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In This Issue Issue #23

1940- by Kenneth Wong Designer Interview- April77 Change and Chains- by Tino Oac QURO STUDIOS presents FREEDOM

Bound to Fashion- a DIY project Entrapment- by T. LA’NIECE Warsaw, Europe’s Next Paris? Jobsite- by Michael Morrison Kaleidoscope- by Raul Romo Designer Interview- Serum vs. Venom Bohemian Rhapsody- by Mark Vargas Sea-escape- by Claire Harrison

Cover by Michael Morrison

One-of-a-kind-Clothing 3934 5th Ave. San Diego, CA 92103 619.871.0612

Drea Hull Fashion designer/stylist residing in San Diego by way of the Bay Area. I have been designing for over 12 years professionally and I love to CREATE. I have owned a clothing line but my most amazing love is Haute Magazine. I am a Co Founder and Editor at Large. I still work on personal projects to keep myself relevant in this industry. * I work with an amazing and professional team. I do what I love with the man I love and that makes this job the best in the world* I am influenced by 1980’s punk/new wave fashion, 80’s Glam, Gothic and Avant Garde beauty. I love to push the envelope, and question society’s standard of “beauty”. Mark Vargas Fashion Photographer Mark Vargas has been in the industry since 1985. His vision speaks for itself. Mark Vargas born to Spanish-Mexican immigrants in the east side of Los Angeles Spending his childhood years in the shadows of L.A’s skyscrapers. Mark picked up his first 35mm camera that his mother and father bought for the family, at age 9. He mostly took images of his family urged on by his ex-soap opera actress mother, He then moved in front of the camera for some teen modeling assignments for a few years. Soon after Mark moved to Baja California, there he met Salvador Huerta, Hair and Makeup Artist to the stars.

Kate Jarosinska Fashion fuels creativity. Fashion fuels my creativity. Clothing is an experience that always requires one to change, to innovate and to shift. As a poet, taking fashion and creating out of it a tangible experience for the reader has become a compulsion for me. I see the world in words and I prefer to paint pictures with words rather than colors. I share my experience with the world through fashion and strive to make noticeable that which is evasive. In addition to managing marketing and sales for a commercial printer, I also enjoy looking for inspiration in outdoor activities, music and people. One of my favorite things to do is to look at pretty things and read somber poems; I attribute this pleasure to the lost soul, Rimbaud. If I were to have dinner with Rimbaud, I would also invite Jim Morrison, Robert Greene, Machiavelli and Salvador Dali.

Angelique Bousidan Our newest addition hails from Paris France. Angelique is our newest advertising and marketing intern. We are very excited to have her aborad!


T. LA’NIECE I am a Freelance photographer based out of the South Florida area. Focusing on Commercial and Fashion photography. I have a passion for intensity and variety. After modeling and doing photography part time for several years, I amalgamated my familiarity, and gave up my Paralegal’s job to began my dream as a professional photographer and here I am today standing with no regrets. With only a few years into my professional career, I have had the opportunity to be published, work with top model agencies such as Elite, Next, and Posche and worked with and met some really talented individuals. RACHEAL FERGUSON Based out of South Florida that offers on-location services. Specializing in multimedia make up including Beauty, Fashion, Print and Bridal. Love working with diverse models and photographers to show range in my artistry. My goal is to enhance your natural beauty, while still being able to create the look you desire.

ANNELISE MARIE ADAMS Im a valentine’s day born baby currently pursuing modeling as a full time career, while I work part-time jobs to pay my bills. I absolutely love being in front of and behind the camera. Dancing is my main workout to stay in shape; I also played lacrosse for 3 years at a military Academy in high-school. In my short time of modeling, I have had the opportunity to be featured in, ONE Magazine, as well as Pin-up America Magazine and done several shows for Punk Rock betty.

QURO STUDIOS Two entrepreneurs wanted to build an empire full of creativity. With their love for fashion, music, art, entertainment, and beauty, they wanted to incorporate all those elements with their photography. The two always believed they could enhance something ordinary into something spectacular. Quro Studios was crafted to offer high-end services, which caters to the fashion, music, entertainment industries, as well as for the everyday multitude. They offer digital photography, film, creative direction, fashion styling, hairstyling, makeup artistry, retouching, and editing. Their style of photography is described to be movie like with a twist of classic, urban, and bazaar feel. Every detail is constructed precisely to fit an individual entirely. The imaginative minds of Quro Studios are the tools, which creates limitless inspirations and ingenious facades. Quro Studios is currently residing in Northern New Jersey and offering services in New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Japan metropolitan areas.

MICHAEL MORRISON Images seek to engage the observer’s curiosity, capturing an essence of the beauty or intrigue he sees in his subject, luring the viewer into a momentary visual escape from reality. Morrison’s photographs have been commissioned and featured in publications around the world including: Qvest, Idomenee, Haute, Doux, See.7, Bambi, Conglomerate, Alberta Venture, Report on Business, Avenue Magazine, and The Globe and Mail, with multiple exhibitions held both in the US and Canada. His images reflect the appreciation of the imagery of vanity; yet also celebrate fashion’s contemporary cultural nuance, devotion to beauty, youth, and its seemingly unrestricted artistic license. FRANCIS URRUTIA is a wardrobe visionary, causing destruction and death to everything boring and plain.  Francis Urrutia has been styling her whole life, the vision is always there: she sees beauty in everything she comes across, turning her love into her profession.  Her work has appeared in many publications including: Marie Claire China, Art Nouveau, Industry, qvest, culture, creem.  Art is a major focus in her life, she believes a photograph is a visual stimulation, the model is the canvas, and the styling becomes the art.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but style throws glitter on everything. AYA has mainly worked in Japan and NYC as a make up artist. Her outstanding work has been published frequently from a SOEN, which is known as one of the most famous fashion magazine among high fashion and beauty field in Japan. Aya also works on collection of photography, catalogues, TV, talents at Tokyo collection. She has a great talent with keeping natural, edgy, fashionable and elegant make-up. In 2010, Aya moved to NY. She tries to do possibility everything as Japanese sensitively ,boldly. It is a matter of course to do collection, fashion though. She also works as a personal make-up counselor for her clients, promotion videos and etc...

JOEY OSO believes it's important to be aware of the latest hair styling and hair cutting techniques, as well as the new products available on the market. Constantly educating himself and keeping a watchful eye on both style and product. Joey remains on the cutting edge in the hair, fashion and beauty industry servicing clients with hair cuts, photo shoots, preparing brides and bridesmaids for their wedding. He's travelled to Miami to study haircutting and styling at Vidal Sassoon also here in New York with Toni & Guy and Aveda. Joey Believes men and women want to feel sexy, desired, special. I match facial features and body type to the appropriate hairstyle, for the client to bring out your most beautiful self. Joey's Philosophy is to learn the most he can about the beauty profession. I want to be able to help all walks of life, look and feel beautiful. Hair is a reflection of your personality, wear it like you mean it. A new Hairstyle can change your complexion. The way you feel! Your outlook on life! Everything!!!

Editors Note: As I put to bed our 23rd issue I cannot help but reflect upon our very first issue. We started this adventure with a dream and a 15 page layout. We had no idea what we were about to embark upon, nor did we realize the overwhelming response we would receive. Since our first tiny issue we have grown and continue to grow each day. We have faced many challenges, and overcome many obsticles along this journey. Our issues are no longer download only, and we have a full staff of interns, writers, and photographers working tirelessly to produce the now 100 page layout each cycle. I smirk when I recall how hard it was to find content to fill those first 15 pages. I am so proud of my staff and team and I am looking forward to providing many new artists, designers, photographers, and creative individuals an outlet to showcase their talents. Drea Hull Editor and Co-Founder

“If you build it they will come�


Issue #23 Preview  

A small selection of what is inside issue #23 of Haute Magazine.

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