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hen I asked my Mother, Vicki Hauser, to be this year’s focus for our holiday catalog, she reluctantly said, “yes”. It isn’t as if she doesn’t think she has an important role to play; let’s face it, for nearly thirty-five years she has helped thousands of people choose just the right gift, it’s because she has always looked at herself with a sense of humor, not a sense of fashion. As I watched my Mother over the years, I’ve realized that style is as much a measure of confidence as form. How does a woman who isn’t a collector of anything or who doesn’t fantasize about fashion find herself in the driver’s seat of a jewelry business; an industry which is centered around collecting beautiful things and certainly celebrates fashion? That’s easy. It’s her connection to people. Just ask anyone about her infectious laugh.

Diamond drop earrings, 18K, $ 5,845.


Artistically inspired ensemble, sterling silver and gold plate. Ring, $265. Earrings, $325. Pendant on neckwire, $355.

Pretty Pendants, 18K. Clockwise from top: Rose de France, tanzanite, & diamond, $2,505. Leaf & diamond circle, $1,895. Pear-shaped amethyst, $805. Rose de France & diamonds, $1,995. Blue topaz, $1,150.


love the sentimentality of jewelry. You can always look back and have a memory of that time. Nothing is more important than saying, ‘I love you’. We have hundreds of pieces that will do just that. Visit us and make your own memories.”

Brushed silver swirls. Necklace, $385. Earrings, $105. Opposite page: 14K black mother-of-pearl ring with diamonds, $1,485.

Neck adornments, 18K. Diamond sun pendant, $2,395. Large mesh heart w/ diamond bail, $2,200. Palm tree, $840. Wishbone, $640. Pretzel, $760.

Triple circle pendant w/ diamonds, $2,970. Diamond crisscross ring, $3,850.

The “Bollicine” Collection, 18K. Earrings, $840. Necklace w/ diamonds, 38”, $4,200. Cuff ring w/ diamonds, $1,520.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust, 31mm, steel and 18kt. yellow gold, bezel set with 24 diamonds, Oyster bracelet, $12,900. Oyster Perpetual Datejust, 36mm, steel and 18kt. pink gold, domed bezel, Oyster bracelet, $9,950.


haring a moment of laughter with Lee, my husband of 35 years. . . . and to think, it all started with a diamond ring.

We are happy to find the ring of your dreams. Here are three of our favorites. From left: Diamond square halo ring by Jabel, 18K, $12,275. as shown. The Simon G. diamond halo ring, 18K, $9,475. as shown. Hauser’s exclusive “1898” diamond ring, $18K, $13,550. as shown.

Bold & beautiful Bellarri, 18K. Flower enhancer w/ mulit-gemstones & diamonds, $4,150. Reversible wire choker, $1,695. Matching ring, $3,740. Square gemstone & diamond ring, $3,280.

Sterling silver classic collar necklace, $1,230.

Platinum diamond lace earrings, $7,150. Aquamarine & diamond drop earrings by Simon G., 18K, $3,300. Simon G. diamond swirl ring, 18K, $3,960.

Adorn your wrist with bangles by Roberto Coin. 18K. Priced from $1,900.

Sensational stingray cuff bracelets. Thirty colorful options. From $225.

Chocolate diamond decadence, 18K. Bracelet, $4,675. Cross-over ring, $5,550. Pendant w/ double-strand chain, $5,725.

Diamond & ruby quatrefoil necklace, 18K, $4,070.

Smoky quartz & diamond ensemble by Bellarri, 18K. Ring, $2,665. Pendant, $4,290. Reversible choker, $1,695. Earrings, $3,765.

Diamond geometric necklace by Simon G., 18K, $2,310.

HOURS & INfO Monday - friday 10 - 6, Saturday 10 - 5 Holiday Hours: Sunday, December 18th, 1 - 5 We will be open for Hollydazzle, friday December 2nd until 8pm. City Center at Oyster Point 757-595-6006 and visit us on facebook



*PHOTOgRAPHY Of VICkI HAUSER bY ART LOUIS PHOTOgRAPHY. All prices are subject to change.

Sapphire and diamond splendor, 18K, $4,900. Opposite page: Black & white diamond buckle ring by Simon G., 18K, $4,180.


ewelry is often given to commemorate life’s celebrations. We wish for all of you, a healthy and happy holiday. May you have many reasons to celebrate this season.

Open design diamond earrings, 14K, $2,995.

The Collection  

A collection of this season's glittering jewels presented to you by Amy Hart and Vicki Hauser.

The Collection  

A collection of this season's glittering jewels presented to you by Amy Hart and Vicki Hauser.