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Hanky Panky! Photo: Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France

or family fun this summer?

Hotel St-Barth Isle de France

For stressed-out spa babies everywhere . . .

JALOUSIE PLANTATION, SUGAR BEACH Bathrooms in New Beachfront Suites

Hanky Panky Hotels


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What’s going on? The latest Caribbean happenings.


Hanky Panky Hotels? These hotels are child-free zones.


Little Arches, Barbados No Under 16s thank you!


Galley Bay, Antigua For rustic romance.


The Inn at English Harbour, Antigua Leave the kids behind.


Hermitage Bay, Antigua Shangri-la for sweethearts.


Laluna, Grenada Too trendy for toddlers.


Montpelier Plantation, Nevis Historical hideaway.


The Caribbean gets childish! Family Holidays.


Carlisle Bay, Antigua Kiddy Heaven!


Curtain Bluff, Antigua Five-star for families.


Jumby Bay, Antigua Treasure Island for kids.


Coral Reef Club, Barbados Family-friendly villas.


Palm Island, the Grenadines Frolicking families!


Jalousie Plantation, St. Lucia Sulpur Seduction in the spa.


Canouan Resort, the Grenadines Overwater spa pavilions.


Hotel Guanahani, St. Barths For a Summer Fix.


Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada Spicy Weddings.


Eden Rock, St. Barths Fabulous Feasts.


Hotel St-Barth Isle de France, St. Barths A very suite affair.


Cap Maison, St. Lucia Goes all nautical!


Nisbet Plantation, Nevis A hotel with a past.


Little Good Harbour, Barbados A sense of history.


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Jumby Bay


Hotel Guanahani


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Little Good Harbour



TREE TOP SUITE Bay Carlisle The Sandpiper, Barbados



haute It’s with the greatest of pleasure that we welcome you to HAUTE, the companion magazine to Just like our website, it’s a celebration of all that’s great about Caribbean hotels, but from a refreshingly down-to-earth perspective ... As this is our Summer Edition, we thought we’d focus upon honeymoon hotels, as well as family holidays. Because that’s what summer in the Caribbean is all about, isn’t it? Either holding hands at sunset or building sandcastles on the beach? But for those of you who are so over that kind of thing (or who never signed up for them in the first place!) you’ll be pleased to know that we’re also highlighting other aspects of our featured hotels! We showcase a handful of wonderful spa resorts on islands as diverse as Canouan and St. Lucia - nowadays it’s quite possible to get a total makeover and not just a decent suntan on your Caribbean vacation. We also draw your attention to a couple of posh plantation houses in Nevis. The kind of places where you get to flirt with the past, as well as each other. Finally we’re also taking this opportunity to shine the spotlight on anything new that’s going on in the Caribbean. This issue we highlight a charming ‘new’ beach house at The Sandpiper in Barbados. Eight ravishing new beach bungalows at the Jalousie Plantation in St. Lucia. And we just couldn’t resist drawing your attention to some fabulous beachfront suites at the Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France. And just in case you need a little more persuasion, we’ve also packed in as many inspirational photos as possible. Enjoy!

Hotels have become more than just places to stay. They are as much a statement about who we are as what we wear or drive. HAUTE HOTELS prefers to focus upon those that have still got plenty of substance behind the style ...

Jackie Loxham Editor


What’s going on? New Beachfront Cottages for Jalousie Plantation ... Up until quite recently, Jalousie Plantation guests wanting to be down at beach level rather than up on the hillside still had a walk of about 3-minutes to reach Pitons Bay. But this Christmas saw the opening of 8 thatched-roof adobe bungalows that could hardly get any closer to the resort’s sugary white sands. They’re quite the thing, of course, all dazzling white space on the inside and shady sea-facing terraces on the outside. Other distinguishing features include hardwood floors, four-poster beds and free-standing bathtubs, their alfresco living areas including courtyard showers and private Jacuzzis. (When you want to look at each other rather than the yachts bobbing in the cobalt bay you simply have to lower your blinds.) And just like everywhere else at Jalousie Plantation, these beachfront boltholes come with personalised butlers happy to do anything from unpack your Samsonite to book you a table in the Great Room. And if you simply can’t shake off the kids, there are two-bedroom bungalows available too.

From US$1,000 this summer, no meals included. Plus tax & service.


New Spa Partnerships ...

Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France is such a fine looking hotel that most guests feel it’s only polite to keep up ... A dull, wintery complexion just ain’t going to cut it at this gorgeous getaway! And now a couple of new spa partnerships makes it even easier to maintain those glossy good looks. After a long association with Molton Brown, Isle de France’s spa has hooked up with the Barcelona company Natura Bissé and the celebs’ favourite Intraceuticals. Standout treatments include O2 Awakening, Citrus Drench and Multisensorial Lifting, and you’re sure to be so jazzed-up by the results that you’re going to need something to calm you down. We recommend the Floral and Lomi-Juma Massage Rituals, although the acupuncture and yoga classes are well worthwhile too, of course. It goes without saying that all the usual beauty treatments are offered here as well. Even eyelashes extensions if you prefer not to look like Tian Tian the panda when you emerge from the ocean.

• Facials • Massages • Body Treatments • Rituals • Spa Beauty


Beach Chic The Sandpiper, Barbados

Those swanky Tree Top Suites at The Sandpiper (pictured page 4) are definitely something to text home about. But if you’re thinking you’re more ‘beach chic’ than ‘plantation chic’ then consider the hotel’s new Beach House. Although this sandy sanctuary isn’t exactly new, it’s just new to The Sandpiper. The 3-bedroom house has occupied its prime waterfront location in front of the hotel for several years now. It used to belong to a hotelier family who understandably prefered winters on the island of Barbados to winters on the island of Jersey. And whilst it’s now a welcome addition to The Sandpiper’s portfolio, it maintains the relaxing and residential vibe of a family home on the beach. Everyone’s going to feel comfortable here. The airy living room is just as good for watching TV as it is for watching the ocean. There are super-comfy sofas, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows, all the pristine white fabrics appealing to any budding Kelly Hoppens. The fully-equipped kitchen will suit anyone who’s handy with the flying fish, the wraparound deck perfect for dining en famille and eyeballing the beach. You can practically order a cocktail from Harold’s beach bar without rousing yourself from your chair. And whilst it comprises 3 family-friendly bedrooms, couples are welcome to stay here too. They can just ignore the two garden-view bedrooms at the back and take advantage of the oceanfront master bedroom and the very reasonable 2-person rates.


From US$695 per night for 2. From US$1,265 for up to six. Rates include breakfast.

Oceanfront Spa

for Blue Waters Blue Waters Resort might have joined the spa race a few years after Antigua’s other top hotels, but better late than never we always say. And this one is so lovely to look at that we’ll forgive it its tardiness. Especially as it’s also offering treatments from Elemis, the luxury British spa and skincare brand. This uses a combination of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology to plump, firm and tone its drop-dead-gorgeous devotees. The spa’s setting is equally rejuvenating, of course. The airy low-rise building is tucked away in a quiet corner of the resort’s Cove Suites section, its panoramic terraces boasting views far out across the azure Caribbean waters. There are two indoor and two outdoor rooms, as well as a hair and nail salon. And after you’ve been creamed, buffed and oiled you can chill-out on the terrace with a cup of herbal tea and bask in the knowledge that you look as pulchritudious as your surroundings.


Anyone up for a little

Hanky Panky? During the summer months most luxury hotels in the Caribbean tend to fall into two catagories. Those that roll out the red carpet for children and those whose carpets are a delicate shade of pink. (In these you can bring your kids along if you have to, but don’t expect anyone else to look after them, will you? And if you could tuck them up in bed by 7 that would be very much appreciated.) But then there is a third category of luxury Caribbean hotel. The handful of the bold and the brave who have made the decision not to accept any toddlers at all. Even during the main summer holidays when the rest of the planet transforms into a multi-coloured theme park with tutti frutti ice cream on tap. These bambino-free (or almost) boltholes are where to go if you’re in the mood for a grown-up kind of vacation with your partner. If all you like to hear on the beach is the sound of the surf. If you prefer your pools to come with ice cold sorbets rather than high-pitched screams. And if you do like children - of course you do - but you really couldn’t eat a whole one.



LITTLE ARCHES BOUTIQUE HOTEL No under 16s, thank you!





This child-free zone is perched across the road from an oceanside bluff on the laid-back south coast of Barbados ... And you don’t actually come across too many adults here either. This colourwashed Mediterranean ‘villa’ has only got itself ten guest rooms and all of them are designed for people who appreciate nice sheets, comfy pillows and watching a Piers Morgan interview without any interruptions. Indeed everyone who checks-in here is really just looking for a quiet time by the seaside. A chance to spend their daylight hours chilling out on the pool terrace with either The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest or a glass of chilled sauvignon blanc. (Some clever people manage to do both at the same time.) The only thing that’s really allowed to distract these basking bookworms are the intoxicating vistas over the rolling blue Caribbean Sea. Possibly the vintage chandelier over the swimming pool. Or the fact that they’re just 120 seconds away from one of the whitest and widest beaches in Barbados. When the sun sets Little Arches gets even more grown-up. (After all, it’s a well known fact that couples allowed to laze about all day are in the mood for love with a capital L after dark.) And there’s nowhere better than Café Luna for fanning the flames of a slowburning romance. This rooftop eatery is all star-shaped lanterns, Moroccan tented ceilings and exotic-looking (and discreet) waiters dressed in black from top to toe. Strange how aphrodisiacal you’ll suddenly find the spicy tuna sashimi and South American prawns.

Room rates from US$205 per night, no meals. Stay 7 nights and get breakfast thrown in. Stay 10 nights and choose between delightful little extras like a catamaran cruise or a day’s car hire. No under 16s accepted.




Kids are a definite no-no at Galley Bay. Anyone under 16 should be left at home along with the big knickers and the fluffy slippers ... At this rustic all-inclusive escape on the west coast of Antigua the accent is on romance … and if the two of you didn’t bill and coo before you checked-in, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing so by the second evening. It just seems the right thing to do when you’re sitting in the deckfront bar watching the sun go down. When you’re dining à deux beneath a thatched bohio on the sands. Or when you’re strolling that crescent-shaped beach (almost 10minutes from one end to the other) like the reunited hero and heroine in the last chapter of a Mills & Boon. The best strategy at Galley Bay is not to fight the lovey-dovey vibe but to embrace it. Provided you’re one half of a couple you’re going to fit in here - and that’s true no matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together. Galley Bay is the kind of warm and welcoming getaway that beguiles everyone from 25-year-old honeymooners to 75-year-old grandparents. Youngsters can’t get enough of the free activities and private plunge pools, for example. Those embracing middle age go bird-watching in the lagoon and sign up for a ‘Timeless Rejuvenation’ facial in the spa. Oldies usually appreciate the fact that nothing at Galley Bay is on a hill and that it’s just as easy to get to the beach as it is to order a G&T at the bar. (Not that we’re into stereotypes, or anything!)

FREE NIGHTS SUMMER SPECIAL Stay 6 nights and get 1 night free. Stay 12 nights and receive 2 nights free. Summer rates from US$940 to $1,060 per night all-inclusive. No under 16s allowed.


Beachfront Suite

Beachfront Deck

The Spa


The Inn at English Harbour

The Inn at English Harbour doesn’t really ‘do’ children either. They’d probably play havoc with the fancy tableware, roll their eyes at the nautical prints and clash with the coffee-and-cream colour scheme ... And that’s just down by the beach. Parents at this split-level sanctuary in Antigua wouldn’t have a minute’s peace when the action moved up the hill to the Stone Bar and Terrace Restaurant. Cinemascopic views over the English Harbour National Park are all very well, but not if you’re scared of your little cherub going near the edge to get a better look. No, if you’re staying at The Inn the best strategy is simply to leave your kids at home with their doting grandparents. Then you can really relax and get into the spirit of the place. Roll around between the sheets of your oversized fourposter bed. Concentrate your attention on racy boats and even racier books. Treat yourself to a hot stone massage in the spa. And finally do that walk up to Shirley Heights - so much more enjoyable when you’re not worrying about anyone’s little legs keeping up. And after dark those offspring of yours will become even more of a distant memory. This is when you get to dress in cool white cottons and be fashionably late for cocktails. When you get to linger over lobster medallions and pretend to know the difference between Stolichnaya and Grey Goose vodka. And when you get to relish the starlit sky above, the twinkling lights below and brace yourselves for the sulky looks you’ll receive when you get back home.

Summer rates from US$525 to $840 half-board. Afternoon teas thrown in too, of course! No under 12s accepted.


THE INN AT ENGLISH HARBOUR Dine on the beach during the day, and up on the panoramic hillside in the evenings ...



Hermitage Bay Hermitage Bay is simply heaven for Caribbean honeymooners. It’s also paradise for paramours. And we think there’s a very good chance that it could even be Shangri-la for sweethearts ... In fact if you don’t find yourself going weak at the knees (or at least grinning like a rollover lottery winner) when your other half walks into the room, this eco-chic love nest on the west coast of Antigua may not be for you. Pretty much everything at Hermitage Bay is conducive to hanky-panky. The blissful bay setting is so untouched that the only thing you’ll be looking into all day are each other’s eyes. And the beach is so enchantingly long, wide and empty that no one will be able to overhear (or feel slightly nauseous) when you’re whispering sweet nothings. This place has only got 25 suites anyway and as 17 of them come with their own private plunge pools, many loved-up twosomes don’t even bother to show their faces until it’s time for evening cocktails. Unless of course they’re attending a morning yoga class. Being sailed across to a


deserted Antiguan beach for a picnic lunch. Or having their chakras realigned in the hideaway Garden Spa. But at Hermitage Bay the most sensual experiences tend to happen in the guest suites - and we’re not talking about what you think we’re talking about. For just US$650 you can ‘celebrate the art of love’ with someone special (and a discreet professional, of course.) The Siddhartha Treatment may well prove to be the best 2½ hours of your lives so far ...


SIDDHARTHA TREATMENT US$650 for a blissful 2½ hrs “Your journey to heaven begins with a skin smoothing body exfoliation. Raw silk gloves and extracts of mother of pearl combine in a ceremonial body cleansing experience to awaken the senses and leave the skin silky smooth. You then enjoy a bathing ritual like no other, sipping on fine Champagne and enjoying the splendid views over the Caribbean Sea. A warmed Siddhartha beauty pack is then applied to nourish the skin whilst a blissful scalp massage continues the dream. Next a seductive partner massage. Aphrodisiac oils of vanilla, tonka and grapefruit relieve the body of physical tension and allow you to drift away into a trance-like state. Fresh fruits and herbal teas served on your deck allow you to bask in the memory of this very special indulgence. You emerge feeling renewed, relaxed and glowing with vitality.”

Rooms from US$920 to $1,305 per night in the summer, all-inclusive. Only for over 11s except July & August when over 7s are accepted.

This getaway in Grenada is way too trendy for toddlers!





There’s just no getting away from it, Laluna is too laid-back for little ones. It’s also far too trendy for toddlers. And we might even go so far as to say that it’s way too stylish for small fry ... But however you like to phrase it, childish pursuits like screeching round the pool and racing along the beach are frowned upon at this bohemian bolthole tumbling down a secret cove in Grenada. The only time anyone is likely to break into a sweat or let out a high-pitched scream here is when they suddenly remember they’ve left their sunglasses back in one of the hilltop cottages. Or when they’re on their way to the spellbinding Asian-style spa and have realised they’re 15-minutes late for their Tatami massage. It’s not every day you get small-boned Asian ladies to walk all over your back, after all. But most of the time an air of Zen-like calm prevails here. Everyone is so chilled-out that most couples struggle to remember their own names, let alone what time of day it is. But at Laluna this is less of a problem than it might be elsewhere.


The 16-room retreat is run more like a private estate than a posh hotel. Meals, for example, are served pretty much any time you fancy them. Breakfast at noon? No problem, signor. And if you happen to bump into that very polite Chef Daniele, he’ll happily chat about your culinary preferences and won’t even bat an eyelid if you own up to being vegetarian. Just don’t mention anything like chicken nuggets, will you?


US$525 to $725 per night for two persons. No under 12s accepted. • Accommodation in a cottage suite • Welcome drink • Daily à la carte American breakfast • Daily à la carte lunch & dinner (no beverages) • Daily classes in either Yoga or Pilates • Two Balinese massages in spa • Laluna gift

The views from a hilltop cottage

Posh plantations and pint-sized people have never been a particularly good mix. As far back as the 18th century the bored offspring of the English plantocracy were probably wishing their parents were less obsessed with sugar cane in the fields and more concerned with donkey rides on the beach ...

Montpelier Plantation


& Beach

Nevis Tourism Authority

Fast forward 250-years and most children remain universally unimpressed with these elegant hillside estates on sleepy Saint Kitts and Nevis. What fiveyear old do you know has ever had any interest in antiques? A penchant for afternoon tea? Or an obsession with croquet? And if there’s no TV then you may as well fugedaboud it! Grown-ups on the other hand simply can’t get enough of these beautiful blasts from the past. And the reasons why are just as varied. They’re an escape from popular culture. An opportunity to brush up on colonial history. A chance to finally get to the end of War and Peace. And an excuse to learn the Latin name for coconut palms (Cocos nucifera, in case it had passed you by). Montpelier Plantation & Beach is a case in point. Mornings here are all lazy lie-ins and leisurely breakfasts. By 10am on any normal day of the week you’ve probably completed your morning commute and reached the bottom of your in-tray.

But here in this Nevisian nook you’re still teasing the resident labrador with a slice of home-made carrot cake. Debating whether to catch the 10:30am shuttle down to the white sand beach or book a tee-off time at the nearby Four Seasons Resort. And just in case the thought of leaving this little piece of heavenly history has started to give you a case of the vapours, you can just hang out by the pool all day and put Kaddy’s boastful claims about the quality of his rum punches to the test. But we’re here to tell you that there is a more adventurous (and dare we say childish) side to stays in Nevis. So when you suddenly come over all Famous Five, why climb all the way to the top of Nevis Peak? (Not for the faint hearted as it’s over 3,000-feet high.) Or trek deep into the rainforest and discover the source of the island’s water. A 70ft ladder leads to The Source itself, but don’t tell the kids as they’re only going to get jealous. Summer rooms from US$345 to $705 per night, no meals. Only children over 8 accepted.


Photo: Andrey Yurlov/




CARLISLE BAY Antigua Beach Suite for Families

Carlisle Bay is one of the most most style-conscious resorts in the world. But never let it be said that this Antiguan getaway turns its nose up at guests too young to appreciate its REN toiletries. Carlisle Bay welcomes kids with the kind of warmth that other places reserve for Jennifer Anniston ... and best of all it makes no compromises for age.

BEACH SUITES JUST FOR FAMILIES ... The first bit of good news is that this 82-suite resort has a whole wing set aside for families. And not one that’s tucked away in a far corner of the gardens either. These whitewashed 2-storey buildings sit slap bang on the beautiful beach, just seconds from the phenomenal pool and even closer to the ravishing restaurant. And there’s no need for pull-out sofas in these babies. There’s a big bedroom for the grown-ups and a back bedroom for the kiddywinks, as well as a roomy living area with a private terrace or balcony looking out over the sea. Their flat-screen TVs, 114 channels and in-room library of 400 movies come in handy if anyone’s in a sulk (especially the Caribbean sun.)

US$870 to $1,375 per room including breakfast. See Summer Chill out Offer overleaf ...

KIDS & TEENS ACTIVITIES ... The activity programme is another winner particularly if you’re happy to only see your offspring in passing. Just meeting up over a pizza and scoop of ice cream. The Cool Kids Club (free for over 2s) is open every day from 8:30am to 12:30pm and then again from 1:15pm to 4:15pm. Once the jungle gym, paddling pool and mini-tennis courts have been exhausted, there are activities tailored towards different age groups. Think treasure hunts, finger painting and daily movies in the screening room. Even teens get in on the act with access to their own ‘chillout room’ boasting a Wii entertainment system.

Crèche (from 6 months to 3 years) Finger painting, water play, treasure hunts, beach games. (Please note there is a rate of US$15 per hour for under 2s.) 4 to 6 years Swimming, junior tennis, art projects, song and dance. Crew Blue (from 7 to 12 year olds)* Beach Olympics, T-shirt design, excursions to Sting Ray City, pizza-making masterclass. Crush (from 13 to 18 year olds)* Wake boarding, tennis workshop, mocktail making, beach barbecues.

*School holidays only.


FAMILY DINING Carlisle Bay even goes out of its way to take the ‘die’ out of family dining. Breakfasts at Indigo on the Beach and lunches at Ottimo! are kiddy heaven what with all those freshly-made smoothies and tasty designer pizzas. (Well, the kids do get to choose which toppings they want!) From midday a suitably comprehensive children’s menu is also available in-room for any little ones feeling tired and emotional, a communal high tea also served each evening between 5pm and 6:30pm. But at Carlisle Bay no one is rushing anyone off to bed when the sun goes down. Families are very welcome early evenings at Indigo. Ottimo! is also open a couple of times a week for Italian specialities. And there’s nothing to stop the kids trying out sushi and sashimi for the first time at East - although anyone under six has got to be out of there by eight. Gotta give the honeymooners a bit of a break!

Super Chill Out Offer

US$955 per night for a family of 4 US$885 to $1,000 per night in a Beach Suite

• Full breakfast • 3-course lunch with coffee • Afternoon tea daily • 3-course dinner • A $50 beverage credit per suite per night • Daily films in hotel’s Screening Room • Cool Kids Club for 2 to 12 year olds • Crew Blue activity programme for 7 to 12 year olds* • Crush - teenage programme for 13 to 19 year olds* • Non-motorised water sports • Use of 9 tennis courts (4 floodlit) • Beginners tennis clinic and competition weekly • Guided nature walks in the rainforest * School holidays only. In the creche there is a rate of US$15 per hour for under 2s. Offer dates 25 April-24 August & 13 October-20 December. Plus tax & service.




Antigua Curtain Bluff is a Caribbean legend. And although this fancy five-star ‘club’ opened 50 years ago now, it can still get down with the kids ... Indeed, this demi-centenarian beach resort rejoices in an almost unheard of 70% repeat guest ratio. Generation after generation continue to check-in and if Hollister-clad teens wander around the posh playground like they grew up here, that’s because they probably did. Some families are on their 10th visit, for heaven’s sake. Of course, this family-friendly make-yourself-at-home vibe is aided by the all-inclusive policy. There are no bar bills or à la carte extras to scare off the daddies at Curtain Bluff. Older children can order as many fruit punches and lobster bisques as they want. Strapping 15-year-old boys are welcome to return to the lunch buffet for second (even third!) helpings. As for the younger kids, they all get to dine outside together on the Tamarind Terrace at 6pm. When it comes to things to do, there’s tennis, basketball, squash, boccee and shuffleboard. The free watersports include windsurfing, kayaking and waterskiing (with instruction), as well as snorkelling trips to nearby Cades Reef. And when families descend en masse during the school holidays, there are also kids camps, tennis clinics and organised activities. Then there’s anything from treasure hunts to designing T-shirts on the agenda and they’ve even loaded the latest video games onto the computers just in case.

CURTAIN BLUFF FAMILY OFFER When parents book a room between 15 May & 28 July, children get a 50% reduction on their own room. Hotel closed August to October. Summer rates from US$715 per double per night, all-inclusive.


Curtain Bluffers enjoy a new beachfront dining experience after dark ... The Sea Grape has always served as Curtain Bluff’s daytime dining venue. Think lots of clever salads, fresh pastas and freshfrom-the-reef fish just steps from the sands. But now flaming tiki torches and billowing white drapes have transformed this informal beachfront eatery into a romantic waterside restaurant when the sun goes down. Italian chef Timo has put together an informal menu featuring island and Italian favourites, and Curtain Bluffers can look forward to things like deep-friend squid, caprese salads, grilled T-bone steaks and linguini with seafood and tomato sauce. Delicious desserts include all the classics such as tiramisu, pannacotta and profiteroles, and there are even some special Curtain Bluff gelatos thrown in too. This romantic new dining experience is offered four nights a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) from 7pm to 9:30pm. Limited to just 40 guests.


probably makes you think of holidaying hedge funders and vacationing movie stars. But if we were to tell you that this glossy getaway gets its name from ‘jumbie’ (a mischevious spirit) could you possibly see the island in a different light?



Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort (a.k.a Treasure Island to the kids!)

After all, this exclusive 40-room resort does lie on its own beach-rimmed island in the Caribbean Sea. And what kids do you know aren’t excited by all the possibilities that this suggests? Certainly child-like exploits are more of a promise than a possibility in this captivating little corner of Antigua. First of all, the bath-like waters of the North Sound National Park lap the shore line. The water is so clear and blue out here that it first has to be seen, then believed and finally explored. Preferably by motorised boat along with lashings of sunscreen, lots of pals and a giddy sense of adventure. Mysterious deserted islets dot these crystalline waters. Starfish, sea turtles and even the world’s rarest snake (the harmless racer only lives on Green Island) can all be spotted if you’re lucky. Summers from US$995 per night, all-inclusive.

Back on Jumby Bay there are lots more juvenile adventures to be had. Rosebuds, Camp Jumby takes kids between 3 and 12 and shows them how to have fun without downloading the latest Wii game. It organises outdoor pursuits like Day at the Beach, Wildlife & Ocean Adventures and Pirates of the Caribbean, activities such as Little Chefs and Discover Science also thrown in for any budding Nigellas or Brian Coxes. But if yours is more of a young David Attenborough than sign him up for the Turtle Watch programme. Between July and November Hawksbill sea turtles use Pasture Beach on Jumby Bay’s Atlantic coastline as their nesting site. Watching these magnificent creatures drag themselves up the beach to lay their eggs beats a game of Super Mario Bros. anytime. Kids sharing US$110 per night.



Coral Reef Club might be kiddie-free during the peak season months, but this sprawling resort on the west coast of Barbados is a rather different place during the school holidays … The Coral Reef Club has served as a haven for wintering Brits since the 1950s. It was always the kind of Barbados hotel were children were neither seen nor heard. And let’s face it, old habits do tend to die hard on the west coast. Yet even though anyone likely to throw a tantrum is still not allowed to toddle through Coral Reef’s vine-draped doors between mid-January and mid-March, there are no such restrictions the rest of the year. (Although tantrum throwing is always rather frowned upon, no matter how old you are.) Of course, we’re not saying that this grand getaway transforms into Kiddy Central when school gets out. There are no children’s camps, for example, and no one’s going to turn your teenage son into a tropical version of DJ Fatboy Slim. But during the summer holidays the Coral Reef Club has got enough going on for most kids to let their mummies target the designer spa and their daddies hit the nearby golf course. Almost, if not totally, guilt-free. Under 12s get lessons in sailing and swimming for a start - the tranquil bay is supplemented by a couple of swimming pools. Most afternoons under 9s get to hang out at a supervised playhouse with a playground, swings and slide. Teens will also appreciate the free tennis coaching, and they simply won’t be able to get enough of the complimentary water sports, the water skiing and banana rides especially. And when it comes to dining, anyone over 5 is welcome to eat with mum and dad in the restaurant, and there’s a room service menu available for the little ones between 5:30pm and 7pm ... more



Coral Reef Club ^

As for family-friendly accommodation at the Coral Reef Club, does it get any better than a luxury villa with all the mod cons? The 3-bedroom Tamarind and 4-bedroom Ixora might be tucked away in the gardens towards the rear of this 12-acre property, but they’re very handy for the children’s playhouse and perfectly positioned for the quieter swimming pool. (Well, we say ‘quieter’ although that’s not the word that might spring to mind when little Johnny has been let loose.) They also come with spacious living areas, dining terraces and fully-equipped kitchens. And although no one is expecting anyone to be tied to the stove all day, there’s also a decent supermarket just down the road for breakfast essentials. Don’t forget the Mount Gay rum - for medicinal purposes only, of course. US$1,000 to $1,930 per night, breakfast included - based upon 4 sharing.

FAMILY OFFERS AT THE CORAL REEF CLUB Available between 18 July & 31 August 2012 Hotel Closed 19 May to 18 July & September.

• Children under 12 sharing a room with their parents can stay free of charge, breakfast included. • Children between 2 and 12 can enjoy three half-hour sailing lessons and three half-hour swimming lessons each week. • Children between 2 and 8 can also enjoy 2 hours of supervised care every day between Monday and Friday. Supervision is provided in the playhouse between 2.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. • Babysitting is readily available on request. US$7.50 per hour during the day and US$12.50 per hour at night. Minimum charge US$25. Photos: Family-friendly Tamarind & Ixora Villas



Southern Cross Villa

Seafeathers Villa

Palm Island

For Family Frolicking ... Palm Island is perfect for twitchers, ideal for sailors and heaven on earth for anyone who thinks iguanas are kind of cute. Of course, most of the other castaways who come to this rustic retreat in the Grenadines have either just tied the knot or recently celebrated their Silver wedding anniversary. During the summer months though Palm Island’s fan-base also extends to families. And if you’re thinking of flying your brood over here, you might be interested to know that there are not just familyfriendly suites available, but also a couple of selfcontained villas. Which one you go for may well be determined by the age of your offspring rather than just the number of bedrooms you need. The 2-bedroom Southern Cross villa has its own swimming pool, but it only accepts children over 15. If yours are younger than this then go for the 3-bedroom Seafeathers which might be pool-less, but boasts a vast entertaining deck right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

In fact both houses overlook the northern coastline of this palm-studded 135-acre island. But golf carts ensure easy access to the main resort in the south - which is handy as no one’s going to be self-catering at Southern Cross or Seafeathers. They’re not those kind of villas and just like everyone else on Palm Island your stay in them will be on an all-inclusive basis. You get to play fast and loose with all the resort’s leisure facilities too. But villa guests do get a few added extras. And we don’t just mean more privacy and greater independence. Your kitchen will be stocked with the basics, as well as a pretty decent bar. And even if you could happily do without them, the kids will certainly appreciate the TV and DVD player. 2-bedroom Southern Cross from US$1,355 to $1,855 per night. 3-bedroom Seafeathers from US$1,255 to $1,755 per night. Rates all-inclusive. Under 16s only accepted April 15 to January 2.



The pathway to happiness?


Jalousie Plantation As if Jalousie Plantation didn’t have enough going for it already, (world-class setting, firstclass villas and five-star service) it recently added a US$2 million spa to the mix. So could this 100-acre resort in the south of St. Lucia possibly be the hotel equivalent of Victoria Beckham? (Not satisfied with Becks and three delightful sons, Posh also manages to acquire the cutest little daughter and the world’s respect as a fashion designer.) But at least the rest of the world gets to share in Jalousie Plantation’s many blessings. And you should definitely set aside lots of time for its Rainforest Spa. This unique Amerindian affair is secreted away beneath an ancient canopy of trees between the Caribbean Sea and the base of the astounding Petit Piton. A nature pond, waterfall and running stream contribute to the primitive vibe (this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, after all) and should you visit late in the afternoon the mood music is provided by a colony of obliging local tree frogs. Reception is reached via a long, winding (and quite beautiful) tunnel fashioned out of twigs and softly lit by candles. Expect lots of raw woods and rough-hewn stones, the 7 treatment pavilions built treehouse style in the forest. And it goes without saying that all the product lines are wholly organic. The body and skincare products come from companies like Environ, Green Papaya and Academie France, and rather than chemicals feature ingredients like bananas, coconut, aloe vera and cocoa butter, some of them sourced from St. Lucia itself. There’s also a wet room, specialist skincare suite and steam dome and, when you’re all done, you get to relax with a herbal tea in the pavilion by the natural stream and prepare yourself for your return to reality. (Try not to dwell on the fact that Mrs Beckham is thin too.) Summer at Jalousie Plantation from US$300 to US$1,000 per night, no meals included. All spa treatments are extra.

Sulphur Seduction US$170 for 3 hours

This unique treatment begins with a morning trip to St. Lucia’s volcanic sulphur springs. Bathe in the black waters that come straight from the heart of the volcano and enjoy a hot sulphur mud bath. This will not only increase your metabolism and circulation, but it will warm your aching muscles and joints. Your therapist will then smoother your body in mineral rich sulphur mud and allow it to dry in the sun. Once the mud tightens and dries it naturally exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. You will then be escorted to the breathtaking Piton waterfalls where you can shower your body in the warm water provided by Mother Nature herself. Upon your return to the spa you receive a 20-minute back massage.



Canouan Resort Anywhere a high-powered golfer goes there’s usually a high-maintenance golf widow following closely behind. This seems to have been the thinking behind many a five-star resort this past decade and the glamorous Canouan Resort in the Grenadines has chosen to go with the flow - and then some. No sooner are the Lacoste-clad ladies and gents teeing off on its championship 18-hole golf course, than their paper knicker-clad partners are climbing onto the massage tables of its exotic lifestyle spa. And who do you imagine is going to look more serene when they all meet up later for cocktails in Bellinis? Our money is on the spa babes. And not just because of the unblemished sea views (the golfers get those too), but because of the Elemis lotions, the Aroma Rituals, the smiling Asian girls and the fragrant herbal teas. And, of course, the Canouan Resort Spa can lay claim to something that no other resort in the Caribbean has. Although most of this thatch-and-timber sanctuary is perched upon a steep hillside, (the panoramic treatment rooms are reached by funicular) two aptly-named Grand Palapas are stilted far out over the water and can only be reached by boat. So you get to lie on a massage table and gaze at the fish swimming in the crystal clear waters below - just like you do in the Maldives. And afterwards you get to relax with a cup of tea on your private terrace and gaze at the impossibly blue ocean. Possibly pondering the meaning of life but probably hoping your partner didn’t mess up on the 16th. Of course you only have to book that restorative Couples Massage if they did.

Hillside Palapa

Summer rates from US$700 to $2,000 per night, including breakfast. 2 to 6 bedroom villas also available.


Grand Palapa over the water

Must-have spa treatments ... Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap (60 minutes) US$180 A traditional Balinese ceremony of pure sensuality! This exotic wrap is excellent for skin smoothing and softening. It is combined with a facial pressure point massage and de-stress scalp treatment to stimulate the senses. Elemis Musclease Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap (75 minutes) US$202 Seaweed wrap treatments detoxify and deep cleanse the body inside and out. A warm blend of pine and rosemary help ease the pains of rheumatism, arthritis and fatigue. Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap (75 minutes) US$202 A detoxifying blend of juniper and lemon decongest stimulate the body’s systems. Improve the dimpled appearance of cellulite and reduce fluid retention. 18-hole championship golf course


Hotel Guanahani is a fashionable beach resort with a clubby vibe. The kind of place where beautiful French ladies sip sauvignon blanc on the sands and bronzed American families linger over club sandwiches in the palm groves. But there is another side to this 67-room resort on the north coast of St. Barths. And if you’re due some me-time, you can’t do much better than check-into one of Guanahani’s butler-serviced suites and treat yourself to a discreet spa break . . .


Hotel Guanahani Guanahani’s Prestige Suites are ultra-private and you hardly have to make eye contact with anyone unless you really want to. Especially as they all boast private tanning decks and most have their own swimming pools.Your butler can even bring your meals if you don’t want to schlepp over to the restaurants. Room service is round the clock. Best of all is the knowledge that the best spa in St. Barths is just a hop, skip and a jump away. And you only have to hop inside to feel better. This low-rise stone and wood affair is tucked away in the gardens and centred upon a beautiful (and child-free) swimming pool. The Clarins products and coi karp in the lily pond combine to create a beautiful, stress-free you. Feel your complexion needs a boost after the long winter? Go for a Radiance Facial which uses extract of papaya, kiwi and orange to revive lackluster skin. Fed up with your cellulite? Sign up for a combined Cellu M6 and pressotherapy treatment to stimulate the flow of blood. Still a little stressed? Choose between an array of soothing massages created in suitably exotic places like Thailand, India, and Japan.

Wellness Suite

And although few woman would trust a hotel salon to do anything significant to their hair, Guanahani’s is slightly different. It’s by Frederic Fekkai and offers special ‘holiday hair’ treatments like de-frizzing and ‘Balayage’ - who knew that this highlighting technique is used by movie stars and models to create that natural ‘just been out in the sun look’?

WELLNESS SUITE If you’re serious about the body beautiful, book yourself into Guanahani’s Wellness Suite. It’s not just a cosy loft-like space with great views, but it comes with private access to the spa (you can use the pool after hours) and one free treatment every day. From €1,080 to €1,530 per night, including breakfast. Adult-only pool in the spa


Fancy a spicy wedding?

Considering tying the knot in the tropics? Turned on by the thought of a better suntan, fewer relatives and a free-and-easy wedding ceremony with your pretty little tootsies in the sand? Then you could hardly choose a better marriage venue than the Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada . . .


Spice Island Beach Resort Spice Island Beach Resort isn’t just a great choice for weddings because it lies on one of the Caribbean’s best beaches. Nor because this 64-room resort has got a stable of sexy suites with their own pools. (The beachfront Saffron and Cinnamon Suites boast canopy beds and heart-shaped bathtubs instead.) No, it’s because of the hospitable owners and their warm and friendly management team. Because although ‘Spice’ was once called the closest thing Grenada has to a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton (www. it’s actually privately owned by the island-born Hopkin family. And all of their guests, whether they’re on a last-minute spa break or arranging the most important day of their lives, are made to feel like part of their family. The Hopkin family have certainly thought of everything when it comes to a tropical wedding. For just US$500 (we don’t need to tell you how reasonable that is) you can have everything taken care of from the marriage licence to the bridal bouquet. And if you fancy a steelband, a sunset cruise, a wedding video or simply orchids in your bouquet, you just have to ask Sir Royston, Ryan, Janelle or Nerissa. Summer rates from US$860 to $1,695 per room, all-inclusive. Stay 7 nights and only pay for 6 between 16 April & 31 October.

“We do!”

The Basic Wedding Package US$500.00 plus tax & VAT Includes the following:-

• Fresh fruit in your room upon arrival • Room upgrade subject to availability upon arrival • Transfers to town and all legal fees • Decorated wedding venue - beachside or gazebo • Flowers: A bouquet and boutonnière • Photos: One 8” x 10” framed photograph • Champagne: One Bottle • Wedding Cake: One Tier • Hors d’oeuvres: One Platter for 2 persons • Decorated Honeymoon Room • Private dinner on terrace the night of the wedding A wide variety of optional extras are also available. Just discuss your requirements with your personal wedding planner and they will ensure the flowers, food and entertainment are all perfect. Videos, steelbands and sunset cruises are also available.

Original Documents for Civil Marriages

• Passports • Birth Certificates • Divorce or Death Certificates (if applicable) • Change of name by Deed Poll - proof required • Notarised proof of singleness (from Solicitor) Guest must be resident in Grenada 3 working days before an application for a wedding licence can be made. Ceremonies are conducted by a Registrar and subject to availability.

59 Sir Royston Hopkin KCMG

Eden Rocks!

Eden Rock has really got it all going on. Not content with fantasy suites, fantastic service and a fabulous rock setting on the north coast of St. Barths, this beautiful boutique hotel has now hooked up with Jean-Georges Vongerichten. You know, the celebrity chef who caused a major culinary stir when he opened JoJo in New York? And who continued to blow everyone away with Vong? The one who now runs one of only five restaurants awarded 3 Michelin stars in Manhattan? Well, nowadays this culinary genius is doing the same kind of thing on a slightly smaller island. And this time it’s slap bang in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. So do yourselves a favour this summer and take advantage of the special Eden Rock package which enables you to hide away in one of the hotel’s remarkable suites, drive around in one of its little cars and tuck into lots of Jean-Georges’s award-winning cuisine every day ...


Eden Rock FABULOUS FEAST PACKAGE Available May 1 to July 31, 2012

• VIP airport transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle • Chilled wine and welcome snacks delivered to your private terrace • Splendid breakfast buffet served daily in the Sand Bar Restaurant overlooking the sea • Either lunch on the beach or dinner high on the rock • Your own nifty car to explore the island • Complimentary kayaks, paddleboards and snorkelling equipment • Access to a well-equipped gym €8,075 in a Diamond Suite €5,125 in a Premium Suite €4,525 in a Rock Classic Suite Rates are for two people for 5 nights. Extra nights readily available. Subject to 5% tax.

Howard Hughes Suite

A very suite affair Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France ...


Hotel St-Barth Isle de France Hotel St-Barth Isle de France is so pretty that you’ll want to buy it a little posy and ask it out on a date. It’s got something to do with all the ivory marble, vintage French furnishings and Oriental blue-and-white vases. (And we still haven’t got over those silky little tea bags yet.) So prepare to be amazed when you step inside one of the four 1-bedroom suites that lie in the ‘new’ building right on the sands. Although they’re still the work of London designer Penny Morrisson, they’re far more dramatic and organic than the hotel’s other accommodations, perhaps even a little bit edgy. And at 1,500 sq.ft. it’s hard to believe that all this space is for you. Is that an infinity-edge plunge pool you can just make out on the terrace outside? Overlooking the longest beach in St. Barths? Your jaw will still be on the floor when you wander about inside. There’s lots of bleached and limewashed woods, the fabrics all natural and creamy, and the beds all wide, white and uber-romantic. (They merit a lace nightie from ‘The White Company’ at the very least.) And what with the stone bathtubs and indoor and outdoor showers, the bathrooms are quite remarkable too. (We haven’t even mentioned the classic fountains that Penny obviously purloined from an Italian monastery when they weren’t looking.) And although the kind of people who stay in one of these beauties aren’t going to be accustomed to doing too much for themselves, they also boast a handy kitchen with a large US-style fridge. It’s somewhere to keep the Dom Perignon anyway.

One Bedroom Beach Suites from €1,500 to €2,675 per night, including breakfast. A variety of special packages are available here during the summer months.


All photos: One-bedroom Beach Suite

Cap Maison goes all nautical ...

Cap Maison is the best hotel in the north of St. Lucia. Good food, great views and gorgeous suites are all on the agenda here. The only possible little nuisance is that world-famous beauty spots like the Pitons and the Diamond Waterfall are a 90-minute drive in the other direction. And it’s a long and winding road, believe us! But this resourceful hotel has an ace up its sleeve. Cap Maison 1 is a 46ft Sea Ray luxury motor launch that will whisk you down the island’s ravishing and rugged west coast before you even start to get queasy in the back of a taxi. Not that there’s any rush, of course. The best thing is to take your time and hire the vessel for the day with a group of friends. Maybe ask the hotel to rustle you up a Champagne picnic or the captain to stop off at a local eatery en route. Marigot Bay (famous for the first Doctor Doolittle movie) is a particularly delightful spot. Once you reach Soufrière in the south, you can moor in the mirror-like bay beneath the Piton Mountains and explore this World Heritage Site at your own pace. It really is quite spectacular down there. There’s the waterfall, the drive-in volcano and the Botanical Gardens. And of course there are also those magnificent twin peaks that the indigenous people used to worship and your people will want to photograph with “I-can’t-believe-I’m-finally-here” grins upon their faces. On another day, of course, there’s nothing to stop your adventurous little crew venturing further afield. It would take about 2 hours for Cap Maison 1 to reach Martinique for a culinary trip, but you can always top up your tans on the foredeck. And if you did want to overnight, there are two air-conditioned cabins, as well as a fullyequipped galley and salon. The Grenadines here we come! Summer rates at Cap Maison from $405 to $1,050 per night, including breakfast.


Cap Maison’s swimming pool

HAUTE HOTELS with a bit of a past ...


“Dear Fanny,” he said “Place our marital bed In a safe little nook on the farm. Less inadvertently Agitation sets free A nut from the coconut palm!” Courtesy of Nisbet Plantation, a poem by John McClenahan MD. Imagining what Horatio Nelson might have said to Fanny Nisbet after their marriage ceremony in Nevis.


When Horatio met Fanny ... Does any Caribbean hotel boast a history quite so interesting as Nisbet Plantation’s? This world-famous beach resort dates back to the 1700s and as a privately-owned home played host to everyone from Admiral Lord Nelson to the Duke of Clarence, later to become King William IV of England ... And although the famous love affair with which the estate is most associated became less an epic romance and more a sorry saga, Nisbet Plantation will be forever linked with England’s most famous 18th century naval hero. In the 1780s the plantation was the home of a young widow by the name of Fanny Nisbet. Although she had been born in Nevis, Fanny had only recently returned to the island from England. Her husband, the wealthy physician Josiah Nisbet, had just died and as poor Fanny had already lost her mother when she was a child and her father from tetanus at the age of 53, she must have felt that everyone around her was dropping like flies. So you can imagine the frisson of delight that passed through her when her uncle, John Richardson Herbert, introduced to her to a dashing (and very much alive) sea captain by the name of Nelson. Nelson was stationed in Nevis as the commander of the frigate HMS Boreas. His job was to stop foreign ships trading with the colonies, and no doubt fragrant Fanny was like a breath of fresh air after all those Dutch and the American buccaneers. Our heroine was not only pretty and accomplished (fluent in French and a capable musician) but she also displayed great courage in running such a large estate without a husband. At that time the plantation (first sugar and then coconuts) covered many acres, from the existing hotel property all the way to Newcastle village.

Nelson was understandably smitten and returned to Nevis in 1787 to marry the young widow. The ceremony was registered at the tiny stone Fig Tree Church and the Duke of Clarence gave the bride away. Of course, we’d love to tell you that Fanny and Horatio’s love affair had a happy ending. But unfortunately when the couple returned to England, the Napleonic Wars soon took Nelson away from Fanny for long periods of time. Then the dazzling Lady Hamilton took him away from her completely. But poor Fanny remained devoted to Nelson’s memory. She died in 1831 and was buried in Devon, England..

Nisbet Plantation’s Great House still displays a great sense of history. Although it has now been extended to include a dining terrace and club-like bar and lounge, it’s very easy to imagine Fanny and Horatio taking their seats in the original dining room. Other remnants from the past include an 18th century sugar mill and stone oven.

Summer rooms at Nisbet Plantation from US$391 to $611 per night including breakfast, afternoon tea & dinner. Hotel closed 11 August to 4 October.


Little Good Harbour Little Good Harbour might lie on the fashionable west coast of Barbados, but you’d have to go right out of your way to have a designer shopping experience here. This 21-suite boutique hotel lies nearer a local fish market than a Louis Vuitton store. And to a Presbytarian church than a VIP movie cinema. But it’s not just this slice of local life that gets people flocking. Nor even the eclectic menus of its famous Fish Pot restaurant. No, this place has the sense of history that’s missing from most other Barbados hotels. And we’re talking the 1650s not the 1950s here. Most of the hotel’s public areas are housed within the remains of a 17th century fort and if you’re wondering who had cause to defend in this palmy paradise 350-years ago then just take a quick look back at colonial history. England was embroiled in a civil war between 1642 and 1651. When it finally ended with the execution of King Charles 1, anyone loyal to the crown felt decidedly persona non grata. Few felt up to messing with the new head of state Oliver Cromwell and one particular set of disgruntled royalists fled across the sea to Barbados. Of course, it wasn’t long before their sunny sanctuary was recaptured by Cromwell’s forces. Fort Rupert was just one of the coastal fortications that played its part in the fierce sea battles. Nowadays though you get to gaze through Fort Rupert’s shuttered windows without keeping an eye out for cross Cromwellians. And we don’t just mean when you’re seated at a waterside table in the Fish Pot Restaurant either. There are also two historical guest suites hidden away here and, if you’re not appreciating their umblemished vistas over the Caribbean Sea, you’re sure to be wishing you lived somewhere where the walls were made from a gorgeous creamy coloured coral stone.

Fort Suites from US$507 per night up to 4 sharing, no meals included.


Fort Rupert

The Fish Pot Restaurant

THE ATLANTIS HOTEL Bathsheba • Barbados If you fancy experiencing another slice of Barbados history, then consider combining your stay at Little Good Harbour with a few days at its sister property, The Atlantis Hotel. It’s not just perched above the island’s windswept east coast, but it’s been there since 1884. And whilst this 10-bedroom bolthole was gussied up quite recently, there are still enough timber floors, panelled walls and antique furnishings about to remind you of the island’s interesting colonial past. Who knew all those sweaty 19th century planters liked a weekend by the seaside too? The sea views and ABC (All Bajan Cuisine) menus ain’t too shabby either! US$255 per night, including continental breakfast.

East Meets West 7 nights US$2,585 for two

• 3 nights The Atlantis in a 1-bedroom suite • 4 nights Little Good Harbour in a Garden Suite • Welcome drinks • Round trip transfers • Continental breakfast • Tour of Nicholas Abbey (during transfer) • Dinner for 2 at the Fish Pot (no drinks).

Fort Suite

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Photo: Tree Top Suite The Sandpiper, Barbados



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