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The HavaGood Times

HavaGood Times Published by the Haverford Township Department of Parks & Recreation

May you be happy And live with ease.

Winter/Spring 2014

Trails connect us to nature and to each other. They also help reduce traffic, promote healthy living and increase property values. For information on trails in Haverford Township see page 9.



Community Corner The HavaGood Times


Parks ks & Recreation k R ti Tim Denny Brian Barrett Hope Taylor-Scott Eric Gillard Tara Kaufmann Nora Schmidt Matt Duffus Eileen Mottola Jason O’Brien Pat Cioffi

Director Assistant Director Recreation Supervisor Operations Supervisor Fitness Coordinator Environmental Coordinator Outdoor Reserve Supervisor Facilities Coordinator Park Maintenance Registrar

Board of Commissioners

Park Board

1st - Steven D’Emilio 2nd - Mario Oliva 3rd - Jane Hall 4th - Dan Siegel 5th - Jeff Heilmann 6th - Larry Holmes 7th - James McGarrity 8th - Chris Connell 9th - Bill Wechsler Larry Gentile - Township Mgr.

Tony Zinni Jack Cunningham Rich Caroto Dave McArdle Wilbur Clevens Maria Pardini Michelle Alvare The Park Board meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm.

The Board of Commissioners honored the Recreation Staff for 70 years of excellence in serving families through the Summer Playground Program. Last year more than 1,000 children participated at 7 locations.

Life. Be In It. Mission

Our mission is to make living in Haverford Township more enjoyable and healthier for you, your family and friends by providing top quality recreation programs, facilities and service.

*People of all abilities are welcome in our programs. With your help we can do all we can to meet your needs.*

Table of Contents CREC Highlights .............................................3 CREC Drop In Discount Passes....................4 CREC Rentals/Field Trips .............................5 CREC/Health and Wellness ..................... 6/7 Nature Series .................................................8 Trail News ........................................................9 Youth Programs .................................. 10/11 Sports & After School.......................12/13 Adults...........................................................14 Trips and Discount Tickets .......................15 Merry Place & Youth Sports .....................16 Think Green/Photos ....................................17 Summer Preview/Registration Info . 18/19

The HavaGood Times is published in January, May and September. All costs are covered by user fees and the support of our sponsors.

The HavaGood Times

THE COMMUNITY RECREATION & ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER Haverford Township’s Community Living Room Over the past 18 months the CREC has furthered its mission by: promoting a healthier community, connecting children to nature and educating the community on good stewardship and conservation practices.

More than 2700 residents walked the FREE indoor track

Eager hoopsters await instruction

Even Santa stopped by

Children connected with the outdoors

Students discovered the wonders of nature

Here’s to another great year!



The HavaGood Times

Drop-IN for Fun & Fitness at the CREC

610-446-9397 The Drop In Pass can be used for any activity on this page.

Drop in and enjoy the Fitness Room & Basketball courts at the CREC for any activity below during the times listed. The Economics of Fitness “Over 80% of people belonging to a gym would be better off paying per visit.” ~American Economics $5 per visit. Passes available at a discounted rate:

10 passes 20 passes 30 passes

$40 $60 $75

$4/visit $3/visit $2.50/visit

Fitness Room Enjoy great views of nature while working out on easyto-use equipment in a friendly, comfortable setting. Times: 7am - 8pm Monday - Friday 8am - 2pm Saturdays Basketball Courts Shoot around by yourself or with friends. A great way to stay fit, work on your game or teach your child. Times: 7am - 6pm Monday - Friday.* *Times may change due to programs. Check the website for updates.

Pickleball Learn the fastest growing game in the country, especially among those over age 60 who enjoy tennis, ping-pong, or racquetball. No experience needed. Times: 9am-12pm Monday and Thursday What you’ve told us...

Our friendly, profressional staff are happy to assist you.

*New Year’s Resolution Discount*

The atmosphere is beautiful. The workout program is 3 months for $57 ($19/month) perfect too. Tara is so knowlegeable and friendly. IniUnlimited use thru April 15 tially I was nervous and self conscious. Tara’s interest Available January 1-10th and support made the workout program so enjoyable.” ”

Winter Walking Track Hours Mon-Fri 7am-8pm Saturday 8am-2pm Free to Haverford Township Residents For CREC information go to the website or call 484-380-2730.

The HavaGood Times


Rental Opportunities at the CREC

The gym, multi-use rooms and catering kitchen at the CREC are available for rent for your next business meeting, training session, bridal shower, family event or other special celebration.Our friendly, efficient staff and affordable fees will help you host a successful event. Enjoy the comfort of geothermal energy in a beautiful green- friendly facility with the latest technology. For information on rentals check our website or e-mail Eileen Mottola at

Field Trips

Business Discount 25% discount on rentals Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

“Our students enjoy coming to classes held at the CREC. The facility is beautiful, clean and convenient; the multiuse room has state-of-the-art equipment. Staff members are friendly, efficient, and always make you feel welcome. I would recommend this facility any time.”~Gail Parke, Administrator, Association of Realtors School

Bring your elementary class to the Haverford Reserve for nature based field trips. Your students will discover the wonders of nature while learning stewardship, conservation practices, team building concepts and meeting curriculum objectives.

*Contact Nora Schmidt for more information at:

Field Fi ield ld Trip Tri T riip Topics: Topi T opiics: Grades 1-3 • Nature Walks • Nature Detectives • Nature’s Treasure Chest Grades 4-7 • Soils + Stormwater Management • Watersheds + Erosion • Biodiversity


The HavaGood Times


Health and Wellness at the CREC

The Wellness programs offered at the CREC are intended to help you look and feel your best, while achieving optimal health. Our goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. We hope you find a class that appeals to you as you begin your journey to better health.

Fitness Center Guided Strength Workouts


Using top of the line spinning bikes this class offers a great way to get a vigorous workout, burn calories, Sometimes it is easier to get started on your road to better health when you are part of a group that helps and keep your muscles in shape! Time: 7:15-8:15pm(Tu) Dates: 2/11-3/18-4/1-5/6 you stay motivated. The Guided Workouts are designed to keep you on the road. All participants in our Time: 7:10-8:10pm (W) Dates: 1/29-3/5 or 3/19-4/23 Guided Workout Program meet with Fitness Coordi- Time: 6-7am (F) Dates: 1/31-3/7 or 3/21-4/25 nator Tara Kaufmann and are eligible to receive a free Time: 7:35-8:35 (Sat) Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/15-4/26 Bethany Sullivan (Tu 7:15pm,F) Health Assessment (blood pressure, body fat measurement, aerobic assessment, nutritional screening) Sandy McGuire (W,S) Fee: $60/class $110/2 classes at the beginning of their program. Cycle Fit Days:(M,W, F) Fee: $55 Dates: Jan.13-Feb 28 Cycling class that includes spinning and boot camp Times: 8-8:50am All ages style drills. Complete total body workout. 9-9:50am All ages Instructor: Bethany Sullivan 10-11am Age 60+ Time: 6-6:50am (M) Location: CREC Studio 11-12pm Women 35+ Dates: 1/27-3/3 or 3/17-4/21 Fee: $60 For information call Fitness Coordinator Tara Kaufmann at 484-380-2730

Barre Fitness

Unique class using your own body weight and a barre to build a strong physique. Low-impact, combines stretching, strength training & leg lifts. Time: 7-8pm (M) Dates: 1/27-3/3 or 3/17-4/21 Time: 9-9:50am (W) Dates: 1/29-3/5 or 3/19-4/23 Time: 9-9:50am (F) Dates: 2/7-3/14 or 3/28-5/2 Location: CREC Studio Instructor:Caitlin Powell Fee: $60/class $110/2 classes Tara guides participant “The Fitness center at the CREC is very open and has a very friendly atmosphere. The equipment is modern and easy to use and I am able to get on the equipment and get thru my workout in an hour.” “The Fitness center provides a great atmosphere while working out-you feel comfortable and relaxed. Tara is extremely friendly and helpful!” ~ J. Campbell

Barre Fitness Class

*For more information on Wellness Programs, Guided Workouts, or classes* contact Tara Kaufmann at

The HavaGood Times

Boot Camp

Our Boot camp class is designed for maximum calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. We want to get you fit, get you healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body, and most importantly make fitness FUN !!! Location: CREC Instructor: Michelle Coralla Time: 6-6:50am (T&Th) Fee:$120 (6 weeks) Dates: 1/28-3/6 or 3/18-4/24;


Women’s Self Defense Seminar

Empower yourself! One-day Seminar that includes self-defense scenarios, easy techniques, and an opportunity to practice with instructor Dave Medina. Time: 7-9pm (W) Date: March 19 Fee: $15


Join the party! You’ll be working up a sweat with these calorie burning and easy to follow dance steps set to Latin rhythms and pop songs. This fun and effective workout targets your legs, abs, glutes and arms. Time: 6-7pm (W) Dates: 1/29-3/5 or 3/19-4/23 Time: 9-10am Tu Dates: 1/28-3/4 or 3/18-4 Fee: $60 Location:CREC Instructor: Kristy Cobb (Tu)

Zumba Gold

A fun dance-fitness workout with modified Zumba moves and pacing to suit the needs of active older participants as well as those new to exercise. Instructor: Elizabeth Luff Location: CREC Time: 10:05am-10:50am (Tu) Dates: 1/28-3/4 or 3/18-4/22 Fee: $55 “What a great facility. All the equipment you need to stay fit at a very reasonable price. Very knowledgeable staff. No contracts or initiation fees. I give it five stars.” ~ Tim G.


The basic premise of Aikido is that mind and body work together. The movements are designed to coordinate so that the force of attack can be diverted harmlessly and re-directed. Aikido students will learn concentration and relaxation; they will develop sensitivity, coordination and perception. Students will also build stamina and self-confidence as well as maintain cardiovascular fitness. Through Aikido training, students will develop the ability to respond positively to any stressful situation. Location: CREC Time: 8-9pm (Th) Fee: $60 Dates: 1/30/14-3/6/14 or 3/20/14-4/24/14

Women’s Self Defense Seminar


This workout incorporates kicks, punches, and combinations used in martial arts and boxing together with effective athletic drills. Instructor: Nikki Melito Time: 6-6:50pm (Th) Location: CREC Studio Dates: 1/30-3/6 or 3/20-4/24 Fee: $60


Feel better both mentally and physically with yoga postures and breathing. Reduce stress while increasing strength and flexibility. Instructor: Lisie Abrams Time: 7-8pm (Tues) Location: CREC Dates: 1/28-3/4 or 3/18-4/22 Fee: $60

Power Yoga

A form of Yoga that allows participants to gracefully flow from posture to posture to create a fit body and a calm mind. There are no set poses in this class-variety is the key. Each class will offer some new poses and varying levels of intensity. Instructor: Noelle Hammerbacher Time: 9-9:50am(Sat) Location: CREC Studio Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/15-4/26 Fee: $60

Family Yoga

Bring your entire family to Yoga & practice together! Includes postures for the whole family, including ageand –intensity level –appropriate variations to accommodate all students in class and ensure that everyone has fun. Instructor: Brie Irwin Time: 10-10:50am (Sat) Location: CREC Studio Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/15-4/26 Fee: $99/family for 6 wks; maximum of 4/family


The HavaGood Times


Nature Series t are free f d meett att the th CREC on Sundays. S d R i t ti i d All events and Registration nott required.

Winter Plants

Join us as we hike through the park and identify all the winter plants that thrive in the cold weather. January 26 1-2:30 pm

History of Darby Creek

Join historian and story teller, Tom Smith, as he describes some of the history of the Darby Creek Watershed and shares his personal stories. Feel free to bring your own stories involving the creek. February 9 1-2:30 pm

Great Backyard Bird Count

Nature Art Project

Bring your family for an afternoon of crafting with re-cycled items & objects found in nature. March 9 1-3pm

Full Moon Walk

Venture out during the full moon on the trails of the Reserve and enjoy a campfire in the meadow. March 16 7-8:30 pm ** Weather permitting

Owl Walk

Join William Ryan, local ecological consultant and Hike the Haverford Reserve trails and participate in naturalist, on an evening hike through the woods the national Great Backyard Bird Count program, and meadows of Haverford Reserve to look and an annual four-day event that engages bird watch- listen for owls and other nocturnal animals. ers of all ages in counting birds to create a real-time March 23 7-9 pm snapshot of where the birds are. Stream Hike February 16 1-2:30 pm Bring your boots and prepare to get in or close to Bike Maintenance Workshop the creeks at the Reserve. Find out who lives in the Learn how to fix & maintain your bike with the streams and how the environment impacts them. owner of M&M Two Wheelers bike shop, Kevin March 30 1-2:30 pm Meehan. Discover everything from how to fix a flat to essential safety tips for kids & adults. Feel free to Wetland Spring Awakening bring your own bike. Prepare to get wet and dirty, as we discover how March 2 1-3 pm the wetlands awake in the spring time. If we are lucky we will hear the call of the Spring Peeper (frog) that lives in the wetlands. April 6 1-2:30 pm

DCVA Annual Meeting Saturday January 25 9am-1pm at the CREC

Learn about the work of the Darby Creek Valley Associatoin: volunteers dedicated to preserve and improve the Darby Creek Watershed. The public is invited and lunch will be served.

The HavaGood Times

TRAIL NEWS... Trail Summit

Saturday, January 18, 9-11:00am CREC Anyone An nyo yone interested in walking yon walk and biking in Haverford Township is welcome to attend this meeting to review progress, identify opportunities to improve walking & biking and prioritize future trail connections in our community. Help us plan for more trails in our great town. For more details, sign up for email updates at

Scout Saturday February 1, 12-2pm All Township Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Daisies and their families are invited to a campfire hot dog cookout and hot chocolate at the Meadow campground.

Scouting Programs

The Haverford Reserve is a great place to bring your scout group. We can plan and run your event for your troop or you can rent a room or use the outdoors for your own program. Contact Nora Schmidt for details:

8th Annual Winter Trail Walks

Ground Hog Walk--February 1, 8:30-9:30 (Meet at the CREC) Join us for an early morning search for “Havertown Hank� & his shadow as we walk the trails. Blue Route Trail Walk--February 1, 10-11:30am (Meet at the CREC) Walk under the Blue Route and along Darby Creek. See the wetlands and the old railroad.

*Early Earth Day Walk Saturday, April 12 10-11:30 a.m.

Join us for our annual 3 mile walk from Merry Place to Haverford Reserve. A bus will bring you back. Meet at Merry Place.

Summer Trail Runs

This 5 week running series is designed to offer low key trail running for people of all ages, abilities & levels of experience. Run 1 race or all 5. Check out the Summer HavaGood Times for details.



The HavaGood Times


Youth Programs Little Explorers Preschool Registration for Fall 2014 begins online in April Ages: 3-5 Times: 9-12:30pm (includes lunch time) For more info visit our website at To schedule a tour email Director Hope Taylor-Scott at

IImagination i ti Station St ti

Krafty f Kids id

Put on some old clothes, grab your imagination and jump into the world of process art! We’ll explore all kinds of art mediums and manipulatives. Taught by Main Line Art Center artist Lisa Hart. Parent must attend class with child. Location: CREC Ages: 2-3 w/ parent Time: 9:15-10am (Tues) Dates: 1/28-3/4 or 3/18-4/21 Fee: $48

Have a ball while making a mess! You and your child will have fun listening to a story, painting, gluing and coloring as you do craft projects that encourage your child’s creativity. Instructor: Maria Overturf Ages: 2-3 with parent Time: 10-10:50am (Sa) Fee: $45 Location: CREC Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/15-4/19

Dancing Tots

Small Fry Soccer

You and your child will enjoy a lively combination of movement and music that explores dance through stories, nature and animal imagery. *This is a parent/ child participation class. Location: CREC Ages: 2-3 w/ parent Time: 9-9:45am (Th) Dates: 1/30-3/6 or 3/20-4/24 Fee: $48 (6 weeks)

Kinder Klub

This Kindergarten Enrichment program offers a supportive environment in which children can continue to grow and develop outside the academic rigors of their school day. Kinder-Klub provides individual and group opportunities for creative and imaginative play. The CREC and outdoor amenities at Haverford Reserve provide many opportunities for socialization, environmental education, exploration and exercise. Ages: Kindergarten Location: CREC Time: 1:00pm-3:00pm(M&W) Fee: $96 (4 weeks) Dates: 1/13-2/10

You and your ‘small fry’ will enjoy learning the game and playing together. Ages: 3-4 (with Parent) Times: 11-11:50pm(Sat) Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/29 – 5/3 Fee: $60 Location: CREC (1/25-3/1) Location: Grasslyn Field (3/29-5/3)


Get creative making fun arts and crafts projects based on a new story each week. Location: CREC Ages: 4-6 Time:11-11:50am (Sat) Fee: $45 Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/15-4/19

Sports for Me

This program combines a fun filled introduction to different sports through age appropriate games & activities. Includes elements of basketball, soccer & baseball. Location: CREC Ages 4-5 Times: 10-10:50am (Sat) Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/15-4/19 Fee: $60

Tennis Tykes

Tennis fun for your tyke. Learn the game with fun drills and games.Location: CREC Ages: 4-6 Dates: 1/28 – 3/4 or 3/18 – 4/22 Time: 1-1:45pm (Tu) Fee: $60 Or Time 1-1:45pm Dates 4/19-5/24 Location: Paddock

The HavaGood Times


Hip Hop and Jazz

Looking for some cool new dance steps to your favorite songs? Learn some new hip hop and jazz moves. Location: CREC Fee: $65 Ages: 5-6 Time: 11:-11:50am (Sat) Ages: 7-9 Time: 12-12:50pm (Sat) Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/15-4/19

Art with Steve

An interactive format will power your child’s imagination as we interpret shapes, color and proportion through drawing. Class fills quickly! Ages: 5-7 Time:10-10:50am (Sat) Ages: 8-10 Time:11-11:50am (Sat) T.G.I.F Fee: $85 Dates: 1/25-3/1 or 3/15-4/19 Looking to get out of the house on Fridays? Meet Location: CREC Instructor: Steve Mogck us for movies, games, crafts and all your playground favorites in the gym with members of our All Star Kid’s Yoga Summer Staff. Pizza optional for additional fee. Improve your flexibility and enhance coordination Ages: 7-12 Dates: 1/13-3/14 and athletic performance with traditional yoga poses. Time: 6:00-8:30pm (Fri) Fee: $8/night, $10 w/ pizza Ages: 8-12 Dates: 1/28-3/4 or 3/18-4/22 Location: CREC Time: 6-6:50pm (Tues) Fee: $55 Instructor: Brie Irwin Location: CREC Chess Club Learn the game from Shining Knights Chess. Class time split between lessons and game play. Location: CREC Ages: 7-14 Dates: 1/30-3/20 Times: 4:30-5:30pm (Th ) Fee: $115- 8 weeks

Drivers Ed

Pink Dynamite

Moms and daughters; grandmothers & granddaughters; aunts & nieces: get healthy and strong together. Set to music, this class is a fusion of fun, challenging partner exercises including aerobics, strengthening, stretches and yoga. Instructor: Debbi Corren Ages: 7-12 Time: 7-7:50pm (Th) Fee: $99/6 weeks Location: CREC Dates: 1/30-3/6 or 3/20-4/24

Classroom instruction will give you the knowledge to drive safely and confidently. You can also qualify for discounts on auto insurance. Ages 15-18 Time: 9-12pm (Sat) Dates: 2/1-4/12 Fee: $120. Location: Haverford High Room 126 Register online starting January 6!

Fall Field Hockey What you’ve told us..... “Liz had a great time this year and is looking forward to Sunday. She’s never wanted to do a team sport until this year and this has been great.We appreciate all the hard work and making it so enjoyable for her & the other girls.”


The HavaGood Times


Sports Clinics & Leagues Indoor Soccer

Have fun, develop, skills and improve your game. Age: 4 Time: 12-12:50pm Location: CREC Age: 5 Time: 1-1:50pm Dates: 1/25-3/1 Fee: $60

Spring Soccer

Learn to enjoy the game by improving skills with fun drills and games. Age 4 Time 9-9:50am (Sat) Fee: $60 Ages: 5-6 Time: 10-10:50am (Sat) Dates: 3/29 – 5/3 Location: Grasslyn Field

Basketball Clinic

Fun filled introduction to the game. Clinic will emphasize fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting. Ages: 6-7 Time:12-12:50pm or 1:00-1:50pm (Sat) Fee: $65 Dates: 1/25-3/1 Location: CREC

Floor Hockey

We combine skill development with game action. Fun for kids of all skill levels. *Mouth guard is required Ages: 6-7 Time: 10-10:50am (Sat) Dates 1/25-3/1 Ages 8-9 Time: 11-11:50pm (Sat) Location: CREC Fee: $60


This program uses a lower net, lighter ball and smaller court to teach the “FUN”damentals. Build skills with fun drills and activities. Players will be grouped by age and ability into 10 and 11am classes. All participants report at 10am the first day. Ages: 6-10 Times: 10 or 11am (Sat) Fee: $60 Dates: 1/25-3/8 (6 weeks) Location: Manoa

Girls Gi l Lacrosse L Leagues L

Comprehensive program that combines skill development, game strategy and league play. Grades 3-4 play intramural league and grades 5-8 play in travel league. Location: Haverford Reserve Grades 3-4 Times: 6-7:30pm(F) and 9-10:30am (Sat) Dates: 3/15-5/17 Fee: $95 Grades: 5-6 Times: 6-7:30pm (W&F) 10:30-12pm (Sa) Dates: 3/8-5/17 Fee: $110 Grades: 7-8 Time: 6-7:30 (W&F) 12-1:30pm (Sat) Fee: $110 Dates: 3/8-5/17 Parents Meeting Wednesday 7-8pm Feb. 26 at the CREC. Meet the coaches, learn more about the program and get schedule information. Volunteer coaches needed. Contact Hope Taylor-Scott at

Girls Lacrosse Clinic

Haverford High School coach Nancy McGoldrick and her team will host this clinic. The focus will be on stick skills. Location: Haverford High School Ages: Grades 3-8 Date: February 22 Times: 10am-12pm (Sat) Fee: $20

Tennis Lessons

Clinic C will focus on fundamentals; footwork, forehand & backhand. Hoops from the Heart A Ages: 7-9 Time: 10-11:20am (Sat) Fee: $85 Martin Luther King Day Monday, January 20. Location: L Paddock Instructor: Suzanne Barr The Rec Department and Haverford College are teaming Ages: A 10-12 Time:11:30-12:50 (Sat) Dates: 4/19up for a Basketball Clinic whose proceeds benefit needy 5/24 5/ families in Delaware County. The clinic is coordinated Soccer Tutoring by Haverford College coach Bobbi Morgan & her staff. Take your game to the next level with Jorge Severini’s Location: Gardner Athletic Center at Haverford College Ta soccer tutoring. The program is designed for the adso Ages: Boys and Girls grades 1-8 vanced and travel player who want to develop their va Time: 9-12pm (Drop off begins at 8:30am) skills. Each session will focus on advancing technical Fee: $30 (Non perishable food donations are welcome) sk skills; ball possession, passing, defending and finishing. sk Ag Ages: 11-15Time: 5-6pm (Thursday) Dates: 1/30-3/6 Lo Location: CREC Fee: $90 – 6 weeks

The HavaGood Times

CREC After School Programs...

Hip Hop and Jazz- Afterschool

Looking for some cool new dance steps to your favorite songs? Learn some new hip hop and jazz moves. Instructor: Moving Studios Location: CREC Ages: 5-6 Time: 4-4:50pm (Th) Ages: 7-9 Time: 5-5:50pm (Th) Dates: 1/30-3/6 or 3/20-4/24 Fee: $65


Develop confidence & focus with karate instruction. Learn basic movements and karate techniques for the purpose of self defense. Karate uniform required see instructor. Instructor: Taka Ages: 6-9 Beginners 5-6pm (Mon & Wed) Intermediate 6-7pm (Mon & Wed) Location: CREC Studio Dates: 1/27-4/2 Fee: $150.


Art with Steve-Mixed Media

Students will explore the possibilities of creating art through mixed media. Upon completion of the course, each participant will have at least three mixed media paintings on canvas or paper. Techniques include drawing and painting in a figurative manner and incorporating abstract qualities, collage and found objects into your painting. Ages: 7-9 Time: 4-5:30pm (W) Instructor: Steve Mogck Dates: 1/29-3/5 or 3/19-4/23 Fee: $120 - 6 wks


Students learn the basic techniques that actors use on stage by using their bodies, minds, and voices to create characters. This energetic class incorporates improv, devised theatre, and scene work to introduce students to the fundamentals of acting. Instructor: Theater Horizon Ages: 9-12 Time: 4-6pm (Thurs) Dates: 2/6-3-27 Fee: $160 (8weeks)


Spring Break Camp

We will play your favorite games, do arts and crafts, explore the trails and go on two field trips. Pack a lunch. Location: CREC Ages: 6-12 Time: 8:30am-3pm Dates: April 14, 15, 16 Fee: $50/day

Spring Break Soccer Camp

Improve your game over Spring break with the World Class Soccer School. Coach Severini will improve your ball skills with innovative drills & fun games. Ages 5-7 Fee: $65 Dates: April 14-16 Time: 9-11am (Mon-Wed) Drop off begins at 8:30am Ages: 8-15 Time: 9am-1pm (Mon-Wed) Fee: $100 Location: Haverford Reserve Turf


When the weather’s cold outside the action heats up indoors. Get out of the house and enjoy bowling with your friends at Wynnewood Lanes. Ages:7-12 Time:10:30-12:15pm Date: Wed. April 16 Fee: $15 Location: Bus leaves the CREC at 10:15am

Day at the Movies

Enjoy a movie with your friends. For movie selection contact us after April 9. Ages: 7-12 Time: TBA (call the CREC for details) Date: Tues. April 15 Fee: $15



The HavaGood Times

Women’s Soccer Fitness

Basketball at the CREC

Open Basketball – Play competitive hoops at the best basketball facility in the area. Tuesdays 7:15-9pm Dates 1/7-5/24 Saturdays: 7:45-9:45am Dates: 1/4 – 5/6 Fee: $5 residents $7 non residents Good Hoops Club-Pick-up basketball program. Registration will guarantee you a spot for quality hoops. Time: 6-7:30pm (Tues) Dates: 1/7-2/11 & 2/18-3/25 Fee: $30/6 weeks Over 45 Basketball --You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. Time: 7-8:30pm (Wed) Dates: 1/8-4/30 Fee $5


Great way to keep fit with soccer drills and skill games. Coach Severini will keep your feet moving and your heart pumping. Time 8-9pm (Tues) Location: Manoa School Dates: 2/4-3/11 Fee: $75 Instructor: Jorge Severini, Director WCSS

Co-ed Volleyball

Join your friends and neighbors for co-ed Volleyball on two courts.Competitive games for both the beginner and experienced player. Fee: $5 at the door Time: 7-9pm (Th) Location: CREC Dates: 1/2/14 - 4/24

Men’s Basketball League

Competitive league plays on Saturday afternoons and Monday evenings. League games begin in early February. Team fee is $800 and includes team shirt. Register online at www. For more information contact: Jake Hauer at Jhauer@ Location: CREC

Financial Literacy by Keystone Wealth Management

Planning Your Retirement

Rejuvenate your Retirement

Define your goals in retirement and develop the strategies to reach them. We will discuss how you determine “your number”, when to collect social security &more. Time: 7-8:30pm (Thurs) Dates: February 20 Location: CREC Fee: $30. Instructor Ryan Leib

Social Security

Deciding when to collect Social Security is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. We will discuss the 7 deadly sins of Social Security, how working while collecting can effect your benefits and specific strategies to help you maximize your income. Time: 7-8:15 (Thurs) Date: February 27 Location: CREC Fee: $20 Instructor Ryan Leib (CFP, AIA) Keystone Wealth Management of UBS

Get the financial knowledge that will help you maximize your retirement income. Identify primary threats to retirement savings and learn how to allocate your assets to minimize risk and use tax laws to your advantage.Two sessions to choose from. Location:CREC Fee: $39 Time: 1-3pm (Tues) Dates: March 4 & 11 Time: 10-12pm (Thurs) Dates: March 13 & 20

Career Crossroads:

Turning the Corner after the Unexpected When the unexpected happens, it's important to know precisely what you need to do & when you need to do it. We will explore how to keep moving forward after you leave a job, and take control of your financial future. Time: 7-8:30pm Date: Thursday March 20 Location: CREC Fee: $30 Instructor: Ryan Lieb

The HavaGood Times


Day Trips and Tickets New York on Your Own

“Take a bite out of the Big Apple.� You and your family or friends can choose to take in a show or museum, shop on 5th Avenue or visit Central Park over Spring Break. Date: Wednesday April 16 Fee: $59 Time: Bus leaves from Glendale Park at 7:30am and returns at 7:00pm

Washington DC

A guided tour of Washington! You will have time on your own to visit a museum or one of the many sites along the mall. Date: Saturday April 26 Fee: $85 Time: Bus leaves from Glendale Park at 7:30am and returns at 8:00pm

Discount Ski Tickets to Area Resorts Enjoy significant savings by purchasing your tickets before you head to the slopes. Bear Creek Weekday


Weekend Night


Blue Big Boulder/ Elk Montage Camelback Jack Frost Mountain Mountain Mountain $36/32 adult/child










$26 (BB only)


Tubing 3 hr wknd/hldy


$17 $47/39




The HavaGood Times


Merry Place... A Place for All Merry Place is an area designed and built by volunteer contributions ib i ffor people of all ages and abilities, especially families of children with special needs.

5k Run for Merry Place

Merry Place Permit Policy

Merry Place is an ideal location for family, school, scout and church gatherings. In order to allow the greatest use by township residents, we limit time to 3 hour blocks and give township residents priority. For a permit and policy information please go to our website

Winners Winn Wi inn nner erss off the er the he 2013 201 0133 5K

Thank you to all the runners and volunteers who participated in the 15th Annual Run! Your participation helps maintain Merry Place. Ribbon Cutting, Darby Creek Trail at Merry Place

Youth Sports Organizations Y

Run by volunteers, who utilize township facilities. Coopertown Civic Association Haverford Blaze Lacrosse Haverford Soccer Club Haverford Youth Football DelcoGael, Gaelic Football Anne Bourke 610-789-9984 Haverford Basketball Challenger League Haverford Twp Little League Westagte Hills

Haverford Athletic Club www.eteamz/com/haverfordac Brookline Baseball & Softball Haverford Township Softball League Hilltop Baseball & Softball League Haverford Heat-travel baseball Ages 13-19 Haverford Township Baseball League Ages 13-15

The HavaGood Times

Bike Routes

To see “bike-friendly” roads/routes in our area; 1. Go to Google maps ( 2. Enter “Haverford Township”. 3. Move to the “Traffic” box in the upper right. 4. Click on the down arrow at the bottom. 5. Click on “Bicycling.”.

Benefit of Trees

A healthy community canopy provides a wealth of financial, medical, psychological & environmental benefits including:*reduced energy costs *reduced air pollution * reduced noise pollution*reduced flooding * reduced ultraviolet rays * patients recover faster with a view of trees.


Community Greening Award ar rd

On December 10, The Pennsylvania H Horticultural i l l Society presented the prestigious 2013 Community ty Greening Award to Community Park at Haverford d Reserve and Tree Tenders.

Earth Day Events

In conjunction with the Environmental Action Committee ( EAC) we will again be hosting a number of activities at the CREC to promote good conservation practices. Look for details on the website in March. Saturday April 12 at the CREC

Darby Creek Clean Up

Help keep our “Ribbon of Beauty” clean. Meet at Merry Place. Volunteers of all ages welcome to help pick up trash along the creek. For information contact Tim Denny at Saturday, April 26, 9-11am

Township Parks Photo Exhibit at CREC T You may see photographers from the Delaware County Camera Club taking pictures at township parks during the winter and spring. These photos will be in the photo exhibit at the CREC walking track in June. Photographers will have identification with them.


The HavaGood Times


CREC Hours Monday-Friday 7am-8pm Saturday 8am-2pm The CREC will be closed: l d MLK Day (Jan. 20), Presidents Day (Feb. 17), and Good Friday (April 18)

Summer Preview...

Summer Registration

Check out our website for online registration starting online on Sunday May 4.

Full Day Summer Camp

The Recreation Department offers a full day program (8am-6pm) for ages 6-12. Program begins June 23 and continues through August 8. Information on time and fees will be available on our website March 3. Registration begins March 24.

Summer Sports Camp

HavaGood Times

The Summer edition of the HavaGood Times will be mailed to all Township homeowners April 25. Check out the Times for information about our Weekend Nature Series, Sports Leagues and Fitness classes.

Summer Jobs

The Recreation Department offers summer sport camps in Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, and Cheerleading. A full list of dates, times and fees will be on our website April1. Online registration for Sports Camps begins April 7.

Applications online : Recreation- We are looking for a few good men and women 18 and over to join our All-Star summer staff. If you strong leadership skills and enthusiasm, go to the Recreation website in February to obtain an application. Interviews conducted in February and March, please submit completed applications to Hope Taylor-Scott at Park Maintenance- We are accepting applications for individuals 18 and over to work seasonal park maintenance from April-July. Interviews will be held in late February into early April. For details contact Jason O’Brien:

The HavaGood Times


Online Registration System Registering for classes lasses and programs is simple simple. Create or log onto your online account to view and register for upcoming programs. Use the registration system to: *Register yourself or family members for programs. *View additional program information not featured in the brochure. *Easy access to your family’s program schedules. *Better communication through text alerts and email.

Creating your account is fairly simple. Below are a few steps to assist you.

You may register anytime beginning Monday January 6 at 8:30am.

1. How do I create an account for my family? a. Go to our website b. Click the “Online Registration” button NEW! c. Click the “Create Account” button or “My Account” if Registration Prep you have n account already Prepare for registration by making a wish d. Fill out your information list of programs on our registration page e. Save your information and add the next family member until each member of the family has an account. that you intend on signing up for before 2. How do I register for activities? a. Log onto your account using Step 1 (a-c) b. Click “Activities” at the top of the page c. Browse by activity name, ages or categories 3. What if I forgot my account information? a. Use Step 1 (a-c) to get to our registration page b. If your password is incorrect or forgotten click “Forgotten” c. Enter your email address d. Your temporary password will be emailed to you. e. If you have any further questions please contact the office and we will be happy to help you at 610-446-9397.

the registration date. Make your wish list by searching activities and using the wishlist button. On the registration date log on to your account and click on wish list in the top right hand corner. You can then check out with all your programs faster than searching for them all over again.

Questions??? We’re here to help! For any questions on activties, program locations, registration or creating an account...

Call the Rec Department at 610-446-9397 *Only Twp. Residents can register the first 10 days.


The HavaGood Times


Haverford Township Day 2013

Thanking Our Teachers

Haverford H Haver av verrfford T Town Township own Recreation

Community Recreation & Environmental Center

Ideal venue for your next business training, seminar, team building or round table. contact Eileen Mottola for details

Winter/Spring 2014 Havagood Times  
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