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Haute Issue #27

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Once Upon a Dream by Kate Jarosinska Shades of Summer Photographed by THILINI GAMALATH ASTRAY Photographed by Jason Bassett Designer Review Tamora Lee Acessories Magnolia Photographed by Claire Harrison A PIECE OF CHIC : Présentation Tommy Hubert *Paris Le Sacre du Prentemps Photographed by Charles Henry Pepper Moon photographed by Ausra Osipaviciute Vos pensées … J’adore Photographed by Tony Brintzenhoff The Art of Denial Photographed by Rossella Vanon

Cover By: Ausra Osipaviciute

I Waited for You Amidst the Snowy Hilltops As you Rose from Darkness In Your Gaudy Exquisiteness The Bereavement of My Old Form Scampered with the LIGHT Like the Bats Rousing In their Caves Swirling Like a Cyclone Inside My Eyes Butterfly Monsoons Trickle from My lips On Ordinary Days To Entertain The Guests That let Themselves in For TEA We Waltz Together Like a Mirage Burning Like Incense Into the Universal Dust Escaping from Each LIFE Forgive me for Having to SLEEP On Dark Nights I Set the Monkeys Free From their Temples So that the Doors Can Stay Open To Quench their Thirst In an Asylum Of Obvious Mysteries

CONTRIBUTORS THILINI GAMALATH lives in Italy since she was two. She studied Fashion and Costume at the university and she fell in love with photography thanks to Barthes' Camera Lucida. She believes that everything around us is constantly source of inspiration, we just have to learn how to see.

VIOLA SARTORETTO lives and works in Rome. She is an actress and she studies at EUTHECA theatre's academy. Despite her young age she have already worked with great film directors such as Giuliano Montaldo and Adriana Innocenti. Her performance is touching and intense, she knows how to voice an emotion.

ALICE NICOLETTI lives and works in London. She studied Fashion Comunication at Milan's IED academy. She is an eclectic artist. Alice is a stylist, a make-up artist and an art director, as well. She employed her skills in the video Past Dreams for the presentation of Stefania Baldi's last collection.

CLAIRE HARRISON has observed the world with a creative eye since a young age. Born to artistic parents, Claire has developed her natural talents, and has realised a flare for capturing a balanced image Through her school years Claire became more fascinated with the beauty of light and composition, and capturing this through an art-form. This love flourished when she studied Photography and achieved Degree Honours at the prestigious Surrey Institute of Art & Design University. Since graduating Claire has assisted many great and established photographers, and has learned how to delicately use light to shape an object. Along the way, she has adapted these skills into her own unique flare to capture lighting, movement and expression in a still image.

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Couture de cheveux

At Couture Hair Bar we create a novel client experience focused on an intimate and exclusive environment, where the emphasis is on the guest and their highly customized couture style. From the moment you enter the salon you should feel confidant that our highly trained and talented staff can individualize the perfect custom look for you. After a consultation one of our service providers will use their skill, knoweledge and creativity to create a look that will make you leave feeling refreshed, beautiful and Couture. Knowledge + Experience + Expertise = Couture Hair Bar

Once Upon a Dream By Kate Jarosinska

Alberta Ferreti’s designs have always been very philosophical and romantic. From socialites to celebrities, powerfully feminine women have waltzed their way into ballrooms, art shows and cocktail parties to turn heads and drop jaws in an awe inspiring and dreamy panorama, quite frankly-straight out of a Great Gatsby scene. Ferretti’s ability to infuse modernity and eroticism into her classy and delicate vision, has set her at the forefront, of not just Italy’s fashion scene, but of an entire feminine revolution in an age of aggression, masculinity and struggle. After the widely acclaimed success of her limited edition collection opening the 79° edition of Pitti Immagine last January, the brilliant designer, known for her spectacular drapery techniques and twisting details, presented another limited edition line to compliment her Pre-Fall 2012 collection. The capsule demi couture line, showcased at the Milan headquarters, was presented by new international fashion icons. The young women, from actresses and models to bloggers and socialites, brilliantly illuminated the carpet in a true beauty and contemporary style to give rise to a gracefully romantic and elegantly dreamy show. The presentation, which took place in three separate rooms, welcomed a meaningful exquisiteness and delicate splendor accessible only to the romantics and dreamers. Her collection of mink coats and capes, ball gowns, cocktail dresses and head caps debuted in a pallet of antique white and brass, blanched almond, champagne, grays, pale gold and vanilla beige along with some sharp hints of black and old rose. The hauntingly beautiful piano music accompanied the legion of stunning women wearing subtly layered looks of proficient tailoring and expert detail. Ferretti’s vision incorporated silver nuances, transparent pearl and beaded embroideries as well as sophisticated pelisses and virtuosic capes. Chantelilly lace was strategically braided into the styles to peek out of cuffs and hems. The ethereal shimmer concentrated on jeweled collars, while rhinestone beaded dresses sparkled magically from under the grey mink coats. The sheer material on the floor length gowns was complimented by the sharp drapery exuding bare arms and open backs. The magnificence of the hand beaded gauzes concentrated itself throughout the silk while being complimented with delicate waist ties and paired flapper-style with embroidered head caps. The collection was full of various lengths such as floor length gowns, just above the knee dresses and knee length coats displaying a refreshing diversity and a subtle layered look. The attendance at the couture ceremony included a slew of wealthy Italian names and socialites seated on ivory chairs, while the catwalk welcomed the singer and model Solange Knowles, British fashion editor Julia Sarr Jamois, Indian singer and actress Kanika Kapoor and French actress Nais Demoustier. Ferretti, whose designs creep perfectly into the cocktail crowd, opened the night up into a wonderland of femininity, delicacy and delightful elegance.

Borbonese fur coat, Born In Berlin pants, American Apparel bra Opposite Page: H&M shoes, Dior Couture silk blouse, stockings and scarfs stilist'own

Shades of Summer


Borbonese vintage silk blouse, Valentino Red Label fur skirt

MAX MARA coat, Zara shoes, blouse and stockings stylist'own


Photographer: Jason Bassett Model: Swan Designer: Eva Danielle Makeup Artist: Julie Riezenman Assistant: William Beauplant

Tamora Lee

a stylists/jewelry designer from NY who designs are all about create hot new accessories that are chic and fashionable. Most of the accessories are eco friendly and are made from recycled material. Tamora Lee love catering to that accessory lover in you. We use leathers, metal, crystal, silver, brass, semi-precious stones and non traditional materials. IN most of our description you will learn about historical info on the natural stones , its history and use throughout many cultures

Tamora Lee Accessories was created with the sole purpose of providing fashionistas with the hottest and latest accessories in the fashion industry. We are constantly working to provide the latest accessories trends at the most competitive prices. We also collaborate with artists to create unique innovative design for the fall 2012 we are collaborating with an artists in creating 3d art on our new cuffs. Our accessories range from basic to high fashion. Among our accessories you can find a variety of accessories suitable for every occasion to fit all types of fashionistas. Tamora Lee accessories are very eco friendly working with non traditional and recycled materials which includes gemstones, leather, brass, silver, gold filled, feathers, beads, crystal, semi precious and suede in an array of colors and styles. We have cuffs, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and hair accessories. Our goal at Tamora Lee is to make Eco- friendly jewelry as beautiful as it can be. We are passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable online accessories boutique. Tamora Lee mission focuses on three important facets: Providing Quality- Tamora Lee offers the highest quality accessories originating from United States and harvested using socially responsible practices working with other indie jewelry designers, artists and supplier Fostering Change- Tamora Lee provides education about the are materials as well as social and environmental issues affecting the jewelry industry and identifies ways to help. Promoting Growth Tamora Lee supports independent designers and suppliers in the United states ravaged by the global trade by buying our supplies in the US and a share of our profits goes to support. Independent artist in the United states. Our Values at Tamora Lee are that high quality or luxury goods need not come at great human, artistic or environmental cost. Tamora Lee donates 5% of their profits to help art organizations who offer resources and support to students and aspiring designers . They strive to create a long-term and sustainable approach to community development. They believe in promoting socially responsible business practices that respect independent artist, US suppliers and the environment. Commitment To Clarity

Tamora Lee ensure that every single gemstone is mined, cut, and finished in a socially and environmentally Commitment to Sustainability Tamora Lee is focused on promoting sustainable practices by using high quality recycled/renewed metals leather and fabrics that originated from secondary sources. Commitment To Quality Tamora Lee ensures that all of our accessories is made from superior materials and craftsmanship to make sure we have satisfied customers.We never compromise on quality. Commitment To Service Tamora Lee provides great personalized service online and remains dedicated to understanding its customers needs. We want our accessories to be a reflection of each individual customers providing them with a shopping experience not just a purchase. Commitment To Community As part of our mission to promote ad educate indie artists and US suppliers, we work in partnership with art organizations, chamber of commerce and small business administration to promote awareness about copyrights,trademark, trade, import/export, labor, mining, marketing issues as well as environmental concerns in the industry. We also dedicate 5% of our profits to directly benefit local Art communities.

Tamora Lee Online Accessories can be found on the following sites

MAGNOLIA Photography: Claire Harrison Concept & Styling: Adelaide Turnbull Hair & Make up: Dina Catchpole @ Soho Management Model: Antonia Boshop @ Storm Photographers Assistant: Sophie Di Martino

A PIECE OF CHIC : Présentation

A PIECE OF CHIC © est une jeune marque lyonnaise de foulards en soie créée par Sébastien Chirpaz en 2011. Capitalisant sur le patrimoine industriel et culturel de la région (Lyon est la capitale de la soie depuis la renaissance), il s’est lancé le défi de refaire porter le foulard en soie aux hommes et aux femmes, tel qu’il était porté dans les années 40, 50 et 60, avec élégance. Pas question de simplement s’enrouler négligemment dans les étoffes de soie proposées. Les foulards A PIECE OF CHIC se nouent avec coquetterie! A PIECE OF CHIC © is a young brand of Lyon silk scarves created by Sebastian Chirpaz in 2011. Capitalizing on the industrial and cultural heritage of the region (Lyon is the capital of silk since the Renaissance), it is challenged to re-wear the silk scarf for men and women, as it was worn in the 40, 50 and 60, with elegance. No question of simply wrap loosely in silk available. A PIECE OF scarves are tied coquettishly CHIC!

La première collection « Chapitre I » propose 3 formats de foulards uniquement disponibles en Twill de soie, l’étoffe de soie la plus noble : des carrés de 50x50cm, des carrés de 70x70cm et des écharpes tubulaires de 140x15cm directement inspirées de celles que portaient nos grands pères. C’est d’ailleurs en revisitant ce dernier format pour l’homme et la femme que la marque s’est faite remarquer. Un format qui remplacera la cravate chez l’homme et qui sera porté à la taille, autour du cou ou même autour de la tête chez la femme. The first collection, "Chapter I "Offers three formats only available in twill scarves silk, the silk the noblest: the squares of 50x50cm, 70x70cm squares and scarves tubular 140x15cm directly inspired by those worn by our grandfathers. This is also revisiting the latter format for man and woman that has made the ​​ brand said. A format that will replace the tie in humans and that will be worn at the waist, around the neck or even around the head in women.

16 rue Saint-Marc 75002 Paris 06 71 37 91 20

Dress - Charles Henry Earrings - Courtesan Studio Bangles - Mellina & Company Ring - Melanie Auld Designs HeadPiece - Stylist's Own Shoes - Walter Steiger

Dress - Rebecca Taylor Necklace & Bracelet - Christian B & Maria Shoes - Walter Steiger Headpiece - Stylist's Own

Dress & Shoes - BCBG Max Azria Bracelet & Headpiece - Stylist' Own

Top, Skirt, Belt - Jewel by Lisa Ring - La Petite Princesse Bangles - Mellina & Company

Top & Bottom - Sachin & Babi Left hand- Rebekah Price Ring, Meghna Designs Cuff Right hand- Rebekah Price Bracelet, Daniel Espinosa Ring Cuff - Meghna Designs Shoes - Walter Steiger




Model: Karole Azza Fashion design: Milda Cergelyte (mimi.c) Make up and Hair: Giedre Jarockaite Photo: Ausra Osipaviciute ( Taken at PIX studio (

Vos pensées … J'adore

Photographer: Tony Brintzenhoff Photo Editor: Drea Hull Wardrobe Stylist: Drea Hull Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Heather Weisman

Black Lace Bralette Stylists Own Stacked Bangles Stylists own

Leather and Mesh Bomber Jacket Jeffery Parish at JUNC Boutique White Tank Forever 21 Spike Earrings Stylists ownStacked Bangles Stylists own Teal Leather Bangle Coach

Chiffon Oxford Blouse Voyer Vintage Fur Vest Stylist own Floral Bra GAP Cut-Off Shorts Stylists own Ribbed Fishnet Tights Stylists own Yellow Dr. Martin Boots Stylists own Stacked Bangles Stylists own Teal Leather Bangle Coach

Leather and Mesh Bomber Jacket Jeffery Parish at JUNC Boutique White Tank Forever 21 Spike Earrings Stylists ownStacked Bangles Stylists own Teal Leather Bangle Coach Lace Tap Pants Stylists own Cage Shoes Stylists own

The Art of Denial Photography: Rossella Vanon, Wardrobe Styling: Debora Torres, Model: Eleanor Cooper @Gingersnap Make-up: Katie Wilton, Hair Styling: Natalie Guest, Set design: Sinead Phillips and Rossella Vanon Photography, Assistance: Eve Bow

Haute Magazine Issue #27  
Haute Magazine Issue #27  

Haute Magazine issue #27