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Simply the B e s t ! ■

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Clockwise: Hans Klett and Bremen Schmeltz spent their summer sailing around Europe. Life is tough sometimes. Speaking of life being tough, Lauren Hewett and Melina Leitel were touring Papeete, Tahiti. While Hidetaro Kashima and Marc Handl were eating rice in Japan, Shahnti Olceses stayed home and cooked it. Hide and Marc weren't the only ones in Japan last Summer, Thane Hancock also had a "successful" trip. And last, but not least, Kelly Miller spent her summer working at the HPA sports camp. Nice bod babe!

Simply the B e s t!

"When riding through the tides of time And thinking of the past, Remember that you have these friends Who will forever last. . .

Above: Jay's racket is out of service. . . Below: Mr. Wilder and Dameon share an orange.

Above: A cold trip to M auna Kea leaves HPA's girls frozen in th eir tracks. Below right: Check it out Ma, no hair. Below left: A field hockey player always has tim e for a quick photo opportunity...

Sim ply the B e s t!

A T H L E T E S Above: Yusuke uses his flip " throw -in " to psyche out his opponets. Right: As Mike covers, Sheridan spikes it.

Striving to be the best, the Kanis show their athletic ability in a variety of sports. These athletes, beginning with the youth to the varsity, participate in sports that vary from football and volleyball to tennis and swimming. Throughout the year the Kanis compete with other schools on the island, showing their pride and poise with excellent sportsmanship. Through the good and bad times, victories or defeats, the Kani family will continue to sup­ port each other, and strive to he...Simply The Best!

Above: Twin Peaks? Or is it E than and Lloyd, the dynamic duo. Below: Hey , she's stealing home.

the finish.

Sim ply the B e s t!


|- H

H.P.A.'s student life is spread out between boarding and day students. Between the two there is dorm life and day class life. Dorm life is filled with chaos from the girls struggling to find the "perfect" outfit, to the boys watching Monday night football. There is also the classdays, which consists of students rushing to get to class on time with their homework in hand, to after­ noon sports where you are able to release all your tensions. All-in-all it's never dull, student life is filled with some type of entertainment.

Top: Ian WhittemoreHave you ever learned, you're not supposed to play with your food?


Above: Mia Solmssen and blondeMia it's tru e blonds do have more fun.

Top: Jessica Carew: D ear Abby, There's this guy... Right: Hiroshi Yamaguchi Thum bs up guys! Don't worry, I'll clean the room next week. Below: Will this all school English activity ever end?

Simply the B e s t!


Within the activities program students experience a wide variety of the wonders of the Big Island. In any given weekend or weekday, students can be found climb­ ing the slopes of Mauna Kea, constructing a solar car, kayaking along the rocky shoreline, or just catching waves at Hapuna Beach. The never ending activities program is always "on hand" to offer students many new and unique opportunities.

Above: Bill B ailey paddles a kayak across an ocean bay. Below: A student diver explores the m ysteries of the deep.


Above: Two students enjoying the view of M auna Kea. Lower left: Yusuke and M artin show off th eir boards a t H apuna Beach. Right: The solar car p it crew do a overall check before Greg gets on the track.

Simply the B e s t!

Keep sm ilin g, Keep shining Knowing you can always count on me, for sure, that's what friends are for!

I t’s been a good time together looking for the warmth of the sun it's gonna be a long time together and the best is yet to come. Above: Derrick Honda expresses his love w ith a headlock, he never quits. Middle: SENIOR SMILES! Bottom: Bremen and Brent, "boosom buddies !"

Above: Bubblegum babes!

Lean on me when you're not strong I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on.

Left: Julia leans on Ferris and Eva for support!

Kathryn A dam s “When I’m enraged or hitten the stage adrenaline rushing through my v e in s... . Kickstart My Heart” Motley Crue I’ll always remember HPA. Thanks HPA for giving me the memories. Thank you mommy and dauddy. (He! He!) For the experience of a life time by sending me to H PA I love you very much. Thank you. Thanks Grandma for everything. I love you. Thank-you Peter, Joni, Vincanne, for being the best brother and sisters a girl could ever ask for. I love you very much! P-Good Luck Flying! V-Your baby is so cute! My neice. J-We all love you! Get well! John: Thanks for making Vin­ canne happy. ILY. “I’m on my way....Home Sweet Home.” Motley Crue 18

thanks for just being there for me! “I remember you” Skid Row I will always remember HPA. Whether it be by thinking of middle school, B-day junior year, or prefect of freshmen hall. M.S, J.B, K.T, E.S, T.D, S.M, F.F, Thank you for the memories. Window watching at 10:00 pm. I’ll miss you! B.J.Y-K.G, T.B, A.S, K.G, Thankyou for a wonderful birthday and memo­ ries. Good luck. I’ll miss you! P.F.H-M.N, L.H, D.B, S.S, A.I, F.L, C.O, K.G: Thank-you. Good luck in the next coming years. Make your highschool days memorable. B.N: Thanks for listening to me. I’ll miss you! Thanks to all the teachers that helped me get through my eight years at H.P.A. Mrs. Piltz-Thank-you, I’ll miss you! Mrs. Kamrow- Thanks for the long talks and advice! Mrs. Donahue- Thanks for the advice and being there! Mr. ArcherThank-you, I’ll miss you. Mr. WilliamsThank you for being a handsome teacher. I miss you! To all the other teachers,

“. . . Oh there’s been- Hard times. Hold on tight. Now it gets b etter... Good bye Hard times” Y and T “Now it’s time for a change” “Take a ride on the wild side” Motley Crue Good luck to the classes of 1992, 1993, and 1994.

Karen: Thanks for being a good friend since second grade. I hope we neve: lose touch. Thanks for the memories. LSD, Kona, Mahukona. Whether it be from boys, or just plain cruzin, Thank you we had fun! ILY.

I also want to thank Anada, Butch, Mac, Gregg, Coco, Jessica, Rael, j Jessie, and Ollie for the wonderful memo­ ries and the parties!

I want to especially thank the Motley Crue for being at the same hotel j that I was during their concert. Thanks ! for leaving a bracelet on Big Island Air so could have it. And making a dream become a reality.

E v a Kalei Anderson

Kalopa / 6yrs. / 2 yrs. swim m ing! 4 yrs. Vars. procrastination and sloth “Can I sail through the changpg ocean tides; Can I handle the seasons of ny life? -FM C/O ’91- “H ere’s wishing you the iluest skies ind hoping som ething better comes omorrow. loping all the verses rhyme, m d the very best of choruses, too. I know you got a lot of good things lappening up ahead; i'orget the p ast its all been said, le re ’s to w hat the future brings hope tomorrow you find better hings.” -Kinks H.P.A.- T v been afraid or changing cause built my life around you, rnt tim e m akes you bolder, ven children get older and I’m jetting older too..” -FM

Farris- So m any corny allusions like so much w ater under the proverbial bridge. Holo?....thuriodia? D ah!-just read my mind! “You can be my body guard, and I can be your long lost pal.” You’ve got a h e a rt of gold.” Love “AL” Tracy- “Well, it seems to me some fine things things have been laid upon your table....’’Wenchole! I luv you! J.B.- Hola Hulia! Oh, No! Mr. Bill! R.M.- Weed Martyr! Smiling and Grimacing. Hi sailer. Compwetwy inapwopwiate. T.T.- “Over My Head” (FM) Are we staying up allnight? Julio- Treasure burlap hip boots to w ard off rectal geckos. Fubar.

L.B.- Success, riches, and m en beyond your wildest dreams. M.N.- Life has begun! College awaits. S.M.- Don’t stress, let’s bake cookies! P atty and Howard- You changed my life. Thank you. Catlin- Snugglebunnies, snugglebunnies, snu.... “There is a deeper world than this th a t you don’t understand. There is a deeper world than this tugging a t your hand.” Mom- I’ll love you even after I move out! Dad- Thank you for your contribution to the gene pool.

C.K.-1 love you.


Tiva B e a rd Mom and Dad: We have all been through SO much together! Thanks for always encouraging me to follow my dream s and loving me unconditionally! I Love You! P.S. when are you going to settle down?! SANTA CLAUS Laina and Jenna: I love you guys! B arbara Ja u n : You've been like a m other to me! Thanks. Love ya. Tiva Ja u n Mary: Words can’t express w hat we’ve been through together. You ve showed me th e tru e m eaning of friendship! I love you! Bob Marley,pool volleybatl.walking to 7-11 a t night,Hollywood and th e past 7 years! Ahmad: Thanks for everything. I love you! “Tradition”,movies late a t night,"good night” garage, pudding fights, candy shop open, “Beb”, and noodles. Kirsty-Thanks for always lending me a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and a smile for everyone! Love ya “hun!” Oye ,7-11,my b-suit top a t Hapuna,Oahu,Cheveron and th e Golden Girls!

cleanup! Love ya. Twila-We’ve laughed so m any times! T hanks for all of th e helpful advice and special info. “He’s a (crash)(T)/The Black Cloud(K)/”W hatevers”/ KABONKERS!/Ebony and Ivory forever!!! Danica-My beach buddy! All those days a t the beach. Have you seen my Mr. Right lately? We have to go to college together O.K.? I’ll miss you! Ethan-(Potato) Well,I have to adm it, a t tim es ou’ve made me wonder if th ere really was a e a rt and a brain in th a t big body of yours! You’ve got a big heart, as for th e brain...(HA HA!) T hanks for everything! Tef Nick-”Don’t worry Hide, we can’t see your hair!! 28 tim es, no,no, 11. Yeah th a ts it, 11! ’ Shad-Take care and BE NICE! Taylor- We’re not looking a t your eyes!! Brem en Belly-Colorado guys huh?Fall Ball line?If anyone asks, we w ent out Sat. night! T hanks Bud- Tiva Bird

Jasmin-Ja-zoo-mon! Well girlfriend we actually m ade it! ‘W e’re go’en down!” Almost dying a t Don’s Pake Kitchen!! “PUSH IT!”

Kawika-We made it! How m any tim es have we whined and complained about everything under th e sun? I’m sure all of th e freshm an are more th a n happy to see you go! T hanks for all the talks! Beau loves You!!! “It slipped my mind!”Yeah right!

Leilyn-I’m so glad we became friends! You’re a special person. Beau & Kawika! “Who are we gonna go for?!?” I still haven’t told anyone!

Adam-Hopefully both of us will always have a q u arter to play th e game! T hanks for every­ thing! I’ll miss you!

Ellen-You’re so funny! C.C. camp,lower dorm,clinging to walls,”Is someone out there?” BAAAART! Marc’s laugh! Love ya!

Marc- W hat will I do w ithout all of your advise and connections Guido?!Thanks for always m aking me laugh! My friend a t the H yatt...shhhh JIOOOOOM! P.S.-I love your laugh!

Shahnti-W ho’ll forget your birthday? Bathroom floor,’’there’s a chip in my eye!” morning

Hide-You are so sweet! Remember Oahu? I

sw ear I could have walked across th a t street! J Spinning around in the room-how’s your head? T hanks for everything! I’ll miss you!

Adam,Kawika,Hide,Marc-I’ll really m iss all the practical jokes! T hanks for being like brothers to me! I love you guys! green dress,m; locker,everything I own up th e flagpole, cookinj us dinner a t S hahnti’s.weekend volleyball, playing dare on th e field and the good times! 9

Ruth-Camping, going to th e lua,”you don’t have a nose!”,Sept. 28, 1990 SENIOR lockers! Thant Ru-sue! Tebason

Kelly and Melina- You two can always make m laugh! Woolworth’s, Bake Sale, C ar wash, My 1 inform ant (HHS) Kelly- S anta and Hoser will always be AWESOME! Maybe some day or of us will get lucky! HA! To th e Underclassm en who have made me laug so m any times- You know who you are! Thanks for everything! I’m really gonna miss you guys!

C.C. girls-Thanks for all th e laughs and suppor F reshm an initiation,m arrying the f-ball team,nicknames,DEAR BOOGER.and our grea: handshake! GOOD LUCK! Mr. Conley, - T hanks for all the support! Mr. and Mrs. Rizzuto: Your advice and conceri have m ade all tn e difference.

Mrs. Boyd-Thanks for everything! I couldn't fl have done it w ithout you. Teba”SON TO THE CLASS OF ’91“WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER THOSE WERE THE HAPPIEST TIMES IN ALL MY LIFE NOW WE’VE SEPERATED I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WILL DO!!" UB40

Well, it’s been a great three beks, all the memories, seems like I it here ju s t yesterday, Ride on pughriders- three years is all you get! >ccer posse-state “4” 90' “Can I kick YES you can!” Cam, Dan- your yal wildness. Till the end- “freak of e industry,” -Seafair 89' (It sank)pple cup- BBuffalo- the B east (black id proud) - righteous bruthaiybybdwisr- 2 vs. the whole parlay- Hot sumr. nights- cruz-in the lardwalk- now it’s ju st so!! M-N-V r u -N - thhru!!! “D uuke”- me and U nd Amy too) - Schnopsin- huggin the acelain porpoise a t Sammies cribiring break 91'? - W aterm elon chase, lake it go, baby m ake it go!”- New iars tubbin- the elkstein skid ( and Ire to tell about it) - skool, n a a a let’s sit lester!-1 got cho’ back, ukester... Now the fun starts!!! To a Backhome posse’- live fast and ay young! To Jed, my 7 foot honky ruddah-much good tim es and many ore, stay one sm ilin seven foot haole aleface and don’ neva’ change! HPA, hat can I say? BIIF champs soccer-

S a m Berry “T hat haole can kick!” M. Bio- Gone dowwwwwn lately. HPA dudes- Biiig and Baaad-we kicked it live, thanx for the times. HPA Girls- there is none finer .And for all those along the way who aren’t in here th a t should be, I love you all. MA-DAD-BOB-THERESE-MARISI-NANA-And most of all, Mr. Dylan Berry, I th an k you for the finest setup in the world-1 truly am the luckiest guy alive! D’- you and Iwe da same guy. He ain’t heavy, he’s my bro. Enjoy your years because the best daze are ahead of you. I love you more’n sun-moon-stars. People get ready- here he comes and he’s Baaaaaad! Ride on Braddah, wherever you goSeniors 91- Kicking a and tak in ’ names. Thanx, everyone, for this great year. This page tells so little! Dyl- “Get up stand up, don’t give up the fight.” Dan- “Em ancipate yourself from m ental slavery no one but ourselves can free our m inds.” B. Marley

Sean- “Sheeeeees-stone-coldbush.” Red Hot Chili Peppers Cam- “Tastes great, less filling.” 2 Live Crew D’rock- “Tastes like chicken.” Dan Turnen Sr. To all the dudes who think th e y re bad- Ya, da woman she sm arta... smadda dan de m an in ev-ery way, THATS right! H arry Belefonte HPA Brudda’s- It don’t m atta’, ju st don’t bite it!!! Jed- Cause I’m as Free as a bird, and this bird you cannot chain. All my buds back home- TheJ, the-1, the- M, the- M, the- Y, the- S, the I, the- M, it’s Jimmmmy! All my buds at HPA- Sing winner, sing for the year Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear. If you believe in h a v in g ___ say Hell yeah. 2 Live Crew Don’t believe th a hype. Public Enemy 21

Lisa L e h u a B e r th a u d Waimea / 9 years / Am nesty In t’l. / Soccer Mom- Thank you for helping me through everything. I love you! Baba- Grace a’ toi, je re’ussirai dons la vie, et j ’essaierai etre la m eilleure a’ tous ce que j ’entretiens. I love you! Maya- If I could have anyone in the world to be my sister, it would be you (I know it’s corny). “Hold on to the memories.”R.M. I love you Minskie! Halani- You’ve helped me through so much- good and bad. T hank you for always being there. “See you in Cali.” L and H every vaca­ tion. ILY Malia M.- Ho! You w ant a peace sign? Dioxynide and interpoly­ graphic sanctions. You have given me more laughter and frienship th an I have ever known before- maybe I should lock my keys in my car more often! ILY Brandy- Long phone talks22

moon ceremonies- cheese, spice, and crackers. “However far away I will always love you.” -The Cure (of course) I love you! Sadie wadie- I’ll miss you, keep smiling! ILY Junko- Joonks- Soccer buddy! Rearry! Take care and stay sweet. To everyone else- W hether we’ve shared a moment or a lifetime I will carry each one of you w ith me­ al ways. “Life, The Universe, Reality... a fantastic story th a t you are creat­ ing.” -Lazaris “Our aspirations are our possi­ bilities.” -Robert Browning “No bird soars too high if he soars w ith his own wings.” -William Blake

you a song And I’ll try not to sing out of key. > I get by with a little help from my friends I get high w ith a little help from m; friends Going to try with a little help from my friends.” Beatles “I believe in life’s rich tapestry, w hat it takes from me, w hat it gives to me.” Modern English

“W hat lies behind us and w hat lies I before us are tiny m atters compared to w hat lies w ithin us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson MM-Can we go now?

“W hat would you think if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I’ll sing


J a s m i n M alia Bloom 6 yrs. / x-country / Track / Hilo girl

Mom & Dad- Thanks for all the love, support, encouragement and freedom you’ve given me. I LOVE YOU! Aliza- Your friendship and love have meant the world to me. Kirsty- How’s Bam-Bam? Dorothy. I’ll tell them before 45. Chapstick? Mana!! Here comes the “Rain.” #1 roomie and Aussie. OCK and OBB friends till the end! Lei- Ring a ling? Gossip?? Friends ‘till the end- ( remember?) Lunch at Pizza Hut, Forgive me for my driving! Shants- This summer, “Now You’re Gone.” I finally made it to Waimea. What is it, 5 years now? Nothing I can say could sum up what your frienship has meant to me. Twila- Eh Butt head, Mouth from the South part 2. Dormlife!!! I love ya TLC Angie- Sweetie! Georgia #1. Junior boy. Thanks for saving me this summer, PB weighing you down? Adam- Just one MB, Ziggy, Prom. There’s too much to say. I’ll miss you Big Bro. I Love You. Sarah- National “B” Day, Hilo girl, What Banyans? The Red Hooded man? Miss Jambor! Katty- Island girls, chem. class, My school attitude. Seriously, talking business, wild women! Honey girl, Leilani.

Hide- “If I could fly high ” our song. Pep letters, oreos. Thanks for supporting me, our palm trees, I’ll miss you B.B,! Marc- The Hairheads. Ladies, take your ticket please. Love ya Big Bro! Danica- Grad partys-”school’s out! “ Ghost and the white car! Tiva- Tebasan, Going “down”, How’s Fred? Golden Girls #2. Caly!! Running in “slow motion.” The infamous red truck in Hilo. You’re welcome for S.O.’s. What MC’s? Hippies with electric carts. Shad- Moke mobile, our fights about Hilo. Stay cool! Kawika- What can I say?!?! Lisa, Ginger,Noelle- I miss you guys! Sunny- Prom, married? I’ll never forget thet night. OBB!! Scott- Stay sweet and take care! Amanda, Bergie, Ruth, Kathy, Jen- Take care. Onikka- Summer ’89, Miss Okada, Whaaat!!! Make A! Farris- My running buddy. Why are we doing this?!? Good luck to: Fiona, Suliana, Liz, Carrie, Rachel, Melina, Kelly, Kathy, and the rest of the x-country team and track team. Kick butt!!!! Special thanks to Conley, Mrs. Link, and

Father Piltz. My boarding family- Thanks for all the good times. I could’ve never made it through without you guys. Many wonder-1 ful rap sessions, walkie talkies, pep letter! dinners, B-day celebrations, our future hotel plans, etc...THANKS Underclassmen- Take advantage of every moment you have, because time flys by faster than you can imagine. To my classmates- A lot has changed sin® our days down at Middle School, but at least we’re still together. I’ll miss you all j but I’m sure since it’s a small world that I we’ll meet again. Good luck in fife and make the most of it. To all my friends- HPA would’ve never j been the same without the long lasting frienships I’ve made. A simple smile or “howzit” would make my day. Thanks for being there and caring for me. The memo-j ries that we’ve made will never be forgot-; ten, and although we go our separate ways there will always be a special place in my ; heart for you. With much Aloha, Jaz

Farris Maude Bogue I 9yrs. / X-country / Sw im m ing I Track! Newspaper I C u m L a u d e/ turtle- tagging! I beaching / growing up ■Life is w hat happens while you’re ftusy m aking other plans.” John LennonTwo flopped- down benevolent coyoes- they whiled away the afternoon, [ontemplating ju s t why grasshoppers ire sw eeter in June, and other m ysterjes th a t m ake up life’s deepest mean\m ” -S. GulliksonI M[om and Dad- you guys are the I greatest, th anks for everything, (for I laving so m any daughters!) Bonnie I [the boss), Endi (the poet), Ginger (the I spice), and Em erald (the jewel,) I love I rou all dearly. I Eva- My fifth sister, we should have I ieen toddlers together. I Pracy- Are you a cynic, a romantic, or I something else? W hatever, ILU.

M arina- (Marma) The only blonde in my kindergarden class and the most sarcastic blonde I know. Life has finally begun for us faculty brats, enjoy! Simone- Our baking fests have been sorely missed. If you ever need a friend, consider me no further th an a wet driveway and a few frogs away. Reed and Trevor, Weed and Tubelly (mi- belly, su- belly)- My two favorite idiots, I’ll miss you guys. Ju lia B.- ?Que Menos? “I’m shy, wimper, wimper.” Thank you for consoling me through my weakest mo­ ments. Bailey- My birthday buddie, you’re the ultim ate pisces.

Lisa Bleyle- Okay, you’re a nerd, but ILU anyway! Jazzy- My running/ walking/ crawling buddie. It’s over! Good luck to the X- country team , you guys are awesome! Conley- 10 lbs by Sept, no, Oct. Okay, five by November. Bryson- “Stop editing my editing!” Thanks for everything. Special thanks to P at Anderson, the Kopps, and anyone else I may have forgotten. To H.P.A.- “I know w hat I know, I’ve said w hat I’ve said.” (Paul Simon) To the class o f ’91- We all procrastinate but never put off happi­ ness. Do w hat you w ant and good luck!

J u l i a Bringloe 1 yr. horseback riding/ 2 yrs. Red Key/1 yr. Scuba club pres./ 2 yrs. Student Council/ Judo/ A lot of sleeping “I will survive, I will get by”- Grateful DeadNo one saves us but ourselves No one can an no one may. -ConfusciousA person may say what he will If he knows how to say it. - Arthur Guitenman Mom and Dad- Without your love and support during my roller coaster teenage years, I never would have made it this far. Thank you, I love you both. Mom- Won’t life be boring though if we’re both healthy? Jack- Watch out world, the Bigelows are growing up! Yes, you can borrow the car. I love you big brother. Bryson- “I’ve got a migraine!” sniffle, whine, moan.. Thanks for laughing at me! I’ll miss you. Bailey- Lost a roomate, gained a sister. I’ll never go into another outhouse without thinking of you first. Your special, don’t forget it. I’ll love you forever. “ The man on the moon looks like John Lennon!” Reed- Keep in touch little bradda! I.L.Y. Kadota- Partner in crime bra. Marania- ‘Your babbling!” Please, don’t let Tahiti die. I.L.Y. To all my friends in the land of H.P.A., yes, it’s hell sometimes, but believe me you’ll remem­ ber the good times in the end. You are all a special part of me. Thank you “Any amount of world that breaks apart Falls together again.

Ellen Malia Carlson Kailua-Kona/6 years /Cross Country / Diving /Basketball /Soccer /Track/ Yearbook to r n and Dad: Thanks for everything! You always saw th e good Bi me and I th a n k you for th a t. I love you and Fll m iss you.

stomache!) and I couldn’t have done it w ithout you. Fll miss you.

In d y : Thanks for tak ing all my crap, and for m aking me saim in w ery tim e I was hungry. I'll m iss you.

Leilyn: When we’re in college, we’ll still have a phone, and we can still be gossip queens! P.S. We really do study math!

jmy: Fll never forget you.

Shahnti: “This is cool, we can fill it with pictures of ourselves!”

lori: Maybe when we grow up we can p u t th e p a st behind us. lo m atter w hat, I love you.

Twila: Thanks for smiling so much, you alw ays brightened my


|ielly, M elina, an d Lauren: Fve decided to w rite to all of you Bgether, because if I didn’t, it ju s t wouldn’t be th e same. Lau, Hr should I say nipple? Still doing th e “FIRM?” If you m ention |a h iti one more tim e, I will shoot you! You are Eddie Lover taster! Thanks for th e wardrobe! Meli, PPPNNNCCCPPP! My TV buddie, look w h at those girls are w earing on club MTV bday! You truly are th e baby powder queen. Kells, Stop farting rhile you ru n or you’ll get H.S.S. You will always be my •osscountry partner! You tru ly are a dork. Well, I promised I wouldn’t get comey, b u t I ju s t w anted to say thanks. You all tught me the tru e m eaning of friendship and I love you for it. fll miss you. P.S., don’t forget me when I’m gone!

I■iva: . Stop picking your b u tt on film!

“Is there anyone out

M.H, H.K, C.R, B.S, C.S, R.W, M.C, D.H, A.S, I.C, J.C, D.F, J.G, P.H, C.M, L.M, F.B, E.S, J.A, M.S, A.U, S.N, L.M, E.S, and all my other friends: “Live decently, fearlessly, joyously - and don’t forget, th a t in the long run, it’s not the years in your life, b ut the life in your years th a t count.” Special th anks to the H ewitts, Leitels, Millers, Boteilho's and H anano’s


“Believe in yourself and all things are posible!”

Derrick: You’ve always known how to make me happy when I’m sad and I w ant to thank you for it! You’ll always be close to my heart!

Greg: Hey n ert man, how’s the weather? Well, you’ve always made me happy, and I ju s t w ant to thank you for it. If it weren’t for you, I would probably still be stuck in “The Ditch!” I love

Grad: Stop flinching! You truly are “My Man!’


Noelle: I guess it’s too late for you to come back, you cruzer.

Danica: Well, it’s a first, b u t I spelt it right. W hat happened freshmen year? I guess you ta u g h t me not to judge a book by it’s cover. Thanks for th e junior year memories! Taylor: I’m proud of my dirty car! Brent: If it weren’t for you, I don’t know w hat I’d be doing right

mere?” Rock climbing is not for me!

now! Thanks for everything.

lasm in: It’s not an ICE truck!

Mike: Hey neighbor, I need a ride to school. Stop telling me about my car, Mr. Clean.

Bursty: How’s your nors? Kawika: We’re not studying hum an anatomy! Bacy: My ranch buddie. Maybie someday I’ll actually enter a lodeo with you. Well, I guess I ju s t w ant to say thanks for uw ays being th ere for me. Your my oldest friend, (stomache to

Sean: You’ll always be my destiny!


Tw ila Louise Carter Indonesaia, Louisiana, Everywhere..., H.P.A. 4yrs./ Student Council I School Const. Com mittee/Am nesty Interna­ tional! Red Key Society / Diving Team ! Cheerleading 4 yrs. Captain Jn. S n ./ Goooo Kanis!! “W here ever you m ay go, w here ever you may wonder in your life, surely you’ll know I always w ant to be there.” -Elvis PresleyMom and Dad- “The World is always changing, and perhaps it seems th a t th e values you’ve tau g h t me are the ones th a t I outgrew. In m any ways we’re not alike, b u t yet it’s still true, the things I value most in life are th e things I’ve learned from you!” If I have m ade you proud, then it has all been worth it. Your support and love can never be measured! T hank you for all your sacrifices! I Love You! Lisa and M ark-1 wish we could have been together these la st four years! B ut we know God has his plan! You’re th e best brother and sister ever! lL ove You! Alumni- N.M., S.M., S.K., E.F., L.J., J.H ., L.F., S.K., L.C., you all have been in my h eart every step of the way! I Love Yall! Cheerleaders and MoDo- You have always been there for me! T hanks for your sup­ port and talent!! Shaka fights, gossip talks, and laughs!! Cheer on!!!! Tiva- Don’t forget our bets! Take care, e a t on, and party on!!! Twidgen. Black clouds cabonkers. Jazz- You are very special! Never change! I’ll always be here for you!! Love Ya! Marc- Mohawk, Wishbone and Rainbows! T hanks for your never ending friend­ ship! I Love You! 4 stars. Kirsty- Foster’s Beer and A ustralian summers! The Best! Take Care! Love Ya! 4 stars. Brem.- My husband ain t around b u t my seiko is! Ha! Freshm an year. Love Ya. Leilyn- Keep sm iling and keep talking! I’ll m iss you!I Lo Love Ya. Shahnti- I’ll 111 never forget your laugh! You are truly special! I’ll miss you!' Love Lo Ya.

P a rty on!! Hide- You h u n k you! You have a hea rt too big for th is world! Take care! I’ll m iss your smile! 4 stars. Adam- T.C.= Your dream s and ability will tak e you far! T hanks for your special frienship! Love ya. Kawika- You could always m ake me smile! Thanks! I Love Ya. E than- You’ve been a great Rep. and Friend! T hanks and tak e care!! Ellen- Forever run! I’ll miss your smile everyday!! LoveYa. Tayloraylo Don’t stop | _girl hunting! She will ng! H aH a F a I’ll come along! .......... miss you. M alia ManleyF reshm an year! You are ] tru ly one of a kind, and tru ly special! I love Ya!!! A1 and Dan- You two are terrific! We’ve had some killer times! Prom.. M auna Lani.. and my place! we always knew w hat each other was th in k ­ ing! I’ll miss you! Lauren- Stay sweet. I’ll miss you! Take care! Derrick- #77- You are th e sw eetest person I’ve ever met! Take care of yourself and my sweetie! Porter- P arty on dude.. You are com­ pletely crazy! Never change!! I’ll see you around! Mike J.- Gosh dam .. Well s t K aulua man! T hanks for all th e insane times! Beach, prom, and M auna Lani! I’ll miss you! M elina and Kelly- You two are more special to me th en you could ever know! T hanks for being th ere for me always! Through everything! Good and bad! I love y’all!! And I’ll miss you! Don’t forget th e “M auna Lani Gang.”

S.A .,J.A., I.C., S.F.,D .A .-Y our J friendship is worth millions! H ang in therej ‘cause it is over before you know it! LastlyDerrick-#16- “My sweetie” “The I Naked Rider” “W hat ever road th a t I take will I lead me back to you, ‘cause our love is too I strong to slip away!” If we believe O ur dream s will j come true!! T hanks for your love and support, b u t most of all your friendship, yoij are and always will be my best friend! I lovf you. Class of 1991WE MADE IT! ONE DAY WE’LL MAKE IT BACK THIS WAY | AGAIN!! STAY STRONG, AND KEEP IN j TOUCH...! And thou shalt love thy God with all th y h eart and w ith all thy soul, and witli all th y might. Deuteronomy 6:5


Makoto Chiku Baseball 2 yrs. / Soccer 3 yrs. / Tokyo I have been able to have a lot of memories and experiences a t H.P.A. Spending four years a t H.P.A. has helped me absorb my english skills which, hopefully, will help me in the future. I ju s t w ant to say th an k you to Mom and Dad for letting me attend this school. Also, thank you to my brother, all my friends and my teachers for advising me and supporting me. Special th anks to: Mr. Perry for understanding me. I really enjoyed being on the soccer team which is No. 1 M artin Tewes for helping me w ith my homework. I’ll never forget our junior year when we were roommates. And th an k you for helping me solve my personal problems. Yuko: You are the most im portant to me. I wouldn’t be able to be here without your support. I really th an k you for being my kanojo and I love you forever.


Thanks for the help and support you’ve given me. I -ToThePO SSE[ | I I I 8

Bremen: Hey Wolfy! Spring break ’90, Killer Sm urf parties! Cloud nine and sub 0 temps. “AHH killer now or laters?” Let’s go kill Shannon. See you in college! Oh, by the way, w ant a stick of gum? Hans: The Barn. The Lude, or should I say, the Integra? Convo­ cation. . “Wo and Behord.” Was she speaking english? Shinehead, | EEk-A-Mouse. Awesome concerts, j Killer times! Keep in touch. Ryan: It’s been a long time. There’s been so m any cool times, I can’t rem em ber them all. Dawn patrols, H an’s house, astronomy nights, Shinehead. H apuna ’90! “He looks like a pear!” Mahukona! Ho! Sum m er school w as lame! Irie Sum m er ’90! Ho, the bugga is dead. D aystudent parking lot. “Let’s ju st do it to say we did it!” 1 Brent: Haole Rasta! You get away w ith everything! W hats up? Why can’t I do that? WOW Brent, you packed the biggest. .. . Laters, keep in touch! Chad: H apuna ’90. Me, You, and Ted, Lower road, 100 in the tercel, M ahukona bound. H apuna sessions. Where’s the K.G.B’s? Ted: Missed you Elfman! Killer weekends! The POSSE will be over to visit soon. Alfred: Gerfazzio. Moku, you should have played football, you would have kicked butt! We had some fun times! Keep in touch when were in college!

i Malia: Trampoline. Cruz, party, j S cruz. Shinehead, Zinging in the beamer.

Greg B. Cardeiro Kamuela, H i/ 6 years/ Football 4 years/ Basketball 2 years “There m ust be some way out of here,” said the Joker to the theif, “There’s too much confusion I can’t get no relief’ - Jim i Hendrix

games. Monique: You are the best sister anyone could ever have. Don’t change. I love you.

Dad & Mom: I know you will never be able to read this, but I w ant you to know th a t I love you. I th an k you for all the sacrifices you’ve m ade to m ake my life a little better. I love you always. P.S. - 1 missed you guys a t the football

G randpa and Grandma: I have definitly caused you a lot of headache and unw anted stress. Can you ever forgive me? I love you both very much. All your endless support and coaching can never be re­ paid. I owe you guys everything.


Uncle Kaui, Auntie Marion & Auli’i:

Brandy: It’s been a long strange trip! Ellen: No one can see! How’s the weather? Thank you for being such the killer friend. You m ust be the nicest person in the world, don’t change. ILY! To all the people who made my stay here a little enjoyable, thanks. Taylor E., Derrick Hanano, Shad, Adam, Kawika, Jesse, Leilyn, Shahrj Leilyn: Well, you know who you are and I’m tired of writing. Laters. “De do do do de da da da th a t’s all D got to say to you.” -Police


O nikka “N e g r o t u iv ib u ” Driscoll Oahu I Hilo 3 yrs. / H.P.A. 3 yrs. / Portagee survival / loudmouthing and cruzin9 |C K IT TO ME! G ranny and Daidai- Thanks r everything! I love you! Mom- you’re the best friend I lild ever have. T hanks for all you’ve ■tie. My lub por is berry heaby. Wallises- Thanks for putting I w ith me. You’re my home away 1m home. I love you! Je n W.- You tita! Harveys- My second family. I v e you all very much! Thanks for all |e good tim es and for m aking me a I r t of your family, ed, th anks for Ing there! J.J. Driscoll- Howz your m int Irden? Pick a winner! Please pull it t! Eh, you know dis helicopter head kes you. love Negro. Bill Bailey- Hey Billabong! itanks for all the talks, and for my tiior year. You’ve been a great end. I’ll miss you! I promise to visit

you. Love Onikka. To da fly Itch Posse honey Girls- We’ll always be together no m atter what. We’ve had good and bad memories, but mostly good. Thanks for everything! I love you guys. Do you remember? Cruizin’ th ru Ninole. M int leaf h a r­ vesting. Hui! Psst! Every tim e I’m hungry boy. Ho da m int chocolate chip so ono brok da mout! Flame it on the beans. Lanikai Beach. Bellyfull but I stay hungry. H aha Bob the hog. Jack! Barefoot Portagee. Hot in the *ss. Diddler on the roof. Wine me dine me 69 me! Eh you stupid haole. Otomot otot totoi bungles pipet. Air condition­ ing. One eyed prom date. D atsun Toyota. I can’t w ait till Monday. W heat thins, Footpaul, Volley Bob, Haga haga, Frosted Flakes. Tic Tac Toe, G reat minds think alike. One mahalo in every swallow. Pakalolo pickers of Ninole. Laulau makers.

Onikka Negrotuivibu Portagita. Rojo Ojo. Angie no mo toe. Down in J a ­ maica they got lots of pretty women......... Onikka, Sarah, Angie, and Katty. Don’t h u rt 'em’ Katty!! There is a time and place for every purpose.... And now it’s my time to raise ! You’ve got to fly, fly to the Angels. Heaven awaits your heart and flowers bloom in your home. You’ve got to fly, fly to the Angels. All the stars in the night shine in your name. To the shreddin’ class o f’9 1 -1 would tell you th at we’re the best, but we already know it! Good luck in the future. Much Mahalos for everything! Onikka- otherwise known as the loudmouth...


Taylor Easley 12 yrs. / football / weightlifting / hunting /g o lf “No pain no gain” - Bronson Mahalo to all my coaches: Bryson, Perry, Bleckel, Marciel, Shaw, Provencal, Chinen, Micklejohn, and Bronson. Also, to the Hanano, Honda, Nishida and Judd families. Mom and Dad: Without the support, guidance and love I wouldn’t be what I am today. I love you guys very much. Bruce: You're a pretty cool brother. I guess I won't see you at BYU. Austin: Kook, nah just joking, but not really. Tiare: One of these days I’ll beat you up. I love you guys. To the studs that I probably would have done better without: Adam: Opihi, get out of my car Grad: temporary insanity, I say just pound, no questions asked Derrick (Brudda love):Thanks for being a best roommate. Big “D”: Nintendo is where it’s at. Shad: You’re so bad. How many times, “ 100? ” Marc: let’s bench, never foam. Who cares about a relationship? Ryan K: “Face down — up!” Ethan: stay puff. Where’s your twin brother?

Lloyd: Pistacio, let’s hunt in some serious forests. Kawika: Let’s ditch him. You’ve been a cool guy except to freshman. Ryan W: ugly, skanky, tight, stupid,... Hide: The coolest dude doesn’t compare to you. Mike: Your house; when are you going to start to lift? Marc M.-1-2-3 swing Scott: looser Sun: See you at the Blue Oyster. Chris: You’re so damn lazy (like me) Hauoli: Hi baby you *&$# @*&. We lift. Al: Remember Taylor Dayne? Nah, take care. To The Ohana, class o f ’91: Adam, Shad, Kawika, Marc, Hide, Lloyd, Ethan, Tiva, Kirsty, Ellen, Danica, Twila, Shahnti, Leilyn and Jasmin; Take care, good luck and keep in touch To the second Ohana, class of ’92; Derrick, Big-D, Grad, Mike, Melina, and Lauren; Good luck next year make it a cool year. ‘ m m m mMY

To the women: Ellen: You’re my ugly sister. Thanks for

the rides. Shahnti: 12 years and I still hate you. Tefa: How’s business? Melina: Many times we’ve cruzed, you’re an awesome friend. Take Care. To the others: Kirsty, Jasmin, Twila, | Ling-Ling,and Laura: Good luck. Lauren, Liz, Kelly, Mariko, Diane, Cathy, Carrie: take care you junior ] girls, thanks for being a friend. Damien: you’ll never get... Anders- you too. Good luck to Michiko, Cheyenne, T.J. j and Michi. Good luck in life: Greg, Hans, Jason L., Chad I., Chad S., Alfred, Bremen, Dustin Jason Y., Nick, Ian, Jake, Bill, Carl, Davi Shawn, Porter, Tets, Kosei, Sam, Hughes the Perv, Paul, Toyo, Jonah, Mathias, Jei and Rosy. To all the people I haven’t men- 1 tioned: Who cares! Nah, good luck and take care. “Freshman are a waste of space!”-Kawiki

)thing is certain except the past. Philosophy, e medicine, has many drugs, very few nedies, and almost no specifics. my family- THANK YOU for all your )port. I am sorry I gave you so little in urn. Much LOVE and MAHALOS for srything liley - One love, One heart I am glad have grown enough to except each Ler for what we believe and who we are. ave a positive feeling about your future. m and cooch - It’s definately burn obk. Take care. “VISUALIZE WORLD OGSM” [ia - I’ll never forget you or trippy ntia’s pond. Even Presidents need an irie ■f every once and a while. See you in the ter. none - Don’t worry there is life after -‘.A. K.T.A. and many secrets. Love ya and ED - Here’s to the high times and lady k. Take care guy. 1, Ryan and Brandy - Take care

ka - Substance K at PENN right?!

lie - 1 will always care... m as it was fen again it will be Know that ugh the course may change } river always meets the sea... ivencal Hall - SURFS UP boys!!! Class of 90 - To many memories 1 not enough paper. Class of 9 1 - PITY!!! oula boyz - May “TEAM breastfed” five |g and dominate!!!


ther !! Look what youv’e done. Hee’s l Rasta and now smokes the ganja !!!” -mother

Jesse Eurich cuse me while I light my spliff... Oh! Lord I gotta take a lift... n reality I just can’t Drift...” - Steel Pulse

Inside the dream, button sleep i und your body like a glove. >1:1 now of space and time. Le to dissolve in the steaming summer. Jim Morrison fe primary sign-of a well ordered mind is I ability to remain in one place and Sijer in your own company. J.E. N- When the acid glance turned to nance tch her face fry... - Soup Dragons

New Zealand! Oahu! H.P.A. 4 yrs Leaves are falling all around Time I was on my way Thanks to you I’m much obligued Such a pleasant stay But now it’s time for me to go The autum moon lights my way Now I smell the rain and with it the pain And it’s heading my way Oh, sometimes I grow so tired But I know I’ve one thing to do Ramble on Now’s the time, the time is now To sing my song I’m going around the world I’m on my way... - Led Zepplin

Bobby Ghosh Hilo, Hawaii / 5yrs. / Varsity Tennis 3yrs. / Inturm ural Tennis 4yrs. / Procrastination “You’re only young once, bu t you’re im m ature forever.” -PMMom- You've been a really big influence on my life. I don't know if I could have gotten through school w ithout you. I know Ive been hard to live with, b u t you know I love you. Thanks. Dad- My own personal coach. If it w eren't for you, my tennis wouldnt be your tennis. T hank you so much for all the support youve given me. I will make you proud. I love you. To my brother Kris- Well, little bro, your on your way to being a senior. Good luck! You have been a very big pain in th e neck. But, we have always gotten along anyway. Thanks for being a good brother. Don’t forget to grow. I love you Angie- Well short stu ff I guess we’re finally seniors! T hanks for always m aking me laugh no m atter w hat kind of mood I was in. I’ll always be here on th is rock for you. You’ve been one of my most favorite people to see during the day. Don’t forget about me. Don’t forget our tim es a t the bookstore, and definitely don’t forget our raging party a t you know who’s house. I'm really going to miss you. ILY “Hey, Madson... How’s it going

Roberto.” Well golf sucks, tennis rules. You’ve been a blast, and a good p a rtn e r ...laters dude. O nikka and th e re st of you loud people- You’ve all been really good friends. Onikka, I’m glad you came to th is school. It certainly h as been interesting. Sarah...I hope you don’t get any taller, I feel so short. K atty, you island girl, I’ll see you around! Jazzy- Well babe, we finally made it. You are like th e sister I always w anted, b u t never got. Thanks for being such a good friend. “I play Tennis, therefore, I am.” Ron- Well you’ve been th e best coach in th e world. I will always rem em ber everything you have ta u g h t me. You have made tennis my life, by m aking it so fun for me. I may have gotten really frustrated, b u t you were always there to give me your wise advise. Thanks a bunch. To the senior class- We have always been sort of separated. It’s good to see us coming together as a class. To bad it took so long. Good luck to everyone in th e future. Bremen- Soccer sucks, you should play tennis. You have been a big trouble m aker, b u t if you w eren’t th en you wouldn’t be you. See ya in the future. Je d E . . . When did you grow so much? Don’t forget our football games, and the next

tim e you see me, I should be taller then you! i L auren B.- You don’t know how mil you m ean to me. You m ade my entire junior s year, the best y ear I have ever had. Don’t eve forget all th e wonderful tim es we had. I hope your high school days will be as much fun as mine were. I will always love you... Kanoa I.-Who knows w hat your fuffl will have in store for you. Dont ever changed way you are...You're Beautiful and you've got g reat personality. ILY. M alia Lloyd- Well, miss sassy blond T hanks for being th ere when I needed you. Ji call me when you need a friend. Mr. Honma- You’re classes have bel so much fun, keep running, maybe you’ll win New York M arathon.Thanks for teaching me everything th a t you did. Mr. Williams- Although you weren* here for my last two years a t HPA, I w ant to th a t you made a big impression on my life, I j certainly do miss you. Solmssen- You have been the best ' English teacher in th e world. I learned about life through your deranged teaching methods T hanks a lot. To all my friends... T hank you for m aking HPA so special, w ithout you, it woul( be fun. S.O., L.K., H.K., F.B..M.R. and to anj else th a t I missed...I will miss all of you.

Ernesto Ricardo Grundseth Iamuela, H I / 9 long years / Cross-Counrty /Track / Soccer/ JV-Basketball?!/ Solar Car Iesign specialists and driver /2 yrs. Chemistry A id |racias M am a y P apa p ara todo que te han hecho. Desde jodemoscon las ireas y em pujarm e con el SAT. stedes son los mejores padres. Los I ano mecho. Gracias para todo. | |li, mi herm ano mayor, gracias para n r me en tu casa este verano. Medio lira ir me de alii. ero, mi unica y mejor herm ana. No las ta n jodida. Tu herm anito no es las chico. Gracias m i familia, los ano a ■do.

Jam eon - It”s been four long years. | emember Geometry w ith Mr, leckel. Those tim e were fun . Eh! pm puter wiz, don’t compute too hard will kill you and lose th a t inner Ible.

H ara - 4 years w ith you?! It’s been fun. Remember the first Cross Country run. Keep smiling, it keeps everyone happy. Don’t watch too much T.V. and go play Basketball. By the way nice 386SX

Cross Country Team - Keep running, State isn’t far.

H ans - It’s your last year. You’ve been a great friend. You are the best person I have known. Keep up the work w ith Audio , and your set for life. Honma - Thanks for the good times and counceling. I t’s been over seven seasons. I’ve ru n w ith you and over 2500 miles. Thanks a bundle. Solar C ar Team - We did it. Even though no one thought it would work. Hughes it was great. Aren’t you glad we did it. Glen the tech advisor, you sure knew w hat was going on. The car was a Miracle and will rem ain as one of my great accomplishments.


To Sam- I’m as free as a bird now, j and this bird you’ll never change. | P.S.- Thanks for Deep B reakfasts,| and all the flatulent fun we had. “The boys are back] in town”- Thin Lizzy “Trouble ahead, trouble behind, and I think th a t | notion ju st crossed my mind” Greatful Dead “W hat is it? I’ll takd it.” “Who is she?” I’ll | rape it.” - The Who “I w anna Rock ‘n 1 Roll all nite, and party every day!”-] Kiss “Been dazed and confused, so long it’s not true, w anted a women, never bargained I for you.” -Led Zeppelin This page tells little, and all those who weren’t included; you know w hat you mean to me.

Jed Gushman The biggest white boy of all tim e would like to thank: RRH- High school was great, now let’s get serious. Chief- For intellectu­ ally stim ulating conversation, some­ thing rare in this world. Rus-1 hope you find fulfillment a t the end of those space ladders. Dan- Your @#& is grass, and I’m gonna smoke it. To Mom and Dad-1 36

couldn’t ask for better parents, I feel for­ tu n ate to be a product of my environ­ ment. All the fine people here a t HPA- Thanks a lot, these past three weeks have seemed liked years. Seri­ ously, this past m onth has been cool. As for chapel 2x a week, the Bible, and C hristianity in general- YBEMBTEBOGUE. I’d also like to thank: Jim i Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and all of Rock ‘n Roll, for giving me guidance in my life.

lid friends .. Tracy, Irene, and Alan .. tere’s to the somedays, could’ve and rould’ve beens that never were, and the Irevers that are to be. Tracy and Irene ae last d’veyezation resistors! Peace. V . p ile and Breathe! Bless the bananas Dhiquitas) that peeled before their time, lay we all get what we ask out of life emember to have or not to have a ?! is the uestion! One day at a time. Fellow brvivors till marriage do we part. Forget ae dislikes like major cities in Italy, dancLg celery stalks, and permie boyl Never frget the goodies. Double dating-minus e male-to prom. Mr. Smith - my dancing ro! Baumann’s chin slamming the floorcelery stalks or major cities on teh nee floor! How bout the car flirts? Buick Julia, stand up. The sun roof is ben and we’re only going 65! Besides, p ’s worth it!” Mad dashes to 7-11 for [nergency oreo cookies & cream at 1:00 Im, not to mention the hosery dangling lorn the door! There are stairs Tracy! lene, the neighbors! So, Rose, how about [stroll around the block? Where are the pans? Pie anyone? Whatever you do, bn’t leave the me alone! How bout those Ises? A.S & J.H - cute Rose! Wall mural pyone? Working Girl - just skip away, |xt my hair was caught in the window, pd my little fourth grader was just lu g h tl He’s following us from ##ing in |ont!! Tennis anyone? Watch Julia pose p she misses!! I fought the wall and the [all won!! Never fear, I’ve seen it all. .. I pted the Baumanns! Keep it simple, prive alive! Don’t let Julia drive! Pick up pur keys Lee the waiting room is too full, fcot you babe! Accidental dates! He stole |Kiss! I bet shes jumping up and down phind that door! Pretty woman beach Ilk monitoring. Celery stalk gets stalked I the morning. Let’s clean the refrigerar. Unexpected arrivals. Quick, out of le kitchen. Chess, lets see if she can [ink! Sunsets, are you cold? Poor, poor ladies! Pakage anyone? M.C.M! Isaro, In I sit on your lap? Hey studmuffin lant a kiss? Skinny dip? Chart House llservations at sunset for two at sunset, pokies? Milk? How’s his hair? Bonirte? NAHH!! Modeling for Lancomethat a blast! Alright, stop cleaning my I om when I go to change a diaper! Pooty aining. .. Julia’s exellent adventure!! Ipmosis motherhood, what a life. Anyone Iant a tutor? Lime needs his papers I langed-Julia? My hair is grey! Who told I u it was green? Go Navy! I joined the I Ir Force. You forgot the P.S! F.I.N.E.I Idup Nerotic and egotistical, You bet he I as fine! O baby, roll em up and put em in ■pan-I’m lighting the fire the war is on! | Id I mention you look like M.M? F.E.A.R| Everything and run! The real way to a | an is to start with his ?!! talk, nap in the | tanmock. Did you really listen to the | nole tape? Sunday morning wake up |Ills. Sandiego rendezvous.


J u l i a Haines On this day 5-30-90 I like it! It changed for the better! Well, Babe, forevers not too long to live as friends! Miracles are a won­ derful part of life! Tweety Bird and Tom Selic-Go figure! You were on the boat? Lost track of time? What did you and the studmuffin do? Danced? Slap her, she’s not breathing! Knocked some sense into me! Alio, Alio, Alio! It’s Julia & Irene singing the national anthem and The Rose! What a Hike! How about some rice? My dad burned it just this morning! Quick, draw a poster! Irene, stop day dreaming in algebra II. Rice Rockets! Roseisms, Tracy

Changes for the best! Remember the devil’s food cake avalanch?! Grass in my hair! Thanks for the Warning, too late! Hi Mr. Sanchez! Apple cobbler burned. Tracy, we’ll just call you Crisco! How’s the baby? Remember, you’ve got real class! What will Irene be when she grow’s up? A little trip on the way to the shower! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the rescue! Great times, horrid adventures, amazing mishaps, bad days, thank god we’ve got life times to be friends! Some things are written, some things are said, but the things worth remembering are those that are felt and shared among friends. A friend is a friend forever because the welcome does not end. My heart is always open. Old friends forever.

Marc R o m a n H a n d l Honolulu,HI. 1 5 1 / 2 years / Tennis / Weightlifting / Track / Dorm Prefect / Dawn Patrols / Ninja MAMA AND PAPA: Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. I know there were times when you guys would get mad at me, and I thank you both for that too. You have taught me a lot of things that I wouln’t have learned from anybody else. I would have never done it without you. Now it’s time for me to go out into the world myself, but I know I can count on you for help. I love you both. Dominic: Thanks for being such a good brother to me. I’ll always be there for you whenever you need me, and don’t ever forget it. You can do it. As long as you put your heart and mind to it. Always remem­ ber that O.K.? I love you. Yaya: Thank you for all the help you have given me ever since I was just a little baby. I appriciate everything you have done for me. Take care of yourself and Danny. I’ll never forget you. I love you. Adam: Monks in the Monestaries. Flying umbilical cords. Serious man to man talks. No one will ever know what we talked about. Man, we were roommates for two years. Aren’t you glad the door was open? Live or die man? Bust a move! My fellow Ninja. You don’t need good luck because your a lucky man, so just take care! I’ll see ya later! Hide: Banana, I gave you that name remember? Late night rice and saimin par­ ties. I can see it now. Bolletieri’s. Makapu’u surf sessions. My fellow Ninja.

Can I borrow your underwear? Kona Hilton Tennis Tournament. Early morning bike rides. Late night walkman lip syncs. I know I’ll see you soon! Twila: Wishbone ceremony. Rainbow. Mowhawk. The two bugs. Driving without lights. Don’t forget our special sign. Playing quarters with your mom. Yes, we are crazy. I’ll never forget the times we spent together. E rsty: Mom! Remember the stars. Thanks for caring. Nick: St. Mary’s sucked. Skiing in Naeba. Two hour lifting sessions. Addictive gambling. Let’s go clicking to the gym. Cindy Crawford rules. Throwing wet toilet papers from the balcony. Good luck in col­ lege. You’ll need it just like I will. I’ll be seeing you man! Taka: Taco, you shred. 375% Jasmin: Jaz Jazzy Jaz Jaz Jazzy Jaz Malia Bloom! Just go easy. Kawika: I named you Moi remember? Intense lifting sessions. Tease to live. Live to tease. You’re the toughest little guy I ever met. Good luck. Keep in touch. Shad: Yes, I know you are the biggest. My fellow Ninja. Taylor: I guess the shipment was terrible. Lifting rules. Your project wasn’t that good anyway. Take it easy homeboy! Don’t space Max! Tiva: Nice dress. Good work! Keep it up. Guido is setting you free!

Leilyn: Ding-a-ling is my buddy! Shanhti: I would say it, but I know you’ get mad so I won’t. Camille: The Greek Tavema rules. Goot luck. Keep in touch. Jed: Bulgarian Burst! Sam: Just let your soul glow. Just let it shine through. Chad: Your so dumb! G.E. and D.H.: My black brothers! Stay cool homeboys! Y.N.,D.K,S.W.,E.C.,L.M.,P.H.,R.KA-S.,H| Thanks for being so cool! Take it easy! 1 To everyone I mentioned above: I would have never been able to make it through, these years without you guys. Your the j best. I’ll never forget the good times we 1 had. Thanks for the memories. Please kei in touch. Friends Forever! I love you all! l I hate foamers! “You only live once” “Just do it” ‘Yeah Boy” “No pain no gain” Y e s, I can handle.”

Jason Hara 4 yrs. X-country / 4 yrs. basketball 14 yrs. track / 4 yrs. spring X-country Thanks to Mom and Dad for sending me to H.P.A.!! Thanks to my Grandma and Grandpa for giving me money on weekends!! Also, thanks to all my coaches and all the faculty for helping me through the years! Especially Mr. Honma for encouragement through the years. Finally, thanks to the senior class for mak­ ing this the most exciting and fullfilling year.


t w h i >• •*, *2JV W w U ) #« i toll tM Bf

llS ll

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|i ; t& N ro * IkiA t

-.^i.-CiJ*"Vwf ' > & ( ' - $ -J


J u n k o Higmshmura Tokyo, Japan 13 years I soccer I musical I Dorm Prefect/Red Key Society To my family- We’ve been through so m any things together. Sometimes we’ve h u rt each other, b u t it did m ean something. T hank you for setting me free. I love you. Lisa-Thank you for EVERYTHING! I wish you all the best in w hatever you do in th e future.! Don’t forget th a t we are th e Judo m eg a !I love you H eidi-Thanks for all the memories! Pig-out nights, pillow fights, Hey, babe, keep on dancing! Good luck in everything! I know you'll be great. I love you. Liz-Hey my awesome roomie! There’s only a cold shower. I know, I should be on a diet, b u t let me finish these chips, okay? Let’s listen to SOUL II SOUL. Hey, you broke my CD player again. T hanks for being such a good friend. I love you. Danny-Teach me some sw ear words. Don’t m ake me fat, Please! I had so much fun w ith you-hope you did too. You are the most talented person th a t I've ever met! I'll miss you. P.S. get a chick.

Jessica-Thanks for all th e sm iles th a t you’ve brought to me. Stay sweet- never change! Take care. I’ll miss you! “Do you know w here you are going to? Do you like th e things th a t life is showing you? W here are you going to? Do you know? Do you get w hat your hoping for? W hen you look behind you th ere’s no open doors W hat are you hoping for? Do you know?” -Diana Ross “Did you ever know th a t your my hero? You’re everything I wish I could be I can fly higher th a n an eagle You are th e wind beneath my wings!” -Bette Midler “ I don’t know where I’m going B ut I sure know where I’ve been H anging on th e promises In songs of yesterday And I’ve m ade up my mind I ain 't waisting no more tim e H ere I go again, here I go again.” -White Snake

If you feel th e need, I’ll be there for you. If you need to cry, lean on me to do so. Try to remember, I’m here for you. Love, Junko

Chad Iwamoto

Mom and Dad: Thanks for always being there for me. I love you. To all my friends at HPA: Thanks for making my only year at HPA so enjoyable.


1:30 at Hapuna...mokes...cops!, Hans & Bremen- Are we throwing a grad party or ; what? Chads, Marc- 315 lbs. ...studly. Sam- Flamer...we go suck'em up. NickZombie. Leilyn-I beat you at typing. Danica-Got um eh. Jasmin-RobbyKuikahi St...yung’uns. Kirsty-39 and a half, maybe 40 now. Shahnti- Quarters pro. Ellen, Tiva- New recruits? Eva, Tracyi Farris, Marina...I give up! Twila-Yall. PatJ Us, fridge, bookstore, trips to town, History review, schnapps. Julia- Partners in crime. Ernie, Jasons, Yusuke, Reed, Jesse-Town bound, Trevor, Makoto, Katty, Sarah, Halani, Sadie, Holly, MaliaTrampoline..., Brandy, Heidi, & everybody else... We are Friends! Laura- Where do YOU want to go? Free j periods, thanks for everything. At least you stayed with me. Simone- “P retty Woman”, you w anna talki to her..for being there, understanding me, being my friend... and the tea & pasta, thanks. See ya in California! Lisa- Hey sis, where ya been?... our talks, my letters. I missed you. We’ll meet again... Kobashi. Upon us all a little rain must fall. -Led Zeppelin

Good Luck to: Derrick-Hotel always open, 1 broke pipe, cheese. Boy-I miss our side. Haouli- We go beach, go lift, go eat. AllynHickory dickory dock. Carl-(& Company). ; Jake- Lineman. B.B.,T.I.,D.B....Youre the line..., C.M.(Bat), S.A.(Cnicken), P.D.(Nairobi), Toyo(Mad Man), D.A., G.E.(Wake up), D.P., Jen & Kathy, S.F.(Ohhh!), M.J., P.H., D.F., M.L„ K M , C.M.(Buff chick), M.S.(My pal), L.ti., M.D’s., C.B., S.L., L.M., M.V., d.C., and anyone else I forgot...Take care... Mich, Kim, Meg, Cyrus, Malia- Take care | of mysis...Thanks. KK.R- I have you to thank or blame. Sorry for ruining your life. You’ll find the right one someday. V.G.H.R.- What, dork, silent trips, 12:30-1 a.m., bum my trip, go to sleep, You’re so I crazy, movies(hah); Thank you for your friendship, it is more than I deserve. A _ smile is all I need. You're only a phone call away. ILYA. Do you ever get tired of the waiting? Do you ever get tired of being in there? Don’t worry, nobody lives forever. -P.F.

R y a n H iroshi Kadota... "Turtle" Kohala, H aw aii / 6 Years / Football / Student Council? Track Hello, is there anybody in there.. -Pink Floyd Mom & Dad- At first I didn’t want to come, now only one thing will make me leave. Your love and support kept me going. Thanks, I Love You. Stacy & Chelsey- What are you going to do without me? Take care of each other, and remember I’ll always be here when you need me. ILY2! Aunty Linda- “Hullo...”, Thanks for helping me with these past 18 years...many more to go. I m lucky to have 42

you. Grandmas & Grandpas & the rest of the clan- for all the encouragement and love, Thanks. ILY All! To the Ohana: Ry- 4 years vars., commando...your house. Greg- Kiwi’s & Mooseheads to Kona...You wanna drive? Taylor-You’ll get yours & I’ll get the loft! Come hard and fast! Shad- So HUGE...jump over the tonight? E-10-Double gravy cheese, shutup...I’m sick of this . LloydMasta...we go make battle scars. AdamOh, put it’re so good...who’s this, huh? Hide-Sticky fingers...A.P.’s and football bro. Al-Original backer brothers...8th grade(cerveza). Ted-Wrestling stud...let s go to town...missed ya. Kawika- Your car, sorry...friends. Brent-

Much Aloha to the Hondas, Easleys, Spencers, Watsons, Hananos, Hanohanos, Nishidas, Corderios, Ruddles, Lindseys, 1 Rutgers, and Ramos’. My Advisor- 4 years of sled, 100’s, hills; J “Now isn’t this fun...”, it was. Thanks. Thanks to coaches Marciel, Pete, Shaw, 3 Chinen, Ruben, Martin, Hughes, and Williams. Bleckel- Hoops, right now. Perry-Turtle. Mrs Y.-Thanks for all the breaks. Mrs. Boyd- 5 years and still going. A soul in tension that’s learning to fly Condition grounded but determined to try. -P.F. Alums: H.B., S .F , C.C., S.H., R.J., P.D.. K.L.’s, T.W., E.S., and P.V., Thanks. The child is grown The dream is gone. -Pink Floyd

Danica Keahiokealoha Kaniho 6 years / Kamuela-Honokaa, Hawaii / Volleyball / Track lo m and Dad-Thanks for all the love, upport, and u nderstanding you’ve iv en me. Enjoy the house, b u t don’t krget to save my room. I love you both pry much! [ee Anne- You’re a pain, b u t I love pu...7 yrs. to go. Enjoy them . I’ll miss bu. lllyn (my little H a m a ): “I love you, Mnd I always will...more th an you how.” I can’t th an k you enough for all mat you’ve given me: the beautiful ards, memories, smiles, but most of |1 th an k you for giving me your heart. Ill miss you #24. eilyn: ’89 summ er, memories. Let’s b running...Nah! T hanks for so much. LY! I[iva: My beach buddy. “I’m so white!” I oil'll find Mr. Right again someday. Ifalif. is too much stress for you. 7-11 I Ireakfasts,Yuck! I hahnti: Aloha Luigi memories!! I teazar salads. Thanks for all the last Ipinute parties. I azzy: You’ve got a beautiful smile. BI ay parties (Hot Wings), Paniau

memories. Kirsty: My one and only Aussie buddy. Paniau, we’ll get them back someday. And don’t forget Mr. Gasman. W hat is his nam e now? Ellen: We’ve gone up and down, but the good is w hat I’ll cherish forever. I’m so glad to see youy happy. Good luck always in running and your future. Twila: You are an original and ILY. Nice car, I’m jealous. Laura: Remember HPA dorm life? Shad: Take care of my so called”tw in”. Football camp... Adam: You are a bull. Mr. Cologne. Take care of your shoulder. Sam: It’s the N estea dive. HPR confu­ sion. I’m glad you’ve joined us. do ’91. Ryan K: You are a brain. Thanks for all the help. Ethan: Maybe I’ll see you in Manoa. Hide: The yearbook is great, thanks. Kawika: W atch out when you’re mad! You’re such a trouble maker. Lloyd: Ahualoa is ju st too much fun! Taylor: W hat happened to Intro-Cal? Mariko: We don’t even look alike. Oh well. Thanks for the B-day card.

Someday you’ll get your license. But you can drive my car anyday. Football camp memories. Thanks for all the showers and the clothes. Don’t forget to invite me to the wedding. I’ll Miss U. Lau: You are an athelete. Thanks for all the little things we’ve shared. Mel: Is Dad home this weekend? Party a t M auna Lani jacuzzi. Rambling in the golf cart. Kelly: Work memories. Good luck always. Grad/Haonda: Cousins always. Mike J: Hagamuggi. Thanks for the camping trips you organized. I’ll remember them always. V-ball #1. Hanano: some day you’ll catch a big fish, in or out of the ocean. To all my friends: I can’t thank you enough for all the times we’ve shared. I love you all. Au revoir! Till we meet again, continued in the boosters. To the volleyball team: Remember “I love preassure, yes I can, It’s a break, Dig in, I go...” Always do your best, and don’t forget to tu rn in your jer­ seys. Thanks for believing in me Bill and Nolan. Good Luck next year. State for sure!!

best room m ate/ You still owe me a box of Yoku Moku/ 6:30 Am alarm s/ late night poker games/ Roppongi/ Good luck... ShadVshadX n: thickness, bulk, boundless, and all-powerfui|j Football ’90 (I owe you one) - “stay low...”/ “sticky fingers”/ “ Fd glad they make you w ear football pads; if it weren’t for them , !] we’d all be injured.”/ N injas own th e night!!/ Thanks for all the] laughs. Good luck and tak e care bu!! Taylor: Prom ’90/ spearfishing trips/ football camp/ and ju s t M cruising/ it was th e best!! Thanks... M aster LLoyd: Thanks for ALL the laughs and for being a gre* friend. Good luck and keep in touch. C had I.: Honolulu bound!!/ Take care and catch you laters. 9 Jed G.: “W hat’s bewildered?”/ doctor’s appointm ent/ contacts^ Why am I in your room?” Sam B.: “W hat happened to Jane?”/ “I raise to th ree dollars.^! “W atch your back!!/ poker? To da ’91 boyz: Ryan, Greg, Alfred, Kadota, Chad, Jason L .,f l Yusuke, Makoto, M artin, Jesse, Reed, Bremen, Brent, and Har - good luck!!! laters... D aw ahines: Kirsty: My little sister and best wontok, how could I ever repa; you for all th a t you’ve done and given me./ spider woman/ #1 or #2?/ tw in day/ shopping in Honolulu/ movies/ after study-haU talk s/ parties/ and list goes on and on/ Words can not describe! our friendship. Thanks for all th e great times and memories. % will miss you dearly. Take care... Jasm in: Hey girl, looks like we finally made it thro ugh 7 pep letters/ novels/ oreos/ “th e island”/ Prom/ talking story/ cruising my w aiter prefect/ you were always th ere to give me support 1 w ith your warm smile. May our friendship la st forever. Good luck and tak e care. I’ll m iss ya... Tiva: Honolulu (Twila’s pageant!) “Can you make it across the street?”/ th e “green” dress/ outdoor volleyball/ Shahnti’s birthdj party! “Please don’t cry.”/ “our” retarded handshakes/ We had some of th e b est tim es together. Thanks for all the good fun asi laughs!! Take care and keep in touch. Danica: You were my alarm clock for C period class./ “Any f l college visits today?”/ shopping a t 7-11/ Thanks for all your helg and support. Take care... Shahnti: Yearbook is finally over!!!/Your 17th birthday party/] cooking pizzas/ w atching horror flicks/ English class/ These we^ tru ly th e “good” tim es a t H.P.A. Thanks for everything. Forgel me not... Leilyn: You trouble m aker!/ m ountain biking/ talk story at Piza H u t/ Thanks so much for your g reat friendship. Twila: “F our Stars!!”/ burping contests/ prom/ your pageant/ dorm life/ dinner a t M urtha’s ap artm ent/ You’ve always given me support when I needed it. Thanks, I’ll miss you, little one...] Sarah: Bobby Brown, low-riders, and heavy base - 1 ju s t can’t: I live w ithout them 7 ’91 Water-soccer team rules!!/ good luck am tak e care. Angie: Hey dude! We h ad some good laughs together7 “He got] an 88, M r ”/ “Ho, th ere she is!”/ laters... Juniors: Allyn: I owe all my fullback skills to you. I can never thank yn enough for all your help and patience during th e season7 “Oh girl”/ volleyball gam es during football camp/ “Ho, campfire! Bus out th e marshmellows!”/ Teddy bears??/ tak e care and good lud Hauoli & Derrick H.: Dawn patrols/photo sessions/m any 1 m ahalos for all th e laughs, trouble, and m ost of all, your suppoi and friendship. Laters... G rad & Melina: Remember always - “F irs t night w ith Hide j night!” You guys were awesome! Thanks for all those good j times. Taka K.: “You should get some sleep.”/ “Who sings this again?*. Football, volleyball, and tennis - w h at a combination!/ Good ha bu... Kosei: “G et rice or what?” Ja k e & Carl: W hatever you guys are up to next, tak e care and best of luck. Good luck: Tet, H anano, C utter, Porter, Mike, Shawn, Shayne, and all those I forgot to mention.

Hidetaro K a s h i m a Guam 13 years I Tennis/ Volleyball I Football1?I Dorm Prefect/ Yearbook edt. / Ju d o ! W indsurfing!! N injitsu D a Bovz: Adam: Tako & Ahi Poki, dried ogo, steaks, M ahi-Mahi, saim in, blueberry cheesecake, m usubi, wasabi, opihi, burritos, guava nectar, nori and RICE will all be missed! / How’s Sara-Lee?/ Hours during our sophomore year/ Black is beautiful!/ Many countless thank-yous for everything-from th e homemade food to Mom, Dad, & Yoshihiko: Thanks for all your support and love your friendship. throughout these 3 years. I love you all!! Marc: It’s only been 3 years, b ut it seems like we grew up Mr. & Mrs. Adams: I could never th a n k you enough for all the together./ dawn patrols/ cycling Kohala Hill/ M akapu’u week­ things you’ve done for me. I love you guys! ends/ tennis season/ “goo-goo” eyes/ Bollettieri/ Hilton Hotel Special th an ks to th e faculty members th a t made it all possible (Kona)/ Bali-Bali/ The Viper/ “yeah...boy...7 th e list goes on - it D um an, Brown, Bleckel, Perry, Hall, Wilder, Provencal, Honma, was an awesome th ree years/ Good luck in w hatever you do. I Solmssen, Rice, Colson, & Kamrow. know I’ll be seeing you soon/ N injas own th e night!!! B arbara & Herb: Judo couldn’t have been better! Kawika: “D uring th e 3 years I’ve known you, I never could Mrs. Y: You were both an excellent teacher and a great friend figure out how you ever found clothes big enough to fit your always there to listen, give me support and encouragement. m assive body, or doors wide enough for you to go through.”/ Thanks... talking story/ m ountain biking/ fish stories/ we ju s t had the best Rizzutos: Those homemade cookings were th e best! tim es/ You were tru ly an understanding and a great friend./ Spencers: I couldn’t have made it through football camp without Take care and mahalos. you. Thanks for everything, I’ll m iss you all. King E-10: You were an inspiration (Football)!/ physics class/ Ron Seno: You are th e greatest coach!!/ Thanks for everything practices/ Honokaa gam e - th an k s bu/ talk story!!/ I’m glad we throughout th e two seasons./ B.I.I.F. title is yours. got to be close friends/ Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! Nick: “One who laughs last, doesn’t get it.”/ N ah, you were the

“Tiny bubbles in th e wine M akes me happy, makes me feel fine. Tiny bubbles makes me w arm allover...” - Bruddah W alt ah

Underclassmen: Good luck to: Scott A., Chris M., Paul, M att D., Sunny, Gerritij M athias, Chris E. Damien A., Damien M., Daniel H., Jonah, 1 Keola, J.P., and all th e rest I can no t remember. Good luck to all th e V arsity Football, Volleyball, Track, and mo of all th e TENNIS teams. To th e Guam crew: Good luck and th an k s for everything - Ray] Tadao, George, M asaru, Wei-Han, Yeong-Sae, and all th e otkjjl I grew up with. L a te r s ..................... “You can’t be serious!!!!!!!” - John McEnroe


8 years/ Waimea lllow yourself th e U ltim ate Adventure: •discover how completely loved you are by God/ Iddcss/ All th a t is and how deep is your own cafcity to love. Let’s begin th e journey home... Let pe...” - Lazaris Ihe Secret: Reach for a future w aiting to unfold p embrace you ra th e r th a n retreatin g into a fet w aiting to seduce and entrap you.” - Lazaris there is no love in your heart, then th ere is no e for you tru e, tru e.” -Ziggy ia Billfish - We’ve grow n into two completely ferent individuals but we’ll always be best of ends. This yr. w asn’t th e sam e w ithout you! jeryday of this y ear I th in k of you. “ Romp- fest” taping trips to those m any days spent up in Pu’u |ni forests. You were the best neighbor, friend d enemy. Come home soon Mic! ILY. one- This is the boy who nam ed him self pit bull, anx for being th ere for me even though you’re les away, I’lrn ev er forget our famous camping H I’ll always kick y o u rb u t in bowling. Come on bet dinner. ILY. bias-1 missed you. ILY. ic- You are a very sw eet kind of guy. I missed you s year, and I still can’t believe you wrote. I hope 1’re o.k. ILY. I ajuiti- Humpty- Hump, Turbo Thum per- let’s I Max, George, Ocean, Nicky H.,etc. etc.... The I rties, bowling, m aking spaghetti a t 3 in the I p iin g was absolutely tn e m ost memorable. I member not to forget me when you become pres. I the U.S. I won’t forget the beach whale, pur I ense talks and cruizing W aim ea toilet papering I pain trucks. N ext tim e it’s the saran wrap I jise. A the gi ba the get ya the gou ca th e g an t wa I fg ait ta the go fp the guck Mr. Brown. You owe I brunch, if you’re not too tired. ILY.

Leilyn K aw am ata

Laura- I won’t forget our E ast Coast hell trip together. ILY. Remember you’re someone special and to stick up for w hat you believe in. I don’t ever w ant to clean up your puke. Take care, you’re ab­ solutely th e sweetest.

Jocko Strap (Nick # 3)- Do me baby. You’ll always be the lonely poor freshm an soul. Pull up those pants. ILY.

Tiva- Ms. H itler- Glad we became friends this year. You’ve got to be th e most spirited person I know. ILY.

Allavn- Doo - Doo head! Don’t worry next year w o n t be th a t bad. It gets b etter as days go by. Believe me, I had a rough start! Take care. ILY.

Jazzy- Stay w/ him. He’ll take care of you, I know he’s my neighbor. I promise. We have to compare notes sometime. ILY.

Elle Elle Pop Belly- You will always be the champ on card games.! You’re the best gossip buddy! ILY.

Kirsty- Dee- How’s th e Chevron man? Aust. sucks. I’m gonna miss you. You were always the mommy.

Greg the Chipmunk and Hansel Gretel- You guys are tied for the most innocent looking, but really you guys are the most guilty. ILY. Taylor and Kadotna- You guys are perverts. ILY.

Danica- Sum m er o f’89 was the best and the worst. I’ll never forget it. Thanx for always drying my m any tears. ILY. Kaweewee- Let’s go bike. I still th in k of you as being shorter th a n me. I’m gonna m issyou and you w o n t ever know w hat your friendship m eans to me. Yes, you look like a gopher. ILY. Ethan- Pug- smile. Thanx for always cheering me up or m aking me in a worse mood. You’re th e only one who fell for my jokes. So did th a t slap in your face wake you up? Who am I going to rest my face upon? I sw ear your walk is worse th a n mine. ILY.

Bremey- Tin Grin, Watson, and Schupy-ILY. Thanks to the faculty, th a t’s some not all- Fleckel Bleckel, The salty Rice ball, Hughes the true baffoon, Brown the Biffer, Boyao San, and Missing Link. Class of N ineteen Ninety One- We will all meet again someday along the long future. I wish the best of luck to you and I’ll see you on the ten year reunion. Rice’s- My second family. Thanx for letting me stay over. Mrs.- rem ember food coloring. ILY.

Adam Ranny- Who’s gonna tease me until I freak now th a t you’re gone. Take care of yourself. ILY.

Mom and Dad-1 made it! My life is finally on its way. I’ll always be the family rebel. ILY.

Shad- Close it, you’re m aking the flies dizzy, you are th e genius in disguise. I b etter be invited to the baby shower. I won’t foiget our many talks,thanx for being the expert. ILY.

Faye- I’m still gonna beat vour kids up! I hope you find the happiness you deserve. Remember the fortune teller on Venice, me biffing on the beach strand, to the Chinese boy who brought us a whole stack of plates. When I’m with you I seem to get in trouble.Bee yah a t grad or else..ILY.

Hidetaro- You’ve always helped me when I was in a bind. I’ll always count on you to m atch the different colored slippers. ILY. Marcos- How’s Emelda. You are my best buddy. ILY. Ian (Green Giant)- Nick # 2 .1 laugh you have one more long year. ILY.

Garren- Grad time here we come! Watch out here comes the K awam ata kids. Thanx for giving me a new brother Pietna. You’ll always h e the big brother. Remember college is the way to go. ILY. Come home soon. MY LIFE- IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING!

adjusting to normal life ya? Chad- Cloud nine, ten, Thimble berryi country, 69’s...Killer spots. I’ll check you out in Colorado we’ll dominate thj state. Greg—Bang Your Head!!! B am Sesh’89, ’90, ’91... Headbanger’s Ball. 9-9- i 89 Puako, the W alrus m an has re- . turned. 7-11 runs a t w hat time? Alfred- Hoi Moku. How’s the two blonds a t Jim m y Cliff? We rush 'em. M alia and Brandy- I’ll always love yoj two. We’ve had countless, killer expe-j riences. Driving and chewing gum at the same tim e is m ental, right Malia?! Brandy, rem ember when we all crashed a t your house? Thanks, our I camping trip foamed th a t night. Tom- You m ust chill!! How’d you like an undercooked m eatloaf sandwhich w ith a raw egg on top served in a dirtj ashtray? Ted- W here was you? We all missed you a lot. Isis and Dom- I’ll be over to party soon. Cheers. Love ya Tracey. “Man, I swear, it was double or mayb even triple overhead and I pulled this gnarley backside air, then got off on s killer floater, and after th a t I paddlec in and all of these voluptuous blonds attacked me and then...” -My 13 year old brother, Kris

H a n s K lett 8 years / Hawaii / S w im m ing 4 yrs. / Partying 17 yrs. Mom and Dad-1 could never in a million years th an k you enough. The love and support th a t you have given me has helped me through these treacherous years of being a young, sprouting TEENAGER. I’ve learned a lot about life fron you. I’ll always love you more th an words can even come close to describing. I promise I’ll write. HA HA HA. J u s t joking. I’ll call, it’s easier. “The Posse”Bremen- It’s been unreal, and every year gets better. 46

How’s last summ er? Team G itana Del Mar. Berm uda to Spain- 24 days a t sea. Fuengirola- “PSSSST, I scored.” Spring B reak ’89- ouch!! Peaks a t 5:00 a.m. High school was ju st the begin­ ning. Brent- My fellow speed demon. The upper road is ours forever. Remember the mosh pit in the little blue church? Surfs up= we’re out of here. Ryan- EWLHSALKMSOEOFRRREE. Cali bound, huh? I’ll be there to cruise. We had too much fun. It will be hard

“All in all, your just another brick in the wall.” -Pink Floyd H.P.A.- Thanks.

Tracy Christina Kopp 1 0 years! H i.! Track! Soccer! Sw im m ing ‘Boy! I got vision and th e rest of the orld w ears bifocals.” Paul Newman


To Mom and Dad- You know s well as I th a t there were tim es I regretted you being there, b u t you alw ays were. Live your lives. I love Vou. To All- “If the day and night are such th a t you greet them w ith joy, and life em its a fragrance like flowers and sweet- scented herbs, is more plastic, more starry, more im m ortal,— that is your success.” To those who really m atter| [t’s best said in person. (But you know me.) Farris- The im m ortal word weilds more power and persuasion than all but the strongest of souls. I believe in you. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life vou’ve imagined! As you simplify your

life, the laws of the universe will be simpler, solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.” -Thoreau-

which you have not got...” -Fra GiovanniWe are... Pals.

Eva- “They” say th a t love of life and passion are only for the young; it dies w ith age. Don’t let it. “Spend all you have for loveliness, Buy it and never count the cost; For one white singing hour of peace Count m any a year of strife well lost, And for a breath of ecstasy Give all you have been, or could be.” -Sara Teasdale To all who here and those who are not-“I salute you. I am your friend and my love for you goes deep. There is nothing I can give you


C h ung Lee Tennis/ Ping-Pong/ Choir/ Solar C ar/ Soccer Mom and Dad-1 love you and I always will. Special thanks to Mr. Bleckel, Mr. Solmssen, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Brown, and all the other teach -ers who helped me survive HPA Alfredo- Shut the up! Benz- Sashimi party again??? FUA Gingie- Always remember VGS!!! Shishir- My best roomate ever?! Edmundo-1 want your ‘line 7 ‘ so bad. Ken-1 will try to find out my blood type as soon as possible. Simon- Still can’t forget JG? Just remember don’t be too stressed!!! Simone-1 wish that we could go to watch “Pretty Woman” again. ILY. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1991!!!!

Jason Lopez worn and Tom: I owe all of this to you and I can per repay you. As I s ta rt my college urs you end your careers. A well ■ned retirem ent and I hope you oy every year of it. I can only hope a life as good as your now. Mom 1 Tom have fun and rem em ber I e you guys. )iana, G randm a, and G randpa ink you for being there, you have no a how m uch th a t m eans. And to the t of the family I’ll be home soon. “My house is no m ansion B ut it still holds my asures Things th a t will never sold T here’e a few things in s world T hat ju st can’t be asured By money, by silver and d.” Indy Travis-

Roger, Hans, Mike, Tony, Rob, Scott, and Pat: Take care and we’ll see you in the corps, devildogs. Roger we’ll play some pool together and look for chics so come on down to New Mexico and chow. Reed, we’ll go into the world to find ourselves and when we m eet again my Ford will leave your Jeep in the dust a t the bottom of the hill. Until then take it easy and watch out for the ladies. V entura, you’re a little small but you’ll get to be a senor one day. Keep surfing and take it easy. Thanks for the food. J u s t some parting words of advice to my fellow classmates. “ happens” is w hat you say when it doesn’t go right. Always remember, “Life is one big m ind game, but if you don’t mind it don’t m atter.”

LopezThe guy in the picture.

Brent: “You can fool some 01 tne people some of the tim e b u t you can’t: fool all of the people all of the time.” J George Orwell - lh o p e you have an Jj excitmg life and th an k god this world is huge! Best wishes: J.B, L.B, N.Q, B.N, G.P, O.G.E.L, P.H, 'f.S, M.N, D.W,, A .t. Patrick: I love you w ith all my heart. Please don’t c t o w up too m uch w ithout me! Miss you. Lot’s of love Bubbha.


Grandm a & Grandpa: You have been the bigest help these last few 9 years! Thank you for everything! I j love you! Diff; Peter, Bollag: I hope you are having fun w herever you are!


J.J: Hope San Diego is going off! “Make new friends, b ut keep the old'Those are silver, these are « gold. New-made friendships, like nev wine, Age will mellow and refine. Friendships th a t have stood the test j Time and change-are surley best; Brow m ay wrinkle, h air grow gray, | Friendship never knows decay. For j ‘mid old friends, tried and true, Once more we are youth renew. But old friends, alas! m ay die, Cherish friendship in your breast - New is good, but old is best; Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are ;| silver, these are gold.” -Joseph Parry Jesse E: “I’d like to be the sort of 9 friend th a t you have been to me; I’d like to be the help th a t you’ve been | always glad to be; I’d like to m ean as m uch to you each m inute of the day i you have m eant, old friend of mine, J me along the way. And could I have one wish this y ear, this only would if be: I’d like to be the sort of friend th8 you have been to me.” -Edgar Guestl will miss you. Please keep in touch;

S a d ie Lowry To my friends a t home: I miss you guys and wish you were here! Peryll: Now where did we put th a t catalog? Steph’s such a B...h!! Where s Bek? Je ffs room maybie . . . Nah. How about another bathing suit? Love to go sliding down a hill w ith you any day! I love you very much, Peryll. I hope we will be friends th irty years from now and look back on high school as one big joke. Thanks for putting up w ith me! Ih o p e p a ta to icking is fun! Miss you this year! ot’s of love.


Bek: Men aren’t everything! We learned th a t didn’t we? I dare you to w ear th a t to dinner! Would you care for this dance? Weekends a t your

house were never dull. Prom, a night to rem ember, right? Miss those grind sessions. This year is defini tely not the same w ithout you! Thanks for being there for me. I’m sorry for eve­ rything you had to go through! I love ou very much and wish you were ere! You better keep in touch! M att D., M att V., Hubbs: Gosh, you guys are getting big! Malia: Let’s not look in the cave. Camping was fun. I hope there will be more to come. Best wishes for the future. I hope you achieve success a t w hatever you do. Have fun in college. Lisa: Maybe you will become un­ grounded soon. Hope you had a good year! Good luck. We are out of here.

Simone: A true friend like you is hag to find. Thanks for always being the for me. You will always hold a spot j my heart. I will miss you next year. It nas been fun. This year has a lot 1 offer, let’s m ake the best of it! Lots | love. Shawn: Did I forget to tell you todaj th a t you are ugly? Have a great sea year! Brian: Thanks for all your help in I class. Mom and Dad: I’m growing up. j Thanks for everything! I owe it all • you. Thanks for putting up with all my quirks, but giving me the freedfl to learn from my m istakes. You gue are the best parents a person can j have.

Sim one Maciejewski

tt Couldn’t Be Done There are thousands to tell you it :annot be done, There are thousands to phrophesy iailure; There are thousands to point out to you, one, by one, The dangers th a t will assail you. But ju st buckle in w ith a bit of grin, Just take of f your coat and go to it; Just s ta rt to sing as you talk to the thing That “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it.

To my friends: Thank you for the care in my tim es of need. I hope I have helped you all in the same way. I wish you all the best in life. Mom & Papi: Thanks for the talks, the advice, but most im portantly, for supporting me and my decisions, and for giving me the chance to be the person I truly w ant to be. -I know you both love me and I love you.

rEdgar A. Guest M athias:

To the class o f ’91: Don’t lose your tru e selves under the suffocating m asks of everyday life. Rip them off and enjoy reality!

You will do great things in your life ahead of you. You will touch many people with your kindness and sensitivity, ju st as you have touched me. -I love you very much, don’t forget that!

To Matty: The most im portant discovery tru e friends can make is th a t they can grow separetly without growing apart. -E. Foley W ith you I have felt tru e happiness and love of the deepest kind. My thoughts will be forever filled with many beautiful memories of our time together, and my heart filled with our true love th a t we share. You will always be my best friend. I will never forget... -I Love You

Maya-Batabing, Batabang! Yaa? To you I bequeath my crowns as Queen 9-ball! G rant + Dale-1 couldn’t have made it without your support. T hanks so much. ILY Bailey-The land of Calbot Calbot Ocean-Forgiving is p a rt of life and everyone j m akes m istakes. I hope we both find “there” ] someday. ILY Twila-goodnight ma, goodnight pa! Kirsty-Hi B! Jaz-O ur singing band Shanti-Joey Lopaka’s basem ent. Shhh! Sadie- The stars and th e clouds. I love you. 1 “And I keep hoping you are the sam e as me and! I send you letters and go to your house for tea,} We are who we are, w hat do the others know?! B ut poetry is not for me so show me the way to i go” - The Sunday^ Lisa-I don’t care w hat Maya says about you, I your still groovey. Hoyawannapeacisign? Can ! stay a t your house cause someone’s trying to kill me! Roger 10-4! Straw berry Hill forever. Deoxynide! Can we go now? Diets, us? Nah! I love you so much. Brandy,Drandy,Destiny,Brandila, My God beaula bell! How could I possibly put this into ' words? I love you is too miniscule. Momento 3 th a n th a t babe! We’ve gone beyond and dreamej th a t dream to be two souls as one. A-dyi squared, last flight in th e night, I know w hat 1 you’re thinking, Blue dreads and black eyes, I ' believe in destiny. Melt your face off again, I 1 tak e one cuz you left me, yea-wooh, Fropical I tu its, You are SO cool, bed trips, m anipulator mind-game players, let’s steel a car, oh your so bad...Getaway, far away feeling cuz we’re going back to Cali. I’m lubin you in my cozy beo. Goodfry! Isis and Dom- Hi Coz’s! It ju s t w asn’t Soft and Dry w ithout you. We missed you SO much. Yap m ake me m ad enough to punch you in the face! Mickey Mouse laugh, she’s droned and she w ants to control us yeah! Cozy in the beddy ] w ish my shweety. H um na bum na, cruz party i party cruz, yellow m ustard mountains. I lub yo dice.

■■■■■■■■■■■■HBHNHBRHnM HBBM M nM HniHHM E

M a li a - S t a r M anley Hawaii / 4 yrs / Varsity M ush / Drama / Music / 2 yrs cheerleading /1 yr. Am nesty Int. / diving

are not worth it!” Dad-”W here’s th e reggae?” I love you m ostest infinity!

“And as you reach a new plateau of thought and old friends drop away, fear not lonliness for there is a silent communication between those on the sam e level of aw areness.” - K ristin Zambucka “Now it all seems funny, kind of like a dream. Things ain t always w hat they seem.” .A. Guns “I told you th a t we can fly cause we all have wings b u t some of us don’t know why.” INXS M am aheart and Daddio-It’s so h ard to p u t into words my gratitude. I guess all those “in the long ru n ” stories were true. Thanks for putting up w ith all my idiotic adventures. Mama-”guys

To th e H -est posse ever: Ryan-enlightening porch trips. Say hambuga! Greg- here we are, you and me driving. Where are we going again? Hans-Save th e next dance for me. Those waves are trying to attack us! Chad-Ho naah! I like my oatm eal lumpy. Brent-”No one can truly know or love another.” Alfred-Hi deo! The windmills are talking to us! Hiyayayaya! Cheers love. Bremen-m+m- our anual ritu a l on belated birthdays. Ted-We missed you! Don’t ever forget our sum m er school experiences. The sm u rf posse lives! “However far away-1 will always love you.” -The Cure

“Up,down,turn around, please don’t let me hit th e ground. Tonight I th in k Til walk alone, I’ll find my soul as I grow old.” - New Order “I don’t w ant to work away doing ju s t w hat the all say. Work hard boy, you’ll find, one day you have a job like mine. Be wise, look ahead, use"] your eyes he said be straight, th in k right B ut I m ight die tonight.” - C at Stevens J At risk of being generic, class of 91’ rules! “Looking for fun and feeling Groovey.” “Sail on silver girl, sail on by. Your tim e has come to shine, all your dream s are on their way.” -Simon and Garfuncle A rt lives-poetry and song and someday I will , unfirl my wings and fly like a dragon above all th e toy houses and people, and perhaps I will ignite th eir spirits w ith fire. Peace , Love, and Tofu....


Reed Martic Hillsborough, Ca./ Scuba/ Hardcore 4-wheeling/Fishing/Much Relaxation “ No m atte r w here you go, there lou are.” - Buckaroo Banzai “ Moose. Indians.” - L ast words of lenry David Thoreau “ In the abundance of w ater, the bol will be th irsty.” - Bob M arley Mom & Dad: Although we had Jur disagreem ents, It was your persisent nagging and love th a t m ade high Jchool survival possible. I love you | [oth very much. Brooke: It’s too bad th a t we never et to see each other any more. I miss Jou and love you. “Oh th a t’s right, we fcaven’t tried the doorbell!” Dorothy: T hank you for always being there for me. It’s an honor to tell people th a t you are my grandm other. i o u don’t know how m uch I care for Kou. Victor & Bonnie: W hen every;hing is against me, you always stand n my comer. You are the greatest riends I could ever have. Ralph: Cujo, Pip, Arnie Palmer,

Babette: Maybe someday you will actually get a jeep. B ut until then, you can borrow mine anytime. Geisers: Thank you for being my second family- You’re the greatest! Kirsten: I’m glad you finally learned how to peel out. Trevor; Well Idiot, we made i t !? How? Late night m ush sessions with Pink Floyd really helped. Never let anyone or anything get in the way of your dreams. P.S.- green is good......... Julia: Thanks for deciding to go to HPA. Listening to my babbling really helped me deal. Love ya! M arina: I hate watches. Even though you don’t like P.D.A., you’re a pretty cool person. Whoever th a t Ollie guy was, I’m sure he and his harm on­ ica will be happy forever. I Love You. Molly: Faaaaatherrr!!! MeowMeow-Meow-Meow. Tractors are dangerous. They are not things to fool around with. C hristian Slater is such a babe... too bad he’s gay! Eva and farris: Weed M artyr will live forever. Rambo is quite the stud, (almost as cool as Trevor.) Tracy: I’m glad we finally became friends again

Bailey: Be peaceful but not too peaceful to write me once in a while. Sheridan: Hi Sailor, why do cows fly around the moon backwards with their behinds painted purple? I prom­ ise to spend my college years trying to figure it out- yeah right. Lopez: Where can I get a h at like that? You’ll always be the stud of the universe. I’ll watch for your name in the pro rodeo circuit. M cDum an’s heroes: Tk (coffee man), Greg SH, Taka, Ken, Tyson, Kevin, Chris E., and John Lennonyou guys shred- P.S. stay away from Anna’s; it’s dangerous. W urster’s: Thanks for caring. Someday when my new 45 ft. fishing boat comes, you’ll be the first people on it. F.W., A.S., A.R., M.T., B.B., J.R., M.V., J.H., G.J., M.C., B.W., C.B., S.E., B.N., R.W., J.H ., S.P., S.M., S.K., and those whom I am too lame to remember: take care. “ And now for som ething completely different.” 53

H ans W illiam M athiesen


Paradise Valley, Az. / Technical Crew / Horse Program / H all Dorm Prefect Ernesto- You have been a truly great friend and a very special person to know. I couldn’t have made it through the year without your support. Keep up the great work, you’ve got an unbelieveable future ahead.


with all the great computer

Mother- Thank you for every­ thing you have done!

Hall Dorm Boys- Best of Nolan: "First Notice" luck in the future. You’ve been a great bunch this year, keep it up. Enjoy your next three years of high school. Have a great If the earth were only a few feet in diameter, floating a summer. few feet above a field som ew here, people would come from everywhere to Trevor- Keep smiling, marvel at it. People would walk around it, marveling at its big pools of water, its little pools and the water flowing between the pools. People would 1 Mr. Solmssen/ Mr. Ander­ thank you for everything you marvel at the bumps on it, and the holes in it, and they 1 would marvel at the very thin layer of gas surrounding it and | have done for me. You have son/ Mr. Durnan/ Mrs. Y./ Mrs. the water suspended in the gas. The people would marvel at ! all the creatures walking around the surface of the ball, and at \ been a great friend. the creatures in the water. The people would declare it Kamrow/ Mr. Hall/Mr. Honmaprecious because it was the only one, and they would protect J it so that it would not be hurt. The ball would be the ] Thank you all for all the sup­ greatest wonder known, and people would come to 1 To Every One that I behold it, to be healed, to gain knowledge, to know 1 port you have given me while I beauty and to wonder how it could be. People would love it, and defend it with their lives, missedYou will all hold a because they would somehow know that their have been here. lives, their own roundness, could be special spot in my memory of nothing without it. If the Earth were only a few feet in HP A. The best of luck in the diameter. Dameon- It’s been a good future and congratulations to Author unknown year, thank you very much for the class o f’91. every thing you did. Keep up


Lloyd Mendes H onoka’a, Hi. / 2 years / Football / Weight lifting I Hunting.. [Mom and Dad thanks so much [for everything you have done for Ime. Thanks for pushing me to [the ultimate level. I love you

IKim, Lori, and Janelle you pain in the —! I love you guys. E-10- You have been like a [brother to me. We’ve had some [good times together and there are still more to come.

Boy-Boom! Boom! Boom! Aunty Darleen- Thanks for the checkers. 1990-91 football was unreal. Aloha to the coaches,Marciel, Bryson, Provencal, Chinen, and of course Coach Shaw. Hauoli, Al, and Musubi kick some “asno” next year. Tiva- “boner” Twila- laters ya all Dota- luck #26

MASTERS: Adam, Shad, Hide, Marc, and King Kawika: Glad I got to meet some cool friends like you guys. Take it easy. Taylor- No make like dat!

To all the other special people I missed Aloha. Class of ’91, best of luck in the future.

“I like broad strokes. I guess j you could say I’m drawn to extremes.” Anjelica Houston Molly: “Everyday’s an endless 1 dream of cigarettes and maga­ zines...” Tuna anything, ventur-j ing, and many memories...” “Doi I smell?”ILY Cristine: Always put yourself above them! ILY “Lord what’s the matter am I insane? This life’s an illusion that’s all it remains Are you listening, are you boss? Am I gonna make it up on that cross?”

H a la n i Moss Mom and Dad: As usual, I don’t know where to begin and what I want to say seems endless. You’re my best friends, and to just thank you for everything could never be enough. But appreciation in love and under­ standing is immeasurable, and that’s where I’ll begin. I love you. “It’s so easy to laugh, it’s so easy to hate- it takes guts to be 56

gentle and kind...” The Smiths Star and Reeka: “Spread a little and get...” strike a pose, the concerts, the weekends, bean and cheese burritos-”eh- who wen fut???” “Venture club, talent show ’90" I see purple flowers in your eyes!” and much more! I’ll miss you guys! And Star, stop wasting time on those 3-legged creatures. ILY guys!

Lenny Kravitz Lisa: Your purple princess is always here for you. San Fransisco, long talks and the best part...getting my Hawaii li­ cense! The Duke of Marlboro is my man! ILY! Megan “Dunwack”: “Are you experienced?” Cartoons at 5 AM, our tatoo’s, the hills, Scor-| pio power, the 3 cows, food attacks at 2 AM, “Foxy Lady” Is | it....FUN FILLED??? Running through the nightclub w/one spiked heel left, hair flipping in the face as we turn back to look...” I’ve never had a friend like you- took what we wanted J and no one could stop us from doing what we wanted to, God I miss you...” Bright Lights, Big City. I love you Megan “...Enchanted as a rabbit/ That j my life is a dream/ Well every- 1 thing is never/ Just what it seems/The freakiest show I know/is the show of my own/ Living my life in and out of the twilight zone...” Red Hot Chili Peppers-

4 yrs. / Majuro, M arshall Islands.

Catarene “K a t t y ” M urphy

Kwoj a ik u jk e am dri- oukok, shicken or feef, Funch or Dea, Teh! Shoots, “Did you h ear that! I Papa- I’ll give U peace, love and th in k it was a rock! Let’s go check! Na kora, I understanding, b u t ! don’t Know about freedom. Falim ilar, Alwalgym, it’s th e grandshaft, w hat I T hank you! I love you. -Boo is th at- th a t is w hat, lobster to th e bone, N.Y., w eather, Bridge sunset, triceps, biceps and Mama- Ej Yokwe im kamolol wot kwe, ly o u ’ll always be in my heart. I love you- gun bootie too, ningogo, sm ack it up, flip it, rub it I gun. „ ' down ooh noo,hey! Go to th e Pub tonite, stop! H am m er tim e, waawaaw awaa, P arty Animals, Rose- T hanx for taking care of me, beating me up, slaving me around, calling were me dying and hairspray is running out, we’ll take nam es, and best of allb e in g more th a n a sis, b uth t e bus. Hey! We all die anyways so ask me if I care. ILY. -also a friend-ILY Kabid. J.R.- Outlaw, can we play over? Let’s Laebob- Can I borrow some more steal gas,” did you say you and doster use to ■money? steal sandwiches, Peace, Eh! T hat’s w hat Frienz I Suzi- T hanx for being my punching are “4”, we are p arty anim als, Tuna Guy JunkIbag. Don’t let your emotions get to you. My little ster. ILY in a special way, love T una Girl Im erm aid. ILY. sunshine. I K atty loves Molly Kuj, Pegun, David- If your samson, I cam be IK ottilbub, a n d ja b a th e hut. Delilah, U can’t touch this, you m ust of gone to “...All I have to do is dream .” CO-OP, lewaj joun scoop- jaab kwon badr bok Bre- UR1 of a kind! Thanx for joun, Peace Devil Jon, Lapepapa ILY Li-Tuna. I [watching me and guiding me through my life. Joy- Keep away from my men! How I You are a m other, sister, and best of all, a can I sum up our whole childhood and friend­ I [friend, Tydo, cruise, 1 trip to Rita; enem le? ship into words? Horney toad, Playboyz, | Cruise till dawn a t peace corps, 8th grade, Cocruising since ’86, Kememej CO-OP - getting lO p , Valens ’87, S tand by me, we hacfjoy we had kicked out of Jap, R estaurant, your G randpa, p in we had seasons in the sun. Don’t worry one Mobile Kid, stealing the car, MBC Parteez- Oh pay you’ll m eet Marc. ILY. Lamour, Brace Face, Cassanova, Yes, b u t no, Debz- Too much to rem em ber my b u t Potatoe, are you still hungry? ILY. b a rte e posse! W aikiki, Maiuro W eather, bridge, Sarah-JEh Homely -wat get eyeliner? [Rita, Letao, Lanai, Pubs Parking lot, Y.C., Many Hip-hop hype hi-tops, don’t rock my boat cuz I good tim es together my “Twin” sis. ILY. don’t like it like that! Have Mercy Girlfriend! L Myssie- You re probably accepted to T hats word! H arvard, and on scholarship too. And I’m off to Onikka- Goodly eyes Portigita, chile p n d th a t rich old Japanese m an who owns h alf your doper th a n dope ju s t as long as ya bf Oahu and is ready to croak. Remember the rem em ba th a t Chile- You’ve gotsta brush yo’ g reat m om ents CO-OP, w ait le t m e clear my fanngs! P.W.A. [throat, how im m ature. Laters babe. ILY. Angie- Yo word my Georgian Posse CO-OP rules were really not fools. this tim e we is hypin’ it hype and it’s a beat ya A ssum ption witches act like fishes! can’t touch. B athe in cold rivers and wrapped in B anana leaves? Am I is or am I ain’t? Chill, excuse me while I rap- My Party, Your party -c/0 ’87 anytim e drop it cold hip- hoppin is always Melz- We are in rebellion, one day rockin’, don’t you like it when the music drops? we'll g e t nose jobs, ke nake, katanke, our Jum p, sp read out and stop! YA-KID-’K’ is o so Homies- R ita boys, jens tu tu ilo wot im Kadek, fresh! pum -dum head, cruise laura- h u n t chall Pish,


Word from the Homies th e Fly B. Posse “We cold bustin’ on U! Cuz we 2-hype and 2-live!” Jazz- “You got a smile so bright, you know you could’ve been a candle.” -UB40 To th e Nagels- Thank you for everything, especially Grandma. Yollie L.- Triceps, Biceps, and Bootie too! Jen Levy- E h b a ra t emoj ne am Kaboya! I’ll miss you sis. D. Milne- It won’t h u rt if you smile a little, LEIT! Saane- Bass is all th a t you need these days! Benji- Teh! Barat. Konou - My,My how you’ve grown! Robert P.- Portugese nin-gogo ejab Mijak kwe! Jen melz. Ah kwoj baj ja b aa r im eb arat yuck-alou. R. Watley- Mommy, I hungry. Karlo- AH th a t glitters isn t gold- what is th at- th a t is what! Jen. Gl.- Forget me not! K athy Gr.- If you have an itch, scratch it! Lilia K.- You R astafarian PartierReggae Rulez! MIHS c/0 ’94- CO-OP c/0 ’90. Keep the tradition of CO-OP Partiers. Deb B.- Le tok mok joun Cocoa rice! Camp ’90! Catholic Girls- E at my shorts, man! Birgi- Always rem ember to forget the things th a t made you sad, but never forget to rem em ber the things th a t made you glaa. We’ve got to pray to make it today. M.C. Hammer Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cuz every little th in g is gonna be alright. -Bob Marley The More, the longer!” -Angel To the Class o f’91- Stop! P arty Time!

Yusuke Nagano Japan / S tu d / E a tin g / Cruising Mom and Dad- You’ve guys. Good luck. made me what I am today. M.H., N.S., J.L., K.R., You’ve supported me through A.R., H.K., A.U., J.E.: Take care everything and given me free­ of yourselves. dom and the knowledge of how Mahalo Mrs. Y. to use it. Through your love, I A never ending cycle, will have grown, not only in inches start all over again as I reach but more importantly in charac­ out and make new friends at my ter. I love you both more than I next destination. can say. Good bye H.P.A. many Special thanks to- Hori memories you have given me. Family, Nogues Family, Durnan To Mai- Thank you most Family. of all. The time I spend with you Mr. Durnan- Thanks for was the best. I will never forget all your help. you Mai and you will always To all my friends- Thanks hold a special place in my heart. for making the “H.P.A. experince” a great experience. Kosei, Takahiko, and Tyson- Thanks for being such great friends. Makoto and Martin- This is it!! It was great knowing you

Igor Nesic (Jne parole ferme e t ju ste d’un pere bon et lonndte donne toujours a son fils l’esp rit positif, e pouvoir de faire des choses e t la reussite. I.N.N. Plus on vieillit, plus on se m aitrise. I.N.N. La voie de Dieu mene toujours au bon endroit. I.N.N. Ajourney of a thousand miles begins w ith one fetep. Won H ung Lo. The m an who never made a m istake never m ade anything else. George B ernard Shaw. Nothing was ever achieved by scolding. Siddhartha. Patience and the a r t of listening are two of the greatest virtues. I.N.N. Words do not express thoughts very well. They always become a little different im m ediately when they are expressed, a little distorted, a lttle foolish. And yet it also pleases me and peems rig h t th a t w hat is of value and wisdom to bne m an seems nonsense to another. Siddhartha. If you get a hunch, follow it, but never discard t.

I.N.N. My et Papa: Merci mille fois pour to u t votre support et amour. Merci pour m’avoir pousser a faire to u t ce qu’il fallait que je fasse avec mes etudes. Volim Vas. A Dusko: Continue a travailler tres dure et tu seras satisfait avec tes resultats. Surtout. ne repetes plus les betises que nous avons faits auparavant. Volim Te. To P ru & Eric: T hanks a lot for all you’ve done for me during those couple of short vacations we’ve spent w ith you. Also, I appreciate very much all th e help you have offered me concern­ ing colleges.

drag if you w eren’t teaching it!!! Ron: Didn’t you say tennis was for life? Ace! Air ball! Got your helm et on!!! Edmund: Try not to double fault on match points any more! J u s t joking! Victor: I’m surprised you haven’t broken your racket yet, especially when you’re always hitting th e frame instead of the strings! Take care and don’t forget to send me a prototype of your future “computer invention”!!! A ttack is th e best form of defense. Anonymous. Hope springs eternal. Pope. W here there’s life there’s hope. Cicero.

Big Hugs & Let’s keep in touch. Know thyself. To the class of ’91: B est of luck to all of you in your future!!!!!!!!! Mr. Hall: Thanks a zillion tim es for all your help and advice... Keep it up! And don’t let down!!! Mr. Wilder: A.P. Euro is a pretty intense subject, b u t I can’t say it’s boring. Had a lot of fun during last year’s swimming season! Re­ mem ber all those “false sta rts”!!! Mrs. Link: A.P. Computers is a real fun course. I wonder when those “cockroach” messages will stop appearing on the screen every tim e I try to run a program!!! Sefior Campbell: Repita mas despacio, por favor! I wonder when your classroom will really tu rn into a zoo!!! Dr. Glauner: I need all of th a t Xtra-Credit!!! Mr. Brown: Physics probably would have been a

Anonymous Practice m akes perfect. T. Wilson. Seek and ye shall find. Sophocles. Where th ere’s a will, there’s a way. G. H erbert All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. J. Howell. To everybody else: Hang in there... You’ll all make it!!!

S h a d N is h id a Mom and Dad: Thanks for all the love and support. I really appreciate every­ thing you have done for me. I love you guys. Unga Bunga (Adam): 4 years is up, those trouble making years are over. Throwing wet wads of papers, giving people baths, playing NINJA, stink bombs and other mischievious tasks are coming to an end. What are we gonna do? Moi (Kawika): Mr. All State Track Stud, how many pairs of shoes do you go through in a week?... Must be a lot consitering you run at the speed of light. You better slow down so all the chicks can catch up to you. Banana (Hide): You amaze me. Football, Tennis, Track stud and also fellow Ninja, What can’t you do? Practice makes perfect catching F.B’s Def. of Mass (Marc): Whas da haps. I wish I was as strong as you. You better stop lifting or you’ll explode. You won’t need a telephone, all you gotta do is talk into your chest and let the echo do the rest. Fellow Ninja. KINGS: Ethan and Lloyd: Roll out the diamond carpet. I wish I could have people bow at my feet and put fear into everyones eyes.

Mr. Dead Lift (Ryan): How was lifting this summer? If I could dead lift as much as you do I would be a bull. Take it easy on the girls, Ro­ meo. Blow Fish (Taylor): How do you get so huge? Those pecks, biceps, triceps, no wonder all the chicks like you, but ya gotta respect them first. Flame (Sam): Hey dude, if we knew how bad you were in football the whole team could have dyed their hair red so we could be like you. Greg and Ryan: So how was our football seasons and summer camps? 2 years of Bryson and 2 years of Marciel. PAIN To the clan members: Pendi (Kirsty)- is everything backwards down under? Beach Girl (Tiva)- 2 for dollar, you shouldn’t play in the sand at night, you might get moon burn. Bumper (Shahnti)- Be Bob, watch out for that bump. Ling-Ling (Leilyn)- How come you’re so tired? Mrs. Link...alg.2 Jasmin- sorry you don’t have a nickname, but Waimea is better than Hilo, “No car comes back clean.” Thanks for being such great friends. To: Danica, Ellen, and Twila- stay cool and just do the wild thing. To the other senior bulls, Zombie (Nick), A.U., B.T., C.H., H.C., B.S., Don’t foam and stay cool. Junior Bulls: Allyn-camp fire, Derrick-ding-aling, Haule Bou-we go lift, Carl-Rathman, Bradda D., Bill, Jake: you guys are the future. Good Luck. Grad, stop sleeping. Sunny, I’m

going to bight off my hand and frame it. Other Bulls: Scott, Chris, Damien, i Cy, the under class studs stay cool. All of you under class kooks, Jed, stop slacking. Cheyenne and Machico study hard and have fun. Junior girls take care “No pain no gain”-Bronson-thanks for all the help. Solmssen- my favorite class. Hughes- pervert Blecko- When are you going to get ; married? Mariko, I’ll never forget the good things that we’ve been through, don’t forget to pray, clapp, and be good. Lov<( you till the end. Well dudes, this is the end, C/O ’91 ] RULES! TAKE CARE AND GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE. KAWABUNGA DUDES!! “The F. Shop”- Two Live Crew As nasty as they want ta be


M arina Margaret Nogues Kamuela, Hawaii / 12 years!!! / Sw im m ing/ Cross-country / Tennis / Track / Cz/m Laude



H olly F, N o r d lu m Kotzebue, A la ska ! 2 years/2 years Varsity basketball! dorm prefect A big thanks to Mr. Colson, Mrs. Y., Mr. Provencal, Mr. Holt, Mr. W ilder and the rest of the faculty who have made my stay here an enjoyable one.

m ade to get me here. I love you both.

To two brothers a big sister can’t live without: Chad and Clay I only hope you do as well as I did. HA!!


“Now it’s tim e to change,...” Motley Crue “And she chose the road

Toni, Michele & Kim: 3 friends who m ake my life complete, thanks. “Remember no m atter how far ap art we end up, in my he a rt we will always be together forever.” I love you guys!

To the good friends I’ve made a t this school: It’s been great, I only hope our paths cross again. Bye. Last but not least, thanks Mom and Dad for the sacrifices you’ve

R. Frost

K ailua-K ona/ 6 yrs.

K a th a r in e B ra n d y Norwood

i am everything and nothing, all colors and blackness ‘Come away, o, hum an child to th e w aters & th e wild w ith a dry han d in hand, for th e world’s more full of weeping th a n you an un derstand.” - Yeats iis & M edia; A trin ity of a star-crossed triangle; th e earth, sun moon. Beyond feeling & thought- knowing, em bedded deep, lore th a n life & more th a n love, I t is th e destiny of spirits to ntw ine & th e force which binds all three. Icy, i’ve missed you lore th a n you’ll ever know. M alia, we’ll find th e answ ers yet. I >ve you both as much as th e ea rth loves th e sun & th e moon. ■Some of us, th e dream ers, were bom to dance upon th e wind” I v a n :: So w h at are we going to do w ith our lives? You and i Weren’t m ean t for school. Don’t worry we’ll be famous some day. It’s b etter to b u m out th a n to fade away.” Keep dream ing. wominicr. my th ird cozy! You m ake th e m ost beautiful london Ipliffs. You’re a beast! i miss you. B ren t: Brother wolf & sister noon, our tim e has come. We belong in th e wild, in fairytales, & n daydream s. I t m u st have been m any lifetimes ago when we pandered free through th e woods, i never need words with you. wreg - ju s t hold your breath an swallow- th a t way, you won't be ble to ta ste them . Yeah, it's been a long strange trip, i love you. s h a d y. Grrrr! Hey fozzy- let’s drop a tab a t three in the morning i go for a walk! M etallica & voyages to Kona, Salvation Army rips. W atch out for th e cow! Hi? i should’ve known. H a n s: Lake Valter & cam eras th a t talk. Killer b a m trips. H erb-a-Barb & he magic fairys who make th e krypts. i swear, you’re th e best rip b u t lose th e cocker spaniel. B rem en : where shall we go Dr our honeymoon? 9x’s a day & under th e table a t every meal? m still expecting a porche. I t w as an Easy Cure b u t now it’s list th e Cure. A lfre d : Ralphus, oye! Two in th e morning out tack? Too bad Eric and Kym left. Coffee & ice cream days. Let’s lake a trip to m ana rd. & do th e jump! i don’t know w hat else to say to you guys. There are ju s t too loany memories to recount. Some day when we’re old & grey, re’ll sit around w ith our spliffs and reminisce. Words can’t do [he job here, i love you all trem endously and wish you th e best n life. “ however far away, i will always love you. However png i stay, i will always love you. W hatever words i say, i will uways you. i will always love you....” L isa : forgetful Jones. I’m ;lad you locked your keys in th e car th a t day. Sorry i drove us hto th e bushes. T hink of me whenever you hear “The Exploding poy” & lets go to more of those groovy moon ceremonies! Oh reah by th e way, we did steal your car th a t night, i love you. [Don’t go telling me th a t everything m ust have a reason. There’s

a whole world out there w aiting for you if you’ll ju s t s ta rt dream ing. Take your head ou t of th e clouds, find something to believe in”- th e Beloved. JW H : - i sold my soul to love b ut i bought it back. “sometimes i dream while th e other people dance, sometimes i dream .”-the cure. M a tt V.: you’re such a leech! You b etter find another sucker to buy you twix bars or you’ll starve. Pathetic! Yes, i did make high honors & no, you cannot have my autograph. Take care. S c o tt A: don’t shave you’re head again. Good luck, i’ll miss you. C.C.C.- i’m still not su re w hat happened, i guess i’ll never know, i never stopped caring, i.l.y. Ih o - hey scuzzly! Howzit going? well you’ve only got 2 more years (ha! ha!) H a la n i- "Halando" We've come a long way. Thanks for all th e ventures out back. Uh oh, he’s changing gears! I think i’m gonna be a serious biologist when i grow up (yeah right!) Itallian food weekends - our stom achs are conversing again. Caprio trouble! A pack in front of the Spanish room and in his bath tu b (we left our m ark, or should i say a pile.) S an Francisco here we come! Take care. I love you. S ta r & E r ik a - " you’re on the wrong sucking fide of the road!" I know you don’t really hate turtles. S tar, he m ust dread seeing us together. It’s been fun. J u s t get this crap over with. N in ia - yes. i w anna be a tu rle with 4 legs & a shell. How low can you go? This low. Shaka (with horns on head.) Some days i could light up th e whole world with the tw inkle in my eyes, i’m gonna m iss you. P a t & J u s tin - stop lusting me b ut never stop loving me. We’ve done a lot of soul searching together. You both mean th e world to me. E ric & K vm - I’ve missed you. J.C .- i’ll walk on your back if you crack mine? I t’s been interesting. Don’t ever grow old. W indv - i could w rite a book with all our memories & the trouble we've gotten into, i'm glad tim e and space could never te ar us apart. T iv a & S h a h n tiO b s e s s e d & possessed" Tiva, we're fiends, i don't think we'll ever have enough pictures, (grad, parties?) Shahnti, you've em barrased us a zillion tim es, b u t we deserved it. Let's attem p t the vodka trick and get them ripped, i'm sorry i p u t you through th a t hell during sophomore year, i love you both. R .H .- "something, something holds me, holds me hypnotized...." leave your buzz a t home! It w asn't ju s t your phone- th a t was only an excuse. Thanks for being patient, i'd get the hell out of here if i were you b u t in the meantime," ju s t smile and take a bubble bath." M rs. B ev e rlv B a te s -Thank you for putting up with me & for letting us go out on all those “school weekends” I know we’ve been brats. I.L.Y. P a t G o d frey - Thank you for letting us be young & carefree. That's one of th e greatest gifts i've been given. I've never m et a

family like yours- there's so much magic, i love you with all my heart. M r. B rv so n - thank you for all of your support and caring. You’ve kept me sane. You are pure inspiration. I love you. M r A n d e rs o n - you're incredible! One of th e few here who understands. To th e c la s s o f *91- follow your dreams. Never compromise your hopes and aspirations, “a t the end of all meeting; parting. At the end of all striving; peace.” H PA - It’s been an experience, b u t i can't tell you how happy i am th a t it's over. A d am & J o h n - Ha! i made it! i love you both; i don’t know why, b ut i do. A u n tie M au d ie- Thank you for everything. You have opened many doors for me and have given me many oppor­ tunities. Words can’t express my gratitude. I love you. M om m v & D ad d v - Hello. W here has the time gone? i didn’t think it would ever end & really it’s only ju s t beginning. Thank you for all of your support & for pushing me, even though i know i’ve pushed right back, i th an k the heavens for blessing me with p arents such as you. i couldn’t have asked for more. Mum, you’re my bestest buddy. Dad, my license isn’t hopeless- i’ll get it someday, i love you both tremendously. “....& the sand & the sea grows i close my eyes. Move slowly through drowning waves, going away on a strange day. & i laugh as i drift in the wind. Blind. Dancing on a beach of stone. Cherish th e faces as they w ait for the end. A sudden hush across the w ater & we’re here again. My head falls back & the walls crash down & the sky & th e impossible explode. Held for one moment i rem em ber a song, an impression of sound, than everything is gone forever. A strange day.” the cure. Robert Sm ith, you’re a god. “soul is clean and so serene, h er head it is haunted.” “H ere’s where the story ends


Shahnti Ke’ aloha-lani Olcese 12 YEARS!!! Puna-Kameula, Hawaii To my parents - W hat can I really say to you? You gave me life, love, and everything Fve ever needed. You gave up your life and dream s to give me mine. How can I ever find a way to repay th at? I ju s t hope th a t I can make you proud and live up to your expectations* And one day be able to retu rn some of the love you’ve given me back to you. L.S. Ricky- You gave me everything- don’t forget that. You gave me knowledge and love. Don’t ever feel sorry for any­ thing. Your my father and friend. I love you. L.S. Peggy- You shared everything with me and I with you. I knew I could always tell you everything. One day I’ll be there for you like you were always there for me. I w ant you to always be happy. I love you more th a n you’ll ever know. L.S. Jason-1 could never have asked for a b etter brother. You’re a good person and don’t ever le t anyone try to tell you anything different. Be happy- don’t change yourself for anyonedo w hat you believe is right. I’ll always be there for you- always. If you ever need me I’ll be there. I love you. L.S., To all th e re s t of my relatives not mentioned but remembered- those close or distant- your loss-1 made it without you. To th e **”absolut”** senior class of 1991- The years I’ve spent with you all will be etched in my mind forever... “If in th e tw ilight of memory we should m eet once more, we shall speak again together and ta lk of the days th a t are gone. And if our hands should m eet in another dream we shall build another tow er in th e sky.” L.S. Kahlil G ibran To Hawaii P reparatory Academy- My twelve years here have given me knowledge and understanding. I th a n k you for the chances and opportunities I was given. To my teachers and advisors (from grade 1 to 12)You all deserve a lot more credit th a n you are given. Thank-you all for everything. Honma- Keep working on your jokes- publish a book. Solmssen-1 don’t know how you put up with our class. Hughes- Your laugh is alm ost as annoying as Mr. Brown’s. Mr. Brown- It’s not th a t bad, ju s t worse th a n mine I guess. Mrs. Y.Now I know why I dropped it last year (Nah!). L.S. To th e underclassm en- Live, learn, and respect others (your elders especially) - b u t do have fun. Laura, Taylor, Alfred, Brent, and M arina- From beginning to end. 12 years!! We made it! L.S. Noelle, M aria, Sienna, and all th e re s t of you th a t left before we graduated- I’ve missed you guys. Your friendship m eant a lot. L.S. Simon- I’m sorry. Something should have been said. L.S. Alumni- Fve missed you all this year. I t wasn’t the same w ithout you.L.S. Nick- You sure could be a je rk some tim es bu t it was still all-in-all always fun. Miss ya. L.S. Joe- Your fiienship has m eant a lot to me, even when you were being a je rk too! I wish you all th e luck in the future. L.S.

Jock- Jacque, Nick #3, Mummy's boy, Beaker, Baby HueyIan- Nick #2, K M .#2, Joe Jr.Jock and Ian- You kept th is year definitely interesting. I’ll miss all your sarcasm an d the fun tim es. Be good. H ave fun in your continuing years a t HPA. HAHAHA!! OOOhooo! Ooh baby! Heeheehee! L.S. Kelly (Fed. express m an, laughing is good for you) an d A1 ( I don’t have any bagpipes stupid)- Enjoy your la st year.L.S. Tiva- My 17th b-day, Solmssen’s class, cooking David B., yearbook stress!! L.S. Ellen- Dave and th e omlette, Mr. Honma and t.v. L.S. Twila- 5:00 A.M. w ith S.H., Go blonde’s!, Chapel talk. L.S. Danica- Luigi’s w h at an episode. L.S. Laura- Well 12 years of events you may or m ay not rem em ber are over. Sienna, you, and I inseparable, Tia an d Isis parties ( tu rn ed into wars).L.S. Marc- Go easy! And don’t even say it. I've killed for less. L.S. Shad- Your extracuricular activities exceeded mine. You tried to fool us all into believing you w ere a complete idiot b u t we figured you out Shad, it didn’t work. L.S. Adam- You really are a brat, b u t I did p ut up w ith m ost of your sarcastic rem arks. You are one of th e sm artest people and th e laziestI don’t know how you do it. L.S. Jaz- Hilo is lame!! Shane-Chris- guys! Aliza and G! The sum m ers w ithout once seeing each other, being sooo far away. We made up for it in ’90. L.S. Aliza- W hat are we going to do w ith them all? L.S. Kirsty- Aussies huh?!! Miss (Ilika?) Chevron- you gotta go with me to get gas you witch. I t’s ju s t not fair! I will m iss you when we grad, and you go back down under. H aH a. L.S. Ethan- HUMPTY- “J u s t Relax”. Physics- you noser. You are such th e father figure. Even when you were annoying I couldn’t ever really get mad a t you. L.S. Hide- Hidetaro, th an k s for denting my towel rack! Nah, it was worth th e laugh. You’ve got to be the nicest person I ever met. Don’t forget how really great you are.L.S. Kawika- K aweka Puddle- You are and always were such a little trouble m aker. T hank God! Freshm an- kill 'em! I always appreciated you being there for me and I will tru ly m iss you. L.S. Leilyn- Ling-ling- Glenn, Joe, Shane, John S., Ocean, Keone, J. Magaldi. A dventures in town, Kona nights, Partying every weekend- last m inute, anywhere, Specific teachers, Your “rabbit- my bomb,” All night gossip sessions, “Life s rough!”, My favorite “C” people, The “roomates”, Grad.- You’ll be buying me brunch, b u t not un til th e following day. We’ve had a blast- I’m gonna m iss it all. Keep in touch- for as long as we canYuppies rule! L.S. L.M. (DUMPTY), O.D., K.M., A.S., G.C., R.K., R.W., R.G., S.M., M.M., B.N., B.S., C.S., B.T., A,U., S.W., G.A., I.G., L.A.B., H.K. -Good luck in your future!!!! L.S. To th e “family” and th e “Posse”- We made a real family together here. We shared, loved, an d looked out for each other- b u t like in all fam ilies th e kids grow up and move on- like we m u st do now- b u t we m ust never forget th e ones we leave. I love you all and will m iss you all

dearly. L.S. To all th e others who have passed through my life, regardless of when or for how lo n g -* you have all been im printed in my memory forever. IX will never forget you and th a n k you all for th e lesson! and effects you had on my life. T hank you. L.S. “If love doesn’t m ean enough som ebodyj invent another word.” W aterfront “Behold this an d always love it. I t is very sacred and you m u st tre a t it as such.” Unknown "Well th ere ain 't no point in moving on/ U ntil you've/S got somewhere to go..." George Michael “Any tim e a t all, any tim e a t all, All you’ve got to do is call And I’ll be there.” Beatles x “I t’s been a hard day’s night, and Tve * been working like a dog. I t’s been a hard day’s night and I should be sleeping like a log.” Lennon and M cCartney “Everybody seems to think I’m lazy. I 9 don’t mind, I th in k they’re crazy ru n n in g everywhere, a t such a speed, till they find th ere’s no need.” Lennon and M cCartney “P artin g is all we know of heaven and all we need of Hell.” The L.H.C. (1967) “OH, WELL- LIFE’S ROUGH!!!!!!” GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE OUT 1 THERE, I HOPE YOU ALL ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING YOU SET OUT TO. K EEP HOLD OF YOUR MEMORIES. TAKE CARE AND MUCH ALOHA. CLASS OF 91' RULES! LOVE SHAHNTI. ; THE END

m e men see things as they are and say ~rT I dream things th a t never were say’why not?” , stiny is not a m atter of chance, it is a tte r of choice.” m+Dad: I can’t possibly th an k you lugh for all th e things you have done me for the p ast 18 years.Cprobably re to come too.) Through th e thick or a, good or bad, I’ve always depended >n your support. I know I neversaid s as much as I should have or could re. b u t I LOVE YOU w ith all of my irt! ani+Kennith: I know it m ust have n rough having me as your older ther, but someone had to do it! ihough I’ve made trouble to th e both of i all of your lives doesn’t m ean I don’t e you because I do! ire: You thick bull! How slow are you? ill out on th e dried ogo during B iod. Roomies for two funny years. H SCARY! Remember all the jokes, m editations, the eating, th e zoning, oh ves, our serious” conversations. ^m ake me laugh! Frenz 4 eva! Yeah e: B anana, I’m glad you decided to y football w ith us. I only hope you ioy it as much as I do. How many m ds of rice and poke did we eat in th e bt 3 years? Some store m ade money! oughts of rice songs an d sashim i w ith sabi before class ru n through my mind, inn, th a t w as a hot one! W hat will I do thout you? Frenz 4 eva! lad: We’ve been the best of friends ice th e first day of school 4 yrs. ago. It sms like yesterday. Row’d you get so ? You been a baa boy. Are you a ninja? by boarding and playing pool was the rm, until?! N ah, th a t’s okay! I un d er­ bid! Frenz 4 eva! smin: Go easy w ith your sound effects t! Don’t forget w hen you run, use your ms. T hanks for helping me get through pse p a st 4 yrs. W hat happened to th e tiki ta lk i’s? N ext prom please exercise n e control. Have Tun cruising w ith you Hilo. W atching movies and going to nr b irthday parties.T hings won’t b e the me w ithout you! rsty: Pendyf I’ll buy you some chapstick ' you know who! You re my favorite issie even though you ta lk funny. Some|w you always seem to m ake me laugh, tank You. You’re a one of a kind A ustra[n original! G et busy! I l l m iss you! pila: My favorite cheerleader. I wish I Id your energy. You’re the sw eetest and ly southern H ell I know. You m ake me ugh when you do your tita impressions, h a t, I owe you money? T hanks for your b p o rt and cheering. Go Kanis! I’ll m iss iwika: It has been a hectic b u t fun 4 !ars. If anyone could get in trouble, we hid! Remem ber Maui? Halloween, trick [treat? Are you popolo? N ah, ju s t awaiian. How were our w ater balloon pits? Let’s cruise Kona. Being a goody Jody would be a boring life! Frenz 4 eva! kylor: Blowfish! Diving, bowling, btball, you’re bad! The only reason why [u’re so thick is because you lift so hch. Remem ber Waikiki? Oh, I’m sorry [vas ju s t too tired to move or wake up! bu have to be nice. B etter luck next pie! We go camping. Frenz 4 eva! iva: How s business? Were you a t the iach? Is th a t sand? Who is th is B rad guy lyway?! If you play too m any games |u r gonna ru n out of quarters fYou’re so In to tease. A t least you’re a good sport! 1 miss you! lanhti: H ippity Hop! Caution my mood subject to change w ithout notice. Let’s J cook, I’ll m ake th e cheesecake. By the lay, how’s Linguini? H a Ha. You’re gigerous! I’ll miss you! bilyn: Ling Ling! Oh go easy, I’m only king. Is th a t a chalkboard I see? Nah! elax. Don’t have a cow. I can’t believe I irvived 4 years of school w ith you! I’ll liss you! |ck: How’s the pepperoni? Don’t stop ping or you’ll need a bra! Lurch! Wake p Nick. Good to see you in football, bu’re bad luck on daw n patrols. Nah! renz 4 eva! prah: I’ve been going to school w ith you

A d a m K anaiela R anne 4yrs / 3yrs. Football / Dawn Patrol / Cruising / Ninjitsua

for h a lf my 1n c. T hat’s quite an accomplishment. W hat if we go to th e sam e college? OOH! E h Boinger. Me so hungry! I’ll m iss you! Danica: W hat is m ere to say? I ju s t had to use th at. Oh my God, my hands are on fire! How’s th a t little flashlight? W e m ade it! Yeah Boy! I’ll miss you! E-10 + Lloyd: The kings! The two biggest, baddestfootball players I know. You guys m ade the biggest holes in th e line, you could drive a truck through em. Glad you came to HPA. Double Cheezy Gravey burgers with skid marks! Yuck! You two m ake me laugh. Frenz 4 eva! Kadota,W atson and Greg: We made it through 4 years of football and two coaches together. Quite an achieve­ ment. It was a pleasure to play on th e sam e team as you guys. Frenz 4 eva! Sam, Jed, Chad: You guys m ake me laugh! Wish you came sooner! Best of luck. B est of luck to next y e a rs football team . Remember, it’s not how big or fast you are it’s w hat you have in your h eart th a t counts! Thanks for th e memories. I’d like to th an k all of my coaches and all the teachers over th e years. You have truly enriched my life w ith your knowledge.

Best of luck andspecial thanks to Da Bovs: Honda, tf.H., A.S., G.E., D.H., C.B.J.C., C.M„ S.A., P.D., D.A., P.H. Da Girls: C. Me., K .k ., k .L ., L.H., K.G., J.G., L.M., M.D. Boys and girls I’ll try to catch you in the boosters OK! Special thanks to all the football parents!

“All of my life, I’ve been searching for the words to say how I feel. I’d spend my tim e thinking too much and leave too little to say now I feel. I’ve tries to understand the best I can All of my life.” -Phil Collins “Who ever said, “It is not w hether you win or lose”, probably lost.” -M. Navratilova

L a u r a Rice 11 years I cross country I track! basketball! scuba Mom and Dad- You have made me w hat I am today. Your love and support m ean so much. T hank you. You are the best. I love you. Cathie- I’ve missed you these last three years. Thanks for every­ thing I love you very much. Hi Jeff!! Pokii and m tty -1 will miss you. Leilyn- My dearest friend, you are the best. Thanks for all the fun times. I love you, even though you are a gossiper. I’ll miss you. Lisa-1 miss you. Shahnti- O ur 12 years here have come to an end. I t’s been wonder­ ful having you here all the tim e. Keep in touch. I luv ya. Jazzy- Thanks for all the smiles. You’re a sweetie. I luv ya. Take care of you. Kadota- Hey turtle! You’re the best. Thanks for the good times. You owe me a soda!! I luv ya. Eric-I miss you lots. Hope you're having lots of fun!! E.C., K.T., T.C., T.B., S.W., D.K., B.N., A.S.- Thanks for every­ thing. May your lives be filled with infinite happiness. H .K , A.R., M.H., T.E., K.R.,

R.G.- Good luck in the future. S.F., S.A., R.I., G.S., L.M.Have fun while you can!! Ben- “W hen you love somebody you m ight stumble, You m ight fall. If you love somebody hard enough, You m ight ju st get it all.” Mr. Bleckel- Thanks for everything. Mr. Conley- You’re the best coach in the worM! T hank you. To those whom I have forgot­ ten to m ention, you know who you are. “There’s a happy kind of feelin’ W hen the sun’s out, Rainbow colored countryside Can all be seen. M other nature, you are beauti­ ful.” C and K “I did not wish to take a cabin passage, b ut ra th e r to go before the m ast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the m ountains. I do

not wish to go below now.” Thoreau “I’ve been crying lately Thinking about the world as it 1S-

Why m ust we go on hating? Why can’t we live in bliss? Peace Train take this country Come take me home again. Peace tra in ’s sounding louder.” C at Stevens “Love is a thing th at, well, you

know It’s a bit like quick sand. The more you re in it, The deeper you sink. And when it hits you, You’ve ju st got to fall.” UB40 To the class o f ’9 1 -Good luck, it has been fun. I will miss you, but we'll m eet again.

M eghan “Bailey* Rohrhach Planet Earth / Philosopher / Bohemian S ister Ju lia- “Still th is em pty feeling deep inside, all these hesitations about saying goodbye. B ut in our tim e together I can see, a p a rt of you h as become a p a rt of m e.”-Unknown. I love you. My other sister M arania- Coffee and talk sessions. We have a special kind of friendship. T hank You. Fleur- “Touch a hum an being so they m ay know you’re there, for so many are blind and deaf."-W alter Rinder. You showed me many beautiful things. T hank goodness th e re was SOMEONE who could un d erstand me. Ted-1 shall love you always. “Somewhere in th e Autum n air I can smell you everywhere beside me-though your face has disappeared. Finally I know I truly cared for you as th e la st leaf falls in th e sea- slips th e sand of memory inside of me.- row of light flash off an d on- finally, I see you’re gone- it’s true- w hat can I do?" Jason- “Pachouli dances, flowing undulations in the night,their fam iliarity perceived w ith swift ascention in my mind, bringing vision of zealous creation, n atu re, and uninhibited love.”-Jason “Sometimes you make m e feel like I’m living a t th e edge of the world. ‘It’s ju s t the way I smile’ you said.” I t comforts me to know th a t somewhere in th e darkness there is a caring heart. I love you Jason. Jesse- Goodness, so m any memories. T hank you. Puako...Ookala... Hapuna...liquid su n tan oil...your car...Puako store. “We laughed until we had to cry, we loved right down till th e la st goodbye.”-S.E.F. Ryan- Yes! O u tta high school-finally! I’m gonna m iss you hun.

“T hank heaven! The crisis, the danger is past.”-E.A. Poe Allen- “If you could only get your mind together- then come across to me- We’ll hold hands and w atch th e sun rise from the bottom of th e sea. B ut first, are you experienced?”-Jimi H endrix To all my brothers from 67’s- Puako: Now its MY tu rn to see the dead. Thanks for all th e good memories. “We are the candym akers, and we are the dream ers of the dreams."-Willy Wonka

“The soul is a vailed light. Neglect it, and it will dim and die. Fuel it w ith the sacred oil o f love and it will bu m w ith an im m ortal flame.”-Song a t th e temples of Ammon- Ro. “You don’t need a w eather man to know which way the wind blows."-Bob Dylan

Loki and Sheraton- My little (ha!) junior friends. Good luck.

“He is happiest who h ath power to gather wisdom from a flower.”-Mary Howitt

Reed- See you in San F ran. Gonna tak e me fishing right? We shall go to some killer concerts. Yah! Thanks for keeping me

“To know a thing by its parts is science, to feel it as a whole is art. "-Lewis Mumford

sane. Momma-1 love you momma, th a n k you for sticking by me and believing in me- even when others didn’t. You brought me the strength and courage I needed to survive. Friends for life. D ad-1 learned a lot about who I am from you. Thank You for showing me myself. I love you. Good luck to: Chris L. (my brother), Bill B. ( last name) Hubs, M att V. (my honey), Greg S.H. (wanna fight?) A llen(Quetulu-what? Gay-tulip?) and the rest of the Hall Dorm “To live fully, one m ust be free, b ut to be free one m ust give upi security. Therefore, to live one m u st be ready to die.”-Tom Robbins “The p ast is dead, the future is im aginary, happiness can only be in th e eternal now mom ent.”-Keyes

“Remember me for w hat I was, not as I am now, I’ll walk out into tomarrow, I’ll melt into th e sun. Remember me for w hat I was, not w hat I couldn’t be, I’ll follow my own instincts, Til tu rn and walk away. I’ll forge another path, Til disappear into the rain, Remember me for w hat I was, and shall never be again.”J.S.

Kmmikm Ruddle

Mom, Dad, G randpa, G randma; T hanks for all th e love and support all you guys gave me. Mom th ank s a lot for pushing me and encouraging me. Dad, I have know idea w h at to say cause you’ve done so much, but I guess startin g off w ith a “Thanks” is th e best I can do kno w .Thank you again for everything. I love you grandpa and grandm a. Love forever, Kawika MaliaAlthough we never did agree on everthing, I couldn’t have done it w ithout you. Miss you a lot. I was right to, I missed your class a lot. love, your bro Boathouse crew, Beach Boyz, and Resort MaintenceMuch M ahalos for all th e good tim es, and for showing and teaching me a lot. Take care, I’ll m iss you guys. Don C. and th e Kohala BoyzEh “n o t me” Thanks fo everything. I owe you lots. M ahalos fo showing me choke stuff, was fun cruz in w ith you. Mahalo again Friendz foreva, Kawika To Keoki, “R at”, Eddie, Chad M ., and JoeM ahalo fo da fun summer. “PANIAU PARTY”

M ark E . (Wezzal)- I miss you a lot, wish you could be here. May you re s t in peace and god always be w ith you. Love, Kawika TO DA CLASS OF 1991 “I t’s been a good tim e together, Looking for th e w arm th of th e sun, It’s gonna be a long tim e together And th e best is yet to come.” C&K K irsty- Thankyou for ev ery th in g , I don’t th in k I could of done it w ith you. You’ve done a lot. Thanks for all your support. Don’t forget to say goodbye to your “CHEVRON MAN”, and don’t rob th e cradle cause I know you can do better! Oh I alm ost forgot to tell you th a t A ustralia sucks m an, b u t HAWAII RULZ. Take it e a s y . love, Kawika S hahnti- W hats up ‘TH U M PER”, “SLIMY”, “OH MAX HONEY”, ju s t joking of course so don’t get uptight. I’m really glad we got to know one another these p ast two years. You’ve really helped me out in tig h t situtions. Thanks. Take care, love, Kawika Jasm in- So Jasm in “How is th e Bellman doing”, you rem eber from P aniau party. You rem em ber 8th grade when we wrote , "I hope th a t happens after we graduate". It w as really great knowing you. Take care and goodluck. love, Kawika

Leilyn- “ding a ling”, “buger”, “pidgen”, It was really fun knowing you this year. Thanks for everything. Stop grumbling about everything too. Take it easy, love, Kawika Tiva- Tiva, Tiva w h at can I say, I t w as fun knowing you. I’m glad I really got to know you b u t I didn’t get to know your dog. Tiva you don’t keep him company th a t is why he is so lonely. Remember a t Shahnti’s house paluing in th e hall way and bathroom. $10 dollars for an hour th e rates are going up . I th in k you should w ear your green dress to a grad party. Well tak e it easy and ta k e care, love, Kawika Ellen- Still studying hum an anatom y w ith Greg. Take care, an d it was great knowing you. love, Kawika Twila- Twidgen, it was a fun experiance getting to know you. Take care love, Kawika Danica- You and Big A1 are a good couple, glad I got to know you a little b etter la st year. Take care Love, Kawika TO GREG, HANS, BRENT, MOKU(ALFRED), BREMEN,CHAD,RYAN,TED- Mahalo for all th e laughs, tak e it easy Friendz, K.R. R yan K.- Thanks a lot for denting my van. J u s t joking Take care Nick S.- Stoner ta k e it easy Mike N. -Where ever you are, good knowing you. Take care. Yuske and Kosie- Thanks to both of you for th e soccer lessons. Take car and good luck to you both, DA LOCAL BOYZ Taylor- “Measley”, “N ina Cherry”, Ho she stin k eh Taylor. M an th a t guy follows us around a lot, h e ju s t sticks to us. Taylor you truley are a big m ass of muscel. Mahalo for all the laughs, was fun cruzin w ith you. Friendz, Kawika Marc- Mass= M arc Handl, th e biggest m an in the world. Kill freshm an, and destroy property. All those girls th a t w ent out w ith you, it wasn’t like you w anted to go out w ith th em it’s ju s t th a t they came ru n n in g to you. Friendz, Kawika Hide- “B annana”, The NFL player who can’t play because he will injure everyone. H ide th a n k s for everything which is a lot. You know w h at I really w an t to know is how you kept all those girls away from you. Take care and ta k e it easy. Friendz, Kawika Shad- “M r. DIck’Y w h o is th e biggest, fastest m an in the uni­ verse? S had Dick N ishida is th e answ er. Remember all the tim es we w ent to Kona to look a t girls, u n til you got chained up. J u s t joking, Take care and tak e it easy. Friendz, Kawika Adam- CAVEMAN= or UNGA BUNGA; you tru ly are the fastest biggest m an in football. Mahalo for everything. Re­ member P an iau P arty, you were barfing all over da place cuz. Take it easy. Friendz, Kawika E:10- E h cuz w here is your tw in brother, god he looks ju s t like you. You are th e king, because everyone bows to you, was g reat knowing you. Take care Friendz, Kawika Lloyd- Poi bowl head, g reat knowing you, tak e it easy and tak e care. Friendz, Kawika -To TH E 1991 OHANAE:10, Lloyd, Adam, Shad, Hide, Marc, Taylor, Shanhti, Jasm in, Ellen, Twila, Tiva, Kirsty, Leilyn. Mahalo for all your support and friendship. Take care, Love, Kawika To brad d a G rad and brad d a Derrick- Mahalo fo all da laughs and good luck fishing in th e future. Hauoli- Good luck next year in football and in track, eh rem em ber sta te track 1990 we surfed more th a n running. Good luck an d tak e it easy, ftiendz Allyn and Honda- Dudu head Al, you guys are th e b est QB’s on the isle. Good luck next year in football, and th an k s for all th e laughs. Friendz Good luck to- C utter, Mike J., Shawn, D ustin, M att D., M att V., P aul D., and Chris M. Good luck in everything you do next year and for all the years th a t follow. Good luck to - Lauren, M elina, Kelly, C athy M., Liz, Ruth, and M ariko. Good luck in all your sports next year because it’s your la st year, and make it a fun one. Take care P erry- Thanks for being a awesome soccer coach and for all th e support. O h Los Angles Lakers rule. H ughes- You pervert, th an k s for everything. Andy- Thankyou for all your support, g reat knowing you. Rizzuto- Thanks for everything. Honma and Reuban- Thanks for th e excellent coaching and getting m e to go to states. M rs. O- Thanks a lot for everything, Take care. Mr. Colson- Thanks for giving our class so much support. ■ Together Forever N ever say goodbye. Bon Jovi -Good luck to th e class of 1991 and 92 m ay god always be w ith you and bless you all. K aw ika Forrest Ruddle 9 Y ears “Too Long”/ W aimea Boy/ 2Yrs. V arsity Soccer/ 3Yrs. V arsity Track/ W eights/ R.C. Cars.

I M inak o S a k a k u r a Mom & Dad: T hank you very m uch for Iyour support. I could not have done it without you. |Dr. & Mrs. Glauner: T hank you very Imuch for giving me nice advice when I Iwas ill. I’ll never forget “Chesire C at” land “Fish Fries.” ■Dameon: It was a pleasure knowing you. T hank you for m aking me smile kvhen I was feeling down. Neil: My great friend 2. I guess Tylenol did not work for a computer!! I hope you won’t stay up late. I’ll miss you. JMr. Antogonist: T hank you very much jfor helping me survive a t H.P.A. |(Don’t torture Japanese girls)

for cheering me up! Mr. Solmssen: T hank you for letting me listen to your guitar m usic and teasing me. Mrs. Link: T hank you for being a nice advisor to me. I hope computers will be friends to me in the future. Special th anks to: Mr. Rice, Mr. Weiser, Mrs. Dawson, Mr. Brown, Mr. Colson, Mrs. Piltz, Mrs. Y, Mr. V, Mrs. Dunlap, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Abbot, Miss Donahue, Mr. Hall, Mrs. Ogasawara, Mrs. Young, and Mrs. Boyd. Good luck and thanks to: K.K, H.Y, S.I, M.S, J.H , T.F, Y.M, N.S, H.T, K.G, S.N, J.Z, C.L, K.H, D.B, D.K, I.N, L.B, K.H, K.B, D.E, T.T, and R.O.

■Mr. D urnan: I wish I could be in your ■class again! (I’m not lying) iM r. & Mrs. Rizzuto: I had so much fun I in A.P Cal and college aid. T hank you 69

N ic k S a u g e s ta d Vancouver, B.C. 15 years I Football I some weightlifting Mom and Dad: Thanks for everything you’ve done for me and giving me the opportunity. Grandm a and Grandpa: T hank you for keeping in touch and giving me sup­ port. To the guys back home: N.T.(nipples), S.T, J.L. (What! Feel no pain!) S.W., C.T., I’ll never forget you guys. Al: “W hat’s the time? Ho! Get up! Get up! Get up! “ Marc: G reat knowing you for 9 years, and 5 long years in H.P.A. Stay tough. One day, perhaps, we’ll go to Nevada. Hide: “ Get any food?” Thanks for all the food you’ve given me. I’ll never forget you for all the great tim es we’ve had, especially in Japan. Adam: Camouflage??? Sam: Flame, what? W hat’s the play? Jed G. : N.B.A. already! M artin: Thanks for all the advice. Kosei: Headbanging. Metallica. You’re

a great guy! K.T. : We survived from eighth grade. T.B. : dress, dare, and business. S.N. : Thick. J.B : Your so friendly. K.R. : Yeah, go pound him! Rest of the class, I’ll never forget. “I used to think th a t the day would never come.” -N. Order“M akes you w ant to feel, m akes you w ant to try, M akes you w ant to blow the stars from the sky, I can’t stand up, I can’t cool down, I can’t get my head off the ground.” -J + M Chain-

Brem en Wolfgang S c h m e ltz 8yrs. Puako Hawaii /4 yrs. Scoccer/ 2 yrs. V-Ball/ 2yrs. Golf Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Glen ■Thank you for your endless support. I Ivould have never m ade it w ithout you. I.L.Y. T hank you Mr. Perry, Mr. Ihnderson, and “ the Edge .” High Ischool would have been disasterous Iwithout you. Ry: Thanks for all the food. | kou give someone a cigar and look what happens. W ant a stick of gum? Brandy: Porche?! I think for now you should ju st get a license! Fhanks for all the good times. I.L.Y. i’ll miss you. I-a : Jungle juice? orple? i ou’re ju st a juice m aster. “ You ju st Elon’t understand.” Sure I do! Keep that table forever. I’ll miss you. Greg: Ya know w hat I mean?

You are the coolest guy I know. We’re on it a t W.S.C. Plenty of good tim es to come. Now or lators?! Brent-O-Box, Chicken: Have we had some good tim es or what? “You two get y o u r home, I’ll be w ait­ ing!” I’m sure there is plenty more to come! Hans: Around the world! W hat can I say? T hank you for the b a m fests! “Kris, you fall down by the boat w ith the girls.” You are sly. The grad, party is going to rage! Bremen, pssssst, guess w h at ? I like you. I don’t care w hat everyone says to you.

Chad: Nov. 21= party! How’s it feel to be a fellow bench warm er on the worst team in the league! The good old V-ball days.

Moku: Cheers mate! “Check out the bass player!” L ater dude. Ted: It w asn’t the same around here. Thanks to: the Andraes, the Tuckers, Mrs. Watson, the Mitchells, the Sommers, the Steeles, Uncle Bob, thank you for opening so m any doors. N.Q.: Thanks for all the smiles. Good luck to: ’92, soccer, M.J., C.B., S.L., P.D., D.P., M.D., S.L.P., C.D., keep the tradition going. Molly, good luck. It goes by faster than you think. Ninia, you should have played soccer! Tiva, you’re a good sport. D.W.e,e,e,e,.......... To my other friends- thank you.


A n g ie S h e ff ie l d 2 yrs. / Georgia Amanda- “Wapack! We’re baaack!” “Amanda, are you praying?” “Who wen fut?” ‘W an n a go discount shopping?” Black bikinis. Jim m y’s Grill. San Francisco. “Porte sa chat su r sa tete!” Generic leakies rule! Psycho on th e loose! Maybe we’d better go to church- Hark! ‘W e’ve got choke time! T rust me!” HYA-HYA! Things th a t make you say “Hmmm!” We’re gonna get there! S anta Clause. Chucky. Southerners do it better! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do next year, (oh- sh u t up!) Come visit soon, brown-noser! I love ya! Rockin Roomate #1. “If your ned a friend, don’t look to a stranger, you know in th e end, I’ll always be there.” Hey Jam es, “Which Carolina?” I guess we’ll never know! Likatty- Yok we yok, my M arshallese Fly girl! We be homies! 2 hype-2 live! Doper th an dope! Bass forever! Smack it up, flip it, rub it down! Express yourself. Never pick up strangers a t Subway. W hite underw ear and jacuzzi’s don’t mix. Micronesian Motivation. F.B.Posse’ forever! ILY, LiAngie! Sarah- Hooowee Psst! Eberytim e I’m hungry boy! N ightm are on wheels- Get buckwild! B.Boto! B ust a move! A h ard m an is good to find. 10 pounds, Have mercy! HYA-HYA! F.B.Posse. Scoops, Hoops!” Love, Da local Haole. Angienomoto. “Honely girly, you used to be so lonely... I seen Jam aica in the moonlight...” Oniks- “Ho- da m int ice cream so ono, broke da mout!” Prom, s’fun! “Me so hungry,” lots of show, no talent. P u t it in th e buck! Rob da m int garden! Helpful hint: “W hen partying, keep away from fireplaces!” ILY Negro Tuivibu.Anakela “Never sleep w ith anyone crazier th a n yourself.”

Robby- US Open bound! T hanks for everything! You have been a g reat friend and always th ere when I need someone to ta lk to. “M eet ya a t th e bookstore.” “Any mail?” 80 proof Holy water! UB40. TMNT rrule! KIT and come cruise K auai soon. I love ya! Jazzy- “You got a smile so bright, you coulda been a candle.” ILY Birgi- “Say anything...” Labours of loves! W here did our rocks go, anyways? ILY. The cold-bustin’ Southerner! Diane- H analei, g’fun! Da movies: “I bet he’s 15 min. early!” Jennifer- Yok we, bibi! Good luck w ithout me next year! ILY. See ya on Majuro. Reed- “Kook!” M arina- Snack ram en. Cheeseburgers in Paradise. E at dried fruit, pay th e cose­ quences. J u s t call me “Frenchie.” ILY. Molly- Tall, dark, and handsom e men. Look a t his eyes- ooh baby, tu rn me on! “Am I a gardening tool?” I’ll m iss you. ILY. Carrie- K auai, no’ka’oi! You po-thang! John and Damien- “Ej kapob Lakatus, bop jebaibolol.” Jen- “Forget me not.” Kathy- For th e last tim e “You look fine!” Lilia- Red, green, and gold forever! R astas rule! Ruth(less)- “Hot in the...” Buck wiild! B asketball is life. To “my sidekick”- W illam ina H arpenfarker- “W here are we?” I leave you a herd of sheep (BAAAH!) and a case of red, red crushed grapes! Did you say you lived in a morgue??? Renee and Joey- Hey Butterbeans! T hanks for all th e killer vacations! The Fresh Crew rules! See ya soon. B est friends forever. I love ya!

Mom and Dad- T hanks for the HPA r experience (Ha!). Even though we’re dysfunc- i tional, a t least we’re working on it. Be open, be free. Ilo v e y ’all. Angie. F rancine-T hanks for all your help. I Missy- HYA, HYA-HYA! To Sandy Wallis, Chevy Chase, i M elissa Driscoll, G randm a Nagel, annd Bill and JoAnne W urster: Thanks for taking care of me over here. Y’all are all second family and I love you. F.B.Posse- We seniors. We bad. We 1 dope. Catch us if you can! Best of luck to th e class of ’91“Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cuz every little th in g is gonna be alright. “W hat we are is God’s gift to us, w hat we become is our gift to God.” “If you stick your head in th e sand, one thing is for sure, you’ll got yo u r_ kicked!” ' “He who laughs, lasts.” “The g reat pleasure of life is doing w hat others say you can not do.” “Free a t last, Free a t last, T hank God Almighty, I’m free a t last.” -MLK, Jr.

Chad Shupe 4 1 /2 YRS. Waimea, Hi. / Volleyball / Wrestling

Alfred- sneaking in the gym like ninjas- sitting in the back seat of B rent’s car on the way to Hilo Brent- KTA-1 know w hat your thinking- Like go to S anta Ana? Greg- H apuna ’90- your .22 on the way to Kona Brandy- Trips to Kona- your house, Post Pine Trees- GRRR Bremen- Unicorns a t your house Spring B reak ’90 Hans- 69’s w ith Damien- Pine Trees- M ahukona Malia- Your lanai and tram po­ line cured m any of my boring hours. Ryan- H apuna ’90- Hitchiking to Kawaihae- M ahukona Ted- We’ve missed you Da Posse- Hope to see you again. Life is like a fuse, short and burning fast.

-MetallicaD ream on. -AerosmithGoing to California. - Led ZeppelinGood friends we’ve had and, Good friends we’ve lost, Along the way- Yeah. -Bob Marley To my Mom and DadThank you for every­ thing. Your love and help pushed me through my life this far. The rest is up to me.

K ir s ty Taylor Australia-PNG / 5yrs./ cheerleading / track MUM, DAD, DANE, NANNA, AND S U K I: W ithout you all, I would have never m ade it th is far. Thank-you for sticking by me, helping me and understanding me. I could never express ju s t how much I love you guys, I ju s t hope you know . You mean so much. I love you and I th a n k you . You’re my family and my best friends. You’re all th e greatest. TH E “FAMILY “ OF 1991: Each of you hold a special place in my h e a rt th a t will never be removed from my soul or erased from my mind. I will cherish so deeply th e memories of our tim es spent together. I love you all and th a n k you. THE STENTS: Thanks so much for everything . W ithout you guys life wouldn’t have been th e same. I love you all, you’re a p a rt of me. MALA AND NOYA: We’ve all been a p a rt for a while now, b u t I still feel as close as always. I love you both so much and I’ve missed you. THE BLOOMS: You were all like a second family to me. You made me feel loved and welcome. I love you all and thank you. I’ll miss you all so much. THE BEARDS: T hank you all so much for everything. You made me feel like family and always so welcome. I love you all and will m iss you. Come and visit. PEGGY: Thanks so much for everything. You were always th ere for me. I love you and will miss you. JAZ: We’ve been together for so long now you’ve become a p art of me. O ur joys, our sorrows, our laughter (and our fantasies,HA HA!) will always be cherished in my heart. You helped me through and were always there for me no m a tte r what. I love you like you wouldn’t believe and I’m going to m iss you. GOLDEN GIRLS-HEY MONA- HERE COMES THE “RAIN” AGAIN-F.FANTASIES-PAKE KITCHEN-JAZZABELLE-AND MANY MORE!!! TEF: You were always there for me to ta lk with, cry with, and m ost of all laugh with. You made everything so special. You are special. O ur tim es together could never be lost. We became so close in such a short time. I couldn’t have made it w ithout you. You will always be in my thoughts and and in my heart.. I

love you . OYE F -BRAD-F.FANTASIES-OAHU-CLOSE YOUR -OUR GOALS-AND MANY MORE!!! ADAM: Well big brother, th e memories of our tim es together could never be forgotten nor replaced. You’re such a huge p a rt of my life and w ithout you things will be so different. T hanks for everything. I love you unbelievably. W hat will I do w ithout you??? PEN PAL-PROM ’90-PIANO LESSONS-PANIAU-22NEED CHAPSTICK?-AND MANY MORE!!! HIDE: W hether it w as good or bad, you w ere always th e re to listen and to love. T hank you big brother. W ithout you, I couldn’t have m ade i t through. You’re so special to me, words cannot describe th e friendship we’ve found. I love you. 4 STARSHAIRHEADS?- GRAVITY?- SPIDER WOMAN- AND MANY MORE!!! KAWIKA: O ur friendship became so close and you helped me through a lot of things. Thanks. W ithout you my days wouldn’t have been so interestin g or h alf as fun. You’ve got a style all your own. I’m going to m iss you. I love you! AUSSIES RULEGOO GOO GA GA!-KAWIKA SHUT UP!!! TWI: Well my little Southern Belle, w h at will I do w ithout you? I won’t have anyone to look after. Thanks for always listening to me. I will never forget all of our laughs and also our cries. Take care babe. I’m gonna miss you. I love you. 4 STARS-SHAKA FIGHTS-ALL OUR TALKS! SHAD: We used to be so close th en we grew ap art, b u t I still knew our friendship lasted w ithin us. Thanks for th e laughs. I’m gonna m iss you and I love you. PENDI-MOKE MOBILE! MARC: You’re one of a kind. We’ve had lots of laughs and a lot o f funny times. Thanks for th e great years, ever since 8 th grade. Take care. Fll miss you. I love you. HAIRHEADS-4 STAR-”SHE HAS POTENTIAL”- “MAKE IT WIDER” SHAHNTI: Well sweetie, we’ve h ad our good tim es and our bad, b u t over all I rem em ber the best. You’re such a good friend and I couldn’t have made it w ithout you. Thanks for everything. I love you. MAUI- PANIAU (ALL THREE OF US)-MANY MORE! LEILYN: Thanks for everthing. You’re a g reat friend and I will always rem em ber our tim es together. We’ve h ad some great

ones. I’m gonna miss you. I love you. PANIOLO BATHROOM f (8TH GRADE)-MY FAVORITE #IS_?-A ND MANY MORE!!! M ETHAN: Thanks for all th e laughs. You’re a n idiot but, I j l love you. MRS. TAYLOR, ETHAN, SHUT UP!-PSYCHOLOGY j CLASS- AND LOTS MORE!!! TAYLOR: Nice eyes!!!! NICK: It’s been a long tim e now an d you’ve been a great friend. THANKS!!! KATHY G: You’re so special, th an k s for everything. I love you and I’ll m iss you. We’ve h ad some g reat tim es and some great ] laughs. INFATUATION- UNDERWEAR-HAIRBALLS-CRACK \ MY BACK!!! CHEERLEADERS: We were a great squad and we really made a difference. Thanks for being so terrific and supportive. I love everyone of you. TH E UNDERCLASSMEN: Make th e m ost of it. It goes by fa s t Thanks for all th e great tim es. We all h ad fun. I’m gonna miss : you all. Take care.

My friend I do not wish for you to go, b u t life will no t w ait for u s I know. Don’t look back and see th e tears streaking down my face, for in my h ea rt you’ll never be replaced. Hold tig h t to today and it will ta k e you to tomorrow. We’ll soon fade w ith a dream th a t is y et to be. Now it’s tim e to show th e world... we’ve made each other strong! -UNKNOWN-


3yrs. / Basketball 1yr/W restling 1yr/T rack 2yrs

How do you repay a life long debt of oving and caring to two people who don’t xpect any repayment? Dad and Mom, matever happens, I will always love you. ’hanks with all of my heart! Kalei and Del you’ve helped me through he hard times and the really hard times, ."’hanks for all of your support and love, fou’ll always be in my heart. Love you. il, although we’ve had our differences, and Ivill have many more, I’ll always love you. [hanks for being there. Gy, Hughes new chub rub. Ha Ha ask him vhat that means. Take care of yourself ind work hard in eveything you do, beause you’ll succeed with a willing mind ind heart. Take care Bull. Banana man and Kaweeka (Kawika)- The wo people I could trust with my most pri­ vate secrets. Thanks to da BULLS OF fVAIMEA for all your caring and support. I’ll never forget you guys. \awika- Go fix your car. I hope we found he missing link already. Banana- Please relax! fiva,Boner,Bonehead,Stabone,’’Beaches”, stc...- Seriously. I hope you’ve forgiven me iy now. If not, please do, because I

honestly did’nt mean it to be that bad.(It was very stupid and idiotic!!!) Thank you for all your love and support you’ve shown me throughout highschool. You are really a beautiful person inside and out. Please keep in touch and take care! Lloydy boy, X-man- You’ve helped me to become the player I am in football. Take care of yourself and your family. I will certainly miss you all. Thanks. Kirsty, Twila, Jasmin, Leilyn, Shahnti etc,,,- It was fun girls and thanks for all the laughs. Shahnti, Thumper- Please take care of yourself and Mr. Brown. Ha Ha! Thanks. Leilyn,Ling-Ling,Pidgeon,Dave B.,etc...Thanks for being there. Take care of yourself and keep in touch. To the Seniors- We’ve made it gang. Take care of yourselves and God bless you all. Juniors-Later dudes Underclassmen- Enjoy your school years it goes by very fast. My brother Bats- Paul stop bitching and Chris start. Take care of yourselves and re­ member 1990 summer. MANDELA AND AFRICA FOREVER!!

EtHCiTl Sv7€7lC€7> Colson, Watson, Perry, Brown, Cambell, Provencal, Michelle, Rice, Chumbook, Solmssen, Bryson etc....Thank you all for a very nice and experience filled year. Bryson- To bad s— happens. We could have had it. Thanks for all the help, kindness, guidance, and strong, strong support. You’ve made it a very memorable year. Take care and God bless you. To the Football team- S— happens! Take care and win next year for yourselves and remember I tries to teach you LOLO’S! Hughes- You can kiss my fat chubrub —! Thanks for the laughes. To all of you I missed, forgive me. Aloha to all of you who’ve helped me through high school! Mahalo and Aloha E-10 Spencer




H eidi K a p io leila n io n a la n ie lu a Thomas Born and raised in Hawaii/ Alaska 3 years/ H.P.A. 4 years/POLO and Equestrian 9 Terms/Swimming (my whole life)/ Flutist 8 yrs. Mom and Dad ~ I hope you know Jat I appreciate this very much and I Con­ ner myself very fortunate. I love you both Try much. Thank you. ~ To anyone and everyone I have et at H.P.A., my good friends, you know |io you are... I LOVE YOU ALL! Mrs. Kamrow: You’re the one | jrson whom I always looked up at with pe... | tanks for everything! I’ll love you fever! I LOVE BEAU! “ Morgan le Fay was not married, It put to school in a nunnery, where she jcame a great mistress of magic.” -Morte d’ Arthur (Mists of Avalon) To ride over the hills on a fine horse, with a dream, looking for love, before sunset, is what life is about... and to find it is the culmination

of a lifetime. You know , dear, that the gipsies strew Some broken boughs along the way To mark the trail for one who comes, A tardy pilgrim of the day. And so my songs, that have no worth Save that best worth of being true, Are but as patrins strewn to show The way I came in loving you. I often passed the Door of Dreams But never stepped inside, Though sometimes, with sur­ prises, I saw The door was open wide. I might have gone forever by, As I had done before, But one day, when I passed, I saw You standing in the door. J.B. Rittenhouse

It’s more than just an easy word for casual goodbye; It’s gayer than a greeting and it’s sadder than a sigh; It has the hurting poignancy, the pathos of a sob; It’s sweeter than a Youthful hearts exquisite joyous throb; It’s all the tender messages that words can not convey; It’s tears unshed and longing for a loved one gone away; It’s welcome to Hawaii and it’s lingering farewell; It’s all dear and silent things that lovers’ lips can tell; It’s woven into flower leis and old Hawaiian songs; It’s frailer than a spider­ web and strong as leather thongs; It’s fresh as dew on ginger blooms and older than the moon; It’s in the little lullabys that native mothers croon; It’s said a hundred different ways in sadness and in joy; Aloha means “I Love You.” So, I say “Aloha oe.” -Don Blanding-

T R E V O R U . T. T U R E L L E Los Angeles, Calif. / 3 yrs. polo poser / green is good Life is going a t a steady pace, flying across my demented face. 2-bells- you are my family, and I am something because of you. There is no need to say th an k you, because my smile says it all. N apua, I love you. M ilitun- you are the greatest Idiot in the world, and I’m lucky you have been there for me. Can I have your jeep? Kapioleilanionalanielua- let your beautiful spirit ride free, forever, through the hills and into the place you’ve always dream ed of. KGB- “O w ater cold we may pour a t need, down a th irsty throat and be glad indeed.” Buddy Ben- always my best friend. Suguru, M ishina, Ty, Jevon, isoo, egroeg, Hussong, Yulo, Lazer, Sweet, 2-EZ- all have left, but none will be forgotten.

Julia- you are one caring person-1 will miss you. To those I have not mentioned, do not be offended- words on paper cannot illu­ m inate any friendships- if you are p art of my life, then th a t is good.

W hen an ocean and a chestnut 11 side by side, the one does not em ain inert to m ake way for the other, u t both obey th eir own laws, and pring and grow and flourish as best ey can, till one, perchance, overshadw s and destroys the other. Mom and Dad- Mere words ||an’t describe how m uch I love you... | [hank you... M atty Boy- Bros forever. Don’t rget th at. Glenn- “One good m ind will lonquer the m ightiest empire or you an cheat until you win, and quit the ame if you can’t.” Thanks for always eing there. (You know that..cuz!)


H ans-1 sw ear I was going 55 iph. (We go H ans, super Colvert, G.I. oe Mission) Ryan- T hat which is w ritten on lan k pages can’t be wrong. Hey Ryan ?e go grind ice cream! Remember the food tim es, there were many. Greg- We go 7-eleven I’m ungry. (We go throw a munch) I’m [onna miss you Bro. Malia- You once asked me h eth er we h ad any memories? We do. o thine own self be tru e.” Take care, I >ve you. Bremen- Spring B reak sessions, low’s Ryan and th e cat. Brem, “We lav e to have our dream tim e.” -Cult fake care. Bremen, H ans, and Glenn- Golf [mrse p arty (Beep!). Ted- W atch out for the New ears Eve Bandits, we miss you. Ellen- The say those were the ays well these are the days... Thanx )r being there. Mokuion.... we go Remember J a h mis“W hen we m et we were Brothers to be... W hen we depart we are Brothers to stay” (Blood iros.) P.S.( we go pound Chris inds). To the Schmeltzs- T hank you >r always being there. I love you guys. Mrs. W atson- W hat’s going on 10m I’m spending the night ok? Thank ou for everything. Love does not pnsist in gazing a t each other, but in poking outw ard together in the same lirection. I love you. Chad- Thimble country, Cali, ays, dawn patrol, J a h trip, you nam e it

Brent Tucker we did it. Chad “We are not the strength which we are, we are; one equal tem per of heroic hearts, made weak by tim e and fate, but strong in will. To strive, to seek, to find, and never to yield.” I love you Bro. Well B ran we have endured a whole year of prison using our tears as ink, we tu rn our final thoughts into verse. Remember team tercel, mixed up munchies and unspoken dreams. Taking leave but always

coming back to those few who go a bit beyond and are able to graze the spirit if only for a second. Well sis we’re free to go on with our lives “You gotta cry without weeping talk without speak­ ing scream w ithout raising your voice.” I love you Brandy. Isis- Thank you for your letters and helping me figure out my problems. I love you and wish you could be here. To all those still a t HPA-1 laugh a t you. 79

“The earth is the lord’s And the fullness thereof now Give m an his love and they Reward him with violence And in these la st days lend ears to w hat I say Man in his ignorant state H as signed and sealed his own fate.” “S itting in th e darkness Searching for th e lig h t... Struggling in the gettos Trying to do the r ig h t.. -Ziggy & th e Melody M akers “Excuse me while I light my sp liff.. . Oh! Lord I gotta tak e a lif t.. . From reality I ju s t can’t d r if t.. . ” -BMW “Soul tra in is coming our way. Zidn tra in is coming our w a y .. . ” -Bob M arley & th e Wailers Mom & Dad: I love you both, th an k s for pu ttin g up with myt crap. There is ju s t too much to say for so little space. To ?J| th e re s t of th e U ina family, Thank You; “P au H ana!” G randpa Don & Willma Heydenberk: I love you two. T hanks for putting me through 12 years of HPA. (H.S.C. is done) Love always! Heydenberks of Michigan: You know who you are, I love X you all; The 4 B’s, Uncle Bob & A unt Rose, Tammy, Carol*!] Chuck, Uncle Bill & Mike, SEE YA!! To my family on Oahu: G randm a Rose, A unty Lisa, Kirt, |'i Uncle B ryant & A unt Suzy, G randpa M, Love you all. Thanks for th e freedom. E.S: “Black Boy”, th e tim e h as come m an. I t is over for me. Killer!! To m any stories. Peace & frenz 4-ever. You m issed out on th e U SI’s a t school. [Late night rambling] f] Troy: Wot! Like scrap?! Yeah boyie! K iller tim es in and o u t of HPA. [Tonight]


Ted S.: Hey Mon! I w ish you could have come back! We | | h ad too m any rough tim es, and more to come. -LATERS- *| To th e Posse: B.T, R.W, G.C, C.S, B.S, H.K, B.N, M.M B rent: 12 years. Haole cruz, heavy trip! Too many good ] tim es since kids. Non-stop action. From late n ight cruz to | J a h Journey. And never forget 69’s![Pretty juicy!] Ryan: Well m an, it’s over & glad to be done with. Let the 1 good tim es keep on rolling! Greg: WOW! Killer! Nah! W hat’s up man? Choke killer j ! times! Chad: METALLICA! J a h Journey, too mental! The three I m an mission of Ja h . (Sea O tter) Brem: Wot up? H ah local boy. Yours dream s. H apuna ses-j sions w ith Rocky & Dom. Too much! H ans: We have all been here too long, it’s making us crazyfj The BARN is th e best! Brandy: Cheers m ate, a we puff would be quite lovely. 01! A London spliff. Ice cream & coffee. Love you. [Hi-deyo] a Malia: Hi-deyo. Killer tim es this summer. Cheers, Love, a LONG LIVE DA POSSE!! The dorm Crew:

A lfr e d Uina

Jesse: 4 years. Only you and I made it man. Too bad for th e other guys. I t’s been killer cruzing. In my rm. w/ Ted. M att V: You w anted it, you got it! I told you. It’s been fun!

“Time for lust, tim e for lie Time to kiss your life goodbye Send me money, send me green Heaven you will m eet And you’ll m eat a better seat ‘Bon to Leper Messah’” -METALLICA“I’m running down a dream T h a t would never come to me Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads. R unnin’ down a dream .” -Tom Petty “You w ant it all but you can’t have it It’s in your face, but you can’t grab it.” -Faith No More “M akes you w ant to feel, m akes you w ant to try M akes you w ant to blow th e stars from th e sky. I can’t stand up, I can’t cool down I can’t get my head off the ground.” -Jesus & M ary Chain “Feels like something pumping through my veins I got th e ju n k gun fever sinking to my brain Feels like God in heaven’s gone insane.” -Automatic

“When a m an lies, he m urders some p a rt of th e world These are th e pace d eaths which m en miscall th e ir lives All this I cannot bear to w itness any longer C annot th e kingdom of salvation tak e me home. ..

A.R, M.H, N.S, H.K: The Lower Dorm Bulls! Reed: I t’s been fun. T hank you Mr. & Mrs. Provencal. Haole brounies are the j best. Thanks for th e support and effort. -M etallica

This quote is for all th e p ietan ’s in HPA: “So tu rn around and ru n back where you’re from you can’t get on Don’t shake those hips don’t bite those lips J u s t keep it hid.” -J & M ary Chain “Needlework th e way, never you betray Life of death becoming clearer P ain monopoly, ritu al misery Chop your breakfast on a mirror Taste me you will see More is all you need You’re dedicated to How I’m killing you . . . ” -M aster of Puppets

To all th e guys on Provincal’s Hall: You guys are classic. | J.H , M.V, C.C, G.J, D.M, L.D, J.L , This hall ru les a l l .. . 1 To th e class o f ’91: “Everyone come to my graduation PARTY,” or go flake! CHEERS!!!! Dom: Cheers m ate for the g reat summer. London splif, OF Dom. “Can’t keep my eyes from th e circling sky Tongue tied & tw isted J u s t an E a rth bound m isfit I” -Pink Floyd




Mr. Bryson- Well, I pulled it off. I graduated! Waall there ever any7 cdoubt? “Lighten up while you still can, Don’t even try to understand, J u s t find a place to tak e your stand,] And tak e it easy....” Eagles- L “It’s not the cough th a t carries you o fl It’s th e coffin th a t carries you often.jT Stephen Tylf To th e FamilyTed- Elfman! Dude th e mouse was likq my prey- sneaking o ut of my windows; Cali, chichi] rule; Behind Ralph’s; The park next to Sid’s; S id lj house and shaving cream; Opening Ceremonies ■ before playing horse; Kick back dude, organized 1 confusion!; Cali, days live on; P alu boys; I missed yi bro.; See you a t graduation. Isis:”G otta have Kaya now.”; Unreal?] days and nights in your room; rubber ball pyramid making; Why did you leave?; Aluminum can daysjfJ Greg- The Isuzu Pup kicks ass; fast 1 tim es a t H.P.A. high; some tim es you ju s t gotta sayj it!; we get Astronomy tonight, rig h t on!: Let’s I .st do it ju s t to say we did; Pull a Scotty Balls outa apuna pavilion days, w hat a b last psyche!; R astacan, first he sits on th e mushroom; It’s only tl beginning; See you tomorrow. Brent- Ice cream adventures.... “I was getting hot”; Mr. Pacific’s class; H apuna p ast curfei How come we always get in trouble together?; weela ends w ith the rocket launcher; well my dreaded 31 friend, “We m et brothers to be, we departed brothel to stay.” Brem- Well dude, w e ‘ made] it!; since th e 4th grade; I didn t tak e the”blue oringd Dagnabbit! I coulaa sworn I had another pack of cijj retries!; The arm y game; W ant a stick of gum? Just] more m inutes L ater days Wolfgang. H ans- G etting caught a t your house foj w atching t.v.; “You’re all. You’re all..”; I never laughed so hard* The talking cam era a t Isis’s; the i first tim e a t M anu Kona* th e cell in Kohala with Sd th e retard ; “Lake W alter5and th a t huge toad, I this F un tim es man. There’ll be more to come. Chad- Snake man! 8th grade nights hi Isis’s room; days in th e Super Tercel, I th in k we crq m ated it; we were ju s t breaking th e bottles; we could’n t sleep, th e 1kids are stilfp lay in g N intendo^— vavooming a t your condo w ith Ted and Bob’s Big B] RaquetbaU session: Tom Sawyer’s Island w ith you] an a Ted and a big black security guard; The Camel] parking lot w ith Ted; hitch hiking to Kawaihae: | | Lothar of th e Hill People; somethmg tells me it s nd over yet. Moku- Green Sands bound! At Pinetrd on Sunday morning w ith you and Dom. Fm stoked; took a shower; The Lava Tube on the way home; chicka bow, cnicka bow! We go Cali. Dom.- Lovely; H ave you got any skins] Oh you beast!; Silk Cuts; I can’t be bithered; Bunnjj a t tn e Volcano; Oy! I’ll see you bro. Brandy- After all we’ve been through,] spaced it all; I sw ear I can read your mind; when w g raduate I’m going to give you an all day spider se^ sion. I love you babe; Oh yeh, w h at kina o f apartma do you want? Malia- W hat th e , Chuck? Well] orgeous, it’s been a trip. I can’t w ait ‘till your 18; | eep th e table and th e tram p. I.L.Y. “This doesn’t mean I don’t love you, I d th a t’s forever..... Except for always....”

B •







. :? j


A*i s$ p p


-C.S. and N.“You’re th e cu ttest th in g th a t I ever d | see,

I really love your peaches w anna shall]

your tree.. -Steve M iller Band“Time alone, tim e will tell, Think your m heaven b u t you’re living -Marley“Good tim es, bad tim es, you know Fvel had my sh are ” -Zeppelin“All I ever got from you, was all I ever! took from you...”

R y a n Kekoa Wat so n

-J. and th e M. Chain“I t’s alright, r We will get by...”

Football 4 yrs. / cruise-party, party-cruise “D ream un til your dream comes true...”

“It’s b etter to b u m out, then to fade away...”

-AerosmithMom and Dad- T hank you so much for th e opportunity. I was never good a t writing thank you notes. I.L.Y. K imi-1 would’n t w ant any one else to be my sister. You give me spirit. I.L.Y.F.

-Neil YoungGood luck to everyone th a t w as nice.

“I understand about indecision, I don’t care if I got behind, People living in competition, All I w ant is to have my piece of mind.” -BostonTo the Bulls- Taylor - well bro. it’s been a blast. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch, even though BYU is out in the boondocks. The “vibrator.” The H aw aiian Open was exciting. N ah, ju s t kidding... but not really. The stink bomb in Waldenbooks. The work a t your house was always fun. Bowling on Maui after getting a free basketball. I’ll see you a t grad. Adam, Marc, Nick, Hide, Shad, Kawika- We go down patrol. Take care. Allyn- Listening to rock-n-roll softly is like " you kmow.!!!!" Derek Honda- Not yet, she won’t let me. Derek Hanano- You’re too funny dude. Haouli- You go to M auna Kea I’ll go H apuna. E-10, Llody boy, Kadota san- We had a good year. Take care.

Bailey- I’m glad to have m et you. You m ean a lot to me. I.L.Y. To the Alums- Eric S., Coop., Ryder, Geliy, P a t D., Keone M., Keoki, Toby, Troy, and Joanna. “There are things known, And th e re are things unknown, In between it al is th e Doors...” “Welcome to where tim e stan d s still, No one leaves and no one will....” “Are you experienced?”

-Jim Morrison-Metallica-Hendrix-

“B reak on through..."

-The Doors“Why worry. There should be laughter after pain, There should be sunshine after rain, These things have always been the same, So why worry now...” -Dire S traits“H ere comes the sun...” -The BeatlesT hank you to all th e teachers who treated me like a hum an being.

The G rateful Dead“Above th e planet on a wing and a prayer, My Grubby Halo, a vapour tra il in th e empty air, Across th e clouds I see my shadow fly, O u t of th e com er of my w atering eye, A dream u n th reaten ea by th e morning light, Could blow this soul rig h t through the roof of the night....” -"Learn th Fly”/ P in k FloydN atu re’s first green is gold, H er h ard est hue to hold, H er early le afs a flower, B u t only so an hour, So leaf subsides to le a f And Eden san k to grief, And Dawn goes down to day, N othing Gold can stay . Robert Frost-


. warning to anyone still in comand of their possible futures to ke care.”- Roger Waters 'hose were the good ‘ol days ... the ars go by but the memory stays.” ierd A1 Yankovic Vhy must we grow up so fast?” le Eagles Iverything you know is wrong!” resign Theatre md now for something completely fferent.” - Monty Python lere’s just too many people I’ve teracted with to mention here, aese are just a few that came to ind: leckel, Colson, Mrs. Erikson, Mrs. amrow, HH - Words can not :press my gratitude, ryson - “Et tu, Brutus?” XJGHes - You’re such a wack! Have m been mixing chemicals again? dmund - Yes, you too can pass AP omputer! Kill Bart for me, will ya? m esto - Will you get off my back ? hanks for giving me 4 years of flak! eometry, Bleckel, and all the other n o d timeswill never be forgotten, lailey, Megan, Halani - May your learts never cease to give love and Inderstanding. Eeidi (Ho!) - May your smiles never td e nor the kindness in your heart Iver run dry. Ians - We’ve made life interesting br the freshmen. I hope we taught hem something. Best of luck to ya! lass o f ’91 - Thanks for putting up rith me for four years, tveryone else - Live long and prosper. [Ticking away the moments that bake up a dull day [ou fritter and waste the the hours p an off-hand way ticking around on a piece of ground p your home town waiting for someone or something to how you the way Pired of lying in the sunshine paying home to watch the rain bid you are young and life is long Ind there is time to kill today Lad then one day you find ten years lave got behind you No one told you when to run, you pissed the starting gun knd you run and run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking pacing around to come up behind rou again Che sun is the same in the relative

Dameon Douglas Welch 4 Years / Kailua-Kona, H I / Santa Cruz, CA / Computers / "Hall Dorm" Prefect/ Musicals / Literary Magazine & News­ paper Editor / General Laziness way, but you’re older And shorter of breath and one day closer to death Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way The time is gone the song is over, thought I’d something more to say.” - Roger Waters “Organized Chaos

That’s all I know Nothing to do Except watch it grow.” - D. Welch “Th-th-th-thats all folks.” - Mel Blanc “Hello, we’re glad you made it. Welcome to the future.” - Firesign Theatre

Simply the Best Juniors ______________________ - 'V- -y,- â&#x2013; :

Above: G rad Elarionoff ready for th e Chem istry lab. Right: Liz M iura tired from turtling.

Bill Bailey Newport Beach Ca. Christine B artlett Woodinville, WA. M arina Beal W ayzata Mn. David Bitonti Palm Springs Ca. Richard Bolt Apo New York

C utter Brown Princeville, K auai, Hi Carl Bryson Kamuela, HI. Anthony Chan Kailua Kona, Hi. Benz Cheong 12 south Bay Rd. Molly Clark K amuela Hi.

Yumi Cockett Honolulu Hi. Ian Cole Kamuela Hi. Jacob Cordeiro K amuela Hi. Mariko Dick K amuela Hi. G rad Elarionoff Kamuela Hi. 86

Left: M elissa Young w arm ing up before pratice.

Celeste Ellis Guayaquil. Carrie Ellis Lihue Kauai Hi. Diane Faye K ekaha Hi. Elizabeth Fierst Kamuela Hi. Takayuki Furuhashi Chiba-ken

K risten Glaspey Kamuela Hi. Jennifer Glauner Kamuela, Hi. Kathy Greenwell Holualoa Derrick H anano Kamuela Hi. K atherine H annah Kamuela Hi.

Michael Hanohano Kamuela Hi. Lauren Hewett Kamuela Hi. Ken Ho Taipei Porter Hodgins K aunakakai Hi. Derrick Honda Kamuela Hi.

â&#x20AC;˘to rt

Mariko Horiuchi Hokkaido 002 M arania House H uahine, FR. Polynesia Mia Ichishita K ailua Kona, Hi. Tetsuji Inoue Agana Gu. Saeko Ito Yokohama-shi

R uth Iwamoto Kamuela, Hi. B rian Johnson N orth Sum atra. Mike Judd Kailua-Kona, Hi. Lilia K apuniai Paauilo, Hi. Jam es King Kailua, HI.

Takahiko Kiyonaga Tamuning, GU. Kosei Kobayashi Saipan, MP. Jam ie Koizumi Kailua-Kona, HI. Kevin K ram er Bayside, CA. Simon Kwok Hong Kong. 88

Left: Taka Furuhashi hanging on for his life.

Shawn Lasko Kamuela, HI. M alia Lawson Kamuela, HI. Edmund Lee Kamuela, HI. Melina Leitel Kamuela, Hi. C hristopher Lozac'h Powy,CA.

M ark Madson Kailua-Kona,HI. Toyohito M atsuura Hyo go, Japan. Catherine McLaren Honolulu, HI. Kelly Miller Kamuela, HI. Elizabeth M iura Waikoloa, HI.

A lexandra Nelson Kamuela, HI. Chad Nordlum Kotzedue, AK. Sage Nottage Kailua-Kona, HI. Hsin-Huei Peng Taipei, Taiwan. Shane Peters Honolulu, HI.


Above: Liz F ierst contem plates m ath. Right: Mike Judd stressed and hungry.

David Pfleger Seward, AK. Glenn Pogue Kailua-Kona, HI. Ja n e Provalenko Kamuela, HI. K atharine Ramos Kamuela, HI. Nichole Raymond Kapaa, Kauai, HI.

Kelly Record Hebron, ME. Lori Roberts Qld, A ustralia. Amanda Roth Tiburon, CA. V anessa Rutgers Kamuela, HI. Miwa Sato Tokyo, Japan.

H ans Sievert Qld, Australis. Allyn Spencer Kamuela, HI. M alia Sperry Kamuela, HI. Greg Stephen-H assard Aiea, HI. Tyson Storm Saudi Arabia.

Left: E m barrrased about riding with Freshm en

Micheal Thomas Kamuela, HI. Yuko Toyoda Tokyo, Japan. Jean ette Virtue Palos Verdes, CA. Lenis W arren Sum atra, Indonesia. Molly W atanabe Honolulu, HI.

Sheridan Weir Kailua, HI. Ju stin Withington Hawi, HI. Birgi W urster Kailua-Kona B art W yatt Loomis, CA. Hiroshi Yamagushi Osaka, Japan.

Melissa Young Kailua-Kona Jay Zachariah Hong Kong.

Simply the Best jS o jo m p re


A gorastos Kamuela, Hi S co tt A ndrew s Kamuela, Hi S u n d ara A shley Kailua-Kona, Hi Fiona Bates Kamuela, Hi B enj B ennett Kailua-Kona, Hi E rika B ergholz Hanalei, Hi M atthew B in d ew ald Kamuela, Hi G inger Bogue Kamuela, Hi C lint B olt New York, Ny S usan C allag h an Huntington Beach, Ca



mm .Yyftur. \ w

C h a rlo tte C annan Sumatra Je s sic a C arew San Francisco, Ca D an iela C arre ira Kapaau, Hi Hung Chen Taipei


C am ille C hidiac Honolulu, Hi Em m a Clark Ruwi A shley C o lter Kamuela, Hi Sheila Cooke Lahaina, Hi H e a th er D avy Cairns, Queensland Paul

D aw son Kamuela, Hi C alv in D etw iler Kailua-Kona, Hi Jo sh D oorly Kailua-Kona, Hi M att D unbar Kaunakakai, Hi Danny Endo Honolulu, Hi C hris E nglish Volcano, Hi Sunny F en ig er Kamuela, Hi H annah Foust Kamuela, Hi S ara F uleihan Kamuela, Hi Kris Ghosh Hilo, Hi

Opposite Left: B ffllG Ben. Opposite Right: Sunny the future Mr. America. Left: Studying hard?

M ac

G rollm an Lihue, Hi L ara G uren Kamuela, Hi M otoko H agiw ara Tokyo, Japan Jana H anano Hawi, Hi Thane H ancock Kamuela, Hi Robbie Hastings IH Kamuela, Hi Heidi Hempel Sacram ento, Ca E lli H eritage Kamuela, Hi Kevin Ho Taipei Iho Hose Kailua-Kona, Hi J e ff

H ubbard Lihue, Hi G e rrit Judd Holualoa, Hi K alona K iersted e Lakeside, Or B enjam in King Cairns, Q ueensland S cot L angford Kailua-Kona, Hi

F ran cin e L aw rence Kapaau, Hi S tar L eavey Kamuela, Hi E velyn Lee Kamuela, Hi M ei-Ling Lin Hsien Miranda Loh Hilo, Hi M ath ias M aciejew ski Kamuela, Hi S u lian a M anley Mt. View, Hi C h ris M artin Kamuela, Hi Y uri M atsum oto Honolulu, Hi D amien M ilne Majuro, MH Ken

Mori Singapore John M urphy Majuro, MH C hris N elson Kailua-Kona, Hi A le x a n d e r N esic Kamuela, Hi K iyonori N oguchi Chiba Prefecture

Opposite Left: The local gossip goes around. Opposite Right: Hey Juan com e back here! Left: I really want to get out of here.

Lance O htake Honolulu, Hi Reiko Okuno Kobe, Japan C hie Ozawa Hilo, Hi D anny P ath o m v an ich Kailua-Kona, Hi D ustin P eterso n Kamuela, Hi C o u rtn ey P ick en s Agana, GU M att P ycha Kilauea, Hi C assie Q u ain tan ce Paauilo, Hi Jim m y R o b in so n Makaweli, Hi T yson R ott Kailua-Kona, Hi M ai

Saito Kita-ku Osaka, Japan M iyuki Sato Sapporo-shi, Japan Yuka

Sato Tokyo, Japan N atsuko S ekiguchi Kamuela, Hi R ach el S h a ck elfo rd Kamuela, Hi

R achel S ingleton Kapaa, Hi R obi Solm ssen Kamuela, Hi M ia S olm ssen Kamuela, Hi N eil Stork Honolulu, Hi M ike Sum ner Kamuela, Hi M ike

Swan Kamuela, Hi M att V en tu ra Kapaa, Hi Kam Von Holt Kamuela, Hi F leu r W ein sto ck Hilo, Hi S in c la ir W hite Kamuela, Hi Jaso n

Y am ash iro Kamuela, Hi Jason Y eung Dhahran F re d ric k V an d er B osch Kailua-Kona, Hi

Simply the Best

Above: So Jason...W hat is the meaning o f life? Right: Are we happy to be out o f class?

Damien Arafiles Kamuela, Hi. Jon Atkinson Kihei, Maui, Hi. A lexandra Bates Kamuela, Hi. Jam u n a Berliner-Caverl K ealakekua, Hi. Ari B ernstein Kamuela, Hi.

Maya Berthoud Kamuela, Hi Caroline Bortnick Kamuela, Hi. K risten B rilhante Kamuela, Hi, D eanna Brinch Hawi, Hi. Brynly Brown Kamuela, Hi.

Kelly Buscher Kamuela, Hi. Andy Carlson Kailua-Kona, Hi. Asa Cascavilla K ealakekua, Hi. Sandra Chan Kailua-Kona Dominic Chavez Kailua-Kona, Hi.

Left: Is this Steffi G raf in disguise?

N athan Ching Kailua-Kona, Hi. Kealani Cook Kamuela, Hi. Marc Cooperson Kailua-Kona Joshua Damron Honokaa, Hi. Jonathan Dang Honolulu, Hi.

Michiko Dick Kamuela, Hi. Jed Ednie Kamuela, Hi. Shayna Eigen Grafton, Wi. Lindsay Faye Kekaha, Hi. B rent Foster Kailua-Kona, Hi.

Kimberley Giffin Kamuela, Hi. Jay Grollman Lihue, Kauai, Hi. Philip Hadviger Kamuela, Hi. Kris Haga Sum atra, Indonesia Lucas Hamberg Poipu, Kauai, Hi. 103

Above: Is that Tom Cruise? RightrThe Freshmen Studs?

Cyrus Hammon Kamuela, Hi. Michelle Hanano Kamuela, Hi. Sean Hecht Kula, Maui, Hi. Jennifer H enderson Kamuela, Hi. Ashley H enry K ailua, Hi. Amy Hicks Honolulu, Hi. Maile Hiyane Pohnpei, Ci. Alfredo Ho Macao, Hong Kong Ming Ho Taipei Jason Holtz Kailua-Kona, Hi.

Lauren Hopper Honolulu, Hi. Daniel Hughes Kamuela, Hi. K arl Hynes, Jr. Kailua-Kona, Hi. Ari Ikeuchi Minato-ku, Jap an Jaisy Jardine Kamuela, Hi.

Left: Now up and say ahhh!

Elisabeth Johnsson Stockholm, Sweden Stacy Kadota Kapaau, Hi. T.J. Kalaniopio Kamuela, Hi. Robert Kawasaki Kamuela, Hi. V aiheria Kelly French Polynesia

Adam King Qld, A ustralia L ara Klingman Los Angeles, Ca. John Kloninger Volcano, Hi. David Knowles Kamuela, Hi. Jad e Lam Kamuela, Hi.

Kyle Larson Kamuela, Hi. Morgan Levi Kamuela, Hi. Jennifer Levy Majuro, Mh. Benjamin Lindsey Kamuela, Hi. Emil Lynch H ana, Maui, Hi.


Above: Robert, what are you looking in the garbage for? Right: Asa will eat it!

Heathe McNaughton Kamuela, Hi. Laurie Meyer Redwood City, Ca. Misty Nagata Glendale Ca. Leif Nelson Kamuela, Hi. Cheyenne Nishida Kamuela, Hi.

Dermot O'Connor Naalehu Hi. Clare O'Malley Captin Cook, Hi. Jeffrey Oakland Kapaau, Hi, Ninia Quinn Laguna Beach, Ca. Jennifer Radich Kailua-Kona, Hi.

Joanna Radin Danville, Ca. Blake Robeson Hanalei, Kauai, Hi. Sienna Rogers Kamuela, Hi. Michael Shumate Kamuela, Hi. Chad Smith Kapaau, Hi.






M ia Zuke Kamuela, Hi.

Robert von Temps] Wailuku, Maui, I-

Left: Don't Study too hard Josh.

I Cy Spencer Kamuela, Hi. Malia Spencer Kamuela, Hi. Megan Sperry Kamuela, Hi. Marilyn Stags Makawao, Maui, Hi Maria Stevens Kapaau, Hi.

Timothy Stewart II Agana, Gu. Natasha Suzuki Makaweli, Hi. Carlo Taib Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Sylvia Tewes Wakayama, Japan James Thronas Kamuela, HI.

Jenifer Tyler Kailua-Kona, Hi. Starr Wedemeyer Kawaihae, Hi. Ian Whittemore Kailua-Kona, Hi. Jonah Yardley Kamuela, HI. Samuel Young Kamuela, Hi.


Simply the Best

s o


The Hawaii Prep. Solar Car team was created and co-ordinated by Head of the Science D epartm ent, M att Hughes. Team Members - Greg StephenH assard, Cassie Quaintance, B rent Tucker, C utter Brown, Glenn Pogue, ; B art W yatt, Ernesto G rundseth, Kevin Kramer, and Carl Bryson - with Rick Salmon, Clayton Turmbil, and Mr. G rundseth designed and con­ structed the fiberglass, foam, and aliminum solar car. The HPA solar car | was tested and raced against five other Hawaii schools, and placed fourth, f From there they w ent to a Solar Energy Rally in W ilitts, California where it competed against colleges from all over the U.S. and came in third place. The solar car project allowed the students involved to learn and work with equipm ent th a t will shape the future.



Above: Glenn Pogue contem plates our next move.

Solar C ar team , left to right: Greg Stephen-H assard, Rick Salmon, Cassie Quaintance, B rent Tucker, C utter Brown, Glenn Pogue, M att H ughes (Team Corodinator), B art W yatt, Mr. Grundseth* Ernesto G rundseth, and Keven Kramer.

Top: Brake Test a t Old Kona Airport. Left: Greg Stephen-H assard starts the race at Willits. Below Left: Greg Stephen-Hassard w aits patiently while the p it crew checks car. Below Right: The car on show in Willits.

The Hawaii Prep Intensive English Studies (IES), taught by Ms. Maureen Donahue, is a special program for Non-English speaking students. For one year, students learn the mechanics of reading, writing, and speaking English, along with History and Math, before being mainstreemed into the regular program. This one year course expands their minds to recieve a new form of educational experience in a different part of the world.

(Left to right) Ms. Donahue, Mamiko Abe, T atsu Seki, M asa Futanam i, Yumi Kojima, Emi Nojiri, Mizuho Sato.

MS. Donahue explains the principals o f English to Yumi Jojima


Simply the Best.


A Si D E M IKS i





■ M


S S iS ■ .

M 0 L D A E N R G N U A G E Our HPA Modern Language depart­ m ent offers a variety of choices. Japanese, French, and Spanish can be selected from beginning to Ad­ vanced Placem ent courses. Students, as well, have the opportu­ nity to travel to different countries applying their knowledge of the lanquage


Above: Mrs. Boyd helps Ja y w ith his characters. Below: "Okay class..." Mr. Nogues begins. Top left: "Hola Mr. Campbell!" Bottom left: "Ms. Michel, how do you pronounce this?" asks Nichole.

Simply the Best.


s H

■ jig

S ill

Wsmm ■ M

Through it’s mini course offerings, to it’s all school writing workshops the English departm ent teaches stu ­ dents all aspects of reading and w riting skills. HPA students graduate with the confidence and assur­ ance needed to apply their advanced abilities in the future.


Top: Mr. Solmssen: Today HPA English teacher, tomorrow cover of GQ. Bottom right: Bryson's gram m er may be up to par, b u t his etiquette sure needs work Bottom left: "That's a good one, th a t's a good one. H ahaha." laughs Mrs. D um an. U pper rig h t page: "She'll be corninâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; around th e mountain....'' sings Dr. G launer Middle rig h t page: A p atien t Mr. D unlap w aits for an answer. Lower rig h t page: "Me????" asks Mr. Herhold.

Simply the Best....

s c I

E N C E Science at HPA emphasizes experiential, hands-on learning. Students are encouraged to participate in on-going research projects which include tagging green sea turtles, build­ ing and racing solar cars, mapping the ecology of the island or doing their own independent work. The rich environ­ mental diversity of the Big Island makes experiences in everything from the edge of the universe to the bottom of the sea possible. 118

Top: Give it up Mr. Hughes, it's ju st not working.

Bottom right: "This is a H um uhum unukunukuapua'a." explains Mrs. Traub. Bottom left: C harting the stars Mr. Weiser? Top right page: "All those years a t Stanford, but they never taught me this." revelates Mr. Brown. Middle right page: Mr. Conley and Brandy proposing solutions to environm ental problems. Bottom right page: "I th ink I can, I think I can " exerts Mr. Holt.

V' ' V U - V

j- '*4*'

W hether its focus is on current events, modern problems, or the past, the history departm ent teaches students to m ake personal and social choices through global observations and com­ parisons. Courses such as H aw aiian History, World and U.S. History, Economics, Phsycology and its A.P. courses, students gain a better perspective on events th a t shape the world in which they live. 120



Above: "Yeeeeehaaaaa!!!!" Go Mr. Durnan. Lower right: Nice bod huh? sm irks Mr. Wilder. Lower left: "Butch!" yells Mrs. Kamrow. U pper left page: "So be i t ..." F ath er Paul ends the chapel service. Lower left page: "Futureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so bright...." Mr. Honma has to w ear shades.

Simply. —the Best.... —

— ..............



c 0

M P u T


*H 8

!« § 311! With one of the most advanced computer systems in the state, the HPA Math and computer department provide the opportu­ nity to learn advanced skills in math and computer sciences. Besides the everday use of mathematic skills; Yearbook, Literary Magazine, and the Newspaper are able to utilize this advanced technology.

Top: "Perry to M ars, Perry to M ars, come in M ars - over." Bottom right: Mrs. Link a t home w ith her computers. Bottom left:"You don't get this, do you?" rem arks Mr. Hall. Top left page: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's super BleckelH Middle left p a g e :" Oh, th a t was sly of you." comments Mr. Provencal as his picture was taken. Bottom left page:" Which period is next?" wonders Mr. Rizzuto.

Simply the Best....

The evergrowing HPA a rt curriculum offers students the opportunity to enhance their creative minds and express their feelings through a variety of visual and per­ forming arts. Students find relaxation from the daily pressures of academics as well as self-satisfaction and success through the arts.


Above: "Trust me, I know w hat I'm doing." assures Mrs. Yarawamai. Below: Students h ard a t work or is it play? U pper left page: Yearbook, also offered by the Arts departm ent, takes total concentration. Middle left page: Dameon and B ryant show off th eir skills in the performing arts. Lower left page: "Twila, is it our turn?" asks Mr. Ventimiglia.


Sim ply the Best

Adm inistration

Top: Director of Studies, Marc Rice, always m easures up to the job. Left: "YES, we would love you to come to HPA!" says Director of Admissions, Todd Anderson and secretary, L uana Lincoln Middle: Counselor and History instructor, Tim Dirks, helps solve th e problems of th e world and the students. Right: "Have we got a college for you!!!" College counselor and M ath instructor, Jim Rizzuto and his assistan t and wife, Shirley.

Besides putting up with the daily rigorous demands of keeping the school running smoothly, our adminintrative staff assist with and coach sports activities. Whether it be on the basketball court, diving in the ocean or counseling students, our administration continuously work hard to be ..."simply the best."

Left to right: Seated; Scott Meiklejohn, Director of Development, Will Hancock, Business M anager, Standing; Tim Dirks, Counselor and History instructor, Marc Rice, Director of Studies and John Colson, Head of U pper School

Sim ply the b e st... STAFF

Above: "Papa Bear", George Watson, Activities Director, Work Program and S tudent Council Advisor, looks perplexed. Left: Oscar Ahuna loves being our new Pool Director. Right: "Dizzy" on his favorite tractor, keeps the grounds looking beautiful.

The reliable staff of HPA makes up the backbone of our school commu­ nity. With much aloha, we thank them for their never ending efforts and dedi­ cation.

Evelyn O shita is always th ere to keep Mr. Conley in line as our Sum m er Program Secretary.

W p R tY

W hat's th e upcoming events and th e latest news of th e school, ask Fred Smtih, Director of Public Relations.

L iB j

Left: In every book there is an adventure....librarians; Mrs. Jo Conley and Mrs. Ju liet Koning.

Above right: Mr. Ron Marciel keep th e boys toughened up as Head Football coach and m aintenance.

Right: Mrs. Dawson shows pride in h er family.


Exercise, e at right and get plenty of sleep, and we will help keep you healthy. O ur nurses, Left to right: Mrs. Carol G launer, Mrs. Bev Dawson and Mrs. Jean McDonough.

Where would we be w ithout our m aintenance dept.????? Back row, left to right: Kenji Yokoyama, Lawrence "Dizzy" Javillonar, Tom Weaver, Ed Q uaintance, Francis Lee F ront row, left to right: Johnny Moniz, Linda Smith, Mike H anano and Edgar Spencer. Not shown: Nolan Doliente

In th e business office things are always buzzing ! Left to right: K aren Yamasato, Yae M urai, Gwen Yamashiro, Jam es H anano N ot shown: Jam es Sagucio

Good things are always cooking w ith Marriot. Left to right: Carol Hui, P aul Alviar, Lindsey Cuelho, and B rian Agbayani. Seated: June Cuelho. Behind Ju n e, left to right: Joan Rodriguez and Evelyn Kuntz

Left: W hen they smile, we smile. Our devoted secretarial staff. Left to right: Betty Spense, K athy Ogasawara, Ja n e Lee and Anne-Irene Young. Bottom left: Mr. Spenser loves those alum ni burgers. Bottom right: Mike H anano and family, wife; Doreen and son; Derrick.

Security keep a watchful eye on campus ind fire prevention training. O ur iecurity: H erb and B arbara Victorine, SUiot M attos, Mervin Spencer, darium Macion and John Ahue. â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ictured left: Elliot and Herb show fulia Bringloe how to p u t th a t fire out.

"You've got a smile so bright, you m ust be Direc­ tor of Alumni Affairs? Mrs. Julie M attson E arly to bed and early to rise, the housekkeeping staff, keeps things looking nice. Left to right: Elsie Horie, Theresa Pajimola, Caddy Young

reft: Mrs. Margie Junlap, reaches out o give a helping hand I n th e bookstore. N ot shown, I issistant, Annie Bell. light: Mr. Steven B em steir s our com puter expert as danagem ent Inform ation Systems Director. Welcome ;o HPA Steve!

Simply The Best

Simply the Best.

Edward Arriola Barrigada Brady Bergin Kamuela, Hi Cindy Beming Kailua-Kona, Hi Turandot Bill-O'Hare Kailua-Kona, Hi Richard Bryson Kamuela, Hi Kainoa Cabanilla Kailua-Kona, Hi Megan Cooperson Kailua-Kona, Hi Tepa Cordeiro Kamuela, Hi Sarah Cordeiro Kamuela, Hi Peter Dahlberg Kailua-Kona, Hi Daniel Del Priore Tamuning Laura Dierenfield Kailua-Kona, Hi Jennifer Fischer Kamuela, Hi Sarah Foust Kamuela, Hi Kenneth Grant Kailua-Kona, Hi

Opposite Left: Tepa and Kris Tango Opposite Right: Strrriike one! Left: Luukia and Megan seem to be having a good Halloween.

Royce Gregory Kailua-Kona, Hi Theana Hancock Kamuela, Hi Schuyler Harris Kamuela, Hi Laura Hiyane Pohnpei Alex Hughes Kamuela, Hi Ken Iwamoto Kamuela, Hi Richie Lindsay Kamuela, Hi Maegan MacGregor Kailua-Kona, Hi Leah Mackey Kailua-Kona, Hi Scott Miller Kamuela, Hi Younosuke Nozawa Yokohama Robert Olsen Captian Cook, Hi Ryan Platt Kailua-Kona, Hi T. Charlie Quinn Kailua-Kona, Hi Kara Ramos Kamuela, Hi

Simply the Best... Below:Aw come on... Below right: A slow dance lifts some spirits, or does it???

Kippy Sohriakoff Kailua-Kona, Hi Aaron Spielman Kailua-Kona, Hi Yoshinori Tajima Nagoya Alia Thomas Kamuela, Hi Andrew Tudor Aiea, Hi Robert Voge Kailua-Kona, Hi Caitlyn Waller Kamuela, Hi Sabrina White Kamuela, Hi Charlie Witt Kailua-Kona, Hi Tiffany Woodard Kamuela, Hi Willy Wurster Kailua-Kona, Hi Erica Zachary Kailua-Kona, Hi

Simply the Best.

Deborah Adams Kamuela, Hi Chaun Bescos Kamuela, Hi Robert Braun Kailua-Kona, Hi Ian Cardin Kailua-Kona, Hi Sarah Clark Kamuela, Hi

Matthew Cohen Hilo, Hi Summer Duncan Kamuela, Hi Austin Easley Kailua-Kona, Hi Rae Elliazar Kamuela, Hi Lilah Ellis Kamuela, Hi Melissa Gibson Kailua-Kona, Hi Lianne Goto Kamuela, Hi Rachel Grenier Kailua-Kona, Hi Mark Haskett Honokaa, Hi Jennifer Hickman Kamuela, Hi


Opposite left: Middle School A.V.???? Opposite right: Just a bit out of the strike zone! Left: Middle school boys "ham it up" for the camera on a tree planting excursion.

Teri Hogan Darussalem Jaime Holtz Kailua-Kona, Hi Helene Honda Kamuela, Hi Edward Im Tokyo, Japan Grant Kaaua Kamuela, Hi Kristopher Klett Kailua-Kona, Hi Jenny Lee Kamuela, Hi Shih Ling Lin Taiwan Sean Lynch Hana, Hi Kanoe McTavish Kamuela, Hi Pua Mench Kailua-Kona, Hi Tomonori Murata Kyoto, Japan Kazumo Nagao Japan Corey Nelson Kamuela, Hi Shizuma Noguchi Chiba, Japan

Simply the Best

Jason Olcese Kamuela, Hi Satoshi Onozaki Tokyo, Japan Suzanne Poppe Paauilo, Hi Dustin Richardson Kamuela, Hi Nicole Ricord Kamuela, Hi Nicholas Rutgers Kamuela, Hi Eric Seidl Tahiti Lei-ann Snider Kapaau, Hi Michelle Sumner Kamuela, Hi Tsung Tang Taipei Andre Hadviger Hamberg, Germany Jaime Trabert Kamuela, Hi Chet Tyler Kihei, Hi Scott Wade Kamuela, Hi Nino Walker Kamuela, Hi


Chris Webb Kailua-Kona, Hi Ray Weinstock Hilo, Hi Alex Woodbury Kailua-Kona, Hi Christina Woodworth Kailua-Kona, Hi David Zieger Kailua-Kona, Hi


Right: Kanani and Helene the lei girls... Below: The Middle School bad boys give a sm ile Opposite: Hold the ball still or I'll kick your head off.

Simply the Best...

Lu Anderson Paauilo, HI Dagan Bernstein Kamuela, HI Thomas Borho Kailua-Kona, HI Jennie Cacoulidis Kamuela, HI John Crossley Kailua-Kona, HI Shea Dahlberg Kailua-Kona, HI Liana Dawson Kamuela, HI Shannon Dorrell Kailua-Kona, HI Ivan Eggel Paauhau, HI Sean Giffen Kamuela, HI Kamyar Hammon Kamuela, HI Jason Hoisington Kamuela, HI Marci Jardine Kamuela, HI Lisa Jardine Kamuela, HI Susannah Jensen Kamuela, HI

Opposite Left: Don't let my mother see this... Opposite Right: Eat your heart out Madonna!!! Left: I got it!

Marisa Jones Kamuela, HI Daniel Kraus Kailua-Kona, HI Michael Krochina Kailua-Kona, HI Carter Myers Kamuela, HI s Dorsey Myers Kamuela, HI Colleen O'Malley Captian Cook, HI Tiffany Quinn Kailua-Kona, HI Kalei Rapoza Kamuela, HI Sky Rolnick Kealakekua, HI Erin Rott Kailua-Kona, HI Catherine Sakimura Hawi, HI Achahn Schultze Kamuela, HI


Simply the Best... Right: Who is that??? Below: You should really try some of this yummy food...

Jared Spencer Kamuela, HI Victoria Spielman Kailua-Kona, HI Sheldon Swan Kamuela, HI Kristian Thiebaut Kamuela, HI Taylor Thronas Kamuela, HI Melissa Weisner Kailua-Kona, HI Dustin Williams Kamuela, HI Kelly Yamasoto Kamuela, HI Theodore Young Kailua-Kona, HI

Sim ply the Best




â&#x20AC;˘C H O O

m m


Left: Mrs. Eva Bogue, A ssistant Head of Lower School Right: Mrs. B arbara Robertson, Head of Lower School




Secretaries: Left, Mrs. Lita Spencer, right, Mrs. Lorraine Lindsey

KITCHEN: L to R Ursula Vincent, Pua Garmon, Diane Hillen

Mrs. M argaret Cory, librarian

Top: Left to right: K indergarten instructors, M ary Barthelem y, Hope Soo, Emily Pelkey Left: Third grade instructors; Helene McTavish and Carol Lawson Right: F irst grade instructor; Diane Fuleihan Left: Second grade instructor; Molly Sperry Middle: Fifth grade instructor; Bob Voliter Right: Fourth grade instructor; Judy Folk

Right: Mrs. Sperry watches her second graders during the annual field day event.

Sim ply the Best...

F i


Standing, left to right: Mr. Bob Voliter, Jo-Jo W aroquiers, R.J. Rearden, Jacob Pobre, Brad Anderson, Cord Anderson. Seated, top to bottm, left to right, Lai Mitchell, Dee Kaniho, Helen Shuite, Jenny Salmon, L auren Jardia Emmy Bogue, D ana Csige, Keely G rant, Lexie Lam, Kaui Archer, L aura Chillingsworth. Missing: John Buscher, Lindsay Lawson

â&#x2013;  aH i



Sim ply the Best..




Bnding: Left to right; Robin Pelkey, Kaili Chapm an, Shani Keith, Felisa ijnie, Miss Ju d y Folk, H eather Wade, K ulu'ua Rapoza ftted , top to bottom, left to right; K aulaua Bell, Nicole H agar, Cinnamon [jirke, Kai Woodard, Nam ahoe Soo, Ryan Feeney, Kawika Kaula, P arker llson, Ashley Goo, Kai Rediske, Noah Gibson




Sim ply the Best.

Back, left to right: Micah Pueschel, Serge Eggel, Kerrie Trabert, Paul Csige, Mrs. Lawson, Zachery Chancer, K ristina Jones, N athaniel Bryson Middle: Noe Erger, Chelsea Wallis, Kaulike Rice, C atlin Peterson, N anea Brown, Shannon Levenson Bottom: Megan Long, Robert Yamasato, Antiga Rosenberg, Jessica Merschdorf, missing from photo; Carrie Shum ate

At the volcano: Back, Mr. Hiebler 4th row, left to right: Mr. Jensen, Thomas Sanford, Nickie Hiebler 3rd row: Mrs. Gregory, Ian McIntosh, Bryan Spencer, Brooks Uyeshiro, Mrs. McTavish 2nd row: Kalei Gregory, Sam Lindsey, Jackie Hagen, Melody Schott, Sarah Luscomb, Sofia Jensen 1st row: Alvin Baptiste, M athew Lee, Kimberly Salmon, Ana Yarawamai, C aitlin Kim ura, Chelsey Kadota, Chelsea Schmeltz

Sim ply the Best.


c o

Back row, left to right: Mele Chillingworth, E stri Doe, Laurel Pelkey, Sean Vitousek, Aimee Zuke, Carly Welch, Michael Hickman, Kawehi Clarke, Kyle Paulson, Jo n ath an Thiebaut, Lindsey Morriss, Mrs. Mollie Sperry Front row, left to right: Ashlyn Loo, Tai Soo, Alexis Cromwell, Kaiao Archer, K am anaw a Mitchell, H annah Hind, J a n a Jardine, Billy Snider, Kenya W aroquiers



W m m m 1

1 liMI


■M B H nn

SilSllliiS® ®

« lll

■ 1 — ■

Sim ply the Best.

| ptanding left to right: Hokulani Wong, M eghan Feeney, Kris Kopra, C hristopher K aula, Troy Cushnic, Oskie Rice, Alika Brooks, Patrick Merschdorf, Ian Clagstone Ideated, left to right: M ihana Diaz, Stephanie Schilling, Ashley Green, Renee Shrader, B rian Pond, S arah Breakstone, Lindsay Funeya, Ashley Say, Kevin Carlsm ith, Ju liette Budge

Sim ply the Best.

4th row standing, Mrs. Soo's class, left to right: Jaclyn Jard in e, Jill Q uaintance, D aneEggel, Maggie Chancer, Jennifer Madieslcy, Ryan Salmon, H aley W illiams, Carly Hayashikaw a, Mikela Yarawam ai, Nikolas Soo, W illliam Sanford 3rd row sitting, Mrs. Soo's class, left to right: Lindsay Uyeshiro, Ali Ann Dirga, Joshua Levenson, John Alvaro, Max Rosenberg, C arl Lam, Karly Kopra, M oani Akana 2nd row, Mrs. M ary B arthelem y's class, left to right: Lei Aloha H urwitz, Michelle P au tter, Michael Vitousek, Jacob Hiebler, Rebecca O pperm an, Rachael Rincon, Robbie A rnett, S am antha Gilweit, Keoni Erger, Kali Startsm an, Leia Pueschel, E rin Shrader, Sham i Abdy, Jam es McGonegal, Leala H um bert, Anthony Pond, Scott Paulson 1st row, Mrs. Pelkey's class, left to right: Michael M orriss, MacGaffney, Ned Snow, Camron Lewis, Ja k e Penny, Jared Chapman, Kaleo Clarke, Leighton Hind

Sim ply the Best.... M id d le S chool


A D M I N I S T R A T I 0 N

Left and below: Mr. Boyd, Head of Middle School and Middle School arts

WWiiiliMaafw , -f - p j j p tg

Right: Mr. Pierson, Core Below: Mrs. Henderson Core

Below: Mrs. Jambor, Core

Above: Mrs. Polak and all her fans... jlow: Mrs. Moore, Fine Arts ght: Mr. Fuleihan roast that ricken!!! attorn: Mrs. Yuko Green, ipanese. Missing: Mr. Evertt nowles, French

Left: Mr. Abbott, Science Dept, gives a warm smile. Below: Mr. Mason, Science Dept, no no no thats the wrong answer!!! Below left: Mr. Diaz, Math Dept.

Above: Mrs. Lucitt, IES Left: Mrs. Lucitt suddenly forgets how to speak Japanese.

Left: Mrs. Larson, Math Dept, These people are the future? Below: Mrs. Dawson, Health

Below: Mrs. Kaniho, Head of Computers Below right: Mr. Kerr, P.E.

m r& i I

Sim ply the Best.

'T j r


N A c A M p | u Q

COfcAf ' RECf


~f1 la

Simply the Best...

Bottom row, left to right; Amy Carlson, Lea Wilson, Dusty H arris, Christine Dunnam. Second row, B rendan Cromwell, Sean Manago, Dodge Ackerman Third row, J u stin Gonyea, Evan Zachary Top row, Aaron Cham plin, P eter Seidel, Greg Dierenfield, Brandon Manago Instructor: B arbara Gans


Sim ply the Best.

F O u R f m EPS


■ ’I S m

■ I A D

■ |w a S |

Bottom row: Rose Deacon, Shaw nti Wilson, B rett W hittem ore Second row: Nicole Dechape, M ara Miller, Adrianne Ford Third row: K ristin Krochina, F a rra h Moinpour F ourth row: M itesh Patel, William Steven III, Mrs. Mason Fifth row: M ark Kamigaki, Seth Sm ith, Kito Buckley

Sim ply the Best.

T H I R D F irst row: Lindsay Rosehill, P eter Stew art, Ashley Welton, Keisuke Sekine, Brie Fagundes Second row: Shane Stevens, Jo n a th a n MacGregor, Nicole Iwamoto, Cole H ershberger Third row: J u stin Fenton, Jessica Lam bert, Anna Webb, Desiree DelDotto


Sim ply the Best..

s E C

O N i


Bottom row: Left to right, M andi Cooperson, M ahea Crossley, K J Noons Second row; Chloe Ota, W akako Sekine, Chelsea Estencion, Byron Young Third row; Cobey Ackerman, Joey Vreedenburgh, Jaim e Wakefield, George Ziejer F ourth row; David Cook, Macy Wessel, Taryn Manago, K ristine Dinmore Fifth row; B ear Dahlen, Jesse Cardin, Ashley Coffman, Tiffany Iwamoto Anstructor; kShan Quinn

Sim ply the Best...

F ront row: Kim Sogi, Jo n a th a n Hutchinson, C hristina Hansel, Joseph Wilson J r. Second row: Gabriel Austin, Tyler Champlin, Nicole Elarionoff Third row: Ja m a ra Olson, Giovanni DelDotto Back row: Jason Chiang, Katie Krochina

Instructor, Mrs. O'Malley measures up for "Zero the Hero" day.

Sim ply the Best...

Top: Paper puppets on parade Back row: Micheal Dinmore, Reid Rosehill, Gregory Bennett, Turner Vail, Skeeter Zimmerman, Ian Ross, Robbie Rhine Front row: Alana Corpuz, Laurie Stenger Marsha Ayai, Mia Tagundes, Natasha Deacon, Rachel W essel, Angela Weisner

ht: Nancy MacGregor Librarian ;om left: Barbara Hoist Fine Arts om right: Jane Thronas Art Department ow left: Mrs. Johnson Physical Education ow right: Mary Anne Gale Secretary

F a c u 1s tt ya f f

Simply the Best


Simply the Best â&#x20AC;&#x153; We have faced many challenges this past year. We have laughed, and we have cried. We have all at one time lived football. We have created a strength within us all, the strength of a family. No one but the family can understand the strength. When one hurts; we all hurt. When one bleeds; we all bleed. The blood is from one heart, the heart of the family. As the season comes to an end, we realize what we have lost, but we realize what we can never lose, IMUA... â&#x20AC;&#x153;

Pg. 172, Clockwise from bottom left: Shad N ishida w ith his sights on the endzone. Coaches Marciel, Provencal, and Chinen anticapating our every move. M anager, K athy Greenwell eager to assist th e anxious players. Hauoli H anohano charges up and down th e field. Pg. 173, The defensive line ru shing w ith reckless abandon. Group photo. Our th ree captains getting pumped for th e kickoff. Taylor Easley wondering why his helm et always breaks during th e game.

TOP ROW (L TO R): Coach Shaw, K. Greenwell, E. Spencer, L. Mendez, T. Inouy, D. Hanano, D. Arafiles, T. Kiyonaga, T. Easley, N. Saugestad, J. G launer, Coach Marciel. MIDDLE ROW : Coach Chinen, C. Hammond, K. Lindsey, 3. Berry, J. Cordiero, R. W atson, G. Cordiero, R. Kadota, C. Spencer, C. Smith, C. Bryson, D. Bitonti, B. Bailey, K. Cook, Coach Provencal. BOTTOM ROW : J. Damron, T. M atsuura, D. Hughes, C. Nordlum, D. Honda, J. Ednie, C. Martin, S. N ishida, P. Dawson, A. Spencer, H. Hanohano, S. Andrews, N. Ching, A. Ranne, H. Kashima, J. Yardley.

Simply the Best Boys' Cross Country The Boys' Cross Country team runs through a victorious season with confidence and enthusiasm. The boys kept their positive training motivation as they put in thousands of miles after school each day. During their meets , H.P.A. looked their b e s t, with many of the team members ranking high. The team has made our school proud, as they proved to be an asset to our athletic program and the community.

Opener: Kevin K ram er pushes throgh the tree line for success. Above: Top runner, Thane Hancock is congratulated by Mr. Chumbook for an ­ other victorious run. Left: C utter Brown striving to be "simply the best!" Bottom: Greg StephenH assard and T.J. Kalaniopio bring in a win for the J.V.s. Left to Right:(J.V.) Emile Lynch, T.J. Kalaniopio, Toby King, Greg Stephen-H assard, M athias Maciejewski, Grad Elarinoff, Ja y Zachariah, Carl Honma (coach), Carl Wiser (coach),(Varsity) C utter Brown, Thane Hancock, Erenesto G rundseth, Shawn Lasko, Tyson Storm, Jason H ara, Kevin Kramer.

Simply the Best Girls' Cross Country Holding high goals in mind, H.P.A.'s Girls cross-country team set out to have an excellent season. Endurance, concentration, strength and form are the basic elements needed to achieve success. No matter what, the team kept on pushing to the limit. Al­ though individuals win the races, team effort is what it takes to come out on top. Our cross-country team made working as a unit a high priority. Daily workouts built individ­ ual, as well as team strength.

TOP LEFT: Cathy con­ centrates on coming out on top!!! TOP RIGHT: Chie gives Carrie Ellis (manager) "ten!" RIGHT: Rachel crosses the finish line first. BOTTOM: Ellen leaves the other runners pant­ ing in the dust.

Top Row: Liz M iura, Chie Ozawa, H eathe McNaughton, Suliana Manley, C athy McClaren, Carrie Ellis, and Coach Conley. Middle Row: Kelly Busher, Fiona Bates, Rachel Shack­ leford, Rachel Singleton, M alia Spencer, Kim Giffin,

Simply the Best Boys' Volleyball Hawaii Prep Boys' Volleyball powered through the season with new coach David Trusel. Coach Trusel offered a new elem ent in the m aking of a great volley­ ball team; w hether it was in a different coaching method or m ental preparations. Although the team won only one game, signs of great improvement among players were clearly visible. Countless hours of practic­ ing basic skills, conditioning, and perfecting plays contributed significantly to their season. W ith m any young players this year, the Kanis can expect a bright future in the league.

Top Right: B rent Tucker serves a powerful ace. Top Left: Mike Ju d d gets ready to recieve a serve. Left: M att D unbar passes to th e setter. Below: Shane Peters recieves a slam.


Top (Left to Right): BartW yatt, Adam King (Manager), Shane Peters, Anthony Chan, Ian Cole, Sean Hecht, Sheridan Weir, Jason Lopez, Ashley Colter, M artin Tewes, Coach David Trusel, Calvin Detwiler. Bottom (L to R): Alex Nesic, Mike Judd, M at D unbar, Bremen Schmeltz, Hems Klett. Missing: Robby Solmssen.


the Best Girls' Volley W ith new head coach, Bill Brilhante, the young K am akani Girls' Volleyball team faced the season with great team spirit and determ i­ nation. The Kanis' winning season was achieved through the wise coaching and training by Coach Brilhante and Nolan Doliente. As each day of practice w ent by, the team found itself only getting better and better w ith the eagerness for yet another victory.

Top Left: Mia Solmssen skillfully bum ps th e ball for a nice set. Top Right: Danica Kaniho goes for th e save. Right: D iane Faye concentrates on th e ball for a perfect pass. Below: L auren H ewett leaps to re tu rn a serve.

Top (Left to Right): M egan Sperry, Morgan Levi, Maile Hiyane, M elissa Young, M ia Solmssen, Coach Bill B rilhante, N inia Quinn, Coach N olan Doliente. Bottom(Left to Right): D aniela C arrea, D iane Faye, K ristan B rilhante, Danica Kaniho, Jad e Lam, L auren Hewett, Mariko Dick.

Sim ply the Best..

Kani's Swim Team

Above: Front row: Mei-ling Lin, Chie Ozawa, Ginger Bogue, Cybele Stevens , Alexandra Nelson, Raychel Singleton, Ha Klett, Sundara Ashley, Sinclair W hite, Shane Peters. Middle row: Mamiko Abe, Jessica Carew, Em ma Clark, F arris j Bogue, M arina Nogues, H ans Sievert, Lara Klingman, Heidi Thomas, Taka Furuhashi, Kevin Ho. Back row: Ju stin W ithington, Sara Fuleihan, Kevin Kram er, Ryder Thomas, Jim m y Robinson, Danny Endo, Benj Bennett Top Right: No pain no gain!!! Top Left: Look, Kevin is flying!!!

L ast years swim team proved to be simply the best on the island and is showing its continuing strive for greatness in the BIIF. The together­ ness of the swimming team is beyond compare considering th a t they are not separated into a boys and girls swim team , but a single team. HPA's talen t and determ ination will bring them another great year of swimming. Good Luck!

bove: HPAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Swimming coaches: A ssistants: Moe M atthews, Cindy arawam ai, H ead coach, Ja y W ilder ight: On your m arks, set, go!! elow: Am I there yet?

Simply the Best B o y s' and G ir ls ' V a rs ity Tennis

Back row: Mathias Maceijewski, Jason Holtz, Jay Grollman, Hide Kashima, Marc Handl, Coach Ron Seno. Front row: Edmund Lee, Alfredo Ho, Robby Ghosh, Benz Cheong, Mark Madson. Missing: Taka Kiyonaga, Igor Nesic


This year, the men on the varsity Tennis team proved to be some of the top players on the island. Ron Seno, their fearless leader, drove them to all three comers of the island looking for aban­ doned tennis courts to practice on for matches. The team's strength continues to grow with strenuous prac­ tices and tough mental training. The HPA Tennis team will play their hearts out in the hope of winning the BIIF!

The team , from top to bottom. Morgan Levi, Meg Sperry, Mizuno Sato, Yuka Sato, Miwa Sato, Susie Callaghan, Jennete Virtue, H alani Moss, M arina Beal, and Coach Herhold. Missing: Mia Solmssen

The 1991 girls varsity tennis team worked hard this year to meet both personal and team goals. Concentra­ tion and a positive attitude were the keys to the team 's success. Although tennis is prim arily an individual sport, the girls exemplified a strong team spirt which really helped in tough matches. Their hard work and dedica­ tion paid off this year and should reap dividends in years to come.

Simply the Best The Hawaii Prep Boys' Varsity Basketball team entered the BIIF league with only two veteran players and a whole new team. Given the circumstances, the Kamakanis blazed through the season with exciting games and upsets. The Junior Varstiy team had an equally exciting season under the coaching of Ron Marciel.

Top Right: Damien Arafiles soares through th e a ir for a lay up. Top Left:The coaches of th e V arsity team (left to right) John Colson, Nolan Doliente, and Jerry Bleckel. Left: Damien Milne dribbles past his aponents. Below Left: V arsity Team (Top Left to Right:) Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Damien Arafiles, Ian Cole, Jed G ushm an, Sunny Finiger, Nick Saugestad; Bottom Left to Right: Dominic Chavez, David Bitonti, Marc H andl, Allyn Spencer, Anthony C han, and Chad Iwamoto. Bottom Right: Ju n io r V arsity Team (Left to Right:) Jason Yamashiro, D am ien Milne, Dominic Chavez, Mike Shoem ate , Lance O take, Robi Solmssen, David Knwoles, Je ff O akland, Jonah Yardly, Jeffery Chan, M ark Cooperson , Ron Marciel. Right: Marc H andl fights for a position to score.


Simply the Best With veteran coach, Matt Hughes, the Kamakani wrestlers powered through the season with out­ standing individual results. The combi­ nation of returning wrestlers with the new members to the team strived to achieve their vision quest. The 1991 season brought an­ other excellent year to reflect upon.

(Clockwise) Above: Derrick Honda works his opponent w ithout mercy. Right: E th an Spencer concentrates on his next move to victory. Bottom Right: Toyo M atsuura gains points after a swift takedown. Bottom Left: (top row) (left to right) M att Hughes, E th an Spencer, Able vander Bosch, Kea Cook, Derrick Honda, N athen Ching, David Pfleger, B ryant W arren, Lucas Hamberg, Toyo M atsuura; (Bottom row) (left to right) John M urphy, M att V entura, Jeff H ubbard, Scott Miller, Thane Hancock, Josh Damron, Jo n Dang. Left: David Pfleger m akes sure his prey doesn't escape.

Simply the Best...

Boys' Soccer

The team this year has proved to be interesting to watch. W ith sixteen returning members from last year’s squad, the addition of Sam Berry, Adam Ranne and an im pres­ sive freshm an group, the team has improved, on last season's ru n n er -up finish. Heading this year's returning list are seniors Bremen Schmeltz, Makoto Chiku, Yusuke Nagano and Junior Kosei Kobayashi. There are also many younger players who are pushing th e upperclass­ men for positions, notably D ustin Peterson, M att Dunbar, Paul Dawson, and Cal Detwiler.

L to R Top: Coach Steve Perry, Kawika Ruddle, Mike Judd, Makoto Chiku, Bremen Schmeltz, Sam Berry, C utter Brown Y usuke Nagano, Daniel Hughes, Tyson Storm, Kaj Hynes Jr., Elli H eritage, Coach Roger Holt Bottom: Jed Ednie, Redza Taib, Paul Dawsq Mac Grollman, M att Dunbar, D ustin Peterson, Shawn Lasko, Asa Cascavilla, Brent ! Foster, Calvin Detwiler, Scott Andrews, Adam Ranne

Sim ply the Best...

Girls' Soccer

A predom inantly young group of women soccer players worked hard and m atured into the num ber one soccer team on the Big Island. Due in no small p a rt to the leadership of the veteran-seniors and the coaches, Bryn Lawrence and Jam ie Campbell, several pre-season disappointm ents quickly gave way to an undefeated season. "They learned and applied everything we showed them and steadily developed into an awesome team." said the coaches. These women are cooperative, funloving, and excellent athletes and they're tough. W atch Out! M akanahele.

L to R Top: Coach Jam ie Campbell, Suliana Manley, Sienna Rogers, Fiona Bates, Francine Lawrence, Lisa Berthoud, Liz M iura, Melina Leitel, L auren Hewett, Ellen Carlson, E rika Bergholz, Tracy Kopp, Cassie Q uaintance, Simone Maciejewski, Sadie Lowry, Junko H igashim ura, Coach Bryn Lawrence. Bottom: M anager H annah Foust, Alexa Bates, H eathe Me N aughton, Kelly Buscher, Maya Berthoud, K risten Brilhante, Kelly Miller, N inia Quinn, Stacy Kadota, M alia Spenser, Jenny Radich, Jad e Lum, Jaisey Jardine, Michelle H anano

imply The

».» Horse Program

A long-standing tradition a t the Hawaii Preparatory Academy has been it's horse program. The program offers a variety of experiences for stu ­ dents from beginner to advanced. Students learn English and W estern riding techiques as well as grooming and care of the horses. The instructors are Dick Solmssen, Judy Folk, and Nancy Steinecke. Team members participate in horse shows, dressage clinics, and polo. Highlights of 1990 were dres­ sage and stadium jum ping clinics and competitions and the Combined Train­ ing Event. Students also travelled to polo games a t three different fields in W est Hawaii. Participants also enjoyed trail rides up the m ountain to the rainforest, informal games, and gym khana competitions on the polo field.

Top Left: D eanna Brinch Top Right: Heidi Thomas Bottom Left: Left to Right: Ben King, Trevor Tubelle, Heidi Thomas, D eanna Brinch , Amy Hicks, Jo an n a Radin, L auren Hopper Bottom Right: Nancy Steineke, Judy Folk, Dick Solmssen

'imply the B e s t Cheerleading U nder the direction of Ms. Mo Donahue, the cheerleaders bring spirit and support to our many athletic team s. Enthusiam and a lot of had work by it's members have brought cheerleading to a higher level th an ever before. We are proud of the gains the squads have made and welcome this new varsity sport in the years to come.

l | | Above: Top row L to R : S ta rr Wedemeyer, M alia Sperry, Kirsty Taylor Middle: Cathy Toyoda, H annah Foust, V anessa Rutgers, Twila Carter, f - M alia Lawson Bottom: K athi Ramos, Mrs. Mo Donahue, Ginger Bouge | Middle: Left to Right: Lauren Hopper, Nichole Raymond, Yumi Cockett, j Molly W atanabe '< Lower Left to Right: K athi Ramos, M alia Lawson, Twila C arter, Kirsty Taylor, H annah Foust, M alia Sperry

Clubs and Committees

R e d K ey S o ciety : (Back row) (left to right) Suliana Manley, Danny Endo, Dominic Chavez, Jessica Carew, Kevin Kram er, K athy Greenwell, N inia Quinn. (Front row) (left to right) Junko H igashim ura, Ju lia Bringloe. Missing: Mr. Anderson, advisor

S tu d e n t C o u n cil: (left to right) E th an Spencer, Twila C arter, Kawika Ruddle, Ryan Kadota, Ju lia Bringloe, N inia Quinn, Stacy Kadota, M att V entura, D ustin Peterson, Tyson Storm, Cathy McLaren. M issing from photo: Mr. Watson, advisor 188

A.V. C rew : (Top) Mr. Watson

F ir e M a rsh a lls: (Top) H ans M athiesen, Reed Martic, Trevor

(Middle) D aniela C arreira, Jam ie Koizumi (Below) L-R Jim m y Robinson, Ja y Zachariah

Tubelle, (Bottom) Heidi Thomas, S arah Wallis, Missing: Bailey Rorhbach

C o m m u n ity S e rv ic e C o m m itte e : (Top) (left to right) E. Fierst, L. Roberts, D. Faye, J. Virtue, S. Callaghan, C. Ozawa, S. Manley, C. Ellis, B. W urstier, E. Anderson, S. Fuleihan, B. W arren, H. Thomas, T. King, T. Storm, K. K ram er (Bottom) (left to right) J. Carew, C. Ellis, J. Bringloe, F. Bogue, T. Beard, D. Welch. 189

A m n e sty I n te r n a tio n a l: (Top) (left to right) L aura Rice, Liz M iura, M alia Manley, H alani Moss. (Bottom) (left to right) Mr. Wilde Elizabeth Fierst, M alia Lawson, A m anda Roth, Mr. Dunlap.

R e lig io n C o m m itte e : (Above) (left to right) Lisa Bleyle, Danny Endo, H ans M athiesen, Trevor Tubelle.


N e w s p a p e r S taff: (Top) (left to right)R. Ghosh, T. Tubelle, D. Bitontij (Bottom) (left to right) R. Kadota, F. Bogue, T. Kopp, S. Nottage, C. O'malley.

T u r tle T a g g in g : (left to right) Cassie Quaintance, S ta r Levy, M alia Manley, B randy Norwood, Mrs. Traub, Jessica Carew, Jad e Lam, S ara Fuleihan, Kevin K ram er, B rian Johnson, K atherine H annah.


J u d o C lu b :

(Top) (left to right) Mr. Victorine, Sheriden Weir, Chris Mori, Ken Ho, Victor Lee, Alfredo Ho, Benz Cheong. (Bottom) (left to right) Julia Bringloe, Junko Higashimura, Vaiheria Kelley, Simon Kwok, Nikki Richardson, Stacy Pung

Class of 1991 Hall of Fame!!

Biggest Flirts: Shahnti, Bremen, Taylor, Tiva, Leilyn, Dameon

Most spirited: Twila, Angie, Sam

Most likely to join the World W restling Federation: Ethan, Marc, Lloyd

Most likely to break the speed barrier: B rent and H ans K.

iRather th a n have a select few chosen for generic catagories, the 1991 senior class was eager to vote all of their classmates into the following:

Most likely to.... -become a police officer: Greg, Ryan W., Chad S. -become a dictator: Ethan, Hans M., Tiva -destroy the system: Kawika -return to H.P.A.: Laura, Dameon -win the nobel prize: Lisa Bleyle, Minako, Ernesto, Igor -Become a Ninja turtle: Shad, Marc, Adam, Hide -Laugh Last: Chad I., Nick -become the mayor of their hometown: Katty, Holly, Chung(Victor) -go to prison: Julia, Alfred -join the marines- Jason L., Junko -become an anarchist: Brandy, Bailey -be a rasta: Brent, Jesse -become a talk show host: Leilyn, Jed, Angie, Tiva -join the Hells Angels: Alfred, Chad S., Brent -be late to school: Ryan W. -turn on a computer: Dameon -claim auto insurance: Ellen -become a rock and roll star: Makoto I -have been a turtle: Ryan K. I -become the next Madonna: Malia -become a groupy: Kathryn Adams -win the World Cup: Yusuke I -be a dead head: Julia, Bailey -give a hoot and not pollute: Laura I -join Star Trek, the 3rd generation: Martin I -be the next "Quick Draw": Hans M. I -beat up Mr. Holt: Halani -die defending her country: Kirsty -discover a cure for the common cold: Lisa Berthoud, Eva, Farris, Danica, Tracy, Sadie -become a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader: Brandy I -Best personality: Hide, Laura, Angie -Saltiest: Shahnti, Marina -Zaniest: Sarah, Onika, Angie, Jasmin -Most Sarcastic: Shahnti, Jed, Trevor -Best dressed: Simone, Hide -The "duhhh" award: Nick, Marc, Chad I., Jason H. -The "Peter Pan" award: Shad, Adam, Sarah, Robby -Cutest dimples: Lloyd, Ellen -Miss Bubbles: Heidi

-Most Likely to Succeed, The Class o f 1991 !


Yearbook Staff

The 1991 Yearbook Staff Front Row (L to R): Brandy Norwood, Ryan Watson, Jesse Eurich Back Row: Nichole Raymond, Hide Kashima, Robby Ghosh, Mrs. Yarawamai, Shahnti Olcese, Hans Mathiesen, Bart Wyatt, Chris Nelson (Miss­ ing Tiva Beard) Special thanks to all those who made the production of this book possible.

Presidents ' Address:

Without a doubt this has been a year of change and with it came growing pains, for both the administration and the students. However, students began to discover how important our traditions are when they were threatened, and ulti­ mately we came together on important issues. Unlike past years, pride has slowly crept into life at H.P.A. To top it all off, I had the pleasure to work with the best student council I could of imagined. Even through the most difficult situations we still worked well together. Thank you Mr. Watson for being a more organized person than I am. To the underclassmen, I hope you continue to raise your voices when appro­ priate. This is your school and with some work it will always be very special. Finally, to the seniors, it was a pleasure to grow with you into a strong, energetic group of leaders. We came together from all walks of life and though we didn’t agree on everything, we provided an excellent example how this school should be run. Thank you to everybody who provided me extra support. Life has only just begun so go out and grab it by the nose, but don’t do any­ thing I wouldn’t do. I love you all. Aloha,


Athletic Director's Address:

To the Class o f 1991...

Congradulations on completing your journey through HPA and good luck with the years that lie ahead. Athletics play an important part in every student's life here at HPA. Whether you are an all-leage performer or an intermurals specialist, you are all part of the HPA athletic family. Every coach or instructor relied on the the senior leadership displayed by the class of 1991, on and off the field. We may not have won all of our games, but HPA goes above and beyond with regard to sportsmanship and pride in their school. As you look back on your career at HPA, the records may fade but the friendships created, the battles fought, and the team­ work displayed will be remembered. I would like to thank each and every member of the Class of 1991 for their help with making my first year as athletic director a memorable one. I wish you all the best as you move on to your college years. Just remember what Horace Greeley once said: Popularity is an accident... Fame is a vapor... Riches take wings... Only one thing endures...and that is CHARACTER Aloha, Steve Perry

Headmaster's Address:

This is my first yearbook message to my first graduating class at HPA. While we have worked out m any im portant issues this year, I can say th a t you have been very kindly toward your new H eadm aster. I th an k each of you for your patience and understanding. Everyone knows how very special a place this is and I have come to experi­ ence th a t first hand. If you ever go back to read this you will be reminded we saw the country go to war, of chapel services in which seniors take a more active part, our coming together w ith some degree of agreem ent on dances , and the fact th a t your class video was a special gift from the H eadm aster's Fund. I hope th a t the video will be a constant rem inder of our place together, the m any friends you made while here, and th a t there were adults who cared deeply about you. My last m essage to you would be to rem ember the Knights' vow:

Help the helpless, keep the faith; be brave, valiant and loyal; find out the wrong and right it; find out the right and do it. Good luck and God speed to each of you. Robert C. Chumbook

After eight months of hardwork, dedication, endless hours, and BTMMlScS the yearbook staff finally put together the last pages of this yearbook. As the editor, I hope this book has cap足 tured those special moments which you can reminisce in the fu足 ture. Each member of the staff put in a great amount of effort. However, none of this could have been possible without the consis足 tent help and effort by our staff adviser, Mrs. Yarawamai. On behalf of the yearbook staff, I thank the Class of 1991 and all those individuals who have helped us in creating this book. I wish the best of luck to the Class of '91 and all the underclass足 men. Aloha, Hidetaro Kashima

Seniors: Thanks for making my freshman year a great one. God-speed and all my best to each of you as you go forward on your journey. Don’t forget your operating manual. Peace, Father Paul

yvhat kept me going. What more can be said except in person. I love you and I always will. Shahnti- Well, we’re finally graduating, I guess we can’t complain about school any­ more. We have gotten much closer, I’m glad we did. Don’t forget the party in Jasmin’s car. I’m sorry I annoyed you. I Twila: BBQ’s with D and T at pool/ promise I wont hit your feet anymore. ILY. colliding with trees!/ Buttercup looks and The Posse- Sarah, Angie, Katty, Onikka. kisses/ What about those Jr. year bets by Don’t forget our party with Vanilla Ice. our grad?/ “TWILA!!!!!!” Starr- Thanks for being there when I needed someone to complain to. Don’t Leilyn: “Look at the moon!”/ “don’t tell forget: who cares what anyone thinks, just anyone OK?”/ obsession with rhinaho!/ be yourself. “You’re stoked! (DS)”/ “Bart” in Waikaloa! Ron-1 wont let you down! We will take HA! BIIF. Jazzy- I’ll miss you- We’ll walk the dogs Marc: Those intimate talks are fun huh? more. Don’t tell OK? Class o f ‘91- We’re finally here! DS: Right hand turns/inverted push ups/ rain and Kenny G/Superbowl/”What can they do?”/sunsets and hammocks. Mrs. Y: Admit it, you had fun! I told you we’d make it! PICA AWARD! -Tiva NOLAN AND MIKE FIRST NOTICE Tiva: Colorado... watch out here we come! Forget the beach- skiing! Danica-

Robby C/O ‘91 Edmund- Grow! Jeff C.- You’ve been the best roomie a guy could hope for. Bryant- Phantom of the Opera rules. Reedster- Good luck where ever you go, keep on offroading. Heidi- My heart will always be aching for you. I love you and always will. David B.

To the F.B. Posse’ - Fast times and best friends forever! 2 hype, ‘n 2 live. To M&M- Bubble gum, hikes, and gossip. I’ll miss y’all. Yee-haw! Twila: It will all be so FINE! To the Mander- Rockin’ Roommates forever- see future and our dreams...Blue corvettes!! you in the south! That’s affirmative! ILY DRobby- Thanks for all the good times. I couldn’t have made it without you. I wish I Derrick: We’ll all miss you guys. PLEASE saw you more often. I’ll miss you so much. take care of my sweetie. Be good and Kookster- See you in Virginia- We’ll go 4much aloha. Dwheeling. Jeeps rule! To: Sarah, Katty, Onikka, Robby, Jasmin, Allyn: One of my most treasured posses­ Kirsty, Shahnti, Hide, Molly, Marina, sions will always be the memories we’ve Reed, and Birgi. Thanks for all the great shared. Thank You Allyn Apelahama times! Wow-1 can’t believe it’s over! Take Spencer. Take care of your special self. I care. Love, Angie Luv U KeahiTo the class o f‘91- We made it! Now, we’re outta here, so: Be excellent to each other and party on dudes! Love always, Lion Coffee, Iced Tea, Sweat Bread, Angie. Jeeps, Peel Outs, Shower Parties, Jazz Mixes, Boots and Boxers, and the ever NOLAN AND MIKE THIRD NOTICE famous Kirby the Cyclops live forever in Holy Matrimony with the memories of Yumi and Jamie- Thanks for all the studyhall parties and for all the fun times McD’s Heroes. Zungguzungguguzunguzeng we’ve had. I’ll miss you both. T.K. Love KirstyRuth (kit!)- VLS. One pela wantok bilong NOLAN AND MIKE SECOND NOTICE me. I’m going to miss you, we’ve had some pretty funny times, -basketball bus rides. the wet look. - 1 need to g o ! -Love KirstySage- Love and Hohos forever! Angie, Sarah, Katty, and Onikka: Thanks Kat- Enjoy the Silence.... for all the laughs guys! You were a wild Jane- Toastey- girl??/ bunch and I’ll miss you all. -Love KirstyFuzzy Elbow- Love that belly button! Grad- How’s your car? Muchos gracias, Kris Kanoa- You don’t Diane and Carrie- FDS woman! know how much you mean to me. All Mark M.- Golf sucks! those times I really needed someone to Ian- You’re a kook! And don’t call me a talk, to you were there for me. You’ve kiwi! made my life so much better and you’re

Kathy G., Jen G., Kathi R., Vanessa, Malia S., Malia L., Liz F., Birgi, Amanda, Molly, Marina: Thanks for everything. I’ll miss you all. Good luck next year. -Love KirstyJana, Mia, Yumi, Brynly, Alia, Sarah: You were a great squad. Good job and good luck. -Love KirstyJ.P., Daniel, Brent, Cy, and Jonah: Thanks for all the laughs and the good times. I’ll miss you all a lot. Good luck in the next couple of years, it’s hard, but hang in there. -Love KirstyTo the F.B. Posse’- Crazy people aren’t afraid of anything! Thanks for all the bad memories. I’ll never forget you guys. Best frenz 4 ever. Love always. Negro. To the Class of 1991- You already know it, but I’ll tell you anyways. We are the raddest class to ever graduate from H.P.A. Good luck in the future! I’ll always re­ member you guys, even when I get famous! Thanks for the 2 1/2 years of fun and memories. Love, Onikka. Robby Ghosh- Hey bud! 80 proof holy water. Sophomore prom. Thanks for eve­ rything. See you at U.H. Hilo. Take care and party on dude. I love you, Onikka. To Kalona and Charlotte- Shake a leg! Haga syndrome. Hansio. It was great knowing you. Love, Onikka. To Mr. Hughes- Just because you’re on a diet it doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu. Love, the okole from Ninole. To H.P.A.-1 missed you. Love, Onikka. Good luck to do ‘92. Jen- How’s boy? Want food? Us and . I tell you, one day it’ll happen. Junior boy misses you and so do I. Take care and good luck in the future. Love, Jaz Mama- X-country camp, our long talks; you, me, and B.B. partying in the Path­ finder. Thinking back to eighth grade I never thought things would turn out like this but, I’m glad they have. Take care and good luck in the future. Love, Biffer Jamie- Queen Sheba, How’s the “convert­ ible” ?, Goosip?, Golf # 1 , 1 don’t think I would’ve made it thru w/o “our” studyhalls. Thanks for the drawer. Well, “Junior”, take care and good luck next year. Love, Q.S. #1 Suliana- Vogue, X-country, run?, triplets, psychic nails, thanks for cheering me up that afternoon and everything you’ve done, I’ll miss ya, take care and good luck in the future. Love, Jaz Yumi- You “Junior”, How’s Chris?, Who’s on the agenda tonight?, Bust out the food, ears must be itching. Take care and good luck next year. Love, Jaz Kathy- Greenall, How was your week­ end?, Who is it now?, Thanks for the talks, How’s Spanish?, What Kalbi’s?, Bab’s mobile, Your a what,

Junior?, Nah, good luck next year, take care, donT stress. I’ll miss ya. Love, Jaz NOLAN AND MIKE FOURTH NO­ TICE: Thank you for all the hard work and dedication this year. Best luck in the future. Mahalo and Aloha, Hans M athiesen. To "THE" Yearbook staff- We had a lot of laughs and stressful times. Deadlines...Deadlines.. Thanks for the fun- Love, Shahnti Mrs. Y- Tiva and I told you this Pica Award was ours. And we did it even through all the condesention. Love, Shahnti. Tiva- We did it! It's ours- Pica for­ ever! Love, Shahnti. Robby- If you step on my feet one more tim e Love, Shahnti Brandy- School is almost over and then there's no stopping you-it's legal. Love, Shahnti Robby, Angie, Sarah,O nikka, Aliza, Jaz- Vanilla Ice forever. Huh! Jasm in, Leilyn, Kirsty, Aliza - It's all been memorable. I'll really miss you all. Good luck and take care. Love, Shahnti To the Class of 1991-We did it! We're outta here! It's been a h ard year w ith all the changes we've had to deal with and overcome. But once again try and try as they m ight to get us down we overcame it all and proved ourselves as a class. We're outta here and there ain't nothing they can do!!!!!! Good luck to you all. I'll miss ya. Love, Shahnti

Tiva: Colorado, B uttercup eyes and kisses,’’He’ll cafl!”,Thanks for all the never ending phone calls, plans, and laughs! I Love Ya! Danica: Sum m er o f ’91, field trips, sunbathing,sweeties, mushroom porkchops, and baby garfields...You have been a terrific fnend...I Love Ya! Allyn:”Boom” dam those Bills. Take care of my sweetie next year. Y’all better be good...we have our spies!(ha ha) I’ll miss your pigeon! N atasha: I have missed you so day we’ll look back and laugh...keep hunting! I Love Ya! Kawika: Freshm an, Student Council...we’ve been through a lot! Thanks, I’ll miss you. Love ya. Adam: Rambling in da truck bra! KUA BAY! Nice painting! Take care. I wish we had more time, someday..Love ya! Marc: Someday you’ll find her, b ut you won’t know it! Keep your eyes open! I’ll miss you! Love ya! Kirsty:”Fm tu m in off the noise th a t m akes me crazy. Looken back w itb no regrets, to forgive is to forget. All I w ant is a little piece of mind to tu rn to.” Something always drew us toether. I’ll miss you terribly. Love ya! azz:”In the shadows of a golden age, a generation waits for dawnjbrave carry on, the bold and the strong!” Keep smiling! Love ya! Kaniho’s: Thanks for taking me in all those hectic Friday nigbts! You are greatly appriciatea! Love ya!


Honda’s: Thanks for being so nice to me, I’ll miss you greatly next yearj You have got a great son, my parents think so too! Good Bye, Love ya! C/O ’91:As you search for the embers Think w hat you had, remember Hang on, don’t you let go now You know w ith every h e a rt­ beat, We love, cause nothing comes easy.” Keep in touch... Twila: Thanks for always being there for me. We will rem em ber all ofthose moments forever. M auna Lani, muf­ fins, BBQ’s, Kua and the red prelude. It was an awesome year! Love Derrick. P.S. See you soon. Mrs. Tena Carter: Thanks for the awesome history help and all the great meals. Love always, Derrick. To all those of the Senior class- enjoy college and look for me in tbe rodeos. L ast h u t not least h u rrra M arine Corps.(sorry hippies) Semper Fi, Lopey M arina- Don't forget... Love, Reed

-SENIOR BABY PAGE KEYPAGE 195 PAGE 194 Bailey Rohrbach Ryan Kadota M arina Nogues Twila C arter Farris Bogue Onikka Driscoll Lisa Bertnoud S arah Wallis Ellen Carlson L aura Rice Bremen Schmeltz Tiva Beard M alia Manley Danica Kanibo H alani Moss ■Jasm in Bloom Jasm in Bloom Tracy Kopp Eva Anderson K irsty Taylor Greg Cordeiro Shahnti Olcese H ans M athiesen Adam Ranne Cbad Shupe H ans Klett Ryan W atson Ju lia Bringloe


CLASS OF 1991!!!

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