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June 2012

The Proctor “APACHE” SUMMER Series • Wave Size: knee to well over head waves. • Concave Deck: rider feels lower to the water line making it easier to dig the rail in for more speed. • Rocket Tail: the rail gets extended so you can ride a shorter board but still have the drive of a longer board. Yo Proctor family... We just got a great south swell in Acapulco, right when all the cartel craziness... I decided to ride the Apache. Man, it is one of the best boards I have ever ridden! 5’8” in solid, 8 to 10 feet seems fake but it’s not – that thing can be pushed as far as you want, and today I used it in 4 ft and it was amazing. Light fast & responsive. Not to mention I am 200 pounds.

5’11 x  20  ¼”  x  2  3/8”   Height  6’0  weight  200lbs  

Thanks Proctor, God bless. Jordy Sanchez, Acapulcto

Apache boards that are coming into Hawaiian South Shore: 6’0” x 20 1/4” x 2 1/2” (2”) concave deck FCS 5-fin box, no fins 5’10” x 20” x 2 7/16” (1 7/8”) concave deck FCS 5-fin box, no fins 5’8” x 19 3/4” x 2 3/8” (1 3/4”) concave deck FCS 5-fin box, no fins 5’8” x 19 3/4” x 2 3/8” (1 3/4”) concave deck FCS 5-fin box, no fins 5’6” x 19 3/8” x 2 5/16” (1 3/4”) concave deck FCS 5-fin box, no fins 5’4” x 19” x 2 3/16” (1 5/8”) concave deck FCS 5-fin box, no fins I just wanted to say that the board is perfect! I rode it the day I picked it up and it flew down the line. Thanks Todd for making me the one board I needed in my quiver. I am already thinking about ordering another one from you guys this summer that my girlfriend’s sister can take back to Norway for me. Left: Julius, Oslo, Norway wt.: 185lb ht: 5’10” age: 28 5’10” x 19’ 3/4” x 2’ 5/8”

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What Kelly  has  to  say  about  this:  “I’m  not  going  to  come   up  with  some  John  Daly-­‐style  pants,  but  I  have  been   working  on  a  line  with  Quiksilver.  My  input  with  the   clothes  is  more  about  a  lifestyle  and  a  philosophy  rather   than  me  actually  trying  to  style  or  design  them.  We’re   looking  at  organic  and  eco  fabrics—mainly  for  traveling   clothes,  which  is  something  I  know  a  little  about.  When   it  comes  to  style,  my  style  is  not  to  worry  about  it.  As  a   surfer  I’m  happy  keeping  it  clean  and  casual.”  

Originating in  Europe,  Moskova  is  an  underwear  brand   created  in  2009  by  a  trio  of  world  class   pro  surfers–Miky  Picon,  Jeremy  Flores   and  Patrick  Beven.  Developed  with   their  friends  and  training  partners   from  Brazil  and  the  North  Shore  of   Oahu,  the  Moskova  brand  is  inspired  by   the  attitude,  passion,  discipline  and     dedication  of  each  athlete's  respective  sport  and  lifestyle.    

Roam is a mobile marketplace of women’s handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces from the North shore of O’ahu, Hawaii.

VSTR –(Visitor)   Launch  Party  

Hawaiian  South  Shore     Mauka  Parking  Lot     Saturday  June  23   7:00  pm  –  9:00  pm  

This will be an event for all ages! Come cruise with us. Music & Movie Provided. Clothing, Food, and Non-alcohol mixed drinks for sale! And Win Prizes! Make sure you come hungry and ready to have FUN! Questions? Call us 808-597-9055 Email us at:

Trust the Bum Sun Bum Pro line

Developed for the days that we live for. Mineral based sunscreen is specifically designed to offer the very best broad spectrum protection for those who work and play hard in the sun.

MISO & ALE, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a constantly evolving culinary enigma serving up a gastropub style menu. Combining seasonal ingredients with innovative technique, we at MISO & ALE seek to provide our diners with an experience that is a playful exploration of the senses.

Want to  buy  a  new Want  to  buy  a  new  board?     Don't  want  to  pay   Don't  want  to  pay  all  at  once?   Want  to  make  mon Want  to  make  monthly  payments  without  paying  for  interest     ?     Sign  up  for  a  Hawaiian  So

Sign up  for  a  Hawaiian  South  Shore  Credit  card  and  walk  home  with  a  board  today.     Better  than  layaway:  Yo Better  than  your  own  cr Better  than  layaway:  You  can  go  home  with  the  board  that  day.     Better  than  your  own  credit  card:  You  pay  no  interest  as  long  as  you  make  monthly   payments.   How  does  it  work?     payments.   1. Come  in  fill  out  an  o How  does  it  work?     2. If  you  get  approved 1. Come  in  fill  out  an  online  application  (takes  only  5  mins)   3. A  bill  will  be  sent  a 2. If  you  get  approved,  you  take  your  board  home  that  day     3. A  bill  will  be  sent  and  you  make  6  monthly  even  payments   Example:     Purchase  a  Takayama  L Example:   Purchase  a  Al  Merrick  $ Purchase  a  Takayama  Longboard    $1,350  =  $225  per  month  for  6  months     Purchase  a  Al  Merrick  $735  =  $122.50  per  month  for  6  months    

Unusual uses for your shampoo and conditioner

• Get shrunken clothes back into shape. For most people, the shrunken cotton T-shirt or wool sweater is a common laundry mishap. Jenny Kim of Real Simple suggests adding one tablespoon of baby shampoo (or conditioner) to one quart of water, and soaking your garment in this solution. In the meantime, trace the outline of a properly sized clothing item on parchment paper. (A piece of cardboard would work just as well). Squeeze out the excess water from the soaked garment and place it over the paper. The conditioner should soften the fabric enough so that it can be stretched out and reshaped. Kim also suggests using heavy objects (such as glass paperweights or coffee mugs) to hold the garment in place so it can dry flat and retain its shape. • Wash your silk garments. Reader’s Digest reports it’s safe to hand-wash your silk shirts (even those labeled dry clean only) with conditioner. Using warm water for whites and cold water for colors, fill your sink with water and add a tablespoon of conditioner. Let your shirt soak for a few minutes, then rinse and hang it up to dry. • Remove knots from a gold or silver necklace. In the book Easy Does It: Cheap and Simple Ways to Solve Common Household Problems, the editors suggest putting a drop of shampoo on the knot. Use a straight pin to finagle and loosen the chain until the knot comes undone. • Make houseplant leaves shiny. A post on Grandma’s Home Remedies notes that you can add a dab of conditioner to a soft cloth and rub it gently on houseplant leaves. This removes dirt and dust and gives your plants a glossy sheen. • Brush up your paint or make-up brushes. If you use any type of brush made from natural hair, it’s no wonder that shampoo and conditioner would provide the same benefits. First wash the brush with shampoo and rinse. Then work the conditioner into wet bristles, let sit for several minutes and rinse with warm water. This method should help keep your brushes soft and pliable, according to’s Makeup Guide, Faith Lawless. • Soften and shine leather. In the same post, Reader’s Digest claims that hair conditioner works well on leather, too. • Prevent tools from rusting. Reader’s Digest also notes that you can coat various items in your toolbox with conditioner to stop rust from forming.

Have You Tried The Halos Yet? I bought the Halo 4 1/8 side bites for my longboard last week. Really didn’t know what to expect. Surf conditions were rather bumpy and small at DH on Thursday and Saturday. First thing that was noticeable was that the board picked up speed when I started the trim. That was good but the next test was to see if there was a significant stall on a reverse cutback. Waves were weak so I expected some lag cutting back again with the wave flow. Not too bad, board kept moving. It came off the lip and over the top on one wave. Halos seem to keep the board more stable and fast.

Takayama Halo fins One of Our Best Selling Fins • The fin is designed to give the board more speed and helps turn in a smaller arch. • The wider than normal base and the cant (tilt) helps with speed. • Fin does not have a tip like a regular fin. It’s rounded design release at the bottom and top of the wave gives a tighter turning radius. • Go to YouTube and search “Halo Fin.” Want to try before you buy? Come on down! Royalty Rewards® members can demo 5 days for FREE!

“DH - more size and less wind. Height running about 2 to 3 sometimes 4 and some sets slightly overhead. Knowing now what these fins can do, I was waxed down and ready. Bigger waves and better conditions. Speed, turns, cutbacks, up the face and down again... Makes my longboard almost react like a shortboard except for riding the nose. Was there a significant difference between these Halos and my standard side bites? You betcha! GREAT fins. I didn’t know that the side bites can makes such a big, in this case GREAT, difference. (Note: I use the FCS Vector 6” custom hatchet for my center fin. This fin, in itself, also makes the board go fast) Now it’s faster!” Mahalo and Aloha Paul

Longboard Center  Fin  

“I have been using the Halo 4” Thruster Fins. It was a very good change from my H2’s I had on. I have used it only on two boards. My everyday board is a Al Merrick M-13 which is 6’10” x 21 x 2 11/16. The board responds very good with very tight turns and cut backs. I am able to generate a tremendous amount of speed through these fins to make sections. Yesterday I went and switched my Halo’s to my H2’s just for a comparison. I am certain the Halo is my choice. I Side Fin   found when riding that I don’t need to shift my weight to the back of the board   Thruster  Fin   to get response on turning.” Thank You, Clayton S Shobu’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. “Halo Fins are GOOD! I tried the 5” Halo’s on my 5’7 fish in place of my usual keels. Immediately I could tell the difference. The board paddled much easier. Performance wise the fins have the same drive and hold as keels but the skatiness of a modern twin fin template. I was amazed at how tight I could turn a wide tailed fish and still be able to flow right through a slopy section without losing speed. What really sold me though was how much earlier and easier I got in on the waves. When you’re paddling a 5’7 against longboards and SUP’s this is definitely GOOD!!!” Lele

What’s New At Hawaiian South Shore? VSTR. No, It’s Not A Surf Collection. It’s a Clothing Collection.

Aussie and Topanga resident Jesse Faen, formerly of Insight is now working with VSTR, a new brand that’s under the umbrella of Quiksilver, but appears to have complete autonomy from its parenting company. (I hear that the employees of VSTR don’t have to report for duty at the Quik campus in Huntington Beach, but powwow someplace else). Kelly Slater is named as a “founder and an inspiration” and John Moore (who’s responsible for the QSW overhaul) is in the design chair, meaning that it’s very adult-looking, tasteful and great (not good, but great) design. VSTR has a store in Australia up and running and originally planned to open a store in Malibu soon-ish, but that’s since been put on hold. See the site for the complete list of brand ambassadors, all of which are some variation of visionary, stylistic and forward-thinker-types in their respective crafts (Taylor Steele, Derek Hynd and Steve Sherman to name a few). At the Agenda Show in Long Beach, Jesse went into more detail about what the line was about. On the brand ambassadors and surfing: “Kelly is one of the founders. He wanted to have a brand to represent the quality needed to travel. It’s a different mind set and community and mind set for this brand-original thinkers, leaders in our industry (well-traveled people). Everyone This is the back of Kelly’s distinctly involved has a passion and love for shorn head. surf, but we’re not trying to be a surf brand. We’re not sponsoring people. We’re enabling them. They’re not just representing our clothing as models. They’re giving back to the culture of it.” On the clothes: “I love traveling with a bag and good quality clothing to go with it. Visiting all those parts of the world, meeting people and cultures along the way... Its creating clothing to support their way of life of wearing the same thing for a few days. Understated design.”

Hate getting a Rash When you surf? NAKED SURF: This has been developed specifically to prevent and relieve board rash due to skin chafing, wax irritation, and swimsuit/ wetsuit/ rash guard irritation. Its non-slip formula is designed for direct skin-to-board contact so you don’t need a rash guard. Surf naked if you like.

* * * *

Quick absorbing, non-slip formula Powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and pain relief Ultra skin conditioning Rich in anti-oxidants

Surf Naked  $19   Just  a  little  goes  a  long  way  

INGREDIENTS: Conditions skin with Allantoin, Bisabolol, Vitamin E, Algae, Jojoba and Macadamia. Provides the skin anti-oxidants with Vitamin E, Acai, Kukui Oil. Prevents microbial infection with Canadian Willowherb and Terpenol. Reduces inflammation with Terpenol, Beta Glucan, Kava. Relieves pain with Aloe, Babassu Seed Oil, Menthol, Panthenol.

What They’re Saying... “NAKED SURF is excellent! It prevents rash that I usually get from my rash guard.” Chris Owens, World Long Distance Paddleboarder “Whether it is marathon surf sessions or long paddles, NAKED SURF keeps me rash free without compromising my grip.” Brian Rocheleau, Hawaii Paddleboard Champion & Surfer “NAKED SURF works great to prevent board rash and keeps you in the water longer!” Tim Brandon, Hawaii Lifeguard & Waterman “NAKED SURF prevents the rash that I often get from my rash guard.” Stuart Coleman, author of Eddie Would Go & Fierce Heart “I’m excited that there is a new product, NAKED SURF in the surf community that can protect ocean athletes of all ages from rash.” Dale Hope, Author and Paddler “NAKED SURF significantly increased my water time by eliminating chafing and board rash. It also feels great on irritated areas after-the-fact... putting me right back in the water the next day.” Eric Rose, Surfer & Owner of Morning Glass Coffee

100% Hand Shaped Surfboard Exclusive at Hawaiian South Shore Almond is the premier lifestyle brand of the Surfer+Craftsman… A collaborative effort of friends who enjoy making things the old fashioned way. Each surfboard is hand shaped, start-to-finish. So are the custom, hand-foiled wooden fins we glass onto nearly every board we build. In addition to the surfboards, we design and produce our other related goods right here in California, as well. This is the place we love, so we figured we should make the stuff we love here too. Come visit us at 367 Old Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, California; and see what we’ve been up to lately. Thank you for all the inspiration and support. -Almond Surfboards Log Rhythm – Is a narrow-templated longboard, so it’s extra responsive. Slender outline allows this board to be surfed in steeper, hollower waves. Perfect for logging in waves that are not generally longboard friendly. Recommended between 9’0 and 9’8 Nose 16.5” x Width 21.5” x tail 15.5” x Thickness 3” The Surf Thump is a slightly piggy log, that is quickly becoming a favorite among many Almond enthusiasts. The wide point is pulled back, making for more defined hips. A rounded-squash tail helps this board rotate off of the tail, and rock through turns. Great for beach breaks and points alike. Singlefin box or glass-on “D-fin” by Gully comes standard. Recommended between 9’2 and 9’8 17 x 23 x 16.5 x 3.125

Lumberjack: Traditional 60’s style long board. Great for a variety of wave conditions. Square tail and pivot fin means that footwork is encouraged. Glass on “huck” fin by gully is standard on the lumberjack. Recommended between 9’0 and 10’0 17.75 x 23 x 16 x 3

320 Ward Ave 112 Honolulu, HI 96814 Tel (808) 597-9055 Mon-Sat 10:30-7:00, Sun Closed

Have Fun and Share Your Surf Board!

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WHAT’S INSIDE Don’t Miss Out On $40 Worth Of Coupons Inside! * Ways To Prevent Board Rash While You Surf... * Check Out Our New Items Inside. * Sign Up For Our No Interest Credit Card! * Unusual Uses For Shampoo and Conditioner...

June 2012 - Hawaiian South Shore Surf News  

-Don't Miss Out On $40 Worth Of Coupons Inside! -Ways To Prevent Board Rash While You Surf… -Check Out Our New Items Inside. -Sigh Up For Ou...

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