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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! From Hawaiian South Shore

Wow, I can’t believe its 2012! Time flew by and I really had a good 2011 thanks to people like you that supported us last year. We really appreciated the support and we are looking forward to serving you more this year. Are you enjoying the Royalty Rewards® membership? I hope so because this year we will have more prizes and checks for all of you! Remember, the more you shop, the more you get back! We now have over 2,000 people in our rewards program and we gave over $10,000 in postcards, checks and prizes to our members! For you folks that came in during December, don't forget your "No Peeking" envelopes are due back in before January 31st, and remember don't peeking inside! All of the envelopes contain prizes! Everyone is a winner! So how was your New Year's celebration? I just cruzed with some friends and then woke up earlier and headed to Haliewa Shigon Mission for Hatsumode. Hatsumode is the first shrine visit of the New Year in Japan. Some people visit Buddhist temples. Many visit are made on the first, second, or third day of the year as most people are off work on those days. Generally, wishes for the New Year are made, new o-mamori (charms or amulets) are bought and the old ones are returned to the shrine so they can be burned. Growing up in Okinawa, it was a tradition for our family to visit a shrine on New Year's eve or day. Even though my father is Irish and is from upstate New York, we went every year. My father respected my mother’s beliefs and always made sure we did the traditional things when we lived in Okinawa. I visited the Haleiwa Shingon Misson on the 1st of January. We got blessed from the priest and he gave us some advice for the year according to what we drew from the fortune machine. I’ve been going their for some time now and it makes me feel like I can start the year out on the right foot!


Hi Friend, FCS is proud to announce the release of the new FCS MF-1. Having already been well received by the world's top surfers on the ASP Tour, the FCS MF-1 is the culmination of 18 months of development and testing with 2x World Champion Mick Fanning.


The size of the FCS MF-1 makes this fin ideal for heavy or powerful surfers. The long leading edge plus the high degree of sweep angle provides control when driving off the bottom or carving through turns on the open face.


In contrast to its size, the FCS MF-1 feels fast and lively, why? 1. The fin is considerably thinner than other fins to help it cut through the water and add bite to your turns. 2. A beveled leading edge makes for smoother transitions between turns. 3. It has Tricoil Technology; in this case a customized multi-axial carbon frame inside the fin produces a flex pattern that not only stores and releases energy, but provides a 'whipping' sensation when you perform tight maneuvers off the top.

The Naturalist Tiffanie Wen,

Heather Brown does not just use water as a subject for the paintings she exhibits in galleries around the world, she lives in it. The 36-yearold artist from California has called Hawaii home for 10 years, has surfed for nine and is even a bona fide scuba dive master. If that isn’t enough, she works in her two story house in Maunalani Heights, where she lives with her boyfriend-slash-manager Chris and their 1-year-old English bulldog Marley, and regularly paints in front of a vertigo-inducing view of the Honolulu coastline. The house is bright and open, with surfboards propped up in every corner and gicleés – advanced reproductions of her oil paintings – lining high white walls. The totally unpretentious artist, who is building a name for herself in Hawaii, California, New York and Tokyo for her deconstructed illustrations of surfers and waterscapes, has gone from selling her first painting on eBay for “$30 or $40 bucks” to commanding up to $15,000 for an original piece. The super smiley and laid-back artist talked to FLUX about traveling to tropical destinations, why time machines are superior to teleporters and how she loves sharing a piece of Hawaii with the rest of the world. The more we talked with her, the cool breeze coming in through the window on a perfectly clear Saturday afternoon, the more we realized – the girl has a lot to smile about. and

Remember To Bring In That No Peeking Envelope This Month!


Bring it back with you the next time you visit us in January and open it in front of one of our employees. We’ll give you the prize inside!


You Could Win...

* $100 Gift Card* $50 Gift Card * $10 Off Your Bill * Triple Points * And Many, Many More Prizes! Bring your unopened envelope into HSS in January and open in front of an employee. No tampered or opened envelopes will be accepted.

NEW Sun Bum Sunscreen • • • • • •

Won’t sting your eyes. It's not cosmetic based so it won't stain your clothes. Not greasy – no worries about getting it all over your board and getting that slippery feeling. No scent. Other perfumed sunscreens clogs pores. Fully approved by the new FDA standards that go into effect starting June 2012. And much, much more! Check out what other benefits you get with Sun Bum Pro!

What's New at Hawaiian South Shore Are You Afraid Of Sharks But Still Want To Surf In Some Of The Best Surf Spots That Are Known Surf Invested Waters?

We Have A Solution To Your Fears

The Electronic Shark Defense System (Esds) ESDS is designed to keep sharks from entering your surrounding area. The device emits electrical pulses that interfere with the sharks sensory system while increasing the user's safety. Weighing only 7 ounces, the device is small and compact enough to use in various ocean activities. The device takes 6 hours to fully charge and can last up to 9 hours of use on a single charge.

Fhe Nubster Fin The Nubster Fin is a center fin designed to eliminate squirl associated with your basic quad ride without the loss of free movement. It is designed with a single tab for the ability to move it forward and back based on drive. The Nubster Fin, deemed by the media, as "the guitar pick" during the Quicksilver Pro New York contest was the fifth fin Kelly Slater used on his quad. According to Kelly's report "that fifth fin just tightens and smoothes the whole thing up" which is the basis for the fin design. Mini rear stabilized / Drive enhancer fin. The fifth fin is now available in future and for SUP. If you find on bigger days your quad seems to be slipping a little try the fifth fin for more stable rides.

Fins Are Like Airplane Wings...

Not sure if you know this, but we have the largest selection of Futures and FCS! Lots of new demo fins for you to try before you buy, too! Here's a suggestion when you come down to demo some fins: Ride 5 waves with your set of fins, then go back and change your fins to the demo fins and surf. You will feel a big difference. Don't demo fins and ride them your whole session-you need to change out the fins during the session. Every time you go out, the conditions are different and your riding ability changes with your condition that day. So make sure you demo the fins the way I suggest to make a better comparison. Have you ever been at the airport or looked up in the sky and noticed some of the cargo planes? The wings on them are HUGE. The cargo planes are slow moving suckers, so the huge wings help provide a lot of surface area to give the big bird lift. A jet fighter's wings are small and it doesn’t need all the surface area to give it lift. It has speed so it gets lift fast. Those wings are designed for maneuverability in high speed. So fins are similar to wings on an airplane. On small days you need a large fin because the wave doesn’t have power and your board is moving a lot slower. The large fin will give you more lift and get you down the line faster then a small fin. The days the surf is better use a smaller fin. The wave is has more power giving the board more speed. The smaller fins will help with better maneuverability.



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