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September 2012

Buy It  Your  Way  With  Hawaiian  South  Shore     Layaway  Or  Get  an  Interest  Free  Hawaiian  South  Shore  Credit  Card  

Layaway       Layaway  overview  for  Surfboards   4  easy  steps  to  get  what  you  want     Shop  for  your  favorite  surfboard  

Make  your  down  payment  of  $200       Make  payments  every  week     Use  cash  or  debit/credit  card      

Terms A $200 deposit is required as a down payment on your layaway purchase Layaway term is one of the following 6 week plan or 8 week plan Fees No interest No service fee Cancellation If you cancel for any reason all monies paid to Hawaiian South Shore will be forfeited. No exchanges will accepted on layaway purchases.

Hawaiian South  Shore  Credit  Card     Sign  up  for  a  Hawaiian  South  Shore  Credit  card  and  walk  home  with  a   board  today.     Better  than  Layaway  -­‐  You  can  go  home  with  the  board  that  day.     Better  than  your  own  credit  card  -­‐  You  pay  no  interest  as  long  as  you   make  monthly  payments   How  does  it  work?       1. Come  in  and  fill  out  an  online  application  (takes  only  5  mins)   2. If  you  get  approved,  you  cab  take  your  board  home  that  day   3. A  bill  will  be  sent  and  you  can  make  6  monthly  even  payments  


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3 Month Supply + 1 Month FREE + Free Shipping Total Savings $51.95 Potentiated  Bee  Pollen   NATUREBEE™  Potentiated  Bee  Pollen  is  nature’s  ultimate   super  food!  NATUREBEE™  is  your  health  food  store  in  a   capsule!  It  contains  ALL  nutrients  essential  for  human   survival!     Go  to  this  address  on  our  Website   Boosts energy Provides nutritional support to every cell in your body Boosts immune system Improves your mental alertness Improves your digestion Supports general health & wellbeing

DID YOU  KNOW….   Potentiated  pollen  is  much  more  digestible  than   normal  store  bought  bee  pollen?  Potentiation   reputes  the  pollen  cell  wall  and  allows  your   digestive  juices  to  absorb  all  of  the  nutrients  in  the   pollen.  The  Potentiation  process  is  unique  to   NATUREBEE.    

The Stewart Surfboard Clydesdale Model was designed for the larger surfer or someone that wants some serious float.

It is a stable and supportive board that will perform well in all conditions. The Clydesdale is a fantastic paddler and wave catching machine. The template is designed to

surf much shorter than its actual size and features the famed Hydro Hull bottom. Hydro Hull bottom allows you to stand in the middle of the board and turn it like your on the tail. So, no need to walk all the way to the back of the board to turn it. Just stand in the center and rotate your torso to the direction you want to go. The bottom of the board is something to check out. The Rail is

beveled from the nose to almost the tail. This beveled rail gives the

board a loose feeling and you are less likely to catch an edge and bog the rails. The bottom of the board has a Vee from about the center of the board to the side fins, then goes into a double

concave. The Vee Breaks the water making for easy turning, this Vee is what makes the board fall shorter than what the board is.

Board size 9’0” x 23 ¾ x 3 ½ 9’6” x 24 ¼ x 3 ¾” 10’ x 24 ½ x 4”

The double concave helps drive water out the back of the board and also loosens the tail.

The Stewart Clydesdale comes in three sizes and they are all hand shaped EPS Foam board with Epoxy glassing.

What makes the board feel light is the EPS porous foam, meaning it’s not as dense like a normal fiberglass foam board. Since the foam is less dense it tends to pressure easier than a molded epoxy board. The epoxy coating makes the outer shell stronger than a normal board.

The reason I am telling you all of this is because I don't want someone to get the impression when they buy a hand shaped epoxy board like this one it’s strong like

the modeled epoxy boards (the plastic looking ones like surftech and boardworks). We do take Custom orders for these boards also. Call us at (808) 597-9055 or email us at if you want to order a board or stop by and check it out. We always try to keep all three sizes in stock, but for the past couple of months they've been selling real well so we go through the boards pretty fast.

Tide Watches At Hawaiian South Shore The Moondak watch by Quiksilver features 15 years of pre-programmed tide data for 200 spots around the world. Digital tide movement featuring award winning deep tide system technology by Quiksilver, and 24-hour high resolution graphic display of tide movement. This watch also comes with dual time, dual alarm, and countdown timer. Rated at 10 ATM water resistances.

If you think searching out surf spots is addicting, you haven't had the pleasure of ticking each one off our 200 pre-programmed surf spots from around the world. That's truly addictive. Start nearest you and work your way around the world. Imported. • Digital tide movement featuring Quiksilver's award winning deep tide system technology- us patent # 7,230,883 • 15 years of pre-programmed tide data for 200 spots around the world including the America, Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific, and Africa

Moondak Model



Titanium is proven to be lighter and stronger than other watch materials, and the Rip Curl Titanium Ultimate Oceansearch Watch is no exception. With a suave face and a lightweight comfortable band, and features like electronically stored tide chars for 200 preset locations worldwide, Rip Curl's Automatic Tide System for averaging tide patterns, and water-resistance up to a ! beefy 660 feet. ULTIMATE TITANIUM


Pre-programmed tide charts for 200 beaches worldwide through 2022 Dual time and tide, countdown timer, alarm, chronograph, and future tide mode Lightweight ABS case Full display backlight Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 M)

RIP  CURL  WATCH  WARRANTY  POLICY   • 5 year warranty on movements • 2 year warranty on water resistance • 1 year warranty on batteries

Free Seat  Covers!!!   Read  for  details  

This month  we  are  hooking  up  all  of  our  Royalty  Reward  members   with  a  free  Water  Proof  Seat  Cover.     Just  come  in  between  Saturday,  September  15th  2012  –  Sunday,   September  30th  2012  to  purchase  something  in  the   store.  No  matter  how  small  or  large,  you  get  a   FREE  reusable  water  proof  seat  cover.    It's  a  thick   clear  plastic  sheet  that’s  designed  to  fit  any  style  seat.     It's  a  temporary  seat  cover  that  is  meant  to  be  used  on  a  daily  basis.  Use   it  after  surfing,  hiking,  biking  or  other  out  door  activities.                                 YOU  Must  Cut  coupon  out  below  to  claim  your  Free  Seat  Cover      

Free Seat  Cover  Coupon      

 Your  Name:___________________________________________     Last  4  of  Your  Royalty  Reward  #:________________________________  

Parking!! After  talking  to  someone  that  surfs  in  the  same  spot  as  I  do  –  Chad  mentioned  that  a  lot  of  folks  don't   know  where  the  parking  is  so  I  will  keep  this  in  the  newsletter  for  a  while.     Parking  is  located  on  the  Makai  side  of  our  building.   Don't  park  on  the  Mauka  Side  during  the  week  or  you  will  be  towed.     For  you  folks  that  park  in  front  of  Sports  Authority  Please!!!!  Use  the  Cross-­‐Walk!   The  cars  race  down  Ward  Ave  and  we  have  at  least  one  accident  every  two  weeks  and  I  really  don't   want  to  be  visiting  you  in  the  hospital.     It  only  takes  an  extra  minute  to  use  the  cross  walk.  For  you  bold  people  that  do  cross  without  using  the   cross  walk,  just  to  let  you  know  we’ve  had  several  people  get  ticketed  for  Jay  walking  right  in  front  of   our  store.     We  sincerely  don't  want  to  see  anyone  get  hurt  and/or  ticketed.   - David Kelly

In our  last  newsletter  I  announced  that  we  are  now  officially  a  dealer  for  GSI  Surfboards.  What  I  didn’t   tell  you  is,  GSI  has  a  warehouse  on  an  island  and  we  do  not  have  to  pay  any  shipping  for  the  boards.   That  makes  things  real  nice  because  we  don’t  have  to  ship  things  across  the  ocean,  saving  us  the   ridiculous  shipping  cost  and  we  can  pass  that  savings  to  you.  What’s  really  cool  is   we  can  actually  sell  the  board  at  the  same  prices  you  see  online  at  GSI   (  I’m  pretty  stoked  that  we  can  sell  these  boards  at  these   prices.     Also,  just  to  let  you  know  we  can  get  any  of  the  boards  you  see  online,  as  long  as  the  warehouse  has   them  in  stock.  The  GSI  website  gives  you  an  inventory  update,  the  site  is  not  100%  accurate,  so  if  you   are  looking  for  a  specific  model  or  if  you  have  any  questions  email  us  at  or  call  us  597-­‐9055.  We  are  open  Mon  –  Sat  10:30  –  7:00,  yes  we’re   still  closed  on  Sunday...I  know,  I  know  we  have  so  many  people  that  want  us  to  open  on  Sundays…but   we  just  cant  find  the  right  staff  members  to  open  on  Sunday  and  I  do  not  want  our  customer  service  to   go  down  the  drain.  So,  until  we  get  a  good  crew  for  Sunday  we  will  stay  closed.  Anyways…  We  get   inventory  updates  from  GSI  once  a  week.  It  changes  on  a  daily  basis,  so  most  of  the  time  we  call  or   email  the  warehouse.  If  the  guys  are  not  at  the  warehouse,  we  usually  have  to  wait  about  a  day  or  so   for  them  to  get  back  to  us.  I  wish  they  could  get  back  to  us  right  away  so  we  can  service  everyone  like   clock  work  but....  this  is  the  surf  industry  and  for  you  folks  that  have  been  surfing  for  awhile  you  know   what  I  mean.  Things  in  this  industry  move  at  a  slower  speed.  But  you  have  to  admit,  things  do  move  at   a  faster  pace  now  than  in  the  past.       As  you  know  we’ve  been  the  Stewart  Surfboard  dealer  for  a  while  now  and  one  of  our  best  selling   performance  boards  is  the  Big  Boy  model-­‐  the  “S-­‐Winger”.  Now  we  can  get  these  boards  at  more   affordable  prices  and  it’s  GSI  “SLX  Epoxy”.    According  to  GSI,  the  boards  feel  light,   responsive  and  very  sensitive  under  your  feet.    But,  after  feeling  the  weight  of  the   boards  compared  to  the  ones  that  come  out  of  the  Stewart  Factory,  I  believe  the  boards   are  the  same  weight.    

These fun board-size S-winger’s are anything but your ordinary slow cruiser fun boards. It’s built to float like a fun board, but it moves like a short board. If you are someone that is transitioning down from a long board or someone that needs that extra float and want some performance, riding this is the one!! Want to try before you buy? We offer our Royalty Reward members $10 a day demo. The demo fee, up to $50, goes toward your purchase of a new surfboard (within one month). Just make sure you keep your receipts, we do not keep track of that. The S-Winger’s double wing pin tail shape: The single to double concave bottom makes this board ultra fast down the line. The rails are beveled with the Stewart S-Rail, which steps down to thin the tail out for bit but keeps the thickness in the middle for floatation and effortless paddling, making it easier to get into the lineup and into any wave. Give yourself at least 3 weeks to get used to the 5-fin setup – Trust us, you’ll love the drive and speed of the Simatar fins, pivot back quads and trailer fins in the back. This board beats sections and holds a high line like no other! Below is a size chart with volume from GSI. Now that we have volumes on the board it will make it easier for you people that know what volume you are riding now.

LENGTH 6’4” 6’8” 7’2” 7’6” 8’0”

WIDTH 20” 20 3/4:” 21 ¾” 21 ¾” 22 ½”

THICK 2 ½” 2 ¾” 3” 3 1/8” 3 ¾”

VOLUME 34.79 liters 40.73 liters 49.57 liters 58.68 liters 63.38 liters

APPROX WEIGHT  RANGE   80kg / 176lb or less 80kb / 176lb Ideal for all surfers Ideal for all surfers Ideal for all surfers

Price $770 $790 $820 $870 $925

320 Ward Ave 112 Honolulu, HI 96814 Tel (808) 597-9055 Mon-Sat 10:30-7:00, Sun Closed

Don’t Forget To Take Your Vitamins!

We don’t  carry  SUP  Boards  BUT       We  are  your  SUP  Connecting  For  Fins  and  Accessories  

For the  past  six  years  we’ve  been  working  with  Donald  Takayama,  with  the  Halo  

Fins. After  so  many  people  giving  us  reviews  on  how  the  Halo  fin  have  changed   their  surfing,  we’ve  been  educating  ourselves  more  and  more  through  the   manufactures  and  vendors  in  the  industry.     Fins  are  one  of  the  most  important  aspects  of  the  board  to  help  get  the  most  out  of   your  ride.    We’ve  had  many  people  come  in  with  a  board  they  are  not  happy  with   and  after  helping  them  find  a  fin  to  suit  their  riding  they  are  stoked.     About  a  year  ago,  Takayama  took  his  operation  of  making  fins  in  China  to   Southern  California  with  Larry  Allison  in  charge  of  production.  Now,  the  Halo  Fin   foils  are  even  better  and  now  made  in  the  US.   After  getting  to  know  Larry  a  bit  and  after  many  hours  of  phone  conversations,  one  thing  lead  to   another  and  we’ve  decided  to  dedicate  an  entire  section  of  SUP  Fins.     The  reason  we  wanted  to  go  real  deep  with  SUP  Fins  is  because  we  now  have  a  respected  fin  maker  in   the  SUP  World  who  is  educating  us.    So  come  down  and  check  out  the  New  SUP  Fin  Section.     Next  Month  we  will  feature  some  SUP  fins.    

Sep 2012-Hawaiian South Shore Surf News  

-Buy it your way with Hawaiian South Shore -Hawaiian South Shore Credit Card -Nature Bee Potentiated Bee Pollen -Stewart Surfboards -Quilsi...

Sep 2012-Hawaiian South Shore Surf News  

-Buy it your way with Hawaiian South Shore -Hawaiian South Shore Credit Card -Nature Bee Potentiated Bee Pollen -Stewart Surfboards -Quilsi...