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FACILITIES MASTER PLAN The Discovery Phase|Appendix A


JUNE 2013

Dream Big Haven

The Haven - Existing Site Plan


Many thanks to Megan Walker, who volunteered her time and talent to put this report together.


Dream Big Haven

Dream Big was created as a mechanism to tap into the creativity of Haven stakeholders and to consult with as wide a group as possible. It offered an opportunity to plan The Haven as if none of the current buildings existed. It was an invitation to create a dream Haven in a context where the answer to any question was ‘Yes!’ It was offered in three formats. • As a workshop to be attended in person at The Haven. • Online as a virtual ‘game’ that anyone with access to the Haven web site could play. • On the wall of the lodge at The Haven. A magnetic board allowed guests and staff to create their plan and then email a photograph of it. As can be seen in this report, Dream Big was an exercise in engagement that enabled many to contribute. The data gathered, which can be found both summarized and in detail in this report, will be invaluable going forward into the next stage of the Masterplan.

Dream Big Haven Guest services Regist/ Lodge/ Dining/ Kitchen Rec/gym pool


Bodywork Rooms


Admin Laundry

Mtg/session rms.







Sess. Sess.

Guest rooms R R R R R R R R R R


Something new?













Service Yard


Instructions: As a team, cut out game pieces and arrange on the Haven property as though nothing existed yet. When you all have agreed, tape pieces down. Share your thinking with other teams This is a blank slate...for your imagination…DREAM BIG!

The Dream Big Game Board and Pieces

5 SUMMARY - Composite Diagrams To start the analysis of the feedback, all submitted (from the workshops, or emailed) “Dream Big” maps were traced and overlaid to create the following composite diagrams, produced for each category of use. These allow us to see common location ideas for each use. In the process, we carefully reviewed each Dream Big Map, so the big ideas, synergies between uses, and underlying principles are understood.


• Pieces include Registration, Pool/Rec/Gym, Lodge/Kitchen/Dining, and Gift Shop. • Most often centrally located. • Lodge/Kitchen/Dining, Gift Shop, and Registration usually clustered together. Some examples shift Registration closer to the entry. • Pool most often kept in current location. Other ideas include an ocean view, proximity to hot-tub, and closer to entry to facilitate community use.


• All examples retain the auditorium at the Phoenix location. Several suggestions of adding a foyer. Other suggestions include adding a bar, covered walkways connecting to other buildings or parking, more parking or a separate entry adjacent to Phoenix. • A diversity of ideas for locating session rooms. Common themes include retaining existing locations, separating session rooms from guest rooms, separating session rooms from each other, locating session rooms in forest, and locating session rooms for ocean views. Several examples remove Heron to shift back the lodge and parking.


There is a diversity of ideas for locating guest rooms. Common themes include: • locating more rooms adjacent to the ocean, • locating more rooms in the forest, • maintain current locations, • 2 story buildings, stacking residential rooms, or residential above other functions, • separate guest rooms from session rooms. • creating family or communal housing, • diversity in accommodation cost, from camping to luxury rooms. • adding camping or yurts, • dorm rooms or monthly rentals at Havenhaus or new property purchases, • diversity in room sizes, from luxury, to expandable/connectable sizes for families, to well-designed small rooms. • housing concentrated in a few larger building blocks. • housing dispersed in small detached buildings, often clustered.


• Bodywork rooms are usually shown clustered together. Some examples have 1-2 bodywork rooms in a separate location. • Often shown in proximity to a hot-tub, sauna, and/or meditation room. • Location ideas include: at the current hot-tub location; the northern most corner facing the ocean, at the current Swallow location, or clustered in the forest. • Opinions both for and against an ocean facing location.


• Support services include maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, administration and storage. • Some examples keep all support services together. Other examples kept various programs together, most often laundry + housekeeping, registration + administration, housekeeping/laundry + maintenance, Maintenance was usually paired with the service yard. • Common location ideas included: • Maintenance/storage/service yard out of sight of entry and main gathering areas, screened behind buildings. • In existing Swallow location. • Adjacent to Davis Road entrance, usually in conjunction with shifting public entry. • Off of the current site, either onto Havenhaus or newly purchased properties, or off-site all together (laundry). • Several examples stack administration on top of the lodge and/or registration.


• Moving parking from its current location is a very common theme, either shifted farther inland, or more commonly, moved to the edges of the site. The southeast corner is often suggested. Moving parking to adjacent properties is another common suggestion. • Other ideas include dispersing lots throughout the site, with short-term or handicap parking adjacent to the lodge, and other edge lots for long-term parking or parking for Phoenix. • Several ideas for relocating the main entry through properties along Malaspina Road (Havenhaus, Haven Lot, or via purchasing Lot 7) or adding a service entry. • Locations for the service yard, in conjunction with maintenance,are located along the edges of the site, often screened by buildings, tucked into the forest, or on an adjacent property.


The Dream Big game included several “blank” pieces to allow participants to suggest a new feature or element not currently on site or included as a game piece. • Many examples move parking out of the center of the site, and created a central open space, identified as a commons, strolling/flower/food gardens, constructed wetlands, courtyards, lawns, and/or sundecks. • South, east and west properties are suggested for purchase. • Other new ideas; • boat dock • Camping, yurts • clothing optional hot-tub. Sauna/steam room • playground or adventure play • media rooms • meditation rooms / yoga • staff room • kids room • gardens • library • covered walkways • labyrinth

12 STAFF WORKSHOP Staff members were asked to trial the Dream Big game in a staff training session. This allowed us to be sure that the Dream Big game worked and iron out any problems in advance. More importantly, it enabled us to capture the ideas and unique perspective offered by Haven staff.


Group 1 - Key Ideas • • • • • • • • •

Privacy for session rooms. Guest rooms away from session rooms. Guest rooms closer to water or in forest. Housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, and service yard in southeast corner. Keep these together. Parking along edges near entry. Boating dock. Pool near ocean. Bodywork work rooms near ocean. Add yurts to accommodation options.

13 GROUP 2

Group 2 - Key Ideas • Fewer buildings with more rooms; include communal living spaces. • New building with lodge (sitting room, games) and registration in current parking area, staff and administration rooms above. • Move parking to edge. • Maintenance and service yard in southeast corner. • Guest rooms in blocks, closer to water. • Move hot tub to rec/gym/pool area. • Bodywork rooms in forest. • Havenside as monthly rental.

14 GROUP 3

Group 3 - Key Ideas • • • • • • • •

Lodge/Kitchen/Dining/Registration building shifts inland. Includes a staff/kids room. Guest rooms in horseshoe clusters facing ocean. Administration, maintenance, storage, and service yard behind lodge. Session and guest rooms separated. Parking shifts to site edges Bodywork rooms in forest. Hot tub, sauna, steam room near pool. Boat dock.

15 GROUP 4

Group 4 - Key Ideas • Lodge, kitchen, dining, registration, administration building, shifted inland. • Separate guest rooms and session rooms. Session rooms clustered near auditorium. • Maintain guest rooms in current locations; add more waterfront rooms near Cormorant; rooms at Havenhaus. • Quiet room/yurt for yoga and contemplation in forest. • Bodywork rooms near yurt in forest, near relocated pool/ocean, and near cistern chapel. • Parking near Davis Rd. entry. • Support services behind lodge.


DREAM BIG WORKSHOP The centerpiece of the Dream Big project was the workshop which took place at The Haven on the afternoon of Saturday May 4. Approximately 30 people came, representing faculty, participants, board directors, the wider Gabriola community, staff, bodyworkers, interns and assistants. The four members of the Masterplanning Advisory Group were also in attendance. Not only did the groups provide the plans which follow, they also identified things that they would like to keep, let go and create as well as providing messages back to the Masterplanning core team and invaluable advice around how to know we are on track. It was a rich afternoon of learning and sharing information.


Group 1 - Key Ideas • • • • • • • • •

Open space as central feature; active/social buildings create frame. Guest rooms near ocean, include yurts. Bodywork, hot-tub, meditation room in a “spa cluster”. Storage and maintenance yard in southwest corner. Session rooms in forest, spaced for privacy, each with own outside space. Parking in southeast corner. Covered walkway from parking to central courtyard, through entry gardens. Play area adjacent to central open space. Include a media building.

17 GROUP 2

Group 2 - Key Ideas • Create adult only and family zones. • Include family housing, away from session rooms. • Close Davis Road entrance, make it a children’s adventure zone. Shift entrance to Havenhaus property. • 2 storey housing in current Swallow / Osprey location. Remove housing from Heron. • Session rooms near ocean - equality in access to view. • Bodywork rooms around hot tub, ocean front location. • Camping/yurts in forest. • Children’s’ play areas. • Parking dispersed, reoriented to new entry, some drop-off and handicap parking near registration. • New lodge location; deluxe rooms above. • Adult only, clothing optional hot-tub in forest. • Labyrinth in lawn area. • Reuse existing developed sites.

18 GROUP 3

Group 3 - Key Ideas • Locate pool, gym and hot tub for easy access by community. Potential for cost sharing. Access to parking and auditorium for privacy for rest of site. • Buy adjacent properties - shift some support elements (service yard, housekeeping, staff parking) there. • Consider utilizing off site laundry services. • New lodge / registration / administration building, shifted inland. • Parking near Davis Rd. entrance. • New building at Swallow location - bodywork below, view rooms above. • Housing clusters near ocean for views. • Separate housing and session rooms. • Session rooms separated from each other by other functions - intern room, library, storage. • Maintain old growth trees at Haven lot.

19 GROUP 4

Group 4 - Key Ideas • • • • • • •

Central organic gardens feature - for contemplation and connection. Bodywork moves to ocean front. More ocean front guest rooms. Purchasing adjacent properties for parking, support services. Separate session rooms and guest rooms. Shift main entrance to Havenhaus, along with registration and support services. Maintain old growth trees at Haven lot.

20 GROUP 5

Group 5 - Key Ideas • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Purchase Lot 1 (Western edge), Lot 7 and 9 (south and east edges). Close Davis Rd. entrance, shift to Lot 7. Add foyer and bar to auditorium. Central gardens feature, with constructed wetland. Gardens slope up to top of new, double sized lodge building, becoming green roof. Large deck area surrounding pool and lodge. New building in Swallow / Osprey location. Support functions below, housing above. Service road behind, to access lodge and bodywork buildings. Parking to edges,near entry and auditorium. Registration building as a gateway to the slope up roof garden. Dorms at Havenhaus. Media center with library and movies. Covered walkway between auditorium and media center. New session rooms in forest. New boat dock. Bodywork center facing ocean. Rooms above. Clothing optional hot-tub above. Elevators, ramps, or slides for access to/from second floors.


• Respect for cultural diversity. • Respect for nature/wildness - including water, peripheral forest. • Frugality. • Small footprint/sustainability/solar panels/veggie garden. • Gathering areas. • Non-residential (permanent). • Focus is about the work. • Programs generated this. • Ritual is working. • Gnome garden/playground/deck to see children from (whimsical playful bits that make smiles). • Welcoming to children. • “Weak” leadership - community layered/flexible/ democratic. • The idea - we care about this place. • Natural looking materials. • Space for amateur expression. • Space for inquiry and contemplation.


• Scarcity/utilitarian mentality. • Lack of attention to underpinnings - storage/service areas/laundries/refrigerators. • Car-central concept. • Dark, dim, foreboding spaces (at entry) & buildings. • Everything has to be done here - laundry/etc. • Letting go of the way it’s always been done. • The lodge/workshop as currently sited. • “Funky” appearance. • “Early 70’s hippy” style. • Able-bodied people only. • Hodge-podge patchwork - sidewalks/buildings. • The illusion that we are safe from rising sea levels. • Hierarchy in accommodation: rich/water - poor/shade. • Crucifixion area. • Every tree is precious.

CREATE • • • • • • • • • •

Sense of personal care/ownership. New place for cars. Pay more attention to detail/aesthetics. Ocean view. Welcoming entry. Sense of what happens here. The fact that we are on the water. Decks/stairs that are weather resistant. Investigate alternative materials. Entrance for Phoenix (from Malaspina?) (community -friendly) community-accessible - open. • Congruence around resources - lights - on. • More administration off-site (?). • Visible bodywork centre.

22 • • • • • • • • •

More food garden. Safety for children (playground, drives). Comprehensive green. Space for contemplation - inquiry. Inviting library. Group gathering spaces outdoors. More accessibility. Planned frugality and sustainability. 2 new Havens.

What important messages/information do you want the master planning team to take with us? • Look into the possibility of acquiring more property (zoning). • Must be driven by cost-benefit and costbenefit informs design life cycle and long term. • Environmental stewardship - long-term. • Accessibility is important - physical and financial $15 - $1500. • Please carry on with this process - continue getting input/feedback. • Stay with thinking big. • Make effort to include teens/youth. • Identify gaps - people who have been overlooked. • Have a climate change outlook - sea levels. • Explore partnership opportunities with community. • Stay true to the uniqueness of what Haven offers. • Check with regulatory bodies (VIHA) on green strategies. • Everyone is a resource - don’t be shy to ask. • It’s important that the buildings should be upgraded and maintained. • This is a possibility for great innovation - be sure to keep looking ahead - 10 years +. • There may be grant opportunities. • Keep the big picture in mind - serving the participants. • Keep whatever plan congruent with organizational values. • No existing building is sacred. • Involve community - seek input. • Have a meaningful design - aesthetic guidelines. • Develop communications/engagement plan with community. • Integrate branding - “Haven?”. • Preserve the history of the Haven. • Support health and wellness - good health practices.

How will we know that the master planning process is on track? • Are the revenues up - costs down participation up. • When all the stakeholders are represented. • By distilling clear guiding principles and sharing them. • When it gets noisy and messy. • Keep checking with each shareholder group. • Each step serves participants (in programs). • Reaching the largest group of participants possible. • People are excited and talking about it…and offering $$$. • Regular updates - process for the informing of process. • Clear statement of criteria for decisionmaking. • Clarify thinking around scenario development and seek input. • Clarity on intentions for master plan. • Ability to define a signature experience. • People on the island can say that they are proud of what’s being done at Haven. • Early community engagement - open house? • Plan for errors and delay - contingencies. • Plan for periodic updates of the master plan. • Monitor trends/macro-economic changes.

23 ON-LINE AND EMAIL FEEDBACK In order to ensure that those who were not able to come to The Haven could contribute to Dream Big, we created a version of the ‘game’ that was hosted on The Haven’s web site. Online contributors were able to go through the same process of creating their dream Haven and commenting on it as those who attended the workshop in person. In addition we received a number of submissions which came as simple emails. The invitation to participate was offered as widely as possible with no restrictions on age, geographical location or anything else.

EMAIL 1 - Key Ideas

• • • • •

I’ve seen the future, and it is in the forest! 2 new residential clusters in the forest, and a small ocean-view cluster where the cabin is now New session space (replacing Swallow rooms) where Thunderbird is now. Maintenance / laundry / housekeeping replace Osprey New lodge stages onto current Cormorant site. Public lounging space with outstanding view where lodge is now.

EMAIL 2 - Key Ideas

24 • Consolidate the forest accommodation, and build a reps/meditation forest session room in that area. Create two evening session rooms in the area for maintenance, that don’t share walls for evening sessions. • 3 new buildings across the front of the property, two of which are a combo of a session room with accommodation around the sides and back. In the center is the new dining, reception, gift shop, connected to the decks and patios hot tub area. • Have fewer, but larger buildings, and to have more session rooms that look out over the water, bringing people down to the water edge more. • Placing accommodation rooms around the back of the session spaces, like little pods. Then create spaces for evening sessions that are more distant from the accommodation, but as part of buildings that are quiet for the night, like maintenance laundry etc. using the work spaces to buffer the noise between session rooms. Accommodation rooms can be smaller as long as they are well designed, my experience is that a lot of the rooms are awkwardly laid out. • Push the parking lot to the side, make it longer and narrower, tucked in under the trees, expand the garden area at the center of the property. • Right now the center is a parking lot. Make it a more of a central area that draws people to it, with open sheltered areas for when it is raining, outside but covered, and then when people are alone to rest they go back to the edges of the property.

EMAIL 3 - Key Ideas

• Make the Haven a more pedestrian/child friendly place by routing the roads and parking areas to the perimeter of the property. • People arriving for events at the Phoenix would park in two new lots located near the Auditorium. Long term guests arriving for sessions or vacations would follow the perimeter road to a new Lodge, where they would register and then park their cars in parking lots at Haven Lot. • The former area of the parking lot would become the Haven Commons, the ceremonial heart of a revitalized Haven. I picture the Commons as a grassed open area surrounded by

25 shade trees with a Gazebo or similar feature at one end. The Gazebo would be the place where participants are welcomed to the Haven and given a brief orientation to the property. They would then go off to their programs in the three session buildings overlooking the Commons (Heron and two new session buildings). The Commons would also be an inviting place for participants to gather in nice weather, an alternative to the Lodge or the sundeck. • Move the Maintenance Building to the high ground at the edge of the property. Place the shop and warehouse on the top floor and a large cistern in the basement. I think the Haven needs this additional cistern because our water shortages had more to do with our insufficient capacity to capture and store water during the rainy seasons than to pump water from our wells. • Separate Residence Buildings from Session Buildings. This would allow vacationers and participant’s family members to relax in comfort and quiet while participants are doing their work. It would also enhance the privacy of participants doing deeply personal work. I think each of the residence buildings should have housekeeping facilities so that the Housekeepers don’t have to daily move equipment and laundry around the property. • Build Premium Residences for those guests willing to pay a little more for ocean views and four-star accommodations and a Camping Area for the budget conscious.

EMAIL 4 - Key Ideas

• 3 new media rooms to make Haven more connected with the world so it isn’t so isolated. • There is one big complex with everything you need and the lodge opens up onto a big area in front of the beach. There is just open field and benches for everyone. • The session rooms are on the other side of Phoenix auditorium for more privacy. • A "ring road" around the property and maximizing the green space use.

26 EMAIL 5 - Key Ideas

• Renovate the building with the tower/computer lab. Include two story residence housing, and get rid of the computer lab. • Eliminate half the parking. Build a new slim building alongside the walkway with the gift shop and registration / administration. Like it’s a tourist town, and these are great attractions to come to. • More parking to southeast corner of the lot. • Remodel the lodge. • Move the laundry to the maintenance/housekeeping Heron’s nest building. • Relocate the session rooms to a new building. • Create 3 session rooms, two on the SW corner of the lot and one at ?1

EMAIL 6 - Key Ideas (no drawing submitted) • More places to accommodate families - we have a large group with 7 people. It is very nice to have a kitchen space. Don’t need a full kitchen, Just a refrigerator and table and a few dishes so the kids can have cereal and toast before bed and a snack before 3 p.m. session. Maybe if more units could be arranged so that they connect if need be.

Rachel Davey <> To: "Megan Walker (" <>

Mon, May 20, 2013 at 10:26 AM


I know of one more that is on its way. I’ll get it to you as soon as I can. Thanks! Rachel   From: Scott Poole [] Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2013 11:17 AM To: Rachel Davey Cc: Bryan Croeni; Louise Amuir; Poole Scott Subject: Attachements Re: May 4 master Planning Session

EMAIL 7- Key Ideas

• Reconstruct the lodge in Heron Gmail - Dream Big Plans

1 of 3

5/20/2013 7:26 PM

• • • •

On 2013-05-19, at 11:12 AM, Scott Poole wrote: Pull parking from being so far into the site. Build a new lodge behind existing. Hi Rachel is gone. Heron Here are a couple" More “woods” and natural with some bigger chunks, and also more public on the water - one done a long time ago labelled "1". It's a partial thought of reconstructing the lodge in Heron. side. - the other labelled "3" is from this morning. It's an exploration at pulling parking from so far into the site and building a new lodge behind existing. Heron is gone. Other pieces domino in so that it winds up being more 'woods' and natural with some bigger chunks, and also more public on the • The ring road is kept for fire and clarity, and the chunks spin off around it. water side. The ring road is kept for fire and clarity, and the chunks spin off around it. There could be a couple of starting points... I'm kind of intrigued with some aspects of it.

The unsaid third is no change with buildings renovated / re-built where they are. I haven';t thought about it but it is also attractive.

All I can manage these days!! Hugs Scott


From: Martie Robinson [] Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2013 11:20 AM To: Rachel Davey Subject: Big Dream input

EMAIL 8- Key Ideas

• • • • 1 of 2

Bodywork area near water in northwest corner. 24 hour room and Reps Library, includes laundry Administration above lodge Housekeeping, maintenance with a service yard. 5/21/2013 10:48 AM

The Haven Big Dream Report 2013  

Feedback summary that served as the foundation for the Facilities Masterplan.

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