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Right top: Are you ready to go, Ana? Left top: Fleur perplexed? Left bottom: Suzy enjoys the first prefect outing of the year.

Left top: Angela is practicing to be a mother. Left bottom: Lazy bums! Right top: Who needs snow? Right bottom: W hat are you dreaming?

HPA offers the boarding student a diverse atmosphere. Students can relax in the newly decorated lounges of the dorms or go for a hike up the Kohala mountains. On weekends the students take part in the m any activities offered and make life long friendships.

O : W hat is th e best aspect of student life?

C lark says, "The free periods and the iiidepe n dence.7"!? Stacy Kadota likes,"The activities such as sports â– or- tu rtle tagging." Paul Dawson likes,"The vast variety of women!"


Top right: Rebekah, Asa, Tepa, and Michelle all studying in hopes of making it to their next class prepared. Middle: Jeff and Dana just cruising at the lockers talking story. Right: Eric, sleeping as usual.


Top: Da Boyz ju st hangin around. Middle: "Oh Cy, you're so cute!" Right: G rant, chillin w ith the babes, Teri, Sara, and Nichole.

Top Right: L ast years sophomores bring up the rear in the sand sculpture. Top Left: Go Hubbs, Go! Middle Right: Who was th a t m asked man? Middle Left: Daisy gives M iranda a warm embrace. Bottom Right: A m ateur divers getting ready for a pool dive! Bottom Left: Spectators take in a Saturday afternoon football game.

Above: SADD members fill out contracts for life to send to the students parents. Left: HPA gives a car wash to raise money for those affected by hurricane Iniki. Below: HPA students spend Sunday learning CPR.

HPA unlike m any other schools offer activities th a t vary freatly, from scuba diving to lances. Mr. W atson as the lead of Student Activities tries o give equal opportunity for ‘very one to do som ething they'd snjoy by offering a diversity of veekend events.

This past sum m er the solar car team ventured to Germany, Denm ark and Switzerland where they competed against other countries and colleges. While racing up the Swiss Alps the team left D artm outh and 1/3 of the competition in the dust to win first place in their category. This accomplishment along with the entire project has offered HPA stu ­ dents the opportunity to gain knowledge in solar technology, along w ith an experi­ ence of a life time. We take our h ats off to the solar car team and commend them for their world wide recognition. Mahalo to the parents, Science D epartm ent head, M att Hughes and Michael Ketzer for their unselfish dedication to this project. Solar car team : Left to right; Michael Ketzer, Glenn Pogue, Benj B ennett, M att Hughes, top; Greg Stephen-H assard, C utter Brown, Alex Hughes, Neil Stork, Cassie Q uaintance


Top:-" Who says ironing is ju st women's work" says Greg. Lower left:- Neil gives Cassie a pep talk before the start. Lower right:- Alex and Greg add a few finishing touches on a trial run.


The students a t H.P.A. strive to be the best a t everything in all aspects of life. You can see their efforts in academics.

Top: Nick stops to fantasize about his ... lunch, yeah th a t’s it! Bottom left: Ben H igashi pretends to be studying his Algebra. Middle: Alexa Bates cram s for her M ath exam. Middle right: Brynly kicks back on the lanai and reads. Bottom right: Neil and Daisuke are up all hours of the night trying to absorb concepts of M ath Topics.

with the use of the new Gates Perprming A rts C enter the students of Mrs. Moore's acting classes and Mr. tew art's music classes can now erform th eir talents in a more flamoyant style. Mrs. Yaraw am ai's a rt lasses always portrays her students' reative work.

>p: Heidi Hempel strain s for the high note, ip left: Thane Hancock spends quality tim ein his canoe >use working on special projects (canoe carving.) Looks great lane!! )ttom left: Jo n Scott and Alex H ughes go through the steps professional acting. jttom right: Robbie Adams brings life to clay m aking a ask.

Kamakani Intramurals H.P.A. students have a variety of intramural activities to take part in. Whether surfing, scuba diving, jazz dancing or horseback riding the Kamakani students were always having fun participating in the best of what the Big Island has to offer.

ready to go under in the Dowsett pool. Right: Two fearless Judo students compete with each other in preparation for the next meet.


Top: Jeff H ubbard gets intense while setting up for an aerial on a classic Big Island wave. Above: Students in the horse program go through their drills and practice their rise and trot.

ABOVE THE REST The Kam akani athletes of 1992-93 used hard work, dedication, and pride to strive for exellence on and off the field. W ith the support of coaches, parents, and teachers the K am akani rose to a higher level of excellence. W hether on the football field or in the pool the kanis displayed the tru e spirit of O hana th a t makes HPA athletics so special.

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Top left: Dustin digs in before the pitch. Top right: Noah trains hard for the state championships. Lower left: Mia skys above the rest. Lower right: Who says white men can't jump.


Left: Paul breaks a tackle on the way for another score. Below left: The sweet smell of victory. Below: Thane glances back at the competition before striding to victory!


J o ck A le x a n d e r A g o ra sto s K am uela(W aikii) H aw aii / HPA 13 years n d these children jxat you spit on they try to change their worlds ■eimmune to your consultations, iey’re quite aware what they’re going through.” David Bowie The Breakfast Club" om and Dad- With your busy lives you always made sure I as as happy as I could be. You’ve always tried to show me to do e right thing. You gave me everything I ever wanted, probably Dre than I deserved. And no m atter what you were always ere for me. You’ve always let me know that you love me. nanks, I love you.

Nick- Thanks for everything, the good and the bad. ILY Chris A- If only you were here now, the things we’d be doing. I love you always. Jason- You’ve been my best friend for how many years, and often times you’ve asked me, “When did we become such good friends?” My answer, why question it, if it works that’s all that matters. I can’t thank you enough for everything. There’s no one who I’d rather by arrested with.ILY Fiona- It seems like we’ve been friends forever, but more than friends sister and brother like, lets keep it that way. It’s hard for me to say all I want to say in a quote, so I’ll tell you in person. ILY Kainalu-Ho Flotis, my Monday lunch partner, riding buddy lets go all the way to the top. See if I ever tell anything again.

Thanks for being a friend for all times.ILY Sinclair- Hippychick, na just kidding. You were always there to make me laugh, always there to talk and listen to me. Thanks for everything sexy. WeliWeli good times always. ILY Mathias- Bike trips to town at 12, trips to the east coast, good times together. Thanks for the rides, thanks for pool, thanks for everything.ILY Scott- Good times/memories, racing to prom, fun factory Hilo, Hyatt, Kona eggs, and hopefully many more to come. Thanks for them all. ILY Paul- You’ve been there to cruise with me when no one else was, a t lunch, during free periods, a friend for all times. You’re the coolest guy I know, never change. Thanks man. ILY Fran- You’ve brought so much joy and happiness to my life. You were there when I needed someone to talk to and when I needed help. I can’t thank you enough for that. ILY Calvin- “We didn’t do anything officer, honest!” You’re one of the coolest guys I know. Thanks for everything. ILY Chris- Good times a t parties, whether they be Parker, HPA, or whatever. Thanks for everything. Take care, and keep in touch.ILY Kris- Thanks for all the good times at your house, and thanks for being there for me. You’d do her, but would she do you?ILY Ninia- “This weekend, Sunday night dinner up a t my house. Oh no w a it...” You were always there to make me laugh. Thanks for the talks and the good times. I love the fake sheep in the yard. Never change, and always keep in touch. ILY Jana- Ho, Jana dissed me again, Nana just kidding. Thanks for everything ILY. Daniela- Thanks for being there. Thanks for putting up with me . Take care. ILY Matt B.- There’s no one Fd rather be arrested with. Thanks for everything. ILY Brynly- I’m going to be so lost without you next year. No more Saturday night partying, movies, and what ever else we could use as an excuss to get out of our houses. What will I do with no weird neighbor, with ugly dogs, and a pink and blue house. Fll miss you.ILY Dustin- If I had half the abilities you had I’d be conceited too, nanana. Take care of yourself, and keep in touch.ILY Jess- You may be the president, but we saw who can hold there own. nanana, You brightened my day just by being there. I’m going to miss you so much next year.ILY Ashley and Josh- King of the road remains to be seen. I’ll miss you guys, take care next year,keep in touch. ILYG Kim and Jade- I’m going to miss our camping trips, our good times together, and you both. Thanks for being the most caring friends.ILY C assie-1 owe my whole AP Computer grade to you. Thanks. Love that V. JELLO, and the hair.ILY Dana- Good times this past summer, trip to Kona. You’re such a wonderful person, never change.ILY Lielyn- Thanks for all the parties, the camping trips, and the endless memories. I know you didn't mean to diss me these past years, na just kidding. I love You. Chris N.- Thanks for all your help, say hi to your sister for me. Thanks Matoko- You know that all my being mean to you was just a sign of affection, NOT! Shutup!ILY Good luck to, and keep in touch- T.H., K.V.H., R.H., D.C., R.S., M.S., K.M., S.M., J.F., J.L., J.R., B.F., A.C., J.J., J.S., C.B., to all who I may have forgotten, thanks. To my Parker buddies- G.C., C.B., E.M., C., K.B., S.F., M., and all my other friends, thanks. To the alumni who've gotten me through everything, the good and the bad times, to where I am today - I.C., A.S., E.S., J.B., S.O., J.F.!, E.F.!, S.K., H.C., L.B., and to the rest of you, I never would have made it, thanks and I love you all! To the Families who have welcomed me into their homes and their lives. I can't thank you all enough, for everthing you have given me.-Coles', Yamashiros', Bates’, Maciejewskis', Ghoshs', Andrews’, Petersons', Whites. To the Class o f 1993How can words sum up what we’ve been through together these past years? The good times and memories can never be replaced. Never let your heart die, even if its been scared, stepped on, or deserted, not matter how bad things get. Always know that I’ll be there for you, and I love you all. Thanks for the best years of my life. Keep in touch! I may have left you out, and I’m sorry, but I will never forget you. You've given me so much, that I don’t know where to begin to thank you.

S c o tt C a rte r A n d rew s K am uela,H i/9 yrs./F ootb all/Soccer/B aseball/S tud en t C ouncil Dad: Thank you for making it all possible. You have been everything a son could ask for. They took me away but they couldn’t keep us apart. I Love You. Mom: You took care of me, through good and bad you were always there. I couldn’t thank you enough for all you have done and put up with. I Love You. Ginger: My favorite yamhead .we have had too many good memories, I only wish you could have been here for the last four. I Love You. Mach: Stop slacking,get a job, you are the king of procrastination and sloth. “I’m not lazy, I’m efficient”.What would you do w/out your remote. Thanks for all the “good times”. You were always there to console me and help me make the right decision, after all you know me better than I know myself. Chris: Football, MKB, Hyatt” Mr.B Fail”, BVB’s, Keahou “not blinking”, BYU “did you ever know that you’re my hero”, Breakfast Club “something’s biting my a—”, sea monkeys, zingers, chicks and good music. Chimp-I wouldn’t give up the memories for the world. #24, maybe one day we’ll meet again on the field. Calvin: No shame! “Anal retentive” Tiki’s “I hit my shoulder on the reef” Mak’s, twenty foot plus! “Oh Scott, I’m staying at your house”, “Hey Cal, I can borrow clothes yeah?” Thanks for keeping me in line. Football, soccer and lifting wouldn’t have been the same without you. Paul: Football was unreal, 40’s in under 4.5, ya know it! One day we’ll both gain that imaginary fifteen pounds.Nice juggling catch! Soccer, playground basketball, hurdling bushes at your house, giving the bird in your truck. Don’t cry, but you’re pail, totally bucket. Dustin:“ Dun-Dun want cookie” Football,,mountain biking,MKB,Breakfast Club,BVB’s,Hyatt” charging it”, Duke “Is Shlomi in here?”," Your competitive nature is becoming an irritation” Don’t lose that desire to win and you will always succeed. Oh by the way its s-k-i-e-s. Thane: Italians rule, alright Rocco! Eagle atl3 ? Thanks for blowing me away in all of those 10-K’s,good times at Weli Weli, we’ve come a long way since fourth grade but we finally made it,motivate and you will succeed, wise words from one who wrote the book on motivation. Ghosh: Abu makes the best Slurpee, roadblocks.Thanks for the psycho ping-pong and all of your food. Keep lifting and playing soccer. Thank your parents too for always being out of town. Nothing personal but Hilo sucks.

Jason: Forget golf, you could make the big time with your dance moves. I own you in RBI. Thanks for teaching me the game of soccer. Playground basketball, four man turbo grafix, Waikoloa boys,”I could beat you with the sand wedge”, King of left handed arm wrestling. Go Jason! Go Jason! Robi: Point masters forever,Hyatt, classic videos at your house,my house,basketball,surfingjah hill,” Let’s kick some a—” D.A. Matt: Football, Soccer, lifting, BYU” You’re simply the best”,’’Steamy Windows”, raw meat and hershey’s syrup, I’m glad you decided to stay, “you changed” Midfielders rule! Kauai firemen! Take care. Kumi: Kumi bastards! Come on man who took my books? Nice switch boys now who was driving? Spring Break ’92 was the best, non-stop good times,you owe me two weeks stay at your place though. I’ll take a picture of town for you. Don’t lose that passport and check the expiration date. Yeti: Land speed records in the Spirit. Yaa-Haa! Football, three years of camp, party animal, Kohala pig farming, batteries, dissections,faces of death,"How many Cokes in one minute?” Yeti by day, sasquatch by night,bat by air and manatee by sea. Jock: Party your house!,Hyatt bound,since freshman year you and I were always there. Thanks for the memories. Daisuke: Stop gambling, I have your shirt. Yeung: Canadian strong man, thanks for all of the 5:45 lifting sessions. Mike S.: Thanks for all of the signs, the first trip across the bridge, insight on government kept aliens who prefer strawberry ice cream, surfing,cruising and rambling in your Bronco. I missed you. Sunny: Pretty Boy Floyd Yahinas- if you will. You conned them all. On girls-” You were wanted but not to be had”,Motorcycle Ninjas at MKB, Team slurpee packing. It was an insane four years, I only wish it could have been six. You’re such a yam head. I missed you, Kick a— in college hoops and laugh at those that said you couldn’t. Good luck to the rest of the senior bulls (A.C.,J.D.,C.E.,R.H.,J.H.,J.M.,M.V., K.V.H. L.O., W.L.) Damien: Yahinas, Here it comes! “You promise to god you’ll call me” she never called but now your glad. BYU roomates,Denny’s “what did you say boy!”, Breakfast club, McD’s,Deli, videos at your house. Good luck in baseball. Daniel: Croc! All-State Holder! How much can your dad curl? BYU,Iceman, You’re the best backup QB in the state. 100 100’s w/ Bitonti. Next year,you at QB and D at Z. Good luck. Sage: What’s up with the blow ‘n’ cut?

K.H.,S.B.,N.W.,J.Y.AC. A-B.- Egg Bandits Rule! Fiona: I like drive your car! Party at Fiona’s! Sinclair: Thanks for being a good fnend and helping me when I needed it. Star: I’m glad we quit fighting, stay happy. Jessica: It’s been over two years already, I’m telling the truth, I’ll miss our talks after Student Council meetings. Starr: I own you in pool and don’t forget it, nah! You’re so nice, stay 9 that way. Good luck running all ofyour businesses. Jaisy: You goddess you! I still have your tape and I’m not giving it J back. Jade: Make up your mind! Thanks for the long soul searching talks, I food and advice. I hope one day you will be happy, you know what I ■ mean. Tiffany: Thanks for the hours on the phone and the help with my M social problem(s). The men will just have to take a number even D.C.1 What will you do on weeknights after I’m gone? Laura: I’ll miss you and I’ll never forget you. Good Luck. Garrett: You have been like a brother to me. We’ve had enough fun w last a lifetime. I will miss 4611 Burning Tree days. Ben: I wouldn’t lie to you! you stud,”You’ve got girls all over the i world- Nah, just all over Texas.” Lay off on the junebugs and scotchguard. Good luck at UT. Nicki: Thanks for all the late ,late night talks, long walks and letters-: I hope we never lose touch. Fox: Thanks for teaching me how to enjoy life, I will never forget thosi crazy summers. You are like a brother to me, don’t change. The Class of '93: Thanks for all the memories. (E.B.3.B.AC.,KKJ.E.,L.F.JCG.,B.F.,KH.UJL,T.KJ.P.K,KL.^.Q.3.R.,C| S.S.,N.S.,R.B.,R.A.,J.L., and anyone I forgot)-Good Luck Teachers and Coaches: Perry, Bryson- Thanks for teaching and I giving me a chance to play the two greatest sports there are, It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Holt, Warren Shaw”unforgettable”, Scott Sanders, Frosty, thanks for everything. 1 Thanks to: Detwilers, Spencers, Petersons, Mrs.Mach,Yamashiros, 1 Agorastos’, Solmssens.von Holts, Mr.Martin,Hancocks, Ms. Matson 1 and Dawsons. “Still we try, win or lose, take the highs with the blues” -Van Halen

P I t seems usherererl gopeople come into mu life or out of it. Touchiriq me where Xfeel, then, leavinq me only <t

tiun m iesm ^ losinq m eir mooior So corne,brush

lu life., and 5rtoqlong enough for CCsto knouo each i agcunst ____ omer. Even-ttioui IThave to part sometime- Andweboth. knato th e longer you. stay “ more Idl want you. when. Mou'regone -8u+ come anyway for fairytales are-thehappiest stories Weteod.

CLAW! FRAN- my twin! God w here to start... memories are endless and totally unforgetable. “Where ya headed.. Chicago?...Ya you got th a t chachi...Zooloo time... Well you can look like this, or you can look like...Black roses... You w ant chapstick-1 got chapstick... yongs/ sizzIer/MacD... Look a t it! Look a t it!T.” I could go on and on. J u s t th ink it all started 6 years ago and we are still stronger th an ever. Thanx for everything. ILY. JOCK- y ou have been the brother I never had. Thank you for all the love and support. I wish you all th e luck in the world. ILY. CHERYL-How do you feel? How do you feel? My acting bud. Yeah someday th at will be us on th e big screen. I had a vision... Thanx for all the love and support you have given me. You have helped me so much in my quest for true meaning. ILY maya, never change. "Rescue me!.. Don't anticipate...He is such a guy... Someday your prince will come., keep on wishing. MATT V.-my attention friend, okay, line you win..Who couldn't smile at you. You're a classic guy. don't change for anyone. ILY JESSWeil we are finally out! Mauna Lani, my house, jock's house, yong's...come on girls express yourself. We've nad a blast. Thanx for all the support. ILY GINGERdancing in parking lots, movies, weird parties, all those sunsets. Talk about been through it all. Yeah everything but our last year. ILY and miss you so much! HANNAH- my therapist. I don't think you'll ever stop suprizing me. ILY. Take care and be careful MIKE-1 miss you. Thanks for always sticking up for me. RYAN S.-mistakes are something I think we will both never forget, I've missed you. DANIELLA - yean I like this seat.. I'm sure Leroy does to. Shame, shame! Stay out of trouble. Nah, we go town anytime, take care. MIA- heynow ya been? I been fine. You VB stud. Next year in college slam one for me.ILY. JOSHflick..flick.. I've never seen anyone make a faster bee-line towards us. Take care. ROBI- The driving maniac. Take care.CYBELE-Come buy my perfume. We had some killer ru n s/ walks/crawls. ILY MARY- Oh its a jolly holiday with... Cal's house, Ian's house. State, anytime we're on it, MATT D.-I'll take you down waipio with no 4x4 anytime. REBEKAH- I'd pay to see you fight, nah your beautiful, don't change. ILY HUBBARD- You're such a sweetie. JOHN M.-1 like one lollypop. THANE- Yum Yum Bailey's... MEGANyou deserve it ail. thanx for all the support. CHRIS M.- Someday you'll make a great dad. CASSIE- Freezing Dras in 8th grade, terminator II judgement time, ILY fake care. KUMI- Pull over. Pull over. SINCLAIR and STAR- we have had our share of good times. I'm glad we finally put our differences aside. JASONSomeday the right girl will come along, and you 11 know...SCOTT-1 know it was you who drove my car that night, oh who cares. BRENT- ah Ninja ASA-You punk, nah you know I love ya, not. GOOD LUCK: to KAM, MATHAIS, CHRIS E., DANA, RACHEL, MATT B., PAUL, and ASHLEY. N.Q, M.H., S.R., J.L., E.M., E.B., R.B. “W hat a long strange trip it’s been.”greatful dead To the class of 1993, “Follow your bliss....”

FIONA KAMEAALOHALANI BATES 13 #U*(@N$ YEARS!!! / X-COUNTRY/ VOLLEYBALL/ SOCCER/ 18 y ea rs in a w orld o f m y ow n. a th e famdambo: MOM AMD DAD- well it s aally my tu rn to leave th e nest. I look back on 1 th e trouble and m ischief I’ve caused over the >ars and how you two p u t up w ith me and 5ver stopped supporting me is a miracle. I have jpreciated ALL you have done. Thankyou-1 ve you both very much. COLE- guess w hat... I •asned the car! Nah. Four years is quite a .stance betw een siblings, b u t I thin k we are ling alright. J u s t rem em ber I’m always here ir you, I understand more th a n you know. ILY. EKA- my little garth! You have made my last

three years so funny and so weird. I’ll never forget our little hallway adventures, looks in the m irror, and crazy dancing to music. You’re such a goof. ILY. Some words of advise: Don’t stop believing in yourself, fate will take its tim e with other things. I promise. To my beautiful buzzard: DEREK- You have made this p ast year so beautiful, so secure, and so inspiring. How we made it this far only proves to me more th a t it was m eant to be. T hank you for m aking my fairytale come true. I love you. Oh wait, I have something for you...

B en ja m in B en n ett 6 yrs at HPA / 4+ yrs S w im m in g / 3 yrs Solar Car / S tu d en t B ody V ice P resid en t To m y fam ily: “however far away i will always love you however long i stay i will always love you w hatever words i say i will always love you i will always love you” the cure -Thank You-

“People are people So why should it be You and I should get along so awfully” Depeche Mode “She moves in m ysterious ways” U2 To a ll th e str e sse d ou t HPA students:

To th e girls w h o I liked: (If you think th a t one of these quotes is for you it probably is.) “never quite said w hat i w anted to say to you never quite m anaged the words to explain to you never quite knew how to make them believable and now the tim e has gone another tim e undone” the cure “I couldn’t sacrifice Anything a t all To love” Depeche Mode “Come on and lay w ith me Come on and lie to me Tell me you love me Say I’m the only one” Depeche Mode

“it’s a perfect day to throw back your head and kiss it all goodbye” the cure

well th a t's because I am" The Sm iths “i’ve been looking so long a t these pictures of you th a t i alm ost believe th a t they’re real i’ve j been living so long with my pictures of you th a t : alm ost believe th a t th e pictures are all i can feel" the cure F or y ou w h o th o u g h t th a t I w as in telligen t an d original: sorry

And if y o u ’re w o n d erin g ab ou t me: In conclusion: “I am a p atien t boy I wait, I wait, I w ait My tim e is like w ater down a drain Everybody’s moving, everything is moving Please don’t leave me to rem ain” Fugazi “And if you have five seconds to spare Then I’ll tell you the story of my life: Sixteen, clumsy and shy The story of my life” The Sm iths "If I seem a little strange,

“W ords are meaningless And forgettable" Depeche Mode “I guess this is our last goodbye And you don’t care so I won’t cry” The Police If you live as an island you will end up like Hawaii: extremely boring and dull. Benj Bennett

C hris M.-1 won’t ever forget all the good tim es we had, G errit’s, Jock’s, Pato, royal Sea Cliff, etc. D ustin- Who says there’s no such thing as a free dinner? You’re a tru e friend despite your “Competitive N ature.” Robbie- Thanks for getting me through my senior year. Jock- One of the coolest people I ever met. Theres no one else I would rath er be arrested with, ju s t kidding. Thanks for all the great tim es a t your house. So when do I get to drive your car? F ran-1 am not a snob! So wheres the party? T hanks for being a friend and for telling me all the good gossip. Its genetics. M ach-1 hope I am not too salty. Thanks for being a good friend. Jay- the too legit dancing machine, you are the man. Lance-my oriental gangster brother, Thanks for m aking me an honorary. Peace out! Ghosh- T hanks for letting us borrow your house, and for all the Mr. Freezies. A sh & Josh- p artners in crime. Three words: get a life. Don’t party too hard. G errit & Sunny- Kahi Mohala motorcycle gang. Miss you guys. S in cla ir & Star- thanks for being cool and for all the good times. H ui O U le Nui- th an k s for all the adventures, your the best bunch of guys there are. I’ll never forget all the great tim es we had: Spring Break ‘92, Royal Sea Cliff, H yatt, M auna Kea, cruising Kona, partying, etc. “Good Times!” Good Luck- ‘93- M.V, J.H , W.L, J.M, J.C, F.B, R.S, K.M, underclassm en-J.P. D.A, J.E , S.B, K.L, A.C, N.W, J.Y, L.H, R.B, To all th e p eo p le w h o th in k th at I h a v e fo rg o tten them -I haven’t. To all th e p eo p le w ho h ave h elp ed m e alo n g th e way-You know who you are. T hank you. Everything changes, and the hardships I was bearing today was only a b reath away from the pleasures th a t I would have tomorrow, and these pleasures would be all the richer because of the memories of this I was enduring.” - Louis L’Amour

M a tt B in d e w a ld W aim ea/10 yrs H PA /Football/W restling/Track/Y eti lom- T hank you for always standing by me. I re you always. tel- T hank you for your support, and I know a t everything you have done has been with fur best intentions. icob- You’ve been th e greatest. These next w years will be a real challenge, don’t let’em | t you down. Take it easy, ipa B.- T hank you for all th a t you have given le, especially your undying tru st. I love you. ml- Best friend to the end. sott- You are still a w aste of groceries, but

we’ve had some good tim es th a t I will never forget, T hane- BBQ ham sandwiches, you’ve been a great friend from th e first day till the last. Kam- “ju s t p u t the guns away’” good tim es at Weli Weli, and camping, take care. C hris E.- I’ll tell it to your face! Cal- Thanks for all the good, if not em barrassing, tim es a t your house, hot tub, jum ping off the roof. Stay cool. M att D.- M aster floatus, we didn’t alm ost die! Gwarn!

Dad- You are the kindest short guy with gray hair I know. Thanks for being such a swell dad. I love you so much. Mom- Thank you for being my friend when I needed one, and a mother-person when I needed one of those. I love you. G rant- I’m grateful th a t I have a brother who is one of my best friends. I love you and would find it hard to get by w ithout you. Thank you for everything. To all o f m y friendsThank you for all of you kindness and love. It takes special people to m ake a sad person feel happy or make a scared person feel safe; things you have all done for me. I’ll miss you all next year. M ichael- “I wonder why...” W hat happened to all of our pigs? “ Do you w ant to play on Alcatraz?” Alisa- You are my best friend, and w ithout you, I’d be lost and probably wouldn’t be able to find my way back. Muchas gracias por todo el mundo. To b o th o f you- This wins the aw ard for faux pas-ness! J ea n ette- “We’re ju st two lost souls...” You’re such a nurcular freak, but I still love you “Fortune favors those who dare” -Vergil-

S u sa n L ou ise C a lla g h a n

C h a rlo tte A . C an n an T exas/3 yrs. H P A /E questrian/Journalism /A m nesty/ Yr.Book om and Dad-I can’t believe th a t I’m finally here! I honestly uld not have made it without you there to push me along. I ve you guys more than words can say, and I am glad I stayed sre. B ut don't get me wrong, I've missed Texas. I can't w ait to t back to th a t there southern land. Thanks for giving me the pbrtunity of getting such challenging education. Sometimes press I get a little selfish and only think of me instead hers. Thanks for standing beside me and helping me rough all the hard times. I love y’all... ili-Hey cowboy! I’ve missed you these years. We’ll have to ake up the lost time. You mean a lot to me breaux and if u weren’t there to pin me down and spit on my face, well I’m st not sure w hat I would’ve done! Ha! Don’t forget th at JANKSGIVING we spent together (1990). I love you. tanks for listening to my complaints and aggrivation. You’re super brother, don’t forget that. It’s good to know th a t I have u there to trust. Oh, you better let me drive th a t killer truck yours! Take care and good luck with your guiding!!!

Amy-Hey little sis! You’re totally unbelievable! I won’t ever forget the times we spent just cruzing together. I swear we'll go deaf one day with all th at loud music! I love you too, very much and I appreciate all of your advice and encouragement. Good luck in the future and if you do decide to come to HPA (Hawaii Prison Academy) keep your chin up and think positively. Wait, Wait...Take care little one!!! Love, your sis, "The Looter". To the rest o f my family-Thanks for all the support and love th at you've shown.You stood right beside me through thick ’n' thin. Y’all are the greatest family anyone could ask for. Thanks, I Love Y'all. Kalona-“And it smells like Nirvana!” I’m gonna miss you. You better take care of yourself. Don’t forget about Gorge, the beatle bug who carries binoculars! I had a good, but not great, 3 years with ya! Ha! (Joke) Thanks for helping me through the hard times , especially last year. Man! That was hell! I love you! Maybe we’ll run into each other across the plains! Adios

Amiga! Jon-Listen, I think the pansies are whispering! Sorry I ditched you. Remember that gnarly dream I had? Hey, you’re going down! Well, you do know th a t she’s lying. All those guys have the biggest egos but there such wuses. I hate 'em all! Intimidation reaches your skies.” You know it’s sad but true. Metallica, Pearl Jam, Cure, Led Zepplin, Nirvana...Thanks for that book. Good luck with your musical philosophies. Oh, I love your lights! Thanks for the hikes. “I see you standin’ on your own, it’s such a lonely place for you to be. If you need a shoulder or if you need a friend, I’ll be here standin until the bitter ends. No one needs the sorrow, no one needs the pain. I’d hate to see you walking out there in the rain. So don’t chastise me or think I mean you harm... All I ever wanted was for you to know th a t I care.” GNR “Oh yes, it will be mine.” -W.WorldSusie-Thanks for the hikes and all of the talks. I really had a great time with you. Take care of yourself and good luck!!! Fran-Lance Lance, no can dance, no can walk, to can talk, no good luck. What? Stuck up? Ho! Da kine! I’ll never forget you. Take care buddy. Thanks for it all. Cheers! Mary-Mr. Stuffed animal man! That boot sure scared the s—t out of me! Diana-Keep da chin up. This thing called high school will all be over before you know it. Look at this place as a shortcut to success. You’re a groovy chic.Glad to see more of my kind here, Texans. Maybe I’ll see you back a t the home front, who knows! Lindsay-You’re so sweet. I just wish we could have been better friends the years before. We missed out, I guess. Thanks for being a cool fnend and roomate. Take care of yourself next year because I ain’t gonna be around!!! Love ya! Benj-Thanks for taking me around all the time and letting me come stay. Most of all thanks for putting up with my strange remarks. Take care buddy and good luck in the future!! Niazi- You Ozzie! Nah! J u st kidding. Thanks for being there to cheer me up all the time. Even though it took a fortnight to do so. We’ve reached the end of the road so the next time you're in Texas look me up or the next time I'm "Down Under" I'll look you up. Take care love... Raych-Hey! I missed you these two years. But hey!, you really didn’t miss much, justa couple real boring dances. Luv ya! ’93 kicks butt! Mica&Colby- Glad that we were able to keep in touch. I’ve missed hangin’ whicha.Good luck whatever happens! Special thanks to Mrs. Moore, Mr. Solmssen, Ms. Whittlesey, Nancy, Judy, Tara G.,Cassie etc. for all the extra help with riding and the never-ending supply of kindness and encouragement. I love y'all!!!! “And the earth becomes my throne. I adapt to the unknown, under wandering stars I’ve grown, by myself but not alone, I ask no one.” “So close no m atter how far. Couldn’t be much more from the heart. Forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters.” -MetallicaAndy-I'll try not to leave you out next time okay? Take care of yourself and best of luck. Kumi-You're real funny. Good luck and take it easy if you know what I mean... To all of my teachers; Mr.Bryson,Mr. Wilder, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Holt, Mr. Durnan,Mr.Soln Mr. Herhold, Mr. Weiser, Mr. Provencal, Mr. Stuart, Mr.Honma, Mrs. Y., Mrs. Moore, Mr. Dunlap, Mrs. Link-Thanks for all that you’ve taught me and for all of the support. How I did it, I don't know.(Or should I say; how you did, it I really don't know.) To th e class o f 1993-”You k now a dream is like a river, everchanging as it flows, and the dreamer’s just a vessel that must follow where it goes. Trying to learn from what’s behind you and never knowing what’s in store, makes each day a constant battle, just to stay between the shores. I will sail my vessel ‘til the river runs dry, like a bird upon the wind, these waters are my sky. I’ll never reach my destination, if I never try, so I will sail my vessel ‘til the river runs dry. Too many times we stand aside and let the waters slip away, and what we put off ‘til tomorrow, has now become today. So don’t you sit upon the shoreline and say you’re satisfied, choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tides...” -G.B.-

J e ssic a Lee C arew 4yrs/K au ai/P hilip pines 8yrs/Oahu/V. Sw im m ing/v. G olf/Turtle T agger/ P resid en t/S m ilin g Mom & Dad: You showed me the world and kept my eyes open to everything around me. I’ve grown in understanding and knowledge but the little girl is still in my heart. All the smiles and confidence are because of you. No one can replace all of the love and understanding you shared with me. Thank you for trusting me enough to let me decide. I love you. Ron: 6 1/2 yrs. Fighting...fighting...fighting. Remember those special secrets. Let’s go play Rambo! Makapun here we come. I’ll always be here for you. ILY. Odessa: Friends forever apart or together. ILY & I MISS YOU. Fran: Who would you have guessed? The moments we’ve shared will always remain with me. Lower dorm visits, "Pretty Women”, songs, stress, diets forever, and most of all the talks filled with laughter and tears. Thank you for sharing you with me. ILY. Daniela: Roommate of three years. Talks, laughs, pain...sunshine and rain! We’ve been to hell and back and were still here. Good luck. Remember there is a world out there for us to conquer. Don’t grow up too fast. ILY. Chris English: Once you told me th at you never trusted anyone...I don’t think I’ll ever fully accept that. Despite that I know you trusted me enough to be a friend. There are many of us out here who care. Good luck & ILY. Blake Robeson: Somehow you changed my tears to smiles and made my worries disappear. Your hugs showed me the love and understanding that have made these moments so special. I love you. Fiona: “I want the fairytale”. Keep that dream alive. We will find it someday. I love you. Lance: Come Lance we go cruz Oahu! Not...Dissed. Scott: 2 years huh? yeah right. How many back rubs do you owe me?

Jock: Sorry about the floor! Thanks for always being there for me to count on. Thanks. I’ll miss you. Robbie: AP’s never gave us this much hell. Stainglass-never again. Rebekah: Hey beautiful eyes. That body will come in time-just wait. ILY. Mia: You’ve always been there. Mahalo. Kumi: I laugh a t you! Don’t stare too long! Jason: Relax and be yourself. You will find someone someday. I’ll miss you. Jay: Good times. Sea Mt. Thank you. Sinclair: 1992 BIIF’s Good times Cal, Matt, Thane: Good luck. Miri: Take care. The confidence is there don’t be afraid to show it. Mary: Let’s party. Oahu here we come. Stay random forever. Take care of yourself. Mamiko: Matching suite and cap! No! I want a massage. Thank you. Sarah Staggs: The more time I spend around you the fatter I’ll get. Remember me always and our long homework sessions (Not) I’ll miss you. Prilnce Richard: It will be yours, oh yes it will be yours! Lasiandra: I see a lot of me in you. Keep your smiles and go for it. ILY. Mark Hubbard: Take care little one. I’ll never be to far away for us to talk. I’ll miss you. Miss Yap, Mr. Bleckel, Mr. Wilder, Mr. Solmssen, Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Durnan, Ms. Michel, Mrs. Piltz, Mr. Watson, Mr. Rice & Mr. Bryson: For we only love what we understand, We understand what we learn, And we learn what we are taught. Thank you for seeing so much in me to help me strive for my goals. Mr. Anderson: Guess you were right. Thank you for being a friend. I will come back and grind pizza and Haagen Daaz. Bye Bye.

Mrs. Bryson: What muscle. Run faster slow poke. 5:45 are y o u * joking. The ultimate woman. Lee, Kwok, Dejos, Solmssen & Bates families: Mahalo & Aloha, i AP crew: Oh smart ones. What did you get on the test...99.5...I’m definitely not worthy. What stress., ju s t fun. I Good luck in your IV league schools. Remember me when yoiiH make millions. Student Council: Working hard paid off. Thank you for p utting up with me. Frosh year clan: We’ve drifted apart but they were the carefreS days. Thank you for everything. Kani Swim team: Don’t slack. Young ones the early years meaiM a lot. Oldies thank you for helping me realize my dreams. I needed j those extra tugs. I’ll miss you all. We go grind Chinese food! 4 Senior Class: Times have been rough but we’ve pulled througfil Wherever life takes us we will always have the memories to fall back on. Good luck in life. Now is the time for those dreams ta| become a reality. Aloha and Mahalo. Friends: In me there is a bit of each of you; I hope I have touched a part of you. Never will forget any of you. Good luck: c/o 94 KL,KH,AC,AH,JY,JL,BF,St,NS,DG, JH,KT,VK,LC,LF,JA,EB,AB,SK,ML,MS,SB,LH,NP,EB,LH,CBl! c/o 95 LH,DD(braids),JR(nice view),CB,TQ,RS,RO. c/o 96 PM,NR,SV,AA,MW,RA,WG,EP.

D a n ie la G race C a rre ira “L ovey” K ohala, H aw aii/ 5 yea rs H.P.A./ 3 yrs. V olleyball/ W eight liftin g/ P eer C ounselor/ P refect. Mom & Dad- Well, I’ve finally m ade it! And I w an t you to know th a t YES I do appreciate everything you do for me! W ena & Joan- W atch out world, here comes sistah #3. I’m following in your footsteps, b u t I th in k 111 be avoiding the 7-Eleven route, (no offense). I love you gals and I w ant to th an k you for always being there for me. N oe- My dear tw in sistah! I love you dearly & w ish you the best for your high school years! Luv ya’ lots! Leroy- No m atter w hat the future holds in store for us, I’ll never forget the past. The memories we have will la st a lifetime. I love you. “I’ll be there to comfort you. I l l build my world of dream s around you, you know I’m so glad I found you. I’ll be there w ith a love so strong. I’ll be your strength, you know I’ll keep holdin’ on ...Just call my nam e and I’ll be there! -M ariah Carey & Trey Lorenz J essica - Hey Roomie! I’m really gonna miss those nights runnin’ down Michel’s hall to F ran ’s room. All those pilow fights th a t you kicked my b u tt in. The gossip, girl talk, boy talk, life talk! 3 whole years as roomies and we didn’t kill each other. You’re irreplaceable! Dont ever forget me, kay!? Luv ya alwayz. Fran- You can’t deny it, you ARE a Kohala

girl! I hope you have a killer time checking out those basketball boys on th e mainland. Take care in th e future! K uilan- Yo tita! My Inner Circle sistah! no party to hard, luv ya & don’t forget those Cabbage patch days! H elene- Go easy girl! (and learn how to drive!) nah. W hat are ya gonna do with 3 years of H.P.A. w ithout me! Take care...Luv ya’. B ecca- “Boom I got your boyfriend!” Not! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, b u t don’t party 2 hard! Keep in touch, kay?! Luv ‘ya both! Kainoa- Hey cuz! Cassanova! Don’t forget me. You’re also gonna play for my wedding/grad party/baby shower(which ever comes first), right! B rent- Yo homie! Take care & come party w/us sometime o.k.? Tepa- Well, I’m outta hea! C-ya! I know...Shut it!!! Don’t be a stranger, I’ll miss ‘ya lots. M ia Ich ish ita-1 did it girlfriend! I miss cruzin’ with ya’. All those town trips to the deli for a chocolate shake and curly fires! I’ll never forget them. J o c k -1 had lotsa’ fun working in yearbook with ya’. I’ll miss talking to and laughing with ya’ take it easy and keep in touch! F iona- Hey girl! Wassup! you were the best V-Ball p artn er I ever had, sorry I couldn’t play senior year. Remember riding shotgun in my car, I have to get th a t seat fixed!Nah, ju s t for

you I’ll keep the seat like th a t the ’’love chair.” Love ya’ lots, I’ll miss ya’. M ia S.- V-Ball rules! To a ll yo u m aniac drivers on th e M ountain Road- Sinclair, Jana, Kam, and especially Thane...go easy and drive safe, rem ember what happened to me!!! To all you Senior guys-Ashley, P aul, J osh D., Calvin, Scott, J a so n Y.. MINI TRUCKS RULE! TO H .P A “This is the time to remember ‘cause it will not last forever these are the days to hold on to ‘cause we won’t although we’ll w ant to this is the time but time is gonna change I know we’ve got to move somehow but I don’t to lose you now...” -Billy Joel “It’s been a good time together, and the best is yet to come!” -C&K To th e C lass o f 1993“As you walk down lifes corridor Take your time There will be many doors for you to open. Choose them wisely.” I w ill miss you all!

SM S i I


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< tM l


“When I look back a t all th e m isery and all th e heartache th a t you brought me, I wouldn’t change it for another change ‘cause blood is thicker th an any other circumstances” My fam ily: Thanks for believing in me and m aking everything possible for me. Above all, a zillion thanks for never giving up me.

Jean n ie: My #1 buddy in th e whole world! You have made my ’91 C hristm as feel like heaven. Don’t question about love Don’t be heart- broken when he let you down. Love can never be as perfect as those in the story books. Anyway, ju s t rem em ber th a t you’ll always have my shoulders to cry on.

h im *


g I'!' Clara, C anny, C ollina, Pam ela: Though friends are far apart, they’ll always be close at heart. T hank you so much for all th e memories and the fun times. And th an k s for being a t my side when tough tim es came. I’ll never forget all those years we spent in SHCC. W ith laughter and tears, Daisy.

K a Yan D a isy C hiu M acao/ HPA 2 yrs/ S p eech and D ebate/ R ecreation al ten n is/ h ik in g/ dorm p refect Karen: Thank you for being th ere to deal with th e baggage problem a t th e HK airport. Joyce: T hanks for letting us use th e fridge. Sheila: Simply th e best. I wouldn’t had made it w ithout you. Thanks for the talks. Take care! Mrs. Piltz: I got so much to say th a t I don’t know where to sta rt. Anyway, th an k s for all the tim e you spent on me. I have learned a lot from you, from debating to m aking m arm alade, And th an k s for my first Thanksgiving dinner and my first capaccino.

C lass o f ‘93: Seal your fate w ith th e choices yfl make...

side!!Graduation?ha!!! Waipio bound! LANCE: a tRue FUshinck- lets move to compton and perform drive-bys-next stop-U.S.C.(university of South Central) Chris E: Jump Around!! one of these days I'll be able to grow a goatieJ Yeung- listen!!! Murph- U have an Imagination from hell- but thats ok, lets turn it in to dunlap V-B boOEes: J.H.- look how high that guy jumps!!he's white too!! Always remember who rules the upper road=ME... M. Shoo- Ho, I bet u could kick coaches ass if u wanted to,yea yea, thats it—Bah!Ha!Ha!Ha! Stay away from me with those scissors... Dave- if u were a board I would take u out and surf u!!! Big nose=Big Boto-no worry!!-ha joke... peter, mark, and J-u guys always made me jump higherI feed off your energy-GOOD LUCK Bart- u cocky suckah!!! nah, jus jealous... GOOD LUCK -dooOOO!!! peace goes out to: E.B.&N.P.&T.RJswimmahs,, S in cla ir- if I had a sister, u are her-stay cooooo jana h-ho u smart ah? fiona-I know u are really in love with me... cassie-ummmmm ..yea daniella- now if I could only lower my truck..Hmmmm Josh- what are we supposed to do now? What will I do when I can’t grind your food? Im scared-lets go be bullys at pines!! Jeff- when your sponsered, I’U say, “He used to come to my house and devour all my food”-how many waves? not enough... ROB-granny, Crapanias going offHDAMN that skinny boy can eat!!! MIKE SWAN: where ever u are-feel the BBBBBBBBaaaaaaaaaaSSSSSSSSS Bob,Ryder, and Porter- miss u guys(mushy) Coach Pat, Coach John, & Coach Nick: i respect you guys...choke!! seeya a t U.H. all those i forgot its 2:11AM....sorry “Here I come to save the day!!” UNDERDOG

A sh ley K eo la C olter V olleyb all/ B od y B oard in g bin and Dad: Through all the troublesome times, our many spates, and your late-night worries, we’ve managed to work rough together and put me on the right track (even though I Is, always right...) I can’t thank you enough-(mushy part) I bVE YOU. (mushy end) bOEES: golf and carnival games- how could one person be such a kook! h! I jus jealous- remember me when your on the PGA Tour, ich- no mess! dis buggah get game! go easy on da ladies bro... |ane-RUN?only when chased...ditch cross-country: we go play as in the pasture!- what is the scenario? ris M- party what? animal? part animal? oh yea!! time to pull ather all- nighter. st- if you would only ignore the rest of us you’d be set! Ashes fishes, dust to dust, check out those freshmen- time to bus_..

Paul- how many years we been in school together?sheeeeesh! lets go pump gas a t Chevron already- I’m scared to go into the real world. Cal- u get style-teach me o mastah... scott-1 hate to tell u this, but your going to die at a young agecrazy buggah!! u get mo style- teach cal.... kris & kumi- HO! u guys are womanizers. Yeti- nah,nah!..MAT-two words Kahi-Mohala Jock-keep the partyhouse rocking buddy!! Kam and Robi h- u guys wish u were as smart as me!! good luck, I’ll probably be working for you... HARTWELL boEEs: Ethan! we go surf! NOT! LAU: CHECK oUT mY teCHnlquE!!! Ive got this thing I put around my dogs neck and shocks him when he barks- sleep with one eye open... MATT V: funniest guy I’ve ever known-Im sure glad your on my

S h e ila Cooke H um an b e in g 17 yrs. / H PA 3 yrs. / D ram a 3 yrs. / Cross C ountry 1 yr. / P refect 2 yrs. Parents: T hank you for all your love and support. W ithout it I wouldn’t have made it this far. Robert + Teresa: T hanks for th e cards, books, and phone conversations. Maybe I’ll get into college!?! Grandm other: “It’s not the card, b u t w hat’s inside th a t counts.” By Marge Heaney, thankyou for the letters, they m ean t a lot more th an you know. Pam + Lance: The beach, taco, diving, movies, and so much more - it’s been fun! Teacher: yes, the quiet one speaks! Well, she w rites anyway. Thank-you for hearing me. It’s been a learning experience, and I’ll never forget any of you. Ms. Michel’s Hall: you guys are great! “Scum squad,” I hope I w asn’t too h ard on you. Ms.Michel, thank-you for being th ere for me. Courtney: thanks for the memories. Good-bye for now. Emma: My Kiwi friend, I’ll never forget you. After all, we’re joined by chocolate. Heidi: Well, like you know, like it’s been sooo very. Who can forget Kona a t night, “Slimjims”,chocolate fits, C abaret, and our “fabulous” HPA dances. Suliana:”Wow, we’re prefects!” Thanks, for the talks, sleep overs, encouragement, and physics

help. “H ail Chippy!” M iranda: Remember 7eleven, balloon games, b an an a philosophies, running, Kona, and of course chocolate, and w h at about the Leprechaun, and the Chipmunk. Chie: “Jap an , I w ant to go !” T hanks for relieving my stress, parties, trip s to Kona and Hilo, running tips, and talks till 2:00 A.M.- I’ll m iss you. Danny; T hanks for all your jokes, they really m ade m e laugh. I love the way you play the recorder. Motoko: You are the best! th an k s for the music, food, talks, and jokes- its been 3 g reat years. “It’s fact.” Daisy, K aren, + Joyce- Remember kitchen duty, dinners, talks, th e beach, and prefecting. Clare : Spanish and m ath would be so dull w ithout you. Amy: Keep running! Chris R: T hanks for being an understanding friend. Sandra: Keep our teachers honest! Evelyn: “W hat a hot babe”- Cabaret. S-l-e-e-p: One day I’ll experience th is 5 letter term . To the friends I haven’t mentioned, you know who you are, thank-you for everything.

P a u l D aw son KAMUELA /1 3 YEARS / SOCCER / FOOTBALL / TRACK m & Dad- Thank you for the academic and letic support, and for always encouraging me to ;he best I can be. I hope I made you proud. I i you. n a - Highschool is a different story, so study d, but try and have fun. The time will fly by so ’t let opportunity pass by. Sorry for playing my sic too loud. Watch out for the boys and good t. ILY me- Thanks for fourteen years. I wish I had as :h dicipline as you do. T & P moving service. | your own stuffs. Good luck, good times, and ’t let your meat loaf. See you at Chevron.NINJA ris- Opae gang. How come your so good? Thanks

for the football memories. Free Winnie. Breatheyou are my savoir. I wanna be your girl. You rake the grass. P.I.’s forever. Scott- If you train hard, maybe someday you’ll get as much press as me. I’m glad we became closer friends this year-especially at night,nah. The true Marky-Mark. You are the fastest white man I know, take pity on the C.B.s in college. Ninia-I wouldn’t want to spend my last year with anyone else.That’s not the way it is.Careful don’t hurt yourself.Watch the screen.I laugh with you,not at you.Remember, whatever happens I will always love you and I mean it.I’ll pay you a dollar.I think ILY too much.

Mach- Even though you’re lazy sometimes, you were always there for me and I thank you for that. It’s all racial. You are a good looking fellow. Blue sock day, NO SHAME, House of Pain, the true Agassi.Booger Check Jason- Immigrants rule! The only reason I tease golf is because I miss the AYSO and Pony days. Five bucks; ten seconds. Not in school. Adukin! Whitewash, Spam Musubi, soak you right now. Dustin- I’m proud of you. You’ve accomplished more than some can dream of doing. Ju st don’t let it go to your head. K.C. baby. D.P. & P.D., front page material. Sunny-1 miss you and I hope you succeed in whatever you do. I’ll treat you to Bastistos next time around. Late. Matt D.- I’m glad you came back for our last year. Thanks for setting me up and everything else. Icy Blu. Save some women for me. The true Ronny Lott. Ghosh- Even though you live in that town you still have a kind heart. Remember to stock your fridge. You are big, I’m jealous. Do you have a date tonight?Samoan Power Company Matt B.-1 admire your dedication. Sorry you had such bad luck. Have confidence in yourself and don’t let anyone get in your way. Stick fight. You are my idol. YETI Sinclair- Bye Beautiful. Calvin- Thanks for being my brother and giving me advice when I needed it. Oh, Mr. twenty-five minutes, you are the best. Kona Daze. Stay off dem steroids. Defense rules. Robi- Good luck in the future, I know you’ll do well. I’ll pay for that. Fran- Will you go out with me? I did say hi. Wilson- The Chinese Chicano, I’m deeply honored to be considered your friend. Wilson by Nike Jock- Thanks for being an all around great guy. Melina-Thanks for guiding me threw highschool, those are 2 years I’ll never forget. We’ve taken our different roads, but hopefully they will meet in the future. Lance -O.G. We cruise Kalihi or Nanakuli next time around. Kumi- It’s nice having someone of my own race to keep me company. Watch the shoes. I wish I had your body. Seen any good sn—ch lately. Derrick Coleman:Eat right, Practice hard, and I ‘11 still kick your ass! Mr. Bryson & Mr. Perry- Thank you for everything. You’ve help me develop in athletics and you’ve help build my character. I will never forget you. Josh- Hey!, same shoes. Hui O Ule Nui-1 love you all Kam, Mia, Fiona, Star- 13 years, don’t waste it. Goodluck in the future, I believe in you. ASH-YOU GET UP!!! Thank you-Yamashiros, Detwilers, Hancocks, Leitels, Petersons, Ghoshs,Maciejewskis, and especially Lana. Good luck toJ.CJVlVJMJHJYJ).C4).OTcsh,C.Qja4JLRRJPKJ.Y. JK3FJLJVLHSHACJCHJVLDAF.,CSJBB.NWX)H.AC. Sorry if I forgot any one, but this is so depressing to write. I wanna stay in high school.”It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”-Dustin”Deion”Peterson Fade to BLACK-Filipino and proud of it

C a lvin D e tw ile r Kona, H aw aii/ 9 years/ S occer/ V olleyb all/ F ootball/ Surfing/ G ood Tim es Mom & Dad-1 owe you everything. I look back now and can truly appreciate all that you have done for me. Of one thing I am sure, and that is there are no finer parents in this world. There are many fortunate children, but I am by far the luckiest, for I was born to the two finest people on earth. I love you. Tad- Wassup little brother. I don’t know what I’ll do without you in college. Surf partner, riding shotgun to school on that damned road...Work hard and make sure you surf my share of waves. Amy- My baby sister: you’ve got a long way to go but don’t get discouraged. I realize that sometimes I was a little harsh but my intentions were always good. I want you to be the best you can be. Take care of yourself-I’ll miss you. Relatives- I’m sure that you have all helped or supported me in one small way or another and I would just like to say thank you. Hui ‘0 Ule Nui- We’ve had so many good times together... our friendships are the kind that will last a lifetime. No matter where the roads take us I’ll never forget you guys. NO MESS! PS- See you all at the ’94 World Cup. Paul- Lifting, construction laborers, ODP Camp, California roommates, state soccer. Defense rules. Thanks for the use of the futon. I’ll see you on the Olympic team in ’96. Scott- Makalawena campout, Tikis(kook), Mauna Kea campout, Funtopia, dog biscuits, dizzy cat tricks, 4th grade b-party. Thanks for all the foodfno shame) and the use of that lower bunk. Dustin- AYSO days, trapped in the pool, Mr.

Competitive Nature, 10 panels. Watch out for the Grither. Pinetrees grommets. SOC(I still love you!)We go ’96 Olympic team. Mach- You are the man! Jordan’s got nothing on you. Except maybe a little motivation. Where are your car keys? TW(Don’t worry... by the time she reads this it’ll be to late.) By the way, can I borrow last weeks problem set? Yeti- Howzit physics partner. Wana Coke? We go movies. Star of the show at jock’s, pictures on the desk in the Japanese class...Look at those hands!! Jason- We know whose got the best taste in cars. We go your house and play video games. Golf trip, the picture, Spats, 2Legit2Quit. Good luck Jay. When I see you on the PGA I can say I know you. Thane- Eh, my Italian Paisan! BPS, tree tunnel, Kohala Party, “I need a chick!”. Cross country bad-ass. Abu- Men’s league, grad parties, the endless ping-pong tournament, cookie-dough shiver, art class, freshmen Casanova. Chris M.- We go dive! Grad party partners, Mauna Kea campout, Drysdales, fastest chimp on the earth. Good luck and keep in touch. Kumi- Can you go talk to her for me, please? Glad you came back-now we can win states. Just remember, US soccer rules. Been off campus lately? Jock- Thanks for all the great parties- hopefully we won’t lose anyone else to the dark gulch of Waikii. Good luck in life. Others- Due to such tight length restrictions, I can’t write to everyone I want to. So, goodluck to Fran,

Jessica, Fiona, Sinclair, Cassie, Ninia, Dunbar, Robbie H., Kam, Asa, Brent, Nate, Daisuke, Josh, Ash, Jed, j Brady, Sage, Daniel and Damien. Goodluck also to the soccer, football, and volleyball teams. Teachers- Throughout my 9 years at HPAI have had j many excellent teachers. I would like to thank and bil farewell to Mr. Perry, Mr. Bryson, Mr. Bleckel, Mr. Durnan, Mr. Honma, 3\fl Archer, and Mr. Holt. Parents-To the Petersons, Dawsons, and Mrs. Andrew thank you all for putting me up and feeding me on all those nights. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate saving me from that long trip home to Kona. In closing I would like to say that my time at HPA has been an extremely enriching experience that will help me to gain success in whatever task I might underta® in life. I hope everyone of us realizes how lucky we al to be alive and to have the things that we have. I alsca hope that we all take advantage of and work hard to utilize this luck to the advantage of ourselves and all the people of the world so that we might make it a ] better place to live in. Life is one big road with lots of signs so when j you’re ridin through the ruts don’t complicate your 1 mind, flee from hate, mischief, and jealousy. Don’t bjl your thoughts. Put your vision to reality, wake up an live! -Bob Marley We don't know one millionth of one percent abfl anything. Thomas Edison

J o sh D oorly Kona,H I/ 6 y r s J B ask etb all/ V olleyball/ S u rf +Jeff- “Spongeboys” How high w as th a t air? erbowls- going off the richter! Kona inn ing, gas scrounging, taco bell feasting, Epic apana, “set m e”, push ups, slam m ing lugh town 39 tim es, three w heeler from hell! ’s su rf camp, I can’t believe its over, keep in :h and see you a t K auai Community next

S ..a.

I isica- To our class pres, and close friend, I inks for a killer year. Kick ass in college. I ane- Technos m ust die! M an you got a sick I ad. I ul- W hat about auto shop? Oh my god, does I go to this school? D .J. Daikon forever. I eh- You tell th e freshm en to get off the porch, I too weak and slow. I a - Eh G randm a, move your ass! Gimme I adred! I son- N apalm D eath rules! I la+ B lala- T hanks for putting up w ith me.We I I p arty in May! I t o o legit, baby! I w anna golf rem atch. I nem her who holds the title. I ash- Q uit listening to th a t panty music and I a real stereo, chump! I C at killer! W ith a wiffle ball b at too. I tt- Pines m aster rule over M auna Kea I edders! I t t V.- R unning w aters session, OTF, topless! I ~is M.- Moke of the school, and 2,000 cousins

to back him up. Is th a t Kainoa McGee? C hris E.-1 like buy your speakers. How much? Uh, about a dollar. Jock- Alias “partym an”, womenizah”. You know whos king of th e road. Cassie- I’m sorry for being so m ean to you, Not! N ah, see you a t the beach. Lance- Bench posse up! You and Jay and Mike were such a bad influence on me! Fiona- Eek rules! M att P .- F u tu re K auai firem an and top 16 rippah. Say hi to Curren for me. D aniela + J a n a - Screech! Who p u t th a t speed bump there? T hanks for m aking H.P.A. a little less Haole. Mia- S traight down! Look a t the pothole in the court. Yeti- two words- Helsinki Formula, Nah! Long live Jagerm eister Fab Six- Damien, Daniel, Mike, Keola, Ari, N athaniel- Good luck next year, tell Merv I said Hi. Bluff, shuffle, bluff, shuffle, take the hit, D am m itt Mike! Good Luck- Andy, Asa, Karl, Jason, Kim, J.P., Jade, H eathe, Jaisy, Michiko, Michie, Megan, Morgan, Sarah, Jam ie, Pua, Chris, Schuler, Brynly. Dad- T hanks for showing me th a t hard work and determ ination can pay off. Thanks for the sacrifices. Couple more years of masonry and I

should be ready to tackle life. Mom- Thanks for the support and all the little things th a t have p u t a smile on my face for the p ast 18 years. I appreciate everything you’ve done. I love you both.

M a tth ew K a in a lu H itch D u n b a r M ana’e, M oloka'i/ 4 years/ Soccer/ F ootball/ Surfing/ V olleyb all Mom and Dad: Thanks for putting up with me all these past 17 years and thanks for believing in my hopes and dreams. Somehow if those hopes and dreams come true, thanks for being there with me to enjoy them. I love you. Stephanie: Please don’t beat me up, nah! Much love and mahalos for being the best little sister a brother could have. Aloha au ia ‘oe. MaeMae: You’re the best! I love you! Papa: Though you have passed onto another life, I will always remember the great advice and friendship you gave me. My heart will always be with you. Grandpa and Nana: Moloka’i no ka’oi. Thanks for not getting too mad about the motorcycles, bb guns, slingshots and underage driving. Me’ke’aloha. E Malama’ pono. Parkers, TenBruggencates, Rudinoffs, Wescoatts, Zarbaughs, Hubbards, Lams, Olsons, and Mrs. Andrews: Mahalo plentys for everything. Jeff H: My long lost brother- We’ve been through a lot these past 17 years; German Hill, Ae Kamali’i, Pulama keiki, Island School and now, HPA. You’ve been a large part of my life and I just want to say thanks and, “The kid was right!” Matt V.: Fifth grade was a long time ago, but its all gone by so fast. From blowing up mail boxes to trying to kill each other with the tether ball, and now on to college...preferably Yale or Kauai community. Chris M.: Explorations... remember that girl, I goin tell! We have had our rough times but through it all our friendship has grown stronger. Scott A.: Please tell your mom not to kill me! Sizzler, BYU, movies, soccer, Mana motorcycles. Don’t lose touch! Paul: Eh! best friend. You owe me one. Nah, that’s what

friends are for. Fran: Where you been all my life? Nowyou will probably think I am a lolo for saying this but thanks for always making me smile. I will never forget you. Jock: We go ride! Before or afta da party? Thanks for everything, brudda! Chris E: Nice truck, you mountain goat. Mahalos for all the talks. Kumi: You should definitely rush! Thanks for all the passes. Wilson: Howzit S 1tote! No shame, eat all you like... Murphy: Teach me the ways, Barry! Lance: I like saimin... Fiona: I didn’t do anything, I promise. Thane: I waited for you, where you wuz? Matt B: Pato Banton! That was the fastest trip of my life. Robi: I told you, you guys would be better off without me, We go surf. Mia: You’re so nice. Jana: We go Manoa! Nah...Thanks for all the talks. Dustin: How do you do it, ALL? We gotta win States this year. Kris: Aren’t you #13, nah...I knew dat! Mathias: We go race! Jason: How come you never play! Daisuke: You’re sooo Big! Sinclair: Are you mento? Thanks for all the punches but most of all thanks for the unreal friendship. Damien: You flowtis, one speed, I tell you, don’t, don’t leave me hangin on defense, please! Natasha: Was up roku! you better be good when you go home. Calvin: Rookies rule!

Jenny: Your the most beautiful person I know, inside and ® Asa: You big tigah, when we go Tahiti this summer, wouldi be possible for you to teach me how to ride waves? If not, I I understand. Ninia: You changed! Yea, yea, I understand. Much love and mahalos, you’ve been a great friend. Lucas: You’re too much! J.P.: I’m glad I’m not on scout offense. J.Z.: Why do you think I’m so weird? Michie: Eh! How come you and Ninia always make trouble me? Andy: Watch da “fufu-9.” Kim: Meany! Michiko: Hi! Jade: Let me just say you’re so weird, but I love you anywa, Sarah: What’s wrong? Nathaniel: What did she say...Big...! Joy: Howzit! Tell your friends quit giving me stink eye. j Kuilan + Rebecca: How come you never say howzit backl Good Luck-Jason Yeung, Alexa, Jessica, Heath, Keola, Jont Morgan, Rachel,Daniel H., Jed E.,Lindsey, Brent F., Stacy| Sienna, Blake, Brady, Richard B., Schuyler, Robert 0., Will Teachers and Coaches: Mr. Perry and Mr. Bryson: You’ve both taught me more thi soccer and football: you’ve taught me how to deal with the hardships,glory, and happiness that goes along with themj Mr. Rice and Mr. Rowley: I promise I worked off my hours.) Mr. Anderson: Thanks for giving me the chance. Soccer and Football Teams: Believe in each other and the rest will follow. Porter: So what, big brother, MCC next year? We go surf! J Kleve: Bali, Pakala’s, Kitchen’s, how was our valet job, kill


HONOLULU, HAWAII SWIMMING 4 /JV BASEBALL /JUDO 3 /COMMUNITY SERVICE 2 / RED KEY SOCIETY 4 /HALL DORM PREFECT /EXEC. REL. COMM. / HPA MUSICALS 4 /PRES. CHOIR /#! BELCHER &PAPA: Ya I know its generic, but what else can I | “Mom and Pops!” (I don’t think so...) Sorry I’ve been such a nstrous eater for the last 17 years, but don’t worry. I’ll May take you guys to a full gourmet meal at my favorite taurant, McDonalds. We can start you off with some fries or d. (Just kidding you guys). I’ll take you guys and sis on a tld cruise, and we’ll all eat till we explode. Well since the ;e is limited to only 300 or so words, I’ll leave saying, Thanx I verything!” and I mean it! I hope you’re satisfied that I’m ig to major in music. At least I won’t embarrass you guys by ng to be the greatest belcher in the world. Who knows,

anything could happen. LUV-YA and in Japanese, AISHITELLUYO!!!! SIS (JAYNE): So now its time for me to leave you and go on trying to be successful. (NOT) We’ll always be friends and even though I’ll be far from you, we’ll always be there for each other. I’m proud to have a sis like you, and without you I probably would have never learned to burp the way I do today. Love you with all my heart and don’t get in trouble. Bye w/choke luv. CHIE-CHAN: I know you always tell me that you hate me, but I truly know that’s not true. (Hope So!) Anyways we started up being friends in the summer before our eighth grade year. Wow,

its been almost 5-6 years. Well I’m gonna bug you till you’re married, till you’re old, till you admit to me that you like me. Na, waste of my time. I rather go flurt with other people. Just Joking. Well I hope you get whatever you want to get done before I come and visit you in your dorm room. (In college) Love you and remember me when you hear people burp. I love you, more than just a friend. CHRIS N: By the time you’ve read this through you’ve probably guessed what girl I’m going to write to next. Chris I know its been hard for you to give me our chemistry homework for 2 years, but remember its always been OURS. What am I going to do now? You’ve been my best friend for 6 years and I hope we’re still going to see each other in mainland. Knowing you, you’ll probably keep track of all the other girls I’m going to date in life. If you do or not, it doesn’t matter because I’ll still bug you about, C.T. By the way you’re a JAFO. See you around buddy. POKEY: Too bad we didn’t GRAD, together' but Til always remember your petite voice. HEIDI: O.K. It’s been another gross year. You know what I mean. Since I’m writing this in Sept. I’m not sure but I hope we’re acccepted to the same college. CU in mainland. Luvw/care. MIRANDA & PRINCESS OF $e#: Well cuties, didn’t you love high school? Well now that you’re accepted, I think it’s time for those hunks in college. If in need, I’m always there 4 U 2! COURTNEY: I’ve always wanted to ask you. Can you here me burping? I hope so, because for some reason when I burp, I hear you laugh. I miss you, but I know your kindness is always in me. JIMBO: Howzit going? I miss you choke. I hope you can see by the pictures that I still think ofyou, lots. You’re the one that made me realize how life can really be. Thanx 4 your friendship. SUSIE: Thanx for talking to me when I really needed you. Our life goes on, but frenz 4 EVA!!! JAMUNA: You’re such a stud, but remember to where some boxers. You know what I’m saying. VAIHIRIA: Judo woman. I’m glad I’m able to graduate knowing that we’re good friends after all. Remember the good moments not the bad ones. Love you and I hope you’ll find a hunk. MALIKA: O.K. I know what to tell you. Although we did agree on a factor that we really didn’t want. I hope you know that I truly loved you and that everything that we had was real. We built our relationship to a point where we can’t regret, but instead to a point where we will remember each other as a very strong part of our high school year. Love you and best ofluck. By the way I’m glad we found each other to be more than just a friend. MRS. Y: Thanx for all the things you have taught me. You are not only my teacher but a friend as well. Keep your caring towards Hall Dorm and the kids. I know you’ll let them know what it really feels to be a part of this beautiful school. Love you. Take care of Mikela and Ana!!! EVERYBODY: You may think I left you guys out, but how could I? If the senior page was long enough, I would write to all the others. I hope you’ll remember me even though I was mean to some of you guys. I love all of you and make sure people will remember me not for burping, but for who I really am. HALL DORM: Even though the dorm’s name changed, to me it will always be the good old Hall Dorm. You freshmen, sophomore, juniors, it’s time for you to lead on the tradition of Hall by keeping it a big mess. (NOT) Take care of it, cause it has been a home for most of us. Don’t get SCUMMIES and stay on your toes, because we never know who’s going to get hurt next. Love you all and take care. My life has been great so far. Lets just hope its going to be better. I’ll be back guys. You’ll know when, because you’ll definately hear me burp through campus. LOVE YOUALL!!!! SEE YOUALL SOON and REMEMBERALL THE GOOD TIMES WE HAD HERE AT HPA. Dan-e Endo

C h risto p h er S h ip m a n E n g lish 4 years; volcan o, HI; Football: B oo-ya Tribe

To the people who matter: I'll tell you to your face.

Hanya- L.A./Buckley gossip; putting up with Jason, Gajan.etc.; almost shooting Josh!; sugarshack; Cheesecake factory outings; and so much more! Hey “sis”. Somehow we made it! You know you are my very best friend in the entire world. It’s possible to tell you what our friendship has meant to me-1 could go on forever. I have missed you tons these last 2 yrs. Thank you for always being there for me even though we are so far apart. Always remember all the laughs and tears we’ve shared together. You are still the “flying quakadoo”. ILY Suzanne- You are my best buddy. Your friendship means a lot to me. These last few years perhaps we’ve both begun to change and grow in our separate directions, but we’ll never grow apart. Stop checking out all those older guys. You are too picky! Love ya! B.F.F. Alice S.- Well babe- I’m finally done and you still have 2 yrs to go! Just thought I’d rub it in! These last 2 yrs you have been such a great friend-1 know we’ll always stay in touch. You know I think of you as a sister. We’ve had so much fun together, I’ll never forget any of it! “ You look fine. Are you sure? How’s my hair?”; cake fights; sob story sessions; I promise tomorrow well diet,, Mellow out so I don’t have to worry about you, o.k.? Remember to just be yourself and smile! Oh yeah, I think I should tell you that you are one of the most disgusting people I know! ILY Ashley-1 have enjoyed all the time we have spent together. You can always make me laugh and smile. It’s hard to know what to say except that I treasure the friendship we have and all the caring you’ve shown me. You are still a “brat”. ILY Charlotte- We made it! You’ve become a really good friend this year. Acting class was fun- don’t forget how to “act sexy” and did you ever get your tape back together? Luv ya! Chie- Hey old roomy! I really believe we were insane to agree to prefect Freshmen Hall, but somehow we survived. You’ve been a great friend and I’ll never forget our late night talk sessions! Take care of yourself. Love ya! Kalona- It’s been fun prefecting on Freshmen Hall with you... how we didn’t kill any of them is beyond me?! I’ve really enjoyed all of our talks. I hope wherever you go you’re happy. Luv ya! Freshmen Hall- Iwalani, Sarah M., Meghan, Sue Gie, Suki, Vanda, Sara V., Arati, Melissa, Teri, Miwa, Noelani,Serena, Angela,- Even though you guys drove me CRAZY, I’ve also had a lot of fun being your prefect- it has definitely never got boring! I’ll miss everyone ofyou and wish you all the best luck in the future. Remember to enjoy life and have fun while you can! ILY all. AngelaYou are one of the happiest people I know. I’ve really enjoyed, our long talks, our “facts of life” discussions have especially been the most interesting! I’ll miss you tons. ILY. Sara V.- You’ve definitely kept me on my toes! Try not to get into too much trouble! Iwalani, Serena,NoelaniHey swimming buddies! You guys have become great friends, I’ll miss you! Meghan- Hey babe, Love that picture! Never lose your sense of humor! Benj B.- “Don’t I know you? I know I know you from somewhere?!” You’ve become a great friend. We’ve had lots of laughs together. Thanks for all the rides to town! Take care. Love ya. Chris D.- Your friendship has come to mean a lot to me. Thanks for always being there when Fve needed a friend and someone to talk to! ILY. Jason Y.-1 promise I’m not “dissing” you. Do your own Math homework and get a girlfriend! I’ll miss you. Love yaOld friends-G.T, R.P., M.H., A.G., S.B., J.H., A.N., J.H., T.J., J.C., and anyone I’ve forgotten- I’ve missed all you guys a lot. I’ll never forget any of you and all the memories.ILY guys. Good luck- Malika C., Lasie H., Ita, Sonrisa, Scott L. Andy T., Mary S., Diana G., Miri B., Nichole R., Nikki H., Michelle R., Laurie M., Lora L., Celeste T., Cutter B., Carl B., - I’ll miss you guys!

K im b erlee Sue F a lk en h a g en L os A ngeles/T urtle-tagging/D orm perfect/V olleyball 2 yrs !- The 13 years we spent together hold so many cherished memories It I carry with me every day and will do so for the rest of my life, lir love and words of wisdom are still helping me grow and get lough each passing day. No words can express how much I miss you p how much I love you with all of my heart. I will always be your jtie girl”. bur absence has gone through me p thread through a needle prything I do is stitched with its color” -W.S. MerwinJrh-Anything I could say would not be enough; so I’ll try and keep it pple. |uldn’t have made it without you. You have quietly sat by allowing to grow and become my own person. You have applauded my lomplishments; and helped me learn through my mistakes. I know ss last few years have been difficult and especially letting me go off school- but you have always given of yourself to let me experience rything and follow my dreams. I appreciate everything you have

done, even though I know I don’t show it. I love you more than words can say and will miss you tremendously. ILY and Thank you. Scott-Hey carrot top! Well growing up with you so far has definitely been an exciting and fun experience, but I also know we both probably have some permanent scars from each other. No matter what, I couldn’t ask for a better brother. Always remember getting lost in East L.A.; our “brother-sister bonding” days; the all-nighter and a dead car battery; stealing pistachio nuts at the Hyatt; and so much more! While I’m gone don’t destroy the car and try not to terrorize L.A. too much! I’m always here for you if you need me, my friend. I love you and I’ll miss you! Bonner- You’ve meant just as much as anyone to me these last 17 yrs. I can’t thank you enough, and I’ll never forget how you’ve always been there for me and how you have taken care of Mom, Scott, and 1.1 hope you know that you are a permanent part of our family and my life. I love you always. To the rest of my Family- All of you are the best family anyone could ask for. Thank you for all your support and love. ILY all.

The most important discovery true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart - E. Foley Class of’93- We finally made it! These last two years have been a lot of fun. I’ve learned a lot from all of you and have made friendships that I know will last for years to come. Good luck to all of you and thanks for all the memories! I’ll miss you all! Ms. Michel, Mr. Rice, Mr. Watson, Mr. Weiser, Ms. Moore- Thank you all for making these last 2 years at HPA some of the best. Your support and friendship has meant a lot to me. I’ll miss you! Once in a lifetime is all you receive The only chance you get to really be free Once in a lifetime is really all you get To live freely and completely and not to regret -Unknown-

Tom G eorg ia n n a

t r i s K eon i (Abu) W illiam Ghosh■ililo, W aim ea, H aw aii/ 5 years/ soccer-4/ track-4/ V olley ■a 11-4/footha 11-4/sw im m ing-4 / cross cou n try -4/Basketball-4/ ap tain for each /B arcelon a/ S.A.D.D.-2/Am nesty Int.-2/ ab itu al Liar-4 / Abu- alw ays. |NTo w e e z in g th e slu rp ee!” C ashm ere (from “E n cin o M an”) inH Dad it’s amazing ju st how much I take you for nted sometimes and I’d like to tell you th at I appreciate jrything you’ve done (even if I don’t show it). Through the xs, not only have you passed on your wisdom, you’ve shown fence and I know that wasn’t easy. By the way, Happy thday for your years to come and the ones in the past just so I 't forget. , well sometimes I think that you got the short end of the . There is much leeway which accompanies teenage life jen parents have had practice on one of the kids already. That Was you. I’ll never forget th at nor the experience which it given me. THANKS.


H (random order) m i. the man with over one thousand meanings for the word [ten. “What is this , Ugly day a t Subway!” “Awe man, who k my books man!” Soccer, the parties, spring break, and the 1runs to Kona. It went by fast and was worth every minute, nember, we saw it before Dustin. ■ pis M.. Summertime a t Mike’s, the Parties a t Gerrit s, and ■I dive sessions a t Puako. Someday, I’ll catch more than you. rk fat.” So I’m Indian, who cares/ Maybe I will own a chain .711 stores. , son. “lets go to Ghosh’s and plav with the kittens. Ping Pong 01: Jay, you’re not leaving until I beat you... so, I don t care if lone in the morning, we have no life!”Out of all the guys, you re the best food in your house a t all times. All I have are the Freeze’s. By the way, nice hair. ank’s for throwing the parties just at the time things rtto get stressful, it helps relieve it. And next time you go to i. get me a leather jacket too. You’re one of the coolest guys low. and don’t ever sell the Porche. ill. rfDamn you’re big!” “Samoan Power Company! The se years of a rt classes, the soccer seasons, and track/slacking.

You’re the all around athlete who can even whip my ass in ping pong on my own table, although that doesn’t say much. S cott and Mach “all aboard, the Scotty wagon is now departing for Kona,” “So Ghosh, who you gonna rush man?” “Balzac” “Man, you’re so lazy that you turn to channel eight instead of turning your wrist to find the time.” “So where s the Scott/Mach time conversion chart: 8:30=9:00" Thanks for all the special moments NOT!! You guys were always there to see me, if not causing me to. get thrown out of the library, catch a joke that didn’t even get close to getting off the ground, or even be sarcastic in the most serious moments. I’ll miss all the trouble you’ve been in with me, the water balloons (Scott), the road blocks, and the infamous trip to Hilo (fun fac.)And by the way Scott, I didn’t steel your Plane ticket. Thanks for everything. P u stin . “oh my god , Ghosh did you see that shot I just made. Dude it hit right on the line, that was great.” “Dustin how do you stay modest!” Well, so you’re a little conceited at some times hut that’s really what makes you Unique. Remember it’s not conceded if you can do it, Right. The thing is, you can. P.S. get rid of the sell out syndrome. M att D. “Hev Ghosh, what the hell was that?” (Pacific studies). Awe Ghosh, I thought you were somebody!” “You changed, what happened?” Hey Ghosh, you’re number 13, you do count...Famous quotes by Matt Dunbar. Mike.S. “So exactly where are the aliens?” Good times at Mauna Kea and the summertime parties, “lthough you left before our senior year, we’ve still had some unreal times and I won’t forget to call. Friends always even if you don’t read this. Jaso n Fox, well, you’ve seen me since I’ve was a baby until the present day and by the way,why don’t you get you’re ass back here and buy a car so we can continue to party. Cal. “Looking good huh?” “hey, thank you. What can I say.t I was talking about the library.’ “sorry. ’ “ So Ghosh what s the moral of the story?” Well, although Fve been here for five years

I’ve only really known you (and the rest of the guy’s) for about two. In that snort time, you’ve been a killer ftiena. Thanks for the home cooking and the guest house for those late nights in Kona. I hope you succeed in what ever you do. M att B. The abominal snowman. I decided not to single you out as Yeti because it seemed a little informal and I hope you know that when I call you that, it’s because of habit and not because I’m trying to tease you. You’re a good guy and I hope you don’t forget us even if you’re forty ana a nuclear scientist. Thane a n d Kam. you guys could be the next Olympic running hopefuls with a big future ahead, all you need to do is to fulfill your dreams of being the first Iwaians to win state and and whip those arrogant punksass’. Sage...get some sleep!!!!!!!!!! “I had to give the little thing to the people.” “What’s up with the blow and cut?” Cindv. Sarah. Summ er. Jam ie. Jennv. etc. Thanks for all the great conversation....NOT!!!! S inclair. Bula, you’re the bicest NITCH I’ve ever met. “I go to TCBY because it’s my iob.” S ta r L. Hey buddy Well, we didn’t always get along until now b u t .It’s heen real! Fran, “whv is it that every time I talk about somebody, they seem to be right around the corner?”Keep playing ball. Jo sh a n d Ash. Stereo Boys. The killer sessions right out side Mike s back door in the Pines. Astronomy and Physics classes of joy with the Killer women....Not. Although (Josh) you probably cut me down in your quotes, you’re FRO will keep growing. Mptt V..’’4:30 in the Training room.” “Hyatt nights on the Rope bridges, slides, and waterfalls.” JefFH . keep wrestling/shredding on the bodyboards. Brvnlv, S ta rr W.. A hce.Laurie M.. Thanks for being the closest girl/friends I have. Thanks for listening and then giving the advice when I need it. It helps. Families: thank’s to the, Detwiler’s, Yamashiro’s, Peterson’s. Ms. Andrews, Agorastos’, Mother o’ Mach, Spencer’s, Dawson s, and Swan’s: THANK’s foryour hospitality. Soccer Team (Perrv)- T hank’s T eachers a n d coachesTThanks for the guidance and support, I wouldn t have made it without you. U nderclassm en-if you have to make the choice of home work or a party, go to the party, each one is different and these are the years that you’ll have the most fun and remember. After all, what are you going to remember the most, your first 69 on a math test or the other 69. It goes by fast. good luck to Brent F.,Jaisy J., Karl, Nate, Sage, Jade, T j 'jedJtedza.Asa, Daisuke, Fiona. ,and all the rest To all who have been forgotten or even care th at they’ve been forgotten.thank’s Offense w ins gam es, defense wins c ham pionships m idfield does both.

Anything th a t I referred to a t HPA was treasure for m e I was struggling my decision all the tim e whenever I had problems. Now, I feel I can see w hat is really im portant for me I believe th a t every second I spent a t HPA was valuable for my future. T hank you! Everybody who supported me I’ll rem em ber you forever. The Happiness (Luke 6.20-23) “Happy are these who know they are spiritually poor; th e kingdom of heaven belongs to them !” “Happy are those who mourn; God will comfort them !” “Happy are those who are humble; they will receive w hat God has promised!” “Happy are those whose g reatest desire is to do w hat God w hat requires; God will satisfy them fully!” “Happy are those who are merciful to others; God will be merciful to them !” “Happy are the pure in heart; they will see god! “Happy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children!” “H appy are those who are persecuted because they do w hat God requires; th e kingdom of heaven belongs to them !” “Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my follower. Be happy and glad, for a

^r“ edmkeptfor

M otoko H a g iw a ra

This is howthe prophets

H P A 3 1/2 yea rs/ L iterary M agazine / A m nesty Int. 2 yr. / # C hoir / Tokyo, J ap an

who lived before you were persecuted”

J a n a Lynn H a n a n o Ifohala, H aw aii / 3 y ea rs HPA / C h eerlead in g m & Dad: T hank you for p u ttin g up w ith me during "™se p a st years. I really appreciate all your support and ouragement. W ithout it I wouldn’t have made it. I’m lly sorry for all the headaches I have given you both. I t w ant you to know th a t I will always rem em ber all the ngs th a t you have done for me and I LOVE YOU both y much. I’m really going to m iss you. |pa & Grandma: T hank you for all of your support and p p a g e m e n t. I really appreciate all th a t you’ve done for and I’ll never forget it. I LOVE YOU. p a : Thanks for being the best brother anyone could ever p for. I’ll always rem em ber th e good tim es we had e ther. I wish you the b est in your high school years and not to give mom and dad th e headaches I gave them, gonna miss you. I LOVE YOU.


G&G H anano: Thanks for all the rides to and from school. And everything th a t you’ve done for me. I LOVE YOU. Malia: Hey my little sis! W hat are you going to do when I’m gone? I know you’ll do ju s t fine. Thanks for all the fun tim es we had partying together. I’ll never forget any of it. (LSD, Honoka’a, you name it and we were there) Take care of Rene and try to stay out of trouble. Don’t go breaking too many records. (Nah) I’m really going to m iss you. ILY, Malibs! Kalona: Thanks for all the great memories but most of all your friendship. You are one cool friend to have. I’ll never forget you or all the good tim es we had together. (Waipi’o was the best) Mudlane, we gotta go back there again. How’s about our m any trips into town? I’m really gonna miss all of those good times. I’m going to miss you too. ILY.

Daniela: Well, we made it! We’re finally going to get out of this place. Thanks for your wonderful friendship and all the rides to school. Take care and stay out of trouble. I’ll miss you. Jock: Thanks for being a g reat friend. You are one cool person to party with. I’m sorry for always picking on you b u t you know I was only joking. I’m gonna miss you, Jock. Take care. ILY. K uilan & Rebekah: You are both g reat friends to have. Take care. I’ll miss partying and hanging out with you guys. T hanks for the great friendship. ILY guys. M att D.: Well stud are you happy now? I’m including you in my quotes. I hope so. (Nah) Thanks for being a great friend to me. I really enjoyed hanging out w ith you during our free periods. I’m really gonna miss you so when you go away to college you better keep in touch. Take care, M att. ILY. Lilia: Thank you for being a g reat friend to me. We did some crazy things together and I’ll always remember them. T ake care. ILY. Nick: Thanks for being a g reat friend to me and for always taking me out w ith you guys. I appreciate all th a t you’ve done for me. I’m gonna miss you. Take care. ILY. Ian: Thanks for always being there for me and for your wonderful friendship. We had some good tim es together partying and cruzing. I’m really going to miss you. Thanks for keeping in touch. Take care and don’t ever change. Don’t party too much. ILY Lincoln: Thanks for being a g reat brother to me. W henever I needed someone to talk to you were always there. I had fun partying with you whenever you decided to come out of your house. (Nah) I’ll never forget you. Keep in touch with “O ur Mom” when I go away to school. I Love You. Alton: I know we h ad our ups and downs but th a t’s all in the past. Thanks for all the advice about “life” and for being a g reat friend to me. I’m never gonna forget all of the long talks we had on the phone and all the p arties we’ve been to. I’m really gonna miss you. ILY. Byron: Thanks for taking me to all those parties. We had so m any good tim es together and I’ll never forget them even though you always picked on me, but I know you were only joking. You are a great friend so don’t ever change. We gotta go to Waipi’o and Mud Lane again. I’m really gonna miss you too, Byron. ILY. J od y & Brian: You two were like a brother and sister to me. I’m so glad I m et you guys. Thanks for being the greatest friends and for letting me stay a t your house. We had some g reat times together and I’ll never forget any of them. (LSD, Fair, P ark and how can we forget Longs parking lot) Take care and I’ll m iss you both. ILY. Beau: Thanks for always picking on me. B ut most of all thanks for your friendship. We had so many good times together partying and m any more to come. Take care and I’m gonna miss you. ILY. C harlie, Brad, Kent, Shon, B ullie, D ayson Troy F.: Thank you so much for being the greatest friends to me. I’ll never forget you guys and all the parties th a t we’ve been to. Thanks for the really fun times. I’m going to miss you guys. ILY. Sara & Natasha: Thanks for being great friends. Remember cruzing Kona? I’m going to miss you both. You guys got one year left so make the most of it. ILY. M ichi and Derrick: Thanks for being the greatest cousins and for always saying, “Hello.” I’m gonna miss you. ILY. Star L., Fran, J ess, Mia S., Sinclair: Thanks for being great friends to me. I really eryoyed hanging out with you guys. I’ll miss you guys. C hris M., C hris E., Paul, D ustin, S cott A., Robi S.: Thanks for the greatest friendships. Good luck in whatever you plan to do. Take care. I’ll miss you guys. H elene: Behave little one. You got 3 more years to go so make the best of it. I’ll miss you. C lass o f ‘9 3 :1 wish the best of luck to all of you. I will always cherish the friendships we’ve made. Take care. ILY.

T hane H ancock W aim ea, H aw aii /13 years/cross cou n try/track /soccer/w restlin g/stu d en t co u n cil Mom and Dad-1 love you. Thanks for all the opportunities and support. I would have gone nowhere w ithout you. Theana- T hank you for always caring. I love you and I’m going to miss scaring you. Max,Cindy,Ana,Mikela- T hank you for helping my dream s come true. I love you. The Halls- T hank you for all your support and caring. I needed it all. G randm a B urn and Auntie AnaThank you for everything. I love you. Mr. Honma- Thank you for being a friend, coach, and mentor. The Micronesians- T hank you for the help w ith the canoe house. Dana- Thank you. I’ll always rem em ber you and I’ll always care. I love you. Oh,and thanks for the Tshirt.

Paul-Thanks for all the advice, support, and good times. Ninja, Sam oan Moving Co., Korean Chickens, M agnum, Drive the knee. I’ll m eet you a t Chevron in a year. Nah, Good luck. Sunny, Calvin, & Scott- My Italien Bros. Alright Rocko!...Thank you, I love you. Oh, and watch out for those Polish- Italian women. They’ll get you everytime. Kam- Thanks for all the years of friendship. It was fun. Sinclair- Thanks for the beatings. I needed them . Nah, I'm sorry. I still love you. Yeti,Dustin,M ach,ChrisM., Ghosh,Chris E., V entura, Hubbard, Lance, Robi, Mia, Jock, Ash, Kumi, Dunbar, Jess, Fran,-Thanks for your friendship. Good Luck in the future. X-country- The secret to winning, run fast.

MiaRobi,Sindair,StarFiona^JasonJr)aulKai We m ade it. 13 years, 13 long years j Jason- Thanks for teen-night Robi-1 hope we’ve had our campout b now. To anyone I missed- Oops, I didn’t m ean it.

happy being a poser if you don’t know your’re one. J u s t joking. Share the tunes and unlock the beasts within. Courtney, thanks for always being there to hug and being so loving. You are the cutest beast in the world. Tummies rule! Family, you are the most im portant people in my life. I love you all so much. Kam, my p artner in crime, and everything else, you bring out the evil in me, thank you. Benji, your’re a funny guy, too. Leif, how can you possible get 90 hours in one day? Jess, we should go into business doing stained glass together. Or maybe not. All my friends, thanks for some good times. Good luck in college. Teachers, I know where you live. Special thanks to Mr. Bleckel and Mr. Wilder. No regrets. (None whatsoever.) “Free a t last. Free a t last. God Almighty, I’m free at last.” -M artin Luther King, Jr.

R o b e rt W illiam H a stin g s III W aim ea/7 years/S w im m in g/S p on gin g

I VLom and Dad, Thanks for everything, pr always encouraging me and | ^aching me so much(like th a t veryone has allergies and the biportance of mail), for m aking me do pings I don’t always w ant to do but [hould, and for worrying and not

worrying respectively. Whit, thanks for being there to talk to and always rem inding me not to put myself down. See you in college. C hristian (Bro), remember, you can be

H eid i A n n e H em pel Sacram ento, CA / 4 yea rs / Som etim es a Sw im m er / D orm P refect / F la u tist / P la y s / M usicals / C hoir / Sin gin g, S in gin g, and m ore S in gin g Mom and Dad - thanks for everything, the support and for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Aloha, I love you, and Go Get ‘Em! Emma - Pokey! Guess what I’m thinking? SHE? My favorite Kiwi, twin, and roommate - 1miss you, ^pt don’t worry, I’ll fly out when I’m famous, I promise! Miranda - If I ever find out you’ve grown up, I’ll hurt you - 1 meat it!! Keep up the laughs and the proverbs, M.Duck. “Hell, Heck...” King’s Quest?! Au Revoir mon petit pois. Su - “Why doesn’t he write?” “I can’t do physics” How on earth do you put up with me?? I’ll miss the talks at 1 in the morning. ‘Bye Miss Volcano. Chie - We’re done!! Are you storked?! I’ll miss you, your funny words, your violin, and your laugh. You’ll make Dai very happy some day - Just kidding! Sheila - Well, you’re finally free! Thanks for all the long (endless?) talks and the chocolate highs.Laters! Courtney - 1 haven’t forgotten you, and I never will. ILY. Sandra - Hi ‘Randa! Oh, sorry, you’re not Miranda! OK, OK, you guys don’t look alike, anymore. I am not picking on you!!! Danny - You horndog! It’s a good thing we’re just friends!! I’ll see you on Broadway, if not sooner. ‘Bye, hon! Chris R. - One second? Really?? Is that possible??? Evelyn - Hey Kit Kat Girl, I didn’t think you had it in youi And a musician and composer, too! Yuka - OK, so we had an easy hall, but it was great to have you with us. Clowns, Seals, and Deformed Tigers. Liz - Sis, I won’t be around for your Senior year, but I’ll be

thinking of you. Janna, Lisa, Melissa, Aijun - “The Dinner Crowd”, I’ll miss you guys. Malika, Sonrisa, Ita, Minda, Tara, Heather - You guys are crazy!! Completely lovable, but crazy! Angela - Hi!!! How can you be so happy all the time?! Sreat voice! Sarah M. - I’m glad you cane this year. We first sopranos have to stick together. Mia - Thanks for sticking around. It was fun, even if we drove you nuts in AP French. Adieu! Neil - Thanks for the help with the pics. You’re a saint. “Kamrow’s Hall” - you guys are the greatest!! Thanks for sticking with us. Desiree 0 You’re like a big sister to me - except nicer. Thanks for everything and remember, 111take Logan when you get tired of him. Ava, Melissa, Mark - how many years?? Just because I left doesn’t mean I forgot you guys, OK? Mr. Rice - Thanks for everything. Need I say more? You were always there for me. Father Paul, Mr.Stewart - The guys who pushed my musical education/career along. You’re wonderful. Ms. Moor - “ the one color carrying in it the potential for all other colors.” Thanks for helping me along. Mr, Bryson - You’re not nearly as mean as you want everyone to think you are... thanks for scaring me into learning how to write (sort of) and for being a really nice person when you weren’t busy being a fearsome teacher.

Ms. Michel - You were always there for us, even when we had “readuated”from your hall. Thanks for being a friend * well as a “responsible adult.” Mrs. Piltz - My favorite advisor. What would I do without: you? Thanks for all the talks, lifts, rescues, and support. | Mr.Bleckel - Bleck. The Bleckster. Did I really survive you class??! You ruined my life! OK, you didn’t really ruin it, jj redirected it. Thanks for patiently enduring my outburst® (how did you do that?). Mrs. Kamrow - 1 guess I could say that you watched me ] grow up. Thanks for long talks, emergency trips to the me* center, and letting me know when I was being ridiculous.! M.Nogues - Thanks for everything ( especially patience). ! made me want to continue my french education. To Whitney, Theana, Richard, Susie, Teri, Tepa, Jon S., 1 Clare, Jon A., Arati, Karen, and everyone else who should have been mentioned but wasn’t : J love you all and I haven’t forgotten you.

Ho Yi Cheh 4 yrs. a t H PA / 2 yrs. Vars. S w im m in g / 2 yrs T enn is


I can’t believe th a t it h as been four years ready.

I ju s t rem em ber th e tim e when we were :shmen, living below the shadows of those ople older th an us. It seems as if it only ppened yesterday. In a blink of an eye, we’re e seniors today and I look back to those years memory. I’ll always cherish those memories lerever I go, I can’t say I’ll miss th e tests and ams, b u t I’ll rem em ber everything th a t ippened to me here. I’m happy, yet sad, cause now it is my tu rn to tak e a shot a t the al world, b u t I have to leave all of you. You ire like a family to me and I’ll miss you all. I’d ;e to th an k my parents for giving me this I [portunity to become educated here, my I lends who gave me support and always kept I e company, and my teachers who spent th eir I pie teaching me w hat I needed to know to face I e real world and encouraging me. Well, I ying goodbye is such a hard thing to do, b u t I I less it cannot be avoided. I wish you all the

Special th an k s to: Mr. Colson, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Bleckel, Mr. Weiser, Mr. Provencal, Mrs. Y arawam ai, Mr. Solmssen, Mr. Hall, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Kamrow, and Mr. Wilder. These people helped me a lot during these four years a t HPA. T hanks so much!

J e f f H u b b a rd 4 y r s K auai/ W restling/ B od yb oard in g To my family th an k you for all your love and support throughout these years. I t has m eant more th a n you know. To all the families th a t have let me stay with them on the weekends (especially th e Colters) T hank you for m aking me feel a t home and always welcome. V entura- 5 times, Iowa crazy, insane, Doughknee will always be w ith us. Colorado w as ju s t unreal, ju s t unreal. Leap of faith. K auai boys rule. Thanks for being th ere bud. B rother Lau- Check out my technique, see you a t sandys gangster boy. Ash- wedge finders forever, super bowl Sundays, Im pact locals, T hanks for all th e rides to the beach, keep on riping. Spongers rule always.

Lance- Local boy, 8 h rs a t risk, good times, keep on knocking heads. Chris E.-pupus b ra pupus, Take care volcano boy. Josh- M iami’s rocking baby, B arrel boy, stick to sponging nah, weli weli dream s p arty on, the S ubaru rules. M att D.- Molokai boy, th e kid was right, ju s t cruz bull, tak e care. Rob- Pololu bound, sorry ah I sad, N estea plunges and sling shot drive bys will live forever. Sage- Lightweight domination, can’t be helped. Thane- It’s raining, got to be BLT’s for lunch. M att P.- A rtist extraordinaire, K auai bull.

Disuke- Power extraordinaire, Blue hands. To th e re st of my friends in th e class of 93 tak care, it’s been a blast, th an ks for all the memories. Good luck to: Asa.B.R., L.H., C.H., N.P., E.M., J.L., N.Q., S.H.

f K a lo n a K ie rste d e | 3yrs. H.P.A./ P u n alu u,H i/L ak esid e, O r/C heerleading/D ance Team /Scuba/Rec. Soccer/ | D orm P refect/P sy ch o lo g ist jjlM & DAD: My life is because of you both and my e is because of your love. I would have never old have made it without your love, advice, and iance. I love you both beyond words. (Sailboats do 'e engines!) ARLOTTE: I’ll never forget you no matter what. i od luck in life & love. Sperm party! Who gets to kill I cockroach in the bathroom? Not me!! Where is the I d can? My favorite roomate of all time!! I’ll miss I YCHEL: We missed you and the time spent with I I will never be duplicated. Luv you. [ AN: What stuck butt? or is it stuck up? Lance, I ace, no can dance! You kept me going through it all I h your jokes and laughter. Baby got back! I BEKAH: Well,what can I say? Thanx for all the I rice and jokes. Love sucks! That is the only advice I I I give. We will live through it though. I promise! I I e and missed you this year. IEILAN: Don’t let these clothes come all stink! So we f t the same guys, so what? I guess that means we Hh have good taste! I love you lots! I iLIA: Here’s to Renny! What I started, I have no I a! Ratt’s party, H.P.A. prom, and every other I lerience we had together. Luv ya!! I NA: Thanx is not nearly enough, but it’s worht a I For all the town runs, weekends, advice, clothes, I } friendship. Waipio, “I’m not driving my truck in I it!” Rumers etc... Honokaa Prom, Pato concert, and

everything else. What a bunch of C KHEADS!! JOHN MURPHY: I know you’ll miss me the more than anyone else! I wish you all the luck in the world and thank god we’re outta here! J.P.: Hey homey! or reverse homey the clown. I didn’t forget you after all. I don’t know what to say, other than I hope everything goes good for you in the future, and I will miss that stupid grin you always have on your face. Don’t be mad.... Love and Aloha “No bird soars too high if it soars with its own wings.” -William Blake ‘W hat lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Emerson KIM & CHIE: My fellow prefects, we will live to see graduation, I promise. It was hell on earth but it was worth it. Admit it!!! MIRI: Clothes, advice,friendship, all which we have exchanged. Good Luck! FRESHMEN ON MY HALL: I may have yelled and screamed, but you all knew I was full of it. Especially you SARA VENTURA! I love you all and wish you luck in love and life. LINCOLN: My true brother, friend, and even father. Thanx for the talks, advice and friendship. Most of all

thank you for being who you are! (Even if you got a little overwhelmed with it sometimes!) I love you brudah Links!! BEAU: What can I say? Whatever happened, happened! Thanx for the late night talks and the experience. It was worht it. Luv ya. P.S. Get a job!! ALTON: You are my man! I promise. Thanks for putting up with all my S T! I love you my big brother. BRAD: You better make some more Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches! and stop poking the girls with toothpicks. It’s a turn off! WAIMEA BOYZ: You’re all a bunch of C_KHEADS! I love you all anyway. Love and Aloha, Kalona. MR. BRYSON: I could have never never made it in H.P.A. without you. You are my memory of high school. Aloha and Thank you. JOHN HARRIS: Tony, Toni, Tone! No matter what becomes of all this, everything I ever said was true. 1 love you and always will. I miss you..Bad!!! JANET:I”11 come back. I promise! I think we better keep an eye on Jason and Cubby especially in Dairy Queen! Thanx for keeping me going with all those wild parties. 1think that we should play some quarters

“M en ta l99M an u el A ch m ed H an s J u liu s K u n d ela tc h B avaria, G erm any/ OKTOBERFEST/ PARTY/ LOEWENBRAEU/ GRIESCHLBAR Well, I th in k I have to get serious once in my life ?!?

To my parentsT hanks for always being th ere for me. Both of you opened lots of doors for me. I love you! My friendsTHE LIGHT IN THE DARK, IN THE ENDLESSNESS OF LIVING WITHOUT BEER. NIAZI We are from the sam e kind!

If I’m going to be a homeless druggy late r on, let m e work on your farm!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST! TOMr i l tak e th e surfboard and you take th e rocks!!!!! I hope God will save you?! AND TO ALL YOU OTHER GUYS OUT THERE----------- > THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! PHIL-????COMPUTER AMIGA FOOL????? Grieschperl, Hansl, M iha, Schoebi und Arschlex DANKE FUER ALLES WAS IHR FUER MICH GETAN HABT; ICH


the grinds. C.E.- Thanks for the rides. J.H.- My roomate, when you tu rn pro, rem ember who shreds you a t Sandy’s. C.M.- Bend your back and your knees, Jocky move. P.D.- Come on man, let’s go. You’re lucky you’re on my side. Kim & The Giffms- Thank you for your w arm th and hospitality. This isn’t the real Hawaii. C.C.C.- Wish you were here. C-you around. M arissa and Dan- I’ll see you guys a t home, take care. M arissa be good. Coach Marciel, Bryson- You guys are the best. T hank you very much. To all the rest I have missed, thanks for all you gave to me. To th e K am akanis’, Boo-ya tribe forever. To th e M anagers, N atasha, th ank you for the w ater and the help...Sarah thanks for the slaps. M.Y.- Yobo, we did it. Only one year of football together, b u t it was the best. M.C.- We have been through th e best and worse of times, bu t in the end we are still friends. D.A.-1 owe you my income, don’t forget the moves. A.G.- Got her, don’t have her, take care G. B.S.- Image, th an k you for everything... you “#@!*” M.G.- You got girlfriend in Saigon? $10 each. You take care. I love you guys all. Special thanks to: Punahou Admin. Rick Lim & Duck Sick. #78

W ilson L au H aw aii Kai, Hi., 2 yrs. ■mom and Dad, I love both of you very much. It Sorry I made you guys worry so m uch about P lease don’t. T hank you for everything and Exporting me through the years, flven, you are the best brother I could have. Hi b etter play football soon, ijnty & Uncle Ho, Timothy & Ledia, T hank you I all th e memories, I hope you like Hawaii. Hna, T hank you for everything. I don’t know if liould have m ade it w ithout you. You showed

kind. I love you. J.M.- T hanks for all the h a ir cuts and Dperm its. M.V.- You are a little Leprahchan. I dominate you, with Ken. See you a t L&L. L.O.- H it me one. O.K. you break. We will party. See you on Oahu. C.D.-1 owe you so much. Thanks for everything. You made our stay here decent, see you on Oahu. D.O.- You have been a reliable bud, thanks for

To Auntie & Uncle Frank: Your love and support has brought me a long way. thanks so much. I love you. Uncle Jam es & A unt Merrlyn: Thanks for your support and love. To Aunt Virginia: T hanks for always being there when I have needed you. Love ya. Mom: I know we’ve grown further apart. Remember, you are an integral p a rt of my life, and I love you dearly. To the Rest of the Family: I love ya. Fiona: Well, well, hey stranger, nah, nah. You’ve been a great friend and sister.You have always been th ere for me when I w as down. I will never forget. All the good tim es and the bad tim es will rem ain in my memory forever. Fiona, we’ve come to the end of the road. Love ya. Jessica: W hat can I say. We have finally made it. No more hours of studying in those claustrophobic rooms, and or getting up to work out. T hanks for your support. You really made my life happier. I wish you all th e best. Love ya. Rebekah: So m any things to say and so little paper to w rite them all on. The long nights talking, the miles we ran. I’m going to miss. Not! nah, nah! You and I share this bond th a t has created a friendship th a t I will never forget. I know this year has been rough, bu t here’s looking a t you. Rebekah, rem em ber the tim e you did th a t backwards w alk over and alm ost w ent out the window. Good luck next year. Love ya. Dana: The toe pointing dance, the sum m ersaults up against th e door, dancing to do me. Good tim es in A nna’s dorm. I wish you all the best in the future. Take care. Love ya. Mary: Queen of Randomness. You always made me laugh. Your th e best to party with, even though you can’t do a cartwheel. Take care of yourself. I wouldn’t w ant anything bad to happen to you. Love ya. Mia: Let’s chill. I know th a t we haven’t spent much time together, b u t you’re too cool right? nah. Good Luck. Jade: M other for S.A.D.D. T hanks for being there to help me out. Good luck next year. Love ya. Miri: W hat’s up? Hey buddy. You're the best, keep on m aking people smile. Good luck, I wish you all th e best. Love ya. M att V.: B entula. Well, your wild jokes, comments, and gestures have kept my life lively. Good luck. I’m going to m iss you. M att D.: Look a t th a t ??? nah, nah. I know th a t we’ve had our ups and downs. You’re such a good person, w ith a good h eart. Don’t lose it. Chris E.: We’ve had more moody tim es th a n good, b u t the good tim es were g reat (parties.) Chris, I hope you’re happier, w herever you end up, because if you’re happy I’m happy. Jason Y.: I guess th a t I can say th a t our friendship has blossomed. Even though you are slightly psycho, your a good person. Take care. I wish you all the best. Jock: T hanks for all the good times, and thanks for being there when I needed someone to talk to. I am going to miss you. Love ya.

F ra n cin e L a w ren ce / S occer 3-yrs. / H aw aii - Soon to L eave ! Lam Family: T hanks for letting me come over. Bates Family: T hanks for the support, and for giving me a place to get away from school. Mrs. Bryson, lend me those muscles. Me why! An Afro, than k s for th e fitness help and the support. C harlotte: We’ve finally m ade it. I hope you find all of your happiness. Love ya. Keep in touch. Daniela: We’ve come along way from Kohala High. T hank God. I hope your future holds the best for you. Love ya. Lance: T hanks for dissing a t prom. nah. Good luck, ultim ate ninja.

Good luck to : (S.K.),(M.H.),(L.F.),(S.T.),(L. Hiyanai),(K.K.),(J.Y.),(M. Bindewald),(T.Q.),(S.H.),(A.B.),(L. Hall)

S ta r L eavey H a w aii\ 13 years !!!\ SwimmingX Am nesty Intn’LA Tattle Turging.... i am th e glim m ering trail or longing of the peace in silence,

old- Thank you. n- You’ve saturated my existence with love and light th at I carry with me throughout eternity. Your more than I ever sd or thought you could be. Know how much I love you,


mo- Hiya, unbelievable, where did the time go? I am so ;eful for the opportunities you created, thank you for all the ifices. I love you iste- Hi shveshy, my little seaweed ballerina, prancing atop drip castles. Let’s stay together throughout all realities. No :ors eh? I love you more than the earth loves its moon. iry-All the beauty in my life has been summed up in you. r the best fiiend ever. I am so thankful we stumbled upon 1 other’s doorsteps, now that, I’ll admit, I chose-how “bout a ed bean supper?-i love you - Get off this rock. Were gonna have to except each other one lese days or we’ll be together again. Even if you do tell mom-1 ly love you. h Love Shall Life Roll On Gloriously”-Paul Twitchell e comes the random part- Nobody has measured not even poets how much the heart hold. Here’s another chance,I missed you, however far away, i always love you. ia-Frlfrootifulfriendfratfrafrip! i need to breathe! mupyumyum, delicious, shaken bake,no weigh my brain! Sling frizzleness mango tango and winebango on golden pond, lubbley..i luv u -”Exta**@#’nxactly” ndydandelion-”a woman now standing where once there was r a girl...i’m so glad you came..” really it’s not addicting it’s nice, enjoy, come out to play.-give us another E....i miss youe is the individual who has the spiritual viewpoint to see a ningly negative experience as a springboard to another level nderstanaing.

Ginger- Let’s swim to the moon, let’s climb through the tide, penetrate the evenin’ th at the city sleeps to hide.Smobokageing with the battle scars. Please come back! This is only the beginning. LY Mathias-What a man! Will you be my lubbaforebba? Just gonna have to stop lusting me “stittle loney one.” take care Camille-leam to love me assemble the ways now,today, tomorrow and always-friends? David- One more year then you won’t be bothered. Good luck Matt-Maybe one day we’ll grow up enough to except each other just the way we are, but if not that’s ok too-who knows? In the meantime g o ! Nah! Chris M.- How many bananas does it take to fill a monkey? You amaze me!Take care of yourself.. I believe in you! Jock- Thank you for being so real! “I’m worse a t what I do best and for this I feel blessed, i I found it hard and it was hard to find oh well whatever nevermind”-N the stone age: Asa- Where is it? Eli-Enlighten me would jah? Can i pleeez give you a ride! Oh maybe tomorrow ?Little picky one. ok you can follow me any time! Gabe-I know what your thinking, your so cool, can we beee with you? Grab the blanket!! The both of you must make your years here as glorious as possible, I know you will..... “stars in my pocket like grains of sand, the universe is in my hands, i stand alone hands safe inside while standing still the world i ride”-Mind fruit Mrs.Y- you are pure inspiration Angie and Pono-Thank you for letting us be young and carefree, the times at Weli Weli will be in my heart forever-ly “the perfect soul uses his mind as a mirror. It grasps nothing, it refuses nothing, it receives but does not keep”- Chuang Tzu In search of my mother’s garden I found my own-

Cassiopeia-It?me too, common ground, let’s go have a yeah ok. You,ve always been there through all hells. Experience all with me will ya! My sexy mexican maid- “whatever words i say i will always love you”- what to do? let’s venture and we’ll think about it. Time for a tent chambering? When did we get so corrupted? how am i supposed to say this? don’t go too far away ok? You are... just... i love you “I’ve been here and i’ve been there and i’ve been inbetween”said the late man to the straight man. Seenkalair-Hi-nuh? Those last two tasted like milk-wut? that look oops, way too many puppies, i love you i’ll carry with me always our fat free hazy existence on hell’s privates, “and it stoned me” will always be my twue wub. Clear the haze, oh there’s that cell... “What we’ve found is breezy and i’m feeling fine, though i’m losing my mind”- Blondie. Even scrubbing placenta was fun! I love you so very much. All these years will never be forgotten, here kepler kepler,you are the sunshine of my life! Ugh, my stomach’s starting to turn it’s done! i lud eeew! -”a yes a no a straight line a goal...“-Nietzsche Sea bella bell- Hi deo, words? Whoosh- heeeehumna. Let’s fly above and beyond their reality to never never land with! We will never part for we are one through infinite space and time. You insane beauty- oooeeeoooeeeoooowahwuhwaaa!It is a fine dayuh muh gud! Ambiance,prunes, God and that occasional movement? wussup? Sumting tells me it’s not over! I love you my child-sister-dream! Boot the grime of this world where one should oh-and don’t go home tonite. Mary mary quite contrary- Where’s Mr. busy man?Stop dancing! Im gonna die., no really, i am! narly woman! But hey aat’s cool Let’s find the MAN, well ok you talked me into it. So now we’ll just go live in our cabin with an over abundance and sit there for the rest of our lives with our men... hmm that sounds tastey- i love you rosemary, you made my last year unforgettable. Now let’s move on. “Fm on the outside looking inside, what do i see “I love all mankind it’s people i can’t stand.” Charlie Brown much confusion disillusion all around me”- Opus III Robi, Mia, Jason, Kam, Thane, Paul, Ginger, Sinclair, Fiona. Jock -13 YEARS-you’ve all taught me so much- and now it’s time to move on and expand our horizons! From Valley View to Grad Parties... good luck to you all.... live long and prosper!! c\o 93- Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence, in all moments, keep peace in your soul. h.p.a.- out of the strain of doing in to the peace of done- It’s been grand! Huuuuuuuuu.........

E velyn Lee K am uela, HI/ 4 Y ears Mom an d Dad: T hank you for everything you’ve done for me and for th e support you have given me all these years. You are tru ly the greatest parents I could ever have. ILY. B ig Brother: It’s too bad th a t you w eren’t here to help me w ith my homework (J/K). Anyway I wouldn’t trade you in for a computer (I should th in k about that). T hank you for puttin g up w ith me. B rian an d Tony: W hen are you two guys going to learn to get along? Don’t invest so much on cards and comics. “Brian, do you know w hat I ju s t said?” Tony, try to do your best in school, O.K?! A ndrew: You are such a cute baby brother. ILY. My d ear and favorite cousin J en n ifer, I made it! I’m a senior! Love and miss you lots! S h eila, can you believe it? We’re going to graduate!! Remember World History, Raphael. .C abaret... T hank you for being my best friend. Let’s try to keep in touch. H eidi, I got to know you a lot better. And I'll miss you. Tu es une bonne amie. Emma, It’s not th e same w ithout you! C hie an d M iranda, th an k you for being my friends. Best of Luck! Sulian a, “Est-ce que tu aim e la musique d’elevator?” You are a fantastic friend. I’ll miss your smiles and laughs. D anny, w hat would anyone do w ithout you. T hank you for m aking “everyday a bright day” Good Luck. I’ll never forget you. M r.Bleckel, if I flunk a m ath te s t in college, it will be all your fault! J u s t kidding. T hank you

for being a terrific and extraordinary teacher and m aking my three years of m ath and one year of physics (unless I drop out) w ith you worthwhile. I had a lot of fun (and learned little, or should I say a lot?) in your classes. I hope th a t I’ll see you in th e future. M r.Stew art, isn’t teaching AP Computer Science enough for you? (I’m ju s t joking.) If I pass your music class, I’d like to say th a t you were a wonderful teacher and th a t th is music class (and computer, of course) h as been a trem endous im pact on my goals. M r.N ogues, I’m sorry th a t I caused trouble in your classes. Will you ever forgive me? T hank you for being an excellent professeur de ffanfais. I learned a lot from you. Ms. M ichel, th a n k you for being a caring advisor and French teacher. I’ll miss you. To a ll m y tea ch ers, o th er m em bers o f th e c/o ’93, an d frien d s th a t I h ave forgotten: THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES!! 1The dream is still alive...’’ -Wilson Phillips “ Over mountains, over trees Over oceans, over seas Across the desert I ’ll be there, I ’ll be there. In a whisper on the w ind

On the sm ile o f a new friend J u st think o f me A n d I ’ll be there...” - The Escape Clum “I ’ll be walking one day Down a street far away A n d see a face in the crowd and smtl K nowing how you made me laugh Hearing sweet echoes o f you From the p ast I will remember you.” -Amy Grant

M ei-Ling L in T aich un g, T aiw an / 3 Years at H.P.A. / 1 Year Sw im m ing/ 1 Year Cross Country ad and Mom: T hank you for giving me so any opportunities to get my 12 years of ucation overseas. I have got a lot of things 9m both of you. I’m so glad th a t you have let e learn Japanese and English. These are the [st gifts from you, and nobody can tak e them pay from me. I’m going to use them for the st of my life. I also th a n k you for protecting e even when we are so far aw ay from each I her. Now it is tim e for me to try to protect yself. I don’t know w hat is going to happen, j it I will always try my best to solve my j oblems! aai-Ling: How could I have climbed up these steps w ithout a g reat sister like you? You u st have been tired, cleaning up my messes, I ght? Well it is tim e to learn how to clean up I y own mess; you can take a break now. T hank I u for being w ith me all the time. W hatever I u have said to me was true, but I ju s t had to I y myself. You are th e God of our family. Keep I u r face up and be strong! I ai-Ling: Congratulations on your graduation! ow could I live w ithout your stupid letters for ree years? You have kept me laughing, and I dn’t let me give up on myself, even though we 13re so far away. Let’s skip to the 7-11 when I I it back! I lih-Ling: W hat a stupid sister I have got here. 13u have always asked th e stupidest questions I [at nobody would even th in k to ask... You are

going to high school next year. Please be a little sm arter when we m eet next time, would you? Any way, I couldn’t have had a b etter time at H.P.A. w ithout a funny sister like you. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION! Yuri: Thanks for being my ROOMMATE for two years. I have had a really great tim e with you a t H.P.A. You have been a really good friend to me. We’ve been stupid together, smiled, cried, and cheered each other up. I’m so glad to have a friend like you. Let’s keep in touch while we are living apart. Once again, THANK YOU! Motoko: I enjoyed having you in the same classes, and th e tim e we have spent together. You have a good personality, so don’t get influenced by anybody to change your personality. Yumi: Always believe in yourself. You care too much about w hat other people thin k about you. If you have too much stress, w rite to me or call me any tim e you want! Mamiko: I enjoyed swimming with you for two years. Swimming is a good sport, and it is your best sport, so keep doing your best. GOOD LUCK! Kevin and Eric: You are my first Taiwanese friends of mine. T hank you for teaching me some exotic Chinese. You also brought back my forgotten Chinese from kindergarden. Eric,

th an k you for everything th a t you’ve done for me, I really appreciated it. You won’t have to clean up your brother’s mess anymore! Kevin, thanks for teasing me all these three years, but you also have been really nice to me, I really mean it! Chris M, Leon and Kevin C: I enjoyed getting to know you this year. Chris, you are the kindest person th a t I have ever met. I enjoyed talking with you. Leon, th an k you for your stupid jokes. Kevin C, you and Eric are the cutest guys th a t I have ever met. I enjoyed having the sam e class w ith you! It is so funny and I think you are a very kind person. Thank all of you for being my friends. Let’s keep in touch with each other! M itsuhiro: We had a great tim e with each other, right? I liked to watch your reactions when I was teasing you. (That’s why I always teased you!) Yusuke: Don’t be too stupid! I really have enjoyed having the same class with you. Joice: Don’t stress too much. You only have one more year to go. Don’t rush through it, go easy. I’m sure th a t it will give you good results. Junko. T: T hank you for supporting me. You have always given me great advice, when I got stuck. S.S.: Thank you for the great time we have shared, and the gift from you. I’m sure th a t I will miss you.

M ira n d a Loh S in gapore/ H ilo,H i./ M usic/ X-Country/ World ren ow n ed p h ilo so p h er To my parents- You are th e ones who have brought me th is far. Thanks for all love and support. Courtney- You added an interesting touch to my life. I miss you. Emma- Someday we will be MEAN security guards; Fred th e Kiwi’s ashes, M. le Mouton; bad jokes; my duels; lelephante; m ath study (cram) sessions; The Princess Bride; m an of the pink socks; you are tru ly a special friend. Heidi- to the flying toaster from M afia Duck; fire escape strategies, Je te tiens..; E thel, it’s not a cookie mother..; indecision; The Princess Bride; How do you..? the Bleck; inspector Gadget; you’ve m ade my life a lot of fun. Chie- escort to the chapel; food; running and getting injured; scaring Danny and Heidi; I need to practice; you are weird; someday I will go to Japan; th an k s for always being there Su- M am a don’t “low no gu itar playin’ ‘round here, twang!; in sickness and in health, all the nights, stress, bandits and scaring prefects with window cranks; w hat would my life be w ithout you? Sheila- chocolate!!!; giggles; exploring as

sophomores; your room; cookie monster; cough syrup, contac, and therm om eters; camell; hair; you’ve been a g reat friend S andra- my tw in sister; you are so beautiful, of course; S ta r W ars; w here shall we go for lunch?; driving; MIT; running; physics; hours on the phone; w hat would th e world have been like w ithout us? Danny- Egypt; F antastiks; your birthday; tiger’; my nam e is D anny and I like to eat; to th in k th a t you were one of th e first people I knew here, th an k s for being a friend. Susie-turkey loaf; English, History, all the classes we suffered together and lived th ru; it’s been great. Yuka- p artn er in prefecting; we m ust be crazy to have done it; th an k s for helping me out. Chris R.- A rth u r I. Tis, Chris P. Chicken; yo goon; rem em ber telephone a t dinner? It’s been g reat knowing you. To th e X-country team - good tim es in running; you are all awesome ru n n ers and friends. To all my friends- th an k you for everything; I’ll miss you all and I wish you the best. Bleckel- I’m quitting your class, really; I don’t u nderstand anything; m ediator betw een my

tw in and me; th an k s for p utting up w ith me ai helping me these p ast few years, how did you ever do it? Ms. Michel- finis; puppy farts; spagetti dinners someday I will do som ething really nasty and 1 let you know about it; you’ve been a great advisor, thanks. D um an- vociferous vindictive Vince the virtuoi violinist; AP US history h as actually turned u{ in my daily life; th an k s for not giving up on m A few things to remember; Two pennies and a b anana We don’t joke, we lie. Why did th e m an walk through the exit sign?

P a u l-’T o u ’re gravy, dude.” Street Fighter II, you and Jay dominate. “Division I size and speed.” “You’re such a ladies m an,” and a cool guy, how do you do it? Good Luck in the pro’s. K.I.T. C h ris M.-Classroom cleaning was never more fun, “End of the Road”. Chimp Airlines clear for take off. T hanks for being a great guy. Don’t change. Calvin-Towel and pillow wars, you’re the man! Thanks for letting me stay a t your house and cooking us breakfast. Maybe one day I’ll show up a t your house and you can cook me food again; ju s t like the good ol’ days. Hope to see ya in California. D ustin-Ping-pong and the stakes are high. Thanks for all the spritzers and rice cakes. I’ll take your HSY-mobile any day. K. G hosh-G o easy on the women, don’t break too many hearts. T hanks for the hours of pingpong and countless Mr. Freeze’s. M a tt B.-Cruising in the Spirit. Anna’s. YYYEEETTTIII!!! I’ll never forget you. T hane-Schlangus. You’re a true Italian. Good Luck. Jock-Nice car! Thanks for the parties and good times. Dunbar-Flotis. Go easy on the goats. Charlie-Thanks for everything. "Bring it on!" "Bad hair day." "Yup!" Good Luck and Thanks to: Ashley "Get up" Colter, Josh "The Love Doctor" Doorly, Robi "Brother Numsey" Solmssen, Kumi Mkono, Sage Bannick, Robbie Hastings, Kam von Holt, Sinclair White, Star Leavey, Fiona Bates, Mike Swan, Daisuke Ogawa, Lance "G" Ohtake, Matt Ventura, Tyson Rott, Karl Hynes, Jason Holtz, Daniel, Ari "Faceplant" Bernstein, Damien, Asa, Jade, Keola, Mike S., Nate, Sophomore Party Crew, Mr. Bleckel and whomever I may have forgotten. "Nobody knows like Dominoe's." "There's still so much out there, Still so much to see, Times too much to handle, Times too much for me." -Guns-n-Roses "Times short, Your life's your own, And in the end, We are just dust and bones."

la th ia s D a v id M a ciejew ski lom a n d P ap -T hanks for being there when I ally needed you. Sorry th a t we didn’t get to 15e each other much this p ast year b u t I I ppreciated the independence. You’ve always een there to support me and give advice. I Love ou. |im one-T hanks for leading the way and aching me w hat you know. You’ve always been I bmeone th a t I can talk to. T hank you for your | indness and understanding, don’t ever change. Love You. cott-Y ou’ve p u t fear into the h earts of all those

th a t dis white men and great memories in mine. “Your house is my house.” I’ll never forget th a t quote and I hope th a t when I show up on your doorstep in 10 years you haven’t forgotten it either. Together we kept Subway, Chevron and Cablevision in business. T hanks for putting up with th is “dork”. “K-Den” Jason-M .C . Yams in the house! Bustin’ moves a t W aikaloa Teen Night. Turbo GrafX Fest, nine-ball, and basketball on a seven foot rim, we are true triatheletes. You are always there for me. Thanks for everything.

S u lia n a M anley Mt. V iew , HI / 4 yea rs / Cross- cou n try / S occer / R ed K ey / N ew sp ap er / Cum L aude R ecy clin g / O verach iever Mom, Dad, H arlan, Stew art, Lina, Zak, B rittAll those years in the anthurium s fields w ith only th e steady drip drop of th e rain and the sound of pruners going clip and no T.V. or telephone. If it has made me crazy, th a n k you. Love,Nan(oo)(u). The Stupids now and forever. In alphabetical order: Chie, Courtney, Emma, Heidi, Sheila- Through we are not a t all here, we are. Though we will go our separate ways, we will be together. Because I said so. And Sandra, don’t question me. Shoesie, if only to say ”1 told you so,” and “I didn’t forget,” Aaaaaa! It’s a mushroom cloud! I brought you my pairs of pant. To all of my friends, my hall, and th e cross­ country team - Everyone is ignorant—only on different subjects. T hank you for teaching me. I love you. Mr. Bryson- Although I often told you th a t your h air was sticking up, or called you Mr. Booberry cream puff, or put on airs, I do respect you. T hank you for showing me w hat I did not know. Voluptuous Vince, the violently vivacious

vociferous violin virtuous from Vermont- so, how does sauteed wife taste, anyways? The Bleckster, th e evil gameshow host-1 might say som ething nice to you if you got a haircut...and bought us Fig N ewtons...and didn’t give us problem sets...and let us go outside...and le t us leave early... Some days I feel I will U nfurl my wings and fly like a dragon and soar above all th e toy houses and people -and perhaps I will ignite th e ir spirits w ith fire.

C h ris K a i M a rtin K am uela, HI / Too lo n g / E.L.L.E.M. H iotgun goes Boo-ya.” • L a n c e ‘G ’ O h t a k e ( IN K ) ■ m i n d D a d s - W hat do I s a y to t h e tw o p eop le w hom I ow e m y en tire life 1 . H I s ta rt b y sa y in g th a n k s. T h a n k s for th e lo v e, support, and m any B r ifices. I couldn’t h a v e d one it w ith o u t y ou . I Love you. ■ e d a n d B r v a n - N ow you g u y s can h a v e m y room. J ared s om eday you’ll B y w ith Ho’ik a n e, B u t for n o w w ork h ard an d d on’t g iv e u p. Don’t worry ijneday you’ll fin d you r Rub- a - D ub. B ryan d on’t g e t too b ig b ecau se I can’t w e m y tw o youn ger brothers bigger th a n m e. S om ed a y you ’ll be able to B>w everybody you’re better th an B arry S a n d ers. L ove you guys, j a n d n a . G r a n d m a .T u tu H .. T u t u M .. G r a n d p a P .. G r a n d p a S r T hanks B a ll t h e love and support you ’ve g iv en m e th rou g h o u t m y life. Love you y o d . G er r a d . J . J . J a v . D a m ie n . R o b i. R u s s e ll. R a v . L is a . M ic h e a l. B n d v . T o b v . N ic k . T im . J e s s . C a l. C a lv e n a . J u s . K a im i. D a n n y , .Tim m y , C in d y . J e s s y . D - a n d m v m a n y A u n t ie s a n d U n c le s .-1 B d e it! CHEERS- B ottom s up....L ove y o u g u ys. B i« r t - “ W here’s m y tape f_g.” T il m is s th o se c lo set days. M y o n ly brother f t h o u t th e s am e la st n am e. S.K .P . B oyz. K ills-K ills. W here's th e cooler..... I ih. N ew Y ears m orning surf. W atch ou t for th e chair6...Boom , too late. ndit boyz. T ak e C are Boy. Love y a . P .S . W here’s m y hat? !i a s s o f 1 993: lo ti if A n d z ) - “ W hite m en can ’t run .” O bviously th e y n ever s a w you. Look I I M arky M ark, OH i t ’s o n ly S cott. T axi D river. Sp rin g B reak '92, e ig h t d ays H la row. M em ories a t B .V .B .'s. “ N ice a ."My on ly b rother th a t’s w hite. I |gi-Yogi. C huck-O -R am a’s. B Y U m em ories. B reak fastclub Boyz. T ruth or I [re, “ W hat’s th a t in your h an d ." OOOOH S , m uth a A ndrew s. So how I [s th ose m ilkbone6? P retty B oy F lyod Y ah in a s. I n ev er k new anybody w ith I [re g ir l problem s th a n you. “ S o w h o sh o u ld I rush ?"Remember th e party th H ilo’s m e a n ie st chicks... Y a right. “ N o you r a Loser." Love ya. I iathias ( M A C H )- “ W E BOYZ, T h a t’s t h a t th e good s ." A sian powers I le. You clean m y room , I’ll clean yours. B ooooga, booga, booga. Spring break I . Give i t u p... M ach is in th e h o u se. M otorcycle riding a t M auna kea. I cuzzi bound. “ B rah I’m lazy." B a n d it b rothers. B oyz II M en 2. J .V football I smories. W e go J a h H ill ( # 1 ) . “ N ice A . “ U le B oyz rules. T han k s for th e I >dtimes. L.Y. I iiil f P . T U T U )- “ M e and H a lle Berry are g oin g to g e t m arried.” Y eah I [ht. Opae G ang forever. B u rn -ou ts in th e m ain ten a n ce truck. “ W ho pulled I p handbrake.” G oodtim es rakin g g ra ss. Y ou a re a true FU -SC H N IC K . You I a th e Sparky’s M an. T rojan’s r ule. Football cam p. T h a nks for all the I [tball m em ories. F ar E a s t is in th e h o u se. M iss th o se AYSO d ays. G irls I use too m uch trouble, y ea? D odo-m an, Dodo. L ove th a t haircut. BOO-YA.




| lv ( !■« S h m o o v e I- ..A n d Jordan go es B O O M o ver Isiah. Let’s go crossB tuning, g o lf style. AY SO m em ories. Your lyrics could p u t B oyz II M en to


sh am e. “ It’s n ot how hard you h it th e b all, it’s th e technique th a t counts.” U le B oyz rule. L.Y. C a l < D E T Z )- P arty a t C al’s. N o sh am e Cal. I heard y ou can really h ide th o se a pples. F untopia B oyz. J .V . football m em ories. So how w a s those m ilkbones? S um m er ’91. Than ks for all th e m em ories. U le boyz. L.Y. D u s tin f A IR W O L F )- Bo don’t k now D ustin. So w hat don’t you k onw h ow to do. T he k ick is up and it’s.... T h an k s for th e m em ories. L.Y. R o h i( N A N A N A )- W e g o surf. M .K.B.’s. Kua bay cam pouts. I sw ear I saw a shark. 0 0 0 0 S h _ t ! A llen A llen is nothing, Robi Robi is th e m an. B reakfast club. W e g o dive. B.V.B.’s. T ake i t c asual. L.Y. G h o s h - Your treat a t 7-11. M a tt D . ( D U N -B A ) - M olokai boy. Provo, U tah . U H football. O.K. Flotis. It’s n o t a 4 banger, it’s a V-8. Chuck-O-Rama. T rafalgars. IKAIKA H all rules. OOOO-kay Phil. F reshm an prom. “ I can’t g ive ou t m y n um ber b acause then all th e g u y s w ould w an t it.” T ak e i t easy. M alam a pono. L.Y. .lo c k A .- Barley m an Jr. L adies m an. C ruising in m y 911. L.Y. M a tt B .- P arty m an. F _ K ’um all. P ato Banton concert. T ake care. L.Y. M iln e - A fter all th e g oodtim es, W hy did y ou leave us? L.Y. .lo s h A A s h - M utombo and co. T w in towers. How high, real h igh cuz your j u s t so fly .Take it easy. K u m i- Spring break ’92. "Set them free." End apartheid. T h a n e - Italian s rule. A ndrew D ice Hancock. L.Y. W ilso n I - ( W illie L. )- Mao rules. A ll- B .I.I.F. center. W here’s E rika’s soup? Carnival. W illie L. is in th e house. B e th e b est you can be ( Barry S and ers ). Jockey-m ove. T ake it easy. L.Y. I.a n o e ( “G" )- Everybody freeze. O riginal gangster. Prim etim e, Prim etim e, P rim etim e. S e a C liff. Erika’s house. Sam oan killer. You are m y oriental brother. L.Y. M a tt V .- Gotcha! Go Rocky. Look w h at you did to m y bench. Look it’s Arnold. L.Y. H u b b a r d . M u r o h . D a is u k e . P e k a " S et us free." T hanks for all th e soda and saim in. T ake i t e a sy boyz. L.Y. C h r is E .- PART-NER! It w as all nite, til day lite...L.Y K am a n d R o b i- C an I copy your hom ework? T ake care. F r a n - BLAH! W here’s th e rice. T ake it easy. F io n a - W hen is th e w edding? S om eday you’ll be on T.V. T ake care S t a r a n d S in c la ir - S isters? T hanks for being so nice, and for th e peices of

D a m ie n - Far e a st is in th e house. Pop W arner to V arsity w as a trip. W hens th e w edding? K eauhou B each hotel. “ H ere it comes! A gam e o f horse shoes." M y b rother Qadry once said.... L.Y. J .P .- PU R E HAWAIIAN. Kefe. #54. J.P. Kloninger a gain w ith th e tackle. L.B.’s rule. L.Y. C v- Sorry hea! E x-m aintenance worker. A.Y.S.O. days. Ian’s hou se ( My leg ). T han k s for th e m em ories. L.Y. G o o d lu c k t o - Keola, H aga, A sa, Crash, N ate. D aniel, Brady. K ea. Lucus. Rich, B illy, J ade, Kim , Star, Brnly, M ichi, Michiko, M organ, B rent, Jonah, S age, N in ia , Je d and to all th e people I forgot. Good luck to th e F uture football team s; Play w ith pride and expect o nly the best. H it hard. A lu m n i: Al 1 o r ig in a l # 24 )- Thanks for b eing my b ig brother. Opae gang. Aparthied. Ian’s h ouse. Free and easy. 14-13. I'm A B a, B a, Ba, Bud m an. J u st another day. T hanks for th e m em ories. L.Y. E -10- A partheid. Can I rub your belly? Bat. F at girl. Opae gang. T han ks for being m y O ldest brother. How’s th ose n ose hairs? L.Y. M a h a lo t o : D erek, Ian, Jake, Derrick, Mike, Carl, T aka, Shane, Fox, and to th e r e st th a t I forgot.

gum . T ake care. J e s s - T he girl w hose alw ays h appy. T ake care. M ia- Spike ‘U m . T ake care. M ik e tB a s s h o v ). G c r r it. C a m ille . S o n n v . B r a n d o n - W ish you guy’s where here. T hanks for a ll th e bass, cervezas, dunks, s u r f trips, and dance moves. M iss y ou g u ys. L.Y.

To th e C lass o f 1993All though we've come to th e EN D OF THE ROAD, still I can't le t go. -Boyz II Men

U n d e r c la s s m e n :

M a h a lo t o : Coach Bryson, M arciel, C hinen, Yardley, S haw ( unforgettable >. Sanders, Perry, D iaz, and P eterson for m aking m y athlectic sea so n s possible. BleckeK O a f), H ughes, H onm a, Cam pball, and M ichel for m aking learning interesting. L ast b ut not th e least, th e fam ilies that m ade it possible: A ndrew s, D etw iler, Y am ashiro, Peterson, Spencer, Hancock, D aw son, Ghosh Dunbar, A gorastos, A rafiles, S olm ssen, M aciejew ski, Honda. Judd'Alden, Sw an, F eniger, H anano, and M isiak.

w e’ve shared a n d th e future th a ts before us. For th e goodtim es w e’ve shared and sad tim es w e’ve o ver com e w ill alw ays be in m y h eart. I’ve com e to love th e person insid e o f you. A nd I alw ays ask m yself...W hat w ould 1 do w ithout

N o w it’s t im e to J o c k e y - m o v e

Yuri M atsu m oto T okyo, J ap an / 2 yea rs V arsity ten nis/H P A 4 years Mr. and Mrs. H annah- Thanks you very much for your kindness and hospitality you showed me while I was staying a t your home. My English is not good enough to express all my appreciation of w hat your family did for me. I stayed w ith you for nine m onths and during th a t tim e you did a lot of things to tre a t me besides helping me w ith my English study. Your family was so kind to me th a t I could feel quite a t home. The memory of th e pleasant days I spent with your family will rem ain with me. I will m iss you. Mai- T hank you for being th ere for me when I needed to talk w ith you. You gave me a lot of good advice. Did you rem em ber th e last year th a t we w ent to Oahu for Thanksgiving? Come visit me even if you are m arried. I w anna see you again in Japan. You were the coolest person. ILY. Mei-Ling- You were the b est roommate MeiLing. I won’t forget your kindness. Remember th a t we always stayed up late, and ate cookies, etc. ? I couldn’t forget th a t you cried w ith me when I was crying about something. I was very im pressed with you a t th a t time. I w anna see you again even if you are on the m ainland. I

h ad a good tim e w ith you for th ree years. Don’t forget your smile. ILY. Motoko- You don’t have to teach me anymore Motoko. I’m going to give you some ZABUTON w hen you tell m e th e joke next time. Good luck and every success in th e years to come. KEEP IN TOUCH. ILY. Karen- Don’t call me stupid anymore. I won’t forget th e tim es we spent to together. I hope we will always stay in touch.ILY. Daisy- T hank you for always being such a good friend. Good luck and tak e care of yourself. ILY. Yumi- Thanks for m aking me laugh all the time. Keep smilin'. Don’t party too hard. Good luck in your senior year. ILY. Miwa- Good luck in th e future. Don’t be shy. ILY. Yukimi- I’m so glad th a t you’re my friend. Though there is distance (here to Maui) between us. B ut we’re friends forever and ever. ILY. Lisa- Let’s go to “Eros” together next time. In a few years, I w anna see your stage. Take care and good luck on your future. Thanks for helping me always. ILY. Daisuke- It’s been g reat knowing you for two

years. You’re one of the coolest people I know * Stay cool! ILY. Tadareu- You were the m ost im portant persona for these four years. Your support for me when I was in trouble. Thanks for all your kindness# Stay my good friend forever. ILY. Masako- T hank you for being there for me. I You’re th e best friend. It’s been thirteen years >1 since I m et you first. We’ve had so m any gTeat|| tim es together. ILY. O ur friendship is forever.* Ms. Donahue, Mr. W eiser and Mrs. Han- Than! you for your advices and supports. I am greatfuj to my school and teachers for their encouragement. Mom and Dad-1 w ant to th an k my parents for H th e ir help and understanding. I am appreciative of the opportunity. I studied English for th e first time. It showed me a newfl world. ILY. Special th an k s to YY,KY,TS,AT,NS,YS,HO,YO.KO.NO, RO,EN,KN,KN,AM, SK, MS, YH, RH, NH, AI, g TI, YH, MH, MC,CC,TAGA,MA,YS,EH,KH,HY,HC,KN,MC,MB1 I LOVE YOU ALL!

K u m i M kono



feel th a t in the future we will have many more and one thing I promise you is we will never loose touch. I wish you the best in the future and in your career. Take care of yourself. Best of luck to you my good friend!

NIAZIM OSTAFA Sydney, A u stralia/ 11/2 YRS/ Soccer him and D ad 1 feel th a t during my life Iportunities will come and go but th e ir won’t J any as big as the ones you both have given. | I’d like to th an k you both for being very itient and always backing me in w hat ever I

Thanks! Mum Thanks! Dad


I love you both very much! Well! we’ve had our little fights and

argum ents a t tim es b u t th a t was ju s t p art of growing up b u t you will always be my best friend and a very good brother to me and I wil. always back you and encourage you in w hat ever you pursue in the future. I hope every works out for you in your senior year. Oh! Keep on playing those drums! Good luck! Sam M a n u e l:- You’ve been my best friend here at HPA and we’ve had a lot of good moments and I

Tom I haven’t had the chance to get to Know you as well as I would have liked to bu t from w hat I know of you, you are a very nice guy and a good friend. I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope everything works out for you. Benji,Charlotte and John - you’ve all been very good friends and I hope everything works out for all you in the future. Noah, E than and Taylor - You three guys are so mellow, but a t the same tim e you know how to party. I hope you all succeed in the future a t whatever you pursue and I hope you all have a great tim e playing in the band together with my brother. Kumi- Well I think when we finish you will be one of the few people I won't lose touch with since you won’t be living so far away. Anyway I wish you the best of luck for college and in your soccer career. Don’t forget the African thing ! S tar, Sinclare and Cassie- You’ve all been very strange girls a t time, B ut I can relate to th at. I hope all of you don’t ever change and don’t ever stop partying. I wish you all you the best in the future and hope we run into each other sometime in th e future. Racheal- You’ve been a great friend and Iwill rem ember you for years to come I hope you have a great future. Oscar- Your a good friend and great surfer and you know th a t if you decide to ever come to A ustralia you more than welcome to stay with me. Well I’ll see you around and good luck. Daisuke - your a cool guy to be around I hope everything works out for you in the future and if you ever come to A ustralia we'll go party. Pycha- your a very sincere friend and I hope to run into you in the future native boy! Mr Anderson - You’ve been a great advisor and a good friend I hope you don’t ever leave HPA the school the school won’t find someone as good as you for a replacement and neither will your other advises. Thanks for everything ! T hanks to all the faculty of HPA- Mr Campbell, Mr Provincial, Mr Hall, Mr Dunlap,Mrs Y, Mr Perry, Mr Rowley,Mr Watson, Mr Rice, Mr Colson and all the rest. To the class of 1993 - 1 hope you all succeed in w hatever you pursue. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD BYE! To all HPA students - Enjoy your rem aining years a t HPA and think positive. N athan and Troy - It was hard leaving you guys to come to school here but it's alright I'm coming home soon so get ready to go out for a beer.

■ imhi— wi mil i ' if

Joh n fL a eh o b ” M urph y -M ajuro, M a rsh a ll Isla n d s HPA 4 yea rs / W restling 4 yea rs / F ootb all 3 yea rs / W eights / Sports M edley T rouble / W aterballoons / G ettin g b u sted / C ooking r ice L i Mama: T hank you for th e way you raised me. And the way you put up w ith me. I love you always. La Baba: T hanks for this wonderful opportunity and for those still yet to come. I love you. One of these days I’ll be independent. A ll m y sisters: You’re all I need. T hanks for all the love and pain. A ll m y brothers: You guys b etter grow up soon. It’s your house now. N agels: Thanks for all the exciting weekends. Grandm a Nagel: T hanks for th e granny style meals. I love you. E n glish ’s: Thanks for having me over and for all th e great food. LaWally: I still beat you a t b-ball. Sum m er 92 was killerz. Take me to Lanai. W ish you had been here. Pick me up. #81 LaTony: Oni Tony. Hope you’ll be able to play football again. All th e g irls b ack home: I love you all. Jackie: I still love you. Tina: T hanks for everything. Joy: Still trying to be a business woman huh? Give up! D eborah: Thanks for the Discovery Bay stays. V ao an d Koa: Go to school. It’s been enjoyable w ith you guys. W orgipp an d Ben: Jemot! S u rfs up. T hanks for helping me spend my money. If I get a house

you can live w ith me. $$$$$$ LiKatty: Hope you go to jikool im katak. Make lots of money and pay me. Warren: Sorry Majuro w asn’t so fun. For those M arshallese action whom I’ve forgotten, I’m sorry and I love you all. L.O.: T hanks for all th e bread and w ater. W hat’s in and w hat’s out please tell me. TE #88 wow! How’s Ally. M.V.: You are a tru e bandit. Four years is over. Its been very enjoyable getting in trouble and busted w ith you. C ongratulations you’ve m ade it. C.E: Kodom. N in kono. Thanks for all the rides and spam. Damien told me to tell you “Unicorn?” W hat does it mean. Wilson: Do you still have your pens. Set 22 go go on two. T hanks for th e once in a lifetime soda from you, after th e Kohala game. C-ya later. Kumi: You are a tru e stud. Booty tim e. R.O.: Lose weight. J.H: You are th e next Mike Stew art. Get in trouble sometime you m ight like it. Dance all night. M.P: I didn’t take your rice. You are a tru e donkey. D.O: I did not do my m ath. I hope you find all your CD’s. Thanks for th e spam. R.S: Labibi! T hanks for the C. Pd. ride. J.Y: Abc-ya wouldn’t w anna be ya! S.B: W ashington homie. Howzit. Have a goodyear next year wrestling. C.D: True dorm dork.

J.H . and W.G: w hat rebels. Fran: I still w ant my car. P resid en t: I liked th a t shiituff. Take me cruising on Oahu. Slipper #111. I K aylona: Get well and go to class. Jan a H: Hi and th e re st of the girls thanks for the j generosity. S arah a n d N atasha: G reat m anagers. T hanks for all the w ater and bruises. Cpt. Chris: Thanks for the counterfl during th e Kohala game. #24 Chimp. The I gauntlet. Cpt. Paul: Nobody can do a flip 1 b etter th a n you. You’re th e greatest. Cpt. Scott: Pucy. The best receiver in the 9 islands. T hanks for keeping the team pumped. M.D: Stud. If I could h it like you 11 would be able to play in the pros next to you.B All th e junior boys good luck in football next n year. Go get 'em! E veryon e e lse se e y a H ughes: You are a kook. Thanks. Good luck I next year. All m y tea ch ers and friends: ABC-YA. #1 |J ‘Y ou’ve got nothing to lose and everything, I everything, everything to gain. J u s t do it!” 1 -Barry Sanders, Detroit Lions.

1 C h risto p h e r N elson 8yrs./K ailua-C om a,H i/G olf and Vars. B each Bum/Ybk. E d itor/M aniacal Off-Roader!I/Sponger I ASic, the only tru e u niversal language!"

-Me I / blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold” -J. Geils I bid on little girl, show me what he’s done to you, stand I pttle girl, broken heart can’t be that bad” -Mr. Big I s the truth that the truth makes them so uptight” -Liquid Jesus I >w do I say goodbye to what we had, the good times that I de us laugh are waving back” -Boyz II Men I s just the pride and passion, and the thrill of it all” -Eddie and the Cruisers I ) matter what it seems tonight is what it means to be I mg.” -Fire Inc. I e can build this dream together standing strong forever, I king's gonna stop us now.” -Starship 1 11for freedom and for pleasure nothing ever lasts forever, jrybody wants to rule the world.” -Tears for Fears I ight of hand and twist of fate, on a bed of nails she I ikes wait, and I’ll wait without you...” -U2 I s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world” -Johnny Clegg I mlike a bad penny I always turn up” -Indiana Jones I will not be pushed, indexed, filed, briefed, debriefed, or | mbered! My life is my own.” -No. 6 ay fortune favor the foolish”

-James T. Kirk “Life is what happens while you're making other plans.” -George Kuffs "It’s better to burn out than to fade away!" -Carrigon Mom: You've always been there for me, even when I was a pain, you've been my companion the past year and I’ll always love you. Thanks! Dad: There was so much I wanted to tell you but never had the chance. I miss you and I'll always love you for the time we spent together. Sis: You're one of a kind, don't ever change. Maybe by the next time I get to Vermont I won't be stuck in such a rut. Danny: Don't worry, when I visit you in college I'll remember to wipe my feet. I just hope whatever college you go to will have enough women there for you to scam off of, better check to see if your dorm has a sound foundation before you go hammering away with your stereo. You've been a great friend and I'll remember you always. P.S. check if Juliard has a chem. class you can cruise through! Ryan: Hey, hey... anus I thought I told you to push in the in the clutch before you shift. What's your handicap? Ahh yes, I remember it’s irons and woods. Hope that large yellow citrus fruit keeps running through senior year, I told you not to buy it... Maybe I'll see you on the roads this summer... yea... only in my rear-view mirror. Hey! Let's go to gates! Neil: I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Jose. The s—t we got away with up at the dorm. Hope to see you around after grad. Maybe one o these days you’ll be able to beat me up. Not! Chie: Help me with calulus! You stole my seat again! You

should really find a better job than pumping gas over the summer. Oh well! You’ve been a great friend, keep in touch! Benj: Genius, pure genuis. Keep on striving for that sympathy vote, have fun babysitting your darling little brother over your final summer vacation before college. Catch you on the flip-side. AND FINALLY TO THE UNDERCLASSMEN________

“Life moves pretty fast if you don’t stop to look around once in a while you could miss it!” -Ferris Beuller

MOM-1 never thought I’d be saying this, but thanks for always pushing me in school. I couldn't have done it without you. I love you. DAD- Thanks for always giving me the benefit of the doubt and encouraging me to strive for the best. I’ll always remember “No guts, no glory.” I love you. ALI- Even though we’re not always the best of friends, I hope you still know that I love you! Good luck in Guam. GRANDMA- Thank you for always being the most caring, generous, lovable/ huggable granny ever! I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck... MARIA- My favorite auntie, thanks for always making me feel comfortable in trusting you with anything. We’ve had plenty of good times and only more to come. Thanks for everything. I love you. FAMILY- I’m lucky that I got to grow up with such a fun and crazy family. Thank you for all your love and support through the years. I love you all!

MARY- Where do I start? BF boyfriends, police CD, prom, Hauna over the ice box... the list is endless. You know that I never would’ve made it without you. Thank you for being able to relate to everything. I hope you have a killer Sr.year, take care of yourself. I love you. THANE- Pps aah... Thanks for being my best friend as well as my boyfriend. I love you. Do me a favor and hold onto your keys. Ninjas forever. FRAN- Oh decrepit mutant one... thanks for bettring campus life. Remember Rebekah’s gymnastics, booby’s brownie mix, and prom night. You’re one of the few people I enjoyed to be around. You could make me laugh and at the same time be a trusted close friend. I’m gonna miss you so much! Take care and good luck. MLA-Hey decreptoid... KSS is the ultimate ninja,"alright jerky”, Wayne’s World adventure. Thanks for always making me laugh. I’ll miss you. Good luck in college and volleyball (you shred!) REBEKAH- I’ll never forget all the good times we had when you, me, and Fran got together. Our day in Hilo was one to remember- Arbys & Mr. Suave. Lunchtime adventures, “I’m gonna get you sucka,” and Cheech and Chong. Thanks for always being there for me. Have a killer senior year and good luck with the man! VENTULA & ROBI- Danish here, love the sunglasses. Hey did I ever see you surfing nude at Pololu wuth dolphins? WRONG. So, when’s our dinner party? Stay cool and stay out of trouble in college. Is it possible? SINCLAIR- Weli Weli rules...just call me “the coconut girl.” Stay cool. STAR- “Boogie woogie, woogie” That was pretty daring to crash that random party- we almost got arrested and raped, but who cares we had “da kine.” Thanks for being so fun. CASSIEHey girl...I luv your style. Do you want to make a F-ing machine? The roto-rooter man is mine. I'm glad we became closer, because I was definitely missing out. I'll miss you. Keep raging! JESS- We really expressed ourselves at talent show. You’re so sweet, never change. FIONA- We had the killer time at Mauna Lani and the talent show. Your fun to party with. Take care. KUMI- You’re a cool dude. Thanks for being my psychologist. Do you like my my soccer shoes? Take the cookies and run! Take care, I’ll miss you. JOCK- Thanks for always being so cheerful and friendly. You are way cool and your parties always left something to talk about. Good luck and take care. HUBBARD- Stir it up, baby. DANNY DWell “Mr.D”/ OG I’m sorry you have two more years here, but we’ll party in Guam. You ‘re a killer friend (let’s just not get into anymore fights) Wait, how does that motion go again? DIANA, CHARLOTTE, KIM You all seem innocent, but looks can be deceiving. Thanks for making boarding more fun, little trolls. GRADY-1 miss you!! THE HANCOCKS- Thank you very much for making me feel at home and saving me from the dorms so often. THANKS TO- Mr. Hall, Mr. Otto, Mr. Wilder, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Bleckel. GOOD


D a n a N u sb a u m C h icago/ 2 yrs/ Scuba/ T urtle T agging/ C om m unity Service Taylor, Erik, Trevor, Chris J., Theana, Alexa, Lucas, Miri, Brynly, Brent, Asa, Peter, Joanna, Caroline, J.P., Stacy, Malia L., Jed, Vaihiria, Andy T., Jamuna. TO MY FRIENDS FROM HOME- Thanks for giving me the best times of my life. I wish you all the best of luck in life... Alii 3, Lara P, Kirsha, Jing Jing, John, Marissa, Stephs’, Matt, Deitch, Block, Demetrius, Jen Katz, Debbie, Monica, Scott, Ryan, Dean, Andrea, Rachel Miranda, Nick, Josh H. JEN- Cicada summer, July 4, G’N’R concert...I’m so happy that the miles put between us didn’t lessen our friendship. Thanks for always listening and supporting me. I guess that’s what best friends are for. I love you.

LARA- My oldest friend- pizza, curb driver, Cancu#j god, weren’t we the holy terrors. Thanks for all the a" memories. I know that our friendship will last a long time. ROVAUN- Pardon me... You were right, we’lj] always remember our first love. I’ll never forget yot# Thanks for all the good times.


through may your ups and downs be in bed... Matt. Psvcho: Choke memories Midnight religion facepainting Chaves ea rthquakes you were like my brother and never let me down. Stay Psycho! What! Wilson.Lau: Aaaaah Blue Scary talk.Hubb hands......BoooYa harass Human food vacuum got along good this year, your one hell of a Jason.Yeung: You’ve helped me alot with my serious troubles and decisions, you’re gonna be the first one from our class to be on Muscle Mag. I know you have alot of talent so use it wisely. Thanks for all. T.J.Piopio: you’re my buddy from the beginning of my stay here Spring Break party....... sneaky beach rides soccer I’ve only got choke good memories with you and you’re my real friend. Thanks for all tha good times and good luck in everything you do A great Thanks to the Kalaniopio’s for everything they’ve done! never change T.J. Chris English: Ohhh sorry yeah tough guy remember the midnight pool, almost otta here always remember that the good luck will come to the guy who wants it the most, thanks to all the seniors who made my dorm life better and memorable: John Murphv. JefTHubb. Manuel. K. and some others. Blake.R: hey tough guy, good time harassing others hunger, midnight kitchen dorm demolition. Thanks for all the good times, Big guy. Lucas. H: Your so huge and your my hero.... The Dav Student Bovs: Chris.Martin, Ashley.Colter, Robi.Solmssen, Jason.Yamashiro, Mathias.M, Thanks to all you guys. The Under classmen: Thanks for all the good times and good luck in the hole; Robert O’Donahue the Third(Monchichi), Chris.Dods, Sage.B, Redza.T, Yoshi.K, Jason.H, Devin.M, and all the other people I couldn’t mention. Baseball Bovs: I’ve had my in baseball here by all the help from you guys, Thanks to; Jonah.Y, Damien.A, guys, Keola. L, Nathaniel.W, J.P, and all the member of the team and coaches. Soccer Bovz: You guys were one of the awesome guys I’ve been with and soccer helped me alot through school. Scott.A where’s my shirt; Kumi,Dustin,Dunbar the awesome Dee; Kris.G the ball handler; Jed.E the Wall; Brent, Asa,and Karl....the future hope;; sorry for the guys I couldn’t mention and thank you all.

D a isu k e O ea iva Japan/2 years/V arsity B aseb all fears/Varsity Soccer 2 years rst of all I’d thank my parents for putting up with a like me. I don’t know how much I made you worry, l u ’ve supported me throughout my life and even Jough I may not show it I appreciate it a lot. Also a sat thank you to my two sisters for all their patience the last 18 years. I love you all. Solmssen: You’re the best teacher I had till now. got the depth which taught us many important ings other than school work. You’ve added a lot to my nights. Thank you. Big belly... Baseball....! had choke

goodtimes with the baseball team here and without all your help I wouldn’t have got it....I’d really wanna see you again and Mahalo! Benchula: Good/Bad memories.... Poolstick.... Fruitball.... # 1 wrestler....Tattoo....Midnight meeting in your room....your are the best and funniest guy I’ve ever met. You made my years here very good ones. Hope to see you soon. Botoman! Lance.O: You’ve been my punching bag for the last two years and I thank you for putting up with it. Choke injuries....tough times......we’ve all came

Yuri.M: I thank you very much for all the memories you gave me. You understood and supported me all the time. I love you and hope that this feeling will never end. To Class of ’93: YOU guys were the best of all and thanks for all the good times. This quote is for you guys. Life is one big road with lots of signs so when you’re riding through the ruts don’t complicate your mind fleet from hate mischief and jealousy don’t bury your thoughts put your vision to reality wake up and life -Bob Marley

Mom and dad- T hank you for everything th a t you have done for me during the last 18 years. I am so sorry for all the grief I have sent you through. I love you. I am forever grateful to you two. Lauren- Keep working hard with swimming and school. L earn from my m istakes and good luck. M att V.- Gun, M ad whatever. High five action. French fries. Too bad about th a t one night with... Nah. Tell your mom to let you out more. See you on Kauai. Wilson- Mob. Sniff sniff. Ink rules. You’re the best center I know. Weekend in Kona. Good luck w ith your F-ball dream s. See you back home. Keola- Ka pow! T hat was not necessary. You are a homo. Remember buying those roses? Thanks for all the good tim es and take care. John- Kolem. Ah satan. TD boy. Good tim es being rom m ates junior year. B ust out the rice. Have fun on Majuro. Jeff H.- Buzz off the soda. You’re th e best bodyboarder I know. See you a t Sandy’s. Chris M.- Lethal. You’re such a ladies m an. Teach me the ways. Jockey move. T hanks for all the great weekends. Seaclifif, etc. b u t especially E rika’s house. C hris E.- You should get some F-Ball insurance. T hanks for all th e rides. Pycha- The shack attack. You know w hat tim e it is. Good luck w ith your art. Daisuke- Blue hands. You know Seibu is the best. We’ll cruise Jap an together. Yama- My Japanese brother. JV B-Ball. Middle school hoops. No one can tak e us. T hanks for all th e assists. Robi- We go play basketball for Merv. Thanks for the tent. Kumi- P ure Jam oan. You are the luckiest guy a t pool. Scott- M ath Topics was good times. Paul- Show me some dance moves. M att D.- How could you not like dorm life? Yeti- G wam . Finally m ade it through camp. Chris D.- Dorm Dork. Make sure th e TV stays off. Sage- The Falcons all the way. This scholl only gets better. Blake- Hope your knee gets better. Lucas- You are too huge. Ali- Thanks for all the talks. Jess- W hat, too cool to cruise w ith me? F ran-1 did not dis you a t th a t party. Dom- So how’s Compton? A fter dinner BBall. It wasn’t th e sam e w ithout you. Milne- Shaving cream fight. We been through a lot. Take care. T.H., C.D.,A.C.,J.D.,M.M.,D.P.,J.A.- The party boyz. T hanks for the good tim es a t th e parties. Take care. All th e boysh and girlies of th e class of 93T hanks for all the good tim es during the memorable four years a t HPA. Good luck and take care. The Iolani boyz- T hanks for th e good tim es back home. The football team - Good luck next season. The boarder boyz- T hanks for all th e fun. W eiser hall rocks. My advisors, teachers, and coaches- T hank you for all th e guidance through out th e years. Mr. Bryson- T hanks for giving me a chance to play TE and the clipboard in th e knee.

L a n ce S. O h ta k e 4 years/H onolulu , H i/F ootball To the Spencers and th e Lindseys- T hank you for inviting me to your house over and over again. I am out of here. Ink#88

R eik o O kuno K obe, J a p a n i: Thank you for all the opportunities you have en me and for your support. I would regret it if I had decided to come here. You’re the person who I pect most. I love you! m: Thank you for always being there for me. I ldn’t have done anything without your support and dee through these hard years. Take good care of irself. I love you!



to and Koichiro: My great sis and bro! My life uldn’t have been great without you. Thanks guys!! Dd luck in your schools. I love you both. ;h my Grampas and Grammas: Thank you for >wing me your moral support. I love you all. B. Solmssen: Thank you for the tremendous amount ftielp and understanding you gave to us. K. Donahue: I really appreciate the things you’ve Bie for me. Gracias! I. Michel, Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Durnan, Mr. Hughes, v. Bleckel, Mrs.Y, Mrs. Piltz, Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuto, ltd the entire faculty: Thank you for your help llenever I needed it and for everything you have done I me. I innah family: It was great staying in your house for Yfirst year at H.P.A. Thank you for your kindness, eko and Miwa: Now it’s time for me to graduate. Our S year was one of my best memories at H.P.A. I ssed you guys this year. Good luck in your colleges. I e you both. ka: You’re the one who made me laugh so hard. I’ll ver forget the time we spent together through tough

Good luck in college! Keep in touch! I love U! Miyuki: I love the time we spent in Kudaranaikoto. I really enjoyed being with you. Don’t forget all the memories and words we loved (Hige, Dojin, Daibutsu,etc.)!??? You better stop swallowing food , you know? Don’t ever change your character. Thanks for everything and good luck!! Keep in touch! I love U! Joyce: You’ve been a great friend. Don’t stress too much and remember I’m always here for you whenever you need me. Keep in touch! ILY Karen: Im sorry to wake you up all the time. I really enjoyed looking at the posters on your wall!! That guy is... Good luck in college! ILY Diana: Hey my awesome roommate!! I enjoyed talking with you about guys(?) though. Make sure you get a boyfriend soon. Good luck next year. ILY Chie: Thanx for your help when I needed it. Good luck! ILY Shiela: I always asked you for help when you walked by, didn’t I? Thanks for being nice! ILY Kevin: I don’t think your pot is symmetrical. How can you speak Chinese that fast? Susie: Do you still remember all the Japanese that I taught you? Keep saying “buenas noches vendenjo” before you go to bed! Good luck in college. ILY Lindsay: I had fun sharing the room with you last year. Thanks for all the “Li Hing Mui” you gave me. Now it’s one of my favorite foods. ILY Hayato: Thanks for being nice. Good luck next year! Yone: We have so many memories that we can hardly forget in the past six years. When I left Yonten, I could never imagine that I would see you again in Hawaii. Thanks for all the advice you’ve given me in

everything. Keep in touch! ILY! Be-chan: We’ve known each other since we were born, but I never knew why I started calling you “Be-chan”. Thanks for your support. I could do it because I knew you exerted yourself in Japan. Friends forever. I LU! Mr. Wilson: You won’t believe that I’m graduating, will you? Finally, I did it!! I’m the only one girl who’s graduating from room 3. You were my first teacher at H.P.A. and the best teacher. My English has become so much better now. I wish I’d have a chance to talk to you someday. See you again in the future. Willis family: Thank you for the nice time when I spent the summer with you. Take care of yourselves. I love you. Good luck to: Daisy C., Danny E., Izumi Y., Noriko M., Hiroshi Y., Suki G., Michi H., Arati C., Sylvia T., Angela A., Mei-ling L., Mai S., Yuri M., Motoko H., Mayumi F., Yusuke S., and Yoshi T. To the class of 93: Thanks for all the experiences we’ve shared. Good luck in your future!! Good luck everbody and make your dreams come true!

Chie O za w a K aw asaki, J a p a n / 5 yrs. / S w im m in g / X-Country / T rack / D orm P refect / M usic U n cle A ndy & A u n tie Kazuko: I cant th an k you enough for all the things you’ve done for me. W ithout you, I couldn’t of made these long but short years a t HPA and in Hawaii. It may seem like I don’t appreciate it a t all, b u t I really do. ILY. Mama: T hank you for letting me stay in Hawaii. W ithout your big encouragement, support and love, I wouldn’t have m ade it. I love you. Papa: T hank you for the g reat opportunity and support you gave me. It was very fortunate for me to come to HPA. ILY. G randpa & Grandma: Your support, encouragement, and love... helped me these years in Hawaii. T hank you very much. I love you. My S ista A ki & B rada Taka: T hanks for putting up w ith me. I know I’m not th e best sister in the whole world, b u t I still th in k th a t you are “Da BEST!!!” ILY. S heila, S uliana, M iranda, H eid i, Emma, & C ourtney: It was you guys who have brightened my days and years a t HPA. The laughs, cries, smiles, talks, and all the other memories we shared th a t I’ll never forget. T hanks for giving me your support, love, encouragement, s—t, Puttin g up w ith me, and being there for me when I needed you. I love you all!!!! We’ll keep in touch forever. Don’t

forget to invite me to your wedding!!! I’ll miss ya all. D anny: Thanks for sharing your g reat thought, Yo, Daisukebe!!! Don’t worry I won’t m arry you! Anywayz, I can’t th an k you enough for everything you’ve done for me. I never m ean t to h u rt your feelings, b u t I guess I did. I’m sorry. O ur special friendship will never fall apart. T hank you for being there. ILY as a friend!!!!! Jim m y: “Jim m y, Jim m y, Oh, Jimm y, Jimm y...” I miss ya. Hope you are enjoying catching pigs! C hris N elson: T hanks for helping me w ith my homework and tests. Movie, Town, Lunch I’ll never forget. T hanks for being a good friend. C hris R obison: “HI!!!” Thanks for talking with me! Good luck! N eil: Well, it was nice knowing you. Thanks for listening to me! Fleur: You are a wonderful person. T hank you for th e accompanyment!!! It w as a great opportunity to have m et someone like you! ILY. Susie: “Pack Ya!” Nah! I miss having you in the sam e hall. Thanks for all your advice and everything else. Keep in touch! J ess: The Stud Swimmer!!! Thanks for all th e advice and support. Keep in touch! Kim: Hey babe! “Enya” in th e dark quiet room. Don’t make all these boys cry! Nah!! T hanks for putting up w ith me. Keep in touch! E velyn: T hanks for everything! Good Luck

C harlotte: It w as fun doing chem istry with yj T hanks for listening to my weird talks. Good I luck and keep in touch! Kaylona: The ghost stories in th e middle of thj night! Spooky! Thanks for helping me througl my year! I’ll miss ya! K aren & D aisy: Teaching me these bad Chinese words, you rebel!!! Nah. T h at was fud T hanks for all th e help in homework! Yuka, M iyuki, R eiko, M otoko, & Saeko: T hanks for m aking me feel a t home when I w anted and all th e talks. It was great knowing you guys. Keep in touch! M ami, Yum i & Emi: Thanks for all the fun | talks. I’ll miss ya! Well, you have a year to go] Good luck. Keep in touch! S p ecia l G reat T hanks to: Mr. Solmssen, Mr.| Stew art, Mr. Wilder, Mr. Nogues, Ms. Michel,| Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Bleckel, Ms. Donahue, Mrs. Y., Mrs. Moore, Moe and all the other teachers! and staff members. W ithout your support and] advice, I wouldn’t have made these hard years a t HPA. T hank you for all the good times! i F resh m an Hall: Hey gals! The hugs, laughs, smiles, talks, and all the other things we’ve j shared. T hank you very much. I love each and every one of you. I’ll miss ya all! Good luck!!!fl To All th e o th er friends: Thanks for making] my years a t HPA so wonderful. Good luck to 1 everyone especially to the class of 1993! See yd Good Luck Swim Team!

I D u stin P eterso n K am uela, Hi./9 y r s./ 4 years V arsity Soccer/ 4 Years V arsity B aseball/ 3 Years V arsity Football/2 Y ears V arsity Cross Country/3 Years S tu d en t G overnm ent m and Dad: You have given me more thanl could ask. While >porting me in everything th at I do you have kept me on a laight path to my goals. Now it is my turn to use the ■Swledge you have given and choose my own path in life. I i b e Fm ready. Thanks and I love you both. Iry and Cainin: What would I have done without you two? The K) brothers who taught me everything I know and blazed a |ch of success for me. Thanks, I love you guys. Itlin and Cayson: My baby brothers, thanks for being the two ■lest little brothers around. You guys have a lot to look ■ward to so don’t grow up too fast. I love you guys. II: You have been my best friend since the fourth grade. We’ve Bne a long way from the Hele On bus days to seniors in high ■tool. Thanks for being a great friend and teammate. State B eer 93' this year the offense will score. B tt : “If I wanted to give you a chip I would have bought extra B you”, you greedy bastard. Nah we’ve shared some good times Bether from Duke soccer camp to dawn patrol at Mauna Kea. B survived without too much trouble and I am grateful to be a B n d of the worlds fastest white man, under 4.5 sha right. B c h : You are the man! Why don’t you rush wuss? Agassi has B nothing on you. Good times playing pool for money, one on le basketball a t the playground, ping pong at Ghosh’s and ■using Aliis with the top down. U.S.D. here we come, ul: Nine long years and we finally made it, I may not be the s athletic stud you are, but I’m glad to have been your friend d teammate. Lets kick Hilo’s @ss this year, Kamakani soccer ' STATE CHAMPS. iris M. You are the fastest chimp I’ve ever seen. Breakfast tb, cruising Kona, Spring Break 9 2', Football, Baseball, lleyball. Its been a blast man, thanks for the good aes^Jason: Long nights of ping pong at Ghosh’s not studying tro Cal, Lifes rough, the Pro tour is calling you. Thanks for allenging me in all my little games, without you I would be thing. lane: You are one of the hardest workers I have ever met, and will all pay off this year a t state X country. This year we keep

the trophy. Thanks for being such a great friend. Ghosh: How do you get all the chicks? It must be the thickness. Nah we shared some good times these past few years and you truly are a stud. Kumi: What are you doing, the light was red ! Spring break was a blast. It was great playing soccer and cruising with you. Matt D. Football and soccer stud, its been great to be your friend and teammate, States 93’ we must win. Jock: You are definitely one of the coolest guys I know, thanks for all the raging parties these last few years. We must drop intro cal or we will die. Yeti: Good times cruising Kona in the spirit, faces of death, Football camp, MKB’s, Hyatt,climbing walls at Royal Sea Cliff, Its been a blast. Lance: Gangster, quickie Z, put me in coach I can catch. Kam: Cross Country stud, the last 200 yards were mine in state! Ash: Volleyball stud, Mauna Kea shore break, first ever trip to Peaks, spongers rule. Robi: Mauna Kea master, Hyatt bridge, dawn patrol, Beach VBall rules. Josh: Original Kona Boyz, Pine trees masters, First Waipio surf trip, I only wish I could play volleyball like you. Sunny and Mike S: Miss you guys. Fran: Thanks for being a friend, I’ll never forget the talks and all the advice, especially the one at Jock’s. Thanks again. Mia and Fiona: thanks for the friendship, you guys better have taken BIIF V.B. this year. Star, Sinclair, Ginger : The three girls in the senior class who actually cruised with us for a year, thanks. DA BOYS: Thanks for all the good times, your the best, I love you guys. The class of 93: Thanks for the memories and good luck. Underclassmen: good luck to Damien, Keola, Nate, Jed, Daniel, J.P., Lucas, Jonah, Richard, Sage, Kea, Cy, Haga, Andy, Brady, Karl, Brent, Asa, T, Leif, Robert, Jade, Kim, Sienna, Michi, Michicko, Jaisy, Ninia, Morgan, Alexa, Heathe, Stacy, Starr, Cybelle, Kristen and any others I’ve forgotten.

Good luck: Football, baseball, soccer, and cross country teams. Strive to be the best and never settle for second best. Special Thanks to: Mrs. Andrews, the Detwilers, the Dawsons, the Yamashiros, the Spencers, Mrs. Maciejewski, the Agorastos, the Ghoshs, the Hancocks, the Reardons,and the Chancers. Teachers: Duman, Rice, Weiser, Provencal, Hughes, Solmssen, Campbell, thanks for everything. Mr. Perry: I thank you for bringing out the best in me and helping me to achieve my goals. You have inspired me to strive for the best in these four short years. Hopefully this was the year we lived up to expectations and won state. Thanks again. Mr. Bryson: You’ve been a great coach and motivator, you have given me the opportunity to achieve my goals and better myself, thank you. Mr Honma: You have given me the chance to challenge myself and help the team, thank you. Mr. Frosty: After six years of your coaching, this had better have been the year we took BIIFS. Whoever said, “Winning is not the only thing” never won anything. “The best defense is a great offense.” -Anonymous “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence.” - Vince Lombardi “In a confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins - not through strength but by perserverance.’ -Anonymous “What matters is not the size of the dog in a fight, but the size of the fight in the dog." -Bear Bryant

M a tth ew J a m es P ych a K auai, H aw aii / 3 yea rs / soccer Mom and Dad- Thank you for your continuous love and support through all th ree years of HPA. I will always be grateful for this gift of attending this school. T hank you for your encouragem ent through those trying and demanding times. D om inic- If you ever get your hands on one of these- I’d like to th an k you for an enjoyable year together as roommates. I’ll miss all those late night philosophical talks about life. I’ve always been im pressed w ith your character. I wish you th e best of luck in the future. M att V.- My three years a t this place would have gone by a lot slower if you were not here to liven things up a bit around th e dorm. Thanks for all the laughs- P rank FON calls- shower wars- I’ll miss them all. K auai Boys Rule! Jeff- N ever lose th a t hum ble and kind spirit th a t I have always adm ired about you. I’ll be looking for you in BODYBOARDING Magazine in th e n ear future. Lance- Word up G Money, T hank you for all your help and advice in academics and life. Look me up if you ever find yourself on K auai, Maybe we m ight even attem pt a drive-by. -Peace outD aisuke- T hanks for sharing a piece of your life w ith me. I have always adm ired your w it and competitive attitude-I’ll miss all those late night ninja missions and astounding Jap a n stories. I wish you all the best! L aters guy. W ilson- Graffiti on the body, party anyone? Hook me up w ith your dad sometime, maybe I’ll

learn some stuff. U ntil then, h a sta luego mi amigo! C hris E.-1 know how you are about this sort of thing. - I’ll tell it to your face. J o h n M.- The g reat “husking” m aster! Don’t be surprised if some guy shows up on your door step on the M arshall Islands and asks you to do some deep sea fishing with him. Laters. M anuel- T hank you for your advice about finishing HPA- I th in k I m ade th e right decision. One of these days I’m coming over th ere and th en you can show me w hat you call "partying hard." B lake- It’s been g reat having another N orth Shore K auai resident in th e dorm- I’m going to miss all those weekend trip s to K auai and back! Good luck in ’94 and I’ll see you back on the G arden Isle. Mrs. Y- T hank you for pushing me to excel in my a r t work above w hat I felt was satisfactory and also for giving me a g reater concept of the word "art." Much th an k s for your direction and patience. Mr. Solm ssen- This year of L iterature w ith you has enlightened English for me. You've ta u g h t me to see things in a different perspective. You were one of the teachers I looked forward to going to. T hank you- ( and by th e way, "you have a very nice house.") Mr. P erry- T hank you for teaching me the game of soccer beyond th e lim its of my AYSO days-1 am eternally grateful for th e tim e you

p u t in for me and your patience. Good luck a|<l "States." In a string of days th e year is gone. B ut in th a t space of time, it takes so long because we can’t m ake up for the tim e S th a t we’ve lost. I m u st le t these memories j provide. No little boy can stop his world to 1 w ait for me. I -W atalie M erchant 10,000 M aniacs The lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The lord is th e strength of my life whom shall I be afraid. -Psalm 22:1

Sw eeter th a n th e rose th a t blooms in th e spring, B righter th a n th e sta rs th a t shine in th eir ring. P u re r th a n the snow th a t falleth from above, dearer th a n all these O Lord thou a rt in love. -Psalm so n g To th e cla ss o f ’93- Good! lu ck and God bless!

C a ssa n d ra K e k a m a m a lie Q u a in ta n ce 6yrs / M an ien ie,H aw aii / 4 yrs E q u estrian / 2 yrs S occer / Stu dent C ouncil P ee r C o u n cilin g / T urtle T agging / C hoir / Solar Car

ISLOVE YOU MOM AND EDDIE. T hank you I r p u ttin g up w ith my ram bunctious ways, l o m an has ever achieved w orth while success I ho did not, a t one tim e or another, find I m self w ith a t least one foot hanging over the I in k of failure.~N.Hill I itu and G randpa: T hank you for spending so I uch money on me. I iucation will never become as expensive as I norance. I lly & Nicky: It has been exciting seeing you n o golden children grow up. ■ou know th a t gentleness is stronger th a n ■ verity , th a t w ater is stronger th a n rock, th a t ■ ve is stronger th a n force.-H erm an Heese flex: I’ll see you on the other side. ■ h a t th e m ind of m an can conceive and fc ie v e , th e m ind of m an can achieve.~N.Hill j ncle Don: I’ve looked up to you for many K a rs , your guidance will always be a p a rt of mdon’t e• have to explain anything to ■ ■ lybody.-Jam es Dean lu s a n : I can’t im agine w hat these last two ■ ja rs would have been like w ithout you. I ■ lin k th a t our destinies are linked. In d he who breaks a thing to find out w hat it ■ has left the p ath of wisdom.~JRR Tolken

Star: Shall we go to Europe together, my buddie? I love you. While losers believe they are largely a t the mercy of external forces, w inners believe they have significant control over th eir own destiny. S tar, there is no such thing as "Karma.'' Sinclair: Good luck to you. I like my picture. Ginger and Camille: Words cannot express w hat I have to say to you. So m any wonderful experiences are w aiting to be had! Time is for dragonflies and angels. The former live too little and th e la tte r live too long. -Ja m e s T hurber Jam ie: We have progressed in the same direction in the p ast few years. I hope it was the right direction. The secrets are for those who w ander from the trodden ways.-A.W ainwright Hughes: Ich Liebe Dich my barbarian friend. G reat spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -A lbert Einstein. Jon Scott: My beloved dance partner.You are not a fixture, b u t a valuable p a rt in my life. Neverland is the way I’d like real life to be; timeless, free, mischievous, filled with gaiety, tenderness, and m agic.-M ary M artin Fiona: I have always admired the way you

better your situation. Fran: I wish you luck in the world in which we are about to enter. Dana: You are a beautiful person, use th a t to your advantage. Ash and Josh: I thin k you guys should live the rest of your life together. Jock: You have a beautiful inner spirit. Protect it. Neil and Benj: We spent some of the worst times of our lives together, but we’ll end up rem embering them as the best. We are w hat we imagine. Our very existence consists of our im agination of ourselves. -N .Scott Momady To those underclassm en whom I’ve taken a liking to: don’t get kicked out (you know who you are.) If I forgot anyone, consider yourself lucky. To HPA: How many times can it be said th a t the operation succeeded, but the patient died of something else. Words do not express thoughts very well. They always become a little bit different immediately after they are expressed, a little distorted, a little foolish. And, yet, it also pleases me and seems right th a t w hat is of value and wisdom to one m an seems nonsense to another. -H erm an Heese To my classmates: We are uncaged now. Live life to its fullest.

C h risto p h er P a u l R obison 2 yrs. / Taft, C aliforn ia / Key Club / CSF / A m n esty / Track CLF: You are the one person th a t knows me best. You understand my mind. At least I think you do! Thank you for being there and putting up w ith me. I’ll always love you. Your S.M. MRK: Hey Hot Momma! Let’s go hide some beer. P on the floor. Yellow litte r barrel 3 tim es fast. Remember the Scooter invasion. F lat tetherballs. CAP. Tennis? French fries & tea. Are you or are you not pregnant? Volleyball nights. Cheese puddle pizza. Six-hour h air & nail job. CLEAN THE HOUSE! D-land. Bullet

in the microwave. Super M Bros. Pinball. He’s h u rt’in. A game of croquet? Thanks for the years. I love you. Big D.

JS: Hey there. Don’t let people upsej you anymore. It’s not worth it. You’vj been a good friend. PH: “Don’t you EVER!” Cough Juicej

SC: Thanks for being such a good friend. You’re the only person I know who had 3 nipples. Ha! NS: Oh my god, look a t her butt, it is so big. Don’t work me and I won’t work you. Thanks for being my friend. HH,SC,SM,CO,ML: You all are very good friends. And also very perverted. Thanks for all the laughs. .5 sec.

JA: I think your hardw are store wed out of business. Keep chewing Bazooka Joe. All 20 pieces. G&C: T hank you for giving me a home away from home. I love you. Mom: T hank you for always caring.!

Tyson R o tt K ona / 8 y e a rs / Sw im m ing I tom and Dad - If th ere is one thing I pat you have tau g h t me, it has been [ low much you will always love me, I pt for w hat I’ve done, b u t for who I I p . I th an k you Mom, for always I lushing me to do my very best, and I pu Dad, for always being so easy to lalk to . Thanks. I rin - You m ay get headaches when | pu drink soda out of a can, or from I stening to music too loud in my car, I pit they are nothing compared to the 1 eadaches you have given me, but I I pve you anyway. P. S. - If you hurry I low you m ight get some of the good I lasses. KIndy - We have been friends for so 1png th a t I don’t ever rem em ber not 1 nowing you. W hether we were 1pirfing Banyans or skiing Lake I rahoe, we always had fun, and I’m 1lure we’ll continue to have fun and I pmain close friends. I pari - This one is C anadian, this ones I Australian. Oooh, th a t last one didn’t

go down so good did it. E than - Someone has painted my door. Stranger, sings in my shower. Oops; wrong house. John -... And then something comes out. W hat? SPAM!!! Septem ber 26,1992, we were there, a weekend I’ll never forget. Josh - Every tim e I see the picture of us a t Honoli’i, I’m rem inded of the good tim es we used to have together, and how chunky we were. Kim - M ath is over, we can wake up now. Cybele - You know what? There is nothing I enjoy more in the world than swimming backstroke or bouncing on the diving board. Ashley - Is it me, or are we the only ones a t this pool with a tanline? Ellen - W hat bank did he hit, First Hawaiian? S tar and Sinclair - Remember when I tried to teach the two of you how to surf. W hether it was your screaming,

or the screaming of the surrounding tourists th a t made my ears bleed, I will never know, but w hat I do know, is th a t I have never laughed so hard in my life. To the rest of my family, the W hittemores, and the Carlsons - 1 thank you all for everything you have ever done for me. You have all been an im portant part of my life and I will never forget any of you. Oh yeah, Tom, sorry about the truck. “Tyson, I w ant to try your board, I won’t ding it.” -A sa “Tyson, where is my popsicle?” -E th a n P .“Although we have many friends throughout our lives, our dearest are the ones we had when we were growing up.” -Stephen K ing-

M ai S a ito Dad: I just appreciate you very much. You’ve given me a great opportunity to study in a foreign country and for my future. Your little girl finally made it and learned a lot of things at HPA; which was a great experience for me. We don’t have conversations that much, but you always understand me and believe in me. Thank you very much for everything. I love you always and a lot! Mommv: I don’t know where to begin. I have so many things to say, Mom. I finally made it. I wouldn’t have made it without all your love and support. 4 years.... it seems short, but it wasn’t actually. I appreciate all your help and respect you as a mom and as a woman. You’ve taught me lots of things and given me lots of loves. Words cannot explain how much I love you and appreciate everything th at you’ve done for me. Thank you very much for all your love and for believing in me all the time. I believe you are my best friend and the best mom for me in my whole life. “ It seems to me that my mother was the most splendid woman I ever knew... I have met a lot of people knocking around the world since, but I have never met a more thoroughly refined woman than my mother. If I have amounted to anything, it will be due to her.” Granpa and Granma: I just want to say thank you to you. I really appreciate both of you and love you very much. You’re great grandparents to me. Granpa, I love to see your smiling face which makes me feel so happy. Granma, you’re just the great grandma. -ARIGATOU- love you!

Haruko: Yeah! I made it finally!! If you didn’t give me an idea of studying abroad in Hawaii (HPA) at th at time, I would never have changed myself, to who I am now. Thank you for all your help. ILY. Uncles and Aunt: Thanks for always being nice to me, guys. I love ya! Miss Donahue: Thank you very much for everything! You were my great advisor. I’ll never forget th at you always help me and listened to me when I had a problem. You were the first person who understood me in a foreign country. I’ll miss you next year and please keep in touch. Yuri: I have so many things to say, Yuri. I had a great time with you at HPA and I know th at it will be the greatest memory in my life. Thanks for always being there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I wouldn’t enjoy my life at HPA without you. Remember, we talked about a guy a lot (we had a hard time with it, right!) and stayed up so late when you were living in Anna’s dorm and so many things... I’ll .never forget them Yuri. You’re my good friend and hope it will continue. Please don’t ever change your character. I like you just the way you are now. I’ll miss you next year. Please keep in touch. OK!! ILY! Mei-Ling: I’ll really miss your Donald Duck next year, cause I can’t hit him or hide him away from you... No, I’m ju st kidding! Motoko: Don’t stress and don’t study too much. Take it easy! Good luck in college. I’ll miss you and love ya! Lauren: Good roommate. I”m so glad that you’re my roommate this year. You’re totally nice to me.

I was just surprized about your mom! I think th® great!! Good luck on your senior year. Miss ya ana Love ya!! Alfredo Ho: Don’t do th at too much! Be healthy® Eric and Kevin brothers: Stay cool! Manuel: Be a gentleman! Mitsu: I feel like I’m your sister! Good luck on ■ your school life at HPA. Make many friends and« good memories, okay! Havato: Thanks for being nice to me this year! m Good luck on your senior year and football! You ® can make it!! Take care and stay cool. Yusuke: Bey-Bey, Good luck!! Wilson. Matt. John: I think you guys are great. had a fun time with you guys in art class! Take m care! Kimitaka: I can’t thank you enough for all that m you’ve given me. I’ve missed you so much, but 1 your phone calls and letters helped me through I® lot. I wouldn’t have made it, if you were not witl® me. We have spent wonderful times together andjj know there are more to come. We don’t know what will happen to us in the future. But I believe in yotf and love you always no m atter what happen. Thank you for lending a shoulder when I needed a j place to cry. Thank you for your sound advice when I didn’t know what to do . Thank you for all your® love th a t you’ve given me. I love you with all my ® heart and I can’t wait till we have I love you sol much!!!

M iyuki S a to II yea rs / Sapporo, J a p a n i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I | I I

I I I I I I I I |


ipa: You are the best Daddy in th e whole jrld!! T hank you for giving me a lot of iportunities and for being an understanding ther. I love you more th a n words can tell!! ama: T hank you so much for your endless ve and support. I would have never m ade it sthout you. Please stay like my “BIG STER!!” I love you from th e bottom of my ;art!! izuho: Let’s go to R usutsu and try “Free Fall” lain!! (Ju st kidding) You’re the best sister iyone could have. I love you more th a n you’ll erknow!! lisuke: Hey, boy, be ambitious!! You’re the ily boy in my family! Study hard and get a ick?! Nah. I expect much of you! Good luck id I love ya!! ja-Chan: I know I’m alw ays m aking trouble r you. I wish th a t th ere is some way to retu rn I of your love and support th a t you have given e. I love you so much!! ana: You are still one of my extremely lportant family!! You’re the sweetest. I’ll never rget you an d WE love you FOREVER!! aka-Chan: Hey greasy! (I’m ju s t kidding,) I’m ally glad to know you a t HPA. We had lots of azy tim es together, haven’t we?! I really love mr “GEI” (Monomane, Ohaguro etc.) Well let’s ive more fun in the future!! I love you!!! iiko-Chan: Don’t spill the milk on your desk

and bed!! Im sure your pimples will get b etter someday, h a ha ha. Anyway finally we made it! It’s tim e to get out of here, b u t don’t forget YOU are the mem ber of XXXXX’es too!! See you and I love ya!! Chie: Hey, let’s go to Karaoke, we got to have fun th is sum m er O.K.?! Well if you have any problem in college, ju s t call or w rite me. I’ll be th ere for you! I love ya!! Miwa-Chan & Sae-Chan: I missed you guys a lot this year. You guys are “Saiko no Aneki” of XXXXX’es!! I’ll see you in Summ er !! (Let’s go to IROHANIHOHETO again?!) I love ya!!! H eather: Hey,I got my braces off!!! No more Dr.Goya, isn’t it cool?! Well I hope th a t you had a g reat senior year with your m uscular boyfriend!! I love you & keep in touch!! Danny & Tomo-Chan: When is th e retu rn much? I’m going to beat you guys up next time O.K.?! Good luck & ILY!! Thanks & Good luck to: Mai-Chan, MotokoChan, Yuri-Chan, Mei-Ling, Kevin, Joyce, Sheila, Angela, Suki, Hayato, Yusuke, Moto & a lot of others... To all my friends in Japan: Hazuki,Tomo-Chan, Yukko, N ishida Koga, Mayumi, Manabu, July, Takashi, Sagara, K atakura & Minato etc, Hey you guys, let’s have another party!!! Tani-Sensei- You are the best teacher I ever had. You made me w hat I am today. Thank you

& take care. Special Thanks To: Ms. Donahue: T hank you for helping me for four years of my H.P.A. life. I'll make "Gyoza" for you!! Mr. Solmssen: You've been an awesome English teacher!! T hank you so much and take care. Mr. Michel: T hank you for being my weird (?) advisor. I really enjoyed m any things with you!! Thank you very much! Thanks To: Ms. Kamrow, Mrs. Yarawamai, Mr. Durnan, Mr. Otto, Mr. Wilder, Mr. Hughes, Mr. & Mrs. Rizzuto, Mrs. Conley, and Mrs. Young. To the Class o f'93: Good luck and take care.

Yuka S a to Tokyo, J a p an / 4 yea rs / V arsity T en n is 4 yrs. / D orm P refect Mama and Papa: Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me. You gave me a special opportunity to study in a foreign country and to have great experiences that I would not find in Tokyo. HPA is such a wonderful place!! Thank you again and I love you both forever. Miwa: Miwa chan, I finally made it. Thank you very much for your support and always being there for me. I don’t think I would make it without your support. You’re my best sister and also my best friend!! I love you forever. Miyuki: You are craaazy! How can you understand history? Thank you very much for teaching me history. You are my wonderful teacher and best friend. P.S. Crazing around Shinjuku, that was fun! I’ll go to Sapporo sometime. ILY. Reiko: Thank you so much for sharing with me such awesome songs. I really enjoyed talking about “Geinougin” with you. Come to Tokyo sometime and let’s go shopping together. I had a great time watching stars; that was killer. I love “ya”. Saeko: I’ll never forget about the party that we had in your house. That was the greatest time we had spent in this school. Remember my "Ohaguro?" That was fun! Thank you very much! ILY. Miwa, Miyuki, Reiko and Saeko: We are the best five XXX. We always stayed up so late, ya? That was fun. I’ll never forget those wonderful times. Keep in touch! Heather D.: You were my best roommate ever! Thanks for calling me and for the letters. I’ll come and visit you sometime. Good luck in the future. ILY. Celeste and Simone: Thanks for all the great

memories. Come and visit us sometime. I love you both. Heidi and Miranda: Thanks for the great time. You guys are really sweet people. I really enjoyed prefecting together. Decorating the hall was fun. Good luck in the future. Kevin: Lets get a 100%. Not! Math was hard. Thanks for picking us up in Honolulu. I really appreciated it. Good luck in college. Tomo chan and Danny: Let’s play a set. We’ll get a TCBY! Tennis Team: Lasi, Meg, Kim, Susie, Yuri, Dana, and Sara, I really had fun playing tennis with you guys! Thank you so much! Eric: How’s your attitude? Thank you for teaching us a lot of things. You’re the best coach. Mrs. Kamrow: You were my great teacher, adviser and our hall’s mother. Thank you very much for everything. Ms. Donahue: Thank you very much for helping me with my history very late in the night. It helped me a lot! Good luck nest year in ESL class. Mr. Solmssen: Thank you very much for teaching us a lot of things. I will never forget the time that I spent in your class and at your house. P.S. I love your jeans, shirt, and shoes. Those are cool!! Mrs. Y.: Ceramics was a really fun class. I learned a lot of things from this class. Thank you for everything. Don’t forget the word "Gokiburi." Mr. Campbell: Me divierto en la clase de espanol. Gracias por todos Sefior Campbell. Special thanks to the faculty members: Mr. Hughes,

Mr. Hall., Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuto, Mr. Provencal, Mr. Durnan, Mrs. Piltz, Ms. Michel, and Ms. Whittlesey® Special thanks to all the prefect bodies, especially m Heidi, Miranda, Sheila, Su, Daisy, Karen, Kim, ChiejB and Kaylona. Thanks for the great time, and good luck to you guys» Mary, Janna, Natasha, Sylvia, Mika, Tara, Malia, 9 Sonrisa, Heather, Minda, Liz, Mayumi, Joyce, Alfred® Mai, Eric, T.Charlie, Yusuke, Hayato, Motoko, Yoshiji Mei-Ling, Anna, Cally, Kiki, Kuilan, Mamiko... Sara and Kalei: Thank you so much for killing me a huge cockroach. You guys can be hunters. Rebekah: I had fun studying espanol with ya! Good!® luck next year and have fun in soccer. Francine: You are such a killer person. Thanks for ® teaching me math! Mugi: It’s been great knowing you for 15 years. Thanks for writing me tons of letters. Good luck in *9 college! ILY. Miyao: Great knowing you for 10 years. We are s u c m great players. Maybe we will take a videro forever? -'d Thanks for all the great memories. Good luck in everything!! To the class of 1993: Good luck and take care, I love® you all!


know me, I will tell you the secret why I am the way I am. I have a passion, lust, and longing for a many things. One of the things th a t is a t the top of the list of life. I would try to enjoy life every single moment of every day. If a bad moment comes I will enjoy it in the sense th a t I will grow from th a t moment. B ut most im portantly I w ant to give something to w hat is around me. Sharing my life and being able to sponge the experiences of beauty to w hat I give is living life to its fullest. This includes love hate and risks. The love I give will create an am ount of h ate to strengthen the love created. To do this it would include a high risk. W ithout risk I wouldn’t be able to do anything such as love and hate. So near confusion, risk is the essence th at I state my will of n ature upon. Good or bad, it m eans everything to me. Summed up in short,” A m an who never made a m istake never tried anything new.” “Moving forward using all my breath. M aking love to you was never second best. I made a pilgrimage to save this hum an race. Never comprehending the race had long gone. I’ll stop the world and melt with you. I’ve seen the difference and it’s getting b etter all the time. There’s nothing you and I won’t do. I’ll stop the world and melt with you.”

“...I’ve seen the world on a rocking horse a t times. I’ve seen the world in the rain. Ohhhh. All my friends, can you see me now? I’ll see myself get through somehow. I’ll ride the wave where it takes me!!!!!!! Neil: Did you really think I’d leave you out? Ju s t rem ember one thing, you were there!

J on S c o tt »C harlotte C annan. future Mrs. Scottithout you I would have never made it the last ro years. If I see you again it would be too te. No m atter w here you are or where I am, u ’re in my h e a rt forever. ice Stone- To you... Take care little sister, I /e you. iana Onet.?- So you talk to me like a brother? eest is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iris Pods- You were the rittie st shoommate I er had, and not the best friend in th e world, id as I w rite this we will probably never go ca dancing! Dude, I had an alright time.

S tar. Cassie. and all of vou- Where were you last year to party with? Tvson R ott- All I have to say is “Even Flow!!!!” Mr. Bleckel- “It’s either go now or be left behind like the re st of the sheep.” Susie C.- ’’M argaret on the Guillotine.” Stoner. Mikev. and the rest of the Lahaina Grim Crew- We push the limits. To everyone else I forgot- Good times and bad tim es ramble on. I came and left. To those of you th a t didn’t know me, or even worse, to those of you th a t did

Mom and Dad: I know th a t addressing you a t the sam e tim e is strange, b u t you have both contributed so much to my life th a t I don’t know how to separate it. I think you’ve done a good job raising me (even if I do say so myself), and if not, its to late now! Thanks for everything, I love you both. Tom and Linda: You both were brave enough to commit yourselves to this big family - I’m glad you did. Thanks for all the long talks and advice, I’m lucky to have such great step-parents. Cooper, M att, and Dylan: I don’t know w hat I’d do w ithout all my brothers. Roland: J u s t because I’m going to college doesn’t m ean you’ll never see m e again. Joe(Tally): You’ll always be my peachy teddy bear. Leilani: My only sister, we are finally startin g to be able to tolerate each other, and I’m leaving. You’ll be old soon enough, slow down, you’ll never get another chance to be 14. Class of 1993: All I have to say would fill more th a n this page and m eans so much more in person. Don’t let anyone stan d in front of your dreams. "You know the day destroys th e night, The night divides the day You try to run, try to hide B reak on through to the other side." -The Doors Vanessa: There will be m any other friends, b u t none quite like you. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Kiva: I don’t know the words to express my feelings for you, maybe I should learn a new language. Terra, Faye, Sum ara, Camille and all my other non-HPA friends: T hanks for giving me a break from th e HPA scene. Cross-Country: You guys are so awesome! I wish th a t I could have spent more tim e w ith you this year, b u t I had fun while it lasted. "Leaves are falling all around Time I was on my way T hanks to you I’m much obliged Such a pleasant stay B ut now it’s tim e for my to go The autum n moon lights my way Now I smell the rain and w ith it th e pain And it’s heading my way Oh, sometimes I grow so tired B ut now I’ve one thing to do Ramble on Now’s the time, the tim e is now To sing my song I’m going around the world I’m on my way..." -Led Zeppelin

R a c h e l P u a la n i S h a ck elfo rd 4yrs / X-Country (Captain) / Track / Lifeguard / Beaching

thanks. To all my friends and every one I met here a t H.P.A.- Thanks for making highschool the experience th a t it was. Good luck in the future. Mr. Bleckel- The 70’s guy. Thanks for all your help in m ath. Pearl Jam was an experience. "I was there." Mr. Hughes and th e Solar Car teamEurope Huh! Good luck with the solar car. Thanks for putting up with so much. Cassie- Remember the Tandem, by the way who drove. I’m glad we were able to get through the trip. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Bunji-I only have two words to say "17 francs." T hanks for the times. Alex- I’ve never seen anyone sleep longer th a n you. T h at case of Coke; you’ll never see it. To all th e faculty, adm inistration, and staff- Thanks for all your help I owe you all alot. Especially Mrs. Piltz, Nolan and Mike, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Colson, and Mr. Bleckel - Mahalo for all your support and encouragement. T hanks for everything. To Y arawam ai’s- You have been like a second family to me these past four years. Thanks for being there Mrs. Y, Max, Ana, and Mikela. I’ll miss you.

N e il A n d re w S to rk randm a and Pa- T hanks for giving me this lance to go aw ay for high-school. I love you pth very much. tom- T hanks for being so supportive of me I jiroughout these years. T hanks for letting me | p away to school. I love you mom. red, Jo, and Teresa- We had alot of fun. I’m ad j got to know ya. I hope we will have the lance to go to more concerts, my-1 don’t rem em ber a tim e when we’ve been peer. T hanks for being a sister and a friend. Ihris N.- W hat a guy. thanks for everything

including the “Bausch and Lomb.” Good luck in college. The Hall dorm prefects-1 got to know you the best th is year. Thanks for being there to help me whenever I needed it. I’ll miss you guys. To P eter and Ray- Thanks for those hangm an nights I will charish so greatly, no really I will. Good luck. John S.- Thanks teaching me about myself. You are a sloth. By the way, “dude I lost my shoe.” W atch out for the suitcase. Chris J.- Your such an okole. Good luck and

M ia S o lm sse n W aim ea / H P A 1 3 y e a r s / V o lle y b a ll / T en n is / S o n g le a d e r Mom and Dad - T hank you for being teachers, advisors, friends, and for being honest and caring, and most for all for doing it all with love and commitment. I love you. Rob and Punge - You guys will always be my best friends. Thanks for being th e best brothers in the whole world. Grandmommy, Ampa, Omi, Grandpop - T hank you for all your love and support. You have provided us with so many wonderful memories th a t will be with us the rest of our lives. I love you all. To all the Aunties, Uncles, and cousins - Thank you for all the love and memories. Meg, Steve, Lisa, Philip and all the little menehunesThanks for always making us feel welcome in your homes and hearts. You guys are the best! To the thirteen years gang- Sinclair, Star, Fiona, Paul, Thane, Kam, Jason, Ginger and Rob- You guys are true friends. Never forget all the memories and keep in touch! Dana, Mary, Fran, M att V. Hubbard, Jes, Jock, Daniela, Kumi and Nins- you guys always make school go by a little faster. Thanks for all the good times. You are all great friends. Good luck to: Jazbo, Lindsey, Kim G., Megan S., Morgan, Michiko, Michi, Alexa, Krissi, Kelly B.,

Stacy, David, Eric M., Eric B., Jade and Sarah- Pll miss you guys! Special thanks to: Auntie Leslie, Uncle Chris, Auntie Pam, Uncle Bobby, Niki and Gordon, the Jardines and the Hewetts. Angie and Pono- Mahalo for all the wonderful weekends a t WeliWeli and Kohala. Brilhantes- thanks for always welcoming us into your home, you always make us feel like a p art of your family. Coach Bill- T hank you for everything you’ve done for me. Your commitment, generosity, and love for volleyball shows in everything you do. Aloha and Mahalo. Coach Lala and Coach Kalima - Mahalo for all your support and encouragement. O.V.B.T. - E mau ana ka h a’aheo, ka ha’aheo o ka nohona ke ola kamaehu o ka lahui, o ka lahui Hawai’i e mau ana ka ha’aheo, ka h a’aheo o ka nohona ka lahui ponoii o na kai, o na kai ewalu-Imua and Ikaika T hank you to: Mr. Durnan, Mr. Wilder, Mr. Bleckel, Ms. Nickola, Ms. Michel, Mrs. Sakimura and Oscar Mrs. Tooman- I t’s true- all I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten. Thanks for everything.

Venturas, The Dawsons, The Clarkes, Oscar Ahuna, Ms. Michel, Mrs. Andrews, Auntie Jane, Mrs. Sakimura, Mr. Anderson, Pat, John, Nick. The Thirteen Year Gang - Paul, Thane, Jason, Kam, Sinclair, Fiona, Mia, Ginger, and Star. WE MADE IT! Chris - “We go Kuas Bay”, B.V.B.’s, & JaHill. Thanks for all de good fun. Scott - The Breakfast Club, The Three Amigos, B.V.B.’s, Matilda, JaH ill . . . Road Construction. Eric & Tvler - Trix arena, Puako, Three Amigos . . . Joust! weekends won’t be the same without you guys! M att V. - Matsuyamas, the Harbor, F, Brown’s, Queens Pond, Shipwrecks - “I say you jump-um.” Polulu - liberation Sling Shot - “He Ju st turned around!” Thanks for all the UB40 moments. Hubbard - Jah, Bodyboarding god. Thanx for all da good slingshot expeditions. Chris E - Hilo cowboy - “we go tune-um on Gerrits lanai.” Wilson & Lance - Da original gangstas. “Keep your 9 under your pillow” M att D. - “Molokai mo bettah” - Freshman bench posse. Thane - “This weekend - we go camp!” Da Halloween posse. Noah - Sorry . . . I m eant Jimi. “Dude, let’s liberate. Polulu - E.B., M.V. “it was a dolphin.” Ash & Josh - Da Pinetrees posse. You guys are the whitest mokes I have ever seen! VB- “didn’t he graduate last year?” Good Luck to - E.P. C.S. A.C. J. M. D.M. M.S. P.D. M.H. J.W. A.S. E.M. D.K. J.H. S.C. N.R. J.S. D.N. M.S. N.Q. M.D.

R o b i S o lm sse n K a m u e la , H i 1 3 y r s /V o lle y b a ll/S o c c e r /S u r fin g om & Dad: Thanks for all your support and I icouragement, I couldn’t have done it w ithout I pu. I love you!

Mia - You are the best sister anyone could ever have. Thanks for keeping me out of trouble, and always sticking up for me.

Irandmommv & A m pa/ Omi & Grandpa: Thank pu for all the things you have given me, I am pry lucky.

Max - You may not be the cleanest brother in the world, but at least you’re consistent. Thanks for putting up with me.

leg. Lisa. Jen. & Hans- Even though we haven’t lad a chance to spend very much time together it b ins as if you guys are my “real braddah and Istah’s.

Special Thanks to - The Bollingers, The

To my family, especially my brother Kelvin- T hanks for all the moral and financial support. Chris Mori- T hanks for all the moral support, help, and friendship you have given me. I really appreciated the tons of advice you gave me on my unaccomplished quest. Kevin Chan- Cha Cha, don’t ever forget our 2am saim in parties. Thanks for all th e haircuts and washing powder. Haiyoto- Hey! W hat’s up! Thanks for all the Japanese lessons. Joyce- Thanks for listening to me and solving all my problems. See you and Ken in Osaka. The Ottos- T hanks for all th e love and care you have provided me with. Dylan- Oo! Oo! Ga! Ga! You still don’t understand me M anuel- It was g reat being a prefect w ith you. Reiko- You’re the cutest girl I have ever known. Love your beautiful eyes. Mei Ling- I’ll always rem em ber you as my sister in HPA. H iyuri!-1 think your tennis balls are attracted to me. Suvit,Kaisit,Tanva- You guys were g reat and I’m not the shower m aster. Oops I dropped the soap. Yumi,Emi,Mamiko- It has been great knowing you guys. See you in Japan. W ebster’s N inth New Collegiate Dict.You tau g h t me the m eaning of life. Sharp WF-ASO X-Bass- You receive KLUA FM clear and sharp. Bridgestone RB3 synergy- I’ll never forget our Tour De HPA. Ibanez v282cl- You still don’t sound like Eric Clapton. Casio Q uartz Alarm TQ80(made in Japan)- Okay! I l l get up. You don’t have to scream. How can anything prove my existence in HPA other than being on this page and m y name on the drawer in room 357, H artw ell’s. When you browse through this book, please try and remember all those people who were here cause nothing is worse than being forgotten. Leon Tong Nil Sine Lahore

K a ren Tsui H ong K ong/ 2 y ea rs/ D orm P refect/ T enn is m and Dad: T hanks for all your support, lance and love you have given through th e years. T hanks to give me the lortunity to study in HPA. I’ll rem em ber to my best every time. I love you. I sister, Winnie: Don’t you m iss me? I don t n k so, you don’t even w ant I to come back in vacations! Uncool! |hough we fight a lot w ith each er, it won’t h u rt our relationship. Anyway, nks for being my sister. Work hard, study d. I know you can do it. Be patient! Good k


L . Kamrow: T hanks for being my advisor for |i years. T hank you for putting effort to unge my door lock! I enjoyed living in your II la s t y ear because you are a g reat cook. I ie your food. [ Donahue: Am I a good prefect this year? I loy to be in your hall, especially your g reat Iserts. Remember to teach me sometime! lin k s for driving me to church every Sunday, fenk you very much! 1 W hittlessey: I have a lot of fun in your la n e s e class. Keep learning Japanese, or

maybe see you sometime in Japan. Ms. Michel: I had a great time to hike w ith you! I have seen a lot of nice places around the school. Thanks, Daisy: We know each other in here, is th a t cool? T hanks for being a nice friend to me and I really enjoy to talk to you. b u t tim e flies, th is is our la st year to get together. I hope we can see each other sometime in Hong Kong or Mahfiu. Friendship forever! Yuri: I know you are my great friend because you always tell me your secret. I enjoy to talk to you! Thanks for leaching me tennis and Japanese! I hope I can go to Ja p a n someday and visit you. Remember to gain weight and be healthy. Nora and Wendy: We have been friends for alm ost 7 years. Now three of us are studying in three different places. B ut we can still keep in touch. How wonderful is that! Maybe we have to w ait about a few years to m eet each other again. Grace, Stella, Terry, Virginia, Cindy: Thanks

for being So nice to me, you guys are so great! Good luck in the future to all of you! Annie: I know you since in Middle School. You are not only my private tu to r a t the beginning, you are my great friend. Thanks for your support and adviees throughout the year. Have a warm family life! Chester, be a good boy and stay cool! Carol: Thanks to let me stay in your house in vacations. Thanks a lot! Motoko: You are such a funny girl! Keep it! Joyce: You are so nice to me. Remember don’t leave me when you are mad. Keep your happy smile. I hope you have fun this year and your coming senior year. Reiko: I’m so glad to be your friend. WE have a great talk when we had hiking last year, right? Keep in touch.

Mom Dad and Family- Thank you for all your support and help, I love you! Jeff H.- Well 8 yrs now and we’re still best friends. Your welcome for all the food and thanks for always keeping me up at night. Whose idea was wretling camp anyway. 9 times, 111never forget all the good times. Kauai boys forever. Laters! John M.- Or should I say Laibob. Our last 4 yrs have been killer but I still dont know why you went to hall dorm sophmore year. Take care in Majuro and say hi to Milne for me. C-Ya! Wilson- Boo ya! You are the man, I remember you, Are you a R.R. Lets just look at the moon. Thanks for letting me drive your porsche on Oahu. See you in the real world. Laters! Lance- Eh Lance, What slaps! High five action, too bad we never completed our fist. Maybe this summer I’ll come Oahu and meet Debbie. Take it Easy! Robi- What up! You gotta come back Kauai so we can go surf and cruise Hopee falls and Queens pond. Thanks for all the good times (Francis Brown, Harbor, Matsuyamas, Movies, Pololu and who can forget Opelu Plaza.) Take it easy! Blake and Pycha- North shore boys. We’ve had our share of good times. Lets keep up the tradition. Kauai rules! Take care! Chris D.- Portugee power forever! You dont have to eaxplain why you did it. Spring Break was awesome last year, except right outside that fence. Laters! Thane- It was nice having you on the team. Kick butt in XCountry and perhaps we’ll see you in the room. Take it easy! Chris E.- Thanks for all the juice, spam, biscuits etc.... Sorry about the arm. Take care! Jessica, Fran and Dana- Thanks for always talking to me and making me laugh hysterically. You guys are just too funny. Laters! Hughes- Thanks for all the help with everything. I’ll try to return the favors. Quantatative Analasys, the hardest class you could dream of. Thanks Again, Laters! Mr. and Mrs Solmssen. Thank you so much for treating me like part of your family. If you ever need a favor I’m always available. Robi will always have a place on Kauai. Take care!

M a tt V entura K auai 4yrs./ W restling/ Su rfin g To any one I may have missed, I’ll make it up to you somehow. C-ya “Where I’m going or where I’ve been, I don’t mind at all!” Bob Geldof

Be. See. Do. Elevate. Feel. Go. Hope. Illuminate. Jest Create. Love. Make. Need. Oscillate. Prevail. Quake.,.. Revelate. Seek. Taste. Unleash. Voice. Wonder. Xcape. Yurn. Zeel.

FLEUR D E VIE W EINSTOCK leople o f H P A thank you so m uch / the most not be said/(see also page in boosters!) ipoems to come are for you and for me and are for mostpeople -it’s no use try in g to p re ten d th a t stpeople and ourselves are alike. Mostpeople e less in common w ith ourselves th an the arerootofm inusone. You an d I are hum an lgs; mostpeople are snobs. Take the m a tte r of being born. W hat s being bom m ean to mostpeople? C atastrophe nitigated. Social revolution. The cultured stocrat yanked out of his hyperexclusively ■avoluptous superpalazzo, and dumped into an "edibly vulgar detention camp sw arm ing with ry conceivable species of undesirable organism, stpeople fancy a g u a ra n te e d b irth p ro o f e ty s u it of n o n d e stru c tib le se lfle ssn e ss. If Btpeople were to be bom twice they’d improbably it dyingyou and I are not snobs. We can never be b enough. We are hum an beings; for whom phis a supremely welcome mystery, the mystery trowing : the m ystery which happens only and enever we are faithful to ourselves, you and I kr th e dangerous looseness of doom and find it oming. Life, for eternal us, is now; and now is ch too busy being a little more th a t everything teem anything,catastrophic included. Life, for mostpeople, simply isn’t. Take

the socalled standardofliving. W hat do mostpeople m ean by “Living”? They don’t m ean living. They m ean th e la test and closest approximation to singular pren atal passivity which science, in its finite b u t unbounded wisdom, has succeeded in sellingtheir wives. If science could fail, am ountain’s a mam mal. Mostpeople’s wives can spot a genuine delusion of embryonic omnipotence immediately and will accept no substitutes -luckily for us,a m ountain is a mammal. The plusorminus movie to end moving, the strictly scientific parlourgam e of real un reality , th e tyranny conceived in misconception and dedicated to the proposition th a t every m an is a woman and any woman a king,hasn’t a wheel to stand on. W hat th e ir m ost sy n th e tic no t to m ention t r a n s p a r e n t m a je s ty ,m rs a n d m r co llectiv e foetus,would improbably call a ghost is walking. He isn’t an undream of anaesthetized impersons, or a cosmic comfortstation,or a transcendentally sterilizedlookiesoundiefeelietastiesmellie. He is a healthily complex, anaturally homogeneous,citizen of im mortality. The now of his each pitying free im p e rfe c t g e s tu re , h is a n y b ir th or b r e a th in g ,in s u lts p e rfe c te d in fra m o rta lly milleniums of slavishness. He is a little more than everything,he is democracy;he is alive: he is ourselves.

M iracles a re to come. W ith you I leave a remembrance of miracles:they are by somebody who can love and who shall be continually reborn,a hum an being;somebody who said to those near him when his fingers would not hold a brush “tie it into my hand”N othing proving or side or partial. Nothing false,nothing difficult or easy or small or collosal. nothing ordinary or extraordinary .nothing emptied or filled, real or unreal;nothing feeble and known or clumsy and guessed. Everywhere tints childrening, innocent spontaneous, true. Nowhere possibly w hat flesh and impossibly such a garden, but actually flowers which breasts are among the very mouths of light. Nothing believed or doubted; brain over heart, surface; nowhere hating or to fear; shadow, m ind w ithout soul. Only how m easureless cool flames of making; only each other building always distinct selves of mutual entirely opening; only alive, never the murdered finalties of w herew hen and yesno, im potent nongamesof wrongright and rightwrong;never to g ain or p a u se,n e v e r th e soft a d v e n tu re of undoom,greedy anguishes and cringing ecstacies of inexistence;never to rest and never to have: only to grow. Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question


Mon & Pono- A friend is a person who knows everything about you, but loves you anyway. Thanks for being my two best friends. Dad & Whit- T hank you for this HPA opportunity and the fun visits to Maui. Sabrina-1 love your laughter, and I love th e way you m ake me laugh. Thanks for putting up w ith me. I’ve missed you. Michael, Mary, Rob- Growing older will be a wonderful adventure- I’ll keep in touch. Kam- O ur character is w hat we do when we think no one is watching. Laura- W hat if there were no mirrors? You will be a success- good luck! It isn’t so astonishing th e num ber of things I rem ember, as th e num bers of things I can rem em ber th a t aren ’t so. MT Starry, starry night- Hey bootie-ful, look! It’s fat free- you know w hat th a t means! W hat’s the funniest thin g you’ve ever seen? I lud-jew!! Ginger- No, not a slug- a snail w ithout a shell! I’ve missed you. Cybele, m a belle- Tell me now, how do you get lost in the infirm ary? GL Cassie- you define Happy-go-lucky. Take care. Thane- T hanks for everything these past 17 years. -Tell me w hat kind of m an I would be? Sundara- Get away to T urtle Bay! To the kindergardeners who still rem ainWe m ade it! Best to all. Fiona- Lots of memories, we know eachother too well.- Who’s Jack Daniels? Robi & Mia- You are the best (only) Twins I know- I’ll miss you a lot. Jess-jess- T hanks for being my bestest swimming buddy! Chris E- You are right- it is a conspiracy. Take care. Mike S & Camille-1 miss you guys. Paul- Hey Beautiful! Dana- Coconut tree woman- tak e care. H i M att V entura Jock- Your party’s on ice, mine’s on the rocks! M att D- Lean on me... I’ll be your friend. Take care. Josh- Thanks, and can I do your curls? I’ll miss you. Noah- Well I never!! I’ll miss you. Daniela- W atch out for wet corners! Lance, M att P, Jeff, Wilson, Jason Ya., Tyson- You guys are great- take care. Scott, M athias, Chris m- I’ll miss you guys lots. D ustin- My killer T aurus Buddy. I’ll always be taller. Cal- Hangman? Ash- It’s been a long 14 years. Take care of yourself. Fran, Jan a, C harlotte, Fleur- Take care of yourselves! Ms. Michel- Thanks for listening and being such a great friend, keep in touch. Asa(Irie Man), Schuyler th e styler, Eric, Andy, Karl, Eli, Danny, Andy, T, Gabe, Ethan(G arth), Jason T- Good luck!! Ha, ha. Jaisy Daze, Brynly, Joanna, Mary, Alexa, Jade, Theana, Laura, Tiffany, Royce, Cindy, Devon-

S in c la ir C h a n d ler W hite 13 years Good luck. Anyone I forgot, sorry. “9 3 -1 th in k the past, th e p ast is behind us, be real confusing if not, b u t anyway. I p u t all my hope in tomorrow, it’s gonna be g reat I can tell, b u t anyway. -Blues Traveler-

Yes th ere are two path s you can go by, but ins th e long ru n th ere’s still tim e to change th e * you’re on. Led Zeppelin

J a so n Y am ash iro 13 yea rs lm an d D ad - T hank you for your support sacrafices. I’m startin g to realize th a t I 1’t have all th e answ ers, or know everything, im i- You were right. It seems like ju s t | terday we were arguing and fighting, n k s for all your tips on life etc. cial T hanks to - The Dawson, Agorastas, i I Maciejewski families. th e H ui O U le N ui- I d o n ’t k n ow w h ere |b road is g o in g to lead , all I k n ow is ere w e ’v e b een an d w h a t w e ’v e b een ough. i l k- T hanks for helping m e graduate. We Ifcw who has the car. I will rem em ber your ijties, Japanese class, and cruising Hilo and J ia . By the way your not fag, b u t ju s t a best nd. 1- We’ve been the best friends for 14 years. ""I I’ve got to say is dyslexia, halatosis. Babs is Ing to get it, kid sensation, eight grade scrap, B e h press contest, im m igrants rule! I c h - You’ve always been there to listen to my tjffiems and thoughts. TurboFest, Ju n io r Golf sions, bascketball for Girls, deep thoughts, ghts?, and excessive betting. T hanks for the a t memories. stin - So who is the greatest crosss trainer? te w , and it is not you. From, Itball, one on one, R.B.I, Econ, to th e sports A llen g e, you’ve kept my competitive juices


flowing. T hanks for bringing th e best out of me. Cal- Nice car. You definetly had the most potential a t th e village. You are the tru est friend. P arty a t Cal's, sorry about the window. S co tt- W hite Lighting, g reat hip movement, “I’ll soak you right now!” Don’t worry, I would’ve covered your back. We could’ve taken those guys. L a n c e - This school is racial! Nesic going to get it, Bench Posse!, Kriss Kross #1, you’ve been my brother and together we conquered this apartheid school. C hris M.- From Ayso to Pony you were always there. “ Coach, Coach my leg!” Superbowl Sundays. Thanks T h an e- You’ve learned a lot young grasshopper. Hope I can finance your micronesian project. Good Luck! K ris- Go shackels!, Go shackels! Go! Good times w ith Stoney and friends, Go easy on the chicks, GQ. Ash- The fastest w hite m an alive. You’ve even got rythm , w hat a rare mixture. J o sh - AP Comp and Bench Posse need I say more? R obi- Ghetto Ball; “W atch out for the car.” Y eti- rem ember you’re a honorary member. J e ss ic a - Help Stewardess! T hanks for saving

me from the Nelson and Stoker show. F ran - Go Fran! Go Fran! Get Busy! Teach me. You’ve enlightened my life for 6 years. Good L uck To- CE, MV, MD, WL, KM, RH, KVH, JY, DA, BF, AC, FB, MS, DC, SL, SW, HH, JL, FD, JM , JH , RA To th o se w h o h ave tau gh t m e w ell Mr. P erry- Can’t believe we won the tournam ent Mr. B leck el- You’re the greatest driver, and coolest teacher. Mr. B rvson- Thanks for giving me chance. Ms. W hittlesey-1 didn’t steal your test nor did Mike. S n ecial T hanks to - Susie Berning. Susie you have helped me out so much. I have learned so much in the time given. Thank you for your time and generosity. The only way I can repay you is to teach, w hat you have tau g h t me, to others.


J a so n C h a rles K e ith Yeung Calgary, Canada/ 3 yrs/ F ootb all/ W restling/ G olf

Karri von H o lt W aim ea-K ohala/13 years/X-C/Track/W restling/Hui O U le N ui ad, A ngie, Y am a-T hanks for everything, u’ve been a big help. ) all m y G randparents- T hanks for all your ring and help. ryson C lan-1 owe you so much, th an k s for ing my second family. !ele(a.k.a. “smelly mele”)- Take care wild iman, try not to beat the boys up to often, h at's for lunch? aura-Land on the balls of your feet, lip-sync, id w ear a paper bag over your head and you’ll i ju s t fine. J u s t kidding. You've got more (termination th a n anyone I know. Use it. e an s’o-Did you h ear the one about the dumb onde who. ..I bought you one of those iverboards, it was really expensive. I heard a t a t college they have a zero gravity room. I u la What?! B urp in a Frenchm an’s face? h ere exactly was the scrambler? Remember ie tim e Scott was poking you under the ble?Good times. hane-Good tim es cave diving. Nintendofest I. Weli Weli bandaids. Your the Longest stance ru n n er I know. W atch w here you put iat thing. You could poke someone's eye out. latt- Causing trouble a t A nna’s Pond, ighttim e resevoir running. H yatt Gatorade id cliff diving. Grounded for life? T hanks for iving my butt. Yeti lives.

R obbie- Firecrakers a t Anna’s, Beer bottle grenades, and explosives. It was fun. BYU or Bust. Good Luck.You should see a specialist about your lead foot. D an a-1 don’t thin k he’ll let you borrow his little stick. Maybe his big one. B lalah -1 h ate to inform you that...Secretary Road Kill? P aul- P u t away the guns. Division I strength and speed. Scott- 4.5? If only your GPA were th a t high. H yatt geese, slides, and cliffs. Good Times. D ustin- Frein. Never forget it. Cal- Dive bombing in your pool, and the H yatt, Good Times. Thanks for all the tim es I crashed at your house. T he Hui- It’s been a long and hard year. H ang loose. Balls w eren't made to go in. T. + Leif- Instigators. N aughty by nature. Todd beat you? Gatorlode is the best. Mad D og-1 could’ve won state my freshm an year. B ut I didn't try. E gg B oy’s- Give me a call when your not grounded. Age does not dim inish the extreme disappointment o f having a scoop o f ice cream fall from the cone. -Jim Fiebig Children are likely to live up to w hat you believe o f them. -Lady Bird Johnson A ny fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most do. -Dale Carnegie Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen. -John Steinbeck Winners never quit and quitters never win. -Unknown Do you ever have that not-so-fresh feeling?

Above the Rest... Mamiko Abe Honolulu, HI Damian Arafiles Kamuela, HI Jon Atkinson Kihei, HI Sage Bannick Winthrop, WA Alexandra Bates Kamuela, HI Jamuna Berliner-Caverly Kealakekua, HI Ari Bernstein Kamuela, HI Maya Berthoud Kamuela, HI Eric Bollinger Kamuela, HI Clayton Bramel Kamuela, HI Kristen Brillhante Kamuela, HI Deanna Brinch Bangkok, Thailand Brynly Brown Kamuela, HI Kelly Buscher Kamuela, HI Andy Carlson Kailua-Kona, HI Asa Cascavilla Kealakekua, HI Chun Yin Chan Sai Kung, Hong Kong Sandra Chan Kailua-Kona, HI Lisa Connor Kaneohe, HI Kea Cook Kamuela, HI


I Mark Cooperson Kailua-Kona, HI y Michiko Dick Kamuela, HI Chris Dods Honolulu, HI m Jed Ednie Kamuela, HI Jeff Ellis Lihue, HI Lindsay Faye Kekaha, HI Brent Foster Kailua-Kona, HI Kim Giffin Kamuela, HI

Diana Goetz Arlington, TX Kris Gordon Hampton, NY Phillip Hadviger Kamuela, HI Kris Haga Sumatra, Indonesia Lucas Hamberg Poipu, HI Michelle Hanano Kamuela, HI Jennifer Henderson Kamuela, HI Amy Hicks Honolulu, HI Maile Hiyane Pohnpei, Cl Alfredo Ho Macao, Hong Kong Anthony Ho Hong Kong Joyce Ho Taipei, Taiwan Ming Ho Taipei, Taiwan Jason Holtz Kailua-Kona, HI Lauren Hopper Honolulu, Hi Daniel Hughes Kamuela, HI Karl Hynes Kailua-Kona, HI Jaisy Jardine Kamuela, HI Elisabeth Johnsson Sverige, Sweden Stacy Kadota Kapaau, HI

T.J. Kalaniopio Kamuela, HI Robert Kawasaki Kamuela, HI Vaihiria Kelley Moorea, French Polynesia J.P. Kloninger Volcano, HI David Knowles Kamuela, HI Yumi Kojima Hyogo-ken, Japan Rebekah Kramer Waikoloa, HI Malia Laber Kamuela, HI

Above the Rest... Jade Lam Kamuela, HI Morgan Levi Kamuela, HI Keola Lindsey Kamuela, HI Emil Lynch Hana, HI Colette Maeda Kapaau, HI Heathe McNaughton Kamuela, HI Ismail Mostafa Sydney, Australia Leif Nelson Kamuela, HI Emi Nojiri Tokyo, Japan Clare OMalley Captain Cook, HI Jeff Oakland Kapaau, HI Noah Phillips Woodland Hills, CA Ninia Quinn Laguna Beach, CA Joanna Radin Kamuela, HI Blake Robeson Hanalei, HI Sienna Rogers Kamuela, HI Mike Shumate Kamuela, HI Cy Spencer Kamuela, HI Megan Sperry Kamuela, HI Mary Stack Tokyo, Japan

Sara Staggs Makawao, HI Cybele Stevens Kapaau, HI Janna Stout Cairns, Australia Natasha Suzuki Makaweli, HI Redza Taib Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Wing Sze Tam Hong Kong Sylvia Tewes Wakayama-City, Japan Kahea Thronas Kamuela, HI

Above the Rest... Mika Tyler Kailua-Kona, HI Starr Wedemeyer Kawaihae, HI Melissa Williams APO, AE Hayato Yamaguchi Wakayama, Japan Jonah Yardley Kamuela, HI Sam Young Kamuela, HI Alia Zuke Kamuela, HI



Above the Rest... Jennifer Akama Kamuela, Hi Mitsuhiro Anada Nara, Japan Anna Anderson Taipei, Taiwan Brady Bergin Kamuela, Hi Cindy Berning Kamuela, Hi Miri Breslow Beverly Hills, Ca Richard Bryson Kamuela, Hi Kainoa Cabanilla Kailua-Kona, Hi Trevor Cabell Honolulu, Hi Arjun Clarry Hilo, Hi Malika Cook Keeau, Hi Megan Cooperson Kailua-Kona, Hi Tepa Corderiro Kamuela, Hi Sarah Cordeiro Kamuela, Hi David Craig Kamuela, Hi Peter Dahlberg Kamuela, Hi Daniel DelPriore Tamuning, Gu Laura Diernfield Kailua-Kona, Hi Serena Dwyer Hawi, Hi Jennifer Fischer Kamuela, Hi



Mayumi Futanami Matsuyama, Japan Eli Gadd Kamuela, Hi Tara Gallison Capt. Cook, Hi Kenny Grant Kailua-Kona, HI Royce Gregory Kailua-Kona, HI Lasiandra Hall Pago Pago, AS Theana Hancock Kamuela, Hi Robert Hannah Kamuela, Hi

■fAbove the Rest Sky Harris Kamuela, Hi Whitney Hastings JT J t. , .i . i t H p ^ ® - i f r j p '•* ifei^ Kamuela, Hi Laura Hiyane Pohnpei, Cl w p Alex Hughes Rehoboth, MA Juita Jalaluddin Kuala Lampur, Malaysia Erwin Jaya Surabaya, Indonesia Kenneth Kao Taipei, Taiwan Taylor Kellerman Kailua, HI i W m S M m H H i 11 11 1 Joseph Kim iji H B ik | 'w Seoul, Korea Devon Lanin V H H h m B y ^ Kamuela, Hi Irene Liao |E f l O c j i B E 1 .BO* Taipei, Taiwan ^ S i Johanna Liborio Haleiwa, HI


Scott Lindsey Udhailiyah, Saudi Erik MacArthur Kamuela, Hi Maegan MacGregor Kailua-Kona, HI Leah Mackey Kailua-Kona, HI Christopher Metzler Kapaau, HI Scott Miller Kamuela, Hi Tomonori Murata Kyoto, Japan Minda Murphy Kailua-Kona, HI

s t



^ 5 1 | *i

jffcJH ir" ,





Ho M il 'flM P t" ^^E^H P


i# r

P1 0

Robert O'Donahue Arlington, VA Robert Olson Kailua-Kona, Hi Heather Onuma Hilo, HI T. Charlie Quinn Kailua-Kona, HI Aaron Raymond Kapaa, HI John Rosedale Kamuela, Hi Yusuki Shimizu Osaka, Japan Kippy Sohriakoff Kailua-Kona, HI

I Above the Reslj Travis Solcher Kailua-Kona, HI Aaron Spielman Kealakekua, HI Gabriel Starsong Kailua-Kona, HI Sonrisa Stepath Hanalei, HI Ryan Stoker Kailua-Kona, HI Alice Stone Lami, Fiji Yoshiyuki Takamura Yamanashi, Japan Andrew Tudor Aiea, HI Caitlyn Waller Honokaa, HI Nathaniel Watterson Kamuela, HI Kuilan White Pago Pago, AS Kevin Williams San Francisco, CA Tiffany Woodard Waikoloa, HI Willy Wurster III Kamuela, HI Pei Chi Yang Puli, Taiwan Jennifer Yeung Dhahran, Saudi

Above the Rest... Deborah Adams Waikoloa, Hi Arnold Akau, Jr. Kamuela, Hi Angela Aki Honolulu, HI Freya Bloomgarden Kamuela, Hi Ingrid Bloomgarden Kamuela, Hi Ian Cardin Holualoa, HI S arah Clark Kamuela, Hi A rati Clarry Hilo, Hi Noelani Daniel Lawai, Hi Serena Dillingham Volcano, HI P eter Dods Honolulu, Hi M elissa D uerr Hilo, Hi Sum m er Duncan Kamuela, Hi A ustin Easley Kailua-Kona, HI Rae Elliazar Kamuela, Hi Kailei Feeney Kamuela, Hi H aeng Sook Gi Pago Pago, As Lianne Goto Kamuela, Hi Woodrow Gray Naalehu, Hi Andre Hadviger Kamuela, Hi

M atthew Hall Kailua-Kona, Hi Roy Hall Pago Pago, As M ark H askett Honokaa, Hi Jennifer Hickman Kamuela, Hi Benjamin Higashi Kamuela, Hi Teri Hogan San Antonio, Tx Jam ie Holtz Kailua-Kona, Hi Helene Honda Kamuela, Hi

IAbove the Rest... Jason Huang Tamuning, Gu M ark Hubbard San Francisco, Ca Yvonne Hynes Kailua-Kona, Hi Christopher Johnson Honolulu, Hi Gregory Johnson Kula, Hi G rant K aaua Kamuela, Hi Yoshihiko Kashim a Tam uning, Gu Sue Gie Kim Pago Pago, As Sung Hoon Kim Pago Pago, As Kristopher K lett Kailua- Kona, Hi Leo La Branche Kamuela, Hi B rian Lee Kamuela, Hi Jenny Lee Kamuela, Hi Kealiiaea Lee Kamuela, Hi Vanda Luce Hilo, Hi Sean Lynch H ana, Maui Tanva M ahitivanichcha Bankok, Thailand Michael McCorriston Honolulu, Hi Kanoe McTavish Kamuela, Hi Pua Mench Kamuela, Hi

Devin M itani Honolulu, Hi Sarah Morlock Pahoa, Hi Cory Nelson Kamuela, Hi Jason Olcese Kamuela, Hi E than Phillips Woodland Hills, Ca William Prince Kamuela, Hi D ustin Richardson Kamuela, Hi Nicole Ricord Kamuela, Hi

Sean Rostron Honolulu, Hi Nick Rutgers Kamuela, Hi K ristin Sanchez Swampscott, Ma Chris Simpson Kamuela, Hi Lei-Ann Snider Kapaau, Hi Joy Spencer Kamuela, Hi Kevin T akeshita Kaneohe, Hi Tsung Tang Taipei, Hi Suvit Thammongkol Bangkok, Thailand Jason Thurber Kailua-Kona, Hi Jam ie T rabert Kamuela, Hi Miwa Tsuchiya Tokyo, Jap an Kaisit U dom kunnatum Bangkok, Thailand Sara V entura Kapaa, Kauai, Hi Iwalani Wall Hilo, Hi Ray Weinstock C aptain Cook, Hi Megan West Hilo, Hi Alex Woodbury Kailua-Kona, Hi

The I.E.S. program is one th a t invites students from all over the world to learn English while studying a t HPA. Students travel from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, and more. One year of intensive English study, w ith a controlled learning environm ent, is given to each individual student. The IES students also learn about the m any cultural differences th a t Hawaii has to offer and explore the environm ent of the Big Island. Excursions to the volcano, kayaking along the Kona Coast or gathering together for a home cooked meal are ju st a few of the activities the IES program has to offer the non-English speaking student, besides the norm al academics. Throughout their IES year the students are gradually m ainstream ed into the regular academic classes to enhance their HPA experience even more.

I eft to right, back: Vivian Tseng, Monica Liao, Yae Rang Shin, Toyomi Shirai, Genkane Ko I ront: Motoharu Mori, Cindy Chen, Isabelle Liang, Ms. Donahue, Atsuma Nishiyama I Tien asked, "What do you like best about life at HPA?" IES I pudents answer: I like the scenery, the many different sports and teachers. 1 PA is a good school," says Yae Rang Shin. It like this big garden and the friendly people," explains ilotoharu. babelle likes the fresh air and it's a good place to study, ffeteran Motoko Hagiwara loves seeing the stars at night! Slike the helpful teachers-1 like it ALL!! Atsuma and Toyomi


N ext year w ill b ring man n ew an d exciting changes fc the Science departm ent. 1VD H ughes, Science dept, heac w ill be u p d a tin g an d m od ern izin g the classroom an d plans ad d itio n al projec in solar technology. Alread in affect are tu rtle tagging, | solar car, recycling and physics exploration. The stu d en ts look forw ard to n ew educational an d fulfilling science experiences.

Top: Mr. Rice, Marine Biology instructor and Director of Studies, and Dr. Balazs consult during one of their many turtle tagging projects.

Right: Science head Mr.Hughes performing a lab for his Chemistry class. Left: Mr. Conley, Biology and Ecology instructor, Director of Summer Programs.

| Top: Mr. Weiser teaching his Astronomy I class. pelow: Mr. Bleckel along with a few of his Physics students, Kumi and Kris. ight: Mr. Otto, just taking a break from iology.____________________________

Right:Mr Wilder reads: "Then the big bad wolf huffed..." Bottom : "I swear the fish was this big!" says Mr. Shutes. Bottom Right:'Say CHEESE' Mrs.Kamrow and Kailana Durnan


Left: How's that tall, dark, and handsome dude! After graduation Mr. Durnan, mouth open and snoring! Bottom Left: Mr. Honma experiences a glorious moment of his coaching career.

The history department has a fascinating program in which all students are required to take three years of. It ranges in variety from Hawaiiana to World History to even Psychology. Students enjoy open debates about previous world events, and are given the opportunity to hold mock trials for notorious historical figures. Some students say that Mr.Honma's jokes are the highlight of their class period. In Mr.Honma's Psychology class students recreate known experiments and validate their credibility. Mr Durnan's U.S. History class opens students' minds' to the signing of the Constitution, WWII, the Civil War, and many other exciting events. All in all, the History department involves the students of H.P.A. and motivates their "want to learn."

The Foreign Language depart­ ment here at H.P.A. provides an excellent variety of languages which are French, Japanese and Spanish. They are all quite helpful in aiding the interest of the student body.

I ft top:Ms. Whittlesey and the I eshmen crew, ft bottom: Mr. Nogues and Leon, hat a pair. :low: Ms. Michelle and Koopie as en all the time! ?ht: Mr. Campbell smiles that illion dollar smile again.

This year the English departm ent has become a stablized power machine, Driving its students to th eir utm ost ability. W ith the addition to Mrs. H ahn the D epartm ent has enhanced its capabilities of teaching even more.. The students are excelling w ith every challenge throw n at them. An impressive sight to behold.

-op: John Scott and Mrs. Piltz discuss his creative w riting ability, right: Mr. Solmssen and his tree of life, [eft: Mrs. H an takes a break from class to collect her thoughts. ppposite page: Mrs. Piltz and Mr. Bryson bnjoy teaching English.



The m ath and computer departm ents are very closely related in th a t the computer departm ent is working hard to bring the class rooms up to date with existing technology. Already successful in integrating computers into the m ath classes, teachers such as Mr. Hall and Mr. Rizzuto have been able to work w ith more efficiency and accuracy through computer use. Mr. Hall uses the computer for rapid graphs and for calculations. Mr. Rizzuto uses a computer in his A.P. Calculus class as well as his M ath Topics class where he uses it to give his students several practice SAT tests to take in preparation for the real SAT's.


Left: Mr. Provencal t' Algebra On Algebra Tw and the Precalculus teacher. Below: Mrs Link, head of the computer departmenl


Top: Mr. & Mrs. Rizzuto, M ath teacher and College Counselors.

Bottom: New addition to the m ath departm ent, Mrs.Schmidel

Top left: Mr. Hall is the head of the m ath departm ent. He is also the Algebra Two, Algebra Two Honors and the IntroCalculus teacher. Top right: Mr. Perry, a Geometry teacher and Athletic Dir. Left: Mr. S tuart teaches Geometry, A.P.Music, and A. P. Computer, and also helps direct the choir.

Below,top left: Lance and Jol concentrating real hard! Top right: Kenny and his towering tower of toothpics Bottom left: Choir sings "Laa Bottom right Robbie,Ingrid & Jamie don't screw up!!! Far top right: Jessica is creating her masterpiece. ( later blew up in the kiln. WOOPS!) Far right bottom: Mrs.Moore roamin' with animal kingd< behind the new art center. Near right bottom: Mrs.Yarawamai and family.

i The art department offers a dde variety of classes to the f tudents. Classes such as drama, DIhotography, ceramics and more j live the young adults here a I Wonderful opportunity to broaden |heir artistic abilities, t! Mrs.Yarawamai teaches six |. lasses a day. Classes such as ||eramics, yearbook, independent fetrt, drawing and painting, etc. i [llow her students to create 1hldly and drive her crazy by I loing so. | Father Barthlemy is involved I nth the H.P.A. choir, while I Ir s. Mooreteaches drama, and I Ir. Stewart holds an AP music I lass. All these programs combined, I provide for an all around I alanced student here at H.P.A.

A dm in istration The adm inistration of 1992-93 created an atm osphere in which students were able to experience the deep diversity th a t is unique to H.P.A. Yes, this is our adm inistration: the people th a t help m ake our stay a t H.P.A. one to rem em ber and th eir dedicated secretaries th a t keep everything running smoothly.

Top left: John Colson, Headmaster, work make HPA a better place. Top right: Jane Lee keeps Mr. Colson's o: running smoothly and gets him there on time. Middle left: Marc Rice, Director of Studi< is the human starting point for the prefeo kayaking race. Middle right: Mr. Rice's secretary, Kathy Ogasawara whistles a happy tune. Lower left: Peter Rowley, Head of Upper School, puts in every effort at work and a play. Lower right: Father Paul Barthelemy, I Campus Chaplain and Art Dept. Head ai choir director, works to raise us spiritual and in song.


I p left: Assistant Headmaster for Financial I Fairs, Will Hancock, is our dedicated I siness Manager. I p right: Left, Mrs. Betty Spense makes I 1 Hancockâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s job a little easier, while I ine Irene Young is always the pleasant I ice that answers the phone and m akes all &r lives easier.

I ddle: Fred Smith, Director of I velopment and Public Affairs, keeps I tiling when the donations come in and I res us the Ma ke kula. flwer right: Julie Mattson, Director of umni Affairs, provides 1,750 alumni the test HPA news and is Fred Smithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right nd. wer left: Luana Lincoln keeps Mr. iderson sane and happy, iddle: Todd Anderson, Director of Imissions, brings "Opportunity Knocks,"

TOP, left to right: The infirmary crew, Bev Dawson, Jean McDonough, Sally Sakaitani, Pat Hall, keep us well and safe. Inset: Jean McDonough, trainer for athletics, "wraps!" Middle left: Faculty member and librarian, Mrs. Jo Conley and Juliet Koning, are very happy with the new restoration of the library. Middle right: Pool supervisor, Oscar Ahuna, provides a helping hand to "Annie." Lower left: Activities Director, George Watson, provides weekend activities to explore the Big Island. Lower right: Bravo to the Business!! Office: left to right, James Hanano, Gwen Yamashiro, Yae Murai, Karen Yamasato, James Sagucio - Congratulations, Yae on your retirement, we will miss you!


Top Left: Mr. Steve Bernstein, Director, Information Technology D epartm ent offers his expertise to the HPA world of computers and instructs an Advanced Computers class. M iddle:" Marriott Makes It Better" and works hard everyday and night to feed the entire HPA community and summ er programs. Bottom: Karen Otto, Co-dorm head to Hartwells, smiles as her son Dylan shows off his "catch of the day!"

t a

f f Maintenance Crew: Left to right, top row: Mike Hanano, Lance Stevens, Nolan Doliente, Eddie Quaintance. Bottom row: Francis Lee, Tom Weaver, Johnny Moniz, Dizzy Javillonar. Not present; Supervisor; Edgar Spencer, Kenji Yokoyama

Above: Coach Ron Marciel keeps the gymn looking beautiful. Below: Margie Dunlap and Annie Bell offer only the best in the HPA bookstore.

Our housekeeping department, keeps everything beautiful! Back: Eva Perez, Supervisor, Abby Loo. Bottom: Elsie Conger, and Betty Nobriga, missing from photo, Caddy Young. Below: fLerb Victorine, head of campus security keeps everything s



Nima Aflatooni Waikoloa, HI Nicole Akama Kamuela, HI Kyla Aki Honolulu, HI Lu Anderson Paauilo, HI Kagan Bernstein Kamuela, HI Thomas Borho Kailua-Kona, HI Mark Breslow Beverly Hills, CA Jennie Cacoulidis Kamuela, HI Hee Jin Chung Honolulu, HI John Crossley Kailua-Kona, HI Shea Dahlberg Kamuela, HI Liana Dawson Kamuela, HI Ivav Eggel Paauhau, HI Jared Ganir Kamuela, HI Sean Giffin Kamuela, HI Heimata Hall Moorea, Polynesia Kamyar Hammon Kamuela, HI Jason Hoisington Kamuela, HI Kiele Hoshide Kapaa, HI Moeko Ivory Tokyo, Japan

â&#x2013; Above the Rest... 1 LeeAnne Jacobson APO, AP Lisa Jardine Kamuela, HI Marci Jardine Kamuela, HI Susannah Jensen Kamuela, HI M arisa Jones Kamuela, HI Daniel Kraus Kailua-Kona, HI Jam es Krueger W ailuku, HI Shih Lin Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C. Lono Lindsey Kamuela, HI Blake M cNaughton Kamuela, HI Nainoa McTavish Kamuela, HI Makiko Nagai Honolulu, HI Kazumo Nagao Tokyo, Ja p an Colleen O'Malley C aptain Cook, HI Peter Olson C aptain Cook, HI Jay Pricher Honolulu, HI Tiffany Quinn Holualoa, HI Kalei Rapoza Kamuela, HI Emily Rosedale Kamuela, HI E rin Rott Kailua-Kona, HI

Catherine Sakim ura Kapaau, HI Elizabeth Sanders Honokaa, HI Achahn Schulze Kamuela, HI Ju lia Snow Kamuela, HI Chad Sohriakoff Kailua-Kona, HI Max Solmssen Kamuela, HI Scott Spence Kamuela, HI Jared Spencer Kamuela, HI Victoria Spielman Kealakekua, HI Taylor Thronas Kamuela, HI Sean Usibelli Kailua-Kona, HI Melissa W eisner Kailua-Kona, HI Dustin Williams Kamuela, HI Tomohisa Yamaguchi Kanagawa-ken, Japan Kelly Yamasato Kamuela, HI Theodore Young Kailua-Kona, HI

Seventh Grade

Dodge Ackerman Kealakekua Hi. Brad Anderson Kamuela Hi. Cord Anderson Kamuela Hi. Sam aire Armstrong Kamuela Hi. Tyler Bollinger Kamuela Hi. John Buscher Kamuela Hi. K atherine Callahan Pahoa Hi. Amy Carlson Kailua-Kona Hi. Aaron Champlin Kailua-Kona Hi. Brendan Cromwell Kamuela Hi. Dana Csige Kamuela Hi. Chrystal Davis Kapaa Hi. Gregory Dierenfield Kailua-Kona Hi. Christine Dunnam Kailua-Kona Hi. Sidra D urst Kamuela Hi. Nani Gadd Kamuela Hi. Ju stin Gonyea Kailua-Kona Hi. Keely G rant Kailua-Kona Hi. Dustlyne H arris Kailua-Kona Hi. Adam Henderson Kamuela Hi.

Jeffrey Hughes Kam uela Hi. Lauren Jardine K am uela Hi. Dee Anne Kaniho Kam uela Hi. L aura Kawano Kam uela Hi. Alexis Lam K am uela Hi. Lindsay Lawson Kam uela Hi. Brandon Manago C aptain Cook Hi. Sean Manago C aptain Cook Hi.


I ■ |

11Above the Rest Charline McCrystal Hilo Hi. La'i Mitchell Kamuela Hi. Jacob Pobre Kamuela Hi.

Ryan Reardon Kamuela Hi. Elizabeth Richardson Kamuela Hi. Jennifer Salmon Kamuela Hi.

Helen Schutte Kamuela Hi. Andrew Scott Aspen Co. William Sexton Honolulu Hi.

Kachina Smith Kamuela Hi. Cory Stoker Kailua-Kona Hi. Daemion W atkins K apaau Hi.

Lea Wilson C aptain Cook Hi. L aura von Holt Kamuela Hi.

Sixth Grade


Kaulana Bell Kamuela, Hi Jennifer Bloomgarden Kamuela, Hi Kito Buckley Kamuela, Hi Kaili Chapman Kamuela, Hi K. Chung Kamuela, Hi Cinnamon Clarke Kamuela, Hi Walter Coronel Kailua-Kona, Hi Nicole Dechape Kailua-Kona, Hi Julia Dring Kamuela, Hi Felisa Ednie Kamuela, Hi Ryan Feeney Kamuela, Hi Isaac Gillette Holualoa, Hi Ashley Goo Kamuela, Hi Nicole Hagar Kamuela, Hi Molly Haupt Waikaloa, Hi Nicole Hind Kailua-Kona, Hi


mm â&#x20AC;&#x17E;-K

a n i > A 'to M ic ij a t a

te n ?

Michael Hind, Jr. Kailua-Kona, Hi Bryon Hoshide Kapaa, Hi Kawika Kaula Kamuela, Hi Shani Keith Kapaau, Hi Yasutaka Nagai Honolulu, Hi Karen Nakamaru Kealakekua, Hi Conn O'Leary Kailua-Kona, Hi Robin Pelkey Kamuela, Hi

Kulua'ua Rapoza Kamuela, Hi Wiliam Rediske Waikaloa, Hi S. Reith Kamuela, Hi Hana Roberts Waikaloa, Hi Seth Smith Captain Cook, Hi Namahoe Soo Kamuela, Hi William Steven III Kamuela, Hi Brett Whittemore Kailua-Kona, Hi R. Woodard Waikaloa, Hi

M iddle School Adm inistration, Faculty, Staff,...

Above Top: Mrs. Lorraine Lindsey, secretary. Above Bottom: Mr. Dave Pierson, History Teacher. Left Top: j Left: Mrs. Beth j N akam aru, Directq of Residential Life.; Right: Mrs. Lisa Rowley, English Teacher. Left Bottom: Mr. Lupe Diaz, M ath Teacher, wit! Tomohisa.

ielow Left: fop: r. E verett Knowles, French eacher. ottom: s. Michico Moriya, Japanese eacher. jlelow Middle: |lrs. Sue Henderson, Science

M iddle School Adm inistration, Faculty, Staff,...

Above right: Top: Mrs. Kawena Gomes, Middle School and Upper School counselor and Middle School Health Teacher Bottom: Mrs. Georgia Polak, Music Teacher Left: Ms. Liz Scott, English Teacher. Right: Mr. Roger Denny, Science Teacher. V

M iddle School Admini str ation, Faculty, Staff,...

Above: M rs. S hirley Ann F ukum oto, h ead of middl school.

Above Right: Ms. Midge Jam bor, Spanish and English Teacher. Above Middle: Mrs. Jan e Thronas, Art Teacher. Above Left: Mrs. Georgette Kaniho, Computer Teacher. Right Top: Mr. M ark Noetzel, with one of his P.E. classes. Right Bottom: Ms. Lucitt, and the Middle School I.E.S..

ront Row; Left to Right: M.Lee, J.Mac Gregor, M.Long, A.Bapriste, T.Rosenberg, C.Wallis, N.Erger, C.Peterson, Z.Chancer, K.Gregory, N.Bryson, fiddle: S.Luscomb, Mrs.Ho, B.Uyeshiro, S.Lindsey, R.Yamasato, C.Kimura, S.Kawamo,P.Csige, K.Trabert, K.Salmon, H.Goto, N.Brown, A.Yarawamai, IKadota, S.Steven,K.Rice, ack: J.Merschdorf, J.Hagen, (behind C.Schmelts, M.Pueshe, S.Jensen, Behind-Mr.Mason, S.Egel, Behind- S.Levenson, B.Spencer, K.Jones, bsent- M.Schott, C.Schumate, J.Lyn Williams.

Front L to R: J.Lindsay, M .Robinson, T.McMillen, C.O'Leary, N .Iw am oto, M iddle L to R: C.H ershberger, K.Sekine, M.Strom, K.Kawashima, Back L to R: Mrs.B Gans, C.Vana, J.Lambert, A.Elford, K.Coker, D.Gamble.

I !roup Piet. Top Left to Right: Mrs.E.Pelkey, M.Kawano, A.Zuke, M.Aiona, C.Richards, T.McManus, E.Wade, B.Snider, Mr.L.Kostelnik, Second Row: L.Pelkey, K.Clark, N.Mitchell, M.Crossley, D.Delavney, hird Row: P.Lincoln, L.Hughes, K.Paulson, M.Itichman, J.Jardine, T.Soo, H.Hind,Bottom Row: L.Morriss, A.Lewis, A.Loo, Takatch , M.Chillingworth. Missing: E.Doe, S.Vitousek.

Front L to R: A.Coffman, T.Iwamoto, C.Estencion, T.Manago, J.Wakefield, W.Sekine, M iddle L to R: B.Young, T.Easley, Back Lto R: B.Dahl, R.Clark, M.Wessel, J.Cardin, E.Boyer, M .Cooperson, Mr.D.Sabo. Missing: C.Ota.


S ta n d in g -B r ia n P o n d , O s k ie R ic e , C h r is to p h e r K a u la , K a r a F u k u m o to , A s h le y G r e e n , I a n M a c D o n a ld , M ile k a L in c o ln , N a 'ilim a A h u n a , H o k u W o n g , E ila B e r n s te in , K e v in C a r ls m ith , T r o y C u s h n ie , P a tr ic k M e r s c h d o r f, N a ta lie M a y r S ittin g -A lik a B r o o k s , M e g h a n F e e n e y , M ih a n a D ia z , S a r a h B r e a k s to n e , S te p h a n ie S c h illin g , A s h le y S ay


1 st r o w - C h e ls e a C o w e ll, J o n a t h a n H u tc h in s o n , K im b e r ly S o g i, J o s e p h W ils o n 2 n d r o w -S te w a r t P o m e r o y , C h r is tin e V ana, L aysan U n ger, N o a h G r e e n w e ll, K a e o la n i D e c h a p e , J o s e p h C h a m p lin



1st row-Jennifer Madeisky, Haley Williams, Kali Startsman, Tiana Sylva, Mikela Yarawamai, Shami Abdy, Joshua Levenson 2nd row-Mrs.Sperry, Harry Rosedale, Kira McManus, Samantha Gilweit, Leia Pueschel, Leala Humbert, Ryan Salmon, Lindsey Kaleihua, Keoni Erger, Mrs. Barthelemy 3rd row-Ali-Ann Dirga, Carly Hayashikawa, Maggie Chancer, Jaclyn Jardine, Michelle Pautler, Jared Chapman, Scott Paulson, Nickolas Soo, Dane Eggel, Kaleo Clarke, Moani Akana, Jill Quaintance, John Alvaro, Carl Lam, Max Rosengerg, Anthony Pond


L e ft - R ig h t - A la n a C o rp u z, Ia n R o ss, M rs. Q u in n , M a s a m i A y a i, L a s t in a L in d s a y , M a k e n a H a r r is , A n g e la W e is n e r , R a c h e l W e s s e l, K ir b y G r e e n w e ll




Back Row: L->R: Jak e Penny, Michael Morriss, Lisa Rincon, Lucia Polak, Rebecca Goodman, Micah Stevens, Cameron Lewis, Garon Wade, Am ara Jaber, Kili Doe Front Row: L->R: Mrs. Lawson, Robert Hind, F ran k Snow, Siera Levenson, India Soo, Elliott M attos, Karl Long, Ju stin Luzon, Kawehi Guerrero ^Missing: M arissa Schott




Left ->Right: F ro n t Row: J e n n a H all, Grace H utchinson, A m anda Woodwell, M elissa Migliore, M a tt N ik aitan i, Z achary D ant Second Row: Ja so n M arkow itz, Taizen Pied, Jo h n Sochacki, Palom a Vidgen, Blake C ullum , Ja m ie Rosenfeld T hird Row: Davis W akefield, Richie A pplegate, Mrs. OM alley, Taouea Vitousek, Timo Sullivan, Maxwell Unger, Em ily Pom eroy V _____________________ J



V • •

CefTtoRighti Chelsea Morriss, B rianna Maness, Emily Cohen, Anna Bates, Cayenne Clarke, Alexa Gilweit, Kimo Colson, Jon ath an Ching, Max Hagen, Christopher Cassell, Nicholas Quaintance, Griffin Richards, Zachary Say, Richard Taga, Wailupe Diaz, Cayson Peterson, John Hamilton Missing: Ja n a Doi, yJean Nogues_______




Top to Bottom: Mrs. Cooperson, Caitlin Grenier, Edmund Rosenfeld, Jason Cullum, Soni Macy, Sparky Springmeier, Kenny Sogi, K indra Gans, M arissa Vossen _____________________________ Missing: Mika Toia

Lower School Administration & Staff ____________________ -____ I__ -_____


Top: Felicity Johnson, Lower School Head, Above left: Georgia Polak, Lower School music, Barbara Kopra, Middle School music, Center: Mickey Kerr, P.E., Above right: Pua Hillan, Pua Garmon, Lee Kealanui, kitchen staff, Right: Lita Spencer, secretary, Right: Judy Folk, librarian.

I__________ I_____ ■■.......


Kona Campus Staff ___________________________

Top left: Autumn Johnson, Kona Campus P.E. teacher, Top center: Cyndi Robinson, Kona secretary, Top rig h t: Jane Thronas, Kona Art Teacher, Middle: Marlene Sabo, Kona librarian, Bottom left: Brooks Wakefield, Kona computer teacher , Bottom right: Barbara Hoist Kona music, teacher.

Kamakani Athletics Flying High i______________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______________________


Sky High

Boys' Volleyba

This year, boy's volleyball shocked the league by making the BIIF playoffs for the first time six years.Under the guidance of r coaches; Marcuez, Kauka, and Rivera, the boys team had a very satisfying season. The team made of mostly underclassmen, was lec seniors; Robi Solmssen,AshColte] and Josh Doorly. Get up!

Sky High

Girls' Volleyball

aiyumi Futanam ijennifer Akama,Lassiandra I all,Morgan Levi,Mia Solmssen,Kristen Brilhante,Sara lark,Meagan Sperry,Michi Hanano,missing Fiona I ates,Ninia Quinn


r fop Right: Mia kills another one. I iVliddle: Good try Sarah, right | \Jack. |Bottom Left:An ace of course.. Âť|Bottom Right:Beatiful set, Michi.

The girls' volleyball team had a great season, finishing a close second to Hilo. After finishing second in the league the girls advanced to the state tournament where experience played a key role. The team lacked this necessity, but were able to place a well deserved fifth. With only team captain, Mia Solmssen graduating, the team has a promising future and should be exciting to watch in the years to come.

Girls' Cross Country

The Kamakani girls cross country team o1 1992 were a young, talented but unprove team at the begining the season. With har work and dedication the girls retook the BIIF Championship and went on to place second in the state. With the likes of to] runners Kelly Busch and Heather Onuma returning for anothe season, the Kamaka: can look forward to another successful | year.

In back: coaches Mr. Conley, Tiare Judd, and Mr. Shutes. Back row from left to right: Kelly Busche Teri Hogan, H eather Onuma, Sandra Chan, Amy Hicks, Vanda Luce, Kailei Feeney, Royce Gregorj M eagan Cooperson, Sienna Rogers, Alia Zuke, and L aura Derenfield. Front row: S arah Morlock, ; Jenny Lee, Helene Honda, T heana Hancock, Robbie Adams, Lindsey Faye, Cindy Berning, Heathe McNaughton, Kim Giffin, and Brynly Brown. Down in front: Rachel Shakelford, M iranda Loh, and Suliana Manley. Not Pictured: Alexa Bates. Left: H eather Onum a who placed fifth in state, takes the lead early in the season.

Right: The Kam akani girls attack the grueling P arker school course.

H P A 's one-two punch, H eather Onum a and Kel Buscher, led the girls Cross Country team to m any victories.

toys' Cross Country [The Kamakami boys began e season with a small group who had been for most of the summer. Ids dedicated group included lane Hancock, Kam Von pit, and Leif Nelson. Once bool began the team was â&#x2013; engthened by the return of hstin Peterson, Robert Olsen, Charlie Quinn,and Jason lurber. The team worked [rd all season winning every IF meet that they entered, It always keeping in I rspective the ultimate goal. The boys went on to win eir 13'th consecutive league lie, and then achieved their [timate goal by placing their b five runners in the top renty and winning the State tiampionship. mgratulations to alll!!

Above: The K am akani's lead the pack a t the HPA invitational



von Holt

From Left to Right: Mike McCorsten, T.Charlie Quinn, D ustin Peterson, Kam von Holt, Robert Olson, Jason Thurber, Leif Nelson, and Coach Karl Honma.

Left: The Kam akani's concentrate before the sta rt of the state meet at Kaanapali, Maui.

begai rebuilding team . After having lost key players from last years third place finishing team ,they were faced with an uphill battle. The h ard working Kam akani began their season w ith a grueling sum m er camp. After camp things were looking bright for the Kam akani as they played ILH powerhouse Iolani who finished third in state to a tough 28-21 loss. Seniors Paul Dawson and Scott Andrews led a high powered offense into the season opener against Kona. The young Kanis opened the game w ith a touchdown strike to Dawson from Damien Arafiles. Kona struck back before the Kanis exploded for 10 points on a touchdown catch by Scott Andrews and a field goal by D ustin Peterson. Leading 17-14 into the last q uarter the kanis couldn't hold off

perenial champion Kona and lost a tough battle 21-l7. After that first

loss the K am akani won seven of their last nine games dom inating Hilo twice with a great defense and special team s. The Kanis, once dubbed a rebuilding team , silenced all the critics and made a valiant run a t the championship ending a great season in second place on the Island, and placed six players on the All-BIIF first team . ague in rushing, fellow CoCaptain Scott Andrews who led the league in receiving, D ustin Peterson who led the league in field goals, Damien Arafiles as punter, Jed Ednie who led the K am akani defense in tackles, and offensive linem an Willie W urster. The Kanis also placed four players on the second team . These players included M att D unbar a t defensive back, Wilson Lau a t center, Keola Lindsey a t Linebacker, Lucas Ham berg a t defensive end, and the m ulti talented Arafiles as punt retu rn er and defensive back. Even w ith the loss of the seniors and standouts Paul Dawson, Scott Andrews, Chris M artin and D ustin Peterson the K am akani have a strong nucleus of Juniors returning and should be a exciting team to watch in the years to come. Above: Chris M artin delivers a key block as Scott Andrews sprints for a large gain. Right: Paul Dawson tu rn s on the speed.

Team Photo: Front Row, Left to Right: Head Coach Gordon Bryson, Paul Dawson, Scott Andrews, Lance Othake, Calvin Detwiler, Dustin Peterson, Chris Martin, Wilson Lau, Matt Dunbar, Jason Yeung, Chris English, Matt Bindewald, John Murphy, Managers Natasha Suzuki and Sarah Staggs. Middle Row: Coach Warren Shaw, Kea Cook, Andy Carlson, Daniel Hughes, Damien Arafiles, Kris Haga, Cy Spencer, J.P. Kloninger, Jonah Yardley,

Sage Bannick, Keola Lindsey, Lucas Hamber Jon Atkinson, Jeff Ellis, Hyato Yamaguchi, C Ernie Chinen. Top Row: Jed Ednie, Yoshi * Takamura, Nate Waterson, Richard Bryson, j Dahlberg, Brady Bergin, Kippy Sohriakoff, Yusuke Shimizu, Sky Harris, Willie Wurster, Prince, David Craig, John Rosedale, Blake Robeson,Karl Heinz, Coach Ron Marciel, mis Coach Scott Sanders

Top Right: Scott Andrews hauls in another touchdown catch. Top Left: Paul Dawson dashes for the endzone. Right: Kam ikani defenders close in as M att Bindewald m akes the sack. ÂŽ Above: M att Dunbar m akes the first hit as swarm to the ball.

Cassie Quaintance and Tara Gallison

] ing involved in the horse program a t H.P.A. is both an enjoyable and ( jllenging experience. The horse program provides English Saddle iJn W estern style for the riders to chose from. There are a num ber of R a t activities. For example there are various shows to participate in 1 'oughout th e year, where students really get a chance to "show o ff t ir s k i l l s There are also trips up the slopes of M auna Kea for those I o are rugged enough. Everyday practice consists of playing polo on ti 5 of the spacious fields of the H.P.A. campus, leaping overjum ps, or I I cantering across the beautiful hills of Waimea. The students I solved in Equine activities fully enjoy th eir ability to perform and I iome well rounded horseback riders.

MR bove right:Instructor Nancy teinecke, shows her Aloha, bove: 1-rt: Christian nchez, Anna Anderson, lgrid Bloomgarden, Kiki, Pei Jhi Yang, Tara Gallison, | |harlotte Cannan, Freya loomgarden light: Freya Bloomgarden rooms Detroit, one of the kany tasks of the program, ar right: The instructors,Mr. Jolmssen and Judy Folk smile Mpr the crowd.

The Boys' and Girls' Swimming Teams continued with their tradition of excellence this season. They excelled despite the fact th a t they had to travel to the Kohala pool to practice. U nder the fam iliar guidance of Head Coach Jay Wilder, and A ssistant Coaches M ark Noetzel, Mo Donahue, and Mo M atthews, the team s worked h ard and had a record breaking year. Right: Mamiko flies off the block during practice. Below: Robbie executes a s ta rt as Coach W ilder looks on. Below right: The team captains, Eric. Jessica, and Benj, are oh so happy.

Boys' Team Back row: Corey Nelson, Benj B ennett, Sean Lynch, Tyson Rott, E than Phillips, and Emil Lynch. Front row: Robbie H astings, Noah Phillips, Eric Bollinger, Gabe Starsong, and M itsu Anada. Girls' Team Back row: M inda M urphy, Serena Dwyer, Mamiko Abe, Jessica Carew, Joanna Radin, and Kanoe McTavish. F ront row: M alia Laber, Iw alani Wall, Chie Ozawa, P ua Mench, Cybelle Stevens, and S tar Leavey.

HPA swimmers take pride in their at stroke work. | slow Right: Jessica and Noah w atch the meet while w aiting for th eir events. | slow Center: Coach Noetzel glares a t his swimmers. ilow: The BIIF girls ready to m ake waves in Hilo.

Boys Soccer

Above: top row left to right: Coach Bob Kennedy, Scott Andrews, Redza Taib, Matt Dunbar, Karl Hynes, Andy Carlson, Jed Ednie, Paul Dawson, Cal Detwiler, Kumi Mkono, Niazi Mostafa, Clayton Brammel. Coach Steve Perry Bottom row: Brady Bergin, Matt Pycha, Dustin Peterson, Daisuke Ogawa, Kris Ghosh, Asa Cascavilla Chris Martin, T.J. Kalaniopio, Yoshi Takamura. Missing Brent Foster J.V. Team picture: Back, Coach Peter Rowley, Yusuke Shimuzo, Travis Solcher, David Craig, Aaron Raymond, Alex Hughes, Erik MacArthur, Brady Bergin, Robert Hannah, Gen Keneko, Suvit Thammongkol, Tanva Mahitivanichcha, Nick Rutgers, Kaisit Udomkunnatum, Mark Haskett, Kealliaea Lee

The boys soccer team finished once again undefeated, at the top of the league. This year t] BIIF was tougher than the paa years, but the Kamakani, led 1 eight starting seniors, were al to overcome every obstacle pi in front of them. The well experienced and physical tea: which was considered to be fj largest and fastest in the leag will be tough to replace, but i promising JV team should ba able to continue the Kamakai winning streak. Due to certa complications, the team had | forfeit four gamesof their gaii against the four worst teams I the league. Through this ordeal, the Kamakani kept heads high and showed true champions really are.

Girls Soccer

â&#x20AC;&#x2122;he girls team finished the I eason with a record of 12-1-1, I econd in the BIIF. The team, I krith ten starting juniors, is a ure bet to be the BIIF hampions next year. The iffense, led by the league's top corer Francine Lawrence, was mown as the most potent in the eague, but the team was best mown for its defense. Michi ianano, a junior, captained a itingy defense which led the eague in shutouts. The Camakanis finished the year I with a good show at the state :hampionship, but this young :eam is sure to do even beter pXt year.


Back row: left to right, Coach Peter Rowley, Kelly Buscher, Alexa Bates, Jade Lam, Heathe McNaughton, Stacey Kadota, Jaisy jardine, Fiona Bates, Fran Lawrence, Sienna Rogers, Heather Onuma, Coach Tiare Judd Front Row: Caitlin Wallace, Laura Dierenfield, Kailei Feeney, Meagan West, Sarah Morllock, Kristin Brilhante, Helene Honda, Cindy Berning, Lissa Duerr, Yvonne Hynes


T h e tr e m e n d o u s te n n is te a m to o k to th e tu r f to ta k e th e title . T h is y e a r , w ith th e e x c e lle n t c o a c h in g o f E r ic J o a c h im ) a n d t h e s t r o n g s u p p o r t oj te a m c a p ta in s T . C h a r lie Q u in n a n d S u s a n C a lla g h a n , H P A h o p e s to h a v e th e b e s t te n n is s e a s o n e v e r . W ith a str o n g fe e lin g o f te a m u n ity , a n d th e e x te n s iv e ta le n t th a t th e te a m h o ld s, th e K a n is w ill n o d ou bt su cceed . Left: M ei-L in g Lin, Y uka Sat D an a N usbaum , S a ra V entu re, J o y c e Ho, M egan Sp erry, S u sa n C hallaghan, L asian d ra H all,

left-rig h t: M a th ia s M a cieje w sk i, T om onori M urata, S ea n R ostron, T. C harlie Quinn, K ev in Ho, M arc C ooperson, D a v id K n o w les, R oy H all, K enny K ao, B ryan L ee, W eng L eon g T ong, J e f f O akland, A lfred o Ho.

Boys Basketball Skies Above ! The 1992-93 Kam akani basketball team had a very successful season continuing on its climb towards the top of the BIIF. The boys finished w ith a winning season and qualified for the BIIF playoffs for the first tim e in three years. Led by leading scorer and C aptain Damien Arafiles the young K am akani prospered under the guidance of Coach Merv Lopes. Using a tenacious defense and a ball control offense the K am akani were able to slow the pace of the game and often found them selves in a position to win against some of the top team s on the island. W ith no seniors on the team the kanis have an exciting future and may be looking forward to the state tourney next year. Team PhotorFront row, left to right Ari Bernstein, Robert Olson, N ate W atterson, Daniel Hughes, Coach Merv Lopes, Back row, Damien Arafiles, Mike Shum ate, Kevin Williams, Aaron Speilman, Chris Simpson.

Wrestling Always On Top! The Kam akani wrestling team began the year with a small team th a t had low expectations as a team but had some great individual performances. Under the guidance of Coach Hughes the team worked extremely hard and had a very rewarding season. The team headed by seniors M att V entura, Jeff Hubbard, Jason Yeung and John Murphy worked hard and achieved a great deal of success

Top row,left to right, D ustin Richardson, Woody Grey, M att V entura, Kippy Sohriakoff, M att Hubbard. Top row, Coach M att Hughes, John Murphy, P eter Dods, Sage Bannick, Chris Dods, Robert O'Donahue, Richard Bryson, Jason Yeung, Cy Spencer, Kea Cook.

Left to right: Chris Robison, Motoko Hagiwara, Lisa O'Connor, Megan Sperry, Sinclair White, Star Leavey, Kim Giffin, Alia Zuke, Sienna Rogers.

Left to right: Daisy Chiu, Joseph Kim, Neil Stork, Malika Cook, Miri Breslow, Mrs. Piltz.

V. Crew Left to right: Meagan Macgregor, Mr. Watson, Kenny Grant, Chris Nelson, and Arjun Clarry

Left to right: Scott Andrews, Thane Hancock, Lindsey Kawelo, June Kawelo, Brian Agbayani, and Damien Arafiles


Student Council

Thane Hancock, Paul Dawson, Cassie Quaintance, T.Charlie Quinn, Ninia Quinn, Mr. Shutes, Benji Bennetl Francine Lawrence, Nick Rutgers, Pua Mench, Jessica Carew, Lasiandra Hall

enekoa I andra Chan, Scott Andrews, Jessica Carew, Robbie Adams, I ichard Adams

[Peer Counseling

Hui 0 Ule Nui

J jKaren Tsui, Daisy Chiu, Chris Robison, Suliana Manley, Miranda Loh, Sheila Cooke, Chie Ozawa, Thane [Hancock, Amy Hicks, Kumi Mkono ,Daniela Carreira, Paul Dawson, Jessica Carew, Jock Agorastus, IlK ris Ghosh, Stacy Kadota, Meagan Sperry


HAWAII PREPARATORY ACADEMY Kamuela, Hawaii 1980 - 1981 Mr. J. Rizzuto, Principal Kdgn. Mrs. Tooman

L The first kindergarten class of H.P.A. 2. Dana 3. Daniela 4. Reiko.______________________________ ____ _________


|5. Susie C. 6. Mei-Ling 7. Benji 8. Charlotte 9. Karen T. 10. Daisy p . Yuri 12. Cassie 13. Fiona 14. Chris M. 15. Stan-------------------

HPA Around In tern a tio n a l S tu d en ts Australia Canada China Fiji Germany Hong Kong Indonesia Japan Korea Macao Malaysia Peru Philippines Saudi Arabia Singapore Sweden Tahiti Taiwan Thailand

62 2 2 1 1 3 4 4 18 2 2 2 1 1 3 2 1 1 8 4

rhe World

Above photo: Left, Mrs.Phyllis Richards and Ms. Sheryl Moore celebrate the opening of the new costume room in the Gates Performing Arts Center. The room is dedicated in honor of Mrs. Richards' end­ less hours and unselfish efforts she has donated to the arts at HPA.

The Gates Performing Arts Center opened with an outstanding performance by the middle and upper school students. Their first combined performance in the GPAC was Miracle Worker. It was a complete success and there are plenty more to be held in the future!!!

Above right: characters of the play; Richard Bryson,Whitney Hastings, Alex Hughes, and Laura von Holt. The star of the showabove right: John and Leiann are so happy that all the hard work is finally over!

The Cast: top-left-rt: Chris Robison, Heidi Hemple, Amy Hie Leiann Snider, Arjun Clarry, Richard Bryson, Alex Hughes,J O'Malley, Tepa Cordiero, Susie Callaghan, (director) Mrs. Sh Moore. Bottom lft-right: Ian Cardin, Ray Weinstock, Jon Scot Dana Csiege, Samera Armstrong, Whitney Hastings, Laura v Holt, Meagan Macgregor.

Fiddler on the \toof "One great performance after the other." at was the reaction th a t students and ulty exclaimed when they saw "Fiddler the Roof'. This particular play is the ond HPA production th at has taken ce in the new Gates Performing Arts Jn te r. Although it was one of the first iys, it will be the last for a number of nior actors and actresses. Actresses and â&#x2013; tors such as Danny Endo, Heidi Hemple, Id John Scott, th a t have shown such Im endous knowledge and natural ability I the drama field hope to leave behind a t a c y for others to follow. With their latributions and phenominal Icomplishments, they will be remembered IGPAC forever. As far as the rest of the 1 st and directors are concerned, e.g. Mr. lew art, Ms. Moore and Father Irthelom y, they will be back once again ftxt year for another series of excellent Irformances!!!

The Cast-lt-rt: Danny Endo,Nicole Ricord,Robbi Adams,Chris Robison,Deanna Brinch,Joseph K im ,M att H all,P eter Dods,John Scott,M ark H askett,Sum m er D uncan,Jaim e Holtz,Heidi Hemple,Evelynn Lee,G rant K aaua,Daisy Chiu,Shelia Cooke,Malika Cook,Noelani Daniel,Sue Gie Kim.Lissa Durer,Kim Falkenhagen,ItaJalaluddin.- Not Shown In Picture-Amy Hicks,Jaime Trabert, Clare O'Malley, A rjun Clarry,Tepa Cordeiro,Morgan Levi,Howard Hall,Chie Ozawa,Suki Gi,Angela Aki,Dustin Richardson.



Above: Tepa and Morgan, back from the dead! Above Right: The village women talking about TRADITION! Below Left: Danny Endo, the sta r of the show, speaks of money!!! B elow Top: The three sisters sing about love. B elow Bottom: Jaim e and Peter- "In the city, boys and girls show affection tow ards one another." Bottom Right: "A Fiddler on the Roof!"- Chie Ozawa.



W hane H ancock

A a ro n S p ie lm a n

Jock A gorastos

Boosters VK, SK,&MH;Thanks for all th e good tim es & memories." The fam ily team" See you n ex t y ea r,w e'11 beat H onoka'a, I prom ise! c/o "94"Rulz-4-Ever! Love,JH P.S. C ongrats B oys XC ountry,you are #1!! F resh m en H all-It's b een fun. See ya n ex t yea r guys! K alona ! M eghona and Sarona ju st aren't th e sam e. R em em ber-B aby Got Back! B e happy!! To th e cla ss o f '96 th ree m ore years to M eghan W. and Sara V. L indsay F aye-T hanks for all th e great m em ories. I w ill n ev er forget y ou and you r sw eet sm ile. D on't forget th e fan, m e m ovin g th e w a lls and doors w ith m y n eck m u scles and th e anim al boots. T hanks for p u ttin g up w ith m y stories...I lo v e you buddy!!! Don't be a stranger... -luv ya- C .C annan '93 rulz! To: FL,JC,JS,SC,DG,SL,IM,NM, EP,CN,BB,ST,LF,MH,LH,RS, KK,EH,SB,MK-Thanks for th e m em ories! I'll m iss ev ery on e o f you. Luv-CC REJECT APATHY 'T H E S T R O N G E S T P R IN C IP L E O F G R O W T H IS H U M A N c h o i c e :' - G E O R G E E L IO T

[F leur W einstock[ I. Love: th is is for everyon e and everyth in g. Som etim es w e can feel th e p u lsin g o f it and it rea ch es th rou gh every branch and sin gs in every voice. And (cou rtesy o f CL) :GOD IS A FOUR LETTER WORD FOR ETERNITY II. W illiam s 3 for m oral and sp iritu al developm ent: D urnan (R everence) O bservation is lik e a flam e w h ich is a tten tio n , and w ith th a t ca p acity o f ob servation , th e w ound, th e fe e lin g o f hurt, th e h ate, all th at, is bu rn t aw ay, gone. K rishnam urti Lord G ordon B ryson '1 pray w ith ev ery moment." Sir A n derson The im portant th in g is n o t th a t every ch ild sh ou ld b e tau gh t as th at every ch ild sh ou ld b e giv en th e w ish to learn. -Sir J o h n L ubbock III. K ind H earted Ones: follow th e b liss k e e p th e k in dn ess: H ughes, M alia, Leif, Anna, C hie, Jam u n a, Ms. D on ah u e, F ath er and Mrs. P iltz, Mrs. D unlap B leck el £ frien d and tea ch er and person , gard en er w h o p lan ts th e se ed s o f in sp iration ... S tew art L(Io)VE IN MOEIBUS STRIPS Su lian a O TO BE A DRAGON If I, lik e S o lo m o n ,... cou ld h a v e m y w ish — m y w ish ... O to b e a dragon, a sym bol o f th e p ow er o f H eaven —o f silkw orm size or im m ense; at tim es in visib le. F elicito u s phenom em on! -M arianne M oore

IV. B rother Ray You are w on derfu l and strong. We m ake th e road by w alking. - M yles H orton J o e F lyer. T hank y ou for th e b oad en in g o f v eiw s andl everyth in g. A nnie 'M other i lo v e you"

TOK irsten“F or th ere is no frien d like a sister, in a calm or storm y w eath er, to ch eer on e on th e tedious i w ay, to fetc h on e if on e goes astray, to lift on e if on e to tters dow n, to stren g th en w h ilst one sta n d s” I lo v e you m ore, no no no I lo v e y o u m ore, W ell th e n I m iss y o u m ore j I lo v e y o u so m uch. Com e b ack soon. Susan-I can ’t th a n k you en ou gh for a ll th e good tim es, and m em ories w hich i I w ill h old in m y h eart forever. T hank you. I love you. J a so n F ox (V ixen)-So w hat ■ party you r h o u se th is w eek en d ? You’v e alw ays b e e n th ere in th e p a st yearS and th is sem ester for me, toj h it th e b each c ru isin g the R itz ja cu zzie, or w hatever, j T hanks for all th e good tim es and m em ories. E rica F.-I th in k o f y o u as a | b ig siste r too. R em em ber its m y ja ck et, I ju s t le t y ou borrow it on occasion s. T hanks for all th e good tim es and m em ories w e’ve j had and to th o se to come.ILY

*krynly-Remember, rub your lye tw o tim es if y o u w an t to o. W ait (B link B link) Jrhat??? | epa-It’s K aleva’s lo ss n ot ours. I ca n ’t te ll y o u h ow ykuch y o u r frien d sh ip h as le a n t to m e. T hanks. I love ou. |age-T h an k s for ev eryth in g. Hatt-$20.21. i enny L.-w ait, what?! IK'hanks for e v er y th in g and 9o th e L ee fam ily-th anks. diri-Thanks for all lau gh s, in c h e s, m ovies, and good femes. ILY. Shelley-1 b e t y ou th o u g h t I orgot you. S illy S h elley, |4ow co u ld I ev er fo rg et you. iti don't k n o w w h a t I'm g o in g |o do n e x t y ea r w ith o u t you. I lab you. Ian- I've m issed y o u so m uch Ihis p a st year, b u t I iom ehow m an aged get ghrough it all. I couldn 't iLave d on e it w ith o u t you, Shanks. itebecca- L ook it's fa t free!!! Keep in to u ch n e x t year. M all th o se w h o I h a v e still iorgotten, I couldn 't h ave made it w ith o u t you. Wo th e HUI O ULE NUI- Stay fw a y from eg g s a n d w ater ballons!!! (Love J o c k fo R ik k i- APA KABAR? jSOL!!! don't y o u ev er forget llhe good tim es w e had liogether. E ig h th grad e w as I me o f th e b e st y ea rs o f m y life ; eg g in g th e h o u se s in ISukit Indah, ru n n in g aw ay ip om th e secu rity guards, ijtnd all th e park h a n gou ts. I [lure h a v e m iss Tam m y and Iferyan th ou gh . I w ish w e llo u ld h a v e b e e n b etter

frien d s at HP A. I'm n ot su re w h at w en t w ron g w ith my life. H igh S ch ool can really ch an ge a person, I gu ess. B u t I m ade it out alive! P eo p le say if you can su vive H.S., you can su rvive an yth in g. Don't you ever forget abou t m e. K eep in to u ch and com e se e m e. Don't be a stranger. Thanks also for th e h elp , cow boy. Luv-C.C.-93! From th e BenjGW- To m y old er brother: T hanks for th e lead ersh ip and d irectio n , ev en th ou gh you d id n ’t k n ow w h ere you w ere going. JR- “W hat do you w an t to do? I don’t k n o w ...” I’ll m iss you. CN- W hat if I in v e n t n ew odor ea ters for you? JS- “To every on e I forgot...” It’s b e e n te re stin g . RH- Who w ill b u y th e last donuts? S ee you at th e top. MrH- You see, I’m a su p ervisor. Good lu ck w ith th e n e x t on e lik e me. M rB-1 h op e I n ev er en d up te a c h in g w ith you, bu t I w o u ld n ’t b e surprized. N S - 117 francs. You lost you r shoe!?! CC-1 still lik e you, it’s ju st th a t I’ve...m o v ed on. JC- T hanks for h e lp in g w ith th e co u n cil and every th in g e lse as w ell. MG- “We com e to escap e p astor.” T hanks for th e good tim es. -Thanks to all m y loyal fans and su pp orters. To th e cla ss o f 1993Rem em ber: K indergarden- Chad w et h is p an ts all th e tim e.

F irst Grade- B oys chase girls, G irls ch ase boys. Secon d Grade- The k issin g m achine. T hird Grade- V olcanoe H ouse, Mr. Ober snoring. F ourth Grade- Capture th e Dragon. F ifth Grade- M arbles, T ransform ers, and Lady B ugs. Sixth Grade- F irst sch ool dance, poem s by Jack Frost. Seven th Grade- C hips and D ip figh t w ith Mr. Archer. E igh th Grade- B ask etb all after lunch. F reshm an Year- J u ic ed in th e O lym pics. Sophom ore Year- J u ic ed in th e O lym pics. Ju n io r Year- H yatt. S en ior Year- Good Times! -Kam Y- It w asn't m e, it w as th at ev il dork!

Above The Rest...

L ayout: M a tt B in d ew a ld , J o ck A gorastos, K a m Von H olt, Benj B ennett, C h ris N elson, S c o tt A n drew s, D u stin P eterson, P au l D aw son, M otoko H a g iw a ra , C h a rlo tte C annan, D a n ie la C a rreira P h otograph ers: A rju n C larry, F ion a B a tes A dvisor: C indy Y a ra w a m a i

As graduation comes closer, I look back a t the past fours years. My first memories of freshm an ear are HPA Survival, big seniors, and being taller th an most of the guys. As the year passed I aced Bryson, getting to know the day students and being about the same height as the guys. Junior ear brought along w ith it Physics, APs, eagerness and growth spurts. Now as the final year is oming to a close, m any of us rem em ber deadlines, Art, knowing no one, A rt and “Holy W aimea.”


To the Seniors: I tried to th in k of ju st one word th a t would describe our class but there isn’t ne. Our class is open, direct, sincere, talented, strident, kolohe, head strong, forgiving and diverse, fold on to the friendships. Remember the good tim es and learn from the bad. Good luck. To the underclassm en: Don’t be in such a rush to become a senior, the years go by to quickly, ie ready for the fear and anxiety to replace the eagerness once you get here. There is a reason for

Aloha and congratulations to the Class of 1993.

It has been quite a year with Kamakani Athletics and the Class of 1993 will not soon be forgotten. I have been impressed with your quiet leadership throughout the year and have admired your lead by example attitude. When the Class of 1993 arrived on campus back in the fall 1989, you were "replacing" a popular class, the Class of 1989, and one that had its success. After four years of hard work and effort, you, the Class of 1993 have left your mark. As I sit and write this message, HPA has captured the HHSAA Boys Cross Country title as well as BIIF titles in Boys and Girls Cross Country and Boys Soccer. We are on the verge of capturing the girls soccer and boys swimming titles as well and the spring looks promising with a strong baseball team returning as well as solid tracks teams. The excitement generated by the football team, the vast improvement with the boys and girls volleyball teams, and the always exciting basketball games will be hard to duplicate in future years. I wish all of you well as you leave HPA and venture into new and unchartered waters. I hope that each of you will take a piece of HPA along with you and remember all of the exciting times with Kamakani Athletics. Thank you all for your talents, hard work, determination, leadership, sportsmanship, and most important, your "love of the game." Aloha, Stephen Perry Athletic Director

H ead m aster’s Y earbook A ddress In my comments a t the Opening Convocation last September, I challenged everyone in our HPA community to work tow ard m aking HPA the finest independent school of our kind in the world. Realizing th a t this is a long term goal, I now m ust ask the question: Have we progressed toward our goal and if so, how? Reflecting back on the year th a t has passed so quickly, I realized th a t m any individual achievements have contributed to our continuing growth in stature and reputation. However, the m ost im portant aspect of the school, the one th a t brings us to the pinnacle of independent education, is the m ulti-cultural environm ent th a t allows us an international experience without ever leaving the friendly confines of W aimea and the Big Island. HPA, due to our unique location and makeup, is the preem inent example for other independent schools to try and emulate. While others work for diversity, we enjoy it and learn from it. To the class o f ’9 3 ,1 hope th a t you have enjoyed your opportunity and will take with you an attitu d e of openness and curiosity as you leave the friendly confines of this campus.


It is always difficult to say “goodbye” but our hope is th a t we have prepared you to take the real world head-on. You all have the tools, so please face the challenge and ju st “go for it.” You will always be p a rt of the HPA Family and our hope is th a t you will not forget us. Take care I and know th a t we will always be there if you are ever in need. Take care and God bless you always!

keiki Triathlon -


Top left: Michael's dad gives enouragem ent all the way Top center: Almost getting to the goal Top right: "Power Biker" Right: " I thin k I can!" F a r right: " I made it, w hat's next? " Bottom: Only 1 more lane to go.

One of the highlights of the year for the lower school students is" The Keiki Triathlon", sponsored by the W aimea MacDonald's and Cycle & Surf. This special event is held on April 3rd a t the upper campus. This annual lower school triathalon gives opportunity for the young athletes of HPA to display thier skills a t swimming, biking and running. Depending on the age, students begin with lap swimming in the pool, then jum p on their bikes to challenge a hilly course around campus and then finish with the run around the track. The parental participation along w ith the students enthusiasm made the event a huge success.

IVfay Day

The sounds of a distant chant began the Lower School May Day while the alii, the royal monarchy and representatives of the Hawaiian islands presented themselves to the people. The smell of fresh flowers filled the auditorium as the children danced their hulas and sang the songs of the islands. Smiles and tears were seen through the crowd as we watched another wondorous and memorable May Day program, dedicated to Eva Perez. We are all very proud of the efforts of Deena Hurwitz and Georgia Pollock, the teachers and parents for their dedication and help to put together another beautiful function. We look forward to this day for many years to come.

RTop: All of the Lower school students sing thier Mdy Day songs Right top: Nicholas Soo, in perfect step Right bottom: The young paniolos dotheir Hula.

Right top: Kindergartners sing a Hawaiian song of numbers. Right middle: Ana Yarawamai and Chelsea Shmeltz dance a lovely hula for the audience. Right bottom: Mrs. Deena Hurwitz, displays her talents Bottom left:: The girls of the Hawaiin court look lovely for May Day.

The Kamakani Baseball team of 1993 had a successful but unfulfilling season. Led by seniors Daisuke Ogawa, Scott Andrews, Dustin Peterson, Wilson Lau, and Lance Ohtake the Kamakani finished 8-6 which put them in fourth place in the league. The team is strong in underclassmen and looks to be poised for a run at the title next year.

T op Left: D u s tin ta k e s a crackj a t on e. A bove: D a m ie n le g s o u t a tr ip le . F a r Left: S e n io r S lu g g ers. L eft: D a isu k e b r in g s th e heat, j

The Kamakani Girls' Basketball team graduated four starting seniors which left a young group to fill their shoes. Despite the inexperienced team they managed to get to the BIIF play-offs. A group of Juniors led the team over cross town rivals Honokaa; a feat even the previous team could not accomplish. Overall the team's season was a successful one and a building year. We anticipate that next season will be the best yet with the added talents and experience of 93.


Above Left: Thane wins again Above Right: Yeti launches the disc into orbit Bottom Left: Laura and Alia lead the pack Lower right: Heather widens the gap.

This year the Boys Team won BIIF and the Girls Track team came in second to Hilo's state champion team. HPA captured hoys titles in the shot put(Willy Wurster), pole vault(T.J. Kalaniopio), long and triple jumps(J.P.Kloniger), 400 meter dash(Scott Andrews), 800,1600 and 3200 meter runs C'Iron"Thane Hancock) and the 4x400 meter relay(Andrews,Carlson,Takamura and Dawson). Due to an injury,top sprinter Paul Dawson could not compete at full force in the BIIF or State championships. Thane S Hancock set a BIIF record and went on to finish second in the 3204 meter run at state. Due to a technicality, the4x400 relay team which finished second in the state trials was disqualified. The girls team finished a strong second due to several individu^ performances. They took titles in the high jump(Laura Dierenfield 100 meters(Royce Gregory) and the 400 and 800 meter runs(Heather Onuma). Heather went on to win the state title in ttj 800 and 1600 meter runs. KellyBuscher took third in the 800 at thi state meet.

Left: Kelly Buscher gets up. Abovet: Scott and P aul hand off en route to a victory .Lower Left: T .J wins the pole vault again. Right: Scott gets out to a quick sta rt


The 1993 Olympics


Celebrating the 15th year anniversary since the beginning of the HPA Olympics the classes of 96, 95, 94 and 93 united to test their skills in events ranging from pie-eating, waterslide, flag football, and more. Covering a period of two weeks time, classes compete from feild events to beach day. One of the ending highlights of this occassion is the song contest. V

Olympics Top left: Get it out, Juniors. Top right: An ace of course. Bottom left: The beginning of a masterpiece. Bottom right: Chris Dods shows his stuff]

Left: Almost there. Bottom left: Right, left, right,left! Bottom right: Simply beautiful. Below: I think I'm going to be sick;

The end of every year m arks a new beginning for m any people. After a long hard challenge a t the Hawaii Preparatory Academy it is finally tim e to say goodbye and good luck. Each year a special speaker, chosen by the Senior Class, is to give a speech during Graduation. Vince D urnan, nom inated by the class of N ineteen Ninety-Three expressed w hat he felt the class was

Above: Senior girls smile and shine!

Above: Seniors singing "Hole Waimea" on their big day! Below: Ashley Colter, glad to receive his diploma.

Below Right: Mr. Durnan gives the commence­ ment speech for the class of 1993. Below Left: The senior girls present a beautiful hula.

Gone About the little chambers of my heart Friends have been coming-going-many a year. The doors stand open there. Some, lightly stepping, enter; some depart. Freely they come and freely they go, at will The walls give back their laughter; all day long They fill the house with song. One door alone is shut, one chamber still. Mary E. Coleridge


Hpa ka makani 1993  
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