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If you’ve been out and about frequenting some of our fine drinking establishments in the past couple week’s chances are you might have seen the Bar Fly’s newest team member and sales person Chantel Day! Chantel recently joined the Bar Fly family as our sales person and we thought it would be nice to officially introduce her to you. Chantel’s been a Lake Havasu resident for 2 years now. She moved here with her Husband David and her 3 Children from Kelso, Washington. Chantel and her husband operate 2 local family businesses and she’s TV 45’s newest Weather Lady! Chantel is a real go getter and is very driven and enthusiastic in her ventures. In her “free” time Chantel is an avid nonfiction reader and a student of the arts. She loves dancing, music, writing and yoga. She has a passion for the “stars” in both astronomy and astrology. In addition to being a Wife, Mom, Weather Lady and now, a Bar Fly, Chantel takes classes in metaphysics, holistic healing and psychic development. Chantel has many good qualities but one

that really impresses us is her ambition to continue to learn and grow as a person. So if you’re thinking “I need to advertise in that Bar Fly”, give Chantel a call! She’ll set up an advertising plan suitable for your business needs but won’t waste your time or money. Then tune in to TV 45 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30pm for Chantel’s weather report! Welcome to the Havasu Bar Fly Chantel, we’re thrilled to have you on board!

the dark from Maddogs to Chuy’s that was a task! “Bike to Bars” is an informal event held each year in the fall where hundreds of Havasu’s most balanced bar fly’s ride their bikes all over Havasu stopping at various bars to socialize and rehydrate. This year’s event was held Friday October 8th just a couple weeks ago. The festivities began at BJ’s at 7pm and headed “down hill” from there – so to speak! We talked to local flies Amanda Haneline & Austin Ziemann who both participated in this year’s event. We asked them for their perspective on how the event went and some tips to pass on to those thinking of participating next year. Here is what they had to say: “We have never done it (Bike to Bars) before. We will soooo do it again, except next year we are training before hand. Our legs burned from the intense work out the next day. Do make sure you have a working bike, Austin didn’t. Also make sure you have a comfortable seat or your asking for trouble! Definitely bring water and try to stay with your group or you’ll end up like us starting with 20 and ending with 3! We went to every bar and didn’t skip one. We recommend getting to the bar first to get your drink or you’ll never get one. We ate at McKee’s; burger, fries and chicken and of course, “Shock Top” to wash it down. The best and worst part of the ride was riding blind in

A fun part is rolling out with everyone when the whistle to go would blow. Another cool thing was meeting a lot of new interesting people who over all had no drama and were in it for a good time. Plus it was cool to see all the different bikes. We can’t wait till next year!” Thanks a lot Amanda and Austin for sharing your experience with us. Sounds like a good time and a great excuse to blow the dust off the ‘ole bike after a long hot summer. We look forward to the next Bike to Bars event.

The Havasu Bar Fly - Issue 9  
The Havasu Bar Fly - Issue 9  

102210 Issue #9