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How to Cure your Hangover

Its that time of the year, I’m with good company and have one to many, the next day I feel it. As I get older I drink less but feel it more. So I guess it’s a good thing I only can handle a few but it stinks that I feel more with less in the morning. Well if you had one to many and get the morning blues try one of these remedies, hopefully it will help. The Cure

1Eat bananas. Drinking too much alcohol can eliminate your body's supply of potassium, and bananas are an excellent source of this mineral. Pick some up from a deli on the way home from your night out so you'll have them ready to nibble on in the morning.

2 Make ginger tea. Ginger helps alleviate nausea due to hangovers and motion sickness. To make ginger tea, cut up ginger root and boil it in water.

3 Drink boiled water with honey and lemon. Lemons replenish the vitamins you need and honey helps balance your blood sugar levels, which may have fluctuated due to alcohol consumption.

4 Make milk thistle tea. Milk thistle is believed to cleanse the liver of the harmful toxins in alcohol. To make the tea, add a teaspoon of milk thistle seeds to a cup of water, boil, and drain. How Prevent it Have one glass of water for every drink of alcohol you have. This will prevent dehydration, a major cause of most hangover symptoms. • If you forgot or were unable to have water in between drinks, be sure to drink a glass or two of water before going to bed. Don't mix different types of alcohol. Stick with one, be it wine, beer, or a certain type of hard liquor. Mixing different types is a surefire way to end up with a hangover. Stay away from sugary mixed drinks. Margaritas may be delicious, but all that sugar masks the alcohol flavor, making it easy to consume more than you realize you're taking in. The same goes for other cocktails made with sodas and fruit juices.

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Hawaiian South Shore Your Surf Authority Expert Advice & Friendly Staff Since 1996 The legend using the Newest Materials for Performance and Strength with Flex

Brewer, a self-proclaimed shaping guru, served as a teacher and an inspirer of a radical band of young surfers during those radical times. His apprentices and team riders read like a who's who of the era: Reno Abellira, Sam Hawk, Owl Chapman, Gerry Lopez, Jock Sutherland, Jeff Hakman, Jimmy Lucas, Buddy Boy Keohe, Leslie Potts, Larry Strada, Gary Chapman -- and the list goes on. Brewer has clearly been one of the most influential surfboard shapers of all time. -

Perhaps best known for his clean pintail guns for giant waves, Brewer’s contribution to the shortboard revolution cannot be overstated. His “mini-gun” designs—shorter pintails, put to famous use under the feet of riders like Reno Abellira, Jock Sutherland, and Barry Kanaiaupuni— redefined surfing in the late-’60s and well into the ‘70s. The New Only @ Hawaiian South Shore Double Name Dick Brewer high performance board. - Combining a Stringer-less EPS Foam for super light performance - A Bamboo Deck for Super Strength and Natural flex properties - Carbon Strip on the bottom for more flex to give you better turns off the bottom and to generate speed when you pump down the line. If you’re looking for a high performance board you can maneuver effortlessly this is the board for you. We are lucky to be able to Tap into Dick Brewer’s know how to making one of the best performance boards in the world and combination of new Natural and synthetic materials for performance, strength and flex to give you speed and easy turning. Made for Small waist hight to double over head waves. A fin combo of 4+1 to suit your style and conditions. Fin set up - 2+1 (Two small side fins and on long center fin) Quad set up for performance ride like a shortboard Single fin for small days. The Rocker is just enough that it does not push water so its easy to paddle so you can get into the waves early. 320 Ward Ave Tel (808) 597-9055 Open: Mon - Sat 10:30-7:00 / Sun 10-6

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Jeff Yokoyama

Is a thirty-five year veteran designer and creative entrepreneur who has spent his entire career dreaming up and creating youth-focused clothing brands. In 1980, he created Maui & Sons and began selling it directly to local surfers and kids on beaches and in schools, changing the rules of the game immediately. The operation moved from the trunk of his car into a multi-million dollar business in a matter of months. He has gone on to start various other brands including Pirate Surf, Modern Amusement, Generic Youth and Pidgin Orange as well as consulting for other top name brands such as Stussy and Quiksilver.

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Hawaiian South Shore Your Surf Authority Expert Advice & Friendly Staff Since 1996 New Exclusively at Hawaiian South Shore Core Balance has the highest possible concentration of natural minerals and gemstones to generate Negative Ion. The 7 natural minerals and gemstones including Germanium and Tourmaline are unique in their ability to generate anions (negative ions) without an external power source. “Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy," says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Columbia University studies of people with winter and chronic depression show that negative ion relieve depression as much as antidepressants -Source - WebMD New Introductory Price Buy 2 Get one FREE. Expires Dec 24th 2013 Cut this section out to get your deal

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Dick Brewer - New Bamboo EPS Stingerless Performance Longboard. Pidgin Orange - Mucho Aloha Core Bracelet - Ion bracelet