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Roof Garden & Planter Box Drainage Remove excess water, while passively irrigating. The Atlantis® Drainage Cell is an ideal structural and lightweight system designed for Planter Box and Roof Garden applications.

Atlantis® Drainage Cell installed into planter box.

Atlantis® Drainage Cell features unique cups that provide passive irrigation.

The Atlantis® Drainage Cell allows optimal growing conditions for vegetation through ideal moisture conditions and aeration. Only excess water is removed and the soil profile retains a high moisture content. In addition the Atlantis® Drainage Cell features water storage cups used for passive irrigation and due to the structural design of the cell, a void space is created, providing aeration and promoting growth for root systems. The Atlantis® Drainage Cell will also function as a protective membrane for waterproofing on concrete slabs, walls and provide ventilation for concrete slabs, alleviating heat induced stress and cracking.

Benefits... • Efficient Drainage Efficiently removes only excess water.

Free Draining Material

Geotextile Atlantis® Drainage Cell

Geotextile Waterproof Membrane

• Ideal Growing Conditions Perched water is retained, ensuring ideal moisture conditions are maintained. • Stores Water Atlantis Drainage Cell features unique cups for water storage. • Strong Structure Atlantis® Drainage Cell can support heavy loads in excess of 100 t/m2. • Quick & Simple Installation Atlantis® Drainage Cells are quickly butted together.

1. Laying Atlantis® Drainage Cell.

2. Covering Atlantis® Drainage Cell with hydrophilic geotextile, allowing a good overlap on the sides, held with tape, then laid with a minimum of 50mm of clean river sand.

3. Lay permeable soil mix to desired depth, then plant and mulch as required.


Product Name

Size in mm


30mm Drainage Cell (supplied in 1.22m x 1.22m panels)

(W)405 x (L)607 x (T)30


52mm Drainage Cell (supplied in 1m² panels)

(W)260 x (L)480 x (T)52


Matrix® tank module (Other sizes available)

(W)408 x (L)685 x (H)450 (W) Width, (L) Length, (T) Thickness, (H) Height


1. Compressive strength tests were conducted at the University of Technology, Sydney under controlled conditions. Safety factors should be employed to these results as actual site conditions may effect real compressive strength values. 2. Atlantis® Matrix® tank modules are manufactured using recycled products, Atlantis recommends a structural capacity incorporating a minimum safety factor of 2 to allow for variation in recycled plastic batches. 3. Loading at yield from 160kN/m² to 200kN/m². Safety factors apply depending on application. For more information, please consult Atlantis Water Management. Note: Atlantis® products are manufactured from high quality recycled materials, carefully selected and under strict quality control procedures. The strength could vary slightly due to raw material, country of manufacture, manufacturing process and external conditions. Safety Factors: Engineers, designers and geotechnical engineers should design and calculate safety factors to a serviceable limited state to suit specific project. In case of doubt, consult your nearest distributor or Atlantis repersentative. Disclaimer: All information provided in this publication is correct to the best knowledge of the company and is given out in good faith. This information is intended only as a general guide, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors, omissions or incorrect assumption. As each project is unique, and as Rebirth Pty Ltd, Atlantis Water Management, Atlantis Corporation Pty Ltd and its distributors and agents world wide have no direct control over the methods employed by the user in specifying, installing or supervising of its products hence no responsibility is accepted by Rebirth Pty Ltd, Atlantis Water Management, Atlantis Corporation Pty Ltd and its distributors and agents world wide. Users should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the product for their purpose.

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All product designs, and specification are subject to change without further notice. All Atlantis products are tested in approved NATA laboratories, and safe allowed tolerances should be practised in the actual field, to compensate for any unforseen situations, onsite and on products. All material contained within this brochure is subject to copyright, and belongs to Rebirth Pty Ltd Australia. No part of this brochure may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of Rebirth Pty Ltd. Australia, Atlantis Water Management, Atlantis Corporation Pty Ltd. Copyright @ 2004 by Rebirth Pty Ltd. Australia, Atlantis Water Management, Atlantis Corporation Pty Ltd. Australia. ®

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