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Hawai'i Preparatory Academy 65-1692 Kohala Mountain Road’ Kamuela, Hawai'i, 96743 Headmaster: Dr. Olaf Jorgenson Student Body: 342 Main: (808) 885-7321 Fax: (808) 881-4003

Life at HPA is about making daily commitments. We fill our days going to classes, taking part in clubs, and work­ ing together on the athletic field. We spend our nights up late completing homework assignments, studying for tests, and preparing projects to present at"school. Sore muscles are an integral part o f daily life on the athletic field, where we are pushed to our limits, and then pushed again, five days a week. Day in and day out the student body clings to life, trying to keep up with the demands of HPA both academi­ cally and extracurricular. Often students work seven days a week fulfilling their, club, academic, and athletic obligations. We commit our lives to being the very best, while preparing ourselves for success.

Above: (left to right) Kara Erickson b rav in g h e r peers while p erfo rm in g at HPA's first annual Prepapalooza. Cast m em bers of "Musuem" uniting backstage b efo re o p en in g night. Erika C ushnie keeping the presssure 011 h e r opponent at the Ka M akani Classic. Left: M ana Purdy, day in an d day o u t, defining w hat it takes to be totally com m ited to the schools athletic program . /VlasCe tt CammUme/U 3


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We hear it day in and day out. Give it your all, and then give it much, much more. Be humble in victory and lose with grace.

Whether it's a challenging examination

that pushed us to the brink, a big game that we lost on the field or the daily reality of the pressures facing a high school student; life at HPA is anything but easy, as there are a multitude o f challenges that we face head on every day. When faced with adversity, many students take the oppoitunity to beat the odds and come out on top. This is what makes a HPA student; the ability to rise to the occasion, find a new plateau, and thrive under pressure.

Above: (left to right) T h e football team taking a knee o n e last tim e a fte r losing a tough gam e to K am eham eha for the Division II C ham pionship. M aster history teacher, Jay W ilder delivering an inspirational speech in Davies Chapel. Freshm an A lyssa Evans and J u n io r E lliot K astner ig n o re th e buzz o f th e gym lights while concentrating on passing fall sem ester final exams. Left: O n e thing's fo r sure, n o m a tte r how m any times you have ru n up it, the pain never quite goes away. Sean P re n tiss strir gling u p the legendary hill th a t leads to th e Taj M ahal in a hom e cross country m eet. ULru>c in

The initiative to take responsibility truly lives at HPA, whether it be to your club, classmate, teachers, or your work program! Academically, we put in considerable effort because ultimately we are responsible for our grades.

On the field,

we push ourselves to our outer-limits for the betterment of the team. We spend tidbits of -qui^ precious free time going to class meetings or clubs. O f course, taking responsibility is not required, but rather an option to take part in something much bigger than ourselves. Whether cleaning up highways on weekends, working with kids at Kawaihae transitional housing, giving tours of HPA to perspective students and families, or traveling the island to compete, we have learned that giving our time above and beyond the bare minimum gives us the op­ portunity to better ourselves and the world around us.

Above: (left to right) G reg Walker, Brendan M iranda, an d H a rm e n V erbrugge doing last m inute preparations for a history exam . R ussell H apgood pulling his weekly kitchen d u ty in th e "Pit" with pride. M r. B a rb e r and students help capture a honu tu rtle fo r scientific research at K iholo Bay. Left: Seniors Rascha Jelks, W hitney H arvey, along w ith Mr. E m m o n s and th e E n v iro n m e n ta l C lub participate in re-planting th e ta ro patch fro n tin g th e Science building. TrcA e





When not busy with academics, we spend extra hours having fun together! As a class we compete in the yearly HPA Olympic games, participating in events such as the nose egg roll, pie eating contest, and intese charade face offs, all for the title of class champions. Classes work together through the fun and sometimes bizzare events with big smiles and notable class spirit. On the weekends, campus activities for boarders include barbeques, Kona vans, waterslides, beach vans, pool parties, baking, pool parties, and open gym. We proudly support our athletic teams at home and away, paint­ ing our faces with red and white and bringing our loud voic­ es. Friends laugh and talk over the long lunch periods and enjoy the pleasant break in their long day. Fun and laughter paves the path for many fond memories and is another dazzling facet o f the HPA experience. k&ow (left to right): HPA girls show ing up in droves to su p p o rt th e ir awesom e football team on the road this season. Senior Jen nifer D ahlgren a n d frien d taking o n th e w eekend w aterslide w ith the rig h t attitude. S eniors bring it down, u n d erclass­ m en get rid o f it. Snow fight on a Tuesday m o rn in g b efo re class! 'Left: Sophom ores D esi Seid an d Sean Zakar having a blast w hile struggling to keep th eir legs in rhythm at fall Games.

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During your time at Hawai'i Preparatory Academy, we’ve encouraged you to reflect, evalu­ ate, assert, and persuade. Yoiive enjoyed the benefit of an independent boarding/day school education that less than one percent of young people in America are privileged to experience; and you have many, many opportunities that oth­ ers can hardly imagine. Ultimately, the true quality of a school is best gauged not by the accomplishments of its students, but through the lives led by its alumni. We hope that, beyond pursuing your own liveli­ hood, your lives are dedicated to making the world better, to serving those less fortunate than you are, to turn your private school education to a public purpose. You are good people and we are proud of you! Aspire, dream, challenge, and commit. Best wishes for a brilliant future!

/^ s s is h u ti

I’m sure this has been another year o f “ahhas!’ As you reflect on your experience at HPA, I hope you have learned from your challenges. When confronted with extreme adversity, it is important to view these circumstances as new op­ portunities to learn and grow. Continue to make a commitment to follow through and stay involved no matter how diffi­ cult the situation. Put your leadership skills and fortitude to the test. If you can cope with life’s problems, main­ tain your balance, and adapt, your resiliency will lead to you to navigate through whatever chang­ es come vour way.

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f rom the morning announcements that you’ve seen over the past three years, you may have noticed one o f the ending series that I set up. There were four themes to my message (Set Goals, Take Responsibility, Thrive in Adversity and Have Fun). I truly believe in each o f those unifying ideas as focal points that will last you a lifetime. That said, I’ve witnessed numerous times how hard the members o f the class o f 2008 has worked and how you have accepted the end product as a direct reflection o f your effort. In­ deed, it is the effort that matters most. “Do what you like, like what you do!’


As Mary and I finish our second year at HPA and the 29th year living on boarding school campuses, we continue to be energized, almost on a daily basis by our exceptional students and passionate teachers, coaches and staff. While some consider HPA a small school doing big things, we simply sense that HPA is doing it right! This year's senior class is a great indicator o f all that is right and positive about HPA. We wish you the best as you springboard into your next chapter. For our returning stu­ dents, continue to have fun. Your enthusiasm is contagious. We all look forward to your return this fall.


ro m starting o u t as crazy freshmen, the senior class has grown and matured into a wonderful model for all classes to look up to. We are our own breed, consisting of classmates from all over the world with different backgrounds and personalities, yet we stand united when it comes to getting things done. Whether at the beach, in class, or playing sports, the senior class is all about hard work, determination, and having fun. Being the first senior class to come in last for three con­ secutive years in Olympics, we still won the events that mattered most and had a better time losing than any other class did win­ ning. Ever since freshmen year our class has been the one to make things new and exciting, with our classic attitudes, epic pie eating, and our crazy circle-sit routines. With outstanding athletes, we have contributed greatly to many BIIF titles and have helped earn the school a state Kai’mana Award two years running. With HPA literally "going green" for the past two years our class has taken responsibility through environmental club and North Hawai'i Youth Coalition to truly make a difference. For almost the entire first semester we have made the College Counseling Center our home and our lives. “Senioritis” is really beginning to catch up with us and it won't be long until we are walking down the gym halls ready to receive our diplo­ mas. We will always remember and cherish the times we had together and our incredibly long experience at HPA. Soon we will embark on the most important chapter of our lives. We are thankful for all of the help and support from faculty, parents, peers, and coaches but it is now time to be on our own. It& fi­ nally our time to shine. Congratulations Class of 2008! - Lauren Paisley, 2008 Class Representative


Seniors Jo rd an Swan, Beau Cantyne, * Tyler Sakurai, H oulton Mahaney and • Jo rd an Opdycke continue the tradi- • tion o f seniors bringing down the * first snow o f the year from Mauna • Kea to share with the student body-

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Tokyo, Japan Cross Country 3 years @ HPA

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Dad: HPAni kite iro iro n a keikenwoshi m anabi soshite subarashii hitotachini deaetakoto kansha shiteim asu. N eru m am o oshinde keashitekurete arigatougozaim asu. P apa h a eienni o u en d an ch o u dayo! Mom: N aite denw a su ru tab in i adobaisuwo k u re ureshiikotoga a reb a isshoni yorokonde k u rete arigatougozaim ashita. M am a h a sekaide ichibanno m am a dayo! Mishuku: K okorono k o m o tta otegam iya tabem o n o h a itsum o w atashino kokorow o atatakaku shitekurem ashita. K orekaram o zutto genkide itene. Ikebukuro: It­ sum o k aradano koto shinpai shitek u rete arigatougozaim ashita. M ainichi isogashii k eredo korekaram o h u la wo o d o tte genkide itene. Maori: ln e n n o h an b u n shika isshoni iru to k ig a nainoni itsum o daisukide itek u rete arigatou. K o rek ara­ m o iro iro n a kotow o keikenshite kokoro DAKE o o kikunattene. Pear: We h ad a lot o f things until now o r m aybe I h a d a lot o f things, b u t th a n k you so m uch fo r su p p o rted m e w henever I n eed ed . Love you. Emi: S um m er k ara im am ade hontouni arigatou. Iro iro n a koto g a attak ed o em iga HPA ni ite yokatta. Daisuki!! Ce­ line: T h is y ear was h a rd fo r m e, b u t I h a d you, so it was fun. T h a n k you and love you!! Kana, Keita, Ken, Xander:, Iro iro n a to k o ro d e watashiwo sasaete k u rete arigatou. Tanoshii senior y ear wo sugoshitene. Mr.Diaz: I can’t believe th a t it§ been 3 years since I m et you in sum ­ m er school. You w ere like m y 2 n d fath er at HPA. It was really h a rd to show my feeling in h ere, b u t T h a n k you so m uch fo r everything. I love you! M asuda Fam­ ily: Senseino jyug y o u , kouchanm am ano oryouri, k ouchanno egao sutekinam ono bakari itadakim ashita. H o n to u n i ariga­ tougozaim ashita. Yumi: T h a n k you so m uch fo r thinking ab o u t m e all th e tim e. You are th e only m y best friend. Adam: T h a n k you so m uch fo r su p p o rt­ i n g m e even we are n o t together. Your words always m ade m e go forw ard. G ood luck in y our college and love you.

14 A/[(Huuo /{&&

"Be kin d to everyone, but be strict to yourself!

Kyoto, Japan Tennis / Marine Expeditions Club 1 year @ HPA

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Mom&Dad: T h a n k you so m uch for everything you've done fo r m e. I'm so grateful th a t you let m e experience a phenom ­ enal high school life. Kathy: My crazy Irish girl! It has been a blast being room ­ m ates with you. C om ing to HPA in my senior year and m eet­ ing you h ere definitely m ean som ething big to me. Luv ya! Sweet girlies in Dotyk hall& Robertsons people: It was re ­ ally cool to live with you guys fo r 9 m onths. We all are very d ifferent, b u t it m ade o u r life h e re even m uch m ore fun. O u r d o rm is awesomely awesome! Em i, Kana&Moana: I'm glad you guys are h e re at HPA with m e. T h a n k you for all o f the m ental help I got from you and o th e r Japanese guys. I luv u my Japanese girlies! My teachers: T h a n k you all fo r teaching m any interesting lessons. Class o f 2008: We did it! My Buddies in Japan: You guys rock! All o f th e people th a t I've m et who have influenced my life in som e way, T h a n k you very m uch for that!

"Life is like a box o f chocolates. You never know w h a t yo u 're g o in g to get". -Forrest G u m p

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Kukai'au, Hawaii Football/Paddling/Rugby Fisherman for Life


e a t o n

"Two things are infinite: th e universe and h u m an stupidity; and I'm n o t sure ab ou t th e universe" -A lb ert Einstein "Life is hard; it's h a rd e r if you 're stupid" -J o h n W ayne "Talk low, talk slow an d d o n 't say too m uch" -Joh n W ayne " Scuse m e while I kiss th e sky* -J im i H en d rix " Take m e dow n to th e paradise city W here th e grass is g reen an d th e girls a re p re tty Take m e home" -G u n s 'N R oses "W ithout civic m orality com m unities perish; w ith o ut personal m orality th e ir survival has n o value" -B ertran d R ussell "One good th in g ab o u t music, w hen it hits you, you feel no pain" -B o b M arley "Got to keep th e country, country, got to keep th e country, country, now1.' -H u m b le Soul "You can 't tell m e who I am , cuz I'm w orking o n th a t too. W hat's rig h t fo r m e ju s t ain't rig h t fo r you'.' -S o ld iers o f Jah A rm y

"Eat Beef. The West was not won on salad"

16 / d / f BeaTiSHy

Kaneohe, Hawai'i Football/Baseball/Soccer Dear M om and Dad: T h anks for providing all things th at I n eeded to go to this awesome school. Richard and Jeff: T h anks fo r setting th e b ar so high. Love you guys. My friends: I w ouldn't trad e som e o f o u r tim es to g eth er for th e world.. From th e b attlegrounds to th e beach and every­ th in g in-betw een it was great.

"The price o f success is hard work, dedication to-the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best o f ourselves to the task at hand". -Vince Lombardi


B il l y ' B c n ^ 'T O A f Kona, Hawai'i Tennis 4 Years @ HPA Mom and Dad: T h a n k you fo r p u ttin g up w ith m e d u rin g those h a rd tim es. I really appreciate th a t you have given m e this op p o rtu n ity to shine. I owe it all to you guys. You b o th are m y su p p o rt and w ithout it, I w ould have gone now here. Sorry fo r always giving you a h a rd tim e, T hanks, Love Always. David Lee: Well, it's finally m y tim e to m ove on. T h an k s fo r being m y best friend even w hen I was a je rk . You are my best frien d an d I will cherish th e fun times we had. We h ad m ostly fu n tim es while being room m ates, even th o u g h we fo ught alot. I will see you again. T ill then, be safe an d do rig h t. T hanks. H aeni: Hey! I am really glad I got to know you th ro u g h o u t th e years. I h o p e I will see you again someday, Be safe and have fu n , See ya someday. Bye! Shannon: H ey M an, we h ad so m uch fun! I'm glad you cam e to H PA otherw ise I w ould have n ev er seen you. Be safe n ex t year an d d o n 't do anything I w ould n o t do. Ha! We will h an g o u t again som e­ day, Shootz! Sid: H ey L ittle M an, You cool, fo r a freshm an,,, G row u p by th e n e x t tim e I see you ok?? H ah , be safe an d have fun. Shootz. Paul: K eep playing D ota an d som eday you will b eat m e. A nd o n e m o re thing, control th e Taiwanese arm y n e x t year! Asians: H ey you guys are a fu n crow d and I am glad I got to m eet you all and learn ab o u t everything n o t A m erican. H ave fun. Everyone Else: It was fun, I am glad I m et m ost o f you. Ha! H ave fu n in life. Bye!

18 B i f f B u n io n -

"Lack o f will power has caused more fa ilu re than lack o f intelligence or ability'! - Flower A. Newhouse

Ca m p b e l l New York, New York Senior Prefect To m y freshm en: Y’all are aw esom e...non compos m e n tis...b u t awesome! HPA is a great place so take ad­ vantage o f it! A t the risk o f excluding som eone: Eter­ nal hugs to Tanya, Carola, Svet, Stephanie, Will, Max, etc... To m y sophom ores: Ju st think, SATfc next year (muahahaha). IG been fun w atching you guys ‘not-be-freshm en’. T h e o d o ra M arie som ething som ething Leder-opener-er-er-er: You have to m any names. Ariel: “PONY!” Regina: (Ojala que escribiera esta correctam ente.) Muchfsimas gracias p o r tu ayuda este ano. ;Te faltare terrible! C hristina: T h an k s for introducing me to th e p re tty horses! Lynn: *Poke*. T h e re are to many o f you. I ’m gonna miss y all terribly!!! To m y juniors: You guys are grow ing up so fast!!! Sameclair-Johnson: H ave you had an eclair yet? Russel: I ’ll miss my hum an-iPod! G and: Your p anda should squeak. Double-You: WwWw. I hope I haven’t forgot­ te n anyone, th e re are so m any o f you! G ood luck in y o u r senior years =) To m y seniors: Gosh d a rn it. We’re done! To Pear: I m so glad we got th e chance to be prefects together. T h a n k you so m uch fo r all the m em ories we have had together! To M iss Jenkinson: T h an k s fo r being such an awe­ som e dorm -parent! Jenkinsoni hall RULES!!!

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them". - John F. Kennedy

To all m y teachers: I owe you so much: Sra. D onaho, Mr. Franklin, Mr. Bryson, Mr. B ernstein, Mr. Emmons, Mr. D unston, Miss. W hitten, M me. K ruger, Mrs. Mc­ Dowell, Miss. Jenkinson, Ms. Kamrow, Mrs. Barber, Mrs. C lark, Mrs. H a rt, Mr. O ’Leary, Doc, Mr. Solmssen, Judy, Miss Ray, Mrs. Sebastian, Mrs. Day, A untie T isa, Mrs. O ’Leary, Mr. Barber, Mrs. O. I have learned so m uch from all o f you, both inside th e classroom and out. “I can no o th e r answ er m ake, b ut, thanks, and thanks!’ 'S h ak e sp e are To everyone: T h an k you for m aking my two years here amazing! I ’ll miss you all terribly! To M arika: We’ve been th ro u g h so m any ups and downs to g eth er that iG h a rd to believe we only knew each o th e r for a year. I miss you SO much! I ’m glad we survived ‘T h e Crack o f Doom’ together. To mi m adre: T h e re are so m any things I have to thank you for th at I cannot fit them on this page. /V ia ia C am M eci f


"The night rolls around, and it all starts making sense. There's no right way or wrong way, you ju s t have to live". -Bright Eyes 20 Bauo Ccudt/tu-


Ca p e l l / Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i 2 years @ HPA First off, I ’d like to thank my Parents and Grandma fo r giving m e the opportunity to g rad u ate from HPA. I know I benefited from this cam pus and its exceptional faculty. I ’d also like to give a hu g e th an k you to my faithful girlfriend, Gabriella. T h a n k you so m uch for me helping m e get th ro u g h this year and the last. I know I couldn’t o f done it w ithout you, I love you. B ut ya! T h e year w ent by surprisingly fast, and I got to m eet some really nice people along th e way. T h e Teachers h e re were really g reat and I know I learned tons from them so I th an k them too. N ex t year will be great, and the change from HPA will be w onderful, finally. B ut I know I took a lot fro m HPA and I know th a t it’ll help m e be successful in college. T h a n k you everyone fo r my experience at HPA. =)

"G reenfrog, Is y o u r body also fre s h ly p a in te d ?" -A ku ta g a w a R yu n o su ke

FmnJc-Cm m A


Waimea, Hawai'i Football/Basketball


Mom: T h a n k you fo r being a m odel o f som eone w ho is selfless and caring with a never-ending am o u n t o f love. T h a n k you for always com ing u p with a reason to forgive m e after I do som ething stupid. Dad: T h a n k you fo r teaching m e how to becom e a m an. T h an k s fo r being mellow, supportive an d un d erstanding. Friends: T h an k s fo r being m y friend. T he Boys: Wow! I ’ll love you guys till I die. Teachers & A dm inistration: T h a n k you to everyone th a t sup­ p o rte d an d believed in me.

"Lively up yourself and don't say no" -Bob

22 fJaAes C /utM xr

E L L 7U g T o U C m ase Pahoa, Hawai'i Ultimate Frisbee/ Theater 6 Years @ HPA "Only two things are infinite, the uni­ verse and hum an stupidity, and I'm n o t sure about the form er1.' “ Albert Einstein "The optim ist proclaim s th a t we live in th e best o f all possible worlds, and th e pessimist fears this is true" -Jam es Branch Cabell "In theory, th ere is no difference be­ tw een theory and practice. But in practice, th e re is1.' -Y ogi Berra "God is a com edian playing to an audi­ ence too afraid to laugh'.' ^Voltaire "T he only difference betw een m e and a m adm an is th a t I'm n o t mad" -Salvador Dali "Once is happenstance. Twice is coinci­ dence. T h re e times is enem y action'.' -A u ric Goldfinger "If everything seems u n d e r control, you're ju st n o t going fast enough" -M ario Andretti "No one can earn a million dollars ho n ­ estly1.' -W illiam Jennings Bryan "You can get m ore with a kind w ord and aO gun th a n you can with a kind word / alone" ~A1 Capone

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space'!

"I hate children" -G ordon Bryson "I w ould have m ade a good Pope" -R ichard M. N ixon

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C h Seoul, Korea Football/Track & Field/Paddling



Mom and Dad: I d on’t know w hat to say and how to repay m y obligations. T h an k s fo r being supportive w hen I h ad n o con­ fidence about going to HPA. It was th e g reatest tu rn o v e r o f m y life, an d it w ould have been totally d ifferen t if you guys did n o t m ake this decision. T h an k s fo r every­ thing an d I love you. Jung: H ey Ju n g , it§ been a pleasure know ­ ing you and being friends w ith you. W ith­ o u t you, I w ould n o t have th e chance to play football, a n d all th e things th a t I can’t even list, because there§ too many. I hope you have m ade g reat m em ories at HPA and had a g reat tim e w ith everybody. Josh: I h a d a g re a t high school y ear w ith you, getting help w hen I n eed ed an d giv­ ing help w hen you n eed ed it. Especially se­ n io r year, a fte r m oving back to H artw ell's, I had a lot o f fu n an d good m em ories. H ave a new, good life in College! Jisu: My boy, th e sm artest frien d I ’ve ever made! I ’m thankful th a t I got to know you and spend my high school life w ith you. T h an k s fo r y o u r kindness w ith helping m e on academ ic things an d y o u r jolly friendli­ ness. I h ope you h o ld th e position o f to p in academ ics in college too. Joey: sjs rh to d w h a godiehl zzz. so rnlduqwlaks rk R m a djdldjqtsm s ro rm fm f gkrjsk Rkqehfdlw ltgksm s eh d to d . dl dlsusehddks sjfkd wlsoaustj w m frjdns tlrks qhsoT rh, dlw p skadm s 2susehddks dl rk ad h rd p tj duftlagl tkfdkqhkfk gg. skdl aksgdm s rjtd m f skadydgkwl akfrh. dkssud. Korean Y ounglings (Sam, W on Joon, Chris, Mike, David): It was nice to get to know you d u rin g m y concluding senior year. T h e re has b een a little unco m fo rtab le atm osphere betw een girls an d boys, b u t I hope it doesn’t affect you guys. G et along well an d have a good rest-of-HPA-life.

"Without friends no one would chose to live, though he had all other goods" -Aristotle 24

C /lo 7~0^- C /ul/l*

^ A fA fA fd Kohala, Hawai'i Paddling/ Swimming

C ortL E y

H m m m ... It's h a rd to try and sum up my entire high school experience this quick, b u t h ere goes. HPA: Well its been interesting to say the least, things have gone up and dow n b u t for the m ost p a rt they've been up. I know things w ouldn't have been h a lf as fun if I did n 't have my friends h ere with m e, those who have always been there fo r m e, I will always appreciate that. Always, thanks. To m y team m ates and coaches: You guys have seen m e at my best and my worst. T h anks for always helping m e back up and encouraging m e to go past my limits, as high school w ould have been really b o rin g w ithout you guys. To m y teachers and m y dorm parents: I really value every­ th in g th a t you have ta u g h t m e, it was never easy b u t I'm glad th a t you cared about how well I succeeded. F inally to m y family: T hings w ould never had been this g re at w ith o u t you guys rig h t th e re with m e, supporting me th ro u g h o u t th e years and challenging m e to do my absolute - best, I love you. I can't say thank you enough o r in enough w ords to fully express how I feel, T h a n k You.

"To love a n d be loved is to fe e l the su n fr o m both sides". -D avid Viscot

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I)A M L g7<EAr Fiji/El Salvador/California Volleyball/Basketball Family: You guys are th e best! Daddy: I love you. I ’m so thankful to have such a g reat father. Life w ithout you is unim aginable. Mommy: O u r little tim es to g e th e r have m ade som e incredible m em ories. I know I take after you so m uch. Yoiire an am az­ ing wom an. Love you. Julia: I know yotill succeed in everything you do. L ittle sister, I ’m so p ro u d o f you. Ryan: You have a special place in my h eart, my little b ro th e r yotill always be. Friends: T h e m ost diverse frien d group, and fo r this I love you all so much! H igh school w ould have b een unb ear­ able w ithout you guys. T h a n k you fo r o u r u n fo rg ettab le memories! K ini Bob: T h e am o u n t we have in com m on is unbelievable. I love how we don’t care w hat people think. “T rack S ta r” “D anc­ ing P a rtn e r” D ee Dee: You crack m e up, g u aran teed w hen we a re to g e th e r we’ll cause some kind o f tro u b le. “Pool ad ven­ tu re s” “.... Face” Chels: It was g re a t g et­ ting to know you this year. You're crazy! “C ar rides” "O'ahu" A lish a Boo: I missed you this year so much! You're still o n e o f my best buds! “Irrep laceab le” Avian, KK, Janis, Fai, Lauren & Blaise: You guysare so m uch fun! T h a n k s fo r th e g reat times! “T h e Bush!' Kalei: T h is is so h a rd to w rite. You are so special to m e, and you have m ade my last two years o f high school so enjoy­ able. “Birds everyw here” “M adagascar” “W alks” “B urgerfl^ We’ve m ade som e g reat m em ories, n one th a t will b e fo rg o t­ ten. Pwomise. I can’t th an k you an d y o u r family enough. My stinky, you am aze me. I wuv you always forever. I said it every­ one. H igh school has been an experience I will nev er forget. O n e th a t I will cherish and carry w ith m e th ro u g h o u t m y life! Class o f 2008: G ood luck & C o n g ratu la­ tions! T h a n k you HPA fo r this am azing experience. 26 JJauuJer 7D o./l& /

"In this great fu tu re you can’t forget your past" -Bob Marley

Dale Columbus, Ohio Basketball/Baseball 5 Years @ HPA M om & Dad: I w ould like to thank you fo r evervthiner vou have done fo r me. W here w ould I be w ithout you guys push­ ing m e to do my best? I love you guys. T h a n k you. Ash: Yoiire my role m odel in life. I am blessed to be so close to you. I love you. Austin: I h ope I have ta u g h t you eno u g h th ro u g h the years. G ood luck with high School m an. I love ya little bro. R oss & A lex: We h it a little bum p this year b u t you guys are th e best friends I could ever ask for. You guys are brothers to m e. I wish you guys good luck in your lives. H opefully I ’ll see you guys all th ro u g h life. W hitney: I love you and yo u r family like you w ere my own. T h a n k you so m uch fo r yo u r support in my life. I ’ll always be th e re fo r you. Mr. Bryson & ‘Senora D onoho’: T h a n k you so m uch for everything you guys have helped m e th ro u g h .

"He who is not cou­ rageous enough to take risks will accom­ plish nothing in life" -M uhammad Ali

laaaa D a /e


B ia j s e

D e L /M A Hilo, Hawai'i Football/Swimming/Waterpolo 6 Years @ HPA My Family: T h an k s fo r sending m e to HPA and p u ttin g u p w ith me. M y Hall: It has b een a g reat y ear an d I will miss you all. Celine: We h ad som e fun an d h a rd times. You have been like a sister to m e. See you in Taiwan. Ana: T h an k s fo r everything an d fo r ju s t being th ere. Take care o f o u r boys n ex t year. Lei: Li hing m ui w aterm elons always. Desi: You p u t a smile into everything you do. Lay o ff th e seeds. Dee Dee: We have g o tten a lot closer this year an d you have h elp ed m e w ith so m uch T h an x . Kristina: We will always have th e trips to H ilo an d K ona. Jennifer: You left m e in Spanish class b u t we still h ad a good year. Table ppl: R em em b er m e always fo r I will re m em b er you crazy ppl. O ’Leary’s: T h a n x fo r g re a t tim es and parties o n y our hall. Football Boys: I have grow n u p w ith you guys over th e years an d will miss you all. Swim Team: S traw berry m ochi forever^ th x for giving m e a g reat senior year. Language Building: T h a n x fo r teaching m e th e languages o f th e w orld Mr. White: You have b een th e re in som e o f th e h ard est an d g reatest m om ents. I f it w eren’t fo r you, I w ouldn’t have m ade it this far! H ilo & K am eham eha Girls: You have ta u g h t m e so m uch an d have b een th e re fo r m e a lot. I love you all. Alejandro: We h ad som e fun tim es and you have saved my life too m any tim es to count. I will miss you and love you. Everyone else: G ood bye, Adios, A u revior, A loha. T h an k s fo r th e m em ories.

"My zen teacher said the only way to true happiness is to live in the moment and not to worry about the fu tu re, o f course he died penniless and single". -Carrie Bradshaw rltarc C

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' 29

Waimea, Hawai'i Theater/Dance 13 Years @ HPA

D oa

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other"

L a U 7 ^E N E



7^ s

o m

Tracy, California Paddling/Water Polo/Red Key 4 Years @ HPA T h ro u g h o u t high school, I have com e to one conclusion: we’re all going to grow up som etim e and m ake mistakes along th e way. Yoiill have your h e art broken, and yodll b reak o th e rs’ hearts. Yodll cry because you realize how fast tim e has flown by, a n d you can’t figure o u t w here it went. So you have to get o u t th ere and take too m any pictures, laugh way too m uch, forgive others, and love like yodve never b een h u rt. Life comes with absolutely no free passes, no tim e outs, and absolutely no guaran­ tees. I ’ve learned to live life to the full­ est, w h eth er th at be dancing in the rain o r tanning at H apuna. Yodve got to take everything exactly as it comes at you. Take a chance and hold someone^ hand, and tell th a t person how you really feel. Stay o u t fo r th e sunset, and th en wake up early to see it faithfully rise again. Laugh outrageously, and be a flirt. Smile until y o u r face hurts. Don’t be afraid to take a ju m p tow ards som ething, fall in love, or even grad u ate from high school. You have to live in the m om ent because every second th a t you don’t, is a second you can never get back.

"W ait, why are we in K aw aihae? T h e re ’s no S ta rb u cks here, checkers a n yo n e?"

Mom: T h an k s fo r all the “rollover m in­ utes” and helping m e to succeed; you truly inspire me. Dad: T h a n k you fo r always being there and believing in me. Robert: You're the best b ro th e r ever. En­ jo y th e rest o f high school, and definitely live it up. To my friends: I love you all. I couldn’t have ogotten th ro u go h this w ithout you, th an k you for everything. C ongratula­ tions class o f 2008.

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Waimea, Hauiai i Mom: You have the biggest h e a rt o f anyone I know and are constantly giving love to everyone aro u n d you, an d I ’ll never forget everything yodve d o n e fo r o u r family over the years. I love w atching m ovie m arath o n s w ith you, “playing” tennis (or you ju s t practicing y o u r intense serves o n m e while I stand still and pray n o t to g et h it...), o r even ju s t sitting in my ro o m talk­ ing. I ’m going to miss you so m uch n e x t year, b u t don’t worry, I ’ll try to call you an d d ad as m uch as I can. You two take it easy on th e partying an d con cert DVDs w hile I ’m g o n e... Dad: RED SOX! From crashing “Sam Aid,' to reversing th e curse, o u r m em ories are legendary. W atching Family Guy, p ro ­ fessional w restling, o r Ricky’Bobby w ith you are always such g reat experiences, n o m a tte r how m any tim es we w atch them . You care so m uch ab o u t teaching, y o u r students, an d o u r fam ­ ily, I don’t know how you do it. Yoiire such a genuine person. We’ve h ad som e bum py roads together, b u t th e o ld e r I get, th e m ore I realize how m uch we are alike an d th a t m akes m e have a b e tte r u n d erstan d in g o f each other. I love you so m uch, dad. PAPI!! P.S. “T h e strippers are b itin g ...” H eather (Sissy): W h at can I say? Y odre my b est frien d an d I love you. “A re you girls twins?” Y odre th e only perso n I can com e to ab o u t anything w ithout feeling asham ed o r w orry ab o u t w hat you m ight think. A n d you already know th a t you m ake m e laugh h a rd e r th a n anyone else... (“I know! Isn’t it fabulous??”) I ’ll miss you, Pookie. HPA: T h a n k you.

"Show me everything you've got, you gotta take that step and your heart ju s t let it pour out". 32 ScL/IUULUUly B/IUIUHLS

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s __________________________________

F eLLH A U E 7^ Waimea, Hawai'i Ultimate Frisbee/AV Crew/Musical Well this is it. T h e end o f a very long high school career of ups and downs, good tim es and bad. I will never forget the im pact th a t HPA has m ade on my life and I will never forget th e people who helped get m e th rough. M om and Dad: You have always been th e re and have always trie d to help m e, and I ju s t w anted to say th a t I m ade it and y o u r efforts have finally paid off. To m y friends Louis, Tyler, A l, and all my hom ies at the AV lab: T h anks f o r always giving m e a good laugh. To Casey: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sorry th at you h a d to leave b ro it would have been awesom e to g rad u ate with you. We will see each o th er again. To m y girlfriend o f three years, Mariko: I know weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had o u r h a rd tim es b u t we m ade it and w e're still together. I love you very m uch and I hope we have m any m ore m em ories. I'm glad th a t I could spend fo u r years o f my life in such * a w onderful place an d I hope th a t I have left a positive if at tim es notorious legacy fo r fu tu re generations o f students h ere at HPA.


"Haikus are easy but sometimes they don't make sense refrigerator1!

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without -Confucious 34


Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Football/Wrestling 7 years@ HPA

l/S C E fE fg

I have been very blessed in my life by G od, and am very grateful for w hat I have. To m y mom: I have so m uch respect for you and am thankful fo r having a loving m o th er like you. T h o u g h we didn’t agree on everything we cam e to g e th er and everything came out how it was m eant to be. To the rest o f m y family: Blood related o r not, everyone th at has pushed m e beyond th e limits th e past 18 years, I am very grateful to have you. To all m y boys: It has been a trip. G etting b arreled, h eart­ b reaking gam es on the field, fighting until death on the mats at states, KHM s, o r ju s t cruising, it doesn’t m atter w hat we did. T h o se w ere u n fo rgettable tim es, I love you guys and will always be th e re fo r you guys. To all the girls: B right futu res lie ahead o f you. Take advan­ tage o f w hat you are blessed with. Live w ith peace and love one another. Respect. Aloha.

"Better it is to be o f a'humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud’! -Proverbs 16:19

/ l iA R /K O

L 07< 1

Kona, Hawai'i Tennis Captain/Prefect 3 years @ HPA Mom&Dad: T h a n k you fo r all th e oppo rtu n ities you have given m e in life and fo r always sup p o rtin g my dream s. I love you. Mitoshi: I ’m so lucky to have a big sister like you. I have learned so m uch from y o u r experiences an d I ’m so glad th a t I have you to help guide m e in w hatever I do. You have been such a positive ro le m odel fo r m e, an d I th an k you fo r that. Akira: It& u n fo rtu n a te th a t we haven’t h ad m any opportunities to really b o n d b u t as we’re all g ettin g o ld e r an d m a tu rin g I ’m sure th e re will be m any possibilities dow n th e ro ad . You will al­ ways be my big b ro th e r and n o m a tte r w hat I ’ll always look up to you. Hoku: Even th o u g h we’re n o t room ies this year we’ve still m anaged to stay close. You are like a little sister to m e. I can’t wait until we’re b o th o u t in th e w orld. We’ve sh ared so m any m em ories o f good an d b ad times. R em em b er th e Xmas lights? A nd th at o n e tim e I was dancing a ro u n d in th e laun­ dry ro o m w hen th e m echanic w alked in ...N ia: C rap on a bird! Peace Asian! I can’t believe how m uch has h ap p en ed since we first m et an d how we have ch anged an d grow n up. I ’m so glad th at we’re still close even th o u g h you left m e here! H aha. A hh I can’t believe we’re seniors already! Do I h e a r a trip to India? Jada: Whatfc u p g-friend! I ’m so g ratefu l fo r o u r friendship and all th e fun tim es we’ve had. I can’t w ait till we can go road trip pin it together. Like I ’ve said b efo re you m ean so m uch to m e and I know th a t we’ll always be friends. Lexi: H ey boo... rem em b er w hen you used to com e in to m y ro o m a fte r lights o u t and we’d talk fo r hours? I love you so m uch and I ’m so glad th a t we becam e friends. W hen tim es a re to u g h you know you can always call me. Celine& Blaise: I'm so happy th a t we've been able to w ork together! It's b een g re a t so fa r an d I can't wait fo r th e rest o f th e year. I love you girls!

"Gofo' Broke'! -G randpa



Football/Basketball/Photography M om and Dad: T h a n k you for all the support you have given m e th ro u g h o u t my life. Even w hen I got in trouble you guys w ere always th e re to stand by my side. I love you guys! Mama: T h a n k you fo r being the best and coolest loving g ran d m a in th e w orld, I will always be th ere for you ju st like you w ere th e re fo r me. I Love you Mama! Lissa: Y odre th e best sister any b ro th e r could ask for, and you been a g reat role m odel. I will re m em b er all those times w hen you and the family did karaoke...Y ou w ere the best! Bailey: Yodre my only b ro th e r and the best w ere always th e re keeping m e o u t o f trouble, m e th e rig h t things. A nd all those days cruzin be th e best days o f my m em ories with you and

brother. You and teaching at S an d ^ will I ...

BI Friends: Bobby: you are th e funniest guy alive, and one o f th e guys w ho first showed m e aro u n d Big Island... Todd: T h an k s fo r beingO such a O great friend,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; and m aybe 1 some dayJ you an d I can h it th e gym u p ... Keahi: O ne day I will see you at Pipe, and I will get the shot you always dream o f... U ncle O â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Leary: All those early H ap u n a days w ere d a best, even th o u g h I showed you u p ...n a h n a h ... M AHALOS.

"Every m an gotta right to decide his own destiny". -Bob Marley G auy-eO Ji 37




j j a


iAN Waimea, Hawai'i 10 years@ HPA Mom and Dad: T h a n k you fo r everything you have given m e over th e years. I would n ever be w here I am now if it w eren’t fo r your loving su p p o rt and dedication. You have w orked so h a rd to p u t m e in such a g re a t position an d I truly appreciate all th a t yodve d one fo r me. Haley: T h an k s fo r all th e fun tim es an d experiences th a t I ’ve had with you. Yotire a g reat sister an d a g reat friend, and I always laugh w hen I ’m w ith you. Rick, Mark, and H eidi: T h an k s fo r all th e g reat tim es and all th a t yodve given m e. It& so fun to h an g o u t w ith all o f you guys. Jared: Yodve been such a g re a t frien d since m iddle school and I laugh so m uch w hen we h an g out. I w ouldn’t have survived high school as well as I did w ith o u t y o u r friendship, an d I ’m sure we’ll always be friends. Everyone else: I ’ve h a d a lot o f fu n w ith all o f you over my ten years at HPA. I h ope you will all have a g re a t tim e and live successful lives after HPA. My Teachers: T h a n k you all fo r y o u r g re a t su p p o rt an d thank you for teaching m e so m uch.

W e make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give'! -Sir Winston Churchill


lA /lP u a tv





/J E

"And in the e n d , the love you take is equal to the love you make" -T he B eatles ,-il/ic M rtnni'n 39

"When the power o f love I overcomes the love o f power; the world will know peace". -Jimi H endrix

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Waikoloa, Hawai'i Varsity Soccer/Track 3 1/2 Years @ HPA Mom, Dad, and Austin: T h a n k you for always being there fo r m e and showing m e unconditional love. I love you and always will. Vanessa: Yoiive been my best friend for years and hopefully fo r m any m ore to com e. Yodre my rock th at keeps m e g ro u n d e d w hen all my crazy ideas take my head into the clouds. Yoiive always been th e re fo r m e and w ere always the best listener. You probably know m e b e tte r than I know my­ self; its always scared m e how you can finish my sentences. I love you and will miss you dearly. Kristina: You have a h e a rt o f gold and it§ always am azed m e how willing you are to share it with th e w orld. Yoiive been th e re for m e th ro u g h th e good and bad. I couldn’t th an k you enough. I will miss you an d will have a h a rd tim e adjusting to life w ithout you by my side. G ood luck with all yo u r endeavors even though I know you don’t n eed it. Jada: I ’ve always know n from the m o m en t I m et you th at we’d be good friends and I ’m so glad we are. Yotire such a free spirit and your so refreshing to be aro u n d . I ’ll miss you and o u r trips. Gene: Yoiive always been such a good frien d even if I haven’t always been th ere for you. You're such a g reat person so don’t let anyone convince you otherw ise. I ’ll miss you! Caleb: I t’s h ard for m e to let you * go even th o u g h I know yoiire in a b e tte r place. You w ere my best frien d and I will always love and miss you. To Everybody Else: T h a n k you fo r m aking my high school years ones to rem em ber. T h e m em ories I will cherish. All my friends yoiire th e bestest; b e tte r th an I could ever ask for. Love you all!

"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" ClHl/Z/Ui/ futsKi/U 41

Waikoloa, Hawai'i Volleyball/Softball/Paddling 13 Years @ HPA Faja & Maja: W ords can’t describe how thankful I am to have you as my parents. I appreciate A L L th e sacrifices and tim e you have spent on me. B oth o f you al­ ways h a d faith in m e an d have b een by my side all along. I LO V E YOU. Carly: My sister an d best friend. Yodre the best sister anyone could-ask for. I love th e fact th a t we are so close an d th at y o d re always th e re to listen an d to help m e w hen I have problem s. T h an k s for always being h e re fo r m e an d w atching my back. I LOVE YOU. Popo: I am going to miss you so m uch over th e n e x t few years, I am going to be so lonely w ithout you! H ave fu n w atch­ ing your dram as an d I can’t w ait to com e back and cook w ith you too!!! Love You. T he Fujikis: T h an k s fo r everything. You guys are th e best. Too b ad I d id n 't get to see you th a t m uch as I got older! Love You All. Aunty Stella & U n cle Carlton: You two have th e kindest hearts o f anyone th a t I know. I wish you guys w ould've stayed h ere. T h an k s fo r everything you've d one fo r m e. Love You. Ms. Fern: Yodve ta u g h t m e so m uch, not_ ju st horseback rid in g b u t ab o u t life too. I am th e p erson I am today because o f w hat you've ta u g h t m e. T h a n k you so m uch fo r everything. A unty R achelle & U n cle Tommy: You've m ade m e a b e tte r player an d per­ son. You've given m e an o p p o rtu n ity to fulfill m y dream s an d I can 't th a n k you enough! N a O pio Girls: You girls are th e best. I co u ld n 't d o anything w ithout you guys. I'm gonna miss you. Love you all. Kathy, Jen, Catie, H annah, Susanna, Stina, Cec, & Maya: I'm really going to miss you girls n ex t year. Life at HPA was so m uch easier an d fun, I d o n 't know w hat I w ould d o w ithout each an d every­ one o f you. Love You All.

42 AQ tftyvi' AOlvcis/u ^suwc/


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Mi Waikoloa, Hawai'i Soccer/Basketball 5 years @ HPA Mom: T h e re are no words to explain how m uch you m ean to me. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you. T h an k you fo r w orking so h a rd and giving m e the best hom e. It§ been the greatest 18 years o f my life with you. I love you. Dad: T hanks for being the best dad possible even though you w eren’t always around. I ’ll always be your little girl. Love you. Johnny: Every tim e I've been h a rd on you its only because I was m ak­ ing you tougher. I'm p ro u d to be your big sister. I love you and will miss you so much. Charnelle: Wow, 4 years really flew by. You w ere always the one m aking m e smile even w hen I d id n 't w ant to. T hanks for always m aking m e look at th e positive sides o f things. I ’m g u n n a miss you in soccer next year. ILU best b ud. Mana: T h ro u g h all the good & bad times, its been some o f the best times o f my life know ing you. T hose m em ories will never be forgotten. You are truly one o f a kind. T h a n k you. T he Crew: Kimbi, Rascha, Tiare, A llie, Whitney, & Char. High school w ouldn't have been the same w ithout you girls. W e've been th ro u g h it ALL. I'll miss you guys so m uch. Jen&Dzidziela: You two are th e best. T h e past 2 years have been so m uch fun. I've laughed way/ to h ard until O my stom ach h u rt with you guys. I hope we stay friends forever. T h a n k you for being such awesome friends, I love you two choke. Cecily: Ponekos! You are my basketball girl fo r life. T h a n k you for everything, you w ere always th e re w hen I needed you no m atter w hat it was. I love you and will miss you so m uch.

"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough" -Albert Einstein

Elizabeth,Ana,&Desi: You S girls are amaz­ ing. I'll never forget you guys. T hanks fo r all the fun times, I'm gunna miss it all. Tayler&Cori: You two sisters are my favor­ ite. T h an k s fo r the fun times. W reck in b-ball next year. Aunty Shana: T hanks for every­ thing', I m ean it. I'll miss you three. Soccer girls: Rockstars! T h e best tim e o f the year is being with you guys. Stina & Nikki: It's been a fun 4 years. Noe: W reck shop nex t year. Mrs. Nogues: T hanks for putting up with m e all fo u r years. You're the best.

"There's a fin e line be­ tween freedom and re­ ality, and it's up to you to draw it!"

44 E&cey TEtnuOt'

Taipei, Taiwan Theatre 6 Years @ HPA

H iiA U g

It was six years ago w hen I first came to this school, and this year is th e year th a t I will be leaving HPA. I ’ve learned a lot fro m my experience h ere at HPA, and m et som e very interest­ ing people. T h an k s a ton to all o f you who gave m e a hand while I was here; it was very nice o f all o f you to do that. M om and Dad: You provided the m eans for m e to attend HPA, and th e su p p o rt fo r me to persevere th e hardships. I w ouldn’t have becom e who I am today if it wasn’t for your insistence a t th e first place fo r m e to atten d this school. Mari & Kathy: T his has been a g reat year with you two. I ’ll look fo rw ard to the intersection in life w here we will m eet again. Mr. Bryson: Your class was, and I ’m sure it will continue to be, very inspiring. Theatre People: Jovial tim es and interesting m em ories th at we will always rem em ber. Christina: T h a n k you so m uch fo r all those times you have spent with m e, it was really g rea t to get to know you. C Cube Crew: I'm so grateful th a t I get to experience the best CC in th e w orld. W h erever I may end up in the fu ture, thank you fo r all o f yo u r help and time! Fascinating and A spiring Robertsonians: You guys are all so very awesome. H ave fun if you are staying for longer, o r good luck iFyou are o ff to college! To those who I'm not typing nam es but knows who they are: G ood luck and keep in touch.

'You never f i n d y o u r s e lf u n til you fa c e the truth". - P. Bailey

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■ c,/


7 iv ? tz A M Yamaguchi, Japan Tennis

"Half an hour in a spring evening is worth a thousand gold pieces". - Japanese Proverb

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J acobs Moloka'i, Hawai'i/Romania Swimming/Fencing/Skateboarding Three years@ HPA To my fam ily Mama and Dada: W hat can I say? W ithout b o th o f you, I would have never been able to be w hat I am today. It is all thanks to yo u r love and effort you p u t into my life. You couldn’t have done a b etter jo b raising m e. I love you. Elenka and Rendy: You guys are my favor­ ite... I LOVE YOU! Yoiire the best b ro th er and sister ever. I will always be th ere for you two no m atter what. To m y friends Emily: I have loved every m inute spent w ith you. You are my favorite ever and I love you! G O T E A M AWESOME AND AMAZING! Ian and Kassia: You guys have been so m uch fun to chill with. We have so m any g reat m em ories together. R em em ber to always “P ardy H ardy!” Paul: Even though you a re n o t here to read this I w ant you to know th a t you are the best! Gar!:

R oom m ates for life!

Alejandro: M an it has been an experience living with you. G ood times though. I don't re g re t a m inute o f it. B rothers fo r life! N ick Purdy: I ju st have one thing to say, “You are Soooo EPIC!” Dr. Wieking: You have been an inspiration to m e. T h a n k you fo r a great two years in physics. To the Swim Team: Keep on swimming straight to the win!

We all are just "Afew strands in a massive tapestry".

Mr. Noetzel: T h an k you fo r giving me a second chance and teaching m e about the im portance o f goals. Mr. Wilder: I will never fo rg et you and all o f your inspiring speeches before practice. T h an k you all for being the best team in the world!

/dt/yca./i J d u S s 47

"Open m inds lead to open doors"

D av /d fJ O T -C U S O U Chicago, Illinois Football/Wrestling/Track I w ant to thank my parents for supporting m e th ro u g h high school and giving me that second chance w hen I needed it. To Peter: We spent 17 years to g eth er and the 18th was apart, big shock huh? A lthough w e're different now, we'll always be P&D. Lee: You've been th e best older b ro th e r I â&#x20AC;˘could ask for. R oom 10: By far the best com bination o f th re e people. Simms: Live life to the fullest. H old nothing back. Greg: You haven't won yet... Robertsonfe: O nly know n you guys for a year b u t it has been th e best year o f high school. Everyone w ho isn't directly thanked, I haven't .forgotten you, I was lim ited on space... My bad. Football Boys: A loha, and thank's for all the good times in Hawai'i. Spencerfe English Class: T hank's everyone fo r such an interesting class. I learned a lot about the way tru e locals really interact. Eric and Gene: Again, for all the O 7thank vou / incredible tim es with i-movie. Taylor Commons: T hank's for all the m em o­ rable meals. I especially loved the fresh brownies.

"Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily"

E m /l t J o H U sT o U Waimea, Hawai'i Theatre/Art Mom & Pa: T h an k s fo r pushing m e so h ard all these years. I ’m probably still g ripping ab o u t it, b u t I know th a t itS be­ cause you love m e an d w ant m e to do my best. T h a n k you fo r all y o u r help and su p p o rt th ro u g h everything. It has m ean t the w orld to m e. I love you both. Adrian: T h a n k you fo r m aking these past years so great, an d thanks fo r all y our help in Bio. You a re awesom e an d am azing. Beat that. Kassia: Som eday you an d I are going to be crazy old ladies together. In th e m ean tim e, Iet& go have ad ventures in K ona o r on M ana R oad, or, once we g et o ff this rock, o n th e east coast o r Seattle. Me love you long time! Beau: I w ould say som ething cliche ab o u t how m uch o u r friendship has m ean t th ro u g h th e years, b u t I figure y o d d h ate it, so I ’m ju s t g o n na say: You ro ck my socks. You are, in fact, a sock rocker. Catie: I know th a t even if I eat rice with m aple syrup, have a staring contest w ith a picture, o r crawl all th e way in m y pants, yotill still p u t u p w ith m e, an d I appreci­ ate it, b u t I still w onder...w hy? Ian: I will miss o u r verbal sparring, and I hope we can g et to g e th e r an d arg u e som etim e, b u t I do love you! Tatianna: You an d I will go to L ate N ight with C onan O ’B rien, a R ed Sox gam e, and explore Irelan d , all in one day. You are m any things to m e, b u t m ost im por­ tantly, y oiire AWEsome.

Bangkok, Thailand 5 years @ HPA Mom: T h an k you for everything yotive done fo r me. T h an k you for all the sup­ p o rt yoiive given to me. You are the best m o th e r and th e best friend I ever had. You are my h ero AA I love you so much. Dad: T h a n k you fo r supporting m e and never giving up on me. Sorry th a t I gave you h ard times. I love you dad. Pa Turn: T h a n k you fo r always caring ab o u t m e, as if I was your own daughter. Everything yoiive done for m e, I'll never be able to pay you back. I prom ise th at i'll take care o f m yself and be a good girl. I love you ka Pa Turn. P ’ Ploy: Even th o u g h we fight a lot, with­ o u t you, my life w ould be unflavored. I have to tell you th at you are th e best sister th at anyone could ever im agine. T h an k you fo r always helping and caring for me. N ’ Boom: I really had a good year with you. I ’m going to miss you a lot. Take good care o f yourself. N ’ Ann: I really had a good year with you as a cousin, friend and a classmate. T h a n k you fo r everything yoiive do n e fo r me. I ’m going to miss you a lot. Moana & Maia: T h e re is so m uch I want to say to you fo r all the things yoiive done fo r m e. T h a n k you fo r everything! Teachers: T h a n k you so m uch fo r your support.

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved" -George Sand P a tira7 A ~ t^'fi AO iu -in


Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball/Basketball 13 years @ HPA

"Don't let the fe a r o f striking out keep you fro m swinging" -Babe R uth


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m a n d a


Waikoloa, Hawai'i Environmental Club/Yoga

L a pvr eu ce

"When the morning gathers the rainbow W ant you to know I'm a rainbow, too". - Bob Marley A n a /u la E cirf/i E cuoreacr 5 3

Bortg L ee Taipei, Taiwan Tennis Mom and Dad: T h a n k you fo r every­ thing. I can’t believe I ’m a senior already, can you? I can still re m e m b e r w hen I was little, you guys always took m e to travel aro u n d th e w orld; even th o u g h I don’t rem em b er m uch, I can still recall th e im ­ age o f m om holding my h a n d an d walk­ ing m e aro u n d O rlan d o , D isneyworld. T im e goes by so fast; look at m e now, I ’m a grow n m an going to college already. I ju s t w ant to say th a t n o m a tte r how old I becom e we a re going to always be th e closest friends forever. Da Da: T h a n k you fo r everything you did for me. You are like m y second m o th e r who took care o f all m y needs. From th e first week I was b o rn , you cam e to o u r house as a helper, b u t now y otire p a rt o f th e family. I ju s t w ant to say th an k you. Grandma: G randm a, I m ade it! I ’m go­ ing to be a college stu d en t. I h ope you will be happy w hen you see m e grad u ate. I hope you can be happy forever. A lex and Josh: Wow! It has b een 4 years since we m et. You guys are th e m ost im ­ p o rta n t friends in m y high school life; w ithout you guys I w ouldn’t be as hap-„ py as I am now. T h an k s fo r being good friends to me. A ll m y other friends: T h a n k you guys fo r being such good friends. I will n ever fo rg et you guys. Even th o u g h I will n o t be h e re anym ore, I hope we can still con­ tact each o th e r after I grad u ate.

"With great power, comes great responsibility'! - Spiderm an’s uncle

Seoul, Korea 5 years @ HPA


HPA: It has n o t only been a place w here I slept, ate, and took showers for five years, but it has also been a place w here I experienced some hardship, a lot o f enjoym ent, and won­ derful m em ories. No m atter what, I have no d o u b t th at I had significant and unforgettable m em ories at HPA. T hanks. Parents: I first and forem ost w ant to thank my m om and dad for everything. I stand h ere before you because o f your support, compassion, and guidance. I know you w ere always th ere beside me to correct m e in things no one could see, b u t I am grateful fo r all your efforts and tim e spent on me. I love you guys forever, and I am the p ro u d est son you will ever know, because o f y our love fo r me. David Lee: Hang; O in there. You ogot one m ore year. Jung: J u n g d a football star. You were one o f my first friends w hen I first cam e to HPA. I h ad so m uch fun m em ories and experiences w ith you. H ope you have fun in college. Joe: H ey m uscle m an, you are my friend and my idol. haha. We had so m uch fun and unfor­ gettable m em ories at HPA. W here ever you go, hope you have a great life. Jisu: T h e Ko­ re an brain. I truly believe th a t you are gonna be th e n ex t K orean Einstein. Use your great know ledge fo r a good cause fo r the K orean race. Ju st jokes. Sam: My K orean brother. You w ere so p atien t with m e for th e last two years, b u t now you are free. T hanks. Three Korean boys: You guys are so lucky to be at HPA. I b e t you guys will m ake special experiences h ere too. A lex: Boss o f Chinese Mafia. Nah.. Now th at we look back, 5 years seems so short huh? B ut that's all right, because the five years w ere w orth it. Bong: You are th e only person I know th at always has a m ysterious smile on yo u r face. K eep that. T h at's good. We have so m uch m o re plans after graduation. Let's act upon them , and don't ditch this time. H aeni 6 family: T h a n k you H aeni fo r being my sin­ cere friend d u rin g my life at HPA. G ood luck next year.

"Challenges are what make life in­ teresting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful". Joshua J. M arine -

Taipei, Taiwan 6 years @ HPA

-£ -7 1 1

Dad and Mom: T h a n k you fo r everything. T h a n k you fo r the support, th e education an d th e tru st you h ad in m e. D uring six years o f my life in HPA, I've learn ed to be in d ep en d en t, to w ork h a rd at som e th in g and achieve it w ith success. I have a chance to learn these life long lessons because you gave me op­ po rtu n ity to com e to this school. I th an k you. M embers o f m y H uge Family: T h a n k you fo r all th e New Years an d Christm as rew ard presents, it gave m e th e drive to study hard. Friends: You guys are m y g reatest assets. I ’ve e n co u n te re d countless am ounts o f situations w here I felt stressed and alone; it was you guys w ho cau g h t m e w hen I fell. You guys are n o t only m y playm ates, b u t also m y teachers. You guys ta u g h t m e and guided m e tow ards success. T h a n k you guys fo r being my friends. HPA: T h a n k you fo r p roviding m e th e education, th e teachers and th e o pportunities to leadership. T h a n k you fo r p rep a rin g m e fo r life. My Godfather: T h a n k you fo r being m y h ero , th e goal th a t I could aim for.

You can’t change where you stand, but you can change the direction you are going. I t ’s not what you are going to do, but it’s what you are doing now that counts". -Napoleon H ill


Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball/Softball

"If livin the good life is such a crime, Lord p u t me away, here's to ya" -Poison Tsiyriv-i / 1lac// 57







f ___________________________________________________

Waimea, Hawai’i Cross Country/Track/Rugby/Paddling/Fencing Mom and Dad: I will always love you. My family has always been th e re fo r m e an d they can’t even im agine how m uch they m ean to m e an d how m uch I love them . You are th e best par­ ents. Jordan: I ’m glad we didn’t ro b th a t ice cream truck. T h an k s fo r being th e re w ith m e th ro u g h o u t th e years. R em em ber the good tim es (K ona Fridays). Catie: You have always b een a g reat frien d an d have always helped m e, which m eans m ore’to m e th a n you will ever know. Lacey: We’ve h ad som e p re tty fu n tim es th a t I w ouldn’t change for th e w orld. E xcept fo r th a t one tim e in a rt class an d som e bad stu ff w ent down. Lauren E: T h an k s fo r being som eone I can always talk to. Beau: A lot o f w eird stu ff w ent dow n holm es, b u t it was chill. To all o f m y friends: I know we have h a d som e p retty epic tim es and I will always have those m em ories to re m e m b e r you by. T h a n k you fo r all helping m e grow an d becom e a b e tte r person. Always re m e m b e r th e good things in life. Lucy: T h a n k you fo r always being th e re fo r m e, I Love You.

"Heaven isnt a place you go when you die its that moment in life when you actually feel alive" -The Tide-The spill Can­ vas

G ene M a g e ss Broomfield, Colorado Football/Rugby/Track/Wrestling H om e for m e is Broom field, Colorado, b u t I have m ade a new one here with th e m em ories and the friendships that will never be forgotten. I never really listened to the grow n ups; they say it all goes by so fast. I only wish th at I did be­ cause it's true! I f I could teach you one th ing it would be to never regret. Go at life and everything in it at 110% because ~ you never know w hat may happen in the fu tu re and th e last thing you w ant to do is feel reg ret. Aside from that, I would like to say thanks to my teacher Mr. Diaz and Mr. Spencer, my adviser and friend. O h yeah, Mr. Bryson. T h a n k you! I cannot tell you how m uch you have im pacted my life, thank you fo r everything. J 1 O My Friends: A aron, David, Ian, Kalei, R aneen, L auren, thank you guys you all m ean a lot to me. Papa, Grammy, and U ncle John: LOVE you guys so m uch thank you fo r being th e re fo r me and helping m e with every­ thing! W ords cannot tell you how m uch I love you. Mom: T h a n k you fo r all your support and all the boxes you sent me. T hey m ent a lot and so did your tex t messages. T h an k you fo r being th ere w hen I needed you. Yoiire the best m om anyone could ask for! Dad: T h an k you for always having my back w hen things got h ard and when things w ere good. T h a n k you fo r all your h a rd w ork to help m e com e to this school it also really m eant a lot. Love you!!!

"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out"

J:ove youa11. G ene

G a te /l/ia sie ss 59








Huntington Beach, California Paddling/Rugby/Track Mom & Dad: T h a n k you fo r always su p p o rtin g m e an d always having my back. N o m a tte r w hat decisions I m ade you always w ere rig h t b eh in d m e su p p o rtin g m e th e w hole way. H oulton & Jordan: We have b een best friends since th e day I m et you guys. You guys are th e funniest, craziest, best kids I could ever ask for. Even th ro u g h all th e stu ff we have been th ro u g h I know you guys will always be th ere. Catie: W ords cannot even begin to describe o u r how m uch you m ean to me. You have always b een th e re fo r m e no m a tte r what happened. We p u t each o th e r th ro u g h hell and back and yet you're still m y best friend. Allie: I m et you freshm an year an d I knew instantly we w ould be friends fo r awhile. We m ay n o t have always b een close b u t every tim e we h an g o u t it's priceless. W h e th e r its ran d o m trips to W orlds E nd, am azing s u rf trips th a t involve n o waves, o r ran d o m trips dow n to C am p A loha. T h an k s fo r b eing th ere.

"Beaton its not gonna work it's not a wave'! -Bryant M.


60 Bri/ajtl /Xd(U07U>r6a

\ Mammoth Mountain

A iu M S O U Paddling/Horseback Riding 5 Years @ HPA Mom and Felix: T h a n k you for every­ thing. W ithout you two I never would have m ade it. I love you both very m uch. Craig: I love you and I ’m glad we be­ cam e close again. I know yoiive always done w hat yoiive done to help me, and I ’m glad we’ve grow n from it. I ’ve missed -you. Troy: I ’m glad we finally becam e friends. I love you and I ’ve missed you. Nugz: I love you. HPA would n o t have been th e same w ithout you. H ave fun in w herever you end up. Xtina: I ’m glad we got past o u r fighting and finally becam e friends. I love you lots and have missed you this year. Fai: R oom m ates for life!! *M uah* Booboo: I ’ll never forget o u r good times, es­ pecially o u r trips to Gig. I ’m glad you got stuck in California. Mo: Toilet paper! Mahleeya: I ’m n o t allowed to w rite what I w ould say to you. Sammy: Yoiive been one o f my best friends fo r the last th re e years (even th o u g h yoiire vein :-p) and I ’m glad I don’t know w hat I would have done with­ o u t you. A lex K: BOYS!! W hat else is th ere to say? Alika: You, my friend, have definitely m ade my life very interesting and I ’m going to miss you next year. Emma A: BED!!!! Sydney: My buddy. H ave fun in high school!! M ake sure my babies are okay. California friends: I love you all and have missed you. Mr. Spencer: T h a n k you so m uch for all o f your help. I appreciate it.

"Don't be afraid to take a big step i f one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps'!

To all my friends, nam ed and unnam ed: I love you! I'm going to miss you next year. Be safe.

\uJtrL& A/tuASM


/A r t K

b a s

A e l so u Houston, Texas Theater/Rugby My Family: I am so g rateful fo r everything yotive d one fo r m e. W ords can n o t describe the appreciation I have for you. Mom: You are th e best. I know I gave you trouble at tim es b u t I appreciate you p u t­ ting u p w ith m e & I love you m o re th a n I can say. You have d one so m uch & dealt with all my problem s, I d on’t know how you did it b u t you did. Dad: I couldn’t begin to fathom th e sacrific­ es you m ade to give m e th e life I have. You have no idea how m uch I appreciate you. You are my hero. I love you so m uch. Analisa: You have b een taking care o f m e since b efo re I could rem em ber. I love you tons. T h a n k you fo r always being th e re , & keeping m e in check w hen I was b ein g stu­ pid. You kept m e in line w hen I couldn’t see it anym ore. I ju s t pray th a t I can give back to you guys w hat you have given to me. My Friends: You know w ho you are. You have m ade my life am azing. I sw ear I couldn’t have d one it w ithout you guys; You m ade th e best tim es b e tte r & h elp ed m e get th ro u g h th e w orst ones. T h an k s fo r m aking the experience th a t m uch better. Ya’ll are like m y family. M uch love. My Teachers/Advisors: You guys are am azing th an k you fo r everything. You guys m anaged to p u t up w ith m e. W ith o u t you I w ouldn’t have b een able to m ake it. T hanks.

"Live like you '11 die tomorrow. Die like you've lived forever. No worries. No regrets".

62 Jcltt IK4M& rte/ sco i

Football/Paddling/Ultimate Frisbee Mom and Mike: I love you guys thank you for all the sup­ p o rt. Gabriela and Fernanda: I love you guys, thank you for everything. Dad and Lynn: T h an k you guys. Joe, Ryan, and Mike: T h a n k you guys fo r everything and w e're going to have so m uch fun once i'm in college, ju st don’t chill o u t on m e. Monica: Even th o u g h your 3000 th o u ­ sand miles away, its w orth every second. I can't wait till i'm th ere. I love you. Gene: Yotire th e best room m ate and yoiire a b e tte r friend, and every trip was a blast. Casey: Go fast or go hom e. G ran ted we need to slow dow n b u t you can never tell m e it wasn’t w orth it, and all I did was suggest it, you did it. Christina: T h an k s fo r the good times, though they were far and few betw een. Jared and Will: Fun tim es at lunch, would you do it? Christina K and Alisha: N ever forget you guys <3. Bryant: Idc if we don’t win states, as long as w ere not disqualified.



Hannah: Its been a fun fo u r years. Yotive been a great friend and I had a g rea t tim e at prom . Lauren: Yoiire the best lol. I have to stop by Tracy again <3. David: G ood times. Courtney : lol. You're awesome.

”I hooked up my accelerator pedal in my car to my brake lights. I hit the gas, people behind me stop, and I'm gone". - Steven Wright ILric W lcvvCskI


J O K I)A A /

Waimea, Hawai'i Swimming/Theater First off, this is my senior page as o f O cto b er 2nd, 2007. W hatever happens o r changes betw een now an d w hen you read this is ir­ relevant b u t some things n ev er change such as the love an d g ratitu d e I have fo r m y par­ ents and friends fo r helping m e th ro u g h th e H. E. double h o c k e y T h a t I call my high school career. N o d o u b t high school was fun b u t it had its ups an d DOW NS: N ow fo r th e fun p art... Lacey: I am so glad th a t I got to spend as m uch tim e w ith you as I have and if we don’t see m uch o f each o th e r n ex t year ju s t know th a t I love you. I h ope you have a g reat fu tu re and I know yoiill have fu n getting to w hereever you w ant to be in life. H oulton: D ude, I ’m ju s t glad we didn’t rob th a t ice cream tru c k b u t seriously, y our awesome. T h an k s fo r keeping m e o n th e ’’straight and narrovL Bryant: T h an k s fo r ju s t Chilin being th e m an we should play H alo 3 again som etim e cuz th a t was th e best videogam e experience ever! T h an k s to C ortana. Beau: I have know n you since kin d erg ar­ ten. R em em b er th a t tim e zan d er b ro k e th e shower. M om and Dad: You have ta u g h t m e m o re th an any school could. Dad: You ta u g h t m e to live my life by m y w ord. I'm still learn in g b u t ill get it down. Mom: N o one has su p p o rted m e like you have an d if therefc one th in g yoiive ta u g h t m e itk to stand up an d don’t take things from anyone. All you lifers, FIN A LLY W E 'R E D O N E.

"A sewing machine sews, but a stapler staples'! 64 J Jtfn yin / O fal/ycKa

Laguna Beach, California Kona, Hawai'i 3 years @ HPA M om my and Daddy: You both are truly the best parents th a t anyone could ever ask for. You have been th ere for me th ro u g h thick and thin, tau g h t m e right from w rong, and m uch m ore. I don't know w hat I would have done w ithout you two. I love you! Garrett and Jackie: I love being your sis­ ter! I know we've had some fights b u t we've go tten th ro u g h them before and we will m ake it th ro u g h m uch m ore. I am very p ro u d o f both o f you! I love you! ‘A u li‘i and H olly: Legaller! Ellegaller! I am so glad th at we have becom e best friends! You guys are my homies. Right? R ight. Courtney: I'm so glad we've been best friends th ro u g h o u t the years and I know we'll stay friends forever! I cannot imag­ ine having to go th ro u g h HPA w ithout you! You always know w hat to say and you always have a great story to tell. Madi: D ude, you know I love you! You have so m uch spunk and personality! D on’t ever change! N o slip grip! H aha. Touche. Kathy: You w ere my first friend at this school and I'm so glad th at w e're still great friends! You are always O / th ere to lend a helping han d and that's one o f the m any g reat qualities you have! Hanky: You rock!

"Love the life you live, Live the life you love". -Bob Marley

Annals Dorm Girls: It has been so m uch fun living with you guys! I am very glad th at I got th e opportunity to get to know all o f you! You all are great girls! A ll o f m y other friends: I love you guys! A ll o f my teachers: T h an k you!


a i s l e y

Waimea, Hawai'i Waterpolo/Swimming/Volleyball

'Your greatest challenges will lead to the best rewards'! 66

Z.cuir& i/ P c u ^ L

7 /s u Seoul, Korea Red Cross/School of Rock/Track

My p are n ts’ decision o f sending me to HPA changed my entire life. Five years at HPA w ere the best years o f my life. I ’ll never fo rget th e first day at HPA as an 8 th g ra d er with Ju n g , Josh, and Alex, w hom I still have close relationships with. I ’ll never fo rget th e first rock concert o f In ternational day with K orean big bros. I ’ll never fo rget the excitem ent after the first win o f JV Basketball team . I ’ll never fo rget num erous m idnight DO TA sessions with my old buddies. I ’ll never fo rg et th at sweet night o f my sophom ore talen t show. I ’ll never fo rget the first concert o f School o f Rock and th a t musical enthusi­ asm o f my ban d m em bers, especially that o f M akoa, Zach, and Huey. I ’ll never fo rg et “alm ost-everyda^ tu to rin g sessions with little Asian bros like Ryota, Nickson, and Kevin. I ’ll never fo rget num erous delightful m o­ m ents w ith HPA FAMs - Eun-sol, H aeni, Sooji, Jo sh and Yi-jung, and my birthday party w ith them . I ’ll never forget the fun with th e am azing prefects o f RobertsonS D orm - Jazzy, L auren, and Ian. T h e five valuable years at HPA will be always deep inside my h ea rt and I will always re m em b er love and care o f m any adm irable teachers, especially Dr. Bill, Mr. Kamrow, Dr. Ravaglia, and Mr. Bryson. I deeply appreciate how they truly enlightened m e n o t only by teach­ ing know ledge, b u t also by being perfect role models.

"Live without regret but with repent".

“Feel enthusiasm for the fu ture, and have appreciation fo r the past!’ T his is what I learned after five years at HPA. W ith only joyful m em ories in my heart, I now graduate from HPA to aim for higher and m ore challenging goals.

f / i Su


Seoul, Korea Football/Basketball/Track & Field M om and Dad: My role m odels. T h a n k you so m uch fo r all y our support. I w ould've never g otten this far w ithout you guys. T h a n k you fo r being th e re fo r m e w henev足 e r I n eed ed help. I love you guys so m uch. Joe: Joe! My best friendo! It was so m uch fun being frien d w ith you b o th in Hawaii and in K orea. I'm really glad th a t you jo in e d football. Let's have fu n this w inter and summer!!! Mana: My first A m erican friend. T h a n k you so m uch fo r everything th a t you have done. I can't im agine how HPA w ould have been w ithout you. T h a n k you, an d I will never fo rg et you. Jakela, Bun Bun, ArriSon, H on u, Keoki, Ross da Boss, A lika B ell, Largo: T h a n k you guys soooo m uch. I d o n 't know how HPA w ould've been w ithout you guys. I had so m any good m em ories an d ex p eri足 ences w ith you guys. I will re m e m b e r you guys forever... A lex Liu: My first an d b est Taiwanese friend. You are th e best A lex... T h a t's all I gotta say. Always be safe an d have fu n in college! Suk H o and Jisu: S m art Kids! T h a n k you so m uch fo r giving m e help an d advice w hen足 ever I n eeded. I'm happy th a t I m et you guys. H ave fu n in college, an d be safe! Joey: My lifting partner! My favorite b ro th 足 e r in th e school! I h a d a lot o f fu n d u rin g last sum m er. I'm very happy th a t I g o t to know you. G ood luck n e x t year! Korean brothers (David, Sam, W on Joon, Chris, Meeke): I'm really glad th a t you guys cam e to HPA. I h ope you guys h ad fun. Be cool n e x t year an d call m e w henever you guys n eed help. I got all you guys' backs.

Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Swimming 96725

"Pain is weakness leaving the body" K c â&#x20AC;˘c/ui/i 7\ert/u P a rker 69

L ow s w H I*i Waimea, Hawai

Varsity Tennis 13 years @ HPA My 13 long years have been enjoyable and m em orable thanks to my parents, teachers, coaches an d friends. To m om and dad: I w ant to th an k you fo r giving m e th e oppor­ tunity to excel in m y education by sending m e to HPA an d th en supp o rtin g m e all th e way from k in d e rg a rte n to graduation. Lucia: You are th e best sister an d I don’t know w hat I w ould have d one w ithout y o u r help all th e way th ro u g h . My teachers: All th e way from k in d e rg a rte n u p th ro u g h senior year, you have gone o u t o f y o u r way to give m e th e best educa­ tion I could ask fo r an d fo r th a t I can’t th an k you enough. Coach Dave: You have n o t only b een a g re a t tennis coach, b u t also an awesome friend. I will miss g rin d in g a t L L w ith you. Mr. Bernstein: You have b een a g re a t advisor b u t also a g reat friend an d I will always re m e m b e r learn in g as well as laughing together. To m y friends: A t school as well as in th e Baha’i Youth W ork­ shop, all th e fu n we’ve h ad is u n fo rg ettab le b u t I ho p e th e re is still m o re fun to be h a d as we h ead into college an d beyond.

"The essence o f fa ith is fewness o f words and abundance o f deeds'! '7 / A L


o b b 'Y P o l l e TeIe

Kailua- Kona, Hawai'i Golf 96740 Grandpa: T h a n k you for th e opportunity to go to HPA. Even if I wasn’t your star student, I still pulled it o u t in the end to m ake you proud. Barb: Yotire th e m om th a t keeps things interesting and fun. ItS been nice to have an em pty house even th o u g h you call me like y o d re here. Love you and learn how to cook. Napua: Yodve been like a d a d to m e even when we had our h a rd times. From th e house to th e g o lf course yodve always been th e re . T h a n k you! Bob: My real d ad from blood, w hat a trip it has been. Liane: Wow! W hat else can I say o th e r than that. Aunty M alia, Gay, Kelly: My o th e r moms, thank you and "Have a good day" Todd “Stom ski” Powers: T h a n k you a lot, thats all I can say. Arrison: My b ro th e r from an o th er m other. Be good. Be safe. A nd m ost o f all, have fun. Jon “W aldo” G: W hat is up dude? Keenan: ??? Teachers: You know who you are, and if you think you're on this list, yo u 're not. It is the ones th at know it in th eir minds th a t are on it. T h a n k you, as y o d re the only ones th at didn’t give up on me.

•» *



mm y liI f

•*• Cr 'i ----


"A ro u n d m an cannot be expected to f i t in a square hole right away. H e m ust have time to modify his shape" -M ark Twain

Toon P0PV£7Q Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i Football/Soccer/Baseball 2 years @ HPA M om & Dad: T h an k s so m uch fo r send­ ing m e to HPA even th o u g h I resisted tim e an d tim e again. It has gone by so fast an d I can g u aran tee m y two years here will pay o ff in th e long ru n . You guys have ta u g h t m e so m uch an d you n ever fail to su p p o rt m e. D ad, I am al­ ways am azed at how you m ake it th ro u g h th e w ork week w ith everything you go th roug h . You tru ly define h a rd w ork. T h ank s so m uch fo r teaching m e things I th a t will carry with m e forever. M om, thanks fo r p u ttin g u p w ith m e an d always assisting m e w ith every day life. I will r e ­ ally miss you n e x t year! I love you guys! Grandpa & Tutu: T h a n k you fo r giving m e th e w onderful opportunity. I can’t express how g rateful I am. Coby: T h an k s fo r being a g re a t o ld er brother. Your w ords o f en co u rag em en t w ere occasionally helpful. T h an k 's fo r caring. Lindsey: H ave an awesom e tim e a t HPA and take advantage o f every o p p o rtu ­ nity. You are an am azing sister, stay out o f trouble! Brant and Melissa: T h an k s fo r being g reat o ld er siblings. Nikki: You are th e best. F rom th e beach to C olorado, it§ been awesome. T h an k s fo r always being th e re fo r m e, I love you Niks. Bobby & Keahi: G ood luck n e x t year and thanks fo r th e good times. Kealakehe Boys/G irls: T h an k s fo r be­ ing awesome friends, an d I ’ll be seeing you guys aro u n d .

"If you can believe it, the m ind can achieve it" - Ronnie Lott 72 TcufflP iH erers

A /I a n a Waimea, Hawai'i Football/Basketball/Track 11 years @ HPA Big Island Born

P U 'R D T

Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa: T h an k you for giving m e th e opp o rtu n ity to go to HPA. You guys are always there fo r m e w hen ever I n eed ed you and for the support that I n eeded no m a tter what. I am very thankful fo r having such a loving and caring family and I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ask fo r anything m ore. I love all o f you so m uch. Chancer Family: T h a n k you for everything you have done fo r m e over the years. You are like a second family to me. Football Boys: I got all your backs no m atter what. Rum ble in th e ju n g le cam p, countless hours o f intense practice, and fighting until th e very end o f th e gam e day. T hese w ere all th e best tim es, b u t th e friendships m ade up along the way will last forever. Jake, Junior and Jim-Bob: I couldn't have done it w ithout you guys. It's been too m uch fun, so m any adventures and m any m o re to com e. You're my best friends and I love you guys till d e a th .-

te doesn â&#x20AC;&#x2122;t p ut things in fr o n t o f you that you are unable to handle'!

I la /u t r u n /// 73

fT fD E N Waimea, Hawai'i 13 Years @ HPA

f i

"To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fig h t the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting! -e.e. cummings

Waimea, Hawai'i Hiking/Ultimate Frisbee/Paintball T h e past 8 years have come and gone so quickly. HPA was a truly unique experi­ ence th at I will never forget. Mom and Dad: How you m anaged to put up with m e fo r all these years is nothing short o f a m iracle. But thank you for ev­ erything you have done to get me here. T h a n k you fo r all o f your sacrifices, even th o u g h som etim es it seem ed like I didn’t realize it. Louis: G reat tim es th at I will never for­ get. K eep on doing w hatever you do. H eh, see you later m an.


Duke: N inja penguins o f DOOM!! Emo em us too..Its been pretty crazy. Alex: Snow and good tim es....G ooood times. Hans: Keep on playing. Yoiill m ake it someday! I know it. Mariko: T h anks for everything! Kokos: Owned! Try to keep the crew alive? To the faculty th at makes HPA the great place it is. Dr. B: T h an k s fo r everything. Its not gunna' work! Mr. Rice: T h a n k you so m uch fo r allow­ ing m e to participate in tu rtle tagging. It was a am azing experience. A nd finally,

"In a mad world only the mad are sane" -Akira Kurosawa

Anna: N othing really needs to be said here because you already know what I was going to say. R em em ber th at you can do anything you want to! O nce again, thank you to my parents and everyone else th at helped me to m ake it here! T t/te /' Safcurai






a s a v n e S /n /E 7 iS T E /r t

Pahoa, Hawaii 2 years @ HPA I ’m so grateful fo r everything th a t has happ en ed in my life because it has all b ro u g h t m e h ere. Mama: T h an k s for everything. Your know ledge, advice, support, h ard w ork, an d love. I can’t explain how well you have h elped guide m e th ro u g h my life. Dad: T h an k s for giving m e life,7 I know it§ b een h a rd at O O times, b u t that§ w hat life is all about, th e good and th e bad. To m y four beau­ tiful sisters: I am so fo rtu n a te to have each one o f you, thanks fo r p o in tin g m e in th e rig h t direction. I love each one o f you so m uch. Grandm a M illie, A untie Joy, John: My HPA experience has b een awesome, thanks fo r all y our suppo rt a n d advice. Puna buddies: You guys should n ev er forgive m e fo r leav­ ing you, b u t d on’t worry, we’ll all en d up back at hom e again someday. Love you guys so m uch. Scarlett: I ’m so grateful fo r all o f y our awesom e advice, b u t even b e tte r was o u r experience together-hys­ terical laughing, lint fights, beach days... great times, love and miss you so m uch. To all o f the great friends I ’ve m ade at HPA: You know who you are. T h an k s fo r giving m e such a diverse an d unique experience, I ’ll n ev er fo rg et you guys, T love you so m uch, d on’t fo rg et to keep in touch. To all o f m y am azing teachers: M ahalo fo r th e g reat gift, I will carry it with m e th ro u g h o u t my life. Class o f ‘08: May th e dream s o f y o u r past be th e reality o f y o u r fu tu re. To everyone else: T h an k s for everything.

"Live the life you love love the life you live"

7 V /x g 7

S t o m sk / Waimea, Hawai'i Soccer/Track 13 years @ HPA Mom: T h a n k you fo r all your help and support th ro u g h o u t high school. I couldn’t have done it w ithout you. Your weekly p h o n e calls and m onthly visits m eant the world to me. I love you. Dad: You have tau g h t m e so m uch th ro u g h o u t the years. T h a n k you for this opportunity, and fo r all th e sacrifices you have m ade. I love you. Bobby (Little Brosk): Yoiire the best little b ro th e r a girl could ask for. I will miss you m ore th an you will ever know. Be good, and rem em ber, I am always a phone call away. I love you. Todd: T h e last few years to g e th e r have been the best. I don’t know w hat I w ould’ve do n e w ithout you. I will never forget th e tim es we’ve had together. I love you. Lacey: We’ve had o u r ups and downs these past years, b u t som ehow we always m ade it th rough. I don’t know w hat I w ould have do n e w ithout you and your family. T h a n k you. Thank you: Kiana, Tammy, L auren, Malia, Chelsea, Stina, Kini, Keahi, Bobby, Alex, A aron, and Beau.

"Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today”

N J J u S itn n ski


E mu

_ S ltg

Yokohama, Japan 3 years @ HPA Dad and Mom: T h a n k you fo r everything. I had such a g reat tim e in h ere. K orekaram o yoroshiku. Kana: 3 years helping no seisin d attan e such as ESL an d English! I ’m g o n n a miss you so m uch. G ood luck in y o u r rest o f HPA life. Mail m e anytim e. L uv u baby. Celine: I ’m so glad th a t I could be y our good friend. I won’t fo rg et every each m em ­ ory th a t we spent tim e together. I ’m gonna miss you n e x t year. G ood luck in college! Haeni: Sorry th a t I ’m leaving from y o u ... lol It was extrem ely fu n every stupid tim e with you. You are m y best K orean frien d never an d ever. Even th o u g h we can see each o th e r from n e x t year, I ’ll be in y o u r h e a rt all th e tim e. Com e visit Ja p a n EVERY SUM M ER. Moana: IG b een already th re e years!! Sum ­ m er k a ra ganbattane!! F rom n e x t y ear we are going to d ifferen t place, b u t talk to m e w henever you want. Keita & X A N D ER : We h a d such a fu n tim e with kowai sensei a t ESL class! X a n d e r ha too nice guy d ak ara D O N ’T son dayo! Take care o f noisy Japanese! K eita h a since sum ­ m er school, itum o em i no G U C H I kiitekuretane w hich was cho helpful. A rigatone! Japanese KIDS: Iyanakoto takusan aru to om oukedo. Tough n a h e a rt de good luck & have fun! Joey: You are th e only one who can take care o f K ana dakaran e. Yoroshiku ne! G ood luck my otouto. Avian: Call m e w henever you com e to J a ­ pan. L uv u .my sweet sister. Koreans: you guys are awesome. T h a n k y ou' fo r cheer m e u p all th e tim e. L uv u guys. Ken: You GALO hayaku g ra d u a te sitene! T h a n k you for helping m e all th e tim e. I f ken inak attara I h ad such a h a rd tim e dattoyo. Especially this last year tanosikattayo, I know you are g o n n a miss m e n e x t year b u t don’t cry ne.:)

"How Lucky I am to have known someone who was so h a rd to say goodbye to". 78

E n/ Sudajuuiuo

O lA t/iZ ^ I Waikoloa, Hawaiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;i Golf/Softball 7 years @ HPA

"The m in u te h a n d moves fa s te r th a n you th in k it does'! -John M a yer Tam ara/ Surtees 79

srrrrrrr r / m ?ym m

"Sunshine, sunshine, it'sfin e I feel it in my skin, warm ­ ing up my mind, Sometimes you gotta give in to win, I love the days when it shines, whoa let it shine". - Atmosphere 80 /o rc y t/o Steraji,

Kohala, Hawai'i 7 Years @ HPA

"If one desires a change one m ust be that change before the change can take place". -Gita Beilin

Mom and Dad: T h an k you fo r every­ thing. For always being th e re fo r m e and supporting everything I do. For trusting m e enough to m ake my own choices, and always encourageing m e to follow my dream s. I love you guys. Jake: You're my brother, and even th o u g h we d o n 't always get along, you have always been th e re when I needed you. I know you will always have my back. I love you. Christina: Best friends since 5. We have shared everything to­ g eth er from laughter to tears. Boy tro u ­ ble to messed up family dram a. I'll never fo rget th e really bad country singing, th e ran d o m trips to K ona w here we both can't stop laughing fo r w hat seems like hours. You have always been th ere for m e in m ore ways th an I could ask for. I love you. Chris: You have always been th e re fo r m e, th ro u g h everything. Words cannot decribe how m uch you m ean to me. Jordan S: We have know n each o th ­ e r since th e 2n d grade and have always been friends. I love how I can always com e to you fo r help, and vise versa. Emily: T h e m em ories go back to horse­ back riding and Wednesdays in town. I'll always love you even th o u g h you eat rice with m aple syrup and ru n into closed dishwashers. Kassia: O u r friendship has been nothing b u t interestingO and exciting, O’ from Catie's house p arty 2004 to waving at random strangers, w eird conversations with my m om , and o u r obesssion with Life as a house, fall ball. I do u b t I'll ever forget th e tim e we spent together. H oulton: You're gross, b u t I love you anyways. Bryant: You a re my best friend, get over it. I love you and th ere is nothing you can do about it. Poofer: T hese last 2 years have been in­ v e stin g from m arine bio to yearbook, thanks fo r m aking it fun. Mr Bryson. W ithout you I could never be th e person I am today. You have tau g h t m e so m uch, about life as well as English. T h a n k you for all the advice and O / support. For pushing m e and m aking me a b e tter person. I'll never forget it.

C a tie ucK aht 81

7\o ss Waimea, Hawai'i Football/Baseball

T a n 'en 'ba u m

Mom: T h a n k you so m uch fo r pushing m e to always do better. You always know w hen to push m e o r w hen to ju s t talk to m e and give m e a hug. E verything you have ever d o n e fo r m e has been fo r my well being. You have always p u t m e first in your life, an d it really m eans th e w orld to m e. I love you. Dad: You've b een such an im p o rta n t influence in my life. I can always co u n t on you to be th e re fo r m e. W h e th er it be sports, school, o r friends, I can com e to you. You're my n u m ­ b e r o n e su p p o rte r and I appreciate it so m uch. You constantly encourage m e, and have given m e everything i've w anted. I love you. Grandma: Even th o u g h it has b een h a rd to com m unicate, I know how m uch you care fo r m e, an d how m uch you w ant m e to succeed. I miss you an d love you. Singapore family: You have h elp ed m e grow u p th ro u g h the years. You're always looking o u t fo r m e an d keeping m e o u t o f trouble. T h a n k you. T he Boys: To all th e g reat tim es on an d o ff th e field. From mystics, cam ping at 3 trees, benches, w orking w ith Bob, rid in g in th e titan, th e stupid 3 pointer, yongs, train in g so h a rd fo r the com ing season, an d th e ups an d dow ns on th e battlefield. It's been fun. G ood luck in life. Cori: Look how far we've com e. Even th o u g h we b o th have bad tem pers, things always w ork out. You can always p u t a smile o n my face. I've h ad som e o f th e best tim es o f m y life with you. G ood luck n ex t year, i'll miss you. Love you babey.

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a desire, a dream, a vision". Muhammad Ali American Boxer -



( f i{ / \ / <


/ iL


K y fu L





/ ^





Kailua- Kona, Hawai'i Soccer/Basketball 4 years @ HPA T h a n k you G od fo r leading m e to w here I am now and all the blessings you've given me. To m y parents: T h a n k you fo r all th a t you have sacrificed fo r m e an d all the h ard work th a t you do for me. I love both o f you. C henin:Y otire always going to be my favorite. Kaloko surf sessions, im personations o f m om , and all th e delirious m o­ m ents we have..L ove you sis. Kukui: You never faff to am aze me. N o one can ask for a b e tte r brother. Love you. Chelsea: We have cried, laughed, fought, and got th ro u g h 4 years o f it. Yotill always be my best friend. Love you girl! Kimbi, W hitney, Rascha, Tiare, and Allie: N o m atte r what, we’ll always have a blast together, bicker am ongst one an­ other, b u t love each o th e r th e n e x t second. I ’ll never forget you girls. Love you a bunch. Stina, Cec, Lacey, Nikki, N oe, Savanna, Jada, Jake, June, Mariko, & K ona Boys: T h anks fo r all the classic m om ents, m em ories, and fun we’ve had. You are the ones who have kep t m e going. To all m y fam ily and friends: Rem em ber, everything hap­ pens fo r a reason. N ever re g re t one bit. Live it up.

*M ake the present good} and the past will take care o f itself. "

C /uirtidE L A


e r c u


z tE


SCUBA/Marine Expeditions Club 1 year @ HPA ItS am azing how m uch you can learn in such a sh ort am o u n t o f tim e. As my first and last year a t HPA, I can safely say th a t I truly did “E xperience HPA" taking a lot o f g re a t m em ories and friends with me. A big th an k you to my m um m y and daddy fo r being so c o o l... thanks for being so o pen to an d supportive o f my pursuits no m atte r how ran d o m they are! Love you mucho! Also to my big bro K evin and sis Sarah: W atching yo u r ad­ ventures and h earin g y our g reat stories gave m e th e guts to try som ething exciting m yself... now I can tell you a few o f my own so w atch out! All m y best buddies at hom e; you rock my socks, thanks fo r all th e love. T h e n th e re is th e netw ork o f am azing people I ’ve m et since I got h e re ... D oty’s hall girlies: Yotire all a cre d it to yourselves and have a lot to be p ro u d of. My unbelievable roo m m ate Mari, fate m ust have b ro u g h t us to g e th e r cus I feel like I ’ve know n you fo r a lifetim e; you 're p u re class... n ev er change! Robertson’s fam ily in g en e ra l... couldn’t ask fo r a b e tte r bunch! I ’m grateful to all m y teachers fo r allow ing m e to take ad­ vantage o f this o p p o rtu n ity an d in tro d u cin g m e to things I w ouldn’t have learn ed otherw ise.

"Hakuna M atata” - Lion K ing

Laredo, Texas Volleyball/Basketball 2 years @ HPA

ig a i

'Fear is an emotioi dispensable fo r survival'!

Mom & Dad: T h an k you for all the sup­ p o rt th ro u g h these extrem ely hard 4 years o f high school; always telling m e to strive for the best, no m atter how hard things get, and to always hold my head up high. You guys never gave up hope in me. I couldn’t have m ade it w ithout you guys. I LOVE YOU W IT H A LL MY H EA RT. T h a n k you. Desi: "Hey th e re lil fella" I don’t know w here to even start with you. It was great know ing you, all th e m em ories and the risks we have taken I will never forget. G ood times. H ave fun nex t year. Lei: H ey big balla, this year has been fun oh and last year too. I ’m going to miss you and take care. Ana: H ey th e re “how iz it” M an I ’m real­ ly going to miss you nex t year in college, with all the m em ories o f the things we have been th rough. I m ust say th ro u g h R obertson's d o rm to A nna's, bad times and one o f th e best tim es o f my high school m em ories. H ave fun nex t year and keep your head up high. Jen: G et nuts nex t year! College baby mo good times. G et some! Ariel: ’’N EV ER” U H SON, M an I ’m re ­ ally going to miss you tonz. T h a n k you fo r beingo th e re fo r m e and never lettingo m e dow n. H ave fun nex t year boo face and th e rest you already know. Kini: I 'm O goingO to miss you next year / and all the little crazy m om ents we had in my room . Don’t miss m e too m uch. Chelsea: G et ex tra nuts next year! Avian: T hanks fo r being a good friend. G oing to miss always talking about the dram as with you next year. H ave fun n ex t year. Noe: You're crazy b u t nah, you're cool. T h an k s fo r spotting fo r me all those og reat tim es and n o t lettingo the bar fall and hit m e in the face. T hanks, my foot tho really hurts. A nd the girlz keep it real next year...

D^ul^icCin Vra'i/ir- 85

M A L7A 'Vj To usek ^ Waimea, Hawai'i Volleyball/Swimming/Waterpolo 12 years @ HPA Mom: K now th a t I love you an d respect you always. Yodve h elped m e so m uch an d so often w ithout thanks. So th an k you. Dad: You ta u g h t m e to cherish th e special little m om ents above all else, a n d to live al­ ways with h ope in m y heart. Sean: T h an k 's for always being th e nice one and trying y our best to teach m e an d sup­ p o rt m e in everything, even th o u g h girls aren’t good a t m ath. Mikey: You are th e o n e p erso n who can m ake m e laugh h ard est an d cry h ard est and in everything I accomplish. I ’m ju s t trying to im press you. Honey: You are always so kind an d caring, thank you fo r all th a t you have shared with me. Ani: I, in every way, aspire to be ju s t like you. Your com passion, generosity an d lov­ ing spirit have been o n e o f th e biggest influ­ ences o f my life. T he Fab Five: We m ay n o t still all be th e best o f friends, b u t I will fo rev er cherish w hen we were. T he Cookie N ight Crew: You guys a re so fun an d fantastic, keep th e tra d itio n alive. T he Paisleys and Emmons: I ’ve probably spent ju s t as m uch tim e a t b o th o f y our houses as I have at my ow n, so th an k you for so warm ly w elcom ing m e each tim e. *" Every One: H igh School is as m uch fu n as you m ake it. N ever fo rg et w ho y o u r tru e friends are, an d n ev er let th e people w ho re ­ ally care ab o u t you an d w ho you care ab o u t slip away. T hose w ho are graduating: T h an k s fo r all the am azing m om ents. T hose with som e tim e left: Enjoy every inch o f it.

"I play fo r keeps!" - Ricky Bobby 86 M a A v A iio iise E /

I V /iV c ;

Taipei, Taiwan Dreaming & Loving for 18 years

Daddy & Mommy: All the love I have fo r you guys can’t be described in few w ords. T h a n k you is a small word, b u t I m ean it with all my heart. You've given m e everything and it's tim e for me to m ake you pro u d . I Love You. Kevin: My little brother. I love you so m uch b u t I hate you so m uch. T h an k you for always being on my side to sup­ p o rt m e. Be good. Let us be p ro u d o f you. I love you. T.L.: You are n o t ju s t a friend, you're like ■a sister. You always know how to make m e smile. I love you, my girl. N ickson & Pamela: You guys are ju st like my little b ro th e r and sister. Take care n ex t year! Love you. O ’Leary family: You guys m ean so m uch to m e. Mr. O 'Leary, you're a good year­ book advisor. T h a n k you fo r everything. A-Yi, all th e long girl's talk we had...i'll n ever forget. T h a n k you fo r always being th ere fo r m e, you are the best. Little ChiChi: You can't re ad this yet, b u t I hope yodll read it w hen you get older, and still rem e m b er your “ah-boo” and “ah-goo”. Class o f 2008: W E DID IT!!!

'Wish i t Dream it Do it"

JA 7< E D

H -//S\7ElVSKl Hilo, Hawai'i Soccer 17 years of trying to live my dreams Mommy: I love you. You m ean so m uch to me. Yoiive given m e so m uch love and su p p o rt th a t w henever I ’m aro u n d you I feel safe. T h a n k you fo r everything, especially fo r being my m om . I love you. Dad: T h an k s fo r p u ttin g u p w ith it fo r so long. I know I d on’t say it a lot, b u t I love you D ad m o re th a n you will ever know. Grandma: W hat w ould life be w ithout y o u r cooking? W hen you goin' m ake K am puka again? I love you. Grandpa: Fly don’t land on m e .. .T h an k s fo r p u ttin g up withall the jokes I pull o n you. I love you. J.P: You have b een very influential to soccer an d m e. Yoiire th e best coach I ’ve ever had. T h a n k You. W ill: Yoiive b een such a good frien d to m e. T h ro u g h thick and thin you always got m y back. We’ve also h a d som e nuts tim es uh. N a N a N a N a Na! Korey: H ey Hey! Eh! G row ing u p an d playing soccer w ith you has been great. T h an k s fo r laughing a t “m y jokes!’ Alex: Sittin by th e highway! P or2 g e stay b lue brah! To all m y friends: T h an k s fo r being th ere. To all m y teachers: T hanks.

Champions 1

16 0-0 -

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with in us". -Ralph Waldo Emerson

88 f/cire/j lA /is/uaes^i

VOLFO'KTH Hilo, Hawai'i Musical/Play/Dance Four years ago I was totally unaw are o f where I ’d be today. I left W aiakea, the school I rolled my backpack into w hen I was only 5. Now I ’m graduating from HPA, the school o u r parents would only th reaten us with. H ere's to all o f you. LORETO: I love you baby. Yotire the guy th a t every­ one knows even th o u g h theyve never m et you. You m ean the w orld to me. T h an k you for every day we have together, and fo r am ong m any things, teaching m e th at being white is beautiful. Keira: I can’t im agine living w ithout you. Yotire like my sister, OBVIOUSLY from an o th er mister. Honestly, I think I ’ve lived with enough pink to last m e a life­ tim e. I ’m going to miss you. Kim: I love you so m uch. We’ve been th ro u g h a lot together, y o d re th e m ost am azing girl, and the boys h e re are totally missing th e ir chance. Be good next year, you.m ustn’t disgrace the “Kim” nam e. Mom: O u r w orld fell ap art aro u n d us b u t we stuck to­ 0g eth er and we cam e o u t o f it so m uch stronger, O ’ I love you. Forever.

'W hat do you see when you turn out the light I can't tell you, but I know it's mine". -R ingo Star

Jordan: T h an k s fo r always m aking m e feel at hom e. Sam: Yodre too cute, you always m ake my day. Maddy: T h an k s fo r the chocolate. Kathy: You should take a break from all those scary movies. Hannah: I ’ll always look up to you. K assia: T h an k s for being one o f my first friends, and fo r loving Filipinos ju st as m uch as I do. Beau: T h anks fo r always listening, and agreeing with th e things I can’t say o u t loud. T h a t girl never got that pony after all. Mr. Bryson: T h an k s fo r rem inding m e I ’m sm art, and th at my life will be ok. Yodre my favorite teacher ever. 1 don’t th ink you could ever u n d erstand your impact o n me. T h a n k you. Jazzy: You are the only person th at had once shared th at sam e pain. Yodre one o f T H E M O ST amazing people on this island. Lets go climb trees in Pahoa, far from here. T h a n k you to everyone who has m ade these years un­ forgettable. Dad: I love vou.

f\u n / I (H m i/i


W ood Pa’auilo, Hawai'i Volleyball/Soccer/Track God: T h a n k you fo r blessing m e w ith so m any gifts and looking o u t fo r me. My Parents: T h a n k you so m uch for always being th e re for m e and picking m e u p everytim e I am ab o u t to fall. You have sacri­ ficed so m uch fo r m e an d I am so grateful for everything. I love you both. JW: You have tau g h t m e so m u ch ab o u t life. Your achievem ents in life m ake m e w ant to strive even h a rd e r to succeed. W h e th e r y o d re h e re on th e Big Island o r in a totally differen t state, I know I can always count on you. See you in C o lo rad o ... N O T! Love you! Grandmas: T h an k s fo r always feeding an d sheltering m e. Yoiive su p p o rted m e and com forted m e in every way possible. I love you two very much! Guam Family: Miss you guys so m uch an d can’t w ait to m eet up w ith you guys in Guam! T h an k s fo r everything, love you guys! My Friends: T h a n k you fo r always being th e re fo r m e w henever I n eed ed som eone to talk to o r lean on. You all have h elped shape m e in w ho I am today. T h a n k s for all th e good tim es an d m em ories.- Best o f luck! My Teachers and Coaches: You guys have tau g h t m e so m any life lessons. Your belief in m e h elped m e co n q u er so m uch m ore th en I ever th o u g h t I could. T h a n k s fo r pushing m e to p e rfo rm at my very best!

"Life is not about the number o f breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away". 90 SJlLtuU t; W S a f

Seoul, South Korea Paddling


c j o iV

Mom & Dad: I ’m the luckiest girl to be your daughter. All the opportuni­ ties th a t you provided to m e were awe­ some. T hanks for your endless support. I couldn’t have done anything if you w eren’t there. SARANGHEYO. Unni: F inally I ’m graduating!! Com ing to HPA was a good choice. T hanks for ev­ erything. Yodre the best sister! maybe :P B.F.s: I always missed you guys a lot. Even th o u g h I was in Hawai'i, I ’ve never fo rg o tten about you guys. I enjoyed all th e m om ents th a t I had with you guys truly from my heart. Kay unni, Eunhee unni: Because o f you, I really enjoyed my life in HPA. T hanks fo r everything (really, everything). My life in HPA w ould’ve been so different w ithout unnis. W hat are we? Like a fam ­ ily :D Eunjin, Jin, Jane, Jessica: I had so m uch fun w ith you. From m orning to past m idnight, it was fantastic. I really appreciated your h u m o r and kindness. I ’ll miss you guys a lot. Avian: My ROOM M ATE! I loved all those chats with you. O u r room #118 always felt like a hom e fo r me. T hanks fo r being a perfect, w onderful room m ate fo r two years. H annah, K.K., Calaandra, Lauren, Jazzy, Kristina, Kim: I don’t know what I could’ve done w ithout you guys. I truly appreciate yo u r help. I ’ll miss you guys a lot. G ood luck with everything. Celine, N ozo, Yumi-unni, Anna, T if­ fany: I've always appreciated all your kindness. I really enjoyed hanging out w ith you guys.

"Whoever is happy will make others happy too M ark Twain "


My friends: You know who you are. I ’m elad th a t I ’ve m et you. I had lots o f fun O ' with you. T hanks fo r all the m emories. Koreans: It was nice m eeting you in a different country! My teachers: T hanks for all your support.





Waimea, Hawai'i Horse program/Theatre 6 years @ HPA

"Shoot fo r the moon , i f you miss you w ill la n d am ong the stars"

O VA Waimea, Hawai'i Softball/Waterpolo 7 years @ HPA

ZdK A '

1D on't look back. .Something might be gaining on -Satchel Paige TCca/ta


For Now and Later... ...the class o f 2 0 0 8

Best Smile Alex B. & Kim W.

Most Athletic Chelsea & Junior

Most likely to be out of Dress Code Jordon 0. & Tiare

Class Clown Charnelle & Gene

Most Mysterious Maia & Francis

Cutest Couple Todd & Nikki

Most likely to Succeed Cecily & William H.

Most Artistic Lacey & Beau

Best Friends Forever Malia & Lauren P. Mana & Jake

Most likely to be on Broaadway JJ & Samantha

Hopeless Myspace Addicts Keahi & Lauren E.

Most likely to be on a Reality T.V Show Kiana & Eric

94 For

(U uF ^-ttter.. .{L&'cÂŁtss c N j2 0 0 S

Till the Bitter End ...S en io r A d visors Our journey started four years ago with 60 of the current class at a retreat at Anaeho'omalu Bay, followed by a four-year long, eventfilled ride. Remember the Napoleon Trials? Winning an occasional Olympic event? Close friendships? BIIF Games? Selling ice cream and plants? Our class has brought much to our school during their years here, but we feel that their greatest strengths are their generous and supportive natures, their thoughtfulness and willingness to make extra efforts. We are very proud to have been their Class Deans, and we wish them the very best as they continue on their journey. Aloha, Mrs. Nogues & Mr. White

Mrs. Barber

Mrs. Goodspeed

Mr. Motta

Mr. Bernstein

Mr. Kamrow

Dr. Ravaglia

Mrs. Craven

Mrs. Montgomery

Mr. Spencer

Moana Abe Alex Beaton Maia Campbell

A Second In Time Beau Cantyne Jake Chancer

Hannah Conley Jennifer Dahlgren

Aaron Dale Tiare Devenot Lauren Emerson

Our HPA class in the year 2000! Can you recognize any familiar faces above? (in no particular order)

Samantha Emmons Hans Fellhauer Alex Ferrara

Junior Fischer Mariko Fujio-White Jon Gendreau

William Hagerman' Allie Harmon Whitney Harvey



Louis Polak W hitney H arvey Cecily K im ura Ja re d Wisniewski Sam antha Emmons William H agerm an Beau Cantyne Jake Chancer Tyler Sakurai Riley R earden Rascha Jelks M ana Purdy Nikki Stomski KK Hayashikawa Jo rd an Opdyke Malia Vitousek Kassia Dombrowski

Courtney Haskins Chelsea Himalaya Lacey Honda Joseph Huang Adrian Jacobs

Rascha Jelks Emily Johnston Pear Khli-in Cecily Kimura Amanda Lawrence

Josh Lee Kimbi Macy Houlton Mahaney Bryant Mawhorter Aubrie Munson

Ian Nelson Jordan Opdyke Kristina Ornellas Lauren Paisley Louis Polak

Bobby Pollette Todd Powers Jasmine Silverstein Nikki Stomski Emi Suganuma

Tammy Surtees Charnelle Terawaki Malia Vitousek Celine Wang Tared Wisniewski

Kim Wolforth Jung Park Stina Wood Mariko Yoshinaga Kiana Zakar

IBa in/ hectares


/ l a

t l v



inally. We are upperclassmen. Believe it or not, it won’t be long until we’re seniors preparing to take that next big step past high school. But for now, we still have a while longer to make the most of our experience here at HPA, and along with that make some awesome memories. T he Class of 2009 is undeniably a remarkable group of people. We have students with many different backgrounds, interests and talents, and yet we still always manage to come together. We defy stereotypes and break the limits of just being a jock or a nerd. All of our personalities are multi-dimensional and unique, making us as a group that is unstoppable. It seems that no matter where we are, or what we’re doing, we’re able to have a good time while working hard. It§ needless to say that we’ve accomplished a lot. This year we’ll be looking for a repeat as Olympic cham­ pions. We’ll be sending more care packages to Ka’ai Lincoln^ unit in Iraq, especially after we’ve discovered several individuals unexpectedly gifted in baking! We’ll fit more'than 13 people into Mr. Emmor& car. We'll give all we can in the classroom, on the field, and in the community; but most of all, we’ll have fun. T his will be our last year with someone who has done so much for our class and this school, and our thoughts and feelings about this man can’t possibly fit on this page. I can only say that in no way will our class meeting ever be the same without Mr. Wilder § inspirational speeches. All we can really do is get him his six pack of Florida orange juice and appreciate all of the great things he§ done for us. Lets make him proud!


-Amelia Evans, 2009 Class Representative

EtwirOiune/iTaJy7ssn e t

Because o f th e enthusiasm o f J u n io r T rev o r C angem i an d countless oth ers, HPA has becom e a recycler's paradise!

Devin Fujioka Anthony Gand Ashly-Anne G reenbaum Susanna Han Eli H art Kana Hashim oto

Sam antha Johnson Courtney-A nn Kaholo Elliot Kastner Hiu Kelley Alyssa Kelly Y iJung Kim

W hat have you and your fam ily done to becom e m ore environm entally friendly?

D o you think global w arm ing w ill affect you in your lifetim e?

I f you could buy a new car w ould you buy a hybrid or a truck?

"We ju st started recy­ clin g alum inum and we have two big bags out­ side our house"

"Yeah, because I can't ski anymore"

"I w ould buy a hybrid to help out the earth’.'

-H arm en Verbrugge

-Mika N ickel

-Ziona Verbulsdonk

Sum m er Borowski Trevor Cangemi Michael Cecil Yen-Fu Chen Teresa Choe Kanita Chonecadeedumrongk

Jasen Doi Braden Erickson Melissa Esaki Amelia Evans Joseph Florendo Auli'i Fujimoto

Does your cell phone have a camera? H ow often do you use it?

"Yes, it does. I use it at least once a day1.' -Susanna H an

W hat do you think about the iPhone?

H ow m any cell phones have you broken? Lun&

"I dont think its that ground breaking. In two years there w ill be som e­ th in g new and better" -A shly A n n e Greenbaum

"One. I put it through the wash twice" -Vanessa Cushnie

A lejandro H orow itz and the m ost coveted tech item o f the school year, the iPhone.

Sachi Hiatt Jonathan Himalaya Christopher Hole Andrew Hopkins Alejandro Horowitz Wilson Inman

Keita Kiyomitsu Breeani Kobayashi Alexandria Korobkin Alexandra Kowalski Avian Ku Brittany Kumove

cL s


Christian Largo Hae Ni Lee Jeongho Lee Yan Liu Anthony Look Nickson Lynn Ken Mamizuka

Shannon Masada-Rodriguez Kimberly McFarland Brendan M iranda Cody Morse Ariel Moseman Noah M urray Mika Nickel

Sean Paisley Eunjin Park Nicholas Penny Keoki Phillips Piper Power Leilani Powers M adeline Primack

G arnett P uett M ariah Rocker Jasm ine Roosendaal Caleb Schutte Sissy-Aileen Schwarz Keneiloe Shuping Luke Siebert

William Sims Nicholas Smith Travis Stancil C orbin Stuard R annen Tagupa-Kukahiwa Kaimana Teba Ana Tenorio

Pornpit Tongbaiyai Korey Tsubota Emm a Twigg-Smith Jada Van Mols Noelani Vargas H arm en Verbrugge Ziona Verhulsdonk Gregory Walker Cori Wang Shiyang Wang R obert W arren Keira Williams Rebecca Wong W hitney Yamamoto Ryota Yokose


c L s J 'a o o a

Time fo r Peace: Operation K a'ai

Named after Ka'ai Jncoln, a 1989 HPA graduate that is now erving in Iraq as a heicopter pilot, our junior lass strives to share >arts of home with our oldiers overseas. Since !006, our class has been ending care packages to mr troops who miss the dands, their friends, nd most of all, their Dhana. Our class holds lake sales and takes the

initiative to donate our own money to be able to afford the things O that soldiers miss, wheter it be small packages of Li hing mui, arare, tide calenders, local sporting events, or letters from friends and family. Through Ka'ai, we are connected on a daily ba足 sis with the experiences o f those fighting in the war, and we are con足 stantly rewarded with

thank you notes and emails of appreciation. Through Operation Ka'ai, we show sup足 port and appreciation for their sacrifices. BY sending these care pack足 ages, we reconize the hardships they face and we endeavor to spread the spirit of aloha. - Breeani Kobayashi


(Left) Ka'ai Lincoln spreadin the aloha sprit in Iraq. Ka'ai s unit will be deployed anywhere from eighteen months to two years in Iraq.

C& xJ200.9



t's h ard to believe that two years have passed since the class of 2010 barged our way into high school. There§ nothing more awkward then being a freshman, and we’re thrilled to be out of that position. Now that we’ve had time to settle in and find our place as individuals, we’re emerging as a gifted, exuberant force on campus. Our class is full of interesting and unique charac­ ters who each add another dimension to our diversity, and we all come together to create an outstanding group of people. What we lack in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm and intensity. At every event, big or small, the sophomore class is always rep­ resented and participates whole-heartedly. This year is our time to start growing. It& time to let our individual personalities and talents come out so we can show the world what we have to offer. We’re not the smallest benchwarmers on the team anymore, but in some cases part of the starting lineup! We’ve had opportunities to push our limits and are becoming addicted to the empowering feeling of success. We’ve learned that it& easy to make a difference, and we do an amazing job making a positive impact on the school. We’re hav­ ing a fabulous time enjoying life as it comes without worrying about what other people think of us. We are constantly impress­ ing people with our fun-loving spontaneity. We do everything, both work and play, with a great attitude that sends waves of smiles and laughter throughout the campus. Right now, we’re being faced with the challenge of grow­ ing up and transitioning while the rest of the school watches us carefully. We’ve stepped up to prove that we can handle what­ ever they give us, and each and every one of us is proud to rep the class of 2010. -Julia Brotman, 2010 Class Representative

Friendship ••• Sophomores Malia Kissner and Chris­ tina Bowen, both dedicated riders in the afternoon horse program share a light m om ent together on horseback. T h e sophom ore class is known as a friendly, outgoing bunch o f students!

c L sc4



Jessica Ahn Jesse Alvord Eric Anderson C onor Baldwin Lisa Bevier-Sakimura

Jonathan Chute Kekai Clarke Todd Colson Erika Cushnie Marie Donahue

C tirre n £

Do you w ant the Superferry to come to the Big Isla n d t

"Yes, because we have already spent too much money to pay for the Superferry1.1 T h e Superferry continues to be . a polarizing issue in the Hawaiian islands. Will it eventually set sail?

Russell Hapgood Marcus Hess Jam es Higginson Ying-Ta Ho Zachary Hopson

Na Yoon Kim S o o ji Kim Malia Kissner Bronson Kobayashi Kaleikaumaka Konrad

108 C /L s

"No, because itfe potentially bad for the environment" - Carly Justice

- Robert Stomski

"No, because there are too many tourist com ing here al­ ready. I f there are more cars and more people, it w ill be complete chaos eventually’.1 - Sean Prentiss

Christina Bowen Julia Brotman H unter Bushong Mindy Campbell Regina Cervantes

Noelani Enos Talia Eschenbach Laura Flem Savanna Gonzales Haley Hagerm an

I f you could vote in the upcoming Presidential election, who would you vote for?

1 1 would vote for Barack Obama. The reason is simple; h e's from Hawai i and more than likely surfs"

"I would vote for the Republican underdog, Ron Paul. H e truly is, "the hope for America"

"Hillary Clinton, because I really want to see a woman President" - Marie Donahue

- Jordan Solomon

- N oe Enos

7sste c s

T h e 2008 Presidential election will be historic, offering voters the option to elect the first African Am erican and a woman to the highest office in the U nited States.

Emma Hum phreys Makoa Johnson Carly Justice William Kailimai Ku'uipo Kalawai'anui

Jaym ee Krochka Haley Kuhlmann Yu-Hao Lai T heodora L ederer Sun Ju n g Lee

C&ss f l o w


Jake Moran Reina Morise Sung H yun Nam A aron Nishina Yoon Seok O h

Andrew Oliver Chiaki Osaka Jin Sun Park Sean Prentiss Nicholas Purdy

Ryan Rice H elen Rutgers Jo rd a n Salomon Jacob Salzberg N athan Schenk

Desiree Seid Sierra Shum ate Lynn Smith Ariel Spear R obert Stomski

Jonah Sulla-Menashe Elizabeth Tenorio Justin T ruong Cheng-Tao Tsai Shang-Lun Tsai

Tyler Tsubota Maximilian Verbrugge Bridget Walker Tayler Wang Teng-Ching Yang Sean Zakar


Time to Tag and Release The Turtle Tagging rogram at HPA celerated its 20 th anniveriry in the fall o f 2007. ophomore Regina Cerintes, who is a boarder om Mexico City, is a udent who is enthuastic about turtle tagmg and is happy to be ivolved in a signature rogram at school. Regina really loves le ocean and wildlife, hie is also very fond of

Marine Biology, and the geographical proximity to the ocean was a size­ able factor in her de­ cision to attend HPA. Once here, Regina started to get involved in activities centered around marine studies, such as the turtle tag­ ging and SCUBA cer­ tification programs so that she could stay close to the ocean. Regina has gone on many turtle

tagging trips, including Honokohau and Kiholo. Though it is hard and challenging work, she has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Regina , who is planning to re­ turn to Mexico next year, dreams of working for the National Geo­ graphic as a photogra­ pher.

(Left) H ard at work with Mr. Rice and fellow classmates, Re­ gina helps stabilize a Hawaiian sea tutrle so that proper mea­ surem ents can be taken for data collection.

rZ U u ,K &


t the beginning of the year a lot of us were nerVous about go­ ing to high school. Once we got here and settled in, we came to find out that everyone here was so supportive. We have a chance to do something with the four years we’re given, and with our diversity and friendship, we can get there. We continue to push ourselves in academics and athlet­ ics, as well as participating in extracurricular activities. Fresh­ men are actively involved in clubs and organizations, such as the environmental club and Red Cross. There are a great number of us that can be found on the athletic fields and courts, and on the stage at GPAC. For our class retreat, we did a campus clean up to help our school &community which helped our class get to know each other. Although we seem innocent and clean, we actually get down and dirty in "the pit" during lunch hours, and the freshmen waitstaff that serve boarders during Monday morning formal dinner are first class all the way! We experienced our first Fall Games and finished last overall but we won the ‘Ohana Award’ for good sportsmanship! We were able to win this award because we 'were responsible and respected the different personalities each of us have. High school is different from middle school and being responsible has become a big factor this year. There are traditions here that we must follow, such as letting the seniors go first at assembly and chapel, and we must respect that. We will have that opportunity in 3 years and we will want that same respect. Before you know it, we'll be getting up and leaving first! Now it§ our turn to take the spot as the new kids on the block. We are simply freshmen. We will take our mistakes and learn from them, ultimately moving us forward! -Dean Macy, 2011 Class Representative

d m -J jM


I f you could live a t any time when w ould it be?

Carola Geitner

Melissa White

Kyle Katase

"The future, because of all the cool, new things we would have invented"

"Now, because I feel there are more oppor­ tunities for me right at this moment"

"Now, because I like how my life is going and don't like the un­ certainty of the future"

Katherine Boehm Logan Borowski Tanya Boyer Mackenzie Buckner Ikaika Cecil Jacob Chen

Adam Dahlen Austin Dale Madison Dizinno Sara Drennan Landy Eng Kara Erickson

H ave you thought about

Monica Crawford

Malachi KTobayashi

George Twigg-Smith

"No, but I will have to start to think about it eventually!'

"Yes, I have figured out that I would like to study sports medicine in college"

"Yes, I think I would like to go to possi­ bly the University of Hawai'i at Manoa or Colorado State University!'

Ciara Glidden-Deleon Swan Groom Harrison Hapgood Katelynn Ho L auren Holdcroft Phoebe Hono

Kyle Katase Apisara Khli-In Monjoon Kim Kazuomi Kitagawa Matthew Kiyota Malachi Kobayashi

o iL J

m w


I f you could see anyone in concert who would it be?

Alohi Nakachi

Boombell Khli-in

Isaiah Adams

"My Chemical Romance, because I really like their music.

"Christina Aguilera. She is a very popular pop music icon in my country, plus her sing­ ing is awesome"

"Bob Marley, beacause I like his music and can identify with his lyrics"

Dean Macy Kelsey Martin Logan Martin Svetlana Martin-Schatz David McMahon Gabrielle Menendez

Chris Oh Jacqueline Ornellas Selena-Zola Osorio Mitchell Pascua T rent Perry Lindsey Powers

Is high school as bad as you thought it would be?

Alyssa Evans

Rukin Jelks

Kaikea Nakachi

"No, because people are more accepting which makes me feel comfortable"

"No, because I didn't think high school was going to be bad"

"No, because all of the free periods make the school day less stressful"


Eaman Sarwar H ana Scully Mike Shin Leah Smith Zoe Spears-Takakuwa Vaughn Stevens

Erin Wakefield-McDonald Nai-Hao Wang Melissa White Wan-Jung Wu Jing Zhou

CLs J2 0 1 1


/r u n n e jv t u v




'r o m Olympics, to Activity Days, students get the opportunity to par­ ticipate in a variety o f fun, cultural and educational activities on campus and around the island. Some Activity Day trips include whale watch­ ing, swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Quest, bicycling to Waipio Valley and hiking down to Pololu Valley. There are weekend activities for boarders that range from snorkeling at Kapoho, to shopping at the King& Shops, to visiting the Imiloa Astronomy museum, to camping at Makalawena. There are two facets to student activities at HPA, one that includes all students and one that is exclusive to boarders on campus. Dorm rep­ resentatives and other willing boarders can be involved in the Week­ end Activities Committee, a group who plan and oversee activities that boarders participate in. These students enrich the lives of HPA board­ ing students by creating fun and exciting events throughout the calen­ dar year. Weekends can simply be a tough time for boarders. Where as day students disappear for the weekend into the safety, freedom and comfort o f their homes, boarders are still on campus, searching for something fun and interesting to do. They usually don't have to look very hard to find something great to discover. Junior Elliot Kastner "Loves dodge © ball,7because it's dodge © balk'7 while Susana Han states that "Everybody likes pool parties with BBQ's, especially with Jaws" while Sarah Yoon loves "Getting a golden tan, and retreating from rainy cold Waimea on a beautiful tropical beach" So, whether you are a day stu­ dent that has the freedom to search for waves on the weekends in your own car, or a boarder that hops on a Hilo van to hopefully catch a movie and do some shopping, squeezing in precious moments of free time keeps HPA students balanced and ready for classes on Monday.


Roots! Escaping from campus is a seldom achieved goal for many students. Fortunately for ju n io r Cody Morse, getting out and playing in the surf keeps him focused and on task.

S h U c n tL if


k j e n i o r girls showing th eir unparalleled spirit for th e class o f 2008.

u n io r B rittany K um ove getting into th e spirit o f Fall Gam es by pain tin g h er face fo r ju n io r class spirit.

k J ophom ores Jo h n n y C hu te an d Ju stin T ru o n g taking th e ir football con­ ditioning to a new level in th e sack race.

resh m en carrying on th e trad itio n o f th e legend­ ary circle sit o n th e foot­ ball field.

120 F a /iy G omcs


ith a face that only his m o th er could love, Sophom ore Billy Kailimai looks fo r some fresh air after inhaling a cream filled pie.

Fall Games Walking into HPA after a glorious fun filled

A one day event to build school spirit and class cohesion.

summer is nothing less than a total shock to the system. Time that was spent at Hapuna beach is now replaced by multiples tests and quizzes. Time that was spent hanging out in Kona shop­ ping for clothes is now spent shopping for text­

books in the HPA bookstore while stressing about new classes. While all of us are trying to re-adjust to this new reality, at the beginning of the semes­ ter we put down our new responsibilities for a day and simply have fun with the goal of building school spirit and class cohesion. Whether we are inhaling cream pies, running across the gym with fins and a ridiculous mask and snorkel on, or try-

^ /V ith Mr. K ruger acting

ing to throw a javelin as far as we can, we revel in

as hom e base um pire, Mitsuki Fujinami uses all o f her strength trying to score a hit

our short break from reality!

for the freshm en class.

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Parent's Weekend & Pumpkin Patch! J u n io r Rannejn Tagupa- Kukahiw a sporting his trad e m ark ukulele and singing his h e a rt o u t at th e Putnpkin Patch.

IM ackenzie B uckner's m o th er enjoying th e sun while sketching outside o f th e A rt building.

Senior L auren Paisley, intensely involved in aia AP Psychology ex p eri­ m en t, seeing th e effects o f blue dye on th e tasiebiids in h e r m outh.

Parents Weekend at Hawai'i Prep is a relatively new tra­ dition that includes parents in their childs academic life and also serves as a showcase of acquired new talents and knowledge. The five-day span includes parent teacher confer­ ences, home athletic meets, as well as parents shadowing their children to a regular day of school. Although classes can be crowded and chaotic, both stu­ dents and parents enjoy sharing and learning together. A huge aspect of parents weekend is of course, Pumpkin Patch! Luckily this year Pumpkin Patch had a wonderful comeback after last year§ massive earthquake on the morning before the event. Pumpkin Patch is an opportu­ nity to invite Hawaii Prep stu­ dents and families along with

the community to share crafts, j plants, baked goods, games, and food as a fundraiser benefiting; the school. The silent auction is also a yearly excitement and gives the senior class an oppor­ tunity to donate items and ser­ vices in order to raise money for their graduation night. The organization that goes into this weekend is incredible and we would like to thank the Sodexho staff, the planners of Pumpkin Patch, and to anyone that do­ nated time to the effort. Par­ ents Weekend is a wonderful opportunity for students and parents to connect, giving parents an opportunity to see hands on what their kids are learning and doing while they are away.

Right: Sopho­ m o re Jay m ee K rochka a n d h e r m o th e r setting u p an experi-

Far left: HPA m om 's cooking u p a storm while fundraising fo r the school. Left: Science teac h er Mr. Jarvill displaying his bio-diesel M ercedes Benz th a t ru n s off o f 100% vegetable oil.

122 f f r e n t : j PVec/Q/t//j'

Right: Mr. Solmssen sharing the joy of horses with the keiki of Waimea.

Below. Junior Allysa Kelly and her mom trying not to blow anything up in Mr. Hunting足 ton's chemistry class.

Above: Mr. Emmons endowing the won足 ders of physical science to both fresh足 man students and their eager parents.

Below: Junior Melissa Esaki and her mom working hard together in Mr. Motta's ceramics class.

bove: Face painting was one f the many activites that was n offer at the Pumpkin Patch.

Right: Freshman Mackenzie Buckner enjoying the out足 door landscape, while taking some advice from art teacher Mr. Hayslip.

Above: Freshman Hana Sara Ito and her mother taking a break from classes and enjoying a fine lunch in Taylor Commons.

I Vee/ie/ul


Right: H iu Kelley showing o ff his b ra n d new Volcom shirt w ith considerable excitem ent. Below: Seniors W hitney Harvey, C helsea H im a­ laya, and C harnelle Terawaki relish in th e ir last Fall Ball o f th e ir high school lives.

Fall Ball Fall Ball has been a long standing tra­ dition at Hawaii Prep. Usually it's held at Jacaranda Inn, a cute bed and break­ fast inn a few minutes from cam­ pus. Last year, student coun­ cil decided to have fall ball at our school under a huge tent right outside the gym. The dance was a success, and al­ though it on campus’, there was a lot o f room and it turned out to be a lot o f fun. This year it was moved back to Jacaranda Inn. Fall Ball was moved to a Sunday evening due to a BIIF championship football game on 124 fJU b J ?

Saturday night. Students had fun on the dance floor enjoying the music the DJfc played. They also enjoyed eating delicious desserts served there. Tickets were sold out this year, leaving tons of people having to pay at the door. Having a lot of people show up to Fall Ball this year, made it an awesome night for every­ one. The few people who were not tearing up the dance floor were either exploring the many rooms of Jacaranda or playing pool. Be­ tween the costumes, dancing, and din­ ing, smiling faces were a sight to be seen.

!elow: New age hippie A d rian Jacobs and 50's beop girl Emily Jo h n sto n posing fo r a quick p h o to efore tearin g u p th e d ance floor.

Below: A aron Dale, Allie H arm on, Rascha Jelks, Riley R earden, and Ja k e C hancer looking for dates on a cold and windy W aimea night.

Left: In ternational, dom estic, and local HPA girls getting to­ g eth er and having fun. Above: Blaise De Lima and Alex Bell at th e b ar at Jac o ran d a Inn, looking fo r bottled w ater and chocolate fondue. _

H onoring the Traditions o f H aw ai 'i

Right: Mr. Diaz, Mr. Hanano, Kaimana Teba and Mr. Huntington transfer the prepared p ig into an 'imu pit that the students dug.

Hawai'i has been hom e for thousands o f years to a p ro u d people, who w ith tim e and isolation on th e ir side, diverged from the n o rm and created a unique cu ltu re th a t is recognized an d ap preciated th e w orld over. W h eth er students are trom ping th ro u g h a Lo'i patch in W aipio Valley, helping p re p a re an Im u on cam pus, o r learn in g to weave a lauhala b racelet, all have th e o p p o rtu n ity to learn, em brace, and h o n o r a vib ran t cu ltu re th a t cam e be­ fo re th em an d is still very m uch alive today. "It was a good experience fo r students who are from outside o f Hawai'i to learn ab o u t H aw aiian culture" -Auli'i Fujimoto "It was very fu n because I got to w ork on my ukulele skills and perfo rm w ith my friends" -JJ Higginson "It was a good opportunity fo r m e to learn som ething th a t I had never tried before'.' -Kathy Yoon

H o 'olaule 'a Defined Celebration, festival, gathering for a celebration, large party; satisfaction; to hold a celebration, to celebrate; to reconcile, restore peace or friend­ ship, appease; to preserve friendship and goodwill; to be at peace with; to seek to please. 126 f-C P oftu T L 'a,

Above: Bridget Walker, Carly Justice, & Haley Kuhlmann contemplating the idea of eating fresh 'opihi that were gathered in Kohala. Right: Mrs. McDowell and two students prepping their ipu's by scrubbing them clean.

Ho'olaule'a Faculty and learning about the students w ork­ stories and magic ing and learn­ o f Hawaii Aloha ing side-by-side and the Queens while experi­ Prayer, harvesting encing Haw ai­ o u r own lo’i, and ian cultural ac­ o f course, prepar­ tivities are the ing all o f the food driving forces for a luau for 400 b ehind the Above: Keali'i C and people, including H o’olaule’a, a Noah Murray par ticipating doing the im u and celebration o f 'na ceremonial event at catching fish. T h e Mruena Heiau in Kailualearning, and Ho’olaule’a provid­ Kona th e H oike, ed a w onderful op­ th e sharing o f portunity to learn know ledge. Activities ranged cultural activities by doing, a fro m learning about the m eaningful way to experience A h u en a in K ona, prep arin g and appreciate the challenges and weaving lauhala, learn­ and opportunities o f long ago. ing about and gathering maile, T h e w eekend celebration end­ m aking ipus, learning . about ed with o u r H oike, with stu­ hula and playing ukuleles, visit­ dents and faculty alike sharing ing a lo’i in Waipio th en bring­ th eir experiences with fam ­ ing back poi, visiting the Kings ily and friends. A w onder­ p o n d at K alahuipua’a and ful lu'au followed and m any learning about H aw aiian aqua­ happy faces w ere seen with cultu re and H awaiian sailing plate fulls o f ono Hawaiian canoes, m aking leis, quilting, food. Lucky we live Hawai'i!

Left: The Waipio Taro Patch Kids watching and learn­ ing from master farmer, Mr. Mok Choy.

Above: Junior Fischer checking his lure and praying for a strike. Junior's group came back with a nice sized swordfish and two small ahi.

/{(''i'u(///(’ (t


International Students T

his is my fifth year at HPA as an internation­ al student. In that time I have experienced many things that I would have never been able to find in my home country of South Korea. At HPA, I have met many friends from diverse cultural backgrounds who have helped change my life­ style significantly. Al­ though sometimes it seemed boring to al­ ways stay in a dormi­ tory, it was also exciting to live there since I was able to surround myself with many new friends all the time. have always tried to make myself helpful to the HPA community, and that mindset has helped me live a productive and meaningful life at HPA as an international stu­ dent. eeting people with differ­ ent cultural backgrounds and life



128 /n £ e rn a £ u h u t^S tiu d ^tts

values was sometimes burdensome, but at the same time exciting. By becoming friends with such a diverse group of individuals, I learned how to understand and accept different life val­ ues and points of view, even if I believed differ­ ently. By accepting the differences o f others, I expanded my personal perspective and now see the world with a much more mature point of view. ach-part of my HPA experience has made the past five years one of the most meaningful o segments of my life. By learning how to adjust myself to others, rather than trying to have them adjust to me, I can now truly under­ stand them and success­ fully merge into the HPA community.

Below: Ji Su Park from South Korea, an es­ sential part of HPAs School of Rock.


-Jisu Park, '08

Right: Freshman Landy Eng from Singapore is a promsing young soccer player who con­ tributed greatly to the team this year.

Right: Ryota Yokose, So Adachi, Yoyou Tbrizuka and Keita Kiyomitsu on their way to formal dinner. Below: International girls of Anna's dorm getting to know some of the local delegates during an open hall night.

Defining Moments in Time

"I h ad th e best tim e o f my life learn in g h ula at H o'olaulea!1 -Jane Lee '10

"Red Key guides are the am bassadors o f th e school, and I w ould say it is my biggest co n trib u tio n to HPA'.' -Alex Liu '08

"Cross country was challenging as my first var­ sity sport. I'm thankful to all th e people who supported me'.' -Moana Abe '08

"The trip to H akalau was fun and educa­ tional. Join the Environm ental Club and help save the earth!" -Fai C. '09

Left: S e n io r J u n g W oo P a rk , sc o rin g p o in ts fo r th e fo o tb a ll te a m w hile inspir­ in g all o f u s w ith his d e d i­ c a tio n a n d c o m m itm e n t. Below: J u n i o r S o u th A fri­ c a n K ini S h u p in g p la n tin g e n d e m ic n a tiv e tre e s in th e H a k a la u F o re st R e se rv e.

Above: S e n io r J o s e p h H u a n g fro m T aiw an p la y in g a m ain c h a ra c ­ t e r in th e fall p r o d u c ­ tio n “M useum "

J/itenuiti c/L(tI Stu4.e/ifc 129

Below. Freshm an Em m a Pang learning to p ain t Jap anese cal ligraphy. ^

Abov 1: A n array o f Chinese drinks w aiting to be picked u p by thirsty, advenoiro u s students.


Above: Senior H o ulton M aheney exhausting him self as he Iroists a log into the air in tFTF Scottish H ighland gam es funshop.

130 /nÂŁernaÂŁu> iuw TDeu/

International Day iternational day 2008 HPA was changed to 1 all day event in order i incorporate “fun lops” in addition to the dicious lunch preired by international udents. Fun shops are spin off on workshops at they differ because ley are fun! Students 3t a chance to learn 1 types of cultural cets from across the obe in three different in shops. This gives udents and teachers ho have knowledge Fother cultures to lare their traditions, imes, and languages ith other students, mong the sessions of:red students learned a :w Arabic phrases, the rigin of Scottish kilts, atin ballroom dancing,

I Chinese games, Spanish I and French 101, and I the roots and teachings I o f Bob Marley. The day

eteria was packed with students circling around to the different coun­ tries food tables and

Jen cooked chicken curry with Roti, which is an Indian inspired cuisine, although she cooked the dish to rep­ resent Fiji. The student body also viewed two videos towards the end of the day. One a parody of Westside Story that shed light on the reli­ gious strife in Israel, and the other a saddeningo clip on the violent racial hardships that South Africa has experienced. Students went to their B etw een cooking, serving, and m arketing th e ir food, HPA advisories in order to students rep re se n tin g Ja p a n take a m om ent o u t o f th eir hectic cooking schedule an d g et to g e th er fo r a photograph. reflect upon issues in the videos as well as the “fun started with an assembly collecting food samples I shops” in small groups. I This was an internationfrom across the world. showcasing two stick I al day to remember, and fighters, in order to gen­ Senior chef Jen DahlI| a chance for students to erate excitement for the gren said, “The food I better understand, en­ I was awesome! It was a day. The international I great break from the ev- joy, and appreciate other day lunch has always cultures. been exciting. The caf- | eryday cafeteria lunch!’

A bove: P ro fe ssio n a l stick fig h te rs s ta rtin g o f f th e c e le b ra tio n s d u rin g m o rn in g assem bly in th e gym .

Above: S o p h m o re T a y le r W ang sa m p lin g fin e O o lo n g te a in Mr. O 'L e a ry s C h in ese T ea C u ltu i e fu n w o rk sh o p .

F ar left: S e n io r K a th y Y oon w o rk in g h a r d b e h in d th e scenes in th e k itc h e n . L e ft: J u n i o r A shly G re e n b a u m m u ltita sk in g a sm ile a n d fo ld in g in o ra g m a i class.

7/i{ent/( h <Hta/ 1)it// 131

Right: Senior prefects Celine W ang an d Blaise D elim a shar­ ing a quiet m om en t d u rin g study hall.

Annak can be consid­ ered the best dorm in HPA history! Girls from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures live in harmony and as a family. Annafc is con­ sidered a home by many and is full of caring, kind people. Friendships formed here last forever. Although the begin­ ning o f the year was rocky when several girls left, everyone supported each other and as a result we came through strong. The prefects and dorm parents do their best to make the dorm as good as possible, including planning surprise water balloon fights. Although Anna's can get a bit dra-

[Classy and Fabulous]

matic at times, it is an amazing place for girls to mature and thrive alongside their sisters.

W h eth er they are from th e Big Island, T h ailan d, Palau, Saipan, Ja p a n , N evada, China, o r K orea; th e girls o f Ms. Jenkinsonk hall have arguably th e best view on cam pus.


ID or/n

H earin g G erm an, T h ai, and Chinese com peting with Eng­ lish, along with an endless love fo r K orean soap operasm ake Mrs. O 'Learyk hall g ro u n d zero fo r learning about diversity.

Left: A untie T isa cooking up a storm trying to keep the ladies fed d u rin g a late after­ noon barbecue on the lanai.

Below: Sophom ore Noe Enos and Senior Charnelle Terawaki keeping the aloha spirit alive!

Above: South K orean boarderH ae-ni Lee showing o ff h er taste­ fully decorated room . Left: T h e com m ons area serves as the nerve center o f the dorm .

W hat do paddlers, P ortugese p rid e, x-country ru n n ers, M oloka'i residents, an d South A frican nationals all have in com m on? T h e y all live th e HPA d ream o n M s. Kamrowk hall.

Cell p h o n e enthusiasts, actresses, classically trained musi­ cians, d irt bike riders, swimmers, and artists m ake up the well ro u n d ed bunch o f girls o f Ms. Dayfe hall.

s Dfirn 133

Hartwell's Dorm [ Welcome to the Jungle ] Hartwell &is a home for different students from all over the world to come together and share friendships and become a family. The new found family in Hartwell's acts as support for all the stu­ dents who live in it.This year was no different than ever before; children came in, and when faced with the realities of living away from parents, grew up. At the beginning o f the year, there were a lot of new students who were not used to the board­ ing life. Washing clothes, for example, is one as­ pect among an independent life that proved trou­ blesome. However, the students were not left to drown. Hartwell's dorm parents and prefects were there to lend a helping hand and support the stu­ dents. During down time, boarders can be seen in Hartwell& playing X-Box, Ping-pong or pool. But when it is time to get down to business, Hartwell^ is also a great place to study. Students and faculty are al­ ways there to help. Boarding is a life that starts on the day you step on campus and does not end until the day you step over the line at graduation. Commonly misunder­ stood as slackers who achieve nothing, Hartwell's actually offers the best atmosphere for boys to grow up and prosper. Hartwell's-rocks!

Zen like peace and h arm ony prevades Dr. Ravagliak hall, w here A P academ ics m eets intense focus an d drive.

1 3 4 ,T-fecrtigzfl-S


C ham pion swimmers, ch e fs, scholars, basketball hoopsters, and trilingual international students m ake up Mr. Diazfe hall.

Left: A ustin C orotan studying h a rd fo r a m ath test. Bottom: D ouglas Tsai staying healthy by washing his hands in the spotless bathroom .

Bottom: T h e ebbing and flow­ ing o f kinetic energy fills the com m ons area on most nights

Above: Shannon Masada-Rodriquez receiving tu toring from Lisa Bevier-Sakimura. Left: Sidney Q uan keeping busy d u rin g m andatory study hall.


S tudents in Mr. H iggink hall are know n for being th e top gam ers in th e com m unity. W orld o f W arcraft is usually being played on a 24-7 basis. E n ter at y our own risk.

C om m unity m em bers o f Mr. Jarvillk hall include ath­ letes, musicians, surfers, international je t setters, writers, and publishers.

f f d / 1 w e i/s T ) ( Y Âť i


r -i i i -ii 1 on the hill J [ rrT h e family -,1

Right: B oarders keeping the R obertson's spirit alive in the com m ons area. Below: Freshm an David Mc­ M ahon com pletely unaw are th at ninja's are about to

pounce on his unprotected

snacks. Robertson^ d o rm ito ry sits on the hill betw een Annas a n d H artw ells. W idely know n as the cuddly co-ed do rm , RobertsonS unique stru c tu re m akes it stand o u t from its tw o o th e r siblings. RobertsonS tranquil environm en t m akes it an excellent place fo r studying, an d the hom iness o f th e d o rm give each person th e willingness to help each other. W ith o n e less residential hall, th e small population o f Robertson^ can peacefully share living facilities w ithout m uch com prom ise in term s o f tim e o r privacy, T h e residence o f Robertsons displays a diverse

Above: J u n io r Jasm ine Roosendaal finding som e tim e to send a tex t message while walking dow n th e halls o f R obertson's.

in terest in m any various activities. F rom basketball to tu rtle tagging, th ea tre to fencing. R oberston's is quite a diverse group! T h e d o rm p aren ts range from H istory teach er Mr. Kamrow, an d English tea c h e r Mr. Spencer, to Ms. M ontgom ery an d counselor Ms. Sebastian, whose dedication fo r th e d o rm will n ev er be able to be p u t into w ords. O verall, th e adults in R obertson's o ffer everything they have fo r th e benefit o f th e bo ard ers. T h is dedicad o n creates q u ite possibly th e g reatest d o rm at HPA.

Left: J u n io r Nickson Lynn inviting you into his wacky w orld o f Asian snacks.


A hall full o f artists, lovers, canoe paddlers, fun seekers, and students com fortable with cultural diversity m ake up Mr. Dotyk hall.

W ant to learn how to speak M andarin Chinese, Taiwan­ ese, K orean, Japanese, o r pidgin English? T h e stellar students and athletes o f Mr. Spencerfe hall can help you learn a language while im proving your GPA.


hove: T aking advantage o f open washer, Freshm an ank C o rrea tries to keep up ith his grow ing m ounds o f undry.

Musicians & w restlers, rom ancers & dream ers character­ ize Mr. Kamrowfe hall, a hall lull o f good vibes, pulsating with the constant sounds o f reggae and Hawaiian music.

T ^fertso n s D&rm 13 7

igh school academic program s are what shape our minds and spur us with creativity that carry us way into the future. Teacher^ enthusiasm is felt each and everyday as an ongoing passion th at they hope their students will ap­ preciate and hopefully develop interest either during class or later along in life. HPA academics are a m yriad o f various knowledge and facts that a student may ever wish to learn. In d ependent classes are available to any student that writes a proposal about what they wish to study. T h e possibilities are truly endless. O u r imaginations are o u r only boundaries, and with the faculties support, we thrive academically. T h e en­ tire upper school faculty, w hether working in the accounting office, as security or in the cafeteria all revolves around aca­ demia. Faculty m em bers work to g eth er everyday to provide us with an environm ent that is both enjoyable and conducive to learning. Sodexho staff prepares food for hungry minds after a long day o f studying. College counselors p u t in m ore ex tra time than we will ever know to help the seniors bridge the gap into the next phase o f th eir lives. Teachers never hesitate to help when we need extra help o r have irrelevant questions. Faculty and staff are what make HPA academics so difficult, interesting, and such high caliber. Lucky for us, our minds and habits are up to par.


c jD li}u{c/' 139

W alking into Mr. Bryson's class: you will learn som ething new ev­ ery day. H e brings o u t th e things in you th a t you n ev er th o u g h t you had. His goal is to m ake you a m ore confident writer. Popping y our h ead into Miss W hitten's class: you'll realize th a t th e en tire class is outside m ed itatin g and read in g u n d e r a tre e while having delight­ ful discussions ab o u t p o e t D avid Eggers. A day in th e classroom o f Mr. Higgins: you will learn a b o u t every Star­ bucks d rin k know n to m an while discussing O thelo, Odyssey an d M etam orphosis.

T h e E n g lish d e p a r tm e n t is a n in te g r a l p a r t o f e a c h s tu ­ d e n t's h ig h sc h o o l c a re e r. E v ery s tu d e n t is in q u ir e d to ta k e a fu ll f o u r y e a rs o f E n g lish . T h e E n g lish d e p a r tm e n t's m a in go al is to te a c h s tu d e n ts to h o w to b e c o m e b e t t e r w rite rs , sp e a k ­ e rs, r e a d e r s , a n d liste n e rs. T h e y also sh o w s tu d e n ts h o w to u se th e s e q u a litie s in th e "real w o rld " O u r E n g lish te a c h e r s striv e to m a k e s u re all s tu d e n ts in v o lv e th e m se lv e s in d iscu ssio n s in o r d e r to a c h ie v e a b e t t e r u n d e r s ta n d in g o f th e su b je c t a n d an e x c e p tio n a l le a r n in g e x p e r ie n c e . F re s h m e n s ta r t o f f w ith E n g lish E sse n tials w h e re th e y le a r n a b o u t lite r a tu r e a n d c u ltu r e . A s th e ir H P A c a re e rs c o n ­ tin u e , s o p h o m o r e s a n d ju n io r s p ra c tic e th e ir r e a d in g , w ritin g , liste n in g , a n d sp e a k in g skills to b e c o m e b e t t e r a n d m o r e p r o ­ d u c tiv e m e m b e r s o f th e ir c o m m u n ity . S e n io rs, a lo n g w ith m o ti­ v a te d ju n io r s , a r e a b le to ta k e a d v a n c e p la c e m e n t c o u rse s in lit­ e r a t u r e a n d c o m p o s itio n . S e n io rs h a v e th e a d d itio n a l o p tio n o f c h o o s in g f r o m a m y ria d o f E n g lish e le c tiv e s su c h as, C re a tiv e W ritin g , S h a k e s p e a re , C h a u c e r, R e s e a rc h W ritin g , L ite r a tu r e o f H a w a ii, a n d B ib le as L ite r a tu r e . S tu d y in g E n g lish a t H P A re a lly h e lp s s tu d e n ts g ro w as in d iv id u a ls a n d p r e p a r e f o r re a l life s itu a tio n s. S tu d y in g E n g ­ lish also o p e n s u p n e w c a r e e r o p p o r tu n itie s r a n g in g f r o m a c t­ in g a n d r e p o r tin g to te a c h in g a n d law. N o m a tte r w h a t a s tu ­ d e n ts le v el o r ability, th e E n g lish d e p a r tm e n t h a s s o m e th in g a m a z in g to o ffer.

Right: Dr. Schatz leading the HPA orchestra in the winter concert, 2007.

Below: Mr. Hayslip teaching his class about abstract possibilities in 2 Dimensional Art.

Below: Samantha Emmons backstage, preparing for the Fall production, "The Museum!'

ve: The 2D art class enjoying a : sunny Waimea day while sketcl Ms. Whitten.


Right: Students in Ceramics 1A listening to samba music on the radio, while tuning into Mr. Motta's philosophy about ceramics.

142 F u io A rts

Suzanna Han practicing her skills.

h e Fine A rts D e p a rtm e n t at HPA is rem arkable. W hen p eople first th in k o f art, they think o f pain ting and draw ­ ing, b u t, as th e a rt d e p a rtm e n t teaches, th e re is so m uch m o re to a rt th a n th at. T h e a rt courses o ffered at HPA o ffer op­ p o rtu n ities fo r stud en ts to discover an d ex p an d th e ir talents. A rt at HPA m eans w orking w ith clay, m aking movies, studying th e history o f a rt, learn in g how to play an in stru m en t, singing fo r th e school choir, m aking th e y earbook, an d so m uch m ore. In o rd e r to g ra d u ­ ate, a stu d e n t m ust have th re e a rt credits. A stu d en t receives th eir first a rt cred it in th e ir fresh m en year th ro u g h a re q u ire d course called ‘H u m an ities’. S tudents ex p lo re d ifferen t ways o f learning and presen tin g th ro u g h music, a rt, an d th eatre. H um anities stu­ dents also learn p ro m in e n t values p re se n t in th e a rt d ep artm en t such as h a rd w ork, dedication, focus, co n cen tratio n , process, and achievem ent. S tu d en ts are en co u rag ed to enroll in m any differ­ e n t courses a fte r th e ir fresh m an year. T h ese courses teach them to elab o rate u p o n b o th th e ir know ledge an d skills in art. T h e demoted * teachers o f this d e p a rtm e n t a re com pletely com m ited to teaching th e ir stud en ts how to discover hid d en talents. A rt teach er Mr. Hayslip, says, “I w ould like to teach m y students to see th e w orld a ro u n d th em a n d in te rp re t it into tw o an d th re e dim ensional art" Mr. M otta, th e ceram ics teacher, tries to “keep th e d o o r open to creativity!’ H e w ants stud en ts to “tran slate th e ir im agination into tangible artistic objects an d to connect th e unseen to the seen.”


Fine Arts

you m ight find Mrs. H ustace feeding her art history students while getting excited about gothic churches, and feeling bad w hen she gives a hard quiz. you m ight run into M rs. G oodspeed acting out Shakespear in H um anities, sipping Ito En green tea, and smiling in her bright yellow Volkswagen beetle. you will see M r. Hayslip m ean­ dering around the art building looking at students projects, of­ fering advice for im provem ent, and possibly eating a sandwich.

F u ic /\rts 143

he H istory D ep a rtm en t is one filled witq eager learning, fun personalities, and teachers with a lifetim es o f knowl­ edge. T his can easily be seen th ro u g h o u t th e different courses and levels offered. All freshm en are re q u ire d to take a close look at th e m o d ern history o f Haw ai'i u n d e r th e guidance o f Mr. O ’Leary. In one sem ester you will learn Mr. O 'L eary's favorite places to bodysurf, a few phrases o f M andarin Chinese and th a t the illegal overthrow o f th e H aw aiian M onarchy hap p en ed in 1893. In Mr. W ilder! H o n o rs W orld H istory class you can find sophom ores reenacting th e N apoleon Trials. Mr. Franklin and M rs. K am row never fail to keep th e ir U.S. H istory class enthusiastic and engaged w hen learning ab o u t th e differences betw een W orld W ar I and W orld W ar II. W hile in A P U.S. H istory w ith Mr. Kamrow, th e re a re openly nervous students w ho a re trying t<Tfigure o u t how they will pass th e A P exam in May. G oing u n d erco v er an d observing everyday behaviors o f o th e r students is w hat seniors an d ju n io rs can experience while taking M rs. H a rt! Psychology and A P Psychol­ ogy courses. G etting a general idea o f how th e econom y w orks and to survive in th e business w orld is w hat Mrs. H a rt! Econom ic class focuses upon. 2008 m arks th e en d o f an e ra fo r th e H istory d e p a rt­ m en t w ith th e re tire m e n t of. Mr. W ilder. Sitting in his classroom you feel a p a rt o f history as you glance at th e walls filled w ith pictures and posters o f w orks fro m previous students.' Mr. W ilder! enthusi­ asm and love fo r history will greatly be m issed by all o f his students, an d his genuine love and care fo r everyone at HPA will live on forever.


You m ight witness Mr. W ilder, no d d in g his h ead as students give oral rep o rts to th e class, th en getting incredibly ex­ cited as if it w ere his first tim e teaching his students ab o u t th e French Revolution. You m ay see M rs. H a rt show­ ing videos ab o u t obese rats, using h e r o v erhead religiously, and m aking clay brains to en ­ gage students in psychology. You can find Mr. K am row w riting dow n stupid things kids say in class on his infa­ m ous b o ard , talking ab o u t a h u n d re d years in a day, and praying his students pass the ridiculously h a rd A P test in May.

IES teach er Mr. K ruger, creating a safe and fun env iro n m en t fo r his students in an IES W orld C u ltu re class.

or the past few years, HPAs international population has grown dramatically, with students hailing from all corners of the globe. Many of these newcomers have arrived with only basic communication skills in English. Fortunately, HPAs Institute of English Studies has helped these students transition into mainstream academic and college preparatory classes while adapting to American and Hawaiian cultures. The IES depart­ ment offers incoming students an intensive program in English language acquisition, from vocabulary and simple grammar, to literary analysis and creative writing. International students then move into English Second Language classes that mirror core academic courses where they can practice the skills neces­ sary to be successful in a mainstream classrodrn. Throughout their career at HPA, students in the Institute of English Studies receive individualized tutoring to meet their particular needs in mainstream courses. With the help of a caring ancLdedi-. cated faculty, international students have overcome academic and cultural obstacles and, upon graduation, have found them­ selves in some of the top universities in America.


w hat it m ust feels like to be in a foreign country, away from your parents and friends, learn­ ing how to re ad and w rite in an entirely new language, while trying to m eet new friends.

Im agine m oving from Tokyo, one o f the hippest places in the w orld, to a school th at is sur­ ro u n d e d by cows and a town up the road th a t closes at 9 PM.

Can you even fathom having to leave your m other's hom e cooking back in T hailand for Me Donald's?

7 IE S T )e te rtm e n t 147 T .

BHfei o d ern L anguage at Hawaii P re p focuses on in corporating b o th language as well as culture. Music, fo o d and games are as im p o rtan t as learning th e language itself. Students may take F rench, Japanese, and Spanish up to th e advanced place­ m en t courses o r ju s t to level th ree . L earn in g a new language is no easy task, as any stu d en t may tell. H ow ever, Haw aii P rep language teachers m ake language in terestin g and fu n with fiestas, m atsuris, and parties. Beside all th e fun and games, each language class teaches an extensive ran g e o f vocabulary th a t com es in handy while travel­ ing. T h e teachers are always finding new ways to explain com plicated gram m ar structures, w h eth er in th e c o m p u ter lab o r learning new songs, students are always engaged. I f you are taking F rench, you can except a crazy w hirlw ind o f m ini quizzes an d at least one batch o f fresh crepes d u rin g th e year. M rs. K ru g er tru ly knows h e r French, as she is a native o f France. She is tru ly p ro u d to b e F rench, and h e r classroom is full o f posters, m aps, and pictures. Mr. M asuda, a native o f Jap a n , has also b ro u g h t his enthusiasm fo r Japanese with him . Mr. M asuda is know n fo r his "ducks" w hich are tw o p ercen t deductions fro m y o u r overall g rad e fo r fo rg ettin g a hom ew ork as­ signm ent. M rs. V anderheyden likes to focus on th e oral aspect on th e Spanish language. In addition to speaking Spanish, M rs. Van d e r H ayden, th e chair o f th e m o d ern language d ep artm en t, speaks an array o f languages. Mrs. D onoho is always stressing th e im por­ tance o f self-responsibility, rep eatin g th e phrase, "I already w ent to college, it's up to you" L anguage truly is th e w indow to th e soul.


you m ay find Mr. M asuda sp o rt­ ing a p reppy polo shirt, d artin g aro u n d his ro o m , enthusiasti­ cally talking ab o u t Jap an ese an d som etim es tennis; you can h e a r Mrs. D onoho teaching lifes lessons, dancing to reg g aeto n , an d explaining th e congugation o f irreg u lar verbs; you can find Mrs. K ru g e r sing­ ing in F rench,using h e r sm art b o ard , an d lim iting h e r stu­ dents b ath ro o m privledges; you m ight find M rs. Vanderheyden n ev er speaking in E ng­ lish, praying h e r students will com prehend.

148 ATloeter/v L

oas, tuiaes

Working on a tough problem together, Shixang Wang and Mr. Dchy look for varaibles in AP Calculus class.

he goal of the math department is to offer cur­ riculum that is student centered, nurturing the growth o f problem solving strategies. From Math Topics to AP Statistics the courses go from moder­ ate to more challenging. Mr. White, Dr. Ravaglia, Mr. Doty, Ms.D, Mr. Diaz, and the new Alegbra 1 and Ge­ ometry teacher Ms. Bunyi, every teacher is dedicated to their subjects and are always there to help the students, whether at lunch, x period or in the dorms at night. They dedicate their time and effort to the universal language of numbers. The department head, Mr. White describes the department as “Very interconnected, where in the chain o f classes you take you will use what you learned from the previous year to help with what your learning now!’ This year more elective classes are being added for peo­ ple to take, such as Math Topics and Introduction to Sta­ tistics. Mr. White also describes the department as being more technologically advanced with use of smart boards and the computer calculator. From chalkboards to smart boards, the math department really brings numbers alive.


you will know n o t only the im ­ portance o f the area o f a trapezoid b u t also the best known songs in rock music. She loves w hat she teaches and isn't afraid to express it loudly.

will surely boost your SAT score. You will learn when to guess on certain problem s and especially how the sm art board works.

you can always rely on Dr. R to supply you with interesting facts about limits, and even how m uch w ater will fit into a fru it roll-up box.

Mathematics A A a.ikentM .iics 151

and Ms. M cDowell will strike you with an in terestin g discus­ sion reg ard in g sickle cell ane­ m ia an d th e p + q = l equation fo r calculating allele fre q u e n ­ cies.

w ith Mr. Rice fo r a unique M arine Biology field trip to Kiholo Bay.

Mr. Jarvill an d Mr. Em m ons' Physical Science class will boost y o u r know ledge ab o u t N ew ton's Law an d even the d ifferen t types o f gum to purchase!

152 S c i a t c c U eA aj-tnuuii:

tu d en ts have always enjoyed HPA!s w onderful science d e p a rt­ ment! W hy you m ay ask? A quick survey a ro u n d th e cam pus quickly show ed th a t a m ajority o f students (8 o u t o f 10) re p o rt th a t they find th e know ledge attain ed fro m th e ir science classes is very useful, and very applicable to everyday life. From th e Physi­ cal Science class w ith Mr. E m m ons a n d M r. Jarvill to A P Biology w ith Ms. M cDowell, th e HPA science d e p a rtm e n t provides students w ith o p portunities to ex p lo re research topics o n th e ir ow n in a good envirom ent. H ow often do we take it fo r g ran te d th a t across the nation, m arine biology classes usually nev er involve a field trip to th e ocean? O r th e fact th a t th e clear skies o f H aw ai’i offer a one o f a kind experience fo r those w ho take astronom y? I f you w ould like to do y o u r ow n research involving turtles, th a t option is available to o .O rg an izin g a field trip fo r m arine biology takes m ore th an ju s t picking up th e bus keys a t th e adm inistration building, and th e same could be said fo r m any o th e r aw e-inspiring activities p lan n ed by all the science teachers. T h o se w ho teach HPA science have h earts th a t are b u rn in g with pas­ sion. I f you don’t have passion fo r th e subject th a t you a re teaching, how could you com e up with all th e am azing projects fo r yo u r class? T h e creativity o f o u r science teachers a re truly inspiring!


Right: Melissa Esaki, m ixing u p a sto rm in Mr. H un tin g ingtons chem istry class

Above: Russell A guilar experiencing Dr. W iecking's world weathei m onitor.

Below: Dr. W iecking runs throug a difficult physics equation with his AP Physics class.


ibove: M itsuki Fujinam i lefying th e law o f gravity n Mr. Em m ons' physical cience class.

light: W hen n o t building gigantic cells on cam pus, Vis. Jenkinson teaches tiology an d anatom y to ;ager HPA students.

Above: Surfing the net and N ew ton's law go han d in h an d in A P Physics fo r Kaim ana Teba Elliot Kastner, and Eli H art.

Scia/cc D cia/ir/uc/d 153 / â&#x2013; 



College Counselin

th a t he will d o everything in his divine p ow er to g et you into a school th a t tru ly fits you. Expect him to be highly organized, energetic, and com ­ passionate ab o u t you!

a very kind an d caring indi­ vidual, who feeds you copious am ounts o f M&M's w hile keep­ ing y o u r blood p ressu re fro m rising th ro u g h o u t th e college application process.

she is a m aster o rg an izer who helps keep th e en tire College C ounseling o p eratio n from collapsing on itself.

m agine a place th a t welcom es you w ith open arm s on a daily basis, w here th re e w arm , funny adults w ork in frantic, yet zen like unison w ith each other. Im agine a place th a t is ju m p in g w ith nervous, kinetic energy, overflow ing w ith free re d licorice, choc­ olate covered raisins, rice crackers an d five p o u n d bags o f anim al crackers. Im agine a place th a t will tran sfo rm you fro m high school p re p stu d e n t to accepted college stu d en t to an esteem ed university o f y o u r choosing. Lucky fo r HPA students, we d o n 't have to im ag­ ine any o f this, as th e college counseling team o f A ndrew Kelsey, C indy M ontgom ery an d Jo a n ie B rotm an m ake dream s a reality on a weekly basis fo r seniors w anting to m ake th a t q u an tu m leap th a t can be so stressful; applying fo r college and getting^accepted. O p eratin g on a stro n g philosophical fou n d atio n th a t ensures th a t th e college application process is m eaningful, m anageable, hum ane, an d as fun as hum anly possible, Mr. Kelsey believes th a t, "At HPA, th e college p lanning an d selection process is n o t seen as a high-stakes contest th at simply ends th e senior year; it is ra th e r only one im p o rtan t piece o f o u r co m m itm ent to educating, raising a n d caring fo r young people in o u r close-knit community!' Ultim ately, by providing students with th e best in form ation an d resources, C ollege C ounseling puts prospec­ tive HPA college students in a g re at position to be stro n g applicants w ho are able to m ake g rea t decisons in th e fu tu re. T h o u g h all th re e counselors will welcom e you into C ollege C ounseling with a smile, seniors a re extrem ly territo rial ab o u t th e place. In short, as senior KK H ayashikaw a states, "If y o u 're n o t a senior, lay o ff th e snacks"


A pplying fo r school online, Senior A aron Dale relishes in the relative com fort and safety o f College Counseling; a legendary place th at seniors flock to for good vibes, free snacks, wireless laptops, and o f course, college counseling.

Hawai'i Preparatory Academy Paul Alviar: Maintenence Je ff Barber: Residential Life L aura Barber: English Bob Bonar: Development Joan Brotman: College Counseling

Kristine Dahlquist: Math Bev Dawson: Human Resources H eather Defratus: Housekeeping L upe Diaz: Math Aimee Donoho: Modern Languages

Lee A nn Ganley: Administration Sheryl Goodspeed: Fine Arts David Graham : Assistant Principal Mary Graham : Admissions Kelly H art: History

Julie Kojima: Development L aure Kruger: Modern Languages X erxes K ruger: History/ IES Joanie Lane: Infirmary Yuta Masuda: Modern Languages

Mary-Alice Nogues: Alumni Affairs Kathleen Ogasawara: Upper School Office Patrick O'Leary: History/ Fine Arts Sheila Pacheco: Housekeeping Nina Paulo: Housekeeping

M adeline Schatz: Fine Arts Crystal Sebastian: Counseling Franz Solmssen: English Edgar Spencer: Maintenence Ethan Spencer: English

Cathi Walker: IT Bill Wiecking: Science Jo h n Wisniewski: IT A nna Womack: Development Karen Yamasato: Business Office



Faculty & Staff Gary Campbell: Accounting Suzette Cantyne: Accounting Christina Chute: Infirmary Brenda Clark: Student Activities/ English Joshua Clark: Admissions

Kelly Dunston: Computers Deighton Emmons: Science Mike Franklin: English /History Shirley Ann Fukumoto: Assistant Headmaster Steven Furchner: Counseling

Kimo Higgins: English David H untington: Science Lois Inman: Library Gary Jarvill: Science Renee Jenkinson: Science

Stephanie McDowell: Science Cindy Montgomery: College Counseling G ordon Motta: Fine Arts Betty Nobriga: Housekeeping Mark Noetzel: Principal

Kaky Purdy: Headmasters Office M ark Ravaglia: Math Marc Rice: Science Stephanie Rutgers: Admissions Lisa Sakurai: Business Office

Lita Spencer: Admissons Colleen U 'l Stevens: Accounting Charlynn Taniguchi: Accounting Felix Telles: Housekeeping G retchen Van Derheyden: Modem Languages



Teachers: One Day at a Time The typical day for a faculty member is filled with litereally dozens of responsibilities. Most students are not aware of the tremendous pres­ sures, and workload placed upon faculty. Mrs. Kamrow, one of the senior faculty mem­ bers at HPA gave us a glimpse of what happens during her typical day. Around five thirty she wakes up and if her hall is on breakfast duty, goes to the dining room. Her school day is absorbed by creating lesson plans, teaching history classes, meetings, and assisting students with whatever difficulties they experience. After the school day the remaining time is spent at sports, and formal dinner if the occasion arises. Her day ends after attending to dorm duties at night and is usu­ ally asleep by about twelve in the morning. As dorm head, her position in the dorm is unique because of the amount of interaction with students she is allowed. She describ'esTief position as, "the best job in town"


Left: M rs. K am row m aking one last pass befo re th e doors swing open in Colson Gym fo r the Fall history exam ination.

Clockwise from above: Mr. W hite, Mrs. G oodspeed, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Emmons, Mrs. D onoho & Mr. Wilder, both in and o u t o f th e classroom.

The day according to science teacher Mr. Emmons is equally chal­ lenging. His day is similarly consumed by teaching classes, club meet­ ings and assisting students with their questions. He devotes a large por­ tion of his time to his clubs, which include the Environmental Club and Ka Makani Flyers. He coaches varsity golf, a sport which he holds great passion for. Golf takes up most of the afternoon, due to the travel time to the local golf courses. He spends his evenings correcting homework and fine tuning yet another perfect lesson plan. Mr. Emmons has spent many years at HPA, and is yet another dedicated faculty member. HPA teachers O ero above and beyond when it comes to the needs of / their students. Teachers will give their free time to help at the drop of a hat, accomodate students learning styles, and will ultimately form life long relationships with many of their students. F ttcu/h ' 159



fa c/u’e,'

t H P A s tu d e n ts d e c id e w h e n , th e y d e c id e w h a t a n d th e y d e c id e how , a n d clu b s a r e a g r e a t e x a m p le o f th is. C lu b s a t H P A a r e n o t a r e q u ir e d activity, th e y a re p u r e ly v o lu n ta r y a n d s tu d e n t r u n w h ic h m a k e s th e m so u n iq u e . T h is gives stu ­ d e n ts t h e o p p o r tu n ity to c r e a te c lu b s to r e fle c t th e ir p e rs o n a l id e a s a n d m o ­ tiv es. C lu b s o n c a m p u s v a ry f r o m p h ilo s o p h y to ro c k a n d ro ll. H a v in g su c h a d iv e rs e r a n g e o f clu b s a n y o n e c a n fin d th e ir o b s c u r e ca llin g s. A n o v e ra ll th e m e o f all c lu b s a t H P A is to in s p ire th e id e a o f g iv in g b a c k . T h e th e m e o f g iv in g b a c k is b r o a d a n d d iffe rs im m e n se ly as to w h o is th e b e n e fa c to r. T h e R e d K ey g u id e s g iv e b a c k b y p r e s e n tin g o u r c a m p u s to n e w s tu d e n ts a n d fa c u lty m e m b e rs th r o u g h e n th u s ia s tic to u r s a n d t h e ir k n o w le d g e o f th e sc h o o l. A n o th e r g r o u p o f s tu d e n ts g iv e b a c k b y p r o d u c in g a n o n p r o f it m o n th ly lite r a r y m a g a z in e full o f s tu d e n ts w ritin g s, w h ic h in c lu d e p o e m s , essays a n d in te r e s tin g a rtic le s. T h e M a th L e a g u e a n d R o b o tic s C lu b p a r tic ip a te in to u r n a m e n ts all o v e r th e isla n d , a n d g iv e b a c k b y e x p a n d in g th e ir e d u c a tio n a n d f u r t h e r e n h a n c in g H P A s r e p u ­ ta tio n . M a n y c lu b s se rv e th e p u r p o s e o f o p e n in g u p its d o o r s to all w alks o f life as a p la c e o f c a m a r a d e r ie a n d e d u c a tio n . T h e S k a te C lu b , K a H u i ‘O H a w a i'i, H a w a i'i P r e p B o d y s u rfin g , S c h o o l o f R o c k a n d K a M a k a n i F ly e rs all se rv e th is p u r p o s e . E v e n th o u g h m a n y m ig h t th in k th a t th e s e c lu b s a r e n o t g iv in g b a c k to t h e s c h o d l o r th e c o m m u n ity , th e s e c lu b s d o j u s t th a t in a w ay th a t o u ts id e rs j u s t d o n ’t u n d e r s ta n d . T h e s e c lu b s p r o v id e g u id a n c e a n d s u p p o r t a n d th e c h a n c e f o r s tu d e n ts in d if f e r e n t g ra d e s to in te r a c t th r o u g h a h e a lth y o u tle t. T h e E n v ir o n m e n ta l C lu b , P a p e r B rig a d e , M a rin e E x p e d itio n s a n d N o r t h H a w a i'i Y o u th C o a litio n all s h a re a sim ila r fo c u s o f ra is in g a w a re n e s s o f e n v iro n m e n ta l issu es a n d su sta in ab ility . O f te n , th e s e c lu b s c o m e to g e th e r to c r e a te g r e a t e v e n ts f o r th e c o m m u n ity lik e last s u m m e r s G r e e n F e st W a im e a , w h ic h w as a sm a sh in g success. T h e s e p a r tic u la r c lu b s c h o o se to lo o k g lo b a lly in s te a d o f lo cally a n d w e all w ill b e n e f it f r o m th e ir a c tio n s. T h e u n iq u e th in g a b o u t H P A s tu d e n ts is th a t th e y v o lu n ta rily j o i n th e s e g r o u p s n o t to b o o s t t h e ir c o lle g e re s u m e b u t to b e a p a r t o f s o m e th in g b ig g e r th a n th e m ­ selves.


O pportunity T h e Environm ental Club takes a yearly work trip to the Hakalau Forest Reserve. High above the Hamakua Coast, students have a rare opportunity to plant and care for endangered endem ic plants o f Hawai'i.

’ • • * • •

Claif-s rend O rdaJiizatuw s 161

Two years ago, Mr. Noetzel gave each m em ber o f th e student'council a book en­ titled "The Go-Getter" I think the gesture was m eant to help the student leaders o f each class inspire their classmates. A t the tim e, in 2006, it seem ed even the greatest inspiration couldn't affect o u r strong-willed, rebellious class. O ver the past two years, inspiration has come in many form s to o u r class, and the positive progression we have experienced sur­ prised even ou r biggest supporters. T his inspiration has been b ro u g h t to us by teachers, coaches, families, and friends. Personally I've been inspired by the go-getters in ou r class. Som ething which I believe is a p ro d u ct o f o u r environm ent is th at we are all go-getters, w all push ourselves beyond what is expected. W hether on the field, the stage, the classroom the canvas, or everyday in o u r community, enough is simply not enough. W ith progres­ sion comes new opportunities, and instead o f waiting for these opportunities to come, our class will seek them . I feel privileged to graduate with so many people who will continue t inspire those around them , w herever they go.

"Progression is direction not speed” 162 Sttu/jztd: Btte/jj IPresi/cn/:

President: Whitney Harvey

Treasurer: Joe C hun

Secretary: Josh Lee

Vice-President: K iana Zakar

Senior Class Representatives: JiSu Park, Jung Park, and Lauren Paisley. Junior Class Representatives: Summer Borowski, Amelia Ev­ ans, and Breeani Kobayashi. Sophmore Class Representatives: Bridget Walker, Julia Brotman, and Savanna Gonzales. Freshman Class Representatives: Michael Monahan, Ikaika Cecil, and Dean Macy.

:ekend Activites Committee (top row, left to right)'. Pornpit Tongbai, Ga Ram Han, Mandy Liu, Kathy Yoon, Elliot Kastner, Kristina nellas, Avian Ku, Soo Ji Kim, Na Yoon Kim, Mrs. Clark, and Maia mpbell.

Dorm Representatives (left to right)'. David Lee, Elliot Kastner, Kathy Yoon, Keita Kiyomitsu, Ryota Yokose.

SttiV xni CcH i/icti


T h e E nvironm ental C lub at HPA is actively involved in vari­ ous school an d com m unity re ­ lated activities o n th e Big Island o f Hawai'i. T h e club creates an awareness o f th e delicate H aw ai­ ian ecosystems by volu n teerin g its services tow ards resto ratio n , recycling an d fu n d raising. T h e school has v o lu n teered w ork fo r th e past fifteen years at H akalau Forest N ational W ildlife R efuge. M anaged by th e U.S. Fish an d W ildlife Service, the refuge was set aside in 1985 to p ro te ct en d a n g e re d forest birds and th eir rain forest habitat. T h e HPA enviro n m en tal club assists in habitat resto ratio n by p lanting native hardw oods, eradicating introdu ced species and propagat­ ing e n d an g ered species o f rain forest trees. HPA has com m itted to a state anti-litter p ro g ra m called A doptA-Highway. T h e environm ental club has a d o p ted a three-m ile stretch o f state highw ay an d conducts cleanups th re e tim es p e r year. Every y e a r a t th e e n d o f

O ctober, th e P arents' Associa­ tion o f th e Hawaii P rep arato ry A cadem y celebrates H allow een with a fund-raising festival called P um pkin Patch. T h e environ­ m en tal club m aintains a b o oth d u rin g th e event and donates its p roceeds to various green organizations. As p a rt o f th e Go G reen ini­ tiative o n cam pus, th e en viron­ m ental club has tackled th e con­ stant n eed fo r recycling bottles an d cans. W ith an ultim ate goal o f red u cin g disposable drinking c o n tain ers, th e club collects fro m various school and norm al day activities. In addition, the club is involved in recycling used vegetable cooking from the school kitchen and converting it to be used in m odified diesel autom obiles. Finally, c o rn has been planted on cam pus to study th e oil c o n te n t as a possible bio­ fuel source.

Right: Kini Shuping and L auren Emerson, do their part in preserving endangered plants in Hawai'i.

Above: Janis Crawford, a veteran of the yearly trip to the Hakalau Forest Reserve is a tireless supporter of community service. Right: Endlessly engaged, perpetually helping, the Environmental Club is easily the most active group of students on campus.

N orth Hawai'i Youth C T h e N o r th H aw ai'i Youth Coalition provides students o f N o rth Hawai'i with a voice in im proving th e ir com m unity. T h e groupk c u rre n t p ro ject is creatin g a m odel re ­ cy clin g c o m m u n ity in W aim ea th a t will inspire sustainability.

T h e legendary A udio Visual Crew is a small g ro u p o f students dedi­ cated to helping students, faculty and staff with th eir technological needs. T h e crew is often seen r u n ­ ning m o rn in g assemblies, h e lp in g te a c h e rs w ith te c h n o lo g ic a l issues in th e classroom , o r pow er­ ing a m usic festival on cam pus.

AV Crew

Marine Expeditions

M a rin e E x p e d itio n s p rovides m arin e re c re ­ ational an d en v iro n m en ­ tal ed u catio n o p p o rtu n i­ ties fo r th e m em bers o f th e HPA com m unity. A c­ tivities include, snorkeling, SCU BA , academ ic research, wfield studies a n d trip s h ig h lig h tin g tu rtle tagging.

SADD SADD is a p e e r leader­ ship organization d edicat­ ed to p rev en tin g d estru c­ tive decisions, particulary u n d erag e d rinking, d ru g use, im p a ire d d riv in g , teen violence, an d o th e r destructive decisions.

C U k (Hut On/aHUQtuMs


Red Cross T h e R ed Cross Youth G ro u p provides stu dents’ opportunities to get in­ volved in th e ir com m uni­ ties th o u g h activities such as C PR Sunday, ru n n in g th e food booth, an d do­ nating canned food to the local food bank.

Red Key As a R ed Key guide, students a re a conduit th o u g h w hich H PA is rep re sen ted to th e gen­ eral public. T h e guides are given experience in public relations and the responsibility o f p ro m o t­ ing a non-profit org an i­ zation, plus they get to drive the coveted golf cart a ro u n d cam pus.

Li :erary Magazine T h e L ite ra ry M aga­ zine is a stu d en t ru n p u b ­ lication th ro u g h w hich s tu d e n ts , fa c u lty a n d adm inistrators share their a rt an d lite ra tu re with th e H PA c o m m u n ity , th ro u g h an online m aga­ zine an d a rt shows.

Math League T h e little celebrated M ath L eague is an o rg a­ nization dedicated to the study o f m athem atics. Its m em bers train to com pete against o th e r schools, on island, in the Big Island M ath League.

Clubs and Organizations R e d Cross Youth G roup The Red Cross Youth Group works toward achieving the mission of the American Red Cross: provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. At HPA our club helps with fundraising (primar­ ily through proceeds from the food booth during the winter basketball season), organizes a commu­ nity CPR training day, and creates other projects designed to make our community a better place. Notable projects in 07-08 were the Thanksgiving Basket Drive (benefiting families in the North Hawai'i area), the 'Anela Project (holiday gifts for residents of Kawaihae Transitional Housing), and support of the Books for Africa project. Members of the youth group are responsible, committed, and generous; their time and energy this year has been greatly appreciated.

Top Center: Senior Joseph Huang instructing Kimbi Macy the proper method of saving a life. Every year the American Red Cross holds a "CPR Sunday" on campus that is open to the public.

Above: 'The Fist" on display at a student run art show during the fall semester. Art shows provide an opportunity for students to show their artistic abilities to the HPA ohana. Left: Red Key Members enthu­ siastically welcoming new students at this yearfe open house. Red Key guides serve as representatives of HPA to the public.

Above: Dr.Ravaglia explaining higher level formulas to his prized mathletes. T he Math League competes every year against other schools on the island.

C /hYs h/lY O rMnizcdLtHLs






G>rcav As K erm it the Frog once said: "it's n o t easy being green" b u t at HPA, going green is m uch easier this year. Many projects led by visionary students concerned about their environm ent and the fu tu re o f o u r planet are working on projects as varied as renew able resources, recycling, alternate energy, and global sustainability. Many o f our present Go G reen efforts coalesced in the spring o f 2007, when several key m em bers o f o u r HPA com m unity m et to discuss plans for how to make HPA the greenest school in the nation, as one d o n o r p u t it. We w orked o ut plans for recycling, renew able energy, conservation, and plans to share o u r gifts aro u n d the world. O ne product o f this w orkshop has been the HPA Energy Lab, w here students will learn about renew able energy and environm ental projects in a hands-on location that is completely self sufficient. July 7, 2007 m arked a global green event celebrated at HPA by concerts, exhibits, and o th er means o f raising awareness for green concerns. Biofuels, including biodiesel and bioethanol have been produced on campus by Mr. Franklin, and Mr. Jarvill as studies o f how we can reduce o u r dependence on fossil fuels. A sustainable agriculture Lo'i o r terraced garden is underw ay by Mr. Emmons and his team. Solar lights, green flatware in the cafeteria, solar vents, solar heating and ozone for the pools, w eather m onitors, rem oval o f C R T m onitors, energy savâ&#x20AC;˘ mg lights, the projects go on. Partly as a result o f these efforts, several noted donors

have given generously to o u r Go G reen efforts, so that the work that o u r students do today will pave the way to m aking HPA the G reenest school in the country. 168

Gtb Great/

Right: Charnelle Terawaki and Savanna Gonzales taking time out of their summer to work as volunteers in HPAIs inagural Go Green Festival.

Below: While in California, Dr. Wiecking along with HPA freshmen Robert Reed and Daniel Cook simultaneously video-eonferencing with HPA students in Waimea and a partner school in Germany.

bove: Mr. Shumate, a leadig proponent of bio-diesel i North Kohala examines a eat exchanger that is used ir converting diesel cars to un on biodiesel. '.ight: A representative of speaks to re Waimea community durlg last summers succesful to Green Concert.

Above: Middle School Science teacher Ben Wolfe and '07 HPA graduate James Garland setting­ up a prototype windmill that can generate electricity for the school.

G r- G rea t 169

Clubs and Organizations I t all s ta r te d tw o y e a rs a g o w h e n a few s tu d e n ts h a d th e g r e a t id e a to s ta r t a c lu b u n lik e a n y o th e r. T h e visio n w as to c r e a te a n e n v i­ r o n m e n t th a t re m o v e d th e m f r o m th e rig o rs o f th e stre ss­ fu l a n d r e g im e n te d d a y -to d a y life. T h e y r e c r u ite d th e a v id s k a te r a n d sc h o o l c o u n ­ selor, M r. T a te , as th e a d v iso r a n d slow ly b e g a n to d r a f t a

Below: Who needs a board when you can swim like a dolphin? Cody Morse keeps the spirit of bodysurfing alive at Kua Bay!

s k a te arm y . T o g e th e r th e y b e g a n to e m b a r k o n m a n y a d v e n tu r e s , f r o m m issio n s to th e V o lc a n o s k a te -p a rk to d in n e r s o n h a lf-p ip es. H o w e v e r , as t h e y e a r e n d e d so d id s k a te c lu b , a n d it w asn ’t u n til th is y e a r t h a t it w as fin ally a b le to g e t b a c k o n its fe e t. W ith t h e h e lp o f M r. O ’L e a ry a n d a new g ro u p o f eag er

k id s, th e c lu b to o k n o tim e to g e t a ctiv e . T h e y s ta r te d w ith lu n c h sessions a t th e s k a te -p a rk , a n d b e g a n to f u n d r a is e w ith s m o o th ie m u sic -m a k in g in th e s tu d e n t u n io n . O u r h o p e is th a t by th e e n d o f th e y e a r sk a te "club w ill h a v e e s ta b lis h e d i Right: Seniors Raschajelks its e lf e n o u g h , so it c a n still Tiare Devenot share their of skating as well as a e x ist in y e a rs to c o m e . during a skate club on

Skate Club

R ight: S o phm ore K u'uipo Kalawai'anui dancing hula.


Ka Makani Flyers

Robotics consists o f inspired fu tu re engineers, using th eir giant brains to create new things th a t a re b o th innovative and confusing to th e technologically re ta rd e d .

T h e flyers club provides students with an opp o rtu n ity to desig; re p air an d test-fly rem otely controlled objects utilizing the bas principles and laws o f fluids and aerodynam ics.

Ka Hui O Hawai'i T h e goals o f H awaiian club are to spread the aloha spirit and p ro m o te H awaiian culture and values at H aw ai'i Prep.

Skate Club T h e creation o f skate club was initiated with the intent to create an o u tlet for the stressed, the bored, and the h a rd co re students o f th e HPA community.

Bodysurfing Association :hool of Rock

Hawaii P rep bodysurfing is a group o f talented and adventurous young m en who are willing to p u t down th eir boogie boards long enough to slide across a bar­ reling wave with only a pair o f fins aiding them .

ie school o f rock is a g ro u p o f talen ted m uscians who m eet jularly at th e S tu d e n t U nion to ja m . T h e g ro u p played the first annual P repapalooza, P um pkin Patch an d a night ol p arty for board ers.

C lttkc ct/ui O n /tu ti^tih ('-us 171


eP er

'o compete is a rush, a joy, a challenge, and an opportunity. Everyday the many athletes of HPA struggle and succeed in practices, games, and meets. Even the unpredictable Waimea weather cannot stop us. The outstanding coaching staff includes Olympians, NFL all-stars, and many others who are just passionate about sports. Our talented coaches teach skills and strategies, but most importantly they impart knowledge about being a better athlete and a better person. Our coaches show us how to compete, stay positive, and win or lose with grace and confi­ dence. Thank you all so much for what you have taught us. There are many wonderful aspects of athletics, learning about yourself and how much hard work can accomplish, but the best part of all is be­ ing a member of a team. Teammates share a closeness that is hard to find anywhere else. We laugh and smile through victory and help each other to cope with defeat. At times there is drama (mostly on the girls teams) but with the love and support of our teammates we can sail past it. Trpe team players are those who try their best and encourage and inspire those around them to do the same, no matter their perceived skill level. What I will miss most of all about playing sports at HPA is the incredible friendships I have been lucky enough to make. What makes HPA special is the level of support the student-athletes give to one another. On any given weeknight, students put aside their homework and pile into the gym or down to the field to scream and yell for their classmates and friends facing off against opposing schools. Whether the game is a nail-biter or a blowout the level of support is unwavering and always welcome. The deep school spirit is most evident when the stands are full and alive with energy.


-Malia Vitousek Class o f2008

BIIF Champs â&#x20AC;˘. â&#x20AC;˘ Led by seniors Keahi Parker and Adrian Jacobs, the 2008 Ka Makani Boy's swim team blew away all competition on their way to a coveted BIIF championship. Known for their great work ethic and spirited drive, this group of swimmers will be talked about and remembered for a long time. Congratulations!

iiAldtcs 173

"O ne h ea rt, O ne h e a t" -G eoy P u rd y

"Football is easy i f yo u 're cra zy a s h ell" -B ern B ro stek

Above: T he 2008 Ka Makani boys varsity football team representing the pride of Waimea.


Makani Football [ Time to Hit ] W h at was it? T h e 8-2 record, the countless touchdow ns scored, n u m ero u s tackles, interceptions m ade alm ost every gam e, big upsets, good coaching, feeling o f victory, o r all the h a rd work p u t in th a t finally paid off? W hat was it th at m ade such a great season? All those things co n trib u ted to it, b u t the m ost im portant thing is being able to take so m any m em ories with us as we go off to college o r into th e n e x t year o f high school. We finally played like a team , which hadn’t happened since m y freshm an year. We upset K ona, Division 1 W aiakea, and probably th e biggest win fo r us in th re e seasons K am eham eha. It can’t be ex­ plained in w ords how successful o u r season was. M ana an d J u n io r b o th got player o f the year. Alex, Jake, Keoki, H o n u , Mika, and Elliot all got h o n o red as first team . All the ups an d dow ns on the field and the tim e spent with you guys w orking h a rd will n ev er be fo rg o tten . T h an k s for the g reat season and good tim es o v er th e past fo u r years. I ’ll miss playing beside all o f you, and it tru ly was an honor. - Ross T annenbaum '08

holding Kamehameha 2. Senior line backer Justopped number 44, Cplten extra'belp coming from ArMika Nickel, ' i P a rk ..

ve: The varsity football team coming toler after a great victory against Division :am Waiakea.

Above (left to right): M a n a g e rs f o r 2 0 0 8 v a rsity fo o tb a ll tea m : L ei T e n o rio , B laise D e L im a , D esi S eid , C e lin e W an g , & A n a T e n o rio .

Below: Teresa C hoe o u t paj ing h e r rivals while flying t| the finish line. Right: N oe Vargas holding o ff a K onaw aena o p p o n en t d u r­ ing th e first hom e race o f the season. Below: Coach Jenkinson keep­ ing track o f tim e an d stats at the finish line.

Girl's XC [Not standing still] The Kamakani girl's cross country team had an amazing year! With a fresh crop of young en­ thusiastic runners and only a few varsity veter­ ans, we predicted that this would be a year of bonding and team build­ ing, but as the season progressed, we proved to be a major threat for the BIIF championships. Our team proved that with a lot of hard work and commitment, even an inexperienced team can rally together to do amazing things. My four-year cross country experience has been one of the most 176 g « S s ? c c

amazing adventures of my life. , My inspiring coaches and amazing teammates have taught me so much, and I will never forget them. I be­ lieve that our team has incredible potential, and I am positive that they will have an amazing sea­ son next year. I will miss each and every one of you, and I hope you all continue to run as fast as leopards. -Riley Rearden '08

XC Wahine T ru th s

1 Pain 2

■ .mi'

tfW l ' i j I t e l



«® w f



E ndurance

3 4

Fast as a leopard


Freshm en


Seek o u t fun



Run like the wind

8 G atorade = life 9 Shin splints 10 R ed Hot! BacA row (left to right): Coach Franklin, Amelia Evans, Sachi H iatt, Janis Crawford, Rebecca Wong, Svetlana Schatz, Coach Jenkinson, Coach Day. Second row: Teresa Choe, Sierra Shum ate, Kiri Crom m et, Phoebe H ono, Melissa W hite, Monica Crawford, Ysabelle Stuard, Alysssa Evans Front row: Riley Rearden, Kara Erickson, Noe Vargas, Sam Neal, Eam an Sarawar, Kelsey Nishina, Moana Abe, Kela Vargas, Leah Smith, Selena Osorio.

Above: Selena O sorio blitzing h e r com petitors in the final hom e stretch. Left: O u r two m ighty seniors who will be greatly missed n ex t year, Riley R earden and M oana Abe.

|S: Riley R eard en brin g in g lints hom e one last tim e in :r last hom e race o f h e r long ireer.

Above: R ebecca W ong trying to fit into th e pack a few sec­ onds a fte r th e shotgun start o f th e race. ( ju A X C


Boy's XC [R unning against time


This year& cross-coun­ try team accomplished many things during the fall season. Even though there were no seniors, a large influx of new recruits swelled the team to twice the size o f the year before. With Coach Diaz and Coach Hig­ gins leading them, this young team trained hard and made up what they lacked in experience with spirit and determi­ nation. With team fin­ ishes varying from first to fifth, and with tough competition from the other schools, it was a

season where anything could happen. During the season the varsity team traveled to O'ahu for the Punahou Invita­ tional and finished 5th. The BIIF Champion­ ship was located at the Kamehameha campus in Kea'au, where HPA placed 4th and earned a spot at the state meet on Maui. After a great sea­ son, the boys finished up in Lahaina with a race on the Ka'anapali golf course and an eagerness to begin training for next year. - Eli Hart '08

Above: Ouch! M andatory ice dow n after a challenging hom e m eet.

Right: A aro n N ishina keeping pace, w hile try in g to avoid the d u st o n th e horse p ath behind th e school.

178 B

m 's


Left: S hannon M asada R o d ri­ guez, sprinting to th e finish line a fte r circling th e cam pus twice.

Left: Nick Sm ith showing his durability in fro n t o f the crowd.

Below: Team m ates Sean P ren­ tiss and Russell H apgood sharing post-race stories while re-hydrating.

ast Facts I 1 N ever walk

2 3

4 5

H o ld th e line R u n fast to escape th e pain H y d rate o r die Pass people

' O Love th e Taj

* H

Z £ O

u C/2 yj

O P4

u /


H ate th e Taj O bey C oach Diaz an d C oach H iggins

9 1 0



10 m ile hall o f fam e D o n 't b e late for practice

ack row (left to right): Coach Higgins, Henry Correa, Kekoa Clarke, Austin Corotan, Braden Erickson, Sam [yun Nam, Wilson Inman, Luke Siebert, Charles Cross, Aaron Nishina, William Sims, Sean Pientiss, Eli [art, Logan Martin, Coach Diaz. Front row (left to right): Sidney Quan, Christopher Hole, Shannon Maida- Rodrigues, Nick Smith, Korey Tsubota, Ryder Wakayama, Russell Hapgood.

B cw 's A 'C \ 1 9

11-2 vs. Honokaa 25-21, 25-19, 25-21 vs. Waiakea 25-23, 25-17, 27-17 vs. Kealakehe 25-18, 17-25, 26-24, 25-16 vs. Kohala 25-21, 25-22, 22-25, 2325, 16-14 vs. Konawaena 25-10, 25-15, 25-9 vs. Saint Joseph's

25-13, 25-13, 25-18

Above: Senior girls celeb rat­ ing th e ir last n ig h t at hom e in tru e Ka M akani style. Close Right: Kimbi, M alia an d Ziona d em o n stratin g a p re ­ play ritual at th e net. Far Right: Kim bi Macy h ittin g cross c o u rt against cross tow n rival P ark e r H ig h School.

180 C firS 's l/ etrsi£ y

Top row (left to right): Stina W ood, T ayler W ang, Ziona V erhulsdonk, Vanessa Cushnie, K u'uipo N akoa, E rika C ushnie. Bottom row: Kim bi Macy, M alia V itousek, Rascha Jelks, Cecily K im ura, K.K. Hayashikaw a, L a u re n Paisley, M aya C hong.

low: Malia and Kimbi putr up a stro n g block against il Hilo H igh School.

Left: Cecily K im ura winding up for an o th er ace. Below: Kaylyn Hayashikawa passing a killer hit by a Kealakehe m iddle blocker.


Girl's Volleyball [ Jum ping through time]

ove: Stina W ood an d fellow team m ates displaying an conquerable spirit a fte r w inning a long rally.

Girls Varsity Volleyball Through the guidance at Hawaii Prep was more of our experienced coach than a ratio of wins and Sharon Peterson, we at­ loses, it was a combina­ tempted to master the tion .of xarparaderie and sport physically and men­ the love of the game. tally. As the season pro­ Our season started not gressed and our record at the beginning of the rapidly improved we school year but at the be­ began to realize that we ginning of the summer. could compete with any We started condition­ team on the island. We ing and having minor finished the season on practices as early as May. O'ahu at the State Cham­ This early determina­ pionships. Looking back tion was a foreshadow of on the season itk not the how successful we would scores that will be re­ be throughout our sea­ membered; itfc the uncon­ son. The season started querable spirit of those with no expectations or 14 girls and the friend­ star players, just a prom­ ships made along the way. -Senior Captains KK ise to have fun and learn the game the way it^ sup- &Kimbi to be played.

Right: Point g u ard Ashly G reenbaum , dribbling dow n the co u rt fo r a fast break.

Below: Desi Seid holding the ball while looking fo r an open team m ate.

Girl's J V Basketball [Time to step up] Being on JV this year was tough at first. We had some players new to the game so we had to go back to basics. But gradually we got better and started working as a team. It was also difficult having three juniors on the team, allowing only two juniors to participate in each game. This was dissapointing for Kini Shuping, Ana Tenorio, and I since this was our last year to prepare for varsity. Though we had our obstacles we broke through them and con足 quered. Each one o f us contributes to the team in their own unique way. 182 g J 's jV B a s /Q tU H !

And since we are all from different countries including Saipan, Palau, South Africa, Korea, Ja足 pan, Taiwan, and Hawai'i ,we have been given the chance to get to know people o f different na足 tionalities and learn parts o f their cultures. But if it wasn't for our dedi足 cated coaches Ben Wolfe and Cindy Montgomery we wouldn't have had a team this year. They have put a lot of effort into providing us with a wonderful experience. - Ashly Greenbaum '09

3oy's J V Basketball [Still improving] "he boy's JV basket[ team could be deid this year as a team t simply never gave With a roster bulgfull of new talent, the m hit the court with fidence and stamina jurn. With coach Kaaw and coach Doty ping them positive 1 healthy, while proing steady guidance aughout the season, team showed steady movement that kept team positive. "he highlight o f the son was their game

against Ka'u. Tied 31-31 with 0.9 seconds on the clock, So Adachi took the initiative by driving to the basket and sinking his lay up with 0.3 seconds left on the clock. The home crowd went ballistic and from that day on, the JV basketball team of 2008 held their heads high for the rest of the season! - Yearbook staff

Above: So Adachi m aking m iracles happen with 0.3 sec­ onds left on the clock.

ft: Kini S huping g ettin g low ensure a good pass.

Above: Ikaika Cecil ju m p in g fo r a lay u p o n a quick b reak away.

Left: Nickson Lynn passing the ball against Ka'u. 73in/

â&#x20AC;˘73as7< .e7ft/ I

18 3

Right: R annen Tagupa-K ukahiwa closing o u t fo r th e th re e point shot w ith tim e clicking. Bottom: T re n t S chutte looking fo r his options.

Boy's Varsity Basketball [Standing Tall] The 2007-2008 boys basketball team was led by this year's new coach, Dave Huntington, and assistant coach David Graham. Even though we had a big team, we struggled in the begin­ ning of the season be­ cause we weren't playing as a team. However, after winning our first game against Ka'u, we started to play as a team with de­ termination, effort, and heart. All the players and coaches would meet everyday during lunch to go over the game film and to learn what we could've done better. We train hard in prac­

tice everyday not just to improve our basketball skills, but also to improve our personalities. On and off the court, we have each other backs. We are not just friends, we are an ohana. We care for each other and we help each other when times are rough. The last minutes of every basketball game comes down to determi­ nation, teamwork, and heart; precisely what our team is about.

184 S o y s V a rsity B a sT d /ta J T

- Jon Gendreau '08

Shoot the Hoop 1 Teamwork 2 D eterm ination 3 Intensity 4 H ard work 5 H ydrate 6 Box out 7 T riple th rea t 8 Defense 9 Ball fake 10 H eart

Above: Ka M akani huddling fo r a gam e strategy late in the fo u rth quarter. Left: Travis Stencil setting up.

ft: H o n u Look pulling u p r a fast b rea k lay up.

Above: Keoki Phillips going over a K ona d e fe n d e r fo r two points.

[fo</ j V a rsity



Below: Ju n io r poin t g uard, C ori Wang, dribbling aro u n d a P ark er o p p o n en t for th e basket.

Below: Forw ard, Talia Eschenbach us­ ing h e r h eig h t advantage to see all o f h e r team m ates fo r a good pass.

Front row (left to right): Dzidzielia T revino, C helsea H im alaya, Cecily K im ura. Back row: Katie H o, L ana Q u een , T ayler W ang, M aya C hong, C ori W ang, Talia Eschen­ bach, T ara G aum er.

Below: Senior g u ard , Chelsea Himalaya ru n n in g on a quick b re ak away.

Above: Senior point g u ard , Cecily Kimui ra, looking fo r an open team m ate. Right: Forw ard, Tayler W ang, going up fo r a lay-up and a foul.

186 G iro 's fcLrsct// -S /


Basketball [Time fo r patience] Coming off our first BIIF Champion­ ship in school history, we were excited to begin a new season. After losing a strong group of seniors last year, the veterans as well as the incoming players knew they had to step up. Girls worked hard during the off-season, lifting and practicing in the gym. Once October came around we were primed for the start of the season. Because of the change of the girls’ season to winter, we faced a lot of adjustments, that weren’t always so easy to handle. With two girls double sporting and night practices, the team stuck together and worked hard right through winter break, when we opened our season the day after Christmas. * Our season continued to progress in a positive direction once school started, winning three games in a row, making our goal of advancing to the state tour­ nament attainable. Our three coaches put in a lot of effort preparing for the season and pushing us to meet our potential. Without them we would not have come as far as we are today. While we may not have the perfect season, one thing is for sure, we will walk away knowing we gave our best. -Captains Cecily Kimura & Chelsea Hima­ laya '08.

C jc rfts ~]/arsiTv S a sT e i^ itf f


Back row (left to right): Coach JP, Mari Asai, Zach Hopson, Joey O h, Ryota Yokose, Tyler Tsubota, Bobby Stomski, W onjoon Kim, Todd Powers, Malachi Kobayashi, Sean Prentiss, Kalei Konrad, Coach Roberto, Alex Bell, Je n Dahlgren, Coach JW, Johnny Himalaya, Ja re d Wisniewski, Korey Tusbota, H arm en Verbm gge, Devon Fujioka, N athan G reene, Landy Eng. Missing: JJ Florendo.

Boy's Varsity Soccer [Still kicking] T his year, varsity soccer has been very interesting. All season a phrase kept repeating in our heads, "Work first, rest later" Our dedicated coaches J.P and J.W would constantly rem ind us o f this phrase. Tyler Tsubota and Johnny Himalaya were the two main center backs that helped run the offside trap. Soccer takes a lot o f skill, en足 durance, determ ination, guts, and heart. Our team has all these traits and qualities that were shown throughout the season. We started o ff with only 16 players at the begin足

ning o f the year, though as tim e progressed the team grew bigger to the size o f 19 players. Our team has really com e to足 gether and bonded over these past few m onths. Everyone re足 ally cares about each other, just like a big soccer family. -Captains Jared Wisniewski '08 & Korey Tsubota '09

Left: O ne o f the leading scorers, senior Alex Bell outru n n in g four W aiakea de足 fenders. Below: Senior Jared Wisniewski attackingO the ball, while holding up the defensive end o f the Ka M akani field.

Above: T h e youngest o f the Tsubota soc足 cer stars, Sophm ore Tyler Tsubota head足 ing the ball into a b rig h t soccer future. Left: Senior Todd Powers looking to足 wards the goal while trying to dribble past his defensive opponent.

Bov J Varsity


Girl's Varsity Soccer [Time to score] T h e Ka M akani wahine have once again p ro v ed them selves as a force n o t to be tak en lightly. Big wins at o u r hom e to u rn a m e n t as well as a m ajor win over th e once d o m in an t kona team re-established o u r fierce girls as an island pow ­ erhouse. W ith th e en tra n c e o f new players, versatility and talent ap p eared in abundance. T h ey b ro u g h t positive energy and enorm ous attitu d e to b e­ com e better. V eteran players continu ed to fine tu n e th e ir skills while m aintaining lead­ ership an d d eterm in atio n for d efend in g th e ir cham pionship title. Practices, team m eetings, and w eight ro o m train in g kept

o u r w ahine focused and fired u p to m ake sure we give it all we got w hen it com es to gam e tim e. T h e seniors this year b ro u g h t th e fire an d passion to leave th e ir m ark. Ju stin a lead th e p ow erful defense along w ith C helsea an d C o u rtn ey to sh u t dow n any threats th at crow ded o u r goalies M aya and Keilyn. Nikki held it dow n on th e outside wing along w ith m yself in th e m iddle to control o u r offense. T ru st was o u r m ain concern th at helped us becom e a g re a t attacking team . From th e fresh m en to th e veteran seniors this y ear was filled with courage, h e a rt, an d determ in a­ tion to fight o u r fight b u t m ost o f all have fun! - Captain Charnelle Terawaki

Above: (left to right): Fresh­ man Selena Osorio faking out a Hilo High opponent. Nikki Stomski throwing the ball to her teammate. Justina Wood dribbling past a Ka'u defender on her way to the goal.

Right: Breaking away, Ame­ lia Evans and Vanessa Cushine out run their opponents for the goal.

Left: C h elsea H im alay a pacing h e r o p p o n e n t in a ' gam e at th e Ka M akani ssic. T h e girls w ent o n to i th e to u rn a m en t. Below: S ophom o re B ridget lk er g o in g h a rd to th e I against a R oosevelt optent.

Right (top to bottom): T h e team com ing to g e th er before Below: R acing past tw o St. taking th e ir positions on the Francis players w ith speed to field. Middle: Coaches Michi b u rn , team captain C harnelle H anano, Steve Perry and Alexa Teraw aki keeps pressing for a Bates. Bottom: Farewell senior shot o n goal. girls!

Bottom (left to right): Selena O sorio, G abriella M enendez, Keilyn Ryusaki, Lindsey Pow­ ers, Jh e rn ie Evangelista. (Sec­ ond row): Ku'uipo Nakoa, Erika C ushnie, N oe Enos, M indy C am pbell, B rid g et W alker. (Third row): Vanessa Cushnie, A m elia Evans, Melissa Esaki, Ja d a Van Mols, Maya Chong. Back row: C ourtney Haskins, Justina W ood, Chelsea H im a­ laya, Nikki Stomski, Charnelle Terawaki.

G u't's Vetrsctv ScKcer


K a M akani Swimming [Seconds in time] From November to March the Ka Makani swim team works harder than any other team on the island. We thrive in adversity and always have the mindset of a champion. With the biggest team HPA has ever had, we intimidate our rivals just by walking onto the pool deck. There are a lot of new additions to the team, in­ cluding the very knowledgeable

Coach Bill from Kohala. This year the team has bonded like never before. From the loneO bus rides to cheering for each other between events, we have grown stronger as a team. This year will mark the end of our most dedicated coach­ es career. Mr. Wilder always has an inspirational story to tell and loves doing what he does and

who he coaches. He pushes us tl be our best everyday, in and ou} of the pool. For that we dedicat our success and hard work to him. We fhank you, and all of our coaches, for an unforgettabi season. -Girls Team Captains, Lauren Pais} and Malia Vitousek '08.

From Left to Right (back row): K aikea N akachi, H iu Kelly, N oah M urray, L ogan Borowski, A ustin Dale, Kyle Katase, Ken M am izuka, H arriso n H apgood, Ryan Ross, Ju lia B rotm an, A lejandro H orow itz, K eenan Parker, Nick Penny, Kai Teba, Noe Vargas, S um m er Borowski, H aley K ulm ann, Aly Kelly, Carley Justice, Savanna Gonzales, Katie C larke, Phoebe H ono, Fail C honecadeedum rongk, Avian Ku, Leilani Powers, Teresa Choe, A drian Jacobs, Kela Vargas, Rosa Lee, Cody M orse, Blaise: Delim a, Elenka Jacobs, B rittany K um ove, L au ren Paisley, M alia V itousek.


ArioA/t/io Siow/rund

.. N oah M urray/ takingO flight. O I. Coaches Dahlquist, Noetzel, Vilder, K opra, & U ncle Bill. 1. B reaststroking to greatness, Srittney K um ove. I, Cody M orse p re p a rin g fo r he 500 yard freestyle.

Nick Pennv â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09

In 7 years, I've never been a member of a swim team like HPA!s. Swimming was the reason that I came to C/D this school, and now qj nothing could make me HH leave. _ _ O h

She Said..

Swimming was a sport I could never see myself doing, and now that I've tried it, it's given me the drive I never knew I had.

Savanna Gonzales ' 10

Above: H aley K u hlm ann sw im m ing th e m ost challenging event o f a swim m eet, the 100 y ard butterfly.

K a - /V la /ca tu Siam m i/n f 19 3

Varsity Paddling [ Tim e M atters ] As the only team racing sport besides bobsledding, paddling is something that requires more than just a little team spirit. Each one of the six people in the boat must be mentally strong enough to over­ come not only their own tiredness, but also have enough energy to shout and yell to pump up their teammates and call out, “hup, ho’,’ for changes. As one o f the more removed sports of HPA, only those who paddle can under­ stand and remember the

Above: A paddling tradition: leaving towels out to dry on bus windows, for quick easy access at the end of practice.

Right: The 2008 Ka Makani Varisty and J.V paddling team on home tu rf at Kawaihae boat ramp.


freezing bus rides at 5:45 back to Waimea, and rac­ ing to the cafeteria for hot chocolate. Paddling is a close knit sport. Each member o f the boat, from the stroker to the steers­ man must understand how each paddler works in order to become a cohe­ sive 415 pound boat that when in sync together, must pull the absolute fastest, for either one half mile to five miles.

Above: Paddles that propel HPA to victory! Right: T he vasrsity girls push­ ing through a tough practice, training for a weekend regatta.




K a M akani Wrestling [ Tim e is only anqther opponent] The Hawaii Prep Wrestling team is all about desire. Each wrestler strives to take what theyve been taught each week and apply it during weekend meets. Wrestling is a sport that requires determination, endurance, and patience. When you train, sweat, and compete together you form a comradery unlike any other. It^ a sport that enables you to become the best you can be and achieve the ultimate goal: State champion. With

the help of head coach Gary Jarvill, assistant coach, Bob Alameda and Lance Stevens, HPA Alumni^ Kimo Colson, Pat Fischer, Chris, and faculty members Kelly Dunston, and Olaf Jorgenson, the wrestling program this year has grown tremendously. As the number of wrestlers nearly doubled compared to last year, HPA§ wrestling program is very strong and will continue to grow.

Above, right: Junior Shan­ non Masada-Rodriguez, at 119 lbs running a cross­ face counter move upon his unsuspecting opponent from Honoka'a. Below: 119 lbs Sophomore Connor Baldwin basing up to escape the grasp of his Hilo opponent.

Building a dynasty takes time and desire from each individual, along with unselfish support from the HPA community. -Coach Jarvill

196 lA /resi& nd

Back row (left to right): David Johnson, Trevor Cangemi, Onipa'a Stevens, Billy Kailima'i, Marcus Hess, Hank Correa, Chris Oh, Hanna Kreis, Trevor Kudo. (Third row): Coach Jarvil, Junior Fischer, Greg Walker, Michael Monahan, Joey Chavez, Jacob Salzberg, JJ Higginson, Kekoa Clarke, Coach Chris. (Second row): Eli Hart, Sean Paisley, Max Verbrugge, Jake Moran, Russell Hapgood, Zoey Spears-Takakuwa, Whitney Harvey, Coach Kimo. (Front row): Nathaniel Adams, Shannon MasadaRodriquez, Isaiah Adams, Sidney Quan, Jonny Chute, Justin Truong, Bronson Kobayashi, Conor Baldwin, Coach Lance. Missing Keoni Colson, Elliot Kastner.

Left'. In his only second year wrestling, rising star Keoni Colson finishes a tight waist take-down of his Konawaena opponent at 140 lbs.

'tove: Senior Junior Fischer applying an arm bar on his Honoka'a opponent. Fischer deated all three of his opponents in the 152 lbs weight class at the Kealakehe meet.

/ \re stlu u f 197

Above: S ophom ore E m m a H u m p h rey 's negotiates a tricky ju m p located in fro n t o f th e A rt building.

Above: Mr. Solmssen, a timeless figure o f the horse program | fifty plus years and going strong!

Horse Program [Saddle Time\ Being around horses my entire life, I knew that leaving home and going to HPA would be an easier transition be­ cause of the wonderful horse program that the school provides. Mr. Sol­ mssen, our main instruc­ tor and an English teach­ er, is very helpful and en­ couraging. Our program is unique for a couple reasons. One is that after a long day at school, we can walk to the “Taj Ma­ hal” where we have the opportunity to gallop in the hills, jump in the are­ na, and play polo on the field. Another unique aspect is our breeding 198


program. Since all of our horses are bred from HPA horses, we neither buy nor sell horses. This year we’ve had two foals born and they are both great additions to our program. The horse pro­ gram has made my life at HPA much more enjoy­ able and fulfilling. -Aubrie Munson '08

Above: Senior A ubrie M unson has spent fo u r lucky years rid in g horses and hanging w ith Mr. Solmssen after-school.

Far left: Em m a A hlo introducing herself to the ju d g es before be­ ginning h e r ju m p in g routine. Left: HPA 8th grader Sydney B udde is an up and com ing rider who does well in com petition. Below: Sophom ore Malia Kissner flying th ro u g h space and time.

Above: Ju d y Folk and her trustw orthy dog. Left: Em m a A hlo defining grace u n d er pressure.

fCerse 'PnH/nut


Right: B ridget W alker block­ ing a p erfect ball. Below: Jh e rn ie Evangelista and Keilyn Ryusaki fighting fo r th e dig.

Below: T h e starting JV team m eeting on the co u rt before a gam e.

Girl's J V Volleyball The JV volleyball team was amazing. In every sense we were a team, we worked played and laughed together. You could feel the determi­ nation as you walked on the court, whether it was at practice or a game. We also learned valuable life lessons like persistence and work ethics from our coach Rochelle Cushinie. She was not only a smart coach but also a sup­ portive friend and we are grateful for her hard work and dedication. We also learned to set men­ tal and physical goals. Before games we would set a team goal and work 200

q kA , S


hard to achieve them. At practice we would push ourselves mentally and physically. By the end o f the sea­ son we had become a tough team. As many of us move on to the var­ sity squad next year, we will remember our great teammates, our wonder­ ful and caring coaches, and all the things we learned along the way. - Bridget Walker '10

Right: Katie H o spiking th e ball against Ka M akani rivals, P a rk e r school.

JV Baseball

Above: Youyu Torizuka bringing his considerable knowledge of the game from Japan, and applying it to the field at HPA. Left: Sophomore Ryan Rice holding steady under pressure.

Above: Freshman Mitchell Parris posed to strike.

The Hawaii Prep JV baseball team has incredible potential this year. With a fantastic roster of dedicated freshmen and sophomores, along with Coach Diaz and Coach Kiyota guiding the team in a positive direction, the team is set to have a challenging and rewarding season in front o f them. As of press time, the JV team won their season opener against Kea'au with a score of 8-6. Players, parents, coachces and fans alike hope that this is the beginning o o of a stellar season for them. bove: Ikaika Cecil attempting to make contact. Above right: ull time catcher and part time relief pitcher Jessie Alvord kept steady in the final innings, ultimately defeating Kea'au in the :ason opener.

W B u s e U f f 201

'io { D irector






To the Class of 2008: Aloha and congratulations to the Class of 2008 on a long and Successful ride through the "HPA experience" whether it was for one year or thirteen years. Hawai'i Prep is a special place and working with Ka Makani Athletics has hopefully given you many lasting rewards. All of your fellow student/athletes are unique and special and all of your coaches truly understand what high school sports is all about. Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said: “CLASS is an intangible quality which commands, rather than demands, the respect of others. This is because those who have it are truly considerate of others, are courteous and polite without being subservient, are not dis­ agreeable when they disagree, are good listeners, and are at peace with themselves because they do not knowingly do wrong. In short, a person with class might well be defined as one who practices ‘The Golden Rule’ in both his professional and personal life” Coach Wooden taught many life lessons to all of his players and he always expected his players and coaches to rep­ resent themselves with class. I hope that each one of us can one day be described as a person with class ... there is not a higher compliment. 202 P erry j /{c/t//-ess

Left: Yearbook Advisor, Mr. O'Leary. Yearbook Editors: L auren Paisley, A lex F errara, Celine Wang.

[ Documenting Time ] The 2008 edition of Ka Makani was published by the dedi­ cated yearbook staff of Hawai'i Preparatory Academy. Our yearbook was printed by Taylor Publishing in Dallas, Texas, with the gracious help and guidance from our sales representative Richard Young in Honolulu, and our account executive, Robert Porter. Our theme this year, "Time Stands Still" is simply a paradox of life at Hawai'i Prep itself. As students struggle to complete each and every day at school, juggling academics, sports and a plethora of other commitments, stu­ dents literally have no time to stand still and reflect on all of the great things they accomplish day after day, week after week. It is hoped that this yearbook will give you an opportunity to sit and reflect on the 2007-2008 school year and realize that being a student at Hawai'i Prep is something to be very proud of. The vingettes of life captured in words and photographs within these pages are a representation of all the things that make our school truly unique. The 2007-2008 yearbook staff was an exceptional group of seniors who took on the heavy responsibility of creating a yearbook from scratch. Their ability to work under constant pressure while maintaining harmonious relationships with each other is a model for all future yearbook classes to "follow.


Top Row(left to right): Mr. O 'Leary, J u n g P ark, Je n n ife r D ahlgen, J o n G endreau, Bobby Pollette, Alex B eaton, KK Hayashikawa, Catie Takata. M iddle Row (Left to right): A lex F errara, Chelsea H im alaya, M ari Asai, L au ren Paisley, C eline W ang. Bottom Row (left to right): T ia re D evenot, Kimbi Macy, Allison H arm o n , JJ H u an g , Tyler Sakurai. fe a r A w A S & tfr 203

George Watson, who retired fi'om the school last year after 23 years of service, died on October 16, 2007. Known for always putting his students and the school first, Watson had recently returned to HPA to teach digital media classes while teacher Ari Bernstein (and Watson's former student) was on leave. Watson served in numerous capacities at the school, but is probably most closely associated with his roles as videography teacher, American Red Cross Youth Group advisor, and Sea Turtle Research Pro­ gram supporter. His other roles at the school included CPR Sunday organizer, student activities director, pool manager, work program coordinator, student council advisor, dorm parent, summer swimming program director/instructor, scuba instructor, tennis coach, Village Campus Wilderness Experience Program coor­ dinator, summer school teacher, and superintendent of buildings and grounds. The ever-humble Watson always put the spotlight on his students. "Our students have 'ownership' in this group and they do amaz­ ing things" he said, after being recognized by the Red Cross in 2000. With the Sea Turtle Research Program, George was always quiet and in the background, making sure that everything ran smoothly without ever making any fuss about his tremendous contribution to each and every facet of the program. Even in retirement, George continued to participate in the pro­ gram and his positive attitude was always appreciated. He cared about the students and always encour­ aged them to get involved and participate. George will be missed tremendously by all who knew him. 204 C ^eorde' PtyatsdfL

â&#x20AC;˘ j *

Whenever a decision is made to dedicate something unique to an individual, it is worth looking at hat inspired that decision. In Jay's case the reason is obvious. As we dedicate this yearbook to him in anor of his thirty year career with us, it would be appropriate to consider some of the reasons why we a so. First, consider Jay's classes. His persistent encouragement allowed his students to accomplish lings they never dreamed possible. His confidence in everyone's ability snared even the most devout istory haters who found their curiosity piqued, and were soon caught up in the excitement of Athenian emocracy, the Enlightenment, or the French Revolution. Which of his students will ever forget the Naoleon trial or its verdict? The joy that Jay finds in every class day is equally contagious to his colleagues, /e are all uplifted by his obvious enthusiasm about being on the history lanai, working with kids. It is hard to imagine a swimming practice without Jay, since he has missed a grand total of three in is HPA experience. For BO seasons, Jay has inspired swimmers to push just a little harder to reduce their mes. His approach is that the difficulty of swimming well is its strength, not its weakness. Former HPA vimmers credit Jay with life lessons, in addition to making the BIIF championships. No one understands dedication better than Jay. His every action personifies his commitment to iis special community. The simple decency of Jay's life among us has made us all better people. 7a</ lV iÂŁ fe r 205

S i^/u vtiir& s


Hpa 2008