The Ultimate Guide to the 2021 Haute Route Dolomites

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strength to sneak a look over your shoulder and witness a view you will never forget, with hairpins twisting down to the crystal lake surrounded by trees, all framed by the high alpine wilderness. The panorama will keep you spinning and your reward at the top is a spectacular viewing platform with the Tre Cime themselves towering over you. Undoubtably one of the most iconic and challenging climbs of the Dolomites, the otherworldy views of this UNESCO-listed site are absolutely worth the effort.

Things to look out for • Enjoy the view over the lake before the challenge really starts. • Check out the view at the last switchback to spur you on to the finish line. • Marvel at the Tre Cime up close at the end of the climb. The peaks, particularly Cima Grande (the middle summit), are steeped in mountaineering folklore. • As you charge towards Refugio Auronzo in the final stage of the climb, reflect on the history of this iconic hut, which was fire built in 1912, bombed in 1915, destroyed again by fire in 1955 and now stands defiantly as a window to this rich UNESCO-listed area.