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Hawaii Preparatory Academy 65-1692 Kohala Mountain Road Kamuela, H awaii, 96743

Headmaster: Lindsay Barnes Student Body: 325

Main: (808) 885-7321 Fax: (808)881-4050




DEAR FRIENDS OF HPA “P.O.Ti.O.” Pono. Suchaoonclss* -ird pJsssing alignment of lonors and wo/d is asd/ao/dlnary, a rd tw n s s if unca ■nb Inar/aia&d. VVlifi jaspasi id ih a t ; .sspira, aJmla for M H M M I Th | ffiJ E S b J E S s ]

matter the age, al ■ fiS A y

hold HPA r to our hearts - can take pride and ith the sense of pono that’s been inhern so many of our responses to the lithe events, and the emotions happy, but some sad - that have me our way during the year we have Aia ka pono, ‘o ka pae aku. A loose English translation of this phrase is “that which is necessary to reach the shore.” What an honor and a privilege it has been to be with you as we have reached the shore of another accomplished year at HPA. With thanks and congratulations to the entire Ka Makani yearbook staff, I invite you to read on, friends. There’s so much to enjoy - and perhaps even a shore or two still to reach - in the pages to follow! I

sayR. Barnes, Jr. Headmaster,.




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"Not following the crowd and doing what you know is right."

With dedication and top notch training, Logan Borowsfti became tlje^astest swimmer in ths^state of ^o ppetitiop, I j j j i l l ^ i ^ ^ ^ e f f o r t l e s s l y swims the | ^ W iit li? 1 f c t t e r f lv fn a; home^^mm meet at HPA.

Freshman boarder Micah Hanano from â–Ąhue, Kauai finding out first hand, the benefits of getting off campus over a long weekend. Here Micah pulls into a crystal clear barrel at a spot well known to generations of HPA waveriders.

Liyjng Porio at HPA certainly means understanding and respecting cultural diversity. Here, Japanese language teacher,,Mr. Masuda guides Lauren Han^io, Dean Macy Daniel C ookland Sonny Hapgood through a kimono dressing workshop during International Day.

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Above: Joey Oh outperforming his opponent on the pitch. Julia Brotman getting herself ready to perform onstage a t. The Wiz. Kat Tennant & Grayson Graham looking fabulous at Fall Ball. Marie Donahue on the backstretch at the championship BIIF race. ‘Faring Pano■.i.i Hinnincon innkinn fierce. focused, and fit on the football field against Kamehameha. __:__ l_

Seoul, South Korea Art | Softball God: Thank you for providing me an abundant life full of wonderful opportunities. Parents: It is impossible for me to express my gratitude for all that you’ve done for me. Thank you for the support and love you filled my life with. Jinja manhee Saranghaeyo! Brother: Oppa! I'm finally graduating! Thanks a lot for all the lessons on life, for the care, and for being the best brother! Saranghae! Jane: My bff. I can’t even imagine surviving school life without you. We’re finally graduating. We’re going to have to start a new life again, but every time I start a new one, you will always be part of it. Thanks for the memories and don’t forget about our sahara trip! SARANGHE! Eunjin & Jin: My unnis! Thank you for all the unforgettable memories and help. I love you guys! Avian: My sister. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you! Mindy & Sierra: My buddies. Thanks for the unforgettable years at HPA! Saranghae and I’m going to miss you guys. Keep in touch! Bridget, Julia, Tayler: Thanks for making my life at HPA special! I love you guys and good luck! Keep in touch. Joey & Sam: You guys are amazing! I had so much fun with you guys. Thanks for the fun and special memories. Good luck and keep in touch (Camel power! haha) WJ,YK,KJ,SJ: My dongaps! Thanks for the unforgettable memories and good luck next year & have fun! Keep in touch. K-Girls: Good luck and have fun! S.I.S friends: Thank you for all the special memories! xoxo Korean unnis: Thank you and Saranghaeyo! Teachers: Mr.Kelsey, Mrs. Hustace, Mr.Bryson, Mrs.Kamrow, Mr.Diaz, Mrs.Clark, Mrs. Vanderheyden & Auntie Cathi.

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul And sings the tunes without the words And never stops at all" 16 -Emily Dickinson

ALVORD Waimea, Hawai'i Baseball Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything. You two have pushed me through everything. Thanks for giving me the chance to thrive. I love you two. Thank you. Devin: I know you are gone, but still you have had my back since day one. Thank you for believing in me even when I didn’t. Thanks for being a great friend. We have so many great memories that I can't even put into words. Our friendship is one of a kind. Only we understand it. Thanks and I miss you dog. Ryan: You’re my dog. Thanks for always being there to pick me up when I'm down and out. You’re a great guy and I'm glad you’re my friend. The way I think of baseball is you pitching and me catching. So, thanks dude. Bronson: We made it dude. We have been through hell and back in our own different ways. Thanks for always being my dog. I love chilling with you and I will never forget our classic memories. Thanks for everything. Baseball boys: You guys have been my second family. I love you guys and will never forget all the laughs and wonderful times we have had. Thanks for having my back through my up and my downs. So thanks to all of you. Keilyn: You have had my back since we met. You understand me when no one does. You are always there to cool me down. So really, thanks for everything.

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. ” -James Dean 17

JULIA Waimea, Hawai i Swimming | Water Polo | VP

“Be kind: whenever possible. It’s always possible. ” 18

ANDREW BRUS Boise, Idaho Wrestling | Football | Dorm Prefect Mom & Dad: Thank you so much for always being there for me through my life and keeping me going in the right direction. I may not always have appreciated it, but I am glad you guys were there to guide me. Love you both! Olivia: You are the best sister anyone could ask for! Always someone I can turn to and a reliable friend. Thanks for putting up with me all the time! Drew: I’ve known you for a long time, and you’ve always had my back. Thank you for pushing me to be my best and convincing me to take all opportunities and live life to the fullest! Friends: I want to thank all of my friends for all the good times we have had over the years at home and school! You guys are the best!

"You must be a m aster of your own destiny" »

MORGAN BUCKNER Grass Valley, California SCUBA | Turtle Tagging Ultimate Frisbee | Theater Mom & Dad: I don’t think there are words enough to thank you for everything you’ve given me. You gave me life and that’s already more than I could ever ask for. You have always respected my opinion while still keeping my best interests in mind. I’ve never doubted for a minute that you loved me and I feel like that has played a big part in my confidence and how I view the world. You taught me right and wrong and how to take care of myself. I grew up with the freedom to make my own mistakes and to pursue any dream I had. I appreciate everything you do even if I don’t say it enough. I love you more than you know and I wouldn’t be who I am today if you guys weren’t the best parents a kid could ask for. Thank you and I love you. ~YFD Boo. Devin and Garrett: You guys have been a very interesting influence in my life. I wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for growing up with you. I know that I’ve picked up some of my traits and quirks from you guys and I appreciate all that you’ve exposed me to and taught me. I am grateful that you guys made mistakes because I learned many lessons vicariously through you. • I hope that we continue to be friends for the rest of our lives and that you both are successful in all your aspirations. Steph: Let’s just say I don’t think I could have survived this year without you! I love you and wish you the best of luck in the future. All My Teachers: You guys are Amazing. I appreciate all your hard work and the world that you’ve opened my eyes to. Thank you and don’t ever stop!

grant me serenity to accept the things | can not change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. " 20 -Reinhold Neibuhr "G o d ,

BUSHONG Bend, Oregon / Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Fencing | Musical Nick: Dude, it’s been three years and we’re finally through with high school. It wouldn’t have been the same without you here. Thanks for everything. Kat: Hey buddy! The past two years with you have been awesome. But this is the end of school. You’ve been the best friend ever. I’ll see you in Bend! Peace!! Reina: Hey its been fun these past three years. I still remember when I met you at summer school all those years ago. I’m so glad that we get to graduate together and that you’re my friend. You’ve been with me through the worst of times and the best. You’ve been a true friend. Thanks buddy. Zak: We’ve had a good couple years here. You’ve been a good friend. I’m going to miss gaming with you in Hartwell's and hanging out with you. It’s going to be your turn next year. Delaney and Linnea: Hey guys you’ve been great. I’m going to miss you after I graduate. This year being in the musical with you was super fun. You guys have always been there for me. Thanks for everything! Everyone else: I’m sorry I couldn’t put a more personal note, but I have no more room. Elenka, Yasu, Kazu, Luka, Phong, Trevor, Tiare, Chris, Emma, Andy, Willy, Pele, Tati, Zoe, Lucia, Hereiti, Landy, Hank, Mitsuki, Bua, Emily, Baan, and the rest of you (you know who you are). You guys have all made going here and boarding a blast. We’ve had some great times and it wouldn’t be the same without you. Thanks everyone!

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. ” -Jimi Hendrix




Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball | Soccer | Track and Field

“Don’t you ever let anyone tell you. that you can't do something. If you want it you go out and get it. Period.” - The Pursuit of Happyness

CACHE CARPENTER Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Paddling Mom & Dad: I love you guys so much. You are always there for me and have made me who I am today. You have given me everything that I need to succeed in life. To the Crew: You know who you are. Thanks for always helping me out when I'm struggling with something and keeping me in a straight line in life. You guys are the ones who made my high school experience worthwhile. Families: TheTonoai's, Bensons, Hardie's, Fujitani's, Murphy's, and the Scully's, and anyone else who I missed. Thanks for always being there for me and pushing me through life. Thanks for all you have done to help me.

"A man's mind plans his way, but the lord directs his steps and makes them sure . " -Proverbs 16:9 23

JOEY CHAVEZ Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country | Wrestling | Track Family: There is no way that I could have done anything without all of your support and love, you guys are the ones I owe all my accomplishments to. Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity of HPA, and for life in general. Once again thank you all so much. I love all of you, and you are the best family a person could ask for. Friends: It has been a long ride but we are finally done! Thank you guys for being who you are and nothing more. See you guys later (I hope). Cross Country team: What were we thinking? To every one else: You guys are awesome life wouldn't be what it is without all of you, so keep it up and have fun in college PEACE.

“I have a simple philosophy: Fill what is empty, empty what is full, scratch where it itches. �


JONNY CHUTE Waimea, Hawai'i Wrestling | Football | Baseball Dad: I love you and miss you. Mom: Thank you for always pushing me and for everything you have done to support me. I've had the best parents anyone could ask for. Chris: You've taught me so many life lessons and always pushed me to do better. Thank you for everything. Spencer: Thank you for always dragging me along with you on your fishing trips and paying for me. You will never beat me. Rose: Good luck next year, have fun, be safe. The Boys: Goodtimes, and lets keep it going as long as possible. The Girls: Its been a fun year. Call me up. Âťj p w ar

"Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal." -Tupac Shakur

KEKAI CLARKE Waimea, Hawai'i Theatre To my Mom and Dad: Thank you for cradling me and nurturing my mind, for giving me books to teach me, and sustenance in the form of love. Thank you and I Love you, forever and for always, your son. To my family: Thanks for clearing the way and teaching me what not to do. To my friends: Thanks for putting up with my Kekai-ness. All those who have journeyed with me through kindergarten: We made it a long way. Hope we stay in touch. To Piper: SPEED S-P-E-E-D-D-E-E-P-S and you know the rest.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. � 'Helen Keller

KEONI COLSON Waimea, Hawai'i Football | Wrestling | Track Pops: Thanks for everything. Youv'e always been there for me and have never let me down, pushing and guiding me through every obstacle life throws at us. You made my life at HPA possible and I can't thank you enough for everything, love you pops. Mom: My mother, the toughest woman I know, is always there helping and encouraging me everyday. Youv'e always cared for me and supported me at my every game. I love you mom and am so proud to be your son. Kimo: Definition of an animal. Can't thank you enough for everything Kimz. I'm so grateful to be your little brother, everything you've taught me made me, the man that I am today. You've shown me so many great moments, so many memories that I wouldn't trade for the world. Can't wait for what lies ahead for us, your such a good brother, I love you Kimo. Friends-CAA: Defines the tightest bond of three powerful races combined into one beast of a nationality. Life wouldn't be possible without "Canaisafrican." Everyday with you boys is always an adventure. Bu: My neighbor, my best friend, and GF for like 2 hours. You and I have been through it all. I'm glad were always able to pull it together in the end. I will never forget you. Football boys: We always found a way. We put weakness behind us and just did it. You can only do it once and I wouldn't have done it with any other soldiers. For you young guys, cherish your moments on our team because it's the time of your life. We finn' go back to jail, PALMDALE! Coaches: Playing under your wisdom of the game has made me love everything about sport,You've opened my eyes and influenced my desire to become more than I thought possible. You all taught me so much on and off the field, track and, the mat.

"Everyday do better then the last. "-Kai Zen

MAIA DALE Kawaihae, Hawai'i Swimming | Hula | Dancing Mom and Dad: Thank you for all that you have done for me. I will always appreciate the support you have given me and will be able to look back on all of the happy memories you have created for me. I love you both with all my heart and I will always be your little girl. Tech: The happiness you have given me over the year is irreplaceable. You always seem to bring a smile to my face. You may be my boyfriend but you are also my best friend and I thank you for all you have shown me. You are always here for me and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate having you in my life. I will always want the best for you as you do for me and I wont ever forget our times spent together. I love you. Kanoe Phillips, Travis Morris and Shelby Watson: The best two guys and girl anyone could want in their lives. Kanoe and Travis, you both have had me laughing and smiling since the 6th grade. No matter when I wanted to talk to either of you, you were there for me. The best times I have had in school were spent with you two. I love you guys. Shelby, I think it’s safe to say you are like the sister I never had. Since we could walk we have been best friends and I never want that to change, no matter where we move off to. I think we are all ready to take the next step and have the best times of our lives. I will forever love you three.

"Happiness pomes of tine capacity feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed * -Storm Jameson 28




fc B P *

MARIE Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Wrestling | Softball | Cross Country Dad: Thank you for always believing in me. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. I hope I make you proud. I love you. Mom: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to have you in my life these past years. I promise when I graduate I’ll come visit you and make up for lost time. I love you. Thomas: Twin! We have been through everything together. Even though we had our fights growing up you taught me to be strong and to never give up on anything. You always have my back and I hope you know, I will always have yours. I’ll miss you next year little bro! Love you. Kaela: You have been more then just a sister to me. You are my role model and my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me and giving me the encouragement that I needed to succeed. I love you. Friends: If I would have wrote something about each one of you and what you have to done to impact my life I could write a book. Thank you for always being there for me. There is no way I could have accomplished anything in life without all of your support and love. I know I am never going to find friends better then any of you. You guys are the best. I am going to miss you guys more then you could imagine, xoxo.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine, ^Anthony J. DJAngelo 29

NOELANI ENOS Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Soccer | Operation Smile | Prefect Mom & Britt (Dad): Mom, thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me throughout my life, you are so beautiful and have inspired me to be the best that I can be. I also want to thank you for always reminding me “you can be whatever you want to be.” You’re the best! Britt (Dad), Thank you so much for promoting me to the next level in my life. You always made sure that I was given the chance and opportunity to achieve my goals in life. Thank you for giving me the chance to attend HPA, without you I don’t know where I would be. You have sacrificed so much for me. You’re the best Dad anyone could ever ask for. Love You Mom & Dad. Grandma Faye: I cannot imagine my life without you. You have been there for me throughout my entire life. You have given me so much of your love and support, and you are a very important person in my life. You have molded me into the person I am today. I am the luckiest girl in the world because you are MY Grandma. Love you Grams. Kena Boy: I know you cant read this now but I just want you to know that I am so lucky to have a little brother like you. You’re such a classic kid. All the uncontrollable laughs together is what I’m going to miss the most about you. I'll be keeping my eyes on you. Charnizzle: Sister from another mister, thanks for all the advice you’ve given me, I have truly taken it to heart. All the fun times we’ve had... too many to mention! All My Besties: Luv you guys!

"Look w ith youF h e a F tfm ih e e y e s m e blind:. “

d e Petit Prince 30

Los Angeles, California Stage Manager | Theater It seems like only yesterday I was a frightened sophomore, fresh off the plane from California. There are so many I would like to thank and appreciate for helping me grow into the person I am now. To my teachers: I want to thank you for all your help. I know I wasn’t a perfect student, but my best effort was due to you. To my lunch table'ohana: THANK YOU. I can’t thank you enough for welcoming me, letting me sit with you, and sharing many memorable times together. I hope those who aren’t graduating with me will continue to invite others to join the group. It may not be the same, but it will make a difference. To my little brother: Thank you for sharing these last years of high school with me. You are growing up so fast and I am so proud of you. I’m going to miss seeing your almostinvisible wave everyday but I’ll live. PINEAPPLE!! To my little sister: I am sorry I couldn’t see you on campus as much as Kai, but at least I have some of your school performances to hold in my heart. LOBO-TOMMY! Mom and Dad: I love you so much. Thank you for staying up late to help me with my homework, for pushing me to do my best, and for picking me up when I fell down. Lastly, I want to give a special thanks to the theater. For all the ups and downs, the stage has allowed me to open up to the possibilities and shine in my own way.

Never regret trusting someone. It proves you have a heart. But if [they turn] out to be a lying worm... I’m not going to waste my time crying. Because I am way too fabulous for tha t.” 31 “



Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Volleyball | Tennis | Hawaiian Club Mom & Dad: Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to go to this school. I Love you guys so much. You mean the world to me, even though I don't show it sometimes (Mom) I love you. Daryn: Thanks for being the best brother anyone could ask for, you taught me so many life lessons. I love you. :) Jade: You are my sister, my light, my shield, my armor, you are my everything. You are who I turn to when I'm walking alone. You mean the world to me and I cant imagine life with out you. Laura: Best friend, you made it and I could not be more proud. Wow, I sound like a mom! I knew this day would come, but not this soon. Without you I would be lost In this world. You are my other half and I love you more than anything in this world. Wherever our lives take us, just know I will be there at your 100th Birthday. Go make a name for yourself in this Big World. I love you sidekick more than anything. Congratulations, you did It! Love Jade. Tlta: :) HUMANITIES 4 EVER! LUV YOU. LIN: From orange shirts to surfing you've been there through everything. I love you Lin. Jordan: Thanks for everything, you always had my back. We are friends frieeeeefriends. You ' are my shining star, don't you go away... Zach: Thanks for EVERYTHING :) Mac Donald's AND STARBUCKS 4 LIFE. MY GURLIES: Thanks so much for always being there for me you guys are the best. Cherish every moment of high school it goes by so fast. SHHHOOOT. Donoho: You have been like my second mom thank you for everything. I don't think I would have made it with out you! I love you. Mr. Spencer: You have taught me so much this year. Thanks for everything BABOOZE. Family: Thanks for all the support you've given me throughout the years. TORRY, CHANCE, LUKE, COBY, NICK, RILEY, TUCKER: Thank you so much for all the life lessons growing up, all the surf trips and all the early morning Hilo missions.

"You can 't?hit a home run until you 3Step up to the plate."

Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball | Paddling | Softball God: I am so grateful for everything I have, I love you, and will always look to you. Family: Thank you so much for sending me to HPA. It was such a privilege and I am so grateful for that. I wouldn’t have made it with out all your love, support, and hard work to send me here. I love you guys so much and am so grateful that I can now go to college and have a future because of you. Bella & Nina: You guys are growing up so fast, and so beautiful. Work hard in school, never give up in sports, and listen to Mom and Dad. Julian: I love you and I am so proud. See you on da mainland. Tilini, Justice, and Brotman Ohana: There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for you guys. You all have changed my life in so many ways and I am so grateful. You guys have always loved me and supported me through hard times, made the best memories, and taught me so much. I really have a different outlook on life because of you. Julia and Carly: Never forget that summer, and I love you guys! Teachers: I really appreciate and love how you all put so much effort and care into us. Its been an awesome experience at HPA. I’ve learned so much academically and more. Aunty Kawehi, Summer, and Aunty Deana: You guys have been such a blessing and awesome examples to me. I love you guys for that and will miss Tuesday night talk story/ hula/bible study till 10 pm. Kailimai’s: You guys are like a second family, I am so happy to have you guys in my life. Uncle BJ and Aunty Kt thank you for all your words of wisdom.

“Love i s pulling together against all odds. 11 . . .


GRAYSON GRAHAM Olympia, Washington Wrestling | Glass blowing Mom & Dad: You have given me so many opportunities throughout my life, thank you! We all are born the same, you two molded me into the person I am today, I love you! Alex, EJ, Jake, Lucas, RJ, Sasha, Taylor, Woody and all my other friends back home: I couldn’t ask for any better friends, I know you have my back even from thousands of miles away. I love you guys! Emily, Justin, Landy, Nick, Reina and all the other prefects that were so welcoming: I thought it would be really difficult coming in as a senior, but you all made it so easy! Sasha: I wouldn’t have thought so before I came here, but I’m really glad I had I roommate this year. You were great man! Kitty Kat: Without you at this school, I don’t know what I would have done! Since the very first day you have been here for me, thank you!

“M y country is the world, m y religion is to do g •Thomas Pain 34

HAGERMAN Waimea, Hawai'i Tennis | Environmental Club | Art Mom and Dad: You’ve given me a life I’m so grateful for. You’re such a huge part in who I am today. I don’t know how to express how much I truly love and adore you two; I could never ask for more. Thank you, thank you, thank you for anything and everything. Will: You can still stand to be around me in my most selfish, annoying moments and even when I yell at you, you don’t yell back; you’re astonishing. You’ve taught me so much and I feel like I don’t deserve such an amazing sibling as you. Other siblings/Rest of the family: I love you all so much. Although I may not see you as much as I want, know that you all have been, and always will be, very important to me. Ku’uipo: As corny as it sounds, you’ve captured a place in my heart for all time. We’ve been best friends since third grade, a whole decade now - over half my life. That’s mindblowing. You’re so amazing it’s ridiculous. Thank you for all the memories and love. I’ll never forget you and your radiant smile. Holly: You make me laugh till I cry and you’re the best doubles partner I could ask for. We’ve been through some crazy stuff I wouldn’t trade for anything. Remember: shorts and pi’hun’ 4wheeling. It may sound crazy to everyone else, but you know what I mean. Maururu baby!

believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important then what Itcan see Duane Michals " /

. "




Waimea, Hawai'i Swimming | Water Polo Mom and Dad: You both mean everything to me. Thanks for always being there for me no matter what and supporting me through anything I ever wanted to do. I love you with all my heart. John: I don’t know what kind of a person I would be without you in my life. You’re the one I look up to. Thanks for being the-greatest big brother ever. I love you and miss you.

"It's important I surround myself with people who make me happy. '*

-Adam Sandler

RUSSELL HAPGOOD Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Cross Country | Wrestling | Track Sonny: I have always hated and loved you the most. We had some good fights and some good times too. Though we haven’t always been there for each other, I feel that we have definitely gotten closer the last few years. Both the good and the bad, I wouldn’t change a second of it. You’re the best brother a guy could have. I will always be there for you man. Mom and Dad: Thanks for always supporting me. Dad, you have always kept me strong and mom you have always kept me focused. I don’t know where I would be without your help. I love you both now and forever. Wrestling boys: Some of the best times I’ve had in my life. Nothing can compare to the camaraderie we shared. I wouldn’t change any of it. You guys are the greatest, thanks for everything. Cross Country boys: Probably the only reason I stayed in the sport. You guys have always helped push me through the hard times and there were a lot of hard times. I owe you guys a lot. Thanks for the support. Robert: The best friend a guy could have. We had some good times through the years. I'll never forget you man. Thank you. Friends and family: Thanks for the support and the memories. All of you contributed to who I am now and I thank you for that.

“Better to do something than live in fear of it. ” 37

MARCUS HESS Waimea, Hawai'i Football | Wrestling | Track Mom & Dad: I don’t know how my life would have been without you guys. I am so lucky to have been raised by two amazing parents. I am who I am today because of both of you, and I will always remember that persistence equals excellence. Love you both. Andrew: Thanks for always being someone to look up to and an awesome older brother. I will remember all of the good childhood memories. Da Bois: Some of you I’ve known for my whole life and some only the past couple years, but I have much love for all you guys. I will remember all the good times we’ve had and I know there’s more to come. I know that, not all the bois were able to graduate at HPA, but just like we keep in touch with them now, I know we will all do the same in the future. Mr. Franklin: Thank you for being a great advisor, teacher, and friend. You have always been an awesome person to listen and talk to.

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. "* -Martin Luther King, Jr. 38

JAMES HIGGINSON Waimea, Hawai'i Football | Track Dad: Thank you for keeping me on track, and reminding me to always stay focused. I cannot thank you enough for the sacrifices you have made in order for me to attend HPA. Thank you for making me who I am today. Mom: Thank you for always being there when I needed you the most. You always believed in me, and helped me with my problems. Friends: Thanks for always supporting me, I don’t know what I would do without all of you. Coaches/Teachers: Thank you for pushing me when I didn’t want to be pushed. I really appreciate all the time you spent working with me to make me better.

"If you can believe it the mind can achieve it" -Ronnie Lott 39

DYLAN HO Taipei, Taiwan Ultimate Frisbee

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. " -Eleanor Roosevelt 40

ZACHARY HOPSON Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball | Soccer | Track Mom: Thanks for supporting and loving me through everything. Without you I wouldn’ t be who I am today. I love you! Dad: Playing music with you has given me some of the best memories of my life. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Josh: We’ve been through so much. You have pushed me to be the best that I can be. I am so blessed to have a brother like you. You’re not only my brother, but my best friend.

“The dawning of a new day. ” -Ka La Hiki Ola

HOYLE Kona, Hawai'i Tennis | HPBA Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything you have done for me and for constantly supporting me each day. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. I love you. Teachers: Thanks for putting up with me through the years. Da Boys: I’m glad I started hanging out with you guys last year. I’ll never forget all the good times we had. Surfing, camping, x-block cruz seshes. Keep on rushing next year! Everyone else: It was good getting to know you. Shoot!

“We gonna live it good today for a betta tomorrow."

MAKOA JOHNSON Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country | Theatre | Ultimate | AV | Music God: Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing life and giving me the strength and knowledge to lead it. HPA: Thank you for your infinite generosity, what I owe to you is beyond words. Dad and Mom: Thank you for raising me so well, putting up with me for so long and sacrificing so much to allow me to attend HPA. I love you both. Teachers: You have taught me so much, both topical and otherwise. I thank you for your constant dedication. Diaz and Higgins: Thanks for leading me through two great seasons and always coaching me towards my best. Ari: For the past 4 years you have been a great mentor and friend. Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me, Its been fun. Tyler: It has been a hilarious 5 years and you've been such a good friend throughout it all. Thanks for all the help, stay beastly and keep in touch. Zach: Every jam we had was fully worth it. Your skills pushed me to improve mine and forced me to stay tight. Keep grooving and maybe I’ll see you in college. Logan: Thanks for all the good times, good music and the endless supply of inside jokes. Have a great senior year and try not to hurt yourself. Kyle: Remember me when you’re famous. Dylan and Nick: My friends for as long as I can remember. Thanks for the lifetime of good memories we’ve had together. XC Boys: Remember two things, "don’t ask" and “we’ll see.” Those truths will help you through any season no matter how many TajRoth combos you have to endure. Class of 2010: You are all great, thank you for accepting me into your ranks. Good luck wherever you all may go. Everyone else: If I ever interacted with you in any way you have influenced me in some way and I am grateful to you for that. I thank you all.

"We have come a long way since then. We have grown. We have prospered. We have flourished. But we will never forget." -Atticus Rockford 43

WILLIAM KAIUMAI Waimea, Hawai'i Football | Track God: Thank you for helping me with everything, I’m so thankful for all that I have and all that you have given me. I will always look to you. Dad: Thank you for all that you’ve taught me. I am so thankful that I have you. Thank you for always being there and especially teaching me how to be a good person. Love you. Mom: Thank you for bringing me otter pops. Haha, you have given me so much to be thankful for. You're the bestest mom!! Joey: You’re the man, thank you for supporting me. Ana: Stay away from the boys. Haha! Love you guys. Grandmas and Grandpas: You guys have always been there to help me and nurture me. Thank you. Kim and kids: Thank you guys for adapting to our family. Haha, thank you guys. Cousins: All you guys are so special to me. Thank you guys for supporting me. Da boyz: Love you guys. You all have fun in college. Thanks for making high school a great experience. Da girlz: Thank you for keeping me on my feet. Gonzales’s: You guys have been like a second family to me, thank you for being there. And to everyone else whos helped me through my life and supported me. Thank you! Love: Billy K.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Phillipians 4:13


KU'UIPO KALAWAI'ANUl Kamoku, Hawai'i Volleyball | Soccer | Track I Ko’u Makua Lani: He Mahalo no ko’ u pu’uwai i na makana no ku'u ola, na ha'i loa’a a me Mahalo ua ho’omaliu i ko’u mau pule. Mom and Dad: There are no words to describe just how thankful I am to have you as my parents, no possible way to express the emotions inside that I feel for you. I cannot buy you a present or build you a monument to show you how grateful I am. So instead I ask you to hear the love in my voice and see the love in my eyes when I say I LOVE YOU. Family: You guys know how I feel. I love you. Uncle Mark and Aunty Lynn: I am so thankful I was able to be here, thank you for making this happen. Lau Ohana: Mahalo for everything. You made this happen. Spencer: No need say nothin’ you know how it is. SHOOT BABOOZE. Donoho: Thank you. Scott: Mahalo for keeping me healthy. I will never forget the things you have taught me. Da Boiz ‘n Gurls: FBI. Tita: HUMANITIES. 143 4EVR. Billy: You’re amazing. No doubt the best. Tyler: Honesty you’re only half human. I love you Ty. Take care. KohalaKrew: What to say, I’m gonna miss you guys. To my Hall of Fame: I’ll miss you. To everyone else: I’ll out see you in the big time.

Be content with w hat you have, For God has said, ‘IMever will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” So say with confidence, “T h e Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.” -H ebrew s 13:5,6 45

NA YOON Seoul, South Korea / Tsukuba, Japan Tennis | Art FAMILY: Thank you for giving me all the opportunities.Thanks for encouraging me, and pushing me to do my best. Many thanks again, and lots of love. SUSIE & JIN: My best best friends! Thanks for always being there for me through good times and bad. I will always love you. KAZU, TSUKASA, MITSUKI and Japanese friends: Thank you for all amazing memories and fun times! Take good care of yourself next year and have fun! See you at the future! MINNA DAISUKI! RISAKO: I was glad that we could spend time together with my last year. I love you and GANBARE!! All my friends and teachers: I have loved all the years we spent together, and thanks for all you have done to me. I'll miss all of you. Family: Thank you for giving me all the opportunities!

"Anything; you're gpod at contributes to happiness. * 46 Bertrand- Russell

Seoul, South Korea Art | Tennis

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.


MALIA KISSNER Waimea, Hawai'i Horse Program

"Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a 48 chance?11

BRONSON KOBAYASHI Hilo, Hawai'i Football | Wrestling | Track Mom: You’re the hardest worker I know and words can’t express how grateful I am for everything you’ve taught and given me. Thank you for giving up everything for us, we are truly blessed children. I love you. Bree: Thank you for watching out for me and being there for me always. You’re the best friend and sister a guy could have. Love you. Brock: You’ve grown into a bright young man, I’m proud of you. Thank you for teaching me much more than I’ve ever taught you. Love you too braddah. The Boys: I love you guys and I’m proud to call you my friends. There’s a long road ahead of us and we’re all ready for it. Shoooots. HPA: Thank you for the opportunities and challenges you presented me with. I’m a better person because of it.

"Wecan't change the world unless we change ourselves." -The Notorious B. I. G.


KONRAD Heidelberg, Germany / Los Angeles, California Football | Soccer | Rugby | Volleyball Mom & Dad: I can’t begin to thank you enough for your endless support. You guys have made me who I am and I owe it all to you. I love you. Thanks for everything. You guys are the best. Leilani: You are the best sister. Thanks for always being there for me. I love you. Kamea: My little brother, you're growing up so fast. I love you so much. Grandma & Grandpa: Thank you for the opportunity to go to HPA. I love you guys. Hank: We’ve had two great years and I’ll miss you next year. You’re my best friend. Chris: My Korean connection, I’ll miss all the good times we had. You’re my best friend. Class Of 2010: We made it! Wherever you may end up I wish you good luck. I will never forget my years here. Congratulations everyone. Sports Boys: I will never forget all the days we battled together, all the 106’s, all the Pele’s, all the suicides, all the victories and all the losses. You guys are my brothers and I am honored to have played with all of you. Jennifer: How can I even begin to explain how much you mean to me. We have been together for my whole High School career and I would not trade our time together for anything in the world. I will never forget all the great times, and all the memories we have. Thank you for everything. You have always been there for me and I am so thankful for such a wonderful person in my life. I love you with all my heart. Always and forever.

"Do or do not... there is no try ■*M aster Yoda “

BABAGA KWARARA Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Soccer | Volleyball First of all, I would like to thank the people that made it possible for me to attend this wonderful school. I am privileged and honored to have attended this school and been able to meet many beautiful and friendly people. One year may seem short, but much has been accomplished and I am proud to have been part of the HPA Ohana. To my parents, family, and friends: Thank you for all your support and encouragement throughout my high school life. You all have been a blessing to me. Mahalo!

"I've learned that all a person has in life is family and friends. If you lose those you have nothing, so friends are to be treasured more than anything else in the world" -Anonymous 51



Taipei, Taiwan Basketball | Tennis | Ultimate Frisbee Dad & Mom: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study western philosophy. I really learned and grew a lot from my experience. Sean & Ian: We have been best friends since the third grade, thank you guys for always being there for me. I had a really fun time with you guys. I guess I’ll see you guys next summer in Taipei. We will have lots of fun again!! See you guys then- best friend 4ever =) 153: We are the best class e ver- especially Tim Tsou, Bilbo Chen, Yeu-Chang Hsiang, Harry Liu, Anita Wang, and Charles Kuo. I missed our annual reunion this summer but I’ll definitely be there next year, see you guys in HSNU. Jason Lo: You have been a good friend to me for a long time. We have talked about lots of things throughout the years and had lots of fun together. See you in PRIMO =) Douglas Tsai: Keep playing basketball and go to the NBA in the future. If you do, get me an autograph as a present. Since we share the same birth in the same year, maybe we will meet again when we are in college or in business. Have fun in college!! P.S keep being Otaku all the time and spread the spirit of Akihabaral! Dylan & Sam: It’s nice knowing you guys. We had lots of fun together. Good luck in college!! Taiwanese: Howard Chen, Angel, Phoebe,. Winnie, Hao-Wen, Oscar, Kevin and Jacob, work hard next year and get into a great college. Best wishes, Gia Yol!

" Our best friends are they who tell us our faults and help us to 52 mend them.”

LEDERER Napa, California Horse | Musical | Senior Prefect Mom: Words can’t even begin to describe just how much I love and appreciate you. Every hug, every laugh we’ve had together has brought us closer not just as mother and daughter but friends. I would be absolutely nowhere without you. I love you. Dad: I know we have had our disagreements in the past, but none of that can change the fact that I love you. You were always there when I needed you, and even though you didn’t always support my decisions, you let me make them and find out for myself. I love you. Maddie, Ian, Nelson: I want you to know that it is because of the 3 of you that I graduated. Just remember that I’m only a phone call and plane ride away. Samantha: There is nothing that I can write here that hasn’t already been said a hundred times. I love and miss you. You’ve changed me for the better. Anthony, Andrew: From falling into hot tubs, to getting lost in hotels, it’s been one heck of a ride. Thanks. Linnea, Delaney: LOVE!!! White/lto Family: From learning how to ride dirt bikes, to how to cook, you guys have made my life here at HPA fantastic. Thank you to everyone. Kekai: Thank you for always being there when I needed you. Johnson Family: Mary and Rick, thank you, for absolutely everything. You really are my second parents. Mrs. Kamrow: A simple thank you can’t cover how grateful I am for you. It’ll always be Kamrow’s hall. Anna’s Dorm: Elanka: Your smile is infectious. Kat: I love you, girl. Reina: “Here, give me your finger.” Lynn: Mardi Gras. Zoe: You better miss me.


Stop! Don't forget the tree line!" - Mrs. Kamrow


Seoul, South Korea Prefect | Student Ambassador God: Thank you for always protecting me through my journey. Parents: Words can’t describe how thankful I am for your guidance, love, and encouragement. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you guys. Thank you and Saranghe. Sunho: I am lucky and proud to have a brother like you. You have great potential so keep it up and stay out of trouble. I love you. Jessica: My life without you would be miserable. Mostly, thank you so much for just being there for me. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me. Jinjja gomapgo mianhago saranghe- CAMEL RIDERS 4ever. Eunjin, Jin unni: You guys were the first real unnis in my life. I could always talk to you guys. I appreciate your encouragements and caring. Joey oppa, Sam: My life at HPA wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Thanks for being good friends. K-boys: All of you guys were a big part of my life at HPA. Thanks for all the jokes, stories, and for making everyday exciting. Keep in touch and good luck. K-girls: You guys are such good hubes. Enjoy high school life! Mindy, Sierra, Bridget, Julia, Tayler, Ipo, Noe: I will never forget all the help you gave me. It was a blessing to have friends like you. Keep in touch. Love you guys. Kana, Chanelle: Even though our doseguan group felt apart, I won’t forget our talks. Christy: It would have been better if you were here with me. Bogoshipo. Chingu: Though we’ve been living far away from each other, I will never forget those good old memories from kyonggicho. Miss you. Ms.Kamrow, Ms.Hustace, Ms.Donoho, Ms.Clark: I couldn’t have made it without you guys. Thanks! Cushnie’s, Campbell’s, Walker’s: Thanks for caring and your help!

“Shoot for- the moon, even Hyou miss you, will land; among; 4-U ~

~ J.


EMMANUELLE MANGALLE Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands My Family and Friends: You've always been good to me. Even when I’m not good to myself. You've always been fair to me. Even when I’m not fair to myself. You've always done right by me. So I will do right by you. You've always been there for me, mama. So I’ll be there for you, papa. You've always been fair to me, brother. And so I’ll be fair to you, sister. You've always had faith in me. And so I’ll have faith in you.

"Just c a n 't live th a t negative w ay...m ake w ay fo r the p o sitive day" -B ob M arley &

MARDIAN Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Cross Country | Soccer | Track Mom: Five years ago you told me that one day I would understand why you and Dad chose to move here. I know it wasn't easy at first, but it was worth everything. Thank you for working as hard as you do to give me this beautiful life. Dad: I see so much of myself in you. Thank you for teaching me so much over the years and for supporting me in everything I do. I'm going to miss you and Mom so much. Skyler, Blair, Jesse: I've learned so much from you three. You have all been there for me when I've needed, even though you were far away. You're the coolest people I know. I love you guys so much and can't wait to live closer. Baby Cashel: I can't wait to meet you, I love you already! Linds: You're the funniest person I know and always put a smile on my face. Work hard and make the most out of your senior year; it's going to go by fast. I'm going to miss you and Hana so much and all the fun times we had. Love you both! All my friends at HPA: Gooood times!! There are a million things I could say about each of you, but simply, you have all changed my life. It's not easy to say goodbye, but this isn't the end, it's only the beginning. The Buick: Thanks for all the fun you made for' me and my friends. You're a champ.

"I thought growing up was something that happened automatically as you got older. But it turns out it's something you have to choose to 56 do. "*


Kalihiwai, Kaua'i Wrestling | Horse Program Bianca: You are an amazing sister. You are one of my best friends. Thanks for everything you have taught me. I love you. Eva: You are the best little sister ever. You make my life so much more funny and exciting. I love you. Dylan Lazo: I love you so much. I couldn't ask for anyone better. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you. Mom and Dad: Thank you for giving me an awesome life and being so supporting and loving.

"Families is where out nation finds hope, where wings take dreams -George Bush . "


JAKE MORAN Hilo / Waimea, Hawai'i Tennis Mom and Dad: You guys have given me everything that I have ever wanted, and thank you for doing everything you have done to keep me in school here. Dad: We have been through it all, but we always seem to bounce back. You have raised me tough. Mom: You have been pushing me along through school and it has all finally paid off. You have been the best mom ever. Zane: What can I say you’re the man. Keep up the good work while I’m gone. To the crew: Greg, Brendan, Johnny, Harmen, Trent. All the good times cruising, going rambling, and chilling at the warehouse. I don’t think I have laughed more with anyone else. Everything we did was always a mission and will never forget it. You guys have helped me make it through my years here and will always be the crew.

“Everything good that’s ever been made starts 58 with a triangle”

REINA MORISE Kobe, Japan Theatre

"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire." -Fred Sero

SUNG HYUN NAM Seoul, South Korea Tennis | Cross Country Parents: Thank you so much for everything. I do well because of you guys. I love you. My brother: Daniel, do your best at all times and know that I will always support you. Jo: Because you were there, I was able to do my best and endure all the hardships. Thank you so much. I miss you. Jane, Jessica, Joey, Hyung: For the past 4 years, I had a great time. Thank you for everything. Because of you, I had great times at HPA. I will miss you. Won Joon: My tennis partner! It was great playing tennis with you, going to church, and hanging out. Have a great senior year and do your best. Young Keun: Playing basketball with you was fun. It was great knowing you. Keep in touch and have a great time at HPA. Chris: My lifting partner. One more year left. Good luck and have fun. Koreans: I will never forget you guys. Thank you for everything. Japanese: Hey, you guys are great. It was fun hanging out with you guys. Taiwanese: We've made so many memories. Thank you. All my friends: Thank you for being there for me, and I will miss you guys. God: Thank you so much for helping me all the time. Because you are always there for me, I can do my best. Thank you for everything. I love you.

"Never regret. If it's 5 good , it's wonderful. If ^ it's bad , it's 6o experience."

AARON NISHINA Kona, Hawai'i Cross Country | Track Thank you to my family and friends and thanks to my parents. Thanks for putting up with me.

“E xcuse m e while I kiss the sky. ” Jim i H endrix -


SASHA OBRADOVIC Belgrade, Serbia Basketball Mom: There are no words that can express how hard you have worked for me and how much you have helped me. There is no way I can pay you back, but my plan is to show you that I understand. Friends: To all of you, thank you for making HPA a great experience for me. Grayson: You are probably the best roommate I could have. Thank you for all your help. Kat: You were my first true friend at HPA. You introduced me to HPA and helped me adapt to a new way of life. THANK YOU!

“D on’t do the things to others that you don’t want them to 62 do to you”

YOON SEOK OH Seoul, South Korea Soccer | Track APPA UMMA: Thank you for always supporting me, even though I’ve been immature and gave you so much stress by being sagomungchi. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to have such a precious experience at HPA. Thank you for your unconditional love. All I want to say to you is Sarangheyo. Hyodo halgeyo! SEUNGMIN AND TTOOTTOO: Nuna, thank you for giving me such a hard time taking care of you! jkjk. I love you nuna and thanks for everything and all your devotional support. Ttoottoo my little gesekiya. Love you. WJ,YK, CHRIS, SAM, SEUNGJUN, JANE AND JESSICA: All you guys, I had so much fun with you. The juniors, keep it up and study hard! Those who already graduated, daehakkyo gaso bopshida hahaha. KANA: I just want to say thanks for taking care of me for 3 years and know that I’ll never forget you in my life. Love you. KEYSTONE FAM: F3, Canine, Onyoo, Hongsan, Chu.Daehan, Haksoo, Junhyeon, Hyunjin, J.K Jessica, Suzy, SJ, James, HyoriKang, thanks for keeping me from being a troublemaker hahahaha. ISANIM& JAE THE GOD: Gamsahamnida. I worship you.

"A true frie n d is one s o u l in tw o b o d ie s ." -A ristotle

Tokyo, Japan / Bangkok, Thailand Cross Country | Softball | Tennis Mom: I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Thank for always giving me the best opportunities out there for me. I couldn’t have done this without your support. I love you mom! Korekaramo yoroshikune. Dad: Although we barely see each other I still feel your support across the world. Thank you for always taking my side in everything and having my back. I love you tons! Arigato! Sis: You are someone I have always looked up to. Thank you for being such an amazing big sister. Thanks for everything and we need to hang out more! My Bangkok Girls: Shen, Val, Tess, Teresa, Marisa, Naomi, P, Bex, Char. We made it! You guys have truly have been through everything with me. Thank you so much for being my friends. BKK all they way! I love you girls. My Senior Girls: You know who you are =) First up, congrads to all of us. You girls complete my years at HPA. Thank you so much for being there for me. I’ll miss you all so much. We better keep in touch, k? Love you! My newly senior girls: Jules, Sam, and Kara You guys have been by my side ever since day one here at HPA. Thank you so much for everything. Enjoy your senior year k? I love you guys! Class of 2010: Yessssssssssssssssss! We are done!



gjrl should- be two Ihingp: claand fabulous. ’* -Coco Chanel

JIN SUN PARK Seoul, South Korea Art | Softball | Prefect

“Go where no one else will go, do what no one else will do.” - Mary Lyon m

MILI-NANEA PHENICIE Kea'au, Hawaii Theater | Softball | Swimming Mom and Dad: Thank you for sending me here and making the sacrifices it took to let me become a Ka Makani student. Brother and Sister: Thank you for all the work and patience you had while I was attending HPA. All My Friends: Old and new,, thank you for all the support I received the entire time I have been here. Thanks to everyone who made my first and last year here at HPA such a wonderful experience! Right from the get-go I was welcomed and I immediately felt like a part of the HPA family. This school has taught me so much in the little bit of time I was here. HPA has been an incredible experience for me and I know with all my heart that it would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of my family. Thanks to them, I was finally able to receive the education I need to reach my goal of being successful in life. Thank you for everything!

“Strive for goals out of reach, not out of sight" 66

EMILY PRAH Visalia, California Dance | Honor Choir | Paddling | Senior Prefect Mom: You’ve been there for me during every dilemma and have helped “Pro-and-Con” each one; with marathons, colleges, modeling, Broadway competitions. I know that you’ll be there to help me stand up whenever I fall. You’re the strongest person I know, I’m so blessed to have you in my life. You Know What?! Dad: I admire you more than you will ever know. You set the bar for me, and are always guiding me in the right direction. Thank you for pushing me to be the best that I can be. T-Nator: Words can’t describe how much I love you. I want you to have the best life possible! Know that I’m always right beside you if you need me. Forever and Always... Will: Through thick and thin we’ve always, and will always, be there for each other; Leggos to El Diamante. I love you Big Brother! In Omnia Paratus! Cindy & Heather: The moment you came into my life I became a new person. You’ve helped make me who I am. I love you both! Kat: You’ve changed my life and have been the best friend I could have hoped for. Never settle. “And I’d kick ‘er sir!” Grayson: I already feel like I know you so well, brother. You’re the sweetest guy I know, and I love your plans for your life. Dream big and you’ll go far. Nick & Hunter: I love you both! You make it a party by just showing up! California Friends: You were there with me at EDHS and I’ll never forget the amazing times we spent in my poolhouse! Good Luck in college! I’ll see you back in the sunshine state.

“If y o u ’re n o t risking y o u r life, y o u ’re n o t tru ly liv in g "

SEAN PRENTISS Waikoloa, Hawai'i Cross Country | Paddling | Swimming

"The m ore we keep a m an w aiting, the m o re he re fle cts on o u r sh o rtco m in g s" -F rench P rove rb

NICHOLAS PURDY Breckenridge, Colorado Theatre | Prefect | Paintball To my brother and future fellow frogman Hans: Dude, we’re gonna rock the service. This should be fun. Remember, the only easy day was yesterday. To Mahina: My best buddy. Up, down and everywhere in-between, it’s been a wild ride and I hope it keeps getting crazier. I LOVE YAH! Hunter: YOU ARE ALL THAT IS MAN! My cookies got Schwacked! (Deep breath!): Linnea, Delaney, Logan, Zak, Phong, Kat-Attack! Emily, and all you crazy theatre kids, I LOVE YEH ALL! And to my parents: You guys put up with an insane amount of my stuff to get me here, I hope I was worth it. Thank you. If I forgot you, tell me and I'll give you a hug. LATERZ!

"Cattle die, Kinsmen die, All men are mortal. But the brave name N ever dies." -The Havam al ®

RYAN RICE Waimea, Hawai i Basketball | Baseball

“Life is a series of left turns”

Bangkok, Thailand Volleyball | Basketball Mom & Dad: Thank you for everything. Na ka tee turn hai bua me tuk tuk wan nee if mai mee both of you bua gor kong mai mee wan nee thank you ka ruk mom and dad mak mak ka. Baan: Nong baan u got 2 year left na jaaa so SUSU! Pen gum lung jai hai na ja. Jin(best friend and sis): I’m so glad that I got to know you! If you didn’t talk to me first then all the memories that we have had wouldn’t have happened at all. It has been really fun talking, eating, and hanging out with you. I will never forget all the good times that we spent together. Love ya. Hereiti and Lucia: My two best friends, thank you for everything you guys have done for me. I don't really know what to say but yeah love you guys. Pud and Santa: SUSU! Na ja nong, leaw jer gun in BKK. The rest of my friends (you know who you are): Thanks for everything, I will keep in touch! Love you all.

“Don’t cry because it ended, but smile because it happened”

ROSEN Gold Coast, Australia Sao Paulo, Brazil Surfing | Rowing "Those awful things are survivable, because we are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be... We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken. We cannot be born, and we cannot die. Like all energy, we can only change shapes and sizes and manifestations. They forget that when they get old. They get scared of losing and failing. But that part of us greater than the sum of our parts cannot begin and cannot end, and so it cannot fail." - John Green “ Looking For Alaska�

Arue, Tahiti Tennis | Paddling Mom and Dad: I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve always been there for me and I am very thankful to have such great parents like you two. I love you soo much. Gimma and Papi: I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me from the time I was little until now. I love you tons. Stephanie: You are the coolest cousin ever. Je t’adore. Thank you soo much for helping me throughout the years and for keeping me sane throughout high school. Gros Bisous. Sarah: Ma soeur, tu est la meilleur, tu a toujours eter la pour moi et je te remercie pour sa. Je n’oublierais jamais tout les crazy moment quont a passer ensemble. Je taime tres fort. Piula: Genre!!! Salut ma couz, je voulais juste te remercier pour etre une cousine formidable, en s’amuse tellement ensemble nest ce pas? lol je taime beaucoup.

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching. ” ?3

JORDAN SALOMON Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Volleyball | Basketball | Golf Mom & Dad: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go to HPA, all the support through the years, and for always pushing me to do my best. Love you lots. Josh: You will always be my brother no matter what, remember that. I'll always be there, no matter what. G-Ma and Papa: Thank you for your support, for all the great Christmases together, and all the love. Grandma Mollie: Thank you for all the support at my basketball games and for all the love. Aunty Mary and Uncle Harold: Thank you for helping to raise me and I'll come visit over the breaks. Cousins: All of you thanks for everything and always being there. Ipo & Laura: You two made high school the best experience yet. We've always had each others backs through the ups and downs. Thanks for all the memories. We are friends, FRIEEEEEENDS. But more like family to me,Mr. Emmons: Thanks for being a great coach and mentor. I'll always remember you gotta have soft hands on the greens and bus' out the big guns on the drives. Coaches & Teachers: Thanks for telling and pushing me to be the best I can be. DHC: We never going back. To All Those not Mentioned but Never Forgotten: Thanks for making HPA an unforgettable experience.

"Outside different colors, b u t inside is red."' -Augie 1 74

NATHAN SCHENK Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball | Basketball | Surfing

"I can do everything through him who gives m e strength -Philippians 4:13 . "

Koror, Palau Basketball | Track | Conditioning Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for everything you guys have sacrificed for me. You love me, raised me, been there for me, and have been the best parents you could be. You both have given me more than I could ask for, and I thank God for blessing me with such great parents. I love you guys very much! Ilan: Best big sister ever! Thank you for being a role model, having my back, and teaching me so much! Su: Thanks for being my big brother, keeping me in line, and always having my back. Thanks for all the laughter, tears, and fights. Jun: From laughs to fights, I’ll always have your back lil’ bro! Be good and keep up the good work! Buki: You are my little BFF sister! Hilo gang: Thanks for EVERYTHING, and always being there for me! Keana, Keialla, Kermong, Aqui, Daylan: Thanks for always being there! Mamang: Sulang ra rokui e mommy! I LOVE YOU ALL! Ana and Lei: My best friends, my partners in crime, and lastly, my sisters! You guys have been there from the beginning and all these years have been amazing! All the laughs and tears, and all the crazy things, we’ve been though so much! Thanks for everything! We may be so far apart, but we’ll be one call away. Love you girls! Justin and Zach: Thanks for being there and keep a smile on my face! Zach always making trouble and Justin trying to fight me. Love you guys! Auntie Tisa and Mrs. Kamrow: Thank you for EVERYTHING! Ballin’ girls: You guys are awesome! Keep it up! Love you girls! Thank you to the Wang, Flem, Queen Ohana and to Coach Gig!

"Ngkora b era Emai el di m eritech." "Less words and low key, effective and > 76

ROLAND SETU Apia, Samoa Football I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lord Almighty for guiding me throughout my teenage life till this very wonderful, enjoyable time I am spending here at the Hawai'i Preparatory Academy. It has been a very good pleasure to be part of HPA, meeting diverse people with diverse cultures, and I am very proud to step beyond HPA with pride. Family and guardians: I thank my family for giving me this opportunity to seek education away from home. Thank you for all the support you have offered for me. Thank you for your prayers and blessings upon myself and my future. Much mahalo to my lovely guardians; for comforting and treating me as your own son. Football team: Thank you to the coaches for accepting me to be part of the football squad, allowing me to play football here at HPA for the first time of my life. It has been an honor to be part of Ka Makani football. Brothers: Thank you to my brothers Manu and Babz for the great moments we shared together, and all the support you brothers have given me throughout the year. Our future awaits us, let us fight for it in unity.

"W hen our values a re clear, our choices a re easy.



Barrington, Illinois Theater My time at HPA has been short yet special. I have made great friends and met peers which have made my short time even greater than I ever suspected. I have been shown a school environment which I thought wasn’t possible, and was exposed to teachers and faculty which have been the best of help, as well as friends. The days at HPA have given me more than I could have expected. I thank my teachers, friends, and family for giving me such a great senior experience.

“Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their pow er to harm us.” 7* -Voltaire

Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country | Student Council Student Ambassadors | Theater

‘'You can turn off1the sun, but I'm still gonna shine* -Jason Mraz 79



Kentucky, USA / Saudi Arabia Student Ambassadors | Dorm Prefect

''You’ve got two choices You can either sit and cry or spread your wings and flyi" so -Molly Miller

BOBBY STOMSKI Waimea, Hawai'i Football | Soccer | Track | Wrestling Dad: Thank you for always loving and supporting me. I love you. Mom: Thank you for always putting up with me. I know it wasn't always easy. Love you mom. Niks: Its been a mission. I love you, thanks for always being there for me. The Boys: When it comes down to it, being on the beach with the boys made everything else look a little brighter. Football boys: Play with passion. Isaiah, keep um amped up for me, fill the holes, and watch out for the oh craps. It's all you next year. The girls: Thanks for being chill. Travis, Justin, Sid: Hartwells never would have been home without you guys. Thanks for all the good times, I'll never forget them. Much love to everybody who touched my life here, you made me who I am today.

"Civilize the mind but make savage the body." -Mao Zedong


TENNANT Bend, Oregon Swimming | Dancing | Paddling Mom and Dad: You both have always been there for me. You have given me love and support when i needed it most, you have never given up on me, I'm proud to have you guys as my parents! I love you! Heather and Lizzie: My two sisters! You both have always been there for me. I love you guys with all my heart you are the best sisters anyone could ever ask for. Love you guys! Grayson: We met the first week of school but it feels like I've known you my whole life. We can just be ourselves when we're together and always just have the best times, you've been so good to me. I don't know what I would do without you, thank you! Emily: We have known each other since summer school. We have had so much fun together, thank you for always being there for me through the good and bad. Love you girl! Nick and Hunter: You guys are the best you always know how to make me laugh thanks for everything love you guys! Everyone else: Sorry I can't mention all of you but thank you guys for a great year, you guys are the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Friends in Bend: You guys have given me the time of my life with laughter, support, and love. Thank you for always staying by my side.

"Everything in this world happens for reason. "â– 

ELIZABETH TENQRIQ Northern Marianas Islands, Saipan Basketball Mom & Dad: Thank you for the countless sacrifices you have done for me and for the infinite love you have given me. You have made me who I am today. Hu Guaiya Hao Sinseramente. Ana: My partner in crime! Side by side we’ve been through the ups & downs of life. You know me the best. Thank you for always being there for me no matter what. I couldn’t ask for a better sister. I love you Budder! Desi: My Palauan sister! It’s hard to believe that I’ve only known you for 4 years! We’ve grown so close & together created some of the best memories of my life. You will always be my best friend and I will always be there for you! Love you Ourad! Sol: You have always been someone I look up to. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for all the fun times we’ve had. I Love you big sister! Dung & Olive: You two have done so much for me! Thank you for all the fun times that I’ll never forqet and for the ones sure to come! I love you both! Jose: Thank you for all the love & support! Love you! Alex: You’re always taking care of me and watching out for me! Thank you for everything you have done! You’re like a big brother to me. Justin & Zach: You two have always been there for me no matter what. Thank you for all the love & fun times! Basketball Girls: I’ve had some fun adventures with you girls! Thanks for all the great memories on and off the court! Friends: Thank you for an amazing 4 years! I’ll always remember all the crazy times I’ve had with you guys!

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live. ”


San Jose, California Wrestling | Track | Football

Mom, Curtis, & Nicholas: Thank you for always supporting me and being there for me unconditionally. All of your love has helped me accomplish so much. I love you. Dad: Even though you weren't here to see it all, know that distance can never keep us apart. You have been the best dad I could ever ask for. Thank you for working so hard for me, and I promise I will someday return the favor. I love you dad. To the rest of the family: This is to all of my Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, and Cousin's. I will never forget all the people who've helped raise me. I love you all. To the Boyz: Uncle John, Oni, Mahkus, Max, and Jacob. So many good times, but i'm not going to let it end here! Love you and your families like you guys are my own family. Thank you. Tayler: We're living together someday. No matter what I'll come find you and see you. Thanks for everything you've done for me. I love you. Lei & Desi: Thanks for all the good times you've brought me. I love you both.

"Real living is living for others. â&#x20AC;&#x153; <* Bruce Lee -

CHENG-TAO TSAI Taipei, Taiwan Basketball | Volleyball | Prefect Mom and Dad: Words cannot express all my gratitude; you always support me, always guide me and always love me. Thank you for everything you gave me. You guys are the reason why I am the person I am today. Love you both. Iris: Thank you for being my big sister and always keeping me out of trouble. You are a great person I look up to. Phoebe: I think you made the right choice to come to HPA. You always got my back. You’re a wonderful sister. Harold: Because of you, I've learned a lot of stuff I would have never learned without you. No matter what, you’re my little brother. Alex, Bong, Paul and Nickson: You guys helped me through a lot of hard times. I’ll meet up with you guys during the summer. Howard: Four years man, we made it! I really appreciate you being a great friend. Hope you get into your dream college. Keep in touch! Jacob: My cousin, keep working on b-ball. I’ll play with you over the summer. Thank you for coming to HPA with me. Kevin: Thank you for the fun time we spent together, but remember not to make stupid choices. Joey, Sam and Korean folks: Thank you guys for the great years at HPA. I’ll see you guys if I go to Korea. Dylan, Charles, Sam, Jason, Oscar, Angel, Winnie and other TW guys: Thank you, we definitely will hang out back in TW.

“There are dreams unless first, everything is not all good.” -Carl Sandburg

SHANG-LUN TSAI Taichung, Taiwan Basketball | Track | Math League | Prefect Dad and Mom: Thank you for sending me to America, accomplishing my dream! Also, I developed the international view and became mature. This is a very special experience, that I finish high school in America. Brother and sister: Study hard, have a good relationship with teachers and friends. I hope you will get into a good college. Howard Lai: Thank you for inviting me to your home :) You are the person who usually knows what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m thinking about. Hope you have a wonderful life in New York!! Keep in touch. Dylan: You have a strong ability in math, good luck in Canada. Jason: You are a really nice guy!! Always taking care of other people and thinking about us. You really treasure us as friends, always make all us Taiwanese happy. I learned a lot from you. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never forget you. :) Douglas: We have the same last name!! Good luck in California. Charles: My cousin, during high school life, you developed so fast and changed a lot. Howard Chen: We spend so much time studying together. Thank you for teaching me world literature and tennis. Other Taiwanese: I'm really fortunate to have known you guys!! Shang Ming: My best friend in Taiwan, you have studied so hard to accomplish your dream. I believe you can reach it. Viator High School friend's: Thank you for letting me have a wonderful life in Viator High School.

"A contented mind is a perpetual feast

. "


TYLER TSUBOTA Waikoloa, Hawai'i Cross Country | Soccer | Track Mom and Dad: I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for all of your support, and help. Wouldn’t be here with out you guys...literally. Korey: You made me strive to be the best, to be better than you, so thank you for making me better than I thought possible, not just as a player, but more importantly as a person. Tamlyn: Thank you for taking care of me all my life, especially when I was little, you showed me where to walk, and how to walk it. Higgins: When people ask how I do what I do, how I run so fast, my only answer is that I do it to make you proud. You’re not the fastest anymore, but you’re still the best in my mind, not as a runner, but as a coach and a person. I run for you. Katie: Thanks for all the memories. Don’t forget me... or the s a lt:) Anyone who cares: Everyone that I have ever met has shaped my life, whether in a good way, or a bad way, so thank you all.


“When everything goes down, smile it makes everything better. ”


Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country | Swimming | Paddling | Track Mom: Your strength, courage and love pulled me through every challenge and obstacle. You have sacrificed everything to make me the person I am. W e’ve been through so much together and I’m glad you were the one by my side. With all my love, thank you. Dad: You are my hero. You have taught me character and, most importantly, love. I am deeply thankful that you let me into your life, treating me as your own daughter. You’re the best father I could’ve asked for. Thank you for supporting me through everything. I love you. Britt: You are the craziest sister. Even though we don’t always agree, I know that you always have my back, no matter where you are. I can’t see my life without you. I love you. Kelly: You are so stubborn, but you are strong, intelligent and beautiful. I’m excited to see what you make with your life. Continue to give your all in everything you do. I love you. My Girls: No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’re always laughing. I have so many memories that I will keep with me forever. Through good times and bad, you have always been there for me. I love you all.

“Dream no email dreams for they have no gower to move* the hearts of* meni ,4 - Johann Wolfgang: van ss Goethe

MAX VERBRUGGE Vancouver, British Columbia Football | Wrestling Mom & Dad: Thank you for all the support you guys have continued to give me throughout my life. Everything you guys have taught me has helped me get by, and whenever I needed help or was in trouble, you guys were always there. Words cannot explain how much I love you guys and appreciate everything you have done for me. Harmen: So this year I’ve been ramblin' that expedition but eh, SHE GO! I can always cruise or talk with you and you’re my BOY. MUCH LOVE. Friends: You guys are everything to me. We have gone through so much together and have created a friendship that will last a lifetime. Whenever I think back to a crazy or great experience, it was always shared with you. Sam: Your one of the few people who truly understand and know everything about me. Words cannot explain how much I appreciate the things you have done for me. Good luck with everything you do next year and I know you’ll have a great year!

"It's better to burn out than fade away." - Kurt Cobain 89

BRIDGET WALKER Holualoa / Waimea, Hawai'i Water Polo | Volleyball | Swimming Mom and Dad: Words can't come close to how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. I have had such a wonderful life and it is all thanks to the support you gave to me. I will always look up to you. I love you to the moon and back! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Greg: Thank you for showing me how to live life life to the fullest. You are the best big brother any one could ever ask for. I love you. All my buddies: Thank you for always supporting me and having my back. We have had some amazing times and I cant wait for the rest that are to come.

"We can do no great things-only, small things with great love" 90 -Mother Teresa

WANG Waikoloa / Waimea, Hawai'i Basketball | Volleyball | Secretary Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything. I'm so happy you guys let me come back to HPA and I'm so grateful for all your support. I love you Mom and I love you Dad. Grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa Wang, thank you for helping me get through my years at HPA. Grammy, everything you do for me is more than I could ask for. Papa, you will always be a part of my life and I'm so happy I could be a part of yours. Ashley and Cori: WANG SISTERS! You two are my best friends. I love you guys. The Girlies: We've had some good times over the years whether it was beach seshs, church, or late nights. Without you guys high school wouldn't have been the same. Justin: I love you! You're my support and my best friend. We've been through it all and I know there will be more to come. Keoni: Movie nights are always the best. You are my boo and my best friend and that will never change. Thanks for the roses :]

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

- Hebrews

11 1


CHARLES YANG Kaohsiung, Taiwan Basketball | Volleyball | Tennis | Dorm Prefect | Representative Mom, Dad, & Lovely Sister: Thank you for your support all these years at HPA, I love my family!!! Douglas Tsai: Let’s play some hoops bro! Sam Tsai: Be happy! Hope I can call you Dr. Tsai in the future, haha :D Howard Lai: It’s fun to hang out with you at HPA and I wish that we both will have a good time in our college life. Jason Lo: Thanks for bringing me to orchestra, I had a lot of fun. Angel Wu: Ho Girls Varsity Basketball player in the future! Phoebe Tsai: Good luck in physics class! Turtle master! Eric Zhou: My best friend Eric! We have so many fun memories at HPA, and I’m coming to college too! Robertson’s people: Be good and be nice to each other. I’m happy to be with you guys in the dorm! All my friends and Teachers: Thank you all, and I love you guys!

"Friends are like a mirror; they will reflect your mistake, and make you a better person." 92


Beijing, China Musical | Music | Math League

To my Parents: Thank you for always supporting me. Thanks Mom, thanks Laoda, thanks Dad. All I want to say is, I love you so much!! To my Younger Brother: I love you my sweet brother. Thank you, you made a birthday cake for me when you were only two years old. Hope you have a bright future. Be happy. To Feng Zhe: Thank you. You have always loved me, shared my sadness and have been with me wherever I am. You’ re the best man in my heart. You’ll be the best drummer! To all my friends in Beijing: Even though we couldn’t always see each other, I had a great time with you guys in my life. You are the reason why I am happy. I love you. To all my friends at HPA: I can't tell you how much I love you guys. In the two and half years at HPA, the happiest thing, is that I met you guys, and we had a wonderful time together. I will miss you a lot and will never forget. To my teachers: Thank you Mr. White, you are one of my favorite teachers. You give me the best advice all the time. Thank you. Dr. Schatz, you gave me a great opportunity to learn music. You’ re a fabulous violin player, and you will be my favorite teacher forever. Thanks to all the teachers who have taught me and helped me at HPA. To the Higgins & Kopra Families: Thank you! I will miss you guys so much!!

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham Lincoln 93

T hirteen years, three headmasters, seven principals, and two campuses later, seven kindergartners are finally going to graduate together. We all share memories of Ms. Sooâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kindergarten field trip to the tidepools, our third grade overnight mission to Volcanoes National Park, and Ms. Doiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fourth grade peanut project. We all endured six lower school plays and six May Days, three theme weeks, and thirteen Pumpkin Patches. Together we learned out of the red grammar book and got used to switching classrooms and teachers. We watched an undefeated HPA football team win a game at states, and dreamed about repeating that accomplishment. We 94

performed eighth grade transition and the transition to high school, where we all played varsity sports and struggled with the new workload. Looking back on all the memories, it's hard to believe that the seven of us have been together for so long, and that our time here has finally come to an end. Our senior year provides us with an interesting perspective, being the oldest kids on campus after having 12 straight years of being youngins. Now that we think about it, the only thing that never changed throughout our time at HPA is that the seven of us were together every year, and being without each other next year might end up being the biggest adjustment we have to make.


Mrs. Donoho, Dr. Schatz, Mr. Hayslip, Mr. Franklin, Mrs. Clark, & Mr. Masuda. Missing: Mr. Jarvill & Mr. Bryson. C lass of 2010, Four years ago you arrived on the HPA upper campus with eagerness, curiosity, fear, and hope. Early on, the 2010 boys were energetic and, at times, had a little too much fun. Meanwhile, the 2010 girls impressed the school from the outset with leadership in and out of the classroom. Over four years, the class has grown together to become a united, strong, and caring group. The class of 2010 is a remarkably diverse group of individuals with different personalities, backgrounds, and talents. In your four years here, you not only have been educated in the classroom by your teachers, but you have used your diversity to teach each other, learn from each other and develop intelligence and talent in a remarkable range. You have become better readers, writers, athletes, actors, musicians, mathematicians, singers, painters, sculptors, community servants, gardeners, . turtle taggers, and friends. After you graduate from HPA, you will move all over our planet to continue your education and to do great things. I hope that you remember HPA as a place of incredible education, growth, and happiness for you. I hope you remember your 2010 classmates as being an integral part of your education. You will always have a home at HPA. You will always be alumni. Keep in contact with your teachers, your classmates, and those who have impacted your life. As you go on from HPA, do great things. Aloha, 'Jordan Hayslip


Desi Seid


Kekai Clarke

Bronson Kobayashi

Cache Carpenter

J.J. Higginson

Emily Prah

Holly Rutgers

Jesse Alvord

Jane Lee

Jake Moran

Haley Hagerman

Dylan Ho

Francesca Michetti

Tayler Wang

Alice Yu

Liz Hamilton

Ku'uipo Kalawai'anui

Lei Tenorio

Morgan Buckner

Kat Tennant

Marie Donahue

Mindy Campbell

Susie Kim

Sam Tsai


Nathan Schenk

Ruby Fink

Makoa Johnson

Noelani Enos

Ryan Rice

Savanna Gonzales

Teddy Lederer

Zach Hopson



T h e feelings of uncertainty for the year ahead mixed with the excitement of meeting new people and seeing old friends % define the start of a new school year. Classrooms are packed full of eager students ready to soak up the wisdom from their teachers. When Mr. Kamrow hands out his syllabus for AP US History, you quickly realize one thing, summer is over. Things don’t get any better when you walk into Dr. Ravaglia’s class expecting pure Statistics (which is difficult enough!) and find your­ self lost in a big philosophical world of theories and numbers. Fall sports kick into high gear, reminding everyone that big commitments are being asked in and out of the classroom. Football games on Saturdays with commentary from Mr. Noetzel and delicious burgers from the Booster Club create a social event for the entire HPA ‘ohana. Volleyball games bring spirited students together to cheer for their fellow classmates in a loud gym. The Cross Country teams can be seen scattered throughout the hills of the campus, trying to survive yet another day running up the legendary Taj. We are back and it’s going to be a long, full year.

The weather is warm and dry but the students, with their goals in mind, push through the heat Everything is PONO. Opposite Page: Keanu Yamamoto, Jade Sohriakoff, Zach Hopson, Melanie Ulrich. Background: The victorious Ka Makani football team after defeating Konawaena.

From left to right: Julia Brotman and Savanna Gonzales jazzing up Open-Mic night. Brand new to the upper campus, Hiroki Kawakami, Toshiro Nomura, and Eigoro Akai enjoying the afternoon together. Logan Martin rocking at Experience MPA.


& d (o & o v ~ o d u O A


fo ^ M o i M






S tudents begin to filter onto campus weeks before the official start of the school year to partake in various activities. Resembling a soft opening to the school year, these beginning activities refresh old students and prepare new students for the unique way of life at HPA. The school's way of life is based on core values that are present in every event. Football and Cross Country camp show the dedication and determination of teams that strive for greatness.

102 Fall | Student Life







ve v\z\V > G >

<7- yv0 /V lG > iV lcj, ^ e ^ v Senior dorm prefects arrive early and go through intense leadership training so that they will demonstrate responsibility and the willingness to take on a leadership role in our school community. Everyone involved in registration, from administrators to Student Ambassadors makes entering HPA an easygoing process for incoming families. "Experience HPA" and BBQ's provide an opportunity for everyone to come together and re-establish camaraderie. Our Welcome Back week is a short glimpse of who we are as a school.

From left to right: The ever enthusiastic Mr. Hayslip, guiding freshman Charles Chavez through an offensive play at football camp. Senior prefect Sam Nam caught between a rock and a hard place during a prefect ice-breaker on Anna's field. Students, prefects, and teachers at a meet and greet in the Student Union.

Faces you'll see on your first day on campus Clockwise from top left: New students and families registering at the Rutger's Tennis Center. Student Ambassadors Alyssa Evans, Phoebe Hono, HanaSara Ito, Elenka Jacobs, and Rebecca Barrett, welcoming new students with a smile. Jackie Ornellas and Madi DiZinno on their way to pick up a new boarding student. Senior dorm prefects gathering for a portrait after a long summer break. Japanese language teacher Mr. Masuda getting his classroom prepared before the arrival of his students.

Fall | Student Life 103

Second stop: The Gym. Mr Emmons giving a pep talk about graduating in

Third stop: Football Field. A few icebreaks loosening up the entire class.

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kemsbiJriA HP/A OOYV^O\J3 . l^e ^e d e jd . ^o v~ HH<2^ iaJ<2^ ouA c i

i/J im t Y m I& -pov~ 't l^ e iv ' d o € € > \re ^ v ~ ^ = ts > , H H e .

■Fv - _> I j M , IfS scV'°u\q9'f's' e'- . . I C'n0PLnUtCe'

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-\,l^£s vXcl*' aJrtiAY'cA F l^fto v ^i c$ 'tF z iv



Living History H "

V ~ £ £ > y ^ /V ^ g _ i 4 .

[ 0 L A V ^ Y l£ * f

H p a was a new school, a new community and a new home for me and many other freshmen. At the time of our retreat, 3 concept of becoming part of a new freshmen class scared me. I can remember the anxiety that ran through my body as I lied up to GPAC. As the day went on, we explored many areas of the HPA campus. Teachers talked about our class coming a community, and explained graduation to us like it was right around the corner. I started to feel more comfortable with the students that would soon become my close friends. When Mr. Diaz talked about “A” and the HPA students who had come before us, I realized that this was where I wanted to go to school. I wanted to be a rt of a community that celebrated our victories and learned from our mistakes. -

The class of 2013 preparing to put their class time capsule into the ground behind the Chapel.

Madi Bartlett, Katie Holdcroft, Nina Enos, and Cieora Reber taping up the class time capsule.

Rae Kennon, Katie Holdcroft, and Duncan Michael writing on the class time capsule.

iiijg i ^ y ■ kwW '




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w A




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W P ^ r lr iM ^

y V

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r N

r M

ijM aslfry AT«gB|Mghgj -ftM

fm f e t e 1i i i B B B M |B § v

Dakota Carter swinging his pick axe to create a hole big enough for the class time capsule.

Standing and smiling: The class of 2013 and the pit they dug.

Class advisor, Mr. Diaz depositing the time capsule while freshmen look on.

Zoe Sims, Hi'ipua Rapozo, Briana Wilson, Cieora Reber, and Jessica Benioni cheering.

6>cl^ods> a '^ s &Loa. b y \z0YVb\Acj. AA-O'Ae^ a b c is t (XM~

a n A h /ve ^

N estled in the hills of Waimea, the Hawaii Preparatory Academy gives its students the opportunity to learn and enjoy aspects of the cultural traditions of Hawaii. One day a year all students participate in embracing and celebrating our host culture that we often overlook. All students ate separated into different groups and each goes to learn about a different piece of Hawaiian culture. Accompanying students are teachers as well as adults in the community who have abundant knowledge in this area that volunteer their time to help promote this learning experience. The students are then taught about things like growing and cooking taro, how to make leis, and more. After the day is done, students gather at GPAC and share the products of their work about what they learned. From basket weaving to cooking a pig in an underground oven, learning to play slack-key guitar to tramping through the mud in a Waipio taro patch, students are allowed to enjoy the many cultural traditions our diverse environment creates. By learning about Hawaiian culture, students can hope to adopt some of these essential values to share with the schpol community, as yvell as allow other students to share their own culture and their way of life outside of HPA. Taking that day to learn out of the classrooms and to experience customs beyond students' individual cultures, makes HPA an even more diverse community than it already is.

Above: On a hike through lava fields and fresh water ponds, students from HPA learn about cultural living skills of Native Hawaiians.

Above: Mr. Emmons explaining to his eager cohort of farmers, how dryland kalo grows on campus.

106 Fall | Student Life

Right: Delany Ross sorting through flowers to make haku leis.

'5§r J f






lembers of the HPA maintenance .epartmenfcire experts in the art of sparing a traplitic®pl 'ib u for;cooking lua pig. Every year, students get to fMjenence and enjoy'the labor of love |||h a rd work that goesllito preparing !I 'imu thanks to the expertise of our maintenance crew,


Clockwise from top right: Chris Oh fathering ti leaves in Kohaia, Uncle ;’aul preparing the pig by salting it. lt|Cle Paul and Uncle Kenneth jreparirtg the fire pfttor the pig by jovering the hot rocks'with banana W ks. Uncles' putting ti leaves after janana stalks. Uncle Paul and Dylan lo placing the pig in.the 'imu for an

Right: HPA's premier original alternative rock band, LifeClock consisting of Logan Martin, Makoa Johnson, Kyle Matsuda, and Zach Hopson taking the groove to a higher level.


Below: A staple of Lava Lounge, artist Kara Erickson playing "Travelling Solider" to a receptive audience.

Right: HanaSara Ito getting her Jitters out before hitting the stage by singing in front of the fire and eating s'mores.

The new flagship literary magazijrai on campus, Zephyr is a student lec , publication that features the v e fj( best writing pieces that the English department has to offer. Led oy t Mrs. Hayslip's Creative Writing class, Zephyr passed out awards i on theÂŤnight o f the Lava Lounge that weife considered exceptional -*â&#x20AC;˘ *iK work.


108 Fall | Student Life

Above: Tiare Ball getting into singing an original song with her guitar.

T h e Lava Lounge Collective is a great opportunity for students to express their musical, artistic, or poetic talents and showcase it to their peers. It happens three times a year, to allow students enough time to create and perfect new material. Many of the students practice for weeks before Lava Lounge, but there are plenty of people who simply drop in and make something up on the spot.

For students not showcasing their work, its an informal gathering to stop by, grab some food and listen to music performed by their friends and classmates. The tight environment of the Ko Kakou Student Center provides a great place to hang out and even make new friends. The start of this social event will lead to a great tradition of coming together and sharing among friends for years to come.

Clockwise from top left: A plethora of HPA students harmonizing. Gabi Geiger and HanaSara Ito singing "Come Together," by the Beatles. Linnea Gregg and Alex Disney singing "You Belong With Me," by Taylor Swift. Headmaster Barnes singing a song about roadkill called "Stinking." Babz Kwarara and Roland Setu singing songs about peace and harmony for the world. Senior Zach Hopson playing the drums, while Nathaniel Adams throws down a shaka while eating a s'more.

Fall | Student Life 109

t v e r y year during the rhonth of October, we deviatelrom bur normal dSjjly schedule four intense days of visits, meetings, sporting events, and festivals. During Parents Weekend, HPA welcom families from around the world so th&t' they can experience and appreciate what the school truly has to offer to their kids. Kicking off the Testlvttles, parents sha^pw their day oh Thursday and learn first hand, the rioors of..a preparatory education. On Friday and Saturday, parents engage in intense one-on-one meetings with their child's teachers, getting truly informed on their academic progress. The weekend does not slow down, a n d W f a c r ^ i f l f l y intensifies culminating with Sunday's Pumpkin Patch. Every year, Pumpkin Patch gives the ÂŁDtire island .w ide community a chance to partake imfun rides, live music, :'fobd= booths, and a silent auction. The Pumpkin ra tc h is an outstanding way for HPA to ra^e money to support all aspects of student life at the school. 110 Fall Student Life

This spread: HPA parent, Mr. Chavez inspecting a bio-diesel engine in Mr. Franklin's Sustainable Living class during Parent's Weekend.

Hunter Ainslie, and Katie Pacheco in Biology class

|y Kailimai and his dad, B.J.

Andrew Brus & his mom

The Clarke family enjoying class

Tayler Wang spiking

Mr. Higgins comparing metaphors in his English class

Kailana Powers and her mother, Chikako

Kalel Konrad kicking

Girls volleyball â&#x20AC;&#x153;uh-ah-ing1

Ka Makani huddling

igelista dancing

irk Mitchell, Kainoa Tanoai, and Rukin Jelks patrolling

Al Naimat Ammar cruising

Future HPA gremlins riding the choo-choo train

112 Fall | Student Life

The Scarecrow & Crows

Ease On Down The Road'

'So You Wanted To Meet The Wizard'

No Bad News"

"Believe In Yourself

□E ■ ■

l/ O


z ^ P

^ P




T h is year the young cast decided to tackle the Wiz, a challenging musical interpretatioixof the classic L. Frank Baum story, The Wizard Of OZ. Though the cast was heavily impacted by the heartbreaking loss of a cast member, they were able to keep it together and were ready when the curtain opened. With the constant help of Mrs. Goodspeed, Ms. T and Ms. Prince, as well as an all star live band, the cast powered through and pulled off a highly- 'ated performance which sold out on all 4 nights of the show. The four friends, played by a group of theater veterans, led the cast through the advanced choreography, exciting music and dramatic dialogue. The cast itself was bonded together by these trials and truly came together during a massive final push to get the show off to a strong start and a successful run.

The Wiz

Reina Morise

Curtain Call

Superstar Logan Martin rocking some leather pants and sequined green glasses in order to get him into the role of the rich, powerful and prestigious Wizard Of Oz.

The Yellow Brick Road: Zoe SpearsTakakuwa and HanaSara Ito dancing their way through Oz. 114 Fall I Student Life

, . LJU

The Good Witch Of The South: Sophomore Rebecca Barrett using her magil tricks to appear in front of her adoring munchkins, (played by Sierra Shumate and Katie Boehm) and a stunned Dorothy.

Dorothy: Rising star Linnea Gregg beginning to ease on down the yellow brick road.

The Tin Man: Senior Kekai Clarke lubricating his joints deep in' the forests of Oz.

The Scarecrow: Junior Gabi Geiger beginning the perilous journey to get herself some brains.

The Lion: Theater veteran Nick Purdy sporting a stylish tie-dye headband, peace necklace and an afro to help him portray the famous Cowardly Lion.

The Wicked Witch Of The West: The awesome Alex Disney getting her evil on within the walls of her infernal castle.

Fall | Student Life 115

The class of 2013 gathering around and celebrating their accomplishment.

E v e ry one knows the saying “many hands make light work,” this year students experienced it for themselves. If one person tried to make thirty three boxes full of goodies to send off to troops serving in Afghanistan it would take days. Leave it to the Freshmen class to complete the task in a mere two hours. They stuffed boxes to the top full of li hing mui, saimen, and love. Later that day they were shipped off to unsuspecting soldiers who are in for a huge treat. Freshman Kat Bradley thought that "putting together boxes for the soldiers was fun and a great bonding experience. It was nice to know we were giving back to the people who are

Tatsuya Suzuki putting together a box that will soon be filled with goodies for the troops. Tyler Tsubota getting every last spot off the windows at Tutu's House. Cans waiting to be packed up into baskets at 'Imiloa Church. Freshmen organizing treats in the Student Union. 0

Noe Enos bagging a smorgasbord of cookies for Thanksgiving dinner baskets.


Nayoon Kim and Soo Ji Kim refreshing the walls at Tutu's House.


Kaikea Nakachi and Tayler Wang arranging can food for a more efficient assembly line.


Bo Sebesta and Draysen Wilson packing boxes for American troops overseas.


Maia Dale carefully wrapping a turkey pan stuffed to the top with all the essentials for a delicious meal.


Grant Melby balancing boxes that still need filling.

116 Fall | Student Life

fighting for us." The alliance with the Sunday i Sophomores spent the Child Foundation. Some morning beautifying North went to Tutu’s House, a j Hawaii Community Hospital. health and wellness centen Together they wiped out the in Waimea. They did chore weed populations of the ranging from painting wallg hospital’s gardens, painted cleaning windows. murals to cheer up patients tAnother group went to on rainy days. Some even 'Imiloa Church and helped) helped file loose papers. assemble Thanksgiving The Juniors helped out the dinner baskets with love an community by hacking down care. All advisories tried toi branches and clearing trails contribute a basket. It through out the nature park. created a grand total of \ It is rumored that logs the thirty-five baskets that eaclt size of small horses were had enough food for two j moved out of the way of the Thanksgiving-dinners. Thej path. This group sure put school really came togethej their blood and sweat into and in the words of Mrs. ; their project. Dr. Bill, thinking Petteys, “ I think it has bee* of future communities, got _ successful; measured by j his advisory together to how engaged every one wai assemble battery drive in the work they did meetinj buckets. The Senior class genuine needs in the divided and conquered. community. Everyone took) Along with a few juniors a something away from the ■ ' group headed off to event.” Honoka’a to fix up a place for children in need in

"Not only did my hands get tougher from helping clear trails, moving lots of huge sticks and logs, but the hard work helped our community, so it was fun" -Max Barreto,'11


"Zlearned that when it comes to helping others, the more you give, the better you feel." Mitchell Pascua, '11


■ ce ■ i i ■ en c e


o ie ^ c ^ t/v ^ e v ^ t^ > \rejAeJrlv\&s o o d

h v r

T h e Upper School Student Art Show was held on December 4th, 2009 at the Gerry Clark Art Center. Sponsored by the Visual Arts and English departments, the show featured several 3-D creations hanging from the ceilings, blown glass from senior Grayson Graham, colored pencil portraits, digital photography portfolios, and the unveiling of the first printed issue of Zephyr, HPA's magazine that showcases the very best work created in the English department. The show gave the student body the opportunity to come together in a casual setting to show off some of their exceptional talents as visual artists. English teacher Mrs. Hayslip, the energy behind the revitalization of a true English magazine on campus commented that "It made me really happy that people were walking around reading copies of Zephyr, showing different pieces in the magazine to their friends." Art teacher, Mr. Hayslip was also very positive about what he s a w ," It was the social event of the season. A lot of visual artists worked hard this fall. It was nice for them to have a venue to show off their work.11 Greeting visitors at the door were not only the sweet sounds of an unplugged version of LifeClock, but a nice cheese and cracker selection provided by Sodexo. In the end, Mr. Hayslip had praise for everyone, stating th a t" HPA's talented artists did a great job of providing visual entertainment and creating a wonderful atmosphere at this years Student Art Show. They should all be commended."

118 Fall | Student Life

Clockwise from top left: An art instillation with an antenna on its head. Glass work by senior Grayson Graham. A fish taking up space in the sky above the art show. Julia Varboncoeur, Mindy Campbell, and Sierra Shumate viewing homegrown art. Linnea Gregg enjoying a literary piece in Zephyr. Gabi Geiger hanging out next to Katie Boehm's photographic portfolio.

Fall | Student Life 119

MSPTQIIPA H ig h School of the Pacific (HSP) was a small school in south Kona that brought students from diverse islands in the Pacific ranging from the Papua New Guinea to the Solomon Islands. When the school closed down because of lack of funding, many students were forced to go back to their homes and leave the education they were receiving. In the fall HPA welcomed seven students from HSP to join the HPA 'ohana. Their adventures at HPA have included trying new sports, sharing their culture of music and exploring exciting academic subjects, ultimately creating an environment and opportunities that this group will never forget. Below: A key component of a championship football team, Roland Setu was a workhorse all season long. Here Roland gives it his all against Kohala. Right: Flora Noholia displaying her hand made haku lei during Ho'olaulea.

Babz Kwarara trapping the ball midfield, while teammate Kian Quinlin looks on.

120 Fall | Lifestyles

On their first official day on campus, the group of HSP students officially transition into becoming HPA students at a barbecue at the Student Union,

"I would say that my experience here at HPA is one that I would not have anywhere else in the world. I have been here for almost four months now and it has been great meeting new people and participating in sports and activities. Coming to HPA is no doubt one of the best choices I have ever made in my life."

Roland Setu sprinting past a plethora of Ka'u defenders during Parents Weekend.

Elizabeth (Beta) Akaula / Kingdom o f Tonga

"For me, coming to HPA has been an adventure. Playing music with Ro, Manu, Zach, Makoa, and Logan has been fantastic. Living in Hartwells dormitory has given me the opportunity to learn about other people and their cultures. I am looking forward to the winter soccer season so I can make a defining contribution to my school."

Manu Mangalle rocking the mic at the Student Art Show.

Babaga (Babz) Kwarara / Papua N ew Guinea

"Coming to HPA has given me the opportunity to meet different students from all over the world. This is my last year of high school so I feel very lucky to finish up here. There are lots of opportunities at HPA, whether it be academic, athletic, or social." Emmanuelle (Manu) M angalle / Solomon Islands

"Coming to HPA is a whole new experience for me. I made new friends and met a lot of other students from different countries around the world. It's really hard to adjust to this diverse environment but I'm working on it. Thank you all very much for this opportunity." Flora Noholia / Solomon Islands

"At first I was scared but after being here for almost four months, I am now open to try out new things that this school can offer. This school is a lot bigger than HSP and it has many more students, and many nice teachers."

Florence Noholia / Solomon Islands

"I am proud to be a Ka Makani student. HPA has given me great opportunities to experience new things in life. Whether it be playing on the Ka Makani football team, playing music with the reggae band, or meeting diverse people with diverse cultures, I will remember my time here forever." Roland (Ro) Setu / Western Samoa

â&#x20AC;&#x153;To have come from a way smaller school to HPA which is bigger population size and facility is really different. Fortunately, I also get to meet a lot of different and new friends that come from very diverse cultures. HPA really is an active and effective lifestyle both academically and athletically." M ech (Mac) Y ag i / Papua New Guinea

a Akaula bumping it up to her teammate for a /victory against 'Parker. Mac Yagi showing his soccer Skills during a n o * game against Parker School. :




\!oloe^'. Vv<z£&

)5 -'fc A tH p- c t ^ o J o i

0 0 0

( -. cd~ H PA 2

O - \c k t\e ^ /lA -O ^e^ o A 'ill be£i<?tiA 3 < ^ 'tlA'I^> U5> \A o \^C H i>

H ezf.

-X-30H.0LA ' /W ,

J 1 *2"

What makes you in dress code? Are you always in dress code? What do you think of dress code?

P(5*£5>y A A p m k w i

J 1 0

Why aren't you in dress code?

Why aren't you in dress code?

How often are you in dress code?

How often are you in dress code?

Yes, always. What do you think of dress code?

What do you think of dress code?

Uniforms? Uniforms?

I am wearing a collared shirt and my jeans aren't ratty.

I don't have anything to wear that is not dress code.

It's pretty good, but it's not enforced all. Unless dress code notices aren't in

Loac^A. A ^ y Ha A J 1 1 What makes you in dress code?:

How often are you in dress code? What do you think of dress code?

JX -X/huR

3 foHV, k\st

Because my jacket is over there and my shirt says Billabong.

w*£<s*v boaY’c t 3^ov'ko}}

-¥^o4;i<^ Ca€>e^

What makes you in dress code? How often are you in dress code?

Well aware! I don't like wearing collared shirts.

What do you think of dress code in general?

Why aren't you in dress code?

Do you understand the demerit system?

What do you think of dress code in general?

Because I like this college that I am representing right here.

Yes, I do and I am sorry for my actions.

As long as it is in good taste, it should be fine.

J X X /h 4 Y 1 Are you in dress code? How are you in dress code? What's your trick here?

What do you think of dress code in general? Fall | Lifestyles 123

“ This intolerable dependence on foreign oil threatens our economic independence and the very security o f our nation. The energy crisis is real. It is worldwide. It is a clear'and present danger to our nation. These are facts and we simply must face them. ” President Jim m y Carter, “Crisis o f Confidence” speech, 1979 M r . Franklin’s new Sustainable Living class teaches peaceful revolution. In this class students learn sustainable solutions to the impacts of our contemporary industrial society on humanity and our environment. The class does hands on projects such as independent student gardens with worm composting and fixing cars that run on vegetable oil. Students can take the skills they learn in class and apply them to everyday life. Senior Justin Truong loves "all of the innovative ways to change our quality of our life." To give back to the community, the class spent an afternoon harvesting their

Liz Hamilton enjoying fresh carrots from her part of the community garden.


Fall | Academics

beans and lettuce. Produce was then added to Thanksgiving baskets that were donated to needy families on the Big Island. In the second semester, students will pinpoint specific problems in our society that interest them and will take on individual projects to fix these problems. Projects will include planting fruit trees, creating eco friendly clothes, advertising ways to be sustainable, and restoring terraces. Mr. Franklin and the class share the feeling of great accomplishment in how they "begin with a tiny seed and end with a revolution."

Nathan Schenk working during a sunny morning weeding session.

Interesting * The U.S uses 25% of the world’s oil. * The U.S. makes up 5% of the worlds population. * $97 billion a year is spent on foreign oil. * 850,000 jobs were lost in the U.S. because of the $97 billion spent. *The U.S. is 60% dependent on oil from other countries. *Facts provided by Mr. Franklin

Marie Donahue and Keoni Colson bunching up carrots for Thanksgiving baskets.

Marcus Hess putting his heart and into the garden,

Mr.Franklin getting his hands dirty.

Marcus Hess, Nathan Schenk, Keoni Colson, and Billy Kailimai checking a bio-diesel engine.

Ryan Rice putting in his time at the community garden.

Fall | Academics 125




G re e n Technology is a class full of opportunity and ingenuity. Class projects range from monitoring the electricity consumption in the faculty cottages to individual projects that will help make for a sustainable environment. The students of Green Tech learn skill sets such as soldering, welding, advanced computer skills, carpentry, and using surveillance and monitoring systems. Students are the teachers in Green Technology, with Dr. Bill as the advisor. Each student learns a skill and teaches a classmate their skill. Along with their iWebs, this team will continue to spread their knowledge to future students at HPA. All of the skills they learn are essential to running the new Energy Lab. Future buildings at HPA will follow the examples set forth by the Energy Lab. Upon

Olina Cavedoni giving a demonstration on how to safely weld.

126 Fall I Academics

completion the Energy Lab will be part of the Livifig Building Challenge, a global competition to build a completely self sufficient building. ! Alf? L5

\!e y y cm.

cJlcytyC?. 'Xiws

e^.yey\ew x^ cn \e&Y~MLv\a sfcdte, o4cmo- \/Jctl*

cmAo^ a.'A^.

aorW 'fiAtey

- Clc*rtÂŁ(bicM '& 0 k-e v 1 1 2Hawaii Preparatory Academy holds its right as to being the only high school in the world to be attempting such a feat. For one year the Energy Lab must produce its own energy, capture and treat its own water, and run efficiently. The students of Green Tech are all determined to make a difference in this world; starting with HPA and then the world.

Grayson Graham grinding down a piece of metal for a windmill.

Robert Reed diligently checking the energy consumption of one of the Faculty Cottages.

iristian Baker teaching Nick Hoyle e ins and outs of using a GPS.

Green Technology students will be part of an elite team that will help facilitate the Energy Lab. Here Dr. W iecking gives a tour to Christian Baker, Danny Cook and the rest of the class to help familiarize each student with the building.

“In this class we do a lot of fun things. I took it because it looked interesting. This class offers more opportunities form e and it will make HPA a greener school. *

Lucas Cohen '13 “Dr. Bill is open to our ideas, we get to do what we want to do. The class is very interactive compared to my other classes."

Carson Magoon '12 “This class has taught me skills no other class would ever teach me. With the skills I learned, I will be able to start many projects and be able to push through any obstacles. "

Michael Monahan '11 "I enjoy the freedom Green Technology offers me. In this class I'm learning things that matter such as using technology to help the environment. By using the skills we are learning in this class, I want to be able to build wind turbines with common materials to help people in third world countries." Grayson Graham '10

Danny Cook installing a solar panel for a spotlight that will deter intruders from entering the pool at night.

Ammar Al Naimat cutting a piece of recycled wood that will be used to produce a new work bench for the energy lab. ___________

Fall | Academics 127

Below: Kaikea Nakachi and Morgan Buckner inspecting a full grown turtle.

Right: Mei Mei Nakahara and Nick Chock educating visitors at the yearly Turtle Independence Day at the Mauna Lani hotel.

Kaikea Nakachi '11 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great program that enables us to research turtles in their natural environment and study the growth and maturity of individual turtles."

Nick Chock '12 "We're very lucky to have this opportunity that's super fun and a great experience."

Morgan Buckner '10 "The turtle tagging program is a great opportunity to get some hands on experience in real world marine science, and its definitely part of why I'm at HPA. It was a way for me to get a feel for a possible career."

Mei Mei Nakahara '12 "I like HPA's turtle tagging program because it is a great opportunity for students to experience hands on work with turtles and scientists."

Right: Nick Chock, Mei Mei Nakahara and a host of volunteers returning a turtle back to his home.

128 Fall | Academics

Left: Middle school student Miller White and Mei Mei Nakahara holding two turtles that have satellite trackers attached to their shells. Below Left: Kaikea Nakachi inspecting a turtle. Below Flight top: Inspecting the mouth of a turtle for fish hooks. Below Right bottom: A turtle with a satellite attached to its shell being prepared for release into the ocean.



S in c e 1987, HPA students have been working with scientists from the National Marine Fisheries Service to capture, measure, tag and study the threatened Hawaiian green turtle. The turtle tagging program incorporates all students interested from young kids in sixth grade to graduating seniors. Students are given the opportunity to assist in the field, participate in

0 (3

educational outreach programs, assist in managing the HPA Sea Turtle Rescue Program, and conduct independent research projects about sea turtle biology and ecology. For some this is a just an interesting experience, for others it is a passion that they continue throughout high school, but for all it is a chance to learn about how to help Hawaiiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famous honu. To the untrained eye


turtle tagging may look harmful, but the measurements and data collected are like a common check up at the doctorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office. HPA students have traveled to Florida, Mexico, Japan, Midway Atoll, New Caledonia and all of the main Hawaiian Islands to work with NOAA on capture and remote telemetry projects relating to sea turtles. Fall | Academics 129

. rcuuTM c r a com m uniTg D edicated to saving the earth and preserving native birds and their habitat, the Environmental Club is the school’s leader in going green. In everything they do, according to Mr. Emmons, their purpose is to “reuse, recycle, reduce and restore.” Putting containers for plastics and cans at every building, they gave the school a functioning recycling system. The gardens outside of the science and language buildings provide students a chance to care for plants and learn to grow food. Highway cleanup gives students yet another opportunity for community service. A big project this year is restoring a terrace with endemic

Above: Mr. Emmons talking to club members about their project on the hill behind school.

Right: Cache Carpenter showing off a small tree he will plant.

130 Fall | Clubs

Hawaiian plants up near the Energy Lab. With the able leadership of Mr. Emmons and president Alyssa Evans, the students continue to meet every Monday during x-bloCk and plan new ways to make the campus more environmentally friendly. The newly built Energy Lab will allow the club to further their research in reducing and reusing energy. Any money made through their outreaches gets donated to Hakalau Wildlife Refuge, which uses the donations to maintain the habitat. Over the last fifteen years, this club has put so much effort into going green and continues strong to this day.

Above: Logan Martin working hard digging out holes to plant new saplings in.

Left: Keanu Yamamoto and Tatiana Marti busily occupied planting saplings.

Left: A young plant beginning to adapt to its new environment.

Below: With fertilizer and plants in hand, Kela Vargas preparing for a long day out in the hot sun.

Middle Left: Mrs. Emmons and a volunteer working on planting rare, endemic plants. Far left: A row of plants decorating a previously barren landscape.

Fall | Clubs 131

Below: Sophomore quarterback Keanu Yamamoto throwing a boot pass against Moanalua for a 17 to 14 victory.

Versus Honoka'a Waimea Kamehameha Ka'u Konawaena Kohala Ka'u Kamehameha Konawaena Kohala Moanalua Kaua'i

HPA OPP 26 20 14 6 23 0 49 0 34 0 42 6 56 6 24 8 12 38 49 0 17 14 14 28

Clockwise from right: Shane Brostek returning a kickoff. Keoni Colson breaking through tackles against Kohala. Roland Setu celebrating after beating Moanalua. Dustin Hoover causing a safety against Kamehameha. The offense on the ball at Konawaena.

Clockwise from top left: Captains Billy Kailimai, Keoni Colson, Bobby Stomski and JJ Higginson heading out to the coin toss. Isaiah Adams exploding in the backfield. The team shaking hands at Konawaena. The defense celebrating their BIIF championship.

, Vo/ktfiA & tzs , P o/w t/i& bes, 10o/vciv\o=te^ . ( l^eire^s> v\o v~tAe^ & K° a i ^ A^ H,,g£te««7 _0 0 DO y^o ^rtl^o ^t €x?*js> i/J^xa c M .'t &o otst

u nm qirl|

Q pow n

p r o t o m u .o h

ycHvxts> (M. < | ^ < e p v ^ t e s (




V tX H

<ts> \ao v~e&£>oA.

ia J ^


U p

M 0


O ffe n se wins games, defense wins championships. This season the Ka Makani football team was able to have both, averaging 35.5 points for and only 5.8 points against, in its 10-0 BIIF championship season. With two straight second place BIIF finishes fresh in mind, and first year head coach Jordan Hayslip getting nuts on the sideline, the team was able to overcome every opponent they faced, including the D1 champions Honoka'a in preseason. Every week the team concentrated on the next game, on studying and learning to beat the next opponent. Looking back on the season, after going through it thinking about only one game at a time, the big picture is something that we can be proud of, an undefeated season, knowing that we conquered every challenge that was presented to us in pre and regular season. The state playoffs brought us to a whole new stage, a chance to represent our school and our island in front of the rest of the state. A field goal by Kalei Konrad with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter at Moanalua broke a 14-14 tie and gave us the push we needed to repeat history, and become the second Big Island team ever to advance past the first round in the state playoffs. Following the example set forth by the first team to do so, the 2004 undefeated HPA team. For the seniors, four years of football has flown past before any of us could realize it. But we can be proud to leave behind a legacy of perfection, and have set a high standard that we know someday another class of HPA seniors will lead a team to match and hopefully surpass.

Far left: JJ Higginson blocking a punt against Kohala. Right: Kalei Konrad making the game winning field goal against Moanalua in the state championship quarter finals.

Fall | Sports 133

! E

The champion open boys team were led by freshman standout Ryuta Yoda with sophomore Nick Chock close on his heels. Lupe Diaz, Kimo Higgins and John Roth coached the 20 boys through almost 300 miles of training, leading them to the BIIF championships at Kamehameha Schools. Tyler Tsubota again pushed through tough competition to_a medalling 16th place state finish.



T h e boys team was pulled through a grueling season by senior captains Tyler Tsubota, Sean Prentiss and Makoa Johnson. The varsity team was filled out by senior Russell Hapgood, junior Logan Martin and first year runners Tyler Van Kirk and Justin Macy.

Left: 4 year runner Aaron Nishina sprinting across the line.












Right: Captain and 4 year senior runner Sean Prentiss racing through the chute.

From left to right: Coach Diaz, Russell Hapgood, Aaron Nishina, Tyler Tsubota, Logan Martin, Makoa Johnson, Toshiro Nomura, Tyler Van Kirk, Michael Rogerson, Carson Magoon, Nick Chock, Alan Seid, Jake Siebert, Jevln Ching, Ryuta Yoda, Kyle Matsuda, Coach Higgins.

134 F a ll I Sports

Above: Sophomore Nick Chock powering through to a strong home finish.

Left: Varsity and open boys warming up together before the season opener at Kealakehe. Below: Sophomore Tyler Van Kirk coming home strong after a taxing 5000 meters.

Personal Records Tyler T.: Russell: Makoa: Logan: Tyler V.: Justin: Sean: Ryuta: Nick: Mike: Michael: Kyle: Carson: Joey: Aaron: Hank: Joe: Jevin: Jake: Junior:

16:44 17:42 17:52 17:53 19:08 18:16 18:45 19:15 20:05 19:42 20:31 19:55 20:46 20:04 20:22 20:44 23:47 24:35 22:11 23:53

Left: Senior captain Tyler Tsubota leading the pack towards the Taj. Below: Senior captain Makoa Johnson battling a tough Makua Lani competitor down the final hundred meters, eventually edging him at the line.

Above: Senior Russell Hapgood

Fall | Sports 135

"THINK EASY, LIGHT, SMOOTH, FAST" GIRLS CROSS COUNTRVI It’s 3 minutes into the 6 minute segment and all you can hear is the sound of footsteps and the often “how much more time” from runners without watches. To the right you can see herds of cows and to the left endless fields of grass. In the distance is a winding red gravel road, leading straight for a distant dark gray raincloud. Welcome to Cross Country at HPA. Many think that Cross Country is just cruising for long distances but the sport is really about speed and intensity. It’s a 3 mile race. The varsity team consists of 7 runners who have the best time on the team. The top 5 runners from each team score, and the lowest score wins. We run against all schools, and there are no divisions. Throughout the season, the team would meet in Coach Franklin's room every Monday to listen to words of inspiration from both Coaches Hayslip and Franklin, along with reflections on the previous meet. Each week in true Cross Country girls tradition, the lepord scarf was awarded to the runner who both the coaches believed showed hard effort and team spirit, not just crazy fast speed! The team finished in first place at BIIF's. Both, the varsity team and the JV girls received a perfect score, coming in 1 through 6. The varsity team continued on to Kaua'i where they competed against the best teams and individuals in the state. The team received 4th in the state with 2 individuals coming in the top 20. The team needed to work hard and be dedicated throughout the season, but it was their love for each other and the sport that brought them success, and ultimately, a BIIF title. Although next year we will be missing senior Melanie Ulrich, all other returning varsity runners have a very bright future.

Above: Coach Hayslip, Zoe Sims, Emily Evans, Yuki Ainge, McKenna Mulvany, Jasmine Fojas, Mikeala Owen, Malama Solomon, Jade Sohriakoff, Megan Nakahara, Coach Franklin, Phoebe Hono, Marie Donahue, Melanie Ulrich, Kela Vargas, Sam Neal, Chiaki Osaka, Kelsi Nishina, Eaman Sarwar, Melissa White, Hana Scully, Daisy Mardian. Right: 1. Jasmine Fojas, Kelsi Nishina, Coach Hayslip 2. Jade Sohriakoff 3. Girls crusing the Kealakehe race 4. Phoebe Hono.

136 Fall | Sports

JJ0 ( A \ r

c t l a v & € > o - 'te j0 Y \A * a v \o i

wm m

Hi 1. Hana Scully 2. Varsity team at Kaua'i states. 3. Tsukasa Akai 4. Melanie Ulrich 5. Malama Solomon, Jasmine Fojas 6. Croce Chieko 7. Megan Nakahara 8. Kelsi Nishina 9. Marie Donahue 10. Sam Neal 11. Varsity team at Kaua'i states. 12. Coach Franklin and Coach Hayslip giving an inspirational speech. 13. Varsity team at BIIF's. 14. Kela Vargas, Hana Scully, Sam Neal 15. Zoe Sims 16. Eaman Sarwar 17. The team warming up. 18. Coach Franklin


Fall | Sports 137

T he /A ighty W olf 'P ack^ Beginning with sweaty summer days in Castle Gymnasium all the way to the chilly A/C of the Stan Sheriff Center, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team had one thing on their mind: growth. Led by their fearless leader, Sharon Peterson, and her trusty assistant coaches, Tracie Balino and Daena Craven, the Ka Makani conquered their toughest opponent, themselves. Starting each practice with an inspirational quote, the team grew stronger and slowly created a closer bond than any other team coached by legendary coach, Sharon Peterson. The girls learned to ask questions and with time, their minds grew and their skills improved. The strongest lesson that the team was taught was to feed their good wolf. In everyone’s minds there is a good wolf and a bad wolf. By feeding the good wolf, positive thoughts and high energy will exude the body. If the bad wolf is fed, then negative thoughts and put downs will invade the mind. “The strength of the pack is in the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is in the pack.” By working together and supporting each one of their teammates, the once scattered team became a mighty wolf pack.


Fall | Sports

Left: Senior Tayler Wang attacking the net for a sweet victory over St. Joseph. Below: Senior Savanna Gonzales pointing and replacing for a powerful down ball.

Above: The team doing their favorite wolf pack cheer. "We are the wolf pack awwuuuuuu! We keep it low. And if you mess with one you mess with all and that you gotta know. So... Ace that ball! Dig that ball! Set that ball! Kill that ball! We're Ka Makani fresh and clean, don't ever mess with our first string. AWWWUUUOOOO!" Below: Coaches Tracie Balino, Sharon Peterson, and Daena Craven posing with their lovely Seniors Bridget Walker, Tayler Wang, and Savanna Gonzales.

Above: Junior Keilyn Ryusaki digging up every ball that comes her way.

Above: Sophomore Leeta Grap swinging up for a perfect kill down the line.

Below: Sophomore Katie Case and Junior Lana Queen jumping up for a strong block against St. Joseph.

Above: Junior Katie Ho setting a perfect ball for the assisted kill. Left: Senior Bridget Walker going up strong to slam the ball against the weak Waverider block.

Fall | Sports 139

LW h en the winter weather rolls in, a new"found confidence swells fn the student body, th e end of the year is in [sight, but we’re not done yet. For students, winter brings big waves, relaxing vacations in new places, and a : break from the grueling academics of HPA. It also brings a new form of excitement for seniors who start to re^ 1ceive acceptance letters from colleges. This winter season of long hours of homework and studying bring P out a whole new appreciation for an eight hour night of sleep. For others, winter is a time to focus on sports i The swim team anxiously steps into the pool hoping to make a big splash, break times, and top ancient rer cords. Girl’s soccer starts intensive training to fight their way to states. Paddling girls hope that maybe thi K year, they can make it all the way to states. The new year brings new things, such as the finishing of the^j t Energy Lab with its endless possibilities. Traditions return as students celebrate another International Day with * delicious food from all comers of the world, and immerse themselves in culture through student a id teacher f led “funshops.”* .; ^ ^ ^ ? - -

I k Although the air is cold, students’ m inds are warm w ith knowledge. Everything is PONO.


Above: Mr. Emmons answering a question tror student struggling with a science exs



(M. ecfavvt- ov~e^)ov~

"The smell ihat wafts from the pit is truly remarkable. Everyone should get the opportunity to experience the pit." -Mr. Furchner

" The kids actually were making fun of me because I look like a student who should be working here. Regardless, it was nice to give back to the students by helping in the kitchen." -Mr. McKenna

142 W inter I Student Life

T o study for exams, I review all my tests and quizzes and notes. I read over everything again and again, and I usually try to go to bed at ten to get a good night's rest." -Meimei Nakahara "Exam week is a quality week where we get to reflect on what we've learned throughout the semester and if you study hard, you will come out on top." -Danny Cook

THE FIMflL uQUMTDOIiiM K M o ie y -

y \T (N o 4 3 'tl^ \T (X A ^ O J (t

\a € * t ia )eek~ o $

'{,l*'<?yjriMi 3 esV^egrtey~ end of every semester, A x: the !h tnere is a school wide wave of anxiety as the calendar closes in on exam week. Whether the student is a die-hard academic or not, they will be found hovering over textbooks anywhere

they go. As Christmas break approaches, students start to study during all hours of the night and day. People filter into coffee shops, libraries, classrooms, and other quiet comfortable spots, just to cram for the infamous final

exams held in Castle Gym. Boarders, not only stressed with exams, also have to pack for their long trip home for the holidays. Review week starts the final countdown to semester grades, winter break, and ultimately, freedom for three weeks!

[on Joon Kim playing )ops to alleviate the ressure of looming exams,

Residential faculty members singing Christmas carols, bringing joy and happiness to stressed out HPA boarders.

Chris By ram heading back to Kaua'i for Christmas break.





Before leaving for Hong Kong, Lucia Topalian bids farewell to Elizabeth Akauola.

1. V>re£€nMre*Cockeir. Gabby Menendez

—---- '

confronting a tough science final in Castle Gymnasium. 2. fw A e A ti

Charlie Chavez

collapsing on his desk after a hectic final in Freshmen Foundation Science. 3. P ufy- George Twigg-Smith doing his part in keeping the ancient tradition of chair moving alive at HPA. 4.

Loose* Veteran test

taker, Jordan Salomon kicking back after successfully completing his Math final.

W inter | Student Life 143

" 9 inches of fresh powder made for a lot of fun on the slopes. I enjoyed going to the terrain parks and getting some air." ,

(J v ~

"It was 22 degrees with whiteout conditions. Luckily my jacket was keeping me warm and working as it was supposed to."

" I went skiing in Oregon at Mount Hood over Christmas break. My cousin Victoria from Chicago met us there.l!

"Meimei Nakahara accepting a gift of roses from Antioch , High School."

" Here we are in Kona boarding our flight to Oakland, California to begin our week long trip. We were all looking forward to our upcoming tournament. â&#x20AC;&#x153;

"Here's Jessica Benioni playing against Antioch High School. It was so freezing that we had to wear gloves, ear warmers, and under armor. *

144 W inter I Student Life

"Ku'uipo Kalawaianui leading stretches 3 on the field at the tournament. It was difficult adjusting to the 30 degree weather, as we layered on underarmor, pants, jackets, and ear warmers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;



STUDENT WINTER ESCAPADES " My entire family at Bei Hai lake celebrating the . first snow fall o f I the year. It was very, very cold; about negative 10 degrees out.

" Here I am with m y.... boyfriend Feng Zhe on a beautiful, cold day in Beijing. I had just gotten my Chinese drivers licence so I was very excited. The snow actually caused my flight back to HPA to be delayed by one day. "

“Me again at Bei Hai lake playing on a little sled, something I haven't done since I was 7 years old. ”

“This is one of the most famous waterfalls in Tahiti named Tiarei."

"Here I am in a bamboo forest in the mountains of Moorea."

'One of Tahiti's famous black sand\ teaches with a famous Tahitian "Hanging at the Hilton Tahiti. Vaitiare 06' and I 1 are cruising by the pool."

W inter | Student Life 145

f §


t §






H£i/J 3 tc A e ^ 0$ 'k l^ & y a V 'fc £ r W y e - y L<A ?

H p A ’ s inspiring new Energy Lab was opened in a casual ceremony attended by students, faculty and staff from both campuses as well as HPA's Board of Governors and construction staff.

V is io n Dr.Wackernagel and Dr. Wiecking speaking about their visions for the new world.

The overwhelming view from all involved was that this small ceremony marked the beginning of something much larger. This building has the potential to impact the entire world. Science faculty chair Deighton Emmons summarized the buzz by saying, “the energy lab represents an opportunity for our school and community to come together to focus on the common goal of achieving renewable energy and sustainable green technology.” Renewable energy leader Bill Wiecking expanded by saying "we can actually change the future from within this living building" Environmental science student Alyssa Evans agreed, saying that*“it really gives the entire community a new environment and mindset to learn in and around.” m issio n

The building allows for the energy use of the school to be monitored from a completely self sustaining location, while also providing an advanced classroom and laboratory on campus. Created to achieve the elusive LEED platinum certification as well as competing for the ultimate prize of the Living Building Challenge, the renewable energy lab provides a place for students faculty and independent scientists to study and contribute to the advancements of modern energy science, as well as monitor our constantly evolving climate and world.


The building itself stands strong on the hillside.

new Home The high school faculty has their inaugural faculty meeting in the new energy lab conference room.

T R y io m o n

The expansive courtyard, with HPA's signature roof line frames the skyline.

B L E S S in tS

Kahu Akaka performs the traditional Hawaiian blessing of the building.

A c c o m p u s H m e r iT

Headmaster Barnes receiving the master key from the sites head contractor.

W inter | Student Life 147

From left to right: Daniel Han, representing the Korean boys, getting the crowd fired up during their rap routine. With shish kebab in hand, Nick Purdy gets into the spirit of things. Yasunobu Miyakawa throwing out the shaka after filling his plate with delicious food from around the world.

HanaSara Ito promoting Finnish food. Alice Yu and Olina Cavedoni giving away homemade dumplings at the China booth.

From left to right: Rebecca Barrett, Sydney Budde, and Taylor Esaki learning how to write Hebrew. Michael Monahan playing the taiko drums effortlessly. Courtney Rapier wearing an authentic sombrero. The official MC of the International Talent Show and proud citizen of Canada, Mr. McKenna.

From left to right: Bianca Geissler and Dr. Blacksmith representing fine German fashion. Angel Wu and her Taiwanese team hip hopping to stardom. Isaiah Adams spinning Madi DiZinno in a Salsa dance performance. Yuka Motokawa, Risako Ninomiya, and Arisa Nara representing Team Japan in a stunning dance routine. Emmanuelle Mangalle dancing with the Pacific Island crew. Lauren Hanano, Yuki Ainge, Lucia Topalian, Yoon Rho, Eun Sol Lee, and Flora Noholia all representing traditional clothing from their countries.

W h e n some students think of February, they think Valentine’s Day, sports championships, and closeness to the end of the year. Others think International day. 148 W inter | Student Life

International Day is a chance for students to immerse themselves in different cultures from all over the world. Students and teachers lead “funshops," which teach students about traditions or customs of

different countries. All at the same time, students could be learning about the Chinese tea ceremony led by Mr. O’Leary and Pinatas led by Mr. Diaz. The best part of the day is yet to come. Groups of students

take the Sunday before the big day to start preparation of customary dishes from different countries and continue cooking the next day until it's time for lunch. As students rush to the cafeteria to indulge in the delicious food produced by

leir peers, a fusion of meiis escapes from the 1ndows, and they know that ne plate will not be enough. , circle of tables around the afeteria displays ecorations and flags from leir countries and, of

course, the food. German bratwurst and sauerkraut, Chinese dumplings and green tea, Korean chicken and kimchi fried rice, Indian curry, and whatever else you can imagine. When the plates are empty and the

tables are cleared, one would be thankful for the couches in the students union for a place to recover after filling up on tasty food. But rest wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t come yet. A showcase of dancing, singing, and various

performances in Gates Performing Arts Center follows, with such talents as choreographed dances and Kimono preparation.

W inter | Student Life 149

a Gathering with her crew during â&#x201E;˘ lunch outside of the Student Union.

Reviewing her Japanese notes 9 while Mr. Masuda lectures. _ Smiling for the camera in Mrs. 9 Inman's advisory, and for the brownies Keilyn Ryusaki brought.

/l/W tftS c*- l / O ^ e ,


Arriving to school with her dad, Mr. White in their roaring truck.


Checking in day students for her work program.


Engaging in Mr. Kamrow's AP US History class.

(a U A w - 5 PO'TiWibo'T'J' rfP*1 f t Calling mom in Taiwan after Flagpole Roundup.

fiwek-afta-, \J^>0iW40-

Eating lunch with friends. Heading off to an exciting clas of probability and statistics. |

Practicing for a varsity , basketball game with Mandi Lum. ^

Eating a healthy wheat and meat free lunch.

Enjoying a relaxing dinner with friends in Taylor Commons before study hall begins.

Resting and hanging out with friends during x-biock. A

150 W inter | Lifestyles

Taking the trash out of Mr. Franklin's class, which is one the many duties of a classroon cleaner.

E a ch day, students of the Hawaii Preparatory Academy gather together to learn and share their different lives through academics, athletics, and community involvement. Some take the long journey from Kailua-Kona and Waikoloa, while some drive only a few miles right from home in Waimea. For

Driving to school from Honoka'a in her "dulce1' ride. Studying before history class to retain extra knowledge.

boarding students, it is a quick stroll down from their dormitories to the classrooms. Together, in one place, the diverse cultures at HPA are expressed through the 325 students that come from all over the world. From mandatory sports in the afternoon, to hanging out with friends in Taylor

Commons for lunch, following a day in the life of an HPA student illustrates what makes them unique and yet a part of the whole of the HPA community. The five students spotlighted on this page offer the viewer a small glimpse of what it is like to go to school at a place as diverse, fast paced, and challenging as HPA.


Eating donuts and talking philosophically with classmates in Mr. O'Leary's advisory.


Rehearsing lines for a play with Emily Evans in Mrs. Goodspeed's Theater Production Class.

Tutoring Spanish students so they can master tricky verb conjugations.

Rehearsing for the winter production "Metamorphoses," after school.


Walking with the boys to first period English class.

A ^

A happy and caffinated Mr. Higgins.


Reading passages of Lord of the Flies with Justin Macy.

Getting in a quick nap in before swim practice. 0

A quick stretch before swimming 5,000 yards.

W inter | Lifestyles 151

From dawn patrol to lunset, two of nature’s most itense elements combine to ireate the majestic waves vhich Ka Makani students ide upon. Hapuna Beach is i top choice for it’s long andy stretch and perfect iody boarding and cdysurfing waves. Beach 19 is a perfect spot to relax inder its shady keawe trees

and surf its point break. North Kona's breathtaking beach, Kua Bay, is known for its soft white sand and its clear, turquoise water. A favorite surfing spot of Kona local Lindsey Powers is Pinetrees. Says Lindsey, "the waves and the vibes, I've gone there my entire life, it's like home." Some Ka Makani surfers also hike

down to Waipio valley’s black sand beach for its unbeatable, glassy morning conditions. These beautiful places help keep the soul fresh and the mind clear. Aloha to Mr. Schenk and N ick H oyle fo r th e ir photographic contributions!

THE DECISIVE MOMENTi In this day and age, the ubiquitous cellular phone has also become a highly capable digital camera. Along with many other functions, most cellular phones can now take pictures comparable to regular digital cameras. In January, students and faculty were invited to send three of their best cell phone pictures to the Photojournalism department, with the overall winner receiving a $20 Starbucks gift card. With the theme of the contest being "Life at

154 W inter | Lifestyles

HPA," the photojournalism class was literally bombarded with a large number of very high quality cellular phone photographs. Choosing a winner was of course very subjective, though in the end there was one photo that caught the imagination of all of the judges for its strong, vertical composition and dramatic lighting; David McMahon's snapshot of Mr. Kamrow dealing cards at Casino Night. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this fun event.

W inter | Lifestyles 155

V oY Y IA itW yf

<9^cbeirte>oH 6> V c tr /v ito r ^

156 W inter | Lifestyles

T h e HPA boarding life is an extraordinary experience for students who have never lived far away from home before. Boarding students truly live the “HPA Experience” by living, eating, and sleeping on campus eight months out of the year. In many ways, HPA is truly their second home. Anna’s is all-girl territory, with ladies from all over the world creating and maintaining relationships and bonds that will last far beyond HPA. Roberston’s, HPA’s only co­ ed dorm is known for its coziness and mellowness, with boys and girls sharing a central commons area. This area is usually alive with great discussions and debates, snacks, and Friday night movies. Hartwell’s, the

all boys dorm on campus hg definently cleaned up its reputation throughout the years and is now a civilized place to reside. If HPA boarding alumni took a tour through Hartwell’s during study hall, they would be stunned and equally impressed to see young mei focused on their studying an helping each other in a positive environment. With lyis. Diaz's weekend activitie fkoviding great fun, traveling opportunities, and entertainment for all boardei who would want to live anywhere else? A boarder i HPA is a community minded individual who, by the time h or she graduates, has mastered essential life skills that will carry them far into tl future.

Clockwise from top left: 1. Linnea Gregg 2. Athivat Chirathivat 3. Alan Seid, Manoa Brown, Jesse Simpson, Chris Byram, JungHwi Cho, Michael Severino, Jason Seid, Stefan Markovic, and Toshiro Nomura 4. Jing Zhou, and Sean Franks 5. Mr. Blacksmith, and Andrew Brus 6. Won Joon Kim, Jason Seid, and Seung Yoon-Han 7. YuHao Lai, Cheng-Tao Tsai, Cheng-Jung Tsai, and Nai-Hao Wang 8. Yoon Rho, Ju Ri Seo, Sun Jung Lee, In Kyung Hwang, Eun Sol Lee, and Jin Sun Park.

Above left: Kyoung Jin Dh, Francesca Michetti, Angelica Shumov, Sara Jrennan, Chiaki Osaka Duncan Michael and Michael Severino. Far left: Yu-Hao Lai, Zak Cockrell, and YingTa Ho. Left: Duncan Michael and Daniel Han.

Winter | Lifestyles 157



Summer Days *

Nayoon Kim

Aaron Nishina

Tiare Ball

Summer can seem to lag on forever slow languorous days of late-setting suns, of clinking ice, of fresh-cut grass, it stretches interminably, a thick layer of peanut butter smoothed over the Wonderbread of time, And then it is over. Suddenly you’re back in school and the summer shrinks into an indiscernible blur but a few poignant remnants reassure you those timeless days were not mere frolics of your overachieving imagination. Like recalling a dream buried you disentangle isolated images. Greasy theatre popcorn sticking to your fingers, an eager puppy’s warm sloppy tongue, late nights of giggling darkness, a chocolate souffle that refuses to rise. An excited greeting, a breath of old-lady perfume, a sweeping hug folding you tight against Grandma’s soft skin. A final collection of inside jokes shared with a brother soon to leave, fading all-too-quickly into a countdown of “last"s. Against the grass, prickling your skin, the dog lumbering over to nuzzle your face. Again the sky, sinking deep, lemonade pouring, cool ice clinking. When textbooks are too cumbersome and Shakespeare too obscure, I wander back to this place, slow, quiet scenes, gently intermingled, and pervaded by the sense, forever present, of sleeping beauty, bliss prolonged into the unknown future.

Bronson Kobayashi

Emma Pang

Nayoon Kim

wm m

Zoe Sims *3rd place winner, Zephyr fall writing contest

Katie Boehm Jin Park

158 Winter | Academics

Suzie Kim

Bua Rojanai

stina This Mind


ey live in a closet, e people who came on sailboats,

3n still hear the music ;e played when I wove m y rainbow basket, le travelers arrived wearing coats, ame and went with cigarettes.

house like a pack of cigarettes, le smell eats through the closet, ometimes I wish for a sailboat, coat, •my forgotten basket. :ould drift away like music.

Phoebe Hono

A K in g ’s River

Hanna Unger

The mirthless puddle deepens An ache that cannot be denied But cannot be fulfilled Drip, splash Splash, drip River of a king Dammed only by acceptance Burned earth shall be green again Drip, splash Splash, drip The light can shine through All it takes is a crack And still the mirthless puddle deepens

Kai Fink he beats help me sway to music, nes and cigarettes 'e here, we lost our rainbow basket. \tting on the shelf in the closet, iiniature sailboats, femories wo coats,tucked between hanging coats. o music. ottles are shattered, can’t carry sailboats, till lying in half-empty packs are the cigarettes e travelers abandoned in the closet. II is lost; something found, m y rainbow basket. eed guidance, ask the basket, on’t forget your coat, s cold in the deserted closet. 'ut pours music. moke fumes enter the lungs from two cigarettes, ou and me in the sailboat. fooden sailboat, i the glass bottle, reweaving a faded basket. Path by cigarettes, wo tattered coats. lu/'ef tears and music. 'ark nicotine space, the closet. till intact, sailboats and coats in the corner, basket of cigarettes thrown at the closet, creams and tantrums echo, music plays brokenly in the ackground. Sabi G eiger

It erupts from its shell like a cannon. The ringing echoes throughout the room. It reaches our ears and grasps our attention. It pierces the air in the room and replaces the silence. The ringing slowly disintegrates, letting go of our attention, crawling back to the shell, like a cannon in rewind, sucking in the ring and leaving the silence still.

Daisy Mardian

Lessons All we ever live for is what makes us feel like dying. All that makes us happy is what makes us feel like crying. The sun shines in the morning so that the moon may shine at night. Our wings are clipped and we are caged so we learn the freedom of flight. Sounds fill the air throughout the day so we can appreciate the silence Love is spread around the world to try to prevent violence. We are allowed to think and wonder so we can teach the things we know. We are given things to hold on to to learn it’s okay to let go. We have things taken from us, things that we weren’t giving. We are given a glimpse of death So we can remember why we are living. Rebecca Barret

W inter | Academics 159





Fixing One Smile at a Time, their motto says it all. Operation Smile is a children's charity treating facial deformities such at cleft lips and cleft palates. Chiaki Osaka and Noe Enos, two members of the Senior class decided they wanted to be a part of til world wide organization. “I’ve wanted to start an Operation Smile club since sophomore year, so I talked with Noe and we decided to make it happen this year.” Chiaki spends a lot of time in Bangkok, Thailand and has seen the kids face to face befon and after their surgeries. “The kids are so happy after. Their transformations inspired me to help.” The club has done a variety of fundraisers to try and raise money for the kids. They’ve had a booth at Pumpkin Patch, passed out Candy Cane Grams, sold Hot Cocoa, sponsored a school dance, and have done multiple bake sales. Their starting goal was to raise $1000, but because of all the activities and events the club organized they have exceeded it. "Our new goal is to reach $1500. It could be a reach, but I know we can do it."

Back Row (left to right): Holly Rutgers, Kristie Kelley, Lei Tenorio, Desi Seid, Bronson Kobayashi, Angelica Shumov, Sierra Shumate, Tori Campbell, Kailana Powers Front Row (left to right): Mikeala Owen, Jah'nae Ayoso-Purdy, Jessica Benioni, Malama Tamasese-Solomon, Jade Sohriakoff, Chiaki Osaka, Noe Enos, Rosa Lee, Lauren Hanano, Selena Osorio, Hannah Unger, Katie Case

Bottom (left to right): DJ Zakri Cockrell keeping everyone on their feet at an Operation Smile sponsored dance held in the Student Center. Grooving for Operation Smile.

160 W inter | Clubs

t:\A 0 3

Above: The HPA Flannel Crew came out in droves to support many of the bake sales that were held by HPA's Operation Smile. Right: After a successful operation to his cleft lip, a boy finally feels comfortable smiling. Below. Julia Brotman keeping everyone entertained at one of the many bake sales held next to the library.

Left (left to right): Cleora-Alice Reber, Rose Chute, Angelica Shumov, Chiaki Osaka, Mikeala Owen, and Melanie Ulrich fundraising with games at Pumpkin Patch.

Above: Founding members of the Operation Smile club at HPA, Chiaki Osaka and Noe Enos.

W inter | Clubs 161



Top Left: Captain Nathan Schenk using his post skills to get a basket. Top Middle: Tyler Van Kirk crossing up a defender. Top Flight: Forward Douglas Tsai taking an easy jumper over his defender. Right: Keanu Yamamoto taking the ball to the basket for an easy lay up.

Bottom Left: Lithuania native Rokas Cesnulevicious getting his rebound and putting it back up.

162 W inter | Sports

Bottom Right: Serbia's Sasha Obradovic elevating over a stiff defense to the basket.

BOYS BASKETBALL T h e Ka Makani Boy's basketball received a blessing from halfway around the world this season. When 6 '4 Senior point guard Sasha Obradovich from Serbia and 6 '7 Junior forward Rokas Cesnulevicious from Lithuania came to play for the Ka Makani. In his third season as Head Coach Dave Huntington now has the tallest and most talented guard in the league along with the tallest forward in the league. The 2010 Ka Makani Boys Basketball team is loaded with talent, providing for the best team Hawaii Preparatory Academy has posted in a long time. The Ka Makani are led by Senior Nathan Schenk who uses his skills under the basket combined with his quickness as a guard to get easy lay-ups. Freshman Kama DeSilva puts points on the board with his outside shooting abilities while using his strength to out-rebound any opponent. They are supported by Sophomore guard Keanu Yamamoto whose awareness and explosiveness creates gamebreaking plays. â&#x20AC;˘Assisting Head Coach Dave Huntington in his first year from Virginia is Fred Wawner. The 2010 Ka Makani Boy's Basketball season looks to be the most promising and most memorable season providing the most exciting basketball games to date.

Top Left: Kama DeSilva driving past his defender to the basket. Top Middle: Freshman Guard Jason Seid using his ball handling skills to blow past his defender. Top Right: Jordan Salomon waiting for an opening to get one of his many assist.

op Row (left to right): Kama DeSilva, Charles Yang, Sasha Obradavic, Rokas Cesnulevicious, Nathan Schenk, ouglas Tsai. Bottom Row (left to right): Aaron Harper, Sung Hyun Nam, Jordan Salomon, Keanu Yamamoto, yler

W inter | Sports 163

T U ID F D i r i T S KAM AKANI GIRLSBASKETBALL E ffort, according to is the “exertion of physical or mental power.” To Head Coach Dr. Craig Kimura and Assistant Coach Kevin Ho, the Girls Varsity Basketball team is the perfect example of effort. The girls started their season opening with a tough match against the undefeated Konawaena Wildcats. They ran, they dove; they fought but still couldn’t pull it off. In the locker room at the end of the game Coach “Gig” told them he was proud. Each player’s effort was there. Throughout the season there were tough games and not so tough games, but the team played together and worked through each challenge. Their biggest challenge was the post-season games, the BIIF tournament and States. First up, Ka’u Trojans. With the help of Rob Engle the girls knew how to defend the Trojans 6’2” best player. With hard work and effort, the girls pulled off a 47-33 victory over Ka'u. In the championship game against the Kamehameha Warriors, the team pushed as hard as they could, but

unfortunately lost in a triple over time thriller by one point, 44-43. Despite the loss, the girls could held there heads high knowing that they left it all on the court. In the state tournament the girls went 3-1, making it to the 5th place game which was played in the Neil Blaisdell Center. Lucky for them, their opponent was once again the Kamehameha Warriors; a true battle would be fought. Kamehameha hit a three pointer with 5 seconds left in the game! The girls were down by two points and all of the Ka Makani crowd dropped their heads, but the team never gave up. Katie Ho inbounded the ball to Tayler Wang and with 1.9 seconds left on the clock, Tayler bombed it from 3/4 court. With the ball in the air, the buzzer sounded. The ball banked off the backboard, and swished through the net. HPA wins a 51-50 victory over the Kamehameha Warriors! It was a long season for the Girls Varsity Basketball team, but their effort carried them through and kept them strong. Without effort and support, the girls wouldn’t be the strong bonded team they are today.

Above: Junior Lana Queen taking the ball in on a Kealakehe defender and drawing the foul.

Left: Senior Tayler Wang putting up a shot between two Kealakehe defenders. Below. Sophomore Lauren Hanano driving up the lane for the basket and the foul.

Above: Sophomore Leahi Lindsey going up for a beautiful left hand lay-up. Back Row (left to right): Desi Seid, Lei Tenorio, Lana Queen, Tayler Wang, Leahi Lindsey, Camille Kiyota Front Row (left to right): Katie Ho, Yuki Ainge, Lauren Hanano, Mandi Lum, Angel Wu.

Winter I Sports 165

^^0111 hard work and

perseverance, to the long bus rides and the cold water, the entire Ka Makani Wa’a team became stronger and more focused as the season progressed. This year paddling season consisted of one long distance race and four short course races. When the flag drops and the canoe start’s to move, it turns into six people with the same drive; the drive to win and succeed. When the race is over, your heart is still pounding, you take in the sense of accomplishment. Your team is waiting on the beach to congratulate you, as your coaches tell you how things went. During BIIF's this year the girl’s team made it to states. Alohi Nakachi the girl's team captain was supportive to the girls for their hard work and dedication. “Success isn’t a destination it’s the journey that gets you there,” says Nakachi. This years paddling coaches are Ms. Petteys, Uncle Mesepa, and Uncle Lenny. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to all of us.

166 W inter | Sports

Clockwise from top left: Senior Captain Kaleikaumaka Konrad battling a Honoka'a defender for the ball. Yoon Seok Oh on his way to score a goal. Roland Setu using his quickness to save a goal. Senior JJ Higginson blitzing past the Kohala defense. Senior Captain Tyler Tsubota stealing the ball from Makua Lani to save a goal. Center: Landy Eng setting up a corner kick to Trevor Edwards for p goal.

W ith a record breaking year still fresh in the minds of many Ka Makani boys soccer players and fans, the 2009-2010 Boys Soccer season will be remembered as a re­ building year for the team. With senior captains Kaleikaumaka Konrad, Joey Oh, and Tyler Tsubota leading the team, the boys embarked on a very competitive

168 W inter | Sports

season that saw them playing against some of their toughest rivals, including Honoka'a, Makua Lani, and Kamehameha. Landy Eng, third year player from Singapore thought th a t," the season was tough, with games won and lost. We fought hard, and gave it our best. Next year, with the same effort and discipline, we can once again work

towards becoming BIIF champions, and hopefully win states." The highlights of the season included watching rookie senior JJ Higginson be one of the top scorers on the team, and rookie goalkeeper, JohnHenry Pezzuto hold his own, with only one year of previous experience. The team, under the direction of long time coach Jon-Paul Mangarin hopes for a bright future.

Far left top to bottom: The team gathering thoughts before the game. Kian Quinlan maneuvering past a Kohala slide tackle. Trevor Edwards dribbling through to the goal. Rookie goalkeeper John-Henry Pezzuto kicking the ball into play. Left: Junior Malachi Kobayashi fighting for the ball on his way to score one of his many goals.


Top row left to right: Manager Haley Hagerman, Coach Keith, Roland Setu, Trevor Edwards, Yoon Seok Oh, Kaleikaumaka Konrad, Tyler Tsubota, Babaga Kwarara, Kanut Rojanai, David Wise, Coach Darryl, Coach JP. Bottom row left to right: Hiroki Kawakami, Kian Quinlan, Malachi Kobayashi, Dylan Oakes, John-Henry Pezzuto, Kepa Police, Kamalani Hurwitz, JJ Higginson, Landy Eng.

Above: Tatsuya Suzuki sprinting through his defenders. Left: Freshman starter Kepa Police shooting the ball.

W inter | Sports 169

ONEENERGY ONE FORCE ONESPIRfT 6 Freshmen, 5 Sophomores, 4 Juniors, and 4 Seniors become one unit on the field. The Hawaii Prep Wahine Varsity soccer team earned the most points out of every Big Island girls soccer team this season. The team's week long trip to California over winter break taught them skill, composure, and more about each other. Bringing back what they learned in California, the girls improved their game and dominated the season with 12 wins, one tie, and zero losses. Along with veteran head coach, Steve Perry, and Assistant coach Mihana Diaz, the team welcomed

new Assistant coach, Keawe Liu, who brought with him a new intensity that improved team strategies on the pitch. After 4 months of hard work the team changed into a mature, disciplined fighting force. With perseverance and determination they achieved what they had fought so hard to accomplish. No longer dependent on their skills, the team learned to play with their hearts as one energy, one force, one spirit. The team wrapped up a stellar season by taking the BIIF Division II championship title with a 1-0 victory over cross town rivals Honoka'a. The team then went on to

Honolulu for the State Division II Championships. After losing their first match to Kauai High School 2-0, the girls bounced back strong by defeating both Makua Lani (4-0) and Kamehameha Hawaii (2-1) for an.-overall fifth place finish in the state. Throughout the season, the girls believed in one another, ultimately becoming one of the greatest teams in the history of girls soccer at HPA. Top Right: Captain Noe Enos. Right Mindy Campbell. Below right: Sophomore Mei Mei Nakahara.

Top Left to Right: Coach Perry, Lindsey Powers, Daisy Mardian, Leeta Grap, Lauren Pries, Jhernie Evangelista, Selena Osorio, Mindy Campbell, Rae Kennon, Hannah Unger, Jessica Benioni, Noe Enos, Coach Liu, Ku'uipo Kalawai'anui, Mei Mei Nakahara, Jasmine Fojas. Bottom: Coach Mihana Diaz, Tori Campbell, Keilyn Ryusaki, Emily Evans, Jahnae Purdy, Katie Case.

170 W inter | Sports

Left: Stepping out of keeper position, Junior Keilyn Ryusaki taking the ball to the net against Kohala.

Below: A Ka Makani ritual: Team huddle before the game. Captain Below left: Freshman Jasmine Fojas. Be/ow right: Sophomore Hannah Unger.

W inter | Sports 171

Ka Makani Wrestling is more then just a sport, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a way of life. Powering through all obstacles, overcoming all odds, pushing just a little bit further to achieve every goal. Everyday is a struggle to go beyond the limit, leaving only blood, sweat, and tears behind. Once suited up, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re getting yourself ready to go into a six-minute battle. As your inner solider releases, all fear is conquered, regrets are forgotten, pain is gone, and the only thing left is determination. Stepping into the ring is its own natural high that keeps all Ka Makani wrestlers pushing. Never say never, stop means go, one more rep means ten more, and always be ready to unleash the beast. 172 Winter | Sports

From top left clockwise: Bronson Kobayashi, Marie Donahue, Grayson Graham. Keoni Colson, Max Verbrugge, Jonny Chute.

From lop left clockwise: Troy Choi, Keoni Colson, Coach Mike, Coach Lance, Bronson Kobayashi.

Below from left to right: Stacie Doi, Jonny Chute, Keoni Colson.

From left to right: Stacie Doi, Kela Vargas, Katherine Holdcroft.

Winter | Sports

Flight: Ryan Ross warming down after his race. Far Right: Duncan Michael diving for the BIIF championship title.

Top to bottom: Julia Brotman slicing through the water during a 50 free. Kaikea Nakachi, Coach Greg, Michael Monahan, Mrs. D, and Coach Noetzel cheering on the swimmers. Carson Magoon pushing himself during the 200 IM. Melanie Ulrich making up time in the 100 breast stroke.

174 W inter | Sport:

□U E

VARSITY SWIMMING ibove: Kyle Katase gaining speed on the breast iroke length of the 200 IM.

If, as Coach Noetzel says, “pain is just weakness leaving the body," the boys and girls swim team are free of weakness. It doesn’t matter if they are on the pool deck or in the weight room, there are always opportunities for HPA swimmers to push themselves to the limit and see what they are made of. The girl’s captain, Julia Brotman says, “even though we are not a big team, we are a really tight group of friends. We all support and encourage each other to do the best we can.” It really helps when your team cheers for you during every breath of your race and during the breaks of hard swim sets. This became very evident when the team set out on hell week. In six days the team had eight practices and two meets. Everyone really came together and bonded. The workouts forced the swimmers to reach and expand on their mental and physical limits and rise above. By the end of the season everyone made improvements on their techniques and times. In the end, effort made the difference. Winter | Sports 175

jANUBEA- t^WMIhN SIOBHAMf kg&kztv ■ p H K M | |l£iWSil> K6£A -^ eaWoU- DfTEO! -J KNAi woXka f l JliteTCHENFEN*3te<*', .'.(WW1! fttfsirfeiej f-M ma rtbciHA ] R>5H . I »K

L e d by Mr. Solmssen, the horse program offers the opportunity for horse lovers to enjoy riding and jumping HPA's own heard of amazing animals. Situated on the hill above campus, the "Taj" is the headquarters of this long time operation. Containing saddles, riding equipment, and a plethora of old and new photographs adorning the walls. The

H J W tW

176 W inter | Sports

"Taj" is steeped in tradition and culture. All students begin to feel this, the more time they spend at this funky little barn. Horseback riding is more than just getting on a horse and riding-off into the sunset. It's all about technique and feeling; connecting with the horse and developing a relationship of trust. One must learn to take care of a

horse by grooming, feeding, and cleaning up after it. Once this relationship is established, the horse and you become one; flying over jumps and gliding over the fields, alas, riding fcito the sunset, forgetting ^bout all of the stress that can sometimes accompany the life of a preparatory education.

Clockwise from below: Mikeala Owen and Danielle Foreman admiring one of the horses, Polo mallets resting on their rack, Francesca Michetti successfully jumping her horse, and Flora Noholia relaxing after a day of riding.

Clockwise from left: Mr. Solmssen teaching how to properly jump a horse, Sydney Budde and her horse jumping in perfect form, Mikeala Owen in the barn, and Sydney Budde jumping flawlessly again.

W inter | Sports


Ia-Marie Wong


[To the Class of 2010: Class of 2010 on a long andsuccessful ride through the "HPA experience” ^^hemerTitwasTOfroneWear or thirteen years. |laMjgu»Emra|9^^^iaJplac^ and working with Ka Makani Athleticsjias hopefully given you many lasting fewaros^JlloBvoijftfell^.student/athletes are unique and special and allof your coaches truly understand whatihiqhgchoollsporisiisialliabouti renovation of the Stanford Shut^lTrack and the adjoiningl jseatingTareaMI his!is|amucl?needed project. which will create a topflight track facility4with a wonderful setJ R jM J O ^ ^ r^ ^ ^ jo ^ a ii]J ^ ^ ^ g ^ a tra d < competitions. LStan^ShutesMslalspeci^ so many lives while at Hawaii Prep whether^asa coach, teach; re?aaministratorlo5frienaM^ the “HPA Experience” is all about with his unselfish, [^ u a ^ tlfi^ y ieadjb y ^ ^ mpleattituclethat transcended his thirty plus years at the school.^ fib steal a line from MtfShutes’ Chapel talk back in January... “have the courage to reach your goals and fmakesure you say your thank you's to those who touched and assisted your experience.” I know all of us would like to thank Stan Shutes for everything he has done for the school. Our new and improved facility opening in October 2010 will be a tribute to a special and one-of-a-kind individual. I hope each of you leave Hawaii Prep ready for your new challenges and with the courage to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Aim high! Good luck, aloha, and keep smiling.

Stephen L. Perry Athletic Director


Ka Makani Athletics

W inter | Sports 179

Above: Kyle Katase painting faces at Pumpkin Patch. Hana Scully doing her part to win a BIIF Cross Country team championship. Max Baretto preparing for another long day of studying. Phoebe Hono getting psyched for J ^^e e k e n d swim meet. q Page:-. D aB fc^opk putting his foam board through the paces on a late afternoon at Hapuna Shorebreak.

Stephanie Abraham Isaiah Adams Nathaniel Adams Elizabeth Akauola Sophia Antimisiaris

Micah Ashburn Chelsea-Domi Ashimine Tiare1Ball Max Barreto Katherine Boehm

Logan Borowski Tanya Boyer Mackenzie Buckner Olina Cavedoni Hao-Wei Chen

Jacob Chen Zakri Cockrell Daniel Cook Christopher Copeland Henry Correa

Kristin Cowles-Nelson Adam Dahlen Austin Dale Madison Dizinno Sara Drennan

Andreas Eckert Landy Eng Kara Erickson Jhernie Evangelista Alyssa Evans

Mitsuki Fujinami Ana Geiger Bianca Geissler Austen Gersonde Swan Groom

Harrison Hapgood Katelynn Ho Lauren Holdcroft Phoebe Hono Hanasara Ito

Elenka Jacobs Daniel Jelks William Johnson Kyle Katase Kristie Kelley

Won Joon Kim Matthew Kiyota Malachi Kobayashi Christian Lee Eun Sol Lee

Rosa Lee Yuling Lin Jen-Yu Lo Pamela Lynn Dean Macy

Tatiana Marti Svetlana MartinSchatz David McMahon Gabrielle Menendez McKayla Meyer

Michael Monahan Alohi Nakachi Kaikea Nakachi Samantha Neal Kelsi Nishina

Flora Noholia Kyoung Jin Oh Young Keun Oh Jacqueline Ornellas Selena-Zola Osorio

Emma Pang Mitchell Pascua Trent Perry Lindsey Powers Sidney Quan

Lana Queen Robert Reed, Jr. Ryan Ross Keilyn Ryusaki Eaman Sarwar

Hana Scully Michael Severino Leah Smith Zoe SpearsTakakuwa Vaughn Stevens

Micah Tanoai Lucia Topalian Cheng-Jung Tsai George Twigg-Smith Julia Varboncoeur

Kela Vargas Erin WakefieldMcdonaid Nai-Hao Wang John White Melissa White

Wan-Jung Wu Yuliya Zatula Jing Zhou

Above: Hunter Ainslie getting barreled before school. Katy Pacheco, Tori Campbell, Leeta Grap, Kailana Powers, & Katie Case contributing to the girls varsity volleyball team. Yuki Ainge & Lauren Hanano working in the ta{© | patch at Waipio Valley. Kyle Matsuda keeping everyone entertained at Friday Chapel. :acing Page: Delaney Ross singing the Star-Spangled Banner on September 11th at Friday flagpole round-up._______ _——

Yuki Ainge Hunter Ainslie Tsukasa Akai Ammar Al Naimat Christian Baker

Jayse Bannister Rebecca Barrett Dakota Berman Shane Brostek Sydney Budde

Christopher Byram Tori Campbell Zoe Caputo Katherine Case Wan-Ping Chen

Aniela Chertavian Athivat Chirathivat Pataraphand Chirathivat Jung Hwi Cho Nicholas Chock

Seok Hyun Choi Chieko Croce Alexandra Disney Stacie Doi Trevor Edwards


Taylor Esaki Kai Fink Danielle Foreman Leeta Grap Linnea Gregg

Kayden Haleakala Lauren Hanano Aretha Hiruma Phong Hoang Dustin Hoover

Kazuomi Kitagawa Forrest Kobzev Torin Kubo Yen-Ting Kuo Leahi Lindsey

Mandi Lum Carson Magoon Stefan Markovic Kyle Matsuda Sierra McEvoy

Mark Mitchell Yasunobu Miyakawa Zane Moran Megan Nakahara Florence Noholia

Toshiro Nomura Ruka Okuyama Mikeaia Owen Kathryn Pacheco Holden Pattengill

John-Henry Pezzuto Kailana Powers Courtney Rapier Michael Rogerson Kanut Rojanai

Delaney Ross Shannon Samura Michael Schutte Hereiti Seaman Alan Seid

Jason Seid Jake Siebert Garland Simpson Ryan Smith Jade Sohriakoff

Robert Souza Emad Taleb Leiomalama T amasese-Solomon Kainoa Tanoai Kulananalu Tarnas

Chloe Tengan Hannah Unger Tyler Van Kirk Douglas Yamamoto William Young

Sihan Yu

J a d e Sohriakoff and Leiomalama TamaseseSolomon are well known as the Hula dancing girls of the class of 2012. Malama has been dancing with the feeamer-Solomon Halau o Poâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ohala since she was four, adding up to a grand total of eleven years. The three years Jade lacks in practice she makes up for with dedication. The girls explained that dancing hula is moreThan just a sport. Hula bonds the group, giving the feel of family. It is pretty obvious that Jade and Malama spend lots of time together just by the way they finish each others thoughts and sentences. Hula practice is intense and long. The other night they had a five hour practice, with that added on top of all their school work and responsibilities it is a wonder how cheerful and up beat these lovely ladies are. When asked for any final words in an almost rehearsed response they stated, "We love it, the dance means allot to us, but more than that its the culture that we share that is really important.â&#x20AC;?

Eigoro Akai Jah'nae Ayoso-Purdy Madison Bartlett Jessica Benioni Catherine Bradley

Dakota Carter Hao-Wen Chang Charles Chavez Jevin Ching Zeke Chong

Rosemarie Chute Lucas Cohen Katarina Davenport Kamaha'o Desilva Emily Dotts

Nina Enos Emily Evans Jasmine Fojas Sean Franks Seung Yoon Han

Micah Hanano Max Hirata Katherine Holdcroft Steven Hung In Kyung Hwang


Hallie Ann Jacobson Emily Johnson Hiroki Kawakami Rachel Kennon Brandon Kim

Grant Kirkpatrick Camille Kiyota Feng Huang Leander Sun Ho Lee Pele-Maree LevyStrauss

H um ility and dedication are two traits that mask the fierce determination of freshman Emily Evans. With two BIIF team championships under her belt (soccer and cross country) and a stellar student in the classroom, Emily has found HPA a perfect home for her high school athletic and academic career. While Emily has been playing soccer since the age of five, it has been her performance in cross country this year that has helped her branch out her athletic diversity. "Running is as mental as it is physical," says Emily. "I learned halfway through a running race that you have to stay positive and push through the pain." As for soccer Emily states, "I can't wait until next season!"

Bhillie Luciani Justin Macy Grant Melby Duncan Michael Vuka Motokawa

McKenna Mulvany Arisa Nara Risako Ninomiya Dylan Oakes Andrew Paisley

Kawaiola Peck Thomasine Peebles Reeves Police Lauren Pries Kian Quinlan

Hiipualeiaal Rapozo Cleora-Alice Reber Yoon Rho Lauren Richards losefa Rocha-Tufaga

Mike'ele Ryan Jetembo Sebesta Ju Ri Seo Tatiana Shoniber Angelica Shumov


Zoe Sims Tatsuya Suzuki Baily Ward Briana Wilson Draysen Wilson

Leila-Marie Wong Juan Yarawamai Ryuta Yoda

A t a young age, Draysen Wilson has become a very capable diver. Draysen has been diving since he was ten years old, and during that four year period he earned a Master Diver certification, which is the highest rank any diver can achieve. He also achieved six dive specialties. Draysen trains at Jack's Diving Locker in Kona learning skills such as boat diving and becoming a certified rescue diver. It is rare for someone fourteen years old to be this accomplished at diving, but after years of hard work, Draysen was successful. "I love being in the water and I saw SCUBA as a fun way to explore the ocean," said Draysen. Draysen serves as an example that if you enjoy doing something, you will do whatever it takes to achieve mastery. 197

Paul Alviar Lindsay Barnes Kristal Blacksmith Jerald Bleckel Joan Brotman

Brenda Clark Daena Craven Kristine Dahlquist Guadalupe Diaz Mihana Diaz

Aimee Donoho Taniea Engel Rebecca Factor Shirley Ann Fukumoto Steve Furchner

Leeann Ganley Sheryl Goodspeed Sarah Whitten-Hayslip James Higgins David Huntington

Lois Inman Carolyn Jarvill Gary Jarvill Barbara Kamrow T. Chad Kamrow

Julie Kojima Luana Lincoln Keawe Liu Joyce Martin Yuta Masuda

Stephanie McDowell Greg McKenna Rosanne Mitchell Gordon Motta Mary-Alice Nogues

Patrick O'Leary Kathleen Ogasawara Kevin Painton Joan Parris Tiare Police

Katherine Purdy Mark Ravaglia Stephanie Rutgers Madeline Schatz Crystal Sebastian

Edgar Spencer Julita Spencer Patricia Tadaki Cathryn Walker Scott Wawner

George White William Wiecking


From the wsrchilly, air-coroFoned da/mourcom outer lab, our class Worked togfethgrto create a year’ book that would not only document the essence of what happens in our school community throughout xl



_ I


_4. ._ l

x _

... il




/s; we helped each other out with editing er. and always looked out for.our feljpw si


1__________ !x f_

:____ I

J . ■_ _ l _ x _________



_ l l - ± ' y i _ i _I ____E

The Hawaii Preparatory Academy dedicates the 2010 Ka Makani Yearbook to the memory of

June 16, 1993 - October 24, 2009


yotA \

XA0X X »^e/Y eoY S >




/ acj0 v\£>

fa A le ^ \ e jf t z>o/)xcs / ix o y W o f -to



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a/an XAtfU^A

cuxM f\e£>s>

/Y -\I \IO lC 2-, OYC>(


/Y 4 s lY

o J fte y

u J c tf ^ ckA,



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o ile ^ \{ ola c o v

t & tA \

Y 0LA\f~ A e o v f.

f-V~&?(eY*lcfc- f b ( M £ > f \ A ^ , \ j f f l S f t i l A a . tW X A ^ - P t f 'V 'A -

o ya-

^ ola c o y c aayy / y o y

/\o fe £ > /Y o ± f C fto Y c i

» t w i 5 XA<?X es/m f.0

1OA0 X


a v tx o a \A )fo ^/OiA o ^ re ^ f t

e x f o -a o iA , \{ ola i/J lll fy ia a) / y y ^ f t

/Y -Y fo C Y , OYC>( f& O V


\(0 iA fa A /e ^ o & A T V le M £> 0A A -efl^l\A ^ o f

A Abraham, Stephanie 112, 167, 182 Adams, Isaiah 132, 133, 148, 182 Adams, Nathaniel 109, 132, 133, 153, 182 Ahn, Jessica 16, 97 Ainge, Yuki 136, 137, 149, 165, 186, 187, 188 Ainslie, Hunter 111, 154, 175, 186, 187, 188 Akai, Eigoro 102, 113, 116, 194 Akai, Tsukasa 137, 178, 188 Akauola, Elizabeth 120, 121, 143, 166, 167, 185 Al Naimat, Ammar 111,127, 188 Alviar, Paul 199 Alvord, Jesse 17, 96, 117 Antimisiaris, Sophia 119, 182 Ashburn, Micah 132, 182 Ashimine, Ghelsea-Domi 150, 182 Ayoso-Purdy, Jah'nae 160, 170, 171, 194

& Baker, Christian 126, 127, 188 Bali, Tiare 109, 119, 150, 158, 182 Bannister, Jayse 132, 188 Barnes, Lindsay 2, 109, 147, 199 Barret, Rebecca 101,115, 148, 159, 188 Barreto, Max 167, 180, 181, 182 Barrett, Rebecca 100, 101, 103, 114, 148, 182 Bartlett, Madison 105, 194 Benioni, Jessica 105,107,144, 151, 160, 170, 171, 194 Berman, Dakota 112, 163, 188 Blacksmith, Kristal 148, 198, 199 Bleckel, Jeraid 199 Boehm, Katherine 114, 119, 158,182, 201 Borowski, Logan 6, 7, 154,17 5,182 Boyer, Tanya 112, 182 Bradley, Catherine 194 Brostek, Shane 132, 188 Brotman, Joan 199 Brotman, Julia 15, 18, 94, 102, 122, 155, 161, 174, 175 Brown, Manoa 4, 157 Brus, Andrew 19, 111, 132, 133, 157, 201 Buckner, Mackenzie 138, 143, 182 Buckner, Morgan 20, 97, 117, 128 Budde, Sydney 148, 176, 177, 188 Bushong, Hunter 21 Byram, Christopher 143, 157, 188


Campbell, Mindy 22, 97, 117, 119, 144, 170 Campbell, Tori 138, 140, 141, 160, 170, 186, 187, 188 Caputo, Zoe 188 Carpenter, Cache 23, 96, 130, 161 Carter, Dakota 105,194

Case, Katherine 112, 138, 139, 144, 160, 170, 186, 187, 188 Cavedoni, Olina 113, 126, 149, 182 Cesnulevicius, Rokas 162, 163 Chang, Hao-Wen 194 Chavez, Charles 103, 132, 143, 194, 195 Chavez, Joseph 24, 110, 166, 167 Chen, Hao-Wei 182 Chen, Jacob 107, 182 Chen, Wan-Ping 188 Chertavian, Aniela 175, 188 Ching, Jevin 134, 194, 195 Chirathivat, Athivat 113, 157, 188 Chirathivat, Pataraphand 188 Cho, Jung Hwi 157, 166, 467, 188 Chock, Nicholas 128, 134, 188 Choi, Seok Hyun 132, 172, 173, 188 Chong, Zeke 132, 151, 194 Chute, Jonathan 4, 25, 117, 155, 172, 173, 201 Chute, Rosemarie 114, 161, 194 Clark, Brenda 95, 199 Clarke, Kekai 26, 94, 96, 111, 114, 115, 122, 123, 154 Cockrell, Zakri 112, 156, 160, 182 Cohen, Lucas 127, 194 Colson, Todd 27, 124, 125, 132, 133, 155, 172, 173 Cook, Daniel 12, 13, 126, 127, 142, 180, 181, 182 Copeland, Christopher 132, 182 Correa, Henry 182 Cowles-Nelson, Kristin 182 Craven, Daena 199 Croce, Chieko 137, 188

P Dahlen, Adam 132 Dahlquist, Kristine 174, 199 Dale, Austin 150, 175, 182 Dale, Maia 28, 117, 167 Davenport, Katarina 194 DeSilva, Kamaha'o 132, 161, 163, 194 Diaz, Guadalupe 104, 105, 134, 199 Diaz, Mihana 170, 199 Disney, Alexandra 109, 114, 115, 122, 188 DiZinno, Madison 103, 148, 175, 182 Doi, Stacie 172, 173, 188 Donahue, Marie 15, 29, 97, 118, 124, 136, 137, 172 Donoho, Aimee 95, 199 Dotts, Emily 192, 194 Drennan, Sara 156, 182

Eckert, Andreas 183 Edwards, Trevor 123, 168, 169, 188 Emmons, Deighton 5, 104, 106, 130 Eng, Landy 168, 169, 183 Engel, Taniea 199 Enos, Nina 104, 105, 194, 195 Enos, Noelani 30, 96, 117, 160, 161, 170

Erickson, Kara 108, 113, 155, 183 Esaki, Taylor 148, 189 Evangelista, Jhernie 111, 138, 170 ,171 I 183 Evans, Alyssa 103, 183, 201 Evans, Emily 104,136, 137, 151,170, 171, 194, 195, 196


Factor, Rebecca 199 Fink, Kai 113,189 Fink, Ruby 31, 97, 159 Flem, Laura 32, 97, 117, 167, 201 Fojas, Jasm inf 136, 137, 170, 171, 194 I Foreman, Danrelle 177, 189 Franklin, Michael 95, 106, 125, 136, 137,1 198 Franks, Sean 113, 157, 194 Fujinam, Mitsuki 112, 183 Fukumoto, Shirley Ann 199 Furchner, Steve 142, 199




Ganley, Leeann 199 Geiger, Ana 109, 114, 115, 119, 1 5 1 ,154| 159, 183 Geissler, Bianca 148, 183 Gersonde, Austen 161, 183 Gonzales, Savanna 33, 97,102, 138,139 Goodspeed, Sheryl 199 Graham, Grayson15, 34, 110, 119, 127, j 155, 172 Grap, Leeta 138, 139, 144,170, 187, 189 Gregg, Linnea 109, 114, 115, 119, 157, 189 Groom, Swan 183, 202, 203


Ha, Seung Jun 175 Hagerman, Haley 35, 96, 159, 169 Haleakala, Kayden 132, 189 Hamilton, Elizabeth 36, 97, 124, 154,175 Han, Seung Yoon 148, 156, 157, 194 Hanano, Lauren 12, 149, 160, 165, 186, 187, 189 Hanano, Micah 10,11, 111, 112, 152, 194 Hapgood, Harrison 12, 13, 183 Hapgood, Russell 37, 97, 134, 135, 155, 172 Harper, Aaron 163 Hayslip, Jordan 95, 103 Hayslip, Sarah 136, 137, 198, 199 Hess, Marcus 38, 94, 96, 123, 124, 132, 133, 140, 141, 161, 167 Higgins, James 105,111, 134, 151, 199 Higginson, James 14,15, 39, 94, 96,117, 120, 132, 133, 161, 168, 169 Hirata, Max 172, 194 Hiruma, Aretha 189 Ho, Katelynn 110, 138, 139, 164, 165,183 Ho, Ying-Ta 40, 96, 107, 156

jHoang, Phong 4, 150,185, 189 , iHoldcroft, Katherine 105, 113, 154, 172, r 173, 194, 195 ijHoldcroft, Lauren 114, 123, 167, 183 ;[Hono, Phoebe 103, 119, 136, 137, 159, J174, 175, 180, 181, 183 ; [Hoover, Dustin 122, 123, 132, 133, 189 [Hopson, Zachary 41, 94, 97, 100, 101, 1l08, 109, 110, 125 ijHoyle, Nicholas 42, 127 jiHung, Steven 194 ([Huntington, David 199 ([Hwang, In Kyung 157, 194


Nakachi, Kaikea 117, 128, 129, 174 175 184 Nakahara, Megan 128, 129, 136, 137, 142, 144, 170, 189 Nam, Sung Hyun 60, 103, 130, 131 Nara, Arisa 113, 149, 196 Neal, Samantha 136,137,184 Ninomiya, Risako 149, 196 Nishina, Aaron 61, 96, 134, 158 Nishina, Kelsi 136, 137, 150, 184 Noetzel, Mark 5, 113, 174 Nogues, Mary-Alice 200 Noholia, Flora 120 , 121 , 149, 177, 184 Noholia, Florence 120 , 121 , 167, 189 Nomura, Toshiro 102 , 134, 157, 190

Ladwig, Terry 198 Lai, Yu-Hao 52, 96, 156, 157 Leander, Feng Huang 195 Lederer, Theodora 53, 97 Lee, Christian 132, 183 Lee, Eun Sol 113, 141, 149, 157, 183 Lee, Rosa 160, 184 Lee, Sun Ho 195, 197 Lee, Sun Jung 54, 96, 157 Levy-Strauss, Pele-Maree 119, 195 Lin, Yuling 184 Lincoln, Luana 200 m Lindsey, Leahi 165, 189, 190 Liu, Keawe 5, 170, 200 llln m a n , Lois 5, 106, 199 o Lo, Jen-Yu 112, 184 ||lto, HanaSara 103, 108, 109, 114, 149, Luciani, Bhillie 104, 175, 196 1150, 175, 183 O'Leary, Patrick 200, 201 Lum, Mandi 150, 164, 165, 178, 185, 189 Oakes, Dylan 155, 169, 195, 196 Lynn, Pamela 184 Obradovic, Aleksandar 62, 113, 162, 163 BlJacobs, Elenka 103, 167, 183, 185 Ogasawara, Kathleen 200 llJacobson, Hallie Ann 195 Oh, Kyoung Jin 107, 156, 184 |lJarvill, Carolyn 198,199 Macy, Dean 12, 13, 184 Oh, Yoon Seok 15, 63, 168, 169 ||ja rvill, Gary 198, 199 Macy, Justin 100, 151, 155, 196 Oh, Young Keun 184 H jelks, Daniel 4, 111, 152, 183 Magoon, Carson 127, 134, 174, 175, 189 Okuyama, Ruka 190 Jjljohn, Uncle 198 Mangalle, Emmanuelle 55, 120, 121 , 149 Ornellas, Jacqueline 103, 167, 184,185 Mjohnson, Emily 167, 195 Mardian, Daisy 56, 96, 112, 122, 136, Osaka, Chiaki 64, 96, 112 , 136, 137, 155, 137, 155, 159, 170, 201 ||Johnson, Makoa 43, 97,108, 111, 117, 160, 161 ji 121, 134, 135, 155, 201 Markovic, Stefan 157, 189 Osorio, Selena-Zola 160, 170, 171, 184 jBjohnson, William 172, 183 Marti, Tatiana 107, 130, 184 Owen, Mikeala 5, 136, 137, 155, 160, Martin, Joyce 200 161, 177, 190 Martin, Logan 102^.108, 114, 115, 123, 130, 131, 134, 154, 155 r P Martin-Schatz, Svetlana 137, 184 LtKailimai, William 44, 111, 117, 125, 132, Masuda, Yuta 12, 95, 103, 200 Pacheco, Kathryn 111, 138, 186, 187, Matsuda, Kyle 108, 134, 186, 187, 189 BsKalawai'anui, Ku'uipo 8 , 9, 45, 97, 117, 189, 190 McDowell, Stephanie 200 ■144, 170, 171 Painton, Kevin 200 McEvoy, Sierra 189 mjKamrow, Barbara 199 Paisley, Andrew 113, 196 McKenna, Greg 142, 149, 174, 200 IjjKamrow, T. Chad 155, 199 Pang, Emma 112, 114, 154, 158, 184 McMahon, David 155, 184 BKatase, Kyle 161, 175, 180, 181, 183 Park, Jin Sun 65, 157, 158 Melby, Grant 117, 178, 192,196 BKawakami, Hiroki 102, 169, 195 Parris, Joan 200 Menendez, Gabrielle 107, 143, 166, 167, Pascua, Mitchell 117, 184 i|Kelley, Kristie 1 45,16 0,183 [■Kennon, Rachel 105, 170, 192, 193, 195 184 Pattengill, Holden 190 Meyer, McKayla 184 mKim, Brandon 195 Peck, Kawaiola 119, 196 Michael, Duncan 105, 156, 174, 175, 192, Peebles, Thomasine 196 jriKim, Na Yoon 46,112, 117, 158 193, 196 iilKim, Soo Ji 47, 97, 117, 158 Perry, Stephen 170, 179 Michetti, Francesca 57, 96, 107, 156, 176, Perry, Trent 132, 184 « K im , Won Joon 143, 157, 183 177 j{lKirkpatrick, Grant 132, 195 Petteys, Dana 166, 167 Mitchell, Mark 111, 113, 153, 175, 189 IjiKissner, Malia 48 Pezzuto, John-Henry 113, 123, 169, 190 Mitchell, Rosanne 200 Phenicie, Mili-Nanea 66 , 150, 185 [|Kitagawa, Kazuomi 189 Miyakawa, Yasunobu 113, 148, 189 Police, Reeves 113, 114, 169, 196 PiKiyota, Camille 165, 195 Monahan, Michael 127, 132, 133, 148, Police, Tiare 200 rttKiyota, Matthew 183 161, 174, 175, 184 Powers, Kailana 111, 138, 160, 186, 187, wKobayashi, Bronson 49, 96, 132, 158, Moran, Jake 58, 96 190 ■160, 172, 173 Moran, Zane 189 Powers, Lindsey 170, 171, 184 fflKobayashi, Malachi 111, 132, 169, 183 Morise, Reina 59, 111, 114 Prah, Emily 67, 96 raKobzev, Forrest 189 Motokawa, Yuka 149, 196 Prentiss, Sean 68 , 134, 155, 167 BKojima, Julie 200 Pries, Lauren 170, 196 [■Konrad, Kaleikaumaka 50, 111, 132, 133, Motta, Gordon 198, 200 Mulvany, McKenna 136, 167, 196 Purdy, Katherine 200 ■168, 169 Purdy, Nicholas 69, 114, 115, 148 wKubo, Torin 132, 189 Af ■Kuo, Yen-Ting 189 Nakachi, Alohi 166, 167, 184 BKwarara, Babaga51, 109, 120, 121, 169




a Quan, Sidney 184 Queen, Lana 138, 139, 164, 165, 185 Quinlan, Kian 113, 169, 196

R Rapier, Courtney 149, 190 Rapozo, Hiipualeiaal 105, 178, 195, 196 Ravaglia, Mark 200 Reber, Cleora-Alice 105, 107, 161, 196 Reed, Robert 126, 167 Reed, Jr., Robert 185 Rho, Yoon 141, 149, 157, 196 Rice, Ryan 70, 97, 125 Richards, Lauren 196 Rocha-Tufaga, losefa 151, 178, 196 Rogerson, Michael 134, 190 Rojanai, Budtaka 71, 159 Rojanai, Kanut 169, 185, 190 Rosen, Juliana 72 Ross, Delaney 106, 114, 186, 187, 190 Ross, Ryan 174, 175, 185 Rutgers, Helen 73, 96, 112, 160 Rutgers, Stephanie 200 Ryan, Mike'ele 113, 132, 151, 175, 196 Ryusaki, Keilyn 138, 139, 170, 171, 185 Salomon, Jordan 74, 107, 143, 163, 201 Samura, Shannon 132, 155, 172, 190 Sarwar, Eaman 136, 137, 185 Schatz, Madeline 95, 200 Schenk, Nathan 75, 94, 97, 124, 125, 152, 153, 162, 163 Schutte, Michael 132, 190, 191 Scully, Hana 136, 137, 152, 155, 180, 181, 185 Seaman, Hereiti 190 Sebastian, Crystal 200 Sebesta, Jetembo 117, 166, 167, 192, 193, 196 Seid, Alan 134, 157, 190 Seid, Desiree 76, 96, 112, 125, 160, 165 Seid, Jason 157, 163, 190 Seo, Ju Ri 157, 196 Setu, Roland 77, 109, 120, 121, 132, 168, 169 Severino, Michael 156, 185 Shams, Daniel 78 Shoniber, Tatiana 196 Shumate, Sierra 79, 96, 114, 119, 159, 160 Shumov, Angelica 112, 156, 160, 161, 196 Siebert, Jake 134, 190 Simpson, Garland 132, 157,190 Sims, Zoe 105, 130, 136, 137, 151, 158, 197 Smith, Leah 113, 150, 155, 185 Smith, Lynn 80, 96 Smith, Ryan 113, 190 Sohriakoff, Jade 100, 101, 107, 110, 122, 136, 137, 160, 190, 191 Solmssen, Franz 177

Souza, Robert 190 Spears-Takakuwa, Zoe 114,185 Spencer, Edgar 200 Spencer, Ethan 198 Spencer, Julita 200 Stevens, Vaughn 132, 172, 185 Stomski, Robert 81, 94, 100, 101, 132, 133, 172 Suzuki, Tatsuya 116, 169, 197

T Tadaki, Patricia 200 Taleb, Emad 190 Tamasese-Solomon, Leiomalama 107, 136, 137, 160, 190, 191 Tanoai, Kainoa 111, 132,161,190,191 Tanoai, Micah 132, 161, 185 Tarnas, Kulananalu 175, 190 Tengan, Chloe 191 Tennant, Catherine 15, 82, 97, 201 Tenorio, Elizabeth 83, 97, 160, 165 Tichotsky, Marina 198 Topalian, Lucia 143, 149, 185, 188 Truong, Justin 84, 161, 201 Tsai, Cheng-Jung 157, 185 Tsai, Cheng-Tao 85, 97,157, 162, 163 Tsai, Shang-Lun 86, 97, 112 Tsubota, Tyler 87, 112, 116, 134, 135, 155, 168, 169 Twigg-Smith, George 4, 132, 133, 143, 185

u Ulrich, Melanie 88, 100, 101, 113, 136, 137, 161, 174, 175 Unger, Hannah 160, 170, 171, 191



Van Kirk, Tyler 134, 135, 163, 191 Varboncoeur, Julia 113, 114, 115, 119, 185 Vargas, Kela 112, 131, 136, 137, 155, 172, 173, 185, 201 Verbrugge, Maximilian 89, 132,133, 172

I/O Wakefield-Mcdonald, Erin 185 Walker, Bridget 3, 90, 97, 112, 138, 139, 175, 201 Walker, Cathryn 200 Wang, Nai-Hao 157, 185 Wang, Tayler91, 97, 101, 111, 112,117, 138, 139, 164, 165, 201 Ward, Baily 197 Wawner, Scott 200 White, George 200 White, John 175, 185 White, Melissa 136, 185 Wiecking, William 126, 127, 146, 198, 200 Wilson, Briana 105, 197 Wilson, Draysen 113, 117, 175, 197

Wise, David 169, 185, 191 Wong, Leila-Marie 4, 172, 178, 197 Wu, Wan-Jung 148, 150, 164, 165, 185

V Yagi, Mech 120, 121 Yamamoto, Douglas 100,101,113,130, 132, 133, 162, 163, 191 Yang, Teng-Ching 92, 97,163 Yarawamai, Juan 132,151, 197 Yoda, Ryuta 134, 197 Young, William 191 Yu, Enxi 93, 97 114, 145, 149 Yu, Sihan 191ÂŁ

Zatula, Yuliya 178, 185 Zhou, Jing 157, 185

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