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A THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN JANUARY, Brian b, guitarist and singer for the local Havasu band “Different Circle” is sitting at the new Bar Fly offices and is calling himself out. “I always described my guitar playing as, still learning.” This guitarist is perhaps laying it on a bit thick. The fact is while he may not consider himself much of a player, Brian b and his partner Mark (seated to his right this day) do hold down one of the better bands in Havasu. Furthermore, in a time of loops, ipods, itouches and “one man bands”, it is refreshing to see and hear these guys play “for real”! All of which indicates that, while Mark and Brian may not be burning up the “Havasu music bar scene” they’ve apparently mastered a considerably more difficult and elusive technique - the art of showmanship. One aspect of the band that is rather incredible is “Different Circle” back story. Their tale is ofttold one, and rightfully so. It begins with Brian b at a music store looking to join a band. He responds to an advertisement Mark had posted. The duo quickly formed “Honeymoon Stytch” which they played under for two years. “Honeymoon Stytch” produced two studio albums, made a few television appearances, one am radio live interview, won 1st place in battle of bands in Laughlin, played live in three states and produced a couple videos before sadly deciding to go their separate way.

Fast forward to the summer of 2009 fate would seem to intervene again. While jamming in their buddy’s garage Brian b and Mark would rekindle their musical relationship to reunite and form “Different Circle”. The rest they say is history. Both Brian b and Mark are primed to keep pushing forward. It’s their strong work ethic and devotion to the music that continues to drive them even since their early days, “Mark and I know we will never play perfect, but we will still always try” Brian exudes! In their wide ranging interview with us, Brian b spent considerable amount of time reflecting on the old days of the “Havasu music bar scene” and discussed their unusual approach to playing “covers”. If you ever get a chance, check out “Different Circle”, one of the best acoustic bands in town, you won’t be disappointed.

We’d like to introduce Delisha Perry a 23 year resident of Lake Havasu as this issue’s Top Barkeep! Delisha is an amazing bartender. She’s in the “taking care of people business” and she get’s an A+ from her customers and friends! Delisha was nominated by her friends down at the Eagles for our Top Barkeep section. She’s also a good friend of the Bar Fly’s! Delisha started bartending for Hyme at Chili Charlies 9 years ago. She currently spends her time taking care of the folks down at the Eagle’s Aerie 4299 as well as Fox’s down on the Parker Strip. Delisha makes a mean mudslide though she has to admit she’s not always fond of making them. (haha) She’s famous for her quickness and having your drink ready before you sit down. Delisha says her pet peeve is when people scream her name across the bar waiving their hands calling for a drink like they’re school children! (lol) Delisha enjoys spending time with her daughter Jade and her family in her free time. Delisha is not only a great bartender but mother and friend as well! If you happen to catch Delisha not working, she’s a beer and wine girl. Buy her a cold one and tell her you saw her in the Bar Fly! Congrats Delisha!

The Havasu Bar Fly - Issue 15  

Issue 15 012111

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