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HllNDSAY / ^ lo h a , Friends of HPA! As I consider my first year here in the headmaster's office, I cannot escape (and would not wish to escape) the words "fam ily" and "ohana." I am reminded of a quotation by Sir Thomas Moore, who once wrote that: Family life is full of major and minor crises, the ups and downs of health, career success and failure, ....and all kinds of characters! It is tied to places and events and histories. W ith all of these details felt, life etches itself into memory and personality. It's difficult to imagine anything more nourishing to the soul. And so it is for me - and, I hope, for others - here at HPA. Frankly, it's difficult to imagine many earthly endeavors that could be more nourishing to my soul. There's no place I would rather be and no work I'd rather be doing than what's happening right here at HPA. From the Board of Governors, to my colleagues at the Village Campus and the Upper School, and, most es­ pecially, to our students, I thank each of you for the high honor and privilege of joining the HPA ohana and for the aloha spirit you have so generously and genuinely extended to me, my wife Nancy, and also to teddy, our Irish Setter! But enough from me! Read on and enjoy this chronicle of everything that constitutes the HPA Experience! Ups, downs, and, yes, even some characters (!) w ill be lovingly recounted in the pages that follow, pages that memorialize a year in the life of Hawaii Preparatory Academy - an ohana that has nourished, and surely w ill continue to nourish, the souls of us all. Lindsay R. Barnes, Jr Headmaster


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dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Deighton Emmons, an outstanding teacher, mentor, and leader. Mr. Emmons is loved by the students o f HPA because of his com­ passion, his im partiality, and his total involvedness. As our Class Dean, Mr. Emmons is like a-father figure to the seniors of 2009, caring for us unconditionally and counseling us when we misstep. For four years, since we were lost and confused freshman, Mr. Emmons has guided us through the ins and outs of life at HPA. We fondly remember learning Newton's Laws o f M otion and m em orizing the Periodic Table of Elements in his Foundation Science course. M ^ p |g |p irHe's always been a conduit of knowledge, advising and informing us during class meetings and encouraging us to give our all. Mr. Emmons also leads the Environmental Club, w orking w ith a group of environm entally minded students in recycling, garden­ ing, and trips to Hakalau Forest. Mr. Emmons is always there to help every student in any situation, regardless of the circumstances, demonstrating his deep support for all of us. However, Mr. Emmons' compassion doesn't stop w ith the HPA students and com ­ m unity; once a week, he drives a van of volunteers down to Kawaihae Transitional Housing to read to and play w ith underprivileged kids. In this way, Mr. Emmons truly embodies the cultural ethos of the Academy that binds us all together as a family. Mr. Emmons, we love you! BACKGROUND PHOTO BY: M AKO AIO HN SO N

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Ka Makani running backTrent Schutte returned to thg gridiron j» his senior year after-a two year absence, inspiring hisTeam with his dedication and work 6‘thlc all season long. Here, with the help df freshman Shane Brostek, Trent finds an open hole to run ^ through in a crucial win over Kamehameba. m ^

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VVhether it is 1958 or 2008, some things never change, especially when they happen in our school chapel. The timeless Reverend Coon delivering an, inspirational story to the student body during Fall \Co,p vocation. Photo by Makoa jqhnson.

With a iT e ^ e s tn ltrp ro g ra rn T R ^ ^ ^ fl^ ^ in existence since the early 1950's7gen5ra=; tions of HPA students have literally grown up on horses under the watchful eye of Mr. Solmssen. Here, long time rider Emma Ahl< takes her horse Wai Wi through her after-

A plethora of culttkes intersect and thrive on our campus. No matter what our cultural differences may be, we find strength and unity in our diversity. The class of 2010 hav mg fun during the schools annual fa ll Games. Photo by RussellAgui-










Top (Left to right): Luke Siebert, A u li'i Fujimoto, Elliot Kastner, Greg Walker, Avian Ku. Opposite page (Clockwise): M ika Nickel, Ariel Moseman, Hoku Kaholo, Anthony Gand, Nickson Lynn, Makee Cross, Johnny Himalaya, Sean Paisley, Braden Erickson, Leilani Powers,

Russell Aguilar Kentfield, California Environmental Club 4 years at HPA In light of the impossibly big things that so many people have done for me over the years, I th ink that a simple, "Thanks," falls somewhat short. I don 't know how to express my apprecia­ tion, but I love you all. Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving, revolving at nine hundred miles an hour; that's orbiting at 19 miles a second, so it's reckoned, a sun that is the source o f all our power... I've had a good run here. I learned a lot from everyone and even had a little fun w h ile I was at it. Thing is, w e're all going very far away for a rather long time, though. And instead of saying all of your goodbyes, let them know you realize that life goes fast; It's hard to make the good things last; You realize the sun doesn't go down, it's just an illusion caused by the w orld spinning round. Thanks again to everyone w ho stuck up w ith me and put up w ith me and helped me out. I th ink that one o f the most pow ­ erful things in this w orld is make a difference for the better in another person's life, and there are countless people w ho have done so for me. And I'm trying; I'm trying as best as I can. At the end of the day, I'd like to think that I'm just a soul w ho's intentions are good.

"The effort to understand the universe is one of the very few things that lifts human life a little above the level of farce, and gives it some of the grace of tragedy." -Steven Weinberg


Russell Aguilar

Waimea, Hawai'i 8 years Equestrian/1 Year Red Cross 13 years at HPA/ 17 years Hawai'i

"The road to success is always under construction."

Anuna Kaneohe, Hawai'i Paddling/Student Ambassadors/Prom Committee 4 years at HPA Mom: Thank you for always being there and helping me through everything. I appreciate everything you have done for me and I am thankful that you have raised me w ith the warmth and generosity I needed. I love you, Mom. Dad: Even though you aren't here physically, I know that you w ill always be here for me. I can't tell you enough how much I miss you and how excited I w ill be when I can see you again. I'll always remember the fun times w e had and the many more still to come. I love you, Dad. Uncle and Aunty: Thank you for everything. You w ill both al­ ways be my second parents, and I w ill always admire you guys for all that you do. I really appreciate the courage and determ i­ nation you have shown me. I love you both. Kikau: M y "little" brother. I've enjoyed every m inute w ith you and I look forward to future fun times w ith you. I know y o u 'll grow up to be a handsome and honest man. I love you. To My Girls: I've learned a lot from you guys. I'll miss you all a lot and laugh about everything w e've been through. I know all of you w ill grow up to be beautiful and outstanding w om en. I love you guys. :) Rano: Thank you for everything. I Love you.

"Dance as though no one is watching, love as though you've never been hurt, sing as though no one can hear you, live as though Heaven is on Earth." 16 Dayna Ahuna

Sachi________ Waimea, Hawai'i Softball 13 years at HPA

I FI g 0

To Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for always loving and supporting me. Thank you for taking so much care to ensure that I grew up always surrounded by kindness and respect. Thank you for encouraging me in all of my pursuits. I love you both, To Yuki: You may not believe it now, but high school w ill be over before you know it. W ork hard, I promise you w o n 't regret it, but keep your perspective. Take it for w hat it is and enjoy it w hile you're here. I know y o u 'll make me proud. Love you. To the O. Six: I can't even begin to imagine w hat my life would have been w ith o u t you guys. You've been my confidants, my counselors, my reality checks, my best friends, and the only people w ho truly share my sense of humor since we were in lower school. I'll miss you all so much next year, but I'm so glad we were able to share these years here and I hope that w e 'll share many more. To the class of 2009:W e made it! It's hard to believe that my thirteen years at HPA are com ing to a close. This place has been such a huge part of my life for so long that it's hard to see beyond it. But as we turn this next corner, I'm confident that w e are ready. O ur class w ill do amazing things. Good luck, everyone! I'll miss you.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now."

Sachi A in ge


Holualoa, Hawai'i Swimming/Water Polo 4 years at HPA Mom: To the most hardworking, compassionate, beautiful woman I know, thank you. Thank you for everything you've done for me, more than I could ever imagine, and thank you for your never-ending love and support in every aspect of my life. I appreciate it, and you, w ith all my heart. I love you forever, M om - to the moon and back. Dad: An inspiration to so many, I am proud to be your daughter. I have learned from you so much- everything from making French toast, to loving Oldies music, to perfecting my breaststroke pull. I love you, Daddy-O, and thank you for always loving me. Brian: You never cease to amaze me w ith your brilliance and aptitude in every facet o f life. I am inspired by your w ork ethic and capability, but also by your caring and thoughtfulness. Thank you for allow ing my life as I know it to be a reality. Logan: You are so talented, smart, and kind, and I can't w a it to see what incredible things you w ill do in life. Thanks for growing up w ith me; I co uldn 't have picked a better brother. I love...dew. Amelia: M y opposite, my double. I am so glad we got to experience the roller coaster of high school buckled in side by side. Thank you for being my safety net and always understanding me. Love you. Jenny: I love you and your beautiful personality. Thank you for al­ ways know ing the right things to say, thank you for permanently be­ ing there for me, and thank you for living and loving by my side. Emma: W hat am I going to do w ith o u t you? For thirteen years you have been a better best friend than I could ever ask for. Thank you for knowing me inside and out, and loving me always. I love you. Tasha: You're an amazing girl and the best little sister I never had. Swimmers: Thanks for the m otivation and the memories. Go Kanis! Polo girls 2006-2012: Past and present, you girjs mean so much to me. I hope I've been able to pass on as much as I've learned. Class of 2009: "W herever you go, no matter w hat the weather, al­ ways bring your own sunshine." -A n th o n y D 'Angelo

"Don't let your dreams be dreams." -Jack Johnson 18

Trevor________ Cangemi

Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Cross Country/Wrestling/Track Environmental Club/Student Ambassador Co Green/Red Cross/Make A Wish 7 years at HPA

"The toughest thing about success is that you've got to keep being a success."

Trevor C angem i


Yen-Fu Chen Taipei, Taiwan Tennis To Mom and Dad: Thank you for every­ thing I have. Thank you for bringing me up. Thank you for a comfortable home. Thank you for letting me to come to HPA. Though I still miss home very much, I've learned a lot. I learned to cherish all the times 1 have, including every moment in my life. To my dear brother: Hey, I'm fin a lly gradu­ ating! I really miss you and all the times we had when w e were small. Although we rarely even see each other now, I'm sure we w ill still be close. To Alex, Bong, Celine: I miss all the times we had last year and summer! Thank you for bringing me happiness through these years and helping me through the hard times. See you all over summer. To Nickson: You're the o n ly T W guy graduat­ ing w ith me! Good luck next year, and don 't play too much computer. To Douglas: Zhai nan! Thank you for a wonderful year at HPA. Have fun next year! Good luck in p ulling more people to watch anime w ith y o u - P.S. W hen you grow up go draw Macross! To Howard: Zhai Dou you play too much W oW ! But it's ok; it's been fun going to your room during breaks and boring times. I can't even think about how much tim e I spent in your room annoying you. :P To Jacob: W e need to beat M HP2G some­ tim e (although you can never beat me) To Kevin: Zhai, zhai, zhai. G row up lah! To Angel: Thank you for all the times at HPA, I couldn 't have made it w ith o u t you :D To Phoebe: Kero kero send me candy! XD To Ryota and kokujins: Rida K icku To other TW guys and all those who sup­ ported me: I'm running out o f space, but thank you all. To DIS ppl: Thank you guys for w onderful summers, I love you guys.

20 Yen-Fu C hen

"It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - J. K. Rowling

Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Cross Country/ Track Hawaii: Thank you berry muchy for everything you have given me - the island and the people w ho never fail to show the aloha spirit. Thanks to all the friends w ho made memories and showed me how they do it on this 'aina. I'm truly blessed to have experienced life w ith you guys. D on't ever be afraid to rep it like a C, 'cause everyday we be hustlin' and we don't give up hope. Never forget these memories, 'cause we just made history. Don't forget to save the polar bears by not taking long show­ ers. Brothers and Sisters: The stronghold o f our family. Thanks for setting respectable examples and teaching me along the way. M y babies - you tw o inspire me more than you know. I love you guys always. There is no way I could have become who I am today if it w eren't for you crazies. Never forget w ho we are or where we're from : We are the Choe 6 ! Seniors: It's been an honor.

"We're too young to realize that it's impossible, so we're going to do it anyways." -Kevin Thompson


Fai_______ Chonecadeedum rongkul Bangkok, Thailand Swimming/Water Polo 4 years at HPA P'Nat and P'Ball: You guys are the best sib­ lings I could ever ask for. I love being the little one. Thank you for taking care o f me throughout those years. P'Ann: You're like a second sister to me. I love you for being w ho you are. W e grew apart during the years but I'll always look up to you. Ruk p'Ann tee sud loey! Gub Thai pai tie w gan na. Aubrie: Roommates forever!!! And a w on­ derful friend. Avian: Thank you for being an awesome friend throughout all the years that we've been together. You're always there for me no matter w hat and I really appreciate it. P.S. D on't watch YouTube before the math exam!! Janis: I'm so glad we became friends, it's really fun hanging out w ith you. Thank you for helping me w ith all those rough times. <333 Stop making fun o f my accent! T. Choe: You're hilarious, w e had some fun times lets keep it up!! Haley: You're like my little sister and a re­ ally cool friend at the same tim e. I could al­ ways talk to you about anything. Love you always. Nick & Koa: You guys are freakin awesome. You both are the coolest guy friends ever. Kim: You crack me up all the tim e I love you. :D Bianca: You're so much fun to talk to and I'm glad you came! Mr. Emmons: Thank you for taking care o f me these past four years. You're the best teacher to hang w ith on Sunday mornings. Santa, Pat, Bua and Ban: Take care o f your­ selves na ja. I'll miss all o f you.


Fai C h o n e c a d e e d u m ro n g k u l

"We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves." - Lynn Hall

Maya________ Chong Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball/Basketball/Soccer/Track 10 years at HPA

"Point the canoe, and bring the island to it." -Mau Piailug M aya C hong 23

Kohala, Hawai'i Swimming/Water Polo 5 years at HPA Mom and Dad: You've done so much for me, words can't even describe the amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for you two. You've always been there for me, and I couldn't ask for better parents. Even though you've both driven me crazy at times I'll never forget our late night talks (Mom) and your words o f wisdom (Dad) that helped me see through any situation. No matter how much I deny it, I really w ill miss you guys once I leave. M om you al­ ways know w hat to say and how to say it. We're alike in so many ways and I love every minute of the insanity.


Rachel: I love you w ith all my heart and couldn't ask for a better sister. Grandma: You and mom have always been there for me, and I appreciate everything you've done for me. You've helped me grow in ways mom co uldn 't and you've influenced me and make me the person I am today. Thank you, I love you. To all of my family, thanks for always being there. To all my friends, you know who you are: It's been an amazing four years! Sam and Beeka: There are way too many jokes to write. Ku'uipo: You're amazing and I'm going to miss you, you inspire me everyday! Hoku: You've been there since we were w hat...4? I can't believe it w ent by so fast! Thanks for being my girl and having my back. To all of my teachers: Thanks for putting up w ith me the last four years! To my classmates: Good luck in all your endeavors and where ever life may lead you. It's o nly up from here.


"N o one can make you feel inferior w ith ou t your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Kekoa________ Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country 13 years at HPA


For 13 years I have gone to HPA. I started in kindergarten un­ able to read or regularly count to 20. Since then I have learned to enjoy reading and I have become a talented math student. M y comm on sense is developing and my logic is expanding. Thanks Mom: For donating at least 140,000 dollars to my edu­ cation. Thanks Dad: For teaching me tools of a trade as a handy man, I w ill never have to hire someone to install a doorknob for me. To all my siblings: Thanks for messing up, because I learned from all o f it, and the good stuff too. Aunty Mops: Thanks for the lessons, always CYA. Mr. Emmons: When I'm old and bored I w ill fly RC air planes; it's been fun. Bobby: I've been picking on you since lower school, you de­ serve praise for handling that. To avoid missing a name: Clad to have been your friend.

"If you lim it your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise." -Robert Fritz

Kekoa C larke 25

Kelowna, BC, Canada Cross Country 4 years at HPA Mom and Dad: Thank you for always being there and support­ ing me. I've missed you over the past four years even though I w ould never adm it it. You are the best parents anyone could ever hope for. I love you to the end o f the universe and back a thousand times. Monica: Ma belle soeur! I know I drive you crazy w ith all the advice I give you, but know that it's o nly because I love you. I can always count on you when I'm having a hard tim e or if I need a shopping buddy. :) Je t'aim e. Nicole: You are so full o f life; I can always count on you if I need a laugh. You bring sunshine into a cloudy day. I love you. Cousine: You are like a sister to me. Thank you for always being there for me through good times and bad. I love you. My Friends: Thank you for all the amazing memories and fun times. You have been my fam ily away from home and a shoul­ der for me to cry on. I w ill always love you.

"Once in a w hile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right." -Jerry Garcia

26 Jan

Makee Cross Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country 6 years at HPA Friends: You guys somehow manage to say or do something hilarious and interesting every class, every break, and every week­ end. W ith o ut you, high school w ould have been the dullest four years ever. D on't stop being epic. Teachers: Thank you to all the teachers w ho strived to provide me w ith something to take home and think about besides homework, and managed to avoid sched­ uling tests on all-class days. Family: Thank you for being the greatest fam ily in the history o f forever. Pretending to be British at Grandma and Grandpa's house, building jungle gyms w ith Jack­ son at Judy and Anthony's, watching old Led Zeppelin concerts at Dad's, lighting off fireworks at Ward and Jennifer's, and running around w ith the dogs and Maner's have shaped and defined w ho I am today. Love you. Mom: Words cannot express how eternally grateful I am for your ability to invent deli­ cious new dinners from randomly picked food articles in our refrigerator on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure no other person can do that. Words cannot express how grate­ ful I am for you, and for raising me on your own. I love you. Thanks.

"The memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime."

Makee Cross 27

Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyba 11/Soccer/Tra ck 6 years at HPA Mom and Dad: W here w ould I be w itho ut you? You have pulled me through all my rough times, and you always guide me in the right direction. Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me, not o nly by sending me to HPA but w ith volleyball too. I co uldn 't have done it w itho ut you. I Love You! Da Pupu Club: You have truly made my the person I am today, and I couldn 't have done it w ith o u t your love and support. Erika: Your a dork, but you know I love you. Life w o u ld n 't be the same w itho ut you. Ziona Cushnie: W ho w ould have thought that we could get so close in these past tw o years. I have no idea where I w ou ld be w ith o u t you. I Love You! Ku'uipo: I Love You So M uch! The past 3 years w ith you have been irreplaceable. I am going to miss you so much. You are such a strong girl and d o n 't ever forget that. Remember one day after all of this we are going to be together again. Best friends, growing old together. I love you w ith all o f my heart and I w ill never forget you. Leilani and Emma: You tw o have been there for me through ev­ erything since back in the day. I co u ld n 't have done it w ith o u t you guys. I Love You! Kohala Crew: You guys are the best! I am going to miss you guys so much next year. M alachi, you're always there to talk to me. Isaiah and Nathaniel, you guys always make me smile. I Love You Guys!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!"

28 Vanessa C ush nie

Jasen_____ Doi Kawaihae, Hawai'i Baseball/Fishing Dad: Thank you for all that you've done for me. I am very proud of w ho I am today and a lot of it is thanks to you. Mom: You've made many sacrifices for me, especially coming and teaching at HPA so I could get a good education. I really ap­ preciate you. Stacie: M y little sister. W e've been through so much together and I really don't think I w ould've made it w itho ut you. Shaun and Neil: M y brothers. We've had so many great times together. Both of you were always there to help raise me and guide me through the rough times in my life. I don't think I could've done it w ithout you guys. Grandma: W ith o ut you I couldn't have possibly made it this far. You have been like a parent to me and raised me from when I was born. Gabby: We've been through so much to­ gether w ith ups and downs. I can always count on you to be there for me. So many good memories that I w ill never forget. I w ill forever cherish our special friend­ ship. Maya and Erica: Both of you are truly two of my best friends. I can always turn to you for advice and I w ill always be able to trust you two. I couldn 't ask for closer friends. JJ, Devin, and Trent: You tw o always crack me up. If I ever need a smile I can turn to you guys. Thanks guys.

"Go deep, or go sleep."

jasen D o i 29

Braden Erickson Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball/Cross Country/Basketball 13 years at HPA

"I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something he w ill die for, he isn't fit to live." -M artin Luther King Jr.

30 Braden Erickson

Melissa Esaki Mililani/Waimea, Hawai'i Soccer 3 years at HPA Mommy and Daddy: Thanks for every­ thing you've done for me, especially for allow ing me to get this great o f an educa­ tion. But most importantly, thank you for pushing me to do better so I can become the best I can be. I love you both. Tat: You are the best little sis. Thanks for helping me pick my clothes when I need­ ed the help. But making me laugh, all our memories, and going out was the best. I'm gonna miss all our car rides and fun times. Always reach for the stars and always be safe. Love ya, sis. Dev: I can truly say I trust you, and that's a hard one com ing from me. We've been through it all. Thanks for always being there for me and you know I'll always be there for you. W e 'll still have our late night talks and advice chats. Just remember to keep a cool head and try to behave. Love ya, bro. The Girls: W e have had our ups and our downs, but through it all, we made it. Good luck wherever life takes you. I'm al­ ways here for you guys no matter where I am or when it is. Keep in touch. Always have fun and be safe. Love ya girls. My Many Brothers: Thanks for having my back all this time, always being here for me, and knowing I'm not okay, even when I tell you I am. Also for all the advice, even if it wasn't what I was looking for, but thanks. Take it easy. Love ya guys. The Class: WE MADE IT!!! Congratula­ tions, and good luck w ith everything!

"To get something you've nev er had, you have to do some thing you've never done."

Everyone else: Sorry, I ran out of room. But thanks for pushing me get to where I am and helping me become the person I've become.

M elissa Esaki 31

Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Cross Country/Soccer/Track/Dance 4 years at HPA

"Look at the stars Look how they shine for you and everything that you do." -Coldplay

32 A

Joseph Kealakekua, Hawai'i Soccer/Track 4 years at HPA


To my parents: I know I don't say it enough, so here it is: I love you guys. Thanks for all the support and the love. It isn't over yet. Haha. I know I'll miss you guys when I go to college - I'll miss the Island and I'll miss our dumb dogs. Farm: Brah, I w ant to say thanks for having my back all those years from preschool getting chased by Tehani till now getting chased by mokes. W e had some crazy times. Shoots Dakota. Jasen: C O D son!! Haha nah. Thanks for all the support and for being my good friend. Take it easy, I'll see you again guaran­ tee. Ipo: Remember when I accidently elbowed you in the head, and you got a fat welt? Haha. You were so pissed. Ahh well you know, Ipo, I'm really happy I got to meet you and I got to know w hat a great person you are. Man, we had some crazy times. So remember, be yourself. And if you need anything.... Love you Ipo, shoot. My Boyz: To da braddahs I no mo room fo w rite...Burke, Brian, Zach, Dev, Trent, Korey, Bradda, Cole, Jericho, Ricky, Mika, Zack, and anyone w ho I missed, thanks for all the trouble and the times. Shoots charge large! My Girlz:To the girls I haven't mentioned: Mariko, Maya, Shea, Jahnnaay, Gabby, Sachi, REL, Emma, Hoks, Melissa, Dayna and everyone else, where w ould I be w itho ut all the drama? Chee party!

Don't worry, Be happy." Joseph F lorendo 33

Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Hui 'o Hawai'i/School o f Rock 3 years at HPA Makemake wau e mahalo i na kanaka a pau no ke kako'o ana mai a me ke kokua. Ko'u mama, papa, kupuna wahine, kupuna kane, 'Anakala Jay, na hoa, a me ka Halau 'o Kukui M alamalama 'o Kona. Ina 'a'ole wau i loa'a ia 'oukou, 'a 'o le wau ma'ane'i i keia la. M ahalo no ke aloha a me na 'ike. 'Ohana: You guys have always been there for me whenever I needed you guys. I am truly blessed to have you all. Thank you for your time, support, and love that you have given to me my w hole life. You've made my life so w onderful. Aloha wau ia 'oukou i na kau a kau! Hoa: I'd like to say M ahalo to all o f my friends for making my three years here at HPA the best. Thanks for the support, the laughs, and the helping hands. I w ill always remember this. Be safe, take care, and God bless. Hope to see you all later in life.

'U m ia ka hanu "Be patient, persist, don't give up too easily." -Mary Kawena Pukui


l i 'i F u jim o to

Devin Fujioka Waimea, Hawai'i Baseball 4 years at HPA Fam Bam: I know I'm not the easiest person to put up w ith sometimes, but thanks for putting up w ith me, even on my grumpiest of days. You guys are nothing but support­ ive of me, no matter how bad I mess up sometimes. Thank you. Jesse: No matter what has happened, you've always been there for me, and I can only hope I've been able to do the same for you. You're one of the best friends a guy can ask for. Good luck w ith your senior year in high school; enjoy it w hile you can, because before you know it, it's gone. Just remember, I'm never more then a phone call away. Melissa: M y sister from another mother. H oly cow, we fin ally made it. Thank you for all your advice, and your little, (and big) favors that your always w illin g to help me w ith. You're a great friend, and an even better person. Good luck w ith whatever you do in life, and if there's anything I can ever do for you, you know where to find me. Jasen: From diapers to this, we've really come a long way. I'm glad I came to HPA, because I w o u ld n 't trade these last four years w ith you for anything. Thanks for ev­ erything. Sachi: Through thick and thin, you've al­ ways been there for me. You are probably one o f the most caring people I know. I hope that the rest o f your life brings you nothing but the best. Thank you.

"People ask me what I do in the winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the w indow and wait for spring."

Thank you: Shiraki's, Doi's, Kiyota's, Alvord's, Dale's, HayslipAA/hitten Ohana, Mr. Bryson. Friends: JJ, Jasmine, Bree, Ziona, Bobby W., Chris L., Tsubotas, Aaron.

-Roger Hornsby D e v in F ujioka 35

Anthony_____ Waimea, Hawai'i Theatre/Robotics 7 years at HPA


Nearly everyone whom I've had the opportunity of meeting in these fabulous seventeen years, has made an im pact upon my life in one way or another. First and foremost, my parents: you've been terrific. I know that we tend to not agree on some things, and that every now and then life seems like a constant struggle, but beneath it all, I know that you mean w ell and only w ant what's best for me. Thank you so much, for every足 thing. Your support throughout the years has been incredible. I love you tw o so much that words really can't accurately de足 scribe it. Secondly, my friends. I don't know where I'd be w ith o u t the lot of you. You've all made the m onotony o f life at HPA into a truly fantastic experience. For some reason or another w e get along extremely w ell together: late night escapades for coffee and french-fries; sitting around the theatre doing whatever it is theatre nerds do; planning our perfect future as fashion design足 ers; strolling around hotels, falling into hot tubs; the list goes on. You're all truly amazing people, and I wish each and every one of you the best o f luck. Lastly, the HPA faculty: You've been one o f my greatest support groups, and have taught me countless things, not just pertain足 ing to the classroom. Thanks for everything. It's been a blast.

"Success consists of going from failure to failure, without a loss of enthusiasm." -W. Churchill 36 A n th o n y G a nd

Han Seoul, Korea/ Waimea, Hawai'i Softball 5 years at HPA Mom: Thank you so much for your love, wisdom, and sacrifice. You've always pushed me to do better and be stronger. In a brief 4 years, since we reunited, you fille d my cracks and scars w ith hopes and dreams. W henever I was challenged, you told me that I'm, "almost reaching the top o f the m ountain," and kept me from ever giving up. I w ould have never gotten this far w itho ut you. I love you. Dad: M y hardworking dad. Thank you for sending me to HPA and providing numer­ ous opportunities for me. You've been my life coach and taught me the w orld w ith your intriguing stories. We are sim ilar in so many ways from face to taste. I guess I was meant to be your daughter. I love you. Mr.Motta: Thank you for your enthusi­ asm on my paintings, encouragements, and valuable advice through out my high school year. I w ill miss you a lot. Ann: You've been my best friend for years and hopefully for many more years to come. Thank you for always being there for me: I'll never forget our weekly tan w orkout and our fight over vegetables. Like your last name Tongbaiyai, big gold, you're like a treasure for me girl. Love you tons. Haeni: Oh m y...w e've known each other ferever! Haeni, you and I had the most ex­ citing and awesome memories ever. We botfe had many ups and downs, but we know each other more than anyone else in HPA. I am happy to know you and thank you for your care and love. Koreans & The Rest of my Friends: I'm happy I got to know alt of you guys.



I _______________________________________

Hart Kona/Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country/Track 4 years at HPA Mom and Dad: Thanks for w orking so hard to send me to school, supporting me in all my crazy activities, and always believing in me. I w o u ld n 't be anything w itho ut you. Grandpa Chuck: Its been nice having you around these past few years. I appreciate everything you've done for me, espe­ cially your support for my musical endeavors. Whenever I play I'll think o f you. Emily: I've missed you the past three years, but I'm glad you've been having a good time. Thanks for being my older sister, I know its been tough, but you've done a great job. Mr. Diaz and Mr. Higgins: The best coaches around. Thanks for making me w ho I am, in and out o f sports. I truly appreciate all that you've done for me and the team. W hen I wake up at night in a cold sweat, dreaming about taj's or buses, I'll th ink of you guys. To my friends: Thanks for all the great memories. Cross country camp, trips to Kona, Hapuna, otter pops, taj's, how did w e fit so much fun into four years? To the cross country team, and to Bobby, you guys are amazing and thanks for m aking high school so great.

'Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do." Voltaire

38 Eli H a rt

Kana_____ Hashimoto Osaka, Japan Tennis Five years at HPA Mom&Dad: Thank you for helping me all the tim e especially when I had hard times. I had a great tim e in HPA. Thank you for sending me to such a great school!! Joey Oppa: Time passed really fast right. M y high school years w ould've been differ­ ent w ith o u t you. A lot o f things happened but everything became good memory. Thank u for helping me all the time. D on't miss me too much nextyear<3 hehe I love u and jinzza da gomowo-saranghe. Ken, Ryota, Kento, Keita, and Avian: I had so many memories w ith u guys until now. Kono 4,5 years hontou ni arigatou! Zettai reunion shiyoune! HPA life otsukaresama. Nayoon: Nayoon! M y partner for every­ thing! I just had so much fun w ith you nay­ oon! Korekaramo stay the same OK? I love youuuu and one more year ganbattene!! M itsuki chan: omgh we talked about a lot o f things till now day o n e - you are really funny girl yane haha. Arigatou ne.. Two more year ganbare! BFF. So-kun, Yu-yu, Kazu, Yasu, Tsukasa-chan, Mariko: I had so much fun w ith u guys un­ til now. Korekaramo HPA de ganbatte ne! I'll miss u guys :) Emi Chan: Thank you for helping me even though we were far away from each other. Keep in touch forever! Jane Lee: Jane! Omgh 1 can't believe that our doshokan group is about to be all sep­ arated...we have to meet up okioki??? I'll miss u <3.

"H ow lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to."

Korean girls & boys: Thank you for every­ thing until now. And good luck on every­ thing. Robertson's girls: It was nice to be with you guys this year! Good luck!!

Kana H a s h im o to 39

Ahualoa, Hawai'i Cross Country 10 years at HPA Mom: You always took care o f me. You taught me to be good to people. I can never thank you enough. I love you more than words. Dad: You taught me right from w rong be­ fore I knew anything else. You are always, always ready to protect me. I w o n 't ever get tired o f hugging you, because I w o n 't ever get tired o f feeling safe. I'll always come back home. Love you. Mahi: I love you. I know you're joking when you say it, but you really are a p rin­ cess. Miles: You always help me look on the bright side. You're definitely still a kid at heart, and I love you for that. Thanks for always trying to make me feel better. Riley: You are beyond the most amazing kid I know. Keep practising your fighting skills—if you wanted, you could grow up to be a Power Ranger 'cause you have enough heart to save the entire w orld. Love you little bro. Akemi and Michi: You tw o are the people w ho know me best. I always looked up to you. You guys are gorgeous. I love you planets big. Friends: I have something to say to each of you, but I'll save it till the end o f the year. Just know that I learned most o f the big stuff from being w ith you & I w o n 't forget it. You know I love you. Watch yourself in college. D on't get obese. To the class: W e've done good.

"All mankind love a lover."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Johnny_______ Himalaya Waikoloa, Hawai'i Football/Soccer/Track 6 years at HPA


Mom: Thanks for everything, w itho ut you nothing w ould be pos­ sible. Thanks for supporting me in everything I've done. I love you. Grampy: Thanks for a llow ing me to go to this school and support­ ing me. Love you. Dad: Thanks for all the support and guidance throughout my life. I w o u ld n 't be where I am w itho ut you. Chelsea: You're the best sister any guy could have. Even though you're hard on me I know you're just watching out. Thanks for everything, love you. Erica, Sachi, Sachi, Brittany, Maya: You girls have been my best friends ever since I came to HPA, thanks for always being there for me. I love you guys and I'll never forget you. Brendan, Greg, Harmen, Trent: I'll never forget the good times, late night cruising, camping, and laughing uncontrollably over nothing. Through thick and thin we made it, you're my boys for life. Keep it real. Football Boys: Laying it all on the line for the man next to you, giving our all every day. It's been hard, but I w ou ldn 't trade a sec­ ond w ith this team for anything. Live in the moment. Play every down like it's your last, and never give up. I'm gonna miss you guys.

H a s

"It's better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb." -George Rodriguez

Johnny H im a la ya 41

Andrew Hopkins Hilo/Waimea, Hawai'i Robotics/Scuba To My Parents: Thanks for all the support you gave me, even if I d id n't w ant it at the time. I really do appreciate how understanding you've been, considering everything I have done. Anthony: W hat can I say? It has been an interesting 7 years and N O O O they be stealin'my bucket!!! Teddy: PMQ! Actually, on second thought, please don't do that ever. Sam: You're not that white, and thanks for all the help in calculus and physics. Beeka: M y awesome physics buddy! Thanks for all the candy. Piper: I can't w ait until you are a superstar in H ollyw ood, and I w ill be hitting myself for not getting an autograph now. Russell: Keep on rockin', this "h ip hoppity" thing is only a fad. Hana: Oh, my little freshman (well techni­ cally sophomore) friend, we so have to go to Japan and buy one of those cool TV/com ­ puter/mind control/secret doomsday button phones. Max: Good luck w ith robotics next year, and please stop growing; you're making us all feel small. Will: Step away from the brightly colored jackets! Besides that, you keep on doing your own cool thing. David Lee: You are so awesome (if he d idn't say the same about me on his page, please ignore the previous comment). Summer and Amelia: W hat happened to my B period buddies? Was it something I said? To all My Teachers: Thanks for being awe­ some. If I Forgot Someone: I'm really sorry; it's not that I hate you or anything. If you helped me in some way over the past 7 years thanks, and if not, I hope we had some laughs. Finally Mr. O'Leary: Thanks for being my awesome advisor and for making such a cool yearbook.

"If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer!" -Ace Ventura 42 A n d re w H o p k in s

Alejandro Horowitz Caracas, Venezuela Swimming/Fencing Red Key/Marine Expeditions/ Turtle Tagging Mom: Thank you so much for all your support throughout these last four years. I know it's been hard for you, but I thank you for always being there for me. If it w eren't for all the things you have done for me, I w ould be less than half of what I am today. Thank you and I love you. Grandpa: Fbna Burda! I love you so much, thanks for everything you've ever taught me and for all the times you've been there for me. We've traveled the w orld together and through those travels I have learned most o f w hat I know today. Monica:There aren't enough words I could dedicate to you to truly explain my feel­ ings for you. So, I'm going to make it short and straight to the point. Thank you for all the good times, thank you for ALWAYS be­ ing there for me, thank you for the laughs, but above all, thank you for being you. I love you, Monica, and don't you ever for­ get that. I'll always be here for you. <3F.E.A.E<3 Roberto: Thanks for helping me through this all these years. You're the best. I love you. Barbers: You guys are the best. You are w hat got me through these 4 years. I love you guys w ith all my heart and can't w ait to see you soon! Adrian: M y main man. I missed you this year. Never w ould of made it w itho ut you. Can't w ait for college! Thanks man. Broth­ ers for Life.

"Always follow your heart, it w ill never lead you astray."

Family: I love you guys! Thanks for always being there no matter what. Friends: You guys rock! Take care o f your­ selves wherever life takes you. Keep in touch!

A le ja n d ro H o ro w itz 43

Wilson Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country 77 years at HPA


"One word: one hundred percent participation." - J. W ilder 44 W ils o n Inm an

Reno, Nevada Theater/Dance 4 years at HPA I w ould like to say thank you to everyone. ONE!

Literally, EVERY­

From my dearest o f friends to the people I hardly knew. From everyone whose antics made me snicker to everyone who made me crack up until I cried (and beyond). From you w ho have given me a shoulder to cry on whenever I needed it to you w ho gave me a grin when all I could do was frown. From you w ho allowed me to catch you to everyone w ho let me fall so I could learn how to pick myself up. From you w ho have antagonized me to those of you who have put up w ith my antagonism day in and day out. From you w ho raised me to you w ho raised the bar and forced me to strive for things I never dreamed possible. From me to all of you. Thank you all so much because you have made me w ho I am today, and I am forever grateful.

"We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." - Oscar W ilde


)k Kaholo Kohala, Hawai'i 4 years at HPA 17 years of living everyday to the fullest! Mama and Rapa: THANK YOU SO M U C H for everything you guys have sacrificed for me. You both mean the w orld to me and I can't even explain how thankful I am to have such lov足 ing and amazing grandparents. Thank you for supporting and protecting me. Mom and Dad: You loved and raised me, and were the best parents you could be. W e don't always meet eye to eye, but that never stopped me from loving and looking up to you. Ev足 erything that you have taught me I w ill cherish and take w ith me into the w orld. Aunty Chris and Aunty Dell: I LOVE YOU W ITH ALL MY HEART. You guys were my words o f wisdom and the angels on my shoulder. I w ill always remember those ACN talks. You al足 ways have good advice! Thanks for putting up w ith my temper. Thank you for understanding me when others did not. Friends: Every one of you impacted me in a way that I w ill nev足 er forget. You were always there when I needed you most, and I appreciate that. As we part our separate ways, I w ill always carry the memories we have made at HPA w ith me.

"Giving up doesn't mean you're weak, It means you're strong enough to let go."

46 H o k u K a h o lo

Elliot_________ Kastner Lakeville, Minnesota/Kohala, Hawai'i Lifetime of Football 4 years at HPA '


^ To my parents: I love you guys more than you could know. You have always been there for me w ith support and care. Even when I was ungrateful you stayed by my side and helped me through troubles. You both inspire me beyond belief to live life to the fullest. I hope that when I grow up I can be as influential to my children. M om you're amazing, I am blessed to have a mother w ho cared for me as much as you. You raised all of us children amazingly and I love and respect you for that. Dad you have lead me by example to strive in all aspects of life through balance and determination. I love you for everything you have given me. To my family: You guys are all great. I love you guys and every­ thing we have done together. Football boys: "Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eter­ nal." -Tupac Shakur. W e stuck together through 4 years of foot­ ball camp. The experiences and life lessons we learned w ill lead us to live prosperous lives. Russell: I had a great tim e boarding w ith you for 3 years. I know you're going to be successful in life. Thanks for all the help and support.

"I firm ly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillm e nt of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious." -Vince Lombardi E llio t Kastner 47

Hiui_____ Kelley Moorea, Tahiti Swimming Family: I love all of you very much, thank you for always pushing me to do my best and always believing in me. Sara Kristie: You are amazing, you are by far my favorite sibling... nah nah haha thank you for always supporting me in everything I do, it means everything to me, I love you. To the Hommies, Da boys: Spreadout throughout the Big Island. I live for cruzing w ith you guys, nutz adventures go down pretty much on the regs. Hartwells: Largo, Justin, Travis, Sebass, all the Hartwells boys that done graduated; David, Jimmy, Heimata, Chris you all made dorm life fun and interesting, funny times that I w o n 't ever forget w ent down in the dorms. Both my ex-roomates: It was ill w h ile it lasted. I love you guys. Everybody back home: I love all you guys I cant w ait to come back and see all of you, Tama, Heinui Boss, Rouk , Vai, and Hoani, you boys are my Roots, its impos­ sible to ever forget you guys, we had some nutz times on our little island, you boys w ill always stay my braddahs. The Hommies in the (619):Yup yup comm ing back out soon. You know its goin down in college.

"N o t all those that wander are lost." -J.R.R. Tolkein 48 H iu i K elley

Aly_____ Kelly Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Swimming/Violin 5 years at HPA Mom and Dad: Thank you for all that you have given me and for making such great sacrifices for me to go to HPA. Thank you for pushing me to always do my best and for all the support over the years. I love you. Dr. Schatz: You are like a second mother to me. Thank you for letting me play w ith the Kamuela Philharmonic, it has really made me grow as a musician. Your sup­ port over the years is much appreciated and you w ill never be forgotten. Thank you. Fab Four-Girls: This past year has been so much fun. If it's just cruising on campus, or having fun this summer, we've created so many great memories. Thanks for mak­ ing my boarding experience so fun. You girls are the best, and you have the biggest hearts. Thanks for all the love and support and keep in touch!! Love you. Kim: There's not enough space to w rite all I w ant to w rite to you. You make me laugh until I cry and make sure to "Leave room for Jesus." Kim, you are an amazing musi­ cian; w e need to jam together. I w ill miss you so much. Thanks for all the support. Love you.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world " -Gandhi

Nick: Thank you for all of the great mem­ ories. You have taught me to open up my eyes to the w orld, and you've been so sweet to me. Have fun being a pro at ten­ nis, and I'll be cheering you on if you ever do decide to do the Ironman. You're amaz­ ing and I'll never forget you. Have fun on Oahu, and keep in touch. Love you.

A ly K elly 49

Keita Kiyomitsu Tokyo, Japan Basketball/Baseball 3 years at HPA Mom&Dad: Itsumo ore no senakao oshitekurete sekai de ichiban dekai sasaeninattayo. Futari kara no ookina support wa itsumo ore o mae ni susumetekureteta. dada to ka konetetakedo maikai yasashii kotobade ore o okuridashite kuretayone. HPA ni ikasetekurete arigatou. kotobajya arawasenai kedo aishiteruyo! Uncle Frank: Thank you very much for ev­ erything you did for me. Your support for my basketball has given me a lot of co nfi­ dence. Your kindness w ill stay in my heart forever. Nickel Family: I can't explain how much I appreciate you. You are my second fam ily that I can trust. Thank you for taking care of me like your own son and I w ill miss you! Kento, Yasu S., John: Tsuini kokomade kitana. You guys are like my bros. Thank you for staying beside me all the time. Imakara uchira wa College ni itte separate surukedo, I believe that our minds w ill never be separated! U know dat. Ken, Xander, Avian, Kana: W e fin ally came to the end! Haha. We were always together and had great times that w ill stay in my heart, you all made me smile w hile we were together. D on't th ink this is over! We are going to hang out for sure. Mika: M y bro. W e had fun these past 2 years. You took care of me like your bro. I'm going to miss u but we w ill see each other for sure!! Rannen: Bro, thank you for pushing me to the next level! Take care until I see you. Shooootz. Vadonkadonk: M y sis, I gave you so much trouble. Haha. Anyway, thank you for all the good memories! You made my school life fun. Take care and don't forget my love! Japanese Young Gunz: Crank it up! Muchacho: Thank you for your big sup­ port!! Miss you!

50 Keita Kiyomitsu

"To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. D on't isolate." ; -M ichael Jordan

Hilo/Waimea, Hawai'i Environmental/Hawaiian Club/Student Council 6 years at HPA Mom: I am so proud to have you as my mom. You are the stron­ gest, most beautiful woman I know and make up for us not having a dad. I w o u ld n 't have our life any other way, and am thankful for all that we have gone through together as a family, it has made me w ho I am! Thank you for all the opportunities you have provided me w ith, and for all the life lessons you have taught me. I Love You! Bronson: Thank you for being the man of the house all these years. Do your best to make wise choices, you w ill make mis­ takes along the way, but learn from them, and always do your best! Brock: Aloha mai no, aloha aku; o ka huhu ka mea e ola 'o le ai. Morgan: "Just call on me, whenever you need a shoulder to cry on I w ill never leave you lonely. U ntil the end, I promise you, y o u 'll always be my best friend!" Makana: Thank you for everything you have done for me, and above all, teaching me to love and live my life to the fullest.

K ifia ka hele a ka na'au ha'aha'a. Hesitant walks the humble hearted.

Alaska/Washington/ldaho/Hawai'i 4 years at HPA Mom: You are my best friend, my greatest mentor, and bravest hero. W ith o ut your unconditional love and support I w o u ld n 't have been able to be where I stand today. It was through your hard efforts and unselfishness that I became me. I'm on the path to the right place and even though there are still more ups and downs ahead I know it w ill be ok because I'll always have you. I couldn't be prouder to say I'm your daughter. I look forward to all the memories that are yet to come. I love you mama. Dad: I know you d id n't get to see me grow up but I love you and know you are w ith me everyday. Jake: You'll be a senior in tw o more years and when it's your turn to move on, yo u 'll be up for it. I'm glad you're my brother. And as much as we're complete opposites I love you. The Greatest High School Friends: A llie, Amanda, Ashly, Beau, Bree, Cole, Cori, Dayna, Erica, Garnett, H iui, Janis, Keira, Leianna, Lily, M aija, M ariko, Melissa, Robin, Rosa, Tayler, W hitney): Thank you for your love and memories. To all my Wonderful Teachers: Thank you for educating me and sharing your wisdom. Mr. Kelsey, Aunty Joanie, Aunty Cindy: I'm going to miss you guys. Thank you for everything and all your love.

"Wherever you go, go with atl your heart." -Confucius


Ku Honolulu, Hawai'i /Tokyo, Japan 5 years at HPA Mom & Dad: The word itself is so simple, but from my heart I want to thank you for your support, encouragement and guid­ ance. Life w ith o u t you guys is unimagi­ nable. I love you all of you so much. Trinkey & David: You guys were always there when I needed you. I am thankful of your support and advice for life. You are and always w ill be my best cousins. I love you. Genki: It's been great knowing a person like you. Thank you for your kindness for helping me all these years. You've always taught me to enjoy life. Jessica: I had so much fun living w ith you. Thanks for the great tim e that we had in that room, and your energy, you always make me smile. Good luck next year, and we w ill definitely keep in touch. Miss you! To my girls: You made my life w ith full of happiness. I can't thank you enough for these words alone. I w ill cherish all the memories we have. Even though we are separating, we have to keep in touch. I love you all. My friends: Thank you for putting up w ith my broken English and being awesome friends. You guys have helped me through so many things. The inside jokes and the great memories that we have are unforget­ table. Let's not make this be the last. Keep in touch! I w ill miss you guys.

"Live the life you love, love the life you live."

Kana, Ken, Ryota, Keita, Kento: Minahontoniosewani nattayo. Watashito nakayokushitekurete arigato-.G ood luck in the future. Japan ni ittatokiwa zettaini asobone. Miss you guys.

Brittany Kumove Water Polo/Swimming 13 years at HPA

â&#x2013;  H p ias^ p i

'Live, Love, Laugh."

54 B ritta n y K um ove

Honu Lafitaga-Look Waimea, Hawai'i Football/Basketball/Track 9 years at HPA Mom: I love you so much. Everyday you work hard for me to go to school here and I am finally in my senior year. I can't thank you enough for all the things you do for me, if I needed something you came through w ith it. I have so much love and so much respect for you. You give me the strength to do what I need to do and I can always come to you for support. I know sometimes you were being hard on me and now its clear to me w hy you were. I love you w ith all my heart and den more. THANK YOU. Dad: You have taught me so much all the way from how to set a table to w hich side the fork goes on to the Pythagorean theorem. You have taught me a lot and I w ould be nowhere near where I am today if it wasn't for you. I know sometimes I thought you were being unfair but now I see you were doing the right thing and was just pushing me to be better. I am so thankful for you to be in my life and all that you have done for me. I love you and always w ill. Largo: Eh we made um boy, four years at HPA finally done. Some said w e w o u ld n 't make it and what... look at us now. These years have been crazy from Spanish class to Mr. Solmssen's, to camping w ith the crew. W e made it! God: Ah, you were there every chapel before a football game and when school was hard. Thank you and I am gunna need you for the rest o f my life. Football boys: You guys are like brothers to me we wentthrough hell and w e came out champs. I'll never forget you guys. Palm dale to rum ble in the jungle it's been fun. BU DOGZH


Honu Lafitaga-Look 55

Christian Largo Lihue, Kaua'i Football/Baseball 4 years at HPA Dad: I know you have w orked so hard to get me where I am to ­ day. I appreciate all the w ork that you have put in just to make M om and I happy. You w ill always be my role model and you w ill always give me the inspiration I need to succeed. Thank you and I love you. Mom: Although times have been rough throughout the years, you have always been there for me. You have been my number one fan and my number one supporter. I hope I have been able to give back all o f the love and support that you have given me. I love you. Grandparents: You guys have always supported me and be­ lieved in me. I love you guys so much. Thanks for always being there. Mr. Hayslip: I w o u ld n 't be graduating from HPA w ith o u t your help and everything you have done for me. Thank You! Honu Boy: O ur Nightmare is fin a lly over but w e have choke more adventures com ing our way. Braddahs 4 life. To the Boys: O ur fun times together w ill never be forgotten. The Look Ohana: M ahalo for everything.

"In this bright future you can't forget your past." - Bob Marley

56 Christian Largo

David Lee Seoul, Korea/Hilo, Hawai'i Tennis/Student Council/Red Cross M y Family: I must say, thank you so much for all the support that you gave me. W ithout you, I am nothing. Thanks for understand­ ing me all the time. I w ill never forget about all the things you have done for me. I can't explain w ith words how much I thank you. The Scott Family: I can't explain how much I should thank you guys. You guys were the bfggest support w hile I was on the island. You guys are part of my life and family. Thank you always for w elcom ing me every time. Ryota Yokose: W e have history from fresh­ men time. N ow we are leaving to a new place. When you go there, don't have no life time! Ba,good, stay w ell. Keep in touch. Andy Eckert: Hey buddy! We had great fun this year. Diving, ping-pong, pool, and random conversations... I w ill cherish these good times. Be safe and stay out of trouble. Keep in touch buddy. Sebastian Ebner: We too had great times. D on't hit people when they are wrestling. Stay w ell and take care of Nikita! Eli Hart: Cousin! W e had fun I think. Let's see in the future after we succeed! Sam Tsai: The best Taiwanese brother. Be w ell, study hard. Get into Poland! Sam Nam/Joey Oh: We spent many years together, and we have good memories. You guys are the big ones now so take care of others. Be w ell and keep in touch.

"If you ca n 't you must, if you must, you w ill."

Eunjin Park: We had many classes together and we always fought. They are great memo­ ries though and I w on 't forget. Be safe. Keep in touch. K-Guys/Girls: Be good, and be safe. W ork hard and yo u'll never regret. Friends: Best luck for the future.

D a vid Lee 57

Seoul, Korea Tennis/Red Cross Jf years at HPA My Parents: Thank you for all the oppor­ tunities you have given me in life. There are no words to explain how much you guys mean to me. W ith o ut you two, I nev­ er w ould have made it through here. Love you. EunSol: Finally I'm leaving. Tjffpdlrlehgkrh gksvusdmfhsms sjfmf enrh ajsrhtdmfh ghswk rkrpehlsmsrjteh ehlrp rjrw jddlehlsek. djsslrk sjgksxp qkedms tkfkddms sjanskeh zm rldp akffh vygusdmf gkftnrkdjqtsp. Eogkrrktj rkwkd qhrhtlvdstkfkadms dmsthfdldlfRjdi. Djssldjqtdjeh dkvm w lakfrh wlrmacjfjaaksgkausehl. Tkfkdgo. Garam: Susan! INSANE! W e R graduating. Time Flies. I remember our CRAZY fresh­ man year. I w o n 't forget, I w ill say that was most enjoyful year to me. Thank you for being my BF. Tjfhdm lw leh aksgdlgoTwl? qhrhtlvdm fRjdi. Keep in touch. L. Susie: tnTl. It has been 2 yrs. W e became so close and best. W e had so much fun, Thank you. Even though I am not here, study hard, take care. Best Luck. L. Min: I'm going to college unni! qjfTjdjssIrk HPAfmf Ejskswl 2susdlsk wIskTsmsep dnfls cka qusgksrp djqtsmsrjrkxdkdy. Thank you so much, SUMMER PARTY! L. Anthony: Honey! We're PERFECT! Thank you for being my FANTASTIC HONEY. You helped me so much. W o n 't forget. Let's go shopping now! L. Emi: Emizzang. You and I had a lot of fun. You're the best Japanese friend. Even though you're not here, I always thinking about you. Miss you tons! L. Jane, Jin, Nayoon, and Koreans: Jane, Thank you for talking to me w ith open m ind. Never forget. Jin, 1-year left, glaemfaus djsslgksxp dusfkrgo. Be strong. Nay­ oon, Robertson dhrh aksgdl clsgowlsrjrkxdo. Fighting. Other Koreans, I finish my senior year very happily. Thanks. L. Josh, Jisu, David L, Kento, Kana, Ken, Ana, Billy, Jacob, and Raul: You guys are incred­ ible. Thank you. Best Luck!


"We can only learn to love by loving." — Iris Murdoch

Guangzhou, China Track/Math League 2 years at HPA Dad, Mum, Grandpa, Grandma: xiexie nimen yizhi yilai de guanxin he zhaogu. Xiexie nimen gei le w o zhege ziyou feixiang de jih u i. W o yongyuan ai nimen! Sis­ ter— W o xiang ni. Song, Beeka, Yiyi, Eric, Yuling: Hen gaoxing neng zai zhege wanquan mosheng de difang yujian nimen. Xiwang women douneng zhenxi shengxia de shijian, ba suoyou de meihao lu z a i jiy i zhong. wohui xiang nimen de. M ounian mouyue mouri, zhongguojian. Ann: 3 months choir, 1 yr roommate, 1 yr Stats class and 1yr prefect together. Thank you for always being here w ith me, I w ill miss you so much in c o l l e g e . G o o d luck and keep in touch! I love you! Everyone else: (so sorry that I couldn't list all your names...): I really have lots of good memories w ith you guys and I w ill never forget. Teachers: Dr. Schatz, Dr. R, Dr. Bill, Ms. Petteys, Mr. Kruger, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Huntington, Mr. Kelsey, Mr. Franklin, Ms Clark, Mrs. Kamrow: I'm so lucky to have you to be my teachers in HPA, thank you so much! Li, Yan, Wu: Buguan lide duoyuan, w om ­ en de xin yongyuan lianzai yiqi. Xiexie ni­ men de buli buqi. 1437! H: hi o zui sen fu ge go ya nin, do jie ne ge pui buin, do jie ne bei go o ge ceng jeng heng fo.

"Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile." —Author Unknown


Nickson Lynn Taipei, Taiwan Basketball/Track Mom & Dad: Thanks for bringing me into this wonderful fam 足 ily. Encouraging me to do better, supporting my interests. A l足 ways be there for me, pushing me forward or stoping me at the right time. Thank You and I Love You. Grandpa: You're always the biggest supporter in my life. Words can't express how much I Love You. Tiffany: I'm not a troublemaker any more. o(.""*Ja Yses Friends: Forever Friends,'we're final going to college. Thanks for all the help and the good memories. I'm glad I had you guys to grow up w ith, good luck to everyone o f you. Paul: D on't know w hat to say la... we're the o nly tw o Taiwan足 ese in the class. Good luck next year. :P Douglas, Howard L: Time to step up! And keep the spirit of 596 going, Pass It D ow n!! XD Jacob, Kevin, Angle, Phoebe, and Pamela: G row up! Be smart! D on't stand in the same place, w alk around and experience the w orld! All my friends: Protect yourself, make good decisions, and help each other. Even believe, there is still a lie hide in the middle. Ivy: We have been together since 5th grade. W e've had ar足 guments, but we always found a way to solve them :) Even though we are far away from each other, my feelings for you w ill never change. I w ill always be there for you, and I w ill always love you.

60 N ic kso n Lynn

Keni tvlamizulka Tokyo, Japan Baseball/Soccer Mom & Dad: I made it, thanks so much for sending me here. I love you guys. Mr. Haysli p: W ow ... It's finally tim e for me to move on. You made my HPA life so much more colorful for me. Thank's so much. I w ill miss you! Kento: SHINJIN! I'm gonna miss your laugh! I'm gonna miss your H1GE! I'm gonna miss YOU! So, Youyu and Kazu: You know how much fun we had. You know how much I love you guys. Keep being tight as we did, and have fun! Keita: Keep being who you are, and live your life the way yoip live. I'll miss you dude, good luck! Shannon: Thanks for all the laughs in the dorms! Remember all the good memories we had! Avian: LAM AAA! The 5 years we had is like a soup. It has so much depth, so many ingredients, was cooked for so long, and so good! Thanks so much Avian, I love you and your fam ily! Kana: W e made it... Finally time, it might be a challenge for you to get away from here, but I made it w ith Emi, so it's okay! Good luck in college, and thanks for an amazing 5 years!

"Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot." -Charlie Chaplin

Ryota: I can't believe it's tim e to fly away. It was long, and it was hard, but it was such an amazing 5 years! You know w ho to call when you need anything. Good luck Ryo­ ta, don't ever forget the good times! Emi: It was a long year for us, but it was so meaningful. Thank you so much for ev­ erything you did to me. I love you, and I always w ill.

Ken M a m iz u k a


Shannon Masada-Rodriguez Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Cross Country/Wrestling/Track 4 years at HPA Wei! it's been a long, hard 4 years but I fin ally made it through and I'm finally graduating. W ho w ould have thought. Through­ out my high school years I've learned a lot o f things, how to make the right choices (good times), how to do w ell in school (PROCRASTINATION), and how to grow up (Kind of). The friendships, relationships, and lessons I have learned have helped me mature into a college ready and generally cool se­ nior. I w ant to thank my parents for everything they have done; I love you guys very much. Mom (Oko): Thank you for bringing me to this school and mak­ ing it all happen. I know it was really hard. Dad: Thank you for supporting me through everything and helping me when I'm in need. Teachers and Coaches: Thanks for guiding me through the years and teaching me life lessons that I w ill use later on in life (especially the jokes. Higgins). Lisa: Wow, There are so many things I w ant to say but to sum it up I love you, thanks for helping me along, putting up w ith me, (insert provocative joke), and just being there for me. I w ill never forget you. To All my Friends: Remember have no regrets, have fun, and don't forget the awesome (retarded) times we've had.

"You have to make a salad before you can add the toppings."

62 Shannon Masada-Rodriguez

rv McFarland Everywhere under the sun 4 years at HPA Family: I love you all. If there is one valuable lesson I've learned from HPA it is to appreciate what you have and where you're from. Even though the latter hasn't always been straightforward I learned lessons from everywhere we lived. Dad: I know how hard you've worked to give me everything that I have today, and please know that I value it, and respect your dedication. Thanks for always being there (even when you're in another country). I love you, thanks for everything. Kim: Thanks for being the best friend ever. I know that you're having a great tim e in college and I miss you so much. YOU D O N 'T EVEN KNOW ! Keira: G irl, you're the best. You're one of the best friends I've ever had and there is no person that could ever replace you in my life. Jordan Swan: I love making music w ith you, and love all the great times we've had this year. You're the most generous and honest person I know and I love you love you love you! Aly: Even though we haven't been friends for that long, I ap­ preciate everything you've done, all the times. Chris: Learn to call your baby sister once and w hile huh?

"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature.... Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -Helen Keller

K im b e rly M cFarla


Bianca Kalihiwai, Kaua'i Wrestling 1 year at HPA

M ichetti

To all my friends in Kauai, New Zealand and at HPA: So much love, so little text. My Grandparents: Thanks Grammy, you're the best. I love our tim e together. Grandpa Bruno, you were the definition o f a true Italian and loved everything about our culture. You taught me to take pride in everything I do. My Sisters: Francesca, ever since we moved to New Zealand I stopped seeing you sim ply as my sister because you became my best friend. Eva, some o f my favorite memories have you doing something crazy (like our dance-offs w ith Gabe and our w inte r surf sessions in W ainui w ith o u t wetsuits). Life's been such an adventure w ith you two. Mama: It's d ifficu lt to put the special bond a mother and daughter have into w ords...w e laugh, we share, we fight, w e learn. Thank you for loving all our pets and for teaching me to cook and paint. "Eh, love you plenty!" Papa: I am the luckiest daughter sim ply be­ cause I have you as my father. You taught me to surf, free dive and took me on countless ad-, ventures, if only you knew how much I admire you. Kyle Kaona + Kyah Snyder: We have endless good memories. Thank you guys for all the times you've made me laugh and cheered me up. Caitlin + Kyla: I'll never forget all our cook­ ing comps, gainer practices, photo shoots, our endless rounds o f Super M ario Smash Bros and the fact that we survived KCA together. You are both amazing friends. Koa: You are as spontaneous as you are charm ­ ing. You've taught me that situations in life are only as embarrassing as you a llo w them to be. Thanks for the all memories and for being such a good friend. The Class of '09: Enjoy life wherever i, takes you and hopefully our paths w ill cross again soon.

64 Bianca Michetti

" W h e n y O U r f r i e n d s a r e V 0 U r f a m i l y a n d y O U r f a m i l y a re your friends.. .you've got it made. Siamo insieme forti - j j

together we are strong."

Brendan______ Miranda Waimea, Hawai'i Paddling 5 years at HPA Mom and Dad: I don't know if there is anything I can say that represents how thankful I am to have parents like you. I couldn't have asked for cooler parents. Whenever I got in trouble you always forgave me, whenever I did something good you are al­ ways proud o f me. You are my map, you guide me on the path but always.give me the final decision. Thank you for giving me the life you did. Love always and forever. Family: Cameron you are the coolest big brother ever. You brought me through many new experiences, and you're always a person I can talk too. Kainan my little bro, you can always make me laugh and you're a smart kid so keep up the good work. McKenna, little sis you are fun to hang out w ith, you make up the craziest stories and can always make my day. I love you all. Friends: Harmen, Greg, and Johnny, we have been through some pretty heavy stuff. It's always fun and I don't think I ever laughed harder w ith anyone else. Everyone else, its been fun hanging out w ith you in school or cam pin' it at the beach. You guys have been a ch ill group of people to be around the past couple o f years. SSs Sst

"It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."

Brendan M ira n d a 65

Cody______ Morse Waimea, Hawai'i Swimming 6 years at HPA

"Go ahead, make my day." -Clint Eastwood

66 C o d y M orse

Honaunau, Hawai'i 18 years Big Island Livin' 4 years at HPA

"Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?" -Bob Marley

Dad: Thank you for always being my #1 and creating such an amazing life for me, I can't express how grateful I am for everything you've provided to make me successful. W ithout you I never w ould be where I am today. Thank you for giving me all the opportunities in the w orld and for showing me the w orld. I don't know what I'd do w itho ut you, I LOVE YOU. Mom: Thank you for always being just a phone call away. You're my support line and I'm so lucky to have you to guide me through life w ith love and kindness. I am so grateful to have such an amazing moth­ er and friend. I LOVE YOU. Ryan: Thanks for always looking out for me and being my brother. I LOVE YOU. Eunjin: You'll always be my roommate. NaNoonNoSarongHe, don't forget my song. ^ The Girls: W hat w ould I have done w ith out you girls? You guys have made this experience into an adventure and worth every second! Thanks for the best times of my life. Keira: Lalalala you came for me! We've had so many amazing times, and so many more to come, and I w ill tackle you. I love you. Emdogg: Thanks for always being a sister to me. You always seem to brighten my days. I love you and don't forget keremalku. Hoku: You're my shining star. Keep your head up and remember I'm never too far away, I love you. Aly: Thanks for al­ ways being a great friend I love you. Mariah: O AH U CREW! Thanks for always saving us from this place and making the group that much more entertaining. I love you Tara: Bonjour! "l-say, hey-l love you, turn-yourself around!" Hiui: Scoop! I love you. T e a c h e rs :M rs .K a m ro w , M r. O' Le ar y , Mr.Bryson,Mr.Diaz,Mr.Emmons,andMrs. Donoho: for helping me stick it out and to do and be the best person I can be. Thankyou for all the support and fun times.


Noah________ Murray Oma'o, Kaua'i Swimming/Volleyball/Bodyboarding 2 years at HPA Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything you've done for me. For raising me on Kaua'i. For providing me w ith choices in life and instilling in me a great deal of respect for others. For teaching me things are w orth fighting for. For the love of the ocean and my brothers. Thanks for four older brothers w ho have m olded w hat I've become good and bad. Thanks for those endless days at Polihale. Love you both and always w ill. Justin, Chris, Matt, and Nick: I look up to you guys and owe you my life. Love you guys. The Boys: I w o u ld n 't trade the things we've been through for the w orld.

"Go big or go home!"

68 N oa h M u rra y

Mika Nickel Waimea, Hawai'i Football/Baseball 2 years at HPA

Family: First o f all, I just want to say thank you to my parents for giving me the opportunity to go to HPA, and I w ill be sure to make the best out of it. To the rest o f my fam ily thank you all for the love and support that you have given me throughout the years. Once again I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything and I love you all very much!

Friends: To my dearest friends, I just want to thank all of you for the friendship that you have given me w ith in the tw o years that I have been here. I feel like I grew up w ith all of you and have been going to HPA for many years. W hat all of you have given me is something I cant even explain. Last but not least I'm very thankful to have met all o f you and I hope that we w ill always keep in touch. Thank you!

"I.can do all things through him who strengthens me." ~ Ph i Iippians

M ik a N ic k e l 69

Sean Paisley

Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Volleyball/Swimming HPBA/Environmental Club 7 years at HPA

"I'd rather be surfing."

70 Sean Paisley

Seoul, Korea 4.5 years at HPA Mom and Dad: This page is not enough to express all o f my gratitude and love. I don't know w hat I w ould've done w ithout your support and love. Thank you.

Eunhee: Although I don't usually express how much I appreciate everything you've done for me, please know that I'm always grateful. Thank you and love you.

Ariel: You've been my roommate, best friend, and sister for the last four years. Thank you so much for always being there for me. Even when I'm 70 or 80 years old, I'll always remember you and miss you. I love you. Jin, Jane, and Jessica: M y life w itho ut you guys w ould be unimaginable. You all have become such important parts of my life and I love you guys more than a lot. Enjoy the rest o f your high school career; best wishes and love!

Ann, Susanna, Avian, and Auli'i: I'll al­ ways remember every moment we spent together! I'll miss you all so much! Mwa!


Best Friends: Kathy, Kay, Sarah. M


Korean boys: David, Ryota, Kimberly, and Sam.


To my teachers: Ms. Kamrow, Mr. and Mrs. Emmons, Madame Kruger, and Mrs. O'Leary.

"Be as bold as the first man or woman to eat an oyster." -Shirley Chisholm

The girls on O'Leary's hall: Thank you and love you!


Nicholas Penny Waimea, Hawai'i Swimming/Skate Club EC Student Ambassadors 3 years at HPA Mom & Dad: Thanks so much for support足 ing me in all my endeavors, from C ivil A ir Patrol to Speed-Boarding. You've both al足 ways been there for me, when I was good or bad. I've found no lim it to your love, and I could never forget all that you've done for me. Syd: Hey Sister! You've always been one o f my best friends, and I've missed having you here this year. Continue being b ril足 liant, but that really shouldn't be a prob足 lem. I love you! All my Friends: I have loved all the years w e spent together, and I'll never regret a single second. You guys have always been there for me, and I w ould do anything for any o f you. Saalfeld Family: Thanks so much for the opportunities you have presented me w ith. You're the reason I'm w ritin g this, and the reason I'll graduate from HPA. Thank you. To the Swim Team: It's almost hard to w rite this! I've had amazing experiences here at HPA and it's largely because o f you guys. Thanks!

"I'm sick of follow ing my dreams, man. I'm just going to ask where they're going and hook up w ith 'em later." -M itch Hedberg 72 Nicholas Penny

Keoki Laupahoehoe, Hawai'i Volleyball/Basketball/Football 3 years at HPA


n I


p ^

Mom: I made it! Faa fetai lava tina, I thank you a ton for sac­ rificing too much for me to go to HPA. Thank you for all the support. Ote alofa ia te oe. Dad: Thank you for w orking very hard to support me. Thank you for everything. I love you very much. Malia: Thanks for being a wonderful big sis all my life, love you. Nana and Granddad: Thank you so much for the three years I have lived w ith you. Thank you so much for the love and care. Tutu: I love you very much and thank you for being very strong. Moeari'i: Thank you for all the great times we shared and all the love and care you brought to our relationship aloha wau I'a oe na Manawa apau loa my "honey bunch." Kalani Boy: Thank you so much to my bigger older brother. Thank's for everything you done for me and all the good mem­ ories. To the Volleyball, Football, Basketball, and Baseball boys: Thank you for being there for me. W ith o ut you guys HPA would never be the same. Thanks for all the memories I w ill never for­ get you all. Be safe and stay out o f trouble.

"You see things; and you say, 'W hy?1but I dream things that never were: and I say, 'why not?1" - George Bernard Snow

Keoki P h illip s 73

Power Kohala, Hawai'i Theater/Dance .2 years at HPA Mom and Dad: Thanks for putting up w ith all my temper tantrums and emotional breakdowns throughout the years. Daddy, thanks for being my constant source o f hu足 mor and encouragement in my life. Mom, you've supported me through it all w ith 足 out a moment's hesitation. I co uldn 't do it w itho ut you. Kyla: M y tw in from another mother. You are my everything. I could never express all o f my love and appreciation in words. I'll always be there for you, forever. Nick Smith!: I've seen you grow from the cutest, dorkiest kid ever, to the best guy friend a girl could ask for. If you ever need me, I'll be there in a heartbeat and w e can play Kirby all night long. Duke: Thanks for always being there when I needed you. I miss you and all our crazy adventures. I'll love you forever. Samantha Clare Johnson: You're beautiful. I can't thank you enough for taking me in, deformed toes and all, when I had no one. I love you for that. D on 't stress yourself out, just keep singing. Anthony Gand: Fashion guru o f the m od足 ern w orld. You are fabulous. You are the other half to the pink oversized sweater that is my life. I adore you, baby doll. Kim McFarland: Sing your heart out, gor足 geous. You're amazing. Call me when you're famous and w e 'll go to the beach. Kekai: The theater's all yours next year, babe. Make us proud. And finally, thanks to everyone in my life who's made me smile on a rainy day.

"Reality is for people who lack imagination."

74 Piper Pow er

Leilani Powers Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Swimming/Dance 6 years at HPA Grandma: I am so thankful for every second you have put in to make my life as easy and successful as it can be. Thank you for supporting me in everything. I love you Grandma, always have and always w ill. Mom and Dad: You guys have always been there for me. I have a w onderful life thanks to you guys. Thanks for everything you've done and anything you w ill do for me in the future. I literally w o u ld n 't be here if it wasn't for you two. Kailana and Luke: You guys are tw o of the most important peo­ ple in my life. I w o n 't be there any more. So, it's your turn to take care o f each other, our parents, and most importantly yourselves. Grandpa: There hasn't been a day that goes by where I haven't wished you were going to be there in the audience to watch me w alk across that stage the day o f graduation. Because of the years of hard w ork you did, not only did your children get to live great lives but now so do your grand kids. I love you, I miss you, and I thank you. Keep resting in peace.

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a secondrate version of some­ body else." - Judy Garland

Leilani Powers 75


Caleb Trent Schutte Waimea, H a w a i'i Football/B aseball 9 Years a t HPA It' been a journey, but I got through it. Mom and Dad: Thank you for believing in me. For bringing me up w ith good values and the willingness to become the best I can be. I w ant to thank the Almighty: For keeping me safe throughout my life. Thank you for allow ing me to succeed and for forgiv­ ing me when I didn't. To my Brother: Keep up the good work. Hard w ork and deter­ m ination w ill allo w you to become something that even you cannot imagine. To my Sister: I love you so much. Keep achieving great things. A path o f success w ill be made by the positive things that you do. To da Boyz: Good luck w ith the future. Cruising w ith you guys -was the best. You guys are like my brothers. Take care and I'll be seeing you guys around.

"We have finished the job, what shall we do with the tools?" - Haile Selassie

Caleb Trent Schutte 77

Johannesburg, South Africa Track/Red Key/Dorm rep 4 years at HPA Mama and Rapa: Thank you for everything you've sacrificed for me. I really appreci足 ate every opportunity that you guys have made possible for me. I love you guys so much it's not even funny and I really don't know where I w ould be if it w eren't for the both o f you. You really have made my dreams come true. Thank you. Lerato and Motsie: You tw o have done so much for me and sacrificed even more. I've learned a lot from the both o f you. I want you guys to know that I'm very grate足 ful for everything. I love you guys. Refiloe: You are my best cousin and one of my best friends. I know I haven't been there for you when you needed me the most but now I w ill always be there. Thank you for keeping me on track, love you lots. Ofentse:Hey ma ferria. Thank you so much for always being there for me no matter what. You and I have been through it all, I w o u ld n 't choose anybody else to go through that stuff w ith. Thank you friend for the m idnight chats and the crazy week足 ends. I love you. Ana, Lei, Desi, DeeDee, Jen and Ceala: W ow ! I don't even know how I could have made it through the past year w ith o u t you guys. You guys really made a difference in my last years here. Thank you for that. I'rna miss you guys S.A.Friends:Matshepo,Mercy,Shane, Wandile and Tsaone- true friendship isn't being inseparable, it's being separated and noth足 ing changes. Thanks for not changing, love you guys. Justin & Zack: Thank you boys for always looking out for me. Hope you have fun next year. A final thank you to the Queen, Hopson, and W ood families, and to Miss Ray and Mrs. Kamrow. 78

"The w ill of God w ill never take you where the grace of God w ill not protect you."

Luke__________ Siebert Cannon Beach, Oregon/ Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country/Baseball 7 years at HPA

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks w ill accomplish nothing in life." -Muhammad Ali Luke Siebert


W ill Sims Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Track/Cross Country 4 years at HPA To Mum and Dad: You have always supported me, and were w illin g to sacrifice so much to give me this gift. I love you both too much for words. To Zo: You are an awesome sister and a great friend. high school and keep making me proud.


To my teachers: Sir Isaac Newton said, "If I have been able to see further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders o f giants." You have been my giants, and for that I am eternally grateful. To my coaches: You have helped me achieve w hat I never thought possible. You taught me not o nly how to run, but how to push myself, how to w ork w ith dedication, and how to w in and lose w ith grace. To my friends: You guys are the best friends anyone could ever ask for. The good times and laughter we shared w ill remain forever some o f my fondest memories. Be w ell, do good work, and keep in touch. The inadequate words that I have w ritten here are but a small testament to everyone w ho has made my tim e in high school the fun, enlightening, and fu lfillin g experience it has been.

80 W ill Sims

Nick_________ Smith Waimea, Hawai'i Tennis/Cross Country 2 years at HPA/1 year at Weil/1 year at Parker To my parents: Thank you so much for supporting me in ev­ erything I do and giving me so much independence. You have made me into the person that I am today and for that I thank you. You're the best parents I could have ever asked for. I love you guys. To my friends: This goes out to all those w ho have spent these good times w ith me. To my sister Leah, Mike, Edward, and Piper thank you for being w ith me all this tim e and always being great friends. Adrian, Billy, Ian, and Joe: you all are totally nuts and the best bros I've ever had. You have helped me understand life and how to enjoy every second o f it. To all the good times, jum p on! To Dave Z: You're my mentor and my coach w ho has taught me more about life than anyone. You have really helped me under­ stand w ho I am and where I'm going. Thank you for all the bad jokes, long nights, close matches, and everything in between. To Aly: You are so amazing to me. You have always been there when I need you and your love has helped me to become a bet­ ter person and you've taught me a lot. Thank you for everything A ly baby.

"Success is getting up one more time than you fall down.1 - Anonymous

N ic k Sm ith 81

Travis Stancil Lihue, Kaua'i Baseball/Basketball 2 years at HPA Dad: The person in my life that is there for me no matter what. Thank you, Dad, for everything that you have done for me. I know it wasn't easy raising me by yourself but you did the best job a man can and I appreciate it so much. I love you, Dad. M.J: Thank you so much for com ing into my fam ily and being just a great mom. You've more than I ever could have asked for. Thanks; I love you, M.J. Cecily: I'm so grateful to have someone like you in my life. We've done so many things together that I w ill never forget. I'll always be there for you, Cecy baby. Love you. Grandparents: Bonnie, Cara, Am ie, and Ben: you guys are the best. Thank you so much for everything you've done; love you. L.T: Lil bro: you're an animal. Clifton and Taylor: The boys. W e always got each others backs and have a good time. Love you guys. Largo, Sid, Justin (HPA BOYZ): W e live together, and that ex­ plains it all. (I'm down).

"Determine never to be idle, It's wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing." -Thomas Jefferson

82 Travis Stancil

Corbin_______ Stuard Castle Rock, Colorado 2 years at HPA To My Parents: Thank you for everything. You really are the best parents that I could have had. Thank you for pushing me and doing everything you can for me; I really appreciate it. I love you both. To Belle: No. To Stephen: Thanks for being my best bro and always being there. You're like a brother to me. To Alex: You're such a caring person. Thanks for helping me and everyone else. You're great friend to have. To Sarah: You managed to understand everything I came to you w ith, and help me through many issues at the same time. You're the best friend I could ask for. To Lynn: What.

"Choice, Chance, and Imagination." - Cellar Door 1

C o rb in Stuard 83

R a n n e n _____ Tagupa-Kukahiwa Hilo, Hawai'i Basketball/Volleyball

"Every man has a right to decide his own destiny." -Bob Marley

84 Rannen Tagupa-Kukahiwa

Kai Teba Waimea, Hawai'i Swimming/Student Ambassador 2 years at HPA Dad: Thank you for keeping me in line, for pushing me to go above and beyond in everything I do, for teaching when to be serious and when to laugh, and for having the sickest CD col­ lection o f anyone I know. Mom: Thanks for making me breakfast all the time, for driving me around, for putting up w ith all my stupidity, for baking the best desserts in the w orld, and just for being the hippest and bomb-est mom in the w orld. Vanessa: Thank you for being my big sister, for helping me out w ith all the nonsense in my life, and beating me up when I needed it. Erika: You crazy chick, I don 't know how I w ould have made it through school if it wasn't for you and all the ridiculous fun we've had. W ho w ould've thought that we could make marsh­ m allows so much fun? Uncle Paddy: Thank you for looking out for me the past two years and making high school unforgettable. RUSH fans for life! Mr. Clark: I'll never be able to thank you enough for trying so hard to get me into this school. Friends: W e've had some crazy times and fun times and high school w o u ld n 't have been the same w itho ut them.

"I w alk these streets, a loaded six string on my back I play for keeps, 'cause I might not make it back. I been everywhere, still I'm standing tall I've seen a m illion faces and I've rocked them all." - Bon Jovi Kai Teba 85

Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands Track Mom & Dad: You both have given me more than I could ask for, thanks for al足 ways pushing me to go further. I thank God for blessing me w ith great parents.


Nang: Mahalang yu nu hagu. Hugya hao. Nang, un dangkulo na si yu'us ma'ase'. Dung & Olivia: You tw o are like my sec足 ond set o f parents. Thanks so much for everything & w atching over me, I love u both. Sol: Thanks for being a big sister & role model. W e always have fun together & I'll never forget it. Thanks for keeping me in line. Love ya sol rebel. Lei: W e've been together since ever since, its going be weird not having you there. Thanks for all the laughter, tears & fights. Love you sister. Alex: You've been like a brother to me, I'm glad I can trust you w ith anything & every足 thing. Love u lots. Kini,Desi,DD,Caela,Sandra: You guys are amazing, from crazy trips to calm days, good laughs to sad tears we've been through them all. I've never been around such an amazing group o f girls, w itho ut you guys my high school years w ould be meaningless. Best of luck in the future. Love you girls! Zach & Justin: Thanks for keeping a smile on my face & always being there for me. Garrison: W e've gone through so much together. You helped me set & reach goals I had never even thought of. You taught me so much & helped me become a bet足 ter person. Thanks for being there when I needed someone. I'll never forget the memories, but most im portantly I w o n 't forget you. I love you.

86 Ana T enorio

"W hat counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight-it's the size of the fight in the dog." - Dwight D Eisenhower

Tongbaiyai Bangkok, Thailand Red Cross/Math League Mom& Dad: Thanks for the great support and all the opportuni­ ties, w ith o u t any of you guys I w ould not be w ho I am today. The w ord "thank you," might not be enough for what you guys have done for me. Just so you guys know "I love both o f you w ith all my heart" (no jokes). R Toom & R Tha: W ithout you guys I w o u ld n 't have come to study abroad. Both of you have done so much for me and my brother. Thank you so much na ka. Big Brother: Even though, we have some conflicts when we're together, when I'm all by myself I just feel like something is missing! Susanna: "Diam onds are forever, so is our friendship!" Can't imagine a life at HPA w itho ut you. I've never regretted know ­ ing this Korean girl. You're the other half o f my life at HPA. Thanks for all the great times. Keep in touch! Mandy, Eunjin, Auli'i: I love having you guys around. Thanks for keeping me company as always. Good luck next year. Love.

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." -Anais Nin


Korev Tsubota Waikoloa, Hawai'i Soccer 7 years at HPA Dear Dad & Mom: Thank you so much for everything. You tw o are my #1 supporters and I can't imagine life w ith out you tw o there. W ell, dad and mom, you made everything possible for me. H opefully I can make you guys proud o f me and the man I am going to be. M any thanks again, and lots o f love.

Dear friends: I just wanted to tell you all how lucky I am to know every single one o f you. You may know it or not, but you guys have taught me more than you can ever imagine. It has been loads of fun and I hope you guys had as much fun as I did. W ell anyways good luck. This is only the beginning. W e have our w hole lives ahead o f us. I'll see you guys there.

Tamlyn & Tyler: O i, I'm your brother. I don 't th ink I need to say anything. You all ready know w hat I w ould say. So see ya around.

"Be more concerned w ith your character than w ith your reputation. Your character is what you re­ ally are w hile your reputa­ tion is merely what others think you are."

88 Korey Tsubota

Emma Twigg-Smith Holualoa/Keaul<aha,Hawai'i Paddling 4 years at HPA/18 years Big Island Mom: You can make any situation into a good one, and that's why I look up to you. In your own way you taught me life les­ sons that have helped shape me to be the person I am today. I hope that one day I can be like you, see the w orld as you do, and love the same way as you. Dad: Thank you for providing my life with the comforts that I have today. You are humble and kind and I w ill always love you. Jamie, David, and George: You are the best brothers I could have ever asked for. You d on't really make anything easy for me, and that's what I love the most. Through­ out the fights and arguments, we have had some good times, you all made life that much more enjoyable. I hope you guys know how much I love you. Ariel, Aly, and Hoku: You three are my best friends. I don't know what I would have done w itho ut you guys by my side. Ariel, you can make me laugh everyday, no matter what mood I'm in, I'm so happy I met you freshman year. Mosewoman and Cherries for life. Aly, I love that we can talk about anything and everything together. Hoku, you're so cute. You can make me laugh w ith whatever your doing. I love you guys all and I know w e 'll have more good times to come. Class of 2009: Thank you for all the mem­ ories. Good luck to all of you!

"Sunshine, sunshine, it's fine I feel it in my skin, warming up my mind..."

Emma T w igg-S m ith 89

Waimea, Hawai'i Cross Country/Swimming/Track 13 years at HPA Thank you Dad: For sacrificing so much to send me to HPA. I really appreciate that you worked so hard the past 13 years so you could pay my growing tu ition b ill. I promise that I w o n 't put the money you spent to waste and continue w ith my edu­ cation until I can get into a successful line o f work. Thank you Mom: For always taking care of and loving me. Thanks for taking me to school, picking me up after sports, cooking for me, paying for my braces, encouraging me, help­ ing me w ith my problems, and everything else you do for me w itho ut me ever having to ask. Kela: I'm really going to miss living w ith you when I leave for college. Although we fight and disagree a lot you are not only my sister but also probably my best friend and the person that knows me the best. Thank you to all my teachers and coaches: That have taught me over the years. A special thank you to Coach Bill for teach­ ing me how to swim the right way, never giving up on me, and helping me reach my full potential as a swimmer. To my cross-country crew/ middle distance track stars: Teresa, Amelia, Kela, and Sam thanks for all the good times and never just doing the m inim um . To all my other friends and teammates: You're the greatest and you made my 13 years at HPA the best years ever. Finally, thank you to God for always w atching over me, my friends, and my fam ily!

"Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up." -Dean Karnazes

Harmen_____ Kohala, Hawai'i Track/Soccer/Tennis


Mom and Dad: I w ould like to say thanks to my parents for sup­ porting me throughout the years. I also w ould like to say I have enjoyed my young years for being able to experience what it is like to live in other countries. I had so much fun in Vancouver and enjoyed the vacations there. I also had a great tim e living in Bahamas and witnessing a third w orld country first hand. Max: It's been really fun hanging w ith you through out the years. In the Bahamas we had crazy times and I w ill never for­ get it. W hen you get my car next year, boy if you mess it up... w ooooh... its gonna be chaos when I get back home. Better not touch any w all or car w ith my baby. Nah nah, you w ill be so cool in that car no doubt about it. Enjoy your senior year next year cause its going to be sick. Da Braddahs: (Brendan, Greg, Jake, Johnny, Connor, Trent, Sean, Keoki, M ika, Elliott, Honu, Christian, Travis, Hiui): Good times, good times. Hope to see you guys again. Its been fun cruising. Super Sack Monday, w ill always be the best and those laughing attacks are the best too. Jake Moran... ha we run this school (apart from the Attention Span, we run it.) Brendan: It's been good and tahoe trips and everything has been crazy. Greg: At least I d id n't rear end anyone w ith my car like you did. Nah nah, all is w ell. Johnny: Good times laughing in every class and at food places. Connor: Wow, we've had the best adventures that no one and replicate (Avs w ill never be as BAMF as the Canucks.) Trent: W e should o f hung out more in the past but it has been crazy so far and y o u 'll hold the title for da sickest truck ever.

"Everything ever good made, starts with a triangle." - Jake Moran

Harmen Verbrugge 91

Honolulu/Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Volleyball/Tea & Philosophy Club

"A day without laughter is a day wasted. "


Greg_________ W alker Holualoa/Waimea, Hawai'i Football/HPBA Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for everything. Putting me into HPA and watching me grow. I know how much you have worked to support me and I cannot express how much I love you and am thankful. Bridget: You have been there w ith me through it all. Love you. Football Boys: You guys are my brothers and I am glad we have had so many good times together on and off the field. From the summer training w ith Bob, the hardest days o f camp to the countless up-downs for Onipa'a. I w ill never forget you guys, and good luck in life. Sean: We have been friends from the beginning. From Holualoa to W aimea I'll never forget all the good times we had. Good luck through life. Brendan and Harmen: Cruising w ith you guys is the best. I'll never forget all the good times we had camping, cruising at Harmen's house and Skiing in Tahoe. Friends: Jake: You rippp. It's been fun riding on Mana road and getting pulled over by the popo. Johnny: It's been good times from football to cruising in Kona. Keep it real. Trent: Killa Kr3w for life.

"When you come to the fork in the road, take it." -Yogi Berra

G reg W a lk e r 93


Cori_________ W ang Waimea, Hawai'i Basketball 7 years at HPA The Parents: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get such a great education. I really appreciate the support you guys have given me over the years. You guys have provided me w ith everything and more. Although I'll be many miles away next year, I know you guys w ill always be one call way. I love you w ith all my heart. The Sisters (Ashley & Tayler): You guys have been my support system for as long as I can remember. W hether it's been w ith boys, school, sports, or family, you guys have always been there. Distance w ill never be an issue because you guys are always in my heart. I love you. The Girls (Ashly, Dayna, Lexi, Melissa, Whitney): You girls have made my high school career unforgettable. Even though some of us have grown apart w h ile some o f us have gotten closer, I w ill always love you all the same. I know you girls w ill always be there for me w ith your trust and support. I know w e 'll keep in touch and make unforgettable college memories. :) Good luck w ith your futures and remember to always have fun.

"HOPE for a miracle, but don't depend on it." 94 C ori W a n g

Shenzhen, China Math League 2 years at HPA Ru bi niang zhi da qu si shu yu ji ci suo wei fan bang zhi xiao yao xian jin g shi nai m ing bu fu shi ye geng qi shang zhi xue tang fei ru liu zhi suo ye nai he ru deng chi xing wang yu tian bi gao you he qi ke xiao xu ni lai zi jian ye. ci shu m ing zhi mou dao zhi yu ke wei xue xue tang ying yi kai tang shou ye wei ji ren ran er deng mu di fei lian cai er qi yong xin zhi bi shou duan zhi xu bu kan ming yan. ji qi shou ye zhi shi mo fei bai ding yong lu zhi tu jiao zhi wo qian nian hua xia zhi xin qin yuan ding jing wu yan yi jian wu huai zai. w u bei kun yu ci yue shuang er bu zu ge zhong zao yu ru long xian qian tan wei ze w u fei da cai yi zhong jiang you chu tou yi ri bi shi ding shi er deng gua mu yi dai hou yi ci wei ping ye w u hu. tian zi hu lai bu shang chuan w u nai jiu zhong xian. li bei zeng jun yi yan jun ziai cai qu zi you dao wan bu ke yan xing bu yi ye huo da huo jiang zhi ye.

"In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away."


Bobby_______ Warren Waimea, Hawai'i Baseball/Red Cross 13 years at HPA Thirteen years! It has been a good ride. From the people I start­ ed w ith, to the people I ended w ith, and all those in between, thank you for helping me get through it. I know that this sounds lame, but this school has been a big part o f my life, and I w ill miss everyone that has been here w ith me. Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything that you have done for me. Thanks for always encouraging me, and pushing me to do my best. You guys are the best, and I love you. My Friends: You all know w ho you are. You guys are w hat got me through the day at school. I am w ho I am because o f you all. Keep on being awesome. Thanks for always being there for me. Putting up w ith you all was not always easy, but you guys made me stronger. M uch love. Keep in touch. Everyone else: Have a good life.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." -Albert Einstein

96 B o bb y W a rre n

Washingtonville, New York Wrestling Manager/Basketball 4 years at HPA Grandma Winnie: Thank you for raising me and being supportive. I love you. You have done so much w ith your life and I hope that my life is as successful as yours. Grandma Terrie: I appreciate everything you have done for me. You are a strong woman and I hope to be half as smart and strong in my future as you are. Grandpa Shep: Thank you for always supporting. You have helped me out so unbelievably much. You have made my life so much better. Thanks again. Mariah: BEST FRIENDSS! W e have had some crazzy times. Good thing w e're going to spend like the rest o f our lives together. O AHU CREW!! Ariel: "YOU CAME FOR ME!" I love you beyond words. You have been my best friend since freshman year and its been a trip. W e have had so much fun. Next years going to be "RAGING, RAGINGGGGG!" Kimmy: You're one o f my best friends. I can always count on you to be there when I need you. You inspire me to try my hardest at things. Thank you so much. I love you. Lexi: BIFFLs for lifeee! You're one of my best friends and have been since the beginning. Freshman year was so fun thanks to you and "our boyys". Hiui: You might be the coolest person ever. You always make me laugh. Classes w ould be so boring w itho ut you. Tara: I'm so glad you came to HPA this year. You always keep me smiling. I w ould be so bummed in the dorms w itho ut you.

"You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar." -Iration

Hong Kong Cross Country/Paddling/Track 4 years at HPA

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." - M ilton Berle


Whitney______ u


Waimea, Hawai i Paddling/E.C. Student Ambassadors/Prom Committee 7 years at HPA

"Friends may last a lifetime, but family lasts forever." W h itn e y Yam am oto


Kento Yokoi Tokyo, Japan Basketball/Volleyball Dad: Thank you so much for just being my dad. Words cannot express how I feel about you. You were always a person that I w ould look up to. You are my role model, and the guy I respect the most in my life. Thank you for being my father. I know it was definitely hard taking care o f Ren and I by yourself back in the day, but I'm just so thankful that you d id n 't give up. Dad, I made it through high school! Even though people might say some negative things about you, I respect you the most and w ill always have faith in you. NUFF RESPECT! Love you, Dad. Mom: You were always kind to me w hen­ ever I was feeling down or depressed. You supported me until I felt better, and Mom, you're just awesome! Let's have a great life and thank you for everything. Love you, Mom. Ren, Kanon, Rima: Be healthy, study, and live your life to the fullest. Take care of Dad and Mom , and don't give them trou­ ble. SHINE Ren, SHINE. Uncle Frank and the Schenks: Thank you so much for w hat you guys have done for me. I always felt loved and secure. Uncle Frank and Auntie Janette, you tw o are my parents and Nick, Nate, and Noah you guys are my brothers. Thank you for tak­ ing care o f me and I w ill come back to H aw ai'i for sure to visit you all. Thank you so much and love you all. Keita, Yasu, John: W e made it, guys. We w ill stay together till we die. JAGZ 4 LIFE! Korekaramo yoroshiku! Tsuraitoki mo tanoshiitoki mo issho daze! Shinyuu tachiyo! I Ken, Xander, Avian, Kana: It was nice to know you guys and I w ill never see you guys again. Jkjk. W e made it, man. Keep it good after HPA!! ALL of My Friends and Teachers: Thank you all and even though I d id n't mention it individually, I love you all and I'm sorry that I couldn't. N ot enough space... Class o f '09: Good luck in college and live your life to the fullest! LOVE YOU ALL! M AH ALO !!

"Life is never enough. Never give up trying." -Kento Yokoi

100 Kento Yokoi ___


■-»- *


Rvota_____ Tokyo, Japan Soccer/Tennis 5 years at HPA


First o f all, I want to thank to the people who have supported me until today. It was great hanging out w ith you guys. Dad and Mom: Thank you for your help. I made it because o f your support. So, Youyu, Kazu, Mitstuki, Tsukasa: I had great tim e hanging out w ith you guys. Kenka sinaide nakayoku. Genkidene. Nayoon: You w ill be senior next year, minna w o yorosikune. Be a good leader! Kento: I had great times w ith you. Thanks for helping w ith studying and other things. Good luck in college and basketball. Keita: W e are finally going to different schools lol. mou heyani onara sinikuru yatu mo inakunarundane Iroiro soudan ni nottekurete arigatou. Good luck in baseball and basketball. Kana: Can you believe that we have been in the same school for 5 years? Attoiuma dattane. I cannot believe that we are going to different school. M iddle school kara imamade zutto issho datta na. Soudan ni notte agetari, nottemorattari, baka yattari sitane. Hontouni tanosikattayo. Good luck in college. You can do it. Ganbatte. Avian: Lama! W e are finally graduating! Nagakata HPA life tom o sayonara dane-. Thanks for being nice to me! karadani kiwotukete! murisinaide. Good luck in college! Ken: M y buddy! Itsu mo issho dattane. We share happiness and sadness. You were always there for me. Itsumo itsumo tasukete kurete arigatou. Kenka mo yoku sitane, kudaranaikotode kenka site. Soredemo sugu nakanaorisite mata warattetane. I w ill not forget you and the tim e w e spent together. All the people who supported me, boarders, soccer teammates, tennis teammates, Tsubota bros: Thanks to all. Remember, it is your mo­ ments o f decision that your destiny is shaped. Enjoy.

I am only one, But still I am one, I cannot do everything, But still I can do something; And because I cannot do every­ thing I w ill not refuse to do the something that I can do. - Edward Everett Hale Ryota Yokose 101


_____ Zhou

Beijing, China Soccer/Tennis 1.5 years HPA My Family: Thank you for all the support you have given me, especially during the hardest tim e in my life. You are always there to stand by my side, and I can't imagine w hat my life w ould be w ith o u t your help. I love all o f you and always w ill. Charles: M y best friend in HPA. I w ill never forget the count­ less tim e we hung out together and had fun. Good luck in your senior year and w ork hard for your college & your life! Ryota: M y first and best Japanese friend. W e always have a lot o f fun! I really enjoy playing soccer w ith you! Good luck in your college! And, Arsenal SUCKS! Mrs.Montgomery: Thank you for all the support you gave me! You always do the best to help me w ith every single thing. I learned a lot w ith you. Also, congratulation that you're having a baby! Robertson's Dorm: Hey guys! I enjoyed having fun w ith you guys and all the jokes in Spencer's hall. I w ill never forget all the great times! All the friends unnamed: Love you guys, and thank you for the precious tim e at HPA!

To be alone, but not lonely.

102 Eric Z h o u

To the Class of 2009: W here has the time gone? It was not that long ago when you brought curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire to take on the challenges offered at the Upper Campus. You remained loyal to one another and developed sincere working relationships with your teachers. Your acceptance of others is genuine. You have adopted new students as if they have been lifelong friends. On the playing fields, courts, and in the pool you maintained a sharp competitive edge while playing fairly and honestly. The rewards of the hard work you have earned in the classrooms are still'pouring in as you receive letters of accep­ tance from colleges and universities. It is comforting to know that your generation is embracing the need to address serious environmental issues. Your diverse community service record over the years has set a standard for future classes to aspire to. It is truly your character that is enduring. You have made HPA a better school. Keep us in your hearts. The people, fond memories, and achievements are now preserved forever. I speak for many when I say that it has been a privilege to teach you and share these wondrous times together. W e'w ill follow your adventures and careers with interest and there w ill always be a place for you at HPA. Good luck to you all and Godspeed. - Mr. Emmons / Senior Class Dean Left to Right (Back): Deighton Emmons Kelly Dunston Kimo Higgins Patrick O'Leary. (Front): Kelly Hart Sarah Whitten Lupe Diaz.


• •

Senior Advisors. '103

Emma Ahlo

Dayna Ahuna

Sachi Ainge

Summer Borowski

Trevor Cangemi

Paul Chen

Teresa Choe


Fai C.


Maya Chong

Katelyn Clark

Kekoa Clarke

Janis Crawford

Makee Cross

Vanessa Cushnie

Jasen Doi

Braden Erickson

Melissa Esaki

Amelia Evans

Joseph Florendo

A u li'i Fujimoto

Devin Fujioka

Susanna Han

Eli Hart

Kana Hashimoto

Andrew Hopkins

Alejandro H orow itz

Samantha Johnson

Hoku Kaholo

Elliot Kastner

H iui Kelley

Aly Kelly

Breeani Kobayashi

Alexandria Korobkin

Avian Ku

Brittany Kumove

Honu Lafitaga-Look

Christian Largo

Hae Ni Lee

Keita Kiyomitsu

Baby Pictures

Nickson Lynn

Ken Mamizuka

M ika Nickel

Sean Paisley

Mariah Rocker

Trent Schutte

Kini Shuping

Emma Twigg- Smith

Noe Vargas

Keira W illiam s

Beeka Wong

Shannon M. R.

Bianca M ichetti

Brendan Miranda

Cody Morse

Ariel Moseman

Nick Penny

Keoki Phillips

Piper Power

Leilani Powers

W ill Sims

Nick Smith

Kai Teba

Ann Tongbaiyai

Korey Tsubota

Harmen Verbrugge

Ziona Verhulsdonk

Greg Walker

Cori Wang

Song Wang

Bobby Warren

W hitney Yamamoto

Kento Yokoi

Ryota Yokose

Eric Zhou

Baby Pictures 105






pposite page!(Clockwise): TylprTsubota, N icholas Hoyle, Lalira Fjcrn, Ku'uipo Kalawai'anui. Top (Left to right): Ruby Fink, icholas Purcw, Erika Cushniej& Poav, M axim ilian Verbrugge.

Below: Bronson Kobayashi and Tyler Tsubota using their considerable speed, dragging their classmate across the finish line in the chariot com petition at Fall Games.

Below: Marcus Hess and Justin Truong try­ ing to fit in and be cool w ithin the class of 2010.

Jessica Ahn Jesse Alvord Lisa Bevier-Sakimura Julia Brotman Andrew Brus Morgan Buckner

Hunter Bushong M indy Campbell Joseph Chavez Jonathan Chute Kekai Clarke Keoni Colson

Erika Cushnie Micaela Demapan Marie Donahue Sebastian Ebner Noelani Enos Lauren Faumuina

110 Class o f 2 0 1 0

Right: Sebastian Ebner bodyboard ing down the slip and slide on a lazy Sunday afternoon on campus.

Left: Morgan Buckner painting school col­ ors on her face before boarding the fan van to a football game at Konawaena. Ruby Fink Laura Flem Savanna Gonzales Haley Hagerman Elizabeth Hamilton Russell Hapgood

Marcus Hess James Higginson Ying-Ta Ho Zachary Hopson Nicholas Hoyle Makoa Johnson

Carly Justice W illiam Kailimai Ku'uipo Kalawai'anui NaYoon Kim Soo Ji Kim M alia Kissner

Class o f 2 0 1 0 111

Right: Keoni Colson taking some tim e to focus before the first pre-season footballgame o f the season against Kauai's Kapa'a High School W ith the help of Colson, HPA w ent on to defeat Kapa'a, paving the way for a great season.

Bronson Kobayashi Kaleikaumaka Konrad

Haley Khulman Yu-Hao Lai


Theodora Lederer Sun Jung Lee

Daisy Mardian Jake Moran

Reina Morise Rosa Motta Sung Hyun Nam Aaron Nishina Yoon Seok Oh

112 Class o f 2 0 1 0

Chiaki Osaka Jin Sun Park Emily Prah Sean Prentiss Nicholas Purdy

Ryan Rice Budtaka Rojanai Helen Rutgers Jordan Salomon Nathan Schenk

Desiree Seid Sierra Shumate Lynn Smith Robert Stomski Catherine Tennant

Elizabeth Tenorio Justin Truong Cheng-Tao Tsai Shang-Lun Tsai Tyler Tsubota

M elanie Ulrich M axim ilian Verbrugge Bridget Walker Tayler Wang Teng-Ching Yang


Enxi Yu



“A lot of energy and outgoing. ” - H a le y H a g e r m a n

- L is a B e v ie r - S a k im u r a

“Ridiculously fun and magical.|

-Keoni Colson and Chiaki Osaka

Left: Juniors Savanna Gonzales, Noe Enos, and Julia Brotman. Class o f 2 0 1 0 113





Opposite page (Clockwise): Logan M artin, Alyssa Evans, Austin Dale, Kyle Katase, Umeyo Mom otaro. Top (Left to right): Nathan­ iel Adams, Lindsey Powers, Hana Scully, Trevor Dusch, Rosa Lee.

Stephanie Abraham So Adachi Isaiah Adams Nathaniel Adams Chelsea-Domi Ashimine

Max Barreto Katherine Boehm Tayna Boyer N ikita Bozhkov M ackenzie Buckner

Hao-W ei Chen Jacob Chen Zakri Cockrell Daniel Cook Henry Correa

Kristin Cowles-Nelson M onica Crawford Adam Dahlen Austin Dale Madison D iZinno

. Sara Drennan Andreas Eckert Landy Eng Kara Erickson Jhernie Evangelista

Alyssa Evans Mitsuki Fujinami Ana Geiger Carola Geitner Austen Gersonde

Ciara G lidden-Deleon Swan Groom Harrison Hapgood Katelynn Ho Phoebe Hono

Sarah Hughes HanaSara Ito Elenka Jacobs

Daniel Jelks W illiam Johnson Kyle Katase

"Follow your bliss, and the universe w ill open doors where there were none before." -Joseph Campbell

W on Joon Kim Kazuomi Kitagawa Mathew Kiyota

Malachi Kobayashi Eun Sol Lee Rosa Lee

Yuling Lin Jen-Yu Lo

P&mela Lynn M olly Mackay-Smith

\bove: A ctively partcipating in HPA's eknowned turtle tagging program, sophonore M ackenzie Buckner educates and ingages elementary school students from Iona about Hawaiian turtles at Honokolau.

Dean Macy Tatiana Marti Logan Martin

Class o f 2011 117

Svetlana Martin-Schatz Tara McCain David M cMahon Gabrielle Menendez

Umeyo M om otaro M ichael Monahan

Alohi Nakachi Kaikea Nakachi

Samantha Neal Kelsi Nishina

Kyoung Jin Oh Young Keun Oh Jacqueline Ornellas Selena-Zola Osorio Emma Pang M itchell Pascua

Trent Perry Lindsey Powers Sidney Quan Lana Queen Robert Reed, Jr. Ryan Ross

Keilyn Ryusaki Eaman Sarwar Hana Scully M ichael Severino Leah Smith Zoe Spears-Takakuwa

118 Class o f 2011

Below: W ho's who? Close friends o f the Adam brothers have no problem telling them apart. Their opponents on the field on the other hand, are constantly left wondering. Isa­ iah left, and Nathaniel, right.


The Adams twins, Isaiah and Nathaniel, make a large contribu足 tion to the HPA com m unity. From football, to wrestling, to baseball, these boys never seem to have a break. The boys began their ath足 letic careers at the age o f four w ith baseball, and they have been go足 ing non-stop ever since, starting up w ith football in eighth grade, and w restling just last year. But these boys do more than just participate in these sports, they com pete at a very high level. "I've, been in sports all my life, but HPA sports brought it to a w h ole new intensity level," Isaiah told the Ka M akani staff. Born and raised in

Kohala, Isaiah and Nathaniel have a daily com m ute before their rigorous academic days, and long, physical after-school practices, follow ed by com petition on the weekend. "HPA and sports have defined w ho I really am," Nathaniel explained. Always on top of their schedules, Isaiah and Nathaniel make sure that they finish their hom ew ork ahead of tim e, so that they still have tim e to hang out w ith fam ily and friends when they have a spare moment. D uring the little free tim e these boys have, they have fun going to the beach bodyboarding, and hang足 ing out w ith their friends.

OF 2011




Opposite page (Clockwise): Lauren Hanano, Hunter Ainslie, MalamaTamasese Solomon, Jade Sohriakoff, Kayden Haleakala, M i­ chael Rogerson, Aretha Hiruma. Jake Siebert, KulanTarnas. Top (Left to right): Kawohi Schutte, Keanu Yamamoto, Hannah Unger,

Yuki Ainge Hunter Ainslie Tsukasa Akai

Below: Taylor Esaki and Tsukasa Akai sprinting to the finish line at a home cross country race. Christian Baker Jayse Bannister

Rebecca Barrett Eloi-K'ai Bernier-Chen

Shane Brostek Sydney Budde Tori Campbell

Katherine Case Athivat Chi rath ivat Rataraphand Chirathivat

Jung H w i Cho Nicholas Chock Seok Hyun Choi

Chieko Croce Alexandra Disney Stacie Doi

122 Class o f 2 01 2

Trevor Edwards Taylor Esaki Kai Fink Leeta Grap Linnea Gregg

Seung Jun Ha Kayden Haleakala Lauren Hanano Daphne Herbert Aretha Hiruma

Phong Hoang Dustin Hoover Youjong Kim Forrest Kobzev Torin Kubo

Yen-Ting Kuo Edward Lassiter Leahi Lindsey M andi Lum Carson Magoon

Stefan Markovic Kyle Matsuda Samson McCandless Mark M itchell Yasunobu Miyakawa

Zane Moran Megan Nakahara Kai ley O'Leary Ruka Okuyama Kathryn Pacheco

John-Henry Pezzuto Kailana Powers Austen Rawle Michael Rogerson Kanut Rojanai

Class o f 2012 1

Below: Kawohi Schutte, Hannah Unger, and Katherine Case getting in a little studying in before class at the pa­ vilion.

Right: Samson M cCandless and Edward Lassiter on their way out to the field for football practice.

Delaney Ross Shannon Samura Gregory Saydah

Michael Schutte Hereiti Seaman Alan Seid

Jake Siebert Jade Sohriakoff Robert Souza

Leiomalama Tamasese-Solomon Kulananalu Tarnas ChloeTengan

Right: Kayden Haleakala getting his

morning groove on by executing a flawless front flip-twist, while a dis­ believing Nick Chock looks on. 124 Class o f 201 2

Class o f 2012 125




U l 9

2 0 0 9

Opposite page (Clockwise): Ms. W hitten, Mr. Dunston, Ms. Dee, Mr. Hayslip. to p (Left to right): Mrs. Etherton, Mr. H un­ tington, Mr. Masuda, Mrs. Hart, and Mrs. Clark.


Right: Taking advantage of the glorious Waimea weather, Miss W hitten frees her stu­ dents from the confinements o f four walls and takes them outside, where metaphors and symbolism flo w freely in the Ka Makani w ind. Below: Taking his tim e ex­ plaining the ethics o f litera­ ture, Mr. Spencer engages his students in thought provoking discussions about good and evil.

Above (left to right): Emily Prah, Julia Brotman, Trevor Cangemi, Ana Geiger, Sarah Hughes, W ill Johnson.

128 English



A rrivin g on the lanai of the Eng­ lish b u ild in g you m ight run into Mr. Bryson's AP Am erican Literature class. He makes sure students un­ derstand the material by breaking them up into small groups w h ile giving them individualized atten­ tion. He often utilizes the Dyer M em orial Library for research on essays. Next-door Mr. Spencer is instructing class about the ethics o f good and evil; the entire class is involved in a- heated debate about today's topic. Room 3 is the edu­ cational and fun English Essentials class of Mrs. Clark; today .the class is participating in a Video Confer­

Left: Mr. Bryson's AP Literature class escapes to the comforts of Dyer Library, where round table seating inspires great conversa­ tion and debates.

ence w ith the native Yup'ik students in Kasigluk, Alaska. They are a part of a cultural exchange program that has been active throughout the first semester. The serene creative w rit­ ing class of Ms. W hitten starts w ith her daily "check-in" where she chooses a topic for w hich you use adjectives to describe your ideas and feelings. Ms. W hitten's class­ room is shared w ith Mr. Solmssen, w ho in his fifty-first year of teach­ ing, instructs the modern drama class. The last class in the English build ing belongs to Mr. Higgins, w ho often reinforces the themes of literature w ith film .

Right: Kim McFarland, Linnea regg, N ick Purdy, Piper Power, nd Katie Boehm b lo w ing away le audience in the Fall produc­ tion o f “The M iracle Worker."



W alking about campus you may run into the many diverse characters w ho make up the Fine Arts program o f HPA. In the art b u ild ing Mr. M otta w ill likely be demonstrating his pottery skills: in­ tricate vases, pots of all varieties, handcrafted sculptures. Inside, Mr. Hayslip is giving senior Sachi Ainge valuable advice on her masterpiece painting. W ith every brush stroke the painting becomes more alive. Students scribble hurried notes as Mrs. Hustace shares her knowledge on the history of art. As you w alk past the A udio Visual lab, you see 130 Fine Arts

D E P A R T M E N T Mr. Bernstein and his Intro to Film class hard at w o rk on this week's slide show w h ich gives w eekly re­ minders about im portant events at school and in the Big Island com ­ munity. As you arrive backstage at GPAC, Mrs. Goodspeed's theater production crew hurriedly gather props and costumes for the upcom ­ ing play, "The M iracle W orker." O utside Dr. Schatz's orchestra fills the air w ith m elodious sounds as students learn to play harm onious­ ly. This is the Fine Arts program: the essence o f creativity in HPA's com ­ munity.

Below: Rehearsing on a cool Waimea night, A ly Kelly joins the HPA orchestra in a challenging violin concerto.

Left: Mr. Motta checking on his students ce足 ramic pieces after being fired in the schools kiln. The kiln is usually fired tw ice each se足 mester.

Above: AP Art Portfolio student Susanna Han w ork足 ing on acrylic pieces that w ill eventually be judged at the end of the year by the AP Art Board for col足 lege credit. Fine Arts 131



The Social Studies departm ent at HPA is a very im portant part of the schools com m unity. W hether it is learning about social and political issues in M odern H aw ai'i w ith Mr. O'Leary, looking into the causes of the Seven Years W ar w ith Mr. Kru­ ger, or study­ ing the w o rld econom y w ith Mrs. Hart, stu­ dents are con­ tinuously learn­ ing about sig­ nificant aspects of the past and how w e as a com m unity can create a better and brighter fu ­ ture. The His­ to ry D e p a rt­ ment is known fo r teaching students more than just standarized curriculum ; the departm ent prides itself in going further into other aspects of real life issues that w ill build character and inspire new and thought provok­ ing ideas. W ith several teachers in the departm ent having lived abroad for extended periods, w ho are also fluent in a second language, along w ith other teachers w ho are vet­ eran w o rld travellers, the perspec­ 132 Social Studies


tives shared on a daily basis in class discussions are tru ly unique. H istory is defined as a series of events connected w ith someone or something. The Social Studies Departm ent teaches these matters to the students through incorporat­ ing events w ith other e x p e ri­ ences that the students have had throughout their lives and putting the con­ cept in terms that the students can relate to. The teachers in this departm ent are know n for giving students som ething that they can take home and th in k about; givin g students incentives to th in k about way beyond the classroom. There are many words that can be used to describe the department, some of these words used by students are "awesome," "amazing," "cool," "fun," "m esmerizing," a n d S 'o ld school." A ll these words accurately reflect the departm ent and represent the dynam ic ethos o f the H aw ai'i Pre­ paratory Academy.

Left: Mrs. Hart teach­ ing her Eco­ nomics class about the fundam en­ tals o f m i­ cro-lending.

Left: Mr. Franklin sharing his vast know l­ edge o f the social, political, and econom­ ic makeup o f Eastern Europe in his W orld History class. Below: Senior Russell Aguilar reading Sachi Hiatt's exemplary free response easy in AP Psychology.

l o n i j ’t s ’ |

• K\\« SA

Left: An expert in M iddle East affairs, Mr. Kruger enthusiastically shares his personal experiences o f growing up in Cairo, Egypt w ith his students.

Above: D on't like taking m ultiple choice history tests? Mr. Franklin's techniques in differentiated learning gives artists the op­ portunity to excel in his AP W orld History. Social Studies 133




"Korew a m uzakashii ne" or "je ren o n ce " are phrases you w ill not hear in Mrs. Etherton's classroom, n o t ju s t beca use these phrases are negative, but also because they are in a foreign language! The International English Stud­ ies classroom is located next to Castle Lecture Hall, and it educates students from China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Tahiti, Taiwan and Thailand. These students com e from coun trie s all over the globe where Eng­ lish is not the prim ary lan­ guage. M any of them have trouble w ith their English skills, and Mrs. Etherton is always readily available to

answer any questions on grammar and vocabulary, or even help w ith reading assignm ents. M rs. Ether­ ton teaches five classes, ra n g in g fro m H a w a iia n History and W o rld History to reading and w ritin g to listening and speaking. In all o f these classes notetaking is absolutely crucial, b u t o f course, p a rtic ip a ­ tion is always helpful too. The form idable skills these students obtain from these classes are very im portant, as it w ill assist them to suc­ ceed in their mainstream courses and in their future years at H a w ai'i Prepara­ tory Academy.

A b o v e : Korea's Y oujong Kim Right: Mrs. Etherton explaining pondering the complexities of the a com plicated aspect of English English language. to her hardw orking and noble students. 134 IES

left: Japan's Kazuomi Kitagawa A/orking through his tired state of mind. Learning a new language s an exhausting task!

Below: Taiwan's W in nie Chen giving Mrs. Etherton her complete attention in order to improve her English skills.

Above: Thailand's Kanut Rojanai taking intricate notes on grammar and punctuation. Left: T ahiti's H ereiti Seaman c o n c e n tr a tin g on a s h o rt, challenging essay assignment.

IES 135







As you are w alking around cam ­ pus and stroll by the language building, you can't help but notice the colorful murals painted out­ side of each class. Sensei Masuda's room is fille d w ith menus and flags as he teaches using a method called Oral Proficiency Interview, as w e ll as music videos and sushi parties to learn about Japanese culture. If you look into Senora Donoho's class, y o u 'll see dancing, and sing­ ing to the La Mayonesa, and smell the food from the fiesta cooked by the students as they play games to help them remember their speaking skills. Senora Vanderhayden's class

136 M o d e rn Language


gets dow n to the details practic­ ing vocabulary and tenses through playing bingo and singing songs. In French, M adam e Kruger sings Imparfart and assigns projects to teach the students the visual effects o f the language and the use of words. A l­ though the languages are different, and the styles of teaching aren't w hat you expect, the students here learn how to use these new lan­ guages to com m unicate expressive­ ly outside o f school. The true hope o f the departm ent is that language students w ill embrace a foreign lan­ guage and its culture far into their bright futures.

M o d e rn Language

Below: Mr. W hite and Summer Borowski discussing a challenging calculus lesson.

Above: Dr. Ravaglia explaining the intricacies of statistics to his AP Stats class.

138 M ath

Above: Mrs. Dahlquist making her daily rounds, checking to see w ho did their homework. Right: Mr. Bleckel drawing a diagram for his Geometry class.

The math departm ent is about more than just numbers. Students learn how to use strange formulas, approach real-w orld problems, and even to balance their future check足 books. Math is also n o r just for num ber geeks: Mrs. D got her de足 gree in Anthropology, and Dr. Ravaglia once taught philosophy. "M ath teaches students how to th in k logi足 ca lly and argue better, to back up arguments w ith concrete facts," Mrs. D explains. Vaughn Stevens calls math, "A foreign language/ and he's right. Math is the language of the w orld, a doctrine o f facts and

figures that are present in every culture of the w orld. To understand math is to gain a deeper knowledge of physics, mechanics, engineering, programming, and architecture. It is the code w ith w hich the w orld around us is w ritten. As mathema足 tician and philosopher Bertrand Russell said, "Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty - a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture." Math is more than numbers; it is shapes, figures, formulas, and even the basis of our inventions.

M ath 139

Right: M ackenzie Buckner, Sarah Hughes, Reina Morise, and Mari Asai learning about marine life through HPA's turtle tag足 ging program.

Below: Sean Paisley, Avian Ku, Kekoa Clarke, and Pataraphand Chirathivat m ix足 ing d irt and fertilizer at the annual Hakalau W ild life Refuge overnight trip.

Above: Freshmen Phong Hoang and Da足 vid Wise building a sustainable model home for Mr. Emmons' Foundation Sci足 ence class. 140 Science

Right: Junior Haley Hagerman making a difference, planting native trees and thinking green on a w orking field trip to Kaupulehu. Facing page: Athivat Chi rath i vat w orking w ith the laws o f gravity.




From the Foundation Science classes o f Mr. Emmons and Mr. Jarvill to Dr. W iecking's AP Envi­ ronm ental Science class, the tools and skills learned in the HPA sci­ ence classroom are ones that can be utilized later in a student's quest fo r know ledge. In an HPA sci­ ence class, you not o n ly learn the Periodic Table of Elements and the laws of Sir Isaac N ew ton, but you are taught to be inventive and to use every oppor­ tu n ity to its fu ll­ est. As Dr. W iecking says, the goal o f the Science de p a rtm e n t is "to help students learn how to learn," and "to give students the tools and confidence to learn in and out o f the classroom." Due to the recent interest in environm ental consciousness on campus, "G reen" has made its way into the HPA science classroom. N ot only in En­ vironm ental or AP Environmental Science, but green has made its

way into the Chemistry and Biology classes alike. This Green wave is hitting schools all across the coun­ try, and HPA's efforts to incorporate it into the classroom w ill help HPA students make the transition into the next generation of college level sci­ ence classes. Currently under co n ­ struction is a $6.2 m illio n, 3000 sq. ft. energy lab. W hen com ­ plete in Janu­ ary 201 0, this building w ill house greenbased sci­ ence courses and w ill be the first of its kind in the w orld. It w ill provide HPA students w ith an advanced learning environm ent in w hich they can study energy and sustainability. The creativity of the HPA science department, the pas­ sion of the teachers, and future state o f the art facilities truly make it an extraordinary place to learn.

Science 1

Below: Confused, content, and com placent, Brittany Kumove, Sachi A in ge and Sachi H ia tt w ork on tedious, yet essential online college applications.

Right: Mr. Kelsey busy at his desk, a lw a ys rea dy to h e lp stressing seniors cope w ith the impending college ordeal. Far rig h t: Students lis te n in g a tte n tiv e ly to an adm issions officer from the U niversity of Washington in Dyer Library.

142 C o lle g e C o u n se lin g

R ight: A n d re w H o p kin s and) Trevor Cangemi productively] getting w o rk done in College Counseling,




Tucked away behind the library in the center of cam pus sits The C ollege Counseling Center. W ith its laid-back yet productive vibe, College Counseling is the center of the senior social scene, whether se­ n io rs are d o in g h o m e ­ w o rk , e a tin g red vin e s and pretzels, hanging out on the couches, or bus­ ily applying to college on the center's many laptops. CCC is h o m e to HPA's am azing college counsel­ ing staff: A n dre w Kelsey, C indy M ontgom ery, and Joanie Brotman, whose in­ dividualized attention and good hum or make getting in to c o lle g e as fun and stress-free as possible, and make College Counseling the place to be! W hat makes you smile about CCC?

tionships with them, and because they have such a huge bank of knowledge about colleges and their lo­ cations (which is very help­ ful for students who don't have much experience out­ side Hawai'i) they are able to help guide us into find­ ing our perfect schools. Breeani Kobayashi "The college visits are a great resource. Lots of different schools come and you can get good information from going to the meetings." -H arm e n Verbrugge How much time do you regularly spend in Col­ lege Counseling?

"Probably about an hour a day-1 get a lot done, but it's a fun place to just hang out." -K in i Shuping "24/7! All day, every day!"

-E llio t Kastner Regarding college, "Auntie Joanie's smil­ what is one piece of ad­ ing face and how all her vice you would give the help makes the college ap­ upcoming seniors?

"Get started early! Try plication process so much easier." - Travis S tancil and narrow down your col­ "The animal crackers. Se­ lege choices and take the riously, they're delicious." SAT junior year." - Korey Tsubota "Don't procras­ - W i l l Sims W hat is the best re­ tinate. Get stuff done!" source College Counseling - Noe Vargas "Take the process seriously, because offers? " O u r counsel ors. every part counts! "-T ra vis We're able to have really Stancil close, individualized rela­ C olleg e C ou nse lin g 143

Raul Alviar: Maintenance Myra Auna: Housekeeping Raymie Berdon: Housekeeping Steve Bernstein: IT Jerry Bleckel: Math Bob Bonar: Development Cordon Bryson: English Gary Campbell: Accounting Suzette Cantyne: Accounting Jayson Christner: Residential Life Brenda Clark: English Daena Craven: Fine Arts Kristine Dahlquist: Math Lupe Diaz: Math Mihana Diaz: Student Activities Aimee Donoho: Modern Language Heather Emmons: Administration Havaiki Etherton: IES M ike Franklin: History Shirley Ann Fukumoto: Asst. Headmaster Steven Furchner: Counseling LeeAnn Ganley: Administration Sheryl Goodspeed: Fine Arts Dave Graham: Assistant Principal Michael Hanano: Maintenance Kelly Hart: History Jordan Hayslip: Fine Arts Kimo Higgins: English Takeshi Hiruma: Modern Language David Huntington: Science Lois Inman: Library Gary Jarvill: Science Babs Kamrow: History Chad Kamrow: History Phyllis Kanekuni: Public Relations Julie Kojima: Administration Billy Kruger: Social Studies Laure Kruger: Modern Language Terry Ladwig: IT Francis Lee: Maintenance Luana Lincoln: Bookstore Yuta Masuda: Modern Language

144 F aculty & Staff

Stephanie McDowell: Science Rosanne Mitchell: Administration Cindy Montgomery: College Counselling Gordon Motta: Fine Arts Betty Nobriga: Housekeeping Mark Noetzel: Principal Mary-Alice Nogues: Alum ni Affairs Kathy Ogasawara: Upper School Office Patrick O'Leary: History/Fine Arts Kevin Rainton: Accounting Nina Paulo: Housekeeping Kaky Purdy: Assist, to Headmaster Eddie Quaintance: Maintenance Mark Ravaglia: Math Marc Rice: Science Stephanie Rutgers: Admissions Crystal Sebastian: Counseling Lisa Sakurai: Accounting Brad Samura: Maintenance Madeline Schatz: Fine Arts Edgar Spencer: Maintenance Ethan Spencer: English ' Lita Spencer: Administration Patti Tadaki: Health Services CharlynnTaniguchi; Accounting Felix Telles: Housekeeping Cathi Walker: IT Sarah Whitten: English Bill Wiecking: Science John Wisniewski: IT Karen Yamasato: Accounting

Faculty & Staff 145


H a w a i'i Preparatory Academy is the union of dedicated individuals and a valuable environment. Though we may not realize it now, we are blessed beyond belief w ith opportunities and networks that w ill benefit us for the entirety of our lives. Each of us came here as students and, in turn, was transformed into a pre­ pared person ready to take on life's challenges. HPA is not the typical preparatory academy. We receive the benefits of living in the world's most unique environ­ ment as w ell of the com m unity drawn together by our differences. Every hour of our w ork here has been enhanced by what we can gain from the history and cu l­ ture of Hawai'i and the w orld. To the seniors, as our tim e here at HPA is com ing to an end we must make every moment last. Absorb everything from the amazing leaders that have and w ill continue to inspire us to be as great as we can be. The people we have met here have lead by example and taught us how to take advantage o f every aspect of life. As you move on in life and away from HPA, remember the common thread that connects us all and what it w ill lead you to be. Elliot Kastner Student Body President


?reeai^ o b a y a Fhon& S'acie0»,)ungHwiCho,Korey ^ C i f i ng < h h ^ yashi’ ^ " n a Gonzales, K e n e ilo e S h ^ & ^ oh. D* 1 ^ ic h a ei * £ ^ Zach Hopson, Sam Nam, Landy E S' anan, Elliot Kastner, Nick Penny.


he S tudent C o u n c il is a team o f leaders th a t are electe d by the students to g e th e r to b e n e fit th e schoo l. This year's S tudent C o u n c il d id countless things fected d iffe re n t areas o f o u r HPA c o m m u n ity . They had a b o o th at P um pkin Pa gave p e o p le the ch a n ce to dress up in o u tla n d is h o u tfits then get a keepsake P p ic tu re . The S tudent C o u n c il also ran the end-of-sem ester c h a ir m o v in g w ith tl M r. G raham , a llo w in g th e ir classmates to see them in a ctio n . Ms. D ia z and M i gom ery, the fa c u lty advisors, keep the g ro u p on th e ir toes and alw ays m ade su are o n task. M a n y p e o p le d o n 't understand w h y o ne w o u ld even w a n t to be in C o u n c il. O n e S tudent C o u n c il m em b er answ ered, "Because I w a n t m y class tc good y e a r-to lo o k back on o u r senior year and laugh a b o u t h o w great it was. them to a p p re cia te th e ir w o n d e rfu l classmates w h o m ade th e ir year the best it be." SH O v e ra ll, the p e o p le w h o are in v o lv e d in S tudent C o u n c il d o it fo r th e ir fell d— t:— 1— fij 1--------- u— 1— ------- k:,ih school oossible.


- U Cross

i^ 'jS ^ K a S W S f'a n u i,

Right: Senior captain Eli Hart strid­ ing to break free from the pack. An experienced varsity runner, Eli has represented Ka Makani Cross Coun­ try for four proud years.




If there were one w ord to describe the 2008 HPA Cross Country team it w ould have to be dedication. This team o f friends consists o f people w ith the mental patience and physical fortitude to run hard and fast day in and day out for many months. Led by coaches Lupe Diaz and Kimo Higgins, the boys team strove to achieve greatness. Although a BIIF title proved elusive, HPA had its strongest showing in years, finish­ ing third on the island and seventh in the state. Pushed along by its eleven graduating seniors and captains Eli Hart, KoreyTsubota, and Kekoa Clarke, this team worked through pai n; i nj ury, and sickness to fi n ish the season strong.

150 Boys Cross C o u n try


As said by the current five-kilom eter record holder Steve Prefontaine, "Some people create w ith words or music or w ith a paint brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say. 'I've never seen anyone run like that'." This is the central idea o f the team and w hat they are always trying to achieve.

Bottom Left: Senior captain Korey Tsubota sprinting to the finish. Bottom Right: Kekoa Clarke edging out teammate Russell Hapgood.

jpfymgi Left: Tyler Tsubota flying towards an outstanding third place BIIF finish. Top: Shannon Masada-Rodriguez. M iddle: W ill Sims, Coach Lupe Diaz. Bottom: W ilson Inman. Boys Cross C o u n try 151


The Girls Cross Country team pushed forth through individual .effort but is defined by camara­ derie. This team put all its heart and soul into the 2008 season, and the hard w ork paid off. After a strong showing in the regular season, these talented girls over­ came the odds, w i n n i ng the B11F championships by the narrowest o f margins and reclaim ing the title for the Ka Makani. A lthough the runners are the workers, the coaches' daily



workouts are w hat guide these girls towards victory. Coaches M ichael Franklin and Sarah W hitten had the team running tw enty to thirty miles per week. W ith this outstanding coaching staff and a fool proof training regimen, the Ka M akani were consistently edging out the best the island had to offer. The five scoring runners, Noe Vargas, Kela Vargas, Sam Neal, Am elia Evans, and Malama Solomon ran hard every race, beating key run­

ners from H ilo and H onoka'ato get ahead, stay ahead, and finish ahead. When itcam etim eforthe State Championship, the girls proved themselves once again by finishingeighth, wrapping up an amazing season. Congratu­ lations to the BIIF champions o f 2008!

Right: Am elia Evanstacklingthe infamous h ill at the Taj.

r tftl: Above: The girls jum pin g to their feet in celebration after hearing they are the 2008 BIIF champions. Powered by desire, this team reached their goals and more. Right: Freshman Malama Solo­ mon pushing hard to make it through the Ka Makani finish line. Running the valuable fifth spot, Solomon's efforts made a 2008 BIIF title possible for the Girls Cross Country runners.

152 G irls Cross C o u n try

Right: Sachi Hiatt racing ahead o f the com petition at the 2008 H aw ai'i state meet.

ack row (Left to right): Coach Michael Franklin, Beeka Wong, Amelia Evans, Noe Vargas, Janis Crawford, ichi Hiatt, Samantha Neal, Hana Scully, Phoebe Hono, Amelia Evans, Coach Sarah Whitten. Middle row: ephanie Abraham, Melissa White, Kelsi Nishina, Eaman Sarwar, Belle Stuard, Monica Crawford, Carola eitner, Leah Smith, Kela Vargas, Front row: Megan Nakahara, Tsukasa Akai, Malama Solomon, Taylor Esaki, /dney Budde, Jade Sohriakoff, Melanie Ulrich, Sierra Shumate.

Above: Jade Sohriakoff length­ ening her stride. Left: Noelani Vargas leading the pack.

G irls Cross C o u n try 153

Right: Kalei Konrad kick! ing into the uprights fo i a field goal !


CHAMPIONS he Ka Makani football team

T truly played like a cohesive

team throughout the long and grueling football season. Facing adversity w ith a loss to Kohala on their home tu rf to kick off the regular season, the team bounced right back w ith a string o f b rillia n t victories. W ith hard w ork and dedication, the team was able to post a number o f big wins that saw the mighty Ka Makani prevailing over both Konawaena and Kamehameha at home. The fortress created by senior linemen Elliot Kastner, Honu Look, M ika Nickel and freshman Shane Brostek gave rookie quarterback Keanu Yama�� moto the tim e and opportunity to

. M $ zr Running pack-Treat Sthytte bre^ihgawa^&em a slew of foDchdown^' 154 Football

w ork on his passing game. M any spectacular throws were com ­ pleted by the young and tenacious Yamamoto throughout the season, making the team even more o f a threat to all o f their opponents. Johnny Himalaya, Trent & Kawohi Schutte, along w ith Keoni Colson were the workhorses that relent­ lessly drove the Ka Makani downfield w ith every running play. The season ended for the boys in the pouring rain in a crucial game at Konawaena. W h ile the team came up short, the am ount of respect they earned from everyone is a testement to the strength and soul of this years team.

Below: QuarterbacH Keanu Yamamoto throwing over Kamehameha defend \ ers, propelling his team td victory:







£mg%M mmm

Below (top to b ottom ): Keoni Colson penetrating through Kohala's defense. Isaiah Adams taking out Sam Unger for a glorious victory over Konawaena at home. HPA's defense swallowing a Kohala player whole.

bove: Running back Johnny Himalaya iticip a tin g a snap and handoff from cenr Elliot Kastner and quarterback Keanu tmamoto. ight: HPA defense striking fear into the aarts o f many offensive lines this year. Football 155

Below: Keilyn Ryusaki not letting any balls fall to the ground. She was an unstop­ pable libero. Right: Tayler Wang juking a Rahoa player w ith a down the line slam. Below: Regardless o f the out­ come, post game celebrations always consist o f smiles and hi-fives.

A UNITED \ FORCE The Ka Makani W ahine Var­ sity Volleyball Team proved to be one o f tremendous fight and power. They fought through summer practices, through long hours of preparation, through battles o f mental, physical, and emotional toughness against not only their opponents, but their own minds as w ell, and through mountainous clim bs o f growth they have proved to be one o f the best. Their season was more than numbers, more than points, more than individual statis­ tics. It was o f team love, team strength, and team growth. They started out as 14 young ladies w ho each had unique characteristics to offer .their team. And under the wings of the queens o f tough cook­ ies, Sharon Peterson and Tracy Balino, they all became samu­ rai warriors, overcom ing their greatest obstacle. By the end o f the season 156 G irls V o lle y b a ll

they were the strongest team physically, mentally, and em o­ tionally. They could train fleas to jum p out of jars, and also jum p out of their own jars too. They lengthened their lines by their team's skill level, and have played in a com petitive volleyball match w ith o u t play­ ing w ith a tangible volleyball. Sharon trained them for every kind o f combat, such as men­ tal, physical, as w ell as emo­ tional combat. She has taught them to believe in any oppor­ tunity, and equipped them w ith the mind-set o f expecting the unexpected. She taught them to move on the court w itho ut thinking, but w ith instinct and their Ka Makani tw o step. She drove them to success. "There are no secrets to suc­ cess. It is the result of prepa­ ration, hard work, and learning from failure." Their team truly took these words to heart.

Above: Lovely seniors Vanessa Cushnie, Maya Chong, and Ziona Verhulsdonk celebrating their senior night. Left: Leeta Grap going up strong, faking the opposition out w ith a smart shot.

eft: Ziona Verhulsdonk and ridget W alker putting up an nbreakable w all, w ith co m p lilentary faces.

Above: Ku'uipo Kalawai'anui psyching out her Kea'au opponent.

G irls V o lle y b a ll


Below: Keita Kiyomitsu going up strong to get the basket and take it to the line for a foul shot.

Above: Douglas Tsai driving in for a lay-up. Right: Keanu Yamamoto making a crucial pass to his teammate on the inside.

158 Boys Basketball

Right: Nathan Schenk soaring over the compe­ tition to pop a three from the corner.

Coaches David Huntington and Dave Graham push HPA's Varsity boys basket­ ball players to their fullest potential. "The coaches expect a lot from us and we work as hard as w e can to fu lfill our goals," says Ka Makani player Braden Erickson. The coaches teach them teamwork, discipline, hard work, and perseverance. Coach Gra­ ham's famous saying is "Ring the Bell." Ringing the bell means that when it comes to game time, all the good and bad as­ pects o f practice anc^your outside lives be­ comes irrelevant and you have to perform your absolute best on the court, no mat­

ter the conditions or circumstances. This prepares them to go out at game tim e w ith the confidence and mindset to w in. The Ka Makani line up, being the tallest lineup on the island, put the Big in Big Island. W ith new players M ika Nickel, Keanu Yamamo­ to, and Tyler Van Kirk accompanying the returning players Keoki Phillips, Braden Er­ ickson, Kento Yokoi, Keita Kiyomitsu, Na­ than Schenk, Jordan Salomon, and Doug­ las Tsai, the varsity team has a strong and promising future.

Top ro w (le ftto right): Kento Yokoi, M ika Nickel, Keita Kiyomitsu, Keoki Phillips, Braden Erickson. Bottom row : Keanu Yamamoto, Douglas Tsai, Jordan Salomon, Tyler Van Kirk, and Nate Schenk. Boys Basketball 159

Right: Tayler Wang making one o f her infamous jumpshots.

Right: Maya Chong penetrating to collapse the defense.

M iddle: Leahi Lindsey springing for a lay-up. Far Right: Lana Queen firing off a free throw after a foul.


G irls Basketball




The Varsity Girls Basketball team is on fire this season. "O u r team is really close, we are all good friends on and off the court," says post player, Lei Tenorio. The team has b uilt strong bonds between each other, w hich makes it easy to connect on the court. These girls sacrifice much o f their tim e for basketball, w ith after school team study hall and late night practices. Coaches Gig Kimura, Kevin Ho, and John Colson prepare these girls the best that they can so the team can play w ith con­ fidence and determination. "W e love our coaches! They are all very dedicated and -have different strengths and

coaching methods," says post Desi Seid. A ll of this prepara­ tion noticeably pays off in their games. On January 21st, the team played an amazing game against Kamehameha. The score was close through­ out the game, w ith only a couple point difference. The crowd was going crazy! In the fourth quarter, fouls and time outs were being called left and right. W ithin the last minute of the game, the players used teamwork to pull ahead and end w ith a 51-49 w in. Captain Taylor Wang says, "It's fun to be on a team where everyone works together and knows w hat they should be doing."

Left: Cori Wang keeping the ball in control, pushing towards the basket.

Top ro w (left to right): Lei Tenorio, Tayler Wang, Lana Queen, Desi Seid, Leahi Lindsey, Cori Wang, Maya Chong, Kini Shuping, Nani Lum, Katie Ho, Lauren Hanano.

G irls Basketball 161






Above (left to right): Coach Dana Petteys, Baby Mele, Senora Donoho, Brendan M iran­ da, A u li'i Fujimoto, Emma Twigg-Smith, Beeka Wong, Dayna Ahuna, Greg Walker, W hit­ ney Yamamoto.






Every week kids from all grades come together to achieve the same purpose; to paddle d iligently and learn how to become a paddlingteam. On Mondays, w e stay on campus and run w hile learning how to stay physi­ cally fit. Then on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, we go down to Kawaihae Harbor and suit up to get into the water. Practices are lengthy but w orthw hile, so each person has to w ork a lot. Finally, on Fridays, we go back down to the harbor and load the canoe into the trailer. Practices are short but sweet





so everybody comes together for a fun relay. W e wake up bright and early on Saturday mornings to go to the races where w e compete w ith oth­ er teams for first. From my perspective, I love paddling because everyone is friendly towards each other and at the end of each practice, it seems like we've moved one step closer to having a stron­ ger bond w ith each other. We learn to w ork together both inside and outside o f the ca­ noe. Each race is different, so w e have to make sure that we paddle w ith our hearts. - Senior Dayna Ahuna

162 R addling

Above: Taking out the canoe is a daily thing, and a start to a hearty practice.

Right: Varsity boys Robert Reed, Juni Cho and Rukin Jelks pulling, w ith Greg W alker steering.

ottom ro w (left to right): Dayna Ahuna, W hitney Yamamoto, Sydney W aitz-Kudla, Stephanie Abraam. M iddle row : Greg Walker, Robert Reed, Michael Rogerson, Juni Cho, Kayden Haleakala, A u li'i jjim o to , Beeka W ong. Top row : Adam Dahlen, EmmaTwigg-Smith, Sean Prentiss, George Twiggnith, Brendan M iranda, Rukin Jelks, M ichael Severino, Alohi Nakachi, Aaron Nishina, and Carson lagoon.

Above: Dayna Ahuna, A u li'i Fujim oto, W hitney Yamamoto, and EmmaTwigg-Smith jum ping off the point w ith Ka Makani paddlers in the background.

Left: Dayna Ahuna, Emma Twigg-Smith, A u li'i Fujimoto, Sydney Waitz-Kudla, Beeka Wong, and W hitney Yamamoto enjoying their last season of paddling by having fun during their last day of practice together.

Paddling 163

Below: Joey Oh flying down to the goal against a Kea'au defender.

Above: Johnny Himalaya taking one o f his many goal kicks w h ile being keeper earlier in the season.

M iddle: Chinese star Eric Zhou taking on a Makua Lani defender in the d iv i­ sion II cham pionship game at Kealakehe. Right: Kalei Konrad volley­ ing the ball up the center to KoreyTsubota.

164 Boys Soccer

Right: KoreyTsubota fighting his way to the ball.

Front: Ryota Yokose. First ro w (left to right): Jasen Doi, Korey Tsubota, TylerTsubota, JJ Florendo, Pomai Wise, Noah Wise. Second row : Landy Eng, Malachi Kobayashi, Kawika Wise, Johnny Himalaya, Stefan M arkovic. Third row : JP Mangarin, Kana Hashimoto, Joey Oh, Kalei Konrad, Kanut Rojanai, Trevor Edwards, Eric Zhou, Bobby Stomski, Roberto Macnamara, Mari Asai, Dar­ ryl W ise:

KAMAKAN BOYS The boys soccer team had the most succesful season in the history o f the school. From the beginning o f the season, the team acted as a support system for each other w ith the boys pushingthemselves relentlessly tobetterthemselvesonthepitch. The team practiced on weekdays as w ell as weekends, showing their unwavering com m itm ent and love for the sport. The boys demonstrated good character by having good sportsmanship and

Left: Ryota Yokose breaking through the crowd, heading towards the goal.


camaraderie when the ball was in play. SuTprfsingly, consider­ ing their success this year, the team was relatively small w ith a total o f 17 players. This seasons defense was legendary w ith team co-captain Tyler Tsubota, Ryota Yokose, Malachi Kobayashi, and JJ Flo­ rendo keeping it locked down in the backfield. "W e've been running the off-sides trap this year, w hich has been a big success," said team co-captain Korey Tsubota, and what a suc­ cess it was. O n Saturday, January 31, 2009 the boys brought home the Division II BIIF title w ith a 1-0 victory over Makua Lani.The team then w ent to the state tour­

nament on O'ahu, where, after defeati ng KamehamehaKea'au and defending 2008 champions Mid-Pacific, HPA made their first ever appearanceinastatedivision 11final against Kapa'a High School. W hile our heroes played their hearts out i n the biggest game of their lives, the entire HPA com m unity tuned into OC 16 and watched the game live to support their team. W hile the team fell 3-1 in the final, this season w ill always live on in the hearts of the all the players and the entire HPA comm unity that supported them.

Boys Soccer 165

Right: Ku'uipo Kalawai'anui sprinting down the sideline, passing a Kea'au defender for a shot. Below: Keilyn Ryusaki send­ ing the ball up the field w ith a punt.

O ur little team is one of the smallest in our division, but on the field no one w ould know. We pushed through the ill­ nesses and injuries during the w hole season, and this brought us closer as a team. Everyone stepped up to fill the holes that needed to be filled because o f these things. Through the w hole season we pulled to ­ gether, supported each other, and kept bringing our "A" game. The dedication shown after school in the w ind and rain, and early m orning during breaks, has paid off. Everyone saw this during the BIIF cham­

pionship game or if they came over to Oahu for states. This w hole season w e had our for­ wards pushing through their defense to put one in the back o f the net from the balls fed up out o f the back. And if that d id n 't work, we w ould find a way to get ahead o f our oppo­ nents. I'm proud o f this team and hope next year, you girls go further. Keep playing hard and stick it out through your next few years. Love, your Captain Melissa Esaki

Right: Melissa Esaki dribbling the ball. 166 G irls Soccer

ick row (left to rig ht): Coach Steve Perry, Gabby Menendez, M indy Campbell, Daisy Mardian, Lindsey Powers, Ku'uipo Kalawai'anui, eta Grap, Noe Enos, Am elia Evans, Hannah Unger, Tori Campbell, Megan Nakahara, Coach M ichi Hanano. Front Row: Coach M i­ ma Diaz, Melissa Esaki, Keilyn Ryusaki, Jhernie Evangelista, Selena-Zola Osorio, Katie Case.

G irls Soccer 167

Sophomore Kaikea NakachHearing up the water as he goes for W e gold on the last length o f the 2 0 0 meter



“Breathing is overrated.” “It’s ail about the six inches between your ears.” “Who you gonna call late in the race? 1-800-gimme some legs!” Right: Ka Makani swimmers and fans cheer­ ing on Kaimana Teba as he approaches his flip turn at the HPA Invitational.

168 S w im m in g

Above: Coaches Karen, Dahlquistand Noetzel.










Every day at 3:30 pm, no matter the weather, the Ka Makani swim team dives into a practice made for champions. Averaging 5,000 yards a day and 25,000 yards a week, over the course of the season an HPA swimmer w ill traverse over 12,000 lengths of the Dowsett Pool. But all the training pays off. This year m ultiple school records were shattered, the Ka Makani men defended their B.I.I.F. title, and also admirably represented HPA at states, placing an impressive third. From November to February, w e challenge each other every day, pushing from the bottom up for improvement on all levels. This support and camaraderie shared by the team shows in and out of the pool and motivates us throughout the season to do our best. Finally, a warm thank you goes out to our coaches, Karen, Mrs. D, and Mr. Noetzel, for their outstanding guidance and inspiration and w ithout whom this season w ould not be such a success.

Front Row (left to right): Noe (Captian), Rosa. Second row: Kat, Katie, Phoebe, Fai, Madi, Sum­ mer: Third row: Ken, Avian, Haley, Mel, Kela, Leilani, Amber, Bridget, Julia. Fourth row: Seung Jun, Brittany, Kyle, Sean, Nick, Raikea, Austin, Noah, Hunter, Kaimana, Ryan, Liz, Mark, Cody (Captain), Kulan, John.


ight: Captain Noe Vargas exploding off f the blocks in the A M edly relay. right: Kela Vargas looking for air. S w im m in g 169



You may play varsity sports at HPA for a variety of reasons. Maybe you're just athletic and think its fun, maybe you enjoy the attention that goes along w ith being an athlete, or maybe you crave the social aspect o f being part o f a team. Butittakes more than just simple desires, skill, and strength to be a good wrestler. It takes heart, dedica­ tion, and comm itment above all. As an athlete, you make progress only when you push yourself to






the highest level. W restling w ill push you to a level of strength and stamina beyond w hat you thoughtyourbody could handle. You are taught that pain is o nly temporary, that quitting is never an option, and that there is always room for improve­ ment. The team is bonded by the sweat and blood spilled at practice and on the mat every day. Beyond becoming a good wrestler, HPAWrestlingteaches you the concepts o f teamwork,


hard work, class, pride, respect, and discipline. H onoring these principles are key to succeed­ ing in the w restling room, the classroom, and beyond. Thanks to our Coaches: Gary Jarvill, Kelly Dunston, Bob A l­ ameda, Ki mo Colson, Lance Ste­ vens, Jayson Christner, Pat Fisher, Chris, and M ike Soriakoff. Right: Senior captain Elliot Kastner preparing to throw his opponent to the mat.

Front row (left to right): Keoni Colson, Russel Hapgood, Shannon Masada-Rodriguez, Shannon Samura, Jonathan Chute, Justin Truong, Maxamillian Verbrugge, Kekoa Clarke, Andrew Brus, Bronson Kobayashi, Marcus Hess, Zoe Spears-Takakuwa, Stacie Doi, Breeani Kobayashi, Torin Kubo, Chris Oh, Harrison Hapgood, Susanna Han, Marie Donahue, Nathaniel Adams, Troy Choi, Joseph Chavez, Eli Hart, Dustin Hoover, Isaiah Adams, Onipa'a Stevens, Elliot Kastner, Trevor Cangemi, Edward Lassiter, Gregory Saydah, Sidney Quan, Mitchell Pascua.

Right: Kekoa Clarke pick­ ing up the leg o f a Honoka'a wrestler to keep his opponent at a disadvantage.

170 W re s tlin g

Left: Dustin Hoover fighting >r position and hand control.

■Below: Junior Captain Bron­ son Kobayashi trying to break the hold o f his Honoka'a ad­ versary.

Below: Susanna Han setting up in referees position ready to wrestle at the whistle.

Below: Zoe Spears-Takakuwa ducking under her oppo­ nents arm to get back control.

Above: First year wrestler Sonny Hapgood taking advan­ tage o f a weaker opponent.

Left: Jonathan Chute pick­ ing the ankle of his opponent at HPA's home dual meet w ith Honoka'a and Kohala.

W re s tlin g



OFTHEVTAJ Tucked away in the hills o f HPA is the Horse Program. .Located at the top o f the hill (lovingly nicknamed the Taj Mahal), people often run by doing their own sports, w ondering what that mysteri­ ous red b uilding is for. The Horse Program is open to all people o f all skill levels. Taught by Mrs. Folk and Mr. Solmssen (since 1957) we are supervised to have safe fun and love riding in whatever style we chose. The oldest sport running since the founding o f the school, the horse program started w ith the donation of 8 horses and slow ly expanded to our own herd o f 27.

The horse program makes our school a unique place. Living in the hills above HPA our herd that is purely bred from our own Mauna Kea m ountain horse line. Doing everything from trail rides to cross country jum pin g in 30 acres, to stadium jum ping to polo on the polo field, you can learn anything on these m ultipurpose, m ultitalented horses. Everyone is w elcom e to jo in no matter their skill level. The horse program is more than a regular sporting com m unity but a fam ily that you w ill keep forever, pulled together by the love o f horse.

Right (top to bottom ): Emma A hlo jum ping W aiW i; Mr. Solmssen schooling Ichabod, a young horse; and Sydney Budde riding Gretchen.

Above: Mrs.Folk giving her daily lecture on how to ride. (left to right) Swan Groom on Hoaka, Ruby Fink on Ms. Mouse, Sydney W aitz-Kudla on Geronimo, Mrs. Folkon Namakani, Teddy Lederer on Mocha, and Delany Ross on Guinan. Right: M alia Kissner jum ping w ith her "teammate" Sista.

172 H orse Program

Below: The English tack room standing in disorder.

Left: Delany Ross w orking on her flat w ork on the polo field.

Below: Polo mallets sitting ready to be used.

Horse Program 173

I t takes hard work and determination to compete in any sport and before one can compete at the highest-level, experience and knowledge must be attained. This experience is acquired at the junior varsity level. The junior varsity teams of girls' volleyball and girls and boys' basketball are mostly composed of aspiring underclassmen. These freshmen and sophomores are the foun­ dation that hold up the strength of Ka Makani athletics and reinforces our varsity sports teams. As the senior varsity players graduate, the responsibility and importance of the JV teams increases. The players come from all over the world with different levels of skills and experience. Some may have played several years prior to entering HPA, while some may be novice players who do not know the basis of the game. The ambition of these player's acts as the glue bonding them together to work cooperatively without words. Although a w in-w in situation may not be guaranteed at each game, the experience and the joy is at the greatest for those who watch it.


| o the Class of 2009: Aloha and congratulations to the Class of 2009 on a long and successful ride through the "HPA experience" ... whether it was for one year or thirteen years. Hawaji Prep is a special place and working with Ka Makani Athletics has hopefully given you many lasting rewards. All of your fellow student/athletes are unique and special and all of your coaches truly understand what high school sports is all about. Recently, I read the following quote from Tiger Woods: "One o f the things that my parents have taught me is never listen to other people's expecta­ tions. You should live your own life and live up to your own expectations, and those are the only things I really care about it." I have always been impressed with Tiger Woods and his uncanny ability to keep improving his game, even when he is already the best in the world. Tiger's drive to improve is based upon his OW N expectations and his desire to never be satisfied. I hope each of you "listen to your own expectations" and drive to improve each and every day. Good luck, aloha, and keep smiling! Stephen L. Perry Athletic Director





Opposite page, top (Left to right): Hoku Kaholo, Justin Truong, Nickson Lynn, Eun Sol Lee, Susanna Han, Mrs. Prah, Emily Prah, Trevor Cangemi, Noah Murray, Keita Kiyomitsu, Keoki Phillips, Ken M amizuka, M ika Nickel, Honu Look, KentoYokoi, Lexi Korobkin Janis Crawford, Sachi Hiatt, Elliot Kastner, Maya Chong, Sachi Ainge, Brittany Kumove. This page: N ick Penny & JJ Florendo.

Anna's Halls (left to right): Diaz's, Kamrow's, Day's, & O'Leary's.

Right: Kim, Ann, Chichi, Emma, Aly, and Hoku relaxing on a lazy Sun足 day afternoon on Anna's field.

Below: Sam Johnson, Kim McFarland, and Katie Clark shin足 ing like stars on Ms. Kamrow's hall.

178 Anna's Dorm

Above: M o lly Mackay-Smith and Sara Drennan put足 ting their feet up during study hall.

Below: Lei Tenorio and Kini Shuping striking a trade足 mark Anna's pose.







Welcome to the dorm where girls grow and learn to become independent. From around the world, they come together to live in a dorm thousands of miles away from their homes. There



How is Anna's Dorm Unique? "Everyone's really friendly and there's a sense of unity, and it's clean." Linnea Gregg, Hilo, H aw ai'i

are good times and bad times, drama and laughter, but through

"Everyone comes from a different place and we're all there for each other." Carola Geitner, Southern Germany

it all the girls learn how to stick Above: The other perk o f living in a girl's dorm? You can get your nails, makeup, or hair done by girls w ho are practically profes­ sionals!

together and live like sisters. Whether they're from South Africa or South Korea, Japan or Thailand, Germany or Hawai'i, the girls join together and make

friendships and bonds that w ill last a lifetime. In Anna's Dorm, there are four halls. While Ms. Diaz's Hall is packed with many talents, Ms. Kamrow's Hall houses many creative

"W e're all kind of like sisters and we all share a home to­ gether." Stephanie Abraham, M oloka'i, H aw ai'i

girls. While Ms. Day's Hall is loaded with different person­ alities, Mrs. O'Leary's Hall has a true sense of humor. There is always someone who w ill listen and talk to you in Anna's Dorm. Anna's Dorm




Hartwell's dormitory, the all-boys dorm at HPA, is un­ like any other. Indubitably the hardest-rocking dorm on campus, Hartwell's boys pass the tim e w ith vigorous games o f pi ng-pong, focused games o f pool, or animated tournaments o f Halo 3. In the afternoon, students hang around the lower commons, watching TV; on the week­ ends, Dr. Ravaglia often treats the dorm and visitors to a movie and some homemade treats. Students in Hartwell's


have a lot o f fun, but they also know how to buckle dow n and h it the books. The Commander-In-Chief of Hartwell's is Dr. Ravaglia, and the other dorm parents are Mr. Jarvill, Mr. Huntington, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Christner, and Mr. Masuda.

Right: Dr. Ravaglia, the dorm head and moral com ­ pass o f H artw ell's, quietly adressing the boys at an all dorm meeeting.

A bove: Freshman W illia m Young devotinghisentirefocus to online Flash games.

Above: Junior N ick Purdy fu e lin g the barbeque w h ile Senior David Lee pays close attention. R igh t: Y oujong Kim and Young Keun O h playing a game o f ping pong in the commons.

180 Hartwell's Dorm

Dr. Ravaglia's hall are the underdogs o f H art足 w ell's. The small number o f students and position at the bottom of the dorm give this hall a sense of brotherhood. Travis Stancil (with tie on head), is the prefect.

Mr. Jarvill's hall is the biggest hall in Hartwell's. Students from many Asian nations, and one boy from Oregon, all live here. Pre足 fects Ken M am izuka (the one crow d surfing) and Paul Chen (m iddle front) keepi these guys in line.

The top hall o f Hart足 w ell's is ruled by Mr. H ig足 gins and prefect Shannon M asada-R odriguez (the guy flexing). This band o f fast friends sometimes take trips as a hall out to eat or for some caffinated delight at Starbucks.


The th ird hall up is that o f Mr. Huntington. A d u ll m om e n t rarely passes here; guys-often pass the tim e by playing video games or watching one o f prefect Alejandro H orow itz's (in red cap) hundreds of DVD's.

H a rtw e ll's D o rm 181


Below: Eun Sol Lee making sure that all of her homework gets done on time.

Above: Kalei Konrad lend­ ing his mathematical m ind to freshman Athivat Chirathivat. Right: W illia m Johnson hanging out in his room, rede­ fining excellence in the dorm.

182 Robertsons D o rm ito ry




Robertson's dorm itory is lo­ cated smack dab in the middle. U nlike the other tw o dorms, Robertson's is co-ed: it has a m ixture o f tw o boy halls and one girl hall. Robertson's is the smallest dorm, w hich comes w ith great benefits. Everyone knows everyone. This gives us the opportunity to gel together like a family. W e also have no drama; if anything is w rong it gets easily resolved. Everyone is so open and easy-going in this dorm. People are always w illin g to share food, the T.V., or the computers. Having such a wel I run dorm comes from our











role models, the dorm parents. They treat us just like their own kids. They give us excellent bar­ becues, and the students can go to any hall parent for just about about anything. W e have Mr. Kamrow and Mr. Spencer on the guy's halls, and the Franklin's on the girls. Were also blessed to have Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Clark, and the Blacksmith's. Robertson's is such a diverse dorm due to all the different cultures that are present here. W e have people from H aw ai'i, Korea, China, Palau,Thai, Japan, Canada, Am erica, and Taiwan. Every person brings something


T O R Y different and special to ouii dorm . W henever w e watcH movies in the commons, peoplej always bring food from theiri hometown. I've personally triec{ many different treats from all over the w orld and have intro-i duced Li H ing M ui to a lot ofj pepple. It's a great experience! to frear about peoples lives andi families back home. Robertson's! creates amazing memories fori everyone that is lucky enough) to live there. Senior- Ziona Verhulsdonk Right: Eric Zhou w riting an ; English paper in the commons! area during evening study hall.

Robertsons D o rm ito ry


International students at HPA come togeth­ er from all over the w orld, hailing from 5 d if­ ferent continents and over thirteen different countries. These countries include but are not lim ited to Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Thai­ land, Vietnam Germany, South Africa, Singa­ pore, Canada, Tahiti, Saipan, and Palau. W ith such an integrated environm ent w ith students secluded from their homelands they must w ork hard to help each other in academics, sports, and also support each other in every aspect o f their daily lives at HPA. The international stu­ dents make a big difference to our com m unity in many ways. W alking around the HPA cam­ pus one can hear more than five languages be­ ing spoken at any p oint in time. International students also bring their own culture to HPA, making it all the more special and unique. The international students that come to HPA gain new knowledge, and in turn they bring knowledge from their own countries. "I've learned as much from living w ith international students in the dorms as I've learned in class," says senior Russell Aguilar. One o f the great things about the com m unity at HPA is that it creates an environm ent where students from all different backgrounds can integrate and grow to learn and respect other cultures. The com m unication between different cultures at HPA makes the school distinctive and remark­ able. Above: The comforts of cultural similarities find their way into the dining hall, where the exclusive Korean table discusses the latest news out o f Seoul. Right: Modern day rappers and sublime Shinto monks hanging out together at a Halloween for­ mal dinner. 184 In te rn a tio n a l Students


ft: Germany's Andy Eckert using quite a stir on campus th his "Bono" like looks.

Above: South African Kini Shuping volunteering at the Ironman Triathlon.

Above: Senior prefects Eunjin Park from South Korea, and Fai Chonecadeedumrongkul from Thailand participating in an all dorm activity at the beginning of the school year. In te rn a tio n a l Students 185




Every year HPA holds its annual fund­ raiser called Pumpkin Patch. Classes and clubs sponsor booths, and put items up for auction. This event is held on Parent's Weekend, during w hich HPA student's parents come from around the w orld to watch their children's classes and have the quintessential "HPA expe­ rience." The parents not o nly get to see their kids in classes and sports, but also doing com m unity service by participat­ ing in Pumpkin Patch, raising money for class activities and/or sports. This event has activities themed for Halloween,


such as a Haunted House (promoted by the seniors), and a com m unity concert that featured Jah 1Ea, an HPA student band. The Pumpkin Patch offers unique opportunities for our entire community. This year, w ith the Go Green movement still in m otion, w e had many inform a­ tion booths about how to live more sus­ tainably. N ew ly featured at Pumpkin Patch this year was Zumba, a high-en­ ergy dance w orkout that had our stu­ dents w orking up a sweat! HPA brings our community, faculty, and students together every year for this long-lasting tradition.

Below. Aaron Nishina making hemp jew elry to raise money for the ju n io r class.

Right: Ms. Diaz dress­ ing up as a hippie for Pumpkin Patch.

186 P u m p kin & Parents


ft: Max Barreto playing a giant game chess.

Below: Selling ice cream for the freshman class, Jade Sohriakoff and Malama Solo­ mon advertise their booth proudly.

A b o ^ |*M u d v m g intently d u rin g ^

Greggs to 4olve a problem.

Volcano R jn p k in tA o to te fe

th e M ihor and drawing o u t B h e a rtb u ild in g on a sunny day.

Above: Scaring little kids for the Senior class haunted house, KentoYokoi stands in ja il w ith a w erew olf mask holding a sev­ ered leg. Left: A u li'i Fujim oto singing her heart out w hile supporting her reggae band Jah 'Ea.

Above: W alking back up to the dorms, W il­ liam Johnson accompanies his mom after a long day in the classroom.

P um pkin & Parents 187

Right: The W aipio Valley crew learning about taro farming. Below: A u li'i Fujimoto and Courtney-Ann Kaholo wres­ tling the traditional Hawaiian way.

Above: Stacie Doi, Rebecca Wong, Kyle Katase, Shannon Samura, and Justin Truong w orking hard on their fish nets.

Left: Jacqueline Ornellas and Elenka Jacobs learning the cul­ tural dance o f H aw ai'i. 188

FHo'olaulea & H o 'ik e

Left: Nathaniel Adams, Isaiah Adams, Malachi Kobayashi, and Daniel Cook deep sea fish­ ing w ith Mr. Kruger.


H O ' O L A U L E A

Every year, HPA's students and teachers-are given a day off from ordinary classes to learn about and experience Hawai­ ian culture. Students get to choose w hich Hawaiian activi­ ties they prefer to learn about for the day. Activities are held on campus such as of lauhala weaving, lei making, and cook­ ing the pig in the Imu. Students are even given the opportunity to go off campus for deep sea fishing, hiking W aipio, or play­ ing ancient Hawaiian games. H o'olaulea gives us a chance to really see and appreciate the traditions o f H aw ai'i.

Below: Mrs. Etherton, Ziona Verhulsdonk, Vanessa Cushnie, Laura Flem, and Bianca Michetti jam m ing on their ukuleles.


H O ' I K E

Above: Travis StanciI and Mr. Kamrow learning the symbolic meanings o f petroglyphs.

<ove: Tyler Vankirk contemiting life on the M akali'i. )to by N ick Chock.

H o 'o la u le a & H o 'ik e


Left: Elliot Kastner and Sachi Hiatt prepping food over the weekend for the Jewish food booth.


Above: W hether it was O olong, Iron Goddess, or Pu-er tea, the gang that showed up for the Chinese Tea and Culture funshop drank everything in sfght! Right: The Neth­ erlands was a suprise addition to an already diverse group of countries being represented in Taylor Com­ mons. Here, Alex Disney (who lived in the Netherlands for tw o years!) or­ ganizes her home­ made Netherland sweets that were a big hit at the food festival.

190 In te rn a tio n a l D ay

Left: Keanu Yama­ moto finding out that caber toss- j ing is much more technically difficult than throwing a football.

Left: W innie Chen, Phoebe Tsai, Nickson Lynn, Angel W u, and Chi-Chi O'Leary proudly representing the Republic o f China on Taiwan.


The Roving Yearbook Reporter reluctantly Put h is plate of food down long enough to ask three questions...

Q: W hat did you think about this years International Day? A: "I thought it was fun and I learned some new Native American dance techniques from Mr. Kamrow." -Lindsey Powers Q : W hat was your favorite food? A: " The Japanese fried chick­ en was super ono. I also liked Belgian waffles w ith w hipped cream too." - Hana Scully Q : W hat are three words to describe International Day? A: Diverse, fun, and entertaining. - Kai Fink

Itis w ith o u tm H tic ^

T'as^riHTiostTuTHuTTng^nTernatipnar'Sayr'I^etfienfSTasW ang the legendary rap sounds of Zebra fyes, Kentoip dadtj' â&#x2013; spmimp M M H irin n ? Japanese street food, or peaimf^tbrnMm eiSgantiHmonp^ around (fampui, this group firno jy doe<; everything! rf style.!

Above: Mr. Higgins couldn't get enough of the beef noodles being served up by the Taiwanese group.

Above: Hana Sara Ito and Teddy Lederer spending their weekend getting ready for International Day. In te rn atio na l D ay 191

Below: The Environmental Club planting trees at Kaupulehu to help preserve Hawaii's natural ecosystem and native forests.

Right: The perspective w e all dream about. Photo: FDB.

Above: Chapel Committee member Nick Penny delivering a m oving passage during fall convocation at Davies Chapel.

Above: French Bread and Fashion on an official club excursion at the Kings Shop's in W aikoloa.

194 C lubs

Right: Hawai'i Prep Bodysurfing/Bodyboarding Association member Sonny Hapgood fin ally finding a wave o f his own at Kua Bay. Photo: FDB.

Founder o f FBF: Anthony Gand

O n a cold W aimea w inter morning, 17 year old senior Anthony Gand arose from his slumber only to realize a terrifying fact, his slippers d id n 't match his pants. Real­ izing this gave him an epiphany that w ould save HPA from a terrible fate o f unfashion­ able outfits and unwanted gruel. He envi­ sioned a club that w ould involve the teach­ ing o f fashion and delicious snacks starting w ith the letter "F." However he was lacking one thing, an accom plice. He then turned to fe llo w fashion extraordinaire Piper Power for assistance in the clubs creation. W ith this flawless team and a fool proof plan French Bread and Fashion (FBF) could go nowhere but up. N ow FBF is one of the most popular clubs at HPA, and raking in approxim ately tw enty members. FBF does

new and exciting things each week from watching various fashion movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and Americas Next Top Model to taking field trips to the King Shops in order to explore the local fashion of Hawaii. FBF's most recent trip to the King Shops explored many different as­ pects o f the fashion com m unity in Hawaii and elsewhere in the w orld, from looking at Luis Vuitton to checking out what Coach has to offer. Although most of the students cannot afford such fashion at this point in their lives it is a great opportunity for them to get new and exciting ideas to improve their own wardrobes. W ith all of their achievements it's not what HPA has done for FBF but what FBF has done for HPA.

Below: John Henry Pezzuto giving back to the Kawaihae com m unity on a weekly basis.

Above: Dr. Ravaglia sharing his vast knowledge o f Mathematics w ith Math Club students. Right: The Kawaihae Transitional Housing Club playing w ith the youth o f Kawaihae.

196 C lubs

The Kawaihae Transitional Hous­ ing Club: Role models to us all. This com m itted group o f individuals spends their Tuesday nights playing w ith and teaching the underprivileged youth of Kawaihae. These children were born into homes less fortunate than our own and are unable to enjoy many o f the luxuries we as HPA students take for granted: things like good food, toys to play w ith, and a supportive family. Thanks to the com m itm ent o f teachers and students alike, w e are able to give these children some o f these comforts. From giving piggyback rides to having story tim e to pushing kids on the swing set, these volunteers bring jo y into the lives o f children less fortunate. HPA is always looking to give back to the com m unity that has given us so much and few can think o f a better way than helping the youth o f H aw ai'i. Led by the always inspirational Mr. Emmons, these HPA students help others enjoy, and themselves enjoy, their tim e w ith these children ranging from infants to 11 years

old. Studies have shown that the single I most im portant factor in healthy child mental development is size of vocabu- ; lary at a young age. By reading to the kids at Kawaihae, HPA students can help improve their chances in life. W h ile theseKawaihae youth are often rowdy and afhandful to deal w ith, all members find this jo b totally gratifying. ;| In the words o f Keira W illiam s, a membd of the transitional housing club, "Playing w ith the kids is really fun. I love giv­ ing them piggyback rides and pushing i them on the swing set. It's something I'nj passionate about, and I enjoy it." These i words show that the members o f this clu do not feel obliged, but glad to give their tim e to these underprivileged children. This club not o nly helps members gain valuable com m unity service hours, but also raises w ith in them a feeling o f givinj G iving to the comm unity, the youth of th Big Island, and themselves, the members o f the HPA Kawaihae Transitional Hous­ ing Club are truly generous and genuine people.

Below: W ill Sims giving a big thumbs up as he helps Mari Asai cook spam for a Red Cross fund raiser down at the gym.


Above: A Ka Makani Flyers remote con­ trol plane prepped and ready for take off at the old Kona airport.

Above: Jade Sohriakoff, a member of the Hawaiian Club, dancing hula for the HPA community.

Above: Cody Morse devouring a w affle and supporting the Make a Wish foundation during a fundrais­ ing event for the club.

C lubs 197

Right: Founding member o f the Tea and Philosophy Club, Alyssa Evans helping herself to a cup of tea that has earned the nickname "roots." Below: Always there to lend a helping hand, Student Ambassador Ariel Moseman helps Chelsea Ashimine move into her room at Anna's dormitory.

Above: Lit Mag thrives off o f original submissions from talented HPA artists like Sachi Ainge's self portrait above. ( l^ 4 198 C lubs

W elcom e to the Tea and Philosophy Club, featuring a cross selection of HPA students who love to gather on odd Thursday's in the Pacifica Room in the Dyer Library to celebrate the meaning of life and to debate whether O olong tea is superior to Black tea. W ith consistent generous donations of fabulous tea from our wonderful international parents, the club has a collection o f teas that w ould make any tea enthusiast in the w orld proud. You prefer a nice grade O olong tea grown on the - slopes o f a 7,000 foot mountain? They got it. Prefer a tea w ith more grit and bite? Try the stuff the kids call "Roots tea." O r maybe you might just like a mid level Jasmine tea grown in the legendary foothills of Darjeeling, India? They have that too. W ith Dr. Ravaglia anchoring much o f the philosophical discussion, and students making sure that the water temperature is just right for tea, everyone spends a happy hour together eating snacks, sipping a w ide vari­ ety o f teas, w hile trying to figure out if life has any significance at all. Along the way, stu­ dents learn about the complexities of modern day tea culture, w hich involves the subtle art of steeping a tea pot for the perfect amount of time, always making sure that your fellow tea drinker's cup is full, and to know when it's tim e to change the tea leaves in the tea pot. It's simply a great tim e to be a tea enthusiast at HPA! Above Left: The cast & crew o f the Tea and Phi­ losophy club. Left: Musicians from the School of Rock laying down a foundational groove in the hallowed halls of GPAC. C lubs 199



B patrick o lear y ]

SUMMER BOROWSKI The Ka Makani yearbook staff of 2009 truly repre­ sented the special ethos of our school. The devoted staff was comprised of like-minded individuals bound to­ gether by a common goal, to make the best yearbook possible. As you can see from the photographs on this page, this yearbook staff was incredibly diverse, inter­ mixing distinct personalities, outrageous talents, and for­ midable skills. From photographers to editors, and w rit­ ers to designers, each staff member's role (or roles) was crucial to tne creation of the yearbook that you are hold­ ing now. With everyone pulling their own weight, we managed to keep anead of deadlines and keep the atmo­ sphere fun and productive. The cover, end-sheets, divider pages and all titles were original designs created by the ever-inspiring Justin Truong. A small crew of hard work­ ing photographers including Russell Aguilar, Makoa Johnson, ana Mr. O'Leary took all photographs appearing in this yearbook unless otherwise noted. Finally, as a group we have learned so much, and more importantly, we have remained friends through a grueling year full of pressure filled deadlines. Please enjoy and cherish this 59th edition of the Ka Makani. Aloha - The Yearbook Staff

the characteristic spirit of a cutae,

era, or community

as manifested in its Beliefs and aspirations

• •*


m :i


fs w T



Im m











Hpa 2009