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FALL 2018




Our collection is more than just apparel, it’s a story. We’d love it if you could help us tell this story. After all, what’s a store other than an inspiring collection of clothes.





Wyldson :: created for our wild child. Free spirited, expressive, and most of all, comfortable! Wyldson knits cater to infants, walking babies all the way up to size 4. Our entire line is made with the active, growing boy in mind but many of our prints are gender neutral for all kiddies to love. Wyldson clothing, practical to keep moms happy, but doesn't lack style. Wyldson clothing reflects causes we hold close to our hearts. The majority of our prints focus on what inspires us most-nature and the world around us. 10% of proceeds support wildlife and endangered species. This fall season, our California based brand, Wyldson takes you on an adventure through nature. Protecting the planet for future generations inspires this adventure driven collection. Precious time with our littles and the playful nature of a child's imagination are woven throughout the collection. Soft knits with playful one-of-a-kind prints are the perfect playwear for our wild child. We use sustainable dyes and printing practices so you can feel good about our commitment to Mother Nature. Now get outside!



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We’d like to personally welcome you to our family of brands! We created HAVEN children because we’re passionate about using design and fashion to inspire future change makers to embrace their individuality and self-expression. Our model is simple: at HAVEN children, all of our apparel is hand made with love in Bali, Indonesia. Our factories are run by moms for moms who know the importance of teaching future generations the value of hard work and thoughtfulness in where we spend our time. We focus on quality and use sustainable fabrics and dyes to produce original prints sewn into garments that are fun to wear and eco-conscious. We believe we all have the power to make an impact so we commit 10% of every sale to charities which empower future generations to lead better lives. Whether improving access to education or partnering with organizations that take care of our environment, we stand by companies that do good in the world. Whether you are a mother or father buying for your children, or a shop owner curating garments for your business – we create an experience uniquely for you. Our clothes are made for the next generation of change.

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Meet our Founder + Designer Briana grew up on the beaches of sunny California but traveled to Bali many times as a child. She watched as her family built a successful apparel brand, manufactured by women for women. After graduating from UCSD with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and the birth of her daughter Haven, she was inspired to start a children's clothing line alongside her family's women's brand, also manufactured in Bali. Influenced by her California coastal lifestyle and her international travels she launched our signature brand - novelty, embellished apparel for the girliest of girls - Havengirl in 2002. In 2005, H a v e n g i r l w o n t h e p r e s t i g i o u s D a l l a s Fa s h i o n A w a r d , a n d h a s s i n c e been nominated for multiple Earnie Awards, winning one for the 4-6x division. Since then, Briana has expanded with two additional labels: Wyldson, comfy clothes for our wild sons inspired by nature prints as well as our tween label, Joyous and Free. Four kids and 15 yearslater, Briana still finds inspiration in her travels to Bali designing for parent company, H A V E N children.

Each season we take a journey, this season is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Follow us @havenchildren for the latest.


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Fall 2018 Wyldson Lookbook  
Fall 2018 Wyldson Lookbook