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2 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012

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Motorhead Garage Now Open!

It’s good to be back in the saddle! Thanks to all you Motorhead’s around the world wide web for all the positive feedback of the web re-launch of Hawaii Motorhead Magazine. For my family and I that’s what we miss the most is all the fun we have with all the great people we surround ourselves with in this business. And the excitement builds with each passing day as we grow beyond the reefs of our Big Island now with coverage of events from around the state. This month is also very exciting because many of the motorsports clubs and organizations are kicking off their 2012 racing season and Motorhead is here to keep you up to speed with it all. In this issue we bring you results from the Maui Motocross Association’s Annual “Craig Lew Memorial Invitational Race” from Pu’unene, Stock Car racing with the Hilo Motor Speedway Association and SCCA Solo II action from the Hilo Drag Strip. We’ve also got some sweet rides to share and remind you that you can share what’s in your garage with the new Motorhead Garage kicking off in next months issue. Send us pix and a story of your ride to info@teammotorhead. com Remember, “If it’s got a motor, goes fast, makes noise!, or is just plain cool to look at, you’ll see it in Hawaii Motorhead Magazine!”

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March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / 3

4 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012




t’s kinda like old school meets new school with Lloyd Enriquez’ 2012 Freaky Tiki Old Skool custom. “It’s old school bobber with new school technology” says Lloyd as he gave us the run down on his latest creation built for Rick Betts of Hilo. “This year I wanted to build more old skool style bikes” seeing last year saw mostly stretched out choppers coming out of his shop in Pahoa. Check out Lloyd’s Freaky Tiki choppers in our back issues, October and November 2010. Like most trends everything comes around full circle. As of late the rat and or bobber style is in demand all over the world. Here at home we’re also seeing a lot more of the “Local Boy” on the streets and in the shows. So when Lloyd had a chance to build this Old Skool bobber he jumped at the opportunity! The rigid 2012 Kraftec sports a 4 under springer front end with Freaky Tiki bars, top trees and mounts. The fat front tire is a 130 on a custom powder coated and pinstriped rim while a 200 rear wraps the custom rim out back. The rear fender is 1948 Harley Davidson front fender that’s been bobbed and mounted on custom struts fabricated from diamond plate, which is also seen throughout the build for an industrial look. The taillight is from a 1931 Ford and the shorty tank is a 2.2 gallon Sportster model.

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / 5


Lloyd also used the old style oil bag to stay with the theme. Derick Matias sprayed the flat finish and Greg Kobayashi gets the credit for the great old skool striping. Power comes from a 80 cube motor mated to a four speed trans with a new style starter and clutch set up which was “one of those challenges” when trying to get old school to work with new school technology. A 2” open belt drive gets the power to the trans. This ride also has both electric and kick start to choose from, depending on how nostalgic you’re feeling at the time I guess. The pipes are 2 sets of pipes cut up and welded together to get the look Lloyd was going for and I’d say he nailed it on all levels. It’s the best of both worlds!

6/ Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012

w e L g i a Cr

7th Annual memorial race

Photos & results submitted by Maui Motocross Association

On Presidents Day Weekend each year the Maui Motocross Association holds the “Craig Lew Memorial Invitational Race” at its track at the Maui Raceway Park in Pu’unene. Hats off to Ryder Bell in the 50cc Beginner Class winning the Craig Lew “Hole Shot” Trophy and congrats to Team Oahu, Bronson Hethcote, Alex Feyerison, Keoki Silva-Vares and Jordon Kaneshiro winning the “Island Teams” award. There was also a lot of buzz going on with Pro Rider – Nate Tierney racing this year and taking the Open class. It was a great turn out and MMA sends out a Big Mahalo to all the racers especially the off-island racers and their families who came to race on Maui! “Times are still tough so we understand the sacrifice it takes to get everyone and everything out here every year! We appreciate all of you!” For more info on MMA visit their website at Craig Lew Memorial Invitational Race Results: Craig Lew Hole Shot Trophy Winner: Ryder Bell 50cc Beginner Class Island Teams Winner Oahu: Bronson Hethcote, Alex Feyerisen, Keoki Silva-Vares, & Jordan Kaneshiro Open 1st- Nate Tierney-Maui 2nd- Puna Gallardo-Kauai 3rd- Doug Bell- Maui 4th- Stephen Walker-Oahu 5th- Jasen Nakahashi-Maui 6th- Derek Fabella-Maui 7th- Lukas Stodulka-Maui 8th- Mark Nelson-Maui 9th- Enoka Estrella-Maui 10th- Brett Henning-Maui 11th- Tom Reyes-Maui 12th- David Hafer-Maui 13th- Ryan Dickson-Maui Open Wahine 1st- Deedra Fabella-Maui 2nd- Brienna Gomes-Maui 3rd- Aka Araneta-Maui 4th- Chelsie Constantino-Maui 80cc Beginner 1st- Deedra Fabella-Maui 2nd- David Dabin-Kauai 3rd- Dane Young-Oahu 4th- Brandon Mitcham-Maui 5th- Aka Araneta-Maui 6th- Makia Naauao-Dickson-Maui 7th- Pono Fabella-Maui

80cc Advanced 1st- Donovan Canionero-Oahu 2nd- Josh Lee-Maui 3rd- Nick Nikaido-Maui 4th- Makiah Calina-Maui 125cc Novice 1st- Ryan Dickso-Maui 2nd- Mana Silva-Maui 3rd- Dane Young-Oahu 4th- Makaiah Calina-Maui 5th-David Hafer-Maui 6th- Dean Silliman-Kauai 7th- Chelsie Constantino-Maui 8th- Jim Littlefield-Kauai 9th- Nick Nikaido-Maui 125cc Amateur 1st- Brienna Gomes-Maui 2nd- Carter Christie-Maui 3rd- Jasen Nakahashi-Maui 4th- Jordan Kaneshiro-Oahu 5th- Kai Haugland-Kauai 6th- Timi Jakubczak-Maui 7th- Jackson Littlefield-Kauai

125cc Expert 1st- Bronson Hethcote-Oahu 2nd- Kekoa Keau-Maui 3rd- Alex Feyerisen-Oahu 4th- Brian Medeiros-Kauai 5th- Cody Galbraith-Maui 6th- Keoki Silva-Vares-Oahu 250cc Amateur 1st- Garrett Lee-Oahu 2nd- Enoka Estrella-Maui 3rd- Lukas Stodulka-Maui 4th-Brett Henning-Maui 5th- Tom Reyes-Mi 6th- Mark Nelson-Maui 250cc Expert 1st-Bronson Hethcoe-Oahu 2nd- Puna Gallardo-Kauai 3rd- Kekoa Keau-Maui 4th- Alex Feyerisen-Oahu 5th- Doug Bell- Maui 6th- Stephen Walker-Oahu Keiki Pit Bike 1st- Josh Lee-Maui 2nd- Aka Araneta-Maui 3rd-Jaden Scida-Maui 4th- Jace Furomoto-Maui 5th- Ryder Bell-Maui 6th- Raice Derego-Maui

Adult Pit Bike 1st- Kurt uromoto-Maui 2nd-Scott Takara-Oahu 3rd- Ron Lee-Maui 4th- Ryan Gouveia-Oahu 5th Doug Bell-Maui 6th- Keoni Derego-Maui 7th- Darin Gould-Oahu 8th- Keith Stancil-Maui 9th- Keala Aiwohi-Maui 10th- Kepuhi Purdy-Maui 11th-Brett Henning-Maui 12th- Jason Bascon-Maui Pee Wee 1st- Isaiah Calina-Maui 2nd- Thor Powell-Oahu 3rd- Kainoa Araneta-Maui 4th- Taimane Auwae-Maui 5th- Nakoa Cash-Oahu 6th- Ghesaiah Auwae-Maui 7th- Eddie Silliman-Kauai 50cc Beginner 1st- Levin Takahashi- Hawaii 2nd- Ryder Bell-Maui 3rd- Alexander Nelson-Kauai 4th- Raice Derego-Maui 5th- Jaden Scida-Maui 6th- Kainalu Texeira-Maui 7th- Jaysen Akahi-Vida-Maui

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine /7 50cc Beginner - continued 8th- Blake Mitcham-Maui 9th- Khyren Purdy-Maui 10th-Kainoa Araneta-Maui 11th- Devin Gould-Oahu 50cc Advanced 1st-David Dabin-Kauai 2nd- Kai Pia-Oahu 3rd- Jack Dizy-Maui 4th- Nate Bell-Maui 5th- Rick Silliman-Kauai 60cc Beginner 1st- Makia Naauao-Dickson 2nd- Rick Silliman-Kauai 3rd- Jace Furomoto-Maui 4th- Nate Bell-Maui 5th- Jack Dizy-Maui 6th- Raice Derego-Maui 7th- Blake Mitcham-Maui 8th- Ryder Bell-Maui 9th- Jayden Akahi-Vida-Maui

60cc Advanced 1st- Donovan Canionero-Oahu 2nd- David Dabin-Kauai 3rd- Aka Araneta-Maui Schoolboy 1st- Keoki Silva-Vares-Oahu 2nd- Brian Medeiros-Kauai 3rd- Jordan Kaneshiro-Oahu 4th- Brienna Gomes-Maui 5th- Makaiah Calina-Maui 6th- Mana Silva-Maui 7th- Kai Haugland-Kauai 8th- Jackson Littlefield-Kauai Endurocross 1st- Ryan Gouveia-Oahu 2nd- Chad Nakashima-Oahu

Vet 1st- Doug Bell-Maui 2nd- Scott Takara-Oahu 3rd- Derek Fabella-Maui 4th- Garrett Lee-Oahu 5th- Chauncey Pia-Oahu 6th- Brett Henning-Maui 7th- Enoka Estrella-Maui 8th- Ryan Gouveia-Oahu 9th- Chad Nakashima-Oahu 10th- Jim Littlefield-Kauai 11th- Dean Silliman- Kauai Quad A 1st- Paul Medeiros-Kauai 2nd- Keith Stancl-Maui 3rd- Noa Silva-Maui Quad B 1t- Doug Bell-Maui 2nd- Shawn Brown-Oahu 3rd- heldon Shibata-Silva-Maui

8/ Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine /9


Get Around” from the Beach Boys would be the perfect theme song for this sweet little rat ride that started life as a shop truck for the “White Lines Storage Company” in Washington state. And yup! That’s the original company logo and patina paint on the doors. The 1936 Ford pickup was sold to a gentleman in Oregon and then to another in Canada where the truck under went the transformation into the rat rod truck you see here. The truck then spent some time at the Bonneville Salt Flats where it was a show piece and a calendar car before returning to Canada where the current owner Derick Matias of Puna acquired it. Derick then had the truck shipped back to Washington to a family members place and finally home to the Big Island. Whew! Now that’s some frequent flyer miles! When Derick got the truck home he didn’t waste any time putting his stamp on it and started work on it by first pulling the tired flat head out (which he is rebuilding and plans on putting it back into the truck). He stuffed this rebuilt 1952 Ford Flat Head with reground cam, Edelbrock heads and dual Stromberg carbs. Its bolted to a Chevy S10 5 speed tranny which makes it great for cruisin’ while out back, the stock 1936 banjo style rear end takes care of business. The wheels are also 1936 16” units wrapped in wide whitewall bias ply rubber. The straight front axel, front grill and side mirrors as well as the 4 wheel drum brakes are all 1936 hardware too. The top has been chopped a whopping 8” while the body was channeled 6” and the bed shortened 6”. I like how the welds are still visible in true rat rod fashion. Derick touch up some of the original patina color on both the interior and exterior. The rear has been Z’d a total of 14”, which is evident by how high the wood floors in the bed now sit. The blue DELCO box in the bed is an original ‘50’s DELCO battery pack that now houses the battery for the rat ride. Derick also did some mods in the interior removing the ’36 speedo, filling the dash and replacing it with a ’51 Chevy speedo mounted in a fabricated center console. The rest of the gauges are mounted in the overhead console to keep them out of site. The seats are cut down VW seats! “I knew you’d get a kick out of that” say’s Derick as he told us more about his work. Look for Derick and his 1936 Ford Truck we dubbed “Raked, Ratted & Roll” at Cruise Paradise this summer. He’ll be easy to spot. He’ll be the one grinnin’ from ear to ear!

10 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012


he Hawaii Motor Speedway Association held its 2012 Season Opener on February 11th at the Hilo Motor Speedway dirt oval track located next to the Hilo Drag Strip with plenty of heart pounding, nail biting, okole squeezin’ action! Racers in 7 classes ranging from 4 cylinder stock to the Winged Sprints were having too much fun as usual as they gave the spectators lots to see with fast paced thrills and a few hair raising spills! When the dust settled awards were handed out and points awarded in each class as racers from around the island chase the 2012 Championship! Mahalo to Jim Riddiford for the action photos and be sure to catch the next race set for Saturday March 10th. For more details contact Tina Mosley at 808-238-8796

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / 11

Jim Riddiford Racing Photos - 808-217-9289




1st - Curtis Silva 2nd - Royden Nabarro 3rd - Conan Hall

1st - Judy Moa 2nd - Gilbert Quiiroz 3rd - Roland Hall

1st - Lawrence Cabral 2nd - Mike Van Arkel 3rd - Dennis Rattinger




1st - Ken Antonio 2nd - Justice Lee 3rd - Kenji Jones

1st - Kekoa Silva 2nd - Lawrence Cabral 3rd - Ed Wilson

1st - Buck Pope

WING SPRINTS 1st - Haweo Vicar

12 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine /13

Benchracing Tales of Mauna Kea 200 Trails Photo & story submitted by Gasto Belanger aka Gasser


ualifying world class trails for world class MK200 motorcycle races not only challenges riders endurance it also challenges the Rock Island Riders every year cutting new trail sections, each trail section having its own unique name and bench racing story of what it took to creatively make it MK200 rideable. In search for new challenging MK200 trails, four of us RIR’s gasing and clutching our armored KTM’s, bronco busting our way through old thick overgrown MK200 trails from years back as we follow Wayne bliping his KTM’s throttle lunging over roots and logs using a GPS to find an old forgotten mile long fourteen foot wide bulldozed tree planting road hidden under 60 years of Vive guava tree growth that had fallen across the thick muddy road completely engulfing it with 10’ high layers of Vive all matted together for ten yard lengths with two an a half foot tall arched pig tunnels being the only way to get beyond these insurmountable obstacles that many chain saws would be needed to make it handle bar wide MK200 rideable was our first thought as we unsheathed our razor sharpened RIR machetes in the upper rain forest, heading out on foot not knowing that we had bit off more than we could chew as we ended up doing the GI low crawl on thick black muck pushing our backpacks ahead through dark pig tunnels under ten huge matted Vive tangles that took us four+hr to hack in 1 mile and 2+hr to hack back out. Dennis was the point man, he quickly rough cut his way through the thick under brush never to be seen again for 4 1/2 hr…Ed, Wayne, and I followed Dennis’s machete markers that would just disappear into impenetrable Vive tangles…shootzzz brah! where did Dennis go??? Ed points to the pig tunnel…sure enough, I saw Dennis’s hand & knee prints…I was just blown away seeing he crawled through that long low muddy claustrophobic pig tunnel and we had to follow this portagee who hunted pig’s as a young boy with his dad in this area so it was no problem0 for Dennis to low crawl the many tunnels we encountered. There were lots of big trees down, laying across the road with crisscrossing limb mazes we had to thread and tunnel under in the continual boot sucking muddy muck showing deep pig foot print holes dotting out the path of least resistance and like the pig’s, Wayne, Ed and I made lots of grunting noises also as we hoisted our bodies over crotch high limbs and logs, plus doing the duck walk as we hacked our way under whatever we could not go over or around. After four+ hours of none stop well aimed machete hacks into the rain forest density we found Dennis on his way back, saying, “It’s not bad further ahead… something like you just came through”…I’m thinking..your kidding me dude!!…so as we sat there taking a break swatting mosquitos while eating Snicker bars and apples, we benchraced the potential of this being an MK200 section. It was getting mosquito thick late in the day so we headed back to our KTM’s trying to follow Dennis as he quickly disappeared into the tangled forest green where the rough cut trail fades in an out causing me to get heart pounding lost three times as I realized the sun will be setting soon I did some serious back tracking for the original trail where I found Dennis 15 min ahead of me waiting at the KTM’s where we momentarily watched the rain forest trees sway from a 5.0 earthquake as were comparing mental notes of this potential MK200 world class trail as we waited for Ed & Wayne who finally appeared 2 1/2 hr later huffing & puffing, falling exhaustively in a forward direction, stumbling lifelessly up the rough a’a’ trail to where we parked our KTM’s...we all got out of there just at dusk... it would be nasty to have to spend a night out there lost…it’s not a good gut feeling to lose the trail and turn around looking back, not knowing which direction I came from, as the Sun was setting… gulp! Got Machete? > ~Gasser~

‘56 VOLX 14 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012


olkswagens have had a big resurgence over the past few years on the Big Island and with BUG IN 2012 just around the corner VW enthusiast are in high gear. Now you’d be hard pressed to find someone as passionate as Tony Smith of Hilo, who with his wife Stella and family, (daughter Kayla pictured with Tony) have kept collecting and building VW’s since “back in the day.” We first got a look at this beautiful 1956 Oval Window, or “Baby Window” as we like to call them here in Hawaii when it appeared stock in the pages of Hot VW magazine.

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / 15

Since then mucho mods have included a Kenny Chang prepped 2276cc power plant topped with a pair of 48 Webers and a Rancho Pro Street Trans with Diff and steel axels. A 4� narrowed front beam and dropped spindles tuck the 17x7 Escras wheels deep in the OG bullet fenders. In back the wheel skirts needed to be modified quite a bit to fit the billet wheels. CB Performance disc brakes at all 4’s help slow this street rocket down. (continues on pg. 16)

16 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012

‘ Rodney Pilayo did the avocado green paint while Maxi Parong, and brothers Harlan & Ralph Lee did the paintwork on the accessories, and the final color sanding and buffing. Tony did the interior including the headliner and installing the TMI seat covers, which match the paint nicely! Tony has spent years collecting all the cool accessories that include the Albert side mirrors, original VW window mount Air Conditioning unit, the rare center grill clock, center arm rest, under dash bamboo tray, rear oval window louvers, dual tinted sun visors and the very cool tinted flip down rear view mirror shade.

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / 17

‘56 VOLX

If you’re wondering about the cone shapes in the background, that’s the roof of the Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii at the University of Hawaii Hilo. It represents the Big Island and our majestic mountains, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Hualalai. So Tony chose the spot as a fitting spot to represent Moku O Keawe!

s ’ r e b Am

18/ Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012

Memorial Ride & Party

“Amber was a big ham so she’d love all this attention!” says Amber’s friend Sunny as we talked about amazing celebration with Amber’s Memorial Ride & Party on February 11, 2012. “So positive and full of life” tells her husband Chris “Bulldog” Livesay. “Amber was also always the one organizing club events and stuff so we knew her ride and party had to be big!” And what an event it was. Hundreds of bikers from many of our local motorcycle club’s, entertainers and members of the community all came together to give selflessly to make a nice event to benefit Amber’s family and Hospice. Chris and the kids want to thank everyone who donated their time and effort to make it a very special weekend to remember Amber by. Mahalo nui loa to Alex and Hawaiian Pride MC who catered all the food, they fed everyone! Pepe Romero and Bobby for the sound and lighting by CJ Pro-

motions. Donald Drye for the setup of Whittington Park. (Where Chris & Amber renewed their wedding vows a couple of years ago!) To Genny Galletes, Nan Cain, Vicki, Pam & Aaron and the many friends and family for the beautiful flowers, decorations and displays. Mahalo to the Midnight Riders MC who ran the Kona Poker Run and Juz Us MC for running the Hilo Poker Run. Mahalo to the many bands for the great music including the band “Old Skool.” Captain Tamo of Atlantis Submarines for the farewell trip. U’ilani Pihana for the Hawaiian Protocol. Olga Salvatore for the beautiful poster, flyer and memorial cards. Mahalo to the Hillbilly Car & Bike Club, Alan “Preacher” Lundberg and Dusty of the Lineriders MC, Mid Night Riders & Rich Bradley from Hospice. And, to All who came out to support this wonderful celebration of Amber’s life, we love you all!

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / 19

20 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012


f you don’t know the history of Jimbo’s Hawaii, Mobile Diesel Service and Repair in Kona, the first question you might ask when meeting the owner Blake Hornbacher is why Jimbo’s? You see Blake was brought up in and around automotive shops as his dad “Jimbo” was a well-known auto body, paint and mechanic in Kona. Blake worked with his dad for many years and after his dad past he re-opened the shop in the same location and called it Jimbo’s as a tribute to his dad and all that he had pasted on to Blake. Blake is now in the process of expanding his business, which includes custom bodywork, paint, fabrication, restoration and even his own custom clothing line and that’s where this 1954 Chevy pickup entered the picture. A friend of Blake’s brought this 1954 Chevy pickup built in California to Hawaii. To make a long story short, Blake had something he wanted, a Mercedes and a motorcycle, so they traded for the cool truck that Blake intends to put his own spin on as a cool parts runner. The top is chopped 3”, the hood pancaked and the door handles shaved before the sky blue paint with flakes was applied.

March 2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / 21

Road Scrapin’


The truck lays on the ground thanks to a modified Mustang II IFS and a shortened 12 bolt hanging on a triangulated 4 link set up and bagged at all four corners. Blake also added a second compressor to get it off the ground quicker than when he acquired it. Tucked up under the fenders are steel wheels with modified spike hubcaps and Coker whitewalls help set this truck apart from the rest. At least a half dozen admires came by to say how cool the truck was when we were at Old A’s taking these pix. One couple wanted to know how Blake got it off the pavement to the gravel area where the truck sat laid out on the bumpers. “We airlifted it in” was my first smart a$# thought, but I just chuckled and kept it to myself as I heard Blake blurt the same thought out. The old truck is still powered by the original straight six with the addition of a HEI distributor and is bolted to the OG 3 speed manual transmission. Blake sends a big Mahalo out to his brother Eldon who he says is his right hand man at the shop and “Baby Brian” his apprentice for all the extra effort in taking the shop to new heights! We also wanted to mention that Blake is on the verge of starting a chapter of the world famous “Severed Ties” Custom Car/Truck Club in Hawaii. If your interested in being a part of something special check out their website at www. and give Blake a holla at 808-557-9541

22 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / March 2012

Welcome back Hawaii Motorhead Magazine! You never know how much you’ll miss something until it’s gone. We’re glad you’re finally back - it’s been way too long! The Big Island Hawaii Region Sports Car Club of America is looking forward to a fun packed, tire screeching full year. We’ve started things off with Evolution Performance Driving School. This was a 2 day school on January 10 & 11 at the Hilo Drag Strip Track in Hilo, HI. (See Pictures!) Evolution is a premier driving school that teaches it’s students how to be FASTER! If you want to improve your driving technique and acquire new skills - this is the course! Students were given twenty four (24) runs per day! At our regular monthly races - we only get 4 runs (and maybe 2 - 4 “fun runs”) - so this school definitely gave LOTS of track time with instructors on an individual basis. This course definitely taught you the “skills” needed to be a safe driver on our roads. I took the course two years ago. And I took it again - it’s that good! We’ll be hosting another Evo School next year - so stay tuned! On Sunday, January 29, 2011, the club held it’s annual meeting, annual car tech/classification, awards & BBQ! And did I mention “test & tune?” This was the time to “play” with your tire pressures, suspension settings, etc. & have lots & lots of runs!!!!!!! And on Sunday, February 26, we had our first official race of the season! This is the first of ten (10) races this year based on the RTP (Racer’s Theoretical Performance) handicap system. This is based on driver’s skill rather than the performance of your ride. You don’t have to be fastest to be best driver! Our NEXT RACE is on Sunday, March 18! We’ll give you the results next issue with March’s results as well. Interested and not a member? Come join us - we’d love to have you! Let us know you are coming - email us at Or, come out and join us on one Sunday a month (see schedule) and have some fun! We’ll be waiting for you! Keepin’ it off the streets and takin’ it to the track! F. Brian Dorr - Regional Executive BIHRSCCA

March2012 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / 23 Driver of the Year - Michael Oates Worker of the Year - Margie Oates 1st Place, ESP - Glenn Swanson 1st Place, CSP - Hawke Walleman 1st Place, SSM - F. Brian Dorr 2nd Place, SSM - Rick Bowers 3rd Place, SSM - Craig Kadaoka 1st Place, SM - Kevin Okumura 2nd Place, SM - Brittni Watanabe 1st Place, DS - Doug Flood 1st Place, SS - Allen Stueben 1st Place, GS - Mark Pernell 1st Place, DSP - Paul Zabel 1st Place, ST - James Hains 1st Place AM - Toby Olney 1st Place, ES - Michael Oates 2nd Place, ES - Margie Oates 1st Place, FSP, - Brandon Wilk 1st Place, BS - Gary Solmerin Driver of the Year - Michael Oates

What’s Going On?

Motorsport event listings are a free service. Email your event listing to: info@ , mail it Hawaii Motorhead Magazine, PO Box 7077 Kamuela, Hawaii 96743 or fax to 808-887-2979. Event listings cannot be accepted over the phone. Be sure to include your contact information. Event listings received before the 20th of each month will appear in the following months issue.

Friday Night Drags Hilo Dragstrip - Friday March 2nd. Gates open at 3:00pm, Racing 5:00-11:00pm. Info 217-0973 March Madness Hilo Dragstrip - Saturday March 3rd. Racing Noon-7:00pm. HDRL 217-0973

808MX Races Hilo Dragstrip - Saturday March 10th. Contact info: 963-5448

Mini Bike Races Maui Raceway Park - Saturday March 10th. Maui MX Assoc. Contact info: 808-573-4100

Stock Car Races Hilo Dragstrip - Saturday March 10th. Gates open at 8:00am, Racing at 10:30am. Info 238-8796

SCCA SOLO Hilo Dragstrip - Sunday March 18th Contact info: 887-0588

Drag Races Hilo Dragstrip - Saturday/Sunday March 24th/25th. Gates open at 8:00am, Info 969-9040

1st Place, HS - Bill Golisch

30 / Hawaii Motorhead Magazine / February 2012


March 2012, Hawaii Motorhead Magazine

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