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MARCH 2012

I hope you are enjoying some of the swells we’ve had! I know I’ve been enjoying some surfing here and there. Now that spring is right around the corner make sure you get yourself protected from the elements. We have a great selection of Rash Guards and just about all of them have UV Protection built in (most are SPF 50 rated). I think the long sleeve is the best option to get the most out of your investment since it protects the arms as well. I like to wear long sleeve rash guards so I don’t have to use sun block on my arms. Most of the sunblock that we sell in the shop is made for your face and not for your body. I try to stay away from the mainstream sunblocks for the body because they are oily and if you get the lotion on your board it gets slippery and that can cause all kinds of problems while surfing. Now for the really exciting news...We now have the Vertra back in stock, YEAH!! We had so many people looking high and low for Vertra. From what I understand the plant that did the production for Verta was affected by the Tsunami in Japan. But now NO FEAR Vertra is back in production with the same high quality sunscreen ingredients that you all love. We also have a new line of sunscreen called “Sun Bum.” This one has also been tested by the Skin Cancer Foundation and passed with flying colors like Vertra.. Make sure you apply your sunscreen at least 15 mins before getting into the water for max protection. Did you know that March is National Irish American Heritage Month? It was actually designated by Congress in 1995. I didn’t know the whole month of March was for Irish American Heritage; I thought Saint Patrick’s day was the only day it was celebrated. You would think I would of known that since I’m half Irish. But I’m also ashamed to say I don’t know a lot about my Irish side. I spent most of my time growing up over seas, but according to my father, my great great grandmother came over into the port of New York in 1840’s and worked at a factory and then moved to Syracuse and settled down there. I had the chance to visit Syracuse during June for a wedding and I tell you, I’ve never seen such deep, almost blue mountains in my life. The climate was a bit chilly; I had to wear a light jacket during the day and at night I had to bust out the coat. I would not survive the winter there. Everyone else was wearing shorts and tank tops!!

– David Kelly Hawaiian South Shore

Meet Karin: Our Customer of the Month

Name: Karin Rushforth What do you do for work? Pilot for Hawaiian Airlines What do you do on your off time? Surf, travel, yoga, dance What size board do you surf? 6’2 Super Skate lately, 9’0 In The Pink (from HSS!) in the summer Where do you surf? North Beach, Kewalos (Straight Outs), Glass Doors If you can travel to any destination in the world that is not related to a surf travel where would you go? Paris If could meet anyone in the world either dead or alive who would you want to meet? Mother Theresa If you could change one thing about Hawaii, what would it be? I feel like people would be nicer to each other if it weren’t so crowded. Do you have any comments or thoughts about Hawaiian South Shore? I love coming into HSS, because it’s so fun to talk story with David and the crew about the surf, the latest gear, and everything surf-related! They are the heartbeat of the South Shore surfing community, and our connection to the outside world. ;-)

Are You a Long-Boarder Wanting to Downsize Without Losing Your Wave Count?

We have several people that come into the store that long-board and want to go down in size but don’t want to sacrifice their wave count. This makes total sense. You want to keep that wave count up so you have fun, right? Well now is the perfect time to do such a thing, because we have a good selection of boards made specifically for people that want to go shorter but still want to have that paddling power. When you shop for a shorter board make sure you memorize the dimensions of your current go-to board. That way we can see what you are riding now and help you make the right decision. Better yet, bring your board in and we can check it out and help you compare it to the new board you are thinking about getting. Advantages: It’s a lot easier to transport, you can keep in your car so after work you can just head down to the beach and you can get more performance out of your board. It’s easier to maneuver on a shorter board. Some of the drawbacks are with a shorter board are: You may lose some speed going across the wave. That’s because you will have less length (surface area) and so the wave has less area to push the board. Also you will Stewart have to sit in a different area than you New  Funline  11   are used to in the line-up. You have to 7’6”  x  22  ½”  x  3”   sit a little more inside from where you normally sit.

But all-in-all I think most people enjoy going shorter, especially when the waves get a little larger. From the feedback we get from lots of folks, they are pretty stoked on a shorter board. It seems like that is the trend and so some of the shapers are listening and accommodating those that want to float on a shorter board.  NEW  Lost  Surfboard   I also notice the people Bottom  Feeder  Model   that are going shorter seem to get Good  for  Knee  to  head   in shape faster, I guess because High  waves  6’0”  x  22   they are paddling a little hard but at the same time I see they seem to have a bigger smile on their faces after a good session. The reason I can say that is because they come into the store and tell us that they are stoked they got a shorter board and that stokes us out also. So, if you are looking for a shorter board come in and one of us will help and don’t forget to either write   your go-to board dimension down or New  Proctor   Big  Board  Model   bring you board into the shop. - David Kelly, Hawaiian South Shore

6’8” x  21  ½”  x  3”   High  Performance     Big  Boy  Model  

Heather Brown Event! Where: Hawaiian South Shore Date: Saturday March 31st Time: 6:30 p.m. Come down to the store for a Meet and Greet and check out her Rip Curl Heather Brown Bikinis, tees and shorts.

Also Win Great Prizes from Rip Curl!! Not sure who she is? Well you are missing out on one of the most popular Surf Artists. Some of her original paintings are going for unreal prices on auction sites!! But her fame has not gone to her head. To be honest, I’ve only had the chance to talk to her a couple of times but she seems real down to earth and I’m looking forward to meeting her again!

Check out her site

The Benefits of Having Royalty Rewards® PLUS Some New Membership Benefits

Sometimes we get questions about our Free Membership Royalty Rewards® Club and I wanted to go over some of the benefits with you. PLUS, we have some New Member Benefits: • For every $1 you spend at Hawaiian South Shore you get 1 point. • The points never expire. • When you reach 200 Points we send you a $10 Hawaiian South Shore Royalty Rewards® check in the mail. So you are getting 5% back on your purchase! It’s almost like those big credit card companies that give money back on purchases. • We will also send out an e-mail reminder if you didn’t use your check. You earned the points, so we don’t want your points to go to waste. So make sure your e-mail is up to date on your profile. You can check it on line. • We have in store “Sales” that are only for Royalty Rewards® members, so it’s kind of like have a one of those grocery store club cards. • Plus when you purchase something “On Sale” you get points on your Royalty Rewards® card, so you are actually getting an additional 5% off on the “sale”. • For surfboard purchases, we give you 200 points for short boards and 400 points for long-boards. • We like to get input from you via our online surveys. We understand your time is important so that is why we give you the points for filling out the surveys… So make sure your e-mail on file is correct. At the end of the section I will show you how to check out your points.

NEW Membership Benefits: Royalty Reward® members get the “I’m happy with my surfboard guarantee”. When you purchase a new surfboard from us and within 10 days you are not happy with the size, we will trade it for another board!! That’s right. We want you to be totally happy with your surfboard and we understand sometimes you get a board that is either too big or too small and you want to trade it out. Yes of course we do have a couple of rules before we can take a board back and it’s pretty basic: Bring the board back in 10 days in excellent condition with no dings and no wax on it and that’s pretty much it. Yes we are going to sell the board as used, so having it in excellent condition is a must. Any hard-goods such as fins, leashes or soft goods are returnable, just please make sure they are in excellent resalable condition. That means fins should have NO dings or scratches. Yes we are a lot more lenient with our return policy now. To be honest this was due to some people with suggestions on our survey and since most of our Royalty Rewards® customers do support us to the MAX, we wanted to make sure we support them back to the MAX.

Just please remember that you have 15 days to return an item. If after 15 days we will issue a store credit up to 30 days. After that, sorry.

How to check your Royalty Rewards® profile:

• Go to • Click Member Login • Enter Your Rewards Number (located on your Royalty Rewards® card) • Enter your password (last name all lower case) Once you’re logged in you will be able to view all your transactions, update your profile such as mailing address, telephone number and e-mail.

Don’t Miss Out On The Hottest New Items at Hawaiian South Shore I’m sure most of you know by now we carry the Hydro Flex Super Charger Stringerless surfboards. It’s the Surfboard that has EPS foam with Epoxy Glassing. The boards are super light and strong!! The Super charger is the Hydroflex board with the air vent on the deck. A rider can adjust his/her board with an air pump. The more air the stiffer the flex and of course the less air the more flex. Plus when you get a pressure ding from, let’s say your knee, just pump the board up to its max and a couple of hours later the pressure ding is gone!! Pretty cool, yeah? I know it works because we’ve had a couple of guys that purchased a Hydroflex and have told us it really does push the pressure ding out. Now Hydroflex has something new! It’s a Poly Foam board, which is the normal surfboard foam you’ve seen for years but it also has the 3D glassing (like the super charger) with epoxy resin technology like the super charger has and it costs $100 less than the EPS Super Charger Hydroflex. What? Why Poly? Well epoxy boards are popular, but some people tend to go back to the traditional poly boards. Some of the surfers that like riding high performance boards tend to like the Poly feel better then the EPS. EPS boards tend to float more than a poly boards. It has that corky feeling and that is because the foam is less dense so the board floats on top of the water compared to a Poly, which is denser. The denser poly board floats below the water line, making it easier for some to get a rail in. Some have a harder time with EPS in less then optimal conditions because they are too light. Now, I am not saying Poly is better than Epoxy, it’s just some of the comments we have received in the past from surfers. Hydroflex took notice and came up with the Poly board with Epoxy 3D Glassing. So now riders that wanted that epoxy strength and the poly feel can have it with new Hydroflex Poly foam 3D Glassing Epoxy. What is 3D Glassing? Hydroflex has figured out a way to make the resin and fiberglass become part of the foam. They somehow get the resin and fiberglass to bond or root itself in like a tree. So now the board will not delaminate like regular glass or epoxy, the board is 2 to 3 times stronger and it will not lose its ridged flex like a conventional board would.

Choose Your Organic Food Wisely I was totally under the impression when I buy something organic you are getting something that is totally good for you. One would think the company that makes the organic food is also making sure they are packaging the food for you in something that won’t harm you. I saw this in an article and I wanted to share it with you. Now, I am not an expert and I don’t know how much of this is true, but I did some of my own digging and it does make me wonder about things like this. So, after you read the article you should do some of your own research. Canned soup manufacturers market their product as everything from a quick, nutritious meal for kids, to instant flavor for recipes, to an easy food option for dieters counting calories. But regular consumers of canned soups and other canned products could be paying for that convenience with their health. A small study by the Harvard School of Public Health found regular consumption of canned soup may lead to an increase in levels of bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine-disrupting chemical that has been linked to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, developmental deficits in children and an increased risk of breast and prostate cancer. BPA is used in the lining of metal food and beverage cans, and in the production of poly-carbonate bottles (those with recycling number 7) and some dentistry composites and sealants. Urine samples of volunteers who consumed 12 ounces of canned soup daily for five days revealed more than a 1,200 percent spike in BPA levels, compared to eating fresh soup. In a previous study on the consumption of beverages from poly-carbonate bottles, lead author Jenny Carwile found a 66 percent increase in BPA among volunteers. “We’ve known for a while that drinking beverages that have been stored in certain hard plastics can increase the amount of BPA in your body. This study suggests that canned foods may be an even greater concern, especially given their wide use,” wrote Carwile, a doctoral student in the HSPH epidemiology department, in a university news release. He later told The Harvard Crimson: “This is not about the brand of canned soup. It’s not even about canned soup. It’s about canned foods.” “The magnitude of the rise in urinary BPA we observed after just one serving of soup was unexpected and may be of concern among individuals who regularly consume foods from cans or drink several canned beverages daily. It may be advisable for manufacturers to consider eliminating BPA from can linings,” senior author Karin Michels, an associate professor in the epidemiology department, said in the news release. The researchers added that the elevated levels may be temporary and that more research is needed. If you want to read more... In its September/October 2010 issue, Mother Jones Magazine explained why BPA lines our canned food, what some state regulators are doing to change that, and what consumers can do to avoid BPA in canned products. The magazine cites a study by Consumer Reports that tested the BPA levels of various canned goods, and found some levels especially high, even in organic brands. Significant levels were even found in products packaged in containers manufacturers said were BPA-free. Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports, recommends consuming no more than .0011 micrograms of BPA daily per pound of body weight. The Environmental Working Group offers a “Tips to Avoid BPA Exposure,” from canned food and other food containers. Whole Foods Market says it is working with suppliers to eliminate the use of BPA in canned food, and 27 percent of the sales of Whole Foods’ store brand canned good sales are currently of non-BPA cans.

Buy Any Set of FCS Fins During March And Get 10% OFF PLUS Get a FREE Bottle of Head Hunter Sunscreen By the time you get this newsletter the new FCS prices for 2012 will be in effect. Unfortunately, just like all of the other manufactures, the cost of doing business is going up. FCS didn’t raise prices for a while and that made it harder and harder for them to do business and so this year, the prices unfortunately jumped. Once we saw the prices jump we were really caught off guard. The first H3 thing I did was called Kaipo, the FCS Rep here in Hawaii. #1 Selling Fins He explained that FCS has been really trying hard to consolidate all the manufacturing and doing all kinds of things to cut cost and not sacrificing quality but in the end they had to raise the prices. So I asked him since we have so many Royalty Rewards® members and they will be surprised at the prices, can we do some kind of special for the month of March? We worked out a deal for all our Royalty Rewards® members. So here it is…Come in during the month of March 2012 and buy a set of FCS fins and you will get 10% off plus get a FREE bottle of Head Hunters Sunscreen! Why Head Hunters? Well FCS is part of Head Hunters. Just a side note, they also are part of Gorilla Grip traction New Board Cover pads. I hope you are stoked with what Kaipo did for us and make sure you take advantage of the sale. Don’t forget to bring your Royalty Rewards® card in so we give you points on your purchase! As you know, even when we have a sale you get points for your purchased items so you get 5% back on your purchases.

Just to let everyone know, we do carry a full line of FCS Fins for SUP and traction pads and accessories for all SUP’s.

Slater Trout

Danny Ching

New JF-1 PG

New Nubster

Jerry Lopez Quads

New Items At Your Surf Authority: NS I F P U S


Josh Mulcoy 5-Fin

Tim Patterson (TP1)


Metal Wall Surf and SUP Racks 2 and 3 Board Racks

Rip Curl Ladies Rash Guard New Ladies Front Zip Rash Guard

New Mens Rash Guard Flash Dry – Dries in 15 mins.

Help Someone In Need With The NEW CPR Method! No Mouth to Mouth Required! Almost four years ago I read in a magazine about a Japanese Doctor that found a better way of doing CPR. Just in the past couple of months on the radio I’ve been hearing that the use of this New CPR Method can save lives. This is totally awesome because it’s a lot easier, less confusing and no need to give breaths in between compressions. So, for the people that are worried about doing mouth to mouth, no need to worry because you don’t have to give mouth to mouth. I do want you to know that I am NOT an expert of any kind in this field so if you want to get trained or get certified the American Red Cross is now offering this New Method. Check out their site. Here is an article I found from The associated Press, check it out and when you need to save someone remember this! Chest compressions — not mouth-to-mouth resuscitation — seem to be the key in helping someone recover from cardiac arrest, according to new research that further bolsters advice from heart experts. A study in Japan showed that people were more likely to recover without brain damage if rescuers focused on chest compressions rather than on rescue breaths, and some experts advised dropping the mouth-to-mouth part of CPR altogether. The study was published yesterday in The Lancet. More than a year ago, the American Heart Association revised CPR guidelines to put more emphasis on chest presses, recommending 30 instead of 15 for every two breaths given. Stopping chest compressions to blow air into the lungs of someone who is unresponsive detracts from the more important task of keeping blood moving to provide oxygen and nourishment to the brain and heart. Another big advantage to dropping the rescue breaths is that it could make bystanders more willing to provide CPR. Many are unwilling to do the mouthto-mouth part, become flummoxed or are fearful of getting the ratio of breaths to chest compressions right in an emergency. In the new study, researchers led by Dr. Ken Nagao of the Surugadai Nihon University Hospital in Tokyo analyzed 4,068 adult patients who had cardiac arrest witnessed by bystanders. Of those, 439 received only chest compressions, and 712 received conventional CPR. Any CPR effort improved survival odds. But 22 percent of those who received just chest compressions survived with good neurological function compared with only 10 percent of those who received combination CPR. “Eliminating the need for mouth-to-mouth ventilation will dramatically increase the occurrence of bystander-nitiated resuscitation efforts and will increase survival,” Dr. Gordon Ewy, a cardiologist at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, wrote in The Lancet in an opinion article accompanying the article. A big caveat: The combination CPR in the Japanese study was given according to the old guidelines of 15 presses for every two breaths, not the 30 presses recommended now. Although the study supported the use of chest presses only, the American Heart Association did not expect its advice to change. It recommends that bystanders provide compression-only CPR if they are “unwilling or unable” to do mouth-to-mouth breathing at the same time, and for emergency dispatchers to give instructions on that. The association wants to see survival results from programs that use compression-only CPR for cardiac arrest. “It is important to note that victims of cardiac arrest from non-cardiac causes, like near-drowning or electrocution, and almost all victims of pediatric cardiac arrest benefit from a combination of rescue breathing and chest compressions,” a heart association statement says.

More than 300,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest each year. About 75 percent to 80 percent of all cardiac arrests outside a hospital happen at home, and effective CPR can double a victim’s chance of survival. Roughly 9 out of 10 cardiac arrest victims die before they get to a hospital — partly because they do not get CPR. – THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


Don’t Ever Let Anyone Tell You That “You Can’t Surf!”

There are 9 rows in a traditional Sudoku puzzle. Every row must contain the numbers 1-9. There may not be any duplicate numbers in any row. In other words, there can not be any rows that are identical.

Are you a rewards member? It’s simple and FREE to join! As a member, you’ll get special offers, discounts AND earn points towards FREE stuff! Sign up today!

WHAT’S INSIDE 10% OFF PLUS a FREE GIFT When You Purchase Any Set of FCS Fins! * <John> Come In and Check Out Our Hottest New Items... * Win Great Prizes At The Heather Brown Event! * Thank You To Karin Rushforth For Being a Loyal HSS Customer! * <John>, Looking To Downsize Without Losing Your Wave Count?

Mar. 2012 - Hawaiian South Shore Surf News  

- 10% OFF Plus a FREE GIFT When you purchase ANY Set of FCS Fins! - Come In and Check Out Our Hottest New Items - Win Great Prizes at the He...