin, I Tepa, Rob H v Lasi, Chunkis (Urine, you’re in.)j Devon M., Sky (Dustin), Pua, Sarah Clark, Jenny L., Kailei, Helene, and everyone I accidentally forgot.

-.aura Lynn Hiyane ohnpei, FSM om&Dad: Thank you for giving me more ances than I deserved to stay here at HPA. I io w I ’ve disappointed you by not meeting your pectations, but I want you to know'that I ver intended to. I love you for the sacrifices u’ve made to give me the best o f everything. I >ve You.EtheI: You have so much love and ndness to offer that I wish I had. You never id anything bad to say about anyone, looking ist their faults only to find their good qualities, ove you and I promise that one o f these days mil find what you’re looking for. M aile: I’m ad I have a Chinese sister. Thanks for looking it for me all these years and for keeping me in le. I don’t think I could have survived lywhere without you. I Love You.Mack: I see much o f m yself in you and hope that you learn 5m all my mistakes. Thanks for all the talks s’ve had. You’ll always be my partner in asing our Chinese sister. I Love You. randm a, Aunty Jane, U ncle Gary, Aunty thel, U ncle W alter: Thank you for all the ipport and love you’ve given me throughout the lars. I Love You.Grandpa: I miss you. IriTorpedos. Mental Block, Breastlow. uttless Jeans Man forever!ILYLasi: My AAmoan turtle. Stop drooling over M .H &N.S! lYRosey: Flower, Turtle or Squanto- which one it now?ILYMalika: Gossip sessions, running 6:30, Melrose Place! ILYIta- I ’m so glad you ime back.Does Has More have ore?ILYMinda: Rin-Tin, the Bearded Lady ^th Monstrous Melons!

IL Y H eather:! ’mgoingtoPuget Sound because they have starfruit.ILYIrene: I’m glad we were prefects together. IL Y K ob O .III: Stop giving me mohawks! IL Y Jen A: See you at U H Manoa. Thanks for your friendship.ILY Sheanna&Shannon: Prefecting was fun, yeah?ILY T o y o m i& M a yu m i: Thanks for all the sm iles.ILYTara: Hi Kun! I’m glad you’re back IL Y S c o tt L: B O O IILYTeri: Night before Spring Break. Gossip sessions. I ’m gonna miss you OODLES1ILY Sara: “One” g ir lfl have some Fresh&Smell. Deep Thoughts. IL Y H an ae: Thanks for always helping me out. IL Y M elin d a: Thanks for trusting me. I love you like a sister.ILY Alana: I ’ll never forget our talks. Opposites!ILYElena: You’re awesom e.ILYArati, N oe, Sue G ie, Iwa, Suki: I ’ll never forget you.ILYR obbie: Geography?fLYChris: Bridle your horse and go horsm gilLYB illy: You’ve made Computers fun. “Sexual Feelings’TLYM eghan : Watch out for the trees!Em ily: Punta Punta girl. I ’m going to marry H arry!iLY .T a’i: Thanks for helping me with these quotes!ILYKath: Good luck with him.Good luck to: CO ’95: CB, KC, AC, SD, JK , SM, T M , TS, YT, JT , KW , CY, TC ,E M CO 96: J L , M D, V L , TH, NH, MM , SM, JS, PD , MH, M D, MF, TS CO 97: NA, JG, JI, RJ. KM, MS, MM,YK, HH, SKKalei, Natasha, Michi, Stacy, Mamiko, Sylvia, Lindsay, Amy: I miss you guys! Mrs. Kamrow: Thank you for looking out for me and for helping me through tough times.

Thanks for being my mom away from home.ILY Ms. Donahue: I ’m so hurt that you left us. Thanks for everything, especially the food! I ’m gonna miss you.ILY Sensei: For the past two years, you’ve shown me nothing but kindness and have taught me alot about myself. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I’ll miss you.ILY Bells: Thanks for everything.ILY Aunty Joan: I miss you.ILY Hanano’s and Li ndfsey’s: Thank you for letting me be a part of your family. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. I ’ll miss you. Danny: You’ve taught me the value of friendship and shown me how to trust. You’ll be in my heart forever. I promise one of these days I ’ll visit you.ILY Laila& Lehno: W e’ve been through too much together- from late night talks to hula- you’ve been a big part o f my life.ILY Dihna&Suzanne: Thanks for keeping me from getting too bored. I promise one of these days I’ll learn now to drive.ILY Derrick: Hi Tha! Thanks for letting me follow you and Maile around. You’ve been like a big brother and remember, i f you need a baby­ sitter.... IL Y Keola: You taught me how to see the good in myself and share what I have to offer with others. You showed me trust and appreciation, never thinking about yourself and wnat you would stand to gain. You turned my life around, freely giving what life always promised but what others withheld. But what I ’m most thankful for is that you gave me you. “Ditto.”

am today, and you all know how much you mean to me. Thank you all. I love You. B.J.B.- Bradley Berjin. What time Brade? Remember that time I got into Jed’s truck? Cy’s Party: “Ho, Osc<m,Haven’t seen him in M a while.” R ‘I________ dunno.” Dude, You .missed the Cripple. Onipaa Brade, Sovereignty! Respect the aina. Apocolites rule. Eat right bran! NO cream donuts and burgers before da big game! I wanna be, wanna be like Brady B, #23. Just push down on the back! Brady, Brady Bergin, King o f the wild frontier. Brady with the red dress on... Just give me an F! A:”Hey Brade” B:”What?” A:”Shaddup! Ha! Gotcha again!” What. Cranky? P.B. you are LAM ®! P.D.- Pe£ah. Lup chung ice. Da boyz, Da Crew will be together forever: Alex, Brady. Erik, Peter, Richard, Sky, and Kippy too. What you gonna do when you get put o f here? I ’m gonna have some fun with the pop gpn. Sky- Shuyler. lamb. R. B.-~Riggie. It’s good to he the king, “come on big brown, let’s go!” Old enough to pee... Kippv- You can hang with Da Boyz any time. RTH.-Just remember thief: You got a. chick?, well then, you got yourself a... Sometimes you just gotta say... By the wav. you’re too slow! She’s Nme! Hellafine! H ow old are you now? What a fuzz. What a nut. fruitcake. You’re such a queer. God’s gift to who? Any Talent? Ball turnage? SD,LM,HB,ST,MB,KF.AK, etc. G.S.- Hella... oops, not supposed to say that. R.O.- Is that all you’re gonna eat? you on some sort o f Cross-Country diet? Something on your shirt. Keep looking at those trees. You like the weed? Pog is the drink o f champions. It’s just the second derivative. N o need for worry, you already know how you did. K.G.- G’s in da hause. Don’t hurt yourself, and finish a few things! T.C.Q- Go easy tough guv. You iust got to want it and act tough and everything else falls into place. W.W.- W W III. T ow e r Mallard. Frogs rule. Ouilv Oui! Bruce Willis. How was your breakfast? It’s colloquial french, a little idiom you know. J.R.- One, Two, th ree, I ’m a G... Huge Rosy Bulge. Mly dad s a What? D avid- Super Dave, Jenny Craig. Knowles. Bitanti. you know the rest. K.C.- Da #1 Flip. Carbanala. Da brudda stay stuck! Y O U D A BES! Arj.Jargon the Injun. S.L.- LIN D S A Y! K.W.Kevine eleven Hawaii. AAGH!, I said it again.D-OHH! R.O ’Don- Hapuna beach snore break, were there. Cool. Calm, and Collected. A.S.- Stork’s Stupid Statements o f the Day: It’s lik e Chicken smell outside. What, get surf? R.S.- Rien. U da Man. Mauna Lani Brunch, were there. Serena D w y e r-fin z and fingers. Tweet tweew. Jeez its hot today.._Please don’t forget this _______ time we had together. Keep in touch. You will always be in my heart. I love you. I don’t know how I ’m gonna make it without ou. M iri- Marriage? College together? You et! ILY. W.H.- you have too many names to


_ . . . ____ : W ing duck. M.S. is gay. Rick? C.B.- Binz. Flowers, Snowboarding, and cute guys named eden forever, see you on the plane...ILY. B .R .-1 look like who? Are y ou a model? M .Coup.- Coup. Coolperson. shcmeg. I don’t do tnat kind of stu ff any more. M.Cook.- H ey fool, you a nurse? Thanks for always giving me a hard irry for . ,id .L .D ._________ ______ _ J girl driving that nice car? J.F.- Smile. T ara- rat chips? Have some fun! C.W.- Bubbles! You made note cards!?!?!?! H.O.- “Do we have English class now?” Holy Cow! Leisure? R.G.- Ale “roicee, roicee, roicee.” Royce: “H i Alex” Follow your dreams and' alv always be assertive. Don’t let anyone get in your way. L.A.- French 3 was a blast. Lasi- Alex: “LASI! H i Hall.” Lasi: “H i Hughes.” don’t break my leg. H ’Sien- See this, it’s called a tray...Cool huh? There’s a spider on the one dollar bill and a V W on the nackdt’s behind the pyramid) Tap your shoulder. J.J.- Etaj all a lundin. T.W.- karate master, sorry we weren’t better friends. D.L.- Thanks for saying J ___________ hi. Shannon- (w.hining) Kenned angj Kennedy. Rnwwl Joe- Joke Kim chee, Jose, Josephine. Rowwl Don’t be late. Y.T.- Teach me to play soccer. Jessica O- I’ve never known anyone like you. I ’m really gonna miss you. Keep in touch. ILY. Robbie- nuff homework already! Too bad nice guys never make it. Oh well, there was nothing else I could be. Noe- Do I know you? Keep in touch. I ’m jg>ima miss you a lot, ILY. M elinda & T ’aigf T_wins? Being friends with you two was the best. Jaim e- Why does everyone I get close to leave my life? "Never good-bye, only see you later. H.H.- HONDA! Try for stey outta trouble, eh?. U so cute. P u a- Where’s the Fire? 111 type your papers any day. Sarah M.- Ms. Peachum. What’s that line again? Summer- Are you trying to get my

Alexander Charles Hughes Waimea Boy/ 11 Years!!/ 3 Years Soccer/ Newspaper/ Theater/ Nice Guy _____________ sayt o_J M a n ___ ■ Nino- Beans walker. Dude, lets walk to Waikoloa at night:___-11 man. Banzi run to Hapuna E \7__> ________ 4 -U T«9 at «a 5am. You’re scarring all the waves away. TV Me? sarcastic jerk? nah! n o t Russian Bleanies? LeoGrr! See ya at the beach. A.S.- Achoo! Ack! Wake up lazy! we go beach! Matt- M ATTIE ! Macdaddy. Where you at? You’re looking kinda short today. v. JNick N ick KR- What’s what s wrong with being a Greek4? cooter\house-painter. M. H all- Fricken Dunk, like die? A lex W- H i alex... hi alex. Eve: §: Saturday Night, you play some mean guitar. 3.G.- Giftenfl Stud bov! H. H all- Hey...mata! _ Hit ™ dor ’' hurt ' 1 -me - - gangster. tm C hristian PI ease don’t D an a C-Aren’t you happy I wrote to you, thanks for being a friend. Your the coolest freshman I know. Best o f L u ck to:Jennifer A., Leah M., Megan M., Laura H., Minda M., Sheanna J., Theana H., Aaron R., Nate, Erik M., Megan W,

Diana A, Nicole R., Iwa W., Arati C., Sue G iej Jenny L., Teri H., Jennifer H., Cathy S., Sara} T., Serena Dillingham, Greg D and Am i C., j Emily R.,Kailei F.,James M), Billv P., Chris Hi M ark H., Lu A, Mark B.. Corey N), Peter DodJ Ethan P., Chris S., Kaisit, Yohan T.,Atsuma 1 N.Tanva,Jason Huang, Yuskelno water),Takeshi(rain man), Bowm K., Mitsui W HAT?) Ryo.Ko.Joji, Chang,J eff Ytfrea ferty), Jason (MarioLJan M.(arms crossed) &J anyone else I forgot./Thanks to all my teacherf for■putting up with i ■me. ■ Don’t be dismayed by good-byes/ A j farewell is necessary/ before efor you can meet aga /And M eeting again, /after moments or lifetimes,/ is certain for those who are friends.!

trouble.Be good and I love you. Maktok and Paktok- Thank you so much for all the love and advice that you have given me .You are the best and I love you. Malika-Meeks, Meeks, Meeks where do I begin??How do I summarize everything I have gone through with you in the last four years Hilo.Kona Inn,red Deamers,accidents,easter,thanksgiving,I hate the weather in Waimea,prom and the list goes on.All I can say is that you have always been there for me and that I treasure the friendship we have created.ILY and maybe one day I’ll drive on the right side of the road. Minda-Scrinda!! Anna’s pond,I’m watching t.v.late night giggles,King Kam Hotel,London, Paris,names,names,names I sometimes imagine what the last four years would have been like without you and when I think again it would nave totally been nonexistent.It’s true when you say that you are the weirdest and most eccentric person I have ever met.You are truly a free spirit.ILY. Richard-I’m really glad that we become friends.To think that I would not have been in the Richard Bryson fan club if we didn’t.You are one of those people that I will remember for a long time.I’m really going to miss those hugs and kisses.ILY. Kevin- You are probably one of the few people in this world who really understands me.I’m really glad that you’re happy now...ILY. Rob-I’m really going to miss you, my red face friend Make sure you be good in college and don’t do anything I wouldn’t!which is not a lot)We will meet again someday in the good ole reeneries of Waimea..... (hint) Chuckles-1 really don’t know how I would have gotten around this lace if it hadn’t been for you.You ave got to be the nicest guy I know, which says a lot cause I don’t know very many.I’m really glad we become friends.Remember that when you rule the world I’m your secretary with a secretary .ILY. Rosie- What, scrub?? I’m so happy that we got to know each other cause English class would not be the same without you. Take care of that sister of yours and don’t have too many chicks in college.ILY. Miri - I’m so glad that were friends this year.Take care of yourself and if it kills me I’m going to come and visit you in L.A.ILY. Tepa- I’m really glad I got to know you.Be good at UPS ana don’t party too hard.ILY Laura- LAURARA!! SAD....I’m going to miss you so much, my phone Bill buddy. Have fun at college and don’t break too many hearts.ILY. Lasi-1 really wish you were at Anna’s this year, then we could totally rage(yeah, right)...Good luck in college and have lot’s of boyfriends! !ILY. Heather.O-1 just know that one of these days I’m going to open a page of a runners magazine and you re going to be in it ILY. Emily.R - Take them all down Em’sf!!!!You’re so out of hand.ILY.



ta Jalaludin [alaysia/ 4 Years and an extended summer


lrnmy- Thank you so much for the love d encouragement that you have given i for the last 17 years.ror all the times it I’ve fallen, you have always been ire to help me and I know in all those les I had never given you the thanks it you deserved. I’m really sorry for all 3hurt and pain that I’ve caused you and could I would change all that.For all 3 moments that I never said, you’re the gst mom in the whole wide world and I illy love you. iddy-1 enow that in these last couple of irs we have not been as close as we use be, but I want to take this opportunity say thank you for always being there ien I needed you.No matter what Ippens or where my life leads me to I’ll


always be your little girl.I love you daddv. Dad-Thank you so much for giving me the opportunities and education that most people could only dream for.You have always been such a good father to me and I really appreciate all you have done for me.I love you. Hani and Dida-The two of you have been the best sisters anybody could have.Thank you for all the fun and laughs that you nave given me throughout all these years, even though I probably do not look it anymore fll always be your little sister. I love you. Ridwan-You are the oldest 7 year old I have ever known.Be a good boy this year and don’t give mummy and dad too much

How sad and bad and mad it was - But then, how it was sweet. Confessions... R. Browning

mom-our relationship is unlike so many others, i feel so blessed to be able to relate to in such a loving and open way. thank you for the endless supply of love and support in everything, you truly are my best friend, i love came into my life and filled the void, you cared for my mother and m yself unconditionally, you pushed me in everything i did to make me a stronger person, i love you so much and am so thankful for everything, gabeyyou are growing up to become such a sweet, sensitive, smart young man. be good and always remember that i love you.auntie-i’ve loved every second we spent together whether we were dancing, shopping, skiing, or just hanging around pricing clothes, you have given me so much valuable insight and so much love, i love you.uncle randyyou always helped me with all my technical problems and taught me a little something along the way. i owe many thanks to you and i love you.devaki-our childhood together was filled with frustration, sadness,& anger, but most of all joy and love, i still look up to you as much as ever, i love you.sonrisa-my bestest buddy and sexy sista. we had so many fun times together, even when we were getting in troublef which was most o f the time), you are truly unique which is probably why i love ya so much.”she’s a wicked wahine.” i love you BW. serena-we became close friends through our heartache over guys, and i always counted on you for a serious talk or a good laugh, you’ll get the things you want just because you are such a strong person, so laugh loud, swim hard, and never forget me. ily.malika-i’m razin dis broun shugah goood an soo loow in fut. meep meep. we’ve had some fun times so far. i love your laugh but it gives me indigestion because you make me laugh at mealsfor is that the food?) Shanene’s gon rock yo world, ily.miri-i know someday i’ll turn on the t.v. and see you receiving an oscar for best supporting actress, alto and libra sisters forever, ily.minda-we are so much alike in so many weird ways, “i am a watermelon and i have a peanut in my bellybutton.””i’d eat you but you’re bloated.” thanks for the heart-to-hearts. don’t chase soap in the shower, ily.laura h.hi. bye. that’s what you said to write, nah. thanks for the laughs in Duncans apartment and for taping melrose all the time, woyea??? ily.ita-glad you’re back but now we’re leaving again...for good. sad. keep smiling and stop saying scrat. ily.tepa-thanks for taking my pictures, and no matter what you say you are beautiful, take care and gook luck, ily.biancayum...yuck...i love cake, and i love your accent, no you should be a model, no you should, don’t worry about rumors, people are dumb.ily.rosie-rosechip, rosestale, johnny-appleseed, whatever, you take your scoop-d-bootie shorts and step off. sue everybody, punitive damages, ily. rob-you always crack me up but it’s not that hard. Spanish class was good fun. thanks for the talks and for listening, ily. good luck to the class of 1995 and sorry to anyone i forgot, i love you all. noelani- we had so many fun times together, mud pies behind omao house, pink pony stories, dancing like dorks, ugliest dive contest, and so many more, d love ya like a sister, just 1 more year, ily.melinda-i have so many happy and sad memories o f last yearf wedgies on the soccer field), when we are married with children

Sheanna Malialani Jardin (a.k.a. Shanene) Kauai, Hawaii we’ll look back on these high school years and laughfand maybe cry) but we’ll always have the memories, ily.sara-i’ll always be your mommie. thanks for always making me laugh when i was down.”neoooooo.”kauai girlz rule, ily.chris-we have had some weird experiences together & some good talks about things. Spanish class was fun but you talk too much, ily .good luck to: joy, jennyf 1-2-3 hey look it’s jenny lee), alana, elena, arati, ryan m., sue gie, teri, and the rest of the class of 1997. ta’i-we might not be sisters of the blood, but we are sisters o f the heart and sister o f the soul, i’ll

always treasure and remember those midnignj talks about piglet and youknowwho. you are a beautiful person inside and out. you will forever be my friend and my schoolmate, but 1 most of all you will forever be my little sista.1 ily .good luck to: emily, kath, trisha, riley, and] the rest o f the class of 1997. good luck to: kris, crystal, ray, mikiala and thj rest of the class of 1998. i love you all and i’ll miss you.

Laron Kahn an Diego, Cal./ 3 years varsity football/ 2 years varsity basketball. d: Thanks for putting up with me for my high career. I know it was not easy three Ferent high schools in four years, but because you I am what I am today. Thank you and I e you. im: You have always been their for me. I wish could have been together more often. You ve always been very supportive of me and lause of it I hold a place in my heart especially you. I love you. bbie: Without you I probably would be rking at the bowl and not going to a good 100I. I owe you more than words can possibly 1, so I hope that thanks w ill be enough, and >ve you. lurf: The toughest kid I know who has been by ’ side through every step o f m v life. I will ver forget all the good and bad times , but we B td e it through it all. You are the sweetest and 3most beautiful sister a brother could have d I love you. inoa C.: Freedie boy the cleanest guy I have 3r known. A ll the nights we talked story d made jokes you made me less homesick or a great guy I hope that after we leave is place we can keep in touch and stay ends. Take care were ever life leads you. 5. give up wearing your G.F.P’s. r. Bryson: You are a wonderful man and the st coach I have had the opportuity to be Bociated with I thank you for always being nice d helping me with my transaction to H.P.A. I jsh you luck in the coming years and I hope we ly in touch, k Boyz fan R. #77: Lunchpale, The most gaseous 100I


Mexican I have ever known in my life. Later stank *ss. Yoshi T. # 21: Banzai, to the fastest man in Japan, sayonara Mr. barefoot. Billy #33: Laters Bro kick *ss next season and stay out o f trouble and don’t be threatening teachers. Grant #55: “mana”; “Kevin get in front of the ball” laters bro. Richard #11: “Bye Victor” M y first friend at H.P.A. take care and good luck in the future. Brady B #23: The Hawaiian cowboy/ touchdown kid, take care and hope to see you in the future. Heimata #44: Da bull, good luck in the coming years, take care and keep in touch. Shane # 50: It was killa to have you on de-line, take care you Hawaiian cowboy. Peter #34: The only guy who could make practice fun, you wild and crazy don’t ever change. Laters Kippy #15: Learn to run and shave that peach fuzz. Chad #43: Good luck in the coming years. Take care. I hope we have more beach days in the future. Chris M. # 30: “ This is my wave” The craziest, wedge breaker in football. Take care. Emily Rosedale: The cutie pie with the sexiest smile. Later gorgeous. T a’i and Melinda: The two most beautiful twins I could never tell apart. To all the other girls and guys don’t get mad I just forgot and Kainoa needed more room. M y dearest roommate: Thanks a lot bullrugged. Chris S.: I didn’t forget you, only on my page.

You are the best guy I knew beside me. You are a great athlete in everything, I want to be like you “Chris”, the stud muffin of our school. A bookbook wantabee with his nice clothes, and wishes he had a beeper, and quit teasing Honeygirl. Take care bro! Huang: You going the, “wong way”! Go da right way you poch. Hawaiian, thanks for everything. Aloha Bullfrog and takecare! Yoshi K.: Quit touching me in the shower, you worry me. Give me my money! Dev/Kev: You Guys should go out. Mahalo/ Aloha The stone bros.: Aaron, Ryan, Kama, and Sean, you guys crack me up. Aaron thanks for helping me out with V.B. we go party with Uncle Slim them! Mitchel Boy take it easy, and drive pleanty wahines! Tepa: Mahalo for everything and being a great sis, even though we had problems last year with everything. Take care and goodluck with your future. Love you sis. Tres K itty’s: You guys are the greatest. Thanks for helping me out with all my problems. Take/ care don’t break to many hearts. Love you all. Mahalo to the Cacoulidis’s, Cordeiro’s, Bergin’s, Dahlberg’s, Bryson’s, Hughes da best, Kaaua’s, Sohriakoffs, Wurster’s, Simpson’s, Kalaniopio’s, Gomes’s, Emmon’s and the Spencer’s. Mahalo Mr.Anderson, Mr.Stewart, Mr.Rice, Ms.Michel, High Security, Da kitchen crew you guys da best. Aunty Kat, Aunty Julie, Aunty Bev, Aunty Eva and the Housekepping, and Dad/Mike, Noland, Diz, Lance, Coach Marciel love you all and Mahalo. Sorry for those who I forgot, Mahalo/Aloha. Not My Fault!

I would like to take this moment to thank the fallowing people that really helped me through high school. (In random order) Mr. Gallegos-You are a very altruistic and magnanimous person. Mr. Stewart-Thanx for four years of advises. Ms. Marciel-You are the most caring and cheerful teacher in HP A. I wish you all my best luck. Mr. Honma-Keep telling jokes. Mr. Wilder-swimming and world history. Mr. Hall-I have a song for you, “Get in the ring” -GN’R Ben Morris-You are a very lousy person. You made me learn how to argue and fight a lot better. Woong Gruel Kim or however you spell your korean nameH.D.F. Boom Box- Don’t stop lifting. Mr. Party Tay-A true, reliable friend is hard to find, you are one of the most trustworthy friend I got on earth. Thanks. And take good care of Elaine. Don’t get too crazy about her. “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” -K.C. Class of 95 .iih n n .....jrn ijm ....? ? ?!!..iiu u lm n ....J x ir

more years of college and maybe four MORE years of graduate school. Life’s tough. Fender strat 57' reissue- you are my soul. God-Thank you for keeping me healthy and alive. “we are just an infinitesimal portion of all God’s creation” -I said this quote

Kenneth S.C. Kao A couple of years in H.P.A./Swimming is good fun/ Not a dorm perfect To my dearest parents. There are no words in the English language that can describe how much I respect and love you both.

Sung-Hoon: Korean Judo player! Get ,big man. tin: Pin that roomate of yours, that’s way. Ted M.: You never give me any what’s up! Be cool. Tanva: Thanks for helping me out in physics. I owe you so much. John R.: “Get to your room, big fella!”...But never listened. Bad Boy! Nick: Howz it..?? Rob 0.: Cruisin’...I love it. Johan: Thanks for the tip on CDs. Eric M.: Your not that huge, ...what a I

Sowm-Soo Kim eoul, Korea/3yr. on and off/Dorm prefect irents: I thank deeply inside for all the ipotunity you gave me. Thanks for iening me to a wider veiw and mind, ia-rang: How am I going to live without u!

in: There’s so much to be said... Brother! iris K.: I’ll never forget the assume nes, crusin’ to “gu-roum”. Bhtiyar: Always buff and tuff, chiks be Ith you. jjbu’ve been a great friend! fenneth: I think I’ve known you from

childhood..? But, will you ever understand me. Never forget old memories, bra! Peter D.: Huger than any. Buffer!! Arron: Is there a monkey in the bathroom?? Cool, man! Mitsu A.: Your “Black”,man! Thanks for the J crew orders. Kainoa: Your songs are nasty. Just kidding, their cool! Joji: Pleas, put a towl around. It’s...nasty..! Thanks for everything.

Che B.: Keep playin’ K.: I rember your little plant, it so assume. memmories are so good. Thanks. Jason W.: You’ve got so many plants,their killin’ my eyes. Yoshi K.: How’s U.S.C.? Great knowing you. Atsuma: Your not a child any more..! Hirama: Pump some more!..You make me jump. Jeff L.: It was asume in Wikiki, I loved ‘that’ drive. Scott L.: It’s going to be a great year. Yusuke S.: What a year we had... thank god I’m not with you this year Thanks, you’ve been a cool partner...of lonly nights..?? Joe K.: The swimmer. Thanks for everything. Scott K.: I feel like a politition,for all the feed back you gave me. “Speek up and you’ll be a man”,my good friend. Ryo: Stop singing, this is not a karaoke, Ryo!! Japanes #1. Ko: Howz it? I don’t see you much on weekends,..who are you with?? Shalom, Kelii: It’s always cool like that! Kris,Erwin: Myumi F.: Too much to say.., thanks. Toyomi S.: The angel.. Tomo: Mariko: Serina D.: Miri: Sa-rang: Yea-bean: Thanks:to so many people that I didn’t have time to say.

Joseph Woong-gul Kim 4 years at HPA God , You made me th in k a lot about my life for last four years. Lord. I tried hard to become something that I am not, then I complained and got depressed because I couldn’t be what I wanted to be. When I was depressed, you came and talked to me. You taught me how. important it is for me to become myself. There is nobody like me. You taught me now to accept L . That’s _ J H i the biggest•lesson that I myself asM I am. 1 learned here. Lord. Now I know I don’t need to be like somebody else. I am satisified with what I am. I know you will always watch over me wherever I go. Mom & Dad, I don’t know how to start this. The first thing that comes to my mind is that I love you so much. There’s so much you’ve done to me that I can’t even write it down. The reason you are so important to me is that you are filled with abundant and sacrificial love. Grandpa, Thank you for your never-ending care and love. I will never forget that you always pray for me. IL Y Sae-Young, M y one and only sister, and you . were ,etc. IL Y _________ , __r _ JB________ M . sometime. Even though you were a legendary “Mr. Messiness , I still consider you as TH E BEST roommate and friend. Ray. yo hooEay. How can I forget your awesome mushroom hair? Mike, the red goatie, we don’t make nuclear bombs with KEVI-CltEE. Erwin, Thanksgiving is coming up! Watch out. Jeff, I didn’t know HongKongenese(Hongkish?) likes to play soccer. Kaisit, you ou are tough, tough, but I ’m tougher. ________ Markl H., 1 , Stay away from my family picture! (M y sister is too old.

Roy , Where did vou get your bath robe? From Jamuna or Lasi: ■ Ken K., Patriotic Chinese Heavy metal star “Slash Sean, You’d better go down to the pool right now, chicken! Heather, You’re really mature.— and hysterical.(ceasura) Lasi, Nobody dares to challenge you. Arti, I feel insecure when you wear that judo uniform. Kristian, it’s only 7:59 am. Go to bed! Arjun, there’s always something for you more than homework. Kevin, the big boy, i f I have bad neck, it s all your fault. K eli’i, I don’t care how much you grew over summer. You are still a little puppy. And a good roommate. Stew(art), my forever advisor regardless of the amount of food you gave me. I had so much fun with you. I love music and my bald head choir director. ctoi Gallegos, can I call you Luis after I go to college? Are you going to give me a scum-squad on the adu I i _ . j - out? . i n I ’m graduation day because T I am noti jsigned glad that I have a friend like you. Te amo mucho. Mrs. Y, No wonder Neil used to. call you mom. I still owe you several pieces of pizza. Actually I owe you so much more, Mss. Michel, now I know Cupee is a girl. I also know you have about 50 more puppies in Robertson’s. ■ ’ rts< Ms. Donahue, the iron woman. Don t worry. I will try to have some fun in college. I miss your ESL H H class. las Mr. Bleckel, Don’t forget that I was on duty with you . Don’t forget there are some tall Koresns.

You’re cool! Everybody at Robertson’s, Thou shall remember Joe. I love you all. Mrs. Piltz, Do vou still remember the first debate meet? Do you still remember how I mumbled and murmured in front of the judges J|| Wow.Did you notice that I just used alliteration? '".te ILY. L, Mr. Bryson, Ig o t so many F s on your simple a test. I know Tr means ‘Fantastic. Then wnat I does ‘F=’ mean? Mr. Solmssen, I think I ’m hearing my own drummer. Mr. Hughes. We did some wild experiments 1 that are either explosive or poisonous or both. ■ You are weird ana funny. | Mr. Hall, I should’ve given you a hug when 1 go® my medal. I just wanna see how a conservative! Republican would react to it. Mr. Rizzuto, I just want you to know that I’m sometimes on time Mr. Wilder, fat DOES hurt. Shannon, what’s minor 6th above @#$? Does I Sonata has 14 lines? T.Q, The day will come when I can tease you. 1 Minda, Thank you for being with me whenever ! I ’m late for the class. Richard, do you want a bucket of ice on your j stomach? Bowm, forever my ‘H yung. Alex, mv name is not Joke, it s JoKim. C han g,! w ill never mess with PuSan boy. Scott, OB Bears won’t disappear as long as you.1 live , . , . Gloria&June, N a up su do jal j i ne ra! Yebin.Sarang.You still have 3 years to graduate, good luck! _ M ay God mess class of 95!

Kama Kobayashi RVRESTLING /COMMUNITY SERVICE/UMM..TLL TAKE A #3 p a d -1 couldn’t show you enough appreciation for all the things you’ve done for me. Thank you |or giving me the opportunities that you couldn’t ia v e ana trusting in me. Even though I didn t ealize it before this school probably Kept me out jf jail. Thanks for caring enough to support me hrough all those stupid mistakes I made. Even bought sometimes I may not show it, I love you. 'om and Uncle Sam-Thank you guys for so uch love and caring.. Mom thanks for all ways Being cheerful and caring so much for me. ■Vithout you I wouldn’t be were I am today.. You liave supported me through most o f my choices, ■hanks. I love you guys. Kuntie and Uncle-You have been like second Barents to me. Thank you for putting up with ie. You guys are very special to me. ason- What do I say to a guy who canju m p a oarder as good as you, except watch the potlight!! But, seriously we ve had some killer imestogether in the short time we’ve known mach other. I’ll probably never forget you mr.pfvhipped. Come on just a little one on the lips. Keep in touch kook. Peter D.- Your too cool for your own good. But t rou drive like me grandma. Too baa we couldn t find the guy who hit your car at the mall, huh/ Pay goodbye to the boys at H. M ary s for me, you’* have to fill in my SPOT from now on. Keep in touch, preppy! Rob-Wanna wrestle? I ’m glad we got to know lach other. Partying with you was crazy. My ■shoulder hurts. Where’s Jimmv? Hey, Rob why ■re your eyes closed like that? I ’ll never forget a Triend likeyou, thanks for the times. Buddy. Karon R.-CTR-Please don’t show up on my door Ite p ten years from now, preachingand giving Ine brochures. Are you sponsored?Bee you in


Kauai, Freak. Aaron S.-The camping specialist. Thanks for everything from the splirfy’s to the stienies. Cruizing with a ripper like you was awesome. Thanks ior everything, Columbian. Kainoa-You get the best pakalas in the island. What’s the object of the game?Ahhhh. Can you veil a little louder cuz.... Eric-Next time it willbe better..I promise. Nah had fun cruizing with you this year,see you around,man. Che-Braaeeeeepp! Gimme some skin,man! On second thought, never mind. Ethan-Take out those socks! We baseball cause we can hit those kooks with anything. You gotta try this thing its called a meditation situp. Heirama-Tahiti sounds like heaven. I want to move there....when I ’m eighty. Huti Paka. Thanks for the times.Feme. Serena-Where’s the stuff? Your a bull for a


Ita-I’m glad Ijjo t to know you a little better. Be a good girl.O.K. , JeTf Lee(f)-Wow, what if that tree was a big ? Lets cruise Oahu this summer. Wneres the spliffy? I hope that Jah touches you. Tyler-Freshmen s shouldn’t be as wise as you. But you’ll learn someday, probably the Louisville slugger way. "Next time a dog runs in the road can you just use the brakes instead of the bushes. Laterz swimmer. Nainoa-Your a cool guy .to pick on. Nah thanks for being cool, cuz. See you around, stud. _ w 11 Chris S.-Wait. I gotta go home and tell my parents were I am. Whatevers MaMa s boy. When you go to the beach everyone leaves cause you ripp.

Also Howzit,Howzit,Howzit to: Chad, Grant, Shane, Melinda, Ta i, Max, Marshall, John, sean, Ryan, Austin, Yoshi, Billy, Nick, Maui, Kaisit, Heimata, Chang, Bowm, Lianne, Sean R.,Riley,Kippy,Brady,Aaron K.,Peter D.,Chris M.,Atsuma,and Jared. Hughes and Lance-Thanks for everything, Lance for pushing me and hughes just for being huge. Ms. Michel-Youv’e been a great friend as well as a great teacher. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Tu un muy especial persona. Kauai Boys-nothing better than cruizing with you guys. Dave-I don’t know one crazy thing we haven’t done...Whether it was eight foot Acid drops or outfiters. Piggs! Next time well find a better spot. Adam-You ripp! Three to Four feet. Offshpre. Low tide. Dirt Brown colored water with sick hollow barrels. That was a awesome Ammonias session. Nothing like cruizing with the boys. Good luck in the AirForce....G.I. Joe. Pele-Surfing at Luma’s at night in the rivermouth was crazy. Where’s our shorts Kooks!! I ’ll take that Bob spliffy please! Also on


D.J.,Eric,U.D.,K.N.,A.A.,G.S.,S.O. Bob Marley-”It take many a year, mon, and mavbe some bloodshed must* be?>but righteousness someday prevail. ’-’’Gotta have K a y a now:

Devon Malia Lanin O’ahu 13 Yrs/ Waimea 4 yrs. Mom-It still amazes me how, you mothers, can love and nurture a tiny stranger unconditionally. I know that when I was given to you, you never expected things to turn out the way they have. I can only apologize now for all of the troubles I have caused you- I’m sorry. Things always change, and will continue to change between us. But no matter what I have never and will never love another person as much as I love you. I’ll miss you so much.D a d -1 wish that I could give you some sort of explanation as to why I’ve caused you so much greif throughout all these years. All I can do is thankyou for, at least, trying to understand me when there was really nothing to understand. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve ever done for me. I’ll always miss you, I love you .Jaime and Matty-1 hope that you guys remember me not as the big meanie who screams and yells, but as the sister who loves you very much. 111 miss you guys so much while I’m gone. Maybe, when I come pack we’ll actually be able to enjoy eachother. I love you guys .’’MyrtZgM can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve ever done for me-beleive me, I’ve realized it. I Love You. Tiffanv-Fve never had a friend that cares about me as much as you have. My biggest regret is to only have realized it now. Thankyou for accepting all of the apologies that never should have been accepted.ILY. Whit- What we’ve created is unmatched to anything I’ve ever experianced in a has been your imagination and love that has kept me going. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like without you. ILY.Jenyi-Two negatives aren’t ever supposed to equal a posotive, so now do you explain us r One day soon that moment is going to creep up on us, and we’ll realize just how happy we really were. You’ve helped me so much these past couple of years. Thanks for everything. You mean so much to me,I’ll always be here for you. ILY.Cvn-When I think of you I’ll think

of laughter-because, laughing’s funny. Life will be so bonng without you. I don’t think that a day has gone by where we naven’t amused eachother. I’ll miss that.ILYMeg-You’re my breath of fresh air. My forever smiling friend— now do you do that? I wish I had half of your care-free ways- thankyou for always being there to share them with me. ILY Caitlyn-Mv perfect friend. I’ll never forget all of the warmth and understanding that you’ve given to me. It’s your stability that nas kept me sane. I ’ll miss you. ILY.Lcnzm-Lorla...we’ve all gone different ways these past cople of years. Even so, I’ll never forget the friendship we’ve had. I’ll miss having a twin..Royce-Your smiles brighten my days. Thankyou for always being there to laugh with- I’ll miss vou.SarZa-You’ve taught me so much. You’re warmth and humor will always make me smile. I ’m so glad to have found such a wonderful friendship. I’ll never forget my Tootie. ILYLu ’ukia-ln one year you became my best friend, my sister, and sometimes my enemy....It’s that Saggitarrius blood of ours. Whatever it is I’m still sitting here missing you more than ever, and wishing you were still here with me. ILY AZm-The days I spent with you were my most happiest, I miss them so much. Why did you have to leave so soon? You will always be a big art of my life no matter where you are. IL Y Kippykip, you re such a funny guy. I m gonna miss having a friend like you to keep me happy. Remember me when Demi ana Kathy don’t cut it...I promise you that dance on the table. I ’m gonna miss you so much .Peter-This past year just wouldn’t have been the same with out you. You always know how to make us laugh, even when we don’t want to. I’ll miss vou .CIO *95- You have all left your own lasting impression on me, each in your own way. Even if we haven’t experianced eachother as much as we could have- I’ll never forget any of you. I look forward to each of your futures.^wmmer-Unfortunately, I haven’t spent nearly as much time with you as I have wanted to. I hope you never forget the friend you have in me .

I’ll miss you. Christian- You’re the coolest,Meeks. I’m gonna miss you. Take care of all of me and Whi t’s “friends. ’S^v-I ’ll never forget you-all of the cuts and bruises you’ve blessed me with won’t let me...Nah, I liked it. I’m gonna miss you so much.Take care of yourself. See you at the wedding.(remember?)Jason T.- My male insight. We’ve had some wonderful times and wonderful talks. You’ve turned out to be an amazing friend. I’ll miss vou-KaZ. Steve. Kainapau. Ariel. Hana. Ali.Pete-Your friendships have meant so much. I already miss the way things used to be, and I’ll continue to miss you guys even more. I hope we never forget eachother, and the good times we ‘ve had. Take care of eachotherAsa and’s MickeyThe Stinkers! I miss you guys! You made my summer,take care of me in Cali JErica F . and Jason F.-The big brother and sister I never had(don’t worry Jason we can still get married).You guys always know how to show us a good time. Thanks. I ’ll miss vou.Mathias-I owe my sophomore year to you.We’ve stayed friends under some pretty odd circumstances, I hope we always do. Kate-'I've missed growing up with you, "little sister".Rise-My best friend of 13 years, and counting.... Our friendship will always be the strongest and the longest. My first best friend-1 can still remember that first day of kindergarden. I ’ve missed you so much these past four years. ILY. My Monday N ighters-Yon guys are already becoming a big part of my life. I hope we continue to take our imagination and faith with us to wherever our futures lead us.Acting is heightened reality... Thanks to the Hastings, the Woodards, the Fischers, the Coopersons, the Bernings, the Budges, and all of the other friends, families, and teacners that have always been there for me. I thank you all so much. Wish me luck....

Toyomi: You are the one who’s “sugebe”, not me! Nah, thanks for all the good times, and listen to me goes on and on about someone, and thanx for letting me know where he is .w hat am I going to do without you? I ’ll remember you when ever I play the tennis, hopefuly we won’t miss that many of the balls anymore! I ’m gona miss you, all the best. M inda: I love the your musicfspecially whan it’s loud!). Thanx for making my life even more interesting and thanx for all the help. M alika: Thanx for letting me borrow the math notes. Thanx for all the helps and been really nice to me. I ’m gona to miss the way you sneeze. Shing-Ling: “strawberry-short cake’ , I already know that I wili miss the fun of playing with your hair(mashroom). Thanx for all the great times you gave me. And thanx for been a great friend. Tina: Don’t get excited so easily! I’m really gona to miss you...who else can I borrow all the best Chinese CDs from? Thanx for been a great friend, and thanx for all the food. Karesa: Thans for been a great frined, as long as you keep on trying, you will reach to the top. You do have the nice personality and the ability to do it. Best wihese for your senior year. Cathy: Well, it has been great fun to be with you, you crackes me up so bad. I’m really gpna to miss you. From now on it will probably be hard for me find someone else whose feet will attrack to mine like yours. To all my friends: Thank you all who made my life here fun and full of wonderful memories, I apoligise that I don’t have the space to put your name and tons 01 the things that I want to say to you, I ’ll always remember you all and thanx for everything again! M rs.Kam row: Thankyou very much for all the helps in history and help me go through all the hard times. I probably won’t be able to make it without your help. There’s not enough words for me to show my appreciation. Mrs.Piltz: My favorite advisor! Thank you for all the helps and icecreams in the past 3 years. I ’ll never read on the van again. Thankyou for helped me to build confidence in speaking,English.

Thand, you again Tor everything.

rene Liao aipei, Taiwan [om and Dad: There is no word that can tpress my thanx to you, I ’m really gald and icky to have parents like you. Thank you for seking me a better life,ILU . lonica: You are now on your own ow(finallyl). Actually, I guess I might miss you fter I’m gone for the collegefkinda hard to elive!). You are a junior now, try not to sleep 1 every day, go down to breakfast and do your .w in a faster rate. Anyway, take care o f your elf and have a great year. lir i: My unforgetable person! Thanx for all re “fun times and show me all kinds of tricks lat really crack me up;..underwear , you

really know how to embaras me. And there will always have plenty of food of you. Thanx again for every thing. Sis,I ’m gona miss you.ILU. L au ra: Hay partner! I ’ve really enjoyed all the great time we had together!even just prefecting together.). I was really amazed that you can still understand what I ’m talking about even when my brain isn’t working. Thanx forloeen a great partner and friend who take up with my frastration! ILU . Shannon: I really wish you’ll knock gentally before you enter my room! Nah, I’m use to it. Well, I ’m really glad that we didn’t have 3 classes together before we get sick of each other. Thanx for everything. Mayumi: My ex-roomate, you cracks me up. I ’ll never forget how we survived through our history and biology tests, “wake me up at 4:00.”, yeah right! Thanx for ah the great times and listen to me talking about “someone” all the time and thanx for make fun at me about it. Best wishes for you in the future. D on’t fall in love too soon.

M r.Stewart: Sorry for rebeled on 2 of your classes, nothing personal! Thank you for all the helps in math, music, embarrace me, pick on me and making fun at me. Nah, thanx for making my school life even more interesting. Practice more on “revolutinary”, it’s not such a “lady” to play, considering your pinky is much longer than mine. Mr.Bryson: Thank you for been strict on my English, even you are still pretty scary to me, but still you are one o f my favorite teachers. Thank you again for all the helps. Special thanks to: Mr.Anderson, Mr.Bleckel, Miss Donahue, Mr.and Mrs.Watson, Mr.Provencel, Mr.Hall, Miss Matzuda,Mr.Rice, Mr.Emmons, Mr.Honma, Mr.Wilder. Miss Duncan, Mr. Kamrow, Mrs.Conley, Father Piltz, Mr.Dunlap and all other faculties. Thank you very much for all the hlpes and encouregements in the past 3 years.

Alan (Scott) Lindsey Fishing/Kayaking/Turtle Tagging/Cycling/Dawn Patrol/Camping/Scuba/2 Months Miri The Ocean Calls Me. The Rhythm O f It’s Heart Beats Loud In M y Ears. I Feel The Rhythm As I Penetrate The Deep Blue. Feel The Rhythm. Mom and Dad: W ell there is a million things I could say but there is a couple of thin gs that sum it all up. For starters I couldn’t nave done it with out you two. You have taught me well as I am reminded every day by people who complement me. They are really complementing you. I love you very much and I can never be thankful enough for having you two for parents!!!!! Michell: What would I have done without my little big sister? I would have probably had tne worst taste in clothes without you. I want to say so much but I w ill tell you it to your face. I love you so much. M anna an d Pappa: You know I love you. Che: Glad you came here bud. It has been a fun couple years. Surfs up! Let’s o. Thanks for listening for the past two years, ummer with Jason was ripping. See you in sand land. E ric M .: H ey punk. W e had a lot of fun in the dorm last year. Surf was.great. Come see me in Texas. Joe: Your sitting in front o f me as I write my quotes. A ll those things I teased you about you know I did not mean it. You are a brilliant man. I will never meet a genius like you. E ric K.: You have been a great roommate. Stay cool and keep surfing. * tsu: Thanks for being a cool roommate sophomore yet company. Alex: (Huge) Hey guy. What did you say? Thats what I thought. Take care and stay you. T.Charlie: Hey your face is getting pretty red. W e survived Intro-Cal and hopefully


Calculus. W e killed Keahou last year. Take care of yourself at school. Robertson’s Guys: You guys were great fun. Stay clean and have fun your senior year. H eather: Maybe one day we can meet in the Heartland and sing Garth Brooks as we vibrate a door knob. Sounds like fun eh? I’m glad we are friends. You are the sweetest person I have meet, and you are so funny too. One last thing, I love you. Laura: Boo, 1 scared you veah? You have been great fun to be with. I liked you sophomore year. I bet you didn’t know that. Ita: You are provocative. Thanks for listening to me all thosevears. W e w ill party on together. Love ya. M inda: Prom was great. You are so sweet. Pearl Jam rocks. I will always remember you. You hair cut looks great. M iri: What do I say? In a sense I will always love you. Whitney: (Houston?) no better."Hastings. You are fabulous. 1 enjoy your company to the greatest degree. W hitney darling. What we could have been!!, but you had to pick one of those many other boy friends. Love ya. Caitlyn: Turtle tagging is the first thing that comes to mind, but oest of all you know me well and I am glad we became friends. Love ya. Serena: Hey crazv chick. W e had a lot of fun these past couple years. You have been a great friend and always seem to know how I am thinking. Shannon: Mull a what? I never could get your name right. Thanks for your company the past couple years. Love ya. M elinda: S e e l put you in my quotes. Take care o f yourself ana don t have too m any ragmg. parties your senior year. Guys on the Hall: You guys are pretty cool. 1

has been fun so far this year. You may hate me I at times but realize I ’m tryin gto do what is best) for you. Roh and M alika: What you two have j is great. Hold on to it forever. You two have ■ been great friends the past two years. Rob watch out for that outside set at Waipio. Mr. j Anderson: I can’t thank you enough. You made my first vear go smooth. You are a great ; guy. Thanks for your trust. Maybe one day you w ill get your dorms. M r. and Mrs. Watson: 1 ! h aveleam ed so much from you two. Thanks for] teaching me so many things about the ocean and outdoors. You two ana Grandma are like ij my second family. Thanks for all the caring I and patience over the years. I am forever grateful. The Emmons Family: You guys are j so nice to me. Thanks for all the caring and love. Mr. Emmons I have lots o f fun fishing anaI camping with you. You are a great guv ana awesome teacher. Mr. Stewart: Thanks for all; your patience and help last year. You are a , brilliant person and you have one of the best 9 personalities on campus. Sr. Gallegos: C ountir music rocks!!! Thanks for Being a friend the past couple years. I enjoy your company and coqking immensly. "Do not worry -1 women are not always bad. Ms. Michel: You are the most caring person I know o f to date. I Thanks for all your friendliness and help over the years. Ilo. v___ e ya. Jessica: I f1Tyou g e fiini/ira to r e a fdl if * ^ rv __1 i. T J I. thisjcome for what Hilo tum c see ucc me m e iui YV u I would have wrote, l l 1 jI Mr.Rice: Thanks for all your respect and help.

Leah Eiko Mackey Kailua-Kona/ 13 years HPA/ Cheerleading/ Yearbook/ SADD/ Choir lere3 is so much to say to those who have Jnarl m o fhwvi-inrki L o toughest t n n fr h o c f and onH best h o c f years i ;lped me through fthe my life, I know without you all, it woula have hav sen harder than it was. Horn do not kpow how or why n and D a d -I really re mu e. butAILguess Tguess it goes 1 both ____ knowr knave Iiia v e never expresed vays jpreciate all the,things .11 the things you 1 have G l r me tfila t l had taken for granted. The , J to go to.i.H >ijity J P A all those years, have such a pvmg ana caring familyfthough sometimes I orgetVhaving the use of a car to go cruisir Id. ever jep replace two. ■set... Nobody could, la c you x peenl there lor iave < fQr me, coming cpjxdhg to aij < functions Linction in Lower, Middle, and hose sch ana Comm i n gr to t the football I Jpper sch es, taking me to the movies c asketball _ ana roppmg my 1nends ______, _____ a I ........... off in town. — I vona has so many doors that are waiting lor me .o open and from your guidance in the past rpars and thbse to come I will stnve to open the ight ones. Thank, X you you so I much for f r ‘ pportumties yonl h a v e i hank you for bei: s the way you make me aimot eally ao hoi now w fia t l would have Vlt] VlthOTut vou in my life. You are very spei ne anc id i love you(more)! Yup, yup, yup' V lave h haq| aI lot o f special memories and the: ways, Hun. m ity more to c o m e . ■ ^ .. ell, i can say that I am glad tl;hat we T y o n a n mally able to talk and car]---------- orm al onveisation, witho fuess I bar r * __ Httf >at r you hav , •ut in the microwave, ect. lave had jsome good fun < ars., driving to school(on_ lavmg tolisten to your music(

it. ^ e ing the ..j road), antom of

l am glad i naa you to talk toivent to;ana n out with durring my Sophompre, Junior an Seninr years. I really appreciate all the ad1 you have given my about certain people(Putz, i f ect ec£..)1 Kekcufi )I have always ------- wanted a g sister — — but now I have a Sister-In instead of a 1 brother gjood tnpej going Law. We have had so: shflar~ when I need a eg an -tiev xoi,u.x,c 1 swear ere is so much that itetruck, p>opr\omorg year yea,r Wi rogs, Prom, Slater, iilip, Larry. Scott, . fob^aJ * yans. missmg anybody? Cruising 3rady,.Ken . . M ■ain 1 ■ irough town-whacky £ o where are we going7 xxx 0 Happy i p p w —. J!! Hambi irger lzza Hut nu Vteal, large fri, and. a diet coke. Pizza anyone? W e have defmetally had our ups and downs. Amazing we are still friends, huhr Nah, you are like my sister, no mater what happens we will always he there for each other. Thanks for always tening me thought about all the guys .someday I will listen to you the first time. Take care and. keep in Jen-Well, what s a girl to do? I touch. ILYH ILY!!Jen-Well, dor 1 reaJlTy re.aJITy don t know what I would nave done without you, I am glad we have gotten to be such, good friends. such friend^. uWords cannot camnoJ^exR^s^ho^ express how much your friendship means tQ me. W e have xj „ ie fairs, ‘our iaa a, lot p f fun, going to the -Bitz, the our , iCnu... .......for ......* ng there and riend...Thanks always- hei being and istemng to me complain. I know there is so

iuch I forgot, but no worries. See you at anoa..,maybe. ILY!!L asi-I still say Brendan is j IN E ! When are we gomg to pur Luau? banks for being,such a good .friend to me. You ave m adejjiy lijp so interesting-m m Hoi afe Pesto, ...need 1 say more' flow scary, 4 ch u T 1 M



Cf c




e a re

fvFaegary! So what are a vou doing? Caausmg mischief: 1 will alyv ana Marcus str for .being so c< giving me ie advice ad\ on guys. a b e t t e r write to -----in, touch. Yoi there ,eep me! i l y HDavid-Nihon iiJJaviq-iNinc n m urasu ___ wa totemo t d n O S hk^tij h ik a ia u desu., cou . x Brings j i m g a back memories doesn t it? I am glad we h ve become such good nends, Keep in touch i nd do not study too lard. Hahahahahaha! rake care.Serena-We rnve had our share of ai ventures, waipio,. .You are a great friend, Pine trees, Kua Bay, ect...y without you my life would Take care and keep in touc_. I « r ^uu. this vmo yea jc a i was fun. Thank prefecting. withii you here foi for me when I was haying you, for being there


i f f j )

giving me such a hard time. JNah, 1 gues? — dy,had to keepm e m line i" licfn t fin d me aguvT Take care, 1,■m hope that all get Class o f 1995-Gnoa luck! IIh q a live it to the w h a t you w a n t Qut of life a n d 1 de fullest. fu lles t. II will w ill miss miss vou.T vou.Too the th e under classmen-Nothing classmen-Nothing is is as as bad bad as a it seems, iust remember there will alw9y§TveJ5pmeone there to b^pTyPw G fio d X u c k :H lL JH, LG. hE, NA, A W , AS, WW, JR, LH, MB, A C & JL. M v b ook store workers.-You are the best.Tnke care ana nave tun the rest of the time you still have here.




A le x : A a a le e e x Y o u lik e hot Russian m inis or shashlik Caucasian? C ath y: Y o u r e a lly should board. W h o w ill you bother n e x ty e a r ? D ian a: Y o u look lik e H a rm o n y ’s sister. M y lam p! H an ae: Y o u are too cool. F ie ld hockey, Y o n g s and banana crem e pie are the bestest. Ire n e : T h an k s fo r th e saim in and e v e ry th in g else. Joe:, W h y are you in A .P . M usic? Y o u re tu rn in g in to a rea l A m erican . John: M an olo, I ’m berry, b e rry sorry abou t .your w ife but I can’t stop lau gh in g. I t w as too funnv! K a t h W o w , you look ju s t lik e N a h , I w on t say it, I w a n t to liv e . T h e fou n tain is, w e ll I don’t w a n t to ta lk ;ibout it, Kevin: I d idn’t k n o w it w as possible to ose som eone in th e bath room in the lo n o lu lu airport. , _/issa: M y L A M P !!!!!! M a lik a : B ook m e on, Jack! M e lin d a: M id n ig h t snacks, la te n igh t talk s, fa llin g o ffth in g s , w a lk in g into th in g s , vou -k n ow -w h o, secret m eetin gs in th e Held. R eese’s, m a k in g so m uch noise M rs. K . th ou gh t w e h a d other p eop le in our room , a hand a t our w in d o w a t 11:30 pm and m uch more. M in d a: Ice cream b efore our last exam , ch erry ju ice and cherries in m y h a ir and on m y face. “Y o u are m y sunshine....” and in to th e fou n tain I fk iri: Y o u m ak e m e laugh, crazy w om an ! N ico le : “H a v e you done th e M a th vet? R ichard: M on cher am i. 5:30 am is n ot a g re a t tim e fo r cra m m in g for m ath. T u m ’as aid e beaucoup, m erci. I prom ise I w ill n e v e r e v e r le t the sp ” • ’ I somed __ to v is i____________ coun try in th e w orld !!! S cott and A rju n : W h at? I didn’t do a n y th in g but shoot th e stap le gun. Seren a: S H U T U P !! Sheanna: I h a ve a baby. Th an k s for d oin g d u ty fo r m e a ll those tim es. T . C h arlie: B e quiet. I ’m n ot an E skim o. T rish a: W h aaat??? P refects: I t ’s been fun, m ostly. T h a n k s fo r a ll th e support. K a m ro w ’s H a ll: G ood luck. Y o u guys w e r e g r e a t. M s. D onahue: T h a n k you fo r p u ttin g up w ith m e, tra ito r!! M rs. K am ro w : T h a n k you for every th in g. Y o u r phone has been a lifesa ver. M s. M oore: T h a n k you fo r h elp in g me accom plish som eth in g I n ever dream ed I could do and teach in g m e to b e liev e I could. M r. N ogu es: T u n’es pas p a rfa it m ais j ’ai appris beaucoup aans ta classe gu an a m em e. M rs. P iltz : T h a n k y o u fo r teach in g m e about m yself. Y o u re w onderful. M r. S tew a rt: “ I don’t understand! ^ A U r Ir y g ift from m y parents. I ’m

Shannon Elizabeth Mulvihill P.A. 2 years, Kelowna B.C. CANADA T o a ll m y aunts, uncles and cousins: I love you. H a rm o n y : I m issed yc you. I q u it h a vin g n ig h tm a res though. L o y e y a c u z.. N a th a n ie l: Stop o u re Stop it! Y Yo_. m PMo th e rin g me. N a h , I lo v e d h a v in g you h ere

.1 JL

tom m y and D ad d y: T h a n k you fo r a lw a ys *" ' ah ea d o f m e, stop p in g to d su p p ortin g m e _ _ e ry th in g I'v e done, i m issed you so T O E V E R Y O N E A T H O M E : Y o u g u y s are .luch th es e la s t tw o yea rs. I lo v e you. g re a t. Y o u m ean so m uch to m e. T v e K elsey and R ebecca: T o m y fa v o u n te m issed you a lot. T h a n k you fo r alw a ys listers. W e h a v e sh ared so m uch. Y o u are b e in g th ere fo r me. l y best frien ds. I m issed so you m uch. 1 love you. . . . T O E V E R Y O N E A T H .P .A .: “ Shared ilam a an d Pop p a: T h a n k you fo r g iv in g la u g h te r becom es a bond o f frien dsh ip. re th e m ost w o n d e rfu l op p ortu n ity an a W h e n people la u g h to g e th er th ey cease to experien cee in th e w orld . Y o u don t Know be y ou n g an d old; m as te r and p u p il,. how m uchl I. ap p recia te it. I lo v e you. w o rk e r and d river. T h e y becom e a sin gle •rampa: I w is h you w e re n ’t so fa r awgrou ay. p o f h p m an b eings, e n jo yin g th eir fh a n k you fo r com in g o v e r to see m e. I existence. lo v e you. -W . G ra n t L e e


M r. and M rs W atson: I ’ll com e v is it you. and th a t’s a p rom ise not a th reat. t o Ev e r y o n e W h o b u g s m e A B O U T B E IN G C A N A D IA N , (A N D Y O U K N O W W H O Y O U A R E . ): I ’m , saurry, I ’m C anadian , eh. I dp not talk funny. I do n ot speak funn v, I do not spell funny, I do n ot liv e in an igloo, I h a ve n e v e r w restled w ith a p olar bear and I love all o f yqu an yw ay. , T O A L L M Y T E A C H E R S : ''‘Those w h o are w ise learn not on ly from books, but from flow ers, seashells and stars, from an im als and children, from th e ir ow n exp erien ces and from the liv e s o f others,” T o everyone: I m sorry i f I m issed you. Y o u w ill n ever be forgotten in m y heart. P a r tir c est m o u n r un peu; C ’est m ou rir a ce qu on aim e. O n laisse un peu de soiE n tou te heu re et dans tout lieu .” H araucou rt.

Edm ond

Tomonori Murata Mom & Dad: Thank you for all the opportunity that you gave me and making me who I am today. Grandma & Grandpa: Thanks for all the support and advice, although I should have listened to your advice more than I did. Toyomi: Well, the time we shared made my recent years the best they could ever be. As we getting through many(countless) worthless disagreements(most of cause was from my jealousy), we have came out closer and wiser. Thank you for being with me through out my life at HPA. (hopefully beyond) I Love You. Chibi Tomo: Two more years of paradise. Stick with it, it’s not that hard. GOLFSTINKS. Kevin W: My refrigerator is tall as you are, that’s why you want it? By the way how tall are you now? Joji: Do you wanna play survival game sometime? I know good place. Arti: Take good care of your brother. Arj: Take good care of your sister.

Laura H: You want more french fries? Lasi: We didn’t need to take naked picture for photo class. Hayato: You better practice golf. But it’s too late to beat me anyway. I think I have to teach you how to treat girl friend. Yoshi T21: I can knee board better than you do. Huh Huh Huh. Christian: Two more years of tough training good luck.(where is your speedo?) Mitu: You can swim better than that. Eric M: You’re the man! Mayumi: Thank you for your help. I might need it more...(please~) Mari: Kyaaa Genki~?(shut it) Serena D: I wish I can swim like you. Sara V: You are so cool. Gabe: Are you like Samurai? Sean L: Swim studs (Don’t forget your gargles) Hanae: Thanks for being cool friend. Swim hard! Kaisit: I know you have elephant in your home. (I still can’t pronounce your last name)

Mr & Mrs Malasek:Thank you for all the warm encourage you gave me. I’m really . appreciated. Mr & Mrs Sameshima:Thank you for everything you have done for me with your warm regards. Mrs Y: Thank you for everything you’ve i done for me. Your help made my HPA life better. I’m really appreciated.(visit me sometime) Mr. Wilder: Coach what’s next set? Take good care. Thanks. Mr. Kamrow: Golf, it does the body good.(but don’t kill it) Special Thanks: Mr. Stewart, Ms. Michel, Mr. Honma, Ms. Lucitt, Mr. Diaz, Mr. Bleckel, Mrs. Piltz, Mr. Hughes, Mr. I Noetzel, Mr & Mrs Victorine. To any one I forgot I am truly sorry.

Minda Maureen Murphy alifornia /H P A 4 Years /Free Spirit (If nothing else ...) Without my family. I w o u ld be nothing. Mom-Thank you for being so supportive o f me, especially the past four years.I wouldn’t be who I am today, i f it hadn’t been for you. You’ve always haa faith in me, and trusted me to use Jny own best judgement, and now, I have faith In myself, ana I think that I really do use my pest judgement most o f the time. Thanks for letting me be my own person, and loving me unconditionally. I love you Mommy. P.S. Guess what... You’re the best mommy in the whole world!!! M ichele- M ia Soerella, Velveeta. Do you own the company ? Pssst. People on the left ... don’t tell the people on the right... Invisible ;ows are ruling my life. Because of what your sister has done ... Showed them!!! Miew, Here kitty kitty. The aliens ARE coming. Keep your feet on your side. I want it up. No, I ’ll get a stiff neck. Why yes, I am the American Anti-Christ, why do you ask ? Arizona ! Cartwheels at 3 A M . Oh great goddess of concerts. Third row. How’d you do it? Must be some sort of karmic return policy. Great memorial service ! Corn Festival signs in Ohio. Do you know where the airport is 7 Hi, H i H i H i H i . Dancing in Disneyland. Everything I know, I learned from you. I m glad. I am so lucky to have my big sister, my best friend, my idol, and my “other” |mom all rolled in to one. I love you. You are the coolest person that I’ve ever met. I love you. TThank you. P.S. When in doubt, remove poster fcube from backpack, and use to thoroughly ~ound companion over the head, lam - H i H i Hi H i H i Hi. Love. Thank you for being the best big brother that I could’ve hoped for. Without you, I never would’ve liked the Pet Shop Boys or the eighties. And who else could I

watch The Crying Game with, or learn to make pesto from? Someday I’ll learn to do dishes, just not today. Miew, here kitty kitty.Barbies are the best. I miss you. E d and Randi- Thanks for being around the past four years. I wouln’t have made it without those weekends surfing. See you soon ( In a Winnebago, towing a porta potty, barbecuing m e a t!) Love ya. Thanks and love to a ll o f my extended family. Padm avati (Mom),Kaya, Tam ara, Tiara, Aunty Yasm in,Patti and Marc, Mr. and Mrs. B, Aunty Joey and Uncle Eddi Friendsare a part o f the experience called life. I love you all. Miri-But-Birthdays rule. Weekends in Acapulco, barfing on planes, what next ? I was at the beach the other day ... I didn’t know nuns could drive . Quantas. Purple! M eeks-Nothing like a good butt scratch. Definatelysomething worth writing home about! Crack Pirates! I ’d eat you. but you’re bloated. Thanks for showing me that religion isn’t always bad.ScruitaHalloween. Guacamole at 3 A.M. That hand, always reaching... Remember , the blinkers and the windshield wipers are reversed here. Bob-Oh no Mindy ! W e’re lying downheeell! Mornings after prom forever. Kev-Someday we should nave coffee in the City and compare life stories. And you, you are a monkey. Richie-You still have the nicest but I’ve ever seen! I ’m gonna miss your hugs. Take care my (almost) birthday twin. Heather- How do you do it ? Joe- Are we late ?Kath- Just when you’re not looking, it slaps you in the face.Lasi-Who’s Keone Au? Laura- Two words....M ark- I f life gives you lemons, send ‘em back and ask for a

refund. Take care little punk. Rosie - Watch what you’re flicking! I could work you any time. Scott-Prom was fun. Serena- Hui! Can I borrow your blanket ? It’s raining.Shannon; Hello Mr. Fountain.Tu me fais nre, mon amie. Sheanna-You’re definately worth writing home about. I have peanut in my bellybutton!Tara-Ho bush! ... like a wild boar EvERy night. Bra hiking rules! Tepa- I’m not crusty! You, however, are a different story. W e are all Teachers, whether by trade, by nature, or by acc id en t... Ms. Michel- Merci pour tout que tu as fais pour moi. Je t’aime.Mr. Fritz-Get off the rock while you still can!Ms. Moore-Thanks for believing in me when I didn’t believe in mvself.Mrs. Kam row- Thank you. Miss Duncan- You’ve taught me about the w aythat I see myself and others. Thank you.Mrs. Piltz - “Praise does wonders for the sense of hearing.” To everyone here who has touched my heart, made me laugh, or simply made me smile, thank you. I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. So... we all may do things a bit differently, but that does not make us wrong, just different, and different is not bad. I ’m a woman,Phenomenally.Phenomenal woman. That’s me. “ -Maya Angelou “ I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper, and I was free.” - Indigo Girls This was brought to you by the letters T and M, and by the number 3.

Robert Emmett O’Donohue III Mom: Thank you so much. I f it weren’t for you then I would not have been here. I owe you more than you can imagine. Also thank you for always being there for me. I love you. Dad: Even though you didn’t approve of me going to this school thank you very much for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for the support you did give and always wanting to help and caring lor me. I love you. Jocylyn: You have always been like a second mother to me and you’ve always supported me too. Thank you for all that you have done. Dan: For the short time that you have been in the family you have always been behind me and I thankyou also for it. It means a lot Kath: Sis. I love you and just know that I will always be here for you even though I might have been mean or uncaring. Fran: You are like my third grandmother and all that gum throughout the years has been chewed with you on my mind. To the rest o f my families: Thank you so much for your love, suppport and, help. Malika: No matter what happens I will always love you. You’ve enlightened my life more than you know and I thank you. You can always count on me as a friend and comforter. Just remember all the proms, parties, nights, trips, and the time that we shared and I will always be by your side. 1 love you babe! Dormboyz:Dorm boyz: Che B.-Is that real, I didn’t know it could do that! Spanish class and everything else. Kainoa C.- Take care flip-rican thank you Kama K.-A11 the hikes and all the S!@# we pulled its been a long strange trip, thanks for everything. Drawing on people the surfing and everything else its been great.

Eric M.- You are huge. A ll the parties and the other pleasurable memories we shared like prom and a few of the other get togethers over the year have been great. Thanks for everything. Aaron R.-You stink! Spanish class with Koopi’s farts. Thanks for everything. CTR! John R.-The late night sessions, cruising Anna’s, and all the other memories. It’s been great, thanks for everything like all the food. Take care and call me when you want to start the Laundry Mat. Aaron S.-Your like one of us, thanks for everything. A ll the parties like Malika’s house. S u rf trips and all the memories I forgot. Joji T.-Paintball rules! Peter Dods-Your such a thicky! Thanks for always letting me know how much better you were. NAH , N AH ! Heirama F.-I’m coming to visit you next summer. Whoa, nice calender. Ethan P.-Best bassist ever. Crpising in the dorm laughing at people, cruising in Taylors room with the Copen. Up in the hills with the red in your eye just chillin’. W riting on people and lovin life. Jason W.-Watching Blake, Lucas, and Haga beat on you and laughing, raisin bov bouncing off the wall, and just tripping out at Brad. Thanks for the memories ana the laughs. Heimata H.-Taihitian Terror! Tyler B.-Boy, you can drive. Ramble man! The family Richard- Thank you for everything you have always been there to help me or just beat on me. Your lit’ gathering o f friends will always live on in my memory or what I do remember. Thanks again for all the memories. Take care and always remember.

Ita- Ita, what can I say there are just too many | memories I ju st can’t remember. But I know j they’re good and I enjoy every one. Thank you j and I love you. Minda- The time we shared was great. There fl are so many memories we share that it would take up the entire page and those are the ones I can remember. Thank you for everything I love you. Kevin- Yard-o-beefi Enough said, nah thanks i for everything and all the good times. Tepie- Cruising at your house and every where j else thanks for all the memories. M iri- Thanks for everythin g, I will always remember all the council sessions in Spanish. | Lasi- You get a little too crazy for me sometimes, nah. Cruising with you on the lanai at Hall is something I will always remember. ] Laura- You so funny! Thank you for all the laughs and other good times cruising with you 1 in the dorm. Take care. _ 1 Sheanna- Why are you so hyper all the time? J Nah, thank you for making me laugh and remember Spanish and Destinos. ■ Emily- M y one and only nostral friend, thank 1 you for all the memories and your friendship. J Remember Spanish class? I love you. DA BOYZ thank you for everything and all the memories: Brady, Peter, Kippy, Willy, Yoshi, ] TCharlie, Robert, Aaron K. Grant, Chris M, Chad, Shane, Nainoa, Austin, Chris S, Thank you to: The Funes, Spencers, Guards, Cordeiro, Wursters, Spielmans, Dods, and Brysons. I love you all and thank you for your hospitality. To anyone not mentioned, you were not forgotten, I just ran out o f room. Thank you all ana you will never be forgotten! Catch youra’ll on the rebound! Cereal!

Kobert “Ace” Olson >years H.P.A.- Plenty lunches, breakfasts, and dinners-17 years Kona lom and Dad-1 respect everything you ave done for me. I will always remember he lessons you taught me and the xperiences we shared, eter- Eeely. Some people have brothers, tut you are not only my brother, you are ly Bruddah! You are my hero and ispiration. I bet you will never be able to aunt to a million in one lifetime. 'J Eeely. It must be hard being such a tud. Keep running those Cross-country Durses and never peak to early, lippy- You finally came through with bu’re promise to shave your head after 2 bars. You are the best stand up body harder I know. Malama da Aina! .aron- Being the tallest friend I have, I ill always look up to you. Don’t forget aat I can almost dunk now so you better

stand back. Peter D.- “ This D.J. named Peter D.” “Lets just tell them that he was bit by a dog.” Bruddahs to the end. Woodbury-1 didn’t dis you. I love you and your blue tights and all of your feminine ways. Remember that while you may have the course record you may have worked the turns and curves about 9 times too hard. Leif- Thankyou for the encouragement and advice. And almays remember that car trouble isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Heather - “H.O.” You are a rad and cool person. So what prom? Thane- You are my hero. Next time I’ll use the rose. Honma- Much mahalos for the guidance and support. I’ve never had a coach that

cared more about their kids than you did. Austin-You are one of the most stubborn people I know, and that means we will be bruddahs to the end. Gabe- Thankyou for helping me in Physics. I could have made up a better story than that. Balbi and Alika- Without your kindness and good food, my brother and I would sleep on the street starving. To the X-Country Team- There are too many of you to name individually so I just want to say that all of you are studs. Good luck! And remember to drink your pog. Special thanks to the Spielmens, Cadinhas, Hancocks, Dahlbergs, Quinns, Sohriakoffs, Nelsons, Easleys, and all the Roehrigs.

Heather Onuma 3 years HPA “There is never but one opportunity of a kind.”H.D. Thoreau Dad- Thanks for the opportunity. Mom-Thanks for your dealing with it. Love and thanks to the Hancocks, Buschers, and McNaughtons from me and Dad. Mr. Shutes, Joy Margerum, Mr. Perry,Mr. Conley, Mr. Honma- special thanks for your support, encouragement, and coaching. Ms. Michel-thanks for the advice that kept things in perspeetive.Tracy- You’re my psychic parallelold age and gossip await! TO: Lasi of white girl patience, Tara who shows me the strength ofaream s in reality, Laura D. o f incomparable insides, Rosey Johnny don’t wake up, Robert who won’t let his ice cream melt, my Quinn twin siblings, Tiffany and T.; K elly who’s kept in the box called my heart, Johnny mv bro,Heathe the barren wasteland, Blakey,, Michi who knows what’s weird? and unbreakable Mr. Hanano, Stacy-Luka and the Kadotas, Potentially The..., The breakfast clubM iri, Laura H.,Serena D., Ita, Rrrob!, Kevin, Sheanna, love and aloha!, Julie, Gloria, Tori the country singer, Dustin my puppy dog, Biohysterieal Malika, Minda the Mighty, Alia the AZHO, Meghan in tortured troll syllables, Robbie the stubborn donkey, Scott my east Texas hick pal, Che,Richard Blilb, Aijun, Willardio! ,Royce, Kailei.Tepa, Alana, Elena,Ethan- seeya!, Sarah C., Teri, Harold Story time fans: Sue Gie.Suki, Vanda, Sara of the SWA, Iwa, Lissa-snort!, Arati, Serena, Lee Anne; Sarah, Jenny and Mrs. Lee from China, Hanae, Emily-love and aloha,

Kachina,Mike, Nani, Dana, Rana, Shea-#1 4X4’some!, Jenny, Lisa, Marci, Alex H.-where am I going?, Alex W., Mike, Jo Kim the Einstein joker. Mark, Helene, Ray, Mr. Stuart, Ms. Y, Mr. Clallegos- A v Ramon! Mr. “SEXY” Hall; I salute you, Mr. SolmssenL Mr. Bryson- you should De capitalized for Sophomore year!. The wicked-awesome Emmons, Mr. Honma- Master o f the stink, Mr. Conley my rhubarb dealer, Mr. Shutes who fills the present with the presence of those who have come before, Ms. Michel of the N IC E CALVES: “The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me, he complains o f my gab and my loitering. I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs o f the world.The last scud o f day holds back for me,It flings my likeness after the rest and true as any on the Shadow’d wilds, It coaxes me to the vapor and the dusk. I depart as air, I shake my white locks at the runaway sun,I effuse my flesh in eddies, and drift it in lacy jags.I bequeath m yself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love,If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles.You will hardly know who I am or what I mean, But I shall he good health to you neverless,And filter and fibre your blood.Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged, Missing me one place search another, I stop somewhere waiting for you.” -Waft Whitman There is companionship in solitude, but there’s a fin e line between independence and loneliness. As I leave to achieve the level of independence called adulthood, I am learning

that it is not independence I’m out here aduating to get to- it’s interdependence, hen I look back on all the experiences here- I it’s easy to point out the trophies and medals, or list the awards, grades, numbers and stats that accumulate in the files. But these things are J forgotten and lost in boxes and basements as wej move on with our fives. What won’t be forgotten! is how we achieved what we did. Through you 11 know courage and strength, victory, defeat,determination ana commitment, direction, confusion,laughing, running, . j frustration, singing, crying, cooperation, flying, ] caring... liv in g .. The team is only as good as its | individual members, but there is no game or | race without a team. Living with you has required some sharing, some effort, some JH compromise- you’ve touched and changed me in j so many ways. You are a part of my life- my 1 dreams- my soul.You’ve helped me make it my j home. I f this were an onihanage, I’d probably a] adopt all o f you. I don’t know where or how to ] begin to thank all o f you or tell you what you I mean to me- how would I end it? I cannot reduce vour gifts to a fist... I love you. Michi- BYE. Stacy- Hello?! G’BYE. “...Then suddenly, Harold remembered. He remembered where his bedroom window was, ■ when there was a moon. It was always right i around the moon. And then Harold made rus j bed. He got in it and he drew up the covers. The purple crayon dropped on the floor. And Harold dropped off to sleep.”- CrockettJohnson-N CARPE DIEM


ST.Charlie Quinn [7 years Hawaii/9 Years H.P.A./ 4 Years X-Country/2 Years Tennis/ 2 tears Soccer/ 2 Years Track/ 3 Years Student Council lorn a n d M ic h a e l: Thank you for all the love id support. 1 appreciate all the sacrifices you ave made. I w ill remember this as one o f the jst times in my life and I owe it all to you. I ve you both. ad: Thanks for getting me into running it has [avid a major part in my life. ifranv: It s been fun going to school with you id watching you grow-up. I l l never forget the adless drives to Kona. You are a great runner, love you. he Olsons: Thanks for supporting me at the [country meets. I don’t think you ever missed ae. You were always thinking o f me: Paddling, [irfing. football games. Thank you. lobert: What’s up stud? Do you know who pdie 1. went to the prom with? Everybody nows about the love shack- erase clause doesn’t kunt for “both ways.” fh itn ev: H ey dumbgirl! Sycophant! “I am »oo beautiful. A ll the same classes except for P Calculus. Bet you a soda. Look, she’s eaking out. Mrs. Tate. Dennis is alive! There 11no one else I would have rather spent the I ullions o f hours on the phone with. Take care. [ a itlvn : Boys are stupid but girls are stupiderI low many boyfriends ao you have? Physics I roblem sets-Time on the phone-Math classI jheory on boys-Thanks for always being there. I [ipov; What you doing tonight? We go cruise I iona-the Indian song-Waimea house-Sleeping I I Waimea Park-How do you spell that? Old I phool Kahakai-Cliff jumping


L e if: You were always there for me-1 respected ou m everything-You taught m eyou can never ave enough car tronhleT n an e: Choose your own adventure- You saw the ointments-Thanks for evervthingA le x a : Our favorite words were “I don’t know”-fc a n t express how much they helped-I missed you this vearM alik a: My kindergarten girlfriend-the best standard driver I know-Cruising Kona in the BMW- Sophomore Prom-Thanks for relaxing melta : Sophomore prom-Good thing you had two dresses-Lets go to the beach-There was always only one thing on your mind: ChurchMegan: Every time I see you, you make me smile-Sorry about the Napmean trials-It was fun cruising in Lanihau with von A le x W.: Going for height-stop pinching my but. You and Eddie would make a reat couple-Never stop beating on erin C h ristian : You’re such a stud! You gotta give me some tip sP eter: Punch time at lunch time-sleeping through two years of englishN ight nurse and but moosejBradv: Rode-o Champine-Lets run the 4x400 this vearA aron : You should have played soccer-English was fun while it lasted-When s your next volleyball yame?R van :Cruising Kona and camping at Pine frees- Carpools, soccer games, and pellet gunsDevon: You really are a model-It was fun cruising the Kona scene watching all the boys drool over you T iffa n y : You and Whitney sound better than Lisa Loeb-Thanks for caring


J e n n ife r: Party at Jennifer’s house-I hope I helped with all the stupid hovsLu ara: I ’ve known you longer than my .sister-Freshman year phone calls-Banana road conversations and X-country meetsH eath er: “H.O.”-You like the jelly- Look how much taller I am-good luck sisterL u a ra H.: All time 3-legge(Trace championsM iri: What are you thinking about right now? Good luck in genatricsK en n v: How do you do this physics problem-You made the steadiest videosA le x H: You’re slower than erosion-why do you always pick on me? Soccer warm-up nart.nerLasi: Student council and tennis bud-I can’t believe you brokeyour brother’s legM ike: The taller Jerin Kelly-Who’s Beau Jiles?Kverybody loves the MikeR av: No contest, you have way more hair than the raccoon mivN ic k and D u stin : You guys are the same person-Morelli s bizza-Paniolo st.-wash your snortsJason a n d K eegan : Little T and little Robert-Kamu the wolf child-filling up water bottles is fun, huh? Argh, argh. arghbetter luck opening gates next vearG irls XC oun trv: Sorry for peeing on the orangesMlj Honm a: Thanks for everything-You were a friend and a coach, I owe you a lot-1 will miss vouM rs Y: Keep doing those pull-upsM r. H all: Alarm bells- Thanks for mellowing me outB ovs X -Countrv: Good luck- don't turn your back on A lexS pecial thanks to the B rooks, M illers, Hancocks,Woodburys.Spielmans.Nelsons, Dahlbergs, Sohriakoffs, Sto>-.»-s

M y Fam ily- You are the most important people in my life, and I thank you for every thing. I love you all. Mom and Dad- Thank you for all your love, trust, and support, and for the education you provided me and for just being there for me. I love you. Todd, Christy, Jessica, and TaylorHey old man, you didn’t miss out on much by not going to a private school. Be sure to raise your kids just like me and i f you need any help I ’ll be there to influence them. Chris an d W endy- When are vou all going to move out o f that hick state and over here?Cam eron- Howzit going shorty. Sometime your going to have to take me snowboarding. Jared - Thanks for the sometimes necessary beatings. Nichole- Your not the only H.P.A. graduate anymore. Thanks for being my “big” sister .Jarom - Thanks for letting me beat on you when it was more than necessary.Peter- Where’s Waipio, you tourist? Your an awesome roommate, thanks for sticking up for me. Thanks for flexing your huge muscles for me every night before bed.Kama- Your the only freak around here, but your hot, you know it, you like it. Two years of Kahili and two more of H.P.A. and they all stunk. Party till she looks good. Are you coming back next year, class o f 95' and 96 ? I f I see you on Kauai I ’ll have to throw something at you before you throw something at me. I don’t think I want to see your quotes to me. Jason- Diving? You look good in speedos. You and Kama roommates, that much energy in one room shouldn’t be allowed. Don’t draw on me, kook. How does that go? Take it easy next year.E ric M.- Bible what? W hat is that huge lump on your arm? “I’d .......... her.”Cheyne- rrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnn!!!! H eiram a- Heiwama, Honu, you were a killer roommate last year, thanks for keeping me from being Ben Johnson’s roommate. I ’ll have to go to Tahiti some time and visit you and all those Tahitian hotties in your grass huts. R ob O.- Wanna wrestle? I hate wrestlers, they know what they are doing. CTR. Make sure they don’t draw on me, yeah right.T yler B.- your pretty big for a freshman, to bad you flunked, nah. Maybe we can go surf. in a year, when you get off restriction. Swimmer .Ethan- “Are you going to lunch?” ‘W h at’s first period?” “Was breakfast good?” SH U T UP! Don’t forget who the senior is?Sarah V.Cheesy rat. You punk. Stay out of trouble next year.C hris S.- Athlete? I f I was a bird I w o u ld ............., Computers, Spanish, Hawaiian History, and Duncan’s English would never have been the same without you, it might of actually been good, nah your a funny guy. Stay eligible.Sean R. (rooster)When are you going to take me surfing? Herbivore.Shane- Brah! W hy don’t you write to me!Nainoa- You think you can wrestle? Y a and kick some freshman for me especially John White! Heim ata- You Jock. Look at that patch on your chest. You let me work you. Atsum a- Thanks for not pulling some o f your Kung Fu on me when we were playing. Those are some big dents in

Aaron Raymond


Kauai/3 years/soccer the wall. Moto- Skinny man, you could have been my roommate, but that’s all right.Maui- The Hawaiian superman. “It wasn’t even a buger” J e ff L.- “Sometimes I give m yself t h e ,dork, keep the brain cells, you need them. M ark, K a is it, M ike M.- Move to the manly dorm, but then it wouldn’t be manly.Yoshi K.- Respect your seniors.Rosie- G. You are too hispanic.Chris M.- Kauai boy.Ryley- What’s wrong with you you love to get beat, but that’s fine because I like to beat you.Kainoa- It’s shower time, sing a song for me. Look at your belly, thanks for writing.A n y on e I forgot- You must not have meant much i f I forgot you. Emmons- Thanks for the brownies and treats, I

know you loved me in chemistry. Hughes- You big baby, you were a good advisor] for one year but that was enough bad comments] for me, to bad your not in the dorm anymore, Ij Thursday nights were the best.Duncan- sixes, j you grade to hard, but your class was always onl I looked forward to, so I could see your disgusted faces you’d make through out class .Michel- THombre, the flatulent one, it was Kupi I promise To bad you don’t teach Spanish three, but being] my advisor is good enough. “I am out o f here and to never to look back] Tony Ho

to talk. You re a great friend. 1WA- Hey swimmer! I’m glad you were the first person! really got to know here, ft kinda helped me thru the beginning. Good luck for me future and have a great senior year. RILEY- Take care of yourself and a big kiss ALEX- Hey big brother! You’ve been a great friend, keep in touch! ITA- To the one who really knows how to live! See you in Aussi. SERENA- It sure was fun, but thank god it’s over! Take care of vourself+party on! SEAN- You sexy beast. Love the hair BEVVY- There were many tough times, and you were always there to dig me out of whatever trouble I managed to make for myself. I will never forget the support you have given me. I can not thank you enough. I want you to know that if you’re ever in a wheelchair, I’ll be the first in line to push it!!!!!! Love you. TO ALL MY GOOD FRIENDS: CS.P, F.B, A.B, T.B, S.A, N.A, J.G, B.M B.S S.M F.S O.K R.L’R.M, B.L, J.R, Y.E, S.A, M.6, S.S. r .b L m .Avf A M.R, L.D, M.lVf, M.fe A.fl.S.H, G.Z,+C.A) You know who you are, and how much you mean to me, so there is no need to write. I love you all and thanx for everything. I owe the rest of this page to my mother. FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS FOREVER!!!! Dear Chum, I tried very hard to organize all these feelings into one big chunk of emotion,but this was the best I could do.

iianca Rinehart Lustralia [he story of life is quicker than the ink of an eye. The story of love is silo and goodbye. Until we meet tain.”JIMI HENDRIX. ADINE- We’ve been through A LOT Igether. Things that no one else will ler understand, and that I will never Irget. You are a very generous Irson, and I thank you very much for le strength you gave me when times fere tough, and tne advice you gave I so many occasions that would have Iherwise been disastrous. I hope we 111 have the chance to spend many lore summers together in the future E>W THAT W E’RE FINALLY TJTTA SCHOOL!! You’re very ecial, best luck for everything er want to do, and I’ll always bye °U Ire for you. feCEY- I want you to know I ye been feting here for naif an hour thinking Bout what to write and why I have

not yet come up with anything. Well here’s my solution: our relationship is too deep and meaningful for words to describe or as vou would put it “justify”, so I’ll just let you know that I love you and miss you. Chow baby forever! See you in Mexico. MALAELUA- You shared with me something I have never experienced before, and don’t know if I ever will again. I will always have a big place for you in my heart, love forever. ERIC- This is the beginning of something I know I’ll never forget. It s been fun. SHE ANA- You’re a really caring and outgoing person- never change. yourself You’re gonna go far with whatever vou choose to do, have lotsa fun and YUM times. TARA- To the one who knows what really counts in life. You’re definitely the coolest person out! I’ll really miss you if we don’t keep in touch. Good for the future. f.uck i MARK- Thanks for always being there

TO MY MOTHER I’ve learned many things while at school, all of which Fm sure will help me achieve great things in the future, but by far the most important of all is now precious a family like ours is. I have so much to thank you for, most of which can not be measured, or given a materialistic value, things that have made me how I am, see how I do, and get where I am. Thankyou for alFof this. I have finally realized that you can have all the money in the world, but no one to snare it with, or the biggest house in the world with no one wanting to live in it, or all the “friends” in the world- none of which stick around, but with a family like ours, you never have to even think about these things- you have all you will ever need and more. A person who is lucky has the fastest car in the world, someone luckier has the ability to make a faster car. and someone luckier still has the money to buy this new car, but I am far more lucky than all these people. I am the luckiest person in the world, for I have you as my mother. Thankyou for everything you have ever done for me. twill love you forever.

John “Rosey” Rosedale Los Angeles/4 years/Football/Basketball/Track/Judo/Hispanic Mom and Dad: Thanks for everything you have done for me. Thank for the great education, and always believing in me. Tiff: Don’t be stupid. I told you I would be going to college with you. Tell my Brother in Law David Hi. Are you taking care o f my red lowrider Lumina. Emily: Since I ’m leaving you think you w ill be able to have a boy friend. Yeah Right Dream on. When I ’m gone you better be good or I’ll come back and Knock some sense into you. Harry: W ell boy I’m going to be going to college, so you are going to be in charge of Em ily and Tiffany and make sure they don’t get in trouble. Roberto III: M y prefect brother. Those were some good times when we had to take those 5 A M cold showers, so we could study for the math exam. Roberto you should be out there leading the defense. Thanks Laura: So you want to know which one it is! W ell I don’t know I guess all o f them. I liked you the best though, but don’t tell Keola. Willy: You can’t block me. Look at me pancake him. Track season at the Deli and Me Donald’s was the best practices. Big Ed’s rule!! Tell your parents thanks for being really nice. Dam that was some good food. Kevin W : You strobe light ho. You and me the only guys left from are freshman year boarding in Hall. Those were good times playing B-ball everyday and making fun of Bart. M iri B: Soft. Thanks for coming to see me in LA. O ya you think so. M alika C: M y mom knows things you don’t even want to know. You ever had that pooh that wouldn’t ever come out? Just hit your knees and it will

be alight. Minda M: I could whoop your butt any time. I w ill tithe flick you. What you don’t think so, BAM. Lasi H: I know you miss me. Thanks for helping me in math class. Sorry I always got better grades than you did. You know Lasi Venereal was not that handsome. I ’m way better. Ita J: You scrub. Yum Yum Yum. You better not curup my sister or I give you cracks. No I won’t have a party at my house. Tara G: You know Tara I don’t know who he likes. Oh I ’m shaking all over. Scared of you. Heather O: How now brown cow? Look at you in those scupty booty shorts. I can’t wait to buy your CD since you sing so good. Especially “American Pie.” Onuma you know what this looks like. SheannaJ: Thanks for laughing at everything I said. No I ’m not acting like a jerk. Tepa C: W hy do you think they were my porno’s. Sorry I have such a big Ego. Tell your mom thanks for being to nice. Serena D: Dam Dwyer you are too huge. Come on do the whole stack. You should of came out for football. You would of looked good in those football pants. Whitney H: How’s all your boy friends. Thanks for letting me make trouble to you during B period it was fun. Kahn: Sorry I left you in Hall’s class all

alone. Kahn you want to smell a new kind qj funk smell these. I will come check you in i San Diego. Want to race cause I’m faster j than you. Richard B: In the beginning I didn’t like you that much, but since hanging with you at I camp I found out that I missed out on some, good years o f friendship. . Kainoa C: Pork Chop. You almost have a gu as big as me. Beepers is love. Yoshi T: Yoshi you are to crazy. Where luck shoe lace. How come you kicker and arm hurt. You good basketball player. Bonsai, j Aaron R: You should o f left your hair cut. | Billy P: That is awesome that you are 25% Hispanic. That is why you are too cool. Rosa Reda Refrid for every. Are down with La j Rasta Kid Frost at my back booya en la casii Street fighter is the best. Heimata Hall: The Tahitian Bull. Chris S: Do you know who this is? It is the! great Chris Simpson. Juang and Yoshi Why did you leave my ha| This time in California call me and we can j go cruzing. Peter D: No you are the mack Daddy. You j are just to huge even more huge than Yoshij Kevin Yohann Devin: I should give you all j cracks for being so stupid. Sean: D-line is the best. Good Luck To The Football Team Next Yeas Even though you don’t need it. To the rest sorry ran out o f space.


fusuke Shimizu bsaka, Japan

Toyomi Shirai Tokyo, Jap an Mom &Dad-Thank you so much for all the things that you’ve done for me. Staying here at H P A for three years have made my life so much different. I wouldn’t be able to make it without your support, understanding, advise, and your love. Now I’m leaving for the new step in my life. I will do my best to make you happy like you always do it for me. Even though we live far apart now but please remember that my heart is always next you and that’s where I am. I love you. Mom oko & Ydko-Thank you for all the laughs you’ve given me. You have the best joke to make me laugh so hard, Momo chan. Yoko chan, even though you have your own family npw, you’re still my big sis! I love you. Tartan-I really miss you grandma. You’re the best. I love you so much. Rina-You’re my first best friend in my life. I miss and love you so much. Tom o-Thank you for the special moment you’ve given me. I feel the most comfortable to be in your arms. All the laughs, the tears, and the love we shared have made my life so beautiful. I ’ll never forget your heartbeat when you’re holding me tight, the warmth of your kiss, and the tenderness o f your love. M y heart and soul are alw ays be right next to yours to keep you warm . M y love is only for you. 1 love you. “ the w o rld is not a pleasant place to be without someone to hold an a be held ny a riv er w ould stop its flow, if only a stream w ere there to receive it an ocean w ould never laugh if clouds w eren’t there to kiss h er tears the w o rld is not a pleasant place to he without someone -Nikki Govanni Dennis & H arum i- W hen w e first met, I w as a little girl, but I am a little ladv now. Thank you for everything you’ve done For me and being my favorite friends. Y ou’re like my another mom and dad. I love you.

M ayum i-H ello my best friend. Thank you very much for being always sweet and nice to me. I ’m sure that I wouldn’t be able to have this much fun without you here. You might not notice this by yourself, but you’re making happiness around you to make all people happy. You have the greatest and sweetest heart I’ve ever seen. I ’m going tp miss you very much next year. Keep in touch forever because we’re the best Friends forever. I love you. H a y a to -I wouldn’t know what to do about the accident in Canada without you. Thank you for everything. You’re the man!!! Yoshi-You’re the funniest person I ’ve ever seen in my life. Stay yourself. Let’s go traveling with the same members again, ok!!! Tom ona-D on’t be afraid o f being honest yourself. Stay cute! Tomo Y-Thank you for being my little cute bro! You’re growing up so fast these days. Be a gentleman. I know you can do it. Alice-Thank you for making my 1st year so much fun. I ’ll never forget the midnight talk. I love you. M s.D onah ue-I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me. Your warm advise and support make me feel so happy. Thank you very much. I.E .S guys-I was so glad to have you all in the i ES classes three years ago. I had so much fun with all o f you. I ’ll never forget you. Irene-Thank you for being my great friend. Have you decided which one

you’re going to take?! Don’t be such a sukebe!!] Keep in touch. Love ya!!! Y ae R an g & Jun-You’re so cute. How can yoi be such a sweet person? I hope you’ll last forever, keep in touch. M ari & Chang-You guys look so happy to be I together. How sweet is that. Stay yourself an<j enjoy your life. I ’ll miss you. M elissa-I had so much fun playing tennis witlj you, my partner. Stay sweet and cool. Keep in touch. I ’ll never forget you. Shih Ling-Hey my little sis! I ’m so happy to 1 know you though playing tennis. Goodluck f i the rest o f your life at HPA. Liana-You have a beautiful smile. Keep smiling! b# j Laura,Lasi,Shannon,M iri-I love you and you all. . . 1 NahoAImTk(>JianaJVIiwa^Janev\yumtShihoJIaii£ Thank you for being my favorite friends. I ’ll | never forget the time we spent and laughed, i Stay yourself. m Mitsu,Yusuke-Keep doing good jobs you guysf Suki,Jen-You guys are so sweet, stay yourself. I’ll go visit you some day! 1 G ood luck to-All o f my friends w ho made my a y life n i t * at a i H n rP /A \ s so u much m u c u fun. iu h . I f you’re not in this, you’re in my hearts

Christopher “Kippy” Sohriakoff jOYears H.P.A.- Football, Basketball,Track om and D ad - Thank you for all the love and ddance. I w ill rember all the support you have sren me. You have made who I am today, lank you and I love you both. v B lood s ikee- You are a big influence on my life, lanks for pushing me when I needed pushing.I re you. had- Don’t get too cocky even though you’re gger than me. Remember who is older, thanks r waking me up through the years.Take care the truck and hit somebody for me next year.I re you . llie- If it weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t ive passed any o f my spelling tests. Thank you r your love and support, randma- Thank you for all the lessons you ive taught me. ata keyam a’s- Thank you for all the good 3 d. You have made my life alot easier, anty Sweety an d U ncle Chris- Thank you r being my home away from home. lancel-Since preshcool days, I ’ll never forget 1the bike riding we did at our old house .We iven't been th ro u gh alot. T a k e care, and mber that Rockford’s Rule, raddah K ainoa- Third grade, Kona Campus, e loudest gay I know.We had some unreal pies togeter. Thank you for being there for me. rady- The most responsible person I know The iv e to Waimea at 1:30 am was iforgetable.Rember “never eat butterfingers fore agam e.” eter- The unreal early morning sessions at ipuna. A ll the good times cruzing Kona. Don’t

forget that the three amigo’s will always rule. T. C harlie- Thanks for all the good times at your Waimea house. Always rember to Return to Innocence. R ichard- I’ll never forget the icy hot wars at football camp. Promise me, not to sing while watering the plants. R obert Olson- J.V. basketball, surfing the canoe at Keei was good times. I f you ever get into trouble just run like the way Forest did. A lex- Thanks for the good fun birthday parties. I never forget shooting people with spit balls on A lii drive. Rob- A K A Lobster, We had some good times at Hilo. A aro n S.-eight grade, surfing along A i i drive. One of the Kona Compus Bulls. A aro n K.- The thickest person in school. Physics class was good times. Ryan S- W e had some pretty killer sessions. I ’ll never forget the time you had rats in your blazer. W illy- The biggest guy in school. Maybe some day I’ll watch you play for Kansas City.’l f your lucky” Yoshi- T he Kamakazi kicker, I f you want a good hair cut go to Yoshi babara shop. I did ! D A G IR L Z Rovce- Thank you for listening to all my problems. Your re the easiest person to talk to. Cindy- I ’ll never forget Chris Au cracking you on the head. Not only you but your mom too. Megan- Maybe some day you’ll get a higher grade then me in Economics. But for now try not to call my house at 1: 30 for help. Jennifer- You had some killer partys at your

house. I take back all the bad things I said about you. I know “it alot of things Serena- The only girl in the school that I’m afraid of. Thanks for all the entertanment in Economics. Tara- Japanese class was killer. Don’t you have some horse contest to go to. Devon- We had some strange Pinetrees parties. Next time try to control your hormones. Wit-nay- We had some pretty deep conversations. Some how you always seem to amze me. Caitlyn- The girl with the most guts in school. I like that in a woman. Tiff- You are always so happy. May be some day you’ll teach me some karate moves. Ita- Chemistry class was good times. A t less I learned how to flip my pencil. Alexa- You have changed the way I look at people and at you. Good Luck To David, Rob, Summer, Austin, Melinda, Helene, Grant, Yoshi, Pua, Billy, Heimata, Nainoa, Peter, Hammer, Shane, Sean. M anager’s-Thank you for everything! Coaches- Bryson, Marciel, Margerum, Provencal, Shaw,- Thank you for beliving in me. To Class o f 95- Take care and good luck. “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” Vincent Lombardi

Aaron “STORK” Spielman Capt. Cook, Kona/ H.P.A. 10 years/ Volleyball 3 years/ Basketball 1 year To all the people I ever p. off, you know I’m not sorry. Mom and Dad:You have put up with

me so much it’s unbelievable. Putting up with my crap for 17 years alone must have been next to impossible, and then there was tuition! It must have been pretty hard. Thanks for keeping me in school and atleast trying to help keep my life straight. Who are you guys going to yell at now? Ju st joking. Love y’all a lot. Tori:I ’ve given you a lot of crap and you’ve taken it all pretty well. Thanks for tattletalling on me every chance you got. Have fun your last two years. ALex:If you took all of my stupid statements of the day and sold it as a book, you would make millions. No trillions. Of what, I don’t know. Probably buffalo chips. Have fun in life and maybe I’ll see you charging 20-foot Hapuna someday. B rady :Wanna copy or what?JVlath classlYou’re the man. Jerry Rice fl better watch out. Hey ropa!r Eric:W e had some good times, sorry we never made it to Cy^s. Have fun cruising with the Hooter’s twin and all those stick-dic$ wearers in boonie land! Jenn F: Thanks for being my armrest! Jphm W anna race? You know I’d win! Thanks for teaching me so much about volleyball, and especially for putting up with my attitude for so long. Good luck to you in the future, and nave many more

irie days! Kainoa:Singing at 6:00 in the evening, asleep by 7:00! WHAT?! Way to stick with volleyball, even though you didn’t like it all of the time. So where’s Honey Girl? No, not that one! Just joking. Uncle Slim was the man! He took you out! Hey, Tavares! O.K. mister frogtree. Lataz cuz. Kama:You’re one fnggin crazy nut. McDonald’s signs. Uncle Joe, and Skippy. Flips off ofTyler’s house. That s so creeeeeep. See you in Kauai. Kippy:01d schoolboy! Banyan’s bound at 6:30! You still owe me from all the food I bought you at Banyan Mart! We go Old A’s! Kippy, you are the Informer! Peter:You Mulitudiae! You know you’re a mullet! Thanks for goofing off with me so much. English and Math were the best. Just remember, I told you not to copy! Richard:You’re a dork, but you’re still pretty cool. Thanks for slapping my face so much, youpolitically correct moron. Rob:Thanks for taking pictures. Why is your face so red? R o b ert O.: Thanks for all the good times and laughs. Good luck on your dunk! Ryan:You Californian! Taco Bell, Lanai, cliff jumping, cruising town, surfing maile point, we were on it! We had so much fun it’s just $@?& UP! Checking the surf, huh? Serena:Relax! Even though I’ve probably never said it, you mean a lot to me and I’m sorry that I $@?& with your mind so much. I know I’m an

creep but we did have a lot of fun timei) together. Try not to forget me. T, Kenny, L au ra:It’s pretty hard to believe we’ve been going to school together since third grade. It’s hard to believe that we aren t all exactly the J same. NOT! Maybe when y’all gradual from Stanford or some wacked place ' like that, you’ll understand all my “weird” ideas like”chicken smell outside” and other such nonsense. Gooi luck to y’all. Whitney:Chicken Burger] for lunch! Even though you annoyed, thj heck out of me for so many years, it’s | O.K. Oh by the way, my name ain’t Ron! HALF-WIT! Mr. Bryson: Thanks I for being there for me so much and taking my whining @@@ into so many J of your classes. Thanks for teaching ms so much. Mr. Solmnssen:Even though we never saw eye to eye on anything, j that’s O.K. I forgive your ignorance, j Mr. Stewart:Thanks for keeping your ! trap shut, and for putting up with our j class so much. You should come to j college with us; maybe you’ll find a girl You know you were in Penthouse, you j pimp. Mrs. Y:Thanks for teaching m ej so much about art, andputtingup with my attitude so much. Special thanka to th e Olsons. To all who I missed: i Thanks and best of luck to y’all in the I future.

Rabriel Starsong Kona, Hawaii / Swimming / Cross Country lorn You are the reason I was able to come to P A , and take part in this wonderful place, hank you for all your support and guidance, low that I’m going off to see the world for my e lf, I will never forget what you have done for Je. I love You with all o f my heart. k>p O f all the people I have learned things pm in my life, I have learned the most by far pm you. Much mahalos ! ris You are my best friend !! Soon we will be ch beyond our wildest dreams, we will have a ige business and the greatest house o f the intury .will be able to five it up! li G. I t s been fun: Parties at Waipio, surfing, ne trees, rambling. Stay in touch when we are college. J ob H. Hay its been rad living at your house, e have had sum epic times, and I m sure we _ 'en’t through, yan S. You are the man, cherry car, beautiful lick. I know your going to succeed In life, best ’ luck in becoming a vet. I ’m sure we will be iends for life. ■obert O. Hay its that molson fellow . You are >o good at running, its unbelievable. You have ;en an inspiration for me in many things not ily running. Good luck out in the real world fait and T eresa Thank you so much, for every lin g ! [annah’s It’s been great living with you, flanks. Ir. Honm a Although I have learned a lot bout running from you I think you have taught I ie more about life in general and how to strive I U" what you want. You undoubtedly are the


best coach I have ever had , because you show instead of tell. The CC team I 'm not the best runner nor the w o rs t, but what I do know is your part of a very special team. You will not only learn how to kick; some okole on the course, ypu will also learn a lot about how to succeed, in life. M r. W ilder Thank you for making me the swimmer I am today. M ark I have been very privileged to have you as my coach, thank you ! The Swim team Good luck, and power it o u t, swimmers are hard core! Serena Party!! We have had some great times, except when you puked on me. You are very beautiful, ana strong; I hope you have a good time in college. M iri You are very beautiful, and very special, although we never worked out I had a good time. Rovce You are too darn nice. Good luck in BU , and. I hope you and Eli stay together. T Quinn You have been a great inspiration to me in school and running, thank you. Cindy Good luck in college, it’s been fun going to school with you. E ric M. You get all the chicks, it’s been fun artying with you en Good luck, have fun and I ’ll see you around. Kenney G. Your calculator is bad, and you are hard core. Leah Lets go rambling at Waipio, I promise to o slow. cott L. Its been fun camping and partying like at Waipio, good luck in life.

S §

Richard I have always admired you, good luck. Tiffany Although we have never likea each other very much, I have admired you for your acupuncture and karate A lex W. Hard core! Helene Party !!! Jessica O. You are hard core, go easy on the rest of them. P u a Good Luck ! Sean L. Swim !! Dustin W. Let’s go surf, or ride dirt bikes. Call me up. Riley G o o ff!!! Ryan Good luck, and remember what I said about O.J. Cory S. Have fun, don’t get into too much trouble. Ms. Michel Your one of my favorite teachers, I always feel happy when I talk to you. M rs Y. Your class is great, and very important. You are very cool, thank you. Stewart Thanks for all your help, you are the coolest teacher at HPA Mr. Watson Thanks for all the fun camping trips Good luck and have fun !!! Caitlyn, Devon , Dave, Ita, Aaron, Melinda, Heather, Megan, Willy, Kainoa, Kippy, Peter, Bianca, Everyone I forgot. W ords to remember I f You Can’t Rock’n Roll don’t ?#* !’n come !!!

Ryan Stoker Mom and Dad- Thank you so much for supporting me through out my high school career ana pre-college planning. I know how stressful I make your lives sometimes but I want you to know that I love you both and I owe half of my success as a person so far to the both of you! Just because I may be 3000 miles away at college doesn’t mean that I don’t miss you. Home will always be mv personal retreat. Mom your cookin’ will always be better than any old cafeteria food! Chandra - Before I met you my life was very one sided and repetitive. Ihad absolutely no comprehension of what there was in store for the both of us, and I have to say I’m not the least bit disappointed with the way things have worked out so far. Chandra you have introduced a whole new world to me and I will never forget that. You are special, as a person, as someone I love and as someone who will always occupy a place in my heart. I love you and I hope that our future together will be as perfect as our past. I love you! Cory- Good thing I will he leaving for college, the day when you will he able to beat ME up is very near, and personally I don’t ever want to see it. Keep your self out of trouble and remember: no matter what chicks will dig your car! J.P.- Thanx for being my very best friend. I will never forget my 14th birthday. That was the day you moved to Hawaii. We have been friends for fourteen years, let’s make it forty. Irie Heights! Luukia- Where ever you are good luck

and thanks for being a good friend! Brady B.- Brady you are way too quiet. It is hard to believe that someone so quiet could kick so much but in athletics! Good luck in college and your future in Soccer! Cindy B.- Cruzed at Lanihau lately? You know you guys really need to find something Detter to do on Saturday nights. There was probably a rager somewhere and you missed it! Oh well that will teach you. Caitlyn- Eric is a punk but never fear, there are more fish in the sea. You are a great person worthy of a decent man and I hope you find one soon. Thanks for returning the friendship that I have given to you, I will miss ya. Stay in touch. Asa and Karl- You guys are by far the funniest I know. Thanks for showing me the ropes for soccer I appreciate it. Karl afou are the meat man andAsa- IRIE HEIGHTS! Richard- I’m glad we finally got a resident with some inspiration to make a ifference. Keep up the good work and thanks for being a frienaT could talk to about my” female problems”. Kainoa- Wutz up cuz? Howz daparties this weekend? no more? figures. Kona is boring. It’s been fun. Oh yeah. You da fashion KING! Megan, Jen, Devon- When people ask you guys where you live you might as well say lanihau. Get a life! Stay cool ands keep in touch. Stork- You are the biggest trash talker I have ever met! Stay cool and remember: Irie Heights!

Kris K., Starsong- The two campin’ fools, j Every weekend at pine trees including thd last one. It’s been run you guys. Keep in j touch. You guys have been great friends. ] Don’t ever change! T. Charlie- You are one of the best friends that I have at HPA and I just wanj to say thanks for being there and being fl part of my most memorable HPA experiences, like prom sophomore year, q You guys were nuts! Should have done a stage dive! n Kippy- The last four years have been fun You, Me Chad, Stork and Parsonsfwhimpj were the original Saturday morning banyan’s crew! It has been fun try not to I kick too much butt! Serena- Even though your muscles are | bigger than mine doesn’t mean you can 1 pick on me. You really shouldn’t be so rough! You are a great J person and not worthy of any of tne guys! in our school. Sean- You are one of my best buddies! J Remember all those “misty mornings”. I do. Good luck next year. You are the last! of your breed left at HPA. Live it up! Remember there is prom and things to 1 come. IRIE HEIGHTS! I Good Luck To: Tepa, Whitney, Peter D | Dave C.; all Robs, Hugefyou know who yoi are), Juita, Taylor, Trevor, Aaron R., Yoshi, Pua, Alex, Ta’i, Melinda, Jenny j Hemata. To those of you who I missed- there is ; probably a reason for it so don’t get offended, I just don’t like you.

Yoshiyuki “21” Takamura LOOOday 7hours 38minutes and 23.91seconds at HPA/ Seen an Athlete for 14years! Yamanakako since birth/ waterski and Snowski forever Soccer/Football/ Track/ Cross-country/Baseball/Reggae 3years bad, Mom and Yukari-Thank you for liverything you did for me. You gave me the thance to come here, this was a D ig change knd a huge challenge for me. I can not say inything more. I just want to thankyou so much. To my sister, you are a Better ithlete than anybody I’ve seen, even me. But you need better practice harder and larder. Don’t cry When you bungle. You 11 be alright! I love ypu alln . Mr,Mrs and Grandma Marciel-Thank you.

I was happy to be in your house. I slept well on the couch, I ate great breakfasts on Sundays, and I brought Japanese friends to the house. 1 watched Monday night Football. I ate Grandma s handmade cookie, r did lots of things in your house. I ate icecream too! But I any more U C Lausc x n a v e i l e a v e u i u c q w i u w i . j_i » you ve done for me was so great and made me so happy. I could not live without you. You helped me alot. Ijust can t say anything except thank you. Thank you so much! III never forget you. 1 jvj

Peter D#34/52-Take me Marciel’s Please! I don’t have money cuz. Dude Take me Deli. Can I go party with you. SORE KUSO CHAUNKA?; Brady B#23Tilt da ball that way more, little bit more please! Am I Kicking Tee? How was my 40 yards? That was good hold dude, sexy BradyX2 baby! Aaron K#54- Kick good please!!!” Bear-foot Master. Willy. W#79Your butt sore? sori wuiriie! Take me to Marciel s please!!! KTppy S#15-Shut up! What doing Kippy? What? OH A s Tonight!! RicharaB#ll-Hi Victor! Rosedale #77-1 have 3words foryou! MAKE LOTS OF MONEY.” Kevin W#75Dude! Split the uprights dude. Rob O#50-Howzit? Please don’t nit me! ypu can t touch_kicker! Mayumi F■■■v wa _„ M ___ ^ ego Canada Lada again. Toyomi S-You should uldttry waterski next time. We lana again. Tomo M-Be nice. go Canada We_gp go ski ___ _____ Tomo Y-You si inTlanada. are chicken. Play Football! You better go Canada with us next time! OK? Joji T-I’m not Kazu. Kainoa CHowzit cuz? Shut up brah! Robert O. Alex Hjtob H,T-See va baby! Megan C,Tepa CjRoyceti-GooQ job! ana Bye! Managers. Cindy B,Caitlyn W.Heather O-Is Soccer fun? 1 don t think so. It s too hard for me. Jennifer F,Serena D,Laura H,Tara G-Hi! Miri B-See you! Grant K-What doing? nip! Dunky Butt! Chris S-Bitches ain’t shit! Billy PYou are huge! Hanae T-”Hi! Hanage!” “Hi! Yoshiko!” Sara V-Ypu are too much! Heimata H-120yards again! Chad S-Broke your arm again! You better Watch out next year! Anada-Thanks! You helped me a lot! Good luck to-c/o95-all of you c/o96Yoshi.k.Devin.M, Jason.H. Austin E, Helen.H,Elene.C,Naho.H c/o97,jisa.J,Shane. K,Gloria. S, Cohchan.O, Take.M.Man.MMoeko.I,OmarArRana.J c/o98-Yehin.K, Sarang.S,Dodge.A d 099-Yukiko.K :Good luck toFootbalkSoccer. Track,Xcountry,baseball. To all those I forgot-I did it on purpose!! Thanks to-Mr. Perry. Mr. Bryson, Mr. provencal, Mr. Honma. Mr. Goodspeed, Mr. Diaz and Wailupe, Chad Ramrow, Mr. ShutesvMr. Wilder, Mr. Solmssen, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Bleckel. Ms. Micnel.Ms. Donahue, Mr. Conley, Mr. Colson, Mr. Anderson, Coach Joy and Ken Margerum and Sunny. Mr. Dahlberg, Mr.Bergin, Detwiler s, Dawson s, Mr. Perterson. Dunber s, Joey “Alton” Lopaka, Mike Zuber, Ednie’s. Mr. Kimura, Mrs. Mio, Goushi sJ'Jagato’s. Mr. Gomes do 92-Taka F. ffosei R. Tpyo M, Cutter B, shawn L, Allen S. Derrick Honda, and Hanano, Miwa S, Mike J, CM d 0 93-Paul D, Matt D. Scott A. ^ Calvin D. Dustin P, Chris M. Yuka S, Reiko P, Yuri M, do 94-JP, Karl H, Damien A, Alexa B, Clayton B, Kristen B, Andy C, Asa C, Kea C, Jed E. Brent F, Kris ft. Lucas H, , Daniel H. Jaisv J. TJ. Reola L Emi N, Mamiko A Reclza T, Jonah’Y Special Thanks to-Havato Joe >(my cousins-Takamura’s. Kobayashi s Tetsuii, Takechika Joji, Teruhiko, Hidechika, Makio, Tamami, None, Kosei Michiyo0Kouki, Ikuma, Mie> Yuhta, Yoshihiro. .Hide, Yoshimi, Yoshiaki, Toru, Miyuki, Masumi,. Yuko . my friends-Shinmaji. Syuji, Ryo, Yoshiboh, Manami, Keiko, Takanari. Hironobu, Kouji, Moto, Masashi. Yoshiteru, Hideto, Hikaru, Toshimi(Toppppy),. . . . Tomona.- Fune m norol! Mizumi ni iko! Fuji-san ni noboro! Gohan Tabeyol” See you! We go Canada and Australia!!! Hove you! 1like to thank to Beavis and Butt-head.

Mom: You are the most important person in my life and the greatest mother in the world.I love you and thanks for giving me all your best. I will never forget the things you said to me.I appreciate every single thing that you have done for me. Dad: The man with few words. Although you don’t say it ,1 truly know how much you care for me. To all my friends . Boom: You are one of my best friend in this school. Thanks for all your help and I really appreciate our friendship. Hopefully we might get in to the same college. “Born again” and stay cool man! Johann: Nice knowing you. Great basketball player from Taiwan.Warriors is the b e s t! Mitsu: Thanks for helping me in both pre and intro cal. You are so polite and nice. Yuske: Good advice don’t be a dentist. Erwin: Terima Kasih, konek kecil. Redza: See you in the BoomBoom Room. Ita: Nice knowing you. Eric: Stay cool. Che: Great guitar player. Chang: Stay the way you are and thanks a lot. Kristian: What! Really! Anyway I enjoy working together with you in the kitchen .You are the only person I know from Boston.Cool! Kenneth: Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. Hope your dreams come true.It is better to burn out than to fade away.Do not copy my idea.Please return my guitar on time and eat faster man. Ju st joking. Hope to see you during summer. Derrick: No matter what happens we are still brothers man.Do not go for a sotong. Elaine : Maybe by now you are

Bahtiyar Tay Malaysia- 1 year at HPA my girlfriend anymore but you are part of my life.I will never forget the times we shared together and I know I owe you a lot.Thanks for giving me everything.I love you. Yu Shen: For those people I say nobody can eat 50 eggs....Brothers forever.I can’t imagine my life without you guys!I

Dinesh: Thanks for your advice. It carfj rain all the time ! Choo Ee: Old friends are always the I best friends.Knowing you for six years J is great.Brothers forever man.Thanks* for all your help andsupport.Seeyou j soon and hopefully we can get into U l

oji Tokita IPA 2 yrs, Wrestling 4 yrs, A P Cruising 18yrs. Pette: Thanks for cruzing around with me for the past four years. It was great -I’ll never forget the good times: Gallagher’s APUS (Yeah, right), Famicon Wars/SD Gundam, leisurely strolls through Nogawa at 2AM, the Wallball Tournaments and Ultimate frisbee. Oh yeah, does Ron Brown go better with black spray paint or brown? Jordan: I don’t know about you, but some of the best times I’ve ever had were out in Nogawa and in your backyard. Do you remember: Fighting in the Gazebo; trying to get S’ane out from behind that !#@*8 tree

in the corner of your yard; you, me, and your dad rushing those two wussies with the AR18’s? I was fixin’ to go over to Seven, you wanna come? Oh, yeah, don’t forget that taped bat. Chang: Well, I think that two years of this place is two years too long. Nah. It’s good to see that you have learned how to take advantage of restraint. To tell the truth, I think we’ve all come a long way since summer school. So, fool, where are you off to next year, huh? Take care and good luck with Mari. Jeffery: Okay, for the last time,

what are we going to do with that Xacto in your pencil box? Hahahaha. Thanks for all the help in Introcal, you know I wouldn’t have made it otherwise. Lets go kick around until dinner, yeah? Devin: I cannot believe that you didn’t notice when she walked into the gym. You are so blind. So, did you like the P90 or the Commando better? A t least now you know that ten rounds in the chest doesn’t hurt that much. Shane: Ba’a’aa’a. S’ane! Thanks for all the toys and welts. You know that if you don’t write to John and I, we will fly to New Zealand and extract an amount o f personal satisfaction out of watching you tend to your furry friends. Don’t forget to come visit me in Tokyo. Jason: You fed us too much this year, at this rate, Chang will weigh 180 and I will weigh 150 by Christmas. You know, you got to stop playing volleyball. You should join a real sport like soccer or wrestling. Good luck as a Senior, you fool. Justin: You bench like my great grandmother. Nah, it was great spotting you as you tried to lift the bar. I guess we still have to work on your nipple power. Good luck next year, even i f you’re in Canada. Don’t forget to come visit me in Tokyo. Matt: Do you think that three Pheonix lords could take out an Avatar? Or would it be better to use a Lascannon or a multimelta on a Terminator. Atsuma: Why you put your *&%# to other man’s body? Huh? So, does rice go better with furikake or canned clams? We have to cook in your room again before Chang and I are gone. Take care, and practice your wrestling in Japan over the summer. Yoshi and Kevin: A t this point, you have gotten too huge for me hang out with. So, what did you think of Japanese V? I think we should have gone into town for lunch everyday. Yoshi, you Johann: Do you still have nightmares about getting beat up by Haga with his coathangers? Mom and Pop: Thank you for your loving care and support for the past eighteen years. Love, Joji Hanae, Mari, and Emi: You guys better behave, otherwise I ’ll just have to show you some more o f my wrist control techniques. Take care of mom and Pop; and study, so you don’t end up like your older brother. Good Luck to: Adam (Snoops) and Jared BJ, Espo, Shea, Chris E., Jason F., Heimata, Tanva, Maui, Nick, Billy, Kaisit, Joseph, E.J.Papaya, Keli’i, Ko, Ted, and M att H.

Caitlyn Lehua Waller Ahualoa, Hawaii/5 years/ Soccer/Turtle Tagging Dad- You have given me so much.How can I even begin to tell you what a wonderful father you are.I loved sending time with you and joking around with you.You’re the best.I love you. MomEven though we have been so far apart we are still as close as ever.You have helped me through life even though you weren’t always close by .You and Mark are wonderful to me and I love you both very much.Sylvan-You’re the best brother anyone could ever have.I love being with you,your encouraging words,your advice.I’ve missed you at hom e!LYJennifer-(Sniffer)W e’ve been through so much together you’re like a sister to m e ! loved going to the beach,cruising in Kona,eating Taco Bell o ff the ground,teasing you about your D.O.,talking to you about everything and everyon e! love you and will never leave you.College is not the end but the beginning of .Devon-(Dorky Dev)The most original person in the world.We’ve become closer as time has passed you mean so much to me.You’re always there to talk to,go running with,eat (Fat Free)food,and just be stupid with.You’ve even made me a little bit weidrd.You’re an awesome person and ILY.Cindy-(Bins)We’ve been through a lot together and you’re one of those people who I know will always he there for me. So sweet and kind,Oh and I know how you love waiting for m e ! won’t forget any o f our memories.ILY & will miss you a lot Megan-My non-depressant bud.What’s wrong with us.Meg you’re wonderful,so funny,full o f energy,goofy.I’m glad we’ve become much closer! hate twins,what

about our Kona nightsIThey were awesome,us the school spirited ones,ILY.Laura-The beautiful one.You have such a beautiful soul but don’t let it out as it wants to come.Where has the time gone?You’ve always been so supportive and kind to m e.I’m sorry that we haven’t stayed closer. W e’ll always be bonded by friendship,ILY.Whitney-(Whitless)The Rick lover la d y ! love talking to you;we understand each other so well.You and Dev have made me weidrd.MSGR right! A ll M ’s are retarded.I’ll miss your lively spirit.Tiffany-(Ninja-Wiff)The other driver,the low tolerance woman,the “H ” lover,the years have been fun.We have to keep in touch. I ’ll miss you.Royce-You’re the sweetest person ! wish you had spent even more time with us.See you in Boston. TCharlie-(TCQ)You’re the best guy friend some one could ever h a v e ! love talking to you.We’ve shared so much together.But girls are stupid and boys are stupiderll’ll miss you,keep in touch.Peter D-You’re one of my favorites,the english classes,your neck must be permanently penned, all the partying,Good luck!Kippy-(Kipless)When are we going to”Rock and Bowl” so I can beat you?Am I the woman with balls (when are we going cliff jumping again)?The partying was fun,won’t forget Pine Trees.Good Luck!Ryan-My friend that tells me all(thanx).You’re an awesome guy sweet and mature.The partying was fun,all the times we snuck you out.Good Luck,Soccer Rules!Shaina-My little sister,I’ve knowm you forever,I’ll always remember our cooking, childhood,partying together,where has the time

gone?It goes by too fast, enjoy the time while ij still h e r e ! love you, miss you and the family.Stay in touch. Jason-The time we spena together was wonderful.I’ll never forget Snood Kona, prom, the concert,everything.I’ll always treasure what we had.I’ll miss you more than] you k n o w ! loved you.Kai, Steve, Kainapau-TH Vatos Locos,what wonderful guys you are.I’ll never forget the partying, guava lane,the car ] crashes,Taco Bell,lanihau,dancing!’ll miss 1 you,have fun,Good Luck!Cera-You are a great] friend it’s been fun cruising and partying.Sarajl It’s been a quick journey I hope the years to U come are are wonderful for you.Lu’ukia-I’vevfl missed your crazy s p irit! hope you loved i t ! | guess we can share ??, Oh we have to share M atty too.ILYSky & Eli-We lost something fra our class when you guys left. Good Luck! Good] Luck and Best Wishes:Ita, Brady, Richard, h M iri.Tepa,Roberta,Alex,Theana,Scott L ,Rob U & Malika.To the goes by tool quick enjoy the moments as you can. Megan W (W e are the soccer woman!LY)Sum mer(You’r] so sweet,I love talking to you) Alana,Elena (Tl| Awesome soccer players)Yvonne,Pua,Nicole, ! Kailei, Marci,Lisa,Christian, and Devon.Thanl you to: The Coopersons’,the Fischers’,the Bernings’.and the Dierenfields’ for their never ending hospitality and kindness. Thanks:Mr.| Rice and Ms. Michel for their support and friendliness that helped me through the years]

Kevin Thomas Kelley Williams San Francisco, Calf./ 4 years/ Varsity Basketball |All State Honor Choir/Football/ HappilyMarried! JMom and Dad: “Unhappy that I am, I |can not heave my heart into my mouth”. |It is difficult to put eighteen years worth of dedication and love into a single “thank you”. There is so much to be said yet not enough words. So, this is all you Jget for all that hard work you did to |send me to school. A lousy five sentence thank you (and possibly if you see me through college you might get that retirement plan). Tepa: My heart and soul (and wardrobe designer)- Well its off to college (hopefully)! I can safely say that the best times of my life have

been spent with you, so I hope that they don’t stop by leaving for college. College is just another level.When were apart remember all the good times like the House of Prime Rib, Fisherman’s Wharf and Forrest Gump. Who knows you might even get a letter from me!(JK). As you well know I owe you everything I have (In both love and physical property). Hang in there with me through the tough times. INUBOO! Eddie and Joey: My family away from home- Thanx for all the support when my parents couldn’t be there. You helped me through the roughest times. I owe you a life time worth of favors.

The fam: Bubbles-1 just have one word to say to you: Scrrrotum. I’m afraid to write anything worth while to you because by this time you have probably been kicked out. Stay out of trouble and Kick Redza when you see him next. MalikaScraaad we’re leaving! And to never to come back to! Can you eat meat? Hey, I’ll make you a deal. If you eat meat I’ll take Alg. II trig. hon. again O.K.? That way we can both wretch at the same time.Rob- (ding, dong, ding) Are those wedding bells or are you ringin’ my alarm again shorty? Minda- You are just sooo crusty. You vegetables I mean vegetarians, Van Damn! Woah, did we share some times together. Thanx for always being there for me. Richard- You have been more than a best friend since the beginning of my freshman year (In fact you were probably my only friend freshman year). You and I have shared some of the most wicked memories and experiences together. You have always been there when I had marital problems, family problems or any other problems (I’m so stressed!!) and I hope that moving on to college doesn’t completely wipe the slate (ha ha) clean. We have also spent some of the best times together like All State Choir, Football, and etc. Juanito- Well it looks like were the only ones left out of the original posse. I hope that janitor job holds through for you, cuz when I go over to your house I don’t want to be eatin’ corn. Willy- Are you sick of football yet? Thanks for getting me throught eh offensive line.Peter-What’s up Gay? Well it looks like you will be kickin’ it here for a little longer. I’m trying hard not to laugh. Relax, and don’t sweat the dress code, the hours list or formal dinner. HahahahaStewart- (See Richard)I’m gonna sail upon that ferryboat, never to return again. Well hopefully by now I’ve been excepted somewhere (besides the mental institute) and will owe my admittance largely to you. Since day one you have been key to my development and progress in this school. The qualities I picked up will carry over to the rest of my life. Do you remember when you finally convinced me to join the choir. You said it would give me a hundred percent grade if all I did was show up, and that convinced me (actually, that’s the only reason I’m still there). Anyway thanx for everything. The class of 95'-Good luck in college and the vears beyond The classes of 96', 97' and 98'Have fun here next year hahahaha!

Mom & D ad - Y ou have both given me the opportunities and the guidance that has made me who I am today. I owe so much to you both, and I hope I have made you as proud of me as I am to have you guys. I can’t thank you enough. Dad, you’ve been hard but incredibly caring and I would have given up many times if it weren’t for you. Mom, your like my sister and my best friend , I’ll never forget all the laughs and tears we’ve shared over tine years. W e are way too much alike, but I love it. I Love You Guys. K ai - 1 know I’m too tough on you, but never forget how much I love you. You’re a caring, giving person. Don’t be lazy, your too gifted. I love you ana I’ll miss being around you while you grow up. Don’t have too much fun without me.Nana & P a p a - You have both always stood beside me through everything I’ve done. You’ve always been there and I feel so lucky to have been able to grow up around you guys. Thanks for all the Rummy Nana. Thanks for all the back rubs and bed time stories Papa. I Love You Both So Much. Thankyou. D an ny- Thanks for all the jokes and laughter. I feel the love you have whenever you are in the room. I’ll miss you. I Love You. Janet- You’ve been one of my best friends since I can remember. I can always tell you anything and I know you won’t change you re feelings for me. Thanks for being my twin sister for all theseyears. I miss you and I love you.Pua&M im i- Pupu And Pipi, what can I say, What should we do today? Wanna Come over and Play? W e’ve spent way too much time together, but I’ve loved every second.Thanks for everything I’ll miss you guys.Alia- Life just isn’t the same without you around. I miss you a lot and wish you were here, but I’ll never forget your B-day party’s or all the countless hours spent in your room. Thanks for always being there. ILY. D evon- Thanks for always tryingto understand me. Freshman year at Alia’s andSophomore Year at party’s. Junior year, for helping me laugh through one of the hardest times of my life. This year rknow will be filled with a lot of memeories that we can’t forget. You really need to “stop trying to be me, because I’ve finally figured it out.”riqve you Devon and I’ll miss you. KByeWhitney- Thanks for all the laughs. You are so unique and have so much to offer the world. Don’t cut yourself short. You are beautiful inside and out so get over it.I’ll miss you so much.I don’t know what else to say but, ILY, my little friend. STAYJennifer- There are so many things to thank you for. I have so many memories. All the laughs and tears have brought us closer and closer over all the years. I’ve always known you were there for me. I will always be here for you, so don’t forget about me o.k. Fll miss you so much Jenn. Dude.. ILY.M egan- Coopi, you are one of a kind. Don’t change o.k. W e have some really cool memories that I won’t forget. I’ll miss you tons. Forget abot the N.J. boys because we are off to rearmen. M.M. has a better body than your dork.ILYCaitlyn- You are so sweet and melow.Sorry for getting “iritating” nah, just joking. We’ve shared some cool times, like up at your nouse, etc.. oh yea, sorry about that too, eww. I’ll miss you a lot, we can’t loose tuch O.K. ILY, love- Ninja ChicSarah C.- That summer at my house was cool. Thanks for all the comfort and care you’ve always given me. Space camp and Josh and That gross guy. Our roomates , everything I have so many memeories. I wish you were still here. I’ll Miss You Sis, ILY. C in d y -K a _ a girl in the dark room. Thanks for always being cooland understanding. Your so unique and you better not change. Thanks for the good times. I’ll miss you. ILYRoyce-1 won’t forget all the hours in your room. Listeneing to our song and talking on the phone for hours. Riding m the army truck ana you and your gross mushy crackers .You’ve always been there and I appreciate it. I’ll miss you. iL Y L a u ra - Sophomore year was a lot of fun. The movies, bowling etc..Everything is so different now, but I guess that’s how it goes. Thanks for being there. I’ll miss you.Luukia-Eventhough you ye been and gone, we’ve still stayed friends. I miss you and wish you were here.I won’t forget the memories though.Kara- All the times we shared when we were younger remain with me. I’m sad that we aren’t closer, but you are always in my thoughts and heart. I miss you. Sabrina-M y twin sister in a mumu. Thankyou for all the wonderful memories. I miss you so much and life is definately different without you around.Hopefully we will end up nearer to eachother. iLY\ E ric a Z.-I miss you big mac.Thanks for all the fun and memories.Love ya-Little fry. Jake-The big brother I never had.Thankyou for all the talks and advice.I miss you so much. ILYwolf Scott A.- Thanks for all the many hours on the phone.You are such a great guy. The four of us had so much fun together and so did you and I.Thanks for being there for me through one of the hardest times in my life.I Miss You.Sky- We have been through a lot together and apart.Thanks for always being sweet to me. I can’t believe what youlet me ao..I miss being around you as much as I used to. Keep in touch. Thanks R ich a rd -W ell we’ve know eachother foerever.I’m glad we can understand eachother, but I’m sad that we aren’t as close as we once were. Lets not loose touch.I’m really going to miss your smiling face. You never grossed me out that much.ILY Willy-Thanks for standing behind me! yqu've always been sweet,thanks.I'll miss you.PeterYou’ve never changed and I hope you never will.

a t e tim i tie e itf aiaoa. £atta 0 4 tie Jutt. 'jU oo d oom M oup ie a it . "peoa oe tie doaioeea. tim t euuMntM me tim e ood tim e oooia .

0 tnoti daunt die Cxail. fe e l d a f& tlle e feoea Z i feet, d a etto (a my foae d d e o i^ it oe mcf (oa £ . *) flo jtc c « t d a e/oade a ttd tem am iea...

Tiffany Alyson Woodard 13 yrs./Karate/Swimming/Tennis .You could always make me laugh and you’ve always been caring. I’ll miss you a lot. Keep in touch O .K.Brady-W e’ve never spent that much time together, but we’ve been together forever.Thanks for always being so nice. I’ll miss you.Kippy-We need to sit and talk forever! You’ve always been copl, thanks. You need to shave! I’ll miss you Kip. Keep in touch.T.Charlie-You are so nice and sweet. Keep your sense of humor, and take no less than you deserve. I’m really going to miss you. Ethan-I can’t thank you enough for all the time you delt with me on the guitar. You are a wonderful, caring person and you deserve a lot out of life, so don’t let yourself fall short.What would I have done in English w/out you. Thanks for being a really cool friend and for making me smile. Sorry for flicking your face. Thanks for all the cool talks and otherwise .Take care, I’ll miss you.Christian-You are too cool. Don’t corrupt too many hearts.Good luck. I’ll miss you.Dustin H.Thanks for all the hours of endless conversation. You’ve always tried to understand.Thanks, I’ll miss vpu.'HanSjKobi S,Jock A,Paul D,Sinclair,Jaisy^Alexa,N inia,Brynlv-I miss you all, thanks for being so nice to me.Kai N,K ai G,Steve,Ali,Hana,Ariel-Thanks for all the weekend fun. You guys are so ccol.Good luck in life.I’ll miss all of you. DonT forget about me.Meggae W .,Shanene guys are so cool and sweet.Good luck, and

don’t forget about me.Jenny L.-M y soph, year, Summer,Christmas breaks.We have a lot of memoriesy The smiles and tears that we’ve shared and understood with eachother.I’m glad you are in my life. I’ll miss JH you.ILYThe F am ilies-Tne F isch er s-Thanks for all | the nights, all the advice and all the love. You guys X were my second Mom&Dad, my big sister. I’ll miss you! guys.ILY T h e B u d g e ’s/The Lanins, The M cL arens,J anis C .& Tom oe&Ira.-Thank you all so.| much.Calss o f 95’-Eventhough there aren’t individual! messages to you all, you are a part of my life, thankyou & I’ll miss you guys. S.D .N .R K.F,S.C, S.J.JS.V,S.K,D.S,D.B.-Good luck&I’ll miss you all. I M r.B rysonJyIs.M iehael,M i\ H onm a.M r. Shutes,M r.Rice,M rs Y., Ms. Nahulu-Thankyou for I all the support.Mathias-You’ve taught me so much about experience,,others and j myself. The incomprehensible amount of memories we 1 shared together will always remain in my heart and iii| my mind.You are still so important to me and I feel that is how it will always be. I love you and care for voi more and in such a different way than anyone else Ivel ever met. You’ve always been there for me and I can t j thank you enough for what you’ve given of yourself to j me ana the understanding you’ve always showed me. ■J Have I ever told you that I love you? Still? ALW AYS.

IWilly Wurster Hawaii 6yrs/Varsity Football 4yr s/Weight Man 3yrs B.M.O.C 4yrs/Wall of Doom ??????? om & D ad: Thank you for all of your support rough my times of hassels and my moodiness. I will wats love you guys very much and will never forget I lat you have done for me Thanks ILY Irgster: You,re such a dork!! Nah, Thanks for helping e be the stud I am today. It's been alot of fun growing 9 with you and helping me survive the wrath of mom Id dad Lily: Stop turning the lights on and off when I try to Lto sleep! Three years of football was the greates, tanks for helping me run the "twist" and playing Lout team. You're going to be one of the best players per to come out of this school. Keep up the intensity ad you can do anything you want I'm giving you the Len Miller CD and SuperSrint when I die iehard: You're Dead!!!! You have always been the rather I never wanted. Nah Only three freshman Lowed up for camp, you are responsible for keeping us jgether. Thankyou very much, Actors ain't$@*T!! Oh

G.W., My brother went there Thanks for all those raging parties at your house Brady: Settle down Beavis Ive always wondered what it’s like to be a RODEO C H A M P Next time you go on ESPN, invite me over to your house! Never forget that I am Cornholio! Nicaragua, agua By the way, how many things can you do with a hoe? Do you have any holio? Lunch pail: Rosey's wrath of re-fries 2,00 metric tons of cheeseCan you play that in slow motion? W e go cruise your room I've got skills!!! Stop coming over to my house and eating all the food P.S. I'm going to marry your sister when I grow up. Peter:No ack Kanac! Who you calling a Nip!! N-I-P-ON You know I rule at Maelstrom! Shake 'n Bake Regulate! Thanks for the killer times on the bus ya $®*T chute This one's for you Jensin! Ice cream and Jello fo'evah W a Woi!

Nikki-C .indy-Kate: Ardldldldl You’re such a good sport for letting me bother you every “B” period and letting me throw you around I know you’re going to be a super model in the futre O ’donnel: Short people are the worst Nose guards Did you know that you and that girl could be your sister? This summer we’re going to have to get together and party you liT “Mic”Watch for “Bill Giannikopoulis” next year on ESPN Kahn: Go easy rough, If you cut that hair you might start on defense Geased Buddha: Keep a level head and you’ll be the greatest lineman that H PA has ever seen P.S. don’t get into too many beefs after mthe extra points Kicka: Yoshi what doing? Take me Marciel’s was that a 50 yd field goal? Tepa: I told you time and time again No ice in the Gatorade! Next year we can party together in Washington Kevin: Though I really got on you alot this year, I only did it cause I wanted you to be the best you could be Thanks for puting up with all my crap Sorry I put Tepa before you, but she wears the pants anyway Shane-Boy: Bring it Haole! ‘Sup ya little monkey,Study some more and maybe you won’t be on the F-Troop so much Kainoa: Aye ! Eh Pork chop dis summer we go bowl with Kona guys Stop puting all that crap on your head, it’s bad for the environment! M ons: A K A S N O W I told you I'd get you that video tape Is it Kapa'a or Kapa’a'a? Who's this Kendal Goo guy anyway? Melissa: Vegitarians bite! nah One of these days I'll cook for you my famouse cuisine I'm going to cut out your eyes and "P" in your ocular cavities Ita: Jahalalalaluden No matter what anyone saya, I don't think that you’re a sex goddess L a u ra H: Monge Popwe Puke O Blah Blah Blah, times in Mrs. Watson's class were pretty killah. Thanks for helping put my hair into the scnmchie Ham m ah: When you going hammah Hammah? Toney: sup HaySeed? This one's for your girlfriend Dusty. Keep playing with Gordo cause you don’t have a future in Basketball Akam a: Jen, you need to talk more! Thanks for letting me cheet off of you during all of our classes together Devon: Stop eating , you're getting huge! Nah, come here so I can kick you in the Butt Tiffany: Bruce Lee! If you ever wonder where I am, just turn around R obert O.:" Ah ah ah sweety pie, stop looking at the twees, I think you've been smoking the local weed" Barnyard's class was the best Are-X-7: Has anyone ever told you that you look just like your dad? H eathadiardiardio: How are those College Ap's going? Sorry I made you sit through that Reed meeting at the college fair. You should've asked me , I would have taken care of that Ka'u girl for you Kipp-Kross: We go old A s an party! Pass me the can of Skoal Chad: What, like beef? Keep your head and you'll be a reAlly good linebakah Grant:: No grab my alas punk! Is that Velcro on your legs? Sheashea: Bring it punk!!!!!!!!! Y oshi K: Play a position like linebacker where you'll get to hit more Pobre: Is that your auntie in the kitchen? How long did you have to shovel $@*# this summer Hughs: Sorry about my bad snaps this year Luciuose Lu: The ball is supposed to come with the point up! Stop playing soccer and lift during the off-season Jenny Lee: Stop bugging me in yearbook! Nah, Thanks for hanging around me so I have friends Chris S.: You are always the athelete of the history of the world. John B.: What's it like to get pancaked by a wall of doom? Tyler B: Give me some money!!!!!! When I chase you, don't fall down when you run away Conana: Get out of the computer room! Stop doing that, you're driving me crazy The Brysons: You guys are my second family,thanks for letting me beat on your sons The Marciels: Thankyou for making me what I am today The Margerums: Thanks for helping me get in to college teach Sunnay to make paper dolls The Gomes': Thankyou for helping me through my troubles (Sumo Squats!) I'll autograph a ball before I go Mr. Wilder : Thanks for the AP Euro class & the letters Ms. Michel: Is that a Coopie Loaf? Thanks for all your help To all that I forgot, G O O D LUCK!

Chang Yoo Pusan, Korea/2 years in HPA/Football/Wrestling/Judo Mom & Dad-Thank you for give me a great opportunity to study in America and support me all the way to here. I know and everybody knows that I couldn’t have done this far without our support and without your love. I don’t now how I’m going to pay for all this. I will be stay with you forever, and I will try my best to be a great man. I love you!!! Sung Young and Hyu Ju-Study hard in America, and always think about what our parents did for us. Be a great woman!!! M & M (M ari)-I don’t know I can say here that I haven’t said before, but no m atter what you think, I think I know you pretty well. Thank you for giving me so much happiness and love. Good luck for your high school years. I always love you, Man. Keep in touch. O.K. Joji Tokita-”Joji Jaji Boji” remember this quote. From last year summer session, we had really ood times. Even though you and I go to ifferent college, please keep in touch. Don’t fool around with girls too much. Jason Huang-”I f someone make unko, and i f unko small like dog’s unko. That means that person is a dog.” nice quote Jason. Thank you for all the food you supplied us with. I won’t forget what we did at one o’clock in the morning. I will visit you so don’t worry. Atsuma Nishiyama-Hey, my wonderful roommate!!! When you miss me, think about what we did when after study hard and stretch in our room. I love your Japanese food. You are always nice to me, and you nelp me whenever I need help. I will never forget you. You know

what? You have to train more in Karate and more stretches. Uyeda’s family-Thank you for always nice to me. I will never forget what you did to me. Your fam ily is like my family. Ahren KO study hard, and when we see each other next time, you better be a success man. Jun Park-Your my cousin but I always think as you are my brother. I know your life is really tough, but you have to try your best and win it. I f you have any problem, I will help you. Good luck with Gloria!!! Listen to Korean people-Thank you for everything and respect me as your brother. You have to remember that your Korean and be rou d ofit. I love you all!!! effery Young-I am sorry for what I did to you. Thank you for helping me. I hope I see you after we success. Simizu’s Brother(Yusuke & Ryo)-I loved to play soccer with you. I hope you guys help each other and love each other!!Knot that kind of love) Anada-Thank you for helping me on U.S. history. Good luck for your college years. A ll Japanese ladys-Thank you for being nice to me. Good luck for everything, and please take care Mari. I will remember you. A ll Japanese guys-Sorry for being mean to you guys. I hope you understand me. Be proud of that you are Japanese!!! Kashima-”You baka little Korean.” I hate that quote. You baka Japanese! It was really fun with you in the dorm. Stay cool like that.

Devin-You STUDD!!! You have to watch out j girls. Don’t fool around too much! Take care.j Johan-you are too tall. Good luck in volleybw and study hard. Jo Tang. Ho-You wrestling studd. Thank you for take i all my unko from me. Keep train and beat me J next time.(after I die) Mr. Emmons-You are such a great teacher Mrj Emmons. I w ill miss your class alot. I always! remember what we did in the beach. I w ill j come and visit you. Mr. Hughes-I love wrestling Hughes!!! I will J kill 'em any time. When I visit you next time* j let’s p lay wrestlin. “kill ‘em kill ’em” Thank j you for teaching me great English grammer. J Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuto-Thank you for everything that you did for me. Mr. Anderson-Tnank you for always give me aj big smile. Wrestling Couches-Thank you for train me like your son. I will keep work out, and I’m I going to miss our wrestling room. WVhatever I do in my future, I want to not j have any regrets when I look back on my life. I I ’d also like to remember that none o f my j accomplishments would be completely fulfillecj without the constant support o f my friends and the unconditional love of my parents.” N ext time, when I look at you guys, better be a -eat man or woman, see you when I see you I love you all Chang Yoo


Jeffrey Young long Kong/ HPA 2years/ Varsity Soccer 2years/ Robertson Dorm Perfect / oom 207.


pm and Dad: bu both supported and encouraged me to come HPA, and that was a right choice absolutely, [day I am 18 and I have taken a lot of sponsibilities and challenges. Thank you for tting me up and standing by me no matter lat happened. Also, thanks for giving me the portunfty to live under other environment and : me gain a lot o f experience and had two irfect school years in here. I am now going to aduate and I couldn’t bave made it without u. Thanks for all the loves and supports. ji:-You are not only my closest friend, also my st partner wherever in the soccer field or meworks. Thanks for standing by me in these b years. I think only you and me know the pst suitable way to use the knife, right? I hope u still remember all tbe drills that we practice gether. Have fun in either BB or paint-ball Ins. I hope we can play all these stuffs gether again in tbe future. Good luck in liege. Mike:-My closest friend and dearest ommate. Your side is much more cleaner and ly than at the beginning o f last year. I hope it >n’t turn back to massy after I'm gone. Thanks • tickling and massage me almost every night, d I really enjoy in them. Also, thanks for itting me up all the time! I think we are one of e perfect roommate in the whole school, and u are my best roommate that I ever had. Good ing for you is that you can turn up your crap usic after I gone. Wish you to have a great

time in cross-country, basketball and baseball. Take care and God Bless.Mark:-You muscular big guy, thanks for lending me your CDs. I think we nave the same taste in music, that’s why I didn’t beat you up although your music was so loud. Forget basketball and go play soccer, you will find much more fun in it than any other sports, although you suck in all, nah Don’t beat the underclassmen up and have a good senior year.Kaisit ( c a t _ ):-You Thai star. I khow you are a stud in dancing, but please don’t dance in front of people, you look so gay, nah..... . You and Ray are perfect roommates, because both of you guys like to pant other people, may be you like their butt! Stop showing your fat or those tiny muscle. Thanks for taking care of the defense line. Works hard in soccer and I see you in the field. Ray:-The coolest guy in the universe, you are the man, NOT. Please stop laughing at my perfect English. We had so much fun in tnese two years. I am very sorry I always worked you. Anyway, I really have a good time with you. Good luck and kick some ass in crosscountry.Rrwin and Joe:-We three always stayed up late pass midnight in my room and worked out the problems. Tam very appreciate that both of you guys helped me a lot, especially in A P Physics and A P Cal. Sometime we talk about some specific problems o f each other\ too. Just like we try to solve the problem for Joe, about .... Erwin, stop eating food and do exercises instead before you sleep. Good luck to you guys in colleges.Mr. Gallegos:-My dearest advisor and my best friends. You always to be the target

that I talk secrets with, and also you are the only one in here I never lie to. Thanks for giving me so much valuable advises and help me to walk through whose hard time. Thanks for putting me up with all my craps, mv complaints, arguments, intolerance and irritability. Thanks for watching the soccer games and supporting the team. Thanks for taking care o f me for last two years and taking me to and from the airport. I don’t think this page is enough for me to write down all the stuff I need to say thanks to you. So, keep in contact and don’t forget me. Thanks a lot for everything and good luck. Mr. BleckekYou are the most favorite teacher than any other in all of my classes. I learn the most and got the most fun in it than any other subjects. You make all of my Physics concept much more than before, fhope I can meet you later on, and teach me some more. Anyway, thanks a lot and best wishes to you. Special thanks to: -Mr. Anderson, Mr. Rice, Mr. Stewart and Miss Michel, Mr. Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuto. Mr. Hall, Mrs. Link, Mr. Solmssen, Mrs. Piltz, Mrs. Walsh, Mr. Bryson, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Shutes, Mr. Emmons, Mr. Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. K am row .......... I am sure that I came to H PA is one of my smartest choice in mv life. I love it and I hate to say goodbye to it. But I guess this is it, and good luck to everyone. Aloha.....

The Class of 1995 Jennifer Akama-most likely to become the principal ofPunahou Mitsuhiro Anada-most likely to become a ninja Brady Bergin-most likely to own the Denver Broncos Cindy Berning-most likely to be a professional snow boarder Miri Breslow-most likely to become the next new actress on Beverly Hills 90210 Cheyney Bryan-most likely to lead the hippy revival Richard Bryson-most likely to be president of the Universe Kainoa Cabanilla-most likely to have 20 children Arjun Clarry-most likely to be a photographer for National Geographic Malika Cook-most likely to live in an airport, chanting, and wearing flowy clothing Tepa Cordeiro-most likely to own Costco Megan Cooperson-most likely to get lost following the Grateful Dead David Craig-most likely to become the president of the Snoop Dog fan club Peter Dahlberg-most likely to stay a kid forever Laura Dierenfield-most likely to be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Erwin Djaja-most likely to become president of Indonesian exports Serena Dwyer-most likely to become the next American Gladiator Jennifer Fischer-most likely to become president of Volvo Inc. Mayumi Futanami-most likely to become a housewife Tara Gallison-most likely to live at the Taj Kenneth Grant-most likely to go to jail for computer fraud Royce Gregory-most likely to apologize for nothing Lasiandra Hall-most likely to be the next World Boxing Champion Theana Hancock-most likely to work for H.P.A. Robert Hannah-most likely to be host of a Miss America Pagent Whitney Hastings-most likely to move to Brazil in pursuit of true love H'Sien Hayward-most likely to win the Iron â&#x20AC;&#x2122;WOMAN" in the year 2000 Laura Hiyane-most likely to be the founder of the womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s NBA Alexander Hughes-most likely to teach Chemistry at H.P.A. Ita Jalaluddin-most likely to date members of the next generation Sheanna Jardin-most likely to be a mouseketeer Aaron Kahn-most likely to replace Fabio in the hearts of women

Striving for

Hall of Fame Kenny Kao-most likely to become a billionare Bowm Kim- most likely to cut Graduation Joseph Kim- most likely to sleep through Graduation and apologize for it Kamalana Kobayashi-most likely to pick a fight with Mike Tyson Devon Lanin- most likely to be on the House of Style Irene Liao-most likely to fall down all staircases she encounters Scott Lindsey-most likely to take Mr. Watson's job Leah Mackey- most likely to run a gas station Eric Marconato- most likely to live in Waipio Valley Shannon Mulvihill- most likely to be a stage manager on Broadway Tomonori Murata- most likely to be a pro-photographer Minda Murphy- most likely to teach sex-Ed to preschoolers Rob O'Donohue-most likely to be one of the 7-dwarfs at Disneyland Robert Olson-most likely to run across America like Forrest Gump Heather Onuma- most likely to win a gold medal in the Olympics T.Charlie Quinn-most likely to become a politician Aaron Raymond- most likely to be a banker Bianca Rinehart- most likely to be an underwear model John Rosedale- most likely to be Bean Eating Champion of the World Yusuke Shimizu- most likely to be a Japanese gangster Toyomi Shirai- most likey to be the next Rip Van Winkle Kippy Sohriakoff- most likely to be a Luke Perry impersonator Aaron Speilman- most likely to be a narcotics detective Gabe Starsong- most likely to live at Pine Trees Ryan Stoker- most likely to be a Puna farmer Yoshiyuki Takamura- most likely to be an Elvis Impersonator Bahtiyar Tay- most likely to be the next Jim Morrison Joji Tokita- most likely to be a sargeant in the armed forces Caitlyn Waller- most likely to deplete the world of helium Kevin Williams- most likely to play in the NBA Tiffany Woodard- most likely to be the next Bruce Lee Willy Wurster- most likely to take Mr. Bryson's job Chang Yoo-most likely to inherit Yong's Kalbi Jeffery Young- most likely to be on the Hong Kong Olympic Soccer team



Malika is" more than a woman " to Rob

"I know that in a thousand years, I'd fall in love with you again Say you'll always be my baby we can make it shine. We can take forever just one minute at a time..."_____________________________________________________________________

Class O f Nineteen-Ninety Six Kulia I Ka Pono

Junior Survey How has being an upper classmen differed from being an underclassman. Meg: 'I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know as many people." Maui: "We get more privaleges." Leo: " Varsity athletics, respect. Jen:'7 feel more relaxed, with the people around me." Austin:"One grade mo high." Grant:" One step closer to graduation, smaller people." Heirama:'7t's good." Lianne & Joy:"Sometimes get respect and we have a lot of free periods so we can finish some of our homework. I find as we as a class has gotten so much closer. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one more step to graduation until we go ourseperate ways to find what the real world has left for us."

Robbie Adams Waikoloa, HI Arnold Akau Kamuela, HI Freya Bloomgarden Kamuela, HI Ingrid Bloomgarden Kamuela, HI Alana Cabatu Hilo, HI Elena Cabatu Hilo, HI Sarah Clark Kamuela, HI Arati Clarry Hilo, HI

Kulia IK a Pono Noelani Daniel Lawai, Hi Serena Dillingham Volcano, Hi Peter Dods Honolulu, Hi Lissa Duer Hilo, Hi Summer Duncan Kamuela, Hi Austin Easley Kailua-Kona, Hi Rae Elliazar Kamuela, Hi Heirama Fearon Bora-Bora, French Polynesia Kailei Feeney Kamuela, Hi Mariko Fukuchi Chiba, Japan Joshua German Lihue, Hi Suki Gi Pago Pago, Am. Samoa Lianne Goto Kamuela, Hi Melinda Hagen Saudi Arabia Naho Haguida Japan Matt Hall Kailua-Kona, Hi Roy Hall Pago Pago, Am. Samoa Nicole Herlevic Indonesia Jennifer Hickman Kamuela, Hi Teri Hogan Huston, Texas

Helene Honda Kamuela,HI Koresa Hong Honolulu, Hi â&#x2013;  Alexander Hsiao Taipei, Taiwan Jason Huang Tamuning, GU Mark Hubbard Miami, Florida Yvonne Hynes Kailua-Kona, Hi Ben Johnson The Dalles, Oregon

Kulia I Ka Pono Grant Kaaua Kamuela, Hi Yoshi Kashima Tamuning, Guam Eric Kemp Seabrook, Tx Sua Gie Kim Pago Pago, Am. Samoa Sung Hoon Kim Pago Pago, Am. Samoa Leo La Branche Kamuela, Hi Brian Lee Kamuela, Hi Jenny Lee Kamuela, Hi Vanda Luce Hilo, Hi Sean Lynch Hana , Hi Tanva Mahitivanichcha Bangkok, Thailand Mike McCorriston Honolulu, Hi Ryan J. McManus Kailua-Kona, Hi Kanoe McTavish Kamuela, Hi Pua Nani Mench Kailua-Kona, Hi Devin Mitani Kaneohe, Hi Chris Mons Kilauea, Hi Motoharu Mori Japan Sarah Morlock Kapoho, Hi Corey Nelson Kamuela, Hi

Atsuma Nishiyama Kyoto,Japan Clay Nordlum Kotzebue, Ak Ayumi, Oguri Tokyo, Japan Jessica Opdyke Kamuela, Hi Ethan Philips Woodland Hills, Ca Maui Postma Bora Bora, French Polynesia Billy Prince Kamuela, Hi

KulialKaPono Nicole Ricord Kamuela, Hi Sean Rostron Waikola, Hi Nicholas IV Rutgers Kamuela, Hi Kristian Sanchez Swampscott, Ma Tomona Sekiguchi Kanagawa, Japan Jessica Serna Saudi Arabia Chris Simpson Kamuela, Hi Joy Spencer Kamuela, Hi Kevin Takeshita Honolulu, Hi Maliko Tanaka Hilo, Hi Johann Tang Taipei, Taiwan Hanae Tokita Tokyo, Japan Miwa Tsuchiya Kanagawa, Japan Kaisit Udomkunnatum Bankok, Thailand Sara Ventura Kapaa, Hi Iwalani Wall Hilo, Hi Ray Weinstock Pahoa, Hi Meghan West Kamuela, Hi Jason Williams Amarillo, Tx Alex Woodbury Kailua-Kona, Hi

Class O f Nineteen-Ninety Seven Kulia I Ka Pono

Sophomore Survey What was the most memorable event of your Sophomore year ? Meeting Dennis Hopper at an H.P.A. football game and asking him to sign my jeans. - Emily Rosedeale Winning the state championship for cross country. - Dustin Williams Going to see Hawaiian Style Band and dancing in the aisles with a bunch of my friends. - Lisa Jardine Working Lasi in a major water balloon fight and throwing her in the shower. - Jen Gi Swimming and diving in the Masters meet and placing 2'nd in my heat for the 100 breast stroke. - Riley Barrie Having a huge mud fight at the B.I.I.F meet in Hilo with most of the x-country team. - Shea Dahlberg

Omar Abbud Cueravaca Morelos, Mexico Diana Aehegma Kamuela, HI Nima Aflatooni Waikoloa, HI Camille Aiona Kamuela, HI Nicole Akama Kamuela, HI Lu Anderson Paauilo, HI Riley Barrie Pacific Palisades, CA Shalom Berliner-Caverly Kealakekua, HI

Dagan Bernstein Kamuela, Hi Mark Breslow Beverly Hills, CA Jennie Cacoulidis Kamuela, Hi Wilson Cannon Wahiawa, Hi Kathleen Clarkson Honokaa, Hi Heather Craig Kamuela, Hi John Crossley Kailua-Kona, Hi Shea Dahlberg Kamuela, Hi Liana Dawson Kamuela, Hi Ta'i Fearon Tahiti, Fr. Ploynesia Jared Ganir Kamuela, Hi Jennifer Gi Pago Pago, AS Sean Giffin Kamuela, Hi Suvinit Habanananda Bangkok, Thailand Heimata Hall French Polynesia Christian Hastings Kamuela, Hi Justin Ho Ontario, Canada Ting Ting Ho Taipei, Taiwan Jason Hoisington Kamuela, Hi Moeko Ivory Tokyo, Japan

Ryosuke Iwata Chiba, Japan LeeAnne Jacobson Tokyo, Japan Lisa Jardine Kamuela, Hi Marci Jardine Kamuela, Hi Susannah Jensen Kamuela, Hi Rana June Tokyo, Japan Shane Kalaniopio Kamuela, Hi Yle Chan Kim Seoul, Korea

Yeosan Kim Irvine, Ca Kelii Kjrland Wailuki, Hi Trisha Kobayashi Kailua-Kona, Hi Jeffrey Lee Honolulu, Hi Monica Liao Honolulu, Hi Shih-Ling Lin Hsien, Taiwan Lono Lindsey Kamuela, Hi Jan Malasek Kamuela, Hi Mari Matsumoto Nagoya, Japan Travis Mazingo Kula, Hi Blake McNaughton Kamuela, Hi Nainoa McTavish Kamuela, Hi Lilinoe Melrose Kamuela, Hi Kandi Miranda Kamuela, Hi Devon Mitchell Kamuela, Hi Takeshi Mizutani Hyogo, Japan Kathleen O'Donohue Arlington, Va Colleen O'Malley Kailua-Kona, Hi Koichiro Okuno Kobe, Japan Peter Olson Captain Cook, Hi



Jun Park Kailua, Hi Nicholas Preston Oxnard, Ca Tiffany Quinn Holualoa, Hi Moses Ramler Pahoa, Hi Arun Revana Kamuela, Hi Emily Rosedale Kamuela, Hi Erin Rott Kailua-Kona, Hi

Leslie Ryle Emeryville, Ca Catherine Sakimura Kapaau, Hi Benjamin Schmidel Waikoloa, Hi Achahn Schulze Kamuela, Hi Yae Shin Kyoung Gee-Do, Korea Tyler Smallwood Honolulu, Hi Julie Snow Kamuela, Hi Marshall Snow Kamuela, Hi Chad Sohriakoff Kailua-Kona, Hi Max Solmssen Kamuela, Hi Scott Spence Kamuela, Hi Jared Spencer Kamuela, Hi Tori Spielman Kealakekua, Hi Michael Stewart Agana, Gu Taylor Thronas Kamuela, Hi Sean Usibelli Kamuela, Hi Melissa Weisner Kailua-Kona, Hi Jeffrey White Hilo, Hi Jonathan White Hilo, Hi Kauikeolani Wilcox Kamuela, Hi

Dustin Williams Kamuela, Hi Emily Williams Kamuela, Hi Tomohisa Yamaguchi Kanagawa-ken, Japan Kelly Yamasoto Kamuela, Hi Theodore Young Kailua-Kona, Hi


Class O f Nineteen-Ninety Eight Kulia I Ka Pono

Freshman Survey What is the best thing about being a Freshman? 'You can get away with a lot, because youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a freshman. - Nani Gadd "The classes are easier, so you can slack off." -Mikiala Ramler 'You get a lot o f friends if you give them money." - Will Sexton "Meeting new people, seeing new faces, and being more independent." -Laura VonHolt 'Nothing" -Cory Stoker What is the worst thing about being a Freshman? 'You have the least amount of priviliges and free periods." -Jenny Salmon 'The older people look down on you." -Phaethon Keeney 'N ot knowing where you're going." -Shanelle Pung " The work load." -Keegan Maple

Upper left: Will Sexton- Right on! Mikiala, Yebin and Sa, Friends Forever

Dodge Ackerman Kealakekua, Hi Brad Anderson Kamuela, Hi Cord Anderson Kamuela, Hi Tyler Bollinger Kamuela, Hi Coral Bredin Haleiwa, Hi John Buscher Kamuela, Hi Katherine Callahan Pahoa, Hi Amy Carlson Kailua-Kona, Hi

Kulia I Ka Pono Aaron Champlin Kailua- Kona, Hi Adam Cooper Pepeekeo, Hi Dana Csige Kamuela, Hi Chrystal Davis Kapaa, Hi Nick Davis Holualoa, Hi Greg Dierenfield Kailua-Kona, Hi Christine Dunnam Kailua-Kona, Hi Jason Fujimoto Kamuela, Hi NaniGadd Kamuela, Hi Alexandre Gaeta Kailua-Kona, Hi Anne Garcia Kamuela, Hi Matt Gilio-Tenan Kamuela, Hi Dusty Harris Holualoa, Hi Jenni Hervey San Ramon, Ca Tam Heslop Kula, Hi Mack Hiyane Pohnpei, Ci Jeff Hughes Kamuela, Hi Kris Hynes Kailua-Kona, Hi Sage Kalber Hilo, Hi

Dee Anne Kaniho Kamuela, Hi Laura Kawano Kamuela, Hi Phaethon Keeney Honokaa, Hi Yebin Kim Seoul, Korea Kaori Koide Kamuela, Hi Lexie Lam Kamuela, Hi Lindsay Lawson Kamuela, Hi Sean Manago Captain Cook, Hi

hat is that?!

ph ee se ! L o w e r left: u ia y - " I 'm in h e a v e n a r o u n d these cu te F re sh m a n g i r l s ." L o w e r rig h t: S m ile P h a e t h o n !

Kulia I Ka Pono Keegan Maple Hilo, Hi Charline McCrystal Hilo, Hi Janies Melrose Kamuela, Hi Malika Nishiki Kailua-Kona, Hi Akira Obatake Hanapepe, Hi Holliss Obatake Hanapepe, Hi Jacob Pobre Kamuela, Hi Shanelle Pung Kamuela, Hi Mikiala Ramler Pahoa, Hi Niki Richardson Kamuela, Hi Jenny Salmon Kamuela, Hi Will Sexton Honolulu, Hi Sa Shin Kyoung Gee-Do, Korea Tucker Siegfried Honolulu, Hi Kachina Smith Kamuela, Hi Nate Stewart B.C. , Canada Mike Stocker Menlo Park, Ca Cory Stoker Kailua-Kona, Hi Michael Tamashiro Lanai City, Hi Sarah Thiesse Mililani, Hi

Jim Toney New Orleans, La Ray Valenzuela Bakersfield, Ca Maren Vitousek-Bemis Honolulu, Hi Daemion Watkins Kapaau, Hi Robert White Houston, Tx Lea Wilson Captain Cook, Hi Laura Von Holt Kamuela, Hi

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Academics /Left: Erwin - taking a breather. Right: Vanda and Devon know all the answers. Below: Solmssen's A.P. Comp class is glazed and confused1/

Although H P A has a large variety o f extracurricular activities, academics play a large part as well. Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in the library, the student pavillion, or ju st lounging around, students are constantly studying hard year round to get the grades that will make them proud.



Left:Peter, giving his brain a break. Right: Scott is working hard to ace his test. V


Dazed and Confused

I Top

right: Hi! Ms.Moore. Top center: Ms.Nahulu, art assistant Mrs.Y, our art teacher. Top left: Brady, Gabe, and Kippy (ibusy at the wheel.

I and

Dram a

Art, Drama and Choir helps to bring both the school and community together. Everyone enjoys listening to the beautiful sounds from the choir and watching the many great plays and musicals enacted by the talented Drama club. Students are able to bring out their creativeness through art. bove: The nurses from "A Piece of my Heart." slow: Mr. Stewart - with our very entertaining and harmonic ioir!


Kulia I Ka Pono

Above, t With the help of Mr. Rice, we are able to learn about the secrets of the ocean.

Above: Mr.Bell, our Biology teacher, with his children and wife - the dorm supervisor. \Below: Good job guxs. Working hard!

Above: Mr. Hughes, our fearless Science teacher. Right: When he's not busy with the cross-country teams, Mr. Conley is a dedicated science teacher.

Students explore the vast worlds o f Chemistry, Biology, and Physics with the help o f our new resources, such as the CD Rom computers and the improved labs. The teachers are always willing to take the time out o f their busy schedules to help out anyone in need, which encourages people to be more interested what they're learning.

Ka Pono

^Left: There's Mr. Emmons, our hardworking ' Chemistry teacher. Right: Smile, Mr. Bleckel, Science is supposed to \ 6 e fun!_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ /

History History is a very important part o f our curriculum here at H.P.A. because it involves learning about many different cultures and studying people and places all around the world. By doing this, it helps us here at school to learn to adapt with and work with the wide variety o f students here from the many different faces o f the earth.

Above: Mr. Honma and Mr.Kamrow - two o f our History teachers, just posing. Below left: Smile for the camera, Pono - but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to study. Below right: Sarah, concentrating hard on what she's studying.

\Top left: Hi, Mr. Shutes - our great history teacher! Top right: Is that a student? No, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just Mrs. Watson - our Geography teacher. Bottom left: Hi, Mrs.Kamrow - keep up the great teaching! Bottom right: Mr. Wilder taking time out to read the Make Kula.

Kulia I Ka Pono

7Above: Arati is listening intently. Below: Mr. Bryson teaches English with the same integrity L . that he displays on the football field.

Below: Kailei is concentrating on reading her book for Mr. Solmssen's class.



ight: M r Dunlap, dedicated English teacher. Above: Smile! Ms.Duncan. I



English opens the door to many different horizons if you're willing to take the challenge. It allows you to see things in a way 've never seen before, and be able to express yourself and how feel in writing. Students who find it hard to excel in other subjects see English as a chance to bring out their best by using their creativeness.


( m r. Solmssen (Left) and Mrs. Piltz (Below) are still teaching ^English and loving it!

orewn The Foreign language department helps us learn many different languages from around the world, such as - Japanese, French, and Spanish. Students take full use o f these resources, and some students may be already learning their third or fourth language! It also helps students to understand their peers from their many different cultures and backgrounds.

Above: Ms.Matsuda takes on the difficult task o f teaching Japanese 2,3,4,and 5! Below left: Ms.Michel and Arati take a break to smile for the camera. Below right: Our devoted French teacher, Mr.Nogues. Say Cheese!

Striving for Excellence


Top left: Mr. Gallegos - the Spanish teacher! Top right: Ita, talking to her class. Bottom left: H i! Gloria. Bottom right: Ms. Michel takes a break from Spanish and French.__________________________________________________

Kulia I Ka Pono




Above: Mr. Rizzuto teaches Calculus and helps Juniors and Senior with their math SAT scores. Mr. jand Mrs. Rizzuto make applying to college easier. ^

Above: Mr. Provincal and Mrs. Schmeidel teach mathematics to the students here and are always willing to help. Below: Mrs. Link teaches Intro to Computers and runs the Mac Lab.

John and Ryan are happy to he learning math. Left: Mr. Hall is happy to help.




Math is a subject that challenges and confuses many o f us.

But with the help o f peers and patient teachers, we are able to


make it through the year. With and extremely high advanced computer system right at our finger tips, it enables us to explore and experience many new and amazing concepts.

Ka Pono

Mr. Stewart makes Geometry class fun and exciting.


Left: Shanelle enjoys doing her math homework.j

Above: Asako Kojima, and Yuka Taira are all smiles! Above: Hi, Kengi having fun? Below: Ms. Donohue, IES and Japanese 1 teacher.

Above:Asako Kojima, Yuka Tira, & Shiho Fujiwara enjoy a day at the beach.

Right: Ryosuke and Kusuto smile for the camera. Below: top l-r, Wing Yee Kee Asako Kojima, Shiho Fujiwara, bottom l-r, Ryosuke Shimizu, Kenji Matsumoto, and Kusuto Hirano.



â&#x2013; B Below: Ryosuke, Yuka, and Asako are friends for life!

The Institute of English Studies program enables Japanese students to learn English in the best environment. Ms. Donohue is always happy to take the time and answer their questions and help them. They also have a lot of fun going on field trips to the beach, dinner, or helping out the community. It is also a great learning experience!

Right: Mr. Perry, our sports director makes sure we get excercise. Left: Mr. Watson, Activities Director, makes sure there are activities for the day and boarding students.

Right: Mr. Colson, our headmaster, keeps order on our campus.



Below: Mr. Bernstein takes care of our computer hardware.

The Administration and Administrative staff is a vital working force needed to help H P A keep growing. With their help, H P A will continue its journey toward excellence.

Below: Mr. Anderson, Head of Upper School, keeps an eye on things for M r Colson; as well as being a dedicated English teacher.

Below: Whitney Laughlin is our Admissions Counselor. Left: Julie Mattson, Head o f the Alumni association and Fred Smith, Director o f Development, Wendy M itch ell, Alumni assistant.

K u I i

a I

^bove-right: Mr. Hancock, Headmaster of Business Affairs & Economics teacher, finds ways to manage HPA's money. Left: Suzette Cantyne, Karen Yamasato, James Sagucio, & Gwen Yamashiro make sure the bills are all paid. Below-right: Mr. Marc Rice, Assistant Headmaster and Director of Development, makes sure we are in the right classes. Left: Ms. Beth Nakamaru, Head of Residential Life, tMiddle School and Assistant to Director of Admissions.

K a

Left-Eric Joachim, tennis coach. Right- Margie Dunlap, manages the bookstore-

Centerdeft -right Secretaries, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Hancock, Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. O, and Mrs. Spence.

BelowCoach Marciel keeps our campus looking well groomed while still making time to help coach the football team.

Below-Eva Perez keeps the dorms and bathrooms looking good.

1he ti.r.A staff is an important part o f everyday life. They make it possible for us to be able to come back each year.

Left-In the infirmary Pat, Sally, and Bev keep us alive and well,. Right-Security Gaurd Gomes is a life saver. Center-Maintenance beautifies and fixes the pampus grounds. Below right-The kitchen staff cooks up good food.

K u I i

a I

K a Below-the librarians are happy to help us.

P o

n o

Kamaka Kulia I V


i Sports a Pono )

Kamakani Football

The football team entered the 1994 season without many of the key offensive and defensive players froij the 1993 championship team. The three seniors who had reported fouj years before as freshmen, Brady Bergin, Willy Wurster, and Richard I Bryson, returned as the team captains. They guided a team, comprised largely of freshmen and sophomores, to a record of four wini three losses, and two ties. Mistakes and penalties cost the team at least two victories, but the fans were pruod of Kamakani comebacks that ended with ties against undefeated Hilo andpowerhouse Kona. The offense was led by Wurster on the line and the leagueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading ground gainer, Heimata Ha] in the Backfield. Quarterback Lu Anderson threw for a league-high twelve touchdowns, most of them to Bergin. The defense was anchored 1 Billy Prince and Peter Dahlberg. Kippy Sorhiakoff and Bryson, iron men for the Big Red, played both ways. Although the 1994 team did not win a championship, the commitment of the players to each other was an inspiration to all who watched them play


Above: Heimata Hall powers through a line of Honoka'a defenders. Bottom Right: The Defense stuffs another attempt of the Wildcats'. Bottom Left: Kippy Sohriakoff pulls in a bullet from Lu Anderson for a big gain. Left: The seniors pose for pre-season picture with coach Bryson.

v ____________________________________________

p: Billy Prince prepares to bury a Honokaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;a 11carrier while Austin Easly wraps up. ght: Brady goes a long way with help from e return team. elow Right: The Kamakani "D" cuts off the ona QB with good pursuit angles, ottom: Aaron Kahn smothers the Honoka'a gnal caller. elow: Coach Marciel always has advice for the Bs.


Kulia I K a Pono

Kulia I Ka Pono

1994 Kamakani Football Team From bottom left:Ron Marciel, Tepa Cordeiro, Kevin Williams, Aaron Kahn, John Rosedale, Davin Craig, Willy Wurster, Richard Bryson, Kippy Sohriakoff, Brady Bergin, Yoshi Takamura, Gordan Bryson, Lianne Goto, Dee Ann Kaniho, second row from left: Eric Kemp, Grant Ka'aua, Chris Mons, Ben Johnson, Billy Prince, Kevin Takeshita, Austin Easley, Leo LaBranche, Nick Rutgers, Devin Mitani, Yoshi Kashima, Joy Margerum, third row from left: Pete Provencal, Chris Kim, Sean Giffin, Chad Sohriakoff, Heimata Hall, Aachan Shultz, Lu Anderson, Blake Mcnaughton, Mike Stewart, Jared Spencer, Peter Olson, Warren Shaw, top row from left:Pat Gomes, Brad Anderson, Cord Anderson, John Busher, Jacob Pobre, Jeff Hughes, Sean Manago, Jim Toney, Cory Stoker, Mike Tamashiro, Ernie Chinen, Tom Goodspeed.

Above left: The agony of defeat, left: Shut down Get it out!! Above: The managers Lianne, Tepa And Dee Anne.

above right: Who needs a referee's signal when we have Richard? Top: What the heck are you doing Kahn? Above: Set Go!! Right: Coach B., he looks like that during every game. Below right: Kevin takes time out. Below left: Coach Margerum is telling Brady and Lu how we are gonna make the next touchdown. It's the Anderson-Bergin connection.



Top row: Teri Hogan, Tori Spellman, Shea Dahlberg, Megan West, Lisa Jardine, Robbie Adams, Nani Gadd, Helene Honda, Sarah Morlock, Stan Shutes, Phil Conley. M iddle row: Joy Margarem, Julie Snow, Tiffany Quinn, Dana Csige, Kachina Smith, Rana June, Jenny Salmon. Bottom row: Theana Hancock, Laura Dierenfield, Heather Onuma, Royce Gregory, Jenny Lee. I *'â&#x2013; ... V* 5 - _________


" T O

C O N Q U E R "

BY A L A N A CABATU As the sun sets,my heart heats through my chest. Fighting back with enormous energy, my battle has just begun. Pulling myself towards the elevated mountains The mighty Kamakani blows with respectable force. Before day darkens into night I give my last effortDark and endless as the tunnel may seem I strive my way through an unfamiliar path Vigorosly, I battle immense pain within I am here focusedIn sight of my destination I move on. Accomplishing in victory I conquered my goal. But instead of stopping to celebrate, I keep going, never looking back In search of my dreams, I look past the horizon To conquer countless goals beyond my reach.

The H P A Kamakani girls' ftross-country had an outstanding â&#x2013; 994 season. Being a relatively joung team, they came back from ist years state championshipwith kigh expectations. Led by senior [aptains, Laura and Heather they fere undefeated at every meet icluding the Punahou rvitational B.I.I.F and states for re second consecutive time. This victory was achieved by le dedication, fun, craziness, and ispiration created by each and fcvery team member.

B o y s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cross Country


94 State Champs

Back row: Coach Honma, Manager Kenny Grant, Mike McCorriston, Ray Weinstock, Roy Hall, Robert Olson, Gabe Starsong, Dustin Williams, Nick j Rutgers Front row: Assistant Coach Mrs. Yarawamai, Ryan McManus, Alex Woodbury, Tomohisa Yamaguchi, Keegan Maple, Brian Lee, Jason "Ramu" Fujimoto, Yoshi Takamura, Arjun Clarry Missing: T.Charlie Quinn

The 1994 season saw the Kamakani boys undefeated with wins at all island meets, including the H PA Invitational, Punahou Invitational, B.I.I.F. Championships, and the State I Championships. Commitment [ to excellence and with a strong team discipline, coach Karl Honma has used philosophy and years of experience with the runners. Next year's returning group ofl harriers are strong- promising f another exciting season- Alex Woodbury, Mike McCorriston, Dustin Williams, Ray Weinstock, Nick Rutgers, Ryan McManus, Brian Lee, Roy Hall, Keegan Maple, and Jason Fujimoto.

Above: "O ff and running to victory." The States start. Above left: Alex Woodbury-Man in tights & Mike McCorriston Left: Arjun runs a time trial- and is beaten by a shadow. Below left: Nick's high on life- warming up for Mana road. Below: Smiles o f success at the 1994 State Championship. Bottom row: Scenes from a Kauai golf course.


Girl’s Volleyball .



. . '







/ ’l i b "'

Kulia Ika Pono

The team is all smiles after their hard fought victory over Roosevelt Highschool from Oahu. Sarah Clark towers over Nicole & Anne

The Cabatu twins pose for the camera with good friend Dana and little sis Kehau.

The gils Volleyball team had a very successful year, even though they didn't win the BIIF title this year. They worked very hard during practice-digging balls, passing, hitting,and supporting each other all the way to the end of the season. Captains Sarah Clark, Elena and Alana Cabatu, led their team to the State Championship tournament, where their determination and motivation at practice won them a hard fought victory against Roosevelt Highschool, making them the fifth best Volleyball team in the state.

Coach Bill inspires his team

Elena goes for the dink!

Seniors Kainoa and Aaron show their Kamakani spirit

Off the court, Mark and Johann refuel...________________________

Another nice set by Heirama

iTucker waits for his set

With a lot of returning players and a few new ones, the Boy's Volleyball team showed true team spirit. They were able to pull together, aside their individual differences, and wrap up their season as victors over Kona, Honoka'a, and Pahoa. They had the strong lead of their captain Aaron Speilman and the undivided support of their coach John Marquez. This could be a positive start for next year's returning players—Juniors Mark Hubbard, Jason Huang, Chris Simpson, Maui Postma, and Heirama Fearon—Sophomores Jeff Lee, Jared Ganier, Max Solmsson, and Tucker Siegfried.

• nr rw u u

Kulia Ika Pono

Kantakani Girls Soccer This year's girls soccer team provided a lo t o f excitement to fans around the B IIF. Last year's championship team graduated six starters including A ll-S ta te performer M ic h i Hanano. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team was led by captains Heather Onuma and Caitlyn Waller. They, along w ith talented goa lie Alana Cabatu, ran the defensive end o f the field w hile ju n iors Elena Cabatu, Meghan West, and Sarah Clark entertained the fans w ith their offensive feats. Seniors Laura D ierenfield and Cindy B em ing added in their experience and steady play. The Kamakani girls once again captured the B IIF title this year in an outstanding effort by a ll members o f the team. I t was a hard earned v icto ry over Waiakea, and a big w in against Kona tha t closed up the regular season f o r the girls. W ith a good show ing a t states the 1995 season went down as a w ining one.______________________________________

Top: Lisa Jardine blows past a defender on her way to the goal! Right: Alana displays her perfect form. Below: Heather denies another attack. Opposite page; Middle Left: Shea gets in position to make the trap. Middle Right: Yvonne takes a stab as a player tries to slip by. Lower Left: Meghan makes her move with a look of determination. Lower right: Arati takes it up the field with vengeance.

Top row, left to right: Sarah Clark, Yvonne Hynes, Katie Clarkson, Emily Williams, Ayumi Oguri, Kailei Feeney; 2nd row: Elena Cabatu, Meghan West, Alana Cabatu, Helene Honda, Kachina Smith, Coleen O'Malley, Shea Dahlberg, Keith Lewis; Kneeling: Sarah Morlock, Laura Dierenfield, CaitlynWaller, CindyBeming, Heather Onuma, Marci Jardine, Lisa Jardine, Sarah Theisse.

Top row : Tisa Em m ons, Reiko O kuno, Tiffany Q uinn, Devon M itchell, Jennifer H ickm an, Kaui W ilcox, N ani G add, Nicole R icord, C oach Deighton Em m ons, Vanda Luce, Tori Speilman, Crystal D avis, Jenai Ivory; Sitting: Julie S now , A m y Carlson, C andi M iranda, Teri H ogan, Dana C sige, Ta'i Fearon, C atherine O 'D on a hu e, Robbie A dam s, Mikiala R ain ier, A rati C larry, Raena June, S arang Shin.

Kulia Ika Pono

This Year's boys soccer team should prove to be entertaining to watch with many new faces playing important roles. Last year's championship team graduated nine :i| out of eleven starters, including AllState performer Karl Hynes. Ryan Sioker took over the goalie position and T. Charlie Quinn proved to be an integral addition to the defense. Newcomers are led by three starting freshmen Kris Hynes, John Buscher, and Matty Gilio-Tenen with sophmore Heimata Hall adding talents also. Seniors Alex Hughes, Yusuke Shimuza, and Jeff Young should prove valuable with improvement and experience.

Top left: Jeff shows his senior, experience. Lower right: Mattyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talents are showing through Lower left: Kris and Alex capture the ball. Opposite page top: Kris contemplates his move. Middle: Brady with a powerful kick Bottom right: Travis slips by Hilo Bottom left: Heimata flies to the ball.

Top row; Dan Christiansen, Sean Giffin, Yusuke Shimizu, Alex Hughes, Peter Dahlberg, T. Charlie Quinn, Yoshi Takamura, Ryan Stoker, Brady Bergin, Rob Hannah, Stevi Perry, Middle Row; Robert Olson, Chris Mons, Motoharu Mori, Jeff Young, Kaisit Udomkunatum, Koichiro Okuno, Heimata Hall, Aaron Raymond, Bottom Row; Takeshi Mitsutani, Lu Anderson, Matty Gilio-Tenen, Ryan McManus, Kris Hynes, Johnny Buscher, Ryousuke Iwata


Shalom Berlin-Caverly, Tanva Mahitivanichcha, Ted Habanananda, Justin Ho, Travis Mazingo, Kaeegan Maple, Greg Dierenfield, Ryo Shimizu, Aaron Champlin, Moses Ramler, Akira Obatake, James Melrose, Jeff Hughes, Lono Lindsey, Jacob Obre, Jason Fujimoto, Cory Stoker

Ihe bllJb boys race this year was wide open with many teams vastly improved from past years. The Kamakanis strenghtened a great deal as the season wore on. We are proud of the team's efforts and look forward to a successful 96 year.

Varsity Boys Basketball

Driving and slashing it hard to the rack, stepping back behind the line and lofting up the clutch three-pointer, or pounding it down low for a power move to the hole, the boys' varsity and junior varsity basketball teams were in a league o f their own this season. The Varsity team blended the talents of seasoned veteran players and some surprising new comers to deliver some o f the most exciting roundball encounters on the island this year. Defense was the key, and when the Kamakani decided to put the clamps on an opponent, the ball usually went the other way for an easy two. Although the team w ill sorely miss the leadership of the graduating seniors, the nucleus is intact for a dominant future. Congratulations to both the varsity and junior varsity squads for a fabulous season.

Top row left to right: Arnold Akau, M ike McCorriston, Marshall Snow, Aaron Speilman, John Rosedale, Kevin Williams, Chris Simpson, Maui Postma, Leo LaBranche. Bottom roi Marc Hubbard, Yohan Tang.

left: Kevin posts up on Kohala. opposite page far left to right: Jared takes it coast to coast on the Seasiders. Center: Marshall takes aim for another three. Top right: Omar slays the Dragon's offense. Far left, bottom: Cord does his best Micheal Jordan, opposite page bottom right: Chris sets up to drive the lane.

J.V. Boys Basketball Top row, left to right: Jim Toney Mike Stewart, Cord Anderson, Dagan Berstein, middle row Ray Valenzuela, Robert White, Max Solmssen, Chris Kim, Blake Me Naughton, bottom row: Coach Chad Kamrow, Jared Ganir, Mac Hiyane, Sage Kalber, Omar Abbud, Brad Anderson, Head Coach Jerry Bleckel.

Swimming & Diving p i BVING

Coach Noetzel, Kanoe McTavish, Bianca Reinhart, Iwalani Wall, Hanae Tokita, Jessica Opdycke, Serena Dwyer, Jenny Salmon, Yuka Taira, Suki Jensen, Tiffany Woodard /not pictured: Coaches Wilder, Donahue and Mathews.

Kusuto Hirano, Tyler Bollinger, Corey Nelson, Tyler Smallwood, Tomo Mirata, Coach Noetzel Nima Aflatooni, Mitsu Anada, Nate Stewart Christian Hastings /not pictured: Ethan Phillips, Riley Barrie, CoachesWilder, Donahue and Mathews

Commitment, Mental Toughness, Intestinal Fortitude, Team Work, Blue Collar Work Ethic. Those are a few o f the words which help describe the 25 swimmers who made up the Kamakani team this year. M orning work outs, Christmas vacation training, lactate sets, weight room, sore shoulders, spent legs...all the ingredients which made this the successful season it was. Ten new school records, a second place finish on the island for both teams, a sixth place finish at the State Championships for both teams... Kamakani Swimming. Be A ll You Can Be. Springboard diving is an importat pa rt o f the swim team and a fascinating event in itself. I t is a sport which requires incredible discipline both M ental and Physical focus, skill, and athleticism. The five divers who have created the foundation for H PA's new diving program are, Katherine Callahan, Megan Cooperson, Whitney Hastings, Jason Williams and Dustin Williams. These divers commited this year to a strong and consistent season and really delivered on that promise. 1994/95 was a extraodinary season and an excellent beginning for H P A springboard diving.

Coach Tait, Megan Cooperson, Whitney Hastings, Dustin Williams, Jason Williams, Katherine Callahan, right: Whitney showing perfect form.

top-left: Kanoe reaching for the finish, top-center: Pua charging on. top right'.Jess flying forward, mid left:Christian and his smooth freestyle. mid-center: Ethan showing his winning breast stroke mid-right: Hanae flowing free, bottom left: Jason "free failin' bottom right: Megan caught in mid air.

Striving for Excellence

p o n o

The Tennis team opened up their season with a victory over Kohala Highschool. It looks like a tough season this year because the team is very young and inexperienced. Many just started to play tennis this year. But they all know that even if they don't bring home the BIIF title, they will have the memories and the fun practices to fall back on. Although the team is very young there is a lot of raw talent. Coming in strong as sophomores are John Crossley, Mark Breslow, Kelly Yamasato and Dawn Gilday. They are pushed along each day by the helpful nudge of fellow classmates Liana Dawson, Mari Matsumoto, and Shih-Ling Lin, who played last year. And leading the team are a strong pack of motivated Juniorsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Sean Rostron (Boys Captain), Roy Hall, Lissa Duerr, Noe Daniel, Jessica Serna, and Sue Gie Kim. The team will only be losing one player due to graduation, Lasi Hall (Girls Captain), so the pack of Juniors will still be around next year to continue their lead. But one person who never gets any recognition for all the effort he puts into the team is Coach Eric Joachim. He humors the team with his small jokes and little sayingsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;'I've seen snails move faster!" or "Bend those lovely knees..." He's your "aquaintance" as well as your coach, for he puts up with a lot of mood swings from the team. Thank you Eric for all the aloha that you give to the team!

L-R Back: Coach Eric, Brian Lee, Sean Rostron (Capt.) John Crossly Mark Breslow, Roy Hall, Kaisit Udomkunatum, Kenji Matsumoto, 2nd row: Lissa Duerr, Mari Matsumoto, Sue Gie Kim, Noelani Daniel, Lasiandra Hall (Capt.) 1st row: Jessica Serna, Jessica Wong-Sumida, Liana Dawson, Shih-Ling Lin, Kelly Yamasato, Melissa Weisener.

i l is p



U U 1S

Back Row: Coach Huhges, Kama Kobayashi, Richard Bryson, Eric Marconato Daemion Watkins, Chang Yoo, Billy Prince Front Row: Peter Dods, Clay Nordlum

Only a select few intense individuals accepted the challenge of wrestling this year. Each wrestler had to pass a battery of severe tests to qualify for the team. The tests covered the history of wrestling at HPA, the psychology of athletic preparation, nutrition, strength, conditioning, rules and technique. The team was led by seniors Richard Bryson, Eric Marconato and Kama Kobayashi. THE BIG DOGS!

Kulia I Ka Pono


Top Left: Chang looks for the pin Above: Clay squares off against the competition Below: Richard gets a leg up on his opponent Middle: Peter sinks his "Death Lock" Bottom Left: Daemion hits a reversal Far Left: Eric applies the pressure

Horse Program On a given afternoon, in September, one group of students on horses may be working with an instuctor in a very low-key routine, learning the basics. One goal for this group might be developing the confidence to play a game of equestrian tag or learning some elementary gymkhana exercises. At the same time, another group, with a second instructor, might be learning how to swing a polo mallet, working toward hitting and walking exercises. A third group, with still another instructor, might be working on getting horses "on the bit," with a view toward expertise dressage The school puts on a major Combined Training event every year, and students are encouraged to participate in this at all levels. Hawaii Prep's Horse Program offers a varsity regime for students who wish to earn their Vjetter.


Back Row: Lilinoe Melrose, Maren Vitousek, Judy Folk, Tara Gallison, Nancy Stienecke Sean Usibelli, Leslie Ryle, Kirsten Duncan Front Row: Dick Solmssen

\ Above: Judy Folk flies over a downed tree Above Right: Silhouettes of perfection Below Right: Nancy takes on an obsticle Below Center: Mr. Solmssen breaks in a new mount Below: Lilinoe and Maren are caught "Horsing Around"

K __________________________________ >

Kulia I Ka Pono

Clubs & Committees Clubs and Committees are a very important part of the HPA ohana. This year, club participation has reached new heights. Student activities included; Monte Carlo night, Amnesty's Vegetable Stand, various dances, and a monthly newspaper. Without Clubs and Committees, the school year wouldn't have been as exciting.

Back Row: L to R:Leah Mackey, Jen Akama, Corey Nelson, Teri Hogan, Lasi Hall, Sheanna Jardin, Laura Hiyane, John Rosedale, M iri Breslow, Kevin Williams, Tepa Cordeiro, Sarah Clark, Willy Wurster, Roy Hall, Gabe Starsong, Kailei Feeney, Shea Dahlberg, Nicole Ricord, Tiffany Quinn, PuaM ench, Jen Gi, Front Row: L to R: Jen Hickman, Ta'iFearon, Robbie Adams, Alana Cabatu, Meghan West, Helene Honda, Kandi Miranda, N oe Daniel, Jenny Lee, Suki Gi, M arci Jardine, Yvonne Hynes, Elena Cabatu, Tori Speilman, Jenai Ivory, Kelly Yamasato.

From Left to Right; Richard Bryson, Emily Willaims, Arun Revana, Roy fall, Lasiandra Hall, Sarah Morlock, Arati Clarry, Nima Afltooni, Joe Kim, | lana June, and Jenai Ivory.

I Left to Right: Cindy Berning, Liana Dawson, Cathy Sakimura, Malika Cook, Richard f Bryson, Tepa Cordeiro, Robbie Adams, Nick Rutgers, T. Quinn, Dana Csige, Sean I Manago, Niki Richardson.

Left to Right: Sarah Ventura, Sugi Kim, Tiffany Woodard, Laura Deirenfield, Megan Cooperson, Ray ana June

yarty and Spirit Club rmany dances through \utKthe school year. ^

From. Left to Right; Emily Williams, Megan Cooperson, Jennifer Fischer, Tiffany Woodard, Roy Hall, Nima Afltooni, Sarah Morlock, ohbie Adams, Suki Jensen, Jenai Ivory, and Rana June.


■ P J P J 1 inj p T ■


President, Mega Dunlap, and Vi\ Fischer.

Megan, Mr. Dunlap a letter luMcl



1 Kippy 2 Whitney 3 Megan 4 Sheanna 5 Leah 6 Caitlyn 7 Lasi 8 Aaron R. 9T. Quinn 10 Alex 11 Tepa 12 Theana 13 Devon 14 Tiffany 15 Rob 0.16 Brady 17 Roycel8 Minda 19 Heather 20 Joji 21 Willy 22 Jennifer F._________

President's Address As my thirteenth year at H.P.A. and my reign as student body president come to a quiet halt, I want to thank those who made this address possible. I thank you, my student body. Thank you for looking out for and taking care of one another. I spent relatively little time across from you at the serious discipline table. You held together in times of adversity and misfortune, the deaths of our brothers, Cy Keala Spencer, and Holi Bergin, our beloved teacher, Miles Walsh. You supported all of the student counciVs activities, Monte Carlo Night, Coffee House, Super Bowl Sunday, and many others! In doing so, you reached a higher level of school spirit. Don’t let go of it. I thank you, faculty. Thank you for the countless hours spent in the classroom, on the field, or backstage. It is so rare to find people as committed and diverse as you. Seniors, I ’ll miss you all. I know you’ll be successful wherever you end up. “Always live deep and suck the marrow out of life.” Kani Ohana! Richard Slate Bryson

H’Sien Judd Hayward Lopez Island, WA/H.P.A. 1 1/2 yrs./X-Country/Track M om m a-debby: You are everything to me; my inspiration, my teacher, mv best friend. I love you for who vou are ana who you make me be-1 have laughed harder with you than I ever thought possible: He didn’t get instructions!/ Wudn’t be apraw-priat/Practicing my laugh. Can I still marry you when I grow up? Dad: I hope you never question my love for you- you’ve helped me grow m so many ways. You taught me to believe in myself and to fight for what I want. I see so much of m yself in you-ILY G-ma Sophie: I wiil always be your little Shenny. Your faith in me gives me strength-1 love you. G-m a Dolly: The time I ’ve gotten to spend with you means so much to me, fn o p e you know how often you’re in my thoughts. ILY. M axine: Our relationship has developed so much-1 want you to know how much I respect and appreciate you. Alana: P.I.C. Forever- 2nd floor afarms,

sleeping in the cowfield, falling in ditches, Rebecca’s driving. Parent’s weekend, A & J, cabbage patch, blood sis’s... What would I do without you? You will always have a special place in my heart ...I have faith in our friendship-and in our ability to create a new “same.” You brought me back-now it’s my turn to bring you back. I love you- friends always and forever. T ep: My Cody/your Cody, the ethnic section, around here, we call it garbage! M y memories with vou go on forever...thanks for always being a friend. IL Y Tara: Whoops! Grandma’s drunk! Lori adventures, tanning (burning) buddies. W e’ve been through so much together Tara mac... remember^ things could always be worse! IL Y M iri: Easy there Road warrior! I want to make it to 18. You’ve been there through it all­ thanks. Don’t forget: N-man is mine. Minda: Thanks for understanding me...(it helps having a friend wh<3 knows the meaning of “good both ways,” etc.) I ’ll miss you. Sheanna: You have the ability of making

everyone around you happy-thank you and take care of yourself Serena: I promise-1 eat at home! I envy your strength- physical and emotional Juita: You have so niuch going for you...I hope you realize it and never change Slate B.: There is so much that I respect you for...and I really believe that there isn’t anything that you couldn’t achieve K-man: Itrs wonderful to be able to call you a friend...take care of that girl of yours, she’s worth it! Willy: I ’ll miss you... take care of yourself- love, Confucius Lasi: Seeing your smile makes me realize that everything will be alright-1 feel lucky to have met you Theanna: Beach buddy! You’ve been a friend from the beginning- once a friend, always a fnend. M eghan W.:Towel talks, complimentary room decorations, Sad Inside, soon to be neighbors again- you have been the craziest friend...thanks for always making me laugh Heather 0.:Your strength is amazing- i f I was to emulate someone, it would be you L au ra D., Rovce, & Jenny Lee: You are all beautiful in so many ways- take care Robbie: Is there anything we don’t have in common? (Elephants, our birthdays, running, the Sensitive Kind...) Remember- Be Tough! I think we were made to be friends...T: Thanks for your friendship, I ’ll miss you. Alex H.: Look-1 remembered your name! (We have come a long way haven’t we?) I still have your paperclip, so you have to keep the dinosaur for ever and ever, k? Davey-boy: D is for...J.K., thanks for making me laugh Lisa J.: Flower Power, our song (W e’re on a plane...), airplane bench, you can rip my clothes anytime... Buds forever! Marci: Strange how we became friends, isn’t it? It was worth the wait though...Take Care & IL Y to: Rob & Malika, Che, Scott, Tiffany W., Rosie, Emily R. Laura H., Rob H., Robert O., Arjun, Joe K.. Kenny G., Billy P., Ta’i, Chris S., Malinda, Shea, Tiffany Q., Julie, Mikey S., Sean G., Elena, Blake M., Alex W., Jeff W.,Sara C., Helene, Sarah M., Rae, Mark B., Moto, Rana, Jenai, and everyone w ho I forgot to mention- though not on this page, you’re in my heart. Alumni: IL Y to Jed, Kelly, Kim, Alia, Alexa, Ari, Kristen, Chris D Meg S., Jaisy, Heathe: You will always he my twin sis- separated at birth. Wearing your ring reminds me that everything will be alright. IL Y Ivory: Please forgive know that I have never been angry. Everything happens for a reason-1 reel that everything I have gained from this compensates for what Fve lost. IL Y Always. Special thanks to: Mr. Colson, the Hancocks, Mr. & Mrs. Rizzuto, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Rice, Mrs. Lee,The Brysons, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Conley, Mr. Shutes, Piltz's Ms. Kamrow, Mr. Honma- You’ve all made so much possible for me, I can honestly say that you’ve helped make my dreams come true. L orna L., Mrs. Ednie, The Wallaces, T erry & Lisa, Cordeiros: I owe so much to your kindness C-M a & Hobb: I can’t imagine my life without the two of youyou nave helped me grow, how ca n ! ever thank you? Sai, Mu-leen, Snuffy, M aripeppa, Melonie(jk), The Codys, Jerem y M.. Pookey, C hris L., Johann, M andy & Nicole (it’s Jesse!), The Ki/yms, The Andersons, FriendsForeverFarris’s, Caitlin, Melissa, Aika, Kari, Jones... and all my other buds from the rock: Words don’t do justice for how I feel about all o f you-just know that no matter where we end up, you’ll always he in my heart. : You are everything I could ever want and everything I will ever need. You’ve made me believe in destiny...I love you

Athletic Directors Address Aloha and congratulations on a long and successful ride through the "HPA experience." I have admired the dedication and intense work ethic putforth by the Class of 1995 this year on the playing field /court /course. As I sit here in February and write this message, we will be raising State championship banners for Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, and Girls Soccer. The spring season looks exciting with a talented girls basketball team as well as an enthusiastic and deep track squad. Beyond the wins and the losses though, the Class of '95 has quietly led by example. Throughout the year thus far, the seniors have put in necessary time whether it be over the summer, during vacations, or at 5:00am in the morning. Kamakani athletics has been involved with many victories as well as a few tough defeats this year but never did I hear any excuses made for a performance. The people involved with Kamakani athletics is what makes HPA so speical. The seniors this year are a group of young men and women that make HPA proud. A few to remember.... Robert Olson, Heather Onuma, and T.Charlie Quinn showing us what dedication and leading by example can lead to with cross country, soccer, and track. Richard Bryson's posotive attitude and hard work even through a bad injury last year. Yoshi Takamura's pure "excitement" when kicking a field goal or scoring a goal. Brady Bergin and Laura Dierenfield demonstrating their versatality, competitive fire, and true sportsmanship with any sport involved. Lasiandra Hall's smile while she hits another winner on the tennis court. Serena Dwyer pushing herself at 5:00am practices to yet another HPA and /or BIIF swimmimg record. These are just a few out of many. I hope ALL of you take away good memories from Kamakani Athletics and remember all of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice it took, from all of you, to find success. Good luck and Aloha, "Mr.P". Steve Perry




Headmaster Address

CHALLENGE. The 1994-95 school year has presented all o f us with the opportunity to I P a c e a series o f challenges ranging from the commonplace to the extraordinary. Two o f the hardest this year were the deaths o f two members of our family: Cy Keala I p pencer ’94 and Miles Walsh, who taught our Great Books course. Each was taken from us m t h an unexpected, stunning quickness. In both cases, we were able to mourn their loss mind find a strength to move ahead. Athough Cy is no longer part of us physically, his spirit l j p | 7 I always be part o f our community. Miles’ gift o f aloha will also never be forgotten. As I the kamakani blows across the campus, it brings fond memories of both o f these men. When challenges like these confront us, we need to remember to head forward and i p ontinue to give our best—for as we do so, we grow both individually and as a community. i We are stronger this year for having met the challenge o f tragedy, just as we have grown n f r o n ^ in this and other years for meeting the challenges o f competition and victory and I p M c c e s s . I hope we are more caring as well. Strength is a virtue as long as it is ■accompanied by compassion. Leave H P A strong, prepared for many new challenges. Carry with you a compassion ■ i n d understanding for others. Always be proud o f your membership in the U H PA Family.” Best wishes and aloha, John R. Colson

Cy "Keala" Spencer August 12, 1976- October 15, 1994 Cu Spencer left the H.P.A. ohana in a tragic traffic in the fa ll o f 1994. Cy was B accident â&#x20AC;&#x2DC; ~ j u working w ith other college M e students to form better tines o f communication among students in the state o f H aw aii and the United States. Cy had done that fo r his fo u r years at H.P.A.. A devoted brother, a dedicated teammate, and a caring friend, Cy made every group he was a p a rt oft of, cand he was p a rt o f many groups, better and more loving. Cy was not the captain o f any teams, not the president o f the school, or even the official leader o f a club, but he led our school nevertheless. Whenever he devoted him self to a cause, he showed others that they and their goals were important and deserved respect. Cy w ill be missed fo r a ll that he gave )eruone, but, most o f all, he w ill be missea a ll that he made everyone. He made us a ll better people Aloha and Mahalo, Brother Keala.

Miles Walshjoined the H.P.A. family in thefa ll o f 1993. substitute teaching after being retired fo r a number o f yean and having accompanied his wife Barbara when she came to work in the English department. His abilities as a teacher led him to agree to take on the Great Books classes fo r the next year. Throughout his too brief time time with us, Mr. Walsh's willigness to lend a hand whenever ana wherever it was needed and the care he gave his students were obvious. Just as easy to see was his love fo r the islands which he called his home fo r two years. He enjoyed watching Hula ana listening to Slack Key music and his "aloha spirit" made him seem like a kama'aina indeed. Mr. Walsh was at H.P.A.for two years and some may think it was sad that his time was so short. However, Mr. Walsh did more, learned more, and gave more in those two years than many do in lifetimes. Just as Mr. Walsh embraced Hawaii's people and it's culture, we here at H.P.A. embrace his memory. Aloha Pumehana Miles.

This yearbook is dedicated in loving memory to Cy "Keala " Spencer, with a special tribute to Miles Walsh.

1995 Yearbook Staff Front RowfLeft to Right): Willy Wurster, Lasiandra Hall, Jennifer Akama, Leah Mackey, Devon Lanin, Megan Cooperson, Jenny Lee, Meghan West, Tiffany Woodard, Arjun Clarry -photographer; Back Row: Editor- Tepa Cordeiro and Advisor-Cindy Yarawamai

S trivin g fo r Excellence

Hpa ka makani 1995