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WELCOME TO YOURSALABY.COM Salaby is a digital teaching and learning universe covering all primary school subjects. It contains more than 1000 learning-objects, and has been developed in cooperation with Norwegian teachers and other skilled professionals. Salaby is an abundant universe where pupils will discover the joy of learning. All content is easily accessible and suited to both interactive whiteboards and to individual work on a computer. This makes Salaby an ideal teaching aid both for classroom work and individualised tuition. Since it’s launch in 2010, this licensed product has proven to be a huge success and today it covers approximately 50 % of the Norwegian target market. Slovenia has already bought Salaby and several other European countries have shown interest. At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011, Salaby received Best European Schoolbook Award for best digital product.

Choosing which level is easy on Salaby’s front page.

CIRCUS, ages 4-5 In the world’s best circus pupils are introduced to the basic concepts they’ll meet on their way to learning reading, writing, arithmetic and English. Circus director Salami guides the pupils through the various exercises and tasks. There are also worksheets for all of the exercises in the circus. At the same time the pupils get to know the children who live in Salaby and their role better. On Bella’s board you’ll find animations of short poems, songs and texts for reading at three levels for differentiated tuition. The Circus is open and accessible throughout the whole school year; it’s easy to access and navigation is simple.







Introducing science in the Circus.

Example from language training. Placing the characters.

The Circus director introduces each theme.

The Circus Salaby app is suited to 5-8-year-olds who want to practice basic skills at home. Or just have fun!

SCHOOL ROAD, ages 6-8 In The School Road Norwegian, mathematics, English and science & social studies are each represented with a distinctive house. Here you’ll find Salto, Rose, Emre and Sara. The children create a lively framework around simple and amusing exercises that cover basic skills learned in the first two years of Primary school. In the Norwegian House you’ll find, amongst other things, a large ABC with more than 300 texts and exercises for initial learning of reading and writing. All exercises have auditory support and visual feedback. Each subject has a defined learning path with a teaching plan for the different subjects. This makes it easier for teachers to prepare teaching with Salaby.

Each subject is organised thematically, and all content is allied to the competence aims of the curriculum.

In learning the alphabet you’ll find various games and exercises for each letter.

CITY PARK, ages 8-10 The City Park is in the heart of Salaby. This is where the characters Suzy, George, Sally, Herman and Terry the shark hang out. These characters form the framework around the subjects for years 3–4 of Primary school. In the City Park there are more numerous and greater challenges, but most of the games and exercises still give both auditory and visual feedback. All subject-related matter such as films, reading-texts and animations have exercises and tests that make putting together a teaching plan a simple matter. Religious and ethical education, arts & crafts, music, food & health and physical education are compiled for ages 6–10 and are available from both School Road and City Park. Here you will find an abundance of valuable educational material, including films, videos, songs and workshops that can be used for interdisciplinary work.

Each subject is organised thematically.This makes it easy to use Salaby with all types of textbooks.

In science & social studies you’ll find films, with texts adapted to the target group and with narration adjustable to any language.

Subject material allows for differentiated tuition, containing both text for reading, and button controls.

First language and language support In the autumn of 2012, Salaby First language and language support will be launched. First language will be available in Tamil, Polish and Somali. First language in Salaby is a basic language teaching resource where pupils receive letter and writing training in addition to reading exercises in simple texts in their first language. The pupils can also watch films, listen to music, read original fiction, play games and do exercises both on the internet and on paper.

First language

First language

Language support in Salaby is offered in Urdu, Arabic, Polish, Kurdish and Somali. This will be a resource for minority language pupils undergoing normal Norwegian training but who have need for language support in their first language. In parts of the content where the language is challenging, Salaby includes visual and audio language support as well as concept explanations.

Language support

Language support

Salaby and the Podium CMS Salaby runs on the Podium Content Management System (Podium CMS). Podium CMS gives you, as an educational publisher the ability to create and manage the best possible media-rich learning website. Key features of Salaby in the Podium CMS • Simple, visual navigation allows children to explore the web site • Pedagogical notions like curriculum and learning paths are integrated into the site • Support for minority languages allows students with different backgrounds to work with Salaby • Extensive customization support • Translation and import support makes it easy to use Salaby content in different languages • No need for installation, just log in and start working • Comes set-up with Salaby content

Working with content The Podium CMS facilitates complex learning objects work, while still enabling editors and non-technical staff to edit and manage content. For more information about the platform, visit

Front-end view and Podium CMS view.

For more information, please contact: HĂĽvard Rye Telephone: 0047 22034316 Mail:

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A description of Salaby in english.