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Introduction Just like the rest of the world, we very much hoped that 2021 would bring with it a big change from 2020. While things aren’t exactly as we had hoped, we believe it is now time to look ahead and get ready to ride again. We are fully committed to running all of our Haute Route events this coming season. We are more determined than ever to give our riders the ultimate experience and are completely focused on making sure every part of that experience will put their mind at ease and let them focus on what they love to do. For over 12 months now, we have been working with expert authorities and using government guidelines to ensure we can provide a Covid-safe environment for our riders, suppliers and staff, plus still deliver all the support and services that makes the Haute Route so special.

We have learned from our experience at the Haute Route Ventoux and the Haute Route Mexico in 2020, tweaked our plans and streamlined the process. With this in mind we have established a strict protocol that can be both flexible and reactive to the potentially rapidly changing public health situation, plus respect all national and local regulations. We know that your safety during the event is very important to you and your family. We also want to help you wherever possible with your journey to the event and home again. Our dedication to safety and support is part of our DNA and has been since the creation of the Haute Route in 2011. This year will be no exception, which is why we are confident.




What have we done to make our events safe? We know you have a lot of questions about the running of the events, and so we will do our best to answer the big ones in this document.



In the three months before each event, registered riders will be kept informed through the Rider Newsletter every two weeks. The final situation that will prevail for each event will be announced two weeks before the start date. Please bear in mind that things could still change closer to the event, but we would inform you as quickly as possible.

The first step we have undertaken in planning events in 2021, is an analysis of the pandemic situation. The aim of this pandemic severity assessment is to determine the overall risk of spreading the disease during the event and the appropriate means to mitigate this risk. A detailed protocol is then submitted to and agreed by the local authorities.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? In this document we will cover all the requirements that you need to fulfil, including what you will need to supply prior to the event or bring with you on registration day.

HOW WILL THE EVENT BE AFFECTED BY COVID - 19 REGULATIONS? Our protocol for 2021 has been built around two different scenarios under which we will run the event and what effect these varying conditions will have on you. We will endeavour to run every event with as little disruption as possible whilst keeping riders and staff safe.


CAN WE TRAVEL TO THE EVENT AND HOME AGAIN AFTERWARDS? The question of travel to the event will depend on your country of residence’s and the event country's regulations in place at the time of travel. Local authorities have confirmed that further clarity will be given to travellers in the spring, and we will be using the Rider Newsletter to inform you about the specific situation in the country of the event, with as much details as we have to facilitate your journey. Switzerland: https://www.bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home.html France: https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/coming-to-france/coronavirus-advice-for-foreign-nationals-in-france/ Spain: https://www.spth.gob.es/ Italy: http://www.salute.gov.it/portale/nuovocoronavirus/homeMobileNuovoCoronavirus.jsp?lingua=english Brazil: http://www.portalconsular.itamaraty.gov.br/alertas/exigencia-de-teste-de-covid-para-brasileiros-e-estrangeiros-entrarem-no-brasil


Events will take place but, on top of Events will take place using the the standard safety measures, there are standard social distancing and protective measures already in place. further restrictions to be observed.



General Safety Protocol For everyone's safety during the event we will implement all the basic protective measures that we now know so well: It will be compulsory for participants to observe a 2m distance from other people at all times. There will be floor markings to ensure the correct distance between participants where queueing is necessary. Masks are compulsory in all public spaces and common areas. Masks must be worn during registration, around the Village, on the start line, at feed stations and once you have crossed the finish line. We recommend you keep a mask in a plastic pouch in your jersey pocket at all times. To conclude, riders must wear masks at all times except when they are riding. Our staff will wear masks at all times and wash their hands frequently. Access to all interior areas will be controlled to ensure only accredited people are admitted within the acceptable limits (as dictated by local authorities). Signs will be visible in the Village to remind participants and spectators of the safety protocols. Hand sanitiser will be available in the village at the entrance and exit of every closed venue (registration, start line, feed zones etc). Participants and spectators will be expected to both use this sanitiser and wash their hands frequently. Where possible all bib collection, briefings and prize-givings will be held outside. Any other measures required to follow all national and local health department guidelines.


On Arrival at the event, what happens first? There will be a control/checkpoint at the entrance to the race village where participants must present at least ONE OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS to take part in the event:

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A negative PCR test less than 48 hours old, presented at the entrance to the village. Official vaccination certificate, showing the last dose at least 14 days before the event. Certificate to confirm you have tested positive and recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months.

All riders will also submit to a temperature check on arrival at the event (if temperature over 37.6 C then an Antigenic test becomes necessary and will be available to do onsite). Once a rider has presented all the documents required and had their temperature checked, we will issue them with an "Event Pass” card, which will enable the participant to quickly show members of staff and other riders that they have fulfilled all our requirements to attend the event. All Haute Route staff will follow the same process prior to the event starting.

FRIENDS & FAMILIES For identification and tracking purposes, a F&F pass will be available for all accompanying friends or families. F&F will need to comply to the same measures as the riders at the entrance to the village on registration day. The pass will allow : • Access to Race Villages • Access to Feed Stations • Access to F&F briefings


Situation 1 All items will be packed individually to avoid multiple points of contact. A one-way system will be in place to limit contact and ensure riders with their “Event Pass" don't interact with riders who have not yet received their pass. It will not be possible to try on your Le Col jersey - you will be provided with the size requested at the time of registration.

The Welcome Party and the Closing Party will take place indoors whilst respecting the occupancy levels of the establishment. Masks are compulsory during the presentation. The daily briefing will be recorded on video and sent to each participant via email in the Rider Newsletter every day of the event.

The prize giving ceremony will take place outside each day in the race village.






Meals will be pre-prepared on trays supplied by the catering service. The wearing of a mask will be compulsory unless the participants are seated at their table. The number of riders in the dining area will be regulated to observe the limits imposed by the authorities.


The massage staff will wear masks at all times and the massage tables will be disinfected after each rider. The tables will be spread out so as to respect the socially distancing rules.


A count of participants entering and leaving the registration area will be monitored to keep numbers below a specified limit per m2 (in line with public authority restrictions). Wherever possible, an outside collection point will be organised to limit indoor gatherings.

The Welcome Party and the Closing Party will be organised outdoor where possible (and if weather allows). If taking place indoors, the occupancy levels of the establishment will be limited to follow the appropriate regulations. Social distancing will be reinforced by leaving a chair empty between each rider. Masks will be compulsory during the presentation. There will be two different times proposed to the participants. Daily Safety briefings shared on video via email in the daily Rider Newsletters.

The prize giving ceremony will take place in a private place without public interaction.

Hot meals will be served directly to the participant’s table or as a pack lunch by the catering staff. Wherever possible and weather allowing, lunch will be served outdoors. If taking place indoors, the occupancy levels of the establishment will be limited to follow regulations set by the authorities. Social distancing will be reinforced by leaving a chair empty between each rider.

The massage staff will wear masks at all times and the massage tables will be disinfected after each rider. The tables will be spread out so as to respect the socially distancing rules. The wearing of a mask is compulsory for all participants during the massage.


Situation 1


You must wear a mask in the Haute Route Village.

The start line area will be strictly reserved to participants and members of staff. Masks are compulsory. The start line area will be doubled in size, allowing riders to maintain social distancing.

The feed stations on the course will only serve individually packaged portions. The participants will have to leave the feed station as soon as they have collected their allotted portions.






No public or spectators will be allowed in the Event Village. Partner activations will be limited to only provide service essentials.

The start line is reserved for participants and staff only. Social distancing is reinforced, with different starting pens constructed to spread the participants out on the start line. The size of the pens will be dictated by public authority regulations.

A one-way system will be set up at the feed stations and masks will be compulsory. Food will be packaged individually. To avoid contamination there will be no cups. If required, individual portions (for solid only) will be given at the start line to avoid mass gathering at the first feed station.

The wearing of a mask is compulsory. Deep cleaning and disinfection will be performed as frequently as possible. All standard conditions put in place by the relevant transport company are expected to be respectfully followed.

The Haute Route will enforce its Covid-19 protocol with the partner hotels so as to assure the hotels comply to the same level of security. The Haute Route will also ensure that the partner hotels can supply all participants with an evening meal option whilst taking into account all relevant safety procedures.


In case of Covid Symptoms

Warn the Haute Route Medical staff AND the organisation via the Hotline number provided.

If you can, isolate yourself in your hotel room. Prepare a list of people you have been in contact with. Haute Route organisation will assist you in sharing this list with the relevant public health authorities. If you do not have a place to isolate yourself (ie. if you’re sharing your room), the Haute Route will provide one.

At the End of the Event To assist participants with the paperwork needed to return home, we will organise an optional PCR-RT test towards the end of the event. This test is not compulsory and will be coordinated by our medical supplier for the convenience of our riders. The following conditions will apply: The cost of this optional test is to be paid by the participants and will vary depending on the country in which the event is held. The timing and costs of this test will be communicated prior to the event in the rider newsletters. To organise this test under the best possible conditions, we will need to know in advance how many people will need a test and on which day they will need it (relevant to their departure day). We will supply a form to fill in one month before the event. Bearing in mind the time required to receive the results, these tests will most probably need to be administered during the last two stages of each event.


In the interests of all participants we will check that we have an up to date mobile number and/or email to be able communicate with all participants in case a rider should inform us of a positive test result during or soon after the event. Please communicate with us swiftly if you should receive a positive test result after returning home from an event. In turn, we will rapidly pass on information regarding these results to all contestants and any relevant authorities.

The Haute Route medical supplier will implement an antigenic test. If negative, a second test will be done to confirm the result 6h later. If positive, Haute Route medical will liaise with the public authorities and follow their instructions.





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V2 - Covid Safety Protocol for 2021 Haute Route Events  

THE LATEST VERSION OF OUR 2021 SAFETY PROTOCOL: For over 12 months now, we have been working with expert authorities and using government gu...

V2 - Covid Safety Protocol for 2021 Haute Route Events  

THE LATEST VERSION OF OUR 2021 SAFETY PROTOCOL: For over 12 months now, we have been working with expert authorities and using government gu...

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