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July 2012

Tips To Holding Your Breath Longer

I’ve always wanted to be able to hold my breath longer. And I found an article that I thought would help... This guy seems pretty interesting and by looking at his qualifications, he seems to know what he is talking about. Give it a try and if you notice a difference, let me know.

Empowered Thoracic Breathing This more simply refers to isolating the breath to the chest. Specialists in holistic therapies often condemn this form of respiration due to the fact that if completed incorrectly it can result in shallow, rapid, irregular breathing. If done habitually this can create physical and mental health problems. Personally I agree with this belief, and recommend smooth diaphragmatic breathing to my clients for activities of daily life. However if we learn too safely and correctly isolate the breath to the chest, we increase the capacity of our ribs and spinal joints in this region to physically expand. This increases the surface area of the lungs that can be oxygenated, improving lung capacity. The practical benefits for this is improved capacity to sustain long hold-downs, paddle with increased endurance and strength due to greater aerobic efficiency, and enhanced capacity to calm ourselves in waves and situations. Some clear steps to complete Empowered Thoracic Breathing: • Start in a comfortable seated or standing position. • Gently activate your core by tucking your belly button in towards your spine at 50% of your maximum contraction. • Keep the front of your ribs relaxed and relatively flat. • Avoid flaring your front ribs forwards. • Maintain the length or straightness in your spine. • Breathe in through your nose to a slow count of 5, firstly into the front of your chest, then into the sides of your rib-cage. • It is essential to keep your core on and belly flat, your shoulders relaxed and down, and your face, jaw and neck relaxed. • You can tilt your head slightly backwards during your inhalation to maximize airflow into the lungs. If you are unsure whether you are breathing into the correct area, take your hands to the side of your chest and feel the side of the chest expand and push the hands out to the side as you inhale/breathe in. Now gradually exhale through the nose to a steady count of 5, feeling the sides of your chest or rib-cage return to the pre-inhale position along with the front of your chest. Repeat this process 10 times, and then rest by breathing into your belly for 5 breaths. You can repeat this technique between 3 and 10 times depending on how you feel you are coping. Remember you may feel light headed or dizzy during this breathing exercise. If this occurs please stop immediately, you have reached your limit. If you wish to add challenge over time you can steadily increase the number of seconds you inhale and exhale for. To add even more challenge: • You can take a broomstick and in a standing position rest it on your thighs. • Now applying exactly the same principles as above as you gradually inhale to a count of 5 and with straight arms raise the broomstick to 180 degrees above the head. • Remember to still keep the shoulders down, your core engaged and front ribs tucked in. • Now exhale to a count of 5 as you return the broomstick to the thighs. By raising the arms this way you are encouraging the muscles between your ribs to contract, which facilitates greater lung expansion and oxygenation for the body. Add these breathing exercises to your regular surf fitness practice for best results. I find they are great to complete at the end of your surf fitness session to help wind down, relax, and center yourself. Believe me, they also help prepare you for uncomfortably large waves.

Ryan Huxley is the co-founder and program creator at Surfbodysoul, a website that provides safe, effective, holistic, scientific e-book exercise programs catered to surfers of all ages, levels and experience. Ryan is a qualified Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist, Advanced Yoga and Pilates instructor. His list of pro surfing clients includes Fergal Smith, Chippa Wilson, Anthony Walsh, Paige Hareb, Emi Cataldi & Rusty Miller.

Kelly Slater surfing his local break on a Tyler Warren “Bar of Soap” style mini simmons board. It’s cool to see someone like Kelly experimenting with different boards amidst the demands of competing on thrusters.

Shaped by Tyler ‘Pickle’ Warren, “The Bar of Soap” is a very fast, loose, responsive planing hull that slides across the ocean like a Bar of Soap on the wet tile. Hull entry to a spiral v through the fins, this board is loads of fun.

a beer can chicken recipe Back in its glory! Only a true patriot could take something as simple as French-style roast chicken and turn it into the poster child for why keeping canned beer in the fridge is important. If you’ve never roasted a chicken before... No, no, we’re not going to get mad. That won’t roast the chicken. Let us school you: Pop open a can of beer (fancy or otherwise), chug half, plop the chicken butt-down on the remainder and let the oven do the rest. The beer infuses the whole chicken, the aroma infuses the whole kitchen, and you don’t have to flip, chop, reduce, sous-vide or risk burning a single thing. This is in fact the easiest chicken recipe we know of. Spend your precious effort on some killer sides, instead.

Servings: 4 Ingredients 1 4-pound chicken, washed and patted dry 4 sprigs thyme 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 12-ounce can beer of your choice

Directions: 1. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and preheat oven to 400 degrees. 2. Strip the leaves off two sprigs of thyme. 3. Rub the chicken with the olive oil, salt and pepper, then rub with the thyme leaves, making sure they stick. Try to get as much of it under the skin as possible. 4. Drink half the beer, set it on the foil-lined sheet, place the other two sprigs of thyme on top of the can and place the chicken squarely on top. It should look awkward. 5. Carefully transfer the chicken to the oven and roast for an hour, then raise the heat to 425 degrees and cook for another 10 minutes to achieve a crispy exterior. 6. Remove chicken from oven and allow to sit for 10 minutes before lifting it off the beer can and carving.

By: Jess Kapadia

What Do You Take To Stay Healthy? I listen to AM Radio from time to time and I heard Mike Buck introducing Naturebee Pollen. The ad sounded convincing enough so I purchased a couple of bottles. My wife and I took 2 capsules a day like it says on the directions, after using it for about 2 weeks or so, I thought I had more energy, she thought the same thing. After finishing our 90 day supply we didn’t reorder…It’s just one of those things you run out of and you just let it go. Well after a couple of weeks I didn’t have as much energy- not sure if it was the stress of what was going on at the time or what. I wasn’t waking up all “Genki” (Japanese for energetic). My wife felt the same so with her suggestion I placed an order of Naturebee. After two months or so I was feeling energetic. After about 6 months I noticed that I woke up all “Genki” and after a year my skin seemed healthier too! With all of the surfing I do, I’m pretty stoked on that. Now after four years of taking Naturebee, I can say with confidence its helped my over all health. For the past 10 years I’ve been on immune suppressing medication (for a kidney transplant I had) and believe me, I used to get colds often and that sucked. But now I’m happy to say that I don’t get sick as often!!! YEAH!!! Ever since I’ve been taking Naturebee my medication levels have gone down and I’m pretty stoked. Not 100% sure if the bee pollen is what’s helping but Naturebee is the only thing I take, so… I’m pretty convinced that this is helping me. Did you know that based on its research The U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that bee pollen is the most nutritious food we can eat? It contains every nutrient required to sustain and support life. It’s also used as an immune system builder, bee pollen increases the body’s healing power, and it’s known to help build resistance to disease. Pollen brings back vitality without the dangers of artificial stimulants like caffeine, ephedrine and can be taken safely at anytime. Pollen also contains active antibiotic substances, which destroy bacteria on contact. It’s useful in cases of stress and nervous endocrine system disorders due to its high content of natural B vitamins. Bee pollen increases energy, mental alertness, and is believed to slow down the aging process! NATUREBEE is New Zealand based, born in 1997 when Jeff and Ben Cook joined forces. The father/son team discovered a special process developed by Canterbury University (New Zealand University), that unlocks the nutrients of bee pollen, making it far more digestible. This proprietary process was later named the ‘potentiation process’ and is used only by NATUREBEE on their New Zealand bee pollen. This is the NUMBER ONE reason why this works better than any other brand on the market!! I’m so hooked on Naturebee, I asked Jeff the Owner of Naturebee if I can offer it to our customers. After several months of figuring out the logistics and pricing, we’re now getting Naturebee Potentiated Pollen from New Zealand. I know! Strange for a Surf Shop to be selling something like this but after taking it for four years I can say with confidence its helped my over all health and I hope it will help you feel better, surf better, and sleep better. Just pop a couple of extras before you surf and you won’t get that 3pm bog down feeling. If you work out at the gym this is supposed to shorten the recovery time in between workouts. I’ve read that Olympic Team coaches use it as part of their training regimen. Don’t take my word for it! Come down to the store or go to our website and buy a bottle. It’s $29.95 plus they charge us $5 for shipping so the total is $34.95. I guarantee you will get good results! I’m so confident you will like it that I will give you 100% money back guarantee. I don’t care if you have just one capsule left in the bottle, I will still refund your purchase!!

Here let me break down the saving you’ll get if you go on the monthly program:

One bottle is 29.95 + $5 shipping = $34.95 Call us 597-9055 or go online : Click on Naturebee located on left side of the website and place your order. Just to X’s 3 FREE bottles = Total Savings $104.85!! let you know, Naturebee is not some item that’s sold over the internet at discounted or bulk prices. Yes of course you can find Naturebee online for the same price but the big advantage of getting it from Hawaiian South Shore is you get points on your Royalty Rewards card and the Money back guarantee. No need to send it back on your dime. BUT, if you are looking for a deal check this offer out!! And yes, you still get the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Every month we send to your home address a 60 capsule bottle (one month supply) for $29.95 plus $5 for shipping. This will actually be sent directly from Naturebee in New Zealand so you will get a fresh new bottle and every fourth months we give you a bottle for FREE!! No, the free bottle is not a smaller version. It will be the same 60 capsule size.

That’s a deal because you end up getting 3 months free!! That’s a total savings of $104.85!!

What They’re Saying: I was talking to a long-time customer and we got in a conversation about our parking and he didn’t realize that we had customer parking. I was surprised since he’s been coming to Hawaiian South Shore for many years. I guess that is my fault for not letting everyone know. Here is an aerial view of our building. Parking is located on the Maki side of the building where Super Cut is. Do not park on the Mauka side. That is all assigned parking and you will get towed, so don’t risk it! Google now has a new review scoring system. No more stars, they now have a points based system. Our SCORE IS 27 EXTRAORDINARY TO EXCELLENT Thank you very much for everyone taking the time to give us such awesome reviews. We totally stoked on the support!!

Averaged scores are calculated on a 30-Point Scale based on user reviews. 26-30 : Extraordinary to Perfection 21-25 : Very Good to Excellent 16-20 : Good to Very Good 11-15 : Fair to Good 0-10 : Poor to Fair

Spencer Chang (Reviewed a week ago) Quality 3 / 3 Appeal 3 / 3 Service 3 / 3 “Best surf shop in town. Best boards, best accessories, and best staff. Nothing but great things to say about Hawaiian South Shore. You won’t be disappointed. Just updating the review. I recently bought a V2 Rocket Hydroflex, and didn’t know about their promotion for a $25 discount, but neither did Kyle. So I e-mailed David, and told him about it, and he gave me $25 credit just like that. These guys are the best!” A Google User (Reviewed 2 months ago) Overall 3 / 3 “I wanted to thank Kyle and the rest of the Hawaiian South Shore sales staff for having such good product knowledge. The sales staff was very patient with me, and they took the time to explain the features/functions of the fins that I was interested in. I just bought a set of Mayhem quad fins (for my 9’3” high performance longboard) on Kyle’s recommendation, and I am extremely happy with the results. It’s those little things like this that make a big difference for customers like myself. Keep up the good work... and I’ll see you again real soon!” A Google User (Reviewed a month ago) Overall 3 / 3 “Hawaiian South Shore is the place to GO for ALL of your surf needs! Great selection of boards, skegs, fins, clothes, wet suits and more. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and can discuss with you what is the best product to meet your needs no matter what your skill level. Truly a satisfying experience every time.” A Google User (Reviewed a month ago) Overall 3 / 3 “Very helpful! They greeted me upon entry and at the time I was just looking for more info and pricing out a product. Shawn offered a lot of good info. I shopped around and ended up coming back here to make my purchase. The price was very competitive and they had it in stock. They have a wide array of things in there, ranging from surf gear to couture gear for women. I will definitely be shopping here more often for surf stuff.” A Google User (Reviewed 2 months ago) Overall 3 / 3 “Awesome shop. Everyone has their opinion, mine is that the staff here are the friendliest in town. They always take the time to help me order my weird boards and go out of their way to make sure that I get what I ordered. I have purchased several boards from here and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks guys!!”

Does Sun Bum Sunscreen Work For You? Miwa : “Gave it a try on this new product, Sun Bum, when I surfed today, and it stayed on my face for three hours! No more burnt face! I liked it and I do recommend it to friends. :o)”

Kirk Miyashiro: “Sun Bum sunscreen is amazing. Most sunscreens migrate into my eyes and sting them, and also irritate my skin. If that happens to you, try this product, it really works well. Even the sunscreens I’ve tried from health food stores caused eye and skin irritation. When I used the barrier type sunscreens they irritated my eyes but they still worked if they did not rub off, but I looked like I had make up on. Some sunscreens do not even prevent sunburns well and either wash off or were ineffective on me. Sun Bum is the best so far, it prevents me from getting sunburned while surfing, and does not irritate my eyes or skin like others do.” Rex M: “I have been using the Sun Bum face stick SPF 30+ ($18) and Premium Endurance Sunscreen SPF 30+ ($21) for the past two weeks. I am out paddling 6:30 to 8:30 am M-F. As summer approaches the sun rises earlier so the need for sunscreen is important. My skin type can be described as medium. I highly recommend the face stick. It is easily applied, relatively fragrance free and it stays on even when wet. Additionally, the face stick sunscreen does not melt into your perspiration, stinging your eyes. I give it an A- only because of its $18 price for its size. The Premium Endurance Sunscreen is also a very good product. It is not greasy, it has a slight fragrance and covers well even on hairy arms. It takes quite a bit of sunscreen to cover large areas of the body such as the torso, so I use a sunscreen tank top. The sunscreen works well for the ears, neck and arms and seems to wear well in the water and under perspiration. Not being greasy is a plus because it does not require hand washing prior to grabbing the board or paddle. I give it a B mainly because its $21 price. I usually use the Target SPF 30 sunscreen lotion at about $6 for 10.4 fl. oz. However, you have to really wash your hands because the Target sunscreen is greasy and it will make gripping your board and paddle difficult if you don’t.” Jon Ushiro: “If you want to apply sun block before you jump in the water and then forget about it, Sun Bum is for you! Its completely water proof, and does not run into your eyes. I also like that it has almost no fragrance. Hands down, there is no better sun block out there. I never used a face stick before so I thought I would give it a try and I loved it. This face stick is very convenient when you’re at the beach. It has been really good and can be easily applied to my face without the greasy feeling on my hands.”

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Don’t Forget To Take Your Vitamins!

You Will Have More Energy or Your Money Back! Louise Gray (May 27, 2012): “After going through a tough pregnancy and looking after two toddlers I was tired all the time. Now I’m taking Naturebee and I feel so energized. Thanks so much!” Jamie (Mar 5, 2012): “Thanks to your pollen I’m now healthier and more energetic! Don’t feel that tiredness after spending a whole day with the kids in school!” Rita Newman (Mar 4, 2012): “I love Naturebee! It keeps me energized. I’m 72 years old and still play tennis. I have taken Naturebee for 9 years and will never stop!” Lisa Brown-Sitley (Feb 12, 2012): “Naturebee keeps me going and gives me the energy to do what I do every day. I’m a busy mum of two who also works 40 hours a week. I take Naturebee first thing in the morning and it stops me from feeling run down - I also haven’t been sick for over a year now (even when the kids bring so many bugs home from play centre). It’s amazing!”

Check Pag Norma (Jan 31, 2012): e 3 For D “I am a 67 yr old lady and have been taking bee pollen for 8 years. etails During this time I have kept healthy and energetic and colds are a thing of the past. I am in full time employment, do my own housework and keep an active lifestyle. My hair and skin are in very good condition for my age. I take a regular daily dose of Bee Pollen and highly recommend it.”

July 2012 - Hawaiian South Shore Surf News  

-Tips to holding your breath longer-A beer can chicken recipe-what do you take to stay healthy?-What they're saying-Does SunBum sunscreen wo...

July 2012 - Hawaiian South Shore Surf News  

-Tips to holding your breath longer-A beer can chicken recipe-what do you take to stay healthy?-What they're saying-Does SunBum sunscreen wo...