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01 NEVER ENOUGH Print design / Poster / 2010

I designed this work to be the cover of my portfolio. I use the image of the sky to symbolize that there are still a lot of room for improvement, because the sky is boundless and none of us can see the whole sky.


CLASSICAL MUSIC Print design / Poster / 2007

Classical music has a glorious history. By using the old texture and modern text I display a style, which is a combination of ancient and modern things. The silhouette of violin is the focus of the image.


Print design / DM / 2008

The style of north European always makes us feel simple and transparent. I brought this style into this furniture DM.





THE STATES OF READING Print design / postcard / 2008

There are three states while we are reading, quietness, meditation, and maturity. These are the postcards that design for the library. The shape of the postcards is that of a leaf that symbolizes that reading books is just like cultivating trees.


Digital graphic design / 2007

Time passes by extremely fast, and it is beyond our imagination. In other words, we are prone to ignore the existence of time, and regret for the time passed. Actually, it is always too late when we find out that time has passed.



Print design / Brochure&Poster / 2011

Displaying a movement on the still picture is the main concept of this poster.


Digital graphic design / 2009

In these series of work I want to convey that throughout modernization the society became so indifferent and chaotic. Worsen still, technology devices have replaced a lot of functions in our life, and everyone works for profit.


Print design / poster / 2010

It is hard to define what is ugly and what is beautiful. Although these flowers seem to be beautiful, it is made of garbage. Therefore, we can not judge a person by his appearance.



Print design / poster / 2010

Design is a tiny notion. We must think carefully before doing everything. That can make our life simple and space.

Information Counter


Toilet (Men)


Beware of muscle strained

Toilet (Women)


No Entry

Dressing Room (Men)

Dressing Room (Women)


Environment sign design / 2010

These are a series of environment signs designed for the Taipei Jhong Jheng sports center. I chose the towel as the element of the signs, because towel is the object that everyone will carry while they are exercising.



Pattern design / color paper / 2010

Childhood is the happiest time in our life. I used the things that we like when we were kids to create four patterns as color papers. These color papers make all things cheerful.

12 UNREAL VICTORY Computer graphic / 2008

Sometimes win or lose is not apparent. We gain something, and we must lose something.

13 MY LIFE IS COLORFUL Computer graphic / 2008

My life is colorful, because I have a lot of good friends. Friends always make us happy, and share all things together.


I LOVE NEW YORK Logo / 2011

Use the sexual symbol to represent love. Besides, love is no discrimination of the same gender especially in New York.



Photography / 2008

The impressive appearance of the bright red door has faded and rusted. It still functions respectfully although it looks so ruined.


RELATIONSHIP Photography / 2009

In this photo I used the calligraphy as the pattern on model s dress, and used the rice paper to make the cloth. Moreover, red is the color that has strong feeling of Chinese style. In the end, I put the status in the scene that can interact with model.


SECRET BEHIND THE DOOR Illustration / colored pencil/ 2008

What is the secret behind the door? Secret is something that we do not want others to know. Therefore, close the door, and let everything restore.


Video / 1min. 39sec. / 2008

This is a music video, describing a story that a girl wants to find out the memory that has been forgotten for a long time. Therefore, in this video I overlaid different images to bring out the feeling of fantasy. Finally, she sat on the swing, and remembered the boy that she first met on the seaside. .


ORGAN VENDING MACHINE Animation / 2min.13sec. / 2009

We are always not satisfied with our appearance, and therefore plastic surgery is popular nowadays. Organ vending machine is from the idea of plastic surgery, and it enables everyone to choose their organ randomly. However, they do not know that the organs in this machine are recycled. In other words, they choose the organs that others have abandoned.

20 THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION Animation / 1min.02sec. / 2010

This video describes that human beings are destroying our natural environment. Just like the theory of evolution, maybe human being is the only species that can survive. .

fungchengwen's portfolio(english version)  

I am a graphic design student. This is the english version of my portfolio.

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