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WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH THOSE INTERNS? Carol Ames The Haven Intern. n. an exotic, quixotic, paradoxical creature that invests it's time, lends it's ear, bares it's soul, and turns lights on and off. Just who are these creatures, and why do they perform their various dances (while paying the same fees as the participants), day after day, year after year? The interning process is an institution which dates back to The Haven's origins. It is integral to the whole philosophy of The Haven, and continues to form part of the backbone of the container in which each participant's individual discoveries are made. And it is the well-spring from which hundreds of people from all walks of life have found ways to deepen and integrate their learnings through facilitating the work of others. My own experience with interning began with my observations of the interns in the earliest courses I participated in at The Haven. I


particularly remember the moment when a senior intern in my Phase I received her Diploma in Counselling. Throughout the course I had judged her to be extremely skilled, compassionate, creative, professional and authentic. It seemed to me a good example of mastery, and the seed was sown. Four years later I joined the intern path myself. Over the next few years I interned courses on every vacation break I could carve out of my work in Vancouver. My life was enriched by each experience as I learned, under the expert tutelage of numerous leaders and assistants and the Director of Education Goann Peterson), how to nurture others in their own journeys. And I came face-to-face with "me" as I became more aware of my patterns and defenses and strengths in my relationships with others. Two years after receiving my Diploma in Counselling I am an assistant and occasional course leader. In either capacity I am privileged to continue The Haven tradition by working with newer interns. In this process I am beginning to more fully appreciate the skill, compassion, clarity and

ingenuity of the clinical supervision and mentorship provided through The Haven interning process. Interns receive guidance, honest feedback and support from an amazing variety of leaders and assistants. They have the opportunity to observe, practice, inquire, laugh and cry with folks who model solid understanding, integration and application of the founding principles of The Haven. With breath, contact, awareness and selfresponsibility each intern has the possibility of embracing life more fully, contributing to life in a meaningful way, and having some damn good laughs (usually at themselves) along the way.

When I think about interning, I think of philosophy, presence, integration, creativity, courage, relationship, insight and mastery. I think about hard work. And joy. And tears. And a life for which I am very grateful. If you've taken your interns for granted in the past, perhaps this will shed some light on what they offer. And if you thought about interning but haven't pursued it, think again!

The Quantum Laugh ...Shifting with Humour


"How do we break the trajectory of our lives and do something new?" - Sam Keen Humouc and its expression through /aughtec can facilitate shifts both at the menta/.tbelieflevel and at the physical/cellular level. The ability to 0ew life with humour allows us access to our energx insight and creativity. A measure of our depth and breadth as indMduals is our abihty to laugh at our situations, our world and ourselves. During this two-day course you Will explore, create, play and puzzle with what's funny and what isn'C and how you can experience more humouc joy and connection in your life and your relationships. This is not for the faint ofheart- be prepared to laugh out loud!

Leader: CAROL AMEs; MTC.: Dip.( BES Dates: November 1!Jh - 17"', 2002 & October 2:J'd - 2!Jh, 2003 Course Fee: $415 (2002); $445 (2003) Early Bird $415!


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