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Winds o f Change Hole Waimea i ka ihe a ka makani. Hao mai la 'ale a ke Kipu 'upu fu. He la 'au kala 'ihi b na ke anu i'o'o i ka nahele o Mahiki. Ku |ku i ka pahu, ku a ka 'awa'awa, hanane'e \e kikala o ko Hilo kini ho 'i lu 'ulu fu i ke one Hanakahi. Ku akula i ka mala a lipu'upu ’u holu ka maka o liniau 'eha ka pua o \ahele o Waika. ka'ino, ho ta 'eha i la

Na Makani Ho'olilo

W'n9 /

above: Rub a dub dub Jeff's heading for the tub. below: Rosey rockin' in the kitchen. top left: I wonder what he's dreaming about? left: Did you have a rough night Heather?

Looking good Serena!

G etting up in the morning is a painful task, but everyone has to do it. Both boarders and day students begin their day with a particularjob. Some students have to go through the drudgery of kitchen duty, while others must drag themselves out of bed in time to sign in.

top right: This food is great!?!? right: Please don’t mark me tardy.

Left:The freshman crew is on their way to chapel. Above: Arati happily does her dorm job.__________

Although everyone must have fun at some timdj obviously our top priority here at H.P.A. is acad em ic* Teachers expect a lot, (often times too much) but thqf students are always up for the challenge. Amazingly enough the students do find time to talk] { and hang out with each other. New students m eel friends very easily, and returning students often timeaj have a variety of piers to talk to and study with. Every day at H.P.A. brings something new into the students life, which will always remind them of all the sweet memories of H.P.A.

Upper Left: The Girls! Upper Right: Luukia and Chad showing some H.P.A spirit. Bottom Right: Two Freshman hit'n the books! Bottom Right: Kris, Alex and Sean catching some rays before class.

During the school day there are many different things to occupy yourself with. We see alot of friends talking in breaks and free periods. The atmosphere is truly a very friendly one. During the school day you get a chance to meet many different people. The Day students are the majority of people that occupy the deck "lanai" area.

top, The senior babes, Rebekah, Ninia, and Vaihiria; left, Lindsay studying hard and looking sharp; top left, Kris skimming through a J. Crew; top right, Royce stoping for a quick photo opportunity; below center, Andy debating eat or injure the cameraman; bottom center, Whats up doc, can we rock?; bottom left, "OH MY GOD." At H.P.A., from eight till two- forty five one will see students concentrating one hundred percent on their studies. If the students aren't over achieving in the classroom, you will find them buried in books at the library, studying till they are confident ofbeingone step ahead of everyone else in the class. With study habits such as these, one can only guess at the potential of each student coming from H.P.A. (Shaa, wrong)

Class Action

During the school day students are bogged down with homework, tests and deadlines. After school, each student is required to do a sport of their choice. In H.P.A., the variety of sports is numerous. The sports program offers a sport to satisfy almost any student's need. Whether it be a need for competition, a need to blow off steam, or just a need for exercise, H.P.A. sports program usually has the answer.

Above: Shumate slams a perfect set for a sideout aa Trevor looks on. Below: Alana, Morgan, Kristen, and Saran cover as Ninia swings for victory.

Top: H'Sien and Heather take an early lead for the HFA Girls' Cross Country team. Bottom: HPA Boys mixed in the pack waiting for their moment to explode into the lead.

Top left: Tara, just horsin' around. Above: Bryson drops back, hits Hynes on an out, who laterals to Lindsey for 25.

IAbove: Hi Blake, welcome to Judo. Meet your friend I j the mat. Right: Evading the slide tackle was the least of Redza's worries because now he has to deal with Clare!

Above: HPA Swimmers poised for the plunge.

Above: Hey Scuba Divers, Gone Down Lately?!?!

After a rigorous day of school, students prepare for the night shift. Exactly what kind of transformation does the ordinary H.P.A. student undergo when the sun goes down?

Top left: " I wear my sunglasses at nite!" Top right: Johan, scoping the cue ball.. Left: "Stacy let it glow, let it glow, let it glow. Above: Shouldn't you guys be studying? Upper right: Just calll-800-REDZA. Bottom left: Maile is a Sleepy, happy Grumpy. Bottom right: Nice try Lin-zo, you can't fool us.

Above: Mr. Honma by day, Hyde by night! Below: Senior girls enjoying the night. Extreme Right: Mr. Bering takes the game to the __________________ extreme!___________________

Middle: Borders getting their daily dose of T.V. Right: Ninia Quinn just hanging around.

After hours is when the students and faculty pull the night shift. Whether work or play, they always put in the overtime needed to accomplish whatever task that is at hand.

Left: Jenny, Meghan, and Jen spend a Sunday at the beach; Above: Lauren and Caitlyn: Set him Free!

Hawaii Prep, activities program offers a w ide variety of ways for stud­ ents to take their minds off of their classes. To start the year o ff, the students and faculty came together for an activity that both helped each class get to know new students as well as build u n ity th ro u g h o u t the school. This event set the stage for unifying events la ter on in the year. Among other activities that students participate in are kayaking, turtle tag­ ging, camping, and going to the beach.

ABOVE: Tomo, Vaihiria, Arjun, and Ray spent the day doing their part for the community by cleaning up the Hanaipoi House. BELOW: The Upper School learns they can a ll work together even if it is only for a few glorious seconds!

Above: Kayakers spend the weekend admiring the dramatic views of the Hamakua coastline. Right: Lucas, Nathaniel, and Karl exhibit one of their many talents, Below: Prefects celebrate their victory with a team cheer!

We have lived and lo v ed together T hrough many c h a n g i n g years, We have shared e a c h o t h e r 's gla d n ess A n d wept each other's tears. A n d let us hope the future, A s the pa st has been will be: I w ill s h a r e with thee my sorrows, A n d thou thy joys with me. Charles Jeffreys

i Picture captions opposite page (clockwise): J.P ., Damien, and Keola: the three stooges! Elena & Alana: Caba-one, Caba-two! Jaime & Summer: Hey, who ever said you can't have beauty and brains?!Yumi takes "Lean on me" to the extreme as Kalei grimaces beneathe her, much to the delight of Maile, Mamiko, andjoyce! This page: (top): "Tepa, if you don’t give me those shades I'm gonna have to pummel you!" says Richard, (above left): Morgan and Sienna: Don't be fooled . . . . behind those angelic faces lie the hearts of little devils! (above right): Senior boyz: You bad! (left): three blond babes!

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Mamiko Abe T o k y o Jap an /4 y e a r s /3 years sw im m in g/2 years Basketball manager ilom & D ad

Well, I readly don't know what should I ay to you. Thank you for lotting me study jbroad in United States. I had a good xperience at H.P.A. I am so glad I am your augeter. Thank you again and I love you a >t. 'hika & Taka

Thank you for suporting me all the time, ou are my best sister and brother in the /orId. Probabilly we don't have a chance to ve at same house any more. Good luck and â&#x2013; yto make your goal. I love you. Irandm om & G ran d pa

It passed 4 years already. I am so sorry, ifhen I come back to home, I couldn't stay /ith you very much. Please still suport me 11the time. I love you forever. 'um i & Em i

You are my good friends, guys. We Iways laught, eat and sleep. I really enjojy ou. Thank you for everything. Good luck t the college next year.

Somethimes, when I went to your room you guys were laughing all the time. Looks to me, you guys were always happy. Keep the same your characters forever. Stacy, M ichi and Laura

Thank you for makeing fun of my English a lot during Basketball seasons. Did you guys know how many thimes I try to kill myself from that shock. Not, just joking. Nest time when I saw you, you can't tease me any more because I'll speak prefect English. ( I hope?!) Jen

What's up. The coconuts was good. The was the best coconuts. When we saw each other we shold do that again.Good luck at college. Jess and Chie

It is the time I will graduat from H.P.A. you helped me a lot when you were in H.P.A. Jess, you were my best roommate I ever had. Chie, you were, my best suimmer at H.P.A. I hope we will have a chance to swim togeter on reley with Sarena again.


You were my best partner! Keep smile, jugh a lot and dance all the time. You are nento 1, Kalei. I'll miss you a lot next year. iylvia, N atash a am d L in d sey


Thank you for being my good friend at H.P.A. I still remember we had so much fun in E.S.L English w/Mrs.Piltz when we are sophmore. Keep in touch and good lluck

next year. Yoshi

Good skier and kicker. Make score a lot and fly and fly a lot next year. Don't fly to much. When you will rest on electric wire, be careful. Don't use both legs. Just use one side. O.K?! To Sw im Team

Thanks for a lots of memory. I hope you guys will not get car sick any more. (O.K.?!) Keep best swim team in the world. T o G irls Basketball

Thenk you for helping me a lot. I couldn't make it without your help. If I will be maneger of basketball at college next year. I won't sleep duting practise any more. Thank again and good luck eweryone. T o Spacial Thank you to all teacher at H .P.A.

Thank you for everything. I won't forget yoor kindness forever. To all m y friends

I'll never forget you and great times here at H.P.A.

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Damien Andrews Arafiles Kamuela H aw ai'i/4 years/Basketball/Ba6ebll/Football/Bluffing D rills/30 Minute W orkouts-3yr s.Bryson!!! Mom and Dad-You're the best. Thank you for all the support and all the pressure. I Love You. Lyle-Thanks for being the best brother around and for beating me up. I Love You. Angela- Thanks for the memories. Class of '94- we rule! Thank you all, and don't get into too much trouble. Grad-1 should have listened. What is love? You're my best friend. Chris-You better graduate. This truck isn't a dance floor. Friends always. Morgan- Thanks for all the deep talks. You kept us together. This one's gonna work! Serious to God! Watch out for under-age drivers. Do those inflatable seats still work? Michi- Plenty fish, yeah! I DON'T KNOW! Derrick- No tell ah! Take care. Paul and Chris M.-1 told you Filipinos Rule. Kainoa- Nice shorts. SERIOUS KINE. Cabatu- Which one are you? Scott- HERE IT COMES! Pretty Boy Floyd Yahinas. Asa-Solid! J.P.-You better , or you'll get hurt! Take care. Lucas-Kauai sucks! Nah! You're too deep. Thanks for everything.I.L.Y. Andy-Here, RUN! Kris - Football camp sucks you know! I'll miss you. Jonah- Take care of Luffy. Cy-Just hit um after the whistle! Kalei- Basketball Rules! Eric B.-Extracurricular activity isn't always extra credit! Noah-TheyTl never grow up! It's only love. It's purely painful. Ms. Duncan-Carpe Diem! Or however you spell it.

Ninia-Here's you're quote. Hayato-You get ukus? Karl- Are you happy now? Beat your meat than! Mike- What the hell do they want? Leif-Did you study? Yeah right. Stacy K.- Who should I write to? Everybody. Sara V.- Is she cool yet? Thanks for taking care of us. Friends. We should have jumped. Nate-Thanks for listening. "To the hotel, To the motel."-N.W.A. Billy- You Rugged brah! H anae-You're cool now. Like thro? How are you doing! Yes? Sue Gie- How do you type so fast? Thanks for helping. Friends. Brady- You're bad! Peter Dahlberg- On Two! C/O 95- you suck but take care. Ta'i-So'e. Don't be mad. Kandi- Don't swear, O.K! Jade-Don't drive drunk. Kim-No D.U.I. Daniel-" Who says man was not meant to fly?" M.J. Some white guy said it! You are the HUGHEST! "Sicks Chuck!" Ari B.-Tarheels Rule! Keola-If only I could be like you! To everybody I care about- I'll miss you! "Thats the way the ball bounces G."- Public Enemy "Every single has a price to pay, upon th e ___ of H.P.A."-D.Hâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; D.A. & N.W.A. Kiyomi, Jed- You Big STUDD! I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out. I love you for putting your hand into my heaped up heart and passing over all the frivolous and weak things that you cannot help seeing there, and drawing out into the light all the beautiful, radiant things that no one else has looked quite far enough to find. I love you for ignoring the possibilities of the fool in me and laying firm hold of the possibilities of good in me. I love you for closing your eyes to the discords in me, and adding to the music in me by worshipful listening. I love you because you are helping me to make of the lumber of my life, not a tavern, buf a temple, and of the words of my days, not a reproach, but a song. I love you because you have done more than any creed could have done to make me happy. You have done it without a touch, without a word, without a sign. You have done it by being yourself. -Mary Carolyn Davies I truly love you. Always and Forever. AD.

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Jon Atkinson M a u i/4 years H .P.A ./Football 2 years to you than I could ever write, especially with this time limit, so the jokes will have to come later. And for the rest, I'll tell to your face. Mom and Dad, thank you for helping and Emil, Ho Hana boy you went make um. We wen Supporting me this far. I know it was equally as have good times and we wen have bad times but tard if not harder for you than it was for me. I da mane ting is we wen have da time togeda. If >we everything to you and I'll never forget the eva I like find you afta high schoo I know all I hings we went through. have for do is go to Hana and go look down by da ?hil, We are the lone survivors. We are more beach unda da coconut tree and garens I going fin powerful than the rest of the group. We stuck you there sitting watching da wada where no one :ogether and pulled ourselves through. I don't will tell you what you don't know. And for da res enow if you are as surprised as I am hut after all I go tell it to your dakin face. :he dumb things we did all the stunts we pulled ive still made it. The rest of our clan lost touch but Sean, Ho hana boy numba two, no be like your brother ah, I don't know many lifeguards Hana ou and I have something more to hold on to, so old tight and keep in touch. There is more to say town can take. And if I go fine Emil under da

coconut tree den garens I go fine you under the one most close to him. Hartwell Prefects, We conquered, we cleaned up the trash from the year before, and we did with style. I had some doubts before the year began but the year proved me dead wrong. Thanks for all your help babysitting my hall, Phil and I would be looking pretty old if we had to do it on our own. Woody, Just because your small doesn't mean you can pick on every one. Stay out of trouble. GL Aaron, Keep your pants on, one of these days you really might scare someone. GL Veenooo, Don't take things so seriously, were just messing with your head. GL Ta'i, hue hue, if I get skin cancer I'm blaming it on you and Miri, nah. Spanish class wouldn't be the same without you two. You brought a special light into my senior year ana I love you for it. Your the greatest and I'll never forget you. GL Miri, Your a one of a kind. I don't know how many fights I caused between you and Scott but I had a great time doing it. I tried to get you away but you just wouldn t give in. I love you and I'll never forget the abuse you gave me. GL Scott, I still can't believe you traded us in for another dorm, but at least you didn't kick my butt for all the hell I put you and Miri through. Don't let her make you leave the wilderness. GL Jamuna, Kayaking with you was always an adventure. I never knew anyone who could get themselves in so much trouble, but what do you Expect from someone who charges a kayak yelling and ends up sinking the damn thing. Redza, Ho bleacher boy smell my finger. And you thought it was something to be proud of. Rooming with you was an adventure of its own, but that's when causing trouble was just a habit. Lauri M, The two years I had here with you are the fondest I have. I really miss having you here and often Emil,Phil and I think back to the years and your name never fails to come up. I love and miss you and hope we come in contact with each other once again. Makalavena was never the same without you. Jess, My boat still waits for you, my memories still fond of you and my heart still loves you. Liz Fierst, I miss the times and the talks with you but the letters move me on. Love ya. Marania, Hows the kids. I really miss them but even more I miss you. I love you,the talks we had, the camps we took,and the dancing in the Makalavena moonlight. Jenny, Hi honey. Hugs from me like the good old times. Kathy Greenwell, Hay cluts, I had a hard time rinding someone to pick on when you left,nah. I love you but I do miss the laughs. Special thanks and love to, DF.GMGETAARCCSW.HXj u-LJCTJBJlLNS The Ottos, Thanks for keeping me out of trouble and giving me more breaks than I ever deserved. I will never forget the times we shared and the trouble we caused. Mrs. Michel, Ahhhhhh. Thanks for all the laughs, talks and passing me though your Spanish classes.Thmgs just won't be the same without you and Kupi. The Gomes, I just want to say thanks to my co officer and family. Your dedication made this year unforgettable. You brought a lot of life and flavor into the year. Pac, I wrote a little bigger for you so you can read it easier. I know you'll probably forget who I am a week after I graduate but I thought I'd write to you since you old guys like that kind of stuff. I just wanted you to know, no matter how old you get,how blind you get, how deaf you get, and howgray your hair gets, I'll still be your friend.

Alexandra Kaleo Trubshaw Bates Waimea, H aw aii/ 13 y e a rs/ X -cou n try/ Soccer / Track. M o m & D ad : W ell y o u r b ab y is leav in g , I w ish I co u ld p ro m ise y o u th at " I w o n 't g ro w u p " , bu t I ca n 't. I h o p e y o u realize ho w m u ch I ap p re cia te y o u b o th , an d w ill m iss y o u g u y s, (m o m , y o u c a n 't follow m e!) than k y o u , I lo v e y o u im m ensely! N ico le : I k n o w y o u d o n 't u n d erstan d m y lo g ic, b u t so m etim es y o u 'v e just g o t to try ! I h o p e y o u find y o u r napp in ess, so m etim es it's w h e re y o u least e x p e ct it. I lo v e y ou. F io n a : y o u d o n 't u n d erstan d h o w m u ch i'v e m issed y o u this y ear, o u r friendship m ean s the w o rld to m e. Y o u a re truly talen ted ("a n d d o n 't let an y o n e tell y o u d ifferen t", w h a t m o vie fi?) R each fo r the sta rs, y o u 'll m ak e it there. I lo v e y o u . - to m y friends... rem em b er w h a t w e 'v e sa id , an d d o n e, a n d felt ab o u t e a ch o th er, I lo v e y o u all. C v b ele: hey , h ey , h ey , b ab y , w e n av e had s o m a n y w o n d erfu l, in credible tim es to g eth er. Y o u a re unlike an y in d ivid u al i know . Y o u h a v e sh o w n m e h o w to look a t things in a d ifferent ligh t, a n d to be h o n est a b o o u t m y feelings, th an k yo u . IL Y laisv: m y p lu m eria g irl, I lo v e y o u . y o u a lw a y s m ak e m e sm ile, ev en w h en i think th ere is n o th in g to sm ile ab o u t. It's n o t o nly y o u r o p tim ism i a d m ire , b u t y o u r lo g ical n a tu re th at alw ay s p u ts things in to p ersp ectiv e, i d o n 't think i'll e v e r m eet an o th er v o u B ry n ly : d o n 't y o u k n o w i'm lo co ? w e h a v e b een frien d s for so lo n g , th at it seem s w e w ill n ev er loose to u ch o f each o th er. i'm s o p ro u d of y o u r self resp ect. A lw a y s rem em b er ho w im p o rtan t life is, th ere m u st b e d o w n s to m ak e the u p s ev en b etter. K eaw aiki Sundays fo rev er! IL Y .M aya: m ai, w e w e re on the sa m e w av elen g h th u p till y o u said th a t the co lo rs co u ld v ery w ell be o th er co lo rs, i still d o n 't u n d erstan d . I lo v e the friendship w e h av e d ev elo p ed . D o n 't let ev en ts o r peo p le get o u d o w n , th e 're ju st th ere to m ak e y o u stro n g er. I'll a lw a y s be e re to listen. IL Y . S ienn a: a t least w e finally let e a ch o th er kn o w w h at w e w an t! thank yo u for try in g to u n d erstan d m e w h en i'm n o t m ak in g an y sense. Y o u a r e su ch a sp ecial friend, an d i treasu re the feelings w e sh are. I can a lw a y s co u n t o n y o u . IL Y K elly: ...m y h ero ! If y o u really w an t to pu t m e in a b o x, iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll let you ! I lo v e the w a y w e ca n a lw a y s relate to e a ch o th ers b izarre ideas. Y o u r h o n esty an d c a re free sp irt is insp irin g , IL Y Lin d say : T h e C C C ca n d y tneif. D o y o u e v e r stop clean in g ? Y o u a re su ch a ch a ra c te r, a lw a y s su rp risin g m e w ith the u n exp ected ! I co u ld n ev er fo rg et K auai m em o ries, an d m an y o th ers th at ju st w o u ld n 't b e the sa m e w ith o u t y o u in th em .IL Y . la d e : w e 'v e been th ro u g h a lo t, o u r differen ces h a v e m a d e o u r freindship a ch allen g e, an d th ro u g h it all w e h av e learned a ccep tan ce and th at actio n s sp eak lo u d er th an w o rd s, i'll n ev er fo rg et tim es like H o n o m alin o , fighting the d o g s o f b u ste r b ro w n

w ith u m b rella's, su m m e r a rts , sta te so ccer! d o n 't lo o se sig h t of p ersp ectiv e jad ey , IL Y .K im : y o u h a v e this gift o f unlim ited e n e rg y , an d i w ish i co u ld find y o u r so u rce. Y o u r g oin g to g et far in life, i h o p e e v e ry ste p y o u tak e brin g s y o u h ap p in ess, IL Y R eb ek ah : i'v e really enjoyed g ettin g to k n o w y o u b etter o v e r the la s t tw o y ears, y o u r su ch a stro n g individual w ith a carin g h eart th a t shin es th ro u g h e v e r stro n g e r. IL Y ,"b e c a " H eath e: w eird ... is the first w o rd th at co m es to m in d . W e h av e h ad a lo t of m em o rab le tim es, esp ecially o v e r th e su m m e rs . T h e J w o rd y o u feel to w a rd s m e sh o u ld n o t exist, th ere is n o re a so n fo r it. ILY .M ichi: y o u a re so n ice, th an k yo u fo r m ak in g m e feel so safe o n the so cc e r field! g o o d luck, ILY . S tacy: m a n y m o re pinetrees m e m o ry 's to co m e ? i had so m u ch fun w ith y o u in K au ai, and M au i fo r so ccer! g o o d luck. L Y A lia: "in the bu sh es w h ere sh e at in th e b u sh es." 1 sa w y o u d an cin g ! ILY C lare: i'm g lad I g o t to k n o w y o u b etter o n K auai. I a d m ire y o u r uniq u n ess. L Y N in ia: i w ish w e co u ld h av e sp e n t m o re tim e to g eth er than this last y ear, g o o d lu ck , L Y M eg: n ih o n g o h as been run. y o u 'll a lw a y s be a p a rt o f m y ch ild h o od m em o ries. IL Y S ylvia: K au ai w a s the best run! I 'm so rry fo r try in g to spill g ra p e juice o n y o u in eigth g r a d e .L Y .M o rg an : y o u r v oice is h eav en ly ! g o o d luck. A m y : i w ill s to p g ettin g the sa m e sh o es a s y o u ! g o o d luck. L Y A ri: so y o u h a v e ad m itted y o u r sexist, w ell th a t's a step in the rig h t d irectio n . I'v e really enjoyed h av in g y o u a s a friend, w e h a v e to k eep e a ch o th e r in fo rm ed ab o u t th e m ale-fem ale th in g, so w e h a v e the k n o w led g e, ok. B ren t: thank s fo r m a k in e jaisy h ap p y , an d bein g a friend. I lo v e the w a y y o u eat! d o n 't b e a t m e u p for bein g a d ork. ok. C la y to n : m y so cc e r b u s b u d d y , u m ... m y ca r b ro k e d o w n ... y o u 're a really sp ecial g u y , b u t v e r y h ard to fig u re o u t. d o n t pin ch m y cneeKsiA n a v : y o u r m y idol! y o u r su ch a sw e e t an d u n d erstan d in g g u y .(tn e girls a r e g oin g to m ob y o u at co llege!) J a s o n : I sw are y o u an d clay to n w e re sep arated at birth. I'm still g oin g to g et y o u fo r th a t p ic tu re in th e eigth g ra d e slid e sh o w ! D an iel: p lease d o n 't think m y salt lo o ks a re evil! K eola: w h ats u p "o la ", please d o T o m m y W o o ! Ted: y o u r sm ile b rig h ten s e v ery o n es d ay . L Y K arl: is th ere an y o n e w h o h a sn 't seen y o u r b u tt?I.P.: sp eed y g o n zalas, w a tch o u t for th o se fatal attractio n g irls. A sa : a r e y o u feeling irie?M arg o : i'v e m issed g ro w in g w ith y o u these last fo u r y e a rs, i lo v e y o u .M arv : y o u ca n call m e flow er if y o u w a n t to. I w ish y o u co u ld h av e sh ared this y e a r w ith u s. I h o p e y o u r d o in g allrigh t. ILY . Ita : y o u 'r e rig h t, w e d o n eed n ew g u y s a t this sch oo l! I h o p e y o u ca n h an d le o n e m o re y ear. IL Y R o vce: w e h a v e to g o b ack to that coffee sh o p in M aui! ILY L a u ra : y o u r su ch a cu tey . y o u r b eau ty shines from w ithin. G o o d luck. iL Y C in d y : than k s fo r bein g a friend, y o u h av e o n e y e a r left, m ak e th e m o st o f it. IL Y

C aitlv n : w h y d o w e like th em , th e y 're n o g o o d for u s! you d e se rv e so m u ch happ in ess. ILY H e a th e r: w e a p a rt o f the for fo u rso m e! g o o d lu ck n e x t y e a r, y o u a re incredible. ILY E rik N y o u a r e th e m an ! than k s fo r being a g o o d friend. IL Y (if you e v e r n eed a job, i'm s u re 'ch ip & d ales' w ill h ire y o u !) T.Charl d o n 't think i'v e e v e r kn o w n a sw eeter g u y , p ro m ise m e you w o n 't ch an ge! L Y Sky: if y o u e v e r really k n e w ..., g o o d luck v y o u r a rt.K ippv: i'll n ev er fo rg et p ro m , take ca re of yourself. P eter: m eet m e in the b ath ro o m in half an ho u r! len n v : w ait., w h at? i think bein g easily en tertain ed is a g re a t characteristic IL Y H elene: D o n 't g e t in to to o m u ch tro u b le w ith in the n ext t y ears! L Y Robbie: y o u w o rry to o m u ch , try to enjoy living a little m o re. ok. L Y M e g h an (w e st):v o u r crazy ! the m em o ry of y o u craw lin g o n the g rass, w ill alw ay s en ter m y m ind w hen see y o u . L Y N ick : i m iss m y old ro om , g o o d luck. L Y D ustin/ i a m n o t lazy ! and w e 'r e n o t related , y o u 'll n ev er b eat m e at sp eed !N a n e a : nani the fritz! y o u a re th e little sister i n ev er hÂŤ i lo v e y o u .Tana: d o n 't g ro w u p to o fast... i'll a lw a y s p lay g an w ith y o u w h en i co m e o v er! lo v e vaiM au i B ates: b ig island ri ka oi! ok. ok. I kn o w y o u 'll n ev er ag ree, i'll m iss o u r holiday to g eth er, lo v e y o u g u y s.B est w ish es to ...E ric B ., K risten , Sand M aile, Blake, M ike, M ichiko, D am ien , N o a h Jo n ah , M a rc C., L u k e, T.J., H y ato , N a ta sh a , S tarr,D avid , D om . â&#x20AC;&#x201D; T ep a, M eg an , L asi, T h ean a, W h itn ey , D ev o n , T iffany, Brad R ich ard , T ay lo r, Eli, R o b ert, N ate, W illy, K ailei, S arah M ., j Sarah C .,M arci, S h ane, C h ad Special T hanks to ... M r. Conley, Shu tes, M r. H o n m a , M r. B ryson , M r. S olm ssen,M r. P erry , Mi E m m o n s, Jo y & S u n n y , Ju an ita, T he B row n s, T h e Jard in es, T1 S tev en s, T h e B u sch ers, T h e Giffins, T h e M cN au gh ton s. 13 y e a r cre w : it's b een a long, g re a t trip. "O h M irro r in the sk y w h a t is lo v e, ca n th e child w ith in m y j h e a rt rise ab o ve? C a n I sail th ro u g h the ch an g in g o ce a n tides, can I handle the seaso n s o f m y life? I'v e been afraid o f ch an g in g ca u s e i'v e built m y life arouf y o u , b u t tim e m ak es y o u b o ld er, ev en ch ild ren g et o ld er, a n d I'm g etting o ld er to o ." "If I ca n sto p o n e h e a rt fro m break in g , I shall n o t live in vain^ If I ca n ea se o n e life th e ach in g , o r co o l o n e p ain, O r help o n e fainting robin, u n to his n est again, I shall n o t live in vain." T o the class of 1994, "tak e y o u r p assio n s, a n d m ak e th em h ap p en ."


Jamuna Berliner-Caverly urtle Tagging/ Kayaking trips Juggling/Sailing/Dorm possible so thanks. I love all of you. refect/Peer Counselor Grandpa and Grandma: Thanks for giving me the Gr [om: Thanks for being a wonderful mother and eat person. Thanks for all the help when I was m e sick and in need of support. I love you. ad: A wonderful roll model that has passed mch wisdom unto me. You will never know >w much your encouragement in times of sspair has pulled me through some of the irdest times in my life. Thanks for being there 3r me and I love you. eidi: What a wonderful step mother you are. hanks for all the energy ^ ■ ^ ■ana alolove v eyyou o have put ito bettering my life. T love you Heidi. rtalom: My Destest friend and brother/memories f New York this summer/an entire life shared igether/even though you're a punk I can't hagine life without you. ibkngs: Thanks for all the great joys we have ftared throughout childhood. There are a million onderful memories that you scrubs have made

wonderful vonderful opportunity of coming ti to HPA. I'm forever in awe of your generosity in love and life. Thanks for giving me so many wonderful memories. Idearly love both of you. Leif: Thanks for being there to share so many memories with me. Your a best friend for life. Your friendship has brought me much happiness and advice so thanks. Joanna: Ironically one of my closest and most secure friendships ever has developed from a relationship of hate. Thanks for being such a worthy ana wonderful friend. Our relationship has only gotten better so who knows were it will take us. Emil: Hana/kayak trips/late night talks/the memories go on... Joseph Kim: Shaq Attack JackJack Ass, Jakeel Oneal, /the most perfect person that I have ever met in every way /the greatest roommate I could

ever want/one of my best friends. To all my Friends in the dorm: Thanks for the wonderful bonding experiences/Ray: Chess, Ping Pong, my place, all the talks/ Manika: Color my nuts! Ho damn. Your sister is awesome/Kaisit: a fellow boy in the hood/Kevin W.,Mark H.: the crooked man, Sean Lynch,Taib: the only die hard to survive 4 years of the dorm with me,Arjunkelta: thanks for being so equally nice and kind to everyone. You are a great friend, Roy Boy, Peter D., Ranchez, Erkil the Turkey, Minda, Lauren. Mr. Googlios: Give yourself a few years in the dorm and your hair will fall out like Stewarts, seize the day and ask her now, no matter what don't join that cult even if she sais no! To bad I couldn't have stayed longer to hassle you more./ Squirt, Stew Buddy, the tennis games and all the dorm memories good and bad, thanks for physics and geometry/V. Kelly: Thanks for the 4 year friendship and the memories you have shared with me. Lets go sailing sometime in the future. Faculty Studs: Bryson:Thanks for the hell/ Bleckel: a wonderful advisor and person. You have helped shape my life in more ways than you or I will ever know. To bad you couldn't have been here for my senior year./Durnan: For turning what could have been a grueling year in history into something enjoyable, exciting, and all together stimulating./Ms. Michel: Thanks for helping pull me through French and for being such a wonderful person. Kahea: Turtle Taggingtthe night I was attacked by the killer turtle), camping trips and all the talks. Thanks. Robbie Adams: Thanks for the Prom and the friendship. You're wonderful. Sandy: A great friend and runner to boot. You have beautiful, fat, skinny legs. You will excel in whatever you set your mind to so kick ass. Lauren: Breakfasts with Clare oh so long ago/ ping pong/dorm life /long talks. Jon Crackmyslan: The kayak accident was your fault! Thanks for the companionship. Philze: You Germ an dood. Thanks for always being cool. You are a great guy. Dan Huge: What a wonderful year we shared together in science. I'm sorry everyone thought you were gay but you got to admit that you acted a little queer. Dan if you loved me you would smile. Starr: I eagerly anticipate the day we will meet on a nude beach. As of now it remains one of my fondest dreams for the future, peral Cy: pilar rehty tyawg okcaby pots cuanuanoht/post jynamr kseirememl pip ndluocy otnuocery htube psihta lgnadz pedocw nsekaty mote ognoly posd nsknahtw grofr hehth bpihsdneirfm. pruoyt jekilr jaj pretsisn poty kema. Marc C .: To bad I kicked your in tennis. At least you tried, just kidding. Meg Sperry: You are a pure and beautiful soul. Maya B.: Thanks for the kiss. I still have it. Kea: You are simply a stud. You have a rough and rugged appearance with a soft and kind heart. Larsenigic: Thanks for being my chemistry buddy. I'm glad you came back. LisaC.: Fun in Ceramics/thanks for the friendship Ari B.: Thanks for the memories from an eternity ago. Heathe:Thanks for befriending me in a hard part of my life. Your a close and dear friend. Malia L.: Good times kayaking and turtle tagging. I'm the Veggie Burger King of the world but don't lose nope you have natural talent and one dayyou might best me. Seize the future / Thanks for the shared experiences and memories: Spacy Kladota, Jenny Craig, Jokeland, Eric PL, Scott L., S.D.,S.D.,.D.K.,J.S.,T.H.,C.D.,K.G.,C.M. ,L.F,R.K.,A.H., A.N., H.O.,H.H.,M.B.,R.H.,R.O.,T.S.,S.T„

Ari Bernstein Kamuela-4 years / Basketball / Baseball / President

g ad-W ’ ’ ’ give M om andu D hat can I say that■could any sort of justification for all that you have done for m e, besides I Lo ve Y ou . y o u hav e given m e the freedom , sup port, and genes to enable m yself to becom e w h at F m today, so I hope y ou 're proud. D agan, Eila, and Suvi-D on't kill each other while I'm in college, and keep m y room nice. D agan I'll call for the sports u p date. From here it s alphabetical so nobody's m ad at m e.A lexa O ne tning is true, I can tell you anything. I feel a lor of understanding and trust w nen I talk to y o u , and y o u 'v e helped m e understand a lot of things about wom en. Y ou should w rite a book, every m ale w ould buy it (M e first). B rynly-D on 't w orry som e goo d days will com e around also. D on't listen to all of the dum b blond jokes because you should n't get dow n about som e stereotype y ou 're obviously above. Y o u 're a v ery deep person, som e times scaring m e w hen unexpected. A lw ays m y num ber one A fro.C olette-H ow 's the H onaka'a boyfriend, I saw him in his raised Toyoda the other day w ith the H aw aiian m usic pounding.Cybele-I enjoy every conversation w e have, it alw ays seem s like they end in laughter. W e have a lot of understanding betw een each other, w hich is unusual for m ales and fem ales in these tim es .Jade-O ne w o rd , four letters, one syllable. Pim p, so w here's m y m oney? N ah, you 'v e been cool to m e, for all the hard tim es I given y ou, and I hope y ou know I'm ju s t joking. W atch out for those 2 5 0 ,6 '5 " m okes Jaisy -O n e of the silliest people I've ev er m et, Relax, A jax.K im Oh Jim , Garth B rooks and m ale hula dancing, elim inate these tw o things, you'll be taking a step in the right direction. H ow could anybody get m ad a t y ou (besides the laughter), y ou 're so full of life.Lindsey-Is it the K auai w ater, o r w ere you bo m like this? A m I laughing w ith you or a t you (m akes ya think)?M ichiKo- fju st hope y ou're happy for the rest of you r life, because I hate seeing you d ep ressed You are one of the kindest people 1[ know, and have helped m e with a lot of problem s (M ana Road). A nytim e you wanna talk, I'm here. M ay a-E very tim e I talk to y ou, you seem depressed, and I hope I've been able to cheer you up. Y ou should n't take life so serious it's not a soap o pera, enjoy it, d o n 't analyze it7s characters.M egan-If M other Theresa ev er dies, I nom inate you for the job.M ichi-M s. C ool, have y ou got in one argum ent in highschool? in life? It w o u la be im possible to get m ad at y o u , you're everybody's rriend.M organ-Y ou get teased a lot (by other people), but you seem ed to have handled yourself very well through it all (O .K., m ay be a few o u t bursts). Y ou are a very understanding person and given m e m any insights to fem ales (som e or w hich I w is h ! didn 't know). Y ou can be v ery serious and v ery silly,

and it is alw ays good to have this range to enjoy life.R ebekah-Y ou're one of those people who have actually lived life and not been sneltered from it all, so y ou 're very easy to talk to and understanding. H o w 's the A li'i Drive running, w atch for co ps.S ienna-It seem s like y ou 're alw ays on the u rge of saying som ething or w anting to d o som ething, bu t you ho ld b ack , then once in a w hile a little will slip out an d it do esn't m ake sense. W hy hold back, are you saving it for y o u r n ext lire tim e? Y o u 're alw ays so p aranoid, w andering w hat people are saying. W hy w o rry, how could anybody say anything bad about you?..of co u rse there is that one incident..well actually now that I think about it there is that tim e..Stacy-Y ou can m ake any car look like a lo w rid er by getting in it, and y ou 'v e g o t the stationw agon Iovemobile. Seriously though, y ou 'd n ever back stab a friend, and that is a hard quality to find these daysT ep a-S arah Jen-T he p arty crew during the sum m er, been through the good and the b a d , bu t the good alw ays out w eighed the bad.Peace-Seruors-


T .C.,B.B.,L.H .,Ita,K .S.96R.A .,S.D .,S.C .,J.H .,H .H .,G .K .,J.L.,P.M .,N .R. 97-N ick(Kentucky),N ick(H om eless),Sheldon(lost at sea) G raduation and a diplom a happen all of one time But m em ories are forever So follow m e on this rem iniscent rhym e Been a t H .P.A . four years, paying m y dues O ut in '9 4 an 't g o t the blues G oing off to the strife and life O f college W ith alfrn y friendships and knowledge That I've gained a t H.JP.A. A nd n o w ! g o t som e things to say Just ganna m ake a little noise F or all the crew and the boys A s I keep the rhym es sw eet like candy N ot tangled, like the afro on A ndy A s I giv e a shout o u t to, M r. M asterN ate (N athaniel) There ain 't no debate T hat'ca g o t the best fruitbowl B ut ya better get a can of Lysol C ause I'm rubbing m y intestines like a m asseuse To see w ho's got the m ost juice A nd do som e dancing behind M erv 's back Then p u ll a late night sign jack Back to m y house ror a bowl of saim in Shrapnel tim e is about to begin Just a few of the good tim es w e'v e had A lso m uch m ahalo to y ou r Dad A s I'm O vercom e by this Lyrical D ose of Easiness Because I go t the H y att's key to success G etting boutie calls on the beeper, phone, an d fax H ook it up A li'i D rive or just relax

C ause It g o t the chronic cough of Dre Shotgun, and let m e ride Ja y (Jason) T o pick up a busboy special and do a doughnut A nna's Pond no an d 's, i f s, o r but W ith a H ut, H ut, Hike Jo n ah A s they call the w age Because a y ard a carry is the perfect av erage W hen you re solid as a rock A nd Paho a's catch er felt the shock Then off to the H ouse of Frosty Help o u t w ith our B udda bellies C ause a t y o u r house I g o t no sham e Load up on the luau during the U H gam e A nd check the score, D (Dam ien) A s y o u dunk that funk A n a I hit m y three From 2 3 ’ O r should it be 3 5 ’ U nlim ited range an 't no jive So w h at'ca wish Bank o r sw ish But I alw ays gotca' for the ollie opp A s the crow s yells out "W hoop!' A nd Hilo w o n 't know w h at it w as Ball off his face and he'll feel the buzz O f the basketball, but let's sw itch to baseball W ith a B rudda Shake to a fellow outfield patrolla M r. Lindsey, o r is it K eola Swinging like a new jack B ust a brew with M ax To relax, through tim es that's cool A nd tim es that s scary K inda like a line drive off of Perry W hich could cause brain dam age like C hris N ah, y ou 're too easy to dis So, I w o n 't give you any lip Just a tip It's 1-80D-ABCDEFG So y a'can learn som e phonics see A nd get som e eligibility O h w ait I forgot The year is shot Because you said hit the gas A nd then y o u fell on y o u r ass W h at w ere you doing, zoning like D ave W ho used hav e the perfect w ave But now is com plete w ith just a d azed smile A nd side profile Going from a 200 dollar car To a m o torcycle porno star K inda like K arl, Mr. M eatm an W ith the p erfected D om ino Pizza plan T hat straight back fired So u s eggers retired But there is alw ays freshm en fountain dunking in store O h I just rem em bered hazing is not allow ed any m ore A s if that'll stop Je ff the LiT Geto Boy Pain is som ething h e'd enjoy A nd "N o F ear" is the perfect m otto

F or som eone w ho's crazy and pshyco Break channel to w addling sovereignty C y This is M r. Super Fly W ith the philosophy of Y oda W here is H ag a, South Dakota? W ell as long as y o u stay true But B rent, a velcroe shoe? Y ou Filipino, Portugee M ac W ith hydraulics in the Cadillac W ere the seatbelts hard to find? So w h at's y ou r sign? A lso Peace O ut to B rock and Steve O h, here's a blood y a' better leave N ah , it's cool, cause it's J.P. T he nut-flicking Hilo G Like D aniel, Mr. Salty, anti-chill Tell the p im p , "Straw berry Hill" Then off to Cabbage Patch, to see w h at's the hap O r just kick it and talk about the latest rap A nd now w h a t, you think y o u 're rough Y o u only w ish for this range and bluff B ut on defense you pay the bills A nd on offence i f s the left-hand skills B ut w e alw ays get juiced, and it's a sham e Because they usually d o n 't call that foul in a a gam e B ut you have to w atch o u t cause the ref's the J king Y ou can 't just kick everybody's ass like the W ild thing Jed n ie E a n ie and T.J. Lalam ino just d o n 't play K aui connections, just do n't break V .P. Lucas and the giant Blake C hris D ods the Shakin' Pickle N o w the carts a m 't w orth a nickle A nd w here is W aim ea school, Ethan? H yato Jo e, you the m an M ary Jane will never m iss'ya W hen y o u 're m arried to her Asa M unchies? W an t a Lil' O rphan O range? O ut of O tter Pop storage Som e millet an a a hair cut M ike it seem like y ou 're alw ays in a rut But you'll m ake it through Ganna play B-ball division two C layto n can y o u m ake all of this end H ey they say y ou 're just a friend Y o u 're not Indiana stop getting w hipped A n a just d o n 't trip Stop paying the price For being too nice A nd ju s t get a golf cart Let the dem olition derby start A lw ays keep u p y o u r guard A nd 1 do n't w an t to sound like a H allm ark card j But to all the crew I've g o t lots of love for you Sorry the print is sm all, I talk too m uch.

tim e w h en y ou h av e to C an cel, C ancel, C ancel m e! ily forev er.H eath q-W here d o th e m em ories b egin ? You v e b een o ne o f th e m o st un iqu e friend s I'v e had throu gh all the years. BC C , cin n am o n rolls and en d lessly concern— I Rive you s o m u ch. I d o n t th ink I can recall a tim e w h en I d id in 't feel y ou w ith me, ev en w h en w e w ere in fights. You have a lw ays taken the tim e to listen a nd feel for m e, a n a y ou kn o w h ow m u ch th at m eans to m e. Y o u r stren gth is som eth in g I really look up to. I love y ou H eath am us G ord am us! B ry n ly - p UO TESH Kexclam atinn point cau se I m s o d ep ressed ) Street'O asis, K eehee!, I have to b lock the ligh t, I'm p au , B ut h ey ..., O n e d a y I w oke u p a nd realized I'd n ev er b e no rm al, K illin g a n A rab. I h av e no idea how m an y m ore there a re. You kno w , I w o u ld n 't c h an ge S op h m ore y ea r in for anythin g. Y eah , w e w eren 't sp ittin g su n sh in e, b u t I found a w on d erfu l person a n d sp en t m an y a ho u r w ith her, (I'm talking ab ou t y o u , y ou id iot!) N ah, I rem em ber telling y ou on ce I'd alw ays lo v e y ou lik e a sister, and th at w ill n ev er chan ge. Y ou 'v e b rou gh t m e s o m u ch hu m ou r a nd energy, ily very, v ery m uch. X aisy-W hen I look a t y o u I see a p h e n o m in al person. I d o n 't un d erstand how w ell p u t tog eth er you are. Th ere a re p eople in this w orld w h o se m e re ex isten ce y o u ju st a d m ire, and you are defin etelv o n e o f them . T h is year is tn e first th at w e started to get clo se , a n a I regret it took s o lon g. I c a n see y o u r life b ein g so beau tifu l and napp y, and you d eserv e it. I h o p e th at a ll our p rob lem s a re v anished b y the tim e this c om es o ut. I really d o care fo r y ou and am th ankfu l fo r ev ery m o m en t y o u felt com passion fo r m e. ily v ery m u ch. M eg -Y ou w ere such a good childhood frien d . I look ed up to you so m u ch. Y ou r h eart is s o u n believ ab ly kind, I a lw ays find b eau ty there. I lo v e y ou, M egan , and y ou w in alw ays b e a part o f m e ." T h e p e a c e o f the w orld w ilrin the en a depend upon on e c apacity fo r frien dship a n d ivillinvness to u se it."— Bertha C on d e M ik e -M y o n -y ou r-k n ees m an !! Iknow you d o n 't expect this, b u t y ou a re o n e o f th e p eop le I'll m iss the m ost. Y ou n ev er w ere u n kind to m e, and you sh ow ed m e s o m u ch feeling and w arm th . I'm so rry if I w as a b @ tch in the p ast and if I d id n 't a p p r e c ia te yo u , b u t I d o now . I c are fo r you v ery m u ch. ily. C la y to n -M y little boy!! I relate to y o u on m an y lev els, I on ly w ish you w ere m o re receptiv e. I care a b o u t y ou v ery m u ch, and nope th at y o u find th at jo y y o u so m u ch d eserv e. N o o n e d eserv es it m ore. Ju s t b e stron g in w hatev er y ou g e t th row n in to, a n d d o n 't let th e w orld en feeble y ou. Y ou a re stron g a nd w on d erfu l and brillian t. K eep it u p...alw ays, ily . A ri-Y o u 're s o god -d am n sarcastic!!! T h an kyou !! I'v e told you stu ff th at I'm a m azed I told you— th is is ran d om — and I ho p e life is w h at y ou w ant i t to be (I'm so co m ey ) T a k e c are, ily. D a n ie l-I'm gon g at y ou! la m u n a Sp agh etti W in ner/M r..D issf! Y ou a re so w e ir d ;s o ...iust. Jam u na! T a k e c are, ily. A la n -1 fin d yo u q u ite a m u sin g too. " I f w e try ..." I release y ou . H ic h a r d -T o htilah oop s, M ich aerD ay , ey ebrow s, v u lcan c om e, and the g rass th at gro w s o n th e w estern sid e of G u atam ala!!! I had a g reat tim e w ith y ou — no t ju st th at n ig h t b ut th rou gh all th e y ears, uy. D ev o n -W e ll m y d ear, to y ou I b equ eathe th e c ro w n o f Q u een N ineball—-the title p assed d ow n from S en ior to Fresh m an p arty-anim al. But, I k n o w n o t any Freshm an w ith th e anim al in stin ct th at y o u h av e to b e w ild , flam bo yant and crazy , and w ith th e in cessan t a b ility to party. W here th e title w ell, and tak e care. ily. W h itn ev -D et. M cSm ogg!: I loved all th e w acky and in san e tim es w e had tog ether, e sp ecially in G ym . T h e m em ories n ev er stop , b u t b rin g e nd less pleasure. P lea se d o n 't ev er forget any o f tn em . You are v ery d ear to m e, ily lots. S te v e T h in gs c h an g e a nd th ings rem ain ...for g row in g up w ith m e and giv in g m e th ings to grow on, I lo v e y ou. E rik M ac.-I c a n 't w ait 'til you succeed. Y ou've g o t s o m u ch ta len t (I kn o w this is co m ey ) and it w ill take y o u far. O n e h int— y o u r d an ce m o v e s a re a sn oein!! (he, he, h e) T a k e c are, ily. E d -m y m en tor.Y ou r lov e and co n ce rn a re b lessin g s I c a n 'f d escribe. I h av e learned s o m u ch fro m y ou I can hard ly r em em ber w h at I w a s lik e b efore. I rev ere you trem en d ou sly for a ll y ou r in fin ite w isd o m and fire. I'm hap p y to th in k th at y o u r su p p o rt w ill b e w ith m e in a ll m y en ae v o u rs. I lo v e y ou very m u ch. " S om e o f u s, th e dream ers, w ere born to d an ce upon t h e w ind". D ick -T h ank you for a ll th e sup port and lo v e y ou seem to e n d lessly sh ow m e. I'm s o g lad I h av e so m eon e w ho un d erstand s m v p assion a nd agrees w ith it. Y o u 're w on d erfu l a n d b eau tifu l, ily . T a n y a & A p p le -H m iss y ou g u y s so m u ch. T h e liilte tim e w e h ad tog ether 1 cn erish w ith a ll m y b ein g . I c a n 't im ag in e tw o b etter p eop le to sh o w m y sou l to. Y o u tw o are so tragically fantastically sp ecial to m e, I th in k o f y ou all the tim e. "P aths that cro ss w ill cross again"— Patti S m ith . I w ill rem em ber ou a nd y o u r lo v e in e v eryth in g I do. I w ill lo v e y ou "sisters-o fle-craft forev er.E r if M or.-T h e k itchen w ill n ev er b e too hot. T h an kyou fo r all th e jellybean s. IA C K !!!-M v true inspiration. T h an k y ou for m asterin g y ou r c raft a nd ligh tin g m y passion to d o th e sam e. Som ed ay... A c tin g c la ss-Y ou g u y s a re som e o f the w eird est, craziest p eop le I'v e e v er m et. Y et y o u s eem s o norm al! I'm g lad w e a ll p iercea th at w orld o f b izarity together, a n d each o n e o f yo u I w in hold fon d ly in m y so u l forever. W ish m e w ell, an d ho p e th at all the s tu ff w'e learned g etting d ru n k a n d u n d er the parach u te w orks! I lov e y o u all. A le x -Y o u r parach u te o f m ine? X»"


M r. B ry rv so n & M I r. O tto -T h an k yo u fo r m ak ing m e \ya n t to leam . n a j1 iove a ll o f y ou g _______ J uys! I P .A nd anyo ne I left ou t is not C la—ss o f m 1994left o u t in m y heart. Follow y o u r bliss.. 'T h o u g h leav es a re "I 'v e conq u ered m y p ast, m an y, th e r o o t is o n e: T h rou g h all th e th e fu tu re is here a t last, ly in g d a y s o f m v y ou th I sw ayed m y leaves I m s tan d in g a t the en teran ce a n d flow ers in th e sun, Now' I m ay w ither to a n ew w o rld I can see. into the tru th ." T h e ru in s to the right o f m e W illiam Yeats W ill s o o n h av e lost sig h t o f m e, L ov e...rescu e m e." it a ll u n said— -U .

S om ew h ere in th e w asteland

-M orrissey "Ju st bu ild a little b ird ho u se in v o u r so u l" "A n im als a re m y friends. A nd T d o n 't e at m y frien d s" " P o o r is the m an w h o se p leasu re d ep en d s o n the p erm ission o f an o th er" ...the a ction o f the th eater, lik e th at o f the p lagu e, is b eneficial, for, im p ellin g m en to see th em selv es a s they are, it casu ses the m ask to fall, reav eals the lie, the slackn ess, b aseness, and hyp ocrisy o f o u r w orld in v ites m en to take, in the face o f d estiny, a su p erior a nd h eroic a ttitu d e they w'ould n ev er h av e a ssu m ed w'itnout it." -A n to n in A rtaud 'T h e hu m an b ein g w h o a cts is th e h u m an b ein g w ho liv es"

Maya Maile Berthoud

-L ee S trasberg "W e ll, Y e s I'm still r u n n in '..." g ood b y e to a ll m y friends.

"I t's

It's tim e to g o a gain . T h in k o f

17 years of Living re a r e s u c h s t u f f 'd r e a m s a r e m a d e o n , a n d o u r t i e l i f e r o u n d e d w it h a s l e e p ." >m- T h an k y ou fo r p u ttin g u p w ith m e th rou g h all m y attack s of am ty and ev ery e m o tio n u n d er th e r a in b o w .ily B a b a - I ho p e that malke y o u a s p ro u d o f m e a s I a m to h a’ y o u a s m y fath er.ilyJL isato d eath m y s ister, I lo v e y o u m o re th a n 1 ca n e~r . — .F rom — b Iirth — -------------.•re w ill n ev er g o a d a y th a t 1 d o n 't feel lu ck y n o t o n ly to h av e g row n up :h y ou, b u t to K now y ou a n d y o u r b ea u ty a n d h a v e yo u r lov e in return, " a y m u ch. G ra n d p a p a -I m iss y ou w ith a ll th a t I h a v e a nd d read yet forw ard to th e d a y w h e n w e reunite. R ic k y -Y ou a re th e o n ly m iracle e e v e r k no w n. I c a n t w a it to w a tch y ou g row u p. ilv ,ily,ily. F io n a-m y il sister! 1 m iss y ou m o re th an I c a n sa y . O u r frien d sh ip reached so iny b ou n d aries and w en t b ey on d . E v ery tim e I w a tch a D isney , hear adslide o r e a t a T C B Y I a m o v erw h elm ed a t how m a n y m e m o ries and terisn ces w e 'v e c re a ted tog eth er. W ith y ou I cu ltiv a ted m y p assion i held n o th in g back . W e a re tw o tru ly o p en a nd h o nest frien d s, an d 1 v't im agine w n a t m y life w ou ld b e lik e w ith o u t y ou. Y ou h av e so ich b eau ty and lo v e and stre n g th in you I k no w so m eh o w th at the y ou 1,1 “je t w h atev er y ou w a n t. Y o u re m y p erfect frien d , I lov e y ou ! . - 'f S m u s h l -I'tri leav in ' on a je t plan e... Y o u a re m v etern al friend. You ye.been m y g u a rd ia n a n g e l m y w h o le c h ild h ood . I v e a lw ay s felt you d th is s u p ern atu ral v ita lity a n d ra d ia n t b ea u ty in sid e you. It flash ed on ; som etim es and filled m y h ea rt w ith lov e. I feel lik e I h av e s o m u ch ire lo v e in m y life fo r h a v in g liv ed w ith yo u s o lon g. I w an t you to ilize th at th ere w ill n o t g o a d a y th a t I d o n 't th in k a b o u t y o u , and

ch erish you. Y ou are a p illar in th e tem ple o f m y sou l! I kn o w y ou to the co re, m y b ab y , a nd I kno w w hat kin d o f m ag ical potential you h av e to co n q u er the w orld and still k eep th at little farm girl a liv e. Y o u are no d o u b t th e m o st un iqu e p erson r know , and w ill alw ays kno w . N ever leav e m e, ilyilyily. A lex a-(Y ou w eird little pigD Bluezie, Z an... T h e im m ed iate th ou gh t is 1 lov e y o u ! T h e c om p assion a nd lov e y o u hold m yo u r so u l is so m eth in g th at I h av e a lw ay s ad m ired and env ied a t tim es. you h av e a lw ay s g iv en m e s o m u ch o f y o u rself and your heart a nd I feel m y ah aeart, y b lessed . Y o u 're o n e o f th ose p eople w h o m I hold d ear •".. mw a g mu sou l and m y w h o le b eing . If e v er w e lo se con tact, I w il no t b e far for You hav e sp a ce c a n n o t sep erate o r d estroy how m u ch I c a re fo r y b een th ere for m e th rou gh th e m o st ag o n izin g o f tim es, and y ou m u st b eliev e th at I see y ou a s o n e o f the m o st in finitely m ag ical p eople I know . Y ou d eserv e th e w orld , the u n iv erse a nd a ll o f sp ace m happ iness. I w an t to a lw ay s b e y o u r friend .ily, ily, ily. (T riples, Su g ar in the Raw and color con cep ts, to nam e a few m em ories).K ip i-Th e nje m o ries satu rate the air. I'v e been to th e d epth o f th e h u m an m ind and b ack w ith yo u , a nd even lau g hed a lo n g th e w ay. T h e m o on -n ig h ts and ex p loitation s o f n atu re are sacred to m e. I'v e a lw ay s felt like s u ch a g reat feeling w h en I'm around y o u — you seem to kn o w e x actly w h at I need to hear. I treasu re y o u , like a little jew el th at I keep w rapped u p in a cloth. I know th at in th at heart o f y o u rs th at I'v e k n o w n a n a lo v ea th ere is a p assion b roo d in g a b o u t in silen ce. O n e d a y it w ill jsu t g rab yo u r heart a h d .u se you a ll uj5, leaving you p anting and hu ngry. Y o u hav e it. 1 can s e e it. Believe! T h e rare a ir or the fu tu re is in y o u r lu n gs— b e fearless and s tro n g and n ev er take com m en tary on y ou r p osition in life, ev eryth in g can b e you rs if y ou w ant it— it's in v ou r g rasp. K im m i Lu, I lov e y ou m o re than anythin g. N ever, never, n ev er b e a stranger. "They sin w h o tell us love can die. Witji life a ll oth er passion s flu, A ll o thers a re bill vanity — It w ill reach you! A lia -C an 1 d o th is? Sw ee tie, I co u ld n ev er say g ood b y e to you. W hen w ouldn't yo u n g I p ractically lived at y ou r house. T h ese years w ith v g iv e u up p for an yth in g, b ecau se th ey m ak e u p s o m u ch .of o f w h o I am . W e v e Been th rou gh e v ery q u arrel th ere is. and th at m ad e o f friend sh ip s o d eep. You a re in m y h eart fo rev er m ore. M y o n ly w ish is th at there is n ev er a

a ll the p oetry and the p ickin ' "T h o u g h m y soul set in darkn< the line. I m ay b e g on e It w ill ris e in p erfect light. b e lon g, I'll b e I h av e loved tin.______s too fondly B rin g in g b a c k th e m elod y and i o b e fearful o f th e n ig h t." the rhyth m th at I find. T h e -A n A stron om er to hi ch oice is you rs to m ak e, tim e v ours to take C A N W E G O N O W ??: to th e s ea, som e toil up> in the stone. To liv e is to fly , lot 'i s o shake the dust

ERIC GLEN BOLLINGER JR. K A M U E LA /10 years/SW IM M ING/BABYSITTING(DORM PREFECTING)/BUSTED Mom: Thank you for making me who I am today.fLike it or not.) Dad: "Oh, you're going back into the dorm." All this red meat can't be healthy. Have fun in volcano. Melinda: Are your lights off? Is your room clean? Thank you for everything. Tyler: GET OUT! Nah nah. Four more years of helld'm not talking about school!). Stick with it, its not as bad as it seems. GOLF STINKS. Grannie and Terry: Thank you for everything. Grammy and Grampa: I promise I'll make it up to the farm eventually. Noah: Dude, the Guitar Kamakani. Do you realize we swam past the airport? It was a dolphin. Jane says. We have got to pimp your house. Piping hot ham. Car Pool lane nightmares. Various other unpleasantries I won't go into. Thanks for being my brother. Be careful. Ryder: Christmas training stinks. I really don't want to surf Hapuna Point. Forum and Nutter Butters. Double Cheese Burger pizza and one hell of a movie! See you at NC's. Kim: We've come a long way since Kindergarten. Thanks for the advice, even though I never listened. Robi: Trix arena. Liberation. Hardcore MKB

locals. It's just not the same without you around. Heathe: So what's your theory on the Waikoloa lights? I apologize for the sarcasm. Thanks for listening. Jaisy: Open the Box! Check out my moke repellant. So how did you like Wayne's World? Dominic: Oh that's bound to happen. And you call yourself a starfighter. Enough of this rap business. Z goes off. Rip that guy a new hole. Blake: Which comer did you want the handle bars? 3-5-3. Hayato: We're up there. Don't you know I'm loco? I'll trade you a Power Bar for a soda. Sienna: Welcome to Mr. Solmssen's class for retards. Erik: Looser loops. Waimea arcade. My hair keeps getting in my eyes when I skimboard. Ethan: Alright gentlemen, 400 METERS INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY. Ha Ha Ha. Just remember to grab the wall and look back. You go first. Nice coin slot. Do you wanna race a 500? Phil: It's all communism these days. Did I ever tell you how cool your hall is? Brynly: Are you conscious? Cybele: Brutal. Ninia: See you at Fashion Island. Morgan: Sovereignty NOW! Did you get a free bowl of soup with that shirt? Asa: Call me when you make the cover of Surfer. Jon: How much Metallica can one human being

stomach. Kevin: Can't you go to bed like the rest of us? Damien: Don't bring us down into your private hell. " The way to hump a cow is not to elevate | your tool..." Karl: Nice fruit bowl. Sophomore year can't be I beat. Jade: We had a limo? Lucas: Pipe down or get piped. Haga: It's time to crack skulls. Andy: Lifeguard training goes off! Don't get sunburned. Willy: Enough with this ugly business.

Mark: All this lactic acid can't be good for me. Thank you for your help and support. I'm busted^ Mr. Wilder: I couldn't have made it this far without your encouragement. Watch your cholesterol. Mr. Hughes: Are you ready for the toilet bowl I challenge? Wake up! You da bess! Ms. Duncan: Do you know how much depends II upon the red wheelbarrow? Mr. Shutes: Nice pants. Where are the donuts? 1 Special thanks to the Giffins, Solmssens, Dwyersa Phillips, Ottos, Rowleys, Gomes, Mr. Emmons, Mi Berhing, Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Stewart, and Mr. Bryson. To anyone I forgot I am truly sorry.

Clayton Bramel Waikoloa, Hi/2 years/Soccer/S.A.D.D. fed- T hanks for the support and caring y ou 'v e given me. isketball gam es, longboarding, and n d m g shotgun first fetch, I'll rem em ber it forever. You loved m e w hen Ibod y else did and you tau ght m e a lot about life. [ent-Think-daw n patrol, cam ping, parties, Spring eaks, w om en, pouring w ater on K im and Suzanne, a t surfing, soccer on the m ainland, cruising tow n, i've alm ost done it all. I 'm glad w e stuck together for long and had such an aw esom e tim e, I'll alw ays Member those m ornings sitting in the w ater at H apuna th no w aves and loving every m inute of it. You got m e soccer but I rule you in basketball. / and Steve- Stud and M om , you tw o are the m ost ring people in the w orld but 1 never spend enough time th you. T han k s for everything. 1m y one and only sister in the w orld(Iessica)- It's too d w e never see each other because I m iss you so much d I feel that I took fo r granted the tim e I had w ith you. )ve you forever. son- T he coolest guy in the universe, you are the man. m uch good tim es, w hat can I say? A lii drive, parties, i r o 's , bu s bo y 's, Pine Trees, sum m ertim e at m y house. >llege room ies or w hat? Y ou better get accepted. Tell ur m om sorry about that night and to stop m aking ces about it. iniel- H ey there biggest guy, cliffjum per, m okehunter, rijzlad you got m y oack. bcnool bus days, M orin 's class, 0 5 0 (w hipped you), nine tim es in A ri's drivew ay- ten nild have im pressed me, I'll ju s t step off. O.G. ike- W ho are w e again? A ll I need to say is grad party W aikii last year and I know y ou 'll laugh. You gotta >p breaking all those chics' hearts. 6 '2 '/l3ask etb all stud, i take you on any day. i - The pim p, old skool, I bet you stand in line at least ce this year, no w ay I'm paying you five bucks to say hi m e. Laters. trl- 200 m iles that night ram bling the m eat m obile, out the drags, eggs at K arl's house, lak e care man. iris- H ey, you are hardcore. 19 years o f w orshipping u, w hat am I going to d o now ? G olf carts, all I can say golf carts. A n a y ou 're definitely going to show me ound Oahu som eday.

Ted- Bruised Banana boys, I w as a m uch better goalie than you were. W atch out for those fire hydrants. A saC .- D efense rules, and I think I'll be taking over A sa's position this year. Take care man. Lucas- H ow did you get so big? Along w ith all the girls on the planet, I love you. T.T. - Soccer boys, w e're gonna to do it this year. T o the rest of the bovs-Dam ien, N ate(G iffins class), Tonah, H aga, Blake. T.P., A ndy. Teff, Redza, H avato. D aveThanks for being the aw esom est friends anyone in H.P.A. could have. A lexa- You are too nice. I alw ays look forward to seeing you because you sm ile and it cneers m e up. Soccer bus rides w ere the best. I love ya. H eathe- 1 d id n't w aste any tim e with you, Ipromise. 11,29,30, ah, I know your num ber gam es. G etting m y socks dirty all those nights w as w orth it and I lived for our trips around the block. You'll m ake it up to m e when w e're m arried. N o m atter w here you are I'll love you and I d o n 't ever w ant to lose you. A n a I'll see you first, always. Brynlv- Friends, huh? I'm glad it worked out this way. I h ope you had a good year. 1 do like your dogs but probably not as m uch as they like me. W hen am I going to wash you r car? I w uv you. K im - I'm sorry for a lot o f things and I hope you forgive m e. I'll alw ays rem em ber all o f the w eekends w e spent having fun at the m ovies, bow ling, m enus, Christm as, my house, thanks for talking with m e when I needed it. I love you, mom m y. Clare- M y closest friend, how can I forget all the times I'v e spent w ith you. Snickers, m ovies, signed out to my house, m enus, Doves, talking about things, you 're the best person in the w hole world. I love you. M organ- Ram bling in Karls jeep, w iping sâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; t on his car. You are one o f a kind.ILY Stacv- Party anim al, short stack, stay aw ay from m y knee caps. Y our friendship is one o f the best I have. Thanks and laters. Tennv B.- W hy the silent treatm ent? I wish you could have been here with me for the last year. Even though we

w ere together for only a little w hile, I still love you. And take care of m y jacket, please? And d o n 't worry, som e tim e, som e place, it will happen, I promise. T.Z.- O ops, I m ust have slipped! M y future sister in law, take care. M aya- Jum balaya, I never once hated you so ha! I rule you in photog and w e'll party in the future. Ioanna- Joanna and her coffee. N Y accent is the best. All the pasta to ya babe.ILY Kristen- M y old neighbor, that's m y truck. G oalie star, I'll score on you anyday. M ika- Thanks for everything and all the caring. I'll never forget you and all the English sessions w e wasted. Kafei- Disneyland during school, w hat is that? Y ou're too cool to me. lade, Rebekah, M ichiko, M ichi, Lindsay, M eg. Silvia. Lauren, Kelly, Sienna.N inia and Starr,-1 care about you guys so m uch. Thanks for everything. Mindy R.-1 can 't tell you how m uch 1 love you. I have so m uch to thank y ou for that I d on't know w here to start. Cindy H oltz- No one has show n m e the kindness y o u have in a long tim e and I thank you so m uch for that. I love you . Brock and Steve- The true hom ies. Team Freeball, surf rats, you guys got the juice. Kulana- 86 Beach Grill, baby. Down there again next sum m er. Kainoa- Little bro. H ow 's the elbow. I'll never forget that night. M m - You could've had m e but you're not fast enough. I love you anyways. Cindy- Thanks for caring about me. I enjoyed spending time with you.ILY Sarah, Tepa, Jen- N otice I did n't underline you. That's because you guys are so special. Parties with the CD blasting. Till w e do it again. Taime- M v best friends sister. Thanks for letting m e sit in front. Take care. Good Luck to- Brady, Richard, M eg C.(s.s.girlfriend), Laura, Tara, Lasi, Royce, Rob, Taylor, Alex, Devon, Erik (rrvy boy), H eather, Rosie, Ryan, Caitlyn( who is it?), Tiffany, Robi, Arati, Peter, Sum m er(driveway-I told you), Lianne, Joy Je n , Jenny L., Pua(Thanks), Sarali M., and M egan W est. Peace, w e out.

Kristen Joy Brilhante Waimea, H aw aii/13 years of H .P .A ./4yrs Volleyball/4yrs Soccer/SA D D /C om m unity Service Brent: I'll bring the poke, what are you Tommy Lasorda

Mom & Dad: Through the years I've grown and flourished into what you see now. I couldn't have done it without your support and commitment. ILY! The rest of the family: Why am I so lucky to have the best brothers and sisters in the world. Thanks for all the love and guidance. Michi: I wouldn't be half as good as you say if I didn't have the best defender on the island and mavbe state. Your a great friend thanks for tne good times." Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out." - L. Fudim i3 years! Ted: Will you ever stop calling me small fry? I'm only a foot smaller than you. Your an awesome goalie I'll be watching for you in the World Cup! 13 years! Jaisy: Hilo will have to think twice about coming down the left side. 13 years of pure fun, may the memories stay with us. Alexa: You saved me during the Hilo game, I owe you one! 13 years of H.P.A. I think we'll be leaving a part of us behind. Thanks for the memories. Heathe:Was it war against you or was it against Blake? 13 years, I don't think we could have known each other for much longer. We have many memories and we have one more big one to fulfill. Kim: It will never be the same not hearing your beautiful laugh during classes. You've been a dear friend for 13 years. Thank you Sienna: 13 years with so many memories. This year soccer occer will be full of memories. Good luck in the years to come. Tade: Soccer, I think we've been through to many coaches. Maybe this year wilP be different. 13 years of H.P.A. with many memories.

going to brine? Kiholo, I'll lead! Thanks for all your help. Morgan: Davis, now that was a good memory. Thanks for all the fun times in volleyball. Halape rules! Meg: Another Davis chick! Many memories have pasted and I hope many more are to come. Thanks. Kelly: We have a lot of memories, I hope we can make many more. Thanks for the fun times at VB camp and during soccer season. Ninia:Festival at Davis with the gang. My grandkids will be laughing at how mental we acted. We have many more memories to make. "Whoomp! There it

_______ r . . ail practice, yo Mike & lason: Volleyball you guys go through J 'hell! ell! Tha Thank 1 you for helping e l p i n g ;out with our practices. Good luck in the years to come. Michiko: Is confirmation class on Mondays or Wednesdays? I wish you stuck with volleyball. Thanks for being a friend. T.I.: The memories have been fun. Thanks for developing my film and giving me rides down to photography class, r ou and Brent can follow me down to Kiholo this time! The class of 1994: We've been through many things and shared many memories. lt has been the best thanks for all the memories! "Keahi" " It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." - W. Somerset Maugham 1994 Thirteen year gang: " If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older." - A. Sutzkever The Underclassmen; " The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person s determination. -

L.H. I wish you stayed in VB my senior year it would have been fun. Take care and good luck with tennis. H .O .Y ou're part of the best defense on the island. I'm glad you came out here! Keep the Kamakani wining streak H.H. vVhat are you going to do when I'm gone? Take Care! S.C. Tia. the park now that's something I won't forget! We have so many memories mat I don't know what to

Deanna Brinch Ah, Liz, what a cracker she is! Kcere Kaeling, tak for alt. Du er min kaereste venine, og jeg glemmer aldrige vores tid her sammen. Vi ser hinanen i framtiden, det er sikkert, men det bliver et anden liv, i et anden verden. Long live Willow, smut books, Grunge, Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, and extreme states of drunken stupors! (Heh, heh!) When I think on thee, dear friend, All losses are restor'd, and sorrows end. To Kristian- You're not half bad. Keep riding (Miss Mouse rules!). Ben- Be nice! My deepest appreciation goes to the Horse Program, especially Mr. Solmssen, Nancy, and Judy. It is the best thing about HP A, and the reason why I stayed here until graduation. I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun. Only the good die young!

Brynly K ehalelau koa L ow ery Brow n

A .K .A . "Busy Baker"

Waiki'i H a w a ii/11 years H .P.A ./C ross C ountry/D iving /T rack /M aster chef+ FLUTTERBLASTER! Mom+Dad-Lililililili Its been a long time since I've said that. Thankyou for eveything you have done for me.There was nothing that you wouldn't do. I'm sorry for all the awful,nasty,horrible,terrible things that I did. I don't deserve you. I love you.Fluterblasts, cap't cook + boss, Hey there stud.Champ! Love Nit.(deeds) Nanea-Nani-baby.You are such a spaz. Stop following me around you little freap! My little monkey girl. Mimou.'T'm a creep","Plush".Boogs. Lets go watch soap poppers. Sisters,sisters.I love you, don't turn out like me. Friends-I love you all. You are so special to me. I wouldn't have made it through "this" with out you. Friendship means a lot to me,sometimes its all I need. I don't have much to give you,but if all you had to offer was a smile, it would be enough. I love you. "You appeal to me so tenderly that I deserted the heavens"-The Green Serpent. "The stars above my head I felt about my feet the sea."-Emily

Dickenson G.S. family-YasooHThank you so much,you showed me a different life. I miss you so much. I love you. Peponi? Baklava? love bryn. GS friends- My heart aches for an amstel or a Kamikazi. What we have is everything, I never want to lose you. I miss you and love you. Love, me. Mumsie+Pop-I love you. You've made me so happy, "bryn dear". Thank you for all the love and support you have given me. now let's go shopping!! The Brown family-what!Family picture time. I love you so much, thanks for all the support. You are all so,well um...different.Hey nani go get fo' uncle one beer.Thanks for taking me to Disney land. The Bates family-Thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done without you. Your hospitality amazes me. Thank you for everything. Come to Keawaiki any time . I love you.

Bryson,Honmafand all the ones that didn't kick me out.)-Thank you for believing in me and giving me the chance I needed. I'm glad I stayed, thank you. Jake,Jane,Boo-Boo,Prince-Oh my little bits) pookums. Brinny wuvs her babies. Pootypies. ILY. I'm sorry I ran over you Boo-Boi "In India,when the night falls, a sad montonous song is sung in a low voice, a j slow, wild song, like the distant yawn of a beast of prey-the song of the tiger. Mans j heart flutters and seeks an outlet as he wail in tense expectation." -Zorba the Greek "I lay down, fell asleep, and the whole night through I wandered in orange grove! -Zorba the Greek "The flame birds waited, like a bed of j coals, glowing on the cool smooth sands, j The white canopy balooned on the night wind, flapping softly, tied by a thousand green ribbons to the birds" -Ray Bradbury LNB-Lets go tickle. I wish you were here t( see me. love bryn I miss you Jock.ILY

Kelly Rose Buscher p/aim ea/ H PA11 y e a rs/ G ym nastics/ C ross-country/ S occer/ Track/ Cum Laude j& P : I love you & I like you sm o much! Thanks |r giving me a life I can smile upon. lama: Thanks for being my best friend & listener, bil're precious, Mama & I'm glad I'm just like pu inside... iddv: Thanks for giving me a hero to believe in. re learned a lot from you... BAH!BAH!BAH! toRte the rest of the wrestle daddy... aidi: You could never understand how much lu've influenced my life. I thank God for my ipricorn sister... thanks for teaching me how to assage, the nights of philosophy, and for having ways believed in my youthful mind... I love you. Hi: Thanks for all the very fine moments... sittin i top of the world! You've been a special special >ter & are still the best hugger in the world. How out a burrito? I love you. B.- my fellow goog. Thanks for taking care of me I these years... I'll miss having my buddy to play ith. 1 love you. ;ana: wassup cuz? You so goofy G. Thanks for aring imaginations with me. I love ya wierdo. ava: I'll always think of you... and dreaming and ilghing. Thanks for the shoulder to lean & laugh kand for understanding me. You've got an

amazing spirit and I treasure the confidence you've given my soul. BFF Donkeyhead. Don't worry-we'll get those viruses. I love you, Smusher. Heathe: you've given me so much. I will always love the fact that there was a Heathamus Gordamus Maximus who w as too beautiful a person for words, who taught me that "beauty is interpreted, not defined", and who loved my giggles. Friends Jar life. Kim: I'm gonna miss seeing your smile & bright eyes everyday. Wanna go catch waves with me on the kayak? Kids Incorporated... paperdolls... fart runs... keep singing and dancing. I love you forever. Heather: "I like New York in' hout you?" I admire your strength & kindness & funny faces.. thanks for being with me in my goofiest of moments. Now I'm gonna go find my Hick and become a farmer. ILY TONS & TONS. Alia: whenever I see a sunflower I'll think of Alia with the picturesque legs, whose car lights go berserk & who was running away from the dog that was biting her towel... I love you, my friend.; Sienna: thanks for being so kind. Love ya. Alexa: "If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine"... funny walks... lets build a treehouse across the stream... Lindsay: thanks for reminding me to laugh. Margo: my buddy in the trees & in the mud. ILY. Whitnev: I admire your life... especially your laugh. Laura: I've never met anyone so happy- thanks for giving me an I do! Sandra: I dig it when you have a smile on your face! Brvnlv: little girl from Kiawaiki... ILY. Clare: "the soldier

earhe knocking upon the queen's door..." led. Andy, laisv. lade. Morgan. Karl. Meg, Cvbele. Rebekah. Stacy. Michi. Kristen & Michiko: "Glad to have a friend like you!" Mr. Conley: Ypu dirty old man..It must have been hilarious to watch me finally get the courage to grow up and get tough. Thanks for the lessons on mind power. The Cross Country Team: I've had some darn great times with you all -thanks guys. Mr. Durnan. Mr. Hall. Mr. Otto & Mr. Bryson- you define "teacher"-thanks. "Yeah, but what can you do?"Homer Simpson "I trust that nothing can make life a burden to me." Thoreau "I am satisfied-I see, dance, laugh, sing..." Walt Whitman "Now I stand on this spot with my soul." Walt Whitman CARPE DIEM I'd like to be a farmer.

Mom & Dad: I 'm fin e ly g o in g to g r a d u a te a n d I c o u ld n t n a v e m a d e it w ith o u t y o u . T h a n k s f o r a ll th e lo v e a n d s u p p o r t. I love you and I'm going to m iss you! ( But do n 't worry, I'll be h a c k .) Amy: I'm sorry for m aking you the person that I take all m y aggressions out on. Good luck in high-schooL I w ish I could be there i too. D on 't go out with any o f m y friends! Ellen: N O, you don't have a big butt, so d o n 't ask m e again. Thanks for taking me to all the parties. Good luck at M anoa. Ha Ha! Lori: W ell w e're both graduating at about the sam e tim e, bu t the funny thing is your alm ost six years older than me. I f l ever need to see a psychologist, y ou 'll be the first person I call. T o the class o f 1994: Jed : " Brotha "Th an ks for alw ays giving me a place to stay. Sorry about the big balL I hope I did n't ruin your H allow een. I hope you find a killer w om an in college. ( or m aybe th re e ) Lucas: Com e stay at m y house. D on 't forget you r board. W e 11 go party. You can drive. "Bucked Rogers". No. it w as only "Buck R ogers", N O! it w as "Bucked Rogers"! Silence o f the lam bs w as a pretty good m ovie. Sage: I ride m y bike in tow n all the time. I d o n 't understand how you do it. Eric: Lets go surf Paniau. Can I borrow your sunscreen. Too bad it d id n 't protect me, because I g ot the w orst sunburn o f m y life, and it w asn 't even sunny. N oah: Play som e tunes for me. Jim m y rules. Lets go to Paniau during our free periods. Karl: "M eat M an " I got a good idea, lets egg the Dom inoes Pizza m an. A ll because o f you, I had to w ork tw enty hours com m unity service cleaning bathroom s w ith som e guy nam ed M onroe dow n at H apuna. But don't w orry because I took m y "lu n ch b o x " with me. A ri: Cleaning bathroom s w ith M onroe w as cool bu t I think I saw him w earing m y shoes. Shrapnoles are pretty cool. I w ish I could do them. Jason : I w on't w rite anything bad ( I probably w ouldn't w rite anything bad a n y w ay .) in here because I know you r m om w ill read it. H i M rs. Holtz. Clayton: Your the man! Sorry for farting in your room. k e a : C rack rules. D on't let anyone tell you different. H aga: From skater to cow boy. T h at's quitea change. Keala: I'm proud to have hinge blocked with you. Sled drills rule. Especially after w e lose. Ellis: Scout team rules. Keola: Beavis & Butt H ead rock. Your the only person I know w ho can recite every episode word for word. D aniel: T hanks for alw ays rem inding me about "B o x lun ch " every single day since football cam p finished. J.P .: " clogiger " D on 't pinch anyones butt w hile they are drinking w ater from the w ater fountain, because it's dangerous. And if you do, d o n 't laugh because it s n ot funny. H ayato: " Jo e " " M y nam e is H ayato and I love fo o tb a ll" D am ien: D on 't hate m e because I suck at N intendo. Thanks for the touchdow n. I'll never forget it. Brent: T hanks for instating m y stereo. It slam s. C hris D: Snow boarding in T ahoe w as unreal. I hope I see you there next year. Jon ah : " Luffy " W hy do they call you that? Egging at K arl's, then sleeping in m y car, then Cat W om an at K arl's house. Asa: Surfings for the birds. N inia: Party, your house. I'll bring the m arshm allow s. Chubby Bunny. I nad eight in m y m outh and now there som ew here in your yard. "I N EV ER " peed on anyone in the shower. Jaizy : Rem em ber the seventh grade, w hen I first cam e to H .P.A .? I'v e been follow ing you around ever since then. Thanks M ichiko: W atching the stars at Pinetrees w as fun. Expecially with those tw o little kids telling jokes. M ichi: Y o u 're the fastest girl in our school. W hy did n't you com e out for football? Kim: You know that I'm your m ost loyal SA D D m em ber. I think I deserve m ore SA D D T-shirts or som ething. M organ & Jad e: Thanks for the bench. Sienna: "R ain W om an" I saw you looking. M eg S: "San d y" G rease rules Natasha: T ry for go get m e som e wada. Brynly: You can draw the best flow ers in the whole school.

Andy Carlson Kona./6 Years/4 yrs. Football/Track/8 yrs. Surfing A lexa: Eighth grade dinner dance and Sophom ore year Prom. T hat w as som e good fun. H eathe : W h ere's m y cookie? C ybele: I still h av en 't run through the hills filled w ith flow ers w ith the wind blow ing in m y hair. I guess "good things com e to those w ho w ait." To the un d erclassm en N ate: "E g g Bandits" rule. Com m unity service sucks. Fruit bow ls rule. Running from the pigs sucks. W atching C at W om an rules. Lets go w atch m ovies at K arl's house. Bring your wallet. Brady: I never new that you could run a 4.9 Richard: T he Joe M ontana o f H.P. A. That bom b in Kona w as there! Trever: If you ever get o ff of cam pus restriction, th en l'll take you surfing. Peter D : Thanks for telling m e that I w as standing in uke. ky: Clucks dig m e because I surf. Eric M : Y our the best dancer I'v e ever seen W illy: You w ould be in m uch better shape if you

did n't m iss every M onday practice for the past two years. Billy P: Y our the best d a m nosegaurd I ever played with. Laura D: Spring Break, Tahoe 92 & 93. Incline rules. Royce: I hope you g et license soon, because I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t 'd riv e you next year. Jenny Lee: Thanks for being the nicest person I know. You'll alw ays be in m y m em ories. Tepa, Sarah, Lianne & Joy: Tanks for da w ater ah. Sarah: Sleeping on your couch is m ore com fortable than m y bed. Sum m er: I m issed you in Japanese this year. Super N intendo at you r house rules. Pua & Jam ie: W e had the deepest conversations on the w ay hom e. D on 't tell anyone. Tyson: I'll be their soon. C an 't wait. Coach Bryson: Thanks for giving m e a chance. I'll never forget it. T hanks to: T he Rotts, Easleys, Ednies, W hittam ores, Balbi Brooks, Coach M arciel, Chinen, Shaw , Provensal, Kenny & Joy, Perry, Shutes, Teachers: H ughes, H onm a, M atsuda, Solm ssen.

Asa Charles Cascavilla [Kona Hi/HPA 4 yrs./Soccer/Surfing llom and Dad- Thanks for putting up with me, end taking care of me! I love you guys very much! I owe everthing to you guys. fetan-Thanks for washing my clothes, and help me jut, especially with money. Grandma Ina-Thanks for the support. Laleo and Tyler-You guys now Know the rules! )ld School bulls! larl-Your the man! To much to list. The meat ran! >amien-If only more people were like you? ide-We been through alot. Thanks for all the inches! Seems like we were just freshmen, esterday. Pinetrees rules? Take care. lim-No D.U.I.'s. 4.0 all the way! Your nice. lichi-The best female soccer player around! By ir! ienna-U.B. 40 that concert was fun! D. Dancing, our cool! ebekah-Rusty Harpoon was junk. But Ranch louse rules! tar-Freshman campout? That was a trip. Glad 'ere friends. auren-TYLER! YA! tacey-Irie Heights!


lepa-Peace. Bate-Your classic! |>avid-Get blunted! gP.-We been cuzs since kids. Take care good luck It college! |i-Tahiti in four years! I got to get your limber. fcinoa-What purple again? Nah you â&#x2013; ol even though you forgot me.

Jed-When are you going to teach me how! Lucas- What cuz! Kauai rules. Focused. Matt D., Hubbard and, Cleave-Tahiti went off. We go cruz this summer! Surf some rock point! Having the time of our life! Bomer-Good luck next year. Stacey and Silvia-Pinetrees Mack! Ninia-Well we have been through alot! Im glad were friends again. Keola-The Man! Jonah and Jeff-You guys are nuts! Andy-Got your new board yet! Luuki'a-I hope things fall into place. Your smart huh. I care! Really, I do! ILY Taylor and Trevor-Waipio and lighthouse missons, almost flipping my truck. IRIE HEIGHTS! Rob D.-You got good taste in music! Alexa-Thanks for working for me. I owe you one. Brynly-I'm sorry. I hope you dont hate me. Good luck next year. Sorry this is so generic. Morgan-Thanks for the bench. Cybele-Spanish class, Mr. Cambell, 15, Pinetrees that was fun! Mara-Can't believe were seniors. Partying my house, partying Nate's house. Raging! Good luck. Mike-The mac daddy of them all. Melinda wow, your the man! Blake-The best roommate I ever had. Kauai rules! Cy and Haga-The chi chi men! Don't go to U.H. Hilo Cy. Meagan C.-Where's my water! Your nice. Pua-I like one ride to School!

Mental Girl-You owe me money. Nah take care of your self. Brent and J.Z.-Hooked! Brent the master installer. Jen Y.-What's up snob! Nah only joke, good luck. Jenny L.-Matt's a lucky man. Your nice all the time, Thanks. Jason and Ari-Party at Kamuela Inn! Irie! Clayton-Da Bull! Race you to school. T.J.-Your truck is bad! Teger! Eric M.-The true John Travolta. Jock's house, Maya's house. Going off!! Good luck to :,Summer, Jaime, Sarah, Ethan, Devon, Cindy, Jamuna, Kelly, ChrisD., Michiko, Maya, Maile, Meagan, Redza, Mika, Hayato, Royce, Eli, Tara, Sky, Ita, Mrs. Y., Clare, Emi, Umi, Christine, Meg S., T., Alex, Gabe, Ryan, Tiffany, Helene, Woody, Lianne, both Yoshi s, Sean R. Lindsay and anyone else I forgot. -Turn out the lights and close the door, But for what we dont love them tricks. Snoop Dog -Wake up and turn I loose Bob Marley and the Wailers Yo we out!

To my family: Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I think I make the right choice to come to HPA.Thank you for always standing by me no matter what happenea.1 love you all. In Alphabetical order: All the Taiwanese:You Girls are great but troublesome! ( just kidding) I never understand you. Arjun Clarry: Lets hike up to Mauna Kea again. W e should stay at HPA this time. I think we can make it within a week. Atsuma N.,Yusuke S.: My X room-mate, don't stay up too late like me! Get some sleep. Sleep is good for you guys. Class of 1993:1 love your fish ond, I mean fountain, own Kim: Good to see you again this year! Don't sleep in the common again even though your room is hot. Dominic Chavez: It was great being prefect with you.Thanks for your help. Eric Bollinger:Am I the only man who stay up late until 2:00am every mght in Hartwell's. I will try to go to bed earlier, 1:59am. Eric Ho: Thanks for all your CD, I know you don't mind, right. We go through our classes together this year. Erwin Djaja Papaya: (Turkey)There is some kind of Voodoo. Don't forget to find Leon's guitar. Catch a 50IB fish. Be strong, like a champion in Waikiki. Hayato Yamaguchi: Tough guy.I know you love football,right. Jeffrey Young: How do you like HPA? Enjoy your time m here. See you in H.K. Jon, Phillip: Turn down your stereo! I am trying to sleep! Kenneth Kao: (Cow)Be a nice guy! (That's all I can tell you.) Kristian Sanchez: (Sperm Whale);Thank you for all the jokes. I really appreciated. Don't get lost again. Leon,Chris.M: Have fun in Singapore. Be sure to practice your intense pleasure. Mamiko, Yumi, Emi: It was great TT , _ T_ , r â&#x2013; > i n â&#x2013;  / n r knowing you guys. Finally, we went Hong Kong / HPA 2 years / Judo / Swimming / L)orm 1 retec through all our history classes. Room 334 H artw ell's/ 2:00 A.M. Noah Phillips: I know you hate the people your age. Some day they will Mrs Piltz: My first English teacher in understand you. HPA. Nothing more than saying Thank Sandra Chan: They always put your You. page that has happened in these two mail in my mail box! Mr Hall: I can never stay awake in your year. I love HPA. lh a te to say good bj Tanva,Suvit,Kaisit: You guys are great, class. b u t ... I guess this is it... have fun in here. What is the capital of Mr, Mrs Rizzuto: Thanks for all the Thailand? advice and help. Kevin Chan Class of 1994: We are the biggest class in Mr Wilder: (5 seconds,group one, ready! the history of HPA! Good luck to Go!) I will swim hard. Thames coach. everybody! Ottos:Thanks for all the love and care. How can I put down all my existence Ms Donahue: Thanks for driving all our in HPA on this international students to Hilo to take the 1994 TOFEL. Have fun with the IES.


Kevin Chan Chun Yin

Sandra Chan o n a,H aw ai'i/12 y ears/C ro ss C ountry/T rack/Student Council la n d D ad: Thank y o u for giving m e all you could and putting ith m e. ony: Surprising to m ost, y ou do talk a lot. Thanks for trusting 3 m uch; I hope I deserved it.

Inda: Y es, I'll ad m it to the w orld

that w e a re tw ins, bu t w e're n al tw ins. I can 't believe that y o u r m om thinks w e look alike, >e sh e's giving you a hint? Ju st think w h at the teachers m ust of u s, especially Bleckel. W e m ay be loud, w e m ay be ying, bu t at least w e alw ays laughed. L ove chihuahua sounds ■than love g reat d ane, huh? I w o n d er if o u r lives revolve id food. H o w m uch did w e eat? Y es m other, linee I hav e the final say here, y ou are the sm arter one. Thanks lifting u p w ith all m y com plaints. I o w e so m uch o f m y ihess to you. See, anger can accom plish a lot. W hat did you fly say to him ? Y ou and Cafe Pesto m u st have a special onship ( I know , it do esn't happen in H ilo). Running has to be hobby. (M ikala): I'm glad you finally found the right bag. All those to and from school (paper w ad fights, scrounging for food); you w ish w e could live those all o v er again?(right) Y ou've a wonderful friend. Thanks. jjI t : Stop putting yourself do w n so m uch. Y o u 're so sw eet love you so m uch! T hank you for stopping m e from m aking a big m istake. Y o u 'v e m ade m y life perfect. I'll alw ays love

la: Y ou 'v e alw ays hav e had confidence in m e an d that's m ore [ can say for m yself. O ur frid ay lunches w ere am using, :ially w ith Jam una aro und. Y ou are one of the few I can trust. Ik you. Ifer: So how are y o u r cousins doing(cough, co u g h Bryan)? I : knew som eone as over protective as y ou. Poison w as fun. it it, sh e favored you! T hat gu y a t the airp o rt w as not cute. I you just hav e w eird taste, nah. Y ou know , you could sell pictures. Thanks for being there for me. a: I guess I ju st hav e bad aim , o r m aybe I m eant to do it. I you 'll never know . Y ou have quite a sw eet tooth, bu t I don't (I need those eight-three grams of fat). Just do it. Isn’t fun to r 'Arjun?

ina: You are weird, but at least you’re definitely unique. I don’ t fat calves; you’re just jealous. I guess predictions aren’t what you do What did you say again? Oh, I thought you said that (that’ s sj||g). At least you do admit that you have a dirty mind; in fact, ibly everyone in Ceramics does. Tabasco must be your favorite Thanks for always smiling; you don’t know how often you’ve leoed up my day. The sixties is definitely your decade. "sw ear you laugh at everything I do. I really thought that was a



H’Sien: I still say you pronounce your nam e in correctly, but I d on’ t h an d D ad: Thank y o u for giving m e allky o f cu , could K i » and putting lr‘

brain. Y e s , w e can eat at the restaurant. W on tons anyone? Is that K im scream in g again ? Y o u ’v e gotten m e addicted to straw berry cream ch eese. T h an k y ou fo r b ein g th ere fo r m e. Megan S.: Y o u gu ys w ant Fruity P eb b les that m uch. Y o u ’re o n e o f the sw eetest p eop le I know . I hope your life is everything you w ant it to be; you d eserve it. T h an k s fo r everything. Heathe: E v ery tim e I see you your look in g at the B io lo g y book. I f you looked up, m aybe y ou ’d no tice all those guys staring at you. S o , how m uch do you think w e did learn from C am p b ell? I ’m not a s w eird as you think I am , you’v e ju s t caught m e at m y w eird m om ents. Y o u ’ re a great friend. S tarr: S o , what rumors have you heard about m e lately? A ny o f them true? Y o u are a great person. Michi: Y o u have to do T ra c k . So rry , fo r alw ays b oth ering you about it. Y o u ’re ju s t too fast. Alia: S e e , I did w rite som ething to you ! I ’m sorry fo r m aking you stay up so late ju s t to do that stupid p roject on cakes. Y e s , I do analyze too much but you analyze m e, so yo u ’re ju s t as bad. Y o u ’ re a w onderful friend. S o m e how you alw ays seem to brighten m y day. I ’ ll m iss you. Leif: H ow m any cla sse s have w e taken together? I know you worked really hard in Span ish class. T h an k s fo r m aking m e laugh sp much.

Heather: W e ’re the on ly tw o w ho d on’t think T rack runners are lazy. T ra ck rules! I don’ t know why I didn’t recogn ize at Country K itchen. W asn ’ t the food there d eliciou s, esp ecially their ham burgers and their sp ecial b uns? A lo t o f guys have liked you. Y o u d on’t have to b eliev e m e. I ’ ll ju s t cry . T h anks fo r b eing the p erfect friend. Robbie A.: G iv e m e your d og now ! H ow is N acho doin g? I guess he w ouldn’t lik e m e anym ore, sin ce I put M iranda’s g lasses on him . I do and ca n eat m ore than you. T h ai food sounds good right now . S o does Italian. A s a m atter o f fa ct any food sounds good right now . W hy don’t w e e at all o f it? I still have to get you b ack fo r chok ing those three tim es. H ow do you do th at? D id you no tice how all those d esserts m oved toward m e. I ’ll m iss you next y ear. Alex W .: Y o u ca n ’t h ave m y car. No, I ’m not going to sell it when I go to co lle g e. A re you sure sh ingles aren’t con tagiou s? T h anks fo r alw ays m ak ing m e laugh. Arjun: I know you like som eone, and ju st w on’ t tell m e who. I guess M irand a lied to you, but to tell you the truth, sh e’s the e v il one in the fam ily. S o , is it true about w hat John S c o tt w rote to you in your yearb ook? Whitney: I have to adm it that you are beautiful, and you could be a m odel. Y o u ’re m y hero. Y o u are a w onderful person. Y ou never fail to m ake m e laugh. D o n ’ t worry, you didn’t w ake m e up, I w as ju s t trying to sleep. I w ish I could bring you to co lle g e w ith m e. I’ ll w rite it o f f for m edical reasons. I know this doesn’t m ake sen se, but do I ev er? Thank you fo r b eing here fo r me. Helene: W e can let all o f them eat healthy food, and w e’ ll go get the fat filled food. A t least w e’ll alw ays be happy.

mind. Y o u are one o f the few people that sleep e v en less than I do. I hope a ll the hard w ork in everything pays o ff. L au ra D.: T h anks fo r letting m e m ake that phone c a ll from M aui. Y o u ’re a w onderful and sw eet person. I hope your sen io r y ear w orks out to be easie r than this on e. Y o u are sm art. C ross-C ountry: W e gon e through so m uch tog eth er(p ain !!!), but w e also survived it together. T h anks for a ll the good tim es. H ow m any o f you actu ally eat real food? 4 by 100 relay team: M akin g states was alw ays a last minute accom p lishm ent (at B I I F o r B I I F Q ualifying). T h is year, I hope we m ade the finals. Th anks fo r goin g through hell w ith me. I w ish the b est to: S .R . A .B . D.A.WR .G . L .M . S .K . R .K . J e f f E . B .B . V .L . J .L . T .H . C .B . M a ile and M .D .

M r Bleckel: It must have been quite an adventure to have both M iranda and I in your physics c la ss, but y ou should be proud to have survived it. T h an k y ou fo r h aving so m uch c onfid ence in m e. I ’m sure at tim es it w asn’t e asy. I ’m still mad at you fo r not b eing here m y sen io r year. Mr. Bryson: B efo re my sophom ore year I thought that I could never b ecom e a d ecent writer, and you chan ged that. T h e pain w as worth it. T h an k you fo r everything. M r. Durnan: Y e s, I ’m a p erfection ist, or at least I w as o ne until I took your c lass. 1 don’ t know why you com plained about my handwriting so much. Y o u ’re ju s t lucky that I didn’ t write in cursiv e. Th ank you for caring so m uch and fo r those w onderful son gs. I want you to know that that birthday son g is still stuck in my head. M r. Honma: 1 can tell you that in that little incident in M aui, I did not do it. Y o u r conversation with L e if on the bus rides have alw ays been entertaining. I can tell that you don’ t w atch T .V . too oflen (right). Th anks fo r being there for the past four y ears. Y o u ’re right, my handwriting isn ’t that bad. Mr. Conley: W hat can 1 say. I ’m a sprinter. T h anks for putting up w ith my com plaints; I d id n 't really m ean them . Mr. H all and you think too much alike. Mr. Hughes: Th anks fo r g ivin g m e that jo b this sum m er; you c a n never have too m uch m oney. Y o u have alw ays been there to give m e advise. Y o u ’re right, so m eo n e's w alk can say a lot about them.

M om & D ad: Thanks for putting up with m e over the years and thanks for believing in me. Y our support helped m e to m ake it, although I should have listened to your advice m ore than I did. M uch Love. Kev.Kenny.& Steve: You m ay not believe this, but you guys show ed m e w hat w as right and w rong, and w hat to do and som etim es N OT to do! I'll never forget the good times: Cow m an and Fishing Tales, C am ping at Lundy, Pizza and golf! M ary.H arold.M ike & David: I'm lucky to have grow n up so close to you guys. M ary: thanks for believing in me, even though m y m om som etim es didn't(haircut). Harold: thanks for just being you; I think I'm too old for the banjo, though. M ike: good luck out there in the real world and stay in touch. D avid: you 're the last one big guy; m ake us proud. Old School Crew: Javier^cott,Tim,Augie,Dean,Jorge,An tanas,Andy,Grant,Mike H .,John A., and any others I'v e probably forgotten: "W here are you!!" Eric B.: G olfing in front o f your house! Putting up with N oah and Blake. I think you 've had enough o f XW IN G. Pow erBars and sody. You look tired! Tell Kreuger to shut up! The Chlorine has gotten to your head son. G ot any piping hot ham? Noah: W hat's your problem , better yet w hat's M oe's problem . "You aren 't now , but have you ever been a m em ber o f the com m unist p arty." O u r pockets w ill be fat if we rent out your house! G et out of m y room ! G ive m e a PowerBar! N o M ercy! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ! H anapa'a!!! W e'll use the captain for chum. You are a disgrace to this w hole establishm ent! C ream C heese and H am sandw iches: T hat's the grossest thing I'v e ev er seen! B la k e:"W h at, you w anna die n ow !" 'T h a t's the grossest thing I've ever seen !" "3 -5 -3 " "Y ou need som e handle bars in this co m er!" V eggie Subs, cheap, bu t gross. Your strictly a W H A T kind o f guy?!? "I have an announcem ent for this hall: I'M T H IR STY !!!" W h at's LB stand for again? K ris H .: A.P. Bio: "W h at are they talking about" W hat's B en's problem ! Pork C lub m em ber and president. Pool Gam es. CY: Sasquach: the balding m issing link. G ood laughs! D am ien&T.P.: Stick to you r day jobs as football players cuz as D .J.'s you guys w ould be unem ployed.(N ah)! Brent: N ext tim e y ou 're in C om pton, stop b y Long Beach and w e'll party! K arl: H ow 's the fruit bow l! Sophom ore year, good laughs! W h ere's the B-beater! Keola: M rs. M oore's english. W hat's that sound, oh its S am 's car. Mr. Bryson's english: "Jad e stop hitting us with the ru ler" "H E Y Jade w hat are you doing, knock it o ff." G ood laughs! Trojan Horse: hey w h at's that sm ell and w here's M rs. M oore's class! Tason H .: W ilder's class. W h at's that guy grow ing? W hat did you say the leading export was? Lucas H: Pipe dow n o r get pipped. Please H am m er don't hurt em ' G ot any m ore pow dered pow er drinks. 'T h e re 's no w ords to describe you r actions" Lindsay: Y o u 're too easy to m ake fun of! English C lass:D on’t take it personal! K im G : The sam e goes for you too! Y o u 're too nice, get m ean! I'v e know n you on and o ff too m uch, but at least I got a chance to know you: G ood Luck! M ike S.: Shum ate Slam! Hayato(Toe): G olfing on the polo field! T I: Mr. O lym pia himself. Chris P .: Strait out tha Ghetto! W here w ould you hide $500? H ow m any tim es have I told you, now I'll have to sm ack you around again! H ow m uch m oney do I owe you for gas? Philip H.: Hot-Finger. M organ: W e have to m eet on Sundays?!? An extracirricular class w ith tw o girls?: som ebody m ay get the w rong idea! H eathe: jN os hablam os espanol aqui! W e need to stop m eeting like this. Sienna: Y o u 're the dum best sm art person I know (nah just kidding)! You ride that exercise bike so well you should get a varsity letter for it. Brynly B.: Spanish Class: Richard is a bad influence on a sw eet and innocent guy like me. Vaiheria: M s. M ichel's table: "S it dow n and I'll get the A1 sauce" M eg: Are you really lost or is it ju st an act? Alexa: English class: Poor Mrs. M oore, how long can she put up w ith us? Ninia: Sorry 'bout the croquet set, it w asn 't m y fault! Jade: Y ou're getting too buff! -To the rest of the im portant people who I ran out of space and tim e to include: Ari B.,Jonah,Jed E.,Jaisy J.,M aya B.,A sa,Andy C.,M ichi H .,Kalei,Cybele S.,Redza T .,Jon A .,Stacy K.,Lauren IT., M ichiko D., Rebekah, and any others I'v e probably forgotten: Good Luck and just CHIIIIIIILL! U N D ER C L A SS: B illy P.: Robert Kakala fan club m em ber and president. You know how I hold it, but they d on't!John R.: T engo un

Dominic Michael Chavez California/3 yrs./CellBlock 326 (Paroled for Junior Year) congrejo grande para el varrio. Put in a flat bed truck w ith m ariachi bands playing, w e w ould be heros. Good tim es and laughs! D on't hurt anyone next year and keep the D ream aliveiK ain oa: "W hat bu s driver, gotta drain your lizard " G ood laughs.T a y lo r K .: "W hat!! You know w here the gloves are" Breakfast laughs! R o b O 'D .: Just rem em ber w ho show ed you this school and then left. H eim ata: Do as I say and you w o n 't get hurt! Y o sh i K.: Can I borrow a CD for a couple m onths? Let's try that hook pattern again. I know you have all those pow er drinks so you can look like m e, but face it I'm just too m uch! R ich ard B.: M r. Gallegos Spanish. W rite a story about the turtle and the m an. M r G allegos: "B en is such a loser" W e all know the w om an's place. "I alw ays have to bring a sw eater to w ear over m y leg s"Eth an P.: Can I have som e licorice? "S h e said, daddy if I had som e on m y chin w ould those be c h in , I said hell no you 'd have a your Jo Ji: D on't m ake m e hurt you! Lifting crazy am ounts o f w eight!C h ris S.: D on 't you know I'm LOCO! You broke you w rist doing w hat??!N ate W.: l’dhate to see you next year.(N ah ju s joking). -To the rest of you sorry underclassm en: W e're leaving and y ou 're not!

Q UO TES: "I w alk alone; m y state of m ind is hom e sw eet hom e'' | — N aughtyByN ature "187 on an undercover cop" — Snoop Dog "It's gettin hot out here, you best go on inside" — Officer Ponch "T h e nam e is Fred G. Sanford, the G is for G 'W elcom e — Red Foxx "G ive m e a club soda and Ripple, I call it cripple" I — Red Foxx " I'm Kid D ynooom ite" — J.J. W alker "T h is ain 't no sippin' tea" — Chris Dods PA Z TO TH E CLASS O F '94 -and I'm out like Buster

fighting. - Maxims of Ptahhotep , c. 3400 B.C. The formula 'two and two makes five' is not without its attractions. - Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground, 1864

Lisa Genevieve Connor Caneohe, H aw aii,Am nesty International, Speech and )ebate, Dorm Prefect we receive three educations, one rom our parents, one from our choolmasters, and one from the ^orld. The third contradicts all hat the first two teach us. - Montesquieu Vords - so innocent and >owerless as they are, as tanding in a dictionary, how

potent for good and evil they become, in the hands of one who knows how to combine them! - Nathaniel Hawthorne, American Notebooks, 1841-52 Be a craftsman in speech that thou mayest be strong, for the strength of one is the tongue, and speech is mightier than all

Kealani Robinson Cook Kamuela, H i/4 yrs/Footb all/W restlin g/T rack /N ew sp ap er MOM AND DAD-thanks for paying for me, and supporting m e , I love you both. P.S. you might have to pay for another four years or so. TO THE WRESTLING TEAM- good luck to all of you. TO THE FOOTBALL TEAM-#1. TO THE FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF- thank you for the last four years. TO HUGHES LANCE AND LEOthank you for kicking my butt. WILLIE-good luck you bloody oaf PETE-EAT MORE HAGA-it's been nice knowing you oh great chum master CY,KEALA,BEAVIS OR WHATEVER YOUR CALLING YOURSELF NOW-hi how are you, may life be merciful on those who cross your path, for they risk the wrath of the dwarf god. relax, you really need to DL

BROTHER JED-good luck to you and your harem. BILLY-stupid redneck HEIMATA-work on your get offs you need it. Good luck. LUCAS-thickness himself, good luck DANIEL, JP,JONAH,KARL,ANDY,KEOLA AND DAMIEN- I suppose you guys helped a little, so thanks. MARC- nuts cooperson good luck you look like beavis get a new haircut. KAHEA-you Sam wannabe, new car so what do you do crash it. sell the beamer fix the rover JAMUNA-stop hanging around Leif he'll mess with your mind LEIF-good luckfnot like you need it) MELINDA-uhhh hi do you still like him ,1 thought so . Follow your heart, not anyones advice

SHANNON-hockey is cool eh And finally to JEFF- your fricking crazy. The diaries of fire and ice were j cool but someday I think I'll make my 1 own company, you can come work foil m e.

"Check it out that dog has a bone manj oh thats so cool man, hughes stop thej van" Matt Ventura

Marc Evan Cooperson Kailua-Kona Hi / Tennis 3 years/ Turtle-Tagging om and D ad- Y ou've stuck by me, no matter tat I've chosen. You've been m y guiding ht through these past years. You ve made lecisions clear. I love you. Only one estion rem ains; am I really related to Megan? if Blacv afinda N elson- This year has m som e bad craziness. Remem ber, tnework is som ething you do, when you're red of doing nothing. nun a- Bew are the black mamba. Keep I'te hands off Joanna, she's mine. bert- You're only cool for the style. Dallas :ks. Eagles #1!! hea- Excuse me... we're taking a survey. ilia- You are a real woman. D on't let anyone you differently. Especially Jamuna. Laters e llis -1 w ant you to hit him so hard, he has it bubbles com ing out of his nose. Kill 'em let the param edics sort 'um out. I give you 3 years out of high school to get arrested and own in jail. Laters pimp. Body Count's in : house. r crack- " boldly go where no man has :r gone before." rsH PA / 4 yrs football/ 4 yrs wrestling/ 1 ir newspaper i just a sim ple caaaaaaaavemaaaaaaan. Nah, t Kidding. Good times these past few years, been real. Laters punk. mna- It was good run talking w ith you this ir. Take care. Maybe I'll see you in Oregon, ig- Shmeg, you've been a great friend. I m

gonna miss you. Tennis and Japanese was bad w ith you. Laters. D am ien- Uh oh, w hat's that smell? Mr. Hughes is coming, quick put it ilnder the hood. Stacy- Words can't describe the true friendship w e share; so I w on't even try to find them. Nah. Since sophomore year, you've been there with a smile. Thanks. Alexa- Dislexa, Poster girl for the Body O f Steel workout tape. That's the way it's supposed to be, damit! It's been fun. See you. Tuice D ispenser- You've got some killer friends from Kohala. Hook me up. These past three years have been nuts. Going agro on Kea has been the highlight of my day. Good luck in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. I'll come see you and tell everyone I taught you everything you know. And don't worry, I don t believe everything people have been saying about you. Laters. Rob- You're the man Rob. 'nough said. L a s i-1 love you woman. I loveahitting with you. You made tennis a lot more fun. Good luck next year. To the crew in Jersey: Seth- stoop sitting, Cape May, Poconos, Lisa Joy's grad party, Kerri and Brian's party, late night egging, milf Brvan HoiT' Herman- Cape May, Joan the love goddess, stoop sitting. Killer graduation speech. You're nuts. Taste death, live life. Keith "Pierre" Mason- Poconos, neighborhood egging (you are THE ninja), milf, Colonia Pizza

(have you had your piece today) Dave S- Your sister's hot! Wanna trade? Laters. M artin the m ortician- W hy is this pizza so red? W ho's seen the mouse Amanda ran over in the driveway?! Butthead: "Chicks are gonna be all over us when they find out w e're hanging with a member of the Rolling Stones.' Writer: "I'm not with the Rolling Stones; I'm with the magazine "Rolling Stone." Butthead: "You mean you re a writer?" Writer: "Yes." Beavis: "W uss.â&#x20AC;? Butthead: "Do you get chicks?" Writer: "No, not like Mick Jagger." Butthead: "M ick Jagger's not a chick." Beavis: "No. He says he doesn't get chicks like Mick Jagger." Butthead: "M ick Jagger's not a chick!" Writer: "By saying that you like stuff that's cool, you're saying that you like stuff that you like." Butthead: "Uh, yeah, me too." Writer: "And you don't like stuff that you don't like." Butthead: "W ell nobody likes stuff that " Beavis: "Then why does so much stuff â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

Michiko Miliama Dick Kamuela,Hi, 4Years,Volleyball, Diving, Basketball, Track Dad & Mom: I'm not a bad girl and I don't lie that much. Well I'll be on my own and you won't have to worry because I'll have to pay the price for any mistakes I make. I love you both more than you'll ever know. I'm sorry I'm not good at showing it. Hopefully someday we'll get along. Grandma & Grandpa: Thank you for everything you have given me. You mean more to me than you'll ever know. I love you. Danny: My one constant wish through out the years is that we were closer. I know it was hard with us always being apart but I'll always love you and hopefully some day we will be as close as sisters and brothers should be. Mariko: We have had our ups and downs but you will always be my big sister and I love you. Thanks for singling me out in your senior quotes. Be strong you don t need to take that from you know who. Micheal: 'A'ohe a'u na hua'olelo e ha'i ia 'oe e pili ana i ko'u aloha a me ko'u mahalo ia 'oe. Ka mea 'oia'i'o e hele aku ai, e ne'e mau ana au i ke kuku ana a kau ipu a me kekahi la, e lawe mai ia'oe e hoapili mai me a'u. Mahalo ia 'oe no ke a'o loko ana ia'u e pili ana i ka hula na ka mea ua lilo ko'u no'ono'o i Ka hula. He kumu hula kupaianaha 'oe. Aloha wau ia 'oe. Alva & Ipo: I don't think I can ever repay either one of you for everything you've done for me. You both have the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. I hope I can be as dedicated as both of you someday. Thank you and I love you. Hula Halau Ka' Noeau: I have never felt such strong feelings of aloha and ohana shared with all of you. You are all wonderful people and I love you all. Joy: I'm trying! I'll study some day. Thanks for all the encouraging words. I Love you! HI SUNNY!, Oh hi Joy. Nah! Mr. Bryson: Thanks for yelling and forcing me to grow up. I haven't been the same since then. Michi: You've been one of my best friends since our freshmen year and if it weren't for you I

would have gone crazy a long time ago. Thank you for everything, I love you.Morgan: I Know we've had our bad times but you'll always be my little sister. I love you and I'll always be there for you no matter what. Leimomi: If it weren't for hula we may have never been so close. Thanks for the stress relieving talks on our way to hula. I think you smile perfectly. E No'o no'o Maika'i. I Love you. Jade: I understand what you're doing! Thanks for showing me how to have fun. I love you. Noelani: You're one of the kindest people I know and a beautiful hula dancer with a loving smile. I like talking to you too. E No'o no'o Maika'i. I love you. Rebekah: Oh my God can I just tell you how happy I am that we’re friends. I have had so much fun playing Andromeda, I hope she never goes away. It’s time to go get giggly! I love Bob, he s so smart. Thanks for all the advice, never stop having fun and call me if you ever want to party. I love you. Cybele: Too bad we never talked until our senior year. Well it was a good year because we did. It’s Andromeda time, but I nave to work on being incognito. Don’t worry we'll keep partying until we go to college, and call me if you ever want to play Andromeda on the mainland. I love you.Alana: Well, you finally came to H.P.A. and I hardly see you. But when I do I'm so glad you came. Thanks for being there to listen to my problems, you can tell me yours any time. I'll miss you. Ninia: You have such a beautiful smile. Thank you for making me smile too. Hopefully some day I'll be as happy as you. Elena: rley!, Chiko Piko!" "Hi! Elena Lena Boom Boom! Keep hitting. Jen H.: I'm so glad I finally got to go to Anna's Pond. I don't think I've ever been that tan. Thanks for helping me have a good time this summer and covering for me. "Keep bouncing the ball!" Amy: Thanks for all the talks. I coudn't have made it through last year without you. I'll do anything I can to repay you. I love you. Brynly: You're so sweet. Always remember M&M&ABC. Sienna: You look so innocent, it's a good cover, I use it too sometimes. Stacy: Thanks for always making me laugh and giving me a place to stay during

basketball camp. I had alot of fun watching tho| movies. Natasha: Well I'm glad I like you now besides he's not worth it. You're so tough, I w i could be like you. Wait how old was he? Mile:] You're an awesome basketball player and one c| the sweetest people I know. Like Mile, if I could be like Mile. Mika: Don't worry you are our ! tough guy in basketball. Pi'ilani: My baby hula sister, good luck in your dancing ana don't ev©i quit. Jonah: No Jonah, marry me! Thank you H everything, especially trying to be honest with | You re one of my best frienas and I love you. i You're the player not me! Mike: So... Mike! Thanks for everything, I hope I can repay you 1 someday. Don't worry Mike I love you. Keola:] Don't tell! Thanks for not teasing me with youl know who. You never came through with youij end of the deal. Nathaniel: You're not a baby. 1 wish I could forget all my problems and be as j happy as you. You can come eat at my house al time you want, (except when you're kind of oue it.) Andy: I'm sorry I confuse you, but thanks fl listening and trying to understand. Look- just jj Pine Trees! Lucas: You have to calm down. 1 You're so huge now, but you're still a sweetie 9 when you want to be. Thanks for listening to problems. Karl: You can always make me smji even when I'm mad at you. Thanks for being ii guardian angle. Asa: Surprise, I did write to yfl Pick it, pack it fire it up, come along ... " you 1 know the rest. Thanks buddy! Chris: In all the time I've known you this is the first time you'vl been eligible at the end of a triweekly ana it's 1 because STUDYING IS FUN, right! Good luck and don't be a bully when you become a senior!

Christopher Dods Oahu Townie/ Wrestling/ 5 years of being everyone's Idol /19 years of fighting and working around the system. braved the 4x4 on three. Laters FIREM AN Je d -1 know I'm a m an, but your thee man. T j-1 don't n y fam ily, especially M o m , D ad - I probably could have [e it w ithout you , Bu t fortunately, I d id n 't have to. Even ugh I w as a pain, I alw ays knew I could count on all of to b e there for m e w h en things got really bad. I love all ou M an u - T han k you for alw ays fighting for m e, even bn I w as w rong. Y o u r the best M anu anyone could ask I If there is o ne thing I m iss about m y childhood was ing w ith you r chalungchalung, and m oneybusiness. p y -1 had fun that night at left point, and one o f the best .es that I w ent to that sum m er w as yours. T hanks for m ing m y brother. P eter- W ant to tango, w ith a m ango? ren- W arubozo, I lov e you jerky-bodo head. T om -Y ou r of the best things that ev er happened to m e. Sorry I hed you w hen I w ent to school. I love you M eg - D on 't be ry because you cam e after T om , its chronological, I got \before I m et you. T han k you for bein g w ith m e 'Ughout m y life a t H PA , and hopefully beyond. You out nyone have alw ays been there for m e, and you alw ays the tim e and love for everyone ( w hich w as a cause o f a >f m y jealousy). If I ever m ake som ething o f m y self (God >m e) I ow e ju st about all o f it to you and m y fam ily, c h is w hy you r in this section. I love you. T h e G iffin s nk you for bein g m ore than calabash relatives need to be. m ade Peter and m e feel right at hom e. I can 't thank you Igjh. I lov e you all. T h e Sperrys-Thank you for all that you have e for m e, especially M eg, in her you raised a great >on. to the O ah u bo y s — D an -th eres nothing m ore >fying then sm oking a Cuban stogie, and nothing m ore oxious. I hope you r enjoying the bike that w e arm ed. I d you best w hen w e pulled the m idnight scam s.Ryan-w e time together. Y ou take a great m ug sh ot.Jo h n -"y ou r even in m y w o rld ." you should have com e with us to Hand that tim e w e w ent cam ping, it w as quite a .$||«ty-hows m y w ardrobe doing? W hat happened to i after you left? and w here is your im aginary car.Jeffpick up a 40 and bu st out the bones. G et N ate the Shiltz, ikes it, I prom ise. N ext tim e w ere together w e'll go to ion. A sa- how s art school? H ope your staying anal ntive. N ate-Thats the chronic, th at's the chronic, pass m e pie cheese burger, som e o f that apple turnover, get me o f those klondike bars. Y our the m an, on 6 liquids, but I


Jo h n -1 took your grandaddy from you like you w as a baby. M aybe if you take 4 tons o f steroids, you can one day be as large as I am. D om - you can be sure o f one thing vato, this ain 't no sippin tea. G et w ise w ith m e and I'll sm ack you around. W oody- Y our such a stud. Its too bad all underclassm en can 't be as cool as you. .B la k e- It's a good thing that w ere graduating this year, because I was getting tired o f sm acking you around. H ow m any tim es m ust I tell you that I'm about as solid as a rock, and by hitting m e, your only hurting your fist. D on 't put the m eat back in the dish, y ou 'll g et salm onella! Lucas- just because you have to plan you r insults doesn 't m ean there n ot good-it ju st usually turned out that way. ju st kidding, everyone know s that your m y idol. T aylo r-I probably would have cream ed you that night w e w ere going to box, it's too bad I had to settle for pinning you two times in a row. Thanks for the yellow sunshine. R ob-G et a room ! M oto- W restlers are not hom osexuals. You're the coolest room m ate I ever had. H ayato Jo e - your nam e says it all K ris H aga- Your the coolest Garth Brooks I ever met. Ethan- little do you know, bu t I armed all of your costco candies that w ere in your room . B ren t- Your a Ho. thanks to you and your Dad for letting m e sign to your house. I'll call you next time w e take o ut the cleaning ladies golf carts. C layton- I'm the m aster of the D.P. I put the bonus in bonus points. Ph ill and Jo n - turn that crap off! Eric-close your eyes, and w e'll see how Stew ards pendulum really w orks.Jason-1 heard that you w ere dating som e girl nam ed Janna. M ik e Shum ate-thanks for voluntering to back me up, I got your back if you need it. A ri- W e go ace hardw are and do som e plum bing.D an H ughes- sorry to break it to you, but your white. K ea - your the definition of an oxym oron. H ow som eone can be so sm art, and so dum b at the sam e tim e is beyond m y ability to understand. Plus, your an ox and a m oron. K im -I only pick on you because you react to it. Your m y 16th best cousin, (just kidding, your the best) I had fun w alking to Sparkies that night w hen w e w ere in m iddle school, and it's O K that you couldn't figure out how to drive an autom atic even with m y expert instructions. Sean -I only said your sister was the best to m ake her feel good, you know that your m y main cousin, (just kidding Kim )Stacey-jeez, I alm ost overlooked you (pun intended shortstuff) I keep having to sm ack you around.D avid- haven't talked to you in a long time. CyYour the biggest teddybear I've ever seen.Jonah- your a bull

think I ever told this to you, bu t your a m ac daddy. Sarah Stags- Did you think I'd forget you, never. Y our one of the better people I m et at this school. R o b b ie A. Your a great person. Good luck next year in X-C Am y- Thanks for letting m e talk to you. Sum m er- Good luck with the freshm an guys, and in getting the guy you w ant to m arry you ( I w on't tell him) Lisa-you helped m e a great deal, thanks for English help, and for talking.D evon L- Your getting so buff. Jo ji- W restlings such a stupid sport. Jen W hat you bey— . Thanks for jagging me. D aim en, A ndy, Keola,jim , M ike Stewart, Mr. G om es, Mr. Otto,Karl, Asa, Ellis, M aya, Jam una, and the rest o f the class o f 94, your the coolest, thanks for being big fish in this sm all pond. to m y S ixth grade teacher M r. Alex Ben net- You'll never read this, but I w ant it to be known that your the coolest m an I ever m et, and it hurt that though you prom ised to write, you never sent a postcard. H ughes, Lance, Leo, and Bryson. Thank you for letting m e becom e a man. I ow e alot to all four of you. Your the best coaches in the world. T o any one I forgot- if not on this paper, your in m y heart. Theres no going back to that. Som ehow I can 't even react. W e all feel in the sam e way. can 't you hear a word I say. I ain 't telling you a secret, I ain't telling you goodbye. — Dinosaur Jr. If you can 't dazzle them w ith b rillian ce, B a ffle them w ith bu ll. — W ords That I lived by. Show respect to me, I d o n 't care what your thinking I'll w ipe that thought away. T hat is w hy I pack m y .25 w here nobody knows, right above m y boot. It's the law, when theres no one there to serve you why not b e the hero, W hy not be the one. Sw ear I'll kill you. -Perry Farrell vocalizing niy social dawianistic beliefs. T h is A int No S ip p in ' Tea

Jed Douglas Eahou (Jednie) Ednie Kamuela, H i / 13 yrsH P A /4yrs Football cpt-BIIF Champs '93/S occer cpt-BIIF Champs '91-'94 '3rdin state/T rack /3y rs Baseball/7yrs P olo/17G od fearing christian/the JEDNIE MOM- Thank you for putting up with all my crap. My complaints and arguments, intolerance and irritability. You learned my language of grunts and groans (more or less) in an effort to communicate with me even though my responses were short and few. It wasn't that I didn't love you, on the contrary I love you very much I just found it very difficult to express myself. You've always been there when I needed you. You made me do things I thought I didn't want to do, hikes, horseback rides, and various summer activities, and in the end they became good memories. THANK YOU DAD- You are the ultimate teacher, you've taught me things I could learn nowhere else. Now I can fix just about anything more or less. You taught me respect of not only people but also machines. You were always reasonable with me, when I broke something (which happened often) you didn't explode. You were angry, but instead of yelling at me you tried to help me fix it. You always did things for me, helping me work to earn money,giving me your chuckers and horses just so I could play even if you had to sit out. You always gave and usually got nothing in return and didn't expect anything. But you work too hard, relax. Thank you very much I love you. ERIN- The biggest sis, good luck in life you're gonna need it. Your welcome for my car be nice to it. You always find the neatest cards and gifts, keep sending them. Thanks for fighting with me so much when we were young, what else are big sisters for. Thank-you I love you

FIONA- You have been very inspirational in my life. I could never be as nice as you are to other people but I admire you for it. I always looked up to you because you were so good at sports but now even my career is coming to an end. Since you're going to marry Robert I figure, it's ok but only because I like his sister, na. Thank you for being so kind an older sibling, I love you. FELISA- Eventually you will grow up. Even though I'm mean to you I still love you. You have to try really hard to get along with mom and dad. There will be times when you think you hate them but if you look for the best way out of the situation and go that way everything will turn out all right. Try to do as much as you can with mom and dad, try new things don't just turn it off and say you don't like it. Good luck in life and school study hard and play hard. GRANDMA AND GRANDPA FOLK AND EDNIE- Thank you for all your support through the years. I love you all very much and can never repay you for all the things you have so generously provided, Aloha. UNCLES AUNTS AND COUSINS- THAINS,the cabin would not be the same with out you. KAILUA EDNIES thanks for giving me a place to stay when I drop in and for keeping me entertained (Femme Nu). BRAHMS, You were there along side the Ednies mahalo for your support. TORRES, you were always in the distance but there when we needed you. Thank you for the use of your volcano house it is a wonderful plus for us. JUDY, my second mother,

spent a lot of time on your yard and as soon as « left of course it went to pot, na, thanks. BILLY al the rest of the folks you were the rebels but that: makes you you. Thanks for all the good times a| Christmases. OLDTIMERS- 13YRS, Sienna,Jade,Heathejaisy,Michelle,Alexa,EricB, ] Kim,Kristen. Its a lot of time to spend together 1 and I'm glad I spent it with you. Don't ever | hesitate to call me if you need anything. I love 9 all, keep in touch and have wonderful lives. A S SIMMS- What can I say we have known each <3fl forever. Thank you for all the support and goo:| times. You will always be my second family, 1 1 love you all, Aloha. SPORTS have been my life, I guess now I'm gora have to learn to study or somthing. C/O 94 w el have left a serious legacyon the fields, courts, a l pool. Football we took it to the top, Offense wm games Defense wins championships.We went ® sizzler, good luck next year. Soccer 3rd in state,] not bad. If you wanna be a goalie you gotta be a little crazy, If you wanna be good you gotta be | full blown loonlYou know da rules, defense has! none! Frosty bench rules, who brought the see® THE REST- There are so many of you I can't list] you all but you are not forgotten and never will] be. You have made my days worth living, Knowing that I had friends to turn to that w ouj never let me down. Always there with an encouraging word or willing to help me smile. 1 Women, some day I'll figure you out. But so iw you've left me in the dark, oh well, life goes on.] TO EVERYONE GOOD LUCK IN LIFE!

Jeff Ellis (shelly the what?) >m and Dad-Thanks for all the opportunities 1 though maybe if discouraged at times, :king with me and helping me through. I know netimes I don't show appreciation for the things it mean a lot to me very well but you continued give me your love and support through it all. 1 e you. rrie-Wassup stop getting big boyfriends I'm ting tired of embarasing them nah nah, hey you nk if we sold tickets to our house then the aple from the stadium would come. Uh yeah I re you sis thanks for writing me so many answered letters. a- you gotta stop picking on me, that night ving back from Kona hah hah hah. I dont know ten it will come but it will come that it will, and u know what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m talking about. For some tson I feel like shopping "ELLIS you little rrrr.," J-wanna box? K-wanna wrestle? J+K-Uhh ) or something. You know that you mean a lot to : but I'm not gonna tell you cause I'm not a

wuss. Cy-wassup haoule I liked last years hits better so many scraps and still ohana. Al-you owe me twelve sodas now, sacks count 6. Ethan thanks for keeping me in line even if you had to take my beatings hah hah you'll never catch me now. Joyyou and Lianne better watch it, I'm rough Uh yeah. Brent+Jaisybull-ceramics was keela thanks for listening, and Brent, one of these days we'll have the chance to work together if you know what 1 mean Yeah you too Taylor. Dan and Mike-my boyyyys if were gonna take em were gonna take em together you my boyyyys! J.P.-whatever Kea tells you is not true and stop blindsiding me you take care ah. Damien-they always do this to us you know who. dont get so discouraged buddy you have so much to offer. Hitman and Bald boy-I dont think its possible to get more hilaaarious than it is when we hit the

town, ama ama-name annonymous for my healths sake i hope they save us a window cell hey excuse me miss can I get me some? Aaronmaybysomeday. Hah Hah Hah Im going to miss you guys when I go to college ohh my goodness it hurts hah hah I'm so hilaaarious, Id like to make a complaint about mister pork rinds over there. UNO! Noe(BaBe)-1 really dont know what to say, you really mean alot to me and you taught me alot I love you, -wazzup-laters BaBe! smiles,I got your nose,pudgy bunny,what time does the show start,boy I got to shake you down,wait wait wait one more,goodnight. Paging Mr. Murry Shamburg Murry Shamburg your the next contestant on the man of the year, Oh my gosh he's so huge, Kauaians no ka oi I wish Gary Shannick was here to share our deep intellectual moments with us. Karl-a.k.a.-mad groper your not aloud to do that on campus, can you go change somewhere else your making us jealous. Jason-thanks for the proof-you get it Ari-Uh I guess he doesn't like me Clayton-are we aloud to kick them instead of the ball-I dont know lets try and see what he says. Jed-my post islamic pimp brother when times get rough ju st em this time I'm going to run you over no really I am, theres spam on the other side of the line YES! Keola-lets just make it look like were hitting each other I think I sprained my pancreas Uhh Yea. Jonah-we both know that truly we were the intellect height in Solmssens english the jokes on them, Hey if you buy me a big mac then you'll have a good game. Nate-stop grabbing me babycakes, night of fury Uhhh maybe next week. HAGA-my south carolian honey lamb your like a big brother I only have one question if jack helped you on a horse would you help jack off a horse. Willie-how was english class? Well she looked pretty good today. Jessica what who when where Uh yea did you see that new gwar video. Brady, Peter, Grant, Kippy, Heimata, Shane, Jared, Austin, Kelii, Chad, the future of H.P.A. football oh yeah Billy too have fun you guys take care.' Rob + Hayato-scout D we get um. Taylor and Eric ceramics social hour Little Giffin+Shane-hit em tigas Arati-what we share is so special I wouldn't trade it for the world, always there for each other, I love you. Mika-you took some hard hits and always remember kama is a filthy just like me. Tepa-you drive too fast you still my honey, laterz you too Sarah Jen+Ita-naughty naughty Meg,Sara,Sue-Gie, Teri, Ann, Natasha, Laura, Maile, Kalei, Sylvia, Sienna, Kim, Becca, Heather, Sheanna, Jade, Morgan, Michi, Michiko, Asa you scrubless potato, Stacy, David, Chris S.(handyman), Lisa J.,Julie, Elena, Alana, Sung-Hoon, Ethan, Woodaaayyy you little punk,Kainoa we gotta go hotel and play night games on the grass again,Rosy you pimp hustler see you in L.A. -laterzCooperson-I'm getting tired of working you and your getting tired of working your sister so lets just stop. To those of you who knew me as SHELLY I'll keep in touchfjust open to the west hawaii blotters) nah nah. Miss Michel+Mr. Honma thanks Mr. Bryson thank you very much for slapping me up side the head and thanks for caring.

Lindsay a.k.a. Earth, Wind, and Faye, Strawberry Shortcake, Linzo, Faya-Hazard, Hakeem Olajafaye, Lindway, Lindsay Lindsey, Samurai Ninja Warrior, Sheriff, Bong, Smeggy, Boots_______________________________________________

Kauai, 4 years Papasan: Thanks for all your lectures I really did listen most of the time. I love being your little handyman. Thanks for all that you have done and keeping faith in me. O ne of these days I w ill catch on to this school thing. B-2 is leaving the nest. M am asan: Mother dearest: no more w ire hangers.It7s H , H , H with a P... you'll get it. Thanks for the oppurtunity here I still don't know why you didn't want m e to be a dta. I found that college for me. Do you feel like chicken tonight? I do. N ext stop, Mexico! D iane: Konichiwai, my beautiful, nice, loving, skinny sister of m ine and d on't forget it. You have helped with so many things and taught me how to see life in diffrent ways. A ll your guidance has helped me. Let's do sister things when w e get to Cali! Maybe one day they w ill create those dog condoms. Stacy: W hat keawe?, I sure didn't feel it that night. O ne day that Kauai posse will get you all the guys. Y ou'll never b e able to tackle m e because I have a bigger upper body or was that you? W e learned a lot from each other mainly how to survive outdoors (especially sand). I never knew a station wagon could go 4-wheeling. W ill you and Sylvia build m e my house. Clare: W e've had such a great time together with our deep talks and our times under the stairs. Maybe one day I'll leam not to set m yself up. D on't forget our bet, you'll be taking m e out in 30 years. Keoki, prom date '94. I'll miss our star parties, our great talks at breakfasts and may your life b e full of aggresive, fast moving marathons. Good luck febombi. Sylvia: I hope I didn't bother w ith too many questions about life. I will alw ays look back on Hapuna and laugh, thanks for coming back and getting us. "I know your aw ake", no Keoki isn 't from Kona. D on't ya just love Honakaa(Dustin). One day you'll be able to drive! Kauai times- You never asked him his nam e, my special unnamed trail. Can I com e to Japan someday now that I'm fluent. You really help m e get ready in the mornings. Lay o ff on watching those movies more than once. Jaisy: Choc, chip cookie chick, it has n o fat in it I promise. Did you know Hypoglycemia is a cause for moodiness. I loved our confession on how that gak tasted. TCBY is like our little Peach Pit. O ur awesome star parties with out those extra credit points I would still be there. Kauai times w ere great, our singing out of the sun roof was awesome. I enjoyed all our talks I'll figure out that thing called love probably I w ill get it in college. Natasha: M aybe one day I will someday dress normal. I loved kicking back in your room and grinding. You w eren't here very often I think Aloha Airlines saw you more. Maybe w e will one day see each other on Kauai. V aiheria: W e had such great times, especially in the hills of Kamuelaf I d idn't realize how cold it gets up there). Our little outings around campus. Those little flashlights are sure bright boy are people nosey. Mud sliding, hiking, tanning(me burning). I'll miss your Tahitian smile. Lauren: We have finally m ade it through Spanish. You have been a good listener, you have a lot o f understanding about things. It sure is cold out there in those mountains lucky thing you put on your makeup before we went. Adiosam iga! Radish: I miss you mucho m aybe I will get there soon. We

hadn't seen each other for so long but the things w e have done are so fresh in my mind! Remember that cruise down A li'i drive at 1 in the morning. Rice Krispie treats are the best. I thought you w ere a good driver that summer. W e sure im proved in cards on Kauai. W e've had som e great times there is more ccoming up! M ichi: I'm not that gullible. I can catch on to a lot even though I am a little slow it's a Faye trait. Kalei: You talk about math too much stop it. I'll figure out how to do the cup gam e it. M aile: I had fun having you in m y classes it m ade m e feel really sm art I was honored. Amy: You know a lot and w hat you don't know you'll make up. Good luck in becoming rich and famous. W ere you pregnant those four years or w ere you joking? Joanna: Cruising down a t the Mauna K ea with the strobe light. Ease off on that ice coffee. Struggling through our Freshman year together and we m ade it. T h e dorm experience! Lucas: Amigo(friend):I'm not in love with Pat!! O ne day I will take you down. D on't touch the head. I'm not that dumb I understand a lot more than it seems. Thanks for translating things for m e in psych, class. Blake: N ext time you see m e I will be big and strong and push you around. Remind m e never to call you to do anything w ith us, your either grouchy or sleeping. I'v e had fun getting teased on the group flights(not). M ike: Let me tell you something...I w asn't staring at my feet! Class campouts w ere so exciting throwing chips in the fire. O ur little beach adventures w ere so much fun, w e should have done more o f those. Kicking back with our food groups and staring a t the cane Helds that was fun. D aniel: "D a cops, da c o p s ", you tell the best stories local style! Leave those crabs alone. I d on't think I have ever run so fast up a cliff. That grass was so gross I should'nt have listened to you. Keola: I'm a little.... ,1 know I'm sensative so then stop teasing me! I still have a chance o f being Lindsay Lindsey d on't I? Cruising the C.C.C. for candy. Giving the lunch table a Tom my Wu lecture eating chili. Clayton: I d on't have a bulls eye on m y forehead! I hope it works out w ith a certain Colorado chick. Jason: Your so sly about those w et wads o f paper towels. And what is wrong with KCC? Hayato: Your a crackup. You have this power o f making people laugh. If I ever com e to Japan w e'll have to go do som ething o.k. Je f f E.: W hite rice; Your the one who beat m e up w hen we were kids! Laura H.: M y little dork buddy. If anyone makes you feel stupid they will have to answer to m e the sheriff. Dorks " R " U s lives on even while I'm at college. Sorry about breaking up the act but you'll get over it I know you can do it. Good luck I'll m iss talking about the two most perfect people, US. T h e X-country gang: All of our little adventures made the sport all the more exciting. All of the things w e did and said on our bus and should remain there! I loved joking and doing silly things with you all. K im - "D on 't hate me because I'm beautiful". Surfer boys are better even if they don't write, I never did anytlung that night did you?. The bus is going to never be the sam e with out our beautiful singing voices! You're such a great person I am so lucky have even m et you it's made lunch so

entertaning (and loud) Heathe: I'm going to get you to eat that muffin in one big bit| swear. I am the DUracell bunny. Alexa: W hat are you sleeping again? Green Gardens is the pis to be to meet all the hot Kauai guys. Don’t forget Blaire! Kelly: T h e good guy alw ays wins at least at the airport in Ida) It was so much fun playing pin- the- head on Lindsay. I w ish I could just put; in a little box. W hat do you have to do to get an icecream cone past 10:30. S Alia: Good time at M agix's w e impressed them so much wifip moves. I don't know if many people thought our outfits w ere very cool Kona! backwards. Eating drumsticks at Sack-N-Save (yum). Heather: Do I really act like Garth? My summer roomate, ew thought of a career in basketball? Aunt Jem ima and belgium waffles w eren 't! im pressed w ith our moves. I think w e should go visit Japan now that we are| fluent,majii, usso. Getting the four major food groups from Circle K. Rebekah: I'm glad you were there to talk to at Mafia's it was! fun to watch. Maybe one day someone will find Waldo. Conley: How do you spell it Oregon or Organ? Thanks for j j everything this sport has helped m e in more w ays then just getting sexy legs.3 little Freshman boy is out there I am sure to find him. You can put up w ith jj losing people on planes, paging, and tardiness. By the time you read this w e 1 would have won states(right?) Shutes: I do not watch too much t.v. or cartoons! You haveu a great coach and have helped m e more than it seems. Sorry for having suchl potty mouth you just have bad timing. All that you have put up with on thatfj you deserve a metal. History isn't that bad I guess especially if you leam it on video. M s. D onahue: I’v e enjoyed being on your hall. All those time Sylvia's and Natasha's room I was studying. I hope you figure out what y o u ! to do in the future. Good Luck. G iffins: Thanks for all your support I enjoyed seeing you aB§ the meets cheering us on. D on't worry that thigh master is working. Bushers: Your enthusiasm at the races have helped so mucfia those terrific dinners thanks for alw ays making m e feel so welcome there: Jardine's: I will have to make that turkey one day now thatTj know the secret way. I finally learned how to drive a standard those morning and down your driveway helped. You all are such very special people and I I glad I had a chance to come in to your home and be a part o f it. Kadota's: You all are the best cooks. Thanks for having me o| all the time and making us borders some real food. I had such a good time * cruising around the island even if w e did'nt find Green Sands. I really enjoy® cleaning up I promise just don't tell m y parents. Donahue's H all: Teri, Emily, M iwa, Sarah, Iwalani, Vanda, J Serena, Tomona, Krysta, Tina, Leanne; You guys have been great a little lou4j times and late doing your dorm jobs that's o k . I'm glad you all were on my W made this year interesting. I want you all to have great time at H.P.A. evert IS Syl and I are gone. I'll miss you guys! Best wishes: Tiffany Q., Lisa J., Lasi, M iri, Devon, Julie, H'sie) Enjoy all that you have left here. You all have been great and I'm glad that y£» were a part o f my life! To all the teachera who helped m e graduate thanks. (Phew!) I


Brent Foster [ailua-Kona, Hi/Soccer V d t I'v e m ade it this far! M y life seem s so easy now that I do my ly p k . W ho w ould've guessed? Thanks for all of your support in school i life. I appreciate the pressure you put on m e to strive for the best in 1 and in soccer. I realize that m y grades w eren't so hot in previous years, te best is yet to come! Thanks for putting m e through HPA (and putting me ghhell). I love you dad. and Steve:H ey Steve, Sorry about the Raider! Som eone else threw the egg Mom- thank you for believing in m e when everyone else laughed, and s for sticking by m e w hen no one else was around. Our family has had its nd§|owns,but it's been great. Think o f it this w ay-when dad gets mad I can ) you. Steve-orWell haofe boy, a newcomer, but certainly not forgotten! The oth er figure I needed for guidance is greatly appreciated. W hen recent ems arose, you were right there to help m e settle them. I love both o f you nuch. c:What up little "B "? Only three m ore years and you'll b e writing these s. It goes by quick, so enjoy it w hile you can! Study hard in school while till can. Take it from me, if you don t start early, you'll regret it in the end! isure to tell the hoochies "step off!". I love ya bro. on<?lay-chump, hope you had fun a t the beautiful campus o f HPA and ed "the ultim ate H PA experience".Yeah right. Blazers with kickers are my Lte, how about yours? W e'll always be brothers through thick and thin so lake the best or it! L o v ey a C . dma:I hope you you're having fun in your new life. I'll be there in a few! forget m e because I haven't forgotten you. I'm sorry you w eren't here to £ graduate. I love you grandma.

can school you! D on't forget to phone home. Keep in touch. Damien:Good times and bad times, we're still friends. By the way, I didn't tell you and J.P. to shut up at song practice. J.P.:You're so good at soccer! You should've played since Freshman year. Take care, and I know that tatoo on your arm is real! Stacy:! heard some stories about you, girl! So how was underground O lym pics sopnmore year? You owe m e Zima. Sienna:The mind is a terrible thing to waste, so you'd better gain more and more knowledge. Too bad it's not easy Tor all o f us! 1 ve had fun my past few years here, an cll just wanted to say thanks for being my friend. Brynly:Freshman year was wierd, and so was sophmore year, but junior and senior year were fun because we became really good friends. I'm glad, and barbeque sauce isn 't so hot on m y blazer tire!

much, but when w e did it was fun. The party at your house was fun although I missed chubby bunny. Good luck in life. M ichi:I still remember the first day of class freshman year. I met you in English. I thought you w ere the ultimate drug user, cause' you always had a sm ile on your face. 1 got used to that smile, and even liked to see it on bad days. For some reason, you always cheered m e up. Thanks. Haga:Howdy, partner. From a skater to Garth Brooks is a mighty hard task, yet you seemmed to pull it off. Thanks for the good times. "C ope"isn't good for you. Cy(Keala):Even though you didn't like me for a while, we still ended up friends in the end. Take it easy and I'll see you probably in college, if not at home. Take it on easy take it on slow. Just your friend Batm an saying A hui hou, and the channel be dear.

Kimbo:sssshhh! C an't you ever shut up? I know that laugh! It's your trademark, and everyone recognizes it. You will always stand out from the rest.

Jaisy Puamanu Clarke Jardine:Well, it's been a year now and 1 am loving every bit of it. Sometimes, you just amaze me. I hope you have had fun this whole year of our relationship and I hope you have no regrets. You are always here for m e when 1 need someone to talk to, and I am always here for you if you need someone. All the good times surely remembered, and the bad times thrown in the trash, because we must savor the good. The bad, well, there wasn’t a whole lot of that so I'm greatful. Jaisy, I love you very much . You are my baby.

Dave:You pimp! Lay o ff the p.p. and save up your money. Biology was interesting. Chemistry was fun. I guess we had science in common.Take care.

To the rest of the class of 1994:1 hope everyone pursues their dreams and is successful in their pursuits.

PeckenRager, N ate's house! Resevoirs are not my thing. I'll race you. you get the tercel and I get my Nikes!

Good luck:To B.B., A.Z.. S.Y., R.K., S.W., S T.. N.H., J.A.. J.C., M.B.. E.B., K.B.. K.B., S.C., D.C., M.C., J.H., A.H., M.H., L.H., V.K., B.S.K., Y.K., J.L., K.L., E.L.. K.M., L.N., E.N., J.R., J.S., N.O., K.T., M.T.,

T.J.:M y truck is better. W e gotta go on one last ramble session before leaving. 1 going miss you big bruddah man. Keep in touch.

Morgo:HPM must be a blast! Ouch, my ears are ringing. Mariah Carey eat your heart out. Tell dad I said "H i".

T h e class o f 1995:You guys should take charge during your senior year, and don't worry, hazing isn't everything. You're all great and I’ll remember you guys.

is3n*Daniel:W assup my bruthas? W e is outta hea! Thanks for the good , I never will forget them. W e got a problem? W e got a problem? Keep in i. Strictly pimpin'! And remember,'V/E DA BOYZ"!

Meg:Thanks for the help in Japanese. Y ou're welcome for copying off of my tests. I love the Scout. Have run in college.

O h my god it's so big! 7 years came and went, Karl. Hey nice sweater. I one just like it! Peace.

Blake R:Be glad I don't pick on people smaller than me. Psych was great. The four years that I've known you seem like forever. Thanks for being a good friend. Adam King's a dork.

kiray there bull-rugged. Let's m ake som e guava spam jam in one spam can. ease boar hunter was always m y favorite!

01a:I finally got bigger than you, but 1 refrained from kicking your butt. Football is your name to fame. That and your sexy look! See ya around.

efThanks for being the big bruddah to m e and watching my back. The real 1 sucks, but m ake the best o f it anyway. Take no prisoners.

Clare:W ow, I got a better grade than you! Oh my gosh! You'll always have bad days, but you will always recover. It's a gift to never be forgotten.

>:l wish 1 could be like you! I've probably known you the longest, and e a killer stopper. C ut your hair dude.

Jonah:M akaJawena was intense. Everyone thought you went psycho. But I believed in you. As long as you believe in you, someone else will believe in you.

iS p have you had a good day yet? A re you mad at me? My trademarks, so mber them. I hope you pursue your dreams successfully.

Redza:It was fun playing soccer with you the past few years, and who knows, maybe w e'll meet again. If we do you better be ready!

Mr. Cher and Robyn:The best coach in the world, and the best cook in the world, with the help from mom. I will be visiting frequently, so whenever Thanksgiving rolls around, don't forget me! 1 ake care, I love you guys.

>iCool hat! I want one. Maybe som eday you can teach m e how to play ir. Chris, w e black 4 life.

Linzo:M y, w hat cute little freckles you have! Naked dreams are good for you. I hope you are successful in whatever you do, as long as it isn't wrong.

To everyone else 1 forget to mention: C o l'S !

o l' buddy, watch out for the flip with the knife! Next time w e can >ver at Hapuna beach together. Definately the dynamic duo.

Heathe:Hope you had fun this year with the senior class. I'll see you later. Take

nale:Mike take care and keep up with basketball,and once you get good I

N iniaCould 1 please have my seventy dollars? 1 guess w e haven't really talked

T.C., R.O., J.Y., S.C., B.B., R.B., S.D ., R.H., A.H., T.C.Q., WAV., and T.W.:However far apart w e are, I will always remember you. Keep in touch. Thanks to:The Jardines-All the long talks about life and college w ere tun. The dinners w ere awesome. Thanks for everything you have done for me! I appreciate it. The Brilhantes:Thanks for everything. The poki was great! Dinner. The Petersons:Thanks for supporting m e out on the field, and thanks for the killer breakfasts at your place. Take care.

M o m an d D ad :T h an k y o u fo r show ing m e the v alu e an d the rew ard s o f love an d ho nesty . Y o u hav e open ed so m an y d o ors fo r m e. It is finally tim e for m e to w alk through them . I hope th at o u r hearts a re n ev er closed to o n e an o th er and th at I can m ake y ou half as p ro u d of m e a s I w ill alw ays be o f yo u . I love y ou both! - L ucy. S ean ie boyrY ou a re the brightest star in m y life. I a m so p ro u d of ev eryth in g that y o u are, and everyth in g th at I k now y o u w ill b ecom e. I hav e learned s o m u ch from y o u , and I lo v e yo u . I w ill alw ays be here for you. M ich i:Y ou hav e been m y co m m o n sense an d m y m ind a t tim es w h en I've had possession of neither! T hank y o u for alw ays listening n o t o nly w ith y o u r ears, b u t w ith y o u r heart a s w ell. I could n o t hav e m ade it w ith o u t y o u . I love y o u - K im m y Loo. S tacy:b -d ay parties a t K 's D rive In, w a te r fleas a t K ap oh o, W ee G u y s w eekend s (T ay lo r's, "T h e B reakfast C lu b ," K im o the W h ale), peeing o n m y slip p er at LSD, M ickeys (w e're g oing to the m o vies, I p ro m ise!). Y o u h av e been m y friend a t tim es w hen I th o u g h t I had no o n e in this w o rld , an d th at has m eant everyth in g to m e. Y o u h av e the potential to be so m u ch - d o n 't y o u d are let a n y on e tell y o u different! I lo v e you ! M ay a:Y o u h av e tau g h t m e to d isco v er p assion in m y life ev ery d a y and to em b race the peo ple an d circu m stan ces aro u n d m e w ith an o p en h eart and m ind. Y o u inspire m e to search fo r a true u n d erstan d in g o f m y self and to accep t everyth in g th at I find in th at quest. N e v e r tu rn y o u r back on the "m u s ic o f the sta rs" o r stop b reathing th e "ra re a ir o f the fu tu re!" I lo v e y o u . K elly B :(K effy!) Special, sp ecial g olden girl! Y o u a re su n shine in a bottle. Y o u r sm iles, y o u r lau g h ter, and y o u r d e a r, sw e e t love h av e kept m e d elighting in life so m u ch m o re than y o u w ill ev er know . I lo v e y o u , m y beautiful sister! O ne d a y w e w ill ch o p o u r p onytails off and pull the fire alarm ! A lia:I see y o u r stren gth of c h aracter g ro w in g ev ery d ay . Y o u are tru ly a su n flow er in m y life. Y o u a re read y to b lossom , baby! D o n 't let an y th in g stop y o u . . . ro o m m ates in W ash in gton , d a m d ig g in g , a p u rp le g -strin g on H allo w een, A lad d in , S u re Sav e w ith K elly, an d so m an y m ore! IL Y M ich ik o :G o ssip sessio ns o n th e w a y to h u la, late nights of m ak in g things w e really d id n 't kn o w ho w to m ak e, chicken d o o d o o , B en Franklin runs, cry in g o n th e b alcon y after com petition, clean in g hala, blo w d ry in g y o u r p u p p y . . . . you h av e been a w o n d erfu l sister. E n o 'o n o 'o m aik a'i! I love y ou. S ien n a:Y o u & m e: Ja d e 's p arty sidekicks! W ash in g to n , O regon , C alculus! Y o u hav e tau g h t m e to u n d erstan d so m an y things. T hank y o u fo r being a friend . . . an d a sister.IL Y Jenny.T hav e n ev er m et a p erso n w h o g iv es m o re o f herself to o th ers in m y life. T hank y o u fo r alw ays being there to help m e stan d w h en I fell, and fo r rem inding w h at it's like to lau g h uncontro llably !ILY M organcYou are insane - than k go o d n ess I'm n o t the o nly one! IL Y Ja is y :"T h e re sh e is, d a d a d a . . . ! " K au ai room ie! Y o u a re the tru e em b o d im en t o f joy. T hank y o u fo r sh arin g y o u r sun shine w ith m e. IL Y Brenfcl've really m issed y o u . IL Y Lin d say rP ee on an y runnin g shoes lately?! "W e 're alm o st th e re !" "I t just feels rig h t!" . . . P o tato !, " W e W ill R o ck Y o u ," food a r t, U lam , "D rivin g d o w n the h ig h w ay . . , " sleeping w ith T aylor! Y o u hav e alw ays ch eered m e u p o n th e w o rst o f d a y s and y o u r special talen t fo r noticing pain in o th ers an d puttin g it before y o u r o w n is v e ry rare. T hank y o u fo r all the lau g h ter y o u h av e g iven m e. I kn o w , I know . . . y o u 're sm art! IL Y S y lv ia :" Big B lu e," C h av a, Jo h n , and w h a t's his n am e, N intendo B ubble B ath from Big Sav e, M ike, Star, an d Shannon. I 'm glad w e found o u r friendship again! IL Y C layto n rd ecoratin g y o u r x -m as tree, co m in g h o m e to w a tch so ap o p e ra s, bo rrow in g y o u r sw eats to w e a r o v e r m y g string o n H allo w een, sleeping to g eth er at M a y a 's , A lad d in , Pizza H u t w ith C lare. Y o u w ill alw ay s be m y little bo y! ILY D a n ie l:Y o u r life essence shines so brig htly, it burn s m e.IL Y M ik e:Y o u h av e been the tru est friend in the w o rld to m e. T hank y o u for sh o w in g m e the im p o rtan ce o f cherishin g the p eo p le you care for. IL Y J a s o n H :Y o u r sensitivity to th e w o rld aro u n d y o u is a beautiful thing. D o n 't let y ou rself d estro y it. A rirW hen w ill y o u learn that w o m en a re su p erior to m en? D o n 't fo rg et H a rry & Jim ! K eola:I can see th at g oo d looks ru n in th e fam ily, b u t w h at h ap pened to y o u ? N ah ! IL Y Jon ah :T ru e happ in ess co u ld n o t exist w ith o u t tru e pain. D o n 't w o rry , y o u w ill find y o u r happiness w h en the tim e is right. IL Y B lakerln th o se ra re m o m en ts w hen y o u h av e let m e in to y o u r h eart, I h av e been blinded b y its b eauty . T hank y o u for carin g w h en I n eeded y o u . ILY M aggo t!E B :S p en d in g the night w ith y o u and all y o u r stuffed anim als, M KB d a y s, puttin g u p w ith the little m o n sters (you know w h o I'm talking ab o u t)! I'v e know n y o u to o long! I'll m iss y o u too m u ch .IL Y C y :Y o u to u ch ed m y life in a w a y that no one e v e r has. Y ou know th at I w ill alw ay s lo v e y o u . C h ris D :E g g nog ru n , stu ck in the m u d a t y o u r ho u se, W aikiki an d ska night, din n er in K ona w ith Jo n Scott. T hank y o u for teach in g m e the im p o rtan ce o f being tru e to m yself. IL Y M e g :Y o u r exam p le of ho nesty an d hard w o rk in ev eryth in g th at is im p o rtan t to y o u has serv ed as a g re a t inspiration to m e. T hank y o u fo r th e m em ories an d fo r the love y o u h av e sh o w n m e. E n o 'o n o 'o m aik a'i. ILY K ris H :Y o u r ho nesty an d y o u r stead fastn ess in w h o y o u a re and w h at y o u believe in a re beautiful and rare. T hank y o u for sh arin g th em w ith m e. IL Y H e a th e :"I w an t to w ra p m y self in pink Saran W ra p an d g o sw im m in g !" K ohala fires, a g reen b-d ay cake, B BQ ing a t Pinetrees, tortu rin g m e a t c a m p . . . thank y o u for the lau g h ter and the tears. Y o u hav e helped m e g ro w trem en d o u sly. ILY Jad e:Italian d in n ers, M KB d ay s, H onolulu w / Isabelle, b -d ay parties, g rad night '9 2 , ram bling d o w n m u d lane, hide-an d -g oseek a t the p ark , slav e d ay , o u r endless losing streak o f bets! T hank y o u for all o f the g re a t tim es w e 'v e h ad together! Y o u a re an incredible p erso n. I h o p e th a t on e d ay y o u w ill be able to believe th at too. H e a th e r & A lexa:T hank you fo r sh o w in g m e that m y m in d co u ld o v erco m e that w h ich m y b o d y could not. Y ou a re m y idols! I love y o u both. K alei, S tarr, K arl, N o ah , C lare ("K im , a re y o u th ere K im ?", Pizza H u t m en u s, D ove - y o u 're a m an iac!), Je d , N in ia, S an d ra (Straw berry cream cheese & the cereal aisle), J.P ., A n d y (H au n ted H o u se m em ories, d o n 't cu t th at h air!), Ja m u n a (sp ro u ts), A sa,

Kimberley Leimomi Giffin -Camuela, H i/H P A -13 yrs/W andering Soul-Eternally J e f f E ., A m y , M a ile , T .J ., L eif, Jo a n n a (C ap e F ear, singing on y o u r ro of), N a tash a, Je n H ., T e p a (M ike, A & Z , Slim F ast), C y b ele ("s o b eau tifu l!"), R eb ek ah (M ick ey 's, Pinetrees, Slum ber P arty ), B ry n ly (P ro m fresh m an y e a r!), D o m (A re y o u w earing the sam e sh irt?!), L u c a s (dissag e o n K au ai, w ifebeater! ILY ), D a m ie n (Y o u C alcu lu s stu d ! IL Y ). T hank y o u all fo r y o u r friendship! Y o u h av e each given m e so m an y h ap p y m em ories th at I w ill alw ays treasu re as the m o st preciou s gifts in life. I lo v e y o u all. G o o d L u ck T o :E th an S. (G rod v M an !). B rad v B.. Peter P .. R ich ard B.. Sarah C o rd reiro , H 'sien . L a u ra P . . Lasi. L au ra H ., Erik M ., N ate. W illy, Ten Y ., M egan W .. H elene. Billy. C hris S.. Toy S., Jason T ., Sara V .. Tared S.. Shane. Lisa T„ Julie. Tiffany & T ., Eli. Scottie M. C o n ley :Y o u h av e tau g h t m e to find stren gth w ithin m yself th at I d id n 't ev en know existed . T he lesson has been invaluable. T hank yo u . B ryson :T h an k y o u fo r teach in g m e to search the realm s of m y h eart and m ind. IL Y S h u tes, Jo y , & T iarerY ou hav e pushed m e fu rth er than I e v er th o u g h t I co u ld go. Thank y o u fo r sh o w in g m e the w ay . J o ck o & S h elleyrl sh u d d er to think ab o u t w h at a childhood w ith o u t th e tw o of y o u w o u ld h av e been like! G od know s w e 'v e had o u r sh are o f cold nights, n atu re hikes, an d akala b erry pies, b u t th ere a re few m em eories in this w o rld that a re m o re d e a r to m e. I love y o u both! C hris E :F o r su ch a to u g h g u y , y o u su re hav e taught m e far too m any

em otions. Y ou know I love you. Jak e,T ak a K elly M ., & Kainal I've m issed you. A llyn:BOB! H .H . K a N o 'eau :M y experiences w ith you have educated m e inj m any w ays and have m eant so m uch to m e. Thank you for ■ accepting us and for being such w onderful m others! ILY M ichael:Y ou hav e enhanced m y m ind and m y soul. Thank yotl sharing y ou r talents and y o u r w arm th w ith m e.ILY H ananos:Luigi's, C .E ., F .E ., A.S., and M .L.! Thanks for all the « advice and the laughter! D ods and M anu:T hank you for all of the w onderful opportunil and w onderful tim es! M rs. D ick:Thank you for the lessons in sew ing and in God. You h ave saved m e in so m any w ays. B uschers, K adotas, Sperries, Jan sen s, B ollingers, K ohlers, A go rastos', Coles:Thank you for m aking m y childhood so 1 wonderful!

"A joyful heart is m o re easily m ade perfect than a dow ncast oive Saint Philip Neri "B ut w ith com m on sense I am afraid I have had v ery little to do! Jane A usten's "Em m a" "Is that a joyous choir I hear? N o w it is the Lord himself exulting over you in happy song.” -Zephaniah 3:18

Kris Gordon

M om and G eorge: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay here for those four years. You are the greatest. Andre: I hope that you get on track som e day. I m ight n ot have gotten along with you until now but m aybe som eday I will. Jon A: Shopping at the nearest H ardw are Store. Ich w ill ein Bier trinken. Thank you for bugging m e the three years o f our tim e at HPA. I could kick you r butt anytim e. Fiend C lub, Hall Dorm Revolutionaries, Jon and Jon Club. N ever forget those M akalasw ena days our Sophom ore year. Tornado in our room . M aintenance m ust ju st love us. I w ant to get out of here schnell, schnell. You are the best (real language). Emil: Y ou are by far the m ost unique person I have ev er m et in m y entire life. I really w onder w hat H ana did to you. I love you r piano playing. D on't ever let anyone stop you from being the w ay you are. W ithout you I think I w ould have never tried any o f these strange H ana fruits. Cactus fruits rule. See ya in Hana. N oah: M y brother. N ever forget that N aked M inds day w ith H ughes. T he M orons in Chem istry are out or our lives. You are just am azing. I can't w ait to see you on Saturday N ight life in a few years. Stay o ff the X-W ing. Stay m ellow dude. H ayato: W e're outta here. N o m ore M r. H all and late lights in the dorm . Sum m er w ill be aw esom e m an. I w ill party 'til I drop. M eet me in G erm any som eday and I w ill show you w hat real fun is. D om o arigato for everything. Lucas: Luuuucaaaas H aaam beeerg. Thanks for h elping m e out w h en I first got here. I w as really lost back then. N ice telling m e about the word screw. Eric I still didn’t see the dinosaurs on that picture in your room . K rueger the karate kid o f the bathroom . You Com m i. Let's n uk e m y Hall. H all Dorm has got to go. This is it and I am going-back hom e. Enjoy yourself. Scott: W ithout you m y hair w ould be about 3 feet lon g b y now. You're the only person I can trust witn a razor. Those endless h ou rs o f A P Euro are over too. T hanks fo r the Steinies. H ope to see you in G erm anland som eday. You, M anuel and I should get together som eday ju st to party for a few w eeks. See ya again som eday. Brow n: Fire in the M icrow ave. You w ere a great friend dude. I w ill really m iss you m an. H ave fun in college and keep in touch. Bye. V em o: Shut up or I w ill pum p you up. You are a fanatic. Ihr Bayern seid schon ein paar kom ische Leute. M egan: T he H aw aiiana field trip to H onaunau. Thanks for letting m e com e to you r house over thanksgiving our freshm en year. You really helped m e out the first tw o years that I w as here. I hope o u rp ath s cross again som eday. W oody: This sum m er w e w ill party' til w e're dead. Y ou w ill like m y G erm an buddies. I have never seen a person w ith so m uch guts. You would alm ost take on anyone. D on t you ev er take a picture o f m e in the m orning. W e had som e good tim es even in a place as cool as this one. See you during th e sum m er. Jam una: N ever forget our Freshm an year. T he can o f p - s on you r floor, the show er story and other cool things. I still don't understand how som eone can be a vegitarian. H ave a good life and m aybe I'll m ee ty o u dow n in Kona som eday. Redza: The good ol' Freshm en days. K ona M ovie V an w ith H olt and the Beatles. Those days are over. W e have m ade it through 4 years o f this. H ave fun man. Blake: You had the best H air our first year here. M ine w as alm ost as long as yours. M anuel your beloved room ate that had to be locked out for the night. H e still thinks you took his m oney. Enjoy yourself, Laters. Cheynne: O nly other guy in the dorm that likes m y Kind o f M usic. Lacrosse rules. Telling a lie. H ave fun next year. W e'll m eet again. Jon R: Staying late in C hem Class. H ughes throw ing chairs. You're ju st the pimp. D om inic: Thanks for sending that Ben dork to my room that day. M orre's class just sucked. H ave a good tim e after this Bye. Aaron: You Schnitzel. Pretty funny guy. Kathy Ireland just loves you. H ave Fun at Bellot College of m odels. Sean: U nderw ear on your head. Coconut tree gonna take care o f you. S ee ya in Hana. M oto: G od. D on't you know you're local. You're just a toughguy. Kundelatsch: Servus du alter hund. Floetzinger, G riesstaett, Bauem Party, G rieshl Bar, Captain M organ, Raucher Trips am A bend, 160 ueber die landstrasse, M uenchener Bahinhof, W uerschtl bei der kirche. D u bist ganz gut arau f. W ir haben dieses dorf ganz gut ueberstanden. M achs gut du alter Bayer au f das w ir uns bald wiedersehen. Keola: Tw o years history together. You and Sarah in US. Laters.

Phillip Hadviger Hamburg, G erm an y !/4 years/K ayak in g/W ater Polo/Weight! Joanna: Freshm en year w as ju st aw esom e. Say H i to Dang w hen you see him. H ope ou have a good tim e in college. M aybe w e’ll m eet again. V aheria: W e had som e good tim es together. See you in T aluiti som e day. M erci pour trout. Je t ’aime. Barrett: Econom y size Condom Package, Eye-shots. W e had som e fun as room ates. I see you at som e party on O ahu som etim e soon. Liz: Y o u r A P Euro Speeches w ere p retty cool. You seem to really get into that kind o f stuff. W e w ill m eet again in Europe. M y next trip w ill be to Sw eden. Thanks for everything. See you soon. Zu m einem D eutschen Freundschaftskreis: Ihr seid die besten. O hne euch w aer m ein leben ziem lich langw eilig gew esen. W ir hatten die beste zeit in D aenem ark. Ich w erde euch nie vergessen. D ie Kneipe, W arsteiner, Eberhard, die geilen sessions in Y vonne's Kneipe, Playback Videos. H addock rules, m eine zw eite Fam ilie. A u f das w ir ew ig Freunde bleiben T he Ottos: G ecko, pizza, Birthday parties. Thank you for everything. You've been pretty good friends. Say h i to Dylan Ryder for me. See you next sum m er.

T he G om es: H aupia, Cookouts^partytim e. You guys are gres T hanks for all you have done. Tne dorm is a lot better w ith * you guys. See ya next year. H ugnes: H otfinger, Pennies to gold. You're classes w ere the! best. W atch out w here you throw those chairs. See y ou and ! Solar car team in Europe. Mr. H all, Behring, D urm an, Conley, Steart, Bleckel and M s * M ichel, Yaraw am ai: You helped m e through a lot here. W ithout you r support I w ould have never m ade it here. Stajj the w ay your are. .3 T o the A lum ni, Liz F., D iane F., C athy M ., Lora Lilli, M ichejj Beth, N icki, Ruth L, M alia S., Ryan W., Tw ila C., C athy G ., Je G., Kosei K , Cutter B., Ken H ., Ted, Jay Z., M arania H ., Alan S ., Jo n D., Sheridan W .: Y o u g u y s m ade this place fun. W e ha som e good tim es together. Thanks. T o the rest of the class o f 94: I'll m iss you guys. H ave a goo® life and I hope w e m eet again. To the class o f '95: See you guys at you r graduation. H ave a j blast you r Senior year. T o all the other people I knew and forgot to m ention: Thanks for everything you aid. H ope to see you again. Schools oven and I'm outta nere.

Kris Haga Footb all/H un ting/C ow boyin g it and Dad- Thank you for all your support and I'll never gorget all that you have done for me. >uld never have made it if it weren't for you s. I love you. KanesThanks for being like a brother to me. Five re weeks! WeliWeli, English's truck, Gomes' se, its been fun. There is more ways to skin a cat i sticking his head in a bootjack and jerking its Aloha. - Caveman. Need some Right Guard? :e- Tug Boat. Wrong hole Luke! ce- Shallow-shallow-deep 1- Meatman. Fruit bowls. Your a crazier driver

ime! th- Lucas! I need toilet paper, Lucas! - Eh Ase! Surfer boy. ■Psycho boar hunta'. Two years at Gate House ng all of Coaches food. Was fun. nien- You nuts. Let's go hit somebody! iy- Box lunch boy. Let's rag on Andy in nsens class. ■Why don't you just shave your whole leg, it rid look better. riel- Want me to f%$* y@u up? Don't flex you'll w us away. >la- Lover boy. Division 1 player. ivez- A.P. Bio- Do you know what the hell he is ring about? Pork club member and president. i wet-back, where is the letuce? s- Shellis, you are one crazy mo fo. Take care. Don't forget to ask about the whip. rh- You are a hairy ape. We have to stop meeting rthis. The verb maters, nt- Curzing at your house in Puako was fun.

Nate- You are one of the sickest guys I've ever known. Take care you little s&@*. Willie- You big white oaf. Kick butt next year on the line. Richard- Only flags sing in the choir. Linemanquarterback. If you become a cheerleader in college, I'll whoop your butt. Peter- Put on weight and keep your head up and you'll do fine. Brady- Cowboy. Good luck next year. Word of advice-"Don't squat with your spurs on!" Da WahinesJZ- Thank you for being such a good friend. I'll never gorget all our talks about "HIM" and "HER". Take care. Kim- I’ll Always remember all those times we sat down and talked. Don't forget, I'm good at listening. Take care of yourself. I'll never forget you. Ninia- What is that wet spot on your shirt? Take care of yourself. Rebekah- We had fun during all those last minute cram sessions for Hasll's class. Take care. Morgan- Lucas still has something to tell you. Da OhanasMarciels- Thank you for all the good times at your house. I'll never forget all the things you have done for me. Aloha. Gomeses- Thanks for all the food and great cookouts. Coach, thanks for all the help in football, even though I never listen. Mahalo. Spencers- Thank you for all the times I got to escape from HPA. Ethan-It was fun cruzing around in the middle of the night. Take care of yourself. Englishes- Thanks for letting me come work with

you guys on the ranch. Call me anytime you need help, I'll be there ready for work. IP- I'll never forget all those times we went riding on the ranch and shooting anything that didn't have our brand on it. Cy in Lon's birthday present!- Sorry about your Ranger. Weli Weli. Aloha. Good Luck To- 94- CB, BB, MH, JH, SK, JL, HM, MS, MS, NS, MD, AB. 95- TC, SM, EM, ROD, TK. 96- JS, LG, GK, BP, EP, CS. 97- SG, HH, JS, SK. "When you throw your weight around, be ready to have it thrown around by someone else." "Never slap a man who's chewing tabacco" "No tree is too big for a short dog to life its leg on.” "Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse."

M om & D ad- Well, it has been 4 years since y ou 'v e both m ade the biggest sacrifice for m e in all of m y years! Thank you for striving all of tnose years and never giving up until you guys found the best school suited for m e. Thank you very m uch for n ever giving up on m e. There aren 't enough w ords on the face of this earth to express how I will alw ays feel! 1 w ould not be where I am o r w ho I am today if it w eren 't for the both of you. I LOVE YO U BOTH V ERY M UCH! C A SE, A LI, EM & FA M ILY -1 love you all very m uch and would not have m ade it this far w ithout you guys! Thank you!!! PA T & SU N D E Y - Thanks for all the sup port and love that you guys g ave m e during m y years aw ay from m y nom e. I cou ld n 't have done ltw ith o u ty o u tw o. Ilo ve you both v ery m uch. See y ou guys at hom e, and T hursday nights! JO N A H - Luffy! "L u cas, I need toilet paper!" W e had good times running the ball. Take care bull and G od Bless! J.P .- I'm glad I played on the sam e team as you so I w ouldn't get m y helm et knocked off because of you hitting m e so hard! Football, track, spring training-Good times. G od Bless! D am ien- There's only one w ord: PERFECT! K arl- M eat m an! Y ou da m an! I think every girl w ants you-M eat Man. Take care and God Bless! D an iel- D andan! Y ou d a m an, da m an w h o jam s like Micheal Jacksan. Thanks for y ou r inspira tion both on an d off the field. Dork! Physics class-Stew art, K ea, sienna, buff iokes-Good times! Jed-1 think I hear som e freshm an girls calling! N ah. N ext tim e w atch o u t for the fire hydrant! Football, school- good times. B rother Jedhow did y ou get those cute scars- from a girl? Take care and God Bless! Blake- Kickin' back telling "Ira stories." Yeah...she w ants m e! U p late talking about girlies. C an 't understand 'em . K aua'i boys rule.-NSB / SSB. Y ou 're so huge, if I w as a girl I'd w an t you. N ah! Take care bro and God Bless. See y o u on the G arden Isle. P.S.- Y ou shu t off the light! A ndy- M y favorite m eal is box lunch, w h at's y ours? N ah. A re you confused? Thanks for the hospitality. "C o m e on g uys, eatsom ethm g. Y ou both look like tw o old m en, o lder than u s!" Crash...Take care and G od Bless. P.S.- W e should g o on the PGA Tour! Sovereignty! A sa- H eeey B uzzard! H o C uzzz! Eh ferg! Y ou rip, go pro already. H angin' o u t w ith U ncle Sam , A unty Sheila, Kalaw aia an d little Scotty. "A ce, w hen y ou gonna fly over and teach m e h o w ?" "W hat w as m at- that's 2 punches!" Take care bro and G od Bless. K ea- C rack kills, but w hen y ou show it it's cool! Thanks for all the jokes. Leave the m arbles alone! Captain C aaaaave M aaaaan! Thanks fo r blocking. Take care and G od Bless. C layto n- Y o u 're a stud. M an, one d ay can I get as big as y o u ? Y ou are the m an and alw ays will be! Y ou should have been on tne field. Take care and G od Bless. B rent- W azz up. H ow z all yeah? N ot. Y ou think Pops will let o r w hat? Good times. Take care and G od Bless. J.Z .- "She's dissin' m e and I d id n 't do nothing. I'm n o t m ean to her." Thanks for being there w hen I needed som eone. Take care you buff w om an. G od Bless. A ri- Pres. "Y o u think just 'cau se y o u 're the president y o u can do that?" N ah. Student Council m eetm gs- y eah...w e had total control. Take care and God Bless. E ric- W h at a bunch of little kids. Y ou r hall is the w o rst, I d o n 't even go dow n there. W e kicked you n g butt! Take care and G od Bless. M ichiko - "D o n 't w o rry, I d id n 't w an t to know an y w ay !" Rem em ber a couple of y ears ag o w hen I borrow ed $1 0 , w ell I just w an t to pay it back now ! N ah. Psychology class w as laughs. "D o n 't w o rry he s out there you just hav e to fin a him !" G od Bless and take care. D o d s- Brah, y ou 're so huge. H ow did you get like that? Y ou do n 't even lift! D on't m ake m e go o v er there and kick the crap ou t of you. I hope it w orks o u t bull! Take care and G od Bless. Jeff- "Paging a M r. Frank Shellice, there is a G ary Shannick on the pho ne!" PIMP. Just let her go...she is a young, stupid, little girl. Nah. K aua'i B oyz rule cu z. See you on the G arden Isle. G od Bless and take care. L ind say- "F i-y a!" The cow b o y /sh eriff outfit w as you. "It's ok Linw ay just relax and take a d eep breath. K aua'i b oyz rule not girlz. Take care and God Bless. P.S.- The Road Runner is cute huh? H ow z Pat? K im -1 am teaching you r brother the w ay s of the boyz! Y ou 're going to b eat y ou r husband, if you d o n 't m ake him deaf first! Take care w om an and G od Bless. H ag a- L et's g o rope cattle, then bring back a raw one to snack on. Thanks for all those blocks. "W h ere's tne hooch, o r w as that freshm an y ear in the C om m on s!" Y ou kick butt...take care and God Bless. P.S.D on't tell her anythingâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;It broke! M ichi- "W hen are you com ing o u t for running back ?" C om e here so I can kick y o u r butt. N ah , thanks, y o u 're the coolest. Take care and G od Bless. N inia- "N en e goose" y o u 're cool. Y ou are the best volleyball player ever. Y ou kick trutt, but d o n 't get nuts 'cau se I'll kick y o u r butt! M aile- W hat, do n't m ake m e kick you r butt and then D errick's butt too. Y ou 're buff, m an , teach m e how ! Take care and G od Bless! Sienn a- Thanks for everything! I wish it could hav e w orked out. You are a g reat person. "N o , keep y ou r m oney. I'm paying for this, y o u can buy the m ovie. That's only a couple of bucks! T h at's ok, w e'll be even!" "This is supposed to be regular physics, n o t A .P. all-am erican p hysics." Take care Sienna and God Bless. M o rgan- O ne d ay you should tell y o u r m am a w h at's been going on, both on and off school! A lthough she m ay know from experience! N ah. D on't get nuts with m e or i'll have to beat you up. Speaking of nuts...ouch! God Bless and take care. P.S.- N ice bench. O h, and how 's M alu? Jad e- H uh!?* N ice bench. O h, and h ow 's M alu? Y ou and M organ m ust double team all the tim e! N ah , just kiddin'. C y - Brah m y nam e Keala an ' I one H aw aiian. "O -line m eeting!" All the talks.-.Football, life and school. Thanks for all the blocks bull. "B rah do n 't squeeze m y tit!" Take care and G od Bless. Jaso n - Y ou da m an with wheels! H o w 's y ou r sister! N ah. "D o n 't m ake m e dro p you punk." Peace. G od Bless and take care. T .J.- "Y o u 're a stud. A re you guys going out y et?" "C H A R G E!" Y ou should have been ou t there on tne field. Pickin' plants for grad, w as ood times! Take care and G od Bless. tacy and S ylvia- Pine Trees w as fun, huh? N ah. Y ou tw o a re the bulls and probably will rule college. God Bless and take care...short and tall! R eb ek ah - "W h at happened to your lip?" "M e and this chick from H onoka'a had beef! bne jum ped m e from behind w ith her rings on, so I kicked h er b utt!" "So rry T yson !" Thanks for all the laughs. Take care and God Bless. K alei- "M ath class." W hat, like lum ps. I know y ou 're not having a kid a t 18 years old! Y o u 're a different Kohala chick! Take care a n a God Bless: ITeeheehee! N oah- Let som eone shave that chest and back! Chicks dig it, right? N o m ercy! Take care. M eg- "H ey M eg girl, y ou 're buff." Chris is a dork! N ah. Take care and G oa Bless. A lexa- "W h at kind of m usic is this: the Disney collection?!? H o brah m usic. Take care and G od Bless. M ike- Shuuum ate. "Shum ate Slam ." Ellis is a pim p. Take care and God Bless. "Y o u should have played football! N atasha- "N aaataaash aaa, you can bring the yellow s and w ater."

Lucas Kaimi Hamberg Poipu, K au ai/ 4 y r s ./ Football/ W restling/ Track/ Baseball/ V.P./ 30 minute workouts- 3 yrs. Bryson !!! K aua'i Boyz rule n o t girlz. Tita. H o did you slam him o r w hat? Take care and 1 11 see y o u on the G arden Isle. G od Bless. R edza- Tai-eeb-Iei. Y ou are the hugest, thickest stud ever. She w ants you...O h, I guess they all do! Take care bull. H ay ato - H ayato-Joe. "W h ere's y ou r blue d**ld*?" Y eah...w e kicked butt in the dorm ! Take care and G od Bless. G ood lu ck to: M am iko, Jon, Kristen, Jam una, M aya, Deanna, Brynly, Kelly, Phil, Vaihiria and Starr. Thank you all for the years. Y o sn i, B rady, Peter, Rob, Jo h n , W illy - Thanks for the good tim es and g reat m em ories. The football team w ouldn't have been the sam e w ithout you guys. Take care all of you an d God Bless. I love you guys. Bulls! R ich ard - Y ou 're nothing. Thanks for being m y Big Island bro. You helped m e through a lot, thanks. M aybe y ou should look into an A lcoholics A nonym ous class, you need help! Thanks bro. D O R K! Take care and God Bless. P.S.- io u will alw ays be a linem an!" N athaniel- Y ou w an t to tell m e about this w eekend? W hat, I d id n 't say anything. Take care stu d and God Bless. C lass o P 95: K ainoa, T epa, Lasi, Erik, Heather, K ippy, Sarah, take care and keep everyone u nder control n ext year. God Bless you all. Sim p son - W h at Chris. T hat's 6 now ! Take care 'cause I can 't do it anym ore, I'll be gone! Thanks for being a bro in Christ! K eep it in you alw ays, and g row . Take care and G o a Bless. C lass of '96: Sum m er, H elene, Yosh, Billy, P ua, Joy, Thanks for all the laughs and m em ories. Take care and God Bless. M arci- "T ry and hit the ball over the net next tim e!" N ah...I do n 't m ake

trouble. Take care and God Bless. K au 'i an d K andi- "W h at!?" D on't you g u ys have a life? NahiTt care and God Bless. ,1 C lass of '97: T a'i, M elinda, Shane, Jared, H eim ata, Sean, Liam thanks for the laughs and mem ories. 93' Football T eam - Thanks for a great season. It w ouldn't have tx the sam e team w ithout all of you! I love you guys, "K anis Ohan keep it going! Take care all of y ou, keep in touch and for ths returning m ake the m ost o u t of it and kick butt! God Bless you j T o all tne fam ilies: B rysons, C arlson s, G om ess, H yness, Otl L inseys, Spencers, Ed nies, Y ard ley s, A rafiless, H ananos, Marcij F osters, and Elarion o ffs- Thank you very m uch for all your supp and encouragm ent! Thank y ou all for y ou r hospitality and for makj the Big Island m y hom e! I love y ou all. Take care and God Bless!

can 't touch anything. You are the best defender. Don't stab, just contain. Defense rules! Thanks for being the best little friend all these years. Are you w ear your turquoise Umbros? I’ll miss vou ILY. Laura H.: Hi Lora. Can you flair your nostrils? See you at Maile's house when we have to baby-sit. Take care and don't give Maile too much stress. Did you take your grouchy pills this morning?

\Michelle Kim Hanano Waimea 13years / soccer / volleyball / basketball / track : Thanks for teaching me how to play all the sports and Iways taking care o f me. You have taught me alot about ect and responsibility. I can't thank you enough for the 3rtunities tnat you have given me. " Like to be like Mike." e you. n: I am very fortunate to have someone as supportive and ig as you. Thank you for all that you have done, you ; given me the chance to grow ana accomplished many of ireams. I love you. nick: Thanks for all your advise and for making me tough, y for bossing you around all the time. See you in college, e you. tiama A kiko and Papa Hanano: Thank you for all your Leoce, for feeding everynight and taking care of me for all e years. I love you guys. tty Marvis: Thank you for spending all your money and swith me. I love you. ndma D., Aunty Kiyome, Mr. Morley, Aunty Sakae, lie Ricky, Aunty Sylvia, Uncle Les, Aunty Manu, all my sins, Aunty Baby, and Uncle Mark: Thanks for all the ort. I love you guys. e: Don't forget to a o y o u r push ups. So when can I move I'll baby sit for free. Tnank you for everything and for ig so nice. TCBY? f-Lynne: Is your room clean? Its so much fun to pick on

you! You better study hard and stay out of trouble. Most of all have fun cause time flies. Kim, M ichiko, N inia, Stacy: You guys da best!! Thank you for all your encouragem ent and all the laughs. But most of all thank you for our friendship. 1 would have never made it with out you guys. Kim: Hi Kimmy Loo. So who do you like today? One days you'll get a boyfriend. Thanks for all the late night talks that kept me up. I don't want to go to practice today. You've been like a sister to me. I love you. I don't really want to go to college, but I'll go. M ichiko: W e've com e a long way since freshmen year. W e used to walk so slow to class I think we got tardies everyday. Thank you for all the good times. Running track sophmore year w as the best. I love and care about you. Call m e anytim e you need help or just w ant to talk. Stacy: One of these day we'll go to the movies. My dogs are starved to death because of all ou r late talks in the parking lot. "W hat Lucile you going leave m e now ?" I’ll miss acting out Rap’s Hawaii. Doi doi doi. ILY N inia: You taught m e how to cause so much trouble - what would I have done without you? Call me so we can talk stink about everybody. Thanks for being my buddy in v-ball. "W ho shakes the best?" Ppsst ILY. H eathen Break them! You are a true athlete. Defense rules!! One of these days we'll do a flip throw in. Don't be too grouchy. Goodluck in everything. And don't party to much in the dorm. Heather, bye. Jaisy: I've known you forever. Can you com e over and play? But you

Meghan: Meghan, Meghan, w hat did you do now? Defense Rules!! Remember when you are going to shoot the ball aim for the goal and don't kick it over. Stay out of trouble. ILY. Sienna: You are too sweet! Thanks for always making m e laugh. You still have your big brown eyes from kindergarten. Heathe: Hete- Smile. Kristen: Hi Peanut. You are the best goalie, and I believe and trust in you. Thank you for all your support. Good luck in everything you do. M organ: Thanks for your understanding and support. Later on can I have one of your CDs for free, or do I have to go through your people first. Are you going to sing The Rose for talent show?. Goodluck. ILY. Jade: I would hate to be your mom, I think I would die from stress. I had lots of fun in yearbook and during soccer. Take care of yourself. Jenny: I'm soooo happy to see you! Are you running today? You are soooo nice. Take care and don't study to hard. A lexa: You kick butt in everything you do. Thanks for all the goodtimes in soccer. W ho I'm I going to run and stretch with next year? Lisa: Hi pizza pizza! I had lots of fun giving you a hard time this whole year. But I was only trying to make you touger. Did we switch yet? W ho’s going to tell you to run hills? ILY. Marci: I had lots of fun playing soccer with you this year. Good luck and kick butt next year in all the sports you play. Natasha: Smoke break? Are you going home again? See you later. Tepa: Thanks for all the Farm Fairs in Honolulu. So when is my bday? Good luck next year. I love you lots. M egan: Thank you for all your encouragement in v-ball. Elena: You get choke muscles. I'm glad you cam e to H P A , now I d on't have to defend you in soccer anym ore. Take care and kick butt. ILY. Alana: You jump high for a little Japanese girl. Don't forget to study hard. Don't get into too much trouble. ILY. Dam ien: Do you have to clean yard on Sunday? Thank for all the talks and the laughs. Good luck in college. M ike: Thank you for always being there for me. One day we'll play one on one. Lucas: I have a force field so no mess. Thanks for all the great laughs. Keola: W hat you think you tough? To bad you don’t have muscls like your Daddy. Marshmallow! Jonah: You are the sweetest guy, anytime you need a ride just call. Kari: You da Man! I want to play soccer just like you. Brent: Thanks for caring about me and talking to me. Cy: Thanks for your support though all the years. Take care. Starr: Did you know you look like your mom? Nah. Thanks for being such a good friend. Good luck. Caitlyn: Hi Cait. You are the sweetest defesive player. You little rat. Take care of the defense next year. Did you really run 6 miles? Thanks for all your support. Defense rules! Sylvia, Lindsay, Kalei, Clare, Brynly, Kelly, Alia, Am y, Andy, J.P., Blake, Hayato, Claton, Rebekah, Asa, Jeff, and Leif: Thanks for all the great times. Good luck next year. Yum i: Thank you for being our basketball manager. Mam iko: Dont sing when you walk, and dont put your fingers in the microwave. Your best friend said to speak english. Take care. Emi: Teach m e how to paint. Thanks for making me laugh. Chis: A re you eligible? Study hard. Try flex are one big ab. Sarah: Good luck in anything you do, you can be the best. Remember attitude. Thanks for all the stress. ILY. Jen A.: Hi Nicole! You really aren't a wimp. Thanks for being so nice to me. Tell your sisiters I said hi. ILY. Jennifer F.: Hi Baby Fischer! Be good and dont cause your parents too much stress. Take of Megan C. Sean: Thanks for talking to m e on the phone whenever Kim wasn't a t home. H ave lots of fun. Chelsey: Hi buddy! So who do you really like? Study hard and have lots of fun. Do everything you want to cause time flies. Thanks for always talking to m e on phone. ILY. Good luck to:Laura D., Lasi, Royce, Whitney, Alex, Cindy, Sarah C. Tiffany W., Robby A., T. Charlie, Kainoa, Summer, M egan C., Lianne G., Rae, Helene, Maiyum i, Suki, Yvonne, Nicole, Liana, Kaui, Kandi, Em ily, Liz S., Heim ata, Blake, Tori, Shea and Tiffany Q. M r. Honm a: Uncle Karl thanks for all the support, you have really helped m e out these past years. Is tomorrow a headmasters? You bull lie. Lets go bowling? I really apperciate all your advise. ILY. Mrs. Y araw am ai: When is the next deadline? Don’t stress yourself out. Thanks for all the help. Say hi to Max, Ana, and Mikela. Mr. Conley: A old man! Don't run to far and get lost. Take care. Jean: Thank you for fixing m e up when ever I got injured. 1 really appreciate all the advice. Teachers: Mr. Hughes, Mr. Otto, Mr. Wilder, Mr. Provencal, Mr. Solm m sen, Mr. D um an, Mr. Bleckel, Mr. Bryson, and Ms. W hittlesey: Thanks for your guidence and knowledge. Coaches: Bryn, Jam ie, Tiare, Mr. Perry, Mr. Emm ons, Keith, Mr. Brilhante, Mr. Hisanaga, Noland, Brian, Lala, Joy, Mr. Shutes, Mr. Conley, Sandy, Mr. Colson, and Mr. D um an: Thanks for all the time you have spent helping me. You each have given me a chance to fulfill my goals. Thanks for pushing me to do my best. To the Adm inistration, Faculty and Staff: Thank you for working so hard to make this school a better place. Basketball, Volleyball, and Track: Thanks to everyone who played 1 with. Good luck next year. S o cce r 1994 B11F CHAMPS!! Thanks for all your dedication and for the best senior year possible. Good luck next year. 111 miss you guys. KAMAKANIICH1BAN!! Kim , Jade, Jed, Sienna, Kristen, Eric, Heathe, Jaisy, Alexa: 13 years!!! Time sure flew. 1 had lots of fun. If you ever need help just call. Take care and 1 hope to see you around. Class of '94: Live everyday like it is your last, cause someday you'll be right! Love, Michi

M o m an d D ad: There are no words great enough to describe my love and appreciation for you. You have been so supportive in helping me make my own decisions. I couldn't have asked for better parents. I love you so much!! A d am : Remember, you will always be my little brother. It seems like all we ever do is argue, but we have had a lot of good times, too. Thanks for all of the night time heart talks, they helped. I hope that you survive the next four years without me. It goes by fast so take your time and enjoy it.ILU! G ra n d y , U .L arry , A .L y n n e , U .D av e,

A.Linda I miss you and I hope that I see you more in the future than I have in the past. M ik e , E ric, B rian an d S cott: We have had so many good times, thank you. I wish that we lived closer, Let's keep in touch, I love you all so much! Je ff: Life has been so unfair, I'm sorry that we never got the chance to know each other. I miss you, and think about you everyday. A part of you will live on in me forever. T h e A d a m s an d G erb ers: I'm sorry that we grew apart, but I treasure the times from Bethany Beach. ILU. S y d n e y an d G reg g : I can't imagine my life in Hawaii without you. You've given so much, and asked for so little. Thank-You for all of the support, and all of the memories. I'm going to miss you so much next year!! A n d re w , B rad en an d K ara: You all mean so much to me. You are a big part of my life and I hope that you always will oe. Don't do anything cute while I'm gone, and NO growing up ok!! K itty -N an i: Thank you for all that you have given me, sometimes I forget to tell you how much I appreciate you. You will always be my "Hawaiian Nani". S an d ra: What red light in Hilo? It was green, honest! (NOT!). Remember Pike Street, and downtown Chicago on our own? I didn't realize how scary that was! How about a chocolate malt? Do you still have a bump from the knee board? I think that it messed your mind up! We have had so many fun times, even though we've grown apart, you will always be my "best" friend in Hawaii. , After college lets get together for lunch! P.S. Stay away from Brian, Your not good enough!(Kidding!) M alia (L iL i): My turtle girl. Low-Fat Chocolate pudding?' Are you sure?! If I stay in math much longer my head will explode! Are we crazy to be taking an un-required year?( Nah, you are the crazy one, I'mjust there to keep you on the rignt track!). Thanks for all the support with swimming and school. Come visit me next year on the mainland and I'll show you what you are missing out on! M ik a: Football? Are you serious? Can you believe its been 5 years! I can't image them without you. There are so many times that I treasure. Next year will be so different, with all of us separated. Promise me that you will write!! Maile: My 8th grade roomie, what happened to us in high-school? I'm so sorry for all of our fights and taping the room in half. Do you remember the life that I planned out for you and Derrick, you better get a move on if it's going to come true! Let s keep in touch.ILU! S y lv ia , N a ta sh a , L in d sa y , L iz , V a ih iria , L au ra an d K a l e i : Thank you for everything, you have made high-school worthwhile. M am ik o : You are the best

roomie, I had so much fun with you last year! Do you think that Cinderella remembers us? Thank you for everything and especially for my stay in Japan! Y u m i: Kobe was great, Panasonic Square was better!, Thanks for being my tour guide, Good Luck next year! Jo a n n a , Iw a, M o, M r W ild e r an d th e rest: Thank You for all of the support in swimming. I had very little self-confidence, now did you ever put up with me? I never could have made it with out you, good luck next year. M ich ik o : We have had a lot of run in the last four years, and last summer. You're my favorite b-ball buddy, and snorkeling partner. Don't let the world take advantage ofyou, you have a strong heart so live life to the fullest. D an iel: Are you really playing your hardest? Nah, Someday I will beat you! Thanks for coming to all of our games! Love, Jordan. K eo la: Its been a long 4 years, keep studying and someday you will get a good grade! D a m ie n : Michigan forever! H ay ato : 'Hi, Yato!', U.S. History was a great class, I will miss you next year!Heathe: (Heaffers), Thank You for all of your friendship, I will always remember you as my first friend here. ILU!Starr: Do you remember the dark

5yrs HPA/4yrs Basketball /Crosscountry Manager /Swimming/Prefe and scary night with no electricity, no phone and a crazy cat? How long ago was that? I can't imagine HPA life without you, good luck next year! ILU! Emil: You have such a talent for playing the piano, I hope that it carries you far in life. Tnanx You.Heimata: I'm sorry for treating you so badly. I hope that the rest of your life is as good to you as you deserve. You will always have a special place in my heart. Germ: I will miss you and your appetite next year, Love Creig. Amy, Lisa an d the rest o f the hall: It's been interesting and fun, I hope that you all have a great year next year. Je n a n d T n e a n a : What can I say to you guys? Except: Jen you have a great name, and Theana, Jaylyn is awesome! Good Luck next year, and forever!Alana: No really, if my brother didn't steal all of my height, I would be an AllAmerican!Lasi: Thanks for all of your honest opinions. Can I take you to college with me next year?Maribeth: It was really hard to move away, and I am really sorry for not keeping in touch. I think that if I stayed we would have grown apart. Our friendship is so special, ana I will never forget you.Charmagne, Heidi, B ro o k e : You guys party too much, but I love you anyway!The Davis': My

Montana family. I miss you so much, I appreciate j everything that you've done. ILU!Mr. C o lso n : It's] been rough, but I'm glad that you pushed us to j| always work harder. I hated it at tne time, but it!jpa off and I'm glad. Thank You.Mrs. G o m es: Thank 1 for all of the support, and for Kala'ikupa'a, it w ill1 always remind me of you, and of Hawaii.Mrs. K : ? helped me survive Hr A, how can I ever repay yoiJ Thanks for always being there.Mr. H o n m a a n d Ms M ich e l: Thank You for everything; the support, tf| laughter, and all the memories. I will miss you ni| year. T o the B a sk e tb a ll team : Its been a struggle last four years, but we have continually improved! Good luck in all the years to come, and remember ! when the coaches yell it is to make you better, not j because they hate you! T o the re st o f m y frie n d s: Life hasn't been that j bad...So far. Good luck in whatever it is that you|j do. Thank you for all of the memories -"Always use the past to plan for tomorrow... 3 But you can only live one day at a time's

Amy Lyn Hicks Hawaii / X-Country / Musicals / Drama / Equestrian / DormPref ect /Feminist / Pro-Choice bm & D ad- Thanks for being there for me! Thanks for ieving in m e and giving m e the tim e to understand 'self. ILY idi-1 w ish you could h ave been around for the last ee years. O n e day w e w ill all m eet at Phantom . You are ever in m y heart. die- M y best friend. Thanks for being m y friend w hen one else was. Thanks for bein g there w nen I needed a >ulder to cry on. You w ill never know how m uch our sndship m eans to m e. O u r friendship w ill last forever, y tim e you need anything ju st call. ILY. nia- H ow can I tell you how m uch you have m eant to i. From the first tim e I m et you I adm ired y o u r strength d beauty. I'll alw ays believe in you. O ne day I know u'U m ake it big. T nan k you so m uch for loving m e and ttang up w ith m e. Y ou are so rare and unique. I will vays love you for you. lvia- W e have had our ups and dow ns but you'll vays be a friend in m y heart. O n e day you w ill be a lowned artist. Thanks for the long talks and listening to !. Shag, M ichael Schfoeling, 90210-1've had the m ost n. ILY irr- Thanks for letting m e in your life. O n e day the right m w ill com e along w ho w ill never break you r heart. I i alw ays there if you need som eone castrated w ith a Don. Thanks for trusting m e w ith your thoughts. I've joyed our long talks. I'll alw ays be there for you ILY. tiniria- Thanks for Junior year being so m em orable, ng talks, tim es to tow n, fishes, korean chicken. Thanks â&#x2013; m aking m e feel like I belonged. Follow your dream s, ve those w ho w ill treat you right. Y our secrets are vays safe w ith m e. I love y o u w ith all m y heart, ilei- You have m ade m e laugh and cry. Basketball, X Prefecting, Friendship, I reel like saim in tonight. I 11 alw ays rem em ber our late nights, talking about erything. T hanks for m aking m e part of you r life. Do I ve to pay the $ 5 0 0 .1 w as just joking. You w ill be n ou s one day. W ant to bet. ILY are- Thanks for the laughs. I w ill never forget the rock. >u are a beautiful person. Alw ays be yourself. I am rry I got so m ad. I w ill alw ays believe I you. Breakfast d dinners w ill never be the sam e w ithout you. I adm ire ur outspokenness. D on 't ev er let anyone tell you that u are not w onderful. ILY.

L in d say -1 adm ire you so m uch. Please d o n 't ever change. You glow w hen you sm ile. Believe in your m any talents. Thames for filling m y 4 years with laughter. ILY. T a sh a-1 love it w hen you get tickled. 1 am glad you did not go to High school on Kauai. Y ou'll alw ays be in thoughts. ILY. Laura H .-1 have known you about as long as I have know n your sisters. Thanks for trusting m e to talk to. Thanks for listening to m e. W hatever you think is not w rong. O ne day you w ill find w hat you w ant to do and be the best at it, alw ays rem em ber that ILY. W h itn ess- You are beautiful and sm art. Believe in your self and your voice. Alw ays be unique. W eird is cool. Jeff M . is cute. ILYH eathy- Thanks for listening to me. You are talented in everything you do. ILY .Joanna- Thanks for not judging me. I leam e a so m uch about life from you. W ow y ou 're a w onderful person. I'll alw ays rem em ber freshm en year. ILYM egan S.- Everytim e I see you, you m ake m e sm ile. D on 't ever change. Y our heart is so full of goodness, thank you. ILY .C hris- Thanks for com ing up and talking to me. Thanks for understanding me. Thanks for being m y friend. IL Y Jam anju- Please d o n 't ever change. You rem ind m e so m uch of David. Always rem em ber peer- counseling. IL Y .M ich iko- If I had one w ish it w ould be that you would alw ays be happy. I am glad w e becam e friends. You are so beautiful. I w ill never take you for granted. You w ill one day find a man who w ill never dem and your soul as w ell as your heart. ILY. H eather( Shredder)- You run just like the wind, sm arty. Is there anything that you can 't do. Thanks for being in my life. I see the light. IL Y H 'sien - You need to sleep more. T ake care o f yourself please. Thanks for listening to me. IL Y R ob bie( Chava)- D on't stress so much. Trust that everything will w ork out in the end. Believe in yourself. IL Y .K im m y-1 have alw ays adm ired you. Thanks for m aking m y high school m em orable. Cow w om en ILY M am i-1 love teasing you. I only do it because I love you. I'll m iss you . A lexa-1 am glad you w ere m y scuba buddy. Laugh forever. ILYBrynly- Y our are a truly beautiful person inside and out. IL YK elly- Y ou're sm art and can run. W ow , how do you do it all.M ichi- You are so athletic. W hat is it like to be able to be good at any sport and sm art too. Thanks for m aking m e smile. ILY K arl- D on't ever change. W atch out world. ILYJaisyY our beauty lights up the w hole school. Stay true to

yourself. ILYLizzy- M y horse buddy. Alw ays rem em ber freshm an year at the T aj.Stacy-1 am glad you did peercounseling. Your welcom e for dinner. ILY.Yum i- my junior Room ie, glad w e had that tim e together. Rem em ber the pillow fight with M am i.M alia- m y math buddy. Are y ou sure you don't want to go to both periods. ILYLaura D .-1 used to be jealous o f you. T hean a- Run for yourself. You can do it. ILY H elene- Push yourself all the way. You can run like the wind if you try. I know you can concentrate harder. Stick that tongue back in.ILYA lana- you are lucky I never gave you scum squad, it would have been nasty. L o v ey a D anny D .& Jim m y-1 missed you both so much.lf-Y Laurie-1 wish you could have been her these last two years I m issed you like crazy. You are so beautiful. ILY C onley- Thanks for helping m e . I learned so m uch from you. X-country is the best.M s. M ichel-birthday buddy, Thanks for caring. I m iss French with you. ILYKam rowYou helped m e through good and baa times. Look I m ade it. Did you ever dought me. ILY M r. & M rs. Rizzuto- Thanks for m aking m e matter. Thanks for listening to m e even though so m uch else was happening. ILYM s. M oore- Thanks for m aking m e feel the em otion. M rs. D aw son- W ithout you I don't think I could have lost the weight Thanks for listening and telling m e I could do it. ILY T o everyone in X-countryyou are the elite, stay w ith it, good job.To Lisa and JenPrefecting was funTo m y hall- live life to the fullest. High school goes by so fast. If I m issed anyone, I am sorry. I Love you all " The earth does not belong to man, m an belongs to the earth. All things are connected, like the blood that unites us all. M an did not w eave the web of life, he is but a strand in it; w hatever he does to the web, he does to himself. C hief Seattle G ood luck to the class o f 1994

Maile Hiyane Pohnpei/Basketball 4 y rs./Ju d o 2 yrs M om and Dad: T hank you for all the love, sup port, and encouragem ent you have given m e all these y ears, even though I'm a pain in the butt m ost of the tim e. (Is that w hy you sent m e aw ay?) I really appreciate all the sacrifices you have m ade for m e. I love you both v ery m uch. Ethel Rei: I really m issed seeing you during the holidays. Please keep in touch! I love yo u , m y "bestest" sister. Laura: Thanks fo r all the m any things you hav e done for m e. I don't know w h at I w ould of done w ithout you. W ill you please stop giving Keola black- eyes! H ave m ercy on the p o or guy! I love you, m y "second bestest" sister. Just joking. M ack: Y ou little shrim p! I can still kick y ou r bu tt in basketball. Even though you're a pain in the butt, I still love you. I'm going to m iss you next year. Thank you for the bear. G randm a, A unty Jane & Uncle G ary, A unty Ethel & Uncle W alter, and o ther M em bers of the Fam ily: T hank you for all the love and sup port y o u have given m e. I love you all dearly! Derrick: C an you believe that w e hav e been going o u t for 3 and a half years? I have to w arn y o u -1 can't g et m arried until I'm 4 0 (D ad's orders). I'm sorry for being grouchy all the time. It's y o u r fault anyw ay! You're the one in charge of giving m e m y G rouch Control pills. Thank you for alw ays being there w hen I needed you. Y ou don't know ho w m uch it m eant to m e that you w aited for "whittle ole m e". Thank y ou v ery m uch. I love you infinity + infinity. Michi: You're a cutie-pie! W atch out because w hen you becom e a professional tri-athlete, Derrick and I will com e live with y ou, along with o u r 10 children. The H anano Fam ily: Thank you for having m e over to y ou r house and to dinner. I really appreciate your hospitality and the kindness you hav e show n m e. Mehnlau! A m y: T hank you v ery very m uch for all the favors you have done for m e. I ow e you so m uch. Thank y ou for listening to all m y problem s. I’m very s o n y that you w ere

the one w ho I would let all m y frustrations o u t on. Y ou are the best! I'm going to m iss you. Ninia (m y room m ate for 2 and a half years): I m issed having y ou for a room m ate. Y ou w ere the best room m ate I have ever had. Rem em ber you r trash can and w h at you did to it? That w as hilarious. Vaiheria: Y ou judo stud! I'll never m ess around w ith you! Y ou r a g reat prefect and an even better friend. Je t'aim e! Mika: Y ou fart-a -holic! N ah, just kidding! Be sure to send m e tickets to y ou r football g am es w hen y ou becom e the first fem ale to play in the N F L okay? N atasha: I'm sorry N atasha, bu t Derrick can't go to the laund ro-m at with you becau se he is the one w ho's going to w ork w hile I sit around the house getting fatter and fatter. Thanks for being a g reat friend! I love you! Sylvia: H o o ray , w e do n't have to deal w ith you-know -w ho anym ore. W e're free! T hank you for french- braiding m y hair for every single basketball gam e. Y ou probably wanted to shave m y head bald, huh? T hank you v ery m uch. I love you! Clare: Rem em ber February 29! Pretty soon I'll brainw ash m yself to think that w e w ere born on that day. I am going u for y ou r adv ice, caring, and sup port you hav e given m e. M aylynn, Jennifer, and Trisha: Take care you guys! M ark, Peter, and Mike: Thanks for all the w arm sm iles you g ave m e. I'm going to m iss y ou guys, to m iss y o u r w arm sm ile and unique personality. Kaleialohaonalani: I w as crazy to let you talk m e into staying in Bryson's class. Y ou choco-holic! You're the only person I know w ho eats m o re chocolate than I do. N ext y ear w e w o n ’t hav e anyone to be at ou r beckoning call. Just joking! I love you! Lindsay: Sorry for all the w rong answ ers I g ave you for Biology. Rem em ber the w eird expression M r. H olt g ave you every tim e you shouted the w rong answ ers. I'm sorry! I have a great time w hen I am around you. You're v ery funny! Jen Hen: Rem em ber w hen w e taped our room in half when we g o t into a fight? O u r fights w ere so stupid. I can't rem em ber w h at they w ere about. W e w ere g reat friends in m iddle school

g reat friend! Keola: I tried to stop Lau ra from abusing you bu t she never listened! m e. M aybe you deserved it. Just kidding! Did you use the presea that Derrick and I g ave to you and Laura? N oreen: C an believe that w e a re finally graduating? Tim e sure flies|] Loralee: I hope som e d ay w e’ll m eet again. I really m iss you . ■ Sam antha: I never g o t to m eet "Sickly". M aybe next tim e I’m home® you can introduce him to m e. Layoleen, M adeline, Patricia, Jack, Mickerson, and Sidney: So now® that you have all graduated, w hat's next? I hope the next tim e w e sa each other, w e can all be together like before. Rosey: Y ou donkey! Thanks for being su ch a great friend. I l o v e * you! Redza: Y ou pervert! I'm hurt that you insulted m y poor pot. You'fl a funny gu y (and also a pervert). Y um i, Em i, M am iko: The Three Japanese Stooges. Shu ku dai o 9 testu date kuretari ii tom odachi de itekurete arigato. A ishiteru. 9 Sara V: Y ou a re the coolest! I wish I could be like you. Sandra: Y ou and A ndy are such a cute couple. I hope that you stan together forever. Tell him I said "hi". M r. Bryson: I barely m ade it through another one of you r c l a s s e s * m ust have been crazy when I signed u p for y ou r class. Thank y o i iJ v ery m uch for passing me. M r. Colson: I am very fortunate to have had you as m y co ach for « years. Y ou have taught m e great deal about myself. Thank you fora not yelling as m uch as y o u did m y freshm an and sophom ore y e a f * M r. and M rs. Rizzuto: T hank you for letting m e be you r aid. It w as the best job that I have ever had. Tharik you.

Tony Ho 3 years H.P.A.

I am out of here and to never to look back.

Joyce Yih-Jye Ho Taipei,Taiwan/ 3 y e a rs/ Dram a /T e n n is/ State C h o ir/ Dorm Prefect

Family: Daddy&Mommy: Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I really appreciate everything you've given me. I love you. Brother Ken: You are the only brother I have and also the greatest in the world. Thank you for what you have done for me. Take care yourself. Love ya! Grandparents: I really miss all of you when I far away from home. Thank you for putting up with me. I love you. Aunties&Uncles: Thank you for taking care of me when I’m in Japan California and Texas. Teachers Mr. Solmssen: "People who are wise not only have a brain also have a beautiful heart. Do things tough but flexible. Do our responsibility seriously but enjoyably." That is what I learned from you. You always analize the reason instead punishment. Make me think myself instead tell me what I should do. Thank you so much for turning my Junior year from sadness to worthwhile. You are special teacher in my life. Mrs. Conley: The three years have passed fast. I couldn't make it without you. You always there for me to share my happiness and sadness. Cheer me up when I get sad, cool me down when I were angry, celebrate my birthday with the special German food. Show me how wonderful the world is and keep me smiling. I will miss you. Thank you very much. Mrs. Dunlap: Now you are far away from Hawaii but you still care about me and give me so much encouragement. Thank you for the delicious French dinner and the sweetie maple fudge all the way from East coast. ILY. Special Thanks to Mrs. Kamrow, Mr &Mrs. Rizzuto, Mr &Mrs Piltz, Ms. Michel,Mr &Mrs & Grandma Watson, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Perry, Ms Donahue, Mr. Hughes, Mr &Mrs Hall, Mrs. Link, Mr. Otto School nurses and other faculties. Classmates Kalei: Do you remember the time we lived in the IES House? Really Unforgetable ya? You are a special friend for me. Thank you for all the memories. Good luck! Liza C: How can I thank you for being such a nice friend to me. Good luck what ever you do in the future. Keep in touch.

Liz J: My great partner!Thank you for always giving me good advices. You a very optimistic. Wish you luck in collage especially meet someone special. Mark C: Thank you for being so "nice" to me. I really have fun when you ara my lab partner in chemistry class. Take care and Thank you. Eric H &Kevin C: The two Judo men. Thank you for selling books to me. Tal care! Underclassmen Tina, Cindy, Irene, Monica, Shih-Ling, Gloria, Vivian and Koresa. Thank you for making my last year cool. I really had so much fun with you guys. Best luc] all of you. Tina & Shih-Ling: You always the sweetest and cutest sis for me. I feel so a "young" when I hang out with you. Keep in touch and stay cute!! Irene & Monica: Two of you are so different even you are sisters. Irene, don| study too hard. Monica, please study little bit harder. Bye-Bye and good luck. I Cindy: A-ha our "pretty women"??? you know what's wrong with your diet! plan? You need to START it. Na just joking...Hope you really have fun w herel you go. Stay cute! Glora: You know what I think? I think you can get "most like to gretting" ■ award. Thank you for all the smiles. Vivian: "Don't worry. Be happy!". See you in the collage and don't party t<9 much..HaHaHa! Thank you for the food, too. Koresa: I really don't know what to say to you. Hope you enjoy you life. E™ Mayumi: You are m y first friend in HPA!! Thank you for always fl and braid m y h air, you are th e b est. Also Than] you for all th e good tim e esp ecially th e twin da I’ll n ev er fo rg et you. Love ya! To everyo n e in m y hall: F ro m th e first day o f th e y ear, I prom ise J m y self to give you th e b est door d eco ratio n ani b irth day card . I also wish e a ch one o f you havl g re a t y ear. Thank you for re s p e ct m e and beinj so n ice to m e. Thank you and good luck.

Good luck to everyone who I m issed, sorry!! When I started to write th is quotes, I found out th ere are so many people who care about m e and help me m ake my th ree years through. Thank you very m uch!!

to make the dorm better, right! Mrs.Karmrow: Thank you for the help on the history, thank you very much. Mr.&Mrs.Rizzuto: Thank you for the help on the SAT and the help of choose the college. Also thank you for the special Tofel session. Herb&Barb Victorine: There are so much to say, but the only things I really want to say, is thank you very much. Special Thanks :Mr.Colson. Mr.Anderson. Mr.Honma. Mrs.Michel. Mr. Hughes. Mr.Watson. Mr.Rowley.Mr.Perry.Mr.Provencal. Mr.Hall. Mr.Gallego. Mr.Rice.Mrs.Link.Mrs.Matusta.Mr.Otto. Mr&Mrs.Walsh.Ms.Donahue.Father Piltz. Father Paul. All Kitchen crew staff. Mrs.Yamashiro.Tennis Coach: Eric Joachim. Kevin Chan: You are the best friend of my, and I am happy to know you for the past two years. During the past two years we have many classes the same and I enjoy the time we have fun in class. Thank you very much!!! T o m o -san : The best time for us is when we read "Jump." Erwin Djaja: You are the only Indonesia friend I have and you are funny jj Kristin Sanchez: My friend, is nice to know you and stay cool!!! Don't forget the fun time we have in Japanese class! Joyce Ho: Don't you think the time went by so fast that we are on the way to college. Irene Liao: Don't study too much and try to play more and have fun!! Monica Liao: Try to enjoy the fun time and be happy all the time!! Keep smile!! Vivian Tseng: You are a very nice girl and I happy to know you as a friend. Shih-Lin: Spent more time on tennis, so next time you can beat me. Don't play with the dog too much! Johann Tang: Be nice to girls!! Enjoy the times when you are with your mother!!!!!! Cindy Chen: Thank you for the help and the support. I wouldn't forget you. Yae Rang Shin: Keep up you work on the drawing and you should feel happy to study at H.P.A.. Mamiko Abe & Yumi Kojima & Emi Nojiri: I enjoy the times that we are in the Mrs.Piltz's class room and is so

aipei,Taiwan/5 years inH PA /JU D O 3 / ENNIS / BASKETBALL / Dorm Prefect pm and Dad: Thank you for all the support you give me and thank you for fe me the opportunity to study at H.P.A. I love you a ll!!!!! pther and Sister: Thank you for all the helps and support that you done for ■.Solmssen: I was in you classes for three years and I learned a lot from you £ got a lot helps from you. I think that you are the coolest teacher in the tool. Thank you so much!! (You have a really nice house.) 's. Piltz: Thank you for teaching me two years of English, I really learned a from you and I really enjoyed being in your class. Thank you to be nice to Mrs.Yarawama: Thank you for every things that you done for me. You svery nice take care me so will just like my mom. ■.Stewart: Is nice to have you to be our dorm head and this year we will try

much fun, right!!!! Toyomi Shirai: I have a great time talking with you in class! Thank you for making fun in class. Jamuna Berliner-Caverly, Joseph Kim, Scott Lindsey, Mika Tyler, Vaihiria Kelley:We are the prefect in Robinson's dorm and I felt that you all are the best partners I have. Thank you guys!! Robinson's dorm the best. Redza Taib: Stay cool be happy and play more soccer!!! Yusuke Shimizu: My CD is good, right! I know you like that CD, but I don't give to you. Emil Lynch: What a good fun time when we play ping pong! I enjoy it! Jeff Young: You know you play very good ping pong and soccer, but remember that I beat you once in ping pong!!!! Thank you to all the students I know in H.P.A. thank you for the help. Class of 1994 is the best and I am happy to be in Hawaii.

Jason Holtz Kona, H i / 6 Years /Volleyball 2 / Tennis 2 / . . . . King of the upper road! 3 M om and D ad- You m ean m ore to m e than can be put into words. A ll that I have accom plished in life I can thank you for. ITs been a long hard road that seem ingly w ent by in a day. I look back and w ish I could do it over again som etim es, but I know that I co u ld n 't be any better >repared for life. Thank you both, I love you so m uch, aim e- I know w e've had good and bad tim es together. M ost o f the time I have a hard tim e expressing m yself to you in w ays that I really m ean. In w ays I am jealous o f you, but I am glad that w e are so m uch closer now. I ow e so m uch to you and I'll m iss you. Clayton- H o haole boy! Busboy specials- cool w hip and draw ing on bu s trays. Let's go g et som e grenades. W e go cruz A lii dr. Thanks for sharing good tunes and being there in the bad ones.Brent- " Tino " W here's you r rag. Kona rules. "Pines session s", you r m om 's house, end o f tne w orld, Taco Bell. Bow dow n to the one they call Jack. W e'v e gone all the w a y , from old school kealakehe to graduation. Thanks for the m em ories. I'll never forget them .A ri- 'T h e lights are blinking, I'm thinking " ," A in 't nuthin' like and O E baby." Street signs, eggs, D riveby's, 20+20, "Bobby #20",Funkadelic, superfly, L u v M obile. T hanks for the unreal friendship.M ike- C 'm on M iiikeee, Pat w as pretty lucky that you d id n't kick his butt last year yeah. O tter pops, m illet, A n a's ,G oatm an. Thanks for the frienship and good tim es.D aniel "boo n e". Pharcyde # 15, Put your G at aw ay m an! D on 't you know I'm loco? W h o's the king o f D rags? M e. A nd I w as in 3rd Gear. I'm proud to do driveby's with you shotgun. G 's up h o's dow n.D ave- Ho surfer dude! H ow z M ary from D enm ark? If you w ere a board I'd . . . N ah y ou 've heard that one. Thanks for the years o f good tim es. T ake care. M eg- You w ere a friend I felt I could alw ays talk to no m atter w hat the problem . T hanks for the tim e and thoughtfulness you gave me I'll m iss it. Karl- Let's see tnat fruitbow l. Thanks for the m any driving courses you 've given me. Upper road, pine trees, kua bay, ahualoa. I m ust com m end you on your ram bling abilities.Jonah- So how z K onishiki's record. W hat are you still buzzing from the Kona gam e? I forgot m y I.D. at


hom e. Leave A n d y 's cat alone. Thanks for the m em ories M organ- Been to tne depot lately? T h ere's nothing w rong w ith haole guys you know . G reat bench. Thanks fo r the great friendship, take care.A ndy-Y oure jeans are pretty baggy. T ry the pedal on the right.H ey if you take tunafish a n d .. . ;O h yeah cu t your h air . G ood luck in life and thanks for the good tim es. I hope to keep in touch.Kim -I finally got to be in a class with you, I m ust be pretty sm art. Y ou 'v e been a great friend o f m ine for a long time. Thanks for the great rreindship and cheery spirit.A sa- W hat is that in you r pocket? L e t ' s go to Sparkey's you look pretty hungry. W hich issue of Surfer are you in f T ake care and do som eting about that cough.Keola- From G angster to strictly haw aiian. H owz your butt. T hanks for the back up . T ake care and good luck.N ate- O ne w ord "P im p ", Thanks for sharing all the good tim es.D ods- "A re you afraid you m ight have AID S or "A ce is the place.H ow z H arrison? Looking forw ard to m y driving class at M auna Lani. G oo a luck in life. Jaizy -1 never understood your stink eyes in geography. Thanks for such a great friendship and I hope you get everything out o f life you w ant.Cy and H aga- T he true paniolo's, take that crap out o f you r lip before your teeth fall out.take care and keep the elbow s dow n.Jade - I know y o u r ed itor so I'll keep the explicit stuff out. That doesn t leave m u c h nah . Thanks and good luck.D am ien-1 think Ms. D uncan likes you. Take care and I w ant an autographed card w hen it com es out. Lucas - thanks for tne m any titty tw isters and w restling m anuevers you gave m e daily Ellis- W assup G , H ow z com pton. Prom night, filipino's in w hite cars, lead pipes. G lad you got to stick around, take care. J.P .- So plants w ith red hairs huh. I'll believe it w hen I see it. L a te rs, good luck. Sienna-G o speed racer go. Thanks for the m any years o f freindship. good luck.A lexa- w hat happened to that picture w ith the pudding at H aleakala.? I know you loved i t . thanks for the good tim es to look back

on.Stacy- Shall I bring it up again Karl's jeep, pine treed som e brew and Arvin. Nan you m y local sistan yeah, la and good luck.Sage- Props go out to W ashington see yd there. M aya- T w o ragers at your house, thanks for the good I tim es to rem inisce on. good luck.Brynly- you got m y 1 hom ie whipped. But I still love you. take care.Michju ll D on 't listen to m ike the G atorade w as aw esom e, thank being so sw eet throughout the years, take care Jed - pu up you r sw e a ts . D E o f the year, la te rs , Good luck.Fa A lajahfaya. Thanks for taking a ll m y crap, take care.Mi Setters got all the best genes, take care. T.J. Alw ays one o f the boys, laters, G ood luck Tepa- Even though I'm too cool I'm sinking to your lev to w rite to you. I nave so m any things to thank you for] d o n 't know w here to start. I guess m ost im portant is yd friendship. Thanks.Sara C o raeiro- I'm g la d this summl gave us the friendship it did. Jen-Y ou know your privleged to be in here right. Thanks for telling m e all n secrets I did n't w ant to hear.N ah Thanks and take 1 care.H ayato-W assup tough guy. Take care of yourseli.Kainoa- N um ber one filipino. Thanks for ta|9 story on those long drives to Kona. Take Care.Cher-Yqj m y coolest dudest buddiest pal from W aikoloa. You bn the juice and I'll bring the cake. Thanks for those lo n g l at night on the phone and the good tim es over the 1 sum m er.Sum m er- Thanks for tne friendship and ninfis parties at your house. W hen do I get to drive the PorsH T ake C are and good luck. Bob F.- Thank you for the Jfl hospitality . Take care and d o n 't beat anyone down.Jffl N ick, an a H edrick- Da Kohala boys. Thanks for the gpfi tim es and for teaching m e dedication and d is c ip lin e jj & Steve- Surf grom m ets. Cruzin in the N ova. Steve try] going hom e once in a while and quit living at Pines. Bn decide on one chick it's not cool to take them a ll.T h a S l and good luck also to-Ninia, Starr, Rebekah, H eathe, 1 Clare, Kea , M arc, D om , Kahea, Blake, Cindy, Miri, Richard, E ric,T rev o r,Stork,Laura,Royce, Kippy, Willyj Sara, Peter Dods, M arc, Sim pson,Jason, Jenny, Pua, and Ryan.

Lauren Macrae Hopper AHU/H.P.A. 4 YEARS/RUNNING WILD DM- Thank you so much for all you've done for me (too ch)- you know I appreciate every little bit. You're the lest mend. Sorry for all the doodoo I put you through, but i handled it very well. And of course I will always drag I off to aerobics classes and for runs down the beach; but -always have fun right? I won't be the gene splicer you nt me to be, but 1 doc. in the family is enough. Never forget our inside jokes o.k. F. M.? Hey! Let7s go to the Tahitian \ai! NOT!! Rupreckt! And quiet down those barking ders o.k.? I wub vouse mushwv. "Old Faithful" iD- You're a good guy .Thanks for all the fun driving and nping trips we took. Let's plan another one soon! You've ht me a lot about life ana self-confidence. I respect you appreciate all you've done for me. We've had a pretty ky road at times, but someday it will be smooth- promise, ur house will be spectacular (get on it!) and the lobster will plentiful. You are very talented and I love you lots! ,LISON-"PERFECT POPPY"-You really care a lot about me I I really appreciate all your support, advice and concemii'll never let anything bad happen to me- but you still let i go off. Thanks. You ire the kind of big sister everyone >uld have. I really love you- even though I'm mean to you netimes. I will never forget all the names of the bones in \body- keep teaching me? Your little screamer is adorable d I'm so excited to be an auntie! - And don't you forget that >mloves ME more!! XOXO JENNIFER- "snif, niffy, iMehead" You are such a sweetheart I can't even stand it. 2're more like friends than sisters. You're so much fun to ng out with and care about me immensely.-Ho, tanks ah tita wen punch out all da bad guys!-and dancing all night at :ik's garage- we are totally gonna party when I'm in L.A.. meday we'll have our very own horses in San Miguel and Hop off into the sunset! Yeehaw! I love you babe! jlANDMA- You little cutie! I really love you and you know w much I appreciate everything you have done for me. (ur stories are fascinating. I'm so glad I have such a cool andma. Take care of your little sellers and remember that 1 re you very,very much.SARA FISH- High school was nuts !ah? Thank god it's over! Remember when we hated each ier in sixth grade? I'm so glad we are good friends now. I re talking to you, I always learn something from you. anks for letting me run off to your house this summer and u know that you are always welcome to come over to mine

to get away from that #A%A@?* GEEK: Mike. I'll never forget all the silly, fun things we've done; spying on "egghead", running across the Wailae Golf course, the Hilton dolphins, summer school, our G-n-R worshipings, Sandy's, Makapu'u, Kailua(those kids on your car) ana this summer- Sunset (right?) and I'll never forget the words to Tangerine. Remember-the ocean rules, and I love you lots!SARA, EMMA, JANE, JESSICA- We've had a lot of fun together! I love you guys.CLARE- There are tons of other names I could call you, but I would just go-off. So, Tollulah, our 4 long years together have been fun- full of laughs, just a few tears, but lots of smiles. It's so much fun knowing you, I really enjoyed every minute with you. Remember when we met in Lindsay's room doing handstands? Thanks for letting me come over and cruze at your house. I loved all our goofie notes to each other. I'll never forget-"Morning!!" and your cool private island. I Iuf you mushly. No man, I love you! No man....LINDSAYLinway, Linzo, Linz, Faye-Hazzard- You are so funnyl I love knowing you. I'll never forget the fun we had! You better keep in touch with me and I'll come visit you sometimes on Kauai to make you a grinds vege sandwich and go hiking-K? Don't get too hung up on life or you'll go crazy. By the way, even though you don't believe me, you have a killer life! Thanks for beings a true friend. Love you lots.IVORY- You're a great friend. I'm so glad I got to know you! We've laughed so much together it's not even funny! -Was not robbed!- cTis time da robba wen give me stuffs!!, Suckin' Kâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;s! you can just go easy on the powdered sugar there bbs., Mr. C. is just the night rida!!, Our funny, bad trip at Hap., Rice Krispies rule! Just BUST me everything!-ana rock on! Ive, you're the random queen- "have u e t coke?" 7a.m- on the box!! Aerobics class w / all the retards sure was fantastic! Be careful when you wear that vanilla. Me and my water-1 think I'd die without it. We've had a lot of fun and we better keep in touch! *Love Ya!* Was this good enough? SYLVIA- You're one of the very few genuinely sincere and mellow people here. Thanks for all the smiles. Remember freshman year- your brother goes fishing! I wish I had gotten to know you better. Next time I go to Japan we'll have to party! Love you sweetie!JAMUNA- You're such a kook! But I love talking to you- even though you always make me mad and we always end up arguing over something. You were always there to listen to my problems and help me out- thanks! Love. MEG- O.K., fine, just dis step aerobics.

(nah) You are so nice and caring, I'm glad I got to know you and thanks for enlightening me on everything. Have a wonderfully successful lifeYVAIHIRLA- Our friendship is like the rocky mountains, but we had a lot of fun when it was uphill. JOANNA- I'm glad we're friends again. Freshman year was so wacko. Keep smiling and never forget- Led Zepppelin kicks aâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; ! Love ya!DEVON- You're just great. Come party w/ me on Oahu-K? Someday you'll master the buzz method. Spanish class sure was great! But, was just not the same w/o Slcy! Love Ya! HEATHER- Do you ever stop studying? You can get into Harvard on a scholarship, easy! Our late night talks and all the laughs were fun. Love ya sweetie! REBEKAHThe collage was really fun. ( we're so mean!) Will we be forever dieting?!-Nah! Take care.MAYA- You are a great person. I'm so glad I got to know you. The eggplant was fun. (So was the Attic-NOT!) Come to Oahu anytime and party with Jessie and I O.K.? -The outside world goes swoosh"young lady!" Keep in touch! MIKA-1 loved listening to all your surf stories. You're a cool chick and I admire you for playing football. BRENT- You're so funny! But, just don't die in a gang war.NATASH A & KALEI- Thanks for being so nice to me our last year here- I'm glad you gave me a chance. SUSAN W.- You were a wonderful advisor and a neat friend. I'll always remember what a positive influence you were in my life, especially when times were bad, and I love you for it!MS. MI(_HEL- You are so unbelievably sweet and understanding ( as well as being the best Spanish teacher I ever had.) You treated me like an adult ana I really respect you for that. Thank you to infinity for turning off the alarm at 5:40 in the morning all year long and letting me cruze in your apartment. Love you lots.MRS. K- Thanks tor helping me through some scary stuff. It took some time but, rm glad we became friends. I really appreciate all you've done.MR. HONMA- I'm glad I got on your good side this year. I learned so much in psychology and enjoyed every minute of it. You're jokes were pretty silly. "GO!!"MR. RICE- You opened new doors for me to my favorite place on earth- the ocean! Thanks. What I've felt, what I've known, never shined through in what I've shown. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. SMILE- It makes people wonder what you've been up to. Live for yourself and you will die in vain - live lor others and you will live again. - Bob Marlev Open your mind before you open your mouth.

Daniel Kainui Hughes Hilo, H a w a ii/4 years footb all/3 years basketball M om and D ad- All I can say is thanks and I love you. G eoffrey- G row u p to be like m e and y o u 're all set. C lass of '94: D am ien - There's only one w ord to describe you - PERFECT. A ri- Sorry, you albino yoda-w earing black m an. I'll m eet you in the industry in a few years. M aybe I'll produce for you. Clayto n- Y ou alw ays score but can 't cash in. Too bad big guy! This sum m er you can shotgun 10 m ore - w ith y ou r m om . hahahaha... A ndy- W atch out for those b en to /b o x lunches that contain raw spam . I love you r m usic and by the w ay , cu t y ou r hair. Jed - Rem em ber the first tim e w e m et - 1 nearly kicked the s— o u t of you. That w ouldn't have been too nice, huh. I'm still better than you a t soccer. Thanks for telling everyone about m y sem i incident. Jeff- C raziest guy I know. I'm glad y ou 're m y pal and not m y enem y. "G an gster of love" - see ya in jail G. K im - K im 's got a big ole W H A T ?!? T h at's not a pu t do w n , it's a com plim ent. Y ou 're so sw eet, I w ish w e had g one ou t, but you say you d id n 't know ...yeah right! N ah, fall ball and pro m w ere fun. I hope you had fun. Lucas- Lukeluke - y ou 're a dork, a sack and som etim es you get confused but I still love ya. O H Y A !, full on, good call, pipe dow n o r g et piped. Jaso n - Sorry tolerance m an. Y o u 're another one of those albino black m en but y ou 're still kind of cool. Just a tad. Well, m aybe not. N ah. L et's g o A li'i and d o drive-bys. Stacy- H ey, sho rt stuff, Bushw ick D ota, doorstop. Y ou w ere alw ays a good arm rest w hen I needed one. Thanks for being one of m y best friends. J.P .- U H EXCU SE M E DIS IS M A FREIN. W ould you happen to have any aspirin? H e's having a seizure. M aybe w e should go to acting school for m ental people and if that fails there's alw ays late night kung fu m ovies. D av id -1 sw ear D ave, y ou 're going to g ro w up to be a pim p. R ebekah- O h m y g od , holy s— , rem em ber in 7th g rade w hen you w ere such a beefah? N ah, I know you enjoy hearing that. Thanks for keeping the tw o U B12 secrets. A nd another thing, thanks for giving such good directions. Y ou thought that ketchup w as pretty funny huh. 3 on 1 w as fun.

Jad e- I still d o n 't know w h y you like punks. Y ou should go out with a nice person, I think you'll like it better. Thanks for the 3 on 1. M aybe som eday you'll be as good a dancer as m e. hahaha... M organ- I am so glad that w e are good friends this year. I feel "special" that you think of m e as som eone you can trust. It m ust be because I am one of the thinking m ales in o u r class, huh. Nah, it's probably because o f y ou r physical attraction to m y breasts or m aybe it's because of all the nice things I tell you. Thanks for all those pleasant things y ou told m e about that time of the month. The 3 on 1 w as cool, m aybe w e'll d o it again at the next dance. Oh yeah, w hen y ou becom e the next M ary J. Blige I get to d o all the rapping. D on't give m e any P.P. pogs anym ore o.k.? K eola- H ey BEN. D on't m ake m e have to m ess you up. I'll have to give you one of m y patented bu tt slaps and you'll fall dow n and say "W H A T IN T H E W O R LD ." M ike- M y bestest pal in the w hole w ide w orld. I still think you look like E.T. but of co u rse you'll hav e to arg u e against that just like y ou argue against everything I say. I enjoy arguing w ith you, it gives m e so m uch joy. It m akes m e think happy thoughts. "U h, yeah D aniel." Y ou know I'll alw ays be y ou r boy, especially after I alm ost g o t m y a— broke by 2 0 m okes w hen they decided haoles can 't go o ver 15 m iles per hour in trucks. K eep up the im pressions. Y ou — m oolie I'll kick y ou r m oolie a— . Yeah jerky, and by the w ay I destroy you a t one on one G. C y- Sorry Keala. Thanks for giving m e all those tough guy looks. I enjoyed them a lot. D on't ev er forget W aim ea school and J.V. football. Laters. Jam una- D on't call m e Dan. M aya- Gat. B rynly- W hat happened to o u r tree line talks? A sa- Pass the pepi. Kea- C rack kills, thanks for all the stories and jokes. M ichiko- HI. Chris D .- Golf carts rule! Lindsay- Earth wind and Faye. Brent- Think you could g et a bigger pair of shorts o r w hat? Kris- HA G A M ichelle-1 wish I w as as fast as you. Jennifer H .- Y ou'll alw ays be a friend. Karl- m eat Jen. Jaisy- N o you can 't feel m y hair. T.J.- Mini moke. V aiheriaV oulez-vous couchez av ec m oi? H eathe- Y ou dissed m y homie. C lare- If you love m e you'll sm ile. N inia- Chubby W H A T ? Joanna- Ren and Stim py rule! Blake- W hy are you so short? Sienna- You have a tum or on y ou r butt. M egan- Baby cakes, huh. Cybele- Y ou thought that ketchup w as prretty funny EH.

N atasha- Y ou like tro '? Redza- N um ber 14 is the best. Sylvia- 9 Thanks for the help in Japanese. Starr- Thanks for the T op 5 0 list. Rem em ber to m eet m e on the 50 yardline on a full m oon.W e could g et som eone to tape it. W e could even listen to som e rap. I know : you'll like that. Stay off the drugs,especially the laughing gas.Thanj for being m y best friend. H ay ato-H ayato Joe. I got to run a 9 , yean C lass o f '9 5 : R ichard- H ey Dick. Y ou wanna go play som e basketball? Or m aybe w e should go skiing. Y ou'll crash and then GO IN H E A ll | FIRST. O h, I know, I have a one-track m ind.------Sarah- W hat, think y ou 're cool o r som ething? G et to park in th e ! senior parking lot? I'm sorry that you got busted, not because y$| g o t yelled a t but because I d o n 't get to drive the doodoo mobile> ly alw ays picked up the hottest babes in that car. N athaniel- W hat d o you w anna d o after school? I'll send the ■ answ er to you in sm oke signals. Before I leave, y ou have to give® one last fruit bow l, okay? Peter- It w as only a dare. Y ou shouldn't have gotten all e x c i te d ® Kippy- W hat color dogs d o you like? W illy- W hat y o u . Brad; N ice socks. Tepa- Thanks for the clothes. K evin- M aybe s o m e g a you'll be big in places o ther than height. Robert- Shave it!!! C lass o f '9 6 Sum m er- W hen I'm a junior, I'll h a v e for a boyfriend. WhS I'm a senior, I'll go out w ith . And then I'll m a r r y and have three children with him. ha ha...Sum m er, can you stop wakin] m e up in the m iddle of the night with all those m oans? Gosh. 1^9 be sad. I'm leaving, but I'll be back for sum m ers, Sum m er. C o o W play on w ords, huh? Y oshi- Y ou jus' one dum b Japanee boy. Before I leave, we m u s ® our skills at the ancient art of pinch fu, okay? Good luck a t QB ® year! M elinda- Y ou're cool like d at, bad and boo-yaful. By the ti m e ™ read this, all those rum ors will be kinda funny. Especially the onQ about us in the m iddle of the parking lot. C lass o f ' 9 7 - Shane- Sorry, big guy. J a r e d - 1 wish I had a sexy b n like you. Lisa- G et to work. Lu- PIT. Heim ata- Throw u p for m el K andi- C an I have a lick after you d e a r y ou r throat? T a'i, Shana and Jessica- SH U T UP. Sicks chuck - D.A. and D.H. Every sin gle has a price to pay, on th e of HPA . - D.A. are D.H.

Karl O. Hynes Jr. Cailua-Kona, H i./ 4 yrs./Footb all '93 BIIF C ham ps/Soccer '91-'94 BIIF Champs /B aseb all/ Tack?Student C oun cil/S A D D /O ff R oading/Body Boarding/Cruise P a rty / " MEAT " F am ily 'o M y W o n d e r f u l Paren ts-W h ere do I begin? Y ou both have

Y vonn e-H ey Blondy, y ou r the best sister 1 have, your m y only sister! (But I Love Y ou all the sam e) It w as cool living you , you

Friends Theres no w ay to experss how m uch you all have m eant to m e in

iVen m e so m uch and hav e asked for so little. Y ou hav e alw ays

took real good care of m e. H ave a great Junior Year, take care of

one or two lines. W e have shared so m any good times and good

e e n there for m e, you a re m y num ber one fans. I really

o u r brothers, m ake sure that they do n 't get in to as m uch trouble as

laughs that it would be impossable to list each one. In y ou r own

ppreciate the sacrifices y o u 'v e m ade to send m e to H PA , I will

I did, H PA couldn 't handle any m ore Karls! O h and w atch out for

special w ays you have m ade a lasting im pression on me. Thanks

lw ays hav e a solid education to fall back on. Thanks for allow ing

all those crazy drivers out there and any trees that m ight happen to

for making m e a p art of your life I am privilaged to have you a part

rie t h e space to g row , I know it hasn't alw ays been easy but

jum p o u t in front of you!

of mine. T o the C lass of '94, To m any people to little space not enough time. Life waits for no one so live it up. Party hard, aviod

om etim es I guess you just gotta find o u t fo r yourself! M om , your

K ris-A y F u zz, you one lucky guy that Mr. Rowley is leaving next

he sw eetest w o m an I know and I hope I find som e just like you.

year! Y ou m ight have given him a heart attack, you look and act

the law and live to tell about it! I w ant to see you all at our reunion,

)ad you have been a roll m odel a parent an d m ost o f all a friend.

just like m e, he would think he w as seeing double! nah but too bad

w ere w e can all just look back and laugh! O ur class has grown u p a

Tianks for ev eryth ing, I love y o u both v ery m uch. I am blessed

I'll m iss you by a year in high school it would have been cool to

lot together and I'm sure we'll never be to far apart. "Life is a circle,

o have choosen y ou as m y parents.

play on the sam e team and be in som e of the sam e classes. Well

som e day som e w here w e will all m eet again". Thanks for making

G ra n d p a re n ts - Even though w e hav e been separated by so m any

enjoy high school to it's fullest, just do n 't get caught!! P.S. Keep the

these four years so enjoyable. T o T rue and Best O f Friends, Thanks

rules o u r hearts have been right n ext door. A t tim es w e'v e found

legacy alive! (Junior Meat)

for being you! I will never forget any of y o u , the times w e have

It hard to keep in touch, and our m eetings h av en 't alw ays been

K raig-W assup dough boy, By the time I com e back from college

shared together will last our life time. The honesty w e have

o r the happiest reasons. O ur m ost recient fam ily gathering w as a

you'll probably be big enough to kick m y a$$, so I guess 1 better

intrusted in each other has m ade ou r friendship is never ending.

ruely joyous experience, it's the greatest feeling to see the whole

start being nice to m y cool little brother,( yea you can borrow my

N o m atter w here you are you will alw ays have a friend close by.

brhily laugh and cry tears of joy! ( I hope they m ake it!) The hole

hat!) N ah but w hen 1 do com e back 1 going to check out that new

Y ou are the people w ho have m ade the difference and helped me

arnily should co m e to Haw aii for m y G raduation, well hey its a

Super Star running back, quarter back, reciver for HPA right. Well

through high school and for that I am forever indept to m y best

great excuse for a vacation. Thanks for all of the love and support.

score lots of touchdow ns and score lots of chicks but m ost of all get

friends. Thanks 1 love you. To Em m a + M ac Thanks for being my

an education, it'll m ake m om and dad happier than any touchdown

sistas. If you ever need a friend just call. P-S. Sicks Chuck , nah IL\.

G ra n d m a B r o w n - O n e of these y ears we'll have to take a trip to

T h e R o s s '- Sorry for m aking you w orry on Jerem y's w edding day

To T he Kona B oy 's -W ilton, Brownev, Matt, Ernie, Z ac and d a rest.

Yance and get to know each other. Thanks for the love and

but I had to let him win just one m ore tim e because it would

W e flip flop and serve Ho's with a fat Shick Til w e die w e're still

Im port. P.S. Y ou m ake g reat cookies!! ILY

probalby be the last time w e played until m y w edding day, and

scream en that Chicks aint Dit!"Snoop Dogg"W hat party Pine Tret's?

r frs. C a s c a v illa - T h a n k s for being m y m om aw ay from hom e,

then I'd win! Thanks for all the love and support.

fou have m ade m y high school experience so m uch easier to

Jerem y - On m y w edding d ay you'll have to take m e out to play

Love Y ou ! P.S. I n ever knew you could d ance Grandpa!

I am hppy to have know you all. A loha and Thanks! Coaches-Bryson , Marciel, Perry, M argerum , Uncle Frosty Thanks!

tandle, by having places for m e to stay close to school o r killa

pool! I really enjoyed the time w e spent together next tim e we'll

M ahalo T o- The Arafiles', Auntie Laurna.The Bryson's, The

grinds at the Ranch house. I w as thankful that I d idn 't alw ays

have to bar hopping w ithout m y parents! That w as kinda w eird!?

Carlson's, The Ednie's, Bob Foster, The Giffin's, Mike Hanano, The

lave to drive hom e to Kona after spending m any long hours at

A u n t G eorgen a-Y ou w ere a strong and inspirational w om an. 1 will

Lam 's, The Lindseyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, The Spencer's, The Tyler s. The Nardley s

^ p o l . Thanks for alw ays being there. ILY

never forget you. P.S. Take care of Mr. Frookie, he's a good man.

Thanks for all of your help and support, the Kaniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ghana #1

Jaisy Jardine 13 Y ears/Soccer M om m y and D a d : W ords can n ot exp ress th e feelin gs I h ave fo r you two. Y ou h ave ben m y teach ers and advisors, bu t m ost o f all you h av e been m y best friends. T han k y ou so very m uch for g ivin g m e n ot o nly the ed ucation o f H .P.A ., bu t o f lire. M o m : I w ill alw ays be you r friend, thanks for teaching m e how to laugh. "Sw an Lake by Jaisy and L isa" D a d : T aton.. tatonka. " L o o k th ere's a co n aco!" S m u z le tt: W hat to say to th e m ost gen erou s, unselfish beauty in the w orld? "g im m e kiss! I h ave learned so m uch from you Lisa, you truly are a sm uz. I w ill look back on ev eryth in g w e did w ith a sm ile. I lov e you forever m y little M aroo. M a rce lla : "Jais, um can I sit in the fro n t?" Y o u have a trem end ous g ift M arci, w h atever y ou do in life w ill alw ays com e our perfect. I h ave so m uch lov e for y o u I ca n 't even begin to p u t it into w ords. I lo v e you M arci. Tootsie: H ow is m y little bu d d y do in '? Y ou truly are a beau ty Jana. O ne d ay you w ill actu ally like those irritating m onsters called boys. "Jan s, did you brush y ou r h air?" I lov e you Jan a, alw ays. LMT: Y ou th ree are the m ost w onderful hum an bein gs in the w orld. 1 co u ld n 't ask for better sisters, I lov e you guys so very m uch. Please take care o f each other. If n ot w e'll h ave to do three things! B ren t: T h ere are so m an y things I could say right now b u t they all seem so unim portant. T han k you for being m y best friend. I h ave enjoyed every m inute w ith you . I w ill alw ays b e here for y o u . I lov e you Brent. L ecca -h i: "w ait, w hat?' "p ee ta h !" d o you have any crackers and h on ey?" Y ou have tau ght m e h ow to laugh A lexa, I hope that y ou m eet som eone w ho is w illing to loo k at things in th e sam e lig ht as y ou and I do but then again , d o w e really need an y m ore o f us? Spontaneous com bustions, Sat courses, pre-prom stresses. W e have been through great tim es and n ot so great tim es, I have loved you th rough it all. Y ou truly are m y d aisy girl. I lov e you Blue. M a g oo: " M ore th an w ords, deeper th an feeling, if one could exp ress friendship it w ould send the senses fleeting Sh aving o u r legs in 6th grade, doing routines on roller sk ates, w alking by the park really fast so the m okes w o n 't get us.. T h an k you fo r bein g m y older sister. I truly love you H eathe, everything about y ou is in com plete accordance. I shall m iss you terribly m y friend. S atenta: " Look Sienna, she has a G o n !" ru shin g dow n the saddle road " all I w anna d o.., H ey! T his is m y

s o n g !!"" C an I tape this m ix from y o u ?" Slidin g at A n n a's stream . Y ou are a beautifu l p erson Sienna. I thank you for bein g m y friend. I lov e you M ic h i-g irl: Y o u are m y old est friend M ichelle. I thank you oh so very m u ch for keeping D errick aw ay from m e w h en w e w ere kids! I w ill alw ays b e y ou r friend no m atter w here w e end up. T han ks for teach in g m e h ow to p lay soccer. Y o u r h aole friend w ill love y o u alw ays. L in zo : "W h a t's n ew p u ssy cat?" m aking chocolate chip cookies, paw in g through cesspools, roller blad ing, playin g tennis on K auai. Y ou are m y true buddy. You h av e tau ght m e h ow to en joy life to it's fullest. Thank you for everything Lindsay, w ords ca n 't describe our Friendship, l lo v e y ou forever and w ill m iss y ou m y pussycat. B e n z : Y ou truly are m y w alking buddy. " oooh I'm so stu ffed " Y ou are the only person I know w ho g ets full from crackers! T han ks fo r th e talks, I have learned so m uch from you Brynly, I lov e you. K im i: " T h ere she is.. K auai m em ories, bab y pow der, "g u y " talks, gossip sessions, " hello, K im berly Leim om i G ifn n " T han k you for sharing the jo y o f laughter w ith me. I lov e you. K e lls : Y ou are a w ond erful person in side and out. H ippie days ju st w o n 't b e the sam e. M ay a: Y o u 're an in credibly talented person, let no one tell you different. Y o u 're also an excellen t balcony clim ber! I lov e you Stacy : M aybe one day I'll learn how to slide tackle. You alw ays m ake m e laugh. G ood luck m y friend. Starr: "M o m n ot gon com e back till T hu rsd ay.." M o re s: G osh w h at a voice... Ja d e It's been a long tim e, I w ish you the best. T ake Care K e b ek a h :" A re y ou sure they w o n 't beat m e u p ?" A lia: T han ks for turning m e on to sm oothies, w e 're a great tw o-headed m onster!! M e g : Y o u r sm ile h as alw ays brightened m y day, I'm gonna m iss you Clare: K auai w as fun, I lov e everything about you. T han ks for laughing w ith me. Tenners: I have m issed you these past tw o years. W e h av e a bond that nothing can break. M arg o: Y ou have been and alw ays w ill be m y very special friend. I w ill stand b y you through it all. T J: You are so incredibly sw eet. I'll m iss you so m uch J e d : T hanks for w atching out for m e. I love you Jed , alw ays K r is : "h ey d u m m y!" I thank you for being m y friend. Y ou truly are a cow boy. ILY Eric: I hope that w e w ill b e able to go fishing soon.

Y o u 're a great guy, Thanks for you r friendship.ILY K a rl: Y ou h ave alw ays m ade m e sm ile. Thanks for beii you. ILY taso n : I still like you even if you aren 't really a gangstl I w ill m iss you. ILY T.P.: " H i J .r . K lolin ger!!" T han ks for letting m e pull yoi tum m y hairs. T ake C are D a n ie l: "Y o u r h air is so soft" I'm still you r friend. | Lu cas: " O ooh, y ou r so stron g!"T h an ks for letting me | pick on you , (or w as it the other w ay around?) C la y to n :" G uess w ho w rote m e?" Thanks for giving n| advice. I'm glad w e becam e friends. Y our a very speci| person and I w ill m iss y ou alot. G oo d L u ck to: M eghan, Tiffany, C aitlyn,C indy,Juita,Laura, H eather and Serena. T ep a : It's so not!! I lov e y o u S k y : I'v e m issed you this year. E rik :Y ou're so violent! T hanks for the talks. B ro ck : " Salena, Satelnn.. how do you say her nam e? 1 T han ks fo r m aking m e laugh. I w ill m iss you. T ea ch ers: M s, H an, Shutes, Perry, Bryson and Honmg| T han k you very m uch for m aking H .P.A . just a little j m ore bearable. Toyful: Thank you for teaching m e how to sprint and Hi show ing m e the jo ys o f sit-ups. I w ill m iss y ou and Sunny very m uch. T h a n k you to: T he Solm ssens, M cN aughtons and BalB Y ou guys have m ade m e feel so at hom e. I w ill m iss yoi aloha". M rs. B ates: Thanks for gossiping w ith me. Toy j j Foster-H aney: You are a very kind a n a generous persoi I hope I w ill b e able to share w ith others the aloha you| have shared w ith me. Thank you. Mr. Bob Foster: Vm <

glad w e becam e friends. T hanks for taking m e out orÂŁ | patrol. Take C are o f yourself. I w ill m iss you. To H .P.A .: W ell I m ust say, it's been a long 13 years, fejll I have no regrets. T han k you T o th e w o n d erfu l cla ss o f '94: W herever w e end up, 1 please rem em ber each other. W e a ll have special qualities about us that w ill m ake us shine w herever we go. I w ish y ou the best o f luck in life. '9 4 N o Ka O i J T y ler. " R em em ber that you r light is so sm all and fraguj a thing that it requires all o f you r concentration to keep aglow . Like birthday candles in a hurricane, let nothing turn you aw ay from that flam e; neither praise n or 1 criticism nor menacing, fists n or loving arm s., for in the! end it's all y ou h av e" -Joe H enry Y ou are an incredible bright, w o n d erfu lp erson , I have learned m ore from yoij than you realize. Tnanks for bein g the old er brother 1 J never had. I love you so m uch.

Elisabeth Elena Johnsson jtockholm, S w ed en /6 y rs./B -b all/ju d o /eq u estrian /D o rm people. Jesus Christ, I was so naive then (mind defect you, I still am). Now, to the most important

ir Mommy- As te obitcham. tiika- Min kara Annika. Nar du laser detta har redan slutat mitt kapitel i Hawaii. Jag ville a tacka dig for att du har hallit contact med ; under hela tiden jag har varit borta. ILY 5. Kamrow- As everybody starts their quotes h a thank you, I will not. I instead will give i the biggest hug of all. Through out my high ool career you have made the most impact on as a person, socially, and academically. I love L.

anna- Hello twit. As you will read this quote i will see that it could never sum up everything have been through together, so I'll just mention most important events. He He He...our little ties we had up in my room, playing belut and ing and drinking good stuff. Or when we went to malia ridge with Bo, Reef, and a few other

quotes...'! stole the bebe', I stole the bebe', left you stupid bird, left", and "beer". I don't think it would be appropriate to put in the others so I'll just sign your year book later. Bye to my bestest friend at H.P.A. Mika- You crazy football player you, what's up local chick? You know I missed you so much this year as a roomie. I can't believe we split up our last year after going through all of H.P.A. as roomies. I love you Sylvia- Hello chika, remember Spanish Class with Mr.Campbell- The total Jerk!!! Nah, we shouldn't bring up bad memories like this. I just wanted to say thank you for all the good times we've had. Thanks for getting me down to planet earth and making me realize that I would hate it not playing B-ball. I owe you one. Lisa- You can really be annoying at times..., but I

love you anyway. We've had some fun together, you and I. I've told you my deepest, darkest secret, and you understood exactly what I was talking about. I can't say that I felt better after talking to you, but it really helped me get a grip on reality and forget-not-. Anyway, I also wanted to thank you for cheering me up on my birth-day. You really are the greatest of friends. I'm really pissed off at you for not writing any quotes!!! Joyce- Hello o sensitive one, you and I together in the dorms has really been the best. We rip when it comes on ganging up together against both teachers, and students on our hall( I won't mention any names). See you later dear friend. Vaihiria- You are soooo lucky! I wish I was going skiing during spring break. I'm so jealous. Nah, I just wanted to thank you for all the times we have talked, and all the times you have just listened to me. I really needed it. Love "E.E.P.J." Joanna- My dearest smiley face of all ( not that there are many in this school), you are adorable. Remember freshman year, when Deanna and I were constantly fighting. Thank you for listening to me complaining about her. God, you must have wanted to kill me!! We kind of lost touch our sophomore and junior year, but I'm glad we became better friends our senior year. By the way, sorry Deanna and I speak so loud in A.P. Euro class, we just get soooo excited!! Jon Atkinson- Hey big guy, I can't think of a nicer guy in this school. When you get kids, I bet you will be the best dad there is. I'm really going to miss our little conversations when we talk stink about everybody we know. ILY Phil- I'm really glad I got to know you through out our senior year. We've had so much fun in A.P.Euro class. You, I , and Deanna are the only ones that have some clue of what we;re talking about. Nah, Just Kidding. Malia- The marine biologist in the making, come look me up when you're rich and we can go tag some turtles together. Just Kidding, remember when we went tagging turtles our sophomore year. Those memories I will never forget. I hope you won't either. Clare- I sincerely hope you become a stand up comedian Clare, because I would be your biggest fan. Also, thank you for being in A.P. Euro, with out you it just wouldn't be the same.ILY Natasha, Jenn, Maile, Laura- Thanks for all the good times (and bad) in basketball and Judo. I'll never forget it. Yumi, Mamiko- You guys were the greatest managers of all times. Sometimes I forgot to tell you that during the B-ball season, so I wanted you both to know I really appreciated it. Also, thanks for being such good friends in the dorm. ILY both very much. Don't drink and smoke too much when you go home, Nah, Just Kidding. Amy- We've known each other for so long and now we move on. I'm sorry I couldn't get to know you better than I do, but I guess I have myself to blame. Bye for now, and maybe I'll meet you later in life. To My Hall- To T.K., J.G., M.F., V.T., H.H., I.K., Y.K., L.H., I.L., A.E., M.L.- Good luck next year, and I hope you have a nice prefect, now that 1 am gone.

Stacy Lynn Kazue Kadota Kapaau, H I / 9 y e a rs/ S o ccer/ Basketbalk/ Volleyball?/Student council/ S.A.D.D. Mom & Dad- The stress w as a bonus! You should thank me. nah, thanks for supporting all my sports, activities and taking in those homeless boarders w ho only cam e half o f the time, (just kidding guys!) You survived 17 years with m e at home, I think I can survive a few away from home, can you? I d id n't think so, I'm just too loved but you'll make it and so will 1,(1 nope). Thanks luv ya.Rvan- Although the lectures unwanted, w ere appreciated. 1 couldn't imagine having another brother w ho cared for m e as much as you do. It m ay not have seemed like it, but I missed you these past couple vears.Chelsey a .k a "tro u b les"-1 know you love m e .. Liking m e is another story. No m atter what though you'll always b e my beach buddy, I wouldn't go with anyone else! Take care you're on your own now. Grandma & Grandpa " K " - Thanks for the support over the years and O basan for taking m e all over the creation as your travelling bud. ( N ext time I'll take you j Grandma & Grandpa "K ore v "- Thanks for housing and taking m e where I wanted to go, whenever I dropped into the big city. T he time spent was w ell worth it, thanks again. Aunties and U ncles- You all took part in my upbringing..JSo how 'd you do? (Aunty Lin, you d on't have to find outfits for m e anymore! O .K . you can start on m y wedding dress now, it will take that long.) Ju st kidding momiT o P a C uz's- "E h Kian. no m ak e!". C olby- need a haircut? nah you bad eh? K acie- Too cute!, I'll miss you guvs.M alia H. "H ere’s your quote!"Nah, thanks for showing m e Colorado! (All of you, stay out of trouble! This m eans YOU!) Linzo-Akeem! Partners in crime! Kauai x's 3? Prom x 's 3! Hapuna, (once was enough!) Boy does the museum stink! H ere com es the cheezy part so hold on, You are unlike anyone I have ever met. Insightful yet stubborn, sensitive yet stubborn, an island yet stubborn and oh 1 alm ost forgot, you are a little stubborn. But through it all w e've stuck toghether please don't let that end.Let’s really find out how long a quarter will last. I'll miss having you around, luv, me Young'un Posse: M ich i- Wow, can I be like you? W e're just too much alike, of course I'd work you in a limbo contest but hey you ca n 't have everything. Nursery workers fo life(say hi to Guerpo),Fishing tourneys, Little League, basketball and o f course pick on Kim day, nah... of course soccer,third place baby! Four years o f hard work paid off! thanks for the push, defense rules! K im i-M oo- Mr. loverman, Chava! Taylor's house, Mick V, will w e ever get to the movies? D on't pee on your slippers! Kimo the whale. W e have had som e good times! Especially our favorite day o f the w eek Pick on who day? W ell no m ore Sweet Valley High, I'll miss ya babe. D on't be a stranger, K ohala's not that far! M eg- Hey buddy where ya been? You should ofplayed baseball! Thanks for always having an open door to let m e crash. Ganbate kudasai. loanna-Hev Jo,(l know you hate that), although not one of the longest, it was one of the strongest friendships. W ith nothing but a few common threads which held us, w e made this into something that was real, I valued your opinion so much and your advise really helped me through some tough times, even though the road was quite rough for us at times w e m ade it! Keep in touch don't get caught up in it all, what are good times without someone to share it with.Sylvia-Pine Trees X 's 3 , Hapuna Kiawe thoms!, Kauai times w hat was his name? "Scam dut dutta let the girls b e girls!" Thanks for all our talks, you really helped m e out when 1 needed a friend to turn to. M y pictures were great, you have a special talent like no other. D on't forget to drop in and say hi, we must start our company, y o u the ar chi tech t and engineering my department. Luv ya we will even be closer when I grow some, take care.Kalei- Eh Kohala chick, I'll fall for y o u anytime! You like et?(eat) Thanks for letting m e cruz your room. 1 case saimin nuff? The hat is killer dude M ickey rules! Thanks for showing me around our town Kapanaia is the b e s t I shall return! Kohala rules! Haaaeey! See you a t homeiNatashaKauai chick, you so terribleiSweet! M y foot! If thar s not the biggest load of... nah Thanks for seeing us on Kauai and being so friendly. HEE, HEE.HEE.J.Z.-Iar-Soccer buds! Hey baby cakes, can 1 be you little bumble bee? thanks for alw ays giving m e a boost of confidece ju st when I need it, defense rules good luck to va.H eather- oops no " r "- H ey homeless! This is uite pointless, but you just suck big hairy,veiny,donkey balls! Soccer uring the summer, Maui, watching videos at your house. I know you d on't nate me, Putting up with m e is a privelege. Thanks for being soo homeless, luv homeless.kleh ey er-Do you need a hug or a kiss? Tough, it"s just the nature of the beast. D o you have any sense of direction? Inners! Green rice krispies? Thanks for trying to be a good peer counciler but I'm


just not a good person to talk with that stuff, it doesn't w ork I'm too stubbom .M alia S.-Let's Kerk berk w it the cherkins! Ah no, sorry Aunty Maria Lani, you too funny, m issed ya! Alexa-Procrastinators forever! I know I could alw ays count on you to being one o f the last ones during exam s with me! But w e must m ove on and break old habits to do this w e must attend procrastinators anonymous but they alw ays postpone meetings...Go figure? M icn iko-Hev grumps, otearai o ite kudasai, was there a day that passed that you didn't ask that? R ebee-kah- N ate& your B-day, Pine Trees, Great watennellon, evenbetter Chinese food! Senior slumber, best time I had in a long time thanks.N in-Ouinn-Chubbv bunny! Std end 2 years, then the axeTI'll miss your humor and flaring nostrils which is uncomparable, take care.Morgana- Eh H ilo chick, you went to the onion school? M e too! Snow ball fights, 4 cell phones at the beach, (were our parents worried?) "W e're Morgan and Stacy and w e like George Bush.) It's our rap from 7th grade, Ms. Mulligan's. W hat dorks! Senena benena-Hi turtle! Brail driving is good! How do you cut and paste?Hawaii cup:How m any photos do you have? Da bovz posse-M ik Shu-m a-te- My buddy, wherever he goes I go! Hapuna 1 230, m y truck at Malia's! Crazing a t m y house, Mauna Kea, f in e Trees... Backroad with the yellow Rusty. I know that I'm not the best person to talk to w hen you need someone, but I w ill alw ays think o f you as a best friend and hope you wouldn't hesitate in thinking the same. D an-yo H u-ges- "Eat grass!" words to live by. Da big m oke w it da ipu?Hyatt cruz w it da boyz, 7-Eleven um hello,push the pull door. "I thought it was a burp!" That's just nuts, crazy nuts,psycho fkn crazy nuts. Eh, boy i f s been real fun, wrestling soph year getting dragged across the lanai is alw ays good too, | som ething I snail surely m iss along w it you ,1 guess. N ah o f course PU m iss you a ride home if you need you damn moocher. Luv and I'll always give y Doorstop.Daddv P o d s - Daddy Mac that is! Q uit beating m e up! D o yo me to drop you? O k everyone, party at Chris' house! (Lauren beat him up for me...) Clay-kov-What up "C'TV^hat? you dissin me? Do you want m e to flex? Eh Ralphy, the 2nd time we m et you barely knew m e yet you pushed m e out of the sand. T hat's just you! From then on I knew you'd be a friend I could count on. Thanks for your Doard, and the wrestling match at locks!Brent-You have the worst influence on me!!! Thanks for alw ays letting me cruz a t your house. You soccer stud! Thanks for teaching me almost everything I know. Dawn patrol? Yeah right, teach m e oh masterful oneiBrock & Steve-You guvs are classic! Party all the time! W hat your m om?Ari B - H ow you handling? W ake up damn it! _ You're snoring! Ari the pim p! Holtz-ster-Sorry eh, gangster. -Thanks for letting m e hang w it you guys .Jade-Look it's done!Go easy ok, -Life is short play hard, but don t killyou rself in the process.VrThanks soo much for being so gentle in taking care o f my feet. 20 keawe thom s is no small task. Kel-Bell-You are just so innocent and cute!Pin the head on Lindsay was really good, artist possibilities? M aile-I better get an invitation to the wedding. Teach your sister som e manners before you leave ok? I found over the years that you're,tenible!But you were alw ays sweet to me.Sandra-Chandra-No stress so much it's over now aren't you glad? D on't worry you have awhile before youu have to find a real jo b n problem! Just kidding take care won ton queen .Alia.Bryn. M aya- Thanks for sharing som e good times..Amy; Thanks for alw ays getting m e dinner. I w ish the best o ftu ck and yes, everyone’needs a m an!Starr-We're just too creative for our own good! Yearbook, our Fairy tale, it was really good by the way, will w e ever get it naek?Kristen- Bummers about the shoulder you're still the best gaolie good fuck.M alia-Let's go to two math classes!M am i-ABE! You so (R)Lude, speak ENGRISH! Ju st kidding, Yum i-You are the original basketbal bull. Missed youduring these past seasons. Em i- Your the first person I'v e ever seen who's fallen up stairs! You're so cute.Karl-Eh M acdaddy how 's the jeep?Furit bowl king! Who hasn't seen your butt?D-Iee-man!P av e- Hapuna...Letting us crash in (to) your houseKeola-You had a good quote so I'll use it, "Being humble is to be human" You broke m y car! Chiki chik dun dun. You are just too awesom e can I shake your hand, get your autograph?Jum anju-Peer counciling! You are pretty sly by hanging with the girls and seeing w hat they look for in a guy, a n d of course we tola you! Thames for the laughs, " I f you love m e you'd; smile!"LucusMucus your the biggest Kauai dork Lin-z is not even hah as bad as you! D on't hit me! Nah, take care and I guess you are not a dork...Hi Leif! M arc- Quit picking on me!Jednie-I never been run over by a monster ball! AndvM on-1 never ran anyone over with a monster balllK ea-M s.D's class, shut u p h n d n o m an.A Si: Asurd-The Buzzard! You're such a space case! B la k e -Q uit pushing! I'm just huge, way taller than you and could hurt you,so no m ess!Hi-Yato-io- "Eh roughness?" "H ows it going duuude! Are you just a tough guy? G arth

Haga&Keala-Cowbov Junkies. Das it Jade happy now! T o the C LASS o f 1994-W e w ere friends who rode the way, the tim e we spent j j younger day. W as all in fun the good tim es that w e made... W e were frie* younger days although w e went our separate ways, you w ere my frienm never turned away. -Beam er Brothers Heather-Hello? W hat's your nam e? W here do you live?Thanks for the show Now, my life is complete in knowing that I can do a headstand. Eh runng^gl ood luck to you next year, I know you w ill m iss me, who else are you goni e mental with?Bra! No one else speaks bur language! THANKS for setting! straight in the 5:30 am session, or at least tried toA true role model, good and best Loco Luka I know, "what time is it?" D on't change and just remein people look up to you and respect you don't let th en down but at the sam aon t let it prevent you from receiving things that you truly desire. T h e r ^ l line between independence and lonliness."- ME Til really m iss you keep mn ok? & HEATHERH! —goodbye...I got the last word inHA! Laters Luka M M Lyn? "SFFY " H ave you heard it lately? Shut up futt fa c e "Laura the lovecfj life!" I do not corrupt people. W e must find easter eggs again! 4 times! Th a for your Kero,Keropi pillow. Keep Keola in line h u h ?L a u ra 's a DORK! hjj|j meek nome dun dun en.Luu-Hey. remember all those nights in your room good old days) I spent weeks at a time at your house! Then you left j o w J back and I'm leaving. You were like a 2nd younger sis. Be good! I know itsI but try I'll miss you Luke may the force na, na, na just kidding take care,Ha Here's your quote... nah!"W hat haole like tro?" see you had nothing to won about. Take care come and sav hi once in awhile ok-Rosev-My lifeless friend are at Annas m ore than lam! G o home bov.Meghan-You not m y son! Than* all the fun in rec soccer days and good luck to you, better remain on top, t«l task but it's all you hon. Be good dam n i t ! W e set the standard now keep itj there I know you can.Belive it, you don't need us, but I hope you miss usLjj sure miss you guvs-Lasi-Student council stress! Congrats, T ake care and 1 9 for alw ays carrying that smile.Robbie-Thanks for always being there to eng me up. you're always sincere and caring, don't ever change.3LiYou better fl good or Mr. Hall will spank you!Take it easy, don't stress so much, math M remember.Sara V .- Tita! You know if 1 really wanted to I could beatyou ftfi pulp! You w ere just lucky.Tepa-&Ien-You're too much! Party non stop! Taa w as killer though, take it easy and enjoy, not like you don't know how o r a anything. Alana-Hey anvone accuse y ou of being a dork?"Hold me EkM -,, Scoring MachineiCaitlyri- "Meany GirliWill vou ever be nice to me? Goo|| Kick some a next year. " Ana;Banana nose.'Take care my sisi.Good lucK to Pizza Pizza,'Marcera,YV<5NNE!Laura.,M .H .,,S.C„C.B,M.B.v (G irl's Socrtj Please surpass our accomplishments I won't be jelous really. G-Basketbaui| L-D.,J.L.,SXj-, D.B.. and the rest! ,.1 -To those I left behind I w ant you a ll to know you v e always snarea n deepest thoughts, y o u 'll follow w here I go.


T h e Faves-Thanks for being my temporary home away from home and mai all m y spring breaks so special. I hope there are many more to come are sM ready for it? Thanks Hananos- Thanks for years o f support, a place t o :s tayj all the ono grinds(grandma H.). G iffin s. S p en ys& McNaughfons-Tha ftM for alw ays having an open door just in case-Fosters-Takmg in the renig&M your fortay, thanks for having me over.Mr. Archer- You'll always be tne n? teacher and friend I'v e had. Thanks for the support all these years-MiJ B M Come on old man. go Karl! W ateryour grass lately? Hon-manuns are coOM not as cool as the funky chicken! Thanks for all the pun(s). w P e ^ l hagg taking us to the top& bringing out the best in us. E-Man& KeitpThanto Mgj tolerating us evenif u got supersoaked and mocked.I know you liked it£ 9 B Puncan-Thanks for tolerating us and being the first I could relate to g o o o j it's not that bad here.Mr. Hughes-What?come on right now! Thanks t o r M wrestling matches.Ms. W hittlesey-Missed ya How are you, w here are v o is

To those who I have forgotten, that's just me; things are best said in p » anyway. Good luck to you all and just remember: -These are the days y o u 'll remember. Never before a n a never since... -These are the days y ou'll remember. W hen May is rushing over you w ith desire to b e a part o f the miracles yo in every hour. You'll know it's true that you are blessed and lucky. -10,000 Maniacs

Kamuela, Hi / 6 years HPA slave / soccer 4 years / track 2 years knocking guys like you are now and you'll make it cross-country 1 year times. Maybe I'll see you in Loyola. [OM & DAD: Thanks for being there for all the id and good times. You've been such great irents, and I would never ask for any one else to ke your places. Thank you for all your support id everything you have done for me. I love both : you very much! Thanks. HANE: You've been a very good brother, most of le time. Although we don't talk much to each iher I want you to know that I love you! Take ire of Pano and Jimi while I'm gone and the truck, ood luck! M I: You've been a great sister. Watch out for the ays. Don't get into to much trouble and be nice to le ones you love. I love you very much! EPANO: Howzit little man? You've been a great ttle brother and I'm glad I got to be your big rother. Take care of everyone and watch out for le girls. Thank you for being such a fun person. I >ve you a lot! iRANDMA: Thank you for all the support you ave given me and my family. You've been such a reat grandmother and someone that I can always •ust and talk to. I love you! IEDZA: You BLACK !!!!!!!! If you stick with occer you just might make it to the pros. Its been m these last 4 years. Don't party to hard in Malaysia. One day I'll come, and when I do we'll o everything. I love you. ED: You damn HAOLE!!!!!! Thanks for the good bones. Have a good summer and I'll talk to you iter. Nah only JOKING. Take care and keep nocking heads. tRENT: We go brok some heads especially da ones n Pahoa. Its Deen great knowing you. Our soccer ears together have been the best. See ya in life, "ake care of your gal. !Y: Howzit you local dough boy. You've been a ■reat friend. Don't get to bus and take care. V.SERD: A BUZERED!!!!!!! OFFENSE RULES!! But lot as much as DEFENSE. Thanks for the good

KAINOA: You book-book or what!!!!!!! Thanks for all the support and good times. Take it easy on your girl and take care. I love you. ERIK: Can I have your autograph? You've been a great LITTLE BUDDY!!!!!! Nah only Joking. Have a great senior year and beat on those freshmen. SARAH C-: It could have worked!!!!! Your are a great friend and a girl buddy. Don't ever change. I love you very much. HISAYUKI: Howzit Chris. Maybe one day everyone will say I wanna be like Chris. Maybe not. Nah! Take care and don't break her heart. Get eligible and stay eligible. KARL: You big MEAT!!!!!!! Offence rules and makes the team win. That's the way to go. You've been a great friend. Take care. Maybe I'll see you in life. MARK H •You STUDT1M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAMIE H.: If you're still going out with Erik take care of him, but if your not, don't worry you'll find Mr. Right soon. Take care of yourself. I'll come back to visit you. I love you. ABBY: You rule!!! You're one tough puppy. Take care! JASON: We go cruse your car. Take care and do well in life. JEN Y: Last year was great but this year was even better. Thanks for being there for me and I hope to see you again in life. I love you very much. HAYATO: Hey Joe. Sorry Tough Guy!!!!!!!! Why are you so cool? Teach me how OK! See you in Japan. Take care of the girls. JONAH: You Beast! Good luck in collage. Its been good. Take care and I'll see you soon. TAT: I'm glad I got to know you and I really think you are someone special. Good luck and I'll come to visit you. SHAYNA: Hey Daisy!!!!! Its been fun and I hope to see you later in life. Good luck and take care. BILLY: Billy you are one tough guy. Keep on

to the pros. Take care. BRYNLY: You've been a wonderful friend and I hope you do well in Ufe. I love you. HAGA: Hey Garth! Take care of your ranch and you'll become a rich man. These years have been great. See ya later!! JAISY: I have known you for 6 years and I fell that I have gotten to know you pretty well. Take care and I'm going to miss you! MARCI & LISA: You two have been really good friends this past year. I hope to see you guys again. See ya later. LUCAS: You big bully! Take care and thanks for being a friend. DANIEL: Go @*#A a dog!!!!!!! JADE: I don't know what to say except good luck. You've been a real friend. Thanks! ANDERS: Goalies suck. Nah! Braid your hair. Take care and have a good one. CLAYTON: Soccer rules! Good luck in life and take care. NINIA: One day you will find a rose and a card on your pillow and when you do that man will be yours forever. I love you! GOOD LUCK TO: Emily R., Summer, Grant, Elena, Alana, Kevin W., Teri, Ita, Jimmy K., Brady, Richard, Serena, Rob O., Rob H., Taylor, Arati, Peter D., Yoshi K., Yoshi T., Suvit, Kaisit, Miri, Royce, T. Charlie, Willy, Shea, & Chad. To those who I have missed I am sorry. I am going to miss you all very much! NEVER SAY GOOD BYE TO THE ONES YOU LOVE, JU ST SAY, I'LL SEE YA LATER!

"LOVE is all you need." Mom-You are the greatest, skinniest, most beautiful mom I know! Thanks for being a wonderful friend, you are a true goddess! YouTl always have my honesty, you are welcome in my Magic Garden anytime. Thank you for putting 13.M. on my sores, you have nurtured me to your best ability and I could never thank you enough for that- you did some right things!!! Chicky-wak-wak!! I love you so much, 1 11 never stop loving you!!! XOXOXOXO Dad- You are the best Dad-ee-o Rockin' on the Padee-o" I could have ever hoped for! Thank you for always being there for me and for being so considerate, protective and understanding! I admire you so much, you are my hero! Everything you have given me and done for me is greatly appreciated! (especially the car) We have to go camping and do all that fun stuff we used to do, Poppy M i c k ! Sorry for all the bad stuff I ever did. I love you! XOXOXOXO Sage- Ho Babs, how you stay? I've really missed you this past year 'cause we're brother sister! And quite Manufest & Supreme I might add! Thank you for being so sweet and helping me through those rough times when I needed you! Thanx for all the fights, I'm sure they've helped me become the wonderful person I am! I love you plus infinity!!! Love, Babs Grandma and Grandpa- Thank you for making all this possible!!! I love you so much and really appreciate everything you do ( and have done) for me!!! Can't wait to see you. Hopefully I'll get to more often now!!! XOXOXOXO To all my relatives- Even though we're far apart, we'll always be close at heart! Ilove you and miss you all so much! XOXOXOXO "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don't walk behind me, I may not lead, Just walk beside me and be my friend." Konane- My best friend, my love! ILY more than words can say! I'm so glad we've stuck together so long! But then again, we've seen fire and we've seen rain and we'll always see each other again! No catch 22's this time! You cruising roco! Crazy my friend! Never forget to wear your legwarmers (different colors of course) or to put your car into neutral"'cause it looks cool!" Thanx so much for teaching me how to fix a sink faucet! Sorry I wasn't there this ast year, but it was best that way. Our trips were iller- I'll never forget 'um ! Y u goslaviaCzechoslovakia forever!!!!! I love you, aon't ever forget that. Lauren- What music do you have playing on your walkm an? M iss sed uction w ith a capital V.A.N.I.L.L.A.!!!! (Well, I guess that's me now!) I'll never forgive you for those shoes- my ankles are still aching! Nah, jus' joke! Chance 'um! Go for broke! What? "They no more get?" I guess I'll have to laugh for a few hours about that one! I'm so sorry about that bad-funny trip to HAP! I'm so glad and thankful for our friendship, I guess it's like our saying goes: " I no was robbed, dis time da robbah wen' give me stuffs!" I'm so glad you like Rock-a-Doodle so much- we'll have to have Snakle-Berry-Fin sometime! Maybe on the rocks with a twist!?! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!! Marshmallows Rule!! Treats till the end baby! Fly by night! I love you! Good luck! K IT ! Sasha- My older twin. You've been the greatest help in every way, I could never thank you enough! You gave a little, I took a little, guess iPs time to let our poor hearts break a little! We finally made it, can you believe it?!?!?!?! The best of luck to you in college and life. I'm so proud of ou, and I admire you so much! You're a mongo ad friend, let's keep things going o.k.? Love you, Sashory All my Malam's grad pals- See you in six yearscan you believe these four went by so fast? Good luck till then!!! Soph and Sash- My fellow superiors. We made it!H! And the Bull s did make it to the play-offs!!! Go figure!!! Courtney- I've missed our witty banter! Thanks for everything! Te quiero! Yumi- Thanks for being such a great roommate. I

Ivory May Kalber don't know what I would've done without you! Mv Sophomore "babies"- Thanks for everything!! I'll really miss you guys! Good luck in the future, and don't rush it- it all goes by too fast!!! Vanda- I don't believe m dancing without nylons on! And don't you ever forget it! Sara- You're the coolest! Sue Gie- You're the coolest! Gloria- Thanx for the pix- you're great! Stay your sweet self! Melinda- We had so much fun in Hilo, I'm glad you came! (HA, HA) We must do it again sometime! Hasta! Clare- Thanks for being so friendly and helpful when I really needed it! "I will not forget you, I have carved you on the palm of my hand.'' Everyone at HHS- Sorry I wasn't there for the last year but the first three were cool. Thanx! Good

luck c/o '94!! G.S., S.D., U.A., K.K., M.B., C.H.,3 K.M., E.W., C.S., T.T., The Gang at Cafe Pesto- Thanks for the great j summers and all the lessons. I'll take them with; me wherever I go. I'll miss you guys! Aloha & 1 Mahalo All the teachers that have helped me become w l I am- Thank you. The most cannot be said. Special thanks to: D.K.N., M.G., D.T., V.G., I.W.J SIS., L.C., B.B.J., J.P., F.S., L.G., K.D., S.R., J.R., B.f To the Class of '94- Good luck and goodbye! 1 '"Goodbye is not an ending, For you'll find along the way, Within your heart you'll always have a part of yesterday."


Mr. Rice-Thanks for all the great advise. I know you had great expectations on me and I'll try not to let you down. Mr. Bryson-Thanks for all your humor and sarcasm, It's really helped me alot. Mr. Hall-Thanks for all the help even though I didn't really ask for any, but my grades showed that I did. Hope you get your farm working. Mrs. Dunlap-Don't ever change remember we will always love you. You’re not getting older just younger. Mrs.Y-Thanks for everything. Good Luck with the next Yearbook staff. Joy M.-Thanks for putting up with me. I’ll wash your car sometime. I’ll try to be a hurdler. Pastor Ted-Yo pastor lets go to the beach! Thanks for all your support expecially when I got into those certain predicaments. Thanks for believing in me. Mrs. Young-Thankyou for putting up with Sam and I for so long. I know you wanted to wring our necks a couple times. Take care. Sam-Raack! "You've come a long way baby". Remember those times!! Hope we will be friends forever and go to UHM Nah you can go on your killer Motorcycle that your supposably going to get! Anyways don't get into too much trouble because I know that you'll always be the party animal!! Kahea-Thank god there are people that still stick to their beliefs!! Otherwise some of us would be in alot of trouble!! Get the Rover fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we can go Waipio!!! Stay in touch! Jeff O-Dude thanks for the item you left in my car!!!! Well I hope Honokaa hasn't destroyed your school record!!! Anyway stay in touch and maybe we can go on another late night trip!! Kyle-Let's go play paintball!! Well this last year has been fun. Can I borrow some money?? Alfredo-Herrrooo anybody home?? Thanks for the use of your radio and stuff! Herrrooo!! Jamuna-Man those veggie farts stink!! Try some meat it won't hurt you! Nah just playing. Keep in touch. Cooperson-Marc another car??!! Revive with Vivarine!! What punk!! Had some fun times hope we will meet up in the future! Jea-Thanks for stickmg up for me. Hope you achieve all your goals ana get some sucker to buy your speakers for 300 bucks. Coming to church?

Robert Kawasaki rears/2years X -C ou n try/2years Track/Scuba/Turtle igger / 1 7years-Slacker im and Dad(Kamuela)- Thank you for sending to this wonderful school. I will try and do my t in college. Thanks for all your support. I love l...

»m and Dad(Phoenix)- Thank you for always ng there and supporting me. I love you.. tiaall-My little big brother. Stay away from ise barb-wire fences and don't get into trouble, well in ROTC for me and I'll see you when you iduate. I love you bro... on B-Stay out of trouble!! I didn't really mean those things I said about you your just fun to k on. nily-Thank you for all of your support and I e you all. •.Honma-Thank you for being such a sportive coach I wish you well in the future and /ays remember every time is poncho time!!!! tf-Thanks for always being there for me man

and helping me achieve my goals with a high self­ esteem. Thanks for all your help and keep in touch.(GET EDDIE!!!) T-Charlie-Thanks for all your support and I hope you catch Robert! Robert-Keep running hard and maybe you will make a world record!! Mike M-Forest Fire!!! Keep going dude and don't go to Punaho next year!! Alex,Kris,Jason-You guys can keep the team strong and always brine in new recruits!! X-country Team-Work nard and mentally think your the best and soon you will be if you aren't already!! The Victorines-Thank you for all your support in Judo. Wish you well in the future Thanks. Mr.Hughes-You wild and crazy guy!! You taught me to always wear eye protection!!! Thanks for the great coaching in pole vault!!

David K.-David whatsup?! Thanks for being a friend wish you the best. You know I beat you. Seth-Whats up potato boy? Nah well its great that I got to know you this year. I don’t think you have that green thumb. Rob Hannah-Want a ride home? Well I guess I am going to graduate unbelievable. Serena-Well I'm glad I never got to bless any of your shoes! Clare-You crazy lady get off my foot!! Nah hope you get into your college of your choice. Don't forget me while your at Harvard. Kea-Mr. Caveman, loved the newspaper wish they didn't shut it down. Kristen-Well hope you have a productive life. Don't forget me! Sandra-Well your form needs a little work but other than that you look fine. Brynly-Well let's go to some party's after schools over and go riding with people that are out of it! Hope to see you again soon. Vaihiria-When are we going to the movies? Judo was fun but you got to use more force! Nah. Malia-Turtle tagging was fun, this time you don't have to tuck me in. Leah- So lets go to the prom! Nah! Dont change from the sweet little innocent person you are. Robie A.-Thanks for all the hugs after the meet. To bad you hurt yourself early in the season, hope you can win states in the future. I'll be looking for your name. Helene-You are such an energetic person don't change. Smile! Toyomi- Stop making trouble to me. Well you are the sweetest person in the Junior class. Call me sometime we can talk. Lei-ann S- Sorry for dissing you so much. Senior class- Good Luck in the Future.

Vaihiria Kelley Tahiti,French Polynesia.

PA P A:You supported and encouraged m e to com e to H P A. Today i am 18 and i have m y diplom a, i've taken a lot of responsabilities and challenges, l've grown and m atured out you know inside i am still your little girl. .1 know that financially,times w eren't alw ays easy and that you had to make som e sacrifices for m e, but you m ade it possible for me to get the best education.! am sorry if at times i have disappointed you and failed to m eet your expectations, but it was never m y intention. I love you and m aman and I never want to disappoint you.Thank you for your love and understanding. I love you. You are the best parents i could hope for. M AM AN: Tu est ma meilleur ami,mais tu est aussi la meilleur mam an. Merci pour tout les sacrifices que tu as fait pour moi et heiva . M erci pour tout l'am our et l'equilibre que tu m 'a donne pendant les 18 dem ieres annee. Sans tout tes encouragem nents, consolations et les heures passer au telephone avec toi ,je n'aurais jamais survecu 4 ans a H .P.A .Merci ,je f aime. M oea, hiro &christiane,heiata,poem a,m iri,heiva, kirava ,nauriki,hiu,tekura: vous etes m a force,m erci de tout le support que vous m 'avez do n n e, je vous aime. Ilima:m ahaIo no ke aloha a m e ke kako'o'a na mai. E pili m au kaua. 1 ka w a po pilikia a i ka wa mai'kai.A me ka mana'olana e mohala ka'olelo hoo'iki a m e ka olelo pa'a.A kaua e ho'om ana'o ai. Aloha au ia oe. M r & M rs Clark: m y Hanai fam ily,Thank y ou for m aking m y years at H PA so m uch easier ,tnank you for all the week ends, thanksgiving, and vacations. But m ost of all how could i ever thank you for being kind of like m y parents when mine were not there, and for being m y family when m y own w as so far aw ay and i needed one. Thank you, you are great parents. M r & M rs Rutgersithank you for all the help and affection you gave me. N ancy, you alw ays tried to make me feel better and to make sure i w as O.K thank you for everything. M r & M rs Nogues: Thank you for all the dinners and the homesick cneer up. It really helped .Watch o u t ! la femme fatale is out or high school. M r & M rs V ictorine: m y favorite coach, thank you for teaching m e how to have som e confidence. Thank you for believing in m e, for listening to m y problems ,for pushing m e to achieve m y best, and for being so protective of m e . I can now go into the world safely. I love you both. C lare: It was easier to say hello than to say goodbye,after all the storm s w e have been through, i know that we will be friends for ever. A s w e stand here at the eve of a new life, I want to hold your hand and let you know that you are m y greatest friend, how much i will alw ays cherish our friendship and our memories together. Thanks for putting up with m e, i will miss you so much. Remember, you taught me that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only a kiss to smile. I love

you. M aile: It's a record,w e've been on the sam e hall together for 4 yrs. All our gossip sessions, stress, and shower party. Good luck to you and derrick in the future yrs, i'll miss ya. Lizrfresh hall,B ball, prefecting, A P euro & dum an's cla ss, w e had our share of history together.Thanks for all the European brag talk it w as necessary. Ninia: I 'v e missed you in the dorm s but the most im portant discovery true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Thank you for all the help su p p o rt, affection an a friendship you have given m e. Remember you will alw ays be welcome to m y home. And if you need me I'll alw ays be where the waves of the ocean m eet their final destination,ILY. A m yd've watched you go through stages of m etam orphoses and you have grow n to be a beautiful person. Y ou have also grow n to oe m y confident and friend,thank you for listening to m e , I wish u all the luck in your future yrs, w e'Ilkeep in touch so u can com e to m y wedding!!!!!!!. Sylvia: W here do i start, fresh hall or m y first pine trees with you. So m any things w e have shared ana so little space. The paths of our lives are now separating ,but i will alw ays walk with you dow n the path in m y heart,m em ories are eterhal.ILY. M ika:Room m ates, prefecting, prom , B-Ball cam p, we,ve been through a lot this year out w e stayed great friends in sunshine and in rain. I guess w hat they say about opposite's attract m ust be true cause we re pretty opposite best friends. Remember E.Y and K.C wno's gonna tell you to Snap out of it when i am gone. Thanks tor putting up with all m y shâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; . I still think i am not as baa with S.U as you with K.C. ILY N atasha: I really enjoyed that one talk, that one afternoon in your room. I got to know you better,hopefully i'll be in NZ this sum m er with you guys. Thanks for listening every time i popped into your room like a m ad wom an with m y crazy stories. Anytim e,com e cruz & check out the guys in tahiti. Kalei:thanks for believing and understanding my minor probs that no one else could,you know w hat i mean yeah.... good luck ILU Lindsay:you are like a sunshine that alw ays m ade me laugh,sunshine. H ow could i be a frosh again w / o u ,hiding under the stairs Or the glow in the dark...,or m ud sliding or better all the sneaking out. thank you for being such a good friend,i'll miss you so much next y earlL Y Lauren: we have been friends together in sunshine and in shade, we over cam e the hard yrs, now we'll always be friends, for e v e r , keep in touch ILY Ioanna: 'Could you please not scream i have a headache" and there goes the A P oral presentation scream ing their heads off. W e w ere pretty crazy freshm en,thank you for participating in our insanity and for making fun of people in A P euro class with me. PS: I missed you in the dorms. Jam una: So w hat about ou r romantic camping trip ? or will it be the erotic Halloween ball. So you think l am the sexual turn on type,that's different from frosh yrs.

Don't worry i'll give a call if i need you. thanks for being m y best guy friend.ILY D aniel:! speak french you know,C'est quand tu veux ( just kidding) Jenny: i've missed u , but thanks to the phone calls we never grew apart.ILY Jed: we had our good & bad times, & w e had our mood swings, but if it were up to m e i would do it again . But this time w /o u t the mood swings and withl00% commitment. ILY M alia: u 'v e becom e such a good friend, we m ust keep in touch to let our friendship grow. M rs Y: u taught m e everything i know about art & m ade m e developed a passion for photographie. You guided m e with so much patience and understanding during the hard times. You never gave up on me. When you com e to m y home i hope to give you as much aloha as you have given me.ILY. Sarah C: I don't think i've seen anyone see lightning in their m icrowave oven or even get stupid enough to decide not to wait for the chair Tift an a to go on a three hour walk in the snow. That was pretty stupid ,w e must have lost half our clothes without mentioning the weird old farts. Thank you for putting up with me and for kind of being my little sister. Take care w hen i am gone,love always. Kevin: so u have wings & teeth of an African bat, i am sorry for any hurt i'v e caused, u've been such a good friend, I love you always. Peter: take care, i know u can achieve anything u w a n t, i believe in you . Scott:thanks for prefecting w /u s , cam p outs, teasing me ,B-day parties, arj & arati: best bro & sis, I love u guys, good luck &take care. Lana O lm stead: thanks for all the aloha you have given me, for the week ends and for the fun. H eiram a, M aui,H eunata,Ta'i:bonne chance dans les annee futur,vous aurez des bon et des m auvais m oments mais il faut que vous vous aidiez entre vous. W hat ever u do don't let them get to u. I love you guys and i know you'll do fine when I'm gone, take care. Sheridan: .1 ve loved you & i've suffered from it but i've learned m y mistakes & i've learned to forgive u & to love u again Remember in the end ,the river always meets the sea. Justin: I've missed y o u , good luck in your marriage and if u need m e just think of me ...i'll oe there, jaydisten to this sw eet,sw eet music your words will never fade,they told me to tell you there is something about u that i love. My hall: thanks for keeping up w /m e,u guys are great ,good luck to all of u,Special tnanks: to Mrs Kamrow, Miss Michel, Mrs Gomes, Mrs Han, Mr Stewart and Mr Gallegos, for all the support,understanding, fun & joy you have given me.

J.P. Kloninger yrs H .P .A ./Footb all/B aseb all/ W restling/T rack/3 yrs. times we had. Your crazyness always made me laugh. ry so n /3 0 minute workouts Your a great guy, no shame, but a great guy none the amien-"Whoa brah" we go through some mean s— girls, sports, girls...What's up with them chicks? I inno. Well at least you're still the same, Perfect Man always. Keep in tough Mr. Div 1 Ivy League. Love i

eola-"huh huh huh... that's cool" Thanks for being ere for me cuz. It would have been hard without )u. And, by the way don't let Laura get away she's orth more than you'll know. See ya cuz and No mic Ah. aniel-"Oh my god , you don't even understand." So .Q. Man try to keep the chicks off you in college, if s possible, and stay away from the big hairy men ith eye shadow. All joking aside, you've been a reat friend and thanks for being one to me. Bye Bro. arl-"What is that thing?!" Thanks for all the great

less. I miss you alot and will think of you when ever I see a fruitbowl. I'll miss ya cuz. P.S. Don't worry about steroids you have alot to work with. Andy-"Have you heard that new Guar album" How about I just call you B.L.(try explaining that to your kids) All joking aside, Andy, you took alot of — from us, some you brought upon your self but most of it was just that you were the only guy that could take it., Anyway, despite all the jokes, you're one of the few people I'm very proud to call my friend. If there was ever a crisis you were the last one to give up and it makes me proud to be on your side. Stay cool huh and get choke chicks over summer. Nate-"No! I don't want to see it!" Even though you do some gross and disgusting things, I'm glad you re not doing them to me, nah. But go easy on Pua, hahaha.

Through all the spit, and fruitbowls, you're a great friend to hang around. I'll keep in touch with you, to make sure you're not terrorizing the girls too much. Thanks for the good times. Put it away, please, brah. Sienna-All the things I want to say to you and all that I feel for you can't be put into words, written or spoken. Only I will ever know the things I feel for you. I'll miss you the most and don't lose your impeccable charm. Always thinking of you. Jeff E-"Sorry Ah Roughness, no hurt me Ah" yes Jeff it is full contact! Nah Jeff, I know you were just going easy on them. Stay rough brah. And I didn't tell anyone where you tried to touch me. Go easy boo. A1 & Alton-Thanks guys. You were the people that kept me going. Thanks for the good times we shared. Keep Da Chateaux Relaxo coming. I'll be there. Jonah-Wake up Dumb a-s or in your language Du ah Da da ah. Luke-Hold on to the n ball and North, South, North, South. Rebekah-My Ivory Baby, you still owe me Sizzlers. Michiko-are you ok? I hope you feel better. Jade-I'm glad I could talk to you, most of the time. You probably know more about me than I do. Thanks. Cy- How much weeks. A, open your eyes. Haga- Sorry Ah flat A—, Thanks for the years of fun in Gate House. Brady- What a catch! Peter- Snap it good, dammit! Billy- Please don't hurt me. Ninia-I know I'm your dream man, but try to contain yourself. Kaui-go work in the pit! Sarah Clark- Damn you're big! Jaisy-Get help on your fixation with stomach hair. Heimata-Not too bad for a freshman Shane & Austin-maybe someday you'll be as good as me. Richard B.-How can you hit that high note? Ari-Sorry ah, Mr. President. Jason-Nice car. Jarred-Why don't you hit him hard? Vaiheria-Wassup pumpkin? Chris M.-Where the hell you been? Mom & Dad, Erik & Kate-Thanks for the support you have given me during my high school career. I know it wasn't easy for all of us. We had our ups and downs but we made it through. Thanks and I love you. Hoku-Thanks for putting up with me all these years and for sticking with me even after I came to H.P.A. I'll miss you when I go away to college but I'll be home soon. Then we can go hunting, ah brah! Leialoha's-Thanks for putting up with me all those nights and thanks for being my home away from home. You made my weekends and vacations bearable. To all those I forgot. I forgot you for a reason! If your offended, good. But if I care about, and I forgot you, and you know who you are, I'm truly sorry. DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!! To All You Wise Underclassmenjusbacdafucup To all you others- I'll be seein ya I ni out!!! To all those understand, if I ever go to prison..... that mother's coming with me!!!!! All who step to me- you best check your self before you wreck yourself!!!!! I'll miss yaall!

David Allen Knowles 6yrs. H PA/ Volleyball/ Tennis/ Scuba/ HOMEWORK! M o m & D ad-I can 't thank you enough for all of y ou r sup p ort and help along the w ay to get to this point, I hope I h av en 't m ad e it to hard on you. I feel v ery com fortable going off to the m ainland and living that very different life style o v er there becau se y o u hav e let m e know w h at to exp ect w here ev er I g o , thank y ou.. Y ou gu ys axe Yothe best parents a kid could ask for, I love you. M arie-m y sister, although w hen I think back to w hen w e w here y ounger I rem em ber a lot of argum ents I think w e hav e past that stage and hav e a v ery successful brother sister relationship. Just because w e argued som etim es of course do esn't m ean that I think o u r whole childhood w as argum ents, in fact I rem em ber far m ore good tim es then bad. E v er sm ce the y ear before you w ent to Paris I think is w hen you and I g o t along perfectly. I can 't w ait to learn knew things about you as w e both g et older an d m o ve to tow w aardJ s' oj u r careers. O f course I will alw ays love yo u , and know that you yoi are a terrific sister thanks. N orm a Jan e & B ob-m y second set of parents, thank y o u fo r the m any lessons in life I hav e learned from you . Y o u bofn have definitely helped m e figure m yself out, and point m e in the right directions w hen in need, o f ad v ice w eath er I Knew it o r not. I am very glad that ou r relationships cam e together and w e w ere able to becom e a fam ily. O bviously I w ouldn't be the sam e person w ithout you both, I love y o u v ery m uch. Jaco b-I'v e know n you for so long it seem s like y ou r fam ily so I'll pu t you there. Y ou and I hav e been through so m uch that w hen I try to think back on it all its m ind blow ing. A t birthday parties we would alw ays grab a carton of ice cream and eat it u nder the table. W e then g rew up som e and g o t a kick o u t of throw ing fire crackers a t an y unlucky individual walking by , w e stayed at this stage for along tim e, in fact I'm not sure w ere ou t of it yet. N o w w e cruise dow n to W aipio as often as possible. I can only nam e a few things w e did because if I m entioned them all this w ould be m uch to long. Thank y ou, y ou r brother, and y ou r parents for the m any m em ories w e shared, I love you all and w e will stay in touch. C yrus-although I nave know n you since the sixth g rad e I wish I had spent m o re time w ith y ou m the earlier y e a r s ,! guess you w ere alw ays to busy. W hen you finally had tim efrecently; y o u and I hung out a lot and g o t together well. 1 think you have influenced m y fife m o re then anyone else with fem ales and learning their »vays. Y our the man,"big C , I used to look up to you so m uch that w hen I think back its alm ost scary, I am starting to learn n o w w h y I thought so highly about you, and am finding o u t that there is good reason fo r it. Your a great friend and I w ant to keep in touch with you. A loha C yrus for all the good tim es and the m any m o re to com e. R yan-you influenced the m o re radical side of m e if there is one. T nank you for getting m y first surf board and then you and the rest o f the bo yz show ed m e tne rules. If this do esn't seem like m uch you have no idea ho w m uch m y experience with surfing has m ean t to m e. T hank you. A lf-stop sm oking! I w ant y ou to live long. Thank you for show ing m e around y ou r h o m e tow n it w as extrem ely interesting. Jeff O.-I think you are the nicest person I have m et. I w ould trust y ou and y ou r opinion o v er counrless people, thank you for being there. Seth-potato boy! you and y ou r fam ily have been very nice to me. Thank y ou r m om for all our political debating I loved it. Sorry the football d idn 't w ork out for you I'm sure you w ould have been great. C lass o f 1994 M ike-basketball/volleyball stud, this tim e has g one b y fast, but

algebra II an d all the o ther classes I had you w ith including at m iddle school w ent by w ith m any laughs and m any tense m om ents like french with m y dad. G ive the teacners hell in college if y o u can. A ri-V anila A ri, president of the school, y o u 're a bad m an. Good luck to y o u and all y o u r future achievem ents in college. W hile studying 2 4-7 rem em ber to hav e fun now and then. Jaso n -I d o n 't deserve to be on the sam e v-ball team as you so IT leave n ext year. I rem em ber you m ost a t m iddle sch oo olw l when " w ould play football a t break. There w as one tim e w hen you and Richie you arguing and y ou cleaned him o u t, I started laughing so hard, but you probably d o n 't even rem em ber so I'll just say thanks for all the lau g h D aniel-Y ou say I'm going to be a pim p w hen I g ro w u p ? H o w you figure? T here is, and alw ays will be only one pim p, YOU! Tam una-Always with a different w ay o r seeing som ething. It has b een nice talking w ith you during o u r free periods. Y o u r a stud w ith all those N ew Y ork femalesTMahalo for the m an y laughs big

U -H ave fun in Fiji this sum m er you hard core surfer while everyone o v er here goes to w aipio, but y o u r better so I understand. W hen you go to college d o n 't leave y ou re sense of hum or behind. Y ou hav e the m o st style then anyone I know y o u killa. D am ien-T he m an of o u r class o r like som e | !e say the "p erfect" m an. T hat is a rather high standard, bu t I'll' e able to find out eventually like a t the class reunion good luck. K arl-T he "m eat" m an , rem em ber afn in ia's house playing "I never" w as y ou 're hand stuck in the air o r w hat? Putting all the rest of us to sham e. C h ris-"Y o u 're hurting m e shabba." K eep sm iling m ister dom inate the IQ test, y ah I rem em ber that night up a t y o u re house sophom ore y ear after the school dance, you stud you. M arc-M arkyo A ndreti its good to stay aw ake w hile driving. Keep that tem per dow n M acenroe w hile on the courts. Its been run in g doubles w ith y ou even though I should have been higher then you on o u r team ranking, nah just kidding. Jo n an -A t that class cam p o u t w e had junior year, you m ust have scared the crap o u t of m e at least four tim es. A ppearing o u t of the w ater, the sand, and the log w e w ere all sitting on. I'll never forget h o w badly y ou scared M ike that night, it w as classic. Brent-In college if guys can 't keep u p w ith y o u r hustling im age d o n 't be to hard on them . Y ou and C aroline in chem istry class used to distract m e so m u ch with all the gossip y o u tw o alw ays had. K ea-K eep that m ind out of the g u tter an a by the w ay, w om en are not the center of the universe. Y o u 're jokes and deep thoughts are w h at kept m e going the w hole w ay through high school. Thanks M eg-B ack w hen y o u 're m o m w as teaching m e ho w to read , there w as a tim e w hen y ou 're m o m w as driving y ou to gym nastics in m ana and I w as in the ca r because she w as driving m e hom e. W e h ad m ade a stop a t D iary Queen and w e all g o t ice aream cones. I d o n 't know w h y , but this is a m om en t I hav e n ever forgotten. Good luck in college you o v er achiever. A n dy-Y ou snred at surfing, bu t do esn't that hair gett in i the w ay. M ichiko-Sm ile this is supposed to be the happiest time of y ou r life, I'm not sure how Mike m anaged to talk such a babe into doing such a junk job, thanks for alTthe help w ith the v-ball team . J e ff E.-Y o u 're crazy boy! such a scraper. D on't let this g et you into trouble in college 1 do n't w ant y ou killing anyone. B roth er Jed-Punishing Q B 's every w eekend, its hard work but som e one's got to do it. B rynly-relaxed yet determ ined and alw ays with a sm ile, som eone

should d o a scientific stu d y on you to see if all that's possible |n person. Best of luck to y o u in everything y ou do. M ich i-" W heels" Is there any sport you d o n 't dom inate in? I -Jj honestly d o n 't know how its hum anly possible to m aster so mail sports and still get the best grades around. Y o u 're superhum an! \ T .J.-B ack in seventh grad e tnere w as a night w hen I cam e and sla o v er at y ou 're house. W e ended u p eating saim en, playing nintendo, and talking about fem ales all night long. vVnat n<appeii to the good old days? C lare-M arky M ark? C om e on theres w ay better guys to t pu t in yq . fem ale locker then him , actually rI .as a little hurt, I m ean where! w as th ep ictu re o f m e? Jam es T.-I d id n 't know how to spell y o u 're real nam e so I used -I Jam es. I think its about tim e fo r you and the rest of the boyz to'ljl com e over, spend the night, and talk about whatevers, just like fa ;ood old days. Its been run m an, thanks. R obert-Y oulcnow I did beat you at wrestling that night at A lfs a house regardless of w hat ev er anyone says, nah y ou tacked the cj o u t of m e I know, K yle-I hear y ou 're pretty good w ith a gun, those nights to the scenic point and hitting glass bottles which w ere th ro w n ^ in pitch darkness. I'm sure you can m ake this talent useful justf 9 m o ve to L.A . o r som ething. S am -"W h at w as that louci noise?" It w as Sam 's bug back firing,! that w as a pim p little bug. W ell I guess you ow e everyone a bun? of m oney considering you d idn 't reach six feet by graduation ah| everything. Emlil-Than] i I-Thanks for the m any rem inders to be myself, its perfect ’ Ice, b u t I think I'll start being m yself tom orrow . Y ou 're p i a i . •ing sounds really good, best of lu c k to you with the piano anj rough o u t time. Leiflif-Here's y ou 're quote. N ah of course I'm going to w rite mor<3 then en just that, but obviously not too m uch m ore. U nderclassm en N ate-Y ou ru d e boy, dropping ou 're tropping y you re p an ts left and right outsidel french class.______ Giving the chem istry ____________ .he brow n eye o ff the c_ H building to U entire school. Arerv t y ou the least bit self-conscious. Lasiandra-I know y ou 're great and all, but how could you refus«i m e? Good luck wifn y ou 're im m ense talent in tennis, and I hopeili see y o u one d ay in co u rt battling it ou t with me. Jaim e-Y o u 're brother likes you I sw ear. If I do n 't see you in rockjj videos on MTV dancing, prancing, and hanging out with all theft ________ | upset. _r IIf you _______ | do ..3 end nam es I will be terribly really enc u p going to JM school on the east coast next y ear m ake sure I know w here you'i$ at. By the w ay you can do handstands in front of m e all you wan| and l'llju st say yep that's Taime Holtz. A lan a-fk n ow I h aven't know n y o u for that long, but I'm still ;1 looking for a flaw. Let m e tell y ou , its hard work. H 'Sien-Richard w as a lucky bastard, claim ing such beauty so earl in the year, sham e on him. B o y s V -ball- Maui, y ou drink m ore gatorad e then anyone I knovra Pete, I think both y ou and I should nave played w ay m o re this a year. Jason H uang stop hitting the ball out of m y hands >vhile M waiting in line. Kainoa, y ou flip w ho cares who farted? M ax, I'm not w orried about you rep lay in g time because I know ybu'll gets choke over the years. To tne rest of the guys on the team I have ■ nothing to say to you all because you atf got to play-. T ennis team -You guys are all great, but this season is so long that! just w ant to get it over with an a say thanks for all the good tunes! A d m inistration & T eachers Thanks to: Mr. Solmssen Mr. Shutes Ms. Michelle Mr. Honma Mr. Rowley

Yumi Kojima JA P A N / H P A 4 y e a rs / Basketball /Scuba amilyrOSAN & OKASAN: Thank you for all your pport. In the past four years you have made me perience things which I would not have perienced in Japan. I cannot put in words the predation I have for you. You have made English f second language. I am glad that four years ago I ose H.P.A to be the school that I would progress in glish. I love you. Grandpa: Please take care of nirself. I love you. Sista Asako: You're the only iter I have. Hope you'll enjoy next year, and I hope iu like Hawaii. Remember you have a nice Big Jter Okay!? (Just joking!) T ie K im u r a s -

[ISAN & OBASAN: I can't think about how many nes I called you guys!? Thank you for taking care me these past four years. I can't imagine how you lys helped me so much. I'll never forget your ndness these last four years, especially through the ns of English. Please take care of yourselves, and tjoy everything! I couldn't have had such a great hool life if it wasn't for your support. Thanks to: tide Roger, Auntie Laraine, Auntie Karen, Kazu, id the Rosners. I love your family!! Y ie n d s -

ell, We just made it!! Thank you for helping me ts. I've really enjoyed being with you guys this ist four years!! This four years was the greatest ne in my life. Thanks for the tons of laughs! So, ;re are my Thanks messages to my friends, mi: LA, SFO, Honolulu, Karaoke. I spent more tan 4 years with you, that have left me with a lot of emories of HPA. I can’t explain in words how mch you mean to me. Thanks a lot. I won't forget Jur kindness, when I got that injury to my knee, rigato! I love you. alei: How can you understand what I say in panese?! I still remember when we stayed up late •talk and laugh.

Jen.H.: Peach girl! I had a good time, when you came to JAPAN. Remember we took a train, and went to department store every day?! Michiko: Thank you for taking care of my friends last summer. They really enjoyed Hawaii with you. I hope you visit Japan sometime, and stay at my house. Let's go to Karaoke OK! Liz & Joyce: You guys were cool prefects in my hall! Sorry I wasn't in my room. Hey, Joyce, I liked to learn Chinese from you. Let's talk in Chinese three years from now. I'll try! Eric & Kevin: Every single year I took the same classes with you, Eric. Remember how we always told each other, " I didn't study!" or" I didn't do my Homework!" That is one good memory, ya!? I won't forget Mrs.Piltz's class when we were Sophmores. We had a blast! Murata & Toyomi: Thanks for all the laughs you guys. You love SCUBA huh? Murata, I have a clear picture of you in my brain when you were middle school. What happened to you?! (Nah-Just joking) I hope you guys stay close, and happy for a long time. Tomona & Rana: Thank you for listening to me. I had a lot of fun with you guys! I cannot explain in words how mach you guys mean to me. I love you guys! Brada Taka: I missed you so much after you graduated. I can only share with you. You supported me tons when I needed somebody to help. Natsu: Thank you for tons of good advice. I loved talking with you! I missed you a lot after you left HPA. Kenichi: I cannot recall how many times I’ve needed your presence here at HPA. Because of you, I was able to survive through the tough times. I’ve tried my best everything I have done. You have helped me to recongnize the strengh I have within me. I love you tons.

Reiko: You were my friend a long time, ya? Keep in touch. Thanks a lots for summer of 1993. You delight me all the time. -Special Thanks to: Mayumi, Miwa, Yusuke, Jen, Takeshi, Gloria, Irean, Mari, Naho, Lasi, Moto, Mitsu, Jenai, KL, MS, AM,YK, MS, AI, MB, LH, ST, AK, KA, MM, CK, and AN. -RoommateWell, I spent a good time with you, guys. I really enjoyed being roommates with you, guys!! Amy: Thank you for listening to me, Amy. Now I miss you as my roommate in Hall dorm. I loved seeing you and my frienz teasing each other. Ivory: Good Luck next year. I enjoyed with you. -Basketball teamI really enjoyed in this the Kamakani B-ball team. I won't forget about the Molokai trip, which was great memory for me. -All B-ball player- Remember our first year of B-ball conditioning? We RAN, and RAN every single day for B-ball season, -50 times a hill!! I think I’ll never do conditioning again, but I won't forget about the Kamakani B-ball team. Sylvia, special thanks for helping me with English. Without your help, maybe I never would have play B-ball at all. Thanks everybody, this will be one of the my most important memories forever. -TeachersI can't find the words to tell you how you helped me during the past four years. Now, I made it! Thanks for your kindness, especially when I got an injury in my knee. Mrs.Kamrow drove the golf cart every single day for me. I will never forget that. Thanks again. Special thanks to: Mrs.Kamrow, Ms.Donahue, Mr.Huges, Mr.&Mrs.Watson, Mrs.Piltz, Mr.Solmssen, Mr.Stewart, Ms.Matsuda, Ms.Michel, Mr.Honma, Mr.&Mrs.Gomes, Mr.& Mrs.Rizzuto, and Mr.Colson. I'll miss HPA next year. Good luck to the CLASS OF 1994.

Rebekah Rina Kramer Kamuela, Hawaii/3 years/Soccer/X-Country M om - W ell it's finally time for m e to leave the nest! Thank you so m uch for leading m e down the right path. You have sacraficed so m uch of yourself to give m e the best and I will always love you for it. You've had faith in all o f my hopes and dreams and w ith you're support, I know they will become realities. W herever I m ay end up in the future, you will alw ays be close to m y heart. 1 love you very much!!Dad- Although w e've been so far apart, there is little distance in our hearts. I have always known how much you care and I w ant to thank you for your love and support. It's been hard to keep a tight bond b ut I hope that w e w ill be able to m ake up for lost times and share the kind of relationship that a father and daughter deserve. I love you!Grandm a Silva- Hey beautiful!! I have you to thank for all o f those knitted booties and vests on my birthdays. And lets not forget the undies! Hey what are grandmas for right. W ell you've definatly got the world b eat on spedinis and canolies. Thanks for being my one and only grandma! I love you dearly.P.S. D on't go picking up young guys at the black jack table, you're going to make us all broke! N ah Just Joking! God Bless You! I Love YouiGrandpa Silva- Thank you very m uch for all o f your love and support. It's hard to stay close with all o f the fam ily problems but I w ant you to know that I love you very much! W hen are w e going camping?Bobby and G ina- M y loving siblings. Although w e've been so far apartfin age and distanceHv'e alw ays felt very close to both o f you. Thank you for your love and support. Y ou've given m e a family. Bobby-my big bro! You've been a great brother and friend to me! Thanks for all o f the good times. I know I can count on you for anything.P.S. you know I can run faster than you, so when are you gonna adm it it? N ah, just joking! G ina- m y big sis-my idol! I'v e always looked up to you with admiration. You have inspired m e to work towards my goals and to b e successful. Thank you very much. To bad none o f your handme-downs fit m e by the time I get them. That's O .K., it's the thought that counts. I really enjoy our little afternoon outings but w e really shouldn't get drunk before going to tan. My b utt was burnt for 2 weeks!! God Bless both you and Bobby, I love both of you very much!!Brian and M ary- Who could ask for better brother and sister-in-laws. M ary-my "killer" sister and friend! You and Bobby have alw ays given m e a special place in your home. Thank you for all o f your afternoon talks and advice. Keep that brother of mine in line o.k. You've been great ILY! Brian-the original party animal! You really should stop sneaking me beer-It's not good for me-Yeah right!! Take good care of my sister O.K. If not, you know w hat I'm gonna have to do to you. Nah, just joking.Barry- M y loving God Father. My parents sure made a good choice on that one. Your advice alw ays sounds so perfect to m e and you can alw ays put a sm ile on m y face, even over the phone. You're talks have been few , yet they have always lead m e in a brighter direction. Thanks for making m e laugh. I love You!M ary K aye- We haven't had to much time together, but you're still my sister and 1 love you very much! I hope that we will become closer in the futureiC lass o f 1 9 9 4 : MorganI'm so glad that 1 found a friendship w ith you.We have so many tilings in common, some good and som e not so goodfif you know what I mean). I'm glad that w e could help each other through the "not so good". You're a wonderful and fun person. A life long friend! ILY Alexa- Hey Lecka, or was that Becka-I alw ays get confused. "W ill you do the Blaire and Garth impressions for m e"? You're a classic Alexa. A truly good person! Thank you so m uch for listening to me and caring. Take care of yourself and d on't let anyone step on you-just remember what Fiona or I would do!! God Bless You. ILY—P.S. D on't forget to wear red and white to the gam e-I'll protect you!! C ybele- My childhood budyQueen of randomness! W asn't that UB40 concert a blast!! I think the midnight

snack afterwards was more fun! The m iles w e've run-what fun. NOT!! You've been a fun loving friend. I'm so thankful for all o f your love and support. Your a true friend !Andramada Rules Forever. ILY. Brynly-Mushroom girl- remember the lobster party at Jocko's house. That was fun!! I'm glad that there is at least one person in school with hair as frowy as mine! Take care of you...ILYSiennaMy lunch and party partner How is the salad bar today? W ho's that weird guy over there Sienna? H is jeans are too tight!! H e's too hairy! Just a few opinions w e have in com mojj—guess w e both have good taste!! You're a real sweetie. Take care and god bless! H eathe- O ne of the few people I can relate to! You've been so supportive to m e in so many ways. Thank you so m uch for encouraging m e with x-country and for listening w hen I needed a friend. I wish you the best of luck always.ILY Kelly-You're soooo weird. That's why I love you though! O ne of you're funny faces and I've gotta crack up. Originality is hard to com e by these days so you keep being weird and maybe all that goodness w ill rub o f on somebody. Take care-I luv ya P.S. when are we going to go surfing again. M ich i- Where does the accent go M ichi? W hat can I say- you're the most well rounded person I know- not to mention my soccer idol. I w ish you the best of luck always. Take care and G od Bless.Kim-Kimbo, Kimbo, KimboThe hours you kept m e up with that screeching laugh on the x-country bus rides— thats O.K . -It just w ouldn't be the sam e fun loving you with out it. You're wild a t heart- a true blast to b e around. Thanks for the friendship. ILY.Daniel-H ey Homey, or should I say pimp? I'll never forget our night on the town-that UB40 concert was just too m uch fun rightfl w on't tell if you won't)W atch out for those catsup packets! Iv'e never laughed so hard in my life. Thank you for being a honest and trustworthy friend; and thank you for the dancing sessions!! Take care and god biess....OH M Y GOD-YOU JU ST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!. Karl-Mr. Meat-Is there any dare you w on 't take? J.P.-W ellw e've definatly had our ups and downs, but somehow I feel that we w ill alw ays b e friends. You're a good guy with a good heart—-don't lose sight of that. "Becky" Asa-Hey stoney-You still owe me-nah! Thanks for all the lunch time trips to town. D on't go breaking too many hearts with those beautiful eyes of yours Take care and God Bless! Stacy-Hey munchkin-We sure have shared some laughes-pine trees, tastey watermelon-not to mention grape juice— gee stace, you sure are a bad inflluence on me-nah, just joking. ILY M ichiko- You have been a great friend to me- Class campout, stuck truck, w here are w e going to sleep?Guy trouble-what will w e ever do? You’re the greatest to cruz with. Andramada lives on!! Stir It Up- Don't forget to p utyour tennis shoes on! I just want you to know that I don’t remember a week o f my life because of you-It’s been a blast. ILY -Take care! Jonah-H ey stud- I'm gonna miss our drunken star gazing adventures- I'm so thankful that w e've become friens this year- you're an awsome guy!!! ILY Jaisy-W e've definatly had our differences but I'm glad that w e w ere able to get past them and share some laughs. Sorry about the P.Y.E. teasing- your eyes are beautiful. Take care! Clare-Truth, dare, or pee-on-the-tree. No w onder I failed m y history final. Thanks for making me laugh. ILY.MayaParty animal-you're a wild one-good luck and god bless.Jed-You're an awsome friend, an understanding person-That special som eone is out there waiting for you-Take care and god bless-Brent-What will I ever do with you?Clayton-Yesyou told me the two rules of the truck-but I d on't know if I can follow

number 2. You're a great guy - not to mention an awsome taxi-Love ya!Keola-fi Hey "O la"! Ari-Mr. president-I feel that your accomplishments as our school'll representative have reflected your many posotive personality traits- NOT! youij gangster- a pimp- and a blast to be around- Thanks for the laughs.Lauren- ' ■ Where's Waldo- that was such a pain in the aSs-Never ending diets-Another raJ in the aSs- W e made it!Lindsay-Ms. x-country-you're a flyer! How is Mr. J 9 maintenence man kicken it?Ninia-Chubby Bunny-thank god marshmellowsMO fat-free!Jason-Can I take a cruise in you're pimp mobile?Lucas-Hey macho > 9 man—You better stop beating up on m e Cy- Back from W aim ea School days® and up through HPA-We m ade it. N ow your free to b e a local boy. Thank Gen I w ish you the best o f luck. Take Care and God Bless You..Blake-Encino man. ■ Stop teasing my hair-yours is worse! Nah-just joking- Take Care and God BlessJ G ood luck too: Kristen, Kalei, Mika, T.J., Kris, Jeff, Andy, Megan. Chris D., AH^ Damien, Sandra, Jen, Amy, M aile, Starr, HayatO, Sylvia, Natasha, Vaiheria, Liz, Redza, Joanna.Underclassm en T epa-I'm so thankful to have you as a f r ie n d -9 more like a sister. W e've shared laughter and tears and through it all we forma a sisterly bond. Thank you so much for being there.... and thanks for all the B6> & Jerry's. I love you dearly!!Jen-Who would ever have thought that we would® become friends? I'm really glad that w e did though. Y ou helped m e th rou g^J some rough times. Thanks- ILYLaura-5:30 a.m.- w hat the hell is wrong with ijsl I'm so glad that w e had eachother last summer- If w e can do that, w e can d o j i anything! Thank you for your support as an athlete and a friend. ILYH 'sien-^ to sleep! You've been such a fun-loving friend- O h yeah?, adventures!the souj of music, tunnels, cactus, tree branches-don't worry,none o f the football players saw!)Guy talk-what will w e do? Thank you for all o f your support-you've beett an awsome friend-ILYRichard-Pahe'e, te quiero!! H eather-You're such an awsome runner-thank you for always having a sm ile on your face even thougM hurt- you made all of us push harder. You're a fruely good person-take care apt god bless you Good Luck T o: Lasi, Helene, M iri, Nathaniel, Jenny, Robbie, Royce, Sarah C .,1 Lisa J., Tiffany Q., Mehgan, M alika, Ita, Laura, Rob, T. Alum ni Fran- so many memories o f our friendship have stayed with me this ■ past year and helped to pull me through. I can't thank you enough for the j H friendship that you've given me. The hellish things that w e'vem ade it througfl together. I will alw ays be here for you no m atter what. I love you!Dana-m y bj*< buddy- w e've shared so many awsome experiences together and I know wewfl share many more- You have meant so much to me in so many ways. I would® trade all of the laughter and tears for anything. Your a life long friend. I lo v e jj you.Fiona-my titta sistah! It was you that pointed out to m e that a frown wash sm ile up-side down- Thank you for understanding! I love youljessica- Hey ■ beautiful-1 miss all of our late night talks- don't forget-you can't teU Fran how l many rice crispy treats I ate- thank you so much for being there for me. I lovesj and miss ynuiSpecial Thanks to- Ms. Michel, Mr. Solmsenn, Mr. Conley, M r.jj Bryson, Joy, Mr. Shutes, Mr. Hughs, Mr. Anderson, Ms. Kamrow, Mr. Perry.Ei my D ear Friends- Each and everyone of you has touched m y heart. I hope that have been able to do the sam e for you. Thank you for all of die laughter, the tears, the good times, and the support during the bad. I will never forgetany 0*


Where ever the road leads next, w e will always have the memories of eachothS to fall back on. Good luck with all of your hopes and dreams, now is the time to make them realities-1 love you all! Aloha

Malia Ann Laber urtle tagger/S C U B A d iv e r/3 yrs. sw im m ing/2yrs. HPA

that whole car thing to me one more time?"

id & Moms - 1 love you all sooooooooooooooooo

Jen A. - What you don't know won't hurt you.

Cory - "We must be growing muscle because fat

rch. Thank you for the encouragement,

You never swim in the ponds anyway.

doesn't hurt. I hate speedos!"

idance and support you have given me. I

Joanna - "All I have to do is drop 40 seconds!"

uldn't thank you enough for being the three

Thanks for entertaining us with your stories of evil

eatest parents in the whole wide world,

wombats, Spanish sheep, and legless frogs. A Ren

Kanoe - My swimming buddy! "I love you." Serena - "Figaro, figaro, figaro!" Good times in the locker room. You swimming goddess, I worship the water you swim in. Kamakani Swimming - "Georga peaches, Texas

att & Jeff - Time flies so fast. You used to be

and Stimpy video library? "Oh joy!"

ch cute little babies. What happened? From He-

Clare & Vaihiria - We should have started a

an to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Ren and

Traveling Wilbury's fan club. "Congradulations!"

impy, you've been the best brothers I could

(C. - "P.J., I like that, do you know I do?" By the

ive. egan - Thank you so much for being my first

way, stay sweet!) Amy, Clare, Heathe (& everyone else in math

end in Kamuela. Your kindness has meant so

class) - Okay, now iPs starting to get a tad bit old.

uch to me.

Just leave me alone!!! ("Now, I'm not being

nnifer - "Yes, there's no butter in the recipie. lis pudding is practically good for you."

facetious.") Lisa - "I hate this pot...No really, your pot is not

your smiles. You've been a great teacher and

indra - "Cinnamon gives me a headache."

that bad; look at mine...well,your pot sucks,too!"

friend. Good luck to EJ,DB, HY, KB,JH, LN, MC, RK,

lere's no one I'd rather eat pasteries in the

Arjun - Visit me when you're traveling the world

iddle of the night with, just as long as you stay

as a UN something or other. We'll do lunch.

vay from sharp objects. Maybe I should buy you

Jamuna - "Veggie burgers rule! So how many

pair of safety scissors.

have I eaten?" 12 is your record. Camping

sieana & Heather - Rememer the "pig head" and

wouldn't be the same without you.

le green leather we flung? It soared a grand total

Kahea - "So what's the difference between a

: 3 feet. (H.-I worship the ground you run on,

carborator and a radiator? Could you just explain

-it I can still do a better headstand.)

cactus, we'll beat your team just in practice." Good luck next year! Caitlyn & Scott - We are teenage mutant ninja turtle taggers! Watson, Rice & Balazs - Thanks for the best parts of school, camping, SCUBA-ing, and turtle-ing! Ms. Michel - Thanks for all your help and all

SK, CB, HHx2,LH, MM,MA, SD, IW, JO, PM, WH,RA! To all my friends - Thanks for being there for me and for all the memories. To Mirah, Joanne, Jen, & Lisa - Thanks for all the good times. I love you guys forever.

]aae Marie Lam Waimea, H I./1 3 years/Soccer/V olleyball 2 years/SA D D /Y earbook Dad & Mom-Thank you for providing me with all the love and support that I have needed. I would be nothing without you. I love you! Lexie-You better stop giving me a hard time, cause I'll be gone soon, nah. I love you poopi! Andy, Sami, & Tommy-I wish you were my brothers, I have more fun with you than anybody! Sienna- My maid of honor, babysitter etc. Proms, Honolulu, camping, UB40,it's hard to identify individual events, when we are together most of the time. We are so different, how is it that we get along so well? I think it is because the devil in you and the angel in me balance each other out, right? But seriously,there is no way that I could sum up what our frienship has meant to me,in these few lines. I just want you to know, in case I don't ever tell you, that your the bestest friend ever. I love you! Morgan-Morgan:Screwmaster.(nice benchldon't strip it. I should've taken you home, Sorry .Thanks for letting me sleep overlNever stay home on a Saturday night!" I got the crazies for you" Thanks for always being so caring and concerned for me, I do appreciate it. Love you! Kim:"sleep where you drink"??? the best b-day parties. "Let's make Al..." slave day '92 and the Olympic bets, Tequila on the porch, Easter bunny, twin day("are you two sisters")and my singing partner.Thanks for all the talks about religion, love and life. I've learned a lot about friendship from you. I love you. Alexa:We've been friends forever, all the kiddie

games seem just like yesterday. I wish that we could be as close as when we were small but no matter how it seems I love and care for you alot. I'll never forget all the great times we've had. Michiko, Cybele, Rebekah-Partners in crime, we've had our big ups and downs, but it always seems to turn out ok. I'll miss you guys. Meghan & Alana-1 know it is hard, but you guys have got to be good, do it for me!! Michi,Kelly,Stacy,Heathe,Jaisy,Brynly,KristenThank you for being such steady friends, good luck. Kandi-You always put me in a good mood. Remember who you are for the next three years, it's easy to get lost sometimes. Love ya always! Karl-Wow, you taught me a lot of very useful things. Thanks for keeping the secrets, sorry you had to experience them. Watching educational videos and camping were the best! Love you. Asa-What a weird relationship, that's all I can say. Let's go camping with Karl & Sienna again, it was an experience of an other kind! Cy-I can't figure it out. Don't be a grouch to me, I'm only helping. Nah, someday we'll both find what we are looking for. ILY J.P.-Make up your mind! I'll never understand you but if you want, I'll keep trying. Love you Jeff,Jonah,Damien,Keola,Ari,Daniel-Thanks for making me laugh.I'U miss you. Mr. Bryson-Lazy slug eh? Someday I'll surprise you. Don't treat me differently because I graduated, OK, it just wouldn't feel right!

Mr. Otto-Will you take me to Africa? Thanks for all your help and clarifications-. Mrs. Giffin, Juanita, Mrs. Fergestrom,Ethan(n®l more bets), Linda & Darryl, thanks for taking can of me Good luck :Joy, Jenny, Caitlyn, Shane,Heimata,! Heather,Elena,Chris,Jarred,Erik,Lisa & Marcy ■ AlumniMike-I wish I could relive all of the time that a we've spent together,Matt-normal is boring, yoil always be in my heart.,Fran-you definitely kept! me in line, I wish you'd been here this year,Derrick-Your graduation was the first of its kind for me,Mariko-Tm still sorry, you can sleeji in my sisters room anytime,Jock-Who's on first?Ssshhhh,Scott-some day we'll go out Manfl yeah right! Allyn-No matter what happens on thi rollercoaster, I hope we'll always be good friends Love Always Soccer Team"You are bad — muddahs who don't take no era from nobody" 3rd in States!!!!(Outlaw dancing® gang, "breakin' the law,") 13 year crew Wow, we made it out alive, good luck and keeja touch! TakeCare, Bye everybody

Kyle Larson iff O kland - P rob ably m y b e st friend sin ce re fou rth grad e sorry y o u cou ld n 't finish nth the rest o f us. keep in touch. obert- o f all th e p eop le yo u are the one raP s changed the m o st sin ce I'v e kn ow n ou. y o u hav e you r life to geth er and have ione som eth in g in cred ible w ith you r unning this y ear fo r th at I give you m y espect. am - I fear you w ill n ev er ach iev e you r goal if m akin g the b e st car around, and I hope rour read y to p ay y o u r debts. Cahea- 69!!! D U D E. G iv e it up y o u 'll never ;et to Florida. dare- W h at can I say ,y es yo u are a good ennis p layer their I said it now get o ff m y >ack!! lea C ad ets- T o the gan g that w en t to the first rook cam p R ichard , D avis, A kasha, K renik md to the rest I resp ect y o u r w ill and drive :o overcom e the hard ship s w e faced :ogether. A kasha althou gh I know you w ill le v e r read this I w ould like to say that your

leadership, ad vice, and strength hav e b een an inspiration to m e. W e w ill all m iss you. Richard and Fam ily- M y hom e aw ay from hom e. T han k you for bringin g m e around to local food and alw ays m akin g m e feel w elcom e.

C lare- is there a hole in your nether regions. H eathe- I hope your life turns out the w ay you w ant it to. M O M /D A D - Love you , hope I w asn 't to m u ch trouble raising.

M r. H onm a- G am e boys for five dollars getcha red h ot gam e boys, seriously I learned a lot from you r class.

Jam u na- The best dam n lab patter a person could ask for and a som ew hat good at tennis too.

M r. B ryson- A hhhhhhhh. O k your class w asn 't that bad. I'm sure I can reu se m y capital pu nishm ent paper in college. Besides you w ere am u sing w hen you w ere angry, at least w hen it w asn 't directed at me.

Leif- T he m an that turned m e to the path of righteousness by teaching m e to play hearts.

M r. R ice- You are one d em and ing S .O .B .. But I have learned a lot from you not only in the u n d erw ater w orld but in life as w ell. I believ e you ow e m e quit a few packs of cards from sophom ore year. M r. W atson -1 w as ju st w ondering approxim ately how m any hours you give o ut each year.

seniors- M y best w ishes to you all even those I m ay not have liked very well and those of you I never really got to know . I would like to end w ith a saying com m on in the navy. I w ish you all fair w eather and follow ing seas in your com ing journeys

Morgan Mokihana Levi ;



Hilo and Waimea, H a w a i'i/7 years of H PA /Student C o u n cil/4 years volleyballcap tain / w eigh ts/ d ivin g/ singing... All my parents and grandparents- You all have supported me more than enough. Thank you thank you thank you... I love you all. O'ahu parentsStay away from chocolate-filled crispy won ton with raspberry and lilikoi sauce drizzled on top. Yikers!! Sure, and skydiving's a great way to dry your hair. Good luck with Cianna, and don't let her forget her (much) older half-sister. Waimea parents- Good job raising me! I think we scraped through pretty well. Keep encouraging me until I get a good jobwe both know you'll retire from all work once I find a high-paying job! (Just kidding.) Thank you. The Wilsons- thanks for letting me spend all those nights at your are literally my second family. Erin and Kristin- You are my always-constant best friends. I'm sorry we missed out on the summer together. I loved growing up with you guys. How long have we known each other? It's 14 years now, I think. I love you!!! Class-of '94 (wow, this is hard): Jade- We've had our own share of ups and downs. No - YOU are the Screwmaster!! Sex discussions and jokes...I could always be pretty honest with you and you wouldn't think I was strange. Remember middle school, when we were the two shortest girls in sixth grade? At least I had an excuse. Dressing up as SWV, our trip to O'ahu, driving through McDonald's with a retard in the front seat, life lessons I learned with you...I love you. Michiko- Another person I've had many ups and downs with. Look at how different we are, and yet w e got along most of the time. Even though you didn't always like what I did, I knew why. This is for the best of the last four years: summer of '91 in Honolulu, laughing until we got sick in your kitchen, Scottie, peppering our arms off in the gym, in your living room, in the backyard, watching endless movies, living together, "Let's live in THIS house!" I'll always love you. Daniel- Hey pretty eyes, Mr. Salty-man. I'm not sexual, you are. Why did I trust you so much? Because I knew I could. I really respect you. Can I feel your bone? Your COLLARbone. Uhh...yeah. Sorry for hitting you so much, and for being so b y. How do you put up with me? 3 on 1, pumping gas, discussions about the horrors females have to put up with, exploring haunted houses...You're testy but I love you. Damien- You can mix everything together so well. I hope I helped, even though I just said the same things your mom did. Oh, and thanks for what was wrapped in the sweatshirt...I never knew how negative positive can be...remember, it's all in the perspective. Are we ever going to go to O'ahu? Waikiki!!! Pumping gas...I'm not as sexual as you, admit it. I love you. Michi- You're so always looked so trapped when I told you certain things! Thanks for all the common sense. Remember our aloha shirt days in eighth grade? I could always trust you! Thanks. Love always, Miss GTE 1993. Rebekah- You were the only one who truly understood what I was going through. You saved my sanity, brought me back to reality...thank you. I don't think any one of the four of us will forget the 3 on 1! I love you. Distraida- Muchas gracias para las conversaciones. Eres una bella. Well, that's about it for my Spanish right now, we have to work on it a lot more. Remember the movie? I think it's just about the worst "foreign film" ever made. Tire

dubbing didn't go so good. Where's my tape, anyway? Nice hat, babe. Love you. Sienna- Don't listen to them, there's no tumor. We always have interesting discussions with Jade, don't we? I'll always be here for you, never forget th at...and go for who you want, because no matter what, they'll treat you right. I love you. Kim- You are one of the people I never want to lose touch with. Are we the only ones who think sovereignty might work? Remember at Ari's house when Daniel and I put the rat on your head? No, it wasn't MY fingernails you felt. I never knew you could scream that loud. Poor rat! Knock knock on the shower door! hahaha, I love you. Lucas- If I don't pipe down, what'll happen? You never gave me whatever it was. Are you ever going to? Sorry for hurting you so much. I never knew I had that power. Everyone keeps asking what's going on with us...can't we just tell everyone already? I can't believe you carved in the bench. P.S.-1 really want to tell you something....Blake- STOP pushing me!! You make me look like I have no balance. You're a great did we make it through our science electives? And why don't you just tell me what it was? Mike- Hey Mike, you're pretty cool. You get in trouble kind of easily, yeah? That7s okay, I'll help you out when you need a tough chick to defend you. JasonYou're pretty white for a black man. I thought you were behind me...I don't know where to point! Clayton- You're a really great guy...sorry for hitting you! T.J.- You better write to me! I heard you're a pimp...I can believe it. The quiet ones always get them all. When the deal I got going right now runs out, I'll call you. J.P.- It was a strange friendship. I'll say that much. Jaisy- Thanks for singing with m e at talent show. It was fun thinking of a harmony! Karl- Hey meat man...thanks for defending me. The Meat and the Sex Organ. Starr- You were always the funnest person to tease..."It's NOT a problem!" I miss you. Eric- Sovereignty rules! Want some soup? Cy and Haga- You guys are just rough. Will you be my brothers? Jonah- Don't trick me! You're a sneaky guy. Can I marry you in a few years? You'd have to do something about my father-in-law, though. Nini- Davis was the best. Big butts, Kalima (did he ever call you anything but Nanea?). Meg- The voice of reason. What happened to us playing opposite each other? Stacy- Eh, Hilo girl... Don't worry, no size jokes. You'd only get me back with ag- jokes. (I can't write it out, you know it's a bad word.) Ari- You are too cool. Thanks for the Morgasm poems in my yearbook last year. Maya- How can you handle Mr. Nogues so well? Jamuna- Daniel says you're gay. Remember bio freshman year? Dom- Say it in Spanish! Oh, come on, it's only 3 hours. Alia- Thanks for beeping so loud on your way past my house. Kelly- How many papers have you turned in late anyway? You're a very special person-1 love you. Brynly, Alexa, Sage, Andy, Asa, Sandra, Jed, Ellis, Lindsay, Sylvia, Maile, David, Keola, Kalei, Leif, Clare, Joanna, Cybele- You guys are all special and I'll miss you all! Noah, Taylor & Ethan- Good times, good smells in Gates and thinking of names in the art room. I laughed so much with you guys in practice. Those were some of the best times of my life. Thank you and I love you guys. Class of '95: Richard- Your opinion is highly someone, I'm sure. Nah- you know I love you. You get pretty physical, but I like it (hahaha). Sorry I'm so moody with you...Let's test

my range! Nate- If you treated girls nice, you'd definitely get luckier.-Morgana the Sex Organa. Tepa- We were friends for quite a ■ while, weren't we... Fish, MAZE (remember?), pictures...thanks, I love I] you. Class of '96: Alana-1 shot the sheriff! You hoss - good luck in schd and study hard, but most of all play hard! Nalu, aloha kisses...we were|j such fast friends! I love you forever. Elena- Eh lefty! You're so funny; j never had any shame. Whenever I see a Nike tank top I'll think of you® Love you forever. Meghan- Don't be too naughty back in Hilo, it's not 1 worth it! Jenny Lee- You are the sweetest person...thank you for all the beautiful smiles! Chris-You big bear! What a poser...let's see your stomach muscles. Don't stay mad at me too long. Good luck to: B illy* Willy, Kandi, Heather, Mark, Sarah, Peter, Aaron, Whitney, Erik, * Mayumi.------------- Kalai- Thank you so much for coming to see me. F fl wouldn't have done anything if it hadn't been for you. I'm very grateful Angela- I love you for the loving, unselfish, true friend you are. I know we'll always be close. We went through so many of the same things...]$)| wonder we understand each other so well! I'm glad we were here for J each other. Thank you for everything - you're like a breath of fresh K.- I'm not sure how to fit you in. All I know is that nothing turned out; I the way I thought it would. Law #1- Always finish what you start. ■ Alumni: Scott- How did you know, anyway? Thanks for giving me the advice. I loved singing Whitney to you and Dustin that night. DanidW thinks he knows what we were talking about now. I never knew whafc* you thought until Daniel told me. Mia- All those drives to Hilo - you'xg so mellow, thanks for the friendship. Matt D.- You can believe it if it ■ helps you sleep better at night - sorry, he's not named after you. Remember, I always wore Asics shorts freshman year. You're HAWAIIAN?!? Matt V.- Didn't you get kicked out? Allyn- You knew™ everything about me, and I never told you a thing... Grad-1 almost miss; foggy thinking. Don't worry about m e too much. Am I keeping you 0$ your toes? I'm not sure what the word for you understand what: no one else can. No reassurance here, mosquitoes, honesty, conceit, I quotes, philosophy, secret code. I'm sorry. I love you. Faculty: Mr. m Bryson, Mr. Honma, Ms. Michel, Mr. Nogues, Mr. Duman (the birthdaw song!)- Thank you all for having so much faith in me. I really appreciate it! HPM people: Ted, Tony, Darlette, Nolito, Bev, George, Kelly, Keviwl Wayne, Jeff, Raphael, Joey, Gail, Mark, Peter, Shannon, Gaylynne, Mar® Kyle, Frankie (thanks for helping with the bench!): Thank you guys for I, making my summer job so much fun! I love you, and don't worry, I'll be back...Love, the flower girl. Volleyball- Okoles and elbows. Play hard® it's the best revenge. Remember this - NO excuses. CLASS OF 1994: NO OTHER CLASS WILL COME CLOSE. STAY I f f : TOUCH.

Kamuela, H aw a i'i/6 y r s . /Football/B asketball/ Baseball league to bluffing-we've been through it all!.Take ca re "D u k e of D u n k ". L u casMom&Dad- For 18 years you have made the sacrifices to I make m e a better person. I am what I am today because of I you-I owe you every thing! .Mom,sorry I kept you up late worrying about m e Dad,thank-you for the support and advise.I can't put m y thanks into words, only to say I love J you both alot!. Lori-Have fun in school, but stay out of trouble and be


g ^pd!.

Uncles& Aunties-There are to many of you to name, but thank-you all for your support.Uncle Bob& Aunty KathyThanks!!!. Malu- Play some D on Sundays will you?, it gets boring schooling you all the time.Good times during summer eh?. I know good luck is coming your way. Take care.

Class of 94Jonah-The Luffster....Lufforam a,rve known you for 18 years yet you still continue to amaze me.Disneyland,don't feed the seagulls!.Island sunsets and Hapuna.Take care, Luffy. Damien-To be like you would to be like God.From Little


looking up when you run.How do you feel?.Take care. J.P.-Room ates,goodnight songs.Can I catch a ride?.Vour stereo equals Baaaasss!.Take care,#54. Kalei-Which brand is better?.Remember, when we come back we want chili!,I'll come pick up the trash for you. Take care. N atasha-W hat?,problem ?,Yeah you.Sorry for g iv in g you su ch a h a rd tim e ,itw a sfo ry o u r owngood..Hee,Hee,Hee.Take care. A ri-B u st th e trey from w ay downtown Bang!!.We go Kawaihaeand drink a brew-Bruddah shake!!! .Take care local bruddah. Daniel-The left-handed bandit-don't fake the funk when doing a nasty dunk.You throw to hard .What in the World?.Take care. Karl-The M t man.Are you O.K. dude?,D.B.'s rule!.Take care. Andy-The wearer of loose jeans.Heavy Metal sucks.Take care.

Jeff E.-Scout team stud, "You better hit me!!".Take care. Jed-Soccer All- stars,Coach Cooty.Guess you didn't have what it takes to be a T.E. nah,your still thick.Take care. Michiko-I'm really happy that we became friends.Sharing secrets,I won't tell anyone,promise!.Take care. Michi-Homework is to be done at homeLMiddle School"W ill you go with me to the dance?".M ento is so cute! .Take care. Lindsay-Sorry for teaseing you so much.The Roadrunner is cute,huh?.You can't hurt me!. Why are so........Take care!!. Sienna-You know I only tease you because I care.Let me borrow your knee brace sometime.Take care of your "kids" .Take care. Kim-Get that dog outta here.You laugh to loud.Take care. Sylvia-Sorry about your hand,but you wanted to play .Take care. M a ile-W eig h t liftin g m akes you p rea tty sore huh?.Inthang ye Whewhen chikichik tun-tun metch.Rahn muawh pwepwe. Dom-English Classes.My favorite ESPN highlight.Take care. Kris-I didn't know you were so rough,Homer!!.Take care.. Cy-Remember, not only am I the President of club Onipa'a,I'm also a member .Sovereignty NowH.Take care Hawaiian. Kea-Captain Caveman!! .Starcrack,the final episode.Take care. Hayato-You get Uku's brah scratch um then!.Take care. Jason-From White boy to cool guy, gangster.Take care. Asa-Sorry Asa!!.Bust me some, you just didn'tknow.Take care. Stacy-Don't make me humble you.Your car sucks.Take care. Ninia-Push!. The silent laugh.Take care. Jade-Rough and readyM.A big truck is always ready for action.A bet is a bet you owe me 30.Take care. Mike S.-Sorry for all the hardtimes.The NBA is waiting for you-They need 3-point shooters.Take care. Good luck to:Amy H.,Brent F.,Morgan L.,Blake R.,Lexa B.,Chris D.,Phil H.,Jen H.,Becka K.,Clare 0.,M am iko A.,Yumi K.,Emi N., Redza T.,Brynny B.and the rest of the c/0 94. Class of 95Nate-We don't talk like that in HiloH.Mcdonalds drive thru and the Post O ffice .D o n 't forget the blu ff technique.Next year your homeless.Take care. W illy-Ju st w atch that blur-w ho cares if it looks funny?.Beavis and Butthead forever .Take care. Richard-Give me a !!!!.Y-drag against Hilo.The rifle armed Q.B. who wears #63.Indian bums.Take care. Lasi-Take care of your Harleys.SAAAmoa.Keep away from those Magazines,they hurt your eyes.Hands o club Venere.Take care. Miri-Sounds from the pasture&your mating call.Stop crying- I'm not mean to you its "tough love" .Take care. Tepa-I'm a nice cousin.Give me a lollipop.Take care. Kainoa-Rusty!!.Driving back to Kona-let me drive,He's turning around!!.Tell Uncle Freddy HowzitH.Take care. John R.-L.A. Vato!!-One on One any time,anyplace.Take care. Good Luck to-Malika C.,Rob 0.,Sarah C.,Heather 0.,Scott L., Aaron S.,Yoshi T .Je n Y.,Robert 0.,lta J. The Jam oan Crew-Brady B.,Peter D.,Eric M.,Kippy S.,Grant K. Class of 96Chris S.-A lifetime of inelgibility .Honor Roll? much did you pay?.I'U come watch you graduate in 2000.Take care. Billy P.-Football camp/'Personal" stories from Bryson's Class. The biggest neck roll in the league baby .Take care. Yoshi K.-USC vs. Hawaii?-Hawaii by a T.D.Take care. Elena & Alana-Your both bad.Take care. Joy and Lianne-What cracks?.Take care. Good luck to-Arnold A.,Jason H.,Mike M.,Ethan P.,Mark H.Marshall S. Class of 97-Good Luck to: Hemata H., Jared S., May Lyn M., Ta'i F.,Kandy M.,Kaui Lono-Cut your hair once in a while.Take care. Football,Basketball,Baseball-Thanks for the memories. Special Mahalos to; Coaches Bryson,Marciel, Chinen, Margerum, Coach Merv,Watterson,Anderson,Frosty. Derrick-It was fun breaking the law,breaking the law with you.LIfting and playing ball over the summer has fin a lly payed o ff.A red ribbon on the door means ?Take care Buddy. Laura-Being with you has given me more happiness than anyone else ever has. You are a very, very special person to me, and I will always remember the things we did together. Thank you for being one of the few people who understood me and who 1 could talk to. 1 maukin uhk

Emil Lynch H an a 17 y e a r s / H .P .A 4 / S w im m in g 3 / C ross co u n try Mon and Dad, Your the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have to admit I was scared when I first came as a freshmen, but thanks to all your love, and fruit that you sent me from the farm it's been a lot easier. You were always there for me when I needed you most, I could say things to you that I couldn't say to anybody else and thats what really counts. Once again I thank you with all my heart for being the best Mom and Dad. Doug, Karen, and Dylan, Thanks for all the great advice, ice cream, pies, brownies, and most of all that pizza that you made for us when dinner wasn't so good. I f s almost like you were my parents taking care of me when I was sick, teaching me how to raise a kid. I think Dylan was my best freind while I was at this school. At least he's not afraid to express himself. Playing out back as he called it, owl watching, picking flowers, And the stories which I read to him. Doing these things with your son helped me to learn more about myself. I f s always good to have a kid on campus that way all the students that are to afraid to climb trees, and pick flowers will have an excuse to. The Gomes, Your a life saver. Thanks for taking me to all those neat places like Waipio Valley, you gave me a chance to get away from the school every once and a while. Not to mention all the food that you gave me. I definitely couldn't have done it without all your advice Mrs. Gomes. I'm ganna miss you guys, bumby you come my house after I graduate and I show you da farm we get plenty cows, pigs,

chickens, bananas, papayas, avocado, ulu, and all da other kind grind that broke da mouth. So just remember this; "you take care nature, nature take care you. My brother, I know you can make it here at H.P.A I'm going to miss you the most. Whenever I have a Vacation from college I will Try and come see you. Never Underestimate yourself especially in swimming if you work hard there is no doubt in my mind that you could win states. I love you bro don't you ever forget that. See you in college. Uncle Crev, Ho good fun this year eh, punk, you da best friend I had at this school. I kind of sad that you gotta leave but no wories cause bumby I see you in the next life and we go live Wimanu valley. Garens eh. Jon, "We go annas talk story make trouble or what." We go den Emil, ke then we went, we there, we gone. Nobody stay here maybe we go hall dorm. (2 minutes later) aa, no!. Maybe we go back our dorm do nothing, sounds like lots of fun. Being in the room is kind of boring eh Jon, ah, turn on stereo listen to metallica den. Killer music, ye, whoo ho party. Totaly cool dude. Thanks for being my friend, it was always fun crusing with you and Phil. The weird thing is whenever we was crusing nobody went mess with me. laters cause. He Phil, I think if it wasn't for you I would die because I wouldn't have anybody for tease. "Ne only joking." these years we spent together have gone by so fast, pretty soon will be off to college and


on our separate ways we may never see each other j l again. I guess thats the way life is sometimes, making! freinds and leaving them is just all a part of it. I guest the main thing we should learn from this is to have as much fun as possible in the meantime. " Oh and no 1 worries if you no more place for live, you can always^ come my house Hana pitch tent in da back yard, andÂŽ we even get family size tent if you get family. The M only problem is somtimes get flood, centipede, mosquito, And da kind wild pig by my house. But 9 you shouldn't worrie about these things because if you stay my place the charge is nothing, Absolutely free. To The school, "If in doubt express your self." No I matter who you are you lift people up don't put thengj down." " Positive is much better than negative." 1 "Teachers please try to remember that were not perfeij and neither are you." "With that in mind Aloha to allJ of you."

I Colette Kaleialohaonalani Maeda [ohala, H a w a i'i/3 years/Basketball m gr./Baseball m gr./D orm Prefect /Student Council tdy and Grandma-It's been 17 long years, was I worth it ? the person I am today because of your love. Thank you everything. I love you both!


fl know we haven't always been the best of friends, but I you to know that I love you. Life wouldn't be the same

Bh out you.

B Bov and lonah-One day I'll get to know you both better.


B e you guys! Cravalhos-Mv second family. You've all been a great

other the most, but love each other the best." You can quote

Tuniors-quick, give me a word/ P.I.T.A.?-Nah!/ eh, cousin/

me on that one. Love you!

turtle power!/ math jeopardy/ faces/ Manawale'a where's

To my friends here at HPA-in the three years that I've spent

my O.J.?/ malibs/ breath, breath/ suit up/ bye, luka/ Mr.

here I've never had more fun. Here are some of the memories:

Big/ ka-ching!/ watch out, the dough's a risin'/ stork?/ do

Seniors-Ovasumi, mentoni/ we go cruz my highrider/ Victor

you have a brain?/ Bebo?/ is that how it goes?/ nerdman/

was last week/ I think she's dissing you again/ Kapanaeia/

summerschool adventures

late night water balloon missions/ shrinkydinks/ 1 and 2 and

Sophomores-rendori's/ some long/ is it 8:30 yet?/ where

stretch that neck.../ me, loud??/ let's go e t / midnight gossip

does the food go?/ hey, buddy!/ excuse me, is your name.../

sessions/ I don't corrupt people/ olmypics/ Watson's/ What-

kill'um she's such a.../ ghost stories/ hey little sis/

luence in my life and I love you all dearly! Thank you for

like trow?/ hey, miss residentially challenged/ I understand/

nightlights?/ what ha'ole, like scrap-eh, no make/ if I


where's my lollipops?/ which one?/ Sarah's bets/

makediedead, I give you my stereo-not!/ How does the 3

thy-Sometimes I wonder if you're the sister or mother that I

eheeheehee/ set!/ 3am movies/ FAT Wally in lala land?!?/

seashell thing work?

Ashiteru yo mentosan/ Somalia.../ me, swim?/ shut up about

Kamrow's hall-Hev dorks, it's been fun. Don't cause too

s earth. I love you!

my shortness/ just a weekend in Kohala/ sorry hah?/ late

much stress next year, I won't be there to keep you out of

a-Well hermana, 15 years of friendship and i f s as strong as

papers/ eh, local sistah/ how's that go?/ tough guy/ fall for

trouble. I'll miss you guys. Loveva!!!

me lately?/ where's da chew?/ Informer/ SFFY rules/ Jesus

Facultv-Thank you for sharing your gift of knowledge with

| /er had. Which ever it is, I thank God for putting you on

|| ar. Fried jeans and belly farts rule! Remember: "Never be I aid, but be afraid o f never," and that "Friends hurt each


me, and for going out of your way just because you cared.

-I apologize ahead of time if these are oversentimental or incredibly corny, the English language is inadequate in its expression of true gratitude, pure emotion and cherished relationships, or maybe To the Nags-Without you I would never have accomplished what little I have. Thanks for putting up with me and giving me a wonderful childnood. I LOVE YOU - Mule Blank- I'm not sure what to say except that I'm going to miss you more than anything, all of you, 13-inch clodhoppers, braces and smart-ass comments included. You are the best little (big) brother I could have ever wished for-love- big (little) sis Substrate- Clarita Ferdinand Heidi De Looney Tunes- you are part of family too and although their are so many beautiful memories I could allude to, there's no need to write them down, we'll never forget. You'll allways have a piece of me, just as I you. JZ- My little sister in size only, I grew up with you, I watched you change, you can't even begin to comprehend the truly wonderful erson you are now. hankyou for being there for me-love from your only big sister-I miss you allready S.S.-Lawrence Clayton- There are explanations of love in all languages and none is wiser than this: there is a place where love begins and a place where love ends-and love asks nothing. I love you for who you are, what you've done for me, and all that we've endured together-love-11+19+3+29= 62 (This has no meaning)- H. Lia-Sweetie, I've had some of the best times with you. You can drive any time, thanks for listening to me whine, you've been a cherished friend-love always-Heathamus Gordamus Starr-1 think we were born under planets on the same wavelength. I'll always remember the extent to which our souls are matched although I've allready forgotten the color of my aura. Nude Beaches, army men and Hoku Wailea only begin to describe-ILYKelly Smusher- You Know how I feel, you listen to how I think, you understand who I am, I can't tell you how much I respect and admire are so....beautifuL..ITl miss you... Maya the Bee-1 care you stubborn mule, no matter how much you try to deny it, I still care, so ha.. I win the argument...I gave you a book that tells you how 1 feel, so in order to keep this thing somewhat concise I won't repeat it here, just remember, I care-Love you Joanna-Same wavelength again, when I look at you I feel like you can see who I am and what my motivations are without words, I don't know what you see but you haven't run away screaming so I'll take that as a good sign. You are one of the masses who I'll never forget.. Lequita & Sienna-You deserve separate sections cause you've each made unique impacts on my life but in my mind I always think of you together. Since kindergarten we've made memories together. Thankyou for being two of the most steadfast people in my life. ILY both-h. Margarita- Hola guapa, este la mas misteriosa amiga que tenerme. Algunas veces somos cercas y otros somos lejos, pero siempre somos amigas buenas, gracias para esa cosa, te amo, por favor nunca cambiar por que eres una perrecta Margarita, no te escuches al senor C.Kimberley Leimomi Giffin-Hey dude, anytime you want someone to spit on you and make you scream, you know who to call. I can't say what is right so I'm not going to try... Jed- Thanks for all the hugs and smiles, its been a good time together, miss you.. Eric- All the laughter, sarcasm and illuminating comments will allways be remembered and appreciated. Nag, nag, nag, nag...Keep in touch, love you-H. Heather-Weed and barren wastelands belong together allways. Thankyou for serving as my idol and an inspiration, you should know that you are the most incredibly strong, sweet and kind person I've ever discovered....Don't let anyone pull you out Sta-C-You are truly homeless Michi-Fast windSlow wind Brynly-Treehouses and broken windows all the way Mike- Spider, Spider on the wall... Sandra- Who cares?? Lindsay-is smart, you are the greatest CybeleFlashlight on the wall Laura and H'Sien- You two beautys stay out of trouble, thanks for all the runs-ILY Raw-B- All you need is confidence sweetheart and you'll make it so far, take care of yourself!


Heathe McNaughton K am u ela/4 years Varsity X-country,Soccer & Track/13 years Mrs. Giffin and Mrs. Buscher-1 don't know what I; H.P.A. do without you, love from string bean Ni-Ni-Thanks for the smiles, beautiful things brighten up my day Jenny Lee- You were a great little sister!!! Smiley Taka-I love you Kahea-Good times at feasts and firesides, you are the best, Macgyyer (Don't ask) Kyle-DNAB Jamuna-1 feel the same way, so why write about it? Meg - 1 truly don't know what to say to you, I've known you for too long for words to make a difference, I'll allways love you, Garlic Breadsticks?? Fletcher-1 love you "big sis, thanx for putting up with my phases Good Luck to the X-Country, Soccer, and Track teams, -Kamakani Ichiban Cadwalladers and Jardines- Thanks for all the support and love, you've helped me grow

Mr Conley- You have made me mto a stubborn midi Thanx!! Four years of growing with your help and 1 now I'm off, you did a great job, as a coach, an advisor and a friend... Mr Shutes-1 wish you had been here through all the years Its hard for me to remember running without you to help me through it. Thankyou so Mr Bryson- Although you never followed through! on your promise to teach me through four years of 1 English l forgive you. The ones we ve had have : fullfilled my every expectation. (Don't ask what thej were) I'm sure helping me grow up was a frustratiffl and arduous process, thanks for believing in me evel though I through things at you (and missed)- My lol to you and the rest of me familyGood Luck to the Class of 1994!!!

-Since I w on the tw enty m illion dollars I have noticed som e changes in your behavior. A re you just bein g friendly or are you being obsequious? -Yes -Y es, what? -Yes, sir. T - 1 appreciate your friendship, but you are still an instigator, sarcastic, and a ceram ic perfectionist. The new No Shame guy. Not a bad runner though. She's yours, rush her! Robert O. + Eddie I - The Genius. The Sexy. The man who goes both ways-. Love on the Trackf you should have used the Rose). -Erase!; an even better runner than Thane. If T doesn't succeed, rush her, she's yours! "So What...Prom?" Kawasaki - A new man, a new runner. The fastest driver at HPA without any tickets. Do it for the Pole-Vaulters! Mike M. + Ray W.- Big Red. The fastest red head on the island, almost. And the man who was friends with the other red-head: treachery! Alex, Kris + Jason - The Surfer attack. Toughest racers on the team. Get haircutsd'll do it.). German Steel. Shalom, Dustin + Arjun - Next year's core. Keep running - the chicks go for it. Damien - Nitric Acid. Chlorine Gas. Smoldering Sodium. In common - Spare time in AP Chem. Running mate in '93 elections. Kea - Thanks for making our newspaper look good. Maybe you'll fall in love with Mr. Rowley-it could happen. Joe K. - best friend's room mate, to Chemistry Lab Partner. The wildest conservative I know. Thane, Dustin, Kam, Scott, Robbie My role model, my competitor, my nemesis, my supporter, and my conscience. Noah, Ethan, Eric - The other least noticed team. The Blues Brothers. "If only he hadn't broken a string..." Alex H. + Ken Grant - "No, you clean it up". "Hey, don't dry those with a

i Jaughty by N atu re/4years/Footb all(M V P )/T rack /C ross Country/Newspaper I lom - 1 love you. I won't ever be the same. - Thanks for all your help. It has I pen a n exciting year. I love you both. l e x a n d r a - 1 miss you more now than I ever have efore. I only wish I saw you more often; perhaps I ext year? I lr . H o n m a - That you are the greatest teacher and reatest coach I could ask for is obvious. That you re m y best friend is perhaps less easy to see, but |lu ch more important. Thanks for all you've i iven me. "It's like going to the bathroom in the j liddle of a crowd and not even caring." I 'ad + J o c e l y n


S u lia n a - Perhaps by now I have forgotten; I doubt it. I will always love you. Please don't forget. J a m u n a - Pinochle Stud. "Corrugated Steel". Stay away from Joanna, she's mine. Good Times... J o a n n a - Thanks for all you've been for me. I wish I'd met you sooner, but I'm sure w e'll alw ays stay together. M a r c - 1 told you I'd beat you on SAT's. The Tennis-Pro. Thanks for the picture. adnifanigavcalB. We all know who won the bet.

blow-torch." Malia - The Turtle-Tagging Super Swimming Prom Date. Sandra - We were once good friends. Maybe sometime we will be again. Kyle, Kahea, Jeff O. - Card players, SCUBA, don't screw around with Nitrogen Narcosis Dave - Stud! Ari - My first friend at HPA. Good times studying for Hawaiiana. Kim - Use the bathroom before getting on the bus. Heather - Good times in newspaper? The greatest writer at HPA - also the nicest person. Female X-Country - Watch out for Polish Girls, Emily Taylor, Jerelin Jordan, and potentially traitorous ex-Hilo runners. Extrapolations of the 26 letters of the alphabet yields 676 possible two-letter initial combinations. Figure out your own initials, write them at the bottom of the page and follow it with a cliche comment like, "I love You", or "1 11 miss you .

Emi Nojiri Ja p a n / 4 y e a r / B-Basketball MGR Dad : Thank you for being there for me all the time. I couldn't have done anything without your love and support. You've done so much that words can't describe them. You are the best dad on the earth. I can tell you anything as my BIG BROTHER!! Now I know how much you love me and how much I love you. I want to treasure all the great memories we share. Please take great care. You always hold my heart. I love you a lot. Mom : I'm sorry I always made you worry about me but no more now. Now I have grown up! Thank you for all the wonderful memories and advice as my MOM and my BIG SISTER. I learned so much from you and hope it will continue. Now I know how important you are. I don't know how much I have to thank you or how much love you, but I know you are the best MOM in the whole world. Stay sweet and keep watching over me. You always hold my heart. I love you very much. Sista Akiko & Brada Kenta : You guys are so sweet. I want you guys to know this, that I'll always be there for you and will keep you out of from any problems. I know I'm still not good enough, but I promise I'll never hurt you. Keep smiling for me. I love both of you from the bottom of my heart. Grandma : Thank you for watching over me always. I still remember all the things that you've done for me. Let's have more good times. Once again, thank you and much love. Aunties & Uncles : I finally made i t ! Thank you for all your advice and love. You always put smiles on my face even when I felt so sad. Sometimes we fought a lot, but most of the time was so much fun. When I lookback, I love you.

Vivian : I had a great time with you. I won’t forget that we had small parties in our room. Never change O.K? Keep in touch. ILY. Suki. Lasi. M iri. and A rati: Thank you for all the laughs and fun talks. Stay c o o l!! ILY. K alei: Thank you sooo much for everything !! I'll never forget the day that we spent together. I'm glad we became good friends. We talked about a lot of things, and we laughed so much. I think I have more things to say but will save them for later, we'd better keep in touch. I'll miss you a lot. ILY. Sylvia & Natasha : Thank you for all the help and fun talks. Your room was good for taking naps. Keep our secret!! Keep in touch.ILY. Yumi : Don't forget all the great memories, especially the L.A trip. Do you you remember Taka's roommate? I hope you do. Thank you for your kindness in these past four years. Don't tell our secret or send my stupid pictures to my dad !!! Let7s have party again, keep in touch forever. ILY. Melinda & Shannon : Hi, sweeties!!! I really had an awesome time with you guys. Thank you for cheering me up all the time. I'll miss you next year. Keep in touuch. ILY. Poppo : Do you remember the night before spring break? Lots of fun, ya? Take care and Good L u ck !! Tomo : You were so sweet when you were in middle school, but now ( I'm kidding) Stay sewwt and close with Toyomi. keep smiling!!!! Tomo.Y : I enjoyed lunch time with you. Stay sweet. Keep smiling and Good Luck !!! Eric and Kevin : Do you remember the IES English class? Wasn't it fun? Take care.

Special Thank you to : Ms. Donahue, Mrs. Piltz, 1 Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Hughes, Mr.and Mrs. Watson, Ms. Micheal, Mr. Honma, and Mrs. Y Thank you very much for all the help, kindness ; and tenderness. Take care. Mr. and Mrs. Malasek, Auntie Eliane and I Uncle Derk and Mrs. Kim. Thank you very muc for all your support. I'll never forget you and the things you've done for me. Take good care, j ILY. Thank you and take good care to : Mari M., Naho H., Takeshi M., Kouichiro O., Yusuke S., 9 Miwa T., Rana Y., Jenai I., Atusma N., Moto M.i Mayumi F., Toyomi S., Gloria S., Irean L., Ryo I.J Tomona S., Mitsu A., and Cindy C.. Thank y o u ! for your sweet smile, you always give me a lot cfl power. I'll never forget you. Good Luck in everything !! I love U all. Mari: Wazz’ up my little my sista?! You always I made me laugh and cheered me up. I’ll never i forget the things you,ve done for me. Have an I awesome time and stay close with Chang!!! Thahj you for all your help and sweet smiles. Keep in 1 touch. ILY. Takeshi: Thank you for being nice to me all the time. When I lookback, there are so many sweea memories we share. You were always there fo r i me when I needed someone.Keep in touch. ILY. j Nobu and Shige : I love the time we spent in the? past 18 years and hope it will coutinue. Thank 9 you all your kindness and tenderness. I'll missj you and I love you a lot. B-Basketball Team : Thank you for all the good 1 time. I won’t forget all the good plays. Good luc* next year and take care!!!


Clare Kaleoaloha O'Malley 6 years

pm- Thanks for everything. In the ten-year plan, '11 remember this. kd & Nanci- Thank you for the support & the hy maxims. illeen- S., T.K.W.K., B., Ready, Set, Go... House! aaargh! Loveya. idsay- our garden, Green Rice K.s, I'm not a ard. Keoki & Pat forever, Charades, banana ones, 20 miles a day, bananas from K.T.A., my â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;cial rock. Our friendship & our talks mean so ich to me. ayton- Pizza Hut menus, dessert, midnight ick, Marky Mark, Dove Chocolates, Mental dget, Snickers ice cream bar, toasted socks, anks for being one of my best friends & ening to me. Love, Grace Ivia- Fair Fedra, squeezed his..., Nathan, there's ockaroach in my shoe! (Pick 'um up), glow-int-dark Mr Levi, art finals, Sadie's tape, J-M

Barr, Wanna know a dumb joke?,â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;N ick (which cells?), I know you're not sleeping. C'mon what's your name? George, George. He accused me of stealing his sword. Love, Fair Bombi Kalei- One cool chick, huh? Bucky Garth, Ms. Leonhart, there's a psycho hippie in the bushes, tinkle or get off, C.W.K.U., package deal, Mark E. Holt ( Aaaah!), I wouldn't want you lo die of c. I think she wants this kind. Your favorite actress, really? Love, Wayne Smackers Stacy- Choc. Fudge Brownie, Get the munchies, green choc R.K.s, Peer counseling, Paradox, My song list, not a charades list. Random, me? Vaihiria- Going, going, gone! Midnight snacks, History, music in the shower, my special perfume, midnight meetings, Snap out of it! Lauren- Wilhemina, Otis & the gardener, So, what's your name? Tell me, sporto... I loved all our notes & having you over. Thanks for the

awesome years! Love, Tallullah Jamuna- Do you know what I was doing when I was nine? ( clearing the snorkel) Not so fast! Brain Donors rule. Save the sprouts! Set!, spoons, our ulcers & UH Hilo together. Maile- Feb. 29th, cold water fights in the shower, praying at the side of the road, B &C Mike- A wise poet once said- Spider, spider, circular file, Save it!, history projects. Oh sure, blame it on Vivian. Lemonade & peppermint leaves. Get out of my bed! Thank you for making me laugh. Starr- Honey, if you loved me..., Did I ever tell you...? Sobbing in the dark together, lunches in town, Ecology & astronomy, all of our talks. Thanks. Joanna- Will you just shut up? Thanks for inventing Clare's town in A.P.C. ...and caress his pretty fur & call him George. Meg- Thanks so much for taking me in & being my sister. Love ya. Brent- Sorry, I don't have green or yellow. Thanks for keeping me in trouble & entertained. Mrs. Y. ( and Ana & Mikela) - Thank you so much for loving me, listening to me & taking care of me all these years. Hanaipoi house & photography were great. Remember, you're invited to the wedding. Heathe- HTB 337 (Let her go!), Dr. Ken Williams, Princess Bride, Dave Barry, I found you... Stepfather 3, S.S. & P.F. There no way I can tell how much I love you. Clarita The McNaughtons- You, Laddie & Dr. Williams kept me smiling. "Bob". Thank you so much. Love, Clare-girl & Clare de Looney Toons Blake- Dishes! Thanks for being my big little brother. Amy- You've given me my fave earrings and interesting discussions. Thanks, Anne of G.G. Malia- I'm not being facetious. I like that, do you know I do? Someday we'll have our w.b. fight. Axjun- My MacGyver & ice cream buddy. July 24, 2000, okay? Kauai memories-, sliding down a hill in a garbage bag, St. Pat's day, Are you there, Kim?, my special meal schedule, Dove eggs, sunburns, riding in the back, & lots of fun. Thanks heaps! Everybody- Somalia, Somalia, Somalia...Mogadishu. Can I give you a kiss? Honey, if you loved me, you'd smile. Mahukona water fights, Dove eggs, Thumper, Set! C'mon, just around the hospital. Tune in Tokyo. Love & luck to: Maya, Kelly, Alia, Brynly, Rebekah, Teps, the Cherubs & everybody else. Your friendship & love was invaluable. Thanks to Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Bryson, Mr. Colson, Mr. Durnan, Mrs. Schmidel "Her past lay behind her now, like a discarded robbon, shiny in places, wrinkled in others, stretching straight, then curved, and as She looked back upon it, she saw the memory of it growing thinner and thinner, as if she was staring down a road to the horizon." E. Coffman

Noah Phillips Parts unknown/Swimming for life/music 4 years/3 years dorm food T o m y p arents: Thank you for y ou r love and encouragem ent. M ost of the tim e you had to pu t up with a lot o f hassle, but w e're still alive . One a a y I'll have a kid like m e and you gu ys will be the ones having all the laughs Saba & Sovta: Thaks for w atching the house w hen Ethan and I stayed there I cou ld n 't of m ade it w ith o u t all the pack ages of food and love and all that other stuff.

w areiors. G et a real axe and use 12s! H aga: W e gotta stop m eeting like this. K im : Y o u 're just too happy. Take care of the cubs, I'll m iss them . Ninia: I really enjoy that dress.

probably forced us to becom e friends. W e'v e faught and laughed* w hat I'm tring to say is that I w o u ld n 't trade our friendshipyor • w hatever it is w e h a v e ) for anything. M y T eachers: M r. W ilder: If it w asn 't for your su p p ort I'd m ost likly be digging ditches fo r a living. Thanks.

D ennis: "W hen the good Lord says you g o t to m ove, you got to m o ve." Thank y ou for w hat ever it is you do.

D am ien: Chicks suck, exep t for Ms. D uncan. Lets go to english and w atch m ovies. C om e on Ms. D uncan, w e'v e been in class for a w hole five m inuts let’s g o. M rs. Link needs to go easy.

M r. Solm ssen: Y ou said I'm probably the m ost hard-headed kid s ev er m et, Y O U 'R E RIGHT!! I le a rn e a a lot in your class and notffl it w as english. N o m atter w hat anyone says, d o n 't change.

R obin: Thanks for the good advice and unconditional friendship, I love you.

K arl H.: M oldy cake. B-Beater 2. Fruit bow l during stu d y hall. Tell A sa to be careful w ith that pen.

Shutes: Thanks for m aking y o u rd ass room the perfect enviomiraj for slum ber. Ev ery lecture w as like a bed tim e story. I think th a t ! few tim es that I w as aw ake w as because of y ou r NICE PANTS!«

Ethan: Learn y o u r scales. I'm very proud of you even though I can't show o r say it. M usic is m y gift to y o u an d I hope it m akes you feel the w ay it m akes m e feel. Blues is blood.

S eren a: Stop hitting m e. Y o u 're hudge, I hope that you can find som eone else to beat up on w hen I'm gone.

C havez: Y o u 're crazy , pull out. Oh sw eet Jesus! Y o u 're ruining it for everyone. Look at these JERKS! W h at's M o's problem . Deez nuts. N oone asked you. Z im a, it tastes just like 7 1 1P 7 .Z 7Z .77 H anapa'a! W e'll rich beyond ou r w ildest dream s after a week of pim ping m y house. ...H ope to see you in L.A ., w e'll go to the beach and collect cans. Shhh quiet!! Blake: I hope that handle bar dream com es true. Shallow, shallow, DEEP! W hat stinks. Do you w ana die now . Thats the grossest thing I'v ev er seen. D on't h u rt anyone in college. W hat LB stand for? Jo n A : Turn that M etalica dow n and cheer up. Phil: Stop teaching Jon G erm an, its getting out of hand. HOT FINGER” ! Lucas: Be careful with that w ip, you'll pu t y ou r eye out. Pipe dow n or get piped. Theres no w ords to disribe y ou r actions. K evin: G et som e sleep. Y ou 're going crazy with all this hom ew ork stuff. T aylor. C hop stick is da kine bran 1 like. Spurn cookies, Latex

M organ: G -Pac. Jimi H endrix songs. M organ the sex organ. Stop m oving y ou r butt while y o u sing I can 't concentrate. Robi: Liberation. A rm adillow Logs. Blues T raveler. A n d , it W A S a shark. C ybele: W e had kind of a w eird tim e together. I'v n ever m et anyone like you before o r since. If w e do n 't ev er talk again, I hope that you w on't change. Bye. R yder: Ping pong before finals. Christm as Training, T H E BIG O N E. Fourm an d N utterbutters. I d o n 't think H apuna Point is such a good idea. Stop being such a W oos Machine! I can 't even see the tail on that one. Phone Bill, I d o n 't even w ant to hear about a Phone Bill! Kiss m y a— Kim osabe I'm going on m y boat out on the sea. Eric: Piping hot H am . Three 800s on the w hat?? C an I pull This set?? Double chees b urger pizza and L.L. Purple stake. W hat colon? The Deli. R yder nonking the horn a t the arcade. Please Bob, d o n 't hurt us. O h, y ou 're talking it!! M ark can I go to the bathroom ? I'm Alone. H ow m any nutterbutters can y ou eat in one sitting? Lets run the cross country cours BACKWARDS! I hate Eric, w e hate Eric. Oh god you guys, open a w indow or som ething. Polulu a daw n. SH ALFINS!! H ippy m ix. M alcum and his storys. Alright you frigin retards let m e rignt this paper for y ou. C racker sucks!! ....Eric, w e'v e spent w ay to m uch tim e together and thats w hat

M r. and M rs. O tto: I do n't know ho w but y o u did it. Good luckffl the new kid, you know w hat to nam e it if it's a boy. M r. H all: N o m atter w hat time of d ay o r night call m e up and argue. M s. D uncan: Y ou r class w as undefineable. U ncle Fritz: I droped tw o of y o u r dasses, but you taught m e a loti o ut of the d a ss room . I enjoyed m aking fun or dum b people an d * things. Practice y ou r solos. M ark: Thanks for the PIPES. Y ou opened a lot of doors for m e 11® m y college coach w ill m easure u p to w h at you do. M r. H ughes: W hat can I say, Y ou 're awsom e!! T hanks to: The Bollingers, The Stevens, The Dw yers, The Ottos> T| G om es', and everybody else w ho fed a n d /o r housed m e th ro u g n years.

|Ninia Kapiolani Quinn aguna Beach, C a. / Volleyball/Red K e y / Student Council |m: You have shown me how to give of myself. You re shown me leadership. You have taught me to be mg. You have taught me the importance of family, i have demonstrated unconditional love, and a sitivitv to people's needs. You have handed down to the important values in life, and the idea of achieving 's goals. You have set an example, throughout your life 'hat a mother and a woman should be like. I am so lud of you, and I love you forever. You are my best nd, and my favorite non-fat, work out partner. Though years may pass and we will be separated by - and distance... Though the seasons change, and witn m, my world becomes ruled with new hopes and ams... Though others may become a part of my life... vays remember that you are the most important man in lire, and my heart will always be filled with love for (»? Thankyou. It and Sam: You two are the best big brothers I could ■e asked for. You taught me so much about life, and 's. You helped me to get along in the world going augh obstacles like it was just another thrasher temple, ve you both so much. il: "In a universe of ambiguity, this kind of certainty tesonly once, and never again, no matter how many times you live." You were the best thing that ever >pened to me and I love you more than you could ever iw. 'thanks for always laughing with me, not at me. n't turn into too much of a speedy gonzales over there California. Sorry I'm lame sometimes. I love you the jstest!!! :hi: "Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. 'Pooh!' he BgpjBd. T es, Piglet?' 'Nothing,' said Piglet, taking >h s paw. 'I just wanted to be sure of you." you have T ehea me more then you know, and brightened my days [h that special sparkle that only you have. You make me zh, and help me when I'm down. You are the biggest a in the world, and always remember that you can do thing you want to. Don t eat to many raisins, don't get >erverted, and don't honk when you laugh in front of >ple who won't honk with you. Thanks for making me e of friendship, I love you!!! heria: "Some people come into our lives and quickly others stay for a while and leave footprints on our irts, and we are never the same again, you are such a dal person, and you have given me so much. You ght me freedom, and often times laughter. 1 was rmed by your smile, and comforted by your hugs. No tter where we end up, you will always remain in my rt. I will get to Tahiti, someday. I love you. ile: You were the best room-mate I could have asked

for. You must have been shocked when I first came, who would have guessed we would have gotten along so well. I still owe you about 100 quarters, lots of food, many floor sweepings, and tons of hugs, in return for all you gave me. Remember to name one of your kids after me. I love you. Amy: "I can still hear the thunder on a warm summer's night and the rain on the window's when I close my eyes. I can still hear us laughing on the front porch in the dark." I will never forget my time in the dorms and you were an extra special part of it. Always remember people like you a lot more than often times you will let them, so just close your eyes and pen your heart. I love you. Michiko: You are such a sweetie. I miss not being in Japanese with you any more. Be good at college, and if you ever need me just call. Don't forget to smile! JZ: "You walk away with a little bit of me, and I walk away with a little bit of you." You are the sweetest. Thank you for all of the smiles, you will never know how much you brightened my day. I hope you have the best of luck in everything that you do. Hopefully I will return here someday, and we can reminisce just like our parents. If you go to Colorado, you may have a hard time finding a flower to wear behind your ear. Kim: I respect your sense of style, maybe we can get together and trade shades of oonoxious colors. Don't smile to much or laugh to hard in college. Who knows the people might think you are weird. Stacy: Thanks for being so cool. You are the ultimate student council partner. We could have done the best for the school. Don t rage too hard in college, at least without me, and don't forget to bring the rice, ok? Heathe: You shine wherever you go, and you have been a bright spot ever since I met you. Be good in college, don't astound them with your mind, or your beauty. Take care of yourself. Alexa, Sienna, Rebekah, and Brynly: Although there aren't many words to describe the relationship I have had with you guys for the last four years, you have all been a crucial part to the happiness I had here. You are all beautiful and talented, and I wish you the best in the future. Meg, Kristen and Morgan: I wish you guys all the best in the future, knowing that once you set your minds to something it will be accomplished without a doubt. Whatever you decide to do set your goals high, and never forget all those hours in the gym. Sylvia and Clare: you two were probably the two craziest roomies ever. I miss the old days. Thanks for the good music, a nd all the laughs. I still have those things we hung on my walls!

Sarah: "Never had such a good time in my life before I'd like to have it one more time. One good ride from start to end I'd like to take that ride again.' Jerry Garcia. You were part of the ride, and you made it all the more hilarious. Enjoy your class while their still around you, and don't grow up too fast. I love you. P.S. you are nothing like Molly, much better! The Twins: you are the two studliest twins I know, except for maybe Mia and Robi. I love you guys, thanks for making volleyball fun. Have a great time at HPA, it goes by way to fast. Andy: No Ellen did not write to me yet, and I'm sure you'll be the same way when you go to college. But if you ever want to write I'll write back. Take care. Damien: You had better write to me. Have a great time at college, and kick *&# at baseball, or whatever you decide to do. I want that poem. Asa: Heww! You are a true dork. Sorry we didn't talk last year. It's all in the past. Be good in college, and don't surf too much. If you ever need a paper typed, just call. You want to suck my what? Brush your teeth!! Karl: Thanks for the ride to Pinetrees. No worries my parents pretend to be overprotective also. Thanks for all those times you came to see me in the dorm. Yes, I know you know more about me than I probably know about myself. Blake and Lucas: You guys are so mean to me. it's too bad you aren't going to college together so you could be roommates for ufe. Blake, don't kill anyone, and if I ever need a bodyguard. I'll call you. Lucas, I wish you the best of luck in football, and I want to marry your Dad. Jed, Cy, Jonah-man, Kris and Mike: Thanks for always telling me hi. You guys are so fun. Jed, 1 never... Cy, so what you gonna come my party, or just be too cool? Jonah-man, I will curl my nair every day in college. Mike, Kaleo is a dork. Kris, you are the guv in The Program. Noah and Eric: Don't give your teachers in college as much ©#$# as you did nere. 1 don’t think I'll ever be able to keep up witn your one liners. Swimming is life. J.P.: Don't get to crazv you hunting, roping crazy man. Be good in college, and if I ever need a passenger I'll call you, but don't expect me to drive up your driveway. Thank you to: Tne Dawson's, the Hanano's, the Clark’s, the Brilhante's, the Solmssen’s, the Miller's, the Hewitt's, Mr. Stuart, Ms. Michel, Mr. Otto, Mr. Honma, Nolan, and Mr. Bryson. To the classes of 92 and 93: 1 missed you guvs! Good Luck: R.B., T.C., L.D., Lassie, Laura H., D.L.. E.M.. H.O., T.Q., T.W., H.H., J.L.. L.D., S.G., M.J., L.S. and the volleyball team! To the class of 94: "When 1 grow to old to dream. I'll have you to remember... "

Joanna Radin 4 years/ 2 years swimming/ Editor/ Naked Minds To Mommy and Daddy: Thank you so much for the love and support you have given me through these years even when I didn't deserve it. I think that in especially these last four years you have fashioned me into a real, thinking person and that will serve m e well in m y life. I hope that this time m y going away will be easier on all of us. I love you ............................... w ill:miss you terribly rery, very much and' will when I leave. To m y family (Grandma, Grandpa, Cathy, Bob, Ben): You are all very special to me. Thank you for your support and caring. To Anne: You are m y bestest friend in the whole world and always will be. I love you dearly and never ever will lose touch with you. Thanks for being there for me for the last seven years. To the people I started out with: Natashia: You're the best roommate I'll) probably ever have. I couldn't have made it through that first year without you. Thanks for always being there and never letting me down when I needed you. Sylvia: You always had patience to listen to me no m atter how crazy I sounded. Thanks for living with me. Have a beautiful life, you deserve it. Clare: You are one of the most special people I know. If I had to be lost on a desert island, I would want you with me. You always have brought out something good in me and never failed to make m e laugh when I was down. Keep in touch. Amy: Remember all of our long talks Freshmai and Sophomore year? You always were a beautiful person. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. Lindsay: Even though our friendship has kina of weakened over the last two years, I will always remember you as someone I could talk to. Thanks for being there. Lara: I thought we'd always be together. I'm sorry you left. I hope that wherever you are, you're nappy, vaihiria: You were the first person I met in the dorm. Remember now frightened we were? W e never really connected that year, but I think that it only got better from there. Good luck and keep in touch. Liz: You're one or the nicest people I've met. It's too bad we didn't really have enough time to spend together. Good luck and maybe I'll see you on the East Coast. Lauren: I don't know what happened to us. is. I'll 1 always remember our good times as friends in the dorm and in Sophomore year. Have a beautiful and creative life. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Sarah: W e've both had our own problems; I 'm so glad we were able to work them out. I wish you all the luck in the world. Caroline: It didn't work out and probably never will, but I hope that your life is happy and successful. Josh (Peachy): 1 thought that our friendship would never end but you m oved and unfortunately it did. I hope that you're happy wherever you are. To the people I've met in the last three years: Starr: I ve really gotten to depend on your friendship and I think that's a good thing. You are one of the few people I will want to be close with after graduation. Thanks for being such a good friend. You're someone I can really trust. Lots of love ana see you m Oregon. Heathe: Your friendship means a lot to me. I'm sorry I haven't been around for you that much in the past. This year it should get better than ever and I know that I will do my best to keep in touch with you after we

graduate. I love you oodles. Stacy: You're the most adorable wonderful friend 1 have. I value the times we had together as times I would have with a best friend. I trust and love you completely. We'll have to stay together and never forget what we mean to each other. Clayton: Your loyalty is your best quality. You were always there for m e when I needed you and that's why I would say you're one of m y best friends. Don't ever change anai k keep < in touch, Mayb< 11 run into you on the West Coast. I send you oodles and oodles of love. .am una: You're really one of the best friends I've m ade here at this school. It's been a slow time coming but this year our relationship can only get better. Maybe we'll even go to school together and be roommates. Lots of love. Meg: I really feel like I just met you. I'm sorry it took so long to get toknow you but hopefully this year we'll eet to be even better friends. Remember the Peamanf andra: You're a sweet and wonderful person. Thanks for your friendship and all our long talks. I love everything about y o u , Stay in touch. Kalei: We had so much fun in H an's class. Rememoer our town? I love to be with you and I never want to lose touch with yo Rebekah: You are a really good person and I have a lot of respect for you as a person. I'm sorry what nappened, happened but at least we might have both gotten something from it. Have a great life, I wish you all the success in the world. Daniel: W e are botn kind of drifting m separate directions, but I'll never forget the good times we had together. Good luck at college. Maybe we'U run into each other sometime in the future. Jed: Thanks for always being around, you always seem to cheer me up when I'm sad. You're a good friend, I hope that someday we'll run into each other on the mainland. Heather: It's been such fun being editor with you. Even though I'm re we'll ever get out a paper, but I think the time we spent together was worthwhile. Keep running, and editing, and being one if the nicest people I know. Maya: W e've both had troubles>aand unfortunately I think we came together in one of the hardest years of my life. I think you're a great person and a great actress and I hope to see you acting on the mainland one day. Brynly: After October or sopnomore year, we never really got afong again. Luckily we both changed a lot for the better. You are destined for great success, I hope we run into each other again sometime. Leif: Our friendship seems only to get better each year. You are a wonderful intelligent person and always great to talk to. Stay in touch and don't forget me. Marc: You are a great person to be with and to talk to. It's too bad I found that out so late in our years at HPA. See you in Oregon and watch out or I'll sic Little Rougeanne on you. Keep in touch. Beni: I miss you so much this year. It's funny how I appreciate you most now after y ou 're gone. I love you very much I always have, and I hope that you find tne life you always wanted in New York. To swimmers in general: Good luck. This team has meant so much to me, I hope that all future swimmers can get as much out of it as I did. SWIM LIKE THE

WIND!! To Iwa, Kanoe, and Corey: W e've kind of grown up togefKl W e started from nothing and became swimmers and that was a grga accomplishment. I prize your friendship and love you all so m uavl miss you awfully next year. To my new swimmer friends: (HanaiaB Suki, Lily, Jessica): You are all great teammates and friends. I had so much fun with you this year I nope that next year you all will be ev^ m ore successful. Mitsu: You're one of the the nicest people I've^ H shared a lane with. Have a great Senior year and swim well (even® though I'm not there). Malia: You and fnave come so far so fa st™ Ren and Stimpy on the bus to state qualifying times. Thanks for allS memories. I love you dearly and never want to lose touch with y ® Eric, Noah, Ethan, and Serena: I hope to one day see you at the ■ Olympics. You are all great swimmers and gooa people and I think I'm lucky to have swam in the sam e pool with you. Good luck ancS follow your dreams. To the Class of '94: Some of us connected and some of us didn't, ! ^ hope that all of you have beautiful successful lives. Remember. 9 "Each path is only one of a million paths.Therefore, you must alwB keep in mind that a path is only a path. If you feel you must no w ® it, you need not stay with it under any circumstances. Any path is a path. There is no affront to yourself or others in dropping it if that® what your heart tells you to do. But your decision to keep on the pal to leave it must be free of fear and ambition. I warn you: look at eva path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as as you thinks necessary. Then ask yourself ana yourself alone onequestion. Itisf Does this path have a heart? All paths are the same. They lead novM -T.1 ‘ .1 • . .1 __ -1. . 1 1__ 1 ___ I . L L . L _____ t ________ W They are paths going through the brush or into the brusn or undei® brush. Does this path have a heart is the only question.If i1 J the path is good. If it doesn't it is of no use.' -Castaneda Class of '95: Good luck to: Tiffany W ., Devon L., Caitlyn W ., Richare Shannon M., Arjun C., Gabe S., Erik M. Class of '96: Good luck toil A., Jenny L., Yvonne H., Lissa D., Pua M, Helene H. Class of '97: Good luck to: Hannah A. Special Thanks to Mr. Dirksa Bryson, Mr. Wilder, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Solmssen, Mr. Nogues, M r.« Honma, Ms. Donahue, and Ms. Michel A Guide to W hat is Essential 1. Right Knowledge, to supply you with the tools necessary for ysH voyage. 2. Wisdom, to assure you that you are using the accumu]|B knowledge of the past in a manner that will best serve the discove^j your presence, your "now ". 3. Compassion, to help you accept otfiei whose ways may be different from yours, with gentleness and j understanding, as you move with tnem or through them or arouncfl them on your own way. 4. Harmony, to be able to accept the naturcfl flow of life. 5. Creativity, to help you realize and recognize new I alternatives and unchartered patns along the way. 6. Strength, tosta up against fear and m ove forward in spite of uncertainty, w ith o u t guarantee of payment. 7. Peace, to keep y o u centered. 8. Joy, to keep songful, and laughing and dancing all along the way. 9. Love, to bej continual guide towards the highest level of consciousness of which m an is capable. 10. Unity, whicn brings us back to where we started place where we are at one with ourselves and with all things.- Leol Buscaglia

Blake ttom&Dad: Thanks for the upport you gave me . How pme I never got just one lecture I pt three? Oh well. I love you pth very much, and no I'm not ping to college for your btirement plan, ric: Nice pool but it could use andles. I think the chlorine has otten to your head, lari: Biology-What do flowers eed water for? That's isgusting, look at those ants!! â&#x20AC;&#x2122;he ultimate b-stick. )ominic: Yo Mex how's the lima. Look, nobody has to get iurt if you cooperate. Go pick ome lettuce. ly: Camp. Who's the most lisgusting girl?

Kris: Sunflower seeds on your desk. The territorial bank. Rivers on the lower road. Aaaasa: How come your late to come in. What did you do this weekend there buddy. Noah: The missing link. Latenight videos in my room. The guy's a retard. Lucas: Your the hugest. "Did I say you said I said that". My hat and shirt were way off somewhere else. She wants me. Kauai Boys Rule. Chris D: Dorm dork. We found them by the trash bin. Did you plan that one the night before? Running around?Just now?Out here?Away from you? I don't know we were

talking. Don't worry I won't tell Meg about what you did. J.P. Being roommates was pretty cool especially with Bill's mags, except for your broom. Brent F: HO what's up?-Yea I remember that do you? Jessica: You meant so much to me. You taught me to say how I feel, to open up to people and that it's okay to be vulnerable sometimes. I love you. North Shore Boys: You guys are my best friends, I've had the best times with you. I love you guys.

Sienna Napua Rogers W aim ea/13 Y ears/ S occer/ X -C o u n try / Student C ouncil/C om m unity Service/S ADD M a:Y ou 'v e given m e so m uch to live by and so m u ch love to keep m e goin g.Y o u 'v e been m o re than a m other y ou 'v e been a friend. Thank you for y ou r devotion to m aking these first 18 y ears the best that you could. I Love You! D ad & Pam : Thank y ou for all the love and su p p ort yo u 'v e given m e I alw ays knew that you cared and could count on you to be there. I love you both v ery m uch! Freddy: M y "O g re D ad"! Y o u 'v e given m e so m uch and have been so patient with m e, thank you for all the opportunities and please know that you will alw ays be m y dad too. T .J. & Z ach:M y little bros! Y o u 'v e brought color into m y life. I hope that you take advantage of all that you have, and rem em ber your big sis loves you both!! Sheena,M orag,B onnie,Lilah& M cG rew :T hank y ou all for everything y ou 'v e done to m ake m e feel like a p art of the fam ily, yflde:there's too m uch to w rite w here to start...driving som ew here in H onolulu, w here do i go?hotel balconies m ean anything to you? ym ca w om en!!i d o n 't care w hat you say i will get m arried! then w e'll see w ho the m aid of honor is! i think the point is there's not m uch that i do n't know ! if there's an y one w ord that describes our friendship its trust.Thank you for putting your trust in m e and rem em ber that you can alw ays trust m e. "The differences betw een friends cannot bu t reinforce their friendship." ILYa. leca:you have m y w hat?!and you still didn 't w rite in it! w ould you stop perfecting it and just do itiwake up sleepy head! w atch o u t for that w av y gravy! i do n't think i'll ev er be able to pick m y nose with m y fourth finger!tw o rivers in a sum m erihow bout that drive by shoot'n. "rem em ber w hen " ,thank you for never letting m e forget the good old days! and m ost of all thank you for being a true friend. Y ou r friendship has alw ays been there for m e no m atter how i've acted, i hope i can som e d ay com e close to doing the sam e for you.ILYa. jaisers: can i be y ou r halfback?you're so inform ative, i never know what's going on and you alw ays fill m e in. oh by the w ay... i've been looking for you! y ou r special sm ile and energy m ake you one o f a kind, i w ish i could be as together as you are, thank you for y ou r friendship .IlYa morgamliY sis! just kidding if anything you are m ore like a big sister! you have so m any m en at y ou r feet! are w e the only sane

people in this w orld? y o u r friendship and y ou r understanding are som ething i hope i n ever lose. ILYa. heatheiehisive brazilians. two rivers(one creek?) even though people and things change our friendship rem ains the sam e. ILYa Wmmi/:moonshine!you are truly a nut.'and i love y a for it! can i take y o u hom e and pu t you on m y shelf an d w atch y o u for a y ear?you laugh and the w hole w orld laughs w ith you!ILYa. brynly.busy baker! need to go on an other walk by yourself?feeling a little fritzy? one of the crip crew , w e rule in the w ater, just don't look dow n! ILYa. kettyibirdll help m e i have a crooked eyelash! y o u 're such a goof ball! you know how to brighten anyone's d ay .yo u 're great! w hat ev er you do d o n 't ev er n o t be youlkay.ILYa mic/ir.thanks for eating lunchw ith m e! y o u 're the sw eetest person i know! i knew i could alw ays count on you for asm ile to m ake m e forget (even if only for am om en t)m y problem s!ILYa rebekah: help m e i'm so confused! i do n't know w h at i w ould have done w ithout you that night! and if it w eren 't for m e you w ouldn't know how to cu t y ou r pineappleilLYa. cybele: i have so m uch fun w hen i'm w ith you! thanks for all the laughs and all the good times. ILYa.'re so cute, no i'll go left, you go rightfprom ise, i like the left! take care.ILY a. alia: sm iley! w e w ere the crips! thank you for you r friendship and support.ILYa./mdsfly:some tim es you feel like a nut! (alw ays?!?) y ou 're so h yper w here do you g et all that energy?thanks for the laughs! ninia:your goodm oods are so contagious!take care, are so funny! i'v e laughed m ore w hen i'm around you theni've laughed in m y whole life! handycam s! i hate scuba divers! y ou 're a special person w hat ever you do stay true to yourself, eric: thanks fo r not making fun of m e in physics, take care.ns<r:you're such a m ental boy, can i pinch you r cheeks? shhhhh! don’t tell, thanks, karl: i think you and i know too m uch! thanks for m aking m e laugh and rem em ber,don't do anything i w ouldn't do! are a sw eet person, even though you try to pretend like you're not! thanks for the sm iles and the laughs.dam'e/:just think, w henever i think of tum ors i'll think of you! blake:: i know now that you w o n 't hurt m e,(just throw things at m e!) thank you for helping m e understand things, i probably w ouldn't have if it w eren 't for feel so abused! keola: how

com e i'm alw ays the one that has to get to w ork you fool aro unc^ B too!! y o u 're a cool g uy even though you tease me! thanks for the^ B smiles! andy. thank you for alw ays being your kind self no m atter what, fate care of yourself and don’t settle for anything. mifce:what, 18,000 characters!!! nah i understand, bu t i still don't rem em ber that day in 8th grade! thank y o u for your kindness, y oiB know i love you. jed: you're like a big brother to m e, w e've been here so long, tharifcB for caring for so long. damien: jungle fever!?!? nah,it w ould definately be an original then® i think you analyze things too m uch! lucas:y ou 're a special person, i learned so m uch,thank you for all yQ| g ave to m e.please do n't forget m e because i w on't.

m ichikotfarr ,maya simy,jeff,dominie,jason,clayton,brent,jomh,tj,noah^M sandra,maile: g oo d luck & take care. Underclassmen: Laura D., Tepa, Caitlyn, Cindy, Lasi, H eather, Sara™

Clark, Kailei, Robbie, Helene, M eghan W.,Elena,Alana,Tiffany:Enj<| y o u r tim e here and take advantage of w hat you have. Good L u c k * crosscountry and soccer teams: y ou guys helped m e learn a lot aboufS m yself and w ere like m y second families, good luck and always | rem em ber you guys are the best! Kam akani Ichiban! thirteen year family: w e m ade it! w ish you all the best of luck and * B brightest of futures! ioy(&sunny):you've been an inspiration to m e as well as ou r wholeB team , thanks for everything yo u 'v e done for us. conley&shutes: thank you for sharing all that y ou 'v e learned with usi som etim es it m ay not have seem ed like w e g o t it but w e did andiffl keep it w ith u s for a long time. Bates, Lams,Buschers, Giffins,jar dines,McNaughtons: you w ere alw ayiB there to sup port us, alw ays opening y ou r hom es, thank you for yoi® dedication to ou r futures. to all my teachers: thank you for you r patience and dedication whie™ installed in m e a love of learning that I will have for the rest of my m life. class o f '94: 1 w ish each and everyone of you the best and b r i g h t e r futures! "And the song, from beginning to end, I found in the heart of a friend." -H enry W adsw orth Longfellow

E Michael Harris Shumate fl(amuela,HI/6 yrs. HP A/4 yrs. Basketball(captain)/2 yrs.Volleyball(captain) continued with football and I continued with basketball. I don't know why we didn't stay as close as we w e're, but I know I'll always consider you a friend. Take care and good luck in whatever you do.Keola: You’re pretty cool, huh ha huh! huh ha huh! My partner in rebounding. My partner in getting yelled at\"Kcola!U" Yeah, Merv^s terrific. Andy: So what, when I turn on H 30 in a few years am I going to see Anders Carlson shredding it up. I'd better. Good luck in college.Jed: Take it easy on those quarterbacks. Did you break 1000 tackles this year or wnat. W e've been through a lot. I remember the time you had your little accident on the monsterball. 1 was so scared. Thank God you w e're alright. Take care of yourself. Keep practicing on how to rush chicks. If you need any more advice, just come to m e again.Chris D: Yepa, nopa, shabba, blooya. I'm probably the only one that remembers that night. I'm glad M eg picked you to fall m love with because I know you'll treat her right. She's really special so you had better take care of her and yourself. Good luck! Lataz.Stork: Why don t you put that jumping to some good use. You can jump higher than me and I can still school you in Basketball and Volleyball. Maybe if you cut down on your green intake you'll get some meat on your bones. Good luck in your senior year. Lucas & Blake: Kauai boys. W hat do tney feed you guys on Kauai. Y ou're all monsters. Good luck to both of you in whatever you do. 1 know 1 was never really, really close friends with either of you, but if you ever need anything don't oe afraid to ask.Richard: Hey Dick. We've been friends since 1 started a t this school. Greece play. Womens rights play, Ahh, what memories. ilder w e'll get m arried.Daniel: You freekin" muli. I’ll kick your m u li . Handyboy. Embarassing memories to be exact. Thanks for always Deing straightforward and .fir. Salty. You alw ays make m e laugh w hen you don't mean to. Just because I m _J 'igger tn anyou doesn't mean you have to be scared. Nah! This year states baby, I telling m e how you felt. It alw ays helped a lot. Take care of yourself and good luck an feel it.Clayton: W ho are we? O h G , what up! Why do you alw ays pick the in your senior year. If I get back to this rock before you graduate. I'll come see you.Ethan: 1 think he's humpin' ha.Dom: Do I have to...Cy: Flyin' Hawaiian.Kea: vrong ditches. N ext time you want a girlfriend and you don't know who, com e to Could you teach m e how to oe funny some time.Leif: D on't try to make me look he and I'll hook you up. So, Clayton, are you feeling Harmonius? Shotgun! O h, it lurts! I'm so glaa we became friends.Jason: Volleyball captains. Parties. Crashing at stupid just because you're smart.Rob & M alika: You guys are a killer couple. You alw ays make me laugh and it makes m e happy to see you two happy together. Clayton's. Can you handle or what. IP s a good thing John never acted to you or 'ou would have had to kick h is yeah! So what, you w ant to race, my truck-your Good luck to both o f ^ou in your senior year. Party hard, but don t take it too lightly because it's not as easy as it seems. Hope you never part. Take care.Stacy: ar, let's go. This summer w e're gonna party until our brains stop functioning.Ari: Bushwickdota. You party animal. Thanks for always being there for m e to talk to. Sophomore summer-crash y ou r house alm ost every night. Keep working on that You are a killer peer counselor. Soda can, your house, how ya feelin'? HapunaOlerance. Bobby#20. O ne day when I get a job I'll pay your mom back for all the Jenny, you, Daniel, Lindsay, and that hill. Eat grass. I'll never forget ya Stace. You'll bod that 1 ate a t y o u r house.You got any otter pops or what. So w hat full time alw ays be my little pal. I'll never forget that time when you piggybacked me all the apper and stand up comedian on the side. Good Luck!David: I could tell you way up to the dorms. That was so funny.Michiko: There is so much to say to you 1 tnything and you would keep it secret. W e've been friends since I moved to this don't know where to start. Our friendship started out because you needed someone slapd. Til always remember the w ays that you, so uniquely, make m e laugh. 1 to talk to about Damien. All I can say is he must not have realized w hat he had. I cnpw that if anyone in our class will succeed, you will. Keep your positive attitude know I would have given anything to be in the position he was in. Now you're one ihd never stop Deing cocky. H ere's som ething for you to reminisce on: Remember of my best friends and I could trust you with anything. Thanks for being there for hat basketball game we played in 7th grade- If I make this then me and so and so me when I had problems. I'll always be there for yours. Take care. Love ya. Kim: vill..."Ieff: Everyone thinks you're psycho, but I know that you're a lot more My Kimmy. I loved you since the day 1 met you. You're such a good person, you lormal than everyone thinks. Thanks for listening to m y problems. I was glad to deserve the best of everything. You need a boyfriend. W hen you finally decide that istfep to yours. Tnis summer you and N oe will probably get back together again you want one, if I don't have a girlfriend, I'll volunteer. Good luck in college and ind everything will be back to normal between you guys. D on't forget me boy. I'll make sure you keep in touch with me. I'll miss you.Malia: I've said something to lever forget you that's for sure.Dam ien: State bound. I only w ish you were me. you that I've never said to anyone else. I don't even have to say it now because you Tow do you jump so high? A t least 10 dunks each this year. I love you man. Glad I Know what it is. You always make me laugh and no matter what, you're always fun :ould help with Angela. Take care. H ere are som e words of wisdom that I've to be with. I'll never forget your smile ana your good spirit. If you ever need me for earned in my experiences: D on't hang on the rim w hen you w indmill Dee Brown dunk and try not to get your feet caught in the net. Asa & K arl: Kona boys. I'm glad anything I'll be right there. 1 love you.Ta'i: I've known you for such a short period I've become a lot closer this year. You're two o f the funniest guys ever. Don't forget of time, out already I feel so close to you. By the time you become a senior, guys will be dropping at your feet, if they aren't already. Thanks for caring about me and shuuuuumate.Brent: Ho Gangsta. Thanks for being a part o fo n e of the funnest summers of my life. Next summer will be even better I'm sure. I'm so glad I became listening to my problems. W hen 1 was upset this year, you w ere always there to make m e feel better. After I graduate w e should definitely keep in touch. That way friends with you and Clayton. I w ouldn't be the surprised if I see you m 10 years you can finally get some mail.Emily: You are one of the sweetest girls 1 have ever and you're a cop.Chris: W hen I look a t you I think: studying, eligible, highest honors, Shah wrong. A t least I know that now you are really trying hard. Good luck met, not to mention hilarious. Don t lose those poems. They mean a lot to me and I hope they mean a lot to you.Michi: You have always been good to m e no matter to you in Volleyball and Basketball. Maybe by the time you re a senior you'll be as what. Your sm ile always makes me happy. You're bad at sports, 1 wish I could be good as me. Nah! You lucked out this year with Ta'i. I'll just leave you with some like you. Good luck to you throughout your lifc.Jade: Thanks for being a good words of wisdom: Don't dance in the back of truck beds and watch out for that ground, it jumps out at you.Nate: Show m e a fruit bowl. If you ever w ant to learn now to play basketball just ask. Stick with M ariko, you d on't get a chance with someone like that very often. Jonah: 8th grade kings of football and basketball. You

H lo m and Dad: Thanks for pushing m e in all the right directions. I hope I w asn't B x i m u c h of a pain. M om -"aon 't w orry". D ad-'T d on't w ant to here i t . ' I promise I w o n 't let all the m oney you paid for this school go to waste. I love you. !arne:Even though you think I'm m ean to you a lot of times, I'll alw ays love you. I nly get on your case because I w ant you to have fun in life, but I know y ou'll do ine. Sierra: I know I'm going to miss a lot o f your growing up, but you'll see nbugh of me. Uncle D on: Tnanks for being a killer Uncle. Tnanks for never H rowing up. N ot completly anyway! Grandma and Grandpa: Thanks for being the | est grandparents I have, as well as the only grandparents I have. M erv Lopes: I "hanks for making m e better at the thing that I love to do m ost.John, N ick, I ledrick,M ark, and Lawrence: You guys are the baddest coaches as well as friends. I ilovies, bowling, H awaiian legend stories. How was that fire. W e go camping.Kalei I nd K uilan: You guys are the killerest couple I've ever seen. O f course, you know H kfho set up the couple. You two are the ones that m ade m e realize what J elationslups are all about. I'll never forget either o f you. I could tell you anything. n temember this-"I m iss A nna." T oo bad. At least we re close friends.Anna: What I lappened? O h my goodness. Thanks for being m y friend. Maybe when w e get



friend. I'm glad you don't hate me anymore like in 7th grade. .Alana: All I can say is: Can you teach m e how to play basketball or what? Nah! You're bad, but 1 could still teach you a tiring or two. Thanks for being a good listener. Here are som e words of wisdom: There is only one way to play sports. Hard! But you know that already. Take care o f yourself and good luck.Morgan: You have matured in so many ways since I first met you in 7th grade. You've worked hard to become a captain in Volleyball. You stuck with your singing and now you're like Mariah Carey already. You are so talented, I know you'll succeed in what ever you do. Take care and keep in touch.Elena: When 1 m et you that day at Heatne's house, you seemed perfect for me. Really pretty, good at basketball, and very sweet. I couldn't have asked for anything more. 1 guess you didn't feel the same way. That's OK because you have Chris, and you and I are still friends. Good luck in whatever you do. Never give up any of your sports. Take care of youT sister.Sienna: I love you! 1 know you told me that's all you wanted m e to write, but I have to write more than that. If you ever want to marry m e just tell me and w e'll alope that night. The best thing about you is that I know it everyone in the world was being mean to m e I could always count on you to be nice. The guy who finally puts the ring on your finger is going to be one of the happiest guys on earth.Brynly: Sophomore summer phone conversations. You should stop worrying about what people think of you because there is nothing about you that you should be ashamed of.Clare: My most faithful friend. You make me laugh because it's so easy to make you laugh. I'm sorry this is so short, but I'll do a Bullwinkle impression for you to make up for it.Kalei: Your the baddest basketball manager that ever lived. Thanks for being my friend from Kohala.Heathe: If you don't sign yearbooks then 1 don’t either. Nah! Love ya!Mcg: The most innocent girl 1 know. You have been so sweet to me since I've been in HPA. Never stop being so caring and don't let anyone influence your morals.Ninia: Beautiful and bad ass at volleyball. You are always so cheerful and nice to me. Take care.JZ & Alexa: You guys are so sweet. Thanks for being good friends.Mava: My knees are still sore.Cybcle: We were so close at the beginning of freshman year. I hope that one day we can get that back.Hanae: You have to be one of the most innocent girls 1 have ever m etTepa: M y friend since seventh grade. I'm going to miss you. I'm sure you'll find the right guy some dny.Lu'ukia: Not only are your looks killer, but so is your personality .Thanks for being such a good listener. I'll miss va.Sara C. & Jen Y.: Tepa's partners in crime. Heather: Heather, you're such a bull. Shave your legs.Linasay: Keep shining the light on your feet kinds. It's good tor you.H 'Sien: I know you w ere intimidated by my looks, but you could have at least told m e that you liked me. Just kidding.Sarah C.: Thanks for the speech on good attitude. 1 think it helped. Keep slammm' in v-ball .Melinda: Hopefully by the time yearbooks com e out I'll have forgiven you and will have something to say to you.Good Luck and thanks for being friends: Kandi, Sheanna, Serena, Natasha. Sylvia, Jen H.. Amy, Alia, Kelly. Laura D„ Jaime, Teri, Sara M„ Meghan W„ Jenny L.. Sara V., Sugi. Noe. Anne. Harmony, Willy, Haga, Robert O., Mika, Heirama, Maui, Kainoa, Jonas, Dagan. Heimata and anyone else that 1 can't think of right now. M iss D uncan: "1,2,3, and to the 4 Miss Duncan s at the movies and now she's fallen on the floor." Thanks for being the killerest teacher I’ve ever had. You ve even have to bother telling me. 1 hope our paths will cross again. I f I fo r g o t an yone, I am rea lly sorry. I h av e s o m any g o o d friends a t th is s c h o o l th a t I can't think o f them a ll a t once. If I d id forget y ou I w ill try m y h ard est to m a k e it up to uou.To a ll o f the p eo p le a b o v e th a t I h a v e just ad d ressed an d to any I haven’t, I w ish y ou g o o d luck. I ll m iss you a lll. l don ’tthin k I'll fo rg et a single o n e o f you. M ake the m ost o f life in an y situ ation .

D ad & M om - W ell I'v e been through 12 yrs. so far I'm looking at another 8 yrs.. There is nothing I can a o to repay you tw o for all the sacrifices and com m itm ents. The only thing I can s a v is Thank You and I Love You!! K alei L)el & Boys-Y ou've filled m y life with m any jovs and have supported m e through out life. Thank You I love YouHTo T h e B oys-1 can 't w ait till you three grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ethan-Y ou paved the road through H PA for m e, along tne w ay teaching m e things that are very valuable to m e at this point o f tim e. Alw ays being there w hen I w as in need of help, and understanding. The least I can do is say Thank You!! I Love You! A llyn-Y ou finished paving the road w here "Ethan left off. O nly adding and subtracting to m ake things easier for me. All the tim es w e w ent out and having fun w ill never be lost but to continue. T he Good and Bad w e made it through. Thank You!! I Love You!!Toy-Well sisd w ill soon be gone and you w ill be alone and free. Take every bit out o f high school because every bit you m iss you w ill regret it. W e have been through a lot from O ahu to T he Big Island, nothing can change that but it is ror us to m ake it better.Thank You for everything!! I Love Y ou!!A nuhea-W e have had ups and dow ns but no m atter w hat has happened you are still m y little sis. I Love You!! O hana ScHuttes- Can I sleep over? Thanks for the fun tim es uncle and aunty. W ell G uy from 6 gr. its been good but w e can m ake it better. A ll the bad tim es w e lasted through nothing can pull us dow n. I Love You Three! !Stevens-Lance and Ui you two have been there from the start to finish. You d o n 't know how m uch I appreciate w hat you have done. T hank You!! I Love YouH Gom esez-Am oung the m ost loving people on this earth. You tw o w ere blessed. Thanks for a second hom e. Love Y ou !!!P u 'u an ah u lu (K eak ealan is, H ooppers, M itch els, K ailis)- M y fam ilies out G ods country. Thanks for the hom e and the fun (i*u). T hank YouHLove You!! K ane K ris-W ell bra it's about that time. 4 years of you r bulls*#t w as good fun. A fter 5 m ore w eeks then w e win be going off. W ell if you ever com e back to H aw aii ypu know w here h om e is. Thanks for everything! !Love YouHWaimea Boys!! C h n s.E -W ell big brother it is about th at timeMThank You for all the m em ories!!Love You!!K ea-Cavem an! W ell have fun in W restling. See Ya. Thanks!!W aim ea BoysMLucas- W rong Hole!! N ah! G ood Luck in ProHThanksHHawaiian Islands!!Tonah-One of the leagues best running "backs! !Need to rem em ber the lays!!Thanks!JW aim ea Boys!!Ted-Best "D " naHYour to dedicated !N an!!Thank YouHWaimea BoysMEllisKauaiHWaimeaHrlaces to conquer!!Let's box!!W e have to m ake the best of it! .'Thanks! ITP-Ecolpgy N ah!!A hualoa,M alia s,M y house, M any m ore places to conquer! !Take C are!!H aw aiians!!K eola-Livin in a Sovereign Land.Take CareHSorry H aw aiian! !W aim ea BoysH Daim ien-M r. Athlete! !See You A round! !Take CareMWaimea Boys!!A ndy-H eh Fellow Lineman! !Thanks!!M ike's H ou se,rin e T rees,M ore places to conquerMSee YaHKarlM eat Man!! S ee YaMTell Y our dad T hanks!!Fruit BowlHBig Island BoysHDomSasquach,Chem ical D roppings.N o HairHThanks for the laughs!iBlake-C hics in this school!!M ichi!!Football Camp!.'Hawaiian Island BoysM Daniel-Freshm an year to senior I ruled over you!N ah,take care see you around.N ate-Let's go take a bathHPick up the soap.MThanks for the laughs!!Peter-H urry up. H ave fun in football next year. W illie- If you use your heart and not your size you w ill becom e a better player and personRob-M y house, L SD 's, other places to conquer. Take care sm all brother. Love YouH Billy-Aw som est N oseguard in the league. Take C are o f the team next year. See V a!!Brady-So what.UDown the arena! !Ready..... G o !H igh school finals![Thank YouHGrant-Learn the basics and you w ill be fine.HConcert with Shane! !Thanks!!S h an e-C o n certm y house,Sim one's house! !See Ya little brother.Thanks for the laughs.H eim ata-Can I borrow som ething!!N ah!!Football takes time.MTust relax!! W ell m y ’T ahitian brother II don't know w hat to say .T h an k s for the a >lace to sleep and the run. H ow s the ghost!! _»ee you next year. Take care o f all the w ahines ii till l g e t there. Aloha HHeirama- W ell m y other TJ-E n glish , Math!! Take care of Tai before I have to slap you!!Thanks!!Take CareHWaimea BoysHRedza-English class! .'Could you read house?N ot!!Thanks for the friendsnipMScotty Boy-W ell w e w ill all be together in tne en a.T h an ks for all the memoriesHTo all the p u b lic sch ool frien d s-It could have been different, bu t this is the w ay it turned out.The only thing w e can do is m ake things better from here!!!!!!!!!! W ah in e M ich i-W ell I have had som e good and bad tim es w ith you. But w hat ever happen I will alw ays cherish them. N ini-Freshm an yearCPine Trees).Thanks for being there!! Love Y ouM Jade-Let'sgo above my house,cruiz. W e had good fun. End you figure it out yet? Come Tahitian brother I’m so glad w e met. Thanks for the talks and all the support with your good friend. Take care of all the w ahines on your island till I get there. Take care o f ai.


Cy Keala Spencer Waimea, Hawaii/ 4 yrs. / Football/ Wrestling/ Track/ 30 minute workouts-3 yrs . Bryson!!! A loha!!aloud!!N ah!!Thanks!!Brent & ClayM akalaw ena.m y house, your house! !Thanks for all the talks HCK w ave the hand I'm in the clear!ID ods-Let7s through a party at your on I'm w aiting!!!!! Thanks for all the inside scoopsMLove Y ou!!Sienna-M iss. C lass Rep. See Ya!! Rebekah -W ow !! Y ou look real good.I'm jealous.N afi, thanks fo r the talksMLove Y ouK im -Sorry about the chair!iThanks for everything!FLove You!! M eg-You are to nice.Take care o f Chris. SeeY a.Lindsay-Y ou r very nice person bu t you were the scape goat.Thanks for the laughs! !Brynly-Thanks for being a friend!!!!!! !1Natasha-Next weekendMBust it outHHow's the ey es!!Stacy-W e need to go Pine Trees again!! !Thanksl!! T a i- W ell m y Tahitian sis thanks for all the talks and help. Please take care o f H eiram a and H eim ata. Love You!! Your all eachother h as!!T risha-W e w ill com e visit you in Kona. See You Later. Thanks for the talks. Love YouHTo the C lass o f '91-Thank you for helping m e through

freshm an year!!!To the C lass of '92-Thanks for the fun w eekends!!!To the C lass of '93Thanks for the respect! HTo the C lass of '94-1 w ish you the best o f luck in life.M ake the best o f it,it's a one tim e deal!!!-To all these classes thank you.You help m ake m e w hat I am !!!Faculty-M r. Bryson,M r. Otto,M r. Solm ssen,M r. Rice. Mr. W ats. Mr. Colson. Thanks for all the helm w hether it m ade m y life harder or easier! !!Good luck toB.B,R.B,P.D,K .P,W .W ,R.O , A .E,G .K,N .R/S.G ,J.SX_.S,M .J,T.C,L.G,R.E,all J.V football players.To the coaches and the m anagers-Thanks for the support, and helpHrTo a ll the people I missed- Sorry about that!!!

12 year s / Kamuela / Volleyball / Tennis/H ula attract to withstand both our chan ges and differences. Y o u 'v e been J

" T h o s e w h o c a n t r u ly s e e t h e v u ln e r a b il it y o f t h e i r p a r e n t s c a n f o r g iv e t h e w o r ld " - A r n o ld P . N e r e n b e r g , P h .D . m -Y o u 're a special w o m an an d a better m other. Sorry for m y

ensity" grow ing u p , an d thank you for y o u r courag e in raising I appreciate everyth ing y o u 'v e given m e, every late night, y push to excel, and every hug (although som etim es w hen I Yt deserve it). I love yo u , m om m y! ■Like "O h , m y G o d " W ell, d ad y -o , you hav e been my •iration and role m odel. Y o u 'v e strengthened m e for the fight to ■me the best I could. T hank you fo r the hugs, the laundry, and .tala! But m ost im portantly, thank y ou for being m y Bruce iam s (m inus the ego)! M analo for the balance. ILY,daddy! ia-O h, how lucky I am to hav e a sister like you! Y ou have been Isource of com fort, sup port, and adv ice for as long as I can lember. I ad m it I'm a brat, but y o u 're a p ecan , so there!(N ah!) pnks for the unlim ited and "h ealth y " encouragem ent. Y ou loved Tor w h o I w as during m y rockiest stages. I'll never forget that, ik Fam ily-M y second hom e! W h at beautiful m em ories I have :ed spending tim e w ith all of you. G eo rgia, you will alw ays be confidant, m y third parent, w ho has brought m e this far. oar}, I know w e're not related by blood because y ou 're so ictual. Thanks for all the free aav ice! Lucia& L u k eb o y -It's been p ed al watching the tw o of you g row . Y ou r fun creations could ce m e laugh anytim e. G osh, I'm really going to m iss being with both. Take care, little ones. atives-Each one of you hav e effected m y life in meaningful fs. I'U never forget m y fam ily. T utu-I wish you could be here to re with m y chilaren the things you have shared with m e. I only >e one d ay I can give as m uch to the people around m e as you e. Y ou will be secure in m y heart forever! " I n t h e w o r ld o f e x is t e n c e t h e r e i s n o m o r e p o w e rfu l m a g n e t th a n th e m a g n e t o f lo v e " - 'A b d u 'l - B a h a

is-'T would for you ."-J.A . Well, sw eetie, w here do I begin? As brother, y ou 'v e b een the shoulder I desp erately n eed ed and my ender in all situations. A s m y buddy and playm ate, y o u 'v e been source of laughter and distraction. But as m y Rom eo, y ou've ;n m e m ore than I ev er deserved. The special m om ents we have red and the tim eless pleasures w e have experienced m ade m y ait years the best they could ev er be. W e have clim bed through ly w orthless disagreem ents and have co m e o u t closer and er. "T he w ay you w alk, the w ay you talk, the w ay you w ear %jeans!" I will alw ays rem em ber you r smell no m atter how far r t we are. Thanks for all the attention, I w ish I had m ore to . I love you. "I'm hooked on a feeling, I'm high on believing, y ou're in love with m e!"-R.D . " I c o u n t m y s e lf in n o th in g e ls e so h a p p v A s in a s o u l r e m e m b e r in g m y g o o d f r i e n d s " -S h a k esp ea re

ithe-M y "bestest" friend! From craziness to calm ness o u r hearts


a t t r a c t In w ith s ta n d h n th o u r rh a n trp s a n t

dear and sw eet, babe! W hat you g ave to m e will alw ays be rem em bered and cherished, la k e care, m y friend. A nd..."D on't y ou, forget about m e."-S.M . ILU C lare-M ost im portantly-I love you! Thank you for being m y spiritual sister throughout the y ears of trials and bounties. Let us never lose touch! "O Brother! N o t every sea hath pearls; not ever branch will flower, nor will the nightingale sing thereon. Then, ere the nightingale of the m ystic paradise repair to the garden of God, and the rays of the heavenly m orning return to the Sun of Truthm ake thou an effort, that haply in this dustheap of the m ortal world thou m ayest catch a fragrance from the everlasting garden, and live forever in the shadow of the peoples of this city. A nd when thou hast attained this highest station and com e to this m ightiest plane, then shall thou g aze on the Beloved, and forget all else"-Baha'u'llah A lia(san )-Y o u r daily sm ile brightened m y w orld and lightened my step. I'll alw ays love you like a sister! "Friendship is a sheltering tree"-C oleridge K im & M ichiko-T hanks for each and every m em ory, hula sistas! (So sorry about the lauhala m at, g uys!) I love you both and know y ou r lives will be m ost fulfilling, and of course, very interesting. E N o 'o N o 'o M aika'i! ("This is m y friend, Jock!") "H ello d arkness m y old friend I've com e to talk w ith you ag ain..." -Paul Sim on M ikie-Y ou big 'ole sw eetheart! Thanks for the extra encouragem ent, the countless boosts of confidence and the Sounding expertise. Good luck in life, you deserve the best! ren t(o)-H o w can I possibly forget you? Well, pal, thanks for the m any laughs and distractions! You have a such a pure heart, don t ever give up. Take care of yourself. Stacy-G osh, through everything-Japanese 1,three, or w as it four, tim es?-w e have rem ained close friends. Thanks for being that one person w ho w as so easy to be with. I'll m iss you, Stacy K.! K ahea-M y Baha'i Brother. These years have been challenging but rew arding. Thanks for alw ays being there for m e with a smile! I'll never forget pilgrim age. Good luck in the big city! "1 w as gratified to be able to answ er prom ptly, and I did. I said I d id n 't know " -M ark Tw ain M ichi-Thanks for the sw eetness and the sets! Enjoy life, girl. N inia-I wish 1 could have as m uch fun as you! Thanks for the sm iles and the friendship. Jam una-(Jum anju)- "W here are the m arshm allow m ats?" You're the nicest fellow I know! I respect the care you give the w orld and all its people. Thanks for the sweet m em ories. Jaso n -"A .A ., Prom p ictu re?' Thanks for being such a caring friend. Blake-Such an im pressive guy from W ainiha! You w ere kind to be m y big brother in all situations-Thanks. Lisa-A fter those A Ps, I'm sure glad I w as able to share thoes experiences with you. D on't ev er lose your dream s. Joanna-W e did it!! You're som ething special. A m y-D on't ever change! Jonah-W hen's our weddingfrslah!) M arc-I wish you the best of luck! UH Hilo here we com e. S ienn a& K ea-A P C.S.-W hat m ore can 1 say? D aniel-"Baby cakes."

"...F o r life is created for happiness, not sorrow ; for pleasure, not for grief." - 'A b d u 'l - B a h a

CoachBill-M ahalo for everything! I'll never forget all your advice("Repetition is the m other of skill"). H oku-ILYLS- I'll never forget w hat w e'v e shared! Love, Noe. H alau H ula K a N o'eauManalo nui loa! I can 't express in w ords how it feels to be apart of such a generous group. B aha'i C om m unity-I know I couldn t have m ade it w ithout y o u r support, love, and concern. I w as so lucky to hav e each one o f you as a friend. All that you have taught m e will rem ain with m e forever. "N o w h ere to go but out, N ow here to com e but back " -B enjam in Franklin K ing, Jr. Elena-Y our funky spirit added just the right zest to m y high school years! Thanks for the O ’ahu talks. M ake everything count, sweetie. Alana-N i-ce! So sensual! I love you and your funny attitude. You m ade m e laugh when I needed to and m ade m e push w hen it was hardest. Y ou have so m uch to look forw ard to! Take care of yourself. SaraV .-W ell, little sis, y ou're one aw esom e player. I'll m iss y ou r spunk.(Be good now!) H elene-D on't ever think you are not good enough because y ou 're one very special gal! Peter-"You will do foolish things, but do them with entnusiasm ."-Colette I can 't say y o u are buffer than Chris, but 1 will say that y ou've been a precious brother and friend. Take care. A ndy-Y o, sexy! Thanks for looking out for m e and all your care. Stay out of trouble! KippyHey, w e'v e been distant, but I will never forget ou r good times together. "A lw ays there rem ain portions of our heart into w hich no o n e is able to enter, invite them as w e m ay." -M ary D ixon T hayer Lasi-There is nothing you can’t acom plish andnothing you don’t deserve. I wish that 1 had m ore to give you. Be patient and the doors will open. Y our heart radiates Aloha(Talofa)-ILY! G ood luck and thanks to: Sarah, A ndrea, Leo, M ayum i, Nim a, P ono, Nicole, J.V., My brothers-Suvit&Kaisit, Mike M., Mark, Sean R., Seanie, and Blakey. T he Dods-(including ManuO-Thank you for alw ays making me feel w elcom e and allowing m e to fit in. 1 appreciate the m any times y ou’v e hosted m e on both islands. Lauren-1 love you like a sister! Thanks for the fun times and I know I'll see you reach your dreams! M ahalo to: The M cN aughtons, Giffins, Zukes, H ondas, Brillhantes, G uy Piltz, and M r. Bleckel.

Ignight a caudle o f loi>e in every meeting, and w ith tenderness rejotce an d ch eer ye every heart. Care for tlic stranger as fo r one o f your ow n ; slioxv to alien sou ls the sam e loving kindness y e bestow upon your faith fu l friends. Should any com e t o b lo w s w ith you, seek to be friends w ith him ; should any s ta b you to the heart, be ye a healing salvcunto h is $ore$...Perchance such w ays and w ords from you w ill m ake h is d arksom e w orld h im bright a t that w a r and strife w ill p a ss and b e no more, and lov e and trust w ill p itch their tents on the sum m its o f the W orld."-'Abdu'l-Baha

Cybele Stevens I've conquered m y past The future is here at last I stand at the entrance To a new w orld I can see The ruins to the right of me Love rescue m e-U 2 Alexa-I d o n 't even know w here to start. So m uch is betw een us, m ore than has ever been said. You have light in your heart that is there only because o f you, no one else. W ords alw ays g et in the w ay, but som ew here along the w ay w e found understanding. H appiness surrounds us like a m em ory that lasts forever/'W hen m ountains crum ble to the sea, there w ill still be you and m e."W e are free! M ary-H ey!Zzaa! I'v e m issed you so m uch. It just w asn't the sam e cruising at H PA high w ithout you. W e w ere so outta hand, w eren't we? You am aze m e, M ary, I w ish I knew w hat pulled m y soul to yours. Som etim es I understand w hy you let go and it scares m e because I alm ost do too. Som e integral part o f m e is w ith you alw ays. I never stopped caring. Star-la! "It's not that I d o n 't w ant to, I ju st can't anym ore" W e'v e done so m uch together, Ijust w ish I could rem em ber som e o f it! I m iss you. Som e day w e will be able to be strong together. Brynly-H o Shaba! D on 't you know I'm loco! Bryn, thanks for everything. Ninjahh! Ari-It w as never a struggle w ith you, the w ords cam e so easily. Y ou're a rad friend and even though you 're n ot a hot surfer, I still love you. Jade-Truth o r D are-H allow een night, why d id n't you save m e? Thank you for being honest even w hen it w as hard to be. I hope you find w hat y ou 've been searching for."Free your m ind and your ass w ill follow ."

Sien n a-"T h ere's som ething w arm about y ou ."-JM C You are so incredible. I'm sure that you w ill find peace and happiness in anything you do. Every tim e w e talk I can tell there so m uch m ore to you than w hat you show , I just w ish there had been m ore time. A sa-Shhhh! Y ou know the rules. W hipped! Rebekah-H ippie children forever. UB40 w as epic,yah?! You alw ays understand m e w hen I'm stully foned. H eathe-Flashlights and im m aturity definitely don't m ix.Good Luck. Fiona-Be careful o f that "p u rp le haze" it's dangerous. Eric M .-You are the m an! Stop beating m e up. Looking again, huh? Yes I notice. Royce- H ow 's you r knee? W e are so sly. Kam akani football husbands-I w anted Brady! H ave an epic senior year! Ita-W hat's up? Is he good? Y o u 're so outta hand. "In h ale, exhale, just got an ounce in the m ail." C-ya! Sky- I'm still w aiting. T-C harlie-Trouble-m aker! Kippy-W ho is sandpaper girl? G ood luck. H elene-M y favorite running buddie. Ibet you could teach me. Jenny Lee-"W ait, w hat?" Y o u 're such a sweetie. G ood luck to:Kelly, A ndy, D am ien, N inia, M organ, Brady, Tepa, Laura, Kim , C indy, Taylor, D ustin, Caitlyn, Jen Y ., Trevor, M aya, B la k e , and Eric B. Mr. O tto-Thank you does't seem like enough. You have opened m y eyes to a w orld alive around m e and broadened my perspective on life. You have such a warm heart. I w ill m iss you and you r incredible family. M r. Bryson-I w on't ever forget you. O scar-Y ou 're such an incredible person. Thanks for sharing a little of yourself with m e and Ginger.

T o see a w orld in a grain o f sand And heaven in a w ild flower, T o hold infinity in the palm o f your hand ■ And eternity in an hour.-Blake M om -You are the strongest person I know , but if you,; re ever feeling not so strong I am alw ays here. You n ev ea stopped being the center o f m y universe. I love you a infinitely. D addy-W hen you get a little old er I'll take you to clot® nine, ok? Nyarf. Nyarf. N yarf. You are what I wish I wa perfection. So beautiful and clear. I think you can readi mind. I feel so free w ith you. I love you. D aniel-I w ill m iss you the m ost. Y ou are the m ost pre® thing in m y life. I'm still not gonna tell you the "w orst* thing I ever did but it w as baaad! D aniel, never com prim ise you rself for anyone and alw ays do what a feel. I love you, honey. Lani-W ell, even though you w ere in a fraternity and m w atch Rush Lim baugh, I w on't disow n you. You're a I pretty cool person and I think about you a lot. I love bro. Sandra-H alf way around the world, but m y soul is vvfffl you always. W e w ill rage this sum m er! G inger-M y true friend, I'm "w aiting by the sea" always love you the m ost. W e w ill be together again someday. N ature's first green is gold, H er hardest hue to hold. H er early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So daw n goes dow n to day. N othing gold can stay.-Robert Frost

Janna Stout S o m ebody said th a t it co u ld n ’t be done. B u t h e w ith a ch u ck le replyied T h a t " m ay b e it co u ld n ’t," b u t he would be one W ho w ouldn’t s a y so till he'd tried S o h e buckled rig h t in w ith the tra c e o f a grin On h is face. If h e w orried h e hid it. He sta rte d to sin g a s he tack led th e thing T h a t co u ld n ’t be do n e, a n d he did it. Som ebody scoffed: “O h, you'll n ev er do th a t: A t le a s t no one ev er h a s d o n e it": B u t h e took of h is c o a t an d h e took of h is h at. A nd th e first th in g we knew h e’d b eg u n it. W ith a lift of h is ch in an d a bit of his grin. W ith ou t an y doubtin g o r quiddit. He sta rte d to sin g a s h e tackled th e thing T h a t co u ld n ’t be done an d he did it. T h ere a re th o u sa n d s to tell y o u it c a n n o t be done. T h ere a re th o u sa n d s to p rophesy failure: T h ere a r e th o u sa n d s to point o u t to y o u .o n e by one T h e d a n g e rs th a t w ait to a s s a il y ou . B u t j u s t buck le in w ith a b it o f a grin. J u s t tak e off y o u r c o a t an d go to it; J u s t s ta r t to sin g a s y ou tack le th e thing T h a t “c a n n o t be d o n e,” a n d you'll do it. E d g a r A. G u est fcD AND MOM: B oth of you have a very sp ecial p lace in my a r t , I co u ld n 't a s k for b e tte r p a re n ts .Y o u nav e alw ays been ere w hen I needed y ou. Y ou nav e given m e the o pportunity to sit m an y different p a r ts of th e world and receive a good lucation a t the sa m e tim e. My love for both of you is bigger a n an y th in g you could im agine. THANK YOU, for everything >u have given m e. I w ouldn't hav e m ad e it th is far with o u t iur love an d su p p ort.R em em b er no m a tte r how old I get I will w ays be y o u r little girl. LO V E ALW AYS! }R E N : Hey, Spud ! Even though we do fight so m etim es I still ink you a re th e b e st b ro th er a s is te r could have an d I will ways love y ou. Y ou a re a g reat p erso n a n d a good ath lete. I innot believe how m u ch y ou hav e grown u p in th e la s t 3 y ears, enow you a r e going to be su cessfu l in life. E v ery tim e 1 see a

S u p e r Nintendo co m m ercial o r a S tu s sy sh irt I think of you. T h an k you for being an u n d erstan d in g b ro th er an d show ing me how to hav e fun in life by being a kid ag ain. LO V E ALWAYS! ST A C Y: Y ou a re a v ery sw eet girl a n d don't let an yone tell you different. You really have grown u p in th e la s t 3 y e a rs. I know m e being aw ay so long is tough b u t. rem em b er I will alw ays love you ! Every tim e 1 see a roller sk atin g baby com m ercial 1 think of y ou . T ak e it e a sy an d life will tr e a t you well. LOVE ALW AYS! GRANDPA: THANK YOU for everything you have done for m e a n d for alw ays believing in m e. I love y ou with all m y h e a rt and would do an y th in g for you . Y ou r th e b est g ran d p a a g ra n d d a u g h te r could have. T ake ca re of y ou rself and k iss F ritz for m e! LO V E ALW AYS! MIKA: W e have had m any fun tim es together an d vou have b een a g re a t friend. Y ou hav e alw ays been th ere w hen I needed y o u . Y ou a r e a very sw eet, ca rin g perso n an d don’t let anyone tell y o u y o u r not. I hope you get everyth ing you w an t o u t of life a n d m o re. Don’t forget to w rite m e after g rad u atio n . Hopefully you will go to college in C olorado s o we c a n visit e a ch o th e r. THANK YOU for everything you have done for m e. Love You! H EA T H ER O .: T h an k y ou for all the help in m ath . You have been a good friend. Love You! JAM UNA: Hey. Jam o o n erl Hey nice bu tt! Not! Try to keep your towel on n e x t tim e.Y ou ping-pong STUD! You have b een a good friend. T h an k you for everything. H ave a g re a t life a n d don't g et in to too m u ch trouble. Love You! RA Y: Hey. W h at’s u p ? T h an k you for being a g reat friend. You a r e a sw eet person.N o m a tte r w h at an y on e s a y s I still like the n am e “RAINBOW", it is unique Ju s t like you are. B e proud of it! Love You! H EA T H ER C .: Y ou a re a very different p erso n, n o t in a b ad way. Y ou alw ays m ake m e laugh! T h an k s for being a good friend. Love You! JO H N C .: Rem em ber earlier in th e y e a r you ask ed m e to write y ou a quote. Well, here it is : HI! Nah. ju s t Joking! Y ou really are a sw eet perso n deep down inside. J u s t try to listen to y o u r heart in stead o f o th er people an d th eir ro om ers. I Love you! KEVIN W : Have a g reat life an d keep on m aking people laugh! 1 am very so rry for eveiything I did th a t m ade you m ad . Y ou a r e a g re a t person! Love You! K E L IT : I love say ing y o u r nam e! It is s o cu te! You a r e a good ping-pong p layer so keep it up. Have a g reat life a n d don’t worry you w on’t be a F re sh m a n forever! You really a r e the sw eetest fresh m an 1 know. Love You! MARK B .: Hey. Nice sh irt! Very unique! T h an k s for being a good friend.Love You! HEIRAM A: You a r e a g reat vollyball player! Keep up the g reat work!l love the T ahitian language an d I hope to visit Tahiti so m eday. I b et girls in Tahiti drool over y ou. You really a re good looking .you know!I hope you life is filled w ith happ in ess and love.I Love You!

TONY: You a re a very stra n g e perso n . I hope life tre a ts you well. Y es. I did m y C hem istry hom ew ork. I su p p ose you w an t to copy it. Y ou p assed C hem istry, th an k s to m e. Don't w orry I won’t tell an y on e ab o u t you going o u t with ! T h an k s for being a good friend. Love You! DANNY E .: It h as been very quiet aro und here with o u t y ou . 1 m iss you! You a r e a very talented perso n . T h an k you for listening to m e and giving m e g reat advice. Every tim e I h e a r a B u rp I think of you.Love You! NINO: Y ou really do look good with long h air. You a re a very sw eet perso n so don’t ch an ge. I hope y ou have a g reat life. T h an k s for being a g reat friend.Love You! LU: Hey, Good Looking ! Football stu d ! 1 b et you a re going to be s t a r q u arterb ack for the V arsity team som eday. T h an k s for show ing m e how to through a football. Y ou a re my IDOL! Have a g re a t life! T h an k s for being a good friend. Love You! NINO,JOHN C .. H EA T H ER .S ER EN A . SHANNON. DIANA. LISSA , a n d B en : “T he Odd Couple" w as a great play and we w orked very h ard on it. Y ou all aid a g reat job! Have a g reat life an d keep on acting! HANNAH,SHANNON.SERENA.DIANA. AND K RISTA: My dinner buddies! W e have had so m e p retty interesting co nv ersations. R em em ber th e tom ato jo k e ! W h at’s the difference?! THANKS for being g re a t friends. Love You! M S. M ICH EL:You a re a truly nice person. T hanks for everything y ou hav e done. 1 will m iss you. M S. KAM EROW : T h an k s for letting m e u se y ou r phone. Sorry ab o u t all the late night calls. TO T H O SE WHO I MAY HAVE FORGO TTEN : Have a g reat life! T han k s! CLA SS O F 9 4 : Rem em ber. "T aking life one day a t a lim e is im p o rtan t b ecau se if y ou a r e to busy worring about tomorrow, y o u will m iss o u t on today!" T ake it easy a n a have a great life! "To H PA dl's been g reat!H asta La V ista. BABY! EV ERY O N E: Hold fast y o u r d ream s! W ithin y o u r heart Keep one still, se c re t spot W here d ream s m ay go. And. sheltered so. May thrive an d grow W here doubt and fear m ay not, O keep a place a p art. W ithin v ou r heart. F or little d ream s to go! Louise Driscoll

Carlo Redza Taib K .L .,M alaysia/ 4 yrs.H PA /4 yrs. Soccer/ 4 yrs. of pure struggle

^ ^ M um and D ad: The support you have given m e the past 4 years have been w onderful.Thank you for always believing in m e.I w ouldn't o f m ade it w ithout you two. Terim a Kasih.Redza sayang ayah dan ibu.K atrina: You've been everything I could ila eever w ant in a sister.Thank you for alw ays bein g there w hen I selalu kena m arah.Keep on jum ping.M aybe one day y ou 'll be able to play polo.Study h a ra for m um and dad.Redza sayang Katrina.T ok Shah and T ok K ay: I'v e done it. I d o n 't know how , bu t I have.Your love and support have guided m e through these last 4 years.Thank you for all o f the ice cream m oney.Terim a Kasih.I love you both.Tok Y ip and Tok "Nab: ' : TThan 1 'k you for everything y ou 've done for m e.I love you both very m uch.Tok N ab, 1 11 be w aiting for m y kapal terbang-Terim a Kasih.I love you both.UncIe Kam and Aunty T in a: You've done so m uch for m e.I know I never tell you guys how m uch I love you guys.I really am a very lucky boy.Thank you for believing in m e.T e.Terim e ‘ a Kasih.I love you both so m uch.Zain: Sorry to tell you,I'm a m uch better bolasepak player then you.Thank you for alw ays taking m e to) Pertam Pe: a and J2 gam es.I love you.M ak: Redza sayang m ak .T erim ak asih kerana m ak te la h ja g a Redza dengan penuh kasih sayang.M ak Redza nak Fish and Chips.Terim a K asih.Bapak: Redza tidak akan lupa Bapak.Kedza sayang Bapak dengan sepenuh hati.Reclza rindu Bapak.Terima Kasih.Shaik: Apa Khabar Batista H eguy?A re you ready for our little trip.Thank you for being tne best friend a bum like me could ever have.She's got that body.I love you.Buzzards rule!T.T: W hat's up m y forw ard ipartner ,w e'v e been through hell i T.We'v in soccer.This r.Thi: year it's ours for the taking.You've been a good friend.Com e on over w hen ever you w ant.Take care buddy.I love you .K evin: You s______ t.H ey K ev,nice face on your nose.You w anna be n____ a.Y ou've been the best friend I could ever ask for.Y ou 've been like a brother to m e.These dam n b________ s!!!!I love you bro.H ave a terrific senior year.Keep in touch o r I'll kick your white m onkey butt nom e.Peace A ssalam m ualaikum .Rosey: You chicano.Jon,stop pim ppin.Look at that booty.Take care du d m iss you alot.W e've been through hell and back.I love you.M ourning rulz over Shaq.Ted: You're one aw esom e goalie.A lm ost as good as m e.N ah just jokint No I'm not.Take care goalie.I'll see you in the future. May! in W orld Cup 1998






M alaysia ayj vs*U .S.A ?IonA : W hat a car?It's been ran hasn't if.KicKing Baileys butt You w ere a cool room m ate.To bad w p nvpn tn i ffprpnt dorm n o r m ss.Take .T a k e carp hi p-guy.Keep ^ u v .K p p d m w e m oved to n different care big in touch.Phillip: H ey Phil let m e play your am iga?It's been a blast.T ake care.I'll com e visit you in H am burg.D aniel: M y fellow num ber 14.That's a great num ber .You should o f stayed w ith soccer.Y ou 've been a great friend.I'll never forget you.Keep) in i touch.Thanks for returning m y shoes.Teff: Can t w ait to go cruizin in the "HOG".! don't know w hat to say dude.Y ou've been a helluva friend.I love you.Thank you for all the good tim es.Keep in toucn.A sa: A good team depends on their offence.N ah! ju st jokin g.Y ou 're a true soccer player.Keep on playin.I nope w e d o n 't ever play each other.I w ouldn 't w ant to burn you.Take care buddy .Brent: W here do you get all you r energy from ?It's am azing.K eep on kickin butt.Take care.E m il: ScannaklM aybe one day I'll com e visit you in H ana.Take care.Tamuna:! can 't believe y ou 're a prefect.Stop eating ginger.Take care.C layton: Thanks for taking m e to M ickey D s after gam es. A ppreciate it.Take care. K arl: N ice cross.This is our year to rip it up.10 goals each.Take care.A rjun: Sorry I slam m ed you to tne w all.Take care m y Indian friend.T aylor: Take care fam ily m an.A■*lex ”H : "Fullback.Ivan : You look so m uch like m y l l b a ................................. friend back hom e.Take care.Tason: H ey m an .'Take care.Cv: y.Jonah: Y ou're one of a kind.Take care.M ark FT: M y kid brother.You better play soccer.Take care.I love you.Peter: T each m e how to set.Take care dude.M ike M .: T ake a show er B ig red .T a k e care. Yoshi T .: C ut m y hair please.Kel 2: Em m it!D on't be hurtin any guys now .Take care m an.T akeshi: Y o u 're so gay.Shut up.Just kidding.Com e and visit m e som etim e.Thank you for alw ays m aking m e laugh.D on't you ever change.Take care.I love you.Lucas:The G RRRRRR! m an.Take care num ber 34*Keep veep in touch.Ita: Y ou've _got rocks for brains,but I still love y ou .It's been a super per year.! year.H ave the best senior year.Aw as! D adah M erbahaya.Take care.I'll m iss you.Serena: The first tim e I saw you I fell in love.You're a w onderful lady.ITl m iss you so m uch.I'll alw ays rem em ber you.Take care.I love you .Carrie: The love I felt for you w as real.The tim e I spent w ith you w ere the best.I'll alw ays rem em ber you.Take care.H arm onv: Suurry.A buut.Take care.K alei: You got to live and learn.Tharik you for alw ays playing that for m e.Take a re .Lindsev: Lindsey .Lindsey .Lindsey .M aile: You )ervert.N ah!just joking.ITl m iss you alot.Keep in touch.I pe

“ you.Em ilv: You look to m uch like Juanito.Take c a l *i little Kosey.Enjoy high school.It's the best tim e vou'UM have.H anai: Scotnai rip p en .N ice pass to Horiza G rant.Take care.Keep in touch.A bby: You thought I ■ forgot about you huh?Keep on playing soccer.Take fl care.G ood luck to the Class o f 94.Take care.I'll miss yew aU .

To those w ho have helped m e survive H.P.A.M rs. Y: S Thank you for everything.Y ou've been the best advisorl w ill really m iss you.Take care.I love you.Mr. Perry: Thai you for being a great coach.I really enjoyed it.See youl W orld Cup 1998.Mr. A nderson: ThanK you for believirtg in m e.Saved m y life.Take care. G ood luck to : Billy P,Trevor C,M iri B,Scott L,M arci J,K aui W Je n Y,Rob 0 ,M in d a M ,M alika C, Brady B,Krueger,H eather 0 ,H 's® H ,Teri H ,A rati C,Rob H ,Jeff Y,Joji T,Sheanna J,Ta'i,W ood y,Aaron R,Kam a K,Sum m er D ,Eric M ,A lena,A lana,Sarah C ,Suvit T,K aisit U,Tanva M ,M arshall,Erw in J,W illy W ,Ethan P.Chris S,NathaniM W ,H eim ata H ,Kainoa C,Johann T ,D evin M ,Y oshi K. IN O U R D ARKEST H OUR IN M Y D EEPEST D ESPAIR W ILL YO U STILL CARE? W ILL YOU BE TH ERE? IN M Y TRIALS AN D M Y TRIBU LATIO N S TH RO U G H O U R D OU BTS A N D FRUSTRATIO N S IN M Y VIOLEN CE IN M Y TURBU LEN CE TH RO U G H M Y FEAR AN D M Y CON FESSION S IN M Y A N G U ISH A N D M Y PAIN TH RO U G H M Y JO Y AN D M Y SORROW j IN TH E PROM ISE OF A N O TH ER TOM O RROW I'L L N EV ER LET YO U PA RT FOR Y O U 'RE A LW AYS IN M Y HEART? 1 - M ICH A EL JA CK SO N PEACE. ASSA LAM M U ALA IKU M

Sylvia Yuki Tewes Bom & D ad: T hank y ou for all y o u 'v e do n e for m e. |ve probably g iven you a lot of headaches for the tings I've do n e in the past seventeen y ears but I ape it w as w orth it.I love you both v ery m uch. lartin: I'ts been a pleasure being a sister. Thanks for being a great rother.

p a & O m a: A rigatou N atash a: W hose dis, w hat, 'ho? oh H i, Rem em ber that? M orning runs, asketball,Prom . Y o u 'v e been such a g reat friend and room m ate. W e'v e g o t along so w ell, thanks for utfcing u p w ith m e. D o n 't fo rget to m ake m e a quilt ad soon w e'll be going to N ew Z ealand!! I'll m iss ou. ILY C lare: T here's y ou r tape, Som alia, Ecology, tar parties, 61 sisters, Keoki, T une in Tokyo, I w as talking dow n the street..., Lo w Life, Feabom bi, jueezed his..., sherades, alarm a t K TA , K auai,Double tandard,D ove. T he y ears w ith y ou w ere so short dth so m uch m em ories. I'm so g lad w e had such a reat friendship. Thank you for being such a caring iend and for alw ays providing m e w ith a Kiss. ILY ngel eyes. L ind say: K auai, Inners, John, Kokee, liv in g Lessons, P r o m , Red Liquorish,Pine rees,H apuna, Sigo, Keoki, Sheriff D are, refecting,W ell, It's after 8:30 know b u t.... The memories w ith y ou a re so endless. Y o u 'v e been such w onderful, loving, caring friend. W e had som e fun weekends d id n 't w e. Y ou are m y venus. I'll m iss all \e fun tim es w e had and m aking Rice C rispy treats LY K alei: W e h ad such g reat tim es these past ears. Judo, Saim in parties, Spring Break, Talks after i-ball gam es, Prefecting . Y ou r m y sun and I'm y ou r ipon. W e had m uch fun in the d o rm s and out. hanks for being such a g reat and caring friend. N ew iea|and?!ILY V aih iria: H ey V! Rem em ber 69s. Judo. Ve had som e good tim es together. I'm going to visit o u in Tahiti som eday. Y ou 'v e been such a honest riend. Thanks for being such a loving friend. LYM aile: You have been the m ost sw eetest friend, tfaybe som eday w e could m ake an other trip to Vaimanu and w e will be Black belts. Thanks for the re a t m em ories and friendship. K eep playing iasketball! ILY Stacy: K auai, H apuna, A RV IN , Easter iggs, D riving Lessons,Basketball, Pine Trees, Steel â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ulse.The w eekends I had with you w ere som e of the neatest tim es I had here. C om e to Japan som e day md we'll go cruise. Thanks for being such a friend. LY. Drive Carefully and d o n 't fall asleepiK im : Mr. -over m an, Chava. K auai m em ories are endless. So low's G uy? I'm glad our friendship grew stronger as he years w ent on. Piss breaks a t Pine trees. Thanks o r your friendship y ou beautiful thing and good

luck. ILY M ika: Y ou Football Stud!! T here's m y bird! Basketball w as fun. Thanks for entertaining m e in all the classes w e had together. Y ou have been such a g reat friend from the tim es in M iddle School. Take care of yourself you sw eet thing. ILYLaura: G um atautau. I am not a Shirubiam achi! Prom , Easter hunt, Judo. T he next tim e I see you I'll be a black belt w hen you are still a yellow . Thanks for the great m em ories and for alw ays being a friend. M ake the m o st ou t of y o u r senior year, it'll go by fast. ILY M am iko: Disneyland w as fun ya? Prefecting w asn 't alw ays great bu t w e m ade it. Thanks for being such a great m anager and thank you for being such a sw eet friend. I'll be seeing you in Japan and w e'll go cruising do w n Roppogi. ILYYum i: I've never had a chance to see you in Japan but this tim e I prom ise I'll call y ou w hen I get to Osaka. Thankyou for being such a g reast m anager and I'm sorry you m issed o u t the past couple of years. Thanks for being such a kind friend for so long. ILY Em i: Hey Girl! A rt w as som e fun H uh?! Thanks for all the talks and zashi I borrow ed. Hopefully I'll see you in Nihon this time. Thanks for being such a friend. ILY. w atch o u t for those trees. A m y: T here has been unpleasent tim es in our years here bu t I think that the good tim es w e had, erases the bad. Thanks for alw ays listening to m e and for alw ays understanding. Y o u 'v e been a great friend and I'll be seeing you on B roadw ay som eday. ILY L iz: M y sister! W e've been through a lot together, A rt, prefecting, Basketball. M y judo partner. I hope the years that follow graduation will turn o u t the w ay y ou alw ays w anted, you deserve it. Thanks for alw ays m aking m e feel good about m y hieght and for being a friend. ILY Joanna: I really m issed you in the d orm s these past few years, but thanks for the smiles and talks everytim e I passed by. I love your hair and I really like your house. Good luck in the future and thanks for being a friend. ILY .Lasiandra: Y ou've been a real kind friend. The next time I see you, you'll be the w orld greatest tennis player from Sam oa. Take care of y ou r sw eet self and have a killer senior year.Jaisy : I've known you for a long time and thanks for you r sm ile and friendship. Kauai w as som e fun and it w ouldn't have been the sam e without you. Take C are of yourself. N inia: I w as alw ays honored when people m istook m e for being you. W e had som e fun tim es ou r freshm an year and at Pine trees. I m issed you in the d orm s these past years but thanks for alw ays being there. Y o u 'v e been a great friend since the first tim e I m et you. ILY M ichi: I'm

really jealous of that picture you have. Basketball was fun. Thanks for being a friend. M ichiko: That night w e dressed all in Black and carried w ater balloons w as so m uch fun. Thanks for the friendship and Good Luck!Lauren: W e've had som e fun times, Thanksgiving on Oahu, Pine Trees, Class C am p outs... . Thanks for the good times w e had and for being a friend. Take care of y o u rself. A lexa: The guys at Green G ardens w ere after you! Kauai w as so m uch fun. Thanks for being a friend.Star A: My twin. There never will be a year like our 8th g rade year. I'm so glad us being apart didn 't ruin anything between ou r friendship. I love you Cathie: I m issed you these past tw o years. W orking at that Fuji Film thing w as fun, w e should do it again som etime. Thanks for being a friend for so long and I'll be seeing you in Japan and on the M ainland, hopefully.Keola: Thanks for the bruises on m y hand. D on't drive Stacy*s car up any hills! Take Care. A sa: The times at Pine Trees w ere fun. Good luck in the future. K arl: Thanks for the use of your jeep. Lucas: Thanks for the deep conversations at Haena. Good Luck D aniel: W atch o u t for those thorns at H apuna. Take Care. Clayton: Thanks for the talks. Take careB lake: Thanks for taking m y seat and thanks for com m ing to H aena.H ayato: M aybe I'll see you in Nihon. Thanks for the laughs.Tom o M .: N ext year gambatene. M oshika shitara I'll see you in Japan. Ja'ane T epa, H e a th e r H ope you have a great Senior Y ear.Teri & Em ily: You loud neighbors you, be good next y ear when Natasha and I are not there to beat you up, nah just kidding. Good Luck.Iw alani: Third prefect on the hall, Thanks: V anda, Serina, Sarah M.: T w o m ore years, Good luck. Miwa, K rysta,T om ona,T ina,Leanne: Good Luck. Thanks for being such a fun hall! Special T hanks to the Faye's and Kadota's. I W ish the best of luck to: Jum una,M aya,Brynly,A ndy, Kelly,Dominic, R eb ek ah ,C h ris D. Je d , B ren t, T .J., M eg , M ik e,C y, J o n a h , S ien n a, A lia, H eath ,D am ien , Jeff. G o o d L u c k to : M iri, M ay L y n , L u ukia, A lan a, Ju n k o , N ah o , T a 'i, Jo y , C o le e n je n Y .,Ita. T h a n k y o u to : M rs. Y ., M rs. K a m ro w , M iss D o n ah u e, O s ca r M iss M ichell, M r. B ry so n , M rs. E m m o n s.

Mom and Dad: In our house full of broken furniture, and things that don't work, there is some­ thing that works better than any other. Our Family. Thank you for this and everything else. I love both of you very much. Gaga and Grampa: Thank you for always being there to help. Your love means a lot to me. I love you. Grampa: Please avoid the bigger bears from now on. Pono: You may not know it, but I am very proud of you. Good luck in the years to follow. O.K. I'll admit it, you are taller than me.

Jamuna: French, fun-Tack, you got me back. Kiholo, the shack, the cave, the morning. "It was dark." Jeff: Oops, I mean "JO E". Your Filipino accent realy does need some work. The 8-ball will die. Robert: You put up with more than you have to. "Silver Bullet" Kyle: Cones. What were we thinking!? T.G. Sam: "You've come a long way baby." Try to stay on the inside of the car. The box lives. Alfredo(Alf): It's been a blast. Some time I'll help you clean up your house. Heathe: We never went on that trip we planned in 7th grade. It's not too late. Waikaloa, who was that guy anyway? Marc: Frito-Lay, "Excuse me, we're taking a survey..." Hook shot, your car, they got us. Kea: I always did want to see Florida. Meg: No one else could do as much as you do and still smile. Something every senior must say: "These years went by faster than

James Kahea Thronas 6 yrs./ 4 yrs. SCUBA/ 4 yrs. Turtle Tagging/ A/V Prefect/ Bookstore/ Solar Car C lu b/17 yrs. Baha'i Faith/ 5 yrs. fixing the Land Rover. I expected, don't rush it." Everybody I forgot: You are not forgotten and never will be.

Jenifer Mikala (Mika) Tyler (ona 18 yrs./surfing/basketball 4 yrs./football / H.P.A. 6 yrs./Dorm prefect/ choir/ Cruzing >m & D a d - 1 love you both too much to explain. You both are very !.cud. I have made it. Without you both I couldn't have survived. You night me into the world to experience what I have done.Your support 1 love that you have shown for me has put me over the edge.I will 'ays be your little girl and helper, but will never forget how much you Ily mean to me.I will never forget how much I apreciate all that that |nave done. I love you both very much, Thanx for letting me be who I nt to be.Even though we may get in little disagreements I still H&ciate everything you do for me even though it may bring sapointment. I love y o u ! I You have been a great big baby brother much less a partner in crime, joy school while you can. It flys by so quickly. Have fun while you can. anx for being there and being one of my best friends. Good luck in the us ah ead . I'D miss you. Don't get into to much trouble. Take risks while j can. Life is here now ,use it wisely. Thank you for all the support and -e th at you have shown for me. Hove you. Take are of your sweet self, lieve in yourself because you are very special and unique in your own iy. I'D always be your sister and best friend. I don't know how life would without you. Please don't beat me up. I'm your best friend, an d m a -1 will always be your #1 grandaugnter. You are very special to Everything that you have done for me is muchly apreciated. Thank . for your support and love that you have shown me. I'll never forget it will! I forget how much I love you.How is the post in the garage? an k you. I never would have made it without you. ina an d Bumps-Without you two I never would of made it where I am w. I really apreciate all that you have done for me to put me through iqol.You guys are very special to me. Thank you for all your support d love that you have shown me. I love you both, ini- Hey mom! Stop getting me into trouble. You have been my closest end. Your trust has brought me up tp who lam today. Enuf flowers.Soph >men rips it up. I'll nver forget all that you have done. Thanx. The trips 'eth er. The pit stops(Pineapple is pretty sweet). The sad and happy jmentswe have shared will always be cherished. ILY! I miss you choke. K ihmore women rips! You get m e into too much trouble, you bad uence you. Nah! ILY! una- Oh Kamalana ! White sandy beach. Come on closer to me touch my life. Yuo have been a great friend . But you listen to too ich gossip. Nah. thankx for being understanding htrough both good and d times. 101 lies I swear you can write a book on this. The dance hows e bushes ? Good yeah. Nice bvds ! P.S. I am a girl. Thankx for everything hope that our friendship will grow in the years to come. Uno? Take care your sweet self. And if you ever need someone to talk to i'll be there. 5? Life is full of risks dont be afraid to take them. I DONT KNOW , DO DU ? I Love You forever and ev e r! dont forget th at. KIT. ILY. Thanks. dw is th e sizzler. Please dont go to any more sad movies. I'll never forget M ! Love ME !!! z B.-Sista. We have been through evreything together starting with OOalani preschool. Soap opras. Well I really appreciate all that you have _ >ne. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Tahoe memories will be kept, ow's that butt? The late nights.The secrets and the memories. You are !ry special to me and mean more to me than any other friend that I have iarea m y life with.I'll never forget you.Ultraman, boy some stories to tell. »e surfing lessons, crash boom! ILY!Take care and good luck to you. tanx for all that you have done. a ih iria- Thanx for everything that you have done for me! Keeping me in

line and for being there when I needed you the most. I am glad we became friends much less partners. Thanx for letting me borrow your window! We have come along way together. I'll never forget you. Basketball was great. The weekends together. I don't know what I would do without you. I can't tell you now much I appreciate everything you do. You are a very sweet person. Don't ever change. The first concert of your life. Never forget it!Kealoha? Kealoha kaawa. The trouble we have caused together. Sorry for being such a bad influence. Listen to my song.'Mahalo nui loa. Malama ponolILY! I'll miss you choke.Your beautiful. Don't hog all the guys, don't go breaking their hearts either! REmember the weekends . What we are all getting in trouble. NOT ! Your sweet and beautiful dont ever change. Liz J.-You have been a great friend much less practically a sister. We have gone through both good and bad times. I'll never forget the times we had in Sweden and Switzerland "snowboarding/'Thanks for always being there when I needed you. I'll never forget you. Prom night Ashley going crazy and the pool managers. Basketball was great. Watch my eyes. Don't forget my house is always open especially for holidays! I hope that we keep in touch over the years cuz you are very special to me. Thanks. Thankx for all the great memories . ja n n a - You have been a great friend. By the way you can't kil someone with a toothbrush. Prom night hit the ground. Ashley .The pool. So what ? When am I going to Australia? Try not to worry about what people say. Believe in yourself. It was great having you there for me when I needed someone.K.I.T.ILY.Thanx for everything. There are more guys out in the world than just the guys at this school,so look around. It would'nt hurt. Life sucks but I promise you'll still survive. Experience is all a part of life. It'll haunt you when you least expect it. Maile- You have been a really great friend. Without your help I don'y think I would of passed highshool. The wars at night. Roomates. We had a great time. Thanx for everything especially all the supprt you have given me. You are a baksetball stud! Take a break. Well I really appreciate you! I wish 1 was like you. P.S. You better invite me to your wedding. Do your dorm job.. Nah. Scum squad! Chill dude. Take care cuz I'll miss you. K.I.T ILY. Jen H.- We have been together for awhile! The 8th grade memoriesThe three musketers.Boy, we caused some trouble, the good the bad and the uglyYou have been a great friend.I'm glad that we nave come closer now that you're in the dorm.Prefictie. Keep up the good basketball skills. I wanna be like mike! You are really sweet don't ever change. I'll miss you. K.I.T.Cherish the memories and look into the furture.Follow your dreams, you never know,maybe they'll take you somewhere. Sylvia- H ey, partner in crime.Basketball student. I got yelled at too. How's the Kona guys?Not to cherry or yes?Prom, boy that was hilarious. Can I barrow dothes.Be quiet. Thanx for your support and help with Japanese. Take care.ILYIMiss you much Tropical twist? Natasha-Thanx for being a good friend. Don't cause to much trouble. Kay.It's been great knowing you Teach me how to get away with all the things you get away with. Manager give me water get me this fix that. Thanx. Without you I would be just asa confused as everyone else. Take care. Keep playing basketball. ILY! Thanx. Pottymoutn-Hey chick! We have had some pretty ancient memories. How's south doing. Are you holding it together. Foxy!How's the Ecology plants doing hallo . Don't cause to much trouble. How's Keoni Brown. Well thanx for being there for me. You make me laugh. Mahalo.

where's our table? Atoast to ----- c c XA Mugadishu, u~u u—g cSomalia,Somalia,Somalia, you...ILY and K.I.T! Thanx for being my friend. Chocolate ! Iknow that you are craving it right now. Kalei- What chick. Mrs. aloha or what. How's Algerbra 2? Nerd kiss,kiss!NahlYou've been a great friend.Your just the women. Take care kay.K.I.T. Love ya! Lindsay-Run faster it'll catch you. Thanx for being there with me.Ecology? Astronamy, bonus point! Thanx for everthing!I Hope everything goes well for you. Well no more basketball conditioning yes! Nobody's stupid there just not inteligent.What? Take care. K.I.T. ILY! Scott L.-How's the orange? It's okay if you drop it I promise. How low can you go? Now I know. Well I'm glad I got to know you, you've been a great friend. Football was fun with you.My twin brother. Well take care of your sweet self. One whole year. Enjoy it while you can because it goes by so fast! K.I.T. ILY! Clayton B.-Thanx for always being there when 1 needed someone to talk to. I'll never forget english class.Huck Finn.Prom, the sad and happy stories we shared.The english tests, the good and bad times, our campout. How's the sounds?Take care of your sweet self. Mahalo. K.I.T.ILY. Karl-please don't knock me on my a##!Nah! You have made me tough. We have gone through alot. My birthday party. Surfing.Thanx for being a great friend and good luck. Don't get into too much trouble.meditation st ups!Thanx for not making me do itand thanx for backing me up. Football camp.Double date?The little kid days.Soccer and baseball. My mouth is fine. At least now I have a clean house. Hah ! Take care. K.I.T.ILY! Good luck in the years to come. Asa-Well we haven’t talked very much but we have gone through alot. The wedding,the surf,the times crazing Ali'i drive, and the campouts. Well good luck in the years ahead. Thanx for everything.K.I.T.ILY! J.P- I Finally realized that you hit hard!Nah!It's been great knowing you. Thanx for everthing especially the laughs.I have never laughed so hard in my life. Jeff E.-Thanks for everthing , the talks the football practices. I swear that you are crazy! dont get into too much trouble cuz I care too much about you to have you get in trouble again. Take care of your sweet self. Good luck in the years to come. ILY.Kauai boyiUno. Laura-You underclassmen . Nerd. Gosh stay in your territory. Just Joke. Well thankx for everything. Dont laugh too hard. Dont break anyones heart. Thankx for being a great friend. Dont cause too much trouble. Its bad for you . Basketball stud what keep it up. I'll miss you . Take care. KIT. Trisha-Ho cuz! Thankx for being there through both good and bad times. Oh Kamalana ! Hi mom oh what yes? Hows my brother ? Oyster crackers rule . No fear ! Where are your books ? My room maybe. I’ll miss playing pile of crap OUCH ! Dont get into too much trouble while 1 am gone. Kit. Take care. Whoop there it goes. May-lynne-Was up ? anyway enjoy it while you can. Being a freshmen is the best year of highschool. Mr. Keala man. See ya a ^x>und H in Kona. Dont cause too much trouble. Keep Kona intact. When an you cheerleading? Da cruzer you know dat. Take care . Kit. Kerokerop . All kings you know what that means. Joy- And just, just SLAM ! How's the Kalaheo guys . Stud , thanks for everything Kit. cool huh . Who loves CY. ? Thanks f wall the water and gatorade. what get tape ? Thankx for everything tha you have done, and for being a great friend. Majalos.

Natasha Nami Suzuki Kekaha, Kauai M o m : W e ll I m a d e it th a n k s to y o u . I f it w a s n 't fo r a ll th e s u p p o rt, e n c o u r a g e m e n t th e p la n e tick e ts , a n d th e p n o n e ca rd I w o u ld n 't h a v e m a d e it. I re a lly a p p r e c ia te a ll th e th in g s y o u h a v e d o n e f o r m e in th e p a s t s e v e n te e n y e a rs. L o v e y o u ! D a a : I k n o w I 'v e b e e n a p a in to y o u in th e p a s t y e a r s, b u t I 'm g e ttin g b e tte r. I 'v e fin a lly b e g u n to s e e a fe w th in g s y o u r w a y . T h a n k s fo r a ll tn e e n c o u r a g in g ta lk s a n d a l l th e s u p p o rt y o u g a v e m e th ro u g h th e y e a rs! L o v e y o u ! M ic h e lle : M y o n e a n d o n ly b ig s is te r w h o a lw a y s to o k c a r e o f m e , th a n k s fo r a lr t h e s la p s! N a h , ju s t jo k in g ! I'm g la d y o u r b a c k to w a tc h o v e r m e. T h a n k s fo r e v e ry th in g y o u h a v e d o n e fo r m e. L o v e va! G ra n d m a a n d G ra n d p a R a p o z o : Y o u b o th h a v e ta u g h t, h e lp e d , a n d g iv e n s o m u c h to m e . I c a n 't im a g in e n o t g ro w in g u p w ith o u t y o u . I 'l l a lw a y s b e th a n k fu l fo r a ll y o u n a v e d o n e . I lo v e y o u ! A ll a u n tie s a n d u n cle s : T h a n k s f o r all th e lo v e , s u p p o rt, a n d e n c o u r a g e m e n t. L o v e y o u all! K a la n i: W e m a d e it!! i w i s h I w a s g o in g to g ra d w ith y o u . I 'm s o n y , I ju s t c o u ld n 't ta k e a n o th e r ro u r y e a rs o f ta k in g c a r e o f y o u . N a h ! I m is s e d g o in g to s c h o o l w ith y o u th e s e p a s t fo u r y ea rs. T a k e C a re !L o v e Y a ! C a th y : Y o u 'v e b e e n o n e o f m y b e s t frie n d s / c o u sin s e v e r s in c e I w a s fo u r. T h a n k s fo r a ll th e g o o d tim es a n d g re a t m e m o rie s in little o ld P a k a la to w n . T a k e C a re ! L o v e Y a ! C h e r: T h a n k s fo r all th e m e m o rie s . I 'l l n e v e r fo rg e t our _ _ _ b lu e s , a n d cr u z in g d o w n in te r s till d a w n r r tK in R w e s h o u ld g o to th e s to r e (in H a n a le i). T a k e C a r e a n d b e n ic e to K a l. L o v e Y a ! P a u l: T h a n k s fo r s till b e in g a k in d a n d c a r in g frie n d to m e. I w is h y o u th e b e s t D ecause y o u d e s e r v e it. T a k e C a re . L o v e ya! C h a n e l: C a n y o u o e lie v e it! Y o u 'll b e o ff o f th a t ro c k in n o tim e! N o m o r e k a y a s fro m y o u r d a d . W e ll w e 'v e b e e n th ro u g h a lo t b o th g o o d a n d b a d , a n d w e re s till b e s t o f frie n d s. T h a n k s ! I w is h I w a s th ere! T a k e C a re ! L o v e Y a!

Je n n ifie r : S o w h a t's u p lik a tu ? W is h y o u w e re h e r e I 'l l b e s e e in g y o u s o o n ! T a k e c a r e a n d try to b e o o d !L o v e y o u lo ts! y lv ia : Y o u v e b e e n m y ro o m m a te fo r a b o u t th re e y e a r s a n d y o u r fin a lly g e ttin g rid o f m e. T h e re w o n 't b e a n y o n e a ro u n d to k ill th e co c k a ro a c h e s fo r y o u o r to te ll e v e ry o n e to s h u t u p ! T h a n k s fo r b e in g s o k in d a n d c a r m g o v e r th e y e a rs. T a k e C a re . L o v e y a. L in d s a y : S o w h a t's g o in g o n K a u a i? I n e v e r s e e y o u th e r e . W e ll I h o p e y o u h a v e fin a lly le a rn e d to m a tc h y o u r d o m e s p r o p e rly w ith o u t S y lv ia 's an d m y h e lp . T a k e C a re . L o v e y a. K a le i: S o w h a t7s u p lo c a l s is ta ? W e m a d e it a n d w e 'll b e o u t o f h e r e in n o tim e . C a n 't w a it to s e e th e M a o ris . D o n 't fo r g e t m y w o n d e r fu l la u g h in g e o m e tr y . T h a n k s f o r a ll th e la u g h s . T a k e C a re . L o v e ya. M a ile : Y o u h a d b e tte r b e p r e p a r e d to s e e m e e v e ry d a y a t y o u r h o u s e s m c e D e r ric k a n d I w ill b e w a tc h in g th e s o a p s to g e th e r. N a h ! Y o u 'v e b e e n a g re a t frie n d to m e o v e r th e v e a rs. T h a n k s fo r a ll th e K elp in S c h o o l! T a k e C a re . L o v e y a. L a u r a " K u m a ta u ta u " :W h a t's u p lb la c k g irl. I 'll b e ju s t a s d a r k a s y o u s o m e d a y . T h a n k s fo r a ll th e la u g h s . B e g o o d . T a k e C a re . H a v e fu n n e x t y ea r! S ta c y : Y o u w o n 't b e b u g g in g m e a n d S y lv ia in th e d o rm s a n y m o re . N e x t u m e d o n 't try to h id e in o u r ro o m . T a k e C a re . V a ih ir ia : Y o u 'v e b e e n a s w e e t a n d w o n d e r fu l frie n d to m e. G o o d L u ck ! T a k e ca re . E m i: I h o p e y o u d o n 't f a ll u p th o s e s ta irs a n y m o re! T ry to s ta y o u t o f tr o u b le . T a k e ca re. M a m ik o : Y o u a re s o u r u s a i! T a k e C a re a n d b e g o o d in Ja p a n . Y u m i: T h a n k s fo r m a n a g in g th e te a m e v e n th o u g h y o u c o u ld n 't p la y . T a k e C a re . T e p a an d S a ra h : W e ll try to c o m e to p r a c tic e o n tim e n e x t y e a r! N a h ! S a ra h T a k e C a re o f " T w e e d y " a n d y o u rs e lf. J o y a n d L ia n n e : D o y o u s m e ll s o m e th in g ? W e ll ta k e g o o d c a r e o f th e g u y s n e x t y e a r a n a try n o t to

g e t y e lle d a t o r k ic k e d o ff th e fie ld b e c a u s e o f Tepa: T a k e C a r e o f Y o u rs e lv e s . F o o tb a ll B o y s: I h a d a lo t o f fu n w ith y o u g u y s ovei th e y e a rs. I h a d e s p e c ia lly fu n w a tc h in g y o u g u y s s u ffe r d u rin g 3 0 m in u te w o r k o u t. T a k e CareT! G oo L u c k to n e x t y ea rs te a m ! A m y : T h a n k s fo r a lw a y s b r in g in g m e a n d S y lv ia to to w n . S to p le a v in g s tu ff in o u r ro o m ! G o o d L u ck . T a k e C a re . 19 Jo a n n a : T h a n k s fo r b e in g s u c h a g re a t frie n d a n d 1 ro o m m a te fre s h m a n y e a r . I h o p e y o u a lw a y s lo ck y o u r d o o r. Y o u w o u ld n 't w a n t a n u n e x p e cte d visit* w a lk in g in to y o u r ro o m . T a k e C a r e o f Y o u rse lf, j L a s i: I k n o w y o u c a n 't w a lk a n y fa s te r b e c a u s e y o u ju s t a tu rtle . N a h , ju s t jo k in g ! T h a n k s fo r a ll th e 1 s m ile s .T a k e C a re . M ic h ik o : T r y n o t to g e t in to to o m u c h tro u b le! H o w o ld ? T a k e C a r e o f y o u rs e lf. a K e o la : "S tra a w b e ry y " W h a t s la p s! T h a n k s f o r all th b r u is e s ! D o y o u w a n t s o m e s tu ffs ? N a h ! T a k e C are! M ik a : I 'v e h a d a lo t o f fu n p la y in g b -b a ll w ith you . T a k e C a re o f Y o u rs e lf!! M ic h i: T h a n k s fo r ev e ry th in g ! Y o u 'v e b e e n s u c h a k in d p e rs o n to m e o v e r th e y e a rs e v e n th o u g h yoUj a lw a y s te a s e a b o u t th e w a y l ta lk . T a k e ca re. E m ily a n d T e rry : " s h h h h h ' Y o u g u y s a re s o o o o o 1 lo u d . T a k e C a re o f Y o u rs e lv e s . 1 D e rrick : W h a t w o u ld I h a v e d o n e w ith o u t y o u ? 1 T h a n k s fo r b r in g in g m e a n d p ic k in g m e u p a t th e J a irp o rt a b illio n rim es. I c a n 't th a n k y o u en o u g h . IT m is s y a ! C o m e a n d v is it m e o n K a u a i. T a k e C a re , j L o v e Y a L o ts. M ik e a n d D a rle n e H a n a n o : T h a n k s fo r le ttin g m e j s ta y o v e r s o m a n y tim es a n d p ic k in g m e u p a t th e * a irp o rt s o m a n y tim es. T h a n k y o u s o m u c h . T a k e a C a re . 1 M u ch T h a n k s to M r. B ry so n , T h e H a n a n o Fam ily/ 1 M s. D o n a h u e , a n d M r. M a rcie l.

Starr "Hoku" Mahealani Wedemeyer N e shall not cease from exploring. A nd at the end o f our cploring w ill b e to com e back w here w e started from ad know the p lace for th e first tim e."-U nknow n lom & D ad: Y o u 'v e m ade m e proud o f m y roots and listed m e w ith m y w ings to take flight. N o m atter how ir I fly, the love that is in side m e for you, w ill alw ays :ad m e back hom e to m y roots. lom : "W hat doing M a ? ' Y o u 're m ore than a m other to le, y ou 're m y closest friend. Y ou listen w ithout idgm ent, advise w hen necessary and h elp m e w hen I jek it. W e sh are a special bond th at no other m other and p d could share. I love you m omm a, pad: "R ise and shine! G et out o f the h op 'n d ote!" Y o u 're n e m ost determ ined m an I'll ev er m eet. Y o u 'v e taught nd show n us th at w e can accom plish anything if w e put u r hearts and m inds into it. I'll alw ays be you r H oney loney. I lov e you daddy. dca&Ryan: I'v e learned from you r m istakes and have een taught by you r successes, w hich have m ade my ransitions through life easier. I know that I am the lck iest of us three, because I have the greatest m en to iok up to and w ho'll be there for their little sister, lyan: Because o f the age difference, I never got to grow ip w ith you. I really m issed you. I know that if I need o u , you 'll be there. I love you. & a: "I let 'em kn ow !" W e have the m ost unique brother/ ister relationship, filled with love, laughter, and m any, nany tickle tortures! You are the genius o f the fam ily! I ove you, Hokes. 2randm a&Grandpa: Thank you for the love y ou 've given ne. Even though w e live so far apart, y ou 're alw ays in ny heart. I lov e you. ’utu& G randpa: I never got to know you w hen you were >n this earth. Yet I can feel you guiding m e and have seen roil in m y dream s. I love you. Extends Far Aw ay: "T h e m ost im portant discovery true iriends can m ake, is that they can grow separately vithout grow ing apart."-E . ro ley M ari: M y sister by love, m u are truly m y d earest and closest friend. W ords can 't ixpress m y feelm gs for you, so listen to m y heart and

y ou 'll feel it. "W here's the Ice?" Kalopa, Kona, Kiholo, sunbathing/sw im m ing nude, pictures, cruising A li'i D rive, N ew Years Eve, M errim an D aiauiris, running neked on the baseball field,"Free Love , A rm y m en, surfers-a blond for you and a brunette for me. The list of our good tim es goes on and w ill go on. You are my sunshine M ikala, I love you. "W hen you part from your friend you grieve not; For that which you love m ost in her m ay be clearer in her absence, as the m ountain to the clim ber is clearer fron the plain"-K ahlil Gibran Jake: Y o u 'v e been the m ost w onderful experience in my life. O ur m em ories w ill never fade and w e'll add many m ore to the old. You are m y best friend and you will alw ays be a part of m e.I love you. Susan: M y Birthday Buddy, our souls w ill alw ays w alk hand in hand through m agical lands together. I'v e enjoyed our talks. I've missed you this year. Kris:Thanks for trying to teach m e how to d rive stick and for being there w hen I need you. You really are a special friend.Friends: "A nd the song from beginning to end, I found in the heart o f a friend "-H .W . Longfellow Joanna: "A eh h !" H appy m eal toys, flow ers thrown in our face, m any m ovies and m any strange men. Dodging toads and watching the sting rays at M K B . Talks of w eird dream s and o f the future-rem em ber you 're m y lawyer when I get sued for m alpractice! Say "H i" to D aylene and Flaufy! I'm lucky to have been able to share these few years w ith you. Thank you for being you. I love you. Heathe: "H ey G orgeous!" M y tan friend- M au mai, MKB, Puako and Hokuw ailea. Yellow roses and A rm y men! Inner C ircle and Kaw aihae Concerts. M otow n and Sex dancers on stage(Prom '93). I hope you know that I can take care o f myself, but I'm glad you worry about m e anyw ay! Thanks for alw ays listening to m y dream s and letting m e be m y dorky self. I've enjoyed m aking m em ories with you. I love you. Cheyenne: "I w ant to hold the H andl!" I'm glad w e've rem ained friends. I m iss you n ot being at H.P.A., but I know that if I need you I can just pick up the phone! Karl: 11 th grade Fall Ball, cam pout, T he W all, UB40 Concert. I'v e trusted you throughout.Thanks for our talks

and for the cuddles. Clare: "If you love m e you'd sm ile"-I do! You always m ake m e laugh and smile. I'm glad that we have eachother to cry with in the m ovies("D id I ever tell you I love you"SO B !) Amy: "Excuse m e, what do you expect m e to do, use a coat hanger!" You are such a sw eet friend. I look forward to spending this last year with you. Jed :"Spray in the air and w alk through right Thanks for being m y buddy and for thinking of m e as a wom an and not as a chick! I guess m y dream s really do com e true! Sarah C.: I'm so nappy that w e've becom e friends and that caring about Jak e isn 't the only thing w e have in common. I hope you know that I would cross oceans to be with you if you need m e.D aniel:W e have so m any m em ories together that I will treasure. You've always been there and cared for m e, for w hich I will alw ays love you for. Thank you for m aking m e sm ile and laugh and for teaching m e about what true friendship m eans. I’ll see you on the 50 yard line! Andy: Rem em ber to be free and don't color within the lines!Jam una: O ne day w e'll bump into eachother on a nude beach! Michi: I'm glad I m ake you laugh, 'cause you m ake m e smile. My name is not H okulani!! Jaisy: ,;M y m om not 'gon com e back till M onday." Stacy: W e're just to creative for yearbook! Sandra: "W hat a id you guvs do after Prom ?”. Stay smiling! Alia, Kim ana Brynly: Tim e changed us and w e took our different paths. Our good tim es will alw ays be remembered. Good Luck to: Everyone in the class o f 1994! "C om e to the edge, he said. They said: W e are afraid. Com e to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them ...and they flew ."-G . Apollonaire "T h e difference between a flower and a weed is a judgm ent."-U nknow n "Every end is a new beginning"-U nknow n

M om , D ad & S is : First o f all, I th an k yo u very m uch for everything that you 've done for me. Com ing to the U .S . has m ade the biggest change in m y life. I w as very scared w hen I got to this school at first, but now I m ade it with a lot o f your support. You m ay be thinking that I'm still a child, I'm not that child. B u tt still need your help a lot, so please support m e. And don't forget that I love you so m uch.Y osni. T : Even though y ou 're LA ZY som etim es you are the most fam ous Japanese a th le te in HPA. I don't think that you are good athlete because you d id n't practice hard this year. D on 't be sad because you cannot play any sports next year, I know you can have fun a n y w a y . Just keep trying to be cool like me. D am ian. A : I thank you so m uch for being a good friend. Com e to m y house anytim e in Japan, I 'll ta k e you to so m any fun places. I know you love me, o f course " A ISH IT E K U " so m uch, because y ou 're ju st toooo cool !!!!!!!!Lucas. H : You know , you killed m e so m any times in Football practice these two years. You better stop hitting people, because they are n ot tough as m uch as you, o f course I'm m uch tougher than you, but everybody else is not, so be careful about it.K eola. L : O h m y gosh !!! Y ou're soooooo big !!!!! Thank you for everything m the last two years. I love you m ore than you love m e !!!!!!!Jed. E : H ow can you be that strong ?!!!K arl. H : Y o u 're a stud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you w ill com e to Japan som etim e in the future, Call me, I'll take you anyw here you w an t!!!!!!!Jeff. E : Oh! Sorry tough guy. W hy can you stick m e dow n that hard in Football. W asn 't it fun to play in scout offense and defense?!!!! I loved that, and Ilo v e you , so d o n 't hit me.'Erik. B : H ey W e are in UP TH ERE !!!!!!!! H ow 'z our last year o f H PA life. I w ant to say thank you for everything. You are o ne o f th e coolest prefects in the H artw ell's, w e w ere in da H ouse last tw o years. Sw im as m uch as you w ant in college. G ood Luck !!!!!Jason. H : I really like you r car. D on 't drive you r car roughly for saving your life. ST A Y CO O L LIKE TH A T !!!!!D o m in ic.: W e go play g olf dow n by the English building !! I w ant to show how good I am. W asn 't it good being dorm prefect. Anyw ays, w e m ade it n ow !!!!!Jonn. A : You are ju st too tough !!!!!! Please d o n 't hurt me. W asn 't it cool to be a dorm prefect this year. I loved that. A nd you better drive slow er for saving your life. A nyw ays, thanks for everything these tw o y ears.B lake. R : You are the tallest guy w ho Pve ever seen before in m y life, and I knew w hy this year, because you eat so m uch eh !!!!!!!!!K ris. H : Thank you for carrying m e around the dorm at 10 :2 0 , Y o u 'er toooooo huge !!!! bu t I'll beat you in golf som etim e !!!!Stacy. K : Thank you for calling m e "Jo e" everyday. I Love you so m uch. S y lvia. T : I w an t to see you in Japan, so If you T1 com e to W akayam a som etim e, please call m e. I'll take you to eat fresh oranges.K ea. C : Som e of your jokes w ere kind o f hard to understand for m e, so I couldn't laugh that m uch, and even w hen I understood som e of it, I d id n 't laugh that m uch. But th at7s O K. Thank you for everything !!!!!! N oah. P : You are m athm atical genius, w hy can you figure out da kind stupid questions. And also I w ant to listen to the national anthem that you played w ith you r fancy guitar again. Ph illip . H : Thank you very m uch for everything that you 've done to me. You helped m e so m uch. H ow 'z your oeing prefect in our last y ear o f HPA life, w asn 't it cool. I loved that. N ow w e m ade it. I hope that I w ill see you som etim e in our future.A ndy. C : Your Japanese speaking skill is really good, especially bad w ords, you better n ot say the b a a w ords too m uch. A nyw ays thank you for everything. I love you so m uch!!!!!!!!!R edza : I w anted to play football w ith you. T hank you for everything, the bad and the good.T J. K : H ow com e you are so m ean to m e? You better be nice to m e right away, if not, I m ight cry soon. Please do n 't m ake m e cry. But I love you !!!Em il & Sean . L : I w ant to go to your nouse in Hana again, I love you r house so m uch. Thank you for everything. Please say thank you to your parents too.K risten. B : W hy you hit m e so hard everytim e when you see me. You hurt m e so bad. But I love you v e ry m uch, good luck in you r college.Liz. J : O h m y gosh, you are so beautiful. I love you sooooooo m uch!!!!Jen. H : Thank you for being really nice to m e these last tw o years, I hope that w e can see som etim e in our future, I'll m iss you !!!!!!C hris. D : Is w restling fun for you ? I know that y ou'll say yes, but not for me, because I'm n ot tough enough like you. Y o u 're ju s t too tough !!!!!!! and also thanks for giving m e a ride to tow n, so if you 'll com e to Japan som etim e, call me!!! I'll take you anyw here you want to go. M ich i. H : It has been great know ing you well in m y last year on H PA. Thank you for being good friend, I love you soooo m uch !!!!!!!Lindsay. F : Please d o n 't push m e hard, I'll fall down. N ate : Thank you for giving m e very nice nicknam e " Jo e " 3 years ago. Aj\d I w ant to ask you this again, "H ave you seen m y ' Blue D eeeedoo" ?" If y ou find it, you can have it. A nyw ays, I love you so m ucn !!!Tom o. M : Keep practicing golf, but you can 't beat m e anyw ay. And one m ore im portant thing, d o n 't m ake any girls cry any m ore, you 're stud !!!!Toyom i. S : Love is a wonderful thing, and you 're still young, so d o n 't be so shy to love som ebody. Peter. D : " Sore k u s o chaaaaaaaun lea !!!!!!!!"K ipp y. S : You can catch a football well, but not as m uch as m e eh!!!! Brady. B : Tell m e how to run the " 7 " w ell, Good Luck in football next year, you can do it !!!Ryan. S : Thank you for all the golf lessons. Y o u 're so bad eh !!!!!!!!!!!!!Scott. L : Thank you for giving me nice hair cut every time. Jo h n . R :

Hayato "Joe" Yamaguchi JAPAN / 3 YEARS / FOOTBALL / GOLF / DORM PREFECT D on 't forget that I am a p r e fe c t!!!!! T hank you so m uch for being really nice to m e. I w on't forget you !!!!!Y oshi K: Hey, I w ant to catch your football som e m ore. I don't think that you are tougher than m e, I'm m uch stronger than you, so keep w orking on w eight lifting. I love you big stud.!!!!A aron. R : Y o u 're going to teach m e how to surf w ell like you, and also tell m e how to be cool ju st like you, bu t d o n 't forget that I'm a prefect.M oto. M : Y our English is soooo good. Get som e sleep, d on â&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stay up too late.H isay uk i ( C h ris). S : O h M y G osh !! Y ou are so huge!! Please d o n 't hit m e MMDevin. M : H ow 'z your first year on JV , next year y ou 'll w ork harder and show m e big picture o f you on new spaper. Please call m e w hen you 're m Japan , 1 11 take you anyw here you want. T hank you for everything !!!!!!Johan. T : Thank you for giving m e som e sodas. You better not eat too m uch saim in, it's not good for you. Jason . H : W hen I go to G uam , I'll call you, so please take m e to som e fun place. A nd I w ant to the chicken w hich you cooked again, that w as baaad!!! Tom o. Y : H ey !! You little brother !!! I'll beat you in golf som etim e. A tsum a. N : Just do w hat you w ant to do, you big tough guy.

T aK e : You are soooo funny, Keep acting like that, mak| everybody laugh, th at's the w ay to have fun in H PA !!!!$ Ko : Ju st try to b e cool like me. P eop le w ho I fo r g o t: T h a n k y o u for everything. M r. Bryson, M r M arciel & M r. P e rr y : Thank you very | very m uch for letting m e play in practice. I w ill not fo rp the Football season forever. T h a n k you so m uch : Mr. M rs. Otto & Dylan, Mr. & Mrs G om es, and Mr. Behring. M a y u m i: You know that you 've been such a special J person for me. I think that at least a half of my memories at H PA is w ith you. I w ill thank you so m uch for everything that you 've done for m e in last 3 years. You better to spend your last year carefully, tim e goes so fas) specially your senior year, and m ake good m em ories i som e m ore. Y ou'll know that how im portant those m em ories are w hen you graduate. I believe that I will hi able to see you som ew here som etim e in the future, because I love you m ore than just a friend. D a K am akani F oo tball guyz & coaches : Thank you for giving m e the biggest m em ory in m y llife at H PA these la s t two years. G ood luck for next year, I love you a ll J sooooo m uch!!!!!!

c r a z y s * * t w e d id .

Keala, Kris, Kea:

M a h a lo f o r b e lie v in g in m e a n d

b lo c k in g fo r m e . Y o u g u y s a r e th e h a r d e s t w o rk e r s o n th e te a m .


W h e n in d o u b t, p le a d th e fifth . N a h w e ju s t

w o n â&#x20AC;&#x2122;t g e t c a u g h t. K ille r tim e s w ith y o u a n d s till w a y m o r e to c o m e .

Ari: S o

w h a t? W h e n w e g o in g g o d r in k a n d g o

fis h in g d o w n K a w a ih a e ? M a k a la w e n a w a s g o o d tim e s , E g g in g w a s g o o d tim e s , A ll th e p a r tie s w a s g o o d tim e s , T h e r e 's s till tim e f o r m o r e g o o d tim e s .


A ll s e a s o n w e c o m p e te d f o r th e s a m e

p o s itio n a n d it n e v e r c h a n g e d o u r r e la tio n s h ip . T h a n k s f o r p u s h in g m e e v e ry d a y .


L in e b a c k e r s a r e s o m e o f th e m o s t im p o r ta n t

p la y e r s . I â&#x20AC;&#x2122;m g la d to h a v e p la y e d d e fe n s e w ith y o u . P .S . Y o u h a v e th e s tin k e s t fu tts.

Asa: Y o u 'r e

th e m a n ! N o th in g e ls e n e e d e d to sa y .

J a d e : P u m p in g g a s to n ig h t. W h y d o y o u le t u s te a s e y o u ? A t le a s t w e n e v e r r e a lly m e a n it. IP s b e e n fu n .


W h e r e 's m y r in g ? Y o u c a n fin d a b e tte r

m a n . Y o u 'll a lw a y s c a r e a b o u t m e . A n d I o w e y o u th e fa v o r .


Is th e r e s o m e o n e a s s w e e t a s y o u in th is

s c h o o l. I d o u b t it. I a p p r e c ia te y o u c a r in g f o r m e. T a k e c a re .

Andy: T a k e i t e a s y . D o n 't g e t s k in c a n c e r. Jed: T h e m a n th a t e v e r y b o y w is h e s h e c o u ld


D o n 't e v e r ch a n g e . J e f f : I d a r e y o u to s tic k f in g e r a t a ll th e c a r s th a t p a s s b y . W e 'l l g o c r u z K a u a 'i s o m e tim e .


Y o u lo v e r b o y . C h a s in g a ll th e c h ic k s . W e 'v e

h a d s o m e g r e a t tim e s th e s e p a s t y e a r s.


K e e p s h in in g th a t b e a u tif u l s m ile

b e c a u s e it a lw a y s p u ts a s m ile o n m y fa c e . T a k e c a r e o f y o u r s e lf


H i N in ia g irl! Y o u 'r e th e b e s t c h u b b y

b u n n y p la y e r I 'v e s e e n . T a k e c a re .


I 'm g la d y o u p u r s u e d p la y in g b a s k e tb a ll.

Y o u 'v e im p r o v e d a lo t s o s tic k w ith it.


H o w m a n y tim e s d id I b e a t y o u a t o n e o n

o n e fr e s h m a n y e a r ? I 'l l s till ta k e y o u o n a n d le a v e y o u b e h in d .

Natasha: J e r s e y s

c le a n , h e lm e ts s n u g , w a te r g o o d ,

le a d p o is o n in g b a d . N a h . T h a n k s fo r p u ttin g u p w ith u s. Malia S .: G r e a t p a r tie s . W is h y o u c o u ld h a v e b e e n w ith u s h e r e a t H P A . Michiko: M y m o s t im p o r ta n t fr ie n d . I t 's v e r y ra r e to fin d a f rie n d lik e y o u . I 'l l n e v e r fo r g e t th e ta lk s a n d p r o b le m s w e 'v e h a d . Y o u r 'e th e o n e p e r s o n th a t r e a lly u n d e r s ta n d s m e . I th a n k y o u f o r b e in g th e p e r s o n y o u a re . T a k e g o o d c a r e o f y o u rs e lf.


I a m s o lu c k y to h a v e h a d s o m e o n e a s s p e c ia l

a s y o u in m y life . T h a n k s f o r ta k in g c a r e o f m e

Jonah K. S. Yardley

a n d b e in g m y f rie n d . I.L .Y .

Good luck to my underclassmen friends: T e p a ,

Kamuela, Hawaii/13 years/ Football 4 yrs./ Baseball 4 yrs./ Studying fa th e r s th e r e s t o f o u r liv e s o r a r e w e g o in g to b e 1 Triweekly w o r k in g o n a c a s e fo r th e W a im e a p o lic e

'ad : I c o u l d n 't h a v e a s k e d f o r a n y m o r e s u p p o r t

d e p a r tm e n t (W e w o u l d n 't b e a b le to fin d ja c k

lan y o u 'v e g iv e n m e . I d o a p p r e c ia te a ll th e

s h ir t). W h a t h a v e n 't w e d o n e th e s e p a s t y e a r s . I 'v e

ic r ific e s y o u h a v e m a d e fo r m e . T h a n k y o u fo r

h a d s o m e o f th e b e s t tim e s o f m y life s o fa r w ith

s in g m y d a d a s w e ll a s m y c o a c h , lo rn : T h a n k s f o r th e lo v e a n d e n c o u r a g e m e n t y o u

y o u . K ic k a * * n e x t y e a r . Damien: I h a v e s o m a n y m e m o r ie s w ith y o u . W e

a v e g iv e n m e . It m e a n s a g r e a t d e a l to m e.

g r e w u p a n d d id a lo t to g e th e r . I h o p e y o u

l a r c i : T h a n k s f o r th e a d v ic e y o u a lw a y s g a v e m e .

a c c o m p lis h a ll y o u r g o a ls a n d s u c c e e d in life

h e lp e d a lo t. A n d th a n k s f o r ta k in g c a r e o f u s fo r 5 m a n y y ears. l y S i b l i n g s : Y o u g u y s p la y a n im p o r ta n t r o le in

b e c a u s e y o u 'r e ta le n te d a n d g ifte d . Kim: H o w lo n g h a v e w e k n o w n e a c h o th e r a n d o n ly n o w w e a r e c lo s e . I h o p e y o u c a n fin d a m a n

ly life . I 'v e h a d th e m o s t f u n w ith y o u g u y s . I ju s t

th a t d e s e r v e s s o m e o n e lik e y o u .

d s h w e w e r e a ll to g e th e r r ig h t n o w .

M i c h i: Y o u 'r e in c r e d ib le . I fe e l s o p r iv ile g e d to

ie o la : W e s h a r e d s o m a n y e x p e r ie n c e s to g e th e r ,

k n o w s o m e b o d y lik e y o u b e c a u s e y o u a re a

r e s c h o o l, L itt le L e a g u e a n d P o n y b a s e b a ll, B e e fs

s p e c ia l in d iv id u a l. T h a n k s fo r th e rid e s to s c h o o l.

t m id d le s c h o o l, D is n e y la n d , a n d fe e d in g s e a g u lls


e n n ie s in O r e g o n . I h o p e y o u s u c c e e d n e x t y e a r ,

if y o u w e r e n 't h e r e . I 'll a lw a y s r e m e m b e r a ll th e

l a te : S o w h a t c u z ? A r e w e g o in g to w o r k fo r o u r

P s y c h o B o y . T h is s c h o o l w o u ld n 't b e a s fu n

B r a d y , R ic h a r d , K a in o a , S a r a h , P e te r, L a u r a , E rik , R o b , J u a n ito , W illy , A u s tin , H e le n e , G r a n t, E th a n , S h a n e , B illy , C h r is S ., J o y , L ia n n e , K e v in , A r n o ld & to th o s e th a t m a tte r.

Mr. Bryson & Coach Marciel:

T h a n k y o u fo r

te a c h in g m e e v e r y th in g I k n o w a b o u t th e g a m e .

Coach Shaw & Coach Chinen: e n c o u r a g e m e n t.

T h a n k s f o r th e

Samuel Wilcox 7 years/Kamuela, Hi 967..uh?/All around winner Mom - To you I owe my past and my future. I may not show it sometimes, but I truly consider you my best friend. Erin and Ted - You guys really make a good couple, a late but a good couple, and darn can you guys make a Cute kid!! I really don't understand why I sleep all day Booma and Boompa - 1 idolize you both, not only as two successful individuals but also as one beautiful team. Your support has been unbelievable, your patience has been unequivoble. Emma - 1 can't quite describe how much joy you've instilled into me. The hardest thing about going away to college for me, will be missing you. Uncle Steve- You taught me how a true relationship between man and God can be achievable. Uncle Cratch- Your like the father I always wanted.

K au i-1 gotta admit your like a sister to me, and though sometimes I like to tease, I'm really jealous of the potential I see in you. Critter- My advice to you: never understimate your abilities. Robert- To you I base the truest definition of a friend, and though we might not be able to make it into any college of our choice, I have a feeling we'll both be all right. Jeff- Your such a bad influence. W e've turned our high-school career into one big adventure of epic proportions, and believe me the best has yet to come! I truthfully think your a really funny guyKahea - You and I both share a passion for automobiles, and I admit you've taught me alot. I respect your beliefs, and I imagine by the time this is published your Rover will be in motion... downhill but deffinitley in

motion. Kyle - You deffinitely know who you are, and you deffinitely know where your going, and I'll give a whoot's butt anybody's going to tell you different, j Oh, by the way. The check's in the mail Marc - In America we drive on the righ side of the road Clare - Even though we may not see ey to eye (or fist to lip) on many issues, I gotta hand it to you, you got one hell of an uppercut. Smith - 4TH GRADE MAN, we did it. It's been eight long years, and look at al we've accomplished, it could make a grown man cry.

Alia Elayna Zuke kVaimea/ H.P.A. 6 years/ G YM N A STICS/ X-CO U N TRY/ TRACK MOM AND DAD-1 o w e

e v e ry th in g to y o u g uys. Y o u h a v e sa crific e d so m u c h fo r m y "h ap p in e ss, an d I c a n 't e v e n e x p re s s h o w th a n k fu l I am ! I o n ly h o p e th a t I c a n g ro w u p to b e a s g iv in g as y o u tw o. I am so lu ck y to h a v e b e e n b le s s e d w ith th e tw o m o st W O N D E R F U L p e o p le in th is w o rld . N e v e r, ev e r |give u p ...I L O V E Y O U W IT H A L L M Y H E A R T ! AIMEE- M y b e a u tifu l b a b y sister. I h a v e w atch e d y o u g ro w in to a v e ry sp ec ia l p e rso n . N o m a tte r w h a t a lw a y s b e y o u rs e lf an d liv e y o u r d ream . I w ill m is s y o u M in n ie! Meghan.Take and Mac- T a k e ca re o f m y b a b y sis, a n a d o n 't g e t in to to m u c h tro u b le! Shawna- M y b e a u tifu l g o d siste r, d o n 't b r e a k to o m a n y h e a rts... I L o v e Y o u -Jelly b e a n ! EMILY AND SARAH- I'v e lo o k ed u p to y o u all m y life. A n d n o w fin a lly I a m jo in in g y o u g u y s in th e " re a l w o rld " . Y o u h a v e ta u g h t m e so m u ch . I m iss th e tim e w e h a v e sh a re d . O n e d a y o u r p a th s w ill cro ss a g a in ... IL Y ! MAYA- Y o u h a v e b e e n a b ad in flu e n c e on m e fo r as lo n g a s I ca n re m e m b e r, an d I Love You fo r it. B o o g ie b o a rd in g in y o u r riv e r, s tu d y in g fo r fin a ls in th e fie ld s, ice b lo ck in g o n B u s te r B ro w n , m o n k e y in g a ro u n d , m a n y w o n d e rfu l b irth d a y s, B E IN G C R A Z Y A L W A Y S ! A p a rt o f m e w ill a lw a y s b e w ith y o u , no m a tte r w h a t life b rin g s. Y o u h a v e so m u c h to g iv e th is w o rld , n o w 's y o u r ch a n ce to g o o u t th e re an d sh ow th em y o u r p o w er. M y g em in i sister, I can n ev e r sa y g o o d b y e . KELLY- G o o fy -I a m th e trip p in g q u ee n . S o m e m em o rie s w ill n e v e r d ie ; P la y in g allig a to r w ith y o u an d y o u r b ro th e r, fo o d fig h ts, p la y in g in th e field s... su n sh in e o f y o u r h eart! Y o u h a v e th e P O W E R to liv e y o u r d rea m s. I a d m ire y o u r stre n g th an d learn s o m u ch fro m y o u r b e a u ty . G o o d L u ck!

Y o u r c h ild lik e lo v e w ill liv e in m y h ea rt fo r ev er... A R O S E b y a n y o th e r n a m e w o u ld n 't sm ell a s sw ee t...I L O V E Y O U K e lly R ose! KIM- Je a n s sh rin k w h en th ey g et w e t, b rea k in g y o u r d o o rk n o b , ru n n in g d o w n to C y 's , B irth d a y p arties; Ju s t a few o f o u r sp e c ia l m em o rie s. Y o u r brillia n c e a n d p a ssio n w ill lea d to th e su ccess y o u d e s e rv e in th is life. I w ill n ev e r fo rg et y o u m y g em in i sister. L U C IE -1 L O V E Y O U ! MEGAN- P lay in g in th e m u d , s lu m b e r p a rties, g ym m ea ts; Ju s t to n a m e a few ...T h e G iv in g est T ree. You g iv e so m u ch , It w ill a ll co m e b a c k to y o u o n e d ay . I w ill n ev e r fo rg et a ll th e tim e w e sh a red . I h av e alw a y s lo o k e a u p to y ou . I L O V E Y O U M E G ! HEATHE- T h e re is a sh e riff in W a im ea ... B o o Yah! W e w ill m ee t a g a in o n e d a y o n th e b ea ch ... T h e stre n g th th at ties u s to g e th er is stro n g e r th an the w in d . L isten to it h ow l. H ea th e B a r C ru n ch y o u are tru ly sp ecial! I L O V E Y O U ! HEATHER- " I w an n a b e , I w a n t to b e lik e H eath er, If I co u ld b e lik e H e a th e r!" Y o u r stre n g th n ev e r ce a se s to a m a z e m e. C a u tio n , D o n ot e n te r; b rea k in g th e law ; A Z H O 'S ; O rig in a l G a n g sta s! " N o bird soars to h ig h , if h e so ars w ith his o w n w in g s." G O O D LU C K , I LO VE YOU! Alexa- H o w 's A u n t M a tild a ? R a n d o m w o m a n . Liv e y o u r life w ith L o v e a n d H ap in ess! Sandra-Mv little a n a ly z er. Y o u w ill g o fa r, d o n 't fo rg et to sto p a n d h a v e so m e fun! L in d s a v -H o w d v Sh eriff! Y o u n u t, sta rlig h t cafe fo rev e r. N ev er fo rg et M a g ix - A u n t Ja m im a and the B elg iu m w affles. T h e sp irit o f a ch ild liv es in sid e, n ev e r let it die! Michi- Y ou a re a stu d ! I w ill teach y ou th e fro n t flip th ro w in... G o o d L u ck o n y o u r path. Jaisy- H a llo w e en , tw o h ead ed m o n ster; N ew y ea rs ; M o v ies. It w as g reat. Y o u r k in d n ess is stro n g en o u g h to lig h t a fire... L o v e Y a-G oo d

R each fo r th e Sta rs... IL Y fStarrijâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Morgan- S tick y fin g e llo w y o u r dream s! Laura- S ta y sw eet an d b e a u tifu l...G o o d Luck! H'Sien- K a m a k a n i ich i ban ! G oo d Luck! Robbie- Y o u 'v e g o t th e w ill p o w e r b ab e. S ta y on y o u r fee t an d y o u 'll m a k e it ju s t fine. Jenny- H i Jen n y L ee, a re y ou rea lly h a lf C h in ese? C h ili P e p p e rs, w e lo v e th em ! T a k e it a ll th e w ay sw eetie... Clare- Full m o o n s in th e p a rk fo rev er, T h a n k s fo r all th e lau g h s.IL Y Sienna- T a k e ca re o f y o u r sp ecia l self, I L o v e Y ou b e au tifu l! Barry- T h a n k s fo r o p en in g m y m ind. P a th s that cro ss w ill cro ss again ! D.L.M.- T h e m em o rie s w e sh a red ca n n ev er co m p are. The X-Countrv Team- "Ju s t b e ca u se y o u h av e evil leg s d o e s n 't m ean y o u c a n 't b e a n ice g irl." Y ou all h a v e th e p o w er in y o u , y ou ju s t h av e to d ig d eep en o u g h ! P a in is ju st a feelin g , ru n n in g is a state o f m in d ... GOOD LUCK! Mr.Conley- Y ou h av e ta u g h t m e alot, and I am so th an k fu l fo r ev ery th in g. Joy- T h a n k s fo r a lw a y s b rig h te n in g u p m y day! T o t h e C l a s s o f 1 9 9 4 : T h e fu tu re is o u rs to m ake! "V I

Thanks for all your support: T h e

B ry so n s, Mr. S h u tte s, T h e G iffin s, T h e B u sch ers, T he M cN a u g h to n s, T h e Ja b o rs, B eth and Lisa. Good Luck to: Bren t, D ev in , A ri, A n d y , Brynly, M ich ik o , Jed , Bren t, A m y, Ja so n , C la y to n , Stacv, R eb ek ah , N in ia, Jo a n n a , C y , L u cas, Jo n a h , T h ea n a , W h itn ey , T -C h a rlie, H elen e, S h ea, S ea n G ., Lisa J., B lak e M ., T iffa n y , Ju lie , Jo h n y B.! S U N F L O W E R F IE L D S FO R E V ER !! T o all: It's b e en a g ood tim e togeth er! " I f i t ' s t o b e , It s u p to m e !"



Winds of Change '95 Jennifer Akama Kamuela, Hi Mitsuhiro Anada Nara City, Japan Luukia Archer Saudi Arabia Brady Bergin Kamuela, Hi Cindy Berning Kailua-Kona, Hi Miri Breslow California Cheyney Bryan Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Richard Bryson Kamuela, Hi Royce Cabanilla Kailua-Kona, Hi Trevor Cabell Honolulu, Hi Arjun Clarry Hilo, Hi Malika Cook Keeau, Hi Megan Cooperson Kailua-Kona, Hi Tepa Cordeiro Kamuela, Hi Sarah Cordeiro Kamuela, Hi David Craig Kamuela, Hi Peter Dahlberg Kamuela, Hi Laura Dierenfield Kailua-Kona, Hi Erwin Ojaja Surabaya, Indonesia Serena Dwyer Hawi, Hi


Lbove: Serena studies hard for Ir. Hall's class. Below: Lasi usual, happy self.

L e f t : Sheanna, H elene, C indy, Serena, and Ita chillin' on the ju n ior lanai. A bove: Brady and R ichard taking a w ell deserved break. B elow : Ju n io r bonding w ith M r. Stew art.

Jennifer Fischer Kamuela, Hi Mayumi Futanami Matsuyama, Japan Tara Gallison Captain Cook, Hi Kennth Grant Kailua-Kona, Hi Royce Gregory Kailua-Kona, Hi Lasiandra Hall Pago Pago AS Theana Hancock Kamuela, Hi Robert Hannah Kamuela, Hi

Winds of Change r95 Whitney Hastings Kamuela, Hi H'sien Hayward Lopez, Wa Laura Hiyane Pohnpei, Cl Alexander Hughes Kamuela, Hi Juita Jalaluddin Malaysia Sheanna Jardin Koloa, Hi Ivan Jerskey Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Kenneth Kao Taipei, Taiwan Bowm Kim Seoul, Korea Josseph Kim Holualoa, Hi Kamalana Kobayashi Kapa'a, Hi Devon Lanin Kamuela, Hi Irene Liao Taipei, Taiwan Alan Lindsey Saudi Arabia Erik MacArthur Kamuela, Hi Leah Mackey Kailua-Kona, Hi BenjaminMorris Honolulu, Hi Shannon Mulvihill Kelowna, Canada Tomonori Murata Kyoto, Japan Minda Murphy Los Angeles, California

ibove: Richard the tough |unior linebacker, ielow: "Don't take a picture f me!"

Above: See what happens when under­ classmen mess with Tepa. Left: our cross­ country stars looking beautiful. Below: the junior lap sit.

Robert O'Donohue III Arlington, Va Robert Olson Captain Cook, Hi Heather Onuma Hilo, Hi T. Quinn Holualoa, Hi Aaron Raymond Kapa'a, Kauai John Rosedale Kamuela, Hi Yusuke Shimizu Osaka, Japan Toyomi Shirai Chiba-City, Japan

Winds of Change '95 Kippy Sohriakoff Kailua-Kona, Hi Aaron Spielman Kealakekua, Hi Gabriel Starsong Kailua-Kona, Hi Ryan Stoker Kailua- Kona, Hi Yoshi Takamura Yamanashi, Japan Joji Tokita Tokyo, Japan Vivian Tseng Taipei, Taiwan Caitlyn Waller Honokaa, Hi Nathaniel Watterson Kamuela, Hi Kevin Williams San Francisco, Ca Tiffany Woodard Waikoloa, Hi Willy Wurster III Kamuela, Hi Jennifer Yeung Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Chang Yoo Kailua, Hi Jeffrey Young Tai Hang, Hong Kong

.bove: Scott's really cool mile. elow: Whitney working out ) be buff!

Above: Rob asleep with a smile. Left: Juniors dressed to kill. Below: Cindy hard at work.

Far left: Laura runs in to help gain a state victory. L eft: Gabe. He thinks he is cool.




Winds of Change '96 Deborah Adams Waikoloa, HI Arnold Akau Jr. Kamuela, HI Freya Bloomgarden Kamuela, HI Ingrid Bloomgarden Kamuela, HI Alana Cabatu Hilo, HI Elena Cabatu Hilo, HI Yin-Chien Chen Taipei, Taiwan Sarah Clark Kamuela, HI Arati Clarry Hilo, HI Noelani Daniel Lawai, HI Serena Dillingham Volcano, HI Peter Dods Honolu, HI Melissa Duerr Hilo, HI Summer Duncan Kamuela, HI Austin Easley Kailua-Kona, HI Rae Elliazar Kamuela, HI Heirama Fearon Bora Bora, F. Polynesia Kailei Feeney Kamuela, HI Haeng Sook Gi Pago Pago, AS Lianne Goto Kamuela, HI

drove: Yvonne sweet innocent! (Yeah right!)

Above:Ethan jus' chillin Left:Hanae and Jennifer cruizing after game. Below:Lap sit time. good job sophomores!

>elow:Sarah is that a spit ball?

Woodrow Gray Naalehu, HI Melinda Hagen Saudi Arabia Naho Hagiuda Honolulu, HI Matthew Hall Kailua-Kona, HI Roy Hall Pago Pago, AS Jennifer Hickman Kamuela, HI

m m



Benjamin Higashi Kamuela, HI Teri Hogan San Antonio, TX

Winds of Change f96 Jaime Holtz Kailua-Kona, HI Helene Honda Kamuela, HI Ai Ching Hong Honolulu, HI Jason Huang Tamuning, GU Mark Hubbard Miami, FL Yvonne Hynes Kailua-Kona, HI Grant Kaaua Kamuela, HI Yoshihiko Kashima Tamuning, GU Sue Gie Kim Pago Pago, AS Sung Hoon Kim Pago Pago, AS Kristopher Klett Kailua-Kona, HI Leo Labranche Kamuela, HI Brian Lee Kamuela, HI Jenny Lee Kamuela, HI Kealii Lee Kamuela, HI Vanda Luce Hilo, HI Sean Lynch Hana, HI Tanva Mahitivanichcha Bangkok, Thailand Michael McCorriston Honolulu, HI Kanoe McTavish Kamuela, HI

ibove: Hi Jenny! Happy are


Above: Lianne managing away.

elow: Look at him flex! Chris ou are just monstah! Ninja in â&#x2013; aining.

Left: Smile for the camera girls! Below:Eh roughness! What you lookin' at?

PuaNani Mench Kailua-Kona Devin Mitani Honolulu, HI Motoharu Mori Kanagawa-ken, Japan Sarah Morlock Pahoa, HI Corey Nelson Kamuela, HI Atsuma Nishiyama Kamigyo-Ku, Japan Jessica Opdycke Kamuela, HI Ethan Phillips Woodland Hills, CA

Winds of Change Maui Postma Bora Bora, F. Polynesia William Prince Kamuela, HI Dustin Richardson Kamuela, HI Nicole Ricord Kamuela, HI Sean Rostron Waikoloa, HI Nicholas Rutgers IV Kamuela, HI Kristian Sanchez Swampscott, MA Christopher Simpson Kamuela, HI Bradley Sleep The Peak, Hong Kong Lei-Ann Snider Kapaau, HI Joy Spencer Kamuela, HI Kevin Takeshita Honolulu, HI Tsung Tang Taipei, Taiwan Suvit Thammongkol Bangkok, Thailand Jason Thurber Kailua-Kona, HI Hanae Tokita Tokyo, Japan Miwa Tsuchiya Kanagawa, Japan Kaisit Udomkunnatum Bangkok, Thailand Sara Ventura Kapaa, Kauai Nino Walker Kamuela, HI

Above: Alex love tha hat babe! Left:The Island connection! Below: ..Peace, we outta hea!

Iwalani Wall Big Island, HI Ray Weinstock Captain Cook, HI Meghan West Hilo, HI Jason Williams Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Krysta Williams APO, AE Dominik Wolf Saudi Arabia Alex Woodbury Kailua-Kona, HI


Global Village

Students at H.P.A. come from all over the globe to bring international flavor to the campus. Combined with the international students, the Hawaii andMainland kids make the school a real Global Village. Clockwise right to left: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden & Germany, Samoa, Tahiti, Canada.




Winds of Change f97 Hannah Abrams New Caledonia Diana Aehegma Naalehu, HI Nima Aflatooni Waikoloa, HI Nicole Akama Kamuela, HI Lu Anderson Paauilo, HI Susan Behm Honolulu, HI Shalom Berliner-Caverly Kealakekua, HI Dagan Bernstein Kamuela, HI Harmony Bjarnason Kelowna, Canada Thomas Borho Kamuela, HI Mark Breslow Beverly Hills, CA Jennie Cacoulidis Kamuela, HI Heather Craig Kamuela, HI John Crossley Kailua-Kona, HI Shea Dahlberg Kamuela, HI Liana Dawson Kamuela, Hi Jonas Doherty Kamuela, HI Abby Edwards Juneau, AK Ta'i Fearon Arue, Tahiti Fr. Polynesia Jared Ganir Kamuela, HI

"Hey Tiffany, you have a red thing in your eye." Michi Hanano. Harmony in perfect school day dress.

Freshman enjoy making new friends from around the world. Left: Achahn begins his first dive in the pool.

Jennifer Gi Pago Pago Sean G iffin Kamuela, HI Heimata Hall T eamaeMoorea,Fr .Polynesia Christian Hastings Kamuela, HI Jason Hoisington Kamuela, HI Justin Ho Toronto, Canada Moeko Ivory Tokyo, Japan LeeA nne Jacobson Tokyo, Japan

Winds of Change '97 Lisa Jard in e Kamuela, HI Marci Jardine Kamuela, HI Susannah Jensen Kamuela, HI Marisa Jones Kamuela, HI Rana June Tokyo, Japan Shane K alaniopio Kamuela, HI Andrea Kellogg Kula, HI K elii K irland Kahului, HI T risha K obayashi Kailua-Kona, HI Jam es K rueger Wailuku, HI Je ffre y Lee Honolulu, HI Monica Liao T aip ei, Taiw an Shih-Ling Lin Hsein, Taiwan Lono Lindsey Kamuela, HI Jan Malasek Kamuela, HI Blake McNaughton Kamuela, HI Nainoa McTavish Kamuela, HI Lilinoe Melrose Kamuela, HI Kandi Miranda Kamuela, HI Devon Mitchell Albany, CA

What do the freshman do when they are not in class? They make really goofy faces at the camera

The camera never lies!!!

May-Lynne Myers Kailua-Kona, HI Kazumo Nagao Tokyo, Japan Colleen OMalley Kamuela, HI Peter Olson Captain Cook, HI Tiffany Quinn Holualoa, HI Moses Ramler Pahoa, HI Arun Revana Kamuela, HI Emily Rosedale Kamuela, HI

Winds of Change '97 Erin Rott Kailua-Kona, HI C ath erin e Sakim u ra Kapaau, HI E lizab eth Sanders Honokaa, HI A chahn Schulze Kamuela, HI Yae Shin Kyoung Gee-Do Korea Ju lia Snow Kamuela, HI M arshall Snow Kamuela, HI Chad So riak o ff Kailua-Kona, HI M ax Solm ssen Kamuela, HI Scott Spence Kamuela, HI Jared Sp encer Kamuela, HI Victoria Spielman Kealakekua, HI Michael Stewart Agana, GU Taylor Thronas Kamuela, HI Sean U sib elli Kamuela, HI M elissa W eisner Kailua-Kona, HI Kauikeolani Wilcox Kamuela, HI Dustin Williams Kamuela, HI Emily Williams Kamuela, HI Tomohisa Yamaguchi Kanagawa-ken, Japan

Kelly Yamasato Kamuela, HI Theodore Young Kailua-Kona, HI


Institute of English Studies

Top Row left to right: Jun Park, Ted Habanana, Takeshi Mizutani, Ryosuke Iwata, Koichiro Okuno, Chun Yle Scott Kim Second Row left to right: Mari Matsumoto, Mariko Fukuchi, Junko Gunji, Tomona Sekiguchi, Tina Ho, Ms. Mo Donahue

ie Institute of English studies is a program fered through HPA that invites students >mall over the world to learn English, ie year of intensive English study, with a ntrolled environment, is given to each ident. This coupled with living in the irmitories develops the students skills so ey can be mainstreamed into the normal issroom in the following year. Besides the ucation they get from the classroom, the rdents learn and explore the life of the Big and through many varied outdoor activities, s truly an enjoyable and enriching experience fall.

(Above) Photograph by Phillip Hadviger, (Below Left) Emi shows off progress on a recent work. (Below) Visual Studies students enjoy a day of painting. Opposite page: (Top) Mrs. Yarawamai, Visual Arts instructor, and daughter Mikela clean up Hanaipoi House. (Middle) Mr. Stewart strains his soprano tones. (Below) Ms. Moore, drama instructor, gets animated. (Below Right) Father Paul, chaplain and head of the arts dept., in his Friday morning story-telling mood.


The arts program at HPA encourages students with many different talents and backgrounds to express themselves through diverse media of the visual and performing arts. The visual arts provide experiences in drawing, painting, ceramics and photography, while the performing arts offers theatre skills, acting and musical arts. The exciting completion last year of the Gates Performing Arts Center has given the department many new possibilities. Through the direction of Father Paul and Mr. Stewart the choir has also continued to provide outstanding performances.


The Mathematics Department at H.P.A. is second to none, offering a variety of classes from Algebra to A.P. Calculus. The Computer Department offers Intro to Computers for the beginner and A.P. Computer sfor the advanced. One of the unique aspects of the computer system at H.P.A. is the ability to send and receive mail from students and faculty on all of our campuses.

Above: Mrs. Link, the computer expert, always ready to help. Below: Computer and Math teacher, Mr. Stewart striking a pose. (Opposite page)Top Left: Mr. Rizzuto, Math teacher and College Counseler playing the blues, "Don't quit your day job." Top Right: Math teacher, Mr. Provencal, "Work with me people." Far right: Mr. Perry, Math teacher, "Here's lookin' at you, kid!" Lower Right: Mr. Hall, Head of the Math Department, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Left: Ms. Schmidel, loves grading those math tests.



A few new fa ces were added to our E n g lish departm ent this year. M s. Duncan from O akland and M rs.W a lsh from V erm o n t, (w ho is h ere fo r one year on an exchange program with Mr. D u n lap ,) jo in e d M r. B ry so n , M r. So lm ssen and M rs. P iltz . A lso jo in in g the team , M s. M o o re from the dram a departm ent te a c h e s a T h ea ter L itera tu re e le c tiv e . O ur E n g lish departm ent c o n sists of an "o ld " co u rse system w ith renam ed and rev iv ed co m p e te n cie s and e le c tiv e s . A lw ays striv in g fo r e x c e lle n c e , the students are provided w ith the ch a lle n g e s of the A .P . co u rses and a v a riety o f e x tra m in icourses

■ ■


Mr. Solm ssen, the romantic, doesn't mind acting out a little drama amuse his students.

Mrs Walsh, originally from Vermont, is here on a one year exchange program. Taking the place of Mr. Dunlap, she seems to be enjoying the HP A experience.

Ms. Duncan catches some beach fun during an extracurricul activity. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon after a long day readine and writing.

r. Rowley looks a little stressed after a long day of tching and fufilling his role as Upper School head, lybe a few laps in the pool will help.

Top: Mrs. Moore-ouch, that looks painful- but she still has a smile on her face. Bottom: Mrs. Piltz joins the fun for a little game of "cinnamon rollâ&#x20AC;?.

Ms. Duncan's smile is just one of the traits that makes her cheeriest teacher on campus. Bottom: Mr. Bryson is king back before his next class.


This page: (top left) Mrs. Kamrow giggles at the bead (bottom left) Mrs. Gomes has a day at the beach with hi family, (top right) Mr. Honma does a one-man lap sil yeah! (bottom right) Mr. Wilder on his way to a haj day's work out at the pool.

This page: (left) Jaisy has a good day in Geography, (below) Mr. Shutes flashes a Friendly grin! (bottom) Mr. Behring teaches Mamiko a new technique.


...... * * *

[he vibrance of teachers such as Mr. Wilder, Mr. hutes, Mr. Honma, Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Behring, rid Mrs. Gomes enables students to explore the jbjects of World, European, and U.S. History, eography, Psychology, and Pacific Studies, ecause of the location of HPA, our Hawaiian listory program is a unique and exciting part of le department. Students' educational experiences mge from Napoleonic trials to oral reports on [frica and South America.

iaw aii Preparatory A cadem y has a diverse language department with courses offered n Spanish, French, and Japanese. Students can experience the many different cultures ound around the world. For example, every Saturday the Japanese students have a :ulture day, where they learn about traditions and the w ay of life in Japan.

"op Right: Ms. Michel, the French and Spanish teacher, flexing her muscles. 3ottom Left: Mr. N ogues, Head of the Language Department and French teacher, "Are kou trying to tell me you didn't do your homework?" Opposite page) Top Right: Ms. M atsuda, the Japanese teacher " I got it, I got it..Ohhh!" 7ar Low er Left: Mr. Gallegos, the Spanish teacher, happy to be at H.P.A.

During the summer the HPA science department facilities received a much needed and welcome face-lift. Through a generous grant from the Atherton Family Foundation, we were || able to completely renovate four science laboratories and build a ! Macintosh computer laboratory. In addition, the new laboratoriej were equipped with new microscopes, fume hoods, computers, 1 and other modern technology. All of this has allowed the department to upgrade its program to a level commensurate w itl some of the best in the country.

Below: Hey Mr. Otto, A.P. biolo and biology instructor, do yoi feel as if someone is looking ov your shoulder?

Upper left: Mr. Hughes, regardless of his busy schedule teaching A.P. Chemistry, astronomy, freshman science and chemistry, he still manages to smile for the camera. Above: Kenny utilizing the science departments new additions. Right: Alexa, getting the drift and bagging it, to keep our beaches clean. Below: Andy, there's a future in this line of work!

Below: Hey Einstei: Mr. Stewart's : impression- nice try...Stick to just teaching physics.

In addition to a strong standard academic and advanced placement curriculum, the HPA science department offers special enrichment programs for students in solar car, electronics, coral reef monitoring, sea turtle research, astronomy, and whale censusing. Program development in the future, as it has in the past, will evolve around the unique opportunities provided by our location and student interest. The new facilities allow HPA to provide its students with study opportunities found in very few other high schools.

Above: Heathe, Mad scientist in training? Upper right: Chemistry teacher, Mr.Emmons enjoying a day at the beach.

Above: Mr.Conley, Mike Sakamoto wanna be? Try a line instead of a bucket! Below: The turtle tagging crew!

Above: Kainoa, working on an ecology project, how is the garden coming? Left: Mr. Rice, marine biology teacher has the catch of the day.



jy The Administration at H.P.A. reaches their goal every year to make the student body's school experience the best it can possibly be. They help the students through out their highschool career to prepare them for college. They are an essencial part of the H.P.A. experience.

Above: Mr. Colson, Headmaster, making students first. Left: Assistant Headmaster, Mr. Rice Below Left: Mrs. Lee, the headmaster's secretary RightReceptionest, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Spence, Secretary, keeping H.P.A. organized. Below Left: Mr. Smith, Director of Development. Below Right: Mr. Hancock, Business Head, taking time out of his busy schedule.

Left: Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuto, College Counselers, helping students get into the colleges they wish for. Below: Mr. Rowley, Upper School Head,

Above Left: Mrs. Mattson, Director of Alumni Affairs Office Above Right: Upper School Secretary, Mrs. Ogasawara, Below: Mrs. Lincoln, Mr. Anderson's Secretary, Bottom Right: Mr. Anderson, Director of Admissions

it CO _________________ Above: Mr. Watson, Director of Activities and the Student W ork Program, makes sure students are being responsible. Left: Mr. Bernstein, Computer Head, working with a program. Below: Mrs. Gomes, Counselor, keeps students smilling.

The H.P.A. Staff is responsible for making sure the campus runs smoothly. They make it possible for the students to do a range of things, such as, learning in a healthy environment, eating good meals, and walking on beautiful grounds in a safe atmosphere.

Above and Below: H.P.A.'s Infirmary Stafi works to keep students healthy, Mrs. M cDonough, Mrs. Sakasitam i, Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Dawson. Below Left: The Business Office, Mr. Sagucio, Mrs. Yamashiro, Mrs. Cantyne , Mrs. Yamasato and Mr. Hanano, are busy working on our accounts.

Above Left: Faculty member, Mrs. Conley and Mrs. Koning, Librarians, keep all the books together. Above Right: Working hard everyday in the bookstore, Mrs. Hancock and Mrs. Bell.

Above: Security Gaurd, Mr. Spencer. Below: Elliot Mattos, Security Gaurd.

Above: Security Gaurd, Mr. Gomes Below: Mr. Macion, Security

Above: Herb and Barbara Victorine, Security Gaurds. missing: Ethan Spencer

Above: Matainence: Nolan Doliente, Mike Hanano, Ed Spencer, Jessica Pavao, Ed Quaintance, Francis Lee, Malu Lindsey, Lance Stevens, John Moniz, and Mr. Emilianno. Missing: Lawrence Javillonar. Left: Eva Perez. Below: Caddie Young,Abby Loo, Elsie Conger, and Betty Nobriga Missing Joanne Rocha.

Left: Brian Agbayani. Below right: coach Marciel and Keoni. Below left: Paul Alviar, John Leedward, Dwayne Akana, Joan Rodriguez Carol Hui Scott Vasconcellos, Lindsey Coelho and June Coelho. Missing: Max Rosebaum.

Middle School

Eighth Grade

Brad Anderson Kamuela, Hi Cord Anderson Kamuela, Hi Samaire Armstrong Kamuela, Hi Tyler Bollinger Kamuela, Hi John Buscher Kamuela, Hi Katherine Callahan Pahoa, Hi Amy Carlson Kailua-Kona, Hi Aaron Champlin Kailua-Kona, Hi Brendan Cormwell Kamuela, Hi Dana Csige Kamuela, Hi 5 Chrystal Davis Kapaa, Hi Gregory Dierenfield Kailua-Kona, Hi Christine Dunnam Kailua-Kona, Hi Sidra Durst Kailua-Kona, Hi Nani Gadd Kamuela, Hi Alexandre Gaeta Kailua-Kona, Hi

Winds of Change .... Keely Grant Kailua-Kona, Hi Dustlyne Harris San Diego, Ca Adam Henderson Kamuela, Hi Mack Hiyane Pohnpei, Ci Jeffrey Hughes Kamuela, Hi Lauren Jardine Kamuela, Hi Dee Anne Kaniho Kamuela, Hi Laura Kawano Kamuela, Hi Yebin Kim Seoul, Korea Kaori Koide Kamuela, Hi Alexis Lam Kamuela, Hi Lindsay Lawson Kamuela, Hi Sean Manago Captain Cook, Hi Charline McCrystal Hilo, Hi La'i Mitchell Kamuela, Hi Akira Obatake Hanapepe, Hi Holliss Obatake Hanapepe, Hi Jacob Pobre Kamuela, Hi Mikiala Ramler Pahoa, Hi Jean Randall Honolulu, Hi

Ryan Rearden Kamuela, Hi Elizabeth Richardson Kamuela, Hi Jennifer Salmon Kamuela, Hi Andrew Scott Aspen, Co William Sexton Honolulu, Hi Sa Shin Kyoung Gee-Do, Korea Kachina Smith Kamuela, Hi Cory Stoker Kailua-Kona, Hi Michael Tamashiro Lanai City, Hi Daemion Watkins Kapaau, Hi Lea Wilson Captain Cook, Hi Laura von Holt Kamuela, Hi

Seventh Grade I a n B

¥ ■









Class of 1999

Jason Asato Aiea, Hi Sophia Bassan Naalehu, Hi Patrick Bida Kamuela, Hi Jennifer Bloomgarden Kamuela, Hi Kito Buckley Kamuela, Hi Kaili Chapman Kamuela, Hi Cinnamon Clarke Kamuela, Hi Walter Coronel Kealakekua, Hi Julia Dring Kamuela, Hi Felisa Ednie Kamuela, Hi Ryan Feeney Kamuela, Hi Matthew Fujieki Honolulu, Hi Isaac Gillette Holualoa, Hi Ashley Goo Kamuela, Hi Nicole Hagar Kamuela, Hi Nicole Hind Kailua-Kona, Hi

Winds of Change . . .

Kawika Kaula Kamuela, Hi. Shani Keith Kamuela, Hi. Corrie Machesky Kamuela, Hi. Lisabeth M cNamarra Kamuela, Hi. K aren Nakam ura Kealakekua, Hi. J i Woo Nam Chungchognamdo, Korea Conn O' Leary Kailua-Kona, Hi Tyson Parks Kamuela, Hi

Robin Pelkey Kamuela, Hi Kulu' ua Rapoza Kamuela, Hi William Rediske Waikoloa, Hi

Kristin Rosendahl Kamuela, Hi Namahoe Soo Kamuela, Hi William Steven III Kamuela, Hi

John Toyofuku | Honolulu, Hi Brett Whittemore Kailua-Kona, Hi R. Kai Woodard Waikoloa, Hi Yen-Chang Chen I Taipei, Taiwan Daisuke Iizuka Waikoloa, Hi Yukiko Katsube Honolulu, Hi

Sixth Grade ■

■ M


Class of 2000




Alvin Baptiste Kamuela, Hi Emily Bida Kamuela, Hi Nanea Brown Kamuela, Hi Nathaniel Bryson Kamuela, Hi Zackary Chancer Kamuela, Hi Kristina Coker Kailua-Kona, Hi Paul Csige Kamuela, Hi Juliana Doherty Kamuela, Hi Noe Erger Kamuela, Hi David Gamble Kealakekua Hi Heather Goto Kamuela, Hi Kalei Gregory Kailua-Kona, Hi Jaqueline Hagen Kawaihae, Hi Nicholas Hershberger Kailua-Kona, Hi Michael Hind, Jr Kailua-Kona, Hi Alicia Jansen Bellingham, Wa


Winds of Change . . . ..

Sofia Jensen Kamuela, Hi Kristina Jones Kamuela, Hi Chelsey Kadota Kapaau, Hi Shari Kawano Kamuela, Hi Kotaro Kawashima Holualoa, Hi Caitlin Kimura Kamuela, Hi Jessica Lambert Holualoa, Hi Matthew Lee Kamuela, Hi

' ........

Shannon Levenson Kamuela, Hi Jahmelia Lindsay Waikoloa, Hi Lahikiola Lindsey Kamuela, Hi Megan Long Kamuela, Hi Sarah Luscomb Honokaa, Hi Ty McMillen Kailua-Kona, Hi Kenta Nemo to Honolulu, Hi Caitlin O'Leary Kailua-Kona, Hi

Winds of Change . . .

Catlin Peterson Kamuela, Hi Micah Pueschel Kamuela, Hi Kaulike Rice Kamuela, Hi Kimberly Salmon Kamuela, Hi Chelsea Schmeltz Kamuela, Hi Melody Schott Honokaa, Hi Keisuke Sekine Kailua-Kona, Hi Carrie Shumate Kamuela, Hi Bryan Spencer Kamuela, Hi Shane Steven Kamuela, Hi Atsushi Suzuki Kyoto City, Japan

Kerrie Trabert Kamuela, Hi Brooks Uyeshiro Kamuela, Hi Curtis Vana Kailua-Kona, Hi Chelsea Wallis Kamuela, Hi Ashley Welton Holualoa, Hi Jennifer Williams Kamuela, Hi Robert Yamasato Kamuela, Hi Ana Yarawamai Kamuela, Hi

Middle School Staff and Administration

Georgett Kaniho Computers

Georgia Polak Music

Beth N akam ura Middle School Couselor & Assistant Director of Admissions

Kathy Lucitt IES

Lorraine Lindsey Secretary

Judy Folk Librarian

Shirley Ann Fukumoto Flead of Middle School

Lita Spencer Secretary

M ark Noetzel Physical Education Marriot Staff Lee Kealanui, Pua Hillan, Pua Garmon

Everett Knowles French

Barbara Copra Music

Meagan Matson Core

4k J h . Mrs. Rogosheke Japanese

Lisa Rowley Core

Sandra Stewart Core

Faculty and Staff

Jane Thronas Art- Middle, Lower, and Kona Campus

Tom Goodspeed Science

George White Math

Claudette Hagar Core

Lupe Diaz Math

Sue Henderson Core

Lower School

FIFTH GRADE-Class of 2001


ABOVE: Top row (L-R): Kawehi Clark, SeanJVitousek, Martin Sullivan, Michael Hickman, Mr. Kostelnik, Billy Snider, Tai Soo, Heather Emmons, Pualani Lincoln. Second row (L-R): Willy Pirngruber, Marvin Kawano, Ashlyn Loo, Laurel Pelkey, Mele Chillingworth, Obriana Bleecher, Lorianne Lindsey. Front: Jessica Takach. BELOW: Top row (L-R): Markham McNamarra, Mahea Crossley, Laura Hughes, Dan Walker, Alex Revana. Middle row (L-R): Aimee Zuke, Lindsay Morris, Jana Jardine, Kamanawa Mitchell, Kyle Paulson, Chelsea Richards, Hannah Hind. Bottom row (L-R): Estri Scudder, Mrs. OM alley, Max Aiona, Trenton McManus.

c1 a s s


f 2 0 0

2 Front row (L-R): Mileka Lincoln, Kara Fukumoto, Ashley Say. Second row (L-R): Mrs. Pelkey, Hoku Wong, Meghan Feeney, Eila Bernstein, Ian MacDonald, Oskie Rice, Alika Conley, Kevin Carlsmith. Third row (L-R): Stephanie Schilling, Sarah Breakstone, Mihana Diaz, Troy Cushnie, Chris Kaula, Noah Greenwell. In tree (L-R): Bully Fergerstrom, Ashley Green, Alika Brooks.

THIRD GRADE-Class of 2003

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

AT LEFT: Bottom row (L-R): Jennifer Madeisky, Haley Williams, ■ Kirby Green well, Leialoha Hurwitz., Second row (L-R): Cameron Lewis, 1 Rachel Rincon, Leia Pueschel, Michael Vitousek. Third row (L-R): Harry Rosedale, Kristi Kaapu, AliAnn Dirga. Fourth row (L-R): Joshua Levenson, Lastina Lindsay, 1 Carl Lam, Moani Akana. Back row i (L-R): Mrs. Sperry, Alana Corpuz, Lindsay Uyeshiro, Jared Chapman. BELOW: Front row (L-R): Kira McManus, Kali Startsman, Kaleo Clarke. Middle row (L-R): Leala Humbert, James Holmes, Kaleihua Muraki, Michelle Pautler, Ryan Salmon, Jill Quaintance, Emma Anders, Nikolas Soo, Scott Paulson, John Alvaro. Back row (L-R): Jaclyn Jardine, Vanessa Bleecher, Maggie Chancer, Mrs. McTavish, Mikela Yarawamai, Carly Hatashikawa.

c1 3 G MR 3 A D E

a s s o

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0 4 0

Front row (L-R): Becca Goodman, Lisa Rincon, Amara Jaber. Middle row (L-R): Siera Levenson, Kawehi Tilini, Marissa Schott, Kili Scudder. Top row (L-R): Ned Snow, Michael Morriss, Leighton Hind, India Soo, Micah Stevens, Mrs. Barthelemy, Mike Stolley, Jake Penny, Elliott Mattos, Justin Luzon.

E ..........................................................................

ABOVE: Front row (L-R): John Hamilton, Griffin Richards, Wailupe Diaz. Second row (L-R): Brianna Maness, Emily Cohen, Annie Wiley, Zachary Say. Third row (L-R): Nicholas Quaintance, Anna Bates, Cayson Peterson, Jana Doi, Mrs. Lawson. Fourth row (L-R): Jean Nogues, Cayenne Clarke, Kimo Colsen, Chelsea Morriss. Back row (L-R): Max Hagen, Lucia Polak, Jonathan Ching, Mrs. Lawson. Missing: Christopher Cassell. BELOW: Front row (L-R): Christopher Yamauchi, Lily Startsman, Lisa Dring, Corrina Stevens, Derek Paulson. Middle row (L-R): Sara McCain, Adam Goodman, Ry Parry, Maija Perala, Tanya Lewis, Nicholas Bleecher. Back row (L-R): Naome Shane, Shawn Iona-Pappemov Kailua Hurwitz, Kahulili Gomes, Tiffany Loratta, Megan Pautler, Mrs. Soo. Missing: Jackson Conrad.



Class of 2005/2006 Top row (L-R): Caitlin Grenier, Marina Eichenberg, Ashlen Able, Taryn Bradebery, Matthew Quitiquit, Peter Thoene, Soni Macy, Kindra Gans, Mrs. Cooperson, Marissa Vassen. Seated (LR): Sparky Springmeier, Edmund Rosenfeld, Kenny Sogi, Bucky Springmeier, Blake Dahlen, Alex Dant, Dar Dahlen.



Class of 2004 Standing (L-R): Zachary Dant, Jeffrey Thoene, Taouea Vitousek, Mrs. 0;leary, Jamie Rosenfeld, Timo Sullivan, Richie Applegate, Grace Hutchinson, Paloma Vidgen, Melissa Migliore & bunny, John Sochacki, Matt Nikaitani. Seated (L-R): Davis Wakefield, Ricky Stoker, Max Unger, Emily Pomeroy. Missing: Jenafer Hall.







Back row (L-R): Layson Unger, Mr. Sabo. Second Row (L-R): Stewart Pomeroy, Nicole Elarionoff, Tyler Champlin, Kaeo DeChape, Jared Brandeberry. Third row (L-R): Jonathan Hutchinson, Makena Harris, Joseph Wison, Christine Vanci, Ian Ross. Front row (L-R): Angela Weisner, Kim Sogi, Rachel Wessel, Marsha Ayai.


Class of 2002-2003


Class of 2001 Back row (L-R): Mrs. Gans, Jesse Cardin, Bear Dahlen, Macy Wessel, Byron Young. Middle row (L-R): Taryn Manago, Mandi Cooper son, Ashley Obrey, Cobey Ackerman, Jaime Wakefield. Front row (L-R): Chloe Ota, Tiare Easley, Chelsea Estencion, Wakako Sekine.

Kona Campus & Lower School 1


Mrs. Lindsey, the Waimea campus Lower School secretary.

Mrs. Shan Quinn, Coordinator for Kona Campus/Computer teachei Mrs. Felicity Johnson, Head of Waimea campus Lower School.

Mr. Mickey Kerr, P.E. teacher for Waimea campus Lower School. Photo unavail­ able :Brookes Wake field, P.E. Kona Campus

Cyndy Robinson, Secretary for the Kona Campus.

Kona Campus & Lower School


Lower School P.E. Program Shines

One of many outstanding '11 features of the Lower School ,! the diverse, challenging, and1 "fun" physical education program offered by instructo Mickey Kerr. Field Day, Jump Rope Club and the Kef Triathlon are three special j events that help to strengthei the children's athleticism. A the success in upper school athletics continues to reach higher levels of excellence, w can attribute much of this to the hard work and dedicatioi of Mickey Kerr.

Special thanks go to McDonald's and Cycle & Sui for their sponsorship.

1Elegant masked spirits that me out of the darkness, lystifying creatures dancing bund the sun, seven sisters who rvived hunger, fear and pain, Id gullible, mischevious bnkeys were part of the Ighlights of this years lower pool production, "Legends of e Earth and Sky." Adapting to eir multi-cultural theme, Mrs. hnson, the faculty and children the lower school created a ondrous, extremely artistic and [iginal production adapting tales kd legends from other countries, ravo lower school, for giving us kother visual experience that has lade a life-time memory.

" Legends of the Earth and Sky"

Liz Johnson

Aaron Spielman

Gloria Shin

Phillip Hadviger

Vaiheria kelley

The football team began the year with great expectations, most of the league-leading defense returned as did its starting quarterback and offensive line. With serious injuries to Daniel Hughes and Damien Arafiles, the local press questioned whether HPA could expect a winning season. The team travelled to Wong Stadium for its opening league battle. Led by Jed Ednie on defense and Keola Lindsey on offense, the Big Red defeated Hilo 11-7 in which the Vikings were limited to minus yardage in the second half. The team spanked the upstart Kohala Cowboys 34-0 in a home contest then travelled to Kona to play undefeated Kona. In spites of eight catches by Karl Hynes and Andy Carlson's seven tackles on defense, the team lost 13-8. Returning home to defeat cross-town rival Honokaa 17-7, the team had to rely on the toe of Yoshi Takamura for his fifth field goal of the season. Jonah Yardley and Lucas Hamberg had driven for almost two hundred yards on the ground behind the blocking of linemen Kea Cook, Keala Spencer, Willy Wurster, Peter Dahlberg, and Kris Haga. Following a stunning home loss to Waiakea High School by the score of 12-10, the team reasserted its championship claims with another narrow win over Hilo High School. A 40-0 whitewashing of Kohala saw senior Mika Tyler become the first girl in BIIF history to record an interception and captain a football team. The stage was set for the pivotal second game against Konawaena. Danny Hughes, who had returned the week before against Kohala, passed seven times to Lindsey for crucial gains and a touchdown then appeared to seal the victory with a sixty yard TD pass to Karl Hynes to run the count to 13-0. Kona roared back with a touchdown and marched to the HPA 18 with three minutes left before Lindsey ended their hopes with an interception. Beset by injuries the team travelled to Honokaa and was upset by a fired-up Honokaa team. The final game against Waiakea was for the title. In the most exciting game of the season, Richard Bryson again led all ball carriers, Lindsey caught key passes, and the defense stopped the potent Warrior attack when it counted. Andy Carlson destroyed all Waiakea hopes with a forty yard dash on a reverse in the fourth quarter to make the final scored 34-18. The victory exacted its toll. Several Kamakani were missing as the team fell to neighbor-island champion Baldwin. Several HPA players were mentioned in the all-state voting, but these honors and the championship were not as important as the fellowship that the coaches, managers, and players had felt. "Kane Ohana!"

Top Left: The Kamakani hold thier helmets high, celebrati another victory. Above: Karl Hynes and Damien Arafi say "I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think so", denying the back any running roo Below: Jed and Kea putting the pressure the on.

Bottom Left: Keola Lindsey returns the kick off for gooi feild position. Below: Seniors celebrate their last horn game with a 13-7 win over Kona that tied the Kamakani for first place in the BIIF, with two regular season game

Above: Mr. Bryson, Mr. Margerum, Mr. Provencial, Mr. Marciel, Shane Kalaniopio, Jared Spencer, Billy Prince, Sean biffin, Yoshi Kojima, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Goodspeed, Mr. Chinen, Mr. Shaw. Middle: Natasha Suzuki, Lianne Goto, Joy bpencer, Mike Stewart, Chang Yoo, Yoshi Takamura, Brady Bergin, Kippy Sohriakoff, Peter Dahlburg, Grant Kaaua, Robert O'Donohue, Eric MacArthur, Richard Bryson, Willy Wurster, David Craig. Front: Mika Tyler, Kris Haga, Keala Bpencer, Lucas Hamburg, Jonah Yardley, Keola Lindsey, J.P. Kloninger, Andy Carlson, Kea Cook, Jed Ednie, Damien Krafiles, Karl Hynes.

b o ve: Richard Bryson rolls out and looks down feild for an pen receiver. B elow : Damien Arafiles gets the handoff from Daniel Hughes and cuts into the open field for a big gain.

The Kamakani linemen get ready to blow the defense off the ball. B elow : Andy Carlson catches a screen pass and heads up field with lead blockers. A bove:

MB f

f j r

The girls' cross country season was a me? productive one with many achievements. The undefeated title to the BI1F is not a su prise bt an expectation. They (all 31) of them raised i new heights the tradition of excellence of whic all HPA girlsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; cross-country teams have bee known. Other than events in the state the teai also ran in the Oregon T rail Invitational, Berkle Hills, Mills College championship course an the Golden Gate Bridge relay. They are toug competitors and deserve the' recognition the receive. Congratulations to all on a succesfi season.


The H.P.A. boy's crosscountry team has been working hard all season. Their efforts did not go unnoticed to all on the Big Island and in the state. Out-standing performances by top runner Robert Olson, team captain Leif Nelson, T-Charlie Quinn, Mike McCorriston and Robert Kawasaki brought the team to many victories. New runners Alex Woodbury, Kris K le t,D u s tin W i l l i a m s , R a y Weinstock, Arjun Clarry and Shalom Caverly-Berlinger and added new strengths to the team. HPA is proud of the efforts of Coach Karl Honma and Assistant C Q8ch Cindy Y araw am ai and the recognition and success that the team has brought to the school.

Left to right: Coach Karl Honma, Mgr, Kahea Thronas, Mike McCorristion, Ray Weinstock, Alex Woodbury, Kris Klett, robert Kawasaki, Dustin Williams, Asst. Coach Cindy Yarawamai, Shalom Caverly Berliner, (bottom) Robert Olson, Leif Nelson, Arjun Clarry, T. Charlie Quinn, Gabe Starsong, Yoshi Takamura.

Top: Alana stretches out to push the balls over. Left: Sarah SLAMS!! Right: Mayumi crushes the set from Elena. Center: How you practice is how you play, right Ninia!?!

(above left) J.V. Coach Nolan, Jenny Caucalidus, Liana Dawson, Nicole Akama, Kaui Wilcox, Marci Jardine, Ta'i Fearon, Liz Saunders. (below) Anne Kellog, Elena Cabatu, Michi Hanano, Alana Cabatu, Kristen Brillhante, Sarah Clark, Ninia Quinn, Megan Sperry,, Mayumi Futanami..

Girls' Volleyball started this year's season being predicted to go undefeated on the island and to possibly win the state title. As predicted, they blazed through the season without a loss. Coaching for his 3rd year at HPA, Bill Brilhante still had the majority of the talent from the previous year, losing only one player and gaining Alana and Elena Cabatu as well as Anne Kellogg. The team's captains were Ninia, Morgan, and Kristen. Other senior starters were Michi Hanano and Megan Sperry.

Boysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; volleyball had to rebuildthis year after having only two returning starters. They had to rely on the experience of captains Jason Holtz and Mike Shumate, as well as the individual skills of Trevor Cabell, Mark Hubbard, Aaron Spielman, Chris Simpson and Heirama Fearon. Rotating in and out of the line up we're Peter Dods, David Knowles, and Jason Huang. The team had quite a few newcomers

(below) Senior Captain Jason Holtz jumps high for the slam, (left) Trevor and Mike reach over the blockers for the kill.

(below) HPA blockers, Mike and Jason, and Junior outside hitter Aaron Spielman

cp C C ÂŁ*


Above: (Top) Head Coach Stephen Perry, J.P. Kloinger, Karl H ynes,: Clayton Bramel, Redza Taib, Ryan Stroker, Jed Ednie, Andy Carlson, Rob Hannah, Arron Spielman, Mgrs. Megan Cooperson& Royce Gregory Assitant Coach Joey Lopaka (Middle) Yoshi Takumura, Sear Giffin, Alex Hughes, Asa Cascavilla, Suvit Thammonkol, Jeff Young, ArronRaymond, Mark Hubbard, Brent Foster, TG harlie Quinn (Bottom) Takeshi Mizutani, Eric MaCarthur, TJ Kalaniopio, Yusuke Shimizu, and Brady Bergin. This year's varsity boys team proved to be a talented and dangerous team. As the season progressed the team came together and played more as a team than any other boys team in the past 10 years. They went through the BIIF undefeated with a 12-0-1 record while scoring 57 goals and allowing just four. At the state tournament, HPA defeated Castle High in the quarter-finals 2-1, in a shoot out, to advance to the semi­ finals vs Punahou. While the Kamakani lost 2-0 to the eventual state champion, the team still finished 3rd in the State, which ties the 1989 and 1982 teams as the best ever in the school's history. The graduating 9 seniors will be sorely missed in future years. The seniors that have played all four years compiled an impressive record of 46-1-3 in BIIF play. Named to the BIIF All-League 1st team were Karl Hynes, Brent Foster, Redza Taib and Jed Ednie.

Club team: (Top) Takeshi, Mr. Rowley, Sean, Kealii, Suvit, Kaisit, Tanva, Moto, Moses, Ted, Tomo, Shalom, (Bottom) Lu, Heimata, Jason, Shane, Kealii, and Jared.

T o p L eft: And

Carlson contrc a through pass splitting Waiakea defenders on 1 way to the goa

L eft: Karl Hyr Gets up, sendi the Kona goal: punt back to HPA's pressuring offence.

Above: Jed Ednie receives one of the few shots on goal this season. Left: Asa Cascavilla denies the offender any space for a shot.

O o GIRLS m 30ve: (Top) Assistant Coach Deighton Emmons, Sienna Rogers, bathe McNaughton, Alexa Bates, Jade Lam, Kristen Brillhante, ichelle Hanano, Jaisy Jardine, Stacy Kadota, Assistant Coach Keith wis, Head Coach Stephen Perry. (Middle) Cindy Berning, Elena ibatu, Caitlyn Waller, Meghan West, Laura Dierenfield, Heather puma, (Bottom) Lisa Jardine, Sarah Clark, Yvonne Hynes, Alana abatu, and Marci Jardine. Misssing: Kelly Buscher.

rop Right: Heathe McNaughton Sets up to give fen early cross. I

Right: Elena Labatu fires a ;hot in front of the Hilo goal.

febove: Michi Hanano collides in mid lir with Hilo Offender after stripping ler of the ball. Right: Mr. Perry signals fcood" celebrating after a goal.

This year's varsity girls team worked extrem ely hard to prove to them selves that they could com pete with the best in the State of Hawaii. They finished 3rd in the highly com petitive H PA Tournam ent w ith w ins over Lahainaluna and Kalaheo. The team then blitzed through the BIIF w ith a 12-0-1 record w hile scoring 67 goals and allowing just two. The State tournam ent proved to be just as exciting for the Kam akani as they defeated Kapaa in the quarter finals 2-1 and advanced to the sem i-finals against M ililani. After a scoreless first half, the girls w ere defeated 2-0 by the eventual State champion. The girls wrapped up their by playing Punahou to 1-1 tie for third place w hich is the highest finish ever for the girls soccer program in the history of the school. The graduating 9 seniors will be sorely missed. N amed to the BIIF All-League 1st team were Alexa Bates, Kelly Buscher, Jaisy Jardine, Elena Cabatu and H eather Onuma while Michi Ham am o was Mamed Defensive Player of the Year for the 2nd straight season.

Club soccer;M .Berthoud, T. Hogan, N. Riccord, ,1. Stout J. Ivory, M. M eyers, L. Duerr, E. Rosednle, C. O'Malley C. O 'M alley, Coach Kawena Gom es, Kailei Feeney, S. Behm S. Dahlberg, T. Quinn, B. Brow n, H. Honda, S Morlock, A. Edwards, L. Daw son, M. Jones

BOYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BASKETBALL

This year HPA had an excellent basketball team filled with talent and experience. There were five senior returnees: Michael Shumate, Keola Lindsey, i Damien Arafiles,Daniel Hughes and Ari Bernstein, well as newcomer Dominic Chavez. There were also fh other underclassmen returnees . The team spent the preseason traveling anc playing in various parts of Australia. This two week ti was taken so that, not only would the team gain experience, but would also get to see another country. Top left: Simpson skies to tap the The season opened in jump ball. Bottom left: Kamakani JV Basketball Honokaa where the Kamakani got their first wi Above: Mike stretches out for the This win was followed by rebound. many more. In fact their or loss came against Kona in their fourth game. This los: put doubt into the Kamaka fans and they wondered if the team was really as goo< as they thought. All these doubts were eliminated 24 hours later when HPA defeated Hilo for the first time since 1982. And if tha wasn't enough, they were again victorious three nigh later against the Kohala bo over the hill.

(Top row)Chris Simpson, Mike Shumate, Kevin Williams,John Rosedale, Robert Olson, Ari Bernstein, (bottom) Keola Lindsey, Dom Chavez, Daniel Hughes, Nate Watterson

^ UNo This years wrestling team was led by seniors, Kea Cook and Chris Dods. Kea took sixth place at the State Championships. Since they are only graduating two wrestlers, we expect to see great things from the underclassmen in the next few years.

Coach Matt Hughes, Kama Kobayashi, Peter Dods, Chris Dods, Eric Ma rcanado, BillyPrince, Kea Cook, Peter Olson, Woody Grey, Joji Tokita, Nainoa McTavish, Chad Sohriakoff, Chang Yoo.

Top.Kea Cook struggles for vistory. Above:Peter Dodds getting ready to pin his opponent. 3elow: Eric working hard for the win. Sight: Chris pronounced the victor!__________________

1993-1994, The Year of Records. The 1993-94 Boys Swimming Team completed! the most successful season in the history of the "1 school. After winning the BIIF Championship in early February, the boys travelled to Maui two weeks later and came home with a 2nd place at the State Chamionship meet. The boy's were led all year by captain Eric Bollinger and the Phillips brothers, Noah and Ethan. Noah won the 100 freestyle at State and also set six school records 1 this year. Eric came in 2nd in the 200 freestyle and in the 200 & 500 freestyle at States. He set five school records this year. Ethan also had two second place finishes at States and, like Eric, had five school records. Other swimmers who especially helped in this championship season were Gabe, Jim, SeanLynch, and Corey Nelson. The Kani girls, for the first time in over ten years, defeated HiloHigh, placing second at the BIIF. They were led by Junior FreestylerBackstroker, Serena Dwyer. She set three school records this year. Jessica, Iw alani, Pua, H anae, t Malia, and Luukia also had outstandin events placing either 2nd or 3rd in their events at BIIF. Joanna received coaches awaid for her excellent leadership.

Top Right: Kamakani rest up between events Bottom Right: H.P.A swimmer charges off the blocks

Back Row Left to Right: Nima Aflatoni, Jim Crouger, Coach Mark Noetzel, Joseph Kim, Emile Lynch, Kevin Chan,Tomo Murata, Eric Bollinger, Ethan Phillips, Corey Nelson, Noah Phillips, Mistu Anada, Gabe Starsong, Serena Dwyer Middle Row: Christian Hasting, Coach Jay Wilder, Coach Mo Donahue, Coach Mo Matthews Bottom Row: Malia Laber, Iwalani Wall, Lu'ukia Archer, Vanda Luce, Pua Mench, Joanna Radin, Jessica Opdycke, Kanoi McTavish, Hanae Tokita

Top Left: Joanna springs into action Top Right: Noah catching his breath Bottom Left: Lu'ukia plows through the water Bottom Right: Kamakani train hard

Above:Left to right:Eric Ho, Coach Eric Joachim, Kaisit Udomkunnatum, Marc Cooperson, Roy Hall, Sean Rostrom, Brian Lee, Jamuna Berliner-Caverly, Ryo Iwata, David Knowles.

This year's men's and women'; tennis teams led by captains David Knowles and Lasiandra Hall have been strong contenders for the BIIF titles. They have had) a successful season with leadership from new seniors Jamuna Berliner-Caverly, Eric Hq and Ivory Kalber as well as from ! returning seniors David Knowles! Marc Cooperson, and Megan Sperry. Their coach, Eric Joachim says that it has been a pleasure to< coach a team with such unity, talent, and spirit.

Below: Front row: Leanna Dawson, Shih-Ling Lin, Toyomi Shirai, Melissa Jones. Back Row: Mari Matsumoto, Yvonne Hynes, Sara Ventura, Coach Eric Joachim, Su Gi Kim, Ivory Kalber, Lasiandra Hall.


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Scott Kim, Kirstein Duncan, Karesa Wong, Tara Gallison, Minda Murphy, Lilinoe Melrose, Krista Williams, Nancy Steinecke, Heather Craig, Deanna Brich.

One of the man}/, outstanding features, of HPA is the horse ; program . Instruction is given to beginning through advance stduents in both English and Western riding. Riders can show off their dressage and jumping skills during periodic shows throughout thd year. Students also enjoy riding/camping trips up Mauna Kea i and parades in Waimea town. M any students take advantage of this unique opportunity the schoc has to offer.

^ucuttees Student Council and KeneKoa Left to right, back row: Sandra Chan, Damien Arafiles, Pua Mench, Nick Rutgers, Lucas Hamberg, Lou Anderson Middle: Robbie Adams, Kathy Sakimura Front: Sienna Rogers, Lasi Hall, Richard Bryson

Speech and Debate

Back row: Left to right, Susan Behm , Kathy Sakimura, Miri Breslow, Lisa Connor Front: Joseph Kim, Kenny Kao

Above:with some of their students, Jennifer Ak&ma, Mark Breslow, Leah Mackey, Ray Eliazar, Leanne Goto.

C o p u n e s e ie i r 1 n 8 •

IyboverSheanna Jardin, H'sien Hayward, Tepa Cordeiro, Meghan West, Suki Gi, Sue Gie Kim, Sarah Ventura, Bummer Duncan, and Nicole Ricord. IBelow:(Top Row)Clayton Bramel, Karl Hvnes, Jeff Ellis, Jed Ednie, Brynly Brown, Meghan West, Kelly Buscher, Heathe McNaughton, Emily Ros^dale, (Middle) SueGie Kim, Jenny Lee, Kim Giffin, Miri Breslow, Barah Ventura, Noe Daniels, Helene Honda, Kristen Brilhante, Suki Gi,(seated) Keola Lindsey,Kalei Maeda, Laura Hiyane, Alexa Bates, Sienna Rogers. Missing: Michelle Hanano and Laura Dierenfield.


o s me mr u V n i ii c t e •


S.A .D .D .

Brent Foster,Andy Carlson, Erik MacArthur, Kelly Buscher, Karl Hynes, Clayton Bramel, Laura

Dierenfield, Noe Daniels, Suki Gi, Stacy Kadota, Sara Ventura, SueGi Kim, Jaisy Jardine, Alexa Bates, Starr Wedemeyer, Mil Breslow, Laura Hiyane, H'sien Hayward, Jen Yeung, Meghan West, Jenny Lee, Amy Hicks, Sienna Rogers, Alia Zuke, Mich Hanano, Lindsay Faye, Sylvia Tewes, Lasi Hall Kim Giffin, Ita Jalaludin. Missing, Ivory K., Tepa C., Lauren H.

A m nesty International-

Tepa Cordeiro, Rana June, Lsa Connor, Heathe McNaughton,

Amy Hicks, and Starr Wedemeyer.

A.V. Crew-

(Left to Right) Pono Thronas, Kenny Grant, Arjun Clarry, Kahea Thronas

I Newspaper-

I R ed K ey-

Heather Onuma, Joanna Radin, and Leif Nelson.

Arjun Clarry, Arati Clarry, and Lasiandra Hall


-j-, j ^ . OO om m i


(Left to Right) Top Row: David Knowles, Melinda Hagen, Karl Hynes, Shea jardin, Nick Rutgers, Ivory Kalber, Meghan West, Suki Gi, Sandra Chan


Som etim es we have needed a helping hand to scale th e obstacles th a t have been put in our path. The senior class would like to th an k these special people.

To: Father Piltz & Mrs. Polak for teaching us how to sing together. Merv & Cynthia Spencer, for giving us countless hours and meals. Mike, Lance, Nolan, Ethan, & Coach Mar del, for showing us so much Aloha. Jean McDonough, for taping us together when we've fallen apart. Ms. Michel, for being our mother in the dorm. Mrs. Rizzuto for helpin' us with our "college stuffs." Parents for cheering us on through victory and defeat. Coaches and Teachers, for being more than instructors.

From the Class of 1994

The Younger Years



1 ® H R


1.Emi Nojiri 2.Mamiko Abe 3. Lauren Hopper 4. Ivory Kalber 5. Malia Laber 6. Maile Hiyane 7.Jamuna Berlingur-Caverly 8. Star Wedemyer 9. Karl Hynes 10. Jaisy Jardine

11. Andy Carlson 12. Mika Tyler 13. Yumi Kojima 14. Mark Cooperson 15. Cybel Stevens 16. Alexa Bates 17. Jennifer Henderson 18.Brynley Brown 19. Janna Stout 20. Morgan Levi

21. Stacy Kadota 22. Rebekah Kramer 23. Michelle Hanano 24. Lindsay Faye 25. Jed Ednie 26. Mike Schumate 27. Sienna Rogers 28. Kimberly Giffin 29. Jade Lam

Marjorie Babock Robertson, 1889-1994 Member of the Board of Governors, 1949-1972. Member of the Hawaii Preparatory A cadem y Corporation until 1994. She was a clinical psychologist, a college professor, and a published author with the doctor's degreeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but to HPA sturdents, she was "Mom." She breathed life into the newly-formed HPA. Her tasks were as varied as the needs of the school. She acted as college counselor, served as a reading coach, administered the college boards. She played the organ, picked up the m eat orders, wrote publicity, cleaned the played an instrumental role in shaping the direction of the school and obtaining the financial backing that ensured its survival and ultimate growth. People called her the guardian angel. With love and gratitude, the 1994 HPA Annual is dedicated to her memory.

President's Address As graduation comes closer and closer, I look back on the past four years here at H.P.A. They are all filled with both good and bad memories. As soon as I became President, I was given a week to come up with a President's address. Since I have only been President for a Iveek, I can't speak much about m y experience as president, but what I can speak of is my experience as a Vice President and a student. I have seen four years of highschool pass â&#x2013; with a great deal of rapidity and at times I wish they weren't coming to an end. What I can l a y about HPA is that part of the learning experience is finding out more about yourself, as 1 have. Being Vice President gave a role of responsibility that I felt was quite apropriate for jme, especially in m y senior year. To m y fellow seniors: Although we are parting in presence, the memories we have of leachother will always stay in our hearts and minds. Good luck and keep in touch. To the underclassmen: D on 't be in such a rush to become a senior, the years go by too Iquickly. Someone once told me, when you're a freshman, sophomore, or junior you can't Iwait to get out of here, but once you're a senior, trust me, you wish you could do it again. â&#x20AC;˘[Thank you to everyone for giving me a chance to get a headstart on life. That's really what HPA is about. I'll miss you all! Lucas Hamberg

Head Master's Address

Athletic success, marked by a number of BIIF titles and our state championships in cross country, *

has been one of the memorable elements of the 1993-94 school year. Academically, our SAT scores are o n ' the rise, TOEFL/s improve each year, and college acceptances continue to roll in. You in the Class of 1994) have a number of achievements to celebrate. But there are other milestones that in the long run may prove to be the real measure of your years at HPA. Will you leave HPA with a better understanding of the diversity of today's world and an appreciation for the lessons learned from living in our multi-ethnic/multi-cultural environment? Will you leave with at least one life-long friend? Will you move out into the "real world" ready to offer a helping hand to fellow human beings in need? When you arrive at that inevitable fork in the road, will you take the beaten path or the one less traveled? Will you reach beyond your perceived level of ability and achieve at new heights? Your answers to these questions now and in the years to come may better define what HPA has meant to you. My hope for each of you is that you make the most of every opportunity that life presents, and that you find the satisfaction and happiness that comes from making a contribution to the betterment of mankind. We have honed your skills and prepared you to the best of our ability; now get out there and knock 'em out of their socks! We believe in you and will always be there to support you. Aloha from everyone in the HPA family.

L= Athletic Director fo the Class of 1994: I Aloha and congratulations on a long and successful ride through the "HPA experience." [his past school year will be remembered as the most successful in the history of Kamakani Athletics. As Isit here in February and write this message, we will be raising State championship banners for Girls and Joys Cross Country ... the fifth and sixth in HPA's history. BIIF banners will decorate Castle Gymnasium rom Girls Cross Country, Boys Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Football, Boys Swimming, Girls Soccer, jnd Boys Soccer ... the most championships in one year for HPA. Also the Boys Basketball team is Injoying their most successful season ever an they too are close to wrapping up the BIIF title. The spring ports season should prove to be just as exciting as the Track, Baseball, and Girls Basketball teams all look b be strong BIIF contenders. Now I know that all of the "stars" from these teams have not been from the Class of 1994, but the padership, practice habits, and commitment exhibited by the seniors throughout all seasons, has been nstrumental in the success on the field/court/course. I hope all of you take away good memories from Kamakani Athletics and remember all of the hard Ivork, dedication, and sacrifice it took, from all of you, to find success. John Wooden, UCLA basketball liach in the 70's, once said: " The main ingredient of stardom is the REST of the team !" Good luck and Aloha, Steve L. Perry

Yearibook Staff

Yearbook Staff: A sa C ascavilla, Jed Ednie, K im G iffin, M ichelle H anano, Lauren H opper, K arl H ynes, StacyK adota, R obert kaw asaki, D avid K now les, R ebekah Kram er, Jad e lam , Sienna Rogers, M ichael Shum ate, N atasha Suzuki, M rs. Yaraw am ai We hope that everyone enjoys the yearbook!

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