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May 2010

Customer Profile: mike crush

What does your board quiver consist of?

How long have you been surfing?

a: 9’-6” Fiberglass Ultra-light Balsa board, by Strong Current, Haleiwa Model, single fin b: 9’-6” Epoxy Style Master, by the Greek, Woodie Mode, single final c: 9’-6” Fiberglass Hobie, by Hobie, 50/50 rails classic, single fin d: 9’-8” Epoxy Double-Ender, by Donald Takayama, 60’s Model, single fin e: 9’-8” Fiberglass Double-Ender, by Donald Takayama, 60’s Model, single fin f: 10’-0” Fiberglass 5 stringer Infinity, by Steve Boehue, Rad Nose rider Mode, 2+1 g: 10’-0” Epoxy Infinity, by Steve Hoehue, Rad Nose rider Model, 2+1 h: 10’-0” Fiberglass Perfecto, by Floyd Smith, Nose rider Model, single fin i: 10-4” Epoxy Yater, by surftech, HP model, 2+1

I’ve been surfing since 1964-1969, spent 3 years with Uncle Sam, and then got back into it around 1972 till now.

If you had to choose just one board to ride, which would it be and why?

Where do you usually surf? I usually surf where ever the surf is looks best, but Paradise, in town is my hang out.

What do you enjoy most about surfing? I enjoy the take-off, dropping down the face and carving a turn back to the top...but most of all I enjoy the freedom of being in the water, back to nature and the clears your head of all the daily problems and issues of life.

How long have you been shopping at Hawaiian South Shore? I’m pretty sure that I’ve been shopping at Hawaiian South Shore since it first opened. It’s a great store with lots of goodies to look at and purchase and it always has the latest stuff + the staff is friendly and great to talk with...

My #1 board to ride is the Double-Ender, by Donald Takayama. It’s a single fin, turns on a dime and fly’s through the white water. It’s the most fun board going left or right. I love it so much I just purchased a Fiberglass one through Hawaiian South Shore for those windy days off-shore.

What do you do for a living? I’m a Senior Manager for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, the Shipfitter Shop

What do you do when you're not surfing or working? If I’m not working or surfing, I’m creating things out of wood like posters, wall hangings for my Surf-Room at home.

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