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The Green Lantern

On the roads for the first time in the cycling world, the Haute Route introduces the Green Lantern.

In brightest Day, in blackest night; No evil shall escape my sight

As a new addition to the peloton of the 2020 Haute Route events, the Green Lantern is set to reinforce the Haute Route’s focus on ecology and respect for the environment.

The Green Lantern’s mission will carry an important Haute Route message throughout the events: We have to respect the environment which allows us to enjoy our passion for cycling by leaving no trace and preserving the environment for future generations.

Indeed, staging a race across the most treasured landscapes carries a great responsibility. Sustainability is a major priority as we move from one location to the next, taking care to minimise our environmental impact. Our hope is that all our competitors share this value, leaving each mountain pass exactly as they found it.

The Green Lantern will hold the Sustainable Charter desk during Registration Day, asking riders to sign it and sharing the message of our cause. Over several years Haute Route has committed to reduce the impact of its events on the environment on and off the roads by setting up no single-use plastic feed stations, establishing a system of separated waste and by reducing the general carbon footprint by employing locals to complete the team.

3636 During the race, this new rider will embody the values of sport and cycling with “fair play”, mutual support between riders, and friendliness. He/She will join the Lanterne Rouge at the back of the peloton, where his/her main mission will be to stop and collect the packaging from energy products and other rubbish that riders throw on the road. If the roads are left clean, he/she will be assisting the Lanterne Rouge by giving advice and support to the last riders to help them cross the finish lines.

During Haute Route events, it is forbidden to drop litter on the course and riders must carry their litter with them or use the bins provided at feed stations. The Green Lantern is not a substitute to these rules, rather a means of raising awareness among all riders about our commitment to sustainable development and eco-responsibility.

To do so, the Green Lantern will make a daily report of his/her activity during each riders’ briefing, so all the riders can see the progress made during each stage.