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Kupa'a Mau Ka

Lasting Impressions Hawaii Preparatory Academ y 1992

E 'imi kou ma ka mea e ho'okahi ai ka mana'o anaLet us seek to unite our thoughts into one.

I mua, i mua, e na hoa, a e pupukahi i loa' a ai ka holumua a me ka pomaika'iForward, forward, companions, unite to obtain progress and good fortune.

Lasting Impressions... Seniors p. 16 Juniors p. 97 Sophmores p. 105 Freshman p. 114 IES p. 120 Academics p. 122 Administration p. 136 Middle School p. 147

Lower Campus/Kona Campus p. 156 Sports p. 171 Clubs p. 188 fpr'q Add r» p q q -r\ 1 Q 7 Editor's Page p. 199 IXvCivLlllCllJUvI

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Lasting Impressions of.* H.P.A. students enjoy a wide variety of activities during the summer. Whether it be catching a wave at the beach, or travelling to distant regions of the globe, summer vacations are treasured by all. Below left: Jeff Hubbard doing what he does best. Below : Jennifer Glauner enjoys her new found friends in Japan. Below right: Elbe Heritage helps her friend Yuki to learn English during the Johoku program at H.P.A.



Above: Chris Lozac'h's new hobby Left: Kelly Miller making friends in Atascadero, California. Below left: Daniella Carreira visits NASA Space Academy. Below: Sage Nottage in a college program in Boulder, Colorado.

Lasting Impressions of„

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Above: Ninia, Mia, Jade, and Robi take a break from class to play their favorite sport.




Right: Noah, future Vidal Sassoon, shows off his new hair style and flashes a sexy mgrin. Bottom: Rachel and Fiona share a burst of laughter as they look on at the weird one in the middle.

Left: Toby searches the latest issue for a leopardprint thong bikini.

Bottom left: Toyo models his everyday HPA student look.

Bottom right: Carrie and Kathy were definitely the hottest babes on the beach this year.

Lasting Impressions ofoa. The athletes of 1991-1992 seasons strived for perfection. They reached it with the help of coaches and teachers at our school. Some of their efforts are displayed here. The sports that these athletes participate in range from competitive football to intermural activities

Top: Bobby sets a perfect pass. Middle: Kim, Theana, Alexa and Sienna w ait anxiously for the Bike and Run to start. Right: Lindsey and Kim enjoy and ride around M auna Kea.

Top: The Kanis celebrate their victory by singing "In the Foothills of Waimea." Above Left: M ia goes up for a spike. Above Middle: Senior captains: Derrick Honda, Allyn Spencer, and Derrick Hanano lead the Kanis in th eir victory chant. Above Right: M ariko prepares for a perfect set.

Lasting Impressions of1

The student life at H.P.A is diverse. Whether you're a day student or a boarder, you'll always find yourself occupied with one! thing or another. You're involved in the school day rush, practicing sports, sitting back watching T.V., or doing one of the numerous student activities that the school provides. The atmosphere at H.P.A. is varied so that everybody will find their niche.

Upper Left: Mia and Robby show their sibling love for each other. Upper Right: Nikki is caught snacking between meals. Below: An average night in Lower Dorm.

Left: Another gossip session at Anna's. Middle Left: So which guy is she talking to this time??? Middle Right: S tarr and Jennifer expressing their views on life!!! Bottom Left: Kim and Heidi dig in for some delicious H.P.A. food!! Bottom Right: Carl makes him self the center of attention.

Lasting Impresions 0„0

HPA offers a variety of activities for all of the students, ranging from kayaking to student organizations, and of course the fun that students create for themselves. Left: Beth McDowell boogies to her own beat. Below left: Wait a minute, who's winning here? Below: Mike Swan flexes his muscles during a grueling session in the weight room.


Top left: W ith a grant from Bishop Estate, the M akalawena camping tripwashed ashore many interesting things! Top right: Nicole Raymond frolicking (?!?) in the w ater during one of H.P.A.'s m any trips to Hapuna. Above left: Clare O’Malley digs in to the standard cookout fare, while H eather Davy and Ja n n a Stout merely look on. Above: Brian Johnson kayaks his way to a better self. Left: Diane Faye and Malia Sperry advertise their cause for our new chapter of Students Against D runk Driving.



E N D S Top: Junior boys attem pting to flex. Right: Michi and Michiko: connected a t the hip. Left: Diane and Carrie: Kauai girls!

Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold. New-made friendships, like new wine, Age will mellow and refine. Friendships that have stood the testTime and change are surely best; Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray, Friendship never knows decay. Cherish friendship in your breastNew is good, but old is best; Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold. -J. Parry

Top: Beautiful smiles from Kelly and Ninia. Bottom left: Senior girls, relaxing in the sun. Bottom right: Wish I had a pair of Sunglasses!!!

Tet: Remember before we became roommates your hair was completely black. Thanks for the good times and the friendship we have. Chad: Fellow prefect and ex-roomate. Thanks for all the Monday Night Football games. It would have been boring without you. The Two Tahitians: Thanks for all the fun, talks, and late night movies. Jake, Carl, Allyn, Honda, Hanano: Thanks for all the hits and fun we had during camp and season. I couldn’t have survived Bryson without you. Thanks!! Rick, Brian, Chris, Bart, Chad: Fellow senior Hall Dorm prefects. Thanks for all the support and late night T.V. I couldn’t have survived our senior year without you. All Prefects/Peer Counselors: All the tight discussions were very helpful and fun. Thanks for being there. Freshmen: See you later. To all those that I might have forgotten: Take care. It’s been fun. To the class of 1992: This bud’s for you!


B ill B a iley Newport Beach, Ca./3 yrs./2 yrs. Varsity football/2 yrs. prefecting Mom and Dad: You’re the greatest!!!! Thank you for the chance of H.P.A. I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement, patience, and the many sacrifices that you

have made for me. I love you lots! Lori: Thanks for the support throughout my high school years. Thanks for being there.

)a v id B ito n ti

4yrs.PalmSprings/ Football/ basketball!!!/ Baseball/ Golf/ Godspell/ Bookstore/ SCUBA lom and Wells: You have given me so luch. How can I ever th a n k you? mine: Your guidance and wisdom have elped me survive. I wouldn’t be me nthout you. lana & Grampa: I love you guys. I wish ou could live forever, luntie Anne: You may be far away, but ou’re always close to my heart. 'o th e Spencers, my second family: God less you all. Thanks for treatin g me like . son.

Tuy B., S tu art M., Heidi T.: You have shaped my life in ways th a t you will never know. To all my Classm ates: You’ll always have a place in my heart. To th e teachers: “Air”-Hold, keep practicing. Bryson: Thanks for all of the advice. Too m any horror stories about your class. Wilder: Did the Bulls win??? Colson: So you finally made it. I’m glad

you did. Dunlap: Can I have a “sip” of your coffee? Mrs. Piltz: Hugs in strange places. Durnan: Target practice with footballs and fire alarms. Ms. Michel: Muy Bien! Campbell: How’s the foot? Ultim ate frisbee anyone? Whittlesey: Heard any good jokes lately? Bleckel: Two-step dunk. To the Homies: Jeff C.: you’re ju st awesome. Emil: keep practicing th a t throw, (Ultimate Frisbee) Eric: Can I have a ride? Tyson: PUT ON SOME CLOTHES! Kosei: How m any tapes do you have? You’re the only person th a t can tu rn me on to Metallica. Bill (G): Break anything lately? Adam (K): Knifemania, Summer ’91, too much pool, too little time. Shane & Taka: You guys should adopt Mr. Otto. M attV .: Awesome wrestler/stud. Taka F: God of strength. Kume: Where are you from? He doesn’t like you does he? Tet: Lightning Tet on 1. Bart: Not enough sleep last night? Bill(B): Is there ever a tim e when your shoulder doesn’t hurt? Asa: W here the hell did you get “M agnet” from? Todd: The world’s first radio controlled human. Hiro: Konichiwa. Allyn, Derricks, Chad, Jake, and the rest of the senior football studs: You’ve changed my life forever. Good luck to the rest of the football team. To the chicks: Freshm an posse, C.J. Sonrisa, Tara, keep on dancing. Extended family: Tosh, Malikes, Laura Ita, Lasiandra, Janna, I wish you the best of luck, and never change, you’re great the way you are. Diane: Got a problem? J u s t kidding. Michelle: Thanks for the talks. Nicky: You w ant a back rub or what? Cheerleaders: Yumi, Malia, Mia, Rebekah, Kuilan, somebody, everybody, SCREAM! To Ita and Kumi, boy am I glad th a t we found each other. To the original Bookstore guys and girls: Kahea, Kristen, Bob, Neil, Jeff. Who’s gonna run the Bookstore now? “Never underestim ate the power of the dark side.” Yoda


Cutter: How should I s ta rt giving thanks to such a great man? Simple, C utter, butter, flutter, gutter, stutter, clutter, shutter, snutter, dutter, ju tter, m utter, putter, Cutter. Shane: How did you m ake it through the year w ith 4 A.P.’s? I can’t really think of anything to say other th an you have been a really good friend and take care. Mr. Stewert: Thank you for being cooler th an Brown. Jay: To my god, I have seen the light. The light shines brightly on you and your guitar. Myself, like other people, follow the light which leads to self knowledge and well being. I th an k you for inspiring me. Brian: Since I have been here you have helped me in num erous ways, such as physics, and prefecting. I will never forget it, and th an k you. Justin: Thank you for answering my idiotic question about the guitar and other stuff. Bill: I did not m ean to h u rt you last year, b u t you knew th at, so you ju st put me on a major guilt trip for no reason. Bill, I will never understand you. Chris: Words would only put to shame w hat I think of you. Since I can’t find a word th a t fits your actions and kindness towards me , I shall not say anything about you. Tet: Good luck on taking over the world w ith your empire. “Droplets of yes and no in an ocean of my bottom, it looks like a steep incline. From the top, another down hill slope of mine, but I know the equilibrium ’s there.” -Faith No More “We’ve ju st talked about the future, forget about the past. It’ll always be with us, it’s never gonna die, Rockn-roll ain’t noise pollution.” -AC/DC “The noose gets tighter around my throat but I ain’t a t the end of my rope

R ick B olt ‘cause I won’t be the one left behind. Can’t be the king of the world if you’re slave to the grind.” -Skid Row I am sorry th a t I didn’t address everyone th a t I w anted to address in my quotes. To m ake it up I will seek you out and sign your yearbook. Promise. P.S. It goes without saying, th a t I really enjoyed the prefects in Hall Dorm.

C utter B row n Kauai, Hawaii/ 3 years Varsity X-Country/ 2 years Track/ 4 years Varsity Soccer/ Solar Car/ Newspaper/ Tribe Member mbrelle- If only you could see me now? >m and Dad- Thank you for supporting me in everything I [ and everything I didn’t do. I love you both! rvon- “Your laborers your supposed to be laboring! That’s at you get for not having an education!” P .S .: Is this picture e e e e” enough for you? stir- To the flower of my life; I think I am starting to derstand what love is. Thank you for all your advice. I love i! 'vin- To the brother I never had- thank you for sticking with through sophomore year. Anything I say wouldn’t be nigh. I love you. By the way did you get her pants yet? eg- To the other brother I never had- Well, we’ve known each ter for 12 years and we’re still having fun. By the way, how : the brakes? y- Even though I picked on you the most, I still love you. The rid is out there waiting for you. Ju st make sure your doing .at you want to do and th at your having fun. Isn’t that what t is all about? Oh, one more thing: that’s what that’s! Ha! Ha! iris- Thanks for all your advice, I really mean it. Also, thanks putting all my thoughts in paper. I can’t say enough for you. now we will meet again someday! Wherever you go, don’t get your wallet or glasses and quit breaking things, son- Thank you for opening up the inside of me. Your luence has changed me more than any person in my life, u're one simply amazing and I love you just the way you are (I pe this was a big ego boost for you.) iane- Boy have we had some laughs or what? Your humor has ide my senior year ten times better. Have you ever heard that ig?...What is it called?....Start with an “s” I think. ir...Sarrr...Sarrrrrr.” Oh well. I can’t think of it now, but lybe later. ika- To the God’s gift to women- if no one’s won the bet by now ’re all pretty sad. -by- To the future man of GQ magazine- It’s too bad you ren’t a boarder this year, but it was fun anyway. Don’t forget the fun we had 3-wheeling. Those were the best of times, arania- To the most loving person in the world- I’ve always red and always will love you. Don’t forget it. enn- Even though I Cum!) hated you in eighth grade (um!), erything has seen (um!) to have worked out (um!). Have we shed her (um!) off the edge yet(um!)? Three dollars?

Shawn- “Strive not for perfection but for success.” Thanks for all the laughs in Intro-cal, Calculus, and in Physics; it sure has been a blast. Rick- No m atter what you may think of yourself, I think you’re a really great guy and don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. Thane- No matter what anyone tells you (parents or not) do what you want to do. It’s no fun if you do what other people tell you to do. Take care and be yourself; that’s what life’s all about. Malia- No matter how this year ends up, I will always remember 8th grade and all the help and support you gave me. Thank you. Diane- Even though it never really worked out between us, you have taught me so much. Thank you for all the advice and talks. Liz F ierst-1 really miss you this year. I wish you could have stayed. Even though you probably didn’t know it. Erika- You have shown me the way to be a better person. Thank you, I hope you had a blast in Australia. Justin- Never stop playing music. You are a great musician and have amazing natural talent. Maybe one of these days, I’ll see you on the MTV Music Video Awards. Hughes- You’re simply the greatest! I will miss you so much. Solar Car has been one hell of an experience. You are the best teacher I have ever had. I hope you’ll never grow up. I love you always. Kamrow- Thanks for helping me through my junior and senior year; I don’t think I would have made it without you. Thank you. Durnan- Thanks for all of your female advice its been most helpful. Sorry but I have no cliches for you. Bryson- Thank you for all of your criticism, whether it be constructive or not. At times I wish I did play football for you but other times I'm glad I can walk. Holt- Thanks for letting me veg. in your room for many times in my junior year. Since your leaving too, maybe I’ll see you in college. Perry- Your the best soccer coach I have ever had. You know how to make me perform well. Thanks for a great four years. I’ll miss the laughs and bonzai: drag races on Maui. Honma- Thanks for the three great years of x-country and thanks for understanding. Bleckel- Wait till its the right time to depart. When it feels right then do it. But don’t be premature. Reap all of Hawaii’s

benefits while you can. To all of my teachers: Beware I might come back and teach here one day. To Tipper Gore! If your children are influenced by anything that Gene Simons(Kiss) has to say then your just not doing your job as a parent. Dennis Miller “Music is more powerful then you can imagine.” Cutter Brown ‘92

Carl B ryson Kamuela/ 12 years!!!/ Football/ Wrestling/ Track/ Solar Car Jake: You are by far the closest friend I have ever had. You stood with me throughout high school and were always my friend. Few things came between us and we seldomly argued (which considering our tempers is amazing in itself). I haven’t always been the greatest of friends, or even the most bearable, and you have repaid my bumbling with friendship; thank you for all you have given me and all we have shared. Glenn: You have been the most critical friend I have ever had; but when I had fallen and most needed you, you were at my side. Thank you for a new perspective on life, an occasional free meal, and for being my friend when I needed one. Jake & Glenn: Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run...Together we’ve survived, and had some fun in the process. I’ll never forget you. Need I say more? Derrick Honda: You’ve been my friend since we were very young. We have always competed and made each other stronger. I only hope that you have learned half as much from me as I have from you. Allyn : You have driven me (and the rest of the team) when I was lazy. Without you I would never have excelled in football as I have. But even th at is belittled by the quality of your friendship. Derrick Hanano: “What did you call me?” “Fat!” “I am not!” “Are too!” “Well, you’re fatter!” “Not!” “I’m telling!” We’ve come a long way, from adversaries on the playground to brothers on the line. Foreword, together. Thank you. Grad: You’re one of the best people I have ever met. Your advice to me has always been sound and your compassion for others sets you above most people. Fleur: I didn’t forget you, and I never will. Cheer up; your greatest flaw is your lack of self confidence. Sue: What can I say? Smile more often. Your wit and intelligence makes you one of the most interesting and fun people I have ever met. Chris: You influenced my writing a great deal, but not nearly so much as you influenced my life. You have been so many things for me, from teacher to friend, and have helped me to see a more cheerful aspect of life. Diane: In many ways you are the most insightful person in school. You have shown me compassion when it did not benefit

you to do so and cheered me up when I was depressed. You bring happiness wherever you go, a gift that is far more valuable and cherished than any material blessing. Ninia: I have given you a lot of grief (there are better words but I can’t use them in the yearbook), but I have enjoyed our talks immensely. You are a mature and reflective individual and have somehow managed to enjoy life a t the same time. A talent I wish I had. Scott: Our friendship can be summed up by Mr. Bleckel’s class and the farris wheel ride. If we hung around together too much we’d be kicked off the island. Liz: We have become friends through the one thing we have in common, metabolism. Cathy: I don’t know what to write. You offered me dreams when all I had was memories. Thank you. You’re intelligent, witty, and altogether talented. We watched each other from opposite sides of a broken mirror while we grew up together. Now we turn our backs to the shattered reflection and walk on together. If you ever need someone, call me. O-Line: “ Hit and drive, ready...begin.” Mark (Bill)- “Fore!” I’ll get it right one of these days. Did you bring those golf balls yet? Chad: You’re a great wrestler, a better person, and an even better friend. I would have died in Physics class without you. “En garde!” Bill: Thanks for the knife, the commemorative set, and your friendship. See ya in Tijuana; oh, and by the way “odd or even?” Taka: Take care of your shins. See ya. Shelly: We’ve been “heroes,” “family,” friends, and despite the distance between us, we have remained together. See you at the next frat party, or maybe at the lake. We’ll take in one of the Adom’s concerts and relax on the dock. Laurie: I never know what to write to you. Are you still here? In the mean time “I will hold your hand as long as all may/or so very little longer.” Provided the rumors aren’t so bad. Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Toyo Hughes: You are the best wrestling coach in the state and a good science teacher to boot. If the solar car gets running again I’ll see you a t the next race. Heathe: Are you speaking to me yet? I’m going to miss flirting with you, and I'll miss your company. Laura: Ditto. Mr. Dunlap: Thanks for all the time you put into my writing even after I was out of your class. My speeling has emproved and so has my personality, thanks to you.

Tetsu: “Reflex test Tets’!” “It’s 6:20, time to go run!” You were a great roommate and a good lineman. We missed you this season. Shawn: Relax, high school's almost over. You work harder than anyone I’ve ever met and consequently you’ve been successful. I wish you the best of luck and that your high school success will carry on throughout your life. You’ve been a good friend and I couldn’t have passed Algebra II without you. See ya’ in Waipio. Mom: Without you I never would have made weight or finished my homework. You’ve raised me well in the art of shrewdness and achieving my goals. Love you. Dad: I enjoyed having you as a teacher and coach; but, above all, you were a wonderful father. Thank you for my life’s education. Love you. Richard: Have fun in high school, stay out of trouble, take can of Nathaniel while I’m away, and do your homework. Nathaniel: Soon you will be in high school; until then just grind through the system. Special Thanks To: NG, RM, JM, CH #62, JPK #54, CS #73, JY #53, LO #61, WW #64. JE #60, WL #72, CM #20, KC #70, PD #22, DA#11, JY #34, The football team (what remains), Grandma #14, the wrestling team, MV, JM, TH, Mrs. Piltz (who taught m forever), Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuto (who got me into college), the coaching staff, (Dad, Marciel, Shaw, Chinin, Frosty, Matt, Lance), the football managers, Mr. Holt, Mr. Bleckel (for puttini up with me), Mr. Wilder (my eternal advisor), CE (and all the other lefties), MH, RKI, ML, JH, the entire class of 1992, SLCC JRIC...Goodbye HPA - it’s been a long time.

A nthon y Chan 11 years/Varsity Basketball/Varsity Track/Varsity Volleyball ) Mom and Dad: You’ve given b so much, yet asked for so tie. Thanks, I love you. i my sister Sandra: Hang in ere. School is only as hard as u make it; thanks for being a ster and a confidant. ark: Never stop golfing beuse if you do I know you will ther away. Good luck. rder: You swim stud, I know I n beat you in a 50 yd. sestyle. Irt: You try too hard.

Ian: You giant, if I was your height I could 360 slam. But hey, your regular one handed slam dunk will do. To Mike, Matt, Bart, Ian, Asa, Ashley, Calvin, Josh, Bobby, Porter, Robbie, Alex: Volleyball was interesting. To Alan, Derrick, Derrick, Carl, Bill, Jake, and Tet: you played some great football. To Shane and Taka: It’s not my birthday. Shawn: College isn’t too far away.

To people I’ve forgotten: too bad I can’t remember you. Life is only worth what you make it. It can be all you want if you try hard enough, or it can be nothing if that is what you are.

Knowing what you want is only half of getting it; having the will and drive to get it is the other half. Good luck to all the seniors even if you don’t need it.

Yumi K aleionaona C ockett 2 yrs. HPA/ Honolulu, HI/ JV and V Cheerleading Captain/ 2 yrs. Baseball Manager/ Dorm Prefect/ 2 yrs. Choir Mom: Thanks for always being there for me when I needed you! I usually told you that I needed something a t the last minute possible, but somehow you came through for me. No one could ask for a better mom and I hope that when it is my turn, I’ll be just as Great as You! I LoveYou and greatly appreciate all the sacrifices you’ve made to make my Life an easier oneL.Mahalo! - Yums Dad: Thank you for the enormous amount of support that you have given me throughout the years! I couldn’t have had a bigger fan than you and I want to thank you for helping me make my self-confidence stronger. I Love You, Daddy! I will always be “Your Little Girl”! Matt: Hey Big Bro! I finally did it! Can you believe it? I can’t!?! This feeling is too funky for me! I guess that’s another thing you’ll have to explain to me! Thanks for all those brotherly-sisterly-bonding talks that we’ve had! You’ve really helped me grow and understand myself and everyone around me better! I wouldn’t trade you in for another brother - EVER! Thanks again and Remember that I Love You! Father: I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend HPA. I also want to thank you for caring about me and my education. Thank you! Grandma: Not only did I do it for me, but I also did it for you! I know you can’t be here with me to celebrate this moment but you are always in my thoughts and in my heart! Grandma, I Love You. I always have and I always will! - 1 Miss You - but the great memories keep me going! - Love You! Grandpa: Thank you for your wisdom, your support, and your endless love. It will never be forgotten. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for me throughout the years! You’ve taught me so much and I appreciate everything that you have done for me. You’re the Greatest and I Love You! Nanny: Thank you for all of your concern! I Love You! i: You are one of a kind! - Thank you for everything. I Love You! Auntie Chris: Thank you for all of your love and your many words of encouragement! You’ve really helped me survive this trying time in my life! - Love Ya! Uncle Bob, Auntie Booty, and Reiko: Thank you for all your support and love! You are the best Godparents anyone could ever want! Reiko - Remember to study hard and never stop doing your extra-curricular activities. - Love You All Coco: Keep studying hard and Remember to never give up!

Strive for the best you possibly can be! Tut-tut Tootaloo! Love you - Bye! ‘Chelle: Eh Sis! So wassup chicky! Long time no talk ya?! Gosh, can you believe I’ve finally graduated! We’ve been through a lot together! Remember when we were little with no care in the world. We only cared about climbing up the tree, getting ice cream from the ice cream truck, going to Agena’s Store, making our Lemonade stand, etc. Those were the good days! So many things have changed and now there is so much more responsibility. Thank you for making our childhood a memorable one! Now lies the future! Love ya - Mi Alma: Hey you Manang! Now it’s going to be my turn! Finally ya?! We’ve had many great times together and just think, there’s many more to come. You’ve been there for me through everything and I want to thank you for being such an understanding and loving friend! - Love You! Mia: Are you feelin’ Irie! Ai, Kuriah! Jubilee’s alright; Hamma Time!; I like Kaon!; Itchy Bean!; Deli; Hilo; Kona; McD’s; LSD’s; weekends; Circle K; UH Manoa; UH Hilo; Kay’s Drive-in; Mountain Road; Me, the DD!; Cheerleading camp; Carnivals; late night talks; all the numerous phone calls (BM, JM, Bulla, etc.); BIG BROTHER; “What if my son’s name was Todd and my daughter’s name was Tasha?!” - Well Mia, I really don’t know!; SM, JA, BM, PL, TB, LH, TT, HM, ALK, JW, JM, Berry Joy, Kenny Duma, Braddah Lines, Bo, SI, Uncle Argen, Hula, What Mia, gotta wash car? Again? What? Polish too?!; You Baboza - you owe me 66 zip packs!; You Paniolo you! We’ve had many good times! Thank you for everything...Remember, I Love You More! Jana: Hey Yana! Well it’s been great cheering with you this past year and a half! Shoulder stands, toe touches, jumps, etc. Keep up the smiles Hun, and don’t let THE OCTOPUS get to you too often! Mapun: Eh Ti-tal Ai Kurish!...Watch out for those Zambolees! You master dancing machine you! Thanks for all the lessons! My first chair! Unreal! You’re an AWESOME Flyer! So how’s Uncle Argen? Don’t kaon too many sausages! Nah but! Thanks for all those B sessions! Remember th at I Love You and I’ll just be a phone call/letter away! Take care of yourself and remember to enjoy your high school life! Keep cheering! Love Ya! Tapun: Eh Girlfriend?! You sexy buggah you! Rush-Rush! Thanks for all the memories! Keep up the good work and enjoy

high school while you can! Thanks for everything! KIT - Love I Ya - Yummer! Kuilan: Don’t be so down on yourself. Study hard, keep cheering and take care. KIT - Love Ya! Richard: No matter what Mia says, You’re still MINE! Thanks for all the hugs! Love Ya! Rebekah: Shot Gun! ’91-’92 Cheerleaders: It has been really great working with I you all! Keep up the Great work and good luck in the future! a Mr.Rice: Sorry for all the headaches Mia and I caused you! ■ What are you going to do now that we’ve grad?...Relax I guess! I The Watsons (Grandma Watson too): Thanks for taking ■ care of me. My home away from home! And I didn’t go on weekend that often! Study?! What's that? That's why I go onJ weekend so I can study...the guys! Right Mrs. Watson? ThanH again. Now you can all join Mr. Rice in relaxing! Take care of9 yourselves - Love you all! The Behics: Thank you for the help and support you have 1 given me. All of you are very special to me. Thank you and I | Love You all. - Yumi d o ’92: Our time has finally come. I wish the best of luck to all of you and I hope that every one of you accomplish the goals yoij set for yourselves. Kulia Ika Nu’u...c-ya at the REUNION! ,1 To the HPA ‘Ohana holo’oko’a: Thanks for touching my lifel and enlightening my mind. And Last but Definitely not Least Chris: We’ve been through so much! Thank you for everythira that you’ve done for me and taught me. Your friendship mean! so much to me and remember that I’ll always Love You! - “My ■ long and lasting love." Glen Medeiros

Mahalo Nui Loa - Yuma


Ian Cole Waiki'i 4 yrs./ Maui Boy J.J.: Ho Mike we go Pine Trees this weekend. N a Pavilions, na H ale o Inu. [lie trips M auna Kea, Pinetrees, Waipio, ;ood fun riding bike and recovering from he night before. Those trips are the ones '11 m iss the m ost when we go college and he ones I'll remem ber. "Missionaries orever." LS.: Allyn, your woman's finally gone and ou're still sh u t down. Na. O ur senior rear has been killer so far and we still got l ways to go. "Volleyball forever."

N.A.: "Delinquent, quit corrupting all these kids." We go ride bike Nick smoke you on my four stroke any day. "Waiki'i boz's forever." J.A.: City slicker quit listening to th a t gay music. Jock I'll miss the movie trips and the Sunday afternoons a t your house. Don't know w hat you'll do when you see a girl you think is good looking; you'll have no one to ask while I'm gone. "Hicks forever." A.Ch.: "Wow w hat a vertical!" M.D.: E at my dust Punk.

P.S.: Catch me if you can Molokai boy. J.C.: So what; where's the parole officer? We go your house. D.H. Ho Honda w hat's up. Come up my house; we'll ride around the island in 2 hours. Honda you're the life of the parties and I hope we never lose touch. K.M.: Kelly you've always been a friend. Sorry for harassing you so much over the years. "Motorbike Mamas forever." P.H.: W hat's up Molokai Boy? Where Da Taxi driver stay. Volleyball practice has been the funnest sport mostly because of you and your jokes and good humor. I'll miss listening to you when I go to college, but I'll always remember the fun times. Molokai boz's forever after M aui boz's. J a k e C.: Well the two new boys have made it through the 4 years and we're soon to graduate. You'll always be a good friend. "Maui boz's forever." M.L.: Don't cross this line 'cause I'm the boss. B.K.: "Hey, Bob, we go surf." D.F.: Well Kauai cousin, it's been a good HPA experience and the smiles and hugs from you have made my bad days good. "Rices forever." N.Q.: Nene you're the most joyful person I've ever met. If there were more people like you, the world would be a much funner place. W ith your great laugh you always make people smile. "Teradactyls forever." L.L.: You'll always be my favorite New Mexico girl. K.R.: K athy you're a good friend and with a little persuasion you're someone we can always get to come out with us and have a good time. I hope we go to colleges th a t are close so I can keep in touch easily. "RRR." L.H.: Aunty Lauren, can Porter come out and play? "Sunny-D M aster forever." S.C.: Shelley these past 14 years have been good and even though we have not always gotten along the best, I w ant you to know I love you lots and I will miss you when I’m gone. I want you to be careful and remember life is temporary, death is forever. A unty & U ncle Chris: To my second home: thanks for all the time I spent down a t your house, and for the generosity you've shown me. Someday I'll be able to repay it all. Mom & Dad: If it wasn’t for you I wouldn't be here at all. There's so much I could thank you for, but it would be too long and pretty boring, too. So all I'll say is I love you guys a lot and appreciate all the support vou've shown me in my decisions in life. C lass o f '92: Be successful but most of all, be happy. Love, Ian.



M ic h ik o , M ich i, Jad e, a n d M o rg an - T hanks for lettin g m e h a n g o u t w ith y o u guys. I’ll m iss you. D a m ie n - M ichiko is so lucky! Take care of h e r okay?!

R uth and A lexandra- Thank God for your brains! If not for your help I would have never made it! Good luck in the future. I’ll miss you both. Kathi, M alia, V anessa, Carrie, Liz, L ilia, D iane- Take care and good luck! D errick H anano- Thanks for being so nice to me the first day I came to H.P.A. You will always be a special friend. I love you. D errick Honda- Thanks for taking care of me this year. (Only friends)

M ariko Lokelani Dick

Waimea/ 3 years/ Volleyball/ Track

»m, Dad, an d Grandm a- T hank you [helping me through these years and ring me the opportunity to come to P.A. luren- We’ve known each other since we re five; riding horses and doing mnastics. Now we’re about to graduate, sll, take care. I’ll never forget you. I love 1


Manoa. I always had fun w ith you! K elly- We were always together this year since we were both boyfriendless. Love you! N inia- Hi Ninsy! Who’s going to be your pepper p artn er now th a t I’m gone? Who­ ever it is will never be as good as I was, right? I’m going to miss you!

Grad- Thanks for being such a great friend. I’ll listen to your Diane problems anytime. I love you both. A lly n , Jak e, S h a w n , Ian , M ik e, P orter, M ark , a n d E d m u n d - T hanks, y o u senior g u y s for m ak in g o u r last y ea r to g eth er so fu n a n d m em orable. S h a d - T his w as a to u g h y e a r b u t n o m atter w h a t h a p p en s, I’ll alw ay s rem em b er ev ery th in g w e'v e shared! T hanks for being m y best friend.

He ‘ohu Ke aloha; ‘a’ ohe Kuahiwi ka ‘ole. slina- We hated Shigeko! T hanks for j tim es I’ve stayed a t M aunalani and

M elissa- You truly are one of the sweetest friends I have. But do I really have friends?!

D ad : It's not Black H ill, it's Sand Hill! W hy is it that every tim e w e go fishing w e d o n 't agree? Rem em ber one sum m er w e w orked on the LaLamilo house. Well that w as the s um m er you becam e m y best friend. I'm not sure too m any sons have a b est friend as a father, I Love you. M om: Spam M usubi o f course! It's am azing how you p u t u p w ith m e an d Chris. Thanks for being patient w ith me, m y room , an d m y bathroom .A ll of o u r d eep talks o n revelation a n d love, I'll m iss, I love you. C hris: I w ish y o u could have been just a little older, that w ay w e could sp en d m ore tim e together. I've alw ays w anted a little b rother, b u t a little sister w as okay. Y ou're going to be a star o f som e sort one day. M aybe n ot in Basketball, Baseball, o r Soccer b u t you still got all the girls as f a n s , I Love you. R aena a n d K ehau: You guys show ed m e tw o sides: Either college for life, o r n o college a t all! M aybe I'll show C hris the w ay, an d be a bum . NAH! I'll just live at home. I love you guys. D errick: You are m y b rother always! Som etim es a y o u n g er brother, som etim es an older b rother, som etim es a tw in. All the tim es w e got kicked o u t of class an d slep t o n the w alkw ay som ew here, I'll m iss. W hat ab o u t o u r Roadblocks! N obody ever got through. T hanks to y o u I cau g h t m y first M ahiM ahi. Rem em ber 5th grade, w e p lan n ed to beat u p Keone A u, w h y d id n 't w e? C am ping, and hearing d ru m s a t K ealakekua Bay. Y ou're m y best friend alw ays, thanks for m aking school a playground,an d n o t a cem etery. I love y o u like a brother. Jake: IRIE M ON! W e go sm oke 'd a ganja MON! H U I IGNACIO! Tem porary insanity leave m e alone. Jake, I n ev er th o u g h t w e 'd be so close. You one haole, th a t's w hy. You, a n d I h a d som e p retty disappointing conversations ab o u t girls d id n 't we. C ontrol y o u r tem p er before y o u h u rt m e in th e chest again. Basketball a t n ig h t w ith th e boys w as good. Thanks for u n d erstan d in g w h en n ob o d y else did. D errick: W e sh o u ld b u y coffee a t 3:00a.m. again. Let's not u se pennies, I'm tired of counting. M enpachi fishing w ith y o u w as funny w e n ever cau g h t anything w orth keeping! Thanks for the endless s u p p ly of cabbage! I c o u ld n 't believe w e passed tests, after studying a t y o u r house. Mr. P av o n's house, H A HA! A llyn: W ass'u p AI. You alw ays p u t together the basketball gam es a t night. W hy d id n 't Elliot kick u s out? W hen a re w e going cam ping w ith th e boys? N ew Y ears parties w ere aw esom e! Shaw n: I d o n 't rem em ber y ou in Elem entary, Interm ediate, o r H igh School, w ho are you? Your b irth d ay parties w ere great. Jeffrey C hen A H H H ! Carl: You d ev elo p ed to be a nice g uy, unbelieveable. T hanks for listening to m e w hen needed. P o r te r A lbino skunks, w e got to take state this year! M ike: W hite H aw aiian! Y our'e so organized, y o u alw ays organize everything. Toby: W e never w en t fishing. Even th o u g h y o u a n d m y d ad are d riving partners. Ian: W e're opposites. Bill (M ark): Golf! A nim al, H a p p y Birthday. S hane, Taka: Share y o u r love w ith m e tonight, in H aw aii. Toyo: W here are you? D am ien : A m azing I grew u p w ith you. I ta u g h t y o u everything y o u know . Nah! I h ope y o u a n d M ichiko tu rn o u t OK. J.P: H ui girrrrrl. You like th e big one. I h o p e y o u g et C andice back. Lucas: Sunday school boy. D iane: M y predictions, "It's a gam ble", Shelly the turtle. T em porary insanity forever, intellectual stim ulation, candlelight pizza, letters, p h one calls, religion, values, m orals, com panionship. D o w e go in cycles? C onfusion alw ays, com m unication? T he cave both physical, and m ental. The cart w e p u sh , th e fo u n tain w e build, spirits talking to u s in the cave? W ishful thinking. I'm often w rong, b u t m ore often right. I w o u ld give anything, trad e an ything, to hold th a t ball, p u sh th at cart, or go into the cave again. Y our sm ile w as th e b est w o rd I ever heard. You say, HLYL, I love you, b est friend. Liz: (BOO) H ey there, this year w o u ld h ave been a lot better if yo u w ere here...You d id com e back! Boo, I w an t you to know th a t you w ere m y best friend. D iane told m e to say that for h er too! Jam ie: W hy d id n 't y o u com e back! I m issed both o f you g uys this year. I’ll alw ays rem em ber chem istry. Lauren: Ponce-de-leon, h ave I b een w rong? Stick w ith me, a n d y ou'll be all right, kid. M elina: First tim e w ith H ide night. Kelly: Y ou're a dizz, b u t I still like you. M ariko: Y ou're funny, you look just fine! Y ou're so sweet! C arrie: I probably leaned on y o u a lot this year. I'm sorry if I m ade you u ncom fortable a t times. I w an t you to know y o u m ake m e smile, even though you d id n 't know! Bruce: I'm so confused! W hy do, an d d id you listen to m e? D id n 't I cause you boredom ! Y ou're a pal.

Grad Ikaika Elarionoff Kamuela, Hawaii/8 years/Baseball forever G reat p a rty for Liz! I'll m iss you helping m e w ith m y problem s. Thanks for being there w hen I n eeded you. M ich i & M ichiko: You guys are all alone next year! You g uys rem ind m e of m e, a n d Derrick, alw ays together! J.H, Y.C, M.I, L.F, M.S, B.W, K.R, U.R, J.C, L.K, M.H,: You g uys gave m e tim e to talk ab o u t w ho else! Thanks a lot for asking questions that alw ays helped! B aseball T eam : This w as the year w e better have m ade it good! H ib ach i Boys: Jonah, R yan, A aron, Bruce: I'm going to m iss the basketball gam es, sneaking aro u n d M auna Kea, a nd the d ive trips. K en: W e k n o w how to u se the Hibachi! D ania: M y new est friend, y o u 're special a n d I'm n o t sure h o w to p u t you in m y life. Thanks for being a p al this sum m er! M r. H onm a: U papalu! M rs. T raub: W ork off hours.

All of you guys h a d an im pact on m y life, som e good som e bad. I w a n t yo u to k now I care, a n d love y ou gx lot. I'll m iss you all a lot, b u t w e w ill m eet again...If I y ou o u t you k now y o u 're still m y friends, bye. M ark m y w ords, "I'm going to the pros."

arrie Maleka Ellis -Country/Track/S.A.D.D./Community Service/Dorm Prefect a d , M o m m y , & J e f f:

made you many and many a song t never one told all you are vas as though a net of w ords :re flung to catch a star. •Sara Teasdale »ave been granted the most valuable : the world has to offer... your love ;olden. I'll love you more than you'll ■r know. Leka-Leka hana:

[ana, Moki, Uncle Michael, Auntie Stephanie, ug (Doogle Ass) les (PMS), Auntie Bobbi, Grammy, and am py:

There's no vocabulary for love within family, love that's lived in but not joked at, love within the light of which 11else is seen, love within which all h er love finds speech. This love is lent. -T.S. Elliot ipa:

ly Papa-Bear w ords cannot begin to express admiration for you. I am forever grateful for endless sacrifices you made for me. I will ke you proud, I promise. I will always love ia n e : My psychic sister... How can one put ateen years of love and laughter into a single aphrase? Lifetime friendships of unconditional e are rare and I just thank God for you. But,

before you start crying, answer me this, "Are you feeling Irie!?!" P.S. My hair will always be longer. P.S.S. I love you. B irg i- B e a n s : Blonde wigs for everyone! Now, repeat after me, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and, Gosh d arn it, people love me!" What are you going to do next year without our daily affirmations? Waaah! I feel like I've known you forever & I'm going to miss you so much next year. I nub oo. (And Makana, We'll find you yet!) D .J . J a z z y J a k e : Thanks for knowing how to put a smile on my face, even when the world was caving in. Tell Joey Potential I say hi. P.S. " All of us are born right-handed and only the great are able to over come it." P.S.S. Kauai rulz!! K a th y : Ho Katchrin! Always making trouble to me, eh? But, tanks fo taking care ob me preshmen year-eben ip you when wake me up wit yo LOUD deodorant. Nah- you know I lub you. T.C.C.I.C., Kona chick. -Maleka-san J e n : Jennifut, Fahhty-Jen. So what, you like scrap? How 'bout 4:30? Tanks fo' all da saimin & Weekends. Wordly Advice: Thirty cents does not go a long way at 7-11.1 loooove you. Lub, Maleka A m a n d a : Amanada, Smile-"ting!" Be a good girl next year, or I'll send my buddies Debbie, Donnie & Danny after you! Take care, haole girl. G r a d : an' so da' kine, li'dat, fo' what... Always Keep Frankie, Joycie,& da low rider close to your

heart. Thanks for all the advice! Take care of you. M a r a n ia : Maruru roa for all you have taught me ... Aloha au ia 'oe. V a n e s s a : Nessa-Van (baby pan-pan) You trully are one of the W orld's only Genuine sweeties.Thanks for saving me on weekends... et merci pour tout le monde! M a la r ia : 1. Always keep you butt tucked in, as not to get it caught in the trees flying by. 2. Don't forget your Wabin-Schlabin. G r a d y : Hey Beautiful! Try to control yourself around those Poipu men this summer, ok? Kauai no ka oi!! L ilia : Stop following me! R u th : Ruthie, Woof, Root... aftah school you bettah watch out-1 going poun' you, girlie! You know I love you. T.C.C.I.C. C a th y : "Oh Girl"... about those pencil dreamsshhh! Ok, ok, I'm hypoglycemic, I have mono, I have a worm, I'm anemic, and... Take care, Ca-T. D w e g : Thanks for always making me laugh. You're awesome, don't deny it. Laters, f.... Da' kine. Class of 92: T hanks for tak in g su ch good care of m e these past four years. I love you guys so much! Best of luck in the future. Aloha au ia 'oe. W u rs te r s : Thank you for taking me in when I needed it the most and letting me invade(&empty) your fridge. I love you guys. P.S. Thor, w hy'd you eat the ice-cream off the floor. VIVA ITALIA

MOMMY & DADDY: I want you to know that I love you both very much although it is very difficult for me to show you this. I can’t express my appreciation enough, for the opportunity you have given me. I only hope you will send the other four to HPA as well. Aunque odie Ecuador por todo el tiempo que vivia alii, poseo memorias maravillosas, por esto tambien te agredezco. Quien sabe que treaer el futuro, pero te aviso ahora que siempre tratare hacerles orgulloses de mi. Te amo muchisimo. HIGASHFS: Thank you for all the support you have given me these past two years, without you I would have been quite miserable, and lost. Love you. GRANDMA RUTH: As a writer, can I ask you; Is there ever a time when there are no words to express your feelings? I find myself in such a predicament. There are no words that I can use to express my extreme gratitude to you for all that you have done for me. I simply wanted to say “ Thank You”, and “ I Love You”. “If you would be loved, love and be lovable.” - Benjamin Franklin GRANDMA & GRANDPA TOMISHIMA: There is much I need to thank you for; for givivg me a wonderful mother, being there for me whenever I needed you, and for being so lovable, and understanding. I Love you both very much. “A Teacher affects eternity, she/he can never tell where his/ her influence stops.” -Henry Brooks Adams MR. HUGHES, MRS.LINK, MS. TRAUB, MR. WEISER, MRS. KAMROW, MR. HALL, MR. DURNAN, MR. CONLEY, MRS. PILTZ, MR. RICE, MR. COLSON, MR. WILDER, MR. BRYSON, MR. WATSON, MR. CAMPBELL, MRS. BOYD: Whether you’ve had me for a sport, or instructed me in or out of class, I would like to thank you for two very fulfilling, and rewarding years I have experienced here a t HPA. I look forward to meeting you once again. “All mankind love a lover”. -Ralph Waldo Emerson HALLS & HANCOCKS: Although I haven’t been able to budget my time effectively in order to take advantage of your tempting invitations, I am very grateful for your consideration and generosity. You’ve been everything to me, and above all supportive and direct; which is what I needed the most. Thank You. I Love you all. “ Iron rusts from disuse, stagnanant water loses it’s purity, and in cold weather becomes frozen: even so does inaction sap the vigors of the mind.” -Leonardo Da Vinci “The wrong always seems the more reasonable”. -George Moore JENNIFER, MELISSA, JESSICA, JOSEPH, FRANK: I love you all very, very much, and I can only hope th at when your time comes to attend HPA, th at it will be as fun for you as it was for me. You guys are very special to me, even though I hardly treat you so. Love You! DIANE,KATHY G,AMANDA,NICHOLE,YUMI,CATHY M.TET,BILL,CHAD,MARANIA,CARRIE,DERRICK & DERRICK,TAKA F,RICK,BRIAN,SHANE,TAKA K,KOSEI,HANS,TOYO,MATTV,CUTTER,GREG,KEVIN, OKO,TESS,PANTET J A iCRADY,RAEKO,MAR.TKO,HEATHER,MFJ-

UNGMIYUKI,YUKABETH,CJ.NIKKI3RnTANY3ARAH,CHRIS D.,KUMI,JON S.,WILSON,MATT P,MIRANDA,YURI,DOMINIQUE,JOHN M., CHRISLJAYZAI^CHARDGaTEKAYLONAJANNAKARENSIMONE, REIKO,RUTH,LAUREN,EMI,DANA,MARY,MIKA,LIZ, LAURIEAMY, MAMIKO,MIZUHO,REBEKAH,ASHLEY: You are all very special to me individually. I’ll always remember each of you because of your extreme uniqueness. I wish you all the best of luck, and success in whatever you may attempt in life, and hope to encounter you someday again. “ To climb steep hills, requires slow pace a t first.” -Henry VII “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; The wise grows it under his feet.” Lora: I’m sorry that we had some rough times. Although I’ll never forget the James Oppenheim Beach Bum, the scum squads due for being in town after six, waloking to town, Mike, New Mexico, Saudi, Egypt, Alammagordo, bikinis, pepes, and SKIP-BO’S. I LOVE YOU! Jeanette: Darling I’ll always remember you for Luigi’s, and Pepperdine. The college queen. A.P. History? Tennis, tennis,tennis-I Love you! SBO’S! Lori: Miss vocabulary. Pretty eyes, pretty hair-aaahh! Indonesia. You, and Jeanette, you deep people. ILY. SBO’S. Michelle: You and Lora are just too'tall! Don’t jump to conclusions, because “you’re just awful!” Garth Brooks and country music-ILY, good luck next year! . Susie: Don’t stress your’e perfect ju st the way you are! SBO’S. Be happy, and keep in touch! Simone: Don’t be so conservative you shy Chinese girl! I forbid you to learn Japanese quicker than me! Thank you for all the great times we had prefecting MY hall. I Love You! SBO’S. SMCK.

Celeste Kapuaonalani Ellis (Tabrah) Ecuador/2yrs./ Weightlifting/Football?!!/Dorm Pre­ fect/Turtle Tagging/Community Service/Wrestling Manager/ Choir Miwa: You’ve been so patient with me, and my Japanese-thank you! We had some great times late at night either in Simone’s, y o u t ’s , or my room - and I’ll neer forget it. I’m glad that we could all get along so naturally this year. I Love you. SMCK! To: All my prefect buddies, to everyone in Hall, Lower, and Anna’s, and especially M.S., S.P., J.W., MAG., M.R., K.R., T.F., L.L.L., M.R.: “Never say goodbye you and me and my old friends hoping it would never end, never say goodbye. -JON BON JOVI & RICHIE SAMBORO

)iane Deacon Faye auai 4 Years/Basketball/Volleyball om: My real mother could'nt have been half as aer. We may not be the Cleavers, but her cken could not compare to yours! You don't m know how much I appreciate the sacrifices u make. I Love you mom! id: You're not a nerd, I promise! For a guy rrounded by females, I really respect you. anks for the support, and belief in me. B-l is :dy to leave the nest. I Love you tons dad! nzo: Hola! You have turned into such a beautie. cry if I haven't been the perfect sister, takes ictice. I Love you anyway. Good luck buddy, irrie: Oldest, and dearest pal! You probably ow me better than most. Before we know it, i'll be on Kauai, fat, with 10 kids, sitting in :kers sharing our memories to who ever will :en. It'll be weird w /o u t you close by. I Lub Ll!

alia: Four years of w addling makes you a duck! ig Kong of the cupcakes, Julia Childs in the chen, mother Theresa to all creatures. Thanks the hand, shoulder, ears, and laughter! I really nk we click! eshmen Hall: Girlfriends, no shame, ok? You vs crack me up! Thanks for the hugs, & the psip! iris: You are the true definition of Jesus. I've rer met anyone as talented, humble, and special jcou. Thanks for your beautiful words, and idom. You are the angel. Think Daisy, ith: "The search-1 went to find a pot of gold,

that�s waiting where the rainbow ends. I searched, and searched and searched and searched, and searched aqnd then- there it was, deep in the grass, under an old and twisty bough. It's mine, IBs mine, IBs mine at last...what do I search for now?" I Love, respect, and mostly admire you. Keep questioning, and someday we'll do lunch and figure'Tife" out! Grad:"The majority of the people take the quick enjoyments, rather than wait for the delayed reward in the end. Choices are not only for you, but for the benefit of others. Choices of sacrifice are choices that should benefit the future. We lead ourselves on a trip-only to feel-to feel is depressing-to stay neutral is sad-to rise and fly high is true living but every bird has to land." Grad's quotes that I take to heart. " I've been searching for so long to find an answer. Now I see myself as I am. Feeling free. When my tears have come to an end, I'll understand. Good things in life take a long time." Chicago. Mama Kathy: Broke any legs lately? Heard you hate sand? Kelly: "Life is like a race car track..." Still your philosophy? Our beautiful voices to footloose, stressful b-ball games, KAUAI (You even attract dogs.) Cathy: My twin! What a compliment! You've got so much going for you! Had a blast being prefects w /you. Too bad we can't be meaner! Thanks for the advice, and stimulating talks. Vanessa: You really are beautiful! And one of the

nicest people I know! Beware of walking barefoot, or the germs might get you! Grady: Hey babe! We go cruise Kauai & check out the night life. (HAH). Thanks for listening to my endless problems. Marania: My beautiful Tahitian beach bunny! You taught me tons! I will visit Tahiti someday, I promise! Lauren: Like die? My picky eater buddy! Thanks for the food & shelter! Forever v-ball partners! Ninia: Body slam anyone lately? Melina: Mama Boom-Boom, and don't forget it! Jen: Math & beware flag= Mrs. Saunders memories. Who do you love now? Jake: You're not a grump, or snob. Happy? Colson, Nolan, Brilhante: You made sports worth the stress! Thanks for the support! Amanda: Water goddess that you are! Remember when life gets you down just think how easy child labor will be for you! Greg: You're the father of my first child. Firehazard Jr. Keep taking on those challenges! I hope we always keep up our colorful conversations! Love you bud! Adults that inspired me: Ms. Whittlesey,Bryson, Bartholemew, Mr. Piltz, and many more!

Mom, Dad & Chiaki: Without all your support, I wouldn't have survived these fast-moving years. You gave me a chance to go into another world. I can't thank you enough for all the things you’ve done for me. I Love You All, with all of my heart!! All the Seniors since IES, 1988: Hiroshi: Did you clean ya room yet? Your stereo's playing too loud! Mr. P's gonna come and get you. Hey, thanks for ya food supplies throughout these years. I'm gonna miss you Ocnazuke. Kosei: Hey, haircut man! How many times had you done haircuts already? You're the master of hairclipper! You'd better be a barber in the future rather than being an architect! Miwa: You're such a math genius! How come you can understand equations like cosx-®# ? P(x)-B?5 Saeko: "TUBE" the best huh? Don't you think so? Thanks for all the "TOEFL" books the other day. Toyo: Hi wrestler. Hey where is ya pineapple head now? I enjoyed ya looong lecture that I didn't understand most of. But I know you're a smart guy. Don't go picking mysterious plants anymore, O.K.? Amigos!! Ken: Hey Ken, my roommate of 1990-199; how’s ya life going? Eating saimen again? Don't eat too much. You're going to be a 200-pounder pretty soon and it might be impossible to ride on ya lovely FZR!! Keep hitting drums! Toby: Thanks for ya coffee supplies so many times. It was the first time I had vanilla in my coffee. Rick: Where is ya hair? On Sunday I saw a wig-like object in the trash can. Did you throw it away? Celeste: Are you gonna see Miss R someday soon? I hope we're gonna get together and talk again! Lora: I'll be taller than you someday!! Kathie: Yong's Kal Bi!! Don't forget! Mariko: How come you're not in Spanish class? Shane: I liked your moustache. Kiyonaga: Did you get a chocolate shake from Mr. W.? Tet: Are you still eating? Hans: Scuba diving stud. Tyson: Naked man walking down the hall!! Yoshiyuki: Why don't you show 'em your water-skiing technique? You're gonnna be a hero! Swimming Studs: Danny: Hey man! You're such a huge flyer. How much you weigh now! 200 lbs.? If you weighed 30 lbs. less, you could beat all of the state flyers! 23 seconds!! Kevin Kramer White muscular man!! You broke the school record!! Red cap worked! Ryder How come I can't swim distance, and you're good at it? I still can't believe people who like swimming distance. I hate it!!! Mamiko: You got such a strong and powerful bod. You can help construction workers by carrying iron...I'm just joking!!! All right? Emma & Chie: I know you guys improved so much. But you know what? You'd better swim sprints. Why? ’Cause distance is tiring and boring. Teachers: Mr. Solmssen: I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot. And also thank you for driving beach vans! Keep playing the guitar!! Mr. Duman: How's the ESL class meeting going? It's going to take a long time to solve that problem. I hope, someday, students like Natsko will appear in front of you! Thank you for all your tough U.S. History tests!! Mrs. Y: Thank you for all your support and assisting with the swim team. Is one of your daughters going to be a great swimmer? Miss Donahue: Kayak ventures!! It was fun! Hey, don't sink my kayak anymore. Otherwise you're gonna be in trouble again. Keep swimming. Join the meet. Mahalo to: Mr Weiser, Ms. Michel, Mr. & Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Traub, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Bleckel, Mr. Watson, Mr. Provencal, Mr. & Mrs. Rizzuto, and Mrs. Piltz. Special thanks: Brewsters: It was nice to have lived with you. I learned so many things from you. You're a great family! I can't thank you enough, and I'll never forget about you. I love you all, my American family - Jon, Susan, Aaron, Ben, Michael, Rachel, and Jennifer. Mo: Thanks for helping me with the swim team. I'm still thinking about the Master's championship. In the future, if I still keep swimming, I'll see you somewhere around the world! Mr. & Mrs. Ichino: I thank you both for supporting me for a long time. I'm leaving, but I'll never forget you. I'll see you again. Mr. & Mrs. Sato: I really appreciate your support and kindness. I'll never forget what you've done for me. Thank you very much. I'll see you again! Oscar Thanks for taking care of our pool! When is the next lifesaving session? Mr. Sunagawa: Thank you for the rides all the time, and also for caring about me. People in my Memories: Natsko: How are you doing over there? I wish (as Mr. D does) you were here. I wanna talk with you again. See you someday! Sara: Are you still swimming? You should be! You really improved your backstroke. Don't forget what you've done with the HPA swim team! Lara: Where are you now? I thought you were gonna come back here. I like ya butterfly. Do it again!! Mr. Larson: Thank you for teaching us English for a year. I wanna see you again someday! Kelly G. Record: How's ya life going? It must be pretty cold over there already. I still remember the days we had. The time's passed so quickly. Well, see you later, Kelly. Rise: Where are you now? I wanna see you again in Japan.

Takayuki F u rah ash i Chiba, Japan/ 4 yrs./ Beach Prefect (Ya!)/ 2 yrs. Swimming (still continuing since 1972)/ Weightlifting sometimes gallon of ice cream every single night? Better watch out! You're gonna be a 200-pounder within a year! I can't thank you enough for teaching history and coaching me for so long. I had a great time on the team. Being part of it was special and important to me. I deeply regret that I couldn't work out with the team during the last year of school. You're special. You have something that gets our drive up. When you join the World Master's Championship, I'll be there. By that time, you'll be in your 60's and I’ll be in my 30's. See you, sir. Thanks for the chocolate shakes.

Good luck and Aloha to: E.N., Y.K., M.S., M.S., R.O., Y.S., M.L., M | Y.M., Y.T., H.Y., Y., M.F., J.H., B.C., M.H., S.K., J.C., C.C., H.D., 1 E.H., S.W., V.K., G.B., S.A., B.B., D.C., M.S., S.T. "You could wait for your dreams to come true. But time has no mercy. Time won't stand still for you." - Brian Adams "Where there's a will, there's a way." Good Luck and Aloha to the Class of '92!!

A Teacher and also a Coach: Wilder: Hey, how much you weigh now? You still eat half a

Some days I feel I will unfurl my wings and fly like a dragon and soar above all the toy houses and people - and perhaps I will ignite their spirits with fire. Unknown author

The Secret Sits We dance around in a ring and suppose, B ut the Secret sits in the middle and knows. Robert Frost

Your name or your person, Which is dearer? Your person or your goods, Which is worth more? Gain or loss, Which is the greater bane? T hat is why excessive meanness Is sure to lead to great expense; Too much store Is sure to end in immense loss. Know contentm ent And you will suffer no disgrace; Know when to stop And you will meet w ith no danger. You can then endure. Tao Te Ching, XLIV; Lao Tzu

K risten N icole G laspey Waimea 4 yrs./ Drama/ Speech/ Still Canadian at Heart

)m an d Dad: I couldn't have asked any more support th a n you've given freely. T hank you. Love always, pse: Be excellent to yourself, buddy pu can do it!

m y frien d s (close by and across 1 ocean): You know who you are always be there. T hank you for Iping to create who I am today. Love fays.

To m y sister: "Sooner or later you've heard about all your best friend has to say. Then comes the tolerance of real love." Ned Rorem You know it - distance isn't going to m atter! I love you, and thank you...for everything.

"We'll go because it's Thursday," he said, "and we'll go to wish everybody a Very Happy Thursday. Come on, Piglet." A.A. Milne

"If you lose a memory... embroider a new one to take its place. If the sun never shines again... hold fireflies in your hand to keep warm. If you're afraid of the dark... remember the night rainbow. If there is no happy ending... make one out of cookie dough." Cooper Eden

Okaasan and Otoosan - Thank you so much for all the love, lectures, and friendship I needed to survive. Just think, your hardest obstacle in life is out of the house... for now. But remember, the youngest child HAS to leave her mark!! You are almost always right (John), but I’ll never admit it! I Love You!! - Jenni Becki Lianne and Mike • Junior year wouldn’t have been half as good without you guys up on the hill! Thanks for all the advice...and confidence in me! Good luck! I Love You! - Jenni Kathi - Hello? Is anyone there? Must be a bad connection! Hello? You sound like me! Thanks for FOLLOWING me to Hawaii...Here I come!!! Don’t forget to SHARE the lemon merengue mobile! I Lub You! - Jenni Mrs. Dunlap - Anything from Japan? Do you want another cat? Stress! Thanks for being a big sister to me! I’ll miss our “gab” sessions! Perm & color!!! I Luv You. Greenwell family - Thanks for all the food and a home away from home! Ogasawara family - Thanks for the hospitality and love (even if you ARE stinky). MOO!! W urster’s - Thanks for the energy boosters! I’ll practice my “spiral”. You’re the greatest! Boyd Sensei - Arigato gozaimasu! I can’t thank you enough for inspiring my love for nihongo! Aishiteru! Michel & Coopie - Thanks for opening the apartment to all of us! HI miss ya! Watch out for those Japanese men! Wan! Wan! Bryson - Hey! I made it after all! In 4 years too! I’ll miss the formal dinners (snap-on-tools, pudding in the lap). I can’t thank you enough for everything! (My 2nd Dad!) I Love You! Kirsty, Jazzy, Oink, Sarah, Katty, Angie - We miss you! Jam ie & Liz - It’s not the same here without you guys! We all miss and Love youL.Lizzard!!! Thank You For coming back!!! LovesYa!! Jen n i O. - 7-up, Ben Franklin, Chicken long rice, Kohala Boyz..I love ya! Ryan E. - Child’s Play 2? Unfinished business? Shane? Taka? - PAT!! Cathie, Saeko, Yumi - Dun! Dun! Boyoyoing, Boyoyoing! Nihon no tomodachi wa ichiban! Aishiteru! Kosei - Iroppoi otoko!! Dun Dun - Do you need someone to hold you ball? 6 more! Hey! Aren’t you in FOOTBALL? Traitor! Lilia - GIVE ME A McSTRAWBERRY McMILKSHAKE!! NOW!! Drama wouldn’t be fun without you! Hey BUCKO! Thanks for being crazier than I am! (And teaching me stick shift) I love ya! Kumi - You MAN! mmm...mmm...mmm..J Smile...I can’t see you! Honda san-Mizu kudasai! Dare ga Hoshii? Honto? You’re the greatest!Ill never forget you and our "talks". Aishiteru! -Jen san Liz M. - HEY! One at a time! What’s his name? He has a what? I’ll miss ya! Greg - el roacho! Bryson formals. Snap-on-tools. Sprockets! You would like to touch my monkey, yes? You’re deftnitly unique! Even if you ARE a *@#$#@, I still love you. C utter - THE STUDBOY! You’re so loud and obnoxious, but you’re still my idol! Luv Ya! J a y - You sexy Indian! Don’t touch me! You can’t see me! Would you mind if I looked through your drawers? I love you! Chris L. - South Pacific...Godspell..."Father” talks..Thanks for being there for me with a shoulder and a cow shirt, .luv moo! Meet you in Hollywood! Tyson - (as in Iron Mike) Thanks for the memories..They will always be cherished! You know I love you! Lau Lau -MOOYA! Hey! Get out of my way! Mr. Attitude! I Luv Ya! Simon - Good luck in the future (UH)! Ill keep the monkey and cow forever! Luv Ya! Tobin - Hot Damn! I luvs ya! -Juniper Bill - Won’t you come home Bill Bailey? Quit it! Can I see your ring? toes! Can I punch you? Luv Ya! Tasha & Sarah - Now YOU’RE the football slaves! Take care of our boys! No one else could take our place! cream ... camp ... snoring... KOMPAI! HOW did you do it? S.S...Who is this “Chris” guy? I Love You 2! Kainoa - DRAKKAR MAN! Mia, Yumi & the cheering gang - Thanks for the support. You guys were great! Good luck next year! Blakey - SHORT STUFF! LaDamien & Laiub - 1 Luv Ya. Birgles, Malia(squared), Kathi, Nessa - Thanks for the smiles and good luck! Holly A. - It’s not crazy enough without you here! Riehie - Someday! West Side Story forever in my heart! I Love You! Bookstore crew - Remember to SMILE! You’re the craziest bunch I’ve ever met! Shell D.,Shell S.Shelly B.,Erin H., Gretchen -Missouri no ka oi! I miss and Love You! J.P. - As much of a pain as you are...I still Love You! You’re a punk! But I’ll miss you! Just don’t ask me about any girls anymore! Good luck next year and always! Damien - Sweetness! I’ll miss you bunches...but you deserve better than what’s her face! I Love You! Redza - I’ll never forget you! I luv ya! Jonny - You’re crazy! But I luv ya! Huskie - You’re the sweetest! I’ll miss you! Watch out for those Tahitians! Luv ya! Maya - You are the best! Just don’t melt Mr. Alaska too fast! I hope we meet again papaya! I love you! Kevin - STUD! Thanks for all the advice! I don’t know what I’d do without you! You’re a very special person and I’ll miss you dearly! I Love ya, buttheaad! Jessica - Hole Hearted! Chris who? OH!! Still? You’re a truly great friend! I love You! Travis - 4 more years! Di-Fy - Don’t ever change, sweetie! But take it easy with that swiss army knife! I love you so much! C arrie girl - You lettuce! Take some soup...we go scrap at 2:00!...I am a woman in love (snap)...Hairy bick...Ike...Frogs in my troat...menapause...Too many good memories! I lub you my Italian sweetie! -Jennifut Sheridan - Miss Ya! Jane, Kath, Sage, Ju stin , Kris - Good luck! You'll all be famous someday!!


Jennifer Rebecca Glauner "Heffah"

Kamuela, HI/ 4 years/ Football Chic/ Track/ Choir/ Band/ Drama/Amnesty International/ Community Service/ Being the "silent type It

O’Grady - It’s my favorite! BALLS OUT! You’re psyched! I’m gonna miss the hormoneal talks about snacks! Camel men firsts at the park! Pickle & Chrysler forever! It’s scary to think that there are TWO of us running around! I won’t ever forget you, honey! Don’t kick too many in the ding ding! I love you! Christopher Lawrence - 1 can’t sleep! Did my letter shock you? I meant every word! If you need anything...just whistle!! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face! I Love You! Football - You’ve made all four years worth while! I love each and every one of you! You are all winners...champs or not! (But I know you can do it if you try!) I’ll miss being your slave! D.H., D.H., A.S., T.K., T.I., J.C., C.B., C.N., B.B. - I’ve never more proud of anyone! Ruthie - Dog person! You're wearing a DRESS!! I love you! Fritz Stew art - Thanks for keeping my voice busy! I'm Jealous of the "Moe Meister"!! Hugs & Kisses! Love, Jen Yearbook Staff - Thanks so much! I appreciate all the hard work!!

Amanada - M.C. Bunny - I’ll miss the “invisible elephants,” toi for two, crying at Pizza Hut, crazy people, Hello?, fish with an attitude, banana lover.Yeeeees? Why. .YES! Carburator! It's elei Most of all I’ll miss our friendship.P.P.PossielYou deserve the bj Good luck! I LOVEYOU! Luv..Cow (with an attitude)Wilson Phi Kathy - Football queens...01iver...can you untie knots? Wong stadium...John... Yang’s...accident prone...Kona boys...married camps...There’s other fish in the sea & we all have; but some of us have more bait than others! Someday I’ll pay you for all the TCBYs! Don’t ever’re the best! Name yo: first girl Jennifer! KOMPAI!! I LOVE YOU BAMMER! Please k< touch big sister..I couldn’t have made these past 4 years without | you.(Pizza Hut song) Now what? Good Luck...Don’t you dare beet Mrs. Oreo (Shag) without melSMILE! NO! Smile like you just got poke!! P.P.Possie! Wilson Phillips! No yearbook page is big enougl me to express all the love and memories..but you'll ALW AYS be ii heart! To the c/o 92: Good luck. .The best is yet to come! P.S. COWS ARE MY PASSION!!! BOO-HEE!!

Kathy Greenwell-'Taco" Holvaloutti Swimming/ JV B.Ball/ Track/ Football Slave/ Community Service/ Prefect/ Fire Marshall/ Student Council/ Varsity emergency room/ Red Key (HaHa)

Ldy: Your little girl finally made it. I couldn’t have made ithout all your love. Thank you for always believing in I think it payed off. I love you so much for always trying lake it better. We did it.

m: To my best friend, th an k you. You tried to give me all ; I lacked and it made a difference. Your understanding kept me going and your hard headed ways gave me ction.

indma: Thank you grandm a for all your advice and lance through out the years. You are the best.

Jen: Cows make milk & milk does a body good. Hey I drank too much milk. Kona boys, Kona vans, we have good luck in Kona, huh? The Chevron man. Yongs elephants. Do you know how to untie knots? Pimento man, Banana, M.P. a t 12:00. I’m going to take you up on your cruise offer. My sister, hey I got the eyes, I think we did it. No more V or ugly freshman yearbook picts. You always are there to listen or talk and even cook. I will never forget our friendship. You are very special and our 4 yrs. I will never forget. You are the best little japahaoule sis I could ask for. Ju st don’t cry at Pizza Hut. LUV 4-EVA Bammer.

: Thank you for not giving up on me. Your support in the ily has guided me to success.

J.P.: Little bro I promise it will all work out soon. You are such a Butthead but I love you. I will miss you more than you will ever know but I’ll come visit you and Patty. Good luck & remember I’m right.

n: My big sister I've missed you too much. Our 17 yrs. je.been great. You, ma and dad are very special and I will ndebted to you forever, for your love and friendships but tly those weekend getaways.

Shawn: I love you soon we will be tougher & we will never have to be lonely again.

ndpa: You may not be here w ith me b ut p art of my jt will always be with you. I miss you so much and will ir forget all the wisdom you left me. Kirsty & Jaz: Hey guys, you ju s t left me. I missed you 5, our talks, laughs and our love. Christm as ’91 will be reunion w ith Shawn, Tim and Jaz. Chris can come too. Rothster: Yo me bunny, did you see th a t elephant? Do know w hat time it is in California? Why do our stars ) falling, I sure am hungry, how about a burrito? Oreo’s the best, well ok, your banana is ok. Still planning the ding. Where is the virgin? And then he kicked him in ling ding. Eddie stole our pebble line. Well I guess I’ll e the egal w/you but not the fire hat. Mother nature is a ., ju st don’t sneeze. I w ant a milkshake. Hey mama, I iv I have forgotten so much but my feelings for you are so t th a t they could never fill the pg. You are a great lie and a friend I’ll never forget. T.A&M. bound. I’ll g the brownies. I LUV U! Wilson Phillips.

Lilia: I w ant a milkshake, strawberry and a chicken sandwich. Remember seeing me a t the concert. Don’t hit the wall Mr. Freckle in the pink BVD’s. I LUV you uffa girl. Taka K.: Shane I’ll miss you brat. Who will I get to bother a t football? O w ant th a t Armani bottle soon. Remember, I stink. Why do you get the same college mail I get, copier?! I’ll miss you crazy guy. Good luck & keep in touch. Grady: Yo cuz, where did th a t jock strap come from? Good luck grady grapes & don’t kick um in the ding dong. I LUV you. Diane: Are you lubricated? I think I like the beach. Thanks for S. Break ’91. I Luv u even if Karen doesn’t. Lets keep in touch, after all, I think we’re related. Kevin: So hommey, don’t play th a t game boy. I Luv u & I w ant to come to the Fierst, K ramer wedding. Maybe by then you can do the humpty.

Maea: Thank you for your positive outlook. You have taught me so much. I love you, good luck with your love; you will go far. Chris: Shut up. Carrie: Roomie tita girl you so sexy try watch filipino beat with me. On Oliver. I like Ike. Erika Ann. Going ball her... Thank you for the gummy bears & great cards. No more M&M’s for you. LUB U. Mrs. Piltz, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Kamrow, Mr. Bryson, Greg, Jay, Cathy, Malia, Kathi, Vanessa, Birgi and all the other important folks in the c/o ’92 There have been times when you didn’t have any time, and yet you took the time. There have been times when you had enough cares of your own, and yet, you cared. There have been times when you had given all you had to give and yet, you kept on giving. Thank you! Football *91: To my very special family, thank you. But now, your massages will cost you! I will miss being your slave; it was worth it to see you a t hell camps. Dustin, get it from the X-country mgr. Seniors, we dominated. Good luck underclassmen, BIIF is yours. T.U. Coaches Pete, Shaw Chinin & Uncle Frosty. Glauners: Thank you for all those weekend crashouts! I’ll be back soon! LUV U 2. To all the special underclassmen, you know who you are. N.S., J.C., F.L., S.S., and Michel's hall: You are all too good to be true. Good luck & I'll miss you so much. Yeah, even you Frances. P.S. Check the boosters for more mush. I love you all!


To the two grouchiest people 1 know: Na, na, na, just joking. Dad-Thanks for always finding time to play basketball, football, baseball, and go fishing with me. Mom- Thanks for being my own personal maid and for feeding my dog. I really appreciate all the things you guys have done and I hope I can make it up to you some day. I love you both very much. To my bossy little sister- Kick some — in soccer, volleyball, track and any other sport you decide to play. Grandma Akiko, Papa Hanano, Grandma D., Aunty Kiyome, Mr. Morley, Aunty Sakae, Uncle Ricky, Uncle Les, Aunty Manu, and Aunty Marvis- Thanks for all your support. I love you guys. Hibachi 5- Saito, Aaron, Bruce, and Chris-1 had choke fun this summer. I’ll miss you guys. Maile- You’ve filled me with happiness every day for the last year and 3 months. I hope with all my heart th at we can spend even more time together. I love you choke. Grad- We don’t really have to go to college. Our houses have plenty of room and I think the fish are biting. I’ll really miss hibachi nights, unsuccessful fishing trips, and basketball. Derrick- Cabbage Patch Kid, Division 1 hitter, or just plain bull. Mahalos for being my hunting partner. AI- Ho, just put me to shame during line drills, you punk. Take care of yourself. I’ll miss you. Porter- You ever heard about the albino skunk? It might have lived but da bugga get brain damage. Mike- Eh, hui missionary. You get one sweet okole fo one hooker. Shawn- You should use the bathroom not the comer of Mrs. ’s classroom. Jake- Mo worse was one small guy th at stuck me. Heard any good Polish jokes lately? Carl- Don’t h it me too hard today. I feel sick. Thanks for being there for me in football. E-10, Lloyd, Kadota-1 missed you guys in football camp. Jonah, Paul, Kea, Chimp, Lucas, Damien, and CyWork hard next year and take care of yourselves. I love you guys. Mariko- I’m kind of hungry for fried rice. Thanks for being so nice and for letting me play with your makeup. ILY. Lauren- Eh, Poch-girl, Surfa girl, buy me drink, Lapinur. ILY.

D errick R ichard H anano

Melina-1 miss our camping trips and burning out with your golf cart. You look kind of smart with your glasses. ILY.

W aimea/ 12 years/ F ootb all (Captain)

Liz- Thanks for helping me with my problems last year. Boy was I mixed up. Ninia- How do you get your nostrils sooo big? Thanks for being a pal.

Barbara L.- Too bad you didn’t come to H.P.A. Good luck in becoming a nurse and thanks for being so nice.

Ruth- You’re tough, but you still have to build up your arm so you can punch harder.

Hauoli, Keone, Liz, Jaime, Jennifier, and M alia-1 really missed you guys.

Natasha- Eh, chick, thanks for not beating me up. I guess Kaua’i is really no place for wimps.

Managers: Kathy, Jen, Sarah, and Natasha- Thanks for taking care of us even when we were grouchy and being butt heads.

Jana- Thanks for making me and Grad food. Do you cook like this for Tyrone? Michiko- You don’t have to say “Hi” to Derrick Honda, just me. I’ll miss you.


To the football bulls- Taka, Chad, Bull, Tet, Haga, Milne, Cookie, Jail bait, Mouse, Keola, Grandma, Jed, Dustin, Scott, J.P., And BradyThanks for the best senior year possible and good luck. To: The Saitos, Hondas, Spencers, Arafiles, and ElarionoffsMahalo for all your support and hospitality.

Mr. Colson, Mr. Rice, Mr. Solmssen, Mr. Bleckel, Mr. Honma, Mr. Duraan, Mr. Hughes and Mr. Alex, Mr Watson, Ms. Donahue, and Mrs. Boyd- You guys all nun one. Coach Bryson- You may not have taught me much in Sophmore English (because I didn’t pay attention) but you hi taught me how to try hard and not to quit. You’ve always ha faith in me and helped me when I needed it (even in 3rd gra< Thanks you very much. I love you. Coach Shaw, Marciel, Chinen, Provencal, and my love Uncle Frosty- Thanks for a great season. Good luck to the calss of ’92. Keep in touch. “REAL MEN WEAR BLACK”— GO RAIDERS!

K ath erin e E liza b eth H annah W aimea/6 yrs./Speech/D ram a/T urtle-T agging/Scuba Welcome To A m erica Welcome to America. No smoking. No drinking. No littering. No loitering. No spitting. No dogs. No spitting on dogs. No shoes, no service. No checks. No credit cards. No checks cashed without credit cards. No parking. No sleeping. No sleeping in parks. No one adm itted under ten. No one allowed in your room after ten. No liquor served before ten. No liquor served after ten. No credit. No food on the bus. No radios on the bus. No bill over a tw enty accepted. No bill under a 20 accepted. No $20 bills available a t this time. No noise. No stereos.

No b eat boxes. No music. Use a guitar, go to jail. M eat is murder. Sex is death. Labor liberates. Thinking is prohibited. Say no to drugs. W atch TV till you rot. No dumping. No humping. No speeding. No speedboats. No fishing. No swimming. No swimming with fish. No red meat. No sugar. No cholesterol. No caffeine. No bottles. No cans. No in and out privileges. No panhandling. No tickee, no washee. No gambling. No swearing. No kissing in public. Welcome to America. Please pay in advance. -Vampyre Mike Kassel.

-Mom &Dad- You have helped me to become who I am. I think I just might like it. I love you both. -Shan- “Wild women do...” Thanks for the time, the understanding, and the forgiveness. Love ya babe. -Daniel- You don’t realize how special you are. -Abel- Thanks for everything. I love you. -Kris, Sage, & Jane- The three stooges, you've helped me to learn so much about myself, thanks for all the time and energy that you put into me. -Bryson and Piltz- Thanks for the learning. -Madameoiselle Michel- Merci! -Ms. Moore- Thanks for your time and energy. -THE GROUP- Mouse, Bear, Jeremiah, Joseph, Little Eric, Shan, Breeze, Kash, Abel, Lloyd, Mike, Robert, Belle, Googie, ‘BRUSSEL SPROUTS’ -HPA- We live in a bubble. Open your minds, go beyond the bubble. There’s a whole world out there. Variety is a good thing. -Dr. Cambell & Dr. Foiling- Thanks so much for the experience. 'The spider spins her web, the fish twists, the turtle cries raucously in love. "There are no straight lines in nature, so how can there be squares?" "Imaginatively, hypothetically, in play." After the building blocks of man topple the infinite lines of bending light will still be traveling still. Movement is in our minds. Galaxies and hearts may not move, but swing, throb, obey." -Reps


Mom & Dad- I can't thank you enough for w hat you've done for me. At tim es it m ay seem like I don't appreciate all your efforts, but I really do. I love you. Nana, G randpins, A u ntie P ie, U ncle Leonard, L ilinoe, and M ikela- Thank you so very much for taking care of me all these years, and especially my tim e a t Kamehameha. I love you guys (you too, Nakoa!) J e n n y & Audrey- My two "baby" sisters, even though you're both older th an me. You guys are the best sisters anyone could ask for. I love you. Love, Baby.

My friends-I didn't single you guys out because I didn't w ant anyone to feel less im portant th an anyone else. You have brightened all of my days and you have given me memories th a t I will never forget. Good luck in the future. I love you guys. P.H.- Me'oe ka'ano'i pau'ole, A nei pu'uwai'e 'oni nei I he aha nei h an a nui au, E ha'i mai'oe, e ku'u aloha Kokohi i ka ono unahe i kapoli, Mai noho'oe a ho'opina.

Mr. & Mrs. H odgins- T hank you so much for always being so nice to me and having me over to Moloka'i. Mrs. Hodgins, thanks for all the clothes! Sp ecial th an k s to: Leitels, Millers, Dicks, Ramoses, Rutgers


L auren P u a m a eo le H ew ett Kamuela/ 12 years/ Volleyball/ Soccer/ Track


K en Ho Taiwan/ 6 years/ Baseball 2 years/ weights/ Judo/ Dorm prefect/ Drums m and D ad- Thank you for all the love, support and the jortunity you gave me. Six years ago you dropped me off at i Middle School, and it was a big changing point in my life. I ink you again for all the support you gave me and for sending to H.P.A. You have made me what I am today. I could not re made it without you. I Love You. Joyce! This was the first year for you a t H.P.A. I hope by time of the year you can speak good English; I also hope in coming years of your H.P.A. life, you can handle all the able on your own. Good Luck. andma- The past years I was waiting for this moment when would see your grandson graduate. Grandma, I love you I miss you very much. Sleep peacefully in God’s arms, ink you for your support; you’ll always be in my heart. >yKing (Toby Son)- My oldest friend from H.P.A. We have le through too many things together this past 6 years. 4 rs of rooming with you was a “wild” experience. It was too you didn’t spend the last year in the dorm. I hope in the ire you can come to Taiwan again. We’ll go to “Kiss” again, snakes and play golf. I hope we’ll both get better someday. :e care in the future and don’t party too hard. Someday we’ll .se Waikiki on the Harley Davidson again together with Keep in touch. ion Kwok- My friend from ESL. We are the only people left our ESL class; it has been a long way. I wish you luck in future, I might bump into you in Taiwan again. ione Peng- This year is a strange feeling for me. I don’t jw what to say to you, I have learned a lot of things from you, it of it about myself. he Band: Cutter Brown, Jay Zachariah, Justin Withington. band of the class of 92. You are the best. The song “The ion,” I’ll never forget how to play and when to stop. I’ll miss ;he fun we had together. Soon, the H.P.A. kids are going to :h us on the MTV Music Awards. Good Luck to you all. [p playing. n Kramer- Over the years in the dorm, you have never let ;et bored. You have always given me something to clean in we were roommates). Your leadership has always been it. Thank you for always answering my stupid questions. Id luck to you. iuli Inoue ( Tetjuni chan)- It is the end of the year now! I you have done something about (O-Chan). I had so much Iwith you. Don’t forget the promise we made, 2002, May 29, •ont of Yang’s KAL-BI. i- I won’t forget how much rice and meat we ate over this

year. Thank you for being a good friend. I’ll feel lonely without you in Honolulu. Taka Kivonaga- (Taco) Life is going to be quiet without you around. Keep practicing the drums; maybe you’ll get better someday. Shane P eters- The guitar master, keep jamming. I hope when you play the guitar you will forget you’re ticklish. Tvson Storm- Hey...Big boy, you want to take a shower with me? Our shower gang member is going to be taking showers alone now. When you have a chance to come to Taiwan, don’t forget to call me from Simone’s house. God bless you. Hiroshi Yamaguchi- Drive safely in the future. Don’t stare at Japanese girls while you are driving. Carl Brvson- You and Toby are the only two people who call me Shao-Hsien since middle school. Take care and keep winning football. Jessica Carew- Thank you for being a good friend ( NO, I don’t have gum.) Hope you’ll eat less junk food; it’s better for your health. Na... Dannv Endo- ( Endo-san) Big Judo man. It has been fun knowing you, playing band together the past two years. Be nice to your truck and don’t try run over someone, okay? Have fun in your last H.P.A. year. Good Luck. Mei-Ling Lin- (NOT thing!!) I meant to say it in Chinese. Try to talk to me more in Chinese or English; this way will help me understand what you have been trying to say to me the past years better. Take it easy, wish you luck. Vaiheria Kellev- It’s time to face the truth now; you’re a pretty and sexy lady, also a strong Judo player. Keep up all the hard work. Keep in touch. ILY Special thanks to all the upper and middle school faculty. To mv Judo teachers. Herb and Barbara- I had to learn so much from you. Thank you for treating me like your own son. It makes me feel like home. To the class of 92- It’s time for us to go out and learn some more. Time to party. Thanks for making my six years at H.P.A. enjoyable. Good Luck. Thanks H.P.A. for the memories.

Lg W illiam P orter H odgins

i f 4 yrs/ Volleyball 2 yrs/ Surfing 4 yrs/ Lauren 2 yrs Molokai/ HPA 6 yrs/ Baseball Mom and Dad- Thank you for your support and encouragement; without it I wouldn’t have made it. I love you guys more than anything in the whole world. Grandmas and Grandpas- I don’t know how to thank you for all the help you have given me. I love you very much. Kuku and Uncle- Thank you so much for taking care of me when I was little. You gave me your time, trust, but most of all, your love. I love you Aunties and uncles- You gave me all your love, support, encouragement, and all of your Jokes. Thank you and ILY Brad, Burke, and Koa- Thank you for teaching me all of your good habits; surfing, hunting, eating, drinking, girls, eating again, but most of all getting a good education. Mahalos!! Lisa and Lyda- You guys are the best sisters I could have asked for. Thank you for everything. ILY Greg and Gregory- I’m so glad you’ve entered our family. I love you guys. Hondas, Judds, Colters, Aus, Budges, and Kennedy sThank you so much for always making me feel welcome. I’ll never forget you guys. Oh sorry for eating all your food. Mahalo Bob- Shannon, Shannon! Funny Bob. You’ve been a great Bob. Take care and thanks for everything. Mike- We are like two termites eating each others houses. From Tracy Taylor’s house to Ian’s house, you’ve always taken care of me or vice versa. Thanks, bradda. Mahalo nui lolo. Thanks very mental. Ashley- I think you, Josh and I got the best session a t Break Wall anyone could ever get in their lifetime. Mahalos Ash. Toby- You are the most polite person in the world. Don’t change. Honda- Sweetie, its been fun the last 6 years at this school, laughs and all that stuff. Take care bradda. Family man. Allyn- Brudda Al, get one cockroche in my shoe. Thanks for all the good times. Aloha. Derrick & Grad- KLF chicken, we go fishing. You guys are nicest friends a little haole like me could ever have. Thank you nui loa and Mahalos very much. Matt- You’re like a brother to me, and we may fight sometimes


but we’ll always be friends. See you in the water!!! Take care. Hubbard- Kauai Classic wants you! Thank you for all the food and friendship. Take care. Camille- I like borrow clothes. We go shopping in Camille's department store! Take care. Toyo- Ho To! The radical pineapple! I voted for you. Good luck wherever you go. Hans- Watch out for that talking hippo. “My sturdy back will surely traverse us over this rough Moloka’i outback.” Take care. Ian- Thanks for all the parties a t your house and the motorbikes. Take care. Jock- Stay away from those windows. Good luck. Melina- Thanks for all those lunches at the Deli. When I make my million I’ll send you some Teri Plates. Take care. Kelly- Thanks for all the fun times; I’ll never forget them, Maybe, Only Joke. Take care Vanessa & Kathi- You two have always been nice to me. Thank you. Mariko- I’ll be your friend. Ninia- Nunus, Ninis, Nanus, Nenes, whatever. You are the happiest person I know. 2 more years for you, not so happy anymore huh? Take care. Melissa- We jump you know! I promise! Keone- I wish we could relive 7th and 8th grade. Fiona- I’m sorry I tease you so much. It's just you're so beautiful when you're mad. Take care. Mia and Robi- You guys are the friendliest brother and sister I have ever seen. You even look alike. Have fun next year. Aloha. The Baseball Gang- Thank you guys for the perfect season we had this year. I couldn't have done it without you. Mahalo. Coaches- I didn’t come to practice yesterday because God said I had to go surf. Thank you Good Luck to everybody I m issed. Sorry.

Lauren- I owe my whole junior and senior years to you. You made me graduate and a lot of other things. Me, surfing, lazy, very lazy, I don’t know how you could put up with it all. I’ll never forget you; I promise. I love you.

D errick K apono H onda Kamuela, HI/ 6 years/ Football 9 years/ Wrestling 5 years/ Baseball/ Kendo/ Student Council/ S.A.D.D./ 17 years Cabbage pad: T hanks for everything, b u t “G otta go work m ain.” Worn: “ From recent studies I’ve learned,” oh peep reading your R eader’s Digest, pelene: “ G et my slippas, tie my shoes, m ake ne m usubi, get me w ater now!” You’ve p u t up jvith B.S. for 13 years an d m any more to come, pean: T hanks for beating me up, b u t now I’m ligger. Love you guys. ■Thanks to th e H ananos, Hodgins,Easleys, Ramoses, Spencers, Judds, Coles, and Elarionoffs: Sorry for eating all of your food. Nano’s: “ 77 B o y My biggest bradda, eat, leep, th a t’s all we’re good for. We pound your >ass cuz we bad. Maybe one day tig h t end for h e raiders. lari: 4 years of w restling and football. I hurt! Jeterm ination, th a t’s all you need and you’ve l o t it. Good luck. 'lick and Ian: Amazon men. Party, bow hunting ind motorcross. Volleyball??? dike: “ Hui, P.I. dow” Pake kitchen rules! My >ass on my truck. Killers. U s future KMCC anitors. See you there. U: Movies, cabins, cruising, M auna Lani, Kuas, hnes, all the g reat times. Football was the freatest. T hanks for everything. Sthan: My dad, big, fast, strong and a person vith a big heart. T hanks for all the w restling hatches.

Porter: Moloka’i M enehune, “w rite h er a letter!” 6 years together. Awesome. Wish we could live it again. Toyo: “Crazy Japanese” you wrestling nightm are from Nihon. K athi: Let’s go hunting, so make me bento. T hanks for helping me on all those homework assignm ents. Mariko and Diane: Volleyball studs. T hank for all th e g reat talks. Scott: Q uarters w ith 9 rules. “Can I have one fry?” W hat apple pie? “No, one fry.” You’re the g reatest manager. Jake: “M uhi us” both. Maybe you were right. Don’t know? Grad: Let’s go fishing, n a chance um, ya she’s alright, Women?? Lauren, M elina and Kelly: Team ohana, you th ree are crazy. Thanks. Liz: Four years of running; how do you do it? Ruth: Japanese class "Air Ruth." M anagers: Kathy, massage. N a ta s h a ! Sarah: hello Jen: Domo arigato gozaimashita. Football: My life. E at, sleep, breathe, drink, die, football. Kani’s Ohana! Whoever invented football, you’re th e best. Hughes, Bryson, Bleckel: Thanks for your tim e and all th e encouragement. T hanks a million. Twila: We took our roads b u t in different directions. One of these days we’ll cross again. I Love You.

Mark: "You’re the man." Golfer. Lasko: "I like sit by you during the test." "Base hit, ball 4.” Good Luck in life to: W.L., P.D., D.P., D.A., A.C., M.H., J.C., K.L., N.Q., N.S., B.B., S.P., C.N., R.T., F.B., D.M., D.H., C.S., J.Y., M.V., J.P.K .. A.N., G.P. Alex: W hat's my name? Take in my tray. You'll be a stud on of these days. Hauoli, Keone: Wish you were here To th e alumns: I think I did it. Bronson & Lance Stevens: Thanks for all the workouts. To whoever I forgot, sorry. To all the classes: One day we’ll m eet again, B ut for now I’m outta here!

M ariko H oriuch i Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything you have done for me. You still think th a t I’m a little child. I couldn’t m ake it w ithout your support. You made my dream of studying abroad come true. Emi and Yukiko: You are my sweet sisters. We’ve been far a p a rt for 3 years, but I’ll never forget th a t we used to stay up all night and talk about your boyfriends. Yuki: My best friend, I can hardly believe th a t it’s been 12 years since I saw you the first time. Time flies. I have m any pleasant memories th a t you gave me. (Parties in your house, talking about our futures and boyfriends, etc.) I believe th a t our friendship is forever. Beth: My awesome roommate!! Don’t use too much pesticide even if you hate bugs!! I’m not going to lock you out when you’re taking a shower 42

anymore. Bring your sunscreen to the beach. Nah! Thanks for a lot of funny talks. I'll miss you. Miwa: O ur junior year was so hard. I still rem em ber th a t we used to study for history and m ath tests at m idnight. Send your picture to me w hen you change your hairstyle someday. Saeko: Your jokes always m ade me laugh. Good luck w ith your future in college. I miss th a t we don’t have parties w ith Korean food in your room anymore. Miyuki: Have you decided w hat you are going to do in your future? I had a lot of discussions about this w ith you. W hen you live by yourself I will visit you. Reiko: You’ve been here longer th an I have; I’m gonna get out of here earlier. I had fun w ith you in sports. Yuka: I still rem em ber the first day of

IES. I have alot of memories with you. Like dinner in W aikaloa, the pla; we did in IES, etc. Your funny expressions m ade me happy all the tim e. Believe in your possibility and work hard!! All teachers in HPA: T hank you for helping me all the time. You gave me alot of opportunities to challenge my potential.

M arania M ahikurangi Tuana H ouse Tahiti/ Moorea, Scuba Diving, Dorm Prefect, Judo, Dolphin lover under the ocean's control

[Ve met on a bridge of ocean, |m and wind; |here we enjoyed some of the st posible moments of our es. In the powerful ocean, the lind stretches our sails as we ppart. Sail away and we’ll eet on unknown islands.” 'om and Dad: I love you more ian words could ever say. FE is the best present I am [ven. Thanks to you!!!

>ecial thanks to the Rutgers imily, my Hanai family; tanks for your love and care. Jur families will continue to le e t in the future and I’m


looking forward to helping any of you in my life. Teachers, you are more friends than anything else. Thanks again. Friends, by now we will be friends forever, whichever storm hits us. Thanks for your support and love. My last words: LOVE and LIVE LIFE!

Mia Ichishita Dad-Learn algebra so you can help the boys. UH Manoa? How can I go fishing? Mom-You have to learn to French braid OK? Tony and Rockwell-Football! Nintendo King and Rockatello the Ninja Turtle. G ram pa and Gram -Thanks very much for all your help and always being there for me. I’ll still come and sleep over sometime. To the rest of my fam ily-Thanks for all your love and support. You don’t know how much it has m eant to me. I will m ake all of you proud of me someday. Suzie-Don’t crack up anymore! I still miss you and I wish I could have graduated there w ith my family! You will always be my best friend. I love you sis! Yumi-Circle K! Remember Basketball Championships in Kohala? SM-Berry Joy, Kenny Duma, Brother Hoku-IrieH Give it to me one time..., this is the ballad of a menace, you’re in love, stop the hunger! Home is a special place

for me. Cheerleading stress!! Don’t forget th a t I’ll party w ith you guys one day! Stay out of trouble. M alia-W hat are we doing tis weekend? Take care of yourself Ma-Pun! 54-46, don’t fall asleep in people's cars! Tasha-One day you will see my kids, Tod, T asha and Bo knows Hula!! My little friend, don’t lose your shadow too much. Grasshopper-Stop flirting and taking all the guys! Have fun high school years? Aloha. Richard-Denny B’s, beat up all those BIG Konawaena football players; you’re mine! Kainoa-Take care my Filipino cousin! To the 91-92 Cheerleaders-You guys were the best, well maybe not the best, but very memorable. You guys gave me and Yumi so much stress! Good luck in the future though, and th anks for m aking the year fun. End, center, tackle, guard. Come on Kanis h it ‘em hard. H it ‘em high h it 'em low, come on Kanis, let’s go! D unlap’s class, stink feet, don’t forget Keoki, how m uch Zip-Packs do I owe

you? T hank you for caring and givinj me so m uch and not expecting th a t much in return. I’ll always remembe you and cherish this p a rt of my life n m atte r w hat happens ILY. Jana-H enry-0 football practice, don’t get too m any bruises! No one can m ake b u rn t spaghetti like me! Hang in there, only one year left!! Thank you for introducing me to my boyfriend. I know “Tsuki.” Daniela-Howzit? You are a sweet friend!

jet "Pedro" Inoue *uam/3 years/Football/Sleeping

-Hartley Coleridge HPA Football Heros

1st of all, I’d like to thank my parents for giving me the portunity of going to HPA. I would like to thank them for ag me who I am. IGAKU GAMBARIMAS! ce, you made the next biggest contribution by being the son you are perfect at being. You made my first year at HPA aod one. You made me welcomed by leaving the Faculty with Ipr memory of being a member of the class of ’83. Thank you. ay sisters, Sachi and Yoshi, thanks for giving me helpful Its about highschool, boarding life, and girls. (I still don’t lerstand girls) I’d like to thank you both for the letters, is, and postcards that came to me even if I never wrote back, auld like to thank you both for being my “friends.” I love you greatly. puld like to thank the faculty members of HPA; those who . to put up with me and also those who were lucky to be red of my laziness. I thank you all. *guys: . Bailey-Alphabetically, your first on the list, and you were Ifirst friend at HPA. It took me a long time to get used to i, but you finally got me. I give you my respect. Thanks for ig my friend. tbr-Go home you, you Guamanian. Go home and cook rice, Ju st kidding. It’s been three long years a t HPA, and now re finally graduating. Unbelievable! I’ll see you in Guam, .let’s do lunch. ky-You should stop feeling sorry for yourself. If I was in your 3S, I’d be a very happy man. I wish you luck, Mr. Bolt; good ; in whatever you’re going to do. The world can only wait till Ige-Aloha’s my former roommate. You and Tako should go j>business together. You guys can make a whole new line of boards, islandwear, and hats. You guys can make a killing I maybe even start a trend. Whatever you do, I wish you Mahalos. I Ho-My fellow prefect. You’ve done so much of the things II only dreamed of doing (O-chan) and I thank you. Out of fche people in the whole school, you probably know the most ut me, but there’s so much you still don’t know. Don’t let my le ts out to the public. I’ll see you in the year 2002. Thank

you Ken. Toby-you are a true man . There is a reason your last name is king. Kosei-You are a wonderful person and I was glad to get the chance to know you. I must invite you to my future steak house after I build it. I hope your dreams of large women come true. Goodbye, Kosei, and good luck. Toyo-You are the only person that I know who eats all of an apple. The stem, core, and all. Stay the way you are Toyo, you add so much to the Class o f’92. Hans Sievert-You are the Black Diving Ninja. I was glad to get to know you, even if I had to lose all those games of North and South. It must be hard for you to duck whenever you walk through doors. Good luck Hans. Taka-Long live your dark tan and the contrasting pale, white, butt. Good luck. Hiroshi-God, I don’t know what to write... You’ve always been there as a friend, and you were there whenever I needed cheering up. Thank you, Hiroshi, and good luck! Greg-Gawd! How much money did you make off of me with your dorm mart? $100? $200? If you could make money off of me that easily, then you’d grow to be rich. Good luck with your future. Simon-Clean your shoes! Tyson-I could see you taking over major corperations and living comfortably by the age of Twenty-five. Good luck in your empire building. Porter, Kevin, Cutter, Chris Lozach, Jay, Sean, Barrrrt, and all the other seniors which I have forgotten to mention, I wish you all good luck with the rest of your lives. To all the girls I’ve talked to in HPA-I would like to thank each and everyone of you beautiful women for making my three years in HPA a little bit more pleasant, but...I’m doing the whole batch of you’z ladies in this quote, except one. Chie, She is not fair to outward view As many maidens be. Her loveliness I never knew Until she smiled on me.

Allyn-You are the tank. Derrick-The tank that runs on sushi. Derrick-Big Brown Bress’ess’ess. Chad-There are few words to describe you. Jake-You’re the only one on the team that hit me hard enough that I couldn’t get back up. Thanks for having me over at your house for two very relaxing weekends of TV/movies/Nintendo and sleep. Carl-How many people did you kill? Thanks for having me over at your house, and being a friend. Tako-Go home! Bill-My eternal twin. All you’z guys returning next year for Football Camp-Good luck next season. Humiliate Kona in Kona again next year. Go out there and....Break a leg, everyone!!!! Class of’92-make your dreams come true! I’m on my way, I’m making it I’ve got to make it show, yeah So much larger than life. I’m going to watch it growing BIG TIME! -Peter Gabriel Bye bye HPA.

Saeko Ito

Yokohama, Japan/ 4 years P apa and Mama: T hank you for your advice and for always giving me th e best of everything. It wouldn’t have been possible w ithout all your help and support. I Love You forever. Eigo and Gen: Take care of each other. If you need some help , I’ll be there for you, guys! I Love You. Boys Be Ambitious!!! Grandpa, G randm a, Auntie Ayako: T hank you so much for your kindness. I love you all.

both. Don’t forget to invite me to your wedding!! Keep in touch. You guys are th e best watchers! M arikon and Miyuki: Yongs Calbi is always th ere for you! Don’t forget our golden tim e on W ednesday evening! I love you guys. Simone: T hanks for your kindness. Stay cute & ILY. Celeste: Cool, Cool, Cool! Stay cool Celeste! ILY.

Ms. Taylor & h er family: I’ll Never forget the kindness you have shown me. T hank you for helping me through h ard times.

Cathie: H a H a Ha, Don’t forget our little letter in English class!!! ILY.

Special Thanx to: Mr. Larson, Mr. Kim ura, Mr. Solmssen, Mr. Nogues, Ms. Kamrow, Ms. Michel, Mr. and Mrs. Glauner, Micheal & Lianne, and all my teachers.

Ilaria &Grazia: You guys are th e best Italian friends. T hanks for all th e letters and the advice you gave me! O ur hearts will always stay together, even though we can’t see each other. I love you both.

G reat Thanx to: S.P/ C.T/ K.G/ J.G / L.L/ D.E/ C.M/ M .H /K .H / C.T/ Y.S/ N.M/ Y.T/K.K/ M.V T.F/ T.M/ Ayumi- san/ N.A/ C.M/ Ilaria/ Grazia/ Peter/ and my other friends. I’ll miss you all & good luck! Reiko: You are always like my real sister and my best friend!! Don’t forget our weird memories!! Keep in touch & ILY. Stay cute, Frienz 4 eva! Miwa and Yuka: Awesome Sisters! I love you

Yuko, Kazumi, Megumi: T hanks for your help and kindness. O ur friendship will last 4 eva. Keep in touch and I love you all! Peter: T hank you for your smiles. You have tau g h t me som eth in g !? In sum m er of 1990. I miss ya & ILY.

Very special th an x to: Mr. Tsukinoki/ Mr. Kojima/ Mr. Okimoto/ Mr. P apa/ Mr. Abe/ Mr. H irajo/ Mr. Akaiwa/ Ms. M ikarin/ Mr. Kishiku Mr. N ishikaw a/ Mr. Kato/ Mr. Udagawa and ti all th e staff who worked a t MF of THE IMPERIAL HOTEL sum m er of 1991,1 leave 1 memories and happiness. I love you all.

R uth Kimie Iwamoto O m a n d Dad: T hanks for being th ere for me roughout th e years. I’d never wish for iybody except you as parents ( no m a tte r w hat night say sometimes). I love you both. The m ind h as a thousand eyes And th e h e a rt b u t one; Yet the light of a whole life dies W hen love is done. - Francis W illiam Bourdillon ;n: Well, little brother, I guess you’re growing too. We’ve h ad our share of good and bad nes, b u t it’s been g reat having you as my other and friend. I love you. Your goals don’t s ta rt in your lain. They s ta rt in your heart. - Dr. Robert Anthony r. C olson, Mr. B ryson, Mr. D u m a n , Mr. lg h e s, Mrs. B oyd, R izzu tos, N olan and e e n tire fa cu lty an d ad m in istration : an k you for all your advice, teaching , ic h in g , caring, and support during my three ir s here. pine: You are the greatest, bestest buddy! Bio rtners, singing out of tune, K auai, Smokey : Bear, Sm urfs always, and we still have so ich more to do in life (rock climbing, Africa, er th e Rainbow, and N ever N ever Land). I 1’t wait. T hanks for always being there. ILU I m ake my own interior weather, m y own sun and rain. Im print my m ark upon th e world, W hatever I shall become.

Am anda: Rothie!! Chem istry isn’t boring (as long as you have fire). “Pyros for Peace” always. Carrie: Eh, K auai Girl! Will you be my friend? My playdough melted! K athi an d V anessa: Do I h e ar Cheerleader Gossip? Nah, it couldn’t be. You guys are great. ILU Kelly: You are one crazy woman! W hat would I do w ithout you to make me laugh all th e time? ILU K evin, B irgi, M ariko, A lexandra: It’s been memorable. T hanks for everything. Take care. D errick & D errick: Nihongo Ichiban, yeah? You guys are too funny! Thanks for the great times. Lilia: Lani Moo! Remember- do not partake in my O atbake, for H eaven’s sake, or I will throw you in a lake. To th e C lass o f 1992: We’ve done alot of growing up and growing together in ju s t a few short years. I’ll always cherish these years we’ve spent together. Thanks for all the experiences we’ve shared. So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. -Robert Frost M aile: You are ju s t too awesome for words! Basketball was good; next year make it even better. B ut don’t work too hard. Take care. T he B ask etb all Team: It's been fun. Play h a rd and kick b u tt next year. Good Luck.

To a ll m y frien d s at HPA, an d th o se w ho h a v e com e an d gone: Thanks for all the little things , like a quick smile , th a t would brighten my day. I’ve only known you for a brief portion of my life, bu t I know the memories will la st a lot longer. And even if our paths separate and never cross again, there will always be a special place in my h e a rt for you. Take care. "Oh, The places you’ll go there is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games tp be won. And th e magical things you can do w ith th a t ball will m ake you the winning-est w inner of all. Fam e! You’ll be famous as famous can be, w ith th e whole wide world w atching you win on TV. Except when they don’t. Because sometimes they won’t. I’m afraid som e times You’ll play lonely games too. Games you can’t win ‘cause you’ll play against you." - Dr. Seuss

-Eve M erriam 47

B rian Jam es Johnson Houston, Texas/HPA 4 Years/Wrestling/Turtle Tagging/Scuba/Dorm Prefect/Quizzard M om a n d D ad: T h a n k s fo r e v e ry th in g you’ve done for m e. I know a t tim e s i t d oesn’t seem lik e it, b u t I re a lly do a p p re ciate y o u r love a n d su p p o rt. I couldn’t h av e m a d e i t th is fa r w ith o u t you. D avid: How’s y o u r c ritte r? By th e w ay, did I m e n tio n th a t J im go t a new sh irt? I t seem s lik e no m a tte r w h a t h a p p en s, you a re alw ay s th e re w ith a - d ifferen t - w ay of looking a t th in g s. T h a n k s. M cD u m a n ’s H eroes: N e a tn e s s N azis, sh o w e r p a rtie s , jazz, K irby th e Cyclops. You m a d e ju n io r y e a r w o rth living. A P P hysics A lum ni: W h a t a year! All th o se w eekends re a lly w ere w o rth it. N ew to n is God. X F=m a. C hris: “T h is is going to be a g re a t y e a r - 1 c an feel it!” L a te n ig h ts g e ttin g n o th in g d one w ere a lo t o f fun. W hy do you alw ay s g e t to k eep th e n eg ativ es? T u c k in y o u r s h ir t a n d g e t a h a irc u t. Ja y : Y ou’re th e bloody vice-president! S top it! Adih! H ey, g e t u s som e h o t w ater! So C h ris is S a ta n now , is h e? W ould th a t be a ste p u p o r dow n from C hundi? Rick: M ay I u se y o u r fridge? I re a lly am g e ttin g one soon. N ev er fo rg et w ra p p in g M r. B row n’s door an d h a n g in g BW’s O pus. P ro c ra s tin a tin g ju s t w ouldn’t h a v e been th e sa m e w ith o u t you. Bill: D orm -jo b s - ch an g e - tom orrow . F o u r w ords. T he “G rr” p ic tu re is cool, a n d so is y o u r little flash lig h t. Y our s h o u ld er c an ’t b e th a t b a d - te ll m e i f th is h u r ts T h a n k s for y o u r h e lp h a n d lin g th e c u ltu re shock o f H a ll D orm . Tyson: M y c o n serv ativ e ally. K eep lis te n in g to R u sh L im baugh a n d n e v er lose fa ith . M aybe I’ll even te a c h you “T exas, O u r T ex as” one day. T ry n o t to h av e too m uch fu n b ack in g th e A n im al K indom . Toby: Lion Coffee, h am m o ck s w ith roofs, jazz. “M an, I can play th e d ru m s!” A rm ed Forces Day. Po w er tools. I t ju s t isn ’t th e sam e w ith o u t you h e re th is y ear. W h at

a cop out! Z ungguzungguguzungguzeng! G reg: I know som eone in A u stra lia . M aybe you m e t him ! M orelli’s tu rk e y san d w ich or p a sta ? I ’ll g e t th e chili pow der. By th e w ay, m ay I borrow m y h a ir d ryer? E a sy -E in th e Volvo w as a m oving experience. K evin: L e t’s do physics. J u s t re m e m b e r, I’m r ig h t a n d you’re w rong. Y ou sh o u ld h a v e come h a sh in g in In d o n e sia w ith m e. S k iin g in J a p a n ju s t doesn’t c u t it. M aybe I ’ll com e to C alifo rn ia a n d v is it y o u r S te a lth . C lin t: T h e m o st irr ita tin g room ie ever. T u rn off yo u r lig h t. I t’s good th a t w e g e t alo n g now. Benz: Second m o st irr ita tin g room ie. C le an u p y o u r room. W ould you like to b uy som e socks? N i h a u m a? Too b a d w e m isse d S w ing S ingapore. M r. D u rn a n : Y our classes, a n d life on y o u r h a ll, h av e m a d e a la s tin g im p ressio n on m e. H a ll b irth d a y p a rtie s a n d d in n e rs w e re a nice touch. A nd th e fire a la rm w as a n accident! M r. B row n: A P P hysics d efin itely m a d e a n im pact. You a re th e god of p e rso n al anecdotes. I t w as g re a t k n o w in g you, even if it w as only for a y e ar. M aybe (hopefully) w e’ll m e e t a g a in a t y o u r g re a t a lm a m a te r. £F= m a. H u g h es: I s h u d d e r to th in k w h a t could h a v e becom e of m e if n o t for you. T h a n k s fo r re scu in g me. R em em ber: “I t is f a r b e tte r to h a v e w re stled a n d lo st T h a n to h a v e played b a sketball." “W h en I fin d a m a n w ho is n o t w illing to b e a r h is s h a re o f th e b u rd e n s of th e g o v e rn m e n t w hich p ro te c ts him , I find a m a n w ho is u n w o rth y to enjoy th e b le ssin g s of a g o v e rn m e n t like o u rs.” -W illiam Jennings Bryan


Mike Jlldd. , Dad, Bunka, N ana and G randm a - T hank o much for th e support, love and patience ave given me throughout th e years, e and Ja y - T hanks for m aking it easy [gh th e h ard tim es, and h ard for th e easy hny - My older brother, m asonry sucks.

hry “Steve” - Ho brah! T hanks for m aking the l r m ost im portant years of my life so Imorable. LBryson - Dumb English! Its been a blast, I still don’t un derstand footnotes! It - S tate soccer and “The Fox.” M ai th an k s to: The Hondas, H ananos, iges, Spencers, H ewitts, Coles, and K am uela mp Security for letting me stay over those 5nights. bissa- My greatest slave, I th in k I passed you [ tim es on the road Baa - Sorry about th e golf cart and frog iulation a t M auna Lani. ly - You are such a geek. T hanks for m aking realize I am always right. - So w hat, working Sunday morning again? I [ne - Prom 1990- Yeah you were pretty funny, all #1 (well, not really). Iriko - People like you m ake a life worth Pgiren - 8 years! T hanks for the advice along I long road. Good luck a t w hat you do and

Kona, Hi./8 yrs./Soccer/Volleyball/MTB/Surf

Toyo - You are one of a kind; be careful. Kosei - Soccer #1 Shawn - Freshm en benehw arm ers rule! C u tter - Four shredding years; tak e care. Carl - Hey Rico! Shane - My shoulder! T aka - Two dollah? Toby - P alak a parties and chainsaws. Big boy #77 - No broke my chair. G rad - You haole, learn how to gaff. Ja k e - W here did you get this attitude? M ark - T hanks for th e gum. Al-Key - Dedicated football players are no fun. So when do we s ta rt practice for the talen t show? Many years to come. Honda-Honda-Honda - W hat, K.M.C.? Have you fed the pig lately? Thanks for the welts and the hobo soup. Bobby - Golf carts, sand pits, look, a fairway! Sorry about the frog. Glenn - W here has the tim e gone? Many Kona weekends. Ryder - Don’t fix my surfboards. C hristm as island bound? Ian - Jelly roll - Kula Boyz rule. Beach M ekahs of Hawaii. W here to next? Don't breed any elk in Montana.

P orter - Thanks for all th e lifetime memories throughout the years and wedgies in Middle School. Next time I go Molokai, give me a map. Can you buy m ana pua for me a t Sparkies? Don’t get chased by titas, Aloha braddah. Good Luck - M atthew, Paul, Cal, D ustin, Goof, Josh, Ashley, Hubbard, Jade, Michiko, and Michie.

To th e class of ’92 - IKAIKA “Victims of th e system ” -Steel Pulse P alaka parties, pavillions, M auna Lani, Pine Trees, Hale o Inu- Its been a blast. Aloha.

■ ■ ■ WgM

wim mm



M elina L eilan i L eitel

Kohala,Hawaii/ 7 yrs./ Cross Country/ Soccer/ Track

Dad and Mom- Your sacrifices, patience, and guidance have made me what I am today. Nothing would have been possible without your love and support and I realize how lucky I am to be a part of your world. Thank you for always believing in me and giving me the best of everything. I love you! Bianca and Laura- Thanks for never telling on me and for being the best sisters in the world. I hope you don’t miss me too much when I’m gone, because I know Fll miss you! I love you both so much! Paul- Being with you has been an experience I’ll never forget. We’ve both learned a lot about love, life, and one another. I can't thank you enough for all th at you've given me: the laughter , memories, and smiles. But most of all, thank you for giving me your heart. I do too! O ke aloha o ke ipo, he wela ia no ke kino. Senior Girls: Lauren and Kelly- Boys, diets, tans, dreams, laughter, tears... the memories are endless. You’ve both made a very special difference in my life. You’ve always been there for me and still invited me to grow. Thank you for showing me what true friendship really means. No matter how far apart our futures bring us, you’ll both always be in my heart. ILYBA! Kitten- “Excuse me, are you going to Papeete?”/ giant crabs / scooter races/Club Med/Tahitian sunsets/Kona Tiki/tons-o-fun/ X-man/G-man/Mahukona/Gail’s Jeep/tin foil dresses/tie-dye underwear/animal chin/Sailor Jack!! Fluff Head- Cotton balls/getting abducted by aliens/Hilo camival/drive-bys/gas man/pet c’s/Chip n’ Dales/Airplane smell/ Shag/fire c’s/speedo man/entrance man/Kealoha/Mr. Magoo’s spiral staircase/Burger King/Sailor Jack!! Mariko- Your the sweetest girl I know and I’m glad that we became good friends. Thanks for sharing a locker with me and for letting me come to your house all the time. I’ll miss you! Liz- Since sixth grade we’ve been friends and I’m so glad that we stayed close. Remember cruising Kona in Gail’s Jeep? Too much fun! Good luck in the future, I hope we keep in touch! Melissa- Getting in trouble during Spanish, getting in trouble during Biology, and millions of laughs! We have definitely had some really good times, and I hope there’s more to come! Malia S.- I’ll never forget all the talks on the swing, and health food cravings that we've gone through! Thanks for all the advice and support. Your a great friend and I'll miss you soo much! Diane- Hey mama boom-boom! I’m glad I met someone to tease, and a t the same time found a great friend. Your a really sweet girl and I know that you’ll make friends wherever you go! ILY!

Marania- Thank you for the Tahitian hospitality. You taught me so much, but most of all how to have a good time! I’ll never forget you! Cathy- Remember going to the store on our bikes with our colorful bras? How about your B-Day party? The Crew! Thanks for all the fun memories. Good luck! Vanessa, Kathi, Malia L.- You guys are always smiling and laughing and I’ll miss seeing those shining faces everyday. I wish each of you the best of luck in the future. Thanks for the years of friendship! Senior Bovs: Allyn- Since the first day you came, you’ve treated me like a sister and I’ve always appreciated it. Thanks for always sticking up for me and for being a great friend. Ill miss you! Honda-1 give you 2 dollars! Thanks for being an awesome friend and a nice guy. I hope that you have a fun and successful future. Take care! Derrick(Boy)- Thanks for staying next to me a t camping trips, for letting me teach you how to dance, and for being my brother. Your the sweetest guy in the whole world and I’m glad that we are best friends. I’m going to miss you so much #77! ILY! Grad- Hey Aquaman! Thanks for all those long, deep, interesting talks. Your a great friend and I’m going to miss you and your long phone calls a lot! Take care! Mike- Hagamugi! Remember sophomore year: party my house, party your house, too much party! Thanks for the great camping trips and the great times. Shawn- Your the nicest guy and I know that your’re going to do great things in the future. I should have said “yes” freshmen year! Take care! Porter and Bobby- Eh, you guys owe me lunch! Thanks for all the times at the Deli and all the laughs. I wish you both the best in the future, take care! Jake and Ia n -1 couldn’t think of two cooler guys . Thanks for all the memories (don’t cross the line!) and good luck in the future! Glenn- You’ve been my friend and my headache, but without you I would have forgotten what life is really about, friendship. From sixth grade idiots to high school graduates we’ve been together every step of the way. Thanks for everything, I’ll miss you! Good luck to- Cutter B., Carl B., Carrie E., Jen G., Kathy G., Ruth I., Toby K., Chad N., Greg S.H., Ryder T., Birgi W., Taka K.,Hans S.-1 wish I had the space to write all of you because you’ve all added to the wonderful memories I have. Good luck in the future, Take care!

U nderclassmenNinia- O.K.- I’ll meet you in the girls bathroom at 2:00pm so 1 that we can breed our crops! Thanks for being so fun and sucH niner. Your a great fiiend and Fm glad we became close (realj close!) Good luck in the future and I hope we keep in touch. Ha Calvin- Thanks for being such a cool guy and cruising with Pi and me. I had lots of fun with you in Oahu and I hope that yol have a great time next year! Mia- Hey Aim! Your such a cruiser, I think that’s why you anl got along so well. Thanks for all the laughs. Take care! 9 C hris M.- You're a really nice guy, and a good fiiend. Pleasej] take care of my boy when I’m gone. Have fun next year! Michi and Michiko- Go to class! I hope that the next two are fun. Take care! Good luck to- Fiona B., Fran L., Jock A., Scott A., Thane H.,| Ashley C., Matt D., Robi S., Damien A., Jenny R., Alexa B., Sienna R., Kim G., Kelly B., Andy C., Asa C., Lindsay F., Jaisj J., T.J. K , Scott M., Jade L., Dustin P., Josh D., Mathias M.,S Suliana M., and Jessica C.. AlumniTwila, Danica, Tiva, and Taylor-1 missed you guys! Ellen- Fve missed you so much this year. Thanks for all the Kohala road talks, trips to Kukio, and late night gossip session Take care! ILY! Molly- You never gave me the chance to tell you how much yoj mean to me. We’ve gone through so much together and our friendship is too important to lose. I love you and miss you so much! Special thanks to: The Millers, Hewetts, Carlsons, Dicks, Hananos, and Dawsons. Class of 1992: Hele mai na makahiki, hele aku, A e loli na helehelena Mau no ka pu’uwai, ho’omana o’ mau Nui no kealoha i loko. Though the years may come and go, and our faces change, still our hearts will hold thy memories, of the friendships we have made.



B obby K enned y irter - “The ball and chain is your life,” fers forever! We shall conquer all. We have I limits! Life is w hat you m ake of it! Irder - Ryder, Ryder th e ripple Ryder! We shall jay in touch for we have ju s t broken free, fchley - K alapaua is pau, b u t we shall su rf on! lane - You are like a sister to me w ith a good Inch. Jnclair - We shall be more th a n friends forever, l u have your senior year to look forward to; it 11be a blast. Don’t let anybody hold you back, ike - H agam ugi forever! Golfcart days will eet forever along with “The Frog” p , Toby - Stay loose bradas! srrick, Derrick, G rad and Allyn - You boys too y\

a tt - The Molokai shredder shall rule the and. lUren - You’re a g reat friend! You have no baknesses to excel in life. Too bad you don’t ce su rf spots. elina - Nice golf cart “poor frog.” We had some pd tim es together and we shall have m any pre. Stay in touch. slly - We have had our ups and downs, b u t you all always be a g reat friend. Inia - You’ve got some g reat parties ahead of J u so play it cool. “I still th in k you are perfect r Travis” ju s t joking. i’s , Peak, Left Point, Boilers, Sheriton, Rock in t. and Halava! fian - You are my only brother so don’t get too

far out of touch. We shall rule together. N othing shall stand between you and me no m atte r w hat th e circumstances; you are my bro and we will always be together. “P a r t y Dad - You have always been there for me and given me my space. I have my whole life ahead of me, b u t I will always be back along with my brother to spend quality surfing tim e together as a family. “Love you.” Rachel and Don - 1 owe my life to you, for you have given me more th a n enough. You are like my paren ts to me and I shall always stay close. “Love you both.”


Jam es Tobin K aah u iolea K ing Kilauea, Kauai X-Country, Track, Golf Dad and Kelsey, The last six years have been very challenging. You offered support when I needed it and also tru sted me to m ake decisions for myself. I feel veiy fortunate. Peter, You did it first, w ithout anyone to make m istakes to teach you w hat not to do. You have made growing up a lot easier.

Grandma, It has been great living with you. T hank you for putting up w ith my ever-changing schedule. You have been very generous, especially w ith your m otor pool. To Pat, Uncle Eddie and A unt Cynthia, Uncle Sammy and A unty Auwe, Uncle Jim m y and A unt Priscilla, Uncle Joe and Aunty Tita and Uncle Seymour, A unty Priscilla, T hank You. W hether it was seeing a friendly face, or a “Go H analei” a t a race. You have m ade living here, make home so near. Rawhide, You will always have my respect. You made school much more enjoyable. Take care. Mr. Bleckel, I hope sometime we will actually get to go diving on th e p ar 3 a t MKB. Never forget the greasy spoon.


Mr. Honma, T hank you for pushing me tow ards my lim its. You have m ade m e a stronger person for it. Please rem ind Mr. Dancy th a t th e correct word for a van is a Busette. Ms. Michel, Bongour! Quel Fromage! Soupe de Canard! Commo cava et toir? Thank you for all the help and counsel­ ing. You made th e difference. I wish I was in your class again. A rdvark Mr. W ilder, T hank you for always w anting to listen. Two tips for life: 1. Buy stock in th e Deli. 2. G et yourself a coffee maker. M cD urnan and Clan, This year h asn ’t been th e sam e w ithout you all. The shower parties, neatness nazis, cookouts, late night H istory discussions, and overall comradery. Ken, We have been friends for so long. I am certain th a t our friendship will la s t th e ages. Let's buy H arley Davidson and Co. Best of luck. Tyson, Bryan, Lozach, Yeung- We were th e one and only “N eatness N azis”.

Kevin, C utter, Greg- You guys are great. Take care. M ark- Honkey C han Man- Happy B irthday Kelly- T hanks for dinner Ian- You Hickman Tet- Mazolla corn goodness

Mike-1 had a good tim e th is sum mer. Hemo Tsh irt English- Whoey Boss! Bobby- Glad you came back. Porter- Popcorna! Toyo- T hanks for being different. Shane, Taka and Caca, Ryder, Jay, Allyn, D errick more n ear and more far, Lauren, Melina, Cathy, K athy and K athi, Rutgers, Birgie King, Shawn, and Kosei. To those I havi mentioned and those I haven’t, it is you th a t have m ade it worth it. Ardvark

T akahiko K iyonaga Japan/Guam/Tennis/Football/Volleyball/Dorm Prefect/ Tribe member/3 years om & Dad- Thanks for all your advice, care, encouragement, I ad support. Love you both. Tomoko- You’ve got a long way to >. Whatever you do, good luck and always do your best. Love >u. Coach Bryson, Marciel, Provencal, Chinen, Shaw, ad Snowman- Thanks for all your support and sharing your me with us. Take care. Bleckel- No need, X-row anymore, urnan-1 guess it’s the end of the Stupid Club. Weiser- Shaka pedal thanks to all the faculty th at helped me through the past years. Thanks for everything. Nolan- Someday we should in the 2 man beach volleyball tournaments together. Take ire buddy. R. Seno- Sly Mongoose or Shred McDaniel? You’re le best. Remember, it’s the inside, problem, aters. Kosei K - Ultimate stud. Waipio. Steak and rice, ush-ups and curls. Late night hair cuts. 24 hours of Metallica. fe go beach! You're the best roommate. 3 days in Guam. I urple woman in Oahu. Our late, late night talks. Big

brother...I’ll see you later. Shane P.- Pee chan. My twin brother. We are broke! Let’s cook rice and eat only rice. Let’s jam! Song writing. Camping. Was it J or K? Cut down on your farting. Baka. Nick-names. Skiing in bookstore hills. Oahu walks. History building. Jokes everywhere. Good luck in whatever you do and take care. A1 S.- Hot dogs in the sand. We shall grind! Black Roses, your wind shield wiper. No more big enough shoulder pads for you. Chinese lessons. Math quiz, Luau. Thanks for all the rides and things on weekends. I’ll see you around. Take care. Mike J .-Our mobile home. Redemption Song. Ride to the airport. Barbecue chicken fights at your house. Chinese and Filipino sessions. It was fun being with you. Take care and don’t cause too many troubles. Tet I.You Guamanian! Go home! Garfield. Queerji. Sleeping. Sleeping. Sleeping. Wimp. Japan Foods. Clay. White hair. Tet asobo. Wake up, it’s time for dinner. Well, I’ll see you back home. Laters...

Derrick H.- Honda-san! Haiihai! Do-mo-arigatougozaimashita. Intense studying for the history exam at Dining room. Thanks for your help during the football season. Mahalo for everything, Pine trees. Take care and don’t worry. Mastah Hanano- True stud. My best Japanese-Haole friend from Kamuela. Jokes. Mr. Nice Guy. The true tight end. Ho’aikane while driving down to the Royal Waikoloan. Thanks bra. Take care. Jake C.- Master of all masters. True bull. Woman’s man. Total stud. Heil! Let me clear your pathway. What can I do for you now, sir? Thanks for always making me laugh. I’ll see you around. Take care. Cutter B.- Captain Hook. Mr. Stallion. Computer games. Late night pow-wow in Peter’s room. Econ. Song. People outside the window. Chicken and tacos a t your house. All that laughing. Good luck and take care buddy. Kevin K.- Pepe’s. Pow-wow. Hair-cut session. BAAAD! GOOOD! Miniature pool. Smell of your worn out slippers. Trivial Pursuit. Take care. Greg S-H.- Spanish class. Glow-in-the-dark-boxers. Drive to Hapuna. Cruiser. Chemistry exam. Take care. Tyson S.- Laughs. Waste of time and money? Lit. homework. We’ll wait for you until you finish your dinner. Quizzard stud. Laters...Hiro Y.Thanks for all those food. Head banging. New York. Hard Rock Cafe. Chemistry. Bass and guitars. X. Take care. Toyo H.- TOYO! Rice. Wrestling. Rice. Wrestling. Take it easy. Carl B.- Kikaida! Dinner with pads. Take care. Anthony C.- Animal! Happy Birthday! Physics class. Ian C.- Teriyaki fries and early morning Waipio chicken. Best Chef. Take care. Grad E.- Remember the care? Trippy! take care. Porter H.- Wake up! Phone call! You should take A.P. Chinese. Laters...Ryder T.- Ryde-her! You shred in swimming. Take care. Toby K.- Toby! Hai. Hai. Kohala house. Coffee-time. See you later. Mark M.- Golf &’re pro at both of them. Take it easy. Don’t stress out. Take care. Other men o f ’92- Shawn, Ken, Bob, Bill, Chad, Hans, Glenn, Rick, Chris, and Taka- Take care and have fun. Kathy G.- Ho bra! You stink like s ! Stay away from me! Football. Prefect meeting. Classes. Thanks for always being there. I’ll miss ya. Take care. Amanda R.You too! Stink! Cruising. Prefect. Happy B-day! Thanks for everything. Take care. Jen G.- Japanese lessons. Cows. Football. Laughs. Training room. Food fight. Thanks for the great times. Take care. Kelly M.- My hat. Your green b mobile. It’s so hot, we’re melting. Nick names. Check mail. “Let’s pick on Kelly!” Trouble maker. Well...what’s up? Take care. Kathy R.- Your cabin. Don’t fall! Thanks for the pictures. I’m not the one who’s posing. I just took the picture. Take care and good luck. Vanessa R.- A.P. Lit class. Dog picture. Don’t trip! Don’t worry no one is listening to you. Thanks for always being around. Take care. Malia S.- Spaghetti and salad. Yes, Fm tired. Japanese homework. Thanks for everything. Take care. Malia L.- Wait! I need to go to town! No lunch. Stressing in photography. Spanish?’s easy! Well, take care and good luck. Diane F.- V-ball woman. How com...Female Athlete of the decade. Take care! Cathy Me.- Sister Cathy. Care bear. Your dress. Good luck, laters...Other women of ’92- Maya, Liz, Nicole, Carrie, Lauren, Melina, Ruth, and Kathy T.Good luck and Take care, d o ’92- Love & Aloha. Have fun and best of luck in the future. Jock A.- Thanks for organizing the camps / Scott A.- You ex-decoy man / Camille C.- Yo man! / Wilson L.- def. of Power. House of Boo-ya/ Paul D.- Best TD moves/ Matt D.- Take care buddy/ Chris E.- “Rubbish!” Remember cross eye man? / Jeff H.Mr. Nice Guy / Murphy- I’d like to meet your sisters someday. / Chris M.- Yeah baby! Go stick ‘em / Damien M.Chin-po-nai! / Dustin P.- kicker / Lance O.- “uncool!” obakechan / and Ventura- I’ll miss your brown (or pink) eye. Jess. C.- Spanish. Bleckel’s class. My hat. Pictures. “Does anyone have gum?”. Swimming. Thanks for always cheering me up. I’ll miss ya. Take care little one. d o ’93- Enjoy your school years and take care. Damien A. (You baby, it’s all you) / Asa C. (Nice glasses. Ping-pong?) / J.P. (Save me some...) / Daniel H. (Punk) / Keola L. (brothah) / Blake R. (Mop) / Cy S. (Piggy-backing) / Jonah (wrong hole) / Ednie (Mahoos) / Heathe (smile) / Kim (water gun) / Ninia (that pink stuff from your mouth). Meg S.- Mauna Kea. Japanese. Calculator. Cards. Tennis. ...Thanks for everything. You are the nicest person I know. Take care and keep in touch. Love & Aloha, d o ’94- Laters. Ngirai T., Jun H., Wei-Han- Good Luck! All the varsity team- Kani’s ohana! Peer-Counciling Group- The bondage. Tribe- We’re living extra large. Special thanks to- the Judds, Inoues, Sperrys and all of the Spencers (best food). “...Only then my children, will you ei\joy this day; you have life don’t waste it" - Black Uhuru.

Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi: Thank you very much for y o u r support in sending me to HPA in Hawaii. I will never forget about you guys; you gave me such a special o p p o rtu n ity and wonderful experiences that I would not find and learn in Japan. I’m really proud of you and will love you forever. Mr. & Mr. William J. Hancock: It’s been a great 4 years that I have spent with you. Since my first year a t H.P.A., I was one of the luckiest Japanese in IES class, because I got picked up by your family. I really appreciate that. Thank you very much for the great support and experiences that you gave me. I will never forget those memories and I will respect you as my other parents in Hawaii. Thanks again and I love you forever. Jo Mitchel and Family: I still remember when I first came to Hawaii and met you. That was a great experience th at I would never forget. I’m really sorry about not writing you or visiting you so often, but I’m always thinking about you and I won’t forget your kindness. Love you always. Thanks again. Teachers: Mr. Durnan: You’re one of the most respectable teachers that I had in my life. Thank you very much for your great support and please stay the way which you’ve been and support youngsters. Lift hard and stay huge. Thanks again. Mr. Solmssen: I will never forget the times th at I spent with you in class for two weeks. You got such an American attitude in the way of your unique teaching and I respect it. Thank you very much for your support and please take care, you groovy old gentleman. Mr. Perry: Thank you very much for your great coaching in soccer for 4 years. I really enjoyed and learned how to become the best with all our team mates. Thanks again and please stay as cool as you always are. Mrs. Yarawamai: Thank you very much for everything that you shared and helped me with for 4 years. I learned a lot of things and how you and now I could behave myself. I will not forget your screaming in the morning. Please take care and support your family and younger students. Great Appreciation to others: Mr. Rizzuto, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Holt, Mrs. Piltz, Mr. Provincal, Mr. Colson, Mr. Rice, Mr. Watson, Mr. Wilder, Mrs. Traub, Mrs. Kamrow and the rest of the falculty. Friends: Hans: You’re the coolest dude! We haven’t had enough grinds but guarantee we will. Thank you for the greatest times and stay groovy. Laters! Toyo: What’s up, brother! It’s been so much fun experiencing and sharing life with you. I have listened to enough of your lectures for 4 years and I learned a lot. Well, I will be seeing you somewhere in the rest of my life, so please take care and live long. Thanks for great times. Shane and Taka: So brothers! It’s been so far so good, is it! Well, it’s OK! I hope we saw enough babes; however, we also realized how hard to deal with it. But we’re the men so don’t forget that. Thanks for the greatest time and I will see you guys around. Good luck! Hiroshi: Aren’t you tired of listening to heavy metal! It sucks! Well, it’s been great years cruzing with you bro! I think both of us are well-educated about women now. Anyway, we should always look forward and headbanging forever. Take care psychoman! Taka (mune) yuki: Well, big man! 4 years were kind of too short, ya! I think we enjoyed and learned enough out of it; however., we didn’t have enough chances to enjoy our love life. Time will come and we always survive; therefore, we’re Laters! Nick: I finally made it, bro! Thank you for the great times and advice about onna. I will never forget such a stud man like you! Take care! Yusuke: Shisho! I am not Koukousei anymore. I feel like a man now. Well, thanks for your great friendship and I will never forget those great times we shared together. Please leave some women for me before I see you next time. Laters! Junko: Jun- Chan! Thanks for the greatest time, especially night-hopping in Japan. Well, it’s been so groovy knowing you for 4 years and thanks for so many of my memories. Anyway a life would never be filled enough for us to be created, so please take care, and we’ll always keep in touch. Nicole: Thanks for your smiles and please keep your sexy tight body forever. Take care! Fumie-san: So how’s everything going! I’ve not seen you for ages, so I almost forgot what you look like now! Well, thanks for the wonderful time and I will never forget such a groovy woman like you. Take care always. Ken-Chan and Tet-Chan: Thanks for the greatest time. Don’t worry! I will take you guys to Honey’s next time, so please take care, and stay healthy. Laters boys! Cathie: So Cathie, “How’s your life!” Don’t worry, because nobody would let you stay by yourself. Well, you’re the coolest, Cathie! Thanks for the greatest time, and we’ll keep in touch! Hirokazu: What’s up, boy! So what’s next? You finished all of ‘em? You’re a heavy psycho, young boy! I will never forget you as my younger brother! Take care and good luck! Thane and Theana: Thank you very much for being such a nice brother and sister. I will not forget the time I had spent with you guys and I wish both of you have a lot of good luck in your life a t HPA. Thanks again and I love you always.

Kosei Kobayashi


Chiba, Japan/ 4 years/ Soccer 3 yrs./ Volleyball/ Baseball/ J.V. Football/ HPA Scuba Club/ Dorm Prefect/ Hard core I Barber/ The Headbanger Saeko, Miwa and Mariko: We finally graduated from high school, so we don’t have to worry about ages anymore. Well, thanks for the time you guys shared with me for 4 years, and I wish you good luck in the future. Take care guys. Thanks to the dorm gang: M att V., Matt D., Chris H., Damien, Wilson, Chris D., John, Camile, Jeff H., Alex, Asa, Lance, and the rest. Extra thanks to: Mike, Bob, Cutter, Shawn, Tyson, Matt, Dustin, Asa, Brent, and the rest of the soccer boyz. Special thanks to: All the prefect bodies and the rest of my classmates. Youngers: Thanks for the greatest time and I wish good lucks to you guys: Matt V., M att D., Camile C., Chris E., Chris D., Wilson, Damien M., John M., Jeff H., Lance O., Gerrit, Danny E., Calvin D., Sinclair W., Fiona B., Elli H., Mais., Mamiko A.,

Mac G., Alex, Noa, Kaya, Daina, Mary, Chris M., Scott A., Jed* E., Asa C., Megan S., Brent F., Jonah, Paul D., Kalona, Jenny* R., Fran, Sylvia T., Kris G., Sara S., and the rest of the people! don’t know.

Kevin K ram er

California, Swimming, X-Country??, Turtle Tagging, Team Solar Car, Tribe Member Red Key Society. expected. The bad tim es are all forgotten and record collection of yours to Ripley’s when you lom and Dad: T hanks for all of the love and npport th a t made th e la s t four years possible. I now it w asn’t alw ays easy for you b u t th an k s >r keeping the faith. I LOVE YOU. m: I’ve finally m ade it too. You probably had lore fun getting there th en I did. T hanks for eing w hat a real big brother is supposed to be. lr. D urnan: The all knowing, all seeing one. hanks for all of the advise, support, and ircasm. I don’t reg ret listening to anything su’ve had to say. W hat will ever become of the j'ue heros? lr. Hughes: Hey, did we p lan t trees together? ven if we didn’t I sure hope we can someday, fhere is W illits a n y w a y ? Don’t ever grow up. hanks for everything. See you a t AA! lr. Anderson: Red Key Society or gossip immittee; w hat is it really? W hat ever appened to Bob? I guess you won th e bet. Ir. Honma: T hanks for all of th e long hard dies. Now we can relax and w atch as much ret, Hot, Wild C herry and Em anuel the sductress as we wanTeam Solar Car: C.B., .S-H., G.P., B.W., M att. Will we ever m ake it i Europe? It was unreal. Camping in Lanihau, Id Airport, Willits. Cal Poly w ent down. H as l y o n e seen the brake actuator retention pins? I tie Tribe: W here is the Pow-wow tonight? Tiere is the food? All of the late nights were erffit. iz F.: T hank you for everything. You gave me I ore th a n I could have possibly hoped for or

th e good are too num erous to rem em ber b u t I will always treasu re the knowledge th a t they happened. I will love you always. C utter: I t all w ent by fast b u t if sure was a hell of a ride. T hanks for all of the opportunities to have fun and most of all, th e friendship. Jessica: You are th e best big sister I’ve ever had. It would have been tough w ithout your support and you being there for me. Spaghetti feasts, hot tubbing, back rubs. You can come shopping any time. I.L.U. Amanda: M.C. Bunny? Mandi? You would have m ade a g reat cheerleader. Don’t forget to pay your yacht club dues this month. Your a g reat friend. I.L.U. Tyson: It was always interesting. You’re an Atype anim^T a t heart. Finally you free from the Animal Kingdom so you can do some real harm to society. Greg: Chucky, is it play time? I sure hope so because we’re goin’ back to Willits, to Willits. Long live the solar car. M arania: E h sister. Thanks for th e advise, Miss Goddess of Love. I’ll come visit you someday. I’ll rem em ber to follow my dreams. I’ll get th a t boat one of these days. Brian: You are wrong. I’m right. T hat’s ju st th e way it is. Don’t ask why, it ju s t is. Jay: Sorry about all the bad haircuts. They all grew out didn’t they? Can I bear your children someday? Please. Rick: Long live Rugby. Your an animal. God save the Queen. You should donate th a t large

die. Kathy: Yeah Boyeeeee! Go home white girl. You smell. Who said black is better? Jen: So have you been to the car dealership recently? Thanks for playing mom and letting me hang out.. Diane: It has been four long years. Thanks for being there with a shoulder and a hug when I needed them. Shane: The portable entertainm ent center. How was fall ball? I had fun,-how about you? Grad: They were all good times. Too bad there w eren’t more of them. Ryder: You’ll never make seniors nationals. See you in A tlanta in ‘96. Toby: We missed you this year. The hallway ju s t w asn’t the same. When is coffee time? Shawn, Ruth, Cathy Me., Taka F., Carrie, Tet, Toyo: Your friendships made it all the more interesting. Good luck where ever you go and w hatever you do. T.H., C.E., M.V., T.C.Q., D.P., and all of the 1991-92 soccer team: Good luck in the years to come. To all U nder Classmen: Yours is not to question why, Yours is b u t to do and die. -Alfred Lord Tenison Goodbye H.P.A. You have made a deep and lasting impression on me. Thank you for all of the experiences th a t helped to make me who I am.

Sim on K w ok

I love you Mom and Dad. -Simon-

remember, “...we make them simple!” Derrick-more-near: Eh Hanano-boy, wake—eh, wake up! Now get off the toilet! I said get off the toilet! Eh howzit! Okay now you can go back to bed. Mikie: “He likes 'em! He like 'em!" Eh put the tuna in the ‘frig so no get rotten! Molokai-boy: Zzzzzoooiikks! C-Ya in the majors, or if not, in Surfer Magazine! Hang-loose! Bob: Little Bob, ugs, ug-ug, iga chawa, ug, Tom Curren: keep on surfing and kick Tom Curren’s butt! Toby: Toe be, or not toe be, that’s my question. Go cook some more rice and bring some poi too! Ian: You crazy bugga you. We got to go motor x-ing sometime. Carl: Bry-man, flirt with as many girls as you can but don’t fanatisize about 'em. Go kick some butt for our country wherever you end up! Mark: Bill, do you dream about golfing? Do you fanatisize about golf? Do you sleep with your clubs? Well, that’s good, someone has to. Golf-or-die dude! Glenn: Think about this: The earth moves us to our destination; all we do is move in place. You were an awesome president, right on! Jay: Say gay Jay, how’s your day? You are the one and only, true chundi! Kevin: You’re king of the hills! Someday you can cut my hair just like yours and start a new hair style. Anthony: “The animal, the animal...nothing can stop, the animal!” Eh happy birthday! How old are you now? Edmund: Eh Edmund, we-go-fight-’til-death! Toyo: Ah, what-a-you-a doing Toyota? j Come mierda! Melina: Beware of peeping-toms in college! I can still smell the baby powder. Kelly: Who’s that killer blond in that ravishing green, eye­ catching VW Rabbit? Say “Hi” to your parents for me whenever they see me. Liz: Eh lizard! 5th grade at Waimea School: “Do you want to go out with me?: yes no maybe.” Good ‘ole days. Mariko: Don’t worry, besides Shad, we all love you and I feel privileged to sit next to you. Cathy M.: Be easy on the college men! Don’t break too many hearts. Thane: Saaboong! Ah, I squirted the water a t the wrong place again! So this one time, I had this chic...Ahhhh, good times good times! J.P.: Howzit big boy! Cassie: Horse-woman, what are you laughing at? Border Clan: (J.Z., C.B., G.S-T., K.K., T.S....) It was an interesting experiencing Day Clan: (C.B., A.C., I.C., J.C., G.E., D.H.*2, L.H., M.L., KM., A.S., M.J....) Mahalos for having me as part of the “ohana.” The library was my office during school, but the weekends were fun! Laters! Class o f ’92: “Life is a circle, we’ll meet again.” -Seth; Beast Master “Don’t let anyone shove sand up your a -grandpa

“Beware fo those fur-bearing animals!” -grandpa “You can’t shine s -grandpa

. unless you freeze it.”

“Don’t let your dingles, dingle in the sand; wrap ‘em in wax paper and hold ‘em in your hand.” -grandpa “ Life is but a peapod: if it’s opened and turned upsidedown, all the peas will scatter about; but if it’s kept closed, the peas will naturally rot away.”

Shawn Lasko

Kamuela/ 4 yrs/ Cross-Country/ Soccer/ Baseball

ubm: You put up with a lot of “Shinola” with me over the [ears, but you kept supporting me in sports and academics. You aade certain that I would have a promising future by pushing ne into HPA, even though I tried to resist. I’ve always taken dvantage of things you’ve done for me to promise th at future, flow I can appreciate all your efforts and start to depend on ayself for the future I want. Thank you so very much! )ad: I m glad we’ve always been close because I look up to you nd base my life on yours. Instead of teaching me what most raditional parents teach their children to do right, you’ve aught me everything I need to know about what not to do. Vhen the time comes, I’ll be ready for life. For all the good lines and the little toys, thanks! Love you both! Iris: Eh sista! Didn’t realize how much I missed you until I ealized how boring it was here. Now that you’re gone, I’ve also salized how much you love me and would stick up for me. fhat more could a brother ask for? 'e amo mucho!

Jeff: Entering our family and sharing all your love with us has been g ratify in g . Thanks for giving up so much of your time for everything you’ve done for me! Muchos mahalos, and C-Ya in your wedding. Grad: I’m speechless. You’re like a brother to me and all I can say is: Wake up! Study! Oh ya, I still don’t remember you in... Na, but thanks for everything. Honma: Eh boy, get your mind out of the gutter before I gotta kick you in the groin! Muchos mahalos for training me! The hills, the wind, and the rain are now my friends, j Hasta la vista, baby! Cutter: Cuuunnnteer! How much do you know? I know I’ll see you on MTV someday. Tyson: 9:00 PM, “ Oh say can you see, by the...,” “ Oh beautiful for spacious skies...” You’ll find plenty of young gold in Texas! No worries... bondage! Greg: Let’s build a pinata this weekend! j Vamos a Espana esta verano! Come stay my house this year! Ya, whatever dude! Derrick-more-far: Waimea school days...ah, forget ‘em! But

M alia Lani Lawson


Kamuela, HI/ 6 yrs./ Cheerleading 3 yrs./ Basketball 2 yrs/ Amnesty International "Some people come into our lives and quickly go; some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never th e same." Mom and Dad: I love you both more th a n I can say. Your constant love and support have helped me to grow and allowed me to discover all of the wonderful things th a t my life can be. I honestly don’t know how you p u t up w ith me b u t I really adm ire you for it. L indsay: I really don’t know how we could be more different but I think we fit ju s t perfectly. I m ust have made your life pretty miserable, b u t then, th a t’s my job. You’ll always be my favorite model. I love you, little sis! To all my friends, and for all those people who ju s t seem to m ake each day more worthwhile, I would like to say th an k you. I will miss you all! Birgi: Buff, blonde, and beautiful! I’m very confident th a t you’ll find Mr. Sailboat so don't worry about it! I’ll brush up on my sandwich recipes! I honestly don’t know w hat I would have done w ithout you! Sometimes th e world seems ju s t a little too twisted. I’m glad I’ve had you to help me straighten it out. I love you tons!


M alia: Like two peas in a pod; th a t’s th e saying isn’t it?! We’ve been through so much, I don’t know w here to begin. Remember H aleakala, 2 o’clock, new spaper skirts, M ath and quasibeans! Yuk! I appreciate all of your support and I th an k you for everthing, my evil twin! V anessa: So m any memories and so little space! I can’t th a n k you enough for your warm smile and your endless compassion. We could always ta lk about anything, I th in k I’ll miss those talks the most. I luv ya. Kathi: We had fun, I think?! Cheerleading was always a b last w ith you around! We m ade so m any good memories (and a ton of musubi) along the way. I’m a Twin Peaks junkie; how about you? Thanks so much. K athy G.: Girl, get your head back in the window! “hablas . . . uh . . . espanol?” You’re crazy and I love you th a t way! C arrie: Don’t play those finger violins a t me! You always w anted to be a cheerleader deep down, I know it! I fell, I swear! Thanks. Jen : Cows!

Mr. B ryson: T hank you so much for everything. Much love, Malia. (another adoring fan!) Mr. D urnan, Mr. D unlap, Mrs. Y., Ms. Donahue] Mr. Solmessen. T hank you, th a n k you, th an k you! (I could go 1 on.)

To m y B ah a’i fam ily: I have always felt your 1 love and th e fire in my h e a rt was lit by your w arm th. T hank you all. M eg and K ahea: You two are soooo special! Don’t forget it, and always rem em ber our pilgrimage. I love you, thanks.


To th e cla ss o f 1992: There’s no way to express how much you all have m eant in my life] We’ve grown together as a class... let’s never grow apart! Good luck, I love you all!

Edm und Lee Kamuela, Hawaii/ 7 years/ Varsity Tennis 4 years/ Computers/ Astronomy Club Comic Book Collecting lo m a n d D ad: T h a n k you for p u ttin g up rith m e over th e years. T h a n k you also for aving sp en t a lo t of y o u r tim e w orking so bat you can p u t m e th ro u g h school, v ely n : T he b e st siste r in th e w hole world, •on’t study too hard! A lthough you a re th e nly siste r I have, I w ouldn’t tra d e you for nybody else. T hanks, irian & T ony: W ill you guys ev er stop ghting?! D on’t collect too m uch cards; th e re 'on’t be an y m ore room in th e hou se for rem! m drew : Y our th e c u te s t kiddo in th e world, e n io r G u ys iart: S top it! D on’t call m e shorty! W h at’s o ur problem ? T h an k s for being one of m y eSt friends. I d o n 't care if you hav e m ore pmics th a n I do. L et m e know w hen you ecome a n a s tro n a u t so I can w arn NASA! a y Z .: C hris is a C.! O r is it Jay ? Sleeping ag races d u rin g th e trip to M au n a Kea. How id we m eet again? T h an k s for being a g re a t riend. ustin: T he g re a te st g u ita rist in th e world, end m e a tick et to you first concert. [imon: A gassi! Keep practicing a n d you'll be re b est te n n is p lay er in H ong Kong. ►avid: B ig Dave! How m any shoes do you ave? T h an k s for helping m e w ith m y th re e ointers. Ihawn: How's A P C om puters? S ta y cool.

A n th o n y : Chan(g) m an! D on't h it too h a rd w ith th e H am m er; you'll kill somebody. S e n io r G irls S im o n e: I'm sorry for being so "mean". S a g e a n d K ris: The (alm ost) inseperable pair. Stop fighting w ith B art. M ariko: T h an k s for being a g re a t friend. J e a n e tte : Y ou're a n aw esom e ten n is player a n d you know it! T h e b e s t o f th e r e st P h illip : Y our com puter broke down again!?!?! N eil: Y our n o t th e only one who h a s a g re a t com puter. A rjun: You’re AWESOME!!!!!! T h an k s for b eing one of th e b e st friends I'll ever have. L a sia n d ra : W atch o u t C apriati! Don’t h it th e b all TOO hard! BLIND!!! Good luck, call m e w hen you w in th e G ran d Slam . Y u ri a n d M ai: W hat!? D id you finish your lay o u ts yet? You need help again! You girls have so m uch luck. C.O.: T hings m ay n o t have w orked o u t well b etw een us, b u t I hope th a t we can a t le a st be friends. Good luck n ex t year. D a m e o n W.: No fair! You got your SE/30 before I did!! AP C om puters ’90-’91 w as a blast! C an you re ta k e my AP te s t for me? Y our n o t fat; you ju s t have a low ce n ter of gravity. I'll m ake su re to tell A pple to w atch ou t for you! It's so BIG! I don't th in k so! I w on't forget to send you E-mail!

C h ris N.: You have zero intelligence, ch arism a, comeliness, etc. T h e te n n is team : Boys: You guys really m ade th is season th e b e st I've ever had; Taka: C aptains! We finally m ade it sifter all these y e a r s .; T , q u it h ittin g those drop shots; Marc: Stop fooling aro u n d w hen you play; Meg: M iss E n th u siastic; Kim: You don't suck, you ju s t need LOTS of lessons (ju st kidding!!!!); Susie: I th in k th e b all is a ttra c te d to you; R o n Seno: G ot your h elm ets ready? B anana ball! Give ’em! T h an k s for h elping me w ith m y ten n is. Eric: How's your attitu d e? T h an k s for your tim e in h elping m e o u t w ith my tennis. T h an k s for ev erything an d good luck next y ear: S.T., D.E., A. Ho, J.H ., M.C., D.K.., M.D., R.K., S.S., M.S., T.Q. T h an k you Mr. W eiser, Mr. H all, Mrs. Link, M r. H ughes, Mr. Bryson, M rs. Piltz, and any o th er teac h er I h a d for helping me through my y ears a t HPA. T h e C la ss o f '92: It's been a long 4 y ears but we finally m ade it. You guys are th e best! "Tennis is 1% physical, an d 99% m ental. Ja m e s Scott Conners "It a in 't over till its over."- Yogi B erra


M elina L eilan i L eitel

Kohala,Hawaii/ 7 yrs./ Cross Country/ Soccer/ Track

Dad and Mom* Your sacrifices, patience, and guidance have made me what I am today. Nothing would have been possible without your love and support and I realize how lucky I am to be a part of your world. Thank you for always believing in me and giving me the best of everything. I love you! Bianca and Laura- Thanks for never telling on me and for being the best sisters in the world. I hope you don’t miss me too much when I’m gone, because I know I’ll miss you! I love you both so much! Paul- Being with you has been an experience I’ll never forget. We’ve both learned a lot about love, life, and one another. I can't thank you enough for all th at you’ve given me: the laughter , memories, and smiles. But most of all, thank you for giving me your heart. I do too! 0 ke aloha o ke ipo, he wela ia no ke kino. Lauren and Kelly- Boys, diets, tans, dreams, laughter, tears... the memories are endless. You’ve both made a very special difference in my life. You’ve always been there for me and still invited me to grow. Thank you for showing me what true friendship really means. No matter how far apart our futures bring us, you’ll both always be in my heart. ILYBA! Kitten- “Excuse me, are you going to Papeete?”/ giant crabs / scooter races/Club Med/Tahitian sunsets/Kona Tiki/tons-o-fun/ X-man/G-man/Mahukona/Gail’s Jeep/tin foil dresses/tie-dye underwear/animal chin/Sailor Jack!! Fluff Head- Cotton balls/getting abducted by aliens/Hilo camival/drive-bys/gas man/pet c’s/Chip n’ Dales/Airplane smell/ Shag/fire c’s/speedo man/entrance man/Kealoha/Mr. Magoo’s spiral staircase/Burger King/Sailor Jack!! Mariko- Your the sweetest girl I know and I’m glad that we became good friends. Thanks for sharing a locker with me and for letting me come to your house all the time. I’ll miss you! Liz- Since sixth grade we’ve been friends and I’m so glad that we stayed close. Remember cruising Kona in Gail’s Jeep? Too much fun! Good luck in the future, I hope we keep in touch! Melissa- Getting in trouble during Spanish, getting in trouble during Biology, and millions of laughs! We have definitely had some really good times, and I hope there’s more to come! Malia S.- I’ll never forget all the talks on the swing, and health food cravings that we've gone through! Thanks for all the advice and support. Your a great friend and I'll miss you soo much! Diane- Hey mama boom-boom! I’m glad I met someone to tease, and at the same time found a great friend. Your a really sweet girl and I know that you’ll make friends wherever you go! ILY!

Marania- Thank you for the Tahitian hospitality. You taught me so much, but most of all how to have a good time! I’ll never forget you! Cathy- Remember going to the store on our bikes with our colorful bras? How about your B-Day party? The Crew! Thanks for all the fun memories. Good luck! Vanessa, Kathi, Malia L.- You guys are always smiling and laughing and I’ll miss seeing those shining faces everyday. I wish each of you the best of luck in the future. Thanks for the years of friendship! S enior Bovs; Allyn- Since the first day you came, you’ve treated me like a sister and I’ve always appreciated it. Thanks for always sticking up for me and for being a great friend. I’ll miss you! H onda-1 give you 2 dollars! Thanks for being an awesome friend and a nice guy. I hope that you have a fun and successful future. Take care! Derrick(Boy)- Thanks for staying next to me at camping trips, for letting me teach you how to dance, and for being my brother. Your the sweetest guy in the whole world and I’m glad that we are best friends. I’m going to miss you so much #77! ILY! Grad- Hey Aquaman! Thanks for all those long, deep, interesting talks. Your a great friend and I’m going to miss you and your long phone calls a lot! Take care! Mike- Hagamugi! Remember sophomore year: party my house, party your house, too much party! Thanks for the great camping trips and the great times. Shawn- Your the nicest guy and I know that your’re going to do great things in the future. I should have said “yes” freshmen year! Take care! Porter and Bobby- Eh, you guys owe me lunch! Thanks for all the times at the Deli and all the laughs. I wish you both the best in the future, take care! Jake and Ian-1 couldn’t think of two cooler guys . Thanks for all the memories (don’t cross the line!) and good luck in the future! Glenn- You’ve been my friend and my headache, but without you I would have forgotten what life is really about, friendship. From sixth grade idiots to high school graduates we’ve been together every step of the way. Thanks for everything, I’ll miss you! Good luck to- Cutter B., Carl B., Carrie E., Jen G., Kathy G., Ruth I., Toby K., Chad N., Greg S.H., Ryder T., Birgi W., Taka K.,Hans S.-1 wish I had the space to write all of you because you’ve all added to the wonderful memories I have. Good luck in the future, Take care! flp

UnderclassmenNinia- O.K.- I’ll meet you in the girls bathroom a t 2:00pm so that we can breed our crops! Thanks for being so fun and sue] niner. Your a great friend and I’m glad we became close (real] close!) Good luck in the future and I hope we keep in toucb H! Calvin- Thanks for being such a cool guy and cruising with a. and me. I had lots of fun with you in Oahu and I hope that ya have a great time next year! Mia- Hey Aim! Your such a cruiser, I think that’s why you an^ got along so well. Thanks for all the laughs. Take care! Chris M.- You're a really nice guy, and a good friend. Pleasefl take care of my boy when I’m gone. Have fun next year! ] Michi and Michiko- Go to class! I hope that the next two yea are fun. Take care! Good luck to- Fiona B., Fran L., Jock A., Scott A., Thane H.J Ashley C., Matt D., Robi S., Damien A., Jenny R., Alexa B., 1 Sienna R., Kim G., Kelly B., Andy C., Asa C., Lindsay F., Jaisj J., T.J. K., Scott M., Jade L., Dustin P., Josh D., Mathias M.,j| Suliana M., and Jessica C.. AlumniTwila, Danica, Tiva, and Taylor-1 missed you guys! Ellen- I’ve missed you so much this year. Thanks for all the | Kohala road talks, trips to Kukio, and late night gossip session Take care! ILY! Molly- You never gave me the chance to tell you how much yoi mean to me. We’ve gone through so much together and our jH friendship is too important to lose. I love you and miss you sow much! Special thanks to: The Millers, Hewetts, Carlsons, Dicks, 1 Hananos, and Dawsons. Class of 1992: Hele mai na makahiki, hele aku, A e loli na helehelena Mau no ka pu’uwai, ho’omana o’ mau Nui no kealoha i loko. Though the years may come and go, and our faces change, still our hearts will hold thy memories, of the friendships we have made.

Lora L illey New Mexico, Egypt,UAE-everywhere/ HPA 1 1/2 yrs/ Drill Team/ Volleyball 2 yrs/ Cheerleader 1 yr/ Community Service/ Beach Bum rainbow is more beautiful than the pot of gold a t the end, rase the rainbow is now and the pot of gold is the end. known- We didn’t inherit this land from our fathers. We’re ■owing it from our children. -Amish Proverb- Smile... It >s you get your way. -Miss Piggy- Mom and D ad-1 know the Id is always changing, and perhaps it seem th at the values ve taught me are the ones I outgrew. In many ways we’re alike, but yet it’s still true, the things I value most in life are things I’ve learned from you! Thank you for always believing le! I could never have made it without all your love and port. I love you! y-1 know we don’t get along to well sometimes, but you w I wouldn’t have chosen anybody else to have been my little her. I want you to know th at I will always be there if ever should need me. And always remember that anything is iible as long as you put your heart and mind to it. Only four e years! Ju st do it! I love you. ldo & Papa- Thank you for all the time, love and advice you e given me. You have shown me how to make the best of any ation! You’re the greatest! I love you! ndma & Grandpa Brown- Thanx for everything you’ve done ne! I love you! Ogatas- Thanx a million for letting me bum around your se on weekends and holidays. You really made me feel like eone actually cared about what I did. You were always there ne. I’ll never forget you guys. Love Ya! Sufferas- I missed you too much! You guys are my second lily! Home away from home! I want to thank you for ything you have done for me! From fixing my Jeep to ting me like I really am family. You don’t know how much mean to me! I just hope I never do anything to lose your >eet for me! Thank you for always being there for me! I love SGod bless you! iend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you! hael-1 want you to know that “I love you, and I always ...more than you know.” I can’t thank you enough for all that 've done for me, for being there and believing in me. And a dal thanx for all the time, love, and unending happiness you e given me! Just don’t ever stop! I know we can make it ither! All we have to do is try! I love you forever and always! PS wanna slurpee? lember the mall- speakers? what speakers? What movie you ina see? Potpourri room fresheners! Corn dog 7! What? Yes r! Now where? Hey lets got to triple P’s! Soccer, anybody?

Ouch! Let’s go get a slurpee and swing at the park! Cockroaches! Exactly how do you spell that? With or without the K? What i§ romantic? The night we first meet. Football games. Pizza Hut. Ninja turtles. Whats was her name? Taco pizzas! Cattle Barons! F ancv! Let’s ride the go-carts! Inn of the Mountain Gods! Ooh nice! June 23. Say what? Yeah, right! I love you! 21 page letters! pictures? Oops! Late again! Oh well! Jeberky. Smile. Can I drive your Jeep! Ooh buff! Aargh! Classes! what? I forgot-CRS! SongsEverything I do, I do it for you, Every heartbeat, You’re my inspiration, Angle eyes, Love of a Lifetime, I like the way! Rad kids 4-ever You’re only young once, but your immature forever! -Unknown Life is sweet because of the friends we have made, And the things which in common we share; We want to live on, not because of ourselves, But because of the ones who would care. -Edgar A. Guest Chad- Thanks for puttin up with me for so long. You’re a good friend when you want to be! Sorry we fight a lot. Don’t be so stubborn dude! Love ya! Remember- Chicago, Air Supply, and Phil Collins!PS: What’s your horoscope? Amy & Mona- Hey! We sure had some times didn’t we? Greasy Burgers, french fries, Conos-extra large, Walk like an Egyptian!Yeah! Right! Pyramids rule! Pullman discos! Watch out for all those French dudes! Long falooka rides down the Nile at sunset. Climbing Mt.Sinai, snorkeling the Red Sea, weekends at Sharm el Sheikh, Men! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! Mona- you ditsy blonde! Amy- anybody say Reeses Peanut Butter Cups? Jason, & Shady! Best of luck to both of you! Love Ya! Beth O.- Well, girl! Here we are! At the top! I want to thank you for being such a sweetheart! You took me out with your friends and together we did everything! We soon became good friends, You’re very special. Stay sweet! I wish you the best in life. If you ever make it back to Alamogordo, give me a call! Keep in touch! Love Ya! Jeanette- Hey girl! Looks like we finally made it! We were the bestest roommates! Too bad it was only for 6 months. Oh well! We still had the best of times! Remember! Turn off the lights! Get up? Now? But it is only...! S—T! Turn down your stereo! Nicole and “The Crayon”! I hate guys! They're so dumb! So what’s your point? Whatever! Thanx bunches for confiding in me! You don’t know how much that meant to me! Just remember! I’ll only be a phone call or letter away! So keep in touch! Beatles! Eric Clapton! My hereos! Yeah, right! Anyway! We outta hea! Peace! Love Ya!

Celeste- Well! We did it! ‘Bout time too!’ Yeah! We had a hard time, we’re just so different! But, look! We’re still good friends! It just made it all the more interesting! Let’s go to the beach! Oh well! Thanx for puttin’ up with me! All the best of luck! J.L. I want my Alaskan Glacier Bunny. Butt and Leg man! Jamie! And Matt! Party hardy, girl! But I’ve already got a prom dress! Love Ya Beth- I’m gonna tell Mike! You guys’ll work out! Don’t stress! ‘K*? You’re a great friend! Love Ya! Simone- You porcelain Chinese doll! You’re a sweetheart! You can put a smile to anybody’s face! Just keep smiling! Love Ya! Michelle- Where’s Celeste? Is he down there? Let’s go to lower! Remember Clint Black, Charlie Brown, Wilbur Stud Muffin.Mr. Muffin to you! Next year is your year woman! Make the best of it! Love Ya! C.J.- Only two more years! Ha! Guys? Where? Let’s hit the beach! Shall we? Did anybody say...blonde? AAAH! Want my cherry? No thanx! Anyway! Have fun! Remember!You’re a blonde! Just keep your tan! And quit flirting! Good luck! Peace 4-ever! Love ya! To my hall- Thank you for being such a good, ouiet hall! Shut up! I’m tryin’ to sleep! Have fun! You’re all so sweet! Love you all! Keep smilin’! To my cheerleading squad- Thanks for everything you’ve done for me! Thanks for takin’ time out on my behalf to teach me everything I needed to learn. Thank you Coach Lower for keeping us together and making us a better team inside and out! Love you all! Good luck in the future! To the rest of my family and friends- Thank you to all that have let me live and learn .You know who you are! You’ve helped me a lot. You guys are great! Love you all! To the class of ’92wOnce in a life time is all you receive, The only chance you get to really be free. Once in a lifetime is really all you get, To live fully and completely, and not to regret. Good luck to everyone! Thank you for making this year the best! An we outta hea! C-YA! “ I love you this much,” and He spread out His arms on the cross...and He died. -Unknown

A senior quote wants to thank parents, so they will continue to pay for tuition, and, also because they are loved. A senior quote wants to say good-bye to old old friends who haven't been contacted since Third Grade, and will probably never be seen again. A senior quote wants to let relatives and role madels know that they are responsible for creating a really wonderful person. It feels like recognizing a plethora of amazing and devoted teachers who have risen above the role of instructor, to that of a friend. It thinks that there must be a final message for every friend and acquaintance, bearing either a shared memory or some small advice and good will. Some Senior quotes even consider the important individuals who keep the system flowing: money tracked, food cooked, dorms disinfected, red tape hidden, activities open, appliances maintained, and every plant and flower neatly trimmed. A Senior quote wants to draw attention to how beautiful "it" all has been, from laughter with friends to the abundance of comfortable grass to sit on, alone. It believes that, if given enough words, it can reveal the eternal secrets of happiness for all the world to see. And when it all gets donelast minute decisions, final thoughts, deadlines, erasures, rewrites, deletions, new ideas, adn regurgitated messages- a senior quote mentions a few friends, relatives, and teachers, it quotes a poet, musician or two, and finally sits below a picture and a name: black and white. 62


la r k M adson ife of Golf' Rec. Basketball/ Rec. Tennis jolf is life, life is Golf." Ian Cole hanks to my parents for forcing me to do a little work. hanks to all the teachers and administrators, that helped me squeeze by. hanks to my friends that made school fun for me, you know who you are, so I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t write to you all [dividually, just THANKS!!!!!!

YOUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;RE THE MAN!!!!!!!!


Thanks to all the people of H.P.A., H.P.A. wrestling team and U.S.A. Wrestling is good; don't ask me why. Because all I know is that it's good. Right coach? Kosei- bye now. Tyson- you are good. Matt- "because it is cool" is no reason for you to do it. Is the word ever enough to describe our hurt. Silence is the only way to tell you how I feel because the silence is infinite. Could goodbye ever be "good" bye. Is there any departure that is good. Goodbye to everyone, with full silence in my heart. Hey, live good and prosper. When you see me, know that I was here. Is it only me that knows that I was here? Does Waimea know I was here? Hey how do you know I was here?

Toyohito Matsaura I think I was a wrestler...?


Beth McDowell Horses-for-life/ Aerobics/ HPA 1 yr/ Procrastinator 17 yrs vhy do today, w hat can be p u t off until omorrow? :amilian eyes are ringed in rainbows f you catch her prism te a r emember th a t she chose to hide them . th a n k you edie

mom and dad- i never would have made t w ithout you two. th an x for all the upport you have given me and for your inconditional love th a t you’ve both shown, i owe you my life and my happiness. you’ve seen me through the rood and bad tim es and have shown me he clarity betw een rig h t and wrong, i vill forever be in your debt, i love you ■wo w ith my always unending love, cobey-my best #1 bud. th a n k you for rour everlasting supply of advice and rour taking care of me when i needed you. kre had the greatest tim es- m.i., john, the saddle club, vasili, th e card games a t unch w ith sternoff and th e gang, the trips to Seattle, th e other trips, the parties, the campfires, motor-cross, the

omni club w ith day, andy, day’s little w hite pills cle elem, the middle of the night, th e ab ru p t edge of snow, the leech, dave stanwood-the ghosts, bart, lake ketchum , those weird h u n ter horses, jeflf, ed, the ac/dc concert, seafair, the crabman, th e b urn th a t followed, jack, jerry, dangyth e hooters, th anx for sticken w ith me at sw aa and daffodil, i love you cobe! thank you for it all. mike- “w hat up?”-canada was wonderful, i wish we had never had to come back, rem em ber th e night we met? i know i’ll never forget it. the hot-tub was an experience, i love you! to bad it didn't work for us. tobi- (jerry???) yakima, region 5, pullalup fair, beach boys, san ju an islands, the glowing path, the good old days we hoped would never end. w hat happened? daylin- (dusty???) skinny-dippen, the yellow boat, all the s—t we’ve been through- it’s forever behind us now! don’t let any one ever get you down. gaven- 2x oh well! learn to drive in the snow “ya b u tt pirate!” have fun with christen, josh- you will always be a little s—t. joel- sorry pat- we could’ve had it all, thanx for ac/dc, paul mccartney, zz top, french maid, whs,

mariko- you are the best roommate in the world, th an k you for being a good friend and i hope th a t you will go to Seattle u. even if you do get accepted into the east coast schools, we have to keep in touch. lora-you better invite me to yours and mikes wedding, it has been great a t school w ith you. jane-i am so glad we got to be friends and i am so glad th a t sifter this year we probably will not have to take physics or calculas. thanks for all of the help in physics. i love all you guys and gals here at HPA. you guys are like family, you're all great. To the Class Of ’92- Always Remember: Peace, Love And Happiness. And All I Really Have To Say To You Is - We Are Out Of Here


C atherine J e a n M claren 9 years/ Cross Country/ Basketball/ Student Council

those long talks of sisters and boys. Thanks for pushing me an all your support. Conley, Colson, Nolan, Bryson, Durnan and all my other teachers- Thanks for your time and caring.

“ There’s no vocabulary For love within a family, love that’s lived in But not looked at, love within the the light of which All else is seen, the love within which All other love finds speech This love is silent.” - T.S. Elliot The Elder Statesman (1958) Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me stay here a t HPA, and for all the support you have given me all these years. You always have been my pillars of strength to lean on when I felt weak. I love you very much. “Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawns of life.” - Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts ( 1952) Janet and Linda- Hopefully I’m not that bad. You’re both my best friends and I miss you dearly when I am away a t school. Thanks for being the best sisters I could have ever hoped for. Adam- “If I had a box ju st for wishes and dreams th at had never come true. The box would be empty except for the memory of how they were answered by you.” - Jim Croce Time in a Bottle Cold feet on the need of therapy, jealous hair, chicken meximelts, and the sauna tent, everyday was an adventure with you. I miss you very much and I’ll always love you. Malia- Remember all those nights we ate chocolate bonbons, talking about everyone and everything. You’ve always been a great listener and have consoled me during my bad times. I’ll always cherish our friendship. Ruth- My Waikaloa buddy. That desert is still my home. All those days singing Les Poissons, racing home or back from Hilo! That was a thrill. Lots of lead shavings? I wonder where they came from? Temper tantrums in math, team smurf, efforts in English, and burning down Rome (almost including the history building). I guess you're not the computer nerd that I thought you were. Thanks for all the good times. Diane- My twin. Someday we’ll get into Sharper Image and R rated movies without an adult. Remember singing Air

Supply a t Nick’s, boy we sure know how to party. You’ve been the greatest of friends. Sharing boy troubles. I promise you’ll find a prince charming. Dream of sights and sleigh rides and seasons where feelings not reasons can make you decide. Carl-All those Milky Way bars, it’s a wonder I’m not fat. You’re so generous. I wish I could return all the kindness, friendship and love you have given me, but that’s probably impossible. There’s an angel watching over you too. Marania- We could talk forever about your experiences. I still laugh when I hear the word “honey”. Carrie- Ohhh Girl, and dream analysis at breakfast. Carrie est mystieuse n’est-ce pas? Kelly- Thanks for always having me over after student council freshman year. Remember scrounging for change to buy candy a t 7- eleven and Doey.

X-country team- Best of luck to you guys. Love Narf. Freshman Hall- My sistahs, give me a hug. I’ll miss you. Thanks to the Millers, Sperrys and the Rannes who practically adopted me an made me feel a part of their family. Best of luck to: Juniors- J.C., F.W. Sophmores- M.H., M.H., C.O’M., N.Q., D.A., J.A., L.H., K.H., J J.P.K., B.R. Freshmen- Tiff (snarf bubbles) & Richard (bunny farts). To the Senior class“ Ever has it been that love knows not it’s own depth unti the hour of separation .” -Kahlil Gibran I know I’ll miss everyone of you. Keep in touch.

Jay- Isn’t it awfully nice to have a know.

! I guess I wouldn’t

Cutter, Kevin, Chris, Tyson, Greg, Brian, Chad, Taka, and Shane- You guys have been like brothers to me. Thanks for always making me laugh. You guys are the greatest. Love Carebear Billy- pinky shakes. Glenn- Thanks for always making me think. Don’t lose faith in love; it will find you someday. Alex, Kathi, Amanda, Grady, Vanessa, Melina and Jen- Thanks for the memories. Allyn, both Derricks, Jake, Grad, Ian, Mike, Toby, and Shawn-1 wish you the best of everything. Joy-1 enjoyed every minute of running with you, especially

K elly G race M iller I Kamuela, Hawaii - 6 years/ Cross Country/Track/ Basketball/ Soccer/ SADD n and Dad-1 love you both so much. There are no words to •ess my thanks to you for all the oppurtunities and support that have given to me over the years. Although we will be seperated piles, our hearts and souls will always be together. “Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re everything I wish I could be I can fly higher than an eagle You are the wind beneath my wings. - Bette Midler tt- You have been a great brother and I will miss you . tough we may have our every now and then fight, I love you will always love you. Good Luck!!! ( oh yea...It’s your dish it!) “You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it." bara Streisand ina & Lauren- “The most beautiful discovery true friends can :e is that they can grow seperatly without growing apart.” abeth Foley I love you both so much. Thank you for all the it times we have had, I’ll never forget them! The frienship we e shared is the truest, and it will always be. ILY. obi- Sailor Jack, my neck! Chip-n-Dale! Oh yea, sorry about the lane ride... Thanks for the awsome time at the frosh prom w/ pers in our eyes! Are you the DD? Shag... Buzz is mine! Stop i t , re are children in the theater! Burger King, Popeye. V- breath ! igo chetney, fly bys. My auntie make shoyu chicken! 10 sec.___ ire’ll attack in two.... read the book! ILY. ben-Sailor Jack. Leppercans on Molokai? Hey are you two is? sisters? Shut up! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU’LL EVER 3W....NOT!!!New years eve in da Waimea nightmea! lets start diet tomorrow....The B Mobile! What a cheezer! Hey... you scared of me? Aerobic woman. Mom, I went to guard Lau a the crazy man with the ear piercer and BANG!! It got me. at can I say? Sorry about the airplane, it just slipped out!ILY ne- Normal is different for everyone. Not better or worse, just irent. You’re awsome babe!! Thanks for all the times you have sned, made me laugh, or cried with me. The times we shared e been tons of fun!! Kauai, B-Ball, Kauai again... I swear leday we’ll be beach bums together. I love you always. Lia S- Thanks for always being there. I always feel I can fide in you. Good luck SADD buddy, life will treat you well!!! thi, Van, Ruth, Birgi- Fun times have come and gone...more come in the years ahead. I won’t forget you guys. Don’t worry hie, we’ll get those Kona chicks!! Van, he’s gone (phew!!). Birgi, :r pirates will live forever! Kathi, it wasn’t me I promise. You w I tell you when I....It might have been D.F., but she is asleep!

ILY. Good luck!!! Lilia- Konichiwa! Cowboys all the way!! Good luck ! Cathy- It’s been wild! How many times did you throw away your retainer? We have such big hearts, we couldn’t just leave Doey on the side of the road. Between campouts and running, I have really enjoyed you and your heart, good luck in the future. ILY. Liz- Thanks for all the great times, state soccer, x-country camps , and journeys to all sides of the island. Good luck in the future, and be sure to keep in touch!ILY. Mariko- Thanks for being such a great friend. I love you lots and will miss you tons ! Melissa-You’re awesome! Thanks for all the laughs, Erin’s BDay!! South Point, many great memories! ILY. Marania-Cherished is the frienship you gave to me . Your soul is the sea, and your spirit the changing tides. These immense qualities will carry you the distance. I love you and will miss you. Malia L.-Thank you for all the great memories. Good luck! Grad- The more I wonder...the more I love. Jake, Toby, Ryder-1 love you guys, thanks for all the really great memories, they will never be forgotten. Good luck. Taka- Thanks for listening and being such a great friend. I hope our paths will meet again someday; until then farewell and take care. ILY. Cutter- You have been there for me, and I hope that I was there for you. Your advice ( although you probably don’t remember) will never be forgotten. Thank you and God Bless; Good luck in the future. Allyn-1 never really said thank you for watching out for me, and treating me like a sister. It means alot to me. All the times were good times, and will never be forgotten.ILY. Shawn- Hey , who’s the stud in the car next to me. You’re an awesome guy, and a great friend. Thanks for all the wild times and don’t worry about my car; now it has character!! Mike, Porter, Derrick, Derrick, Ian and Bob - You guys have been like brothers to me, thanks for all the advice and fun times. Good luck to all of you in the future and be sure to keep in touch. I love you and will miss you lots! Bye. Glenn- Your witty outlook on life has often made my day that much better, thank you. Good luck. Ninia- “Come to me now. I wanna be your best friend for all of time. I wanna be the tissue for your tears. I never wanna be alone.” - Kingdom Come How can I thank you for all the wonderful times? All the times you have listened, talked, cryed, or laughed with me will never be

forgotten. I Love You....Rocky Mountain High!! Mia- Lab buddy! Thanks for not dumping your dizzy lab partner. Good luck! Kim-” Remember who you are and what you’re doing. Nobody else can do anything for you and you really wouldn’t want them to anyway. And never take advice including this. - Katherine Anne Porter. I love you and will never forget you ( neither will Mana road!) Bye! Matt- Although we have had some rough times, I will leave here with only good memories of you and our time together. Thank you and good luck! ILY. Scott- Thanks for all the fun times. Those long talks won’t be forgotten.ILY. Dustin-You’re one cool dude! Keep up that great smile. Good luck. ILY. Calvin and Josh-Thanks for making my time here memorable. Cal, I’m not an Oaf! Josh, my car shreds!! Good luck! Matt V.- Be good and don’t get into any more trouble! Good luck! Ash- Thanks for all the great times, I’ll miss you. Good luck! Thane- Good job! Keep up the awsome running. Have fun! Bye. T. Charlie- Thanks for being so supportive and always there with a hug. Good luck in the years ahead. Keep in touch. Conley, Colson, Durnan, and Bryson- Thanks for all the support and love you have shown me. bye! Joy- Thanks for being such an awsome coach and friend! Mrs.Traub- I'll miss you. Thanks for all the support!ILY. Cross Country- “That is the best, to laugh with someone because you both think the same things are funny.” - Gloria Vanderbilt. Thank you for making my senior year the best. ILY!! Molly- “As you reach a new plateau of thought and old friends drop away, fear not lonliness for there is a silent communication between those on the same level of awareness." - Kristen Zambucka E l l e n - I’ve missed you. Thanks for always being there.ILY Good Luck-AB, KB, AC, SC. MD, LF. AH. MH. JJ. VK, HM, NP. JR. SR. CS, AZ, JA, FB, GB, CC, PD. JH, SM. CO. RS, TH, CM.JL. “ G O O D B Y E M A K E S T H E J O U R N E Y H A R D E R S T IL L ."


Elizabeth H. M iura 7 years/ Waikoloa, Hi/4 years Vars. Soccer/ 3 years Vars. Cross Country/ 3 years Vars. Track/ Amnesty International/ Parker Ranch Research Mom an d D ad-Thank you so much for giving me the H.P.A. opportunity. You sacrificed a lot for me. I love you. M ike- I’ve missed you these la st few years. B ut the separation has only brought us closer together. T hanks for everything, I finally made it! I love you. Seniors Greg-You listened to me when I thought I had no one. Thanks for caring. B ut rem em ber you have to eat!! C utter-Thanks for all the “talks”... and excuse you!! Carl-You made me laugh. Ian- Eye-on! Big buff man. Grad-Ulua, M oana kale, Weke ula... Jen-W hat would we do w ithout our talks? So who is it now? California? Japan? No one is supposed to know, right? Derrick Hanano-You are too nice! Why can’t there be more of you around. Mike-Yougrew!! All HAGAMUGI! Shawn-W aimea school memories... Melina-Gail’s jeep...State soccer 90'...Where are those pictures anyway? Lauren-Soccer buddy... kick it way over th ere so she has to run...(hee,hee!) Kelly-Are you OK? Cathy-Thanks for being such a g reat friend! Waikoloa has missed you! Melissa-AP Bio buddy... you th in k we stared enough...Front row seats!!!

Ryder-W hat’s your problem? D errick Honda-You grew up a lot! How are you going to lose th e 20 th is time? C.N., K.G., T.K., A.S., M.S., M.D., P.H., L.K., m iss you all!! Bob-Gee you’re big! Remember “he’s only a freshm an!” Glad you came back. Juniors Scott-Adv. M ath, “I’m soo lost!” M att D.-Well tim e to say goodbye...I really am sorry, you know! B ut you’ll probably never forgive me anyway-I’m going to m iss you more th an you know. Jock-I love your car! Take care! Camille-Well life goes on... Chris & Robi-I was feeling generous th a t day, don’t ever th in k it’ll ever happen again. M att V.-You m ake me laugh... Suliana-Good luck next y ear and th in k positive! Sheila-Keep w ith it, you’ve got heart! A.C., C.D., J.D., D.P., P.D., good luck, gonna m iss you. Sonhmores Lindsay-”I am sm art!?” Heathe-I’m fat, ugly and have a terrible life! Kim-Stay away from those H aagen Dazs bars! Jenny-Soccer...have fun, those chest trap s don’t hurt!! Jaisy-I was im pressed th a t day! really don’t w ant to be like me! Asa-Good luck next year! T.J.-You’re too sweet. Brent-Need a ride home?

Amy H.-You’ve got so much guts! I’m so proui of you! Blake-Euuuu! It’s a Blake!D.A., J.E ., N.Q., 1 K.B., M.D., S.R., and anyone else I forgot, god luck and have fun! TeachersJam ie- T hanks for listening and giving advica It m ean t alot. Mr. Bryson- W hat would I do w ithout you telling me I’m going to fail? Look I only got a | D—... LY Conley- T hanks for understanding... our ta lk j were so meaningful! If I didn’t have to think 1 be fine. Mr. Anderson- You’re great! You were always honest! I’m going to miss you bunches! Mr. Hall- Your compliments are always takein Jam es- You tau g h t me so much! If it w asn’t a you who knows w here I would be? You mean I lot to m e and we’ll always be friends. L.Y. To everyone else I forgot, sorry!! C/O ’92- They’ve finally gotten rid of us! O r is we’ve finally gotten rid of them?! See you in til future...

A lexandra Nelson | m an is a n island, entire of itself; ty m an is a piece of the continent, a p a rt of main; cloud be w ashed aw ay by the sea, Europe is less, yell as if a m anor of th y friends or of thine lwere; m an’s death dim inishes me, because I am >lved in mankind; therefore never send to know for whom the tolls; ills for thee.” —John Donne ige not, th a t ye be not judged.” —Gospel according to M atthew ir, children, is ju s t a shot away.” —Mick Jagger and K eith Richards not do an im m oral th ing for moral reasons.” —Thomas H ardy la t have we done to the earth? a t have we done to our fair sister?” —Jim Morrison , to u t n’est qu’ondre e t beaute, luxe, calme, et lpte.” —C harles B audelaire nm y and Dad and Leif-Thank you for being lupportive, encouraging, consoling, siderate, eloquent, and kind, iw as I was young and easy under th e apple gh, >ut th e lilting house and happy as th e grass i green.” —Dylan Thomas s-

“In our spring tim e every day h as its middle grow th in th e mind, as it has in the earth, W hen the little folded blades are getting ready to pierce the ground.” —George Elliot “We all need someone we can lean on, And if you w ant to, well you can lean on me.” —Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Fatim ah“We are such stuff As dream s are made on, and our little life is rounded w ith a sleep.” —W illiam Shakespeare Swim Team-You’re th e nicest people in the whole school; th an k s for the fun two years. “Nudge nudge. Know w hat I mean? Know w hat I mean? Say no more. Know w hat I mean?” —Monty Python Jeanette-Y our smile has cheered me from Septem ber 90 to May 92. ‘W e’re ju s t two lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.” —Roger W aters Simone-Sweetness glows out of you. I hope you’ll see me in the future. F arris and Eva-Thank you for laughing a t and w ith me and for helping me out when I was down. M ariko-Thanks for being such a lovely person and helper to me. Aloha ka-kou (May th ere be lovely among all of us).

Tyson-I hope you’ll still support my presidency, you fascist pig. “From each according to his abilities, to each accordign to his needs.” —Karl Marx “God save the queen, the fascist regime!” —The Sex Pistols Newspaper Folks111 do w hat I like—because I’m six foot five and I eat punks like you for breakfast.” —Monty Python Ruth-You’re a wonderful friend, and I wish you happiness in all of your endeavours. “The most beautiful thing we can experiece is the mysterious. It is the source of all tru e a rt and science.” —Albert Einstein Glenn-Thanks for all your help. Take care of yourself. “Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend, We’re all equal in the end.” —Roger W aters Cathy-You’re a sweetie pie. Thanks for helping me out when I first came here. “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” —Gospel according to M atthew Thanks to all the beautiful and friendly people who have helped me on my way. Thank you Mr. Dunlap, Mr. Wilder, Moe, Father Paul, Mr. Colson, Mr. Rizzuto, Mr. Solmssen, Mr. D urnan, and Mr. Nogues.

Chad Nordlum Mom and Dad— Thanks for everything. I love you.

the beach boys at six every morning.

Bill— x-roommate #1, thanks for all the good times and everything (like the gum) you so willingly gave me.

To everybody else, remember: "They say good things come to those who wait, but it's life that goes so fast."

Danny — x-roommate #2, we had an awesome room; too bad I didn't own any of it. Thank God I didn't miss the play-offs. Jimmy and Neil—x's and o's, football rules. I'm going to miss


-Jon Bon Jovi

Thanks for the memories.

Chayna - Roomie! We’ve come far together. I like it when...guys are letches, but remember I got the god. Never forget our 6 a.m. study sessions. Please keep my “calculator” away from Mikey. Help me; I’m stuck in Mighty Mouse’s playhouse! Let’s go bop around on the racquetball court and look cool. I’m putting on my eyeliner—show me that toothbrush. Take care you brown eyed girl. Leah - Hey babe! Remember real men do come in Diet Dr. Pepper cans. Watch out for spiders. What was it you did to get that red jello anyhow? Pat and Chris live on. Take care of your toes FDR. Jacob - Let’s go to the planetarium; can we please go and feed the ducks again? Thanks for all your help with icomthe six types of love, so perfectly portrayed—Thanks tiger man. I want my pillow back! The what bed?! Amy - O.K. you’re not a hick if I am not a flirt, deal? Take care of yourself babe— and say hi to Tilly; I’ve been fixing to but I need to go to the crick. Mike - No more pizza! My bear is male and those posters are fashionable. Hey let’s go to the movies; I’ll even pay for your ticket. It’s the end of the world as we know it if cawfee tawk from New Yawk ceases. Wendy - Nobody understands us! Brett-Take care you fickle guy. Bank! Michelle - You wild woman, shake it baby. The Four D’s rule. Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Remember those “wild” weekend parties. Jim Morrison is God. You’ll make it to the moon someday. Chris M.- You are such a sweetie; thanks for always talking and don’t worry about what others think. Take care. To Everyone in Boulder- I love you all; thanks for helping me learn more about myself. -The Flirt Shane - 1 owe it all to you! Dance with me. Apple juice and lazy aftemoons-spent where! Nightmares of a blue creature “From Bevond”-ILY. M ahina (Funky) - Coffee ice cream, “there was a little girl who had a little curl...,” Kaloko sunsets, Great Balls Of Fire. Abel - It’s been a strange trip; thanks for helping me along—stay "normal" for me and pamper your ankles Justin - I’m sitting in front of your locker and I’m enjoying it. Thanks for always talking—you are a strange one. My green skittles are sacred. Love that snake! Bart - You’re stranger than most, but thanks for keeping me sane. My name is Sage! Give me back my sunglasses. I am not balding and am not an old man! Jamuna - Thanks for the memories; lets go to the beach sometime. Remember all of our little talks—take care.


Matt - Your great Hoffer; thanks for always making me laugh. Your stud car will always be in my memories. Egas Egatton will become a reality. Hey, can I have your card? Remember Hapuna on homecoming night. Lets make an omelet and play basketball. "I’m a squid” Chris - Grammy! Bury the bone and don’t think about your car so much—please! Let’s play basketball. Robert - Thanks for putting up with so much—P.M.S., Molokai, Volcano, the jacuzzi, burnt fish sticks, Romeo and Juliet. “Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” You’re my reason for smiling and you have filled my heart more than I thought possible—I didn’t know it could be so good—I'LL LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!

S age L illian N ottage Kailua Kona, 7 years id these children that you spit on as they try to change their rid are immune to your consultations they’re quite aware of a t they are going through..." -David Bowie >m a n d D ad - You’ve been the most wonderful parents I ild ever ask for. Thanks for showing me the right path—I e you both so much. ke - Little bro, hang in there—school will be over before you ypir it. is - We’ve made it together—slugs, red hair, plugged toilets, e night bitch sessions, Shinola, the taiga, and spatula city. 1- Never forget our time—everything happens for a reason i Lancelot did fulfill his dreams eventually—thanks for

keeping me sane and rubbing my feet. Kath - "The Highwayman" and Dolly Madison treats, childhood innocence is no longer; thanks for always listening. Jane - No more espanol clase para me! V.O.J. rules, especially in bookstores. T.M.T. - We’ve come so far! Uncle Remus never Hinton, Molokai, Sid Fernandez local boy! Firestarter and Red Vines from hell, Passing Strangers, canceled concerts, and Stephen King. I wanna go and you still got there before I did. "If you don’t want to get there then stay where you are...sometimes I feel just a little older."

"I would fight for you—I’d lie for you. Walk the wire for you. Ya I'd die for you. Ya know it's true, everything I do—I do it for you." -Bryan Adams To the class of 1992 - Good luck in the future, we’ve made together. "Remember the best of your dreams—for if you are strong enough they’ll never die." -Sean Magoon



Simone Peng Taipei, Taiwan/3years/Tennis?/Musical/Choir/Dorm Prefect/Computer Committee Dad & Mom: Thank you for everything you have given me. I will always be good for you, and for myself. I LOVE YOU!! Sonya, Ben, Cindy & Iven: I have always had so much fun with you. I hope I can see you guys more often in the future. ILY Celeste: Thanks for being good on MY HALL. I'll remember those late nights we spent on HOMEWORK and you had NEVER fallen asleep. You're the most emotional, kind, and helpful person I've ever met. ILY. Miwa & Yuka: You remind me so much of my sisters, (it makes me homesick all the time.) I'm so glad we became closer friends this year; you made me realize Japanese people can be so outgoing. And because you're such happy girls, you make others around you happy as well. I will miss you!!

Tyson: Thank you for washing your hands all the time. It was fortunate for me to have met someone so special. I WILL MISS YOU!! Lori: Seems like we are always talking about food-F, M,B..... Thank you for being such a good friend that is always there and shares almost everything with me. I love you, and please promise that you will save me from marrying a wealthy, and fat Chinese man. Jeanette: Let's go to breakfast tomorrow... Let's speak in Chinese... Let's go roll down the hill... Let's... We have done so much together. How am I going to live without you? Susie: Don't be depressed all the time, things aren't as terrible as it seems. Ms. Donahue: Thank you for not only being a teacher, but a friend who really

cares about me and takes care of me. You have taught me so much in these three years. I Love you!! Mrs. Piltz: Take care of Sam for me?! To All My Friends: The friendship between me, and you I will not compare to a chain: for that rains might rust, or the falling tree might break. - Bancroft Take care and good luck!! I love you all!

Shane Peters Oahu/ 2 years/ Volleyball/ Swimming/ Senior Cripple/ Tribe Member & Dad: T hanks for th e support through tough times. le H enry, A untie Bunny, Grandm a, ndpa & and all other m em bers of th e clanan k s” nks to the Spencers, Judd s & Browns, n k s to all faculty m em bers who m ade it all sible: D um an, Otto, Wilder, Cambell, ckel, Dunlap, Kamrow, Honma, Rice, & ser. iei-Honolulu Bound for some parties & a trip koni’s place! Too m any steaks give you cer!

Tet-Wake up and eat cripsusi! Perhaps a little ch... will do you good! Rick-We’ll get b etter a t the six-string Anthony-Happy B-day animal. Ian-You kung-fu ogre. Jake-A h,m ister tu rtle tagger, let’s play w ith the sea cucumber. Grad-I forgot the song darnit, or I would have p u t it in. Mike J-he’s a Filipino from China, I swear! Toby-Let’s lift you gahlie man. Kevin-Mr. pow-wow him self you are the “chief’. M arki-Golf sucks.

Toyo-”Radical Pineapple” get a haircut. Chad, Brian, Chris, Bill-the Hall dorm gang “good luck.” Glenn-Salute to the presedente. Hans-Kareem, swift of mind and foot; steak and hobbit person. Allyn-oh, look a t the mass!! Hey let’s form a band ha, ha, h a .... Greg-Fellow pervert and tribe member, so you thin k you know kung fu, eh? I t w asn’t w orf it. Tyson-I’ll re-m em ber you. It’s been a real tight year. Ryder-Keep shredding, OK? OK? I still have th a t pencil and you still have my clothes. Jay-bird, one last nipple rub for you and maybe a haircut. Porter-eh, psst! Molokai Boy. Ken Ho-Thanks for th e rice cooker and weight belt. Taka F-50 free man! Cutter-M r. Stallion! Or was it Mr. Ed? I sw ear she said the guy in th e blue and white! It w asn’t worf it. Taka K-Baka-chan, a t the tennis courts th a t fateful day! Nothing like th a t Thanksgiving of ’90! You are the tw in and th e man! We gotta go to Oahu & h it the strip! Work on th e bass & drums! Stop farting! Stop m aking those cruel nicknames! The Wom en Je n G & K athy G-The patsters, AAUGH! M aya-Thanks to the sister in hall. Amanda-How about a little crack with your turtle. Diane-Weirdo & Ditz N ah only kidding see you la te r keep in touch. Cathy M-To hell with cape bears! W hat’s sphincter? K athy T-Come to Oahu & maybe one day I’ll go to Japan. Melina, Kelly M, R uth & Liz- Good-bye & good riddance. K athy R, Vanesse, M alia S-M auna Koa cabin? How’d you like my picture? I’m sure you’re dissapointed I didn’t p u t it in the yearbook. Juniors Scott & Chris M-Nothing like a party w/ a telephone Jock-So m any parties I forgot them all C am ille-Just forget th a t girl a t Sandy’s & rem em ber Saigon Passion Ashley- V-Ball & Body Boarding how could one person be such a kook. Calvin & Thane-M ath geniuses & hard-core partiers, w hat a combo! * Dunbar-Mr. Molokai II Chris E-Eh! Wild dog. Hubbard-Go Hubby go! Ho I don’t think so! Otake-Dbake man Pycha-Picker Venture-My brown eyed boy with a stretchydong U nder Classmen Asa, Laka, LY, Dominil, Kpee & all others I probably forgot-good luck "But you know you got to stick to your guns when it all comes down" -Poison"Free yourselves from m ental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds" -Bob Marley"A mugwump is a fellow with his mug on one side of the fence & his wump on the other" -Harold W. Dodds-

Hello all you boys and girls. I'd like to take you to the inside world It's quite an irregular place to be. But never fear your safe with me. Well, maybe. "If I seem a little strange, we'll that's because I am."-The Smiths MOM-1 can hardly even imagine what kind of a experience a genuine, self- authenticating religious experience would be. Without somehow destroying me in the process, how could God reveal himself in a way that would leave no room for doubt? If their were no room for doubt, there would be no room for me. It's time for me to find my own answers. I release your hand and travel my own way. I'm sure we'll meet again. LANE- You've opened doors for me my whole life. It's a good thing we are siblings because we would have never been friends. Maybe we will understand each other some day. DAD- "This is the most important newsletter Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever written," I love you (even though you're wrong). As for respect, it has ALWAYS gone without saying. HUGHES- You showed me more than I ever learned. You taught me how to teach myself. All men have two fathers one they are made from and one they choose, now I've met both. If I believe in heroes you or Owen would be it. There is but one infinite game; unknowingly you taught me how to play. Thanksâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;for it all. Give an inch take a smile. BRENT- Maybe you can't fool all the people all the time, but together we fooled them all. Thanks for teaching me to relax and enjoy the ride; I hated driving the train. Voices of singing women call us on the far shore and they are saying "forget the night" live with us in forest of azure. Meager food for souls forgot. NAOMI- "The fountains of my hidden life," are from within. I'm sorry I wasted my time- on such a little girl. "Stains on the memory, songs about happiness murmured in dreams when both of us knew how the end always is..." JAKE B.- The circle opens and the journey begins. We embark on a most incredible journey. By the way how old was she? (eleventeen) Stop falling off cliffs and jump in the pit; watch out for puppies in the field. MATT- Be true to thine self, follow no models. Try to stay awake when you drive. Thanks for listening to me ramble on, and watch out for imported cigars. NANDA- Lead not into temptation. Never underestimate your influence, and never settle for mediocrity; God knows you deserve better. WINDY & KELLY- Infrequent meetings with you helped restore my faith in your gender. To touch one has to be touched; to move one has to be moved. As for love, we'll survive without it. ERICA- Stop acting off-stage, believe in yourself so you can believe in others. SHELLY-1 wandered in from the darkness a creature void of form, come in she said I'U give you shelter from the storm. Sorry I could never bring myself to write. VEEKS- Disregarding our differences we were friends. Follow your dreams- they're good ones. Our little group has always been and always will until the end, I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed, I found it hard, it was hard to find, oh well, whatever, never mind. BRYSON- You showed me how to play the game, that sometimes the pawns make the queen move. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow is over and another day will soon come. The habits you taught me were not all bad. (Just most of them) DUNLAP- You're the only one I never figured out. TRAUB- You tried to teach me Aloha. Problem is I'm not good with languages. G.SH. C.B. K.K. E.G. B.W. C.C.- You turned my dreams to reality. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope that I will work with a group of people as loyal and dedicated again. By the way try to stop sniffing so much resin; I hear it keeps you up all night. CARL- You are the thing you refuse to believe in. There is no reason for that. RAUL- How many classes did we get kicked out of? The world may never know. Take care, I think we'll both miss our shadow. M.J. D.H. A.S. E.C. M.M.- You made school bearable. I was wrong sometimes jocks(like yourselves) can relax and have a good time. M.L.-1 can't believe your house was still standing. A.N.- relax, life is usually a joke. K M . L.H.- Watch out for strange men in the city(and don't steal). N.B. A.F. L.M. K.H. (and all the little girls)- Women are considered deep- why? Because one can never discover any bottom to them. Women are not even shallow. Face death and live to tell about it. Class of 92- Thanks for the experience. Good Luck.


G lenn P ogu e For how much longer can I howl into this wind? For how much longer can I cry like this. A thousand wasted hours a day ju st to feel my heart for a second. For how much longer can I howl at this wind? To all those left behind-1 brought you to the cliff- now jump. See you on the other side.

lan e A lice P rovalen k o !exist as I am, that is enough, If no other in the 'orld be aware I sit content, And if each and all be ware I sit content." W. Whitman lorn & Dad- Thanks for everything you've given le. I know in the past I w asn't always the easiest >handle, but I think I've turned o.k., thanks to our helpfof course). Hopefully in the future I'll e able to help make life easier for you guys so pu'll finally get to enjoy some of the things that ou have postponed doing in order to help us, I rve you. ison- Thanks for all your advice and tips that you ave given me in the past, I really appreciated it, i fact I don't know exactly how well off I'd be dthout it. Your a great big brother!

We were once told that we could never stay friends; that was fourth grade. Teddette and Fred say "howdy" ; they miss you and they just don't get the attention anymore. I told them that I'll bring them with me next time I visit. Well enough babbling. I can do that over the phone* Remember we're best friends forever.

K ris ta ^

"To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wildflower: Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in a hour." William Blake E r i n - 1 hope

we'll always stay in touch. Take care and good luck. Anytime you need a ride, just ask. Don't get yourself down on others w o r r i t Keep smiling you're a friendlier person when you do! Don't change for others and keep in touch. Can you see us going out to coffee in ten years!!! Sage-

.a ro n - I'll miss you, and I know you'll miss ritating me, but never fear Toastie Girl's here! he'll just love fighting with you, so much that ou'll be the one getting upset. Take care and lon't Look At Me!

oastie Girl- Guess who wuves you, Janie does!!!!! When the sun shines, I weave together distant ranches till they enclose mighty circles, I sway to te movement of hooded summits, I swim asurely in deep blue seas of air." John Gould Fletcher


K r is te n - My bubble blowing friend! Trying nights of Calculus, popsicles at Parker Ranch, I'd say we have had some pretty strange times, and I hope we will have plenty more. Oh I almost forgot; Toastie Girl wuves you! K a t h - 1 would

of never imagined us becoming friends. I guess we just changed towards the same way; anyway I'm very grateful. Here's something to think of when its a beautiful day and you're stuck in school; Anna's Pond, but no that's a bad idea; think a very relaxing spot in B.C.; now that's

Justin- You're a great person who has "great potential" and motivation to get what you want done accomplished. Make use of it and you'll be Something great. "Dazzling and tremendous how quick the sunrise would kill me, If I could not now and always send sun-rise out of me." W. Whitman To everyone who's helped me in the last four years, and you know who you are- Thank you very much; you made my life much easier and I am very grateful! To all my friends-I think we all have had a lot of fun in the past (sometimes too much fun) but hey, you have to live sometime, right!? Thanks and Good Luck! To the Class of 92'- Good luck, and remember you can do anything you want as long as you set your mind to it. "Well you've cracked the sky, scrapers fill tire air, but will you keep on building higher 'til there's no more room up there. Will you make us laugh, will you make us cry, will you tell us when to live, will you tell us when to die. I know we've come a long way, we're changing day to day. But tell me, where d'th'eh'ldr'n play." Cat Stevens


K atharine "Kathi" K eh au lan i R am os Kamuela, HI/ 12 years/ 4 years basketball/ 3 years Cheerleading/ SADD/ Yearbook/ Keiki Kare Mom and D ad : T hank you so much for your undying love and support. You’ve protected m e all you could and now it’s tim e for me to find out w hat you already know. I love you hoth! I hope th a t one day you’ll get all th a t you’ve given me. T hank you for all the wonderful opportunities. I really appreciate the tim e you took to understand me and the sacrifices you w ent through to give me th e best. K ristina : I hope you find and get all th a t you are looking for. Good Luck. Maybe we’ll m eet up w ith each other some day. Kara : Don’t give Mom and Dad any of th e troubles th a t I have given them . Take care and stay aw ay from the senior boys. My K&K sis! Good Luck. Tutu, P op p ie, T u tu and Grandad: Thanks for all your positive support and being there all the time. You all are so special to me and I am so fortunate to be able to have you all. I love you guys and I’ll miss you. “I find as I grow older th a t I love those most whom I loved first.” Thomas Jefferson Auntie M a lia and Auntie V a n e ssa : You guys were always there for me, I’ll miss you both very much. “I’ll have you know..”, yawn Van, nice side profile. P.S. M alia your m outh is bigger.


Cheerleading ’89 and ’90: “ W h y you do som ething is more im portant th a n how you do it.” -Dr. Robert Anthony M a lia : Hey Treena, too bad our hopes and dream s didn’t work out. T h at’s o.k. because w hatever we did came from our h earts and not our minds. K ellv : Beach ? T hanks for all th e laughs and th e fun tim es, you’ve always h ad the b est spirit ( bench warmers). Take care babe. R uth: B asketball was lots of fun. Good Luck! Rvd. D errick . G rad. M alia S.. L a u re n an d C a rl: It’s been a long tim e for us. Thanks for all th e memories. I’ll never forget th e weird and em barassing moments we shared. Derrick 1-2-3 bite! B ra d d ah D errick : My hunting p artner. One day I will beat you. Take care and w atch out for all the women. Thanks for being th ere all the time. B rother E: I could always depend on you for anything , th an k you so much for you friendship. Ja k e: Hey freshm an buddie! Never forget th e other person t h e y ’l l always be there. The re s t o f ‘92: Shane, Taka, H ans, Glenn, Diane, Carrie, Birgi, Mariko, M elina,Porter,

“ I rem em ber days when we were smiling W hen we laughed and sang th e whole night long And I will greet you as I find you W ith a sharing of a brand new song.”] -Olomana J We m ight all grow apart, b u t only to growl together again. I To th e under classmen who have made it fun fo me, th an k s and good luck: J.A., M.V., D.A., J.P.K ., G.B., J.Y., J.C ., C.S., S.C., D.D., R.G., I M.H., M.S., M.D., S.H., H.H., J.S. B asketball Teams: “A coach can show you how to keep from, | traveling, But, to score, it’s you who m ust shoot the ball.1 -Vulcan Basketball "New is good, b u t old is best; Make new friends, but keep th e old; Those are silver, these are gold." - Joseph P arry "What lies behind us and w hat lies before us ar tiny m atters compared to w hat lies within," -Ralph Waldo Emerson

N ich o le M ichale R aym ond Kapaa, HI/ 2 years/ Yearbook Editor/ Dorm Prefect/ Turtle-Tagging/ Varsity Oaf im a n d D ad~You have made so many sacrifices to get me here

d make my life better. Words can't explain how much I love d appreciate everything that you’ve done for me. We’ve been tough thick and thin, but you supported me in all my zfsions, even when you didn’t agree (thanks for letting me learn f$ my own mistakes). I hope I am as happy as the two o f you ten I get married. Thanks for your unconditional love and derstanding, I would have never made it without you. I love | guys so much!!! s. Don’t let the boys have my bedroom. le S ix B e st B ro th e rs A S is te r C o u ld E ve r W ish For:

\dd (Todders)~Well Big Bro, I’ll be entering BYU ju st about eh you’re leaving. Won’t it be great to have your little ublemaking sister around again ?!? You and Christy better get fried soon before we all pass you up. Take care o f little Wed, you’ll make a wonderful father...just like dad (uh oh, n ju st kidding) ris(Y a n k ee Lee)& W endy ~So how does it feel to be married? tidy take care o f my Big Bro. And stop feeding him so ph...he’s gonna be FAT!!! P.S. When are ya gonna have kids, I i’t wait to be an aunty!!! m eron~I remeber the days when you use to beat me up and k me out o f the house. But I guess you’ve grown up and nged alot sinse then (Thank goodness!) I hope you do decide 0 on a mission...if you go, I will...NOT! P.S.I’m sorry for iting all those bad things about you in my little diary. red-W ell I guess I can’t call you my little brother anymore se you are 5 inches taller than me (but keep in m ind you re 1younger.) You better go PRO or else Jason and I will have to supporting your need for wax when you’re 75! Ho bra, Hanalei !Oing off! Polihale campouts, sand sliding, next time you jum p o f a tree be careful not to get your show laces caught, Ya ht, a little ditch...! don’t think so. And NO you can’t have my Irdom when I go to college. ro n a n d J a ro m -W ell I better watch out, in a few years you i will be bigger than me too. You guys are so spoiled!!! taking to TCBY after time you guys get to treat and Jason. P.S. You guys will never get my bedroom...keep Wmrig! OVE ALL S IX OF YOU...I'M GONNA M ISS Y O U WHEN I

>TO COLLEGE! m n~"I want somebody to share, share the rest of my life.." —Depeche Mode \have spent three wonderful years together...! don’t know how

you put up with me (although I ’m glad you did). I ’ve missed you so much but the phone calls and beautiful letters & poems helped me through each day. Thanks for all the memories: sneaking into the Westin, 112d (I still have it), campouts, sand sliding at Polihale, “Can you find a balloon...what about a fruit bag?”, Steak and Lobster dinners, “Ouch I have so many bruises”...but thanks for the su rf lessons anyway, and flying over for my 18th birthday (at the last minute). I love you so much and hope to have many more memories to add to the old. Steph~W ell we’ve been best friends sinse the 4th grade T’ll never forget: camping at Leo Coreo, Steve and Wade...babes ...NOT, taking the bus to Ventura, and most of all being stuck in Orange County for a couple o f days with a broken down car...I’ll never drive with you again! Maid of Honor! (I promise) ILY K a yley(G a yle y)a n d A m y(D u ckfeet) - I ’ve missed not going to school with you guys. Don’t forget: sneaking into the hot springs and the cops catching us, fourwheeling through town on the ATV, “Kayley check out Bretts’ bod!”, Kayley-I know you and Jared are gonna get married...then you’ll be my sister-in-law. Amy, we’ll have a double marriage with our Jasons! I love you guys! A shley, J o d ie a n d C arrie~ I wish I could have stayed and graduated with you guys. I ’ve missed you, but the memories will never be forgotten. ILY N ik k i(J u d o J a n e ) -We’ve had so many great times and wonderful laughs together: crawling through the vent above my door and getting stuck, BUMPERS, my toothbrush is gagging me, psychopathic hand piercing, I have to hide under your deskshe’s looking for me, grind sessions, Utah bound, McFondaler, N INJA WOMEN! You mean your eye color depends on where you were born??? (HA! I finally got you back.) Stop farting on my pillow...Ewww! (Get the potpourri!!!) Thanks for always listening to my problems-I’m gonna miss you next year. Take care and keep in touch.ILY K im-Don’t forget Thanksgiving at my house and Winter Ball!!! You can get rid ofhickies by using an eraser, I promise...NOT!!! Wow, your face is red (just kidding). We’ve had some great times together I’m gonna miss you next year. Keep in touch. P.S. Please stop sticking raisins up your nose. C a th ie -I think I need you to refill my peach perfume! Cookiesn-Creme drinks...NOT. I promise one o f these days we’ll make it to the doctors. Maybe we’ll end up at college together. Thanks for all the long talks, I’m gonna miss you but we’ll have to keep in touch. We’re almost outta here. M ai-1 really missed being your roomate this year...I have no

one to talk to during study’s been so boring I actually did my homework(WOW!) I know I eat and sleep to much!!! “Want to trade boyfriends...NOT!” Thanks for always being such a good friend and the best roomate ever. C h a rlo tte -P u t the boobs on him...before I do!UNext time I ’ll try not to pee on your foot. My toes are freezing. Sleeping in the taj is so uncomfortable. NINJA WOMEN! Queen o f the copper tops. Don’t forget the long talks about you know what. Hang in there, the year is almost over and then we’re outta here. Keep in touch. K aylona-T han ks for all the laughs and late night gossip sessions. Keep in touch, maybe I’ll see you on the mainland. R a y c h e l-I missed you this year, I had to find a new cow pie flipper. Sorry I almost killed us by running into the school bus. Hopefully our paths will cross again. Alice-Hey little sis, I don’t know how I put up with you all year (just kidding)! Three more years and you’ll be out of here...Tm gonna miss you little freshman. One o f these days I’ll make it to Figi. A m anda-You’re EVIL!!! Ewww what stinks?!? Oh no it’s 4:00...we’re gonna miss STUDS!!! How did we ever make it through english??? K o sei a n d H a n s -Thanks for all the tea, even though it tasted like a rotten cow pie. Don’t ever forget about the great times we had in Kona (King Kam). Keep lifting and keep those nice bodies in shape. Kosei, cut your hair-it’s almost as long as mine. Hopefully, I’ll see you guys again. Keep in touch. C h ris D. - I ’m the GOLD sheep. One of these days, I hope you find a key that fits. Thanks for the memories. A llyn a n d Jake-Y ou guys are so mean and horny...but thanks for all the laughs anyway. Al, your butt is bigger than mine...I hope ?!? Ian-Thanks for always sticking up for me and making me smile. L ilia a n d D errick -O n e o f these days I'll get you both to church. Derrick, you better visit me in Utah. Camielle-Nice hair...I like the tie and oh that shirt!!! Thanks for all the laughs, but-thead. M a tt V.-FRUIT BOWL?!? (You’re sick!). SHORTY, nah actually you’ve grown. I ’m gonna miss you next year, troublemaker! Thanks for beating me up in the wrestling room. K aren, D oug a n d D yla n -You are the best advisor! Thanks for always making me feel at home in your house. You guys are my family away from home. You better hide Dylan...the girls will all be after him in a few years. I ’m gonna miss you guys... especially Dylan. (continued in Boosters)

I remember my youth and the feeling that will never come anymore, the feeling that I could last forever, outlast the sea, the earth, and all men. -Joseph Conrad

" I should like to change into a sunflower most of all... They're so tall and simple, so full of life ." -Maude, "Harold & Maude" Dad and Mom - Thank you for filling me with life, and helping me try to grow bright and (maybe not so) tall, like a sunflower. I love you both very very very very very much. " 'Tis sweet to feel by what fine­ spun threads our affections are drawn together." -Lawrence Sterne "Contrarywise," continued Tweedledee," If it was so, it might be, and if it were so, it would be, but as it isn't, I ain't, that's logic." - Lewis Carroll " Oh fishy fishy fishy fish... Oh where did that fish did go ???" - Monty Python " I suppose you think this is very funny Harold - a sunflow er." -" Harold & Maude"

Lori Michelle Roberts

A m anda Sh aw R oth Tiburon, CA./3yrs./17yrs. beach bum/Sailing/Turtling/ Prefect/Scuba t h e r : Y our B aby m o n s te r h a s m a d e it, c h an g e th e [s soon. I could n e v e r t h a n k you e n o u g h for all y o u r b o rt a n d love you h a v e g iv en m e over th e y e a rs an d | y o u r forgiveness. I don’t k n o w how y o u d e al w ith Borne tim e s. I love you w ith a ll m y h e a rt; a n d since p h e l a s t one o ut, celebrate! (ton: E v e n th o u g h a t tim e s i t m a y n o t seem so, I do I y o u a n d a p p re c ia te a ll t h a t you’ve done for m y ply. T h a n k s for y o u r w isdom . N o m ore K ona coffee you. m : Froggie’s ju m p e d o u t o f h ig h school a n d onto too scary; th a n k s for y o u r su p p o rt a n d flow ers to te m e sm ile. O ne d a y you’ll m e e t N ick, I sw ear. I you a n d you a re alw ay s in m y h e a rt. Irea and Amee: B aby s is te r h a s m a d e i t o u t of

h ig h school; now w here? T h a n k you for all yo u r su p p o rt a n d advice a b o u t ev ery th in g - by th e w ay I ’m off th e h it lis t-1 know th a t w e m ay b e fa r in d ista n ce b u t w e a re close in m y h e a rt. I love you very m uch. S c o tt a n d D a v id : Sto p picking on me. N ic k : I m a d e i t ! P le a se , no m ore re d s e n tra s an d I sw e a r th o se cows a re calling y o u r n am e. T h a n k you for a ll .your love b u t m o st o f all, th e h a p p in e ss th a t you ? b ro u g h t me. So w h a t, I w in w re stlin g w ith one a rm pin. I don’t th in k so. I love you w ith all m y h e a r t and c an ’t w a it till w e h av e o u r g arden. K a th y : F o r th e la s t tim e , you don’t look lik e a cow ! W h a t tim e is i t in C alifo rnia / C a n a d a / M other n a tu re h a s a sick sen se o f h u m o r; by th e w ay, g e t m e som e m ore sap p y le tte rs ; we m u s t b u rn th a t poem book.

H ow m a n y te a rs ? Invisible young e le p h an ts I sw e a r K ona boys, I don’t th in k so w h a t is a p a t anyw ays ? G e t rid of th o se b e a n e r p a n ts, b u t th e y do fit y o u r c a r ! W e m a d e it can you believe i t ? T h a n k s for th e crazy sm iles an d a shoulder to cry on - You w ill be a t m y b a n a n a w edding w ith your oreos rig h t ? No m ore cartoons w ith blackpens ! I love you forever. J e n : Moo w ith a n a ttitu d e . BU- H E E ! Stop spocking so h a rd an d re la x ! You’re very good a t b eing P a t, h av e you th o u g h t o f professional h elp ? K ona h a ir= too m a n y guys an d tita s w hoa ! You’re inv ited to m y b a n a n a w edding too ! W here’s like th e w hale ? T h e re is th e rig h t guy o u t th e re and w ho w ill also give you snacks - delicious snacks. I love you a n d w ill m iss you. T h a n k s for m a k in g me crazy along w ith you. C razy is cool. I love you. G r a d y : E a t a dozen s p rin k le d donuts, go for a h ik e, no m ore shooting. You stre ss too m uch b u t I love you a n y w ays. T h a n k s for th e k u n g fu lessons. M a r a n i a : W hen a re w e buy in g th e isla n d and b u ild in g a canoe? L e t’s go! I know in o u r l a s t life we w ere tw o d olphins in a pod together. T h a n k s for b ein g so easy to ta lk to a b o u t e v ery th in g (funny positions?) You m ad e m e realize life b u t I s till w a n t to be a m erm aid. I th in k I discovered m y te a r. I ’ll m iss you b u t I know o u r p a th s w ill cross a g a in - in th e ocean ! I love you. C a r r ie - g irl- y o f illip in o b e a s t e r : only one m ore la p a ro u n d th e football players. You could alw ays m ake m e la u g h - w e should go in to cou n try m usic, k eep sm iling a n d don’t le t a n y th in g p u ll you down. I love you. D ia n e : M arin e bio isn ’t t h a t sorry. How a re th e fresh m e n girls? No problem . D on’t th in k too h a rd or you’ll blow a fuse. T h a n k s for th e sm iles and support. Love ya. R u th : “ T hey’re c rystalyzing “ C hem istry w as a b la st. Pyros for peace, m ore fine works! R u th y an d R othy te a m all th e w ay, follow you dream s. Good luck in B asketball. Love ya. L ilia : G e t m e a m ilkshake! D id you do your hom ew ork p e te r pu m p k in e a ter? You a re the u ltim a te hon k y girl. D on't go too b uck w ild in college. T h a n k s for th e la u g h s I'll m iss you I love ya! Tyson: C hill Out! G r e g : 25 y e ars, OK? So little bro w h a t am I going to do w ith o u t you? D iving w as fu n b u t be su re to v isit m e in college. T h a n k s for all yo u r dum b jokes. I love you. W a n t to see m y m onkey, Yes? K e v in : D O N ’T ST R E SS ! T h a n k s for yo u r h u g s I’ll m iss you an d I know you’ll go far. Love ya. C h r is L: Good M orning! I’ll m iss you JohnL ennon. S h a n e a n d T a k a : W hich is w hich ? T h a n k s for th e la u g h s ! A stronom y ? C u t t e r : follow y o u r h e a r t in every th in g you do. Love Y a ! T o b y : H O T DAMN !! T o M ic h e le ’s H a l l : Be good or I’ll h a u n t you for th e r e s t o f yo u r life. T h a n k s for b eing such a good bunch ! H ave a n aw esom e sen io r y e a r ! F r a n : W h at stu ck b u tt? I don’t w a n t to fig h t you! Be good! J e s s : W an n a go sw im m ing? I love you. T h a n k s for pullin g duty. “ W inter, S pring, Sum m er, or F a ll all you h ave to do is call an d I’ll come ru n n in g . You’ve got a frien d ” J T M r a n d M rs G re e n w e ll: T h a n k s for all th e ono food. I sw e a r I don’t h a v e w orm s. I’ll m iss you b o th .T o a ll m y b u d s a t h o m e : We m ad e it from K in d erg ard en -D ian a w a tch o u t for th e poles. Sally: don’t becom e too a rtsy fa rtsy . I m issed everyone. C la s s o f 92: C o n g ra tu la tio n s everyone; w ere o u t of h ere. “ W a te r flows over th e se h a n d s. M ay I use th e m skillfully to preserv e o u r precious p la n e t” TH ICH -N H A T-H A NH . “ T he g re a t sea h a s s e t m e in m otion s e t m e a d rift A nd a s I m ove a s a w eed in th e river. T he a rc h of sky. And m ig ntyness of storm s E nocm passes And I am left T rem bling w ith jo y ” E skim o song Good luck to everyone; I hope o u r p a th s cross again in th e future.


V anessa G abrielle H all R u tgers K am uela, Hi/ 8 1/2 yea rs/ C h eerlead in g/ S.A.D.D./ K eiki Kare/ Yearboo] Mom and Dad: Well, m y tim e h a s com e to lea v e an d I’v e on ly m ade it b eca u se o f you r lo v e and support. N o w ord s can ex p ress h ow th an k fu l I am for all th at you h ave done for an d g iv en to m e. I lo v e yo u b oth so m uch! S tephanie: I’m g lad y o u w ere th e first to e x p erien ce college, b u t n ow it is m y tu rn to lea v e and I on ly h op e I’m ready. Take care and I love you. N icholas: O nly four m ore years to go! It g o es by fast; so slo w dow n, h ave fun and m ake th e m ost o f you r m ost im portant years. G ood lu ck and I lo v e you. Gima and Papie: T hank y ou for g iv in g m e th e ed u cation th at som e p eop le cou ld on ly dream of. N ow it is tim e for m e to go ou t and fin d w h at is righ t for m e. I lo v e you!

W hat cou ld b e w r itte n h ere w ou ld m ean m u ch m ore sa id in p erson . To th e C lass o f 1992 and to all m y frien d s h ere I w ill a lw ays ch erish th e frien d sh ip s and m em ories I h ave m ade. You h ave en graved a fe e lin g in m y h ea rt th a t w ill rem ain w ith m e forever. G ood Luck, A loha an d K eep in touch! ■Underclassmen: “ Tom orrow it m ay rain so follow th e su n .” B ea tles G ood lu ck an d th an k y ou for a d d in g to m y m em ories. “T rue frien d sh ip is a p lan t o f slow grow th and m ust un d ergo and w ith sta n d th e sh ock s o f ad v ersity b efore it is e n title d to th e ap p ellation .” G eorge Wa sh in gton “ In life yo u th row a b all. You hope

it w ill r ea ch a w all and bou n ce b ack so y ou can th row it again. You h op e you r frien d s w il provi th a t w all.” P ablo P icasso T hank y ou to all m y frien d s wh< h a v e g iv en m e th e ch an ce to th row th a t ball again.

Miwa Sato Tokyo, Japan/ 4 years/ Varsity Tennis/ Dorm Prefect

. and Dad- T hank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve given me a at opportunity to study in a foreign itry. I enjoyed being here a t H.P.A. I i you both. ;a- Thanx for always being th ere for You are th e greatest!! I th in k you are ixcellent mimic. “Say canter!!” Please ft ever change your character. I’ll m iss next year. ILY lone- We always stayed up so late,, lember? We talked about everything ate too much! I couldn’t enjoy my Lor year w ithout you. Well, your tanese is getting b etter and better, b u t e. I’ll never und erstan d how to speak lese. Keep in touch. ILY iste- Thanx for teaching me a lot of Lgs. I’m so glad th a t we became closer ids throughout th is year. Remember n you ra n away from a little r a t and it the night in my room? T h at ra t e into my room too. You never woke hough. ILY . Kamrow- You were my great adviser a m ember of “SMCK.” T hank you very h for everything. I’ll m iss you!! rial th an k s to the faculty members: Solmssen, Mr.Hall, Mr.Herhold,

Ms.Michel, M s.Donahue, Ms.Whittlesey, M r.D urnan, M rs.Piltz, Mr.Campbell, Mr.Bleckel, M r.Stew art, Mrs.Y and Mr. and Mrs.Rizzuto. Elli-You were my best roommate ever! Good luck in your senior year. ILY Je an ette-1 had a great tim e in tennis with you! Hope we could play tennis in college together. ILY Saeko- Remember when we sneaked out from th e school and played in your house? We ate so m uch and got fat. Anyway, th a t was th e g reatest tim e we had spent in this school. 4 seemed so long, but it w asn’t. We haven’t grown up any. ILY Mariko- We always planned to study for TOEFL, b u t we always forgot. Thanx for all your help you have given me. ILY Reiko- Don’t ever get your clothes dirty. Especially, your w hite sw eatshirt. Ketchup, clay and etc. One more year to go. Good luck. ILY Miyuki- Thanx for helping my history. You love history. Maybe you’re HENTAI. J u s t kidding. I’ll see ya this summer. ILY Cathie- Any questions on p art A. IF. w aste of money. Toyo- Thanx for helping me on the com­ puter. Ken-san

Kosei- Two years later, I w anna see your hair. Hiroshi- Be strong! U S O YO Taka- First impression. “H ”. HONTOYO To all the prefects- Thanx for being so nice to me. I had a great senior year being with you guys. Gary, Bonnie, H annah and Sarah- The tim es I spent with you guys were the greatest. Thanks for letting me stay in your house for a year. ILY Mr. Larson- We finally did it! Thank you for teaching a lot of things to us. You’re the best teacher ever. To the class of 1992- Good Luck and Take Care- You guys are the best!!

H ans Sievert Michigan -My parents(all of them) Mom thanks for giving me a good home. Dad and Betsy thanks for giving me an education and lots of opportunities. -My friends for making my two years cool. Kosei-This year is looking good; thanks for everything; I don't think I would make it if you weren't around; you're a good friend. Matt V.-Thanks for always being in a good mood. You're f______ hilarious dude. Good luck. Camille-Dude we're the dream team. Wilson-Hit me! 82

Chris D.-Dude these chicks don't know what there missing. Toyo-I don't even know how to begin. Hiro-One year and running, don't give up; you're my partner in crime. Tet-Hobbled! I hope you get better brother. Taka F.-Fastest Japan man ever. Taka K.-Take care. Ryder-You're black from the waist down, right? Shane- Let's party on Oahu. Cathy T.-Good luck with everything. Nichole-Don't screw this yearbook up. Thanx-Class of 91

Alfred-We'll be seeing each o1 hi Jessie, Jed, Simone, Ryan, Trai y Junko, Hans, Brent and Sam-. | don't know if you'll ever read this or not but take it easy; the n for the times. Thanx-My teachersfunless I d>>i graduate) Mr. Durnan, Mr. Rice, Mr. Campbell, Mrs.Leonhart, Mr.] 1< and Mr.Solmssen.

dlyn Apelaham a Spencer [amuela,Hi/3 yrs./Football/B-ball/ Weights/Class Rep. NCREASE THE PEACE -Raoul Roach 3 and Mom-Thanks for all the love, support, rifice and understanding. It has paid off in long run! I love you. lei & Del-Do I still have my room? Steinys a victory! Mom and D ad on Oahu... Ooops! in k s for everything, my personal mediators. >ve you guys and THE TURTLES. ■Lose weight and grow! Keep pumping ights & continue the tradition. Love you r-Take care and God you! E CREW nda-Division I hitter! Forget blonds, lose

money! Spam musubi? S tate champ 171 lbs.! U.N.C. Bears here we come! Mike (Haole Boy)-HAGAMUGI! Where's th e party? Kiholo, Kaloko, Pine trees, Waipio (Too much mosquitos), Waikii, M auna Lani Hanano-77-BOY, Booming Bronco! Pilsbury Doughboy! When you taking me fishing? Grad-EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY! Get out and do som ething other th a n fishing or softball. Jake-M y fellow Potagee, I’m glad you finally came out of your shell! Someday you’ll learn to drive a stick! Ian-Silver bullets! Basketball? Lets go hunting!

No carving wood this year! Senor Bob-Let me drive the “Vette, you need a truck to go rambling! Let’s go! Porter-Molokai boy, he get one excuse!Albino skunk! Which one supposed to die? Carl-Remember Tera? Renee? YUCK! Ryder-You look so cute in those Speedos! You’re not local! Taka-Brah, dis side of th e hotdog still good! Sign out, lets go camping. Shane-Jus’ press! #1 a t talen t show, Brown Bags... NAH! Shawn-Remember the view a t Kiholo? Shotguns! Toby-Another new truck? Kohala parties forever! Melina-Tell dad go on a trip! One long one! Take care of th e brother! Lau-Female Athlete of the Year! Can I drive your Ranger? You have to share Porter! Kelly-S.A.D.D. W hen’s the meetings? Mariko-Open season! Nah...We m ust stick together and be good. Remember football camp? Roots woman, Diane Fire, Carrie, Birger, Lilia and all th e rest of the Senior G irls...take care. Chris M. and Paul D.-End Apartheid! Opae gang, best sum m er I had thanks. Take care BATS! FOOTBALL-We’ve done w hat we could and fulfilled our goals. As of now our goals have changed; let’s p u t one in the trophy case. M aui here we come! Football managers-Thanks for th e constant support and water. Thanks to, Mr.Colson, Ms.Miehel, Mr.Hughes, M r.D um an and Mr.Honma. Mr.Bryson-We beat Honoka’a & Kona! W hat more do you want? A Championship? Hopefully! You better get me into college! Mr.Bleckel-Cut your hair! You look like a hippie! Good luck to-Paul, Chris M., Scott, Calvin, M att V., M att D., Ashley, Milne, Chris E., Damien A., J.P.,C hris H., Jed, Daniel, D ustin, Asa, Andy, Redza, M att B., and w hatever underclassm en punks I’ve forgotten! Danica-W hat a joy to know our hearts can groove along together, and if they both should ever stop we know we’ve got each other. They say no pain, no gain with us there's been all pleasure. Theres no doubt in my mind th a t we are truly lovers. Please don’t ever leave my side, cause you’re always on my mind,, You are truly magical, you’re one of a kind. Though we’ve had our sticky tim es we were able to survive...this love is real!!!

It's time to put away our guns and ammunition, we can do it if we try..." STEEL PULSE

Mom and Dad: Together you have given me more th a n I deserve. I appreciate all of your “encouragem ent” now. It got me w here I w anted to go. Thank You doesn’t say enough; ILY doesn’t either. Megan: ( I’m gonna pound you!) You’ve endured all of my moods, th a t’s more th a n I could ask of any friend. I know I haven’t been the “perfect” sister. T hanks for accepting my faults. H ang in there! ILY Lucia and Luke boy: W atching you grow has tau g h t me more th a n you two will ever realize. You will always hold a special spot in my heart. Georgia and Roman: You’ve been wonderful second parents. Thanks. To the class of ’92- “It’s tim e for us to raise our voices. No one of us can do everything, but each of us can do som ething.” Aloha and Good luck. Vanessa: We’ve teased you to much; your generosity has tau g h t me a lot about ' friendship. I hope life will be as good too you as you’ve been to me. Kathi: 17 years together; w hat more can I say? You are a special person and a great friend (even though you do exaggerate.) Diane: We have too m any birthdays and vacation memories to recall. I’ve loved every m inute of laughing and crying w ith you. Don’t th in k your getting rid of m e yet, I still need to visit your 5 kids. Ruthie: Thanks for keeping m e on track. Deep is a g reat word. I know you will find happiness on w hatever “p ath ” you take. Smile pink is your favorite. Malia: My tw in, w hat more can I say? We share the sam e brain and th a t has always caused problems. T hanks for being so dependable. Cathy: I always knew you were a big tita. Take care. Kelly: Thanks for all the laughs “Don’t be sad join S.A.D.D.” Carrie: Keep your b u tt tucked and life will be good to you!

Malia Elyse Sperry

Birgi: Kauai? A.P. US. I can’t decide which one was more fun.

12 Yrs./Kamuela/Basketball/Cheerleading/Cross Countrj Keiki Kare/S.A.D.D/Amnesty Int.

Lauren: Growing up w ith you was full of laughs. Thanks for all the memories. Liz F.: I m iss you and your sayings! Melina: I feel like I can always confide in you. Thanks! Melissa: I love your laugh, it’s catching! Take care. Mariko: Your such a sweetie! Good luck.

M.M.: T hanks for all th e retarded comments. Toby: You aren ’t going off campus are you?!? a I.C.: W here would I be w ithout your insults?

T aka and Shane: You two m e nuts!

Glenn: You made these p ast years interesting. Grad: I hope you get everything sorted out someday!

Mike, K athy G., Jen, Grady, Greg, Cutter, Amanda, Jock, Molly, Keith, Shawn, Jake, Liz M., Ryder, Porter, Allyn, and Derrick Honda- T hanks for contributing to my memorif of these p ast years. Good luck to all of you. |

Carl and D errick Hanano: I’ve known you two all my life, we have so m any memories.

H.M.: take care little sis.

Charles (Chucky) Greg (Steve) Stephen-Hassard 7 years H ell/ 2 years Swim / 1 year X-country/ 1 year track/ 4 years nothing/ 3 years Red Key Society/ Rest of my life eating, and Solar Car te r- I’ve known you since preschool, and you’ve enriched my I love you like a brother. Keep in touch 1*11 miss you. id- South pt. 8th grade, I no more nothing against Hoales, rie- Harry ne- Faya-Hassard, Bud. You’ve always been there for me, nks. “Tune in...” I love you. F.- We really missed you this year -did you say snap on tools for ducks, you’re sick. Bryson e “Aku net” hy G- ”You would like to pet my monkey? Yes?” ra-1 dropped $1000 in quarters, could you help me pick a up? House, I’m gona miss being around you. • Cripsugi yz- Zungguzunguguzeng, we missed you a t the shower y-

dy- The best is yet to come, keep in touch. I’ll meet you on Dther side. a - Who will win the bet? Unless you all turn into raging nsexuals, or the herd multiplies, no one will win. in - Why does she have a ? Wally’s missin’ the beav. z, the Car, we were there. We came we saw we kicked Cal ’s a . ir C ar Team- "First time I saw it I thought it was an ing tractor,"Howie. “Goin’ back to wiltz, to wiltz” “Can’t ... No brakes... help!” “Brakes are for sissies”, Howie, wn- The Volvo’s down again, time for an american car. wn I’tll be hard to go out into the real world without your x>rt, keep in touch, I’ll never forget, is- Chundi #1 hy M- This is it. The best year of our lives. Fll never forget times we shared. Purple undercover. Main intersection in + Keith M- I’ll always be hear for you. Keep in touch, I love you, and aiss you. You can keep my half of the brain for college I ’t need it. :Eh wot get chance” id- Nordy, I gave my Half of the brain to Liz M. Sorry man, an do without. ne-"wif or wif out you, it wasn’t worf it was it?” That song, rhat was it? It was by starship, had something to do with pall 90. And your fatal attraction. on- We made it. 7 years of B.S. Oh well 4 to go. A Banzai

trip to the drug farm before we go. The Bunster- A scuba snack for two please. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’ve got a nick in your tank. Dive buddies forever. Are you outgassing again? Bye for now, Love you forever. Tyson- America the beautiful. Doing homework in bibs, and other male bonding experiences. There is no other Tyson Storm son of Thor. Ryder- Kapapa, low tide, “don’t scratch my boat!” yells your father. Thanksgiving 10 grade. The drift with steve. Laters man. Keep in touch. But before I go lets degrade everyone one last time. Jay- Chundi #2 Jessica- Hang in there, we will be waiting for you on the other side. M.C. Jessy I’ll miss you. Chris E.- See you. 1 more year, milk it for what its worth. I’m gonna miss you. Bryson- Thanks for the mental breakdown, you’ve been most helpful. I’m gonna miss you. That is, of course, if I graduate. Futirs Gordo. El gordo Gato. Mathew Hughes-Matt- best solar buddies for ever. “You’ve got to pull, feel it, feel the tension pull hard.” Marcus. “Blind Technical inspector.” And the latist, “Death Mobile.” Bleckel- so, ah, do you really think I’ll pass? Really! What do you think I’ll get?...Ah that’s too bad, tell Bryson I’ll be back next year. Anderson- Red Key Society - translated in the local dialect means “Eat pizza, drink coke, and steal Haagen-Daaz Bars. Adios... D um an- Me. D., the past three years have gone by fast with you as our leader. Some will get lost as we move on, oh well, life’s a bitch. Let the sarcasm live on. I’m gonna miss the guidance you’ve given me. “As a servant you have but one master. You have chosen yours. Prepare to defend him.” Kung Fu theater. Mom, Dad, and Sis- Thank you for your support, and standing behind me in my decisions. Long live solar car, Resin, and Fosters. I love you all, and hope you will have a successful son. Other teachers- ... Ah man I think the clock is slow, I don’t feel tardy. Class dismissed.” Van Halen Darryl Smith- It’s not my house. Stereo denties. Kevin’s thumb healed.

Love, The Solar Car Team “It’s Cheezy But It Works!”


Thanks: Dad for my 3-years, all expenses paid vacation. It was fun. Mom for pushing my grades and me to the limit. Danny for telling me what older brothers always tell. I love you all. Mr. Anderson for accepting me to this institution, Mr. Duman for showing me the rectified way, Mr. Colson for having faith, Mr. Perry for giving me that Geometry Award and letting me play soccer, Mr. Honma for letting us watch “wet, hot, wild cherries” and showing the correct use of a lava rock. ‘Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.’-Juvenal You’ve answered this. Peers, ‘I come to speak to you in defense of a cause as holy as the cause of liberty...the cause of humanity’-W. J. Bryan Alexandra,The typical liberal is pessimistic and wrong.’-B. Johnson Brian, remember, liberalism is a mental sickness, a psychosis; watch out for the epidemic. ‘Be clamorous, and leap all civil bounds, Rather than make unprofited retum .’-Shakespeare Cutter, thanks for all your kindness. ‘Music is well said to be the speech of angels.’-Thomas Carlyle Greg, you can wake up now, high school’s over. ‘If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as work.’-Shakespeare Hans, blitzkrieg. ‘Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hand and at whom it is aimed.’-Stalin Inoi, com goodness. To be happy (reducing the thing to its elements) I must be: a)well-fed, unhounded by sordid cares, at ease in Zion. b)full of a comfortable feeling of superiority to the masses of my fellow men. c)delicately and uneasingly amused according to my taste.’H.L. Mencken Jay, have a seat; I want to stroke you. ‘Ignore warning about spreading yourself too thin.’-O.T. Benfey Kevin, bye big boy. You are now vulnerable. ‘Ay, sir. To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand.’-Shakespeare Lori, verbal queen, you’re so mild. TJneasy lies the head that wears the crown.’-Shakespeare Lozach and Fleur, you two are so profound. “How was it I did not see that sky before? And how happy I am to have found it at last! Yes, all is vanity, all is delusion except these infinite heavens. There is nothing, nothing but that. But even it does not exist, there is nothing but peace and stillness. Thanks be to God...’-Tolstoy Musik ist die Briicke zwischen geistigem und sinnlichenm Leben. ’-Beethoven Ricardo, biggest on campus. ‘Don’t ever underestimate the pleasure of pissing1-J. Irving Shane=Taka, ‘If you want a friend; get a dog.’-Carl Icon Shawn, remember Hapuna. ‘Discipline is gold in your hands’-M. A. Nakashima Toby, “Shower party?” ‘Small showers last long, but sudden storms are short.’-Shakespeare Toyo, Radical Pineapple. This above all, to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.’-Shakespeare Oh Simone, thanks for everything; it’s good having you on my side, ‘ecstasy=a state of being beyond reason and selfcontrol, swoon, a state of overwhelming emotion; esp: rapturous delight, trance; esp: a mystic or prophetic trance’-Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary Love is not an Earthly emotion. It is one of Heaven. It is the one sentiment that controls all others. It’s felt deep within the center of the chest, in the heart and not in the loins. Once it has been felt, there is no substitute. Nothing can be compared to it. This is my last chance to influence young people as a young person. Basically, the horn's were endless. The reward was little. The concepts were new and difficult and the time sacrificed was invaluable. ‘If your mind dislike anything, obey it.’-Shakespeare But if, for some odd reason, your mind likes something, indulge yourself. Savor the experience. HPA is a place full of odd reasons; and so we revelled, and it was good. Now we move on to other things. ‘If we stand idly by, if we seek merely swollen, slothful ease and ignoble peace, if we shrink from the hard contests where men must win a t hazard of their lives and the risk of all they hold dear, then the bolder and stranger people will pass us by ... Let us boldly face the life of strife.’-Theodore Roosevelt So, even if the Democrats are elected year after year to Congress it’ll be useless to mourn. ‘Get action, do things; be sane, don’t fritter away your time; create, act, take a place wherever you are and be somebody: get action.’-Theodore Roosevelt We have before us the opportunity to take advantage of something glorious, something that only a fraction of the world can have: freedom. For fun we can strive for sex, sunshine,

Tyson Storm Earth (specifically, Texas)3 yrs/ Quizzard/ running/ kicking/ Ka Leo O Ka Makani/ Student Bureaucracy/ I I Naked Minds/ tribe member/ groupie/ etc. music, knowledge, health and converse. But don’t spoil this. ‘Be honost and honorable, clean in your person and decent in your talk.’-U.S. Dept, of Immigration because Words without thought never to heaven go.’-Shakespeare If everyone does as I endorse then our world will be perfect. So perfect that The only task of the human race will be to make love, study and be happy.’-US Review Listening to the pure flowing melody Thirst stuns my mind, As my body is emersed in ecstasy Tears fill my eyes, With all the quenching and wonderment There is a smile.

JM ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hS ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hBOOM! -finis- . How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience!’Shakespeare


M ich eal R yder T hom as

4 years Swimming/ 17 years Macho Insecurity

»m y p a r e n t s - 1 know I’ve been a Bcult person to deal with, and I’m sorry en though I was always right.) T hanks never giving up. ia, J u l i e t t e , Z a n d e r , P a t r ic ia , a n d

r r a - I’ll m iss you guys. ic le M a tt- T hanks for all th e encoursment and guidance. I can’t th a n k you >ugh. •. W ild e r - T hank you for being a great teh, advisor, teacher, and friend. I could ; have m ade it w ithout you. ia n - 40 100s on the what!!? T hank you your tim e and effort. It h as m ade all ( difference. I’ll never forget to “ju st y w ith him .” e c i a l t h a n k s to - Mo, Steve B., Mrs. Y, '. Hall, and the rest of my teachers, all s I.S.C. coaches, and everyone else who s supported my swimming, t^ery s p e c i a l t h a n k s to - The inagans, the Lukes, th e Colters, the innons, the Ishikaw as, th e Lo, the kaidos, and the Blakes. u r a - You have been a bigger p a rt of my : th a n you know. I’ll m iss you. le t t- It’s O.K., I don’t th in k they bite, ip sandwiches, the moke a t bowls, 5 n. m orning workout blues, and 200s on 5. T hanks for pushing me when needed

M ik e H . w i t h M itc h - Heckle and Jeckleyou guys have been a lot of fun. Ju st rem em ber “It’s nice to be im portant, but it’s more im portant to be nice.” J o h n F - O.K. gentlemen, this is 500 yards of falling off the block onto your head. I w ish you luck, but I hope you don’t get any faster. B o b - If we could ju st kill th a t brain cell of yours, we would be all set. Thanks for being my friend. A sh - Camping in the hills, frogies, and K ahala. M and M throwers. It’s been a fun 10 years. N o a h - You had b etter hope I have a bad day. H ang in there and I’ll see you in A tlanta, 96. K e v in - Don’t laugh a t my car. Lyle is not going to be a happy guy. G r e g - K apapa camping- ‘You know w hat we need to bring next time?” M ik e J .- Magazine fights To Ian, M ark, Anthony, M att D., Eric, Alex, Sin, B rian L., Kevin L., Sky, Paddy, I will never forget all the fun we have had. I’ll miss you all.

We 're going where no man has gone before, don't ask us where that is, we have no idea.

Yuko "Cathie" Toyoda Tokyo, Japan/ 3 years/ Varsity cheerleading P apa and Mama: Papa, th a n k you for all the opportunities you've given me. M ama, th an x for always tru stin g me. I wouldn't have done it w ithout your support and love. I've learned a lot of things from you especially about life. "DAICHI-NONO" I LOVE YOU. N ema & Massy- Thanx for always being such a g reat sister and brother to me. I love you guys! G randm a and A untie- I'll go to O saka to see you guys. Thanx for all the support. ILY Oka- Surfer (Kosei)- Why do you w ash m eat before you cook it? You're sooo wierd. PinkCaddillac, Beaches, "MAMA SAYS KNOCK YOU OUT" We had a lot of fun tim es together. You're the best. ILYT. Keep in touch. Nichole- Pop- com song during weights. T hat w hite bird. I love all your clothes. We'll go to college together. ILYT Jenifer-DANDAN-BOYOYON-BOYOYON Taco(Taka F.) - 1 owe you Young's. "Ride on!" Ruth- Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll get buff! Bill- Oh my God! Your legs are so smooth. Thanx for the flashlight. Celeste- Keep smiling. ILY HIRO-PI N orth shore. Sea cucumber. Do you still have the HRC menu? ILY. Keep in touch. H ans- Nice jacket. Your h aircut rem inds me of M artin. Come visit me in Tokyo. Ken- Ho! Ho! Ho! Simone- Thanx for always p utting a smile on my face. Beth- We'll go camping together.

Saeko- Komy?? Mai- Hi, my sw eet roomie! "E at yogurt and be healthy." Twins day. Thanx for always being th ere for me. I'll miss you next year. Keep in touch. ILYT M anuel- W hat's th at? It looks like a mushroom to me. (HA HA HA). Maybe this sum m er I'll go to Germany. Keep in touch. ILY Danny- See ya a t th e m eat section. Phil- Smile on. ILY MKG-1 often th in k of you. $4000 w as kinda expensive for only 2 hours. Lindsay- W hat does "BUSU" m eans? Go ask Ms. D.l No. Don't Sylvia- K aruizaw a, Lakuyaki. You're my special friend. I won't miss you cuz I know I can see you in Tokyo. "29" Do you miss him? Sarah- LaLaLiLieeeeii. Who's that? Wilson- "Automobile" I won't die young. Thanx for loaning me your CD's. Yuri- Victori's Secret. C razing around Shibyua. ILY Yoshio- N orth Shore. H ard Rock Cafe. We had so m any good tim es together. P arty on, dude! ILY Special th an x to: Ms. Donahue. T hank you for all the advice. Tom Cruise. Does he have a younger brother? (HA HA HA), Mrs. Piltz, Mr. Solmssen (You're cool!), Ms. Michel, and Mrs. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Mishima- My H aw aiian mom and dad. T hank you for all th e hospitality. Robyn- Cute ya? N eat ya? Boiled peanuts, Thanx for being so nice to me.

"Be yourself especially, do not feign affectio: ! "If you compare yourself w ith others, you m i become vain or bitter, for always there will I greater and lesser person th a n yourself." "It is still a beautiful world." -DESIDERATA"Eat yogurt and be healthy." KG, AR, JC , Miki S. (W ashibana, Kello & Ji j Yeah! They're the best.) Yuku S., Mizu S., I RO, DH, Miwa S., Mariko H, Motoko H, B la i R, Jam u ra, AC, Kimi W, Toby, Grady - Than? for being so cool to me. I'll miss you guys. I

J e a n e tte V irtue Smokey the Bear Sutra

-Anonymous (Well-known American poet) Once in the Jurrasic, about 150 years ago, the iat San Buddah in this corner of the Infinite Void gave a a t Discourse to all the assembled elements and engines: to standing beings, the walking beings, the flying beings, and sitting beings—even grasses, to the number of thirteen ion, each bom from a seed, were assembled there: a course concerning Enlightenment on the planet Earth. “In some future time, there will be a continent led America. It will have great centers of power called such Pyramid Lake, Walden Pond, Mt. Rainer, Big Sur, ;rglades, and so forth; and powerful nerves and channels h as Columbia River, Mississippi River, and Grand Canyon. ; human race in th at era will get into troubles all over its id, and practically wreck everything in spite of its own strong slligent Buddah-nature.” “The twisting strata of the great mountains and the sing of great volcanoes are my love burning deep in the earth, obstinant is schist and basalt and granite, to be mountains, )ring down the rain. In th at future America Era I shall enter ew form: to cure the world of loveless knowledge th at seeks ;h blind hunger; and mindless rage eating food th at will not it.” And he showed himself in his true form of— [OKEY THE BEAR. A handsome smokey-colored brown bear standing his hind legs, showing th at he is aroused and watchful, iring in his right paw the Shovel th at digs to the truth I lizards all grow in the realm of the Dharma; Wearing the blue work overalls symbolic of slaves I laborers, the countless men oppressed by a civilization that m s to save but only, destroys; Wearing the broad-brimmed hat of the West, lbolic of the forces that guard the Wilderness, which is the tural State of the Dharma and the True Path of man on th; all true paths lead through mountains—With a halo of }ke and flame behind, the forest fire of the kali-yuga, fires

caused by the stupidity of those who think things can be gained and lost whereas in truth all is contained vast and free in the Blue Sky and Green Earth of One mind; Round bellied to show his kind nature and that the great earth had enough food for everyone who loves her and trusts her; Trampling underfoot wasteful freeways and needless suburbs; smashing the worms of capitalism and totalitarianism; Indicating the Task; his followers, becoming free of cars, houses, canned food, university, and shoes, master the Three Mysteries of their own Body, Speech, and Mind, and fearlessly chop down the rotten trees and prune out the sick limbs of this country America and then bum the leftover trash. Wrathful but calm, Austere but Comic, Smokey the Bear will Illuminate those who would help him; but for those who hinder or slander him, HE WILL PUT HIM OUT. Thus his great Mantra: Namah samata vajranam chanda mahorashana— Sphhataya hum traka ham ham “I dedicate myself to the universal diamond be this raging fury destroyed.” And he will protect those who love woods and rivers, and animals, hobos and madmen, prisoners and sick people, musicians, playful men and women and hopeful children; And if anyone is threatened by advertising, air pollution, or the police, they should chant—SMOKEY THE BEAR’S WAR SPELL: DOWN THEIR BUTTS-CRUSH THEIR BUTTSDOWN THEIR BUTTS-CRUSH THEIR BUTTS And SMOKEY THE BEAR will surely appear to put the enemy out with has vtyra-shovel. Now those who recite this Sutra and then try to put it in practice will accumulate merit as countless as the sands of Arizona and Nevada—Will help save the planet Earth from total oil slick,

Will enter the age of harmony of man and nature— Will win the tender love and caresses of men, women, and beasts—Will always have ripe blackberries to eat and a sunny spot under a pine tree to sit at, AND IN THE END WILL WIN HIGHEST PERFECT ENLIGHTENMENT, thus have we heard. (MAY BE REPRODUCED FREE FOREVER)

MOM & DAD, It’s hard for me to express the love and gratitude I have for you after all we’ve been through. I thank you for bringing me into this world and giving me the most plentiful lifestyle. I thank you for giving me every possible opportunity imaginable, most of all, coming to Hawaii. Through all of our tears and laughter our love only grows stronger. I hope the coming years will be even more fulfilling.


Grady Williamson 17years of life / Portland Oregon And now, to get really sentim ental: In general (if its really possible), I’d like to bid HPA a fond farewell along w ith the knowledge of the pride I feel to speak of this school as my Alma M ater. Though it m ay sound cliche-ish, this really is a g reat establishm ent. I’m glad to have been a p a rt of it. I’m lucky , having come from a large public school, because now I can appreciate such a good education. And to all underclassm en, life’s only as good as you look a t it. Adios, amigos! Hey K athy—you’re up... You are truly a beautiful person. Your smiles and chuckles got me through the w orst of them . I hope all the people w ith whom you relate can see all the beauty th a t I see. I love you, cuz...! All right, Amanda (Bunny, Bo Diddley, etc...)—STOP OUTGASSING!! I see a very oceanic future in your eyes. I hope your life is as beautiful as your dream s. I know you can make it to all of them . You may be pregnant, b u t you’ll get there. J u s t kidding. And always rem em ber th a t you’re welcome on my m ountain anytim e, as long as I can dive into yours when the m ountain air gets boring (although I doubt th a t its possible). You know how much I love you... you have touched my life w ith your sweet heart. I sure will m iss you. MARANIA, my love... Never before have I come in contact w ith such a sw eet soul. You are beyond words. I know the paths of our lives are now splitting, bu t I will always walk with you down the path in my h eart. And believe me, it never splits.

since you told m e of your le tte r w riting incident w ith Chrysler Dodge. W hat a g reat person you are. H ere’s to all our m u tu al snack feelings! I can’t w ait until you m eet th a t one guy who sees all those beautiful things inside of you th a t I see.. I love you. Your tu rn , Jess... I leave to you a g reat senior year ahead of you. If you stay w ith th a t personality of yours, th e world will be yours. You have been such a good friend. T hank you for all your love; I will never forget it, or you. Jen-MOOO!!! I have adm ired you ever you!!). You have been a lifesaver for me w ith your humor, sarcasm and Real Genious quotes. I sure will miss you. B ut wait! Snacks, anyone??? Mr. Greg. Hmm... where to start? I commend you on surviving th e K am akani life for record tim e (Wait!! I th in k my dad beat you ) You have been a lifesaver for me w ith your humor, sarcasm and Real Genius quotes. Okay, F lash Kram er. I’m a t a loss for words. Let’s toast one to nose flicking, bruises, big hugs and all th e love I’ve had for you for so long. Yours is a friendship th a t will never be forgotton. You have touched my h e a rt forever. T hanks for all you have done... I love you. Mom? Listen up!! You have always been here for me, b u t I don’t w an t you to ever forget th a t I’m always here for you. You are so beautiful, and I have always adm ired your kindness. We are alike in p utting others in

Pops, Pops, Pops. Though I never told you, ■ you are th e one person in th is world th a t I hop I grow up to be like. You would always do anything for me, no m atte r the price. You wil always be my best friend. I love you so much, H ere’s to th e future... I’ll m ake you proud. Jennie, Jennie, Jopinopie. Life sure has strange tw ists to it, eh hoser? I can’t waii to tell you of all th e tw ists to come. Our m ountain will always be the best... I’ll see yoii there. I love you so much. H ere’s to five years w ith my best buddy. And last, b u t by no m eans least, 1 Morgan Wiser: I doubt th a t you’ll ever read I this, b u t I hope you already know th a t I have! never and will never forget my life with you.1 You are the best friend, in all aspects, th a t I i have ever had... you are w ith me in my heart! forever. " The freakiest show I know is the show of m y | own living my life in and out of the twilight zolt Bust my britches Bless my soul I'm a freak of 1 nature, a walking totem poet. Look and see, an® think you'll agree nobody wierd like me." Anonymoul

J u stin K anoalan i M oore Schultz K nudson W ithington ice again it’s time for a change, though I know I’ll miss my old iestyle, I’m looking forward to my !Wone. Many thanks to my irents and relatives who made it I pleasant and possible, iy: From computer hacking in the h grade to learning to play music gether, you’ve always been a

reliable and uplifting friend. I’m eternally grateful, even though you are still a chundi. Cutter, Chris, Ken: Playing music with you guys has been the highlight of my high school years. Never give up on the gift that we all have, and never forget to have fun using it.

Kris, Sage, Jane, Kath: Thank you all for keeping me out of too much trouble, helping me out when times were rough, and showing me a world I never thought existed. You each meant a lot to me as individuals but even more as an inseparable group. Vehidia: Whatever happens this year you will always hold the place in my heart that you found. To everyone else who I would like to mention but won’t: You’re all very special. Thanks for putting up with me and making these years something that, when I’m old and gray, I will think of and smile. Thank you for constantly reminding me of what’s important in life and what really isn’t. Live long the Barefoot Hiking Club. “When I’m sad, she comes to me. With a thousand smiles she gives to me free. It’s alright, she says it’s alright, Take anything you want from me. Anything. Fly on little wing.” Jimi Hendrix “Well it’s time to say goodbye my friend I’m glad you stayed until the end I hope you enjoyed the time we spent. Though I know I will be back again I don’t know just how soon my friend Until we meet again just think of me I’ll think of you It was easier to say hello Than to say goodbye." White Lion

Birgi K ristine W urster 3 years Kona, Hawaii “W ith great power comes g reat responsibility” Spider-Man Diddio: T hank you for being my friend and my father. You should th an k god th a t you got a daughter like me after all th e stu ff you pulled in high school. I’m sure 3 will more th a n m ake up for that! Remember: fish do like reggae! Mama: You not only gave m e life b u t you opened my eyes to w hat th e world h as to offer. T hank you for letting me be. You can’t know how much your support has m eant. W hat do you predict our phone bill will be?! ILY both, Your Little M ermaid T: “You know, if you cut your h a ir you would probably get over th a t sissy complex.” Try not to smile too m uch when I leave, ok? Who will beat up on you? Enjoy your next 3 years. It’s not a rum or; they go by really fast. “Hey m a brutha, can I borrow some of yer HEY SOUL CLASSICS?” “No my bruth a, yo’ gonna go h a f to buy yer own.” Ameruni-Diana: “O my God” & and other farces. Men believe everything! No. 2 pencils are cupid's arrows. “I don’t th in k so, Dave!” Thanks for being there. Take care of you. “Love is ra re r th an genius itself. And friendship is ra re r th an love.”-Charles Peguy C arrie‘ Maleka: “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in 2 bodies”-Aristotle. Deep thoughts. Viva Itallia! “Hey babe, word up!” “Nothing

compares @ u ” Admit it NKOTB are th e God’s of th e 20th century! Not! Wil W. h as nothing on Balty-poo. It’s th a t Metabolism thang! Daily Affirmations: I’m good enough, I’m sm art enough, and gosh d a m it, people like me. “Go on Girl!” “H e y , isn’t th a t C arrrrrrrie Ellis Supermodel?!” Face facts, Girl, blondes do have more fun. “R un little girls, blonde wig for everyone!” M alia L: “Friendship m ultiplies the good in life and divides th e evil!”-Gracian. B ust out those sandwich recipes (would th a t have anything to do w ith a certain Sandwich Man? Hmm?), How long would it tak e to sail from A ustralia to London? It’s a scientific fact: boots do m ake the m an. Always on th e lookout for m int condition “jeeps”! T hank you for your listening ear. V anessa: C rashing a t your house, studying(?) for exams, avoiding trees in Waipio. T hank you for being there for me so m any times. T ru st me, some day your prince will come! K athy G: C razing Kona, late night movies, “C hris” and his gray. Iroc-z. “Milli Vanilli Chilli Willi” Do you know how h ard it is to keep track of your love life?! Maybe I’ll see you in S an ta Cruz. Ruth, M alia S. , & K athi R: “Scenic Lookout campers,” Pine Trees: Bingo and beans. Ruthie: W ashingtonians kick butt. It m ust be the water! Jenni-Fut: Moo Moo!Woo Woo! “ The way your h air shines in the sun...” Steel Pulse concert ’91. “It’s all th e fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

Diane “Boom Boom” Faye: “The old religionist cried out for his god. The new religionsit cries out for some god to be his.” Hey ol’ neighbor: “Your next roommate’s gonna be a nympho! I know it!” Grad: The philosophizing fisherm an, “all is a riddle, and th e key to th e riddle is another I riddle.”-Emerson Jake: “Why’d you eat th e ice-cream off th e j floor?” “The tellers of blonde jokes will some d stub th e ir toe on a large rock.”-Chinese Prove] Tobior: “Soupe de canarde, silver plate & the] chair.” T hanks for teaching me the important of m atching your shoes w ith your belt. I would’ve never known! Mark: W hen your a famous golfer will you get m e into popular restau ran ts? “M ark, I notice! you’re having a little trouble w ith your puttini The problem is th a t you’re lifting your knees j K auai Girlz: “Smoked turkey” h air for a week, caravaning around th e island, mud sliding in th e rain. “Hey, let’s send Kelly out on the bea and see w hat she brings back!” Class o f’91: Likatty,A.S., J.B.,K.T.,S.R.W.,R.M.,R.K., and the rest: we | m issed you.

B art "Bartman" N arayan W yatt 4 years!?!?/ Volleyball/ Hydroslider/ Dorm prefect/ Yearbook Editor/ D&D Fanatic/ Comic Book Collector m & Dad: D uring th e years I have spent a, your support h as been a great help. By ding me here th e la s t two years even though could hardly afford it, by doing this and ping me w ith my friends, you have helped out a lot. Plus I appreciate you note getting ray back to much about grades. T hanks in; it is h a rd to express my th an k s in words. je You. D alton & Marty: Hey you s s, g buddies, and rock stars. Hope you s have a blast; I know you will. I know you get to w here you w ant in life. Jason : Hey i. Your a g reat hydroslider and keyboard t e r . Even though you don’t know w hat you it to do in life rig h t now, I am sure you will re it out. C utter: You b etter not ru n over solar panel next tim e, OK? J u s t kidding, are a g reat person to be around, and a good er. It was fun doing solar car w ith you. g : “HELP... CAN T STOP... NO UKES!!!!” The new car will go farth er th a n last and la st longer. K evin: You knew how x th e car when it was broken and how to rove it on th e field. Maybe you can get into la r car project in college. Mr. H ughes: You e a g reat sense of hum or. We were lucky ; you stayed up late to help us work on the W ithout you we wouldn’t have had a ace. Hope to see you after I graduate, srs. i: I have known you for three years; it was a

blast. We played football, comando, and catch inside and out. I hope you have a g reat tim e in college w here ever you are going. You could try to do some homework sometimes to. Chad: Next tim e you shoot som ething make sure it isn 't hot. you were a good friend and prefect besides w hat other people say. Have a g reat tim e in college. R ick: Your a g reat g u itarist and friend. Maybe you and I can afford college next, it would be nice to go. B rian & Chris: You are good prefects and good friends. Catch you later. Edm und: Hey you D&D freak!!! Your a g reat friend. I am suprised you p u t up with my crap throughout these four years. You need to improve your die rolling to make a better character. Your DM abilities need to improve, b u t you’ll get better. I really appricate your help staying sane during yearbook. The deadlines were kind of fun, and our games were great.C atch you later. Keep in touch. STAY TUNED TRUE BELIEVER!!! David: You were a friend th a t was always th ere even though I didn’t ta lk to you a lot. Your D&D playing needs improvement, bu t you’ll get better. Rap gets boring after a while you know. Well see you later. Keep in touch. Sage, K risten, J u stin , J a n e, Beth: I am glad th a t I have gotten to know you th is year. We had a lot of fun and some good laughs. I hope th a t we will stay in touch after we get out of high school. Good luck in college and in life, Bye. N ichole: (Backbone) W ithout your help there

would be no yearbook this year. Even though we didn't have Mrs. Y as a teacher we got it done. Thanks for all th a t your have done. Good Luck. Y earbook Staff: Thanks for the help you have given to me and Nichole. I appreciate you putting up with the screw ups th a t happened. It took me a while to figure out how to teach a class. U nderclassm en: Hang in there and good luck in your last years in high school. To the teachers: I appreciate all your help and support throughout these four years. I'll see you later. C oaches: Thanks for m aking me work h ard and get in shape. It payed off in the end. “T h at’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." -Neil Armstrong"A hero was once described as a person who gets up every morning, goes to work, raises a family, and does this day after day to th e best of his ability. B ut all of us daydream. All of us yearn for adventure. The siren song of danger and excitment and doing g reat deeds has called to m ankind for centuries. In our dreams, all of us have slain the dragon and freed the captive princess." -The A rt of the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game "The tru th is a virus!" Happy H arry Hard-on I won't for get April 11, 1992



To all of my friends- Each one of you is very special to me and even though we’ll go our separate ways- I ’ll never forget any of you. Thanks for the memories. Scott- Thanks for all the good times. I ’ll never forget you. Mr. Durnan- Anyone who took your AP US History class can truly say they’ve been to hell and back! Thanks for being a great teacher and friend. Special thanks to the Lam family for always making me feel at home. I’ve conquered my past The future is here at last I stand at the entrance To a new world I can see The ruins to the right of me Will soon have lost sight of me Love rescue me. U2

Melissa Lokelani Young Kailua- Kona/6 years/Volleyball

Time it was, and w hat a tim e it was, it was A time of innocence, a tim e of confidences. Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph Preserve your memories; they’re all th a t’s left you. Paul Simon

Mom and Dad- I can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve given me. I love you both very much. Amy-I’ve missed you these past two years while you were away! Don’t eat too many nuts and twigs at college- you know what fiber does to a person! Take care- I love you! (Even though you’re crabby! 95

Dad - Thanks for your support and love (and my guitar). Mom - Thanks for putting up with me all these years Noj - 1 can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. You are the greatest brother in the world. I love you. The Greatest Friends A Syrian Christian Could Have: Trevor T.- Where ever you are, stop being an idiot. Kevin K. - Yes, you may bear my children Brian J. - There is more to life than coffee, for example tea. Tyson S. - Let’s splurge. Cutter B.,Chris L. and Fleur W.: This may sound “EEEEEE”ish but you guys are like white, demented brothers and sister to me; we have done a lot of crazy things together over the past few years, and I m ust admit th at I don't regret a single one of them. I can’t express in words, how much I’m going to miss you three. I love you all. Rick B. - O.K Rick you can lick my face now. Justin.W-1 can’t believe how much we’ve changed in the last 5 years; we went from idiots to the destruction of Paris back to idiots then to guitar players together. Thanks for not making me normal. Things About Life: “ In this Haven of Music, there is Joy. Notes string through it, echo in chambers, and bounce back to embrace me, with the essence of life flourishing in the melodies.” Fleur de Vie Weinstock “ I am climbing a mountain, and only a few places can I see the top.” Fleur de Vie Weinstock Things About Dreams: “... is it a dream when you’re standing on a pyramid, in sort of Sun God robes with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles a t you?” Chris Knight (Real Genius) Things in General: There is only one person in the world who knows everything, but she doesn’t want to believe it. A nice quote for Justin.W and Cutter.B: Stevie Vai on how to become a famous Rock’N’Roll guitar player: “The only difference between me and the people who it doesn’t become a reality for, is th at I never let up. Never.” Things we say a t one o’clock in the morning: “Should we really start our Calculus homework?” “Nah!” “W hat about the gummy bears in my nose?” “May I nibble a t you knee?” “You want to take a picture of my what?!" Things About Girls in Tight Dresses: Something that sexy couldn’t possibly be comfortable! “Mala tu es bestia” (You’re a dangerous animal). Plautus, Bacchides Things About Religion: “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another” Swift, Thoughts on Various Subjects: Things About Love: “The Stoics define love as the endeavor to form a friendship inspired by beauty.” Cicero “Love is a game where both players cheat” E.W.Howe “Two things only a man cannot hide: th at he is drunk, and that he is in love” Antiphanes

J a y “B ird” Z achariah 6 years/ Speech 6 yrs/X-Country 2 yrs/ Track lyr/ Stude Council lyr/ Peer Councilor lyr/ "Boy-friend 3 yrs?" A Pretty Little Story There once was a poor, innocent Indian boy from Hong Kong, who grew up in a very sheltered environment. One day his parents sent him to a small obscure school called Hawaii Prep Academy, where he was overwhelmed by American Teenage Ideology (sex, sex, football). Within a year, the Indian had become perverse. He matured and grew, gained weight and developed his first zit in

August 1989. Soon he learned the facts of life (College, Money® Ice Cream) and started climbing the mountain of reality. 9 | trudged on and had numerous expierences. He met Satan, beca® his roommate, danced with strange men in trench coats and urinaji of the chapel roof. He struggled on until May of 1992 wherelj tripped and fell off of the mountain and plunged right back dowil 7th grade to do everything all over again.

Lasting Impressions of... Juniors


Jock Agorastos Kam uela, HI Scott Andrews Kam uela, HI Fiona Bates Kamuela, HI Benjamin B ennett Kailua-Kona, HI M atthew Bindewald Kam uela, HI Ginger Bogue Kam uela, HI Clint Bolt New York, NY Charlotte C annan Sum atra, Indonesia Jessica Carew Honolulu, HI Daniela C arreira K apaau, HI Camille Chidiac Honolulu, HI Daisy Chiu M ayfair Ct, Macao Emma Clark Ruwi, Om an

Ashley Colter Kam uela, HI Susan C allahan H untington Beach, CA

Above: Juniors, Ginger and Sinclair, really know how to attract guys. Top left: Chris feels special sitting between two juniors. Left: Juniors guarding their turf.

Sheila Cooke Lahaina, HI H eather Davy Cairns, Queensland Paul Dawson Kamuela, HI Calvin Detwiler Kailua-Kona, HI Joshua Doorly Kailua-Kona, HI M atthew Dunbar K aunakakai, HI Danny Endo Honolulu, HI Chris English Volcano, HI Kim Falkenhagen Calabasas, CA Kris Ghosh Hilo, HI Motoko Hagiwara Tokyo, Jap an Ja n a Hanano Hawi, HI Thane Hancock Kam uela, HI Robbie H astings Kamuela, HI Heidi Hempel Sacramento, CA

Above: Boy, aren't we comfortable!!! Right: Sorry, I didn't eat lunch.

Elli Heritage Kamuela, HI Kevin Ho Taipei, Taiwan Nikki Holm Jaya, Indonesia Jeff Hubbard Lihue, HI Kalona Kierstede Lakeside, OR Manuel Kundelatsch Rosenheim, W. Germany Wilson Lau Honolulu, HI Francine Lawrence Kapaau, HI Evelyn Lee Kamuela, HI Mei-Ling Lin Hsien, Taiwan M iranda Loh Hilo, HI M athias Maciejewski Kamuela, HI Suliana Manley Mt. View, HI Chris M artin Kamuela, HI Yuri Matsumoto Tokyo, Jap an

Above: He's a babe!....No he's not Caroline. Top Right: Is this picture okay? Right: I promise I'm not copying homework

Damien Milne Majuro, MH Kumi Mkono Dar Es Salaam , TZ Chris Mori Singapore John M urphy Majuro, MH Chris Nelson Kailua-Kona, HI Alex Nesic Kamuela, HI Dana Nusbaum Inarajan, GU Daisuke Ogawa Setagaya-ku, Jap an Lance Othake Honolulu, HI Reiko Okuno Kobe, Jap an Chie Ozawa Hilo, HI D ustin Peterson Kamuela, HI M atthew Pycha Kilauea, HI Cassie Quiantance Paauilo, HI Michelle Reihner New Orleans, LA

Jim m y Robinson Makaweli, HI Christopher Robison New Orleans, LA Tyson Rott Kailua-Kona, HI Mai Saito Nara-city, Japan Yuka Sato Tokyo, Japan Miyuki Sato Sapporo-shi, Japan Jonothan Scott Haiku, HI Rachel Shackelford Kamuela, HI Mia Solmssen Kamuela, HI Robi Solmssen Kamuela, HI Neil Stork Honolulu, HI Mike Swan Kamuela, HI Karen Tsui Hong Kong M att V entura Kapaa, HI Kam Von Holt Kamuela, HI

Above: Psst... W here's my history report? Right: W here's my shades?

Fleur Weinstock C aptain Cook, HI Sinclair White Kamuela, HI Jason Yamashiro Kamuela, HI Todd Yanagihara Jason Yeung Saudi Arabia

zones off onto th eir own worlds while Lucas tries to impress Mr. Wielder.

Mamiko Abe Honolulu, HI Damien Arafiles Kamuela, HI Jon Atkinson Kihei, Maui Alexandra Bates Kamuela, HI Jam una BerlinerCaverly Kealakekua, HI Ari Bernstein Kamuela, HI Maya Berthoud Kamuela, HI Eric Bollinger Kamuela, HI Caroline Bortnick Waikaloa, HI Kristen Brilhante Kamuela, HI



Deanna Brinch Hawi, HI Brynly Brown Kamuela, HI Kelly Buscher Kamuela, HI Anders Carlson Kailua-Kona, HI Asa Cascavilla Kealakekua, HI

Above: H.P.A. Community Service Committee h ard at work, restoring th e senior citizen building.

Left: Lookin' nice Ninia

S andra Chan Kailua-Kona, HI Dominic Chavez Kailua-Kona, HI N ath an Ching Kailua-Kona, HI Alexander Christoffel Princeville, K auai Kealani Cook Kamuela, HI Marc Cooperson Kailua-Kona, HI Michiko Dick Kamuela, HI C hristopher Dods Honolulu, HI Jed Ednie Kamuela, HI Lindsay Faye Kekaha, HI B rent Foster Kailua-Kona, HI Kim Giffin Kamuela, HI Philip Hadviger Kamuela, HI Kris Haga Sum atra, Indon. B rittany Haid G renada Hills, CA

Above: Kris Haga and Daniel Hughes take their daily naps

Left: "Ashley don't grab me there!!"

Lucas Hamberg Poipu, Kauai Michelle Hanano Kamuela, HI Jennifer Henderson Kamuela, HI Ashley Henry Kailua, HI Amy Hicks Hilo, HI Maile Hiyane Pohnpei, Cl Anthony Ho Hong Kong Alfredo Ho Macao, Hong Kong Eric Ho Taipei, Taiwan Jason Holtz Kailua-Kona, HI Lauren Hopper Honolulu, HI Daniel Hughes Kamuela, HI Karl Hynes Kailua-Kona, HI Jaisy Jardine Kamuela, HI Elisabeth Johnsson Stockholm, Sweden jo9

Stacy Kadota K apaau, HI Terrence Kalaniopio Kamuela, HI Robert Kawasaki Kamuela, HI V aihiria Kelley Moorea, French Polynesia Bowm Soo Kim Seoul, Korea John Kloninger Volcano, HI David Knowles Kamuela, HI Yumi Kojima Hiyogoken, Jap an Rebekah K ram er Waikoloa, HI Jad e Lam Kamuela, HI


Kyle Larson Kamuela, HI M organ Levi Kamuela, H I Keola Lindsey Kam uela, HI Emil Lynch H ana, Maui Kalei M aeda Kapaau, HI

Lbove: Mi chi and Stacey smile for the amera. â&#x20AC;&#x2122;op Right: Sophmore Pow Wow. ottom Left: Daniel Hughes, caught in the ct.

Heathe McNaughton Kamuela, HI Cynthia Meiers Kihei, HI Laurie Meyer Redwood City, CA Leif Nelson Kamuela, HI Cheyenne Nishida Kamuela, HI Emi Nojori Tokyo 116, Jap an Clare O'Malley C aptain Cook, HI Jeff Oakland Kapaau, HI Noah Phillips Woodland Hills, CA N inia Quinn St. Anthony, ID Jennifer Radich Kailua-Kona, HI Joanna Radin Kamuela, HI Blake Robeson Hanalei, Kauai Sienna Rogers Kamuela, HI Mizuho Sato Sapporo-Shi 065


Michael Shumate Kamuela, HI

N athan Ching stru ts to class.

Smith Sira Kealakekua, HI

Jason and Keola try to conquer the great bookstore hill. Cy Spencer Kamuela, HI Megan Sperry Kamuela, HI Mary Stack New Canaan, CT Sarah Staggs Makaweo, Maui Cybele Stevens Kapaau, HI Janna Stout Cairns, Austral. Natasha Suzuki Makaweli, HI Redza Taib Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia Sylvia Tewes W akay ama-City 640, Japan Kahea Thronas Kamuela, HI


Mika Tyler Kailua-Kona, HI Starr Wedemeyer Kawaihae, HI Jonah Yardley Kamuela, HI Sam Young Kamuela, HI Alia Zuke Kamuela, HI


Above: Cruising to class.

Above: Alice Stone waves to the camera.

E d w ard A rriola K am uela, HI B rady Bergin K am uela, HI C indy Berning Kailua-K ona, H I M iri Breslow Beverly H ills, CA R ichard Bryson K am uela, H I Royce C abanilla K ailua-K ona, H I A rjun C larry H ilo, HI M elissa C ook K eeau, HI M egan C ooperson K ailua-K ona, HI Sarah C ordeiro K am uela, HI D avid C raig K am uela, HI Peter D ahlberg K ailua-K ona, HI D aniel D elPriore K ailua-K ona, HI Laura D ierenfield K ailua-K ona, HI Serena D w yer

Kohala, HI


Left: C a u g h t p la y in g gam eboy. A bove: S tu d in g w ith the teacher, w h a t fun...not!

Jennifer Fisher K am uela, H I Eli G ad d K am uela, H I T ara G allison C apt. C ook, H I K en n eth G ran t K ailua-K ona, H I Royce G regory K ailua-K ona, H I L asian d ra H all P ago Pago, AS T heana H ancock K am uela, H I R obert H a n n a h K am uela, H I Schuyler H arris K am uela, H I W h itn ey H astin g s K am uela, H I L au ra H iy an e P o h n p ei, C l A lex an d er H u g h es K apaau, H I K en Iw am oto W aikoloa, H I Juita Jalalu d d in K uala L u m p u r, M alaysia K en n eth Kao T aipei, T aiw an

Above: "I am not sure if I should eat it or throw it away?" Right: "So what's your deepest darkest secret?"

Devon Lanin Kamuela, HI Johanna Liborio Haleiwa, HI Maegan MacGregor Kailua-Kona, HI Leah Mackey Kailua-Kona, HI Joshua Marguiles Honolulu, HI Jam es Miller Kamuela, HI Sonny Milne Majuro, MH Tomonori M urata Kyoto, Japan Minda M urphy Carmel, CA N atasha Oda Hilo, HI Robert Olson Captain Cook, HI Jeffrey Parsons Kailua-Kona, HI Ryan P latt Kailua, Kona, HI Amber Posey Kamuela, HI T. Charlie Quinn Holualoa, HI 11?

Below: Cindy Berning smiles for the camera. Right: Sonny and Kippy walk to class

K ara Ramos Kamuela, Hi John Rosedale Kamuela, Hi Christopher Sohriakoff Kailua-Kona, Hi Aaron Spielman K ealakekua, Hi Gabriel Starsong Kailua-Kona, Hi Sonrisa Stepath Hanalei, Hi Ryan Stoker Kailua-Kona, Hi Alice Stone Lami, Fiji Alia Thomas Kamuela, Hi Andrew Tudor Aiea, Hi Jim m y Tyler W aimea, Kauai, Hi N athaniel W atterson Kamuela, Hi Kuilan W hite Pago Pago, AS Kevin Williams San Fransico, Ca Tiffany Woodard Waikoloa, Hi

Above: Kara and Jenifer Talking about school. Left: Alice Stone poses for a picture. Below Right: L aura Dierenfield late for class. Bottom Left: "Man this coke tastes good!"

Willy Wurster III Kamuela, Hi Erica Zachary Kamuela, Hi

Lasting Impressions of...


Mo Donahue, Instructor Mitsuhiro Anada Mayumi Futanami Joyce Ho Joseph Kim Yoshiyuki Takamura Miwa Tsuchiya Yusuke Shimizu Hayato Yamaguchi The Intensive English Studies Program, under the guidance of Ms. Mo Donahue, is composed of students from China and Japan. Through hard work, diligence and the desire to learn English, they improve their skills and fulfill a regular high school course curriculum.


Lasting Impressions of

At the beginning of the year with a lot of help, the Solar Car Team constructed a building in which to work on the car. After that, they began to design and build a new car. With the new car, they plan to go to Europe this summer and enter a number of races in Germany, Switzerland, and France. We wish them the ] best of Luck!

B ______________________

Left: The Solar Car shed, the caretaker of the Solar Car and its many parts. Middle: M att Hughes, Solar Team Coordinator, the guy who kept things together-good job! Right: The fram e of the Solar Car and its complex structure is bared to all.



» ia sls® » 8 s£ s

[eft: Mr. Hughes and Greg after a long but fun day nth the solar car. liddle: The "Hanamana" which m eans "Miracle" is sen in motion. Ipper Right: Kevin and Greg m ake a few minor djustm ents. ,ight: Mr. Ed Benedette and Glenn work on some etailed motor work.

c A



c s ________j-'-i.V.--, m I ■■-■■■■V.'

Top: How come your not dressed for school Mr. Bleckel? Middle: Mr. Herhold sets an example for all teachers. You need shades so you won't get blinded by your students. Right: So how was th a t test Cathy? 124

Above: See no evil, h e a r no e v i l y e a h , yeah. We all know w hat you guys mean.

Below: This q u a rte t of senior girls take a m inute to smile before resum ing th eir studies.

Below: "Now does everyone understand w hat he or she has to do?"

Above: Mr. Campbell, Spanish scholar. Below: Jaimito Campbell, beach bum.

The H.P.A. modern language department offers a variety of choices including Japanese, Spanish, and French. The diversity of the many cultures here at H.P.A. combines with the modern language department to give each student a unique learning experience.

Above Right: Susan Whittlesey, new Japanese sensei.

Right: Anne dichel Spanish and french buff.

MMMm ' ■



mm -x-

H lltfS


& 8K i W


H |q 6 j


\ >> Kv


i£ Above Right: D epartm ent head Gordon Bryson shows th a t he cares about his students. Right: Mr. Solmssen is a cool cat.


In a year of change, the English departm ent strengthened its commitment to speech and debate. The retu rn of Mrs. Piltz, fresh from a sabbatical of study oi speech and debate by championship m ainland team s, signalled a retu rn to dominance by the K am akani speech team . Honors were garnered by K ath H annah, K risten Glaspey, Ja y Zachariah, Jan e Provalenko, and Chris Loz’ach. Liz M iura and Kathy Greenwell co-directed the resurrected P arker Ranch Research Project. Dr. Glauner advised the literary magazine to its customary excellence. Mr. Dunlap and Alexandra Nelson expanded the school newspaper and provided the school w ith accurate news about its community. Mini-courses and the norm al literature-based curriculum once again allowec the student body to follow personal interests as well as expand their awareness of reading and writing. The school intends to m ake another good showing in the S tate’s Language Arts Showcase.

Above: Peter Rowley cheeses it â&#x20AC;˘ th e camera. Below: Chris Dunlap; full tim e plosopher, p a rt tim e English icher.

Above: Dr. G launer

or is it?

Below: Jo Piltz, fresh from her sabbatical, picks up where she left off.

s cm m m■ E H K ■ c m

bm hhbbhi



■ ■


A bove: M r. Rice, M arine Biol a n d also a n a v id seafood eatei

4" c AA'



1H H |

The H.P.A. Science D ep artm en t encourages in d ep e n d e n t research a n d experim entation p articularly ab o u t the local island environm ent. A stronom y, solar car construction, m arine biology a n d soil conservation are topics the d e p a rtm e n t has been specifically d ev eloping over the p a st five years. The d e p a rtm e n t sponsors the Q u izzard Team , the Recycling C om m ittee, a n d the School Science Fair. School Fair w in n ers have b een recom ended for the State Fair a n d w on state ho n o rs in each of the p ast nine years. Each M ay, the d e p a rtm e n t a w ard s three prizes to o u tsta n d in g science students: a Biology Prize, a C hem istry Prize a n d a Science Prize.

Left: M r.W eiser, C hem istry, A.P. C h em istry an A stronom y.

Below: M r. O tto, Biology anc A.P. Biology

Above: Mr.Hughes, Chemistry and Science Department Head. "Mmm, looking good." Right: Mr.Holt, Biology and during his free period "one local braddah" Below Right: Mrs.Traub, Physics and just acting like she's doing some work. Below: Mr.Conley, Ecology: "Let's see, how can we save our environment and win our next race.'

Lasting Impressions o/00â&#x20AC;&#x17E;

Above: Mr.Wilder, World History and A.P. European Studies. Sporting a fine cast!

Right: Mrs.Kamrow,World History. "What can I say... I'm beautiful!"

Below: M r.D urnan, U.S. History, Economics, A.P. Economics and D epartm ent head. Please, no photos!

The H.P.A. History Department strives to achieve the ultimate in academic excellence concerning all aspects of history. Beginning with Hawaiiana,World History and U.S. History, it also accomodates those students with interests in Psychology, Sociology, Economics and Pacific Studies.

K *

Above Left: Mr.Wilder, w hat are you up to now? Above: M r.Herhold, U.S. History. Smile, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on candid camera! Below: Mr.Honma, Haw aiiana, Psychology, Sociology, and Pacific Studies. W atch out! He has a weapon! Left: Who said dogs were only m a n ' s best friend?


M A T H &

C 0 M P U r ji

E R S ...................... - ....... Top: Fritz Stew art, Geometry teacher extraordinaire, sits amongst th e clutter in his room. Middle Left: Jim Rizzuto, head of the m athem atics departm ent poses for a beautiful photo. Middle Right: Howard Hall, Head of Computer Sciences, sits and ponders life. Bottom: Jerry Bleckel, Intro-Cal, an in sta n t before the coffee cup flew.

â&#x2013; K m m

Left: Beau Leonhart, Algebra 2, gives the camera a killer glare. Middle Left: Monica Traub, Algebra 1, seems to be daydreaming during class time again. Middle Right: Stephen Bernstein, Computer Maintenance. Bottom Right: Stephen Perry, Geometry. Bottom Left: Pete Provencal, Advanced M ath, Algebra 1&2, "I can't believe he told you that!"

Lasting Impressions of.. The Arts program at H.P.A. has turned out some exceptional work this year, ranging from fantastic photo layouts under Mrs. Y.'s supervision to Mr Stewart's and Father Barthelemy's choir. Our new theatre promises to spotlight the many talents of H.P.A. students in the years to come.

Above: Our new Arts Center Below left: Mrs. Yarawamai shows the effects of a long, creative day. Below: Mike creates a masterpiece in ceramic art.

â&#x2013; m k h h m h h h h h h 5h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h b

Above: Our band (Jay, Justin, Chris, Ken, and Cutter) takes a break from their music to pose for the camera. Right: Ta-dah!!! Mrs. Moore struts her stuff. Below: The cast of the fall play Our Town, after their final performance

The Administration; the unknown people behind the scenes. The ones we are sometimes hesitant to see. The people that help us get into the classes we want, and make sure we get into college. Yes, this is our Administration; people that help make our H.P.A. experience the best possible.

.eft: Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuto,College Counselers; aren't they cute! light: Mr. Rice, Assistant feadmaster; so what have you een up to? Dpposite Page Bottom Left: Fred mith, Director of Developement; mile! )pposite Page Bottom Right: Mr. lowley, Upper School Head; are ou having a good day? 3ottom Left:Luana Lincoln, Mr. mderson's right hand woman /ho handles all of the admission nd financial procedures during is frequent recruiting excursions, iottom Right: Mr. Hancock, iusiness Head, takes a break from is busy day.

Lasting Impressions ofao.S taff

A little touch of "Dr. Mom" at HPA: Our Infirmary staff (1 to r): Pat Hall, Carol Glauner, Bev Dawson, Jean McDonough.

We can feel safe with our security staff on duty. Above: Herb and Barb Victorine. Left: John Aue and Mervin Spenser. Below: Elliott Mattos.

Our secretarial staff keeps the offices hum­ ming and all of us on time and organized. (L to r) Kathleen Ogasawara, Upper School Secretry; Betty Spence, Business Manager's Secretary; Anne Irene Young, Receptionist.

• *


* i

. \ • * • • »•>___

V t . ♦V

" * \ *’ * ■ #'11‘A * t » * * * V " •* * • •'■»*» *(' » • » * » »»i • f , i , I * * n \ « « * * • » * 1 s *' • ' •* (• « V

,*%»»♦ V



'* ,* *%V»S* • • * , *fe***' • lif M l ** v t « '# • * I* » *

f e w

«I • t i f

Always there to lend a helping hand and a pleasant word is secretary Evelyn Oshita.


* **’ r f f l .

Secretary Jane Lee keeps the headmaster s busy schedule straight.

Below: It's always fun when Oscar Ahuna (Pool Manager) opens the swimming pool.


"Let Me count the hours!": George Watson, Director of Activities and Student Work Program.

Housekeeping staff: Above: Lunch at 11: ( L to R ) Eva Perez, Elsie Conger, Betty Nobriga, Caddy Young. Right Abby Loo likes her work.

Tending to our Bookstore needs: Left: Margie Dunlap. Below: Annie Bell.

The Business Office staff can keep our accounts straight without losing their smiles: Above: James Hanano. Above right: James Sagucio, Gwen Yamashiro, Yae Murai, Karen Yamasato.

Steve Bernstein (computer staff) tak< a moment to reflect on a program.

Our kitchen crew (Marriot staff) works hard to fix us nutritious anddelicious meals. Top (L to R): John Leedward, Gregory Camara, Kathy Horiv, Joan Rodriguez, Paul Alviar. Front: Carol Hui, June Cuelho, Lindsey Cuelho. Below: Brian Agbayani, Food Service Director.

Right: Somewhere between football and maintenance, Ron Marciel stops to smell the roses (or geraniums). Below: Julie Matson enjoys direct­ ing the Alumni Affairs Office.

From the pool of knowledlge at the library: Jo Conley (1) and Juliet Koning. Our maintenance crew keeps the school looking good. Top row (L to R): Tommy Weaver, Kenji Yokoyama, Edward Quaintance, Francis Lee. Middle: Lawrence Javillonar, Nolan Doliente, Edgar Spencer, Mike Hanano, John Moniz. Front: Linda Smith. 143

Lasting Impressions o.

( S

l D


o o o



Left: Alan Boyd, Head of Middle School. Middle: Georgia Polak, Music. Bottom: Lisa Toland, English

F a n a

d c



d 1 m t




S s t t a




* 1



Top: Midge Jambor, English Above Left: Mickey Kerr, Head of Physical Education. Above Right: Lyman Abbott, Science.


fop Left: Georgette Kaniho, lead of Computer Sciences. Ibove Left: Sue Henderson, fnglish.

Top Right: Everitt Knowles, French. Above Right: Miles Mason, Science.

Top left: Guadalupe Diaz, Mathematics Right: Sandra Larson, Mathematics Bottom: Dave Pierson, History


â&#x2013; **V

A /*



a picture opportunity!"

"Another boring lunch again.

Deborah Adams Waikoloa, HI Jensen Belin Hanalei, HI Robert Braun Jr. Kailua-Kona, HI Ian Cardin Honlualoa, HI Lamya Chidiac Honolulu, HI Sarah Clark Kamuela, HI M atthew Cohen Hilo, HI Sum mer Duncan Kamuela, HI Austin Easley Kailua-Kona, HI Rea Ellaizer Kamuela, HI Lihal Ellis Kamuela, HI Leif Everly Honokaa, HI Kailei Feeney Kamuela, HI Melissa Gibson Kamuela, HI Lainee Goto Kamuela, HI

Andre Hadviger Kamuela, HI M ark H askett Honokaa, HI Jennifer H ickm an Kamuela, HI Teri Hogan D arusslam , Borneo Jam ie Holtz Kailua-Kona, HI Helene Honda Kamuela, HI G rant K aaha Kamuela, HI Kristopher K lett Kailua-Kona, HI Jacob Lee Honolulu, HI Jenny Lee Kamuela,HI Sean Lynch H ana, HI Anna M astro Kamuela, HI Kanoe McTavish Kamuela, HI P ua N ani Mench Kailua-Kona, HI Cory Nelson Kamuela, HI

Picture not available

Picture not available

Shizuma Noguchi Tokyo, Jap an Jason Olcese Kamuela, HI Tehotu Reasin Via, Tahiti Dustin Richardson Kamuela, HI Nicole Ricord Kamuela, HI

Picture not available

Nicholas Rutgers IV Kamuela, HI Erik Seidl C aptain Cook, HI Lei-Ann Snider Kapaau, HI Joy Spencer Kamuela, HI Kevin Takeshita Kaneohe, HI Tsung Tang Taipei, Taiwan Jason Thurber Kailua- Kona, HI Jaim e T rabert Kamuela, HI Chet Tyler Kapaa, HI Nino Walker Kamuela, HI

Picture not available

Christopher Webb Hilo, HI Ray Weinstock Hilo, HI Alex Woodbury Kailua- Kona, HI C hristina Woodworth Kailua- Kona, HI David Zieger Kailua- Kona, HI

7th grade

Go easy on the w ater, its not cheap ya know.

N im a Alflatooni Kamuela, HI Lu Anderson Paauilo, HI Dagan B ernstein Kamuela, HI Thomas Borho Kailua-Kona, HI M ark Breslow Beverly Hills, CA Jennie Cacoulidis Kamuela, HI John Crossley Kailua-Kona, HI Shea Dahlberg Kailua-Kona, HI Liana Dawson Kamuela, HI Shannon Dorrell Kailua-Kona, HI Ivan Eggel Paauhau, HI Ja re d Ganir Kamuela, HI Sean Giffin Kamuela, HI P eter Hah Kailua-Kona, HI Joni Hall Kamuela, HI

See th a t guy over there, checking you out.

lother day, another HPA lunch.


Oh my God! What a babe!

Kamyar Hammon Kamuela, HI Jason Hoisington Kamuela, HI Lisa Jardine Kamuela, HI M arti Jardine Kamuela, HI Susannah Jensen Kamuela, HI M arisa Jones Kamuela, HI Lucas Kayyem Honolulu, HI Daniel Kraus Kailua-Kona, HI Micheal Krochina Kailua-Kona, HI Grace Lee Seoul, KOREA Shih Lin Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C. Lono Lindsay Kamuela, HI Blake McNaughton Kamuela, HI Nainoa McTavish Kamuela, HI C arter Myers Kamuela, HI

Okay girls lets go out and kick some butt!!!

H urry C atherine, pass the note before she sees.

Dorsey Meyers Kamuela, HI Kazumo Nagao Kamuela, HI Colleen O'Malley C aptain Cook, HI P eter Olson C aptain Cook, HI Tiffany Quinn Holualoa, HI Kalei Rapoza Kamuela, HI Emily Rosedale Kamuela, HI E rin Rott Kailua-Kona, HI C atherine Sakim ura K apaau, HI Elizabeth Sanders Honoka'a, HI Achahn Schulze Kamuela, HI Ju lia Snow Kamuela, HI Chad Sohriakoff Kailua-Kona, HI Max Solmssen Kamuela, HI Scott Spence Kamuela, HI

154 S nannnaM i

So w hat does #%A*#H mean?

Jared Spencer Kamuela, HI Victoria Spielman Kealekekua, HI Sheldon Swan Kamuela, HI K ristian Thiebaut Kamuela, HI Taylor Thronas Kamuela, Hi Sean Usibelli Kailua-Kona, HI Melissa Weisner Kailua-Kona, HI Dustin Williams Kamuela, HI Tomohisa Yamaguchi Osaka, JAPAN Kelly Yamasato Waikaloa, Hi Theodore Young Kailua-Kona, Hi

Left: I can't figure out this math problem. Above: Best friends forever.

Dodge Akerman K ealakekua, HI Brad Anderson Kamuela, HI Cord Anderson Kamuela, HI Sam aire Armstrong Kamuela, HI Em erald Bogue Kamuela, HI Tyler Bollinger Kamuela, HI John Buscher Kamuela, HI Amy Carlson Kailua-Kona, HI Aaron Cham plin Kailua-Kona, HI Brenden Cromwell Kamuela, HI D ana Csige Kamuela, HI Gregory Dierenfield Kailua-Kona, HI Christine Dunnam Kailua-Kona, HI Ju stin Gonyea Kailua-Kona, HI Keeley G rant Kailua-Kona, HI

Dustlyne H arris Kailua-Kona, HI Adam Henderson Kamuela, HI Jeffrey Hughes Kamuela, HI Lauren Jardine Kamuela, HI Dee Anne Kaniho Ahualoa, HI Laura Kawano Kamuela, HI Alexis Lam Kamuela, HI LindsayLawson Kamuela, HI Brandon Manago C aptain Cook, HI Sean Manago C aptain Cook ,HI La 1 Mitchell Kamuela, HI Jacob Pobre Kamuela, HI Ryan Rearden Kamuela, HI Elizabeth Richardson Waikoloa, HI Jennifer Salmon Kamuela, HI

Helen Schutte Kamuela, HI P eter Seidl C aptain Cook, HI Cory Stoker Kailua-Kona, HI L aura VonHolt-Chillingworth Kamuela, HI Josef Waroquiers Kamuela, HI Lea Wilson C aptain Cook, HI Russell Yu Honolulu, HI Evan Zachary Kamuela, HI

hastin, The Kona Faculty and Staff; the unseen but not unknown. The Kona Campus has some very dedicated people some of whom do not get the recognition th a t they deserve. They are the ones th a t keep the H.P.A. experience alive in Kona. F










s gpl T



T T I j ;

Top Left: Lorraine Lindsay, happy at her desk. Top Right: Emily Pelkay at a funny angle. A b ove Left:

Lisa Zimmerman caught on the phone. A b ove Right: Felicity Johnson, Head of Lower School, and student Jaime Wakefield; look they're twins. Right: Happy smiles from Linda Cooperson, Barb Gans, and Wendy O'Leary.


rTop: Brook Wakefield, Emily Pelkay, Shan iQuinn, and Susan O'Malley on a coffie break. A bove Left: A utum n Johnson watching over h er student k arate experts. [Above M iddle: Shan Q uinn smiles politely for the camera. A bove Right: M ary Ann Gale , the librarian, aw ards p o ste r contest winners. R ight: Nancy M acG regor and Mollie Sperry discuss Business.


.lower fa c u lty a n d s t a f f


Above: Fifth grade teacher, Eva Bogue flashes an award winning smile Above Right: Carol Lawson and Mary Barthelemy smile about their first grade classes Below: Hope Soo and Helene McTavish reminisce about old times Below Right: Jane Thronas expresses her love for art with the lower and middle schoolers

Emptmmom o/L05th Grade

Top row (It. to rt.) : Mrs. Bogue, Nicole Hagar, Cinnamon Clarke, F elisa Ednie, Robin Relkey. Middle row: Kawika Kaula, Kai Woodard, Kulu'ua Rapoza, H. C assell, Namahoe Soo, W. Steven, Bottom row: K. Buckley, Shani Keith, Kaili Chapman, Ryan Feeney, Ashley Goo, Kai R ediskie, Kaulaua Bell. M issing: Noah Gibson

Lasting Impressionsoco


Is $£


H Top Row(left to right): Mara Miller, Mrs. Gans, Brett Whittemore Middle Row(left to right): Abraham Glover, Nicole Dechape, Seth Smith Bottom Row(Left to right: Kris Krochina, Julia Dring, Conn O'Leary, Farrah Moinpour

Left: A Talent Day duet



Below : Fifth grade tanners

~ H

':i:M § S 3 ''' WSSBBSmBm

J fll


■ p i ■ » M M SI " H

' W



— ■








— X -\

Ip p

B ack Row(left to right): Nicole Iwamoto, Jessica Lambert, Ty McMillan, Mrs. Emily Pelkey T hird Row(left to right): Max Robinson, Cole Hershberger, Moana Strom, Curtis Vana S eco n d Row(left to right): Anna Webb, Jahmelia Lindsay, Jonathan Purviance, Ashley Welton F ron t Row(left to right): David Gamble, Elizabeth Mariscano, Keisuke Sekine, Lindsay Rosehill, Kotaro Kawashima B elow left: "Well...I don't know if we should." B elow right: Shake th a t body, Jahm elia.





■ H i

T 71


Row 1: Carrie Shum ate, Kiki Trabert, N anea Brown Row 2: Chelsey Kadota, Kim Salmon Row 3: Caitlin Kim ura, Ana Yarawamai, Sofia Jensen, Noe Jensen Row 4: Nick Hiebler, C atlin Peterson, Zack Chancer, Alvin Baptiste Row 5: Kalei Gregory, Shannon Levenson, Jonathan MacGregor, N athaniel Bryson Row 6: Miss Judy Folk

Row 1: Shane Stevens, Serge Eggel, Sam Lindsey Row 2: Robert Yamasato, Bryan Spencer, Micah Pueschel, M att Lee Row 3: Melody Schott, Jackie Hagen, H eather Goto, Chelsea Wallis, Tiga Rosenburg Row 4: Sarah Luscomb, Jessica Merschdorf, Shari Kawano, K ristina Jones Row 5: Kaulike Rice, Brooks Uyeshiro, Mrs. Zachary, Paul Csige, Thomas Sanford

Laetm g Im pressions of00











W aimea Campus: Top Row, left to right: H annah Hind, Tai Soo, Sean Vitousek, Rawehi Clarke. Fourth Row: Kyle Paulson, Carly Welsh, Billy Snider. Third Row: Laurel Pelkey, Michael Hickman, Ashlyn Loo. Second Row: Mrs. McTavish, Mele Chillingworth, J u n a Jardine, Jo n ath an Thiebaut, Nawa Mithchell. F irst Row: Lindsey M orriss, Aimee Zuke, Kenya W aroqueirs, M ehea Crossley. Below Left: Friends forever! Below Right: "Has it been a long day, Mike?â&#x20AC;&#x2122;








L a stin g Im pressions. ==

Back Row, left to right; Stephanie Schilling, Milcha Lincoln, Mrs. Mollie Sherry, Alika Brooks Second Row, Lindsey Furuya, Brian Pond, Kevin Carlsmith, Megan Feeney, Sarah Breakstone, Na'ilima Ahuna, Ashley Say Front Row, Troy Cushnie,Patrick Muschdorf, Oskie Rice, Chris Kaula, Juliette Budge, Ashley Green Missing, Mihana Diaz, Ian Clagstone, Hokulani Wong Below: Juliette and Ashley, ready for class Right: "Good golly, Ms. Mollie," who's your new friend?

[ona Campus: Teacher Shan Quinn, not shown lack Row, left to right; Jonathon Hutchinson, Stewart Pomeroy, Joseph Vilson, Tyler Chauplin. Third Row, Christine Vana, Ashley Welsh, Jhristina Hansel, Gabe Austin. Second Row, Nicole Elarionoff, Misa latsuda, Katie Krochina, Laysan Unger. Front Row, Chelsea Cowell, [im Sogi, Ian MacDonald

L a stin g Im pressions ofooa

Top Row: left to right, Ian Ross, Mrs. Brooks Wakefield (computer teacher), Reid Rosehill. Middle Row: Skeeter Zimmerman, Michael Dinmore, Marsha Ayai. Bottom Row: Angela Weisner* Laurie Stenger, Makena Harris, Lastina Lindsay, Alana Corpuz

Below: First grade singing "I never eat my crusts."

lass list: Robert Arnett, Maggie Chancer, Kaleo Clarke, Saman ilweit, Carly Hayashikawa, Leala Humbert, Jaclyn Jardine,Joshua levenson, Jennifer Madeisky, James McGonegal, Scott Paulson, lichelle Pautler, Anthony Pond, Rachel Rincon, Ryan Salmon, William Sanford, Lindsey Uyeshiro, Michael Vitousek. Teacher: Mrs. jarthelemy

Lbove: Scott, the second grade's budding hvironmentalist Ight:Leala Humbert-future over girl, flashes an eager smile.

L a stin g Im pressions o/8..

F irst Grade Class List: Mrs. Lawson, Sham ille Abdy, Moani Akana, John Alvaro, Ja re d Chapm an, Ali Ann Dirga, Dane Eggel, Keoni Erger, Jacob Hiebler, Leialoha Hurwitz, Carl Lam, W illiam Pritikin, Leia Pueschel, Jill Quaintance, JJax Rosenburg, Nicholas Soo, Kali S tartsm an, Haley E. Williams, M ikela Yarawamai.

Below: " I w ant to look like that."

Below Right: " Ah, th a t was good!"

K indergarten Class List: Ms. Soo, M eredith A rnett, Alexander Budge, Kili Eliz. Doe, M acGregor Gaffney, Alexa Gilweit, Kawehi Guerrero, Robert Hind, A m ara Jaber, Siera Levenson, Cameron Lewis, Karl Long, J u stin Luzon, Michael M orriss, Jak e Penny, Lucia Polak, M arissa Schott, B rennan Sm ith, F ran k Snow, India Soo. elow: "Look, we're forming our own and!"

Below: "Did you m ake that? WOW!!"

L a stin g Im pressions O f 000





Jason Markowitz, Mrs. Cooperson, Zachary Dant, Nicholas Iwamoto, Becca Goodman, Jam ie Rosenfeld, Max Unger, Timo Sullivan, Richie Applegate, Emily Pomeroy, Paloma Vidgen, Grace Hutchinson, Melissa Migliore, Taizen Pied, John Sochacki, Davis Wakefield, M att N ikaitani




R Top: Becca Goodman and Palom a Vidgen flash pretty smiles in th eir new headbands. Bottom: Jason Markowitz is h ard a t work. T



isting Impressions of... S B Q R T l

m u u ij

y tro lu a u k

L m tm g J m p m m io m ®f«0 Ffaotibrntt, The 1991 football team en tered the season ran k ed fo u rth in its league. S tarting as m an y as seven underclassm en, the K am akani defense a n d offense beg an th eir m arch to w a rd the title w ith a w in over Baldw in, j the defen d in g M aui league cham pions. Setting the tone for the season, H.PA. d id n 't pass very m uch, ran consistently, a n d play ed solid defense. D u stin P eterson kicked a field goal th at p ro v ed the difference. D errick • H o n d a a n d A llyn Spencer ran w ell in back of C arl Bryson a n d D errick H anano. Tw o solid w in s against the sm allest a n d largest schools on the island sent a; 3-0 red sq u a d against the ev entual league cham pions, Hilo. For the only tim e inl991 the H P A attack w as sh u t d o w n b y a sw arm in g V iking defense. D errick H o n d a w as fo rc e d , to sp e n d fifteen m in u tes on the bench w ith a fever, a n d H ilo scored ten u n a n sw e re d points to w in. A n angry bu n ch of K am akanis w elcom ed an u n su sp ectin g an d favored H o nokaa sq u a d to the A cadem y hom ecom ing . In its first h u g e gam e of the year, H P A trav eled to K ona a n d d id som ething th a t h a d n o t been d o n e in fo urteen years, by beating K ona 14-13. A s the second half of th e season began, H P A b e h in d solid blocking and ferocious tackling led the gam e 15-13 w ith tw o m in u tes left w h e n H ilo beg an a 97 y a rd m arch w hich w as aid ed a questionable call by one of the H ilo p a re n ts w h o w as serving as a line judge. In spite of an o u tsta n d in g gam e by every K am akani, a last -second to u ch d o w n left th em sh o rt of the ch am p io n sh ip b y a 20-15 score. A fter beating H onokaa a t their ow n hom ecom ing, H P A tu rn e d to its final chance for a title, its second K ona gam e. K ona and H P A p lay ed one final gam e for pride. K ona p rev ailed 10-7, a n d the H P A season cam e to a n end. H o n d a, Carl Bryson, a n d Spencer seldom left the field all season long. Blocking for each other, Spencer an d H o n d a finished : first a n d th ird in the league in ru sh in g a n d p a ire d in the all-league backfield. Bryson w a s n am ed to the all­ league team s on offense a n d defense. H o n d a w a s selected as th e league's m o st o u tsta n d in g defensive player. D errick H an an o w as a consensus pick by league coaches as th e be st offensive linem an.

Top left: Derrick Honda headed towards the end zone to help lead the Kamakanis in their victoryi against Honokaa. Top right: Allyn Spencer rushing for some of his many yards gained during the season. Below: The Kamakanis have a team cheer after a tough win.

Paul Dawson made the all-star team as a tight-end and safety. Jake Cordeiro, Kris Haga, and JP Kloniger also received mention because of their contributions to the HPA offense which was second in the league in points and first in rushing by several hundred yards. Chad Nordlum received acclaim for his solid work on the league's stingiest defense. 176

Top row: (left-right): Mgr. Natasha Suzuki, Jonah Yardley, Kea Cook, Cy Spencer, Kris Haga, Andy Carlson, Damien Arafiles, Jed Ednie, Keola Lindsey, Karl Hines, Daniel Hughes, Willy Wurster, Coach Frosty Yardley, Ron Marciel, Pete Provencal, Gordon Bryson 2nd row: Chris Martin, Jason Yeung, Danny Endo, Dustin Peterson, J.P. Kloninger, Paul Dawson, Damien Milne, Lance Ohtake, Wilson Lau, Brady Bergin, Richard Bryson, Mrs. McDonough, Ernie Chinen, Warren 3rd row: Mgr. Jen Glauner, Kathy Greenwell, Taka Kiyonaga, Chad Nordlum, Bill Bailey, Carl Bryson, Derrick Honda, Derrick Hanano, Allyn Spencer, Jake Cordeiro, Tetsue Inoye

Left: Another patented Dustin Peterson field goal. Below: Paul Dawson making an impressive tackle.

Taka Kiyonaga, Bill Bailey, and Tet Inoue also played in their last game against Kona and will be missed. Coaches Bryson, Provencal, Marciel, Yardley, Shaw and Chine all were thankful for the chance to coach this special team. No team in recent HPA history was involved in so m any big games or performed so gallantly. As one radio

L a stin g Im pressions of000 Girlsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cross Country Girls' Cross Country is one of the toughest sports, both physically and mentally. The team trains hard all year with high hopes for a championship at the end of a season. Although the win goes to the individual, the recognition goes to the team. The goals of the team are not only to win, but to become a family.

Top: (back row)- Kelly Busher, Liz Miura, Melina Leitel, Amy Hicks, Cathy McLaren, Sulianna Manley, Alia Zuke, Kelly Miller, Cybelle Stevens, Alexa Bates. (Front R ow ): Theana Hancock, Joyce Ho, Sandra Chan, Miranda Loh, Chie Ozawa, Lindsay Faye, Kim Giffin, Sienna Rogers, and Rachel Rogers. Missing- Sheila Cooke.

Top: Seniors Liz Miura, Cathy Mclaren and Kelly Miller flash a smile after a hard run. Left: Junior Varsity waits anxiously for the starting gun. 17 8


mating Im pressions of000 Boysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cross Country The Boys' Cross Country team is a team that runs with spirit and dedication. Their hard work prepares them for a rewarding season. Their season was fruitful with many first place wins and happy times.

Left: Tyson Storm, Coach Honma, Kevin Kramer, Leif Nelson, Coach Weiser, Robert Olson, Kam von Holt, T. Charlie Quinn, Thane Hancock, Shawn Lasko

Left: Thane Hancock crosses the finish line with ease. Top: The boys' team enjoys a well earned win. 179

Boy's Volleyball

The boy's volleyball team has come a long way since last year's season. Under the leadership of Coaches Kaipo and Peter, the team has pulled together and shown true team spirit. With dedication and perseverance, the team has managed several wins over tough island competitors. If they keep up their efforts, the team will remain strong and they will continue their success over years to come.

Top row: Bobby Kennedy, Coach Peter, Mike Judd, M att Dunbar, Asa Cascavilla, P orter Hodgins, Anthony Chan, B art W yatt, Ian Cole, Coach Kaipo Young. Bottom row: Robi Solmssen, Josh Doorly, Ashley Colter, Calvin Detwiler, Alex Nesic.

L astin g Im pressions of... Girl's Volleyball

With the loss of only one senior last year, le girls started this season with a strong nd experienced team coached by Nolan and rian. Their determination to win in practice aid off in their games and with each victory le team pulled closer together as a family, lthough the team will lose several talented sniors after this year,they have many young layers to eagerly follow in their footsteps.

'op row: Diane Faye, Mia Solmssen, M ariko Dick, Jad e Lam, K risten Brilhante, ika Tyler, Lauren Hewett. Middle Row: Fiona Bates, Maile Hiyane, Morgan vi, Megan Sperry, D aniella C arreira, Michiko Dick, Michi Hanano, Maiyumi itanami. Bottom row: N inia Quinn, Jenny Radin.

L a stin g Im pressions of000



This year the Swimming team continued to excel. With good finishes at the first few meets they were ready to go to state. The diving team this year was a welcomed addition. With coaches Jay Wilder, Cindy Yarawamai, and Moe they worked the players till they dropped, but in the end it payed off. The team strived to do their best and got what they deserved.



N G Above Top: "Everyone in th e water!" Above Bottom: "I th in k I can, I thin k I can..." Left: Michiko Dick testing th e board. Below:(top L. to R.) Gabriel Starsong, Benji Bennet, Ryder Thomas, Erii Bollinger, Noah Phillips, Tyson Rott, Emil Lynch, M itsuhiro Anada. Middle(L. to R.): Brynly Brown, Em m a Clark, Heidi Hempel, Jessica Carew, Chie Ozawa, Sinclair W hite, Alia Thomas, L aure Diernefield, M inda Murphy, Maya Berthoud. Bottom(L. to R.): Alice Stone, Mamiko Abe, Ginger Bogue, M aria Stevens, A lexandra Nelson, Sonrisa Stepath, Serena Dwyer, Megan Cooperson, Tiffany Woodard.

bve: "Look mom I can fly!" Below: Alice Stone working to be h er best. Right Top: A great e by Michiko Dick. Right Bottom: "Hey, look a t me go!"




Standing (1 to r): Kevin Ho, M arc Cooperson, K enneth Kao, Sukit Thammongkol, Jason Holtz, Takahiko Kiyonaga, Coach Eric Joachim. Kneeling (1 to r): Edm und Lee, Anthony Chan, T. Charlie Quinn, Weng Tong. Missing: M athias Maciejewski

The year 1992 was a season f rebuilding for both the boy's nd girl's teams, having lost sveral key players due to raduation or transfer and the itroduction of a new coach. Led by senior captains akahiko Kiyonaga, Edmund ,ee, and Jeanette Virtue, the 2am will truly show that they re as strong as ever and that '92 Lull be a most memorable eason. Standing (1 to r): Yuri M atsumoto, Susie Callaghan, Kim Giffin, Coach Eric Joachim. Kneeling (1 to r): Yuka Sato, Meg Sperry, L asiandra Hall, Jean ette Virtue. Missing: Mai Saito, Miyuki Sato

Clockwise from left: Jason serves up another ace; Smile!; M atias rips a forehand; L asiandra gets ready to retu rn a serve during the BIIFs.

Opposite page: clockwise from center right: Sukit winds up for another big serve; Taka watches as T. Charlie puts away a volley; Edm und gets set a t the net; Meg shows off great form as she hits a serve.

LmMng ImpnBBMmÂŽ ofoaQBoysf B asketball The HPA Boys' varsity basketball team was new and improved this year. With new coaches Merv Lopes, Brian Anderson, and John Waterson and with their new coaching techniques they were guaranteed a great season. With the help of young and old players they had a suprising year.


k a u

Above: Ian Cole Soars over the other team. Left: Damien Arafiles goes for the three point shot.

Above: Damien Arafiles jumps over the other players. Left: Daniel Hughes goes for the shot. Right: David Bitonti with the foul.


Varsity Wrestling â&#x2013;  â&#x2013; 

i.. i.. 11....

The Wrestling team had a pretty good year. With the tutoring of long time coach Matt Hughes, the team worked as hard as they could and became the best at what they were doing. Whether they were running, lifting weights or wrestling; friends or opponents, they were the best they could be. Left: Carl Bryson goes for the pin.

bove: Matt Ventura grapples with his opponnet. Above: Carl Bryson forces his opponnet down, elow: Carl Bryson tackles the enemy. Below: Mathias Maciejewski takes his opponnet down.

-------- --------------

Boy's The 1991-92 Varsity Boys Soccer team i an exciting team to watch. The team hasj num ber of returning starters from last yÂŽ BIIF champions and won yet another crovl this year. This year's squad, besides dom inating Big Island Soccer, travelled toi San Diego, California, in December for a preseason tournam ent. The team this year is a veteran squad \ a vast am ount of BIIF and State experienc) Co-captains C utter Brown and Mike Judd lead the team but are supported by the liki of Paul Dawson, Cal Detwiler, Dustin Peterson, M att Dunbar, Scott Andrews, Shawn Lasko. New additions this year include Kumi Mikono and the returning Bobby Kennedy. (Bottom L-R) Kris Ghosh, D ustin Peterson, T.J. Kalaniopio, and Asa Cascavilla. (Middle) Daisuke Ogawa, Yoshi T akem ura, M att D unbar, Shawn Lasko, Scott Andrews and Kevin K ram er. (Top Row) Coach Steve Perry, Coach Bob Kennedy, Jed Ednie, K arl Hynes, C utter Brown, Kumi Mkono, Calvin Detweiler, Mike Judd, Bobby Kennedy, P aul Dawson, M anager Eli H eritage and Coach Roger Holt.

Above: Coach Perry stresses not letting up at the half. Above Right: Kumi does circles around opposing defenses. Right: Shawn jukes past a defender

â&#x2013; N v'

Imp-F(B8MQB§ o /000 Girl's Soccer

This years Girl's soccer team h as a good m ixture of senior leadership and young talent. This combination helped them to win the Girl's B.I.I.F soccer crown. Led by seniors M elina Leitel, Kelly Miller, L auren Hewett, Liz M iura and newcomer Grady W illiamson along w ith underclassm en F ran Lawrence, Jenny Radich, H eathe M cNaughton and Michi Hanano, the 1991-92 Girl's soccer team is, w ithout doubt, one of the best team s on the island.

(Bottom L-R) Jenny Radich, Jaisy Jardine, Kelly Busher, Stacy Kadota, Mary Stacks, Kristen Brilhante, Heathe McNaughton, Jade Lam, Sienna Rogers, Michi Hanano and Alexa Bates. (Top) Kam Von Holt, Kelly Miller, Melina Leitel, Liz Miura, Lauren Hewett, Grady Williamson, Starr Leavey, Fiona Bates, Fran Lawrence, Suliana Manley, Coach Jaime Campbell and Coach Bryn Lawrence.

Above: Fran blows by the Honoka'a defense Above Right: The Kahi-Mohala transfers? Right: Where is everyone?


Cheerleading The cheerleaders have brought excitem ent and energy to H.P.A. Hours of after school acrobatic and physical training prepare them for the games. Their hard work and enthusiasm give our team s the spirit for victory. B ut win or lose, we can depend upon our cheerleading squad to m ake us feel good about our school and its athletic team s.

Go Kani's!!! We've got spirit!!! Above: M ia Ichishita.

Cheerleading Squad: top row left to right: Rebekah K ram er, Yumi Cokett, Ja n a Hanano. Bottom row left to right: K uilan White, Kalona K ierstede, M alia Liborio, Mia Ichishita.

Top right:"Let's go Kani's K uilan and Rebekah. ]

Bottom left: Rebekah, Ms an d K uilan cheering for th e ir team.

Left to r i g h t: Lora and M alia Cheer for the football players.

B n im

Horse Program

M rm m o m s

Whoa there, Trigger! Many HPA students have the chance to learn the basics of horsem anshsip and get to know w hat "horse sense" really means. If a student is skilled enough, he or she m ight even play polo on the varsity team . The HPA campus, w ith its broad grassy fields and steepm ountain trails, is perfect for equine activities.

Above from left to right: Miwa Sato, Yuka Sato, Judy Folk Right: Mr. Solmssen teaches horse control to his students .

Check it o u t !! G reat jumps! Above: T ara Gallison Right: Cassie Q uaintance

r Tk â&#x20AC;˘4

S tudent Council: Left to right, back row: Derrick Honda, Allyn Spencer. Middle Row: Morgan Levi, Glenn Pogue, Jessica Carew, K athy Greenwell, Ja y Zachariah, Cathy McLaJ F ront row: Stacy Kadota, Richard Bryson, Scott Miller.

S.A.D.D.: Left to right, back row: M. Solmssen, J. Agorastos, T. Kiyonaga, S. Peters, M. Judd, I. Cole, C. Ellis. Middle row: N. Quinn, M. Dick, J. Lam, D. Peterson, R. Shacklofori K. Giffin, S. Callaghan. F ront row: V. Rutgers, K. Miller, M. Sperry, L. Hewett, M. House M. Leitel. A mnesty Internationa: Mr. Dunlap, M. H agiw ara, M. Sperry, A. Nelson, T. Kiyonaga, K. Ghosh, L. Roberts, C. Robinson, A. Ho, C. Detwiler, W. Lau.

i 192

amunity Service Committee: Left to right, back row: L. K apuniai, S. Cook, A. Roth, C. Ellis, J. Glauner, K. Greenwell, F. Weinstock, V. Kelley, C. pfah, D. Endo, B. McDowell, K. Falkenhagen, J . Atkinson. F ront Row: J. Stout, S. Callaghan, M. Reihner, M. House, D. Bitonti.

â&#x20AC;˘peech and Debate: Left to right, back row: C hris Lozac'h, Neil Stork, piddle row: Ja n e Provalenko, Daisy Chiu, F leur Weinstock, Jam u n ah (erliner Caverly, Ja y Zachariah, K atherine H annah. Center: Mrs. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;iltz.

Astronomy Club: Left to right, Back row: S. Peters, T. Kiyonaga, J. Bleckel, S. Callaghan, E. Heritage, J. Berliner Caverly, K. Falkenhagen, C. Mori, E. Lee. Middle row: L. Roberts, S. Manley, J. Virtue, C. Ozawa, N. Oda, A. Clarry. Front row: F. Weinstock, S. Peng, J. Jalaluddin. Missing: Mr. Weiser.

Choir: Left to right, back row: F ath e r Paul, M. Cook, L. H annah, J. W ithington, S. Cooke, F. Weinstock, C. Meyers, J. G launer, K. Greenwell, Y. Cockett, C. M claren, D. Endo, B. Haid, C. Ozawa, K. Falkenhagen, C. Q uaintance, S. Lasko, C. Brown, J. Robinson, M r.Stew art, R. Bryson, S. Steppath, K. Cabanilla. F ront row: H. Hempel, M. Loh, M. Levi, E. Clark, M. Murphy, S. Peng, C. T abrah, M. Reihner, K. Giffin, J. Lam.

Newspaper Staff: Left to right, back row: GlennPogue, Ken Iwamoto, Mr. Dunlap. F ront row: Lori Roberts, Alexandra Nelson, Leif Nelson 194

SCUBA Club: Left to right, back row: Mr. Watson, G. Williamson, J, Seivert, M. House, G. Stephen H assard, B. W yatt, K. Kobayashi, M.) Kundelatsch. F ront row: B. Johnson, A. Roth, D. Bitonti.

I Key Society: Left to right, back row: D anny Endo, Jessica Carew, lan ia House, G reg Stephen H assard, N inia Quinn. F ro n t row: Suliana Bley, K athy Greenwell.

F ire M arshalls: Left to right, back row: Greg Stephen H assard, Kevin K ram er, Ja y Zachariah. F ront row: K athy Greenwell, C athy Mclaren, Lori Roberts.

o: Left to right, back row: B. Victorine, A. Ho, E. Ho, L. Meyers, V. Kelley, D. Endo, K. Ho, T. M urata, J. Rosedale, C. Ellis, H. Victorine, A. Clarry. die row: M. House, S. Ito, D. DelPriore, N. Holm, C. Mori. F ront row: youngsters.




^ ...................^


1■ 4l

,■■■■<■■ ■ '


■iiiv.»ii»v. -1~ i >ii ■■«■hfcw>■v >~■.■■» ■■■■iLi^'. n .Vt11r.. >:»■■■'■■■■■■!■

. . . . I ..iv . . Ir . .1 .. .’.■ I




, :

Most likely to be killed by a golfcartMark Madson

Most Likely To Be In Muscle MagazineCeleste Tabrah

DaDy Award AwardClass Babv Jay Zachariah

Biker BabeCathie Toyoda

Most Likely to Pose For PlaygirlTyson Storm

M O S T L IK E LY TO. in the army: Carl ina nudist colony: Kath Hannah in Velcrophobics Anonymous: Bill B. n, brush her hair: Lauren in star search: Jen and Mia aim auto insurance: Liz M. seen at the game room: Kathi R. ave a birthday: Anthony the next Robin Leach: Toby K. come Shao Lin priests: Shane and Taka iturn to HPA: Mike J. se Flowbee: Ryder in the PGA Tour: Jamie a neurosurgeon: Alexandra prk on Wall Street: Brian rm a rock band: Jay, Justin, and Ken sep his life Away: Tet i the next president of Amnesty: Malia L. i a model: Melissa and Kosei licycle across the U.S.A. : Chris L. in by a nose: Glenn ! the next Andre Agassi: Edmund and mon ive the community: Kathy G. fea Pizza Hut manager: Cathy M. femarried first: Nichole pm a saimin shop: Miwa feseen with Tyson: Simone In a sweepstakes: Melina jarry Wil Weaton: Carrie f\ an environmental activist: Beth M. berdose on TCBY: Jane late for his own funeral: Toyo ave a goatie : Allyn and Bobby Iter college late: Liz Fierst

AWARDS. Greenpeace Award: Amanda and Birgi Hammer Award: David B. 90210 Awards: Kristen and Hans Snuffalupagus Award: Rick B. Sweetest Award: Vanessa and Hanano Oaf Award: Big Bob Hair Award: Toyo, Greg and Kevin Amazon Award: Ian Saltiest Award: Bart Flirt Award: Derrick Honda, Kelly Birkenstock Award: Grady "Mooch" Award: Kelly Artistic Award: Lori Class Clowns: Porter and Lilia Most Indecisive Award: Sage Cassanova Award: Hiro Aphrodite Award: Marania Cheerleader For Life Award: Lora Swimming Award: Taka F. Most Studious Award: Mariko H. and Jeanette Cutest Award: Saeko Best Dressed Award: Mariko D. and Grad Best Personality Award: Malia S. and Chad Studs and Studettes: Cutter, Shawn Diane and Ruth Huey Lewis Award: Jake

Yearbook S ta ff HHI

The 1992 Yearbook Staff F ron t Row- Dr. Glauner M iddle Row(L to R)- Kristen G., Sage N., Jane P., Vanessa R., Melissa Y., Melina L., Kathi R., Mariko D., Allyn S.. B ack Row(L toR)- Bart W., Jake C., Mark M.. In T he Tree(L to R)- Edmund L., Chris N., Nichole R., Lauren H., and Kelly M.

P resid en ts A ddress: '

In th e p a st seven years, H.P.A. has swirled around me like an educational circus perm anently camped in the wintry town. In th e seventh and eight grades I w atched as others, my sister among them , set up the tents and ncaged the anim alsM y freshm enyear m ost of use wandered around the exibits while a guy name M ark sat outsode h the classroom lanai. In our sophmore year i watched less regularly while Derrick becane one of the acrobats, ra d and H anano became clowns, and m arks still sa t around outside the classrooms. As juniors we were entertained I A lexanra’s intellect, Mike and Ian’s growth spurts, and M ark sitting outside the classrooms. Now in our senoir par, things have changed. I have become a junior ringm aster(w ithout the nice suit), Grad and Hanano have gotten [nous, Ian and M ika have stayed the same height, and M ark is sitting a t a new red bench ! Guys, remember, Inici fures temporis. Mow th a t the show is over, and the ten ts are folding, I challenge my classm ates to find their niche, and meet [e standards th eir peers’ have established. I hope the underclassm en will realize th a t HPA is a special place before the prepare to leave it. The rites of hr school m ay annoy a t first; w ith tim e they begin to fit an become enjoyable. Most im portantly, underclassmen, pn’t take yourself so seriously; it’s only high school. To the others th a t m ade the trip to the circus fun and interesting, the student counsil, Mr. Bryson, Mr. fatson, and Mr. Colson; th anks for the show. Omne ignotum pro magnifico est. Glenn Pogue

Athletic Director's Address:

To the Class of 1992... Congratulations on completing your journey through HPA and good luck in the years that lie ahead. At HPA athletics are co-curriular, which means that they are an integral part of everyone's life while at HPA. | Whether you are leading the football team to victory, striking out the final batter in baseball, sprinting in the final 50 yards, cheering from the bleachers or working out in aerobics, you are all part of the HPA athletic family. The class of 1992 will be remembered for its leadership on and off the playing fields. The j class is made up of individuals that a team needs to be successful. Howard Ferguson, an author, writes: "A leader is unselfish., .he/she is molded of the highest character and is generally the hardest worker on the team, the first to practice and the last to leave. During practice, he leads by example, mouth sut, concentrating. He knows what has to be done and he realizes that you get it done at practice." I would like to thank all the members of the Class of 1992 for their help, support, and hard work during their time at HPA. I wish you al the best of luck as you move on to your college years. Aloha, Steve Perry

headmaster's Address:

Who would have guessed it? A year ago I looked a t the Class of 1992 as the next class th a t would lead the school as scholars, athletes, prefects and young adults. My expectations were norm al as I had no reason to think otherwise. However, on Ju ly 1st w hen the Board of Governors nam ed me H eadm aster, the very first thought I had w as "what kind of senior leadership will I get from the class of '92?" Any concerns I h ad left my head very quickly. I im m ediately realized th a t I had overlooked the immense w ealth of talen t embodied in the class. You have exceeded all of my expectations and have set a standard th a t others will be h a rd pressed to m atch in future years. My goals for the year were to live by the CORE values, put the Hawaii back into our school and family, and, of course, to smile. As a class you have taken the CORE values and lived their meanings on a daily basis. The values th a t m ost epitomize your class are STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE and BEING CONSISTENT, two values th a t will carry you far as you move into the real world. Most im portantly, you have assisted in bringing the aloha spirit back to HPA. For th a t we will always be grateful. You even got me to smile! I could not have asked for a better class to assist me with the running of our school. We never know w hat the future will bring, but I assure you th a t you will be remembered as "the class with class." T hank you for your support and best of luck in the future. You have all the tools, so believe in yourself and go for it. Aloha, John R. Colson

After m onths of sleepless nights, hard work, and stress, this yearbook is finally complete. As the editors this year we hope that this book leaves Lasting Im pressions (Kupa'a M au Ka Mana'o) of the 91' and 92' school year about which you can reminisce in the future. We w ant to th an k the yearbook staff and other individuals who helped produce this book. W ithout th eir help this yearbook couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have been created. We wish the best of luck to the class of 92' and all the underclassm en. _

Aloha B art W yatt and Nichole Raymond

lizabeth F ierst lm and Dad- T hank you for everything: th e srifices (by living in a d ark cave), th e laughs 1 never forget Dad’s reta rd im itation a t Donald’s and I will never have pine cabinets my kitchen!) and especially for your undying e. T hank you for teaching me to always ieve, to have a positive attitu d e and to never lb t my dream s. And la s t th a n k you for owing me to finish my HPA experience. I love ti both very much. OTHER BUTTHEAD- You are the best big pther a little sister could ask for. I miss our e nig h t bathroom conversations and passin’ tflyers for those window jobs! T hank you for v& ys un derstand ing for always being there n for all th e mem orable moments. Love ya tth ead . ; I THE GANG IN MINNESOTA- You guys are i absolute greatest. T hanks for the airport rprises, sum m er ’90 and ’91, the memories l d th e friendships. We’ve had some forgettable times. Special th an k s to David, in, Yehbo, Jen n y N, Comey, Sean and Jenny for all th e support. IVIN- my experience a t HPA would never ye been th e sam e w ithout you. You m ean a pat deal to me and you will never leave my :mories. I will always treasu re and cherish b special m om ents we’ve shared. T hank you r your love and m ost of all, the friendship.

! SY BOO...Hi! You’ve always been th ere to I ten, give m e advice or an honest opinion when I leeded it. We’ve created a special friendship

th a t I’ll always h ang on to. T hanks for everything Boo! (ElarianofFs T hank you for m aking me feel so welcome in your home!) DIANE- You are a tru e friend. We’ve had so m any good tim es together spring break on K auai, deep talks-gossip, g reat hiking trip s and ju s t hanging out). O ur memories will not be forgotten. KATHY- Who’s chasing you now? How are those guys a t th e Chevron station? T hanks for th e laughs and for always being there when I needed a friend. AMANDA- Remember th e first week of our sophomore year? We never thought we’d make it- b u t we did! And we created some good times together. T hanks for the friendship. JAMIE- You’ve been a g reat friend. We seemed to have gotten to know each other in such a short tim e. Isn’t it great when two people can ju s t click? I miss all of our g reat talks. It’s been h a rd w ithout you, b u t a t least we’ve kept in contact-let’s keep it th a t way. RUTHIE- Maybe we should go for a drive so we can begin one of our deep conversations? Wow! Look a t the clouds! B’ball, Jap., Halloween ’90 and hanging out have been...a good deal! T hanks for th e laughter we’ve shared. DERRICK and JAKE- T hanks for all the mellow and relaxing tim es ju s t hanging out. You guys are the greatest! GREG S-H- You could always make me laugh, w hether it be by your jokes or ju s t a little comment. Thanks for m aking my days a little brighter

WELL GIRLS(V.R., M.S., J.C., K.R., M.h., Carrie-girl)-Thanks for everything You’ve all given me fond memories th a t I will never forget. TO THE CLASS OF ’92- Thank you all for everything. I wish you the best of luck. Take care until th e next tim e we meet. “And everybody goes which way the wind blows...” -Bob Mould DURNAN-Thanks for the advice, listening, and most of all, for being a friend. MR. COLSON and MR. ANDERSON- How can I repay you? Thanks for the help to get me back! HPA- T hank you for the memories, but most of all, the experience. “Not chance of birth or place has made us friends, being oftentimes of different tongues and nations. B ut the endeavor for the selfsame ends, w ith the sam e hopes, and fears, and aspirations -Henry W adsworth Longfellow “Redefine all th a t’s been tau g h t you, Plum m et head long first, G rasp the unattainable, U nderstand th e power of a single action.” -REM “W hat lies before us, W hat lies behind us Are tiny m atters compared to w hat lies w ithin us.” -Stephen Grellate


Otosan & Okasan: Words cannot express bow m uch your love, encouragement, and support have m eant to me, or how m uch I appreciate you. So there. Mr. Kowasaki: T hank you very much for inspiring, encouraging, and m otivating me. K orekara wa motto ii player ni n a ru tam e ni ganbarim asu. Liz F.: How were the tim e-talks, lifetalks, gossip-talks? E ating K athy’s hulihuli chicken, slipping on my pillow, listening to R.E.M. The m oments shall be missed. Diane: Vampires, ESP, palm reading. I believe. Too bad we didn’t get to do our chapel talk. Mixing tapes, hiking to A nna’s; the short while was a g reat while. You haven’t read m y palm yet. Grad: Eh, wang-wang! Did I tell you th a t th e first tim e I m et you I thought you were a...never mind. Thanx for helping me flunk chemistry. By the way, th a t’s not wax on m y car. H it a home ru n a t th e World Series. K athy G.: W hat up, black sistah? No w et yo’ pants in college, ah? Thanx for the shelter, by th e way. How considerate. You’re such a nut. I’ll miss your loud, crazy presence, taco. J u s t keep me out of them beefs at carnivals. Amanda: Bleckel’s was a riot. Dem pink BVD’s and all...lay off them zorros and save them turtles. W hatever ju s t rem em ber to do your m ath and stay straight. Pilau, dis row. Lilia: Ho, da p eanut b u tta h when steek good to da locks, no? Thanxs for the driving lessons a t two in the morning. J u s t th e crazy drivers, no? I don’t th in k I’ve ever seen you in a dump. Stay crazy tu tu , and practice them flippin’ tu rn offs.

Jam ie Erica Paige Fum i Garver Koizumi

was pretty neat. Definitely far from salty if Kevin: My daddy. I m iss nap tim e you know w hat I mean. Achtung Baby. (French). Parlez-vous francais? Pas moi. M ajor trips, huh? Oh well. Take care. Too bad I never m ade prefect but it was good enough to be able to sprain my ankle Mark: Vintage, Madboy. remember, w ith everyone else (yeah right). It was cinnam on gum num bs the senses. Keep fun. Take care of mommy, okay? your wings clipped, do something about your putting stroke, and good luck in Carrie: If I am not m istaken, I’m the one college and on the PGA Tour. J u s t invite who introduced th e wonderful world of pop me to the M asters. ta rts to you. Hmmm. Hiking up A nna’s Jo-B: So when are you running off with Chuck? Tell me when you open up your


club. Maybe you can hire me as a janitor O ur first two years were crazy. Thanks t all th e people who have shaped my life ai have made everything possible.



Our Funniest Moments

U pper Left: Alex Hughes, our favorite sourpuss. Left: You can tru s t me!! Below Left: "Play it again, Sam." Bottom Left: Camille plays dead. Bottom Right: Mr. D urnan practises his boogeyman im presson, but Mr. Bryson is not impressed. F a r Right: "It was this big..." Right: Hiiiiiiyah! Above Right: "I can't h e a rrrr you..."

H.P.A provides a host of interesting student activities. In their free time students may be found in such diverse pastimes as turtle tagging, j swimming at Hapuna Beach or painting a Senior Citizen Center. When we participate in activities, i feel like we have really improved ourselves and, often, the communiij In addition, we find joy with our friends that will endure as pleasantj memories. Left: Chad and Maya on twins day which is which ? Below Left: Nikki and Nichole: " He's mine!" "No, mine!"

Above: Tyson,"This is my PROPERTY." Stay out!!! Left: Community Service club painting the Senior Citizen Center.

In Memory of Courtney Pickens May 2 5 ,1975-October 19,1991

Kindness, smiles, and a special love- that was Courtney. She added to the feeling of 'ohana here at HPA through her warm friendship and enduring patience. Although she was only here for a short time, she found a permanent place in our hearts, and she will never be forgotten. We love you, Courtney

B oosters To all those who helped me through the rough times, thanks from the bottom of my heart-I love you all. Kyla-I don't think I could have made it without you, thanks for keeping me sane and getting me through. I had fun that nightthanks for the opportunities. Julie-It's been a strange trip. Thanks for your support and love, take care. Jon-Thanks for talking me through the hard times and for always making me smile. "You don’t want to do that!" Beauty and the Beast memories-love that song. Take care babe! Tedd-So many memories in such a brief time, I'll never forget the look on Kevin's face, nor our white cadaver-let's go and talk with "campers", take care love—thanks for the pendant, I had a blast at 69 despite the strangeness. To ev ery o n e at schoolThanks for everything, through your help I made it. I couldn't have done it without you guys. We've had a blast, many late night laugh sessions, movies, and beach trips. I love all of you, keep in touch forever. Robert-Memories of moonlit nights at Keauhou beach, I've loved our long talks. I know at times it's been hard but we've passed through the bitter garden and made it to paradise. Thanks for helping me grow, I love you! And finally the words at the end of the movie roll up on screengoodbye all, it's been grand and I still can't see the wheelchairs! Love Always, Sage Lillian Nottage

Charlotte-"Carlopa", thanks for all of the good times and wonderful memories. Good luck in whatever happens between now and then. Love Kaylona "93" Rebekah-Thanks for all the coaching, clothing, and friendship. Good luck! Love Kaylona Jana H.-Thanks for everything, including food runs, airport runs, and your friendship! Love Kaylona "93" Miri-Thank you for keeping me going through life and love. Love Kaylona. Danny D.-All I can say is thank you...Love Kaylona. Andy T.-I didn't forget you! Keep that evil grin on your face. Kaylona To Rebekah, Yumi, Jana, Mia, Quilan, Malia, Liz, Leah, Lora, and C.J.-Thank you for the experience and'patience. I love you all. Luv Kaylona Jon Scott-Thanks for all the laughter and the Addams family experience! Say hi to Dustin for me. Love you lots! Kaylona. To Kathy: A graduation is a time where we are free to say things we might not ordinarily say to someone we care about. I wish you happiness each and every day in return for all the joy you bring to life. I can't begin to thank you for everything. My simple words don't do you justice. You are a daughter and sister every mom and brothers hope to have, and we are extremely grateful that you can stand with your head held high and know you did it. You have

had a rocky road all the way. > Thank you is not enough praise Love, Mom, Willy, Robert, Charley

§§§ "That's what love is all about: letting the world know you need it. Every bit counts." U.R.N. angel«»Fleur 0 Never stray the path of man without the clasp of Nature's hand«»Cutter Hose 0 Actions speak louder than words, but music pierces the soul«»Jay Bird 0 Oh fellow fishnut, you are the CHUNDI! (had to be said). Bloue«»Kornblee... or is it Neri?... Jeanette! 0 You have saved me from ruin countless times. I won't forget«»L.Michel R. 0 Who knows how long I've loved you? You know I love yoi still. Will I? I will.t«»Marania 0 Sister Luck: I'm lucky we crossed. You taught me happiness«»Rick 0 Keep your clothes on«»Trevor 0 I missed you this year«»Vaihiria 0 love love love. That's all»» Everyoni and everything at HPA wonderful wonderful wonderfu - thank you. o o o o o o Chris T h e s e l a s t tw o y e a r s a t H .P .A . h a v e b e e n a n e x p e r ie n c e !!! I w o u ld 'v e n e v e r m a d e i t w ith o u t th e lo v e a n d s u p p o r t o f m y f a m i ly , f r i e n d s a n d a d v is o r s . L u v N ic h o le T o a l l o f m y te a c h e r s : T h a n k s f o r p u t t i n g u p w i t h m e a n d the e n d le s s e n c o u r a g m e n t. T h a n k s f o r n e v e r g i v i n g u p . A lo h a , N ic h o le "L ife is w h a t y o u m a k e i t . " "A n E X P E R I E N C E d o n e ." " Y e s te r d a y is t o d a y 's m e m o ry , a n d T o m o r r o w is to d a y 's d r e a m ."

f M e m o r ie s ...

Japanese. I miss seeing you in too p a i n f u l to r e m e m b e r class and hearing your voice as too b e a u ti fu l to f o r g e t ." you answer a question. I’m I" D r e a m s a r e o u r o n ly tr u e sorry I never got a chance to say f e e l in g s ." good-bye. ~ F reud~ C.O.: I know I’m not very good with words considering how X'The m o s t i m p o r ta n t d is c o v e r y many times I could have talked t r u e f r i e n d s c a n m a k e is t h a t \th e y c a n g r o w s e p e r a te ly to you but didn’t because I was \w ith g o u t g r o w i n g a p a r t. too chicken. Still, I want to say ~ E . F o le y ~ you are the best girl I’ve ever f'M a k e n e w fr ie n d s , b u t k e e p th e met in my life. You are the next ]pld; T h o s e a r e s il v e r th e s e a re best thing to perfect. I hope to h o ld . N e w - m a d e f r i e n d s h ip s , see you again and if I do, I Uike n e w w in e ; A g e w i l l m e llo w promise not to act the way I u n d r e fin e . F r i e n d s h i p s t h a t have. I’ll always remember you v ia v e s to o d th e te s t; T im e a n d no matter what. ILY. ph a n g e a r e s u r e ly b e st. B r o w Arjun: Have fun with those \ n a y w r in k le , h a i r g r o w g r e y , new girls from Hilo next year, IF r ie n d s h ip n e v e r k n o w s d e c a y . just kidding. W or 'm i d o ld fr ie n d s , tr ie d a n d E.L. aru e; O n c e m o r e w e a r e y o u t h I would like to say [renew. B u t o ld fr ie n d s , a la s m a y Mahalo, goodbye and till next d ie ! C h e r is h f r i e n d s h i p i n y o u r time to all of my classmates. I b r e a s t; N e w is g o o d , b u t o ld is will remember the last six years Ibest: M a k e n e w f r i e n d s b u t k e e p for a long time. Mark-I finally Uhe o ld ; T h o s e a r e s ilv e r th e s e got to ride in the “green Kire g o l d . " machine”. Barn yard! To The Juniors-No Palu! |Thanks fo r all the sm iles. I 'm gonna Mike-Lets do this summer jm iss a ll o f you. Best wishes: L.F, right. Ken-Be careful you speed ST, N .S , A .C , B .R , J.H , K .G , M .D , demon. To the rest of the worlds IB.B, S .A , S.P , L .D , T .W , A .S r S .M , populous, I leave you with four |T.C .Q , R .B , D .C . hints; 1. Buy American 2. Don’t I Mop® jpsHIfos w ill Litter 3. Nothing's Perfect 4. A <ei®§© a g a i m i Fine Cup Of Coffee Will Fix ~Love~ Anything! N ic h o le R . Toby King G ® ® $ ILmtelk C l a ^ s ®if ’ D l B e th -Y o u r niece is soooo cute!!!!! Justin-7 7Zstop the w orld and m elt Jon- You're crazy, but that's what \w ith y o u ...Love always. makes you such a great person! |jon~My favorite ankle-biter! One Forward Ho!! See you around! more year buddy... E rin- Do I have any lipstick on? jSage Lillian-Beware Best Buddy Look there's your mom! Make IBlunders!! Amigas favoritas para sure You keep Ted in line, Ted ! siempre. Muchas gracias...and did you hear that? Take care and jmany more good times to come. no worries I don't think I'll ever ILove and aloha to everyone - I've work at Circle K, unless... ijlearned so much. M r. Bryson, and M rs. P iltz- Thanks K risten Glaspey for helping me out these last four JCourtney: I wish you were still years, I really am grateful even I!here so you could help me with though at times I hated

everything you guys made me go through! Krista- Pasta Brains!!! I'll never meet another like you! To everyone else- The time has come to move on. If it was meant to be, we will always keep in touch. I love you all. Jane P.

I would like to apologize to the Basketball and Wresteling teams for not including a team picture this year. To all the people I missed in my Quotes: I hope to see you in the future. Hang in there you'll be out soon Bart Wyatt B a b y P ic tu r e s (p s . 1 92)

1. Miwa Sato 2. Shao-Hsien Ho 3. Vanessa Rutgers 4. Amanda Roth 5. Birgi Wurster 6. Taka Kiyonaga 7. Katherine Ramos 8. Malia Lawson 9. Chris Lozac'h 10. Jane Provalenko 11. Shawn Lasko 12. Kathy Greenwell 13. Kristen Glaspey 14. Sage Nottage 15. Melissa Young 16. Jennifer Glauner B a b v P ic tu r e s fo s . 193)

1. Malia Sperry 2. Mariko Dick 3. Alexandra Nelson 4. Jake Cordeiro 5. Kelly Miller 6. Mike Judd 7. Melina Leitel 8. Ruth Iwamoto 9. Bart Wyatt 10. Liz Miura 11. Nichole Raymond 13. Celeste Ellis 14. Yumi Cocket 15. Bill Bailey 16. Allyn Spencer

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Hpa ka makani 1992