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Parents should always choose the right infant games. What happens at a very early age has implications on how the brain develops and determines the child's personality and character. You may not realize it but the kind of toys and games that your infant plays with can have a dramatic impact on his development. There are many things that babies need to learn. From 0 to 1 month old, newborns need to have their senses stimulated (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) so that they can develop. At that age, they also have a fuzzy vision and can only see 8 to 15 inches. To help them develop their senses, parents should hold and talk to their baby often. They can also pick infant games and toys that them can look and hear. For instance, baby rattles can help newborns focus their eyes and stimulate their sense of hearing. Parents usually do not realize the importance of such infant toys but they can actually help develop the baby's brain. Another example is baby mobiles. Parents usually think that they just help infants sleep. Actually baby mobiles are usually designed to stimulate the infant's hearing and sight and encourage him to reach for objects. You may not know but there are also stuffed animals designed to stimulate the baby's senses. From ages 1 month to 2 years old, babies learn to move their bodies. At this age, they begin crawling and may even begin walking. There are infant games that can help your baby just do that. For instance, play mats can help babies exercise, practice movements, reach for objects, etc. Push and pull toys are great infant toys that can teach how to walk and develop coordination and movement. Babies also need to develop problem solving skills. You may wonder which infant games can do that? Building blocks can help babies develop not only motor skills but also problem solving skills. Another example is sorting and stacking toys. They can also help babies recognize shapes, sizes and colors and develop problem solving skills. Finally, babies also need to learn to listen and talk. Did you know that by the age of 3 babies already know and understand upwards of 50 words? There are many infant games and toys that can help babies expand their vocabulary and learn how to talk. For instance, there are baby books that play rhymes and have interactive text. These baby books can help babies memorize new words!

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