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Royalty Rewards® “NO BRAINER”

NO BRAINER DAY, Ever heard of it? Well there is such a day and it is February 27th. By definition, a “No Brainer” is doing something that is easy, obvious, and/or totally logical. Therefore February 27th is the day for you to do all those “No Brainer” tasks and activities. If a project requires thinking, study, or analysis of any kind, then it’s not the chore to do. JUST GO SURF!! Also, come down to Hawaiian South Shore and get a NO BRAINER DEAL - ONLY DURING FEBRUARY, 2012.

Yes we like hooking you up... It was a NO BRAINER to join Royalty Rewards® right?

Well, we’re going to follow it up with a couple of No Brainer Coupon Deals for February. Remember, get Royalty Rewards® points on top of the sale so, it’s like getting an additional 5% off!

Offer expires February 29, 2012. Must present coupon.

Offer expires February 29, 2012. Must present coupon.

Offer expires February 29, 2012. Must present coupon.

Go Pro Camera

I remember about 10 years ago, I was at a Surf Convention and these guys were showing us this camera. It was built in a plastic housing, with one of those hand crank deals to advance the 35mm film. It was built for surfs by surfs. During surf, you would wear it around you wrist and take pictures. I was not really interested in it because it looked like one of those cameras the tourists would buy at ABC store in Waikiki. Well, fast forward to now and the same guy that started off with that wind-up camera has one of the most advanced mini cameras that can take impact and is totally submersible. It’s been featured all over the media and designed for just about every sport. Go Pro has so many attachments for surfing, bikes, cars, ski, snowboards and they just recently came out with an attachment for a catcher’s face mask. The newest Go Pro “HD Hero2” that made its debut in December was our #1 seller for Christmas. The HD Hero2, according to Go Pro, is 2x better then its older HD model that came out about a year ago. Check out all the details below!

Do You Love Sushi? Don’t Eat Teishoku At The Counter! Japanese food is one of my favorite foods, especially sushi. The other week a friend of mine came in from the mainland and we went out for some sushi. I went to one of my favorite places and we opted to sit at the sushi counter. This restaurant is an authentic Japanese restaurant, more than half the staff is Japanese and so is the owner. After eating a couple of dishes, we got into a conversation about eating properly at a sushi counter with the sushi chef, who just came from Japan. The chef told us one of the things he was not used to, and this is actually frowned upon, is some people order “Teishoku” at the counter. If you don’t know what Teishoku is, it’s one of those complete meals with rice, miso soup, salad and one or two main items. A customer that sits at a Sushi Counter usually will get better service. The sushi chef is supposed to talk with you February 2012 Tide Table - Honolulu, Hawaii and get to know what you like to eat and serve the fish the way you like it, or he will recommend something that is to your liking with his arrangement. It is almost like having your own private chef. The Oshibori or wet towel is usually a real towel and not the ones in plastic packages. The Ochva or green hot tea is served with higher-grade green tea and of course the Sushi is usually a higher grade than what is served at the tables. So ordering a Teishoku or complete meal at the Sushi counter is like sitting at a high-end restaurant and getting the Denny’s meal deal. If you want to eat Teishoku, which I like to eat also, sit at the table and not at the Sushi counter. Of course some restaurants here in Hawaii allow you to order Teishoku, but in a real authentic Sushi Restaurant, it is not really something they like you to do. And that is why folks, the Sushi chef was real surprised when he came to the US. But he loves that Sushi is well accepted here in Hawaii and in the Mainland. And with the skills he has acquired, it also gives him the opportunity to work just about anywhere in the world.

What's New at Hawaiian South Shore? The fin is designed to give the board more speed and help turn in a smaller arch. The wider than normal base and the cant (tilt) helps with speed. Fin has not tip like a regular fin its rounded design release at the bottom and top of the wave faster than any other fin on the market. Result of using this fin - you will catch waves easier with more drive and the board will feel shorter when turning.

5” Center fin good for high performance shortboard style riding, Weight class open Wave size - any size. 7” for performance riding with good drive off the bottom with hold on deep hard turns Weight Call Open Wave Size any size 8” If you are 190 lbs. and above, the fin will be more like a performance feel good for any size wave and good for boards that are 9’4” and longer. If you are 180 lbs. and below the fin will ride more like a longboard style with more of a drawn out turn but give you that pivot feeling for classic style riding but with more ease of turning then a regular style fin. 9” Good for Single fins riding on boards that are up to 10’ or if you have a heavy log and want some drive and want the board to turn with ease, this is a good choice.

4 1/8” Longboard side fins good for 9’6” and smaller 4 1/2” Longboard side fins for 9’4” and Longer guys weighing more than 190 lbs. 4 1/2” SUP Side Fins

This is a list of all NEW Kinetik Racing Fins that came to us from the makers of J’s Surfboards. Do you want to Try a set of Kinetik Racing fins? We have demos available for FREE. Want to buy a set? Go to shipping is FREE to any U.S. address!

X4 quads UC - Future And FCS - AI Forever Small 2.0 - Future And FCS AI Forever Medium 2.1 - Future And FCS -Bruce Irons UC Black - Future And FCS Andy Irons UC Black - Future And FCS - Phase 3 Small - Future And FCS Phase 3 Medium - Future And FCS - Phase 3 Large - Future And FCS



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WHAT’S INSIDE Celebrate No-Brainer Day With Hawaiian South Shore! * Save An Extra 9% OFF RIP Curl Wet Suits... * Get A FREE Demo Of Our New Products! * Have You Seen The NEW Go Pro Camera? * Do You Love Sushi? Don’t Eat Teishoku At The Counter!

Feb. 2012 - Hawaiian South Shore Surf News  

Celebrate No-Brainer Day with HSS. Save an Extra 9% OFF Rip Curl Wet suits. Get a FREE demo of our NEW Products. Have you ever seen the NEW...

Feb. 2012 - Hawaiian South Shore Surf News  

Celebrate No-Brainer Day with HSS. Save an Extra 9% OFF Rip Curl Wet suits. Get a FREE demo of our NEW Products. Have you ever seen the NEW...